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FlorencE B








Many well- known designer brands at a fraction of the cost





Stunning gowns in sizes 6 to 36




Pop in to our beautiful new boutique to browse or make an appointment for your consultation to try on as many dresses as you would like and enjoy a glass of bubbly with your entourage!




for all pre-booked consultations for the bride and her party includes:



Glass of Prosecco Cream Tea


At all

A Gold Standard Service


If y you

Gowns Off the Peg


Designers to Order

An rela

Veils Tiaras & Headpieces

Book your appointment at 01788 877430 | Churchside Arcade, Little Church Street, Rugby CV21 3AW TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 2

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Ne Sp



Choose the Dress

Contents page 4

Helpful hints and tips to make choosing your dress simple and enjoyable.

Competition Time

page 5

WIN a FREE photo shoot with Jenny Ogden Photography!

Be A Little Bit Rock and Roll

page 7

Weddings don’t have to be all white dresses, meringues and veils.

Your Marriage, Your Day, Your Way

page 9

A real life local story of same sex marriage.

Speeches – A Quick Guide

page 10

Help with those all important speeches, who says what and when.

Let Them Eat Cake

page 12

Two local cake experts guide us through the do’s and don’ts for your wedding cake.


page 15

A travel experts handy guide to all things Honeymoon.

Shape Up, Feel Good, Look Great

page 16

If you want to look and feel your best on your big day, this guide is for you.

Local Wedding Index An index of local wedding related business and services.

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Contact us: Anne Hartfield The Rugby Wedding Register c/o The Rugby Register Tel: 01788 878297 E: W: / TheRugbyRegister @rugbyregister

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It’s time to

Choose the Dress...


So you’re engaged? How wonderful. Now what’s the first thing on your mind? Yes of course its the DRESS!!!!! Lets explore the world of Wedding Dress shopping. This should be an exciting, wonderful experience, not a stressful one so don’t surround yourself with too many people or the wrong people – just because they want to be involved. Here’s some helpful hints & tips to consider: Don’t take an entourage shopping – traditionally it’s your mum who goes wedding dress shopping with you but nowadays that not always possible for various reasons. Think carefully about who to take as lots of friends can be chaotic and can sway your thoughts away form what YOU want. Remember that a number of people equals a number of opinions and if you haven’t narrowed down your search already it could be very confusing! They may keep showing you what they like rather than what would suit you! Don’t buy your dress too early – now I know this is easier said than done, especially when you are so excited about getting married and having your big day but new wedding dresses come out all the time and you may find that if you choose and buy something too soon you’ll end up disappointed when nearer the time you see something else you prefer. Think about your style and the dress style – take time to research necklines, dress shapes etc. before going off trying on dresses. There will be some styles that are suited better to your body shape and this can help narrow down the search and make it less overwhelming when you finally get in those beautiful bridal shops.

Don’t buy your dress online – we have heard some awful horror stories about ladies buying dresses online that ‘look’ like the one they’ve tried on in a bridal shop. Remember – this is your big day, your wedding pictures will last a lifetime and you need to feel 100% happy on the day. Remember – if something seems too good to be true – it probably is! There are other areas of the wedding you can save costs on. Listen to the experts – take on board any advice that the bridal shop assistant gives you concerning styles. Ok, so it may not be the style you were thinking of but all bridal shop assistants know how important your big day is and how important the dress is and she wouldn’t suggest something that she didn’t think would work. Try it on – you might be surprised. When it comes to sizes please don’t get hung up on what size fits you best. Wedding dress sizing is not always relevant to your usual sizing – who cares if you need a 14 when you’re normally a 12? No-one need know the size and it needs to fit like a glove, you are after all, going to be wearing it all day so take their advice and buy the size that fits. Remember to build into your budget the cost not only of alterations to make it fit perfectly but also the cost of cleaning and storing it afterwards. These added extras are so important. Here are some classic Wedding Styles to give you food for thought

Empire Waist

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Ball Gown



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For all your Wedding needs

pre-wedding photo shoot!

