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tions in materials, transport and ways to produce energy. The architectural solution will be based on the area’s industrial history and will bridge the past and the future. “The team was inspired by the industrial history, but the main goal is to create architecture that has a long life span. This will highlight the historical heritage, yet the architecture will always reflect the era in which it was created,” says Lillejord. Lilleaker is located near the transport hub of Lysaker train and bus station, providing easy access from the surrounding areas. A new subway line out of central Oslo, Fornebubanen, is under construction and a subway station at Lilleakerbyen is part of the plan. “This way, the project can facilitate an area where the preferred method of arrival will be public transport, walking and cycling, rather than by car,” Lillejord adds.

Illustration of the flow of life in the district.

Lillaker Square.

The project aims to facilitate social interaction between people of different aspects of society, with lots of accessible social arenas such as the river bank of Lysakerelven as well as new public squares. Buildings will actively define the streets, and the ground floors will feature functions that bring vibrant city life to the area. As such, Lilleakerbyen is sustainably creating a vibrant and colourful district, boosting people’s quality of life – a good place both to live and to spend time in. Location: Oslo, Norway Team: LPO architects, Civitas, A-lab and Leonard Design Client: Mustad Eiendom Number of new apartments: 2,300 Total gross area: 430,000 square metres Construction start: 2022

The main street.

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