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Left: The Arabia Creative campus brings new creative life to old factory spaces and reveals the rational concrete framework of the original building. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo. Middle: The spacious atrium of Soiva fills with natural light and caters for social encounters, and the rhythm of the facade continues in the interior spaces. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo. Right: Project by Kaleidoscope. Illustration of a vision for the future of Ulsteinvik in Norway. At the core of the project is an energy-efficient smart grid system. The photovoltaic ‘SmartPERGOLA’ modules create sheltered meeting places and generate energy. Illustration: KVANT-1. Bottom: Project by Kaleidoscope. Dolvik is a housing project with focus on prefabricated wood construction and a re-interpretation of traditional Nordic framework architecture. Illustration: KVANT-1.

around recording spaces so that they can be used simultaneously in various combinations, which is ground-breaking in pedagogy,” Tommila states. Creating environments that are good for people and nature In a venture aiming to be a driving force for fresh, Nordic architecture, Tommila is collaborating with Kaleidoscope, an architecture firm based in Bergen. Kaleidoscope was born in 2014, after Tommila’s studies in Norway, when she and her fellow colleagues entered the architectural competition Europan12 and won first prize for their proposal, named Kaleidoscope. Since then, the company has grown in numbers, and Kaleidoscope is now an eight-strong team of architects.

Together, Kaleidoscope and Tommila Architects have a joint strategy, where the companies are harnessing the extensive knowledge between the two teams. “We have a lot in common, but it’s our differences that are our main inspiration. We have an investigative, curious and empathetic approach, which ensures we understand the true needs of people, business and the environment,” says Tommila. Tommila Architects and Kaleidoscope are also involved with product development relating to circular economy in Norway. Kaleidoscope and Tommila Architects’ speciality is using wood in architecture. Recently, the two firms joined forces and entered an invited competition at Kerava Housing Fair in Finland to design an

innovative wooden apartment building. “Our planet’s resources are already overused, so we feel compelled to do what we can to use sustainable solutions and renewable materials in our designs. We want to be at the forefront of bringing new materials to architectural design,” Tommila explains. The company is committed to being a part of inclusive, participatory urban development. With Kaleidoscope, Tommila Architects are part of Nordic Works collective, which specialises in user-orientated and participatory urban planning for municipalities, businesses and communities. “Somewhere along the way, humans have become disconnected from nature. Whether it’s by maximising natural light in our designs, or carefully considering our building materials, we aim to create harmonious and inspiring environments that are good for people and nature,” she adds. It is evident that Tommila Architects wants to shape a better future, and be a driving force in pushing change forward. “As architects, we have a duty to come up with solutions that leave meaningful marks on the environment we live in,” the CEO concludes.

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