Wedding p h o t o g r a p h y By



Getting married?


Looking for a photographer? Why not call and chat to Jenny about your requirements as she is offering 3 lucky couples the chance of a FREE pre-wedding photo shoot in a location of your choice. This can be an engagement or just a pre-wedding shoot. The choice, if you are one of the lucky three, will be yours.




Call Jenny on

Stylish Photography for your Big Day Tel 07783451377

07783 451377







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The Rugby Wedding Register


Hen party cocktail making experience


£25 per person for groups of 4 or more Includes 3 cocktails, Prosecco on arrival, nibbles and soft drinks

Providing individual floral design with creativity and passion T: 07910 746979 E:


So bu be

We tra 10 an

It’ roc

Learn how to make some classic cocktails and design your own!

Bu thi da

Even more fun than just drinking them!

Yo tho wi wi pe fee

6 Churchside Arcade, Little Church Street, Rugby

Ev pe

So lit

: n pe o e W d O ca N Ar is e es id by s em h ug Pr rc R u ew Ch


The ONE STOP shop for all your wedding needs: Chair Cover & Sash Hire Balloon Decor Event Dressing Centrepieces Wedding Flowers Photography Packages DJ Candy Buffets / Candy Bars Bridal Hair Beauty Packages Stationery

For more information Call: 07535 682040

To advertise call 01788 878297 or email:

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Making your special day a lasting memory 6

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R ck & R LL

So you’ve got engaged and decided when the big day is going to be but you’re struggling with the whole big traditional wedding day because in your heart you know that just isn’t really you.

But overall if you like to express yourself and still want to do that on your special day surely your dress, hair and makeup are what are going to define you and make a real impact.

Well fear not, you’re not alone. Many people look outside the traditional white wedding dress, Rolls Royce, picturesque church, 100 guests at the wedding breakfast in a country hotel followed by another 50 guests in the evening with a disco and a buffet.

Local Hair and Make-up specialist Rebecca Wadeson provided these images of a recent photo shoot (courtesy of Photographer Annie Johnston) which demonstrates what can be created to express a brides true wishes.

It’s your day so be individual if that’s what you want, be a little rock and roll. But being “Rock and Roll” is not about being cool, rebellious or even thinking of the most outrageous ideas you can. It’s about planning your day and the look that reflects you. You don’t need to be totally ‘off the wall’, you don’t need to spends thousands to ensure your day is completely different so that everyone will remember it for many years to come. Plan a day you are happy with, plan your outfit with you in mind, plan your hair to reflect your personality and your passions and plan your make up around the whole feel of the day. Even these touches of individualism will create a wedding that people will remember for all the right reasons for years to come.

Rebecca’s fantastic hair styling and superb make-up brings alive the individual and incorporates their personality perfectly. Here are Rebeccas top tips: • Never feel you should follow the crowd, and enjoy planning and having fun experimenting. • Prepping hair and skin is always important, never try to cut corners as these are foundations for your look. • Make sure the correct shades and tones are being used to complement your skin tone but also your individual stye perfectly. So don’t hold back, be yourself, there are many websites and ideas out there to help you along with local experts like Rebecca, Annie and Sarah.

We hope you have a fabulous individual wedding!!

So here are some ideas that might help make your day that little bit different: • A slightly quirky venue – as long as it’s licenced for weddings of course! • Invites that stand out from the crowd – maybe they look like a ticket for a concert? • Ditch the Rolls Royce and turn up in a fire engine or on a motorbike. • Music can be a great way to shake things up and really make your day individual – your favourite songs from your favourite artists or a band.

Hair & make-up by Rebecca Wadeson 07875 484532

• Guest books – from puzzle guest books to finger prints of all your guests with messages there’s loads of great ideas out there. • Food – American Burgers to Indian banquets and everything in between.

