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Birdwatching tower.

Architecture made to last Norwegian architecture firm Vindveggen Arkitekter AS designs striking buildings and constructions with sustainability in mind. From schools and apartment complexes to swimming halls and birdwatching towers, Vindveggen creates spaces for future generations. By Alyssa Nilsen  |  Photos: Vindveggen Arkitekter

Founded in 1995, Vindveggen, which translates as ‘the wind wall’, was named after an impressive 650-metre-long wooden wall built in the early 1900s to protect timber from the harsh winds ravaging the Lillestrøm area. Though the wall is gone and the timber no longer needs the same type of protection, Vindveggen carries on the legacy of creating aesthetically pleasing designs that contribute to society and the local area. One of Vindveggen’s current projects is a brand-new indoor swimming pool, Jessheimbadet, designed in collaboration with Nuno Arkitektur AS. The swimming 28  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

pool, located in Jessheim, Norway, is part of a big development involving housing, sports facilities, schools and kindergartens, essentially building a brand-new district in the South-Eastern town. Birdwatching tower view.

“Designing public buildings can be challenging, but very rewarding,” says architect and partner Espen Bærheim. “We consider it an important social responsibility. They are buildings designed to be used by a lot of people over a long period of time, so the quality must be high, both aesthetically speaking and in terms of usability.” Attention to detail “A swimming pool, in comparison to most public buildings, has a very varied clientele,” reflects Bærheim. “It has to cater to top athletes and senior citizens. Schools should be able to do swimming lessons there, and pools need to be accessible for the multi-handicapped for training and rehabilitation. Everyone, ages zero to 100, should be able to use the facilities.” Safety is another key element in a swimming pool, requiring the building to be