Photography by Annie Johnston Photography 07973 518770

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Flowers by Stemsations 07910 746979 03/06/2015 07:33

The Rugby Wedding Register

TillieKate Photography A bespoke approach to ensure the beautiful moments you want are captured perfectly…

Bespoke Floral Designs All enquiries welcome. Bookings available from September 2015.

Bespoke tailored flowers to help make your wedding as individual as you are

Tel:01788 815516 • • • • •

Fancy Dress Costumes Lots of accessories Balloons & Banners Balloon Displays to order Stag & Hen Party Accessories

Pop into the shop or order online

35 The Green, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7LZ

For a consultation and to see how I can help make your day extra special call Manni: 07973 177103

Red Rose


Stunning Classic Cars, maintained to the highest standard ensuring the perfect Wedding journey. A selection of 1950’s & 60’s cars available Chauffeur driven by experienced drivers Silver service - champagne in the car Special Wedding umbrella should you need it

Rugby based. covering Warwickshire and the surrounding counties


Call: Tony 01788 522450 Mob: 07719 482969

To advertise call 01788 878297 or email:

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our marriage our day our way

With same sex marriage being legalised in 2014 there have been many couples who have already converted their Civil Partnership into Marriage.

Here local couple Vicki & Sam share with us their story.... When I first met Vicki back in September 2001, all red trainers and bouncing curls, I had no idea that we would be married with 3 children 14 years later. We met 2 days before the world changing events of 911 and despite the very few hours that we had known each other, the desire to drive 120 miles from where I worked in Leeds down to Rugby to check that she was ok and keep her safe from the breaking terror on the TV was overwhelming. Needless to say, I did and we have barely been apart for any day since. We lived together very happily, navigating pets, many jobs changes and house moves, until I did the right and romantic thing in 2007, booked the registry office in Rugby and proposed to Vicki via an email meeting request at work… hit send and hoped for the best. After an excruciating 20 minutes, the green tick of the accepted request was in my inbox. Relief. We did “a quickie” transaction at the Registry office, due to my innate fear of fuss and crowds and fair play to Vicki for supporting this, as she had wanted something a little bigger. I guess, in my defence, I had never fantasised about weddings and big dresses as a kid as I always knew that I was different and there was no way I was getting married to some bloke. When it was announced by the Labour government that this would be legalised on 19th December 2005, it was an incredibly emotional and empowering step forward not just for me but I think that the UK as a whole has really benefited from such forward thinking. Back to the plot – we texted the world directly afterwards to announce that we had done the deed and held a gloriously sunny party in our garden the week later 7/7/2007, and this is the date that we celebrate as our Civil Anniversary (and it’s easy to remember). On April 6th 2009 another landmark rule came into force, that both lesbian civil partners are to be considered legal parents of a child conceived after this date. Our first beautiful daughter was born in 2011, followed by our amazing twins in 2014 and in that same fabulous year in March 2014 same sex marriage was legalised. However… because we had had a Civil Partnership to convert we had to wait until December 10th for this to come into force. Therefore on December 20th 2014 we had not only our partnership converted into a marriage, we also renewed our vows, this time with family present and our beautiful children. We wore jeans and trainers, just as we had done for our original Civil Ceremony signing and walked into the room holding hands. Our eldest daughter held the rings on a cushion and sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to everyone, Santa visited, we had an amazing meal at the Huntsman and the rest is history.

Marriage? Do it your way. Samantha Barnes

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Who, When, What

Father of the Bride

The ceremony is over and the next big part of the day is the speeches. It may seem a daunting task to those uninitiated in public speaking, but there really is very little to worry about if you get a few key things right. So, here is a quick overview of who should say what and when if you want to adhere to the traditional way of doing things. Remember though you don’t have to follow tradition and the order can be mixed up to suit your day and your family circumstances.

The father of the bride/groom usually addresses the guests formerly, welcoming them to the wedding, thanks the people by way of acknowledgment for the contributions they have made towards the wedding. The father of the bride or groom may also talk more casually about his feelings and relationship with his daughter, maybe add in some amusing anecdotes about her when she was growing up and also welcome the bride or groom and in-laws in to his family. Finally he should toast the Bride and Groom

Grooms Speech

Typically, the grooms speech is about the bride - his wife and about their future together and to thank the people involved in making their wedding a memorable occasion. He should also thank the father of the Bride: For proposing the toast, for his kindness and friendship, for his daughter’s hand and for welcoming him into their family It is also appropriate to thank the Guests: For attending, for their good wishes and for their wedding gifts Talk about his wife: He should thank his new wife for marrying him, talk about how they met, talk about why he loves her and talk about their future together Thank Individuals: Thank those who have helped organize and plan the event, thank the Bridesmaids who have helped the bride through the day. Comment on their charm & beauty, thank the Ushers and of course the Best Man. Finally The Groom should toast The Bridesmaids

Best Man’s Speech

The best man’s speech is the last of the three traditional Wedding speeches. He usually begins by recounting how he first met the groom and their relationship, followed by some insights about the groom and bride. The ‘best man’ can talk about the groom’s life, experiences, and qualities • Some tasteful jokes and anecdotes about the groom are usually welcome • Some details about the bride and groom, such as how they met • The best man then proposes a toast to the newly weds Traditionally, as a finale, there is a reading of telegrams and cards from people unable to attend. The bestman’s speech is traditionally expected to be funny with jokes. Don’t however worry if this is not your style and find this difficult, everyone appreciates it’s not always an easy task and will enjoy the speech whether it is funny or not.

Things To Avoid... From the best man’s speech to words from the maid of honour, here are some things that are considered a faux pas. • • • • • • • • •

Do not use profanity. Do not recall drunken nights together. Do not include any sexual anecdotes. Avoid name-calling or any derogatory nicknames. Do not speak ill of the family. Avoid racist remarks and jokes. Refrain from long-winded stories that have no point. Keep focus and aim not to blabber. Never mention any anecdotes of the couple arguing.

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g part

e ere ou get

t ing have be amily

. the



For all your Wedding needs

Field available to hire for wedding receptions and parties • A beautiful semi-rural setting • Less than 2 miles from Rugby town centre • Tree lined setting with farm pond & wild garden Contact Jane to discuss making your wedding reception unique!

• Hire a marquee • Electricity available • Tents & caravans welcome

Lodge Farm, Bilton Lane, Rugby CV23 9DU

• Plenty of local farm stays & B&B’s

Tel: 01788 560193 Email:


who se

House Of Cards


• • • • • • •


• •

Cards & Pop up cards Gifts for all the wedding party Personalised Ribbons for gifts and wedding cars Personalised sashes and banners ideal for Hen Do’s & Venues Beautiful guest books & Wedding Planners Photograph Albums Exquisite Belgian chocolates inc. gluten free & diabetic options, perfect for Wedding FREE Favours or Thank You boxes Gift Balloons and Double balloons Wrappin g ser vice Balloon Wedding Arches and Table Centre pieces ... and much much more in store!

1 Chapel Street, Rugby. CV21 3EB

01788 877010 TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 11

11 03/06/2015 07:33

Your wedding cake will be looked at and adored by all your guests and making sure it’s exactly what you want is key. That’s where getting the right people for the job is paramount. Your wedding cake needs to be exactly as you and your partner to be (if they’re getting into the detail that is!) want it to be and for that you need to have complete trust and faith in your chosen cake specialist. Here, Karen of Cakes Fabulous Cakes and Amanda of JJ’s Cakes give us some helpful advice & tips to help ensure you get the perfect cake:


• Collect ideas from magazines and create an ideas board • Choose a professional cake maker • Make contact with your cake person as soon as you can to secure the date • Meet your cake maker face to face • Make sure they are insured and are registered with the Environmental Health Office (contact the council for this information)

• Sample their cake – you don’t want to find on the day that it tastes awful!


• Leave it until the last thing to organise – getting your cake right for you takes time • Just ask the cake maker what she thinks you should have - there needs to be a 2 way discussion based around your ideas and what you would like. Professional cake makers are super talented and are capable of some elaborate creations. Don’t be afraid to ask! • Expect a supermarket mass produced price for a bespoke cake

Karen and Amanda each run their own very successful Cake Making businesses full-time here in Rugby. They go on training courses together, share ideas & tips and help each other where they can. Both are fully insured and registered with the Environmental Health Office giving you complete piece of mind. Running their businesses full time for almost 3 years and 4 years respectively, Karen and Amanda have made some spectacular cakes and both specialise in wedding cakes. See their websites and Facebook pages for ideas & inspiration. Fairly recently they completed training in modelling so are now able to create fantastic edible wedding toppers, bespoke to you – perfect if you are looking for a something a bit different, they can even be made humorous if you wish!

Things to consider about your cake:

• How big do you want/need it? (See the table chart opposite to help you) • How many tiers do you want – remember that dummy tiers can be made to create that wow but without the cake inside if you don’t need it • What shape do you prefer? • There are a number of flavours available and each tier can be different • Do you want matching cupcakes? – These can be ideal for children • Consider the season you are getting married in – buttercream in the height of summer is not a good idea – especially if you are in a marquee! • Cakes can be made inkeeping with anything else already chosen for your wedding – save the date cards, stationery, bridesmaid colours, groom colours etc. Adverts for both Karen of Cakes Fabulous Cakes and Amanda of JJ’s Cakes can be found on the opposite page. Many thanks to both Karen and Amanda for their helpful hints & tips.

TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 12

03/06/2015 07:33


For all your Wedding needs

Fabulous cakes and cupcakes for all celebrations

• All styles, sizes, shapes of wedding cakes created • Hand painted designs a speciality • Cupcakes to your colour scheme • Wide choice of flavours • Cake and Cupcake Decorating Classes suitable for a fun Hen Party • Why not come and work with me to create YOUR dream cake?

Call Amanda on: 07846 560936 Email:

‘Like’ us on Facebook to see some of our FABULOUS creations!


For all your cake & cupcake needs contact Karen on



baked with love Cakes & Cupcakes for all occasions Specialising in Wedding Cakes, Cookies & Favours - all bespoke and personalised for you

07792 255337

Add a personal touch to your special day... Supplying room lighting or table centre uplighting in colours to suit your theme in any venue How about our wonderful personalised wedding screen in a colour of your choice? See our website or facebook page for past events and for more information

Table centre uplight

Personalised screen

email: web:

. TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 13

13 03/06/2015 07:33

The Rugby Wedding Register

Wow Moments you never forget...



des mu

Loo Over 25 years’ experience arranging exp unrivallgui Let Als per

Amazing Room Dressing Dance Floor Magic Stunning Spectacular Fireworks

T 02476 545876 or 07810 5 Po W www.trave

Parkview Hygienist Clinic

Phone: 01788 519618 Website: Facebook: halofxcom

Time to think about your smile……..

At Parkview we are offering treatments to enhance your smile Teeth Whitening (home kits) only £200 Professional clean and polish only £40.00 Dermal filler treatments and Anti wrinkle treatments from £125 - £300 Call us today and book a consultation:

01788 551215

116 Hollowell Way, Rugby, CV21 1LT To advertise call 01788 878297 or email:

TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 14

Ia I tr

Iw fac

Ask Jun Gre ab

An Independent Hygienist Service



03/06/2015 07:33

With us.. it’s personal

Honeymoons by Lucy Morgans – Travel Counsellor LUCY MORGANS – 26 years’ experience – based locally near RUGBY.

Personal Travel Counsellor 2. Passport Booking a honeymoon can be a daunting experience. You are desperate for it to be perfect, but you aren’t sure where to go, how much it will cost, or what will the weather be like ….and so on.

Do I book my honeymoon in my new married name or my maiden name?

Look notravel, further…! I am aholidays honeymoon specialist withand over 26 years’ rranging honeymoons-providing Your name on your booking must match your name on your you with experience in arranging flights, honeymoons and holidays - I can current passport. unrivalled of personal service. guide you to level your perfect honeymoon or mini-moon! Let me take care of the booking, and I will see that everything runs Also I’m local, in Wolston! 3. Wedding Gift List perfectly for you both. **All bookings made with us are fully ATOL covered and financially protected**

Can I put my honeymoon on my wedding gift list?

You have your own webpage where you can log-on and see the ‘gifts’ 07810 557237 E - you choose your wording for this page – I can guide you through this process; Popular Honeymoon Questions: I have examples of the wording etc. that my previous brides have used. Yes, this is a very popular (and free) service that we offer.

1. Weather

I am getting married in June 2016, where do you suggest I travel to …considering the weather?

We also have some beautiful stationery to accompany this service.

I would have a chat with you both – either on the telephone or face-to-face;

4. Offers for Honeymooners

Asking you how much you wish to keep it under spend-wise. June is a good month for many places; Greece, Cyprus, Italian Lakes, The Balearic Islands, and also a bit further afield such as the Caribbean or the Seychelles.

Yes, lots of hotels have offers specifically for you; a meal on the beach, a gift on arrival, a free room upgrade. These hotels are honoured that you have chosen their hotel to spend this special holiday, and offer these “extras” by way of saying a HUGE thank you!

Do hotels offer special deals for honeymoon couples?

Honeymoon Ideas/Destinations January-March Kenya India

May-June Caribbean Islands, Mexico Greece or Turkey

July-August Sorrento – Italy Italian Lakes Seychelles. USA-West coast.

September Italian Lakes, Turkey, Greece Malaysia, Borneo and islands

October Thailand & islands Algarve, Portugal

NovemberDecember Canary Islands Sharm El Sheik Dubai

LUCY MORGANS Personal Travel Counsellor

Over 25 years’ experience arranging travel, holidays and honeymoons-providing you with an unrivalled level of personal service. Also I’m local, in Wolston!

T 02476 545876 or 07810 557237 E W

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Shape up,

feel good,

look great! Our Top 5 Tips for

So the big day plans are in full swing and your dream day is being at your best: starting to take shape but are you happy with your shape 1) Drink 8 glasses of plain and how you look? All brides want to look and feel their best water every day for a healthy clear complexion on the biggest day of their lives and the sooner you start 2) Get lots of sleep, try for 8 hours a night to avoid those making the positive changes the better. dark circles on your big day 3) Do 30 minutes exercise at Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be drastic and if least 3 times a week you are happy with everything then don't feel pressured 4) Eat well. Keep away from Take-aways, processed food to embark on a weight loss or fitness journey if you don't sugar want/need to. You will only be successful at something if you and 5) Learn some de-stressing techniques. Pilates, Yoga or really want it. meditation are excellent for From just a few dietary changes to an exercise class, all this small things can start to make a difference and help you to achieve your goal. If you want to make big changes then what about calling in the experts. We have a number of them here in the magazine who can help, all truly professional and waiting to help you.

TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 16

03/06/2015 07:33




Personal Training @ Home

Specialising in: • Weight loss • Pilates • Body conditioning Free 1/2 hour consultation!

õ õ õ õ õ õ õ õ õ õ õ

Nail Extensions Shellac Manicure Shellac Pedicure Eyelash Extensions Spray Tans HD Brows Facials Waxing Massage Wedding Make-Up Pamper Parties

Wedding Make-Up At the Salon or we can come to your venue

Pamper Parties for your Hen Night Either at your home or in our Salon

Individual Wedding Packages to suit all budgets. Just ask!

Tel: 01788 521036 or 07837 942221 43 Cymbeline Way • Bilton • Rugby • CV22 6JZ W: E:

K A esthetics avita

Dr. Kavita Krishnan (MBBS BMedSci DRCOG)

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Specialist

Look Your Best Year After Year •

Anti-wrinkle injections

Dermal Fillers

FREE consultations Call Dr. Kavita Krishnan T: 07843 679970 E: W: Rugby Based



For all your Wedding needs





Tel: 0787 989 6888

Loyalty card scheme Available


Inch loss detox body wrap

A professional treatment that gives sizable cm reduction in just 2 hours. A perfect solution for the special occasion, or before your holiday, or just to kick start healthy living. It delivers extraordinary cm loss, using unique clay, and a special wrapping technique. It also tightens and tones your body, whilst the skin exfoliates and detoxes itself. It provides significant reduction to stretch marks and cellulite leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. The treatment is undertaken in a relaxed and calm environment by Sanna, who has 10 years experience in the fitness industry, and can offer advice on exercise and diet to help maximise your results.

For further information call Sanna on 07821 255012 TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 17

Claire Hewer-Barnett Personal Trainer

17 03/06/2015 07:33

Choosing a Venue

Dunchurch Park Hotel

A big part of your wedding day is the reception. Sometimes formal, sometimes more relaxed but always a great occasion. The choice of locations maybe far greater than you ever considered. In and around the Rugby area we have some stunning hotels steeped in history and they make superb venues for your reception. There are however a number of other options available which also offer superb facilities, interesting locations and great service. Many locations are also licensed for weddings should you prefer to keep the whole day in one place. Hotels generally offer the whole package organised for you. Opportunities for photographs in well tended formal gardens, drinks receptions, sit or buffet wedding breakfasts, Master of Ceremonies, bands, fireworks and evening discos and buffets. They are well equipped to provide you with everything you need for a traditional feel to your day.

Some require a little more organisation from the bride and groom but this can be a great way to add your own slant on things. There are also a number of companies out there that can arrange the whole event and all the refinements you require. Even the smaller venues are very well equipped and experienced in providing you with excellent food, facilities and can create a lovely friendly intimate environment. If you want to take a further step away from the traditional venue then again choices are there. Marquees, barns on farms, sports clubs, members clubs, even your own back garden. Don’t be afraid to do something different. The organisation can be more involved and take a little time but you can really make your day completely tailored and bespoke to you – after all it’s YOUR big day.

If however you want something a little different or a little less formal then there are options too. A number of smaller venues exist that provide great sized function rooms for receptions of various sizes. Hillmorton Manor Hotel

Hillmorton Manor Hotel

The Arnold Lodge

TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 18

Lodge Farm Field

Dunchurch Park Hotel set for a civil ceremony

03/06/2015 07:33

For all your Wedding needs Hillmorton

Manor Hotel

Planning your Wedding Reception?

With a range of packages on offer to suit your needs, the Hillmorton Manor is the perfect venue to host your wedding at an affordable price . E:

We offer the perfect intimate venue, full of character with a warm welcome atmosphere. Whether you are planning a lavish sit down wedding breakfast for up to 50 people or just a simple wedding buffet for you and your guests, the Hillmorton Manor can cater for all.

Please call or email us for a more information and prices. 78 High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 4EE

TEL: 01788 570155/541722

Arrive in style on your special day in our stunning 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in Oxford blue, chauffeur driven and presented to the highest standard with ribbons in the colour of your choice. All needs catered for, call our office today for more information on: 01788 577866 or visit us at 1 Somers Road, Rugby CV22 7DB Townsend Wedding Cars Ltd.

at s


Wedding Car Hire

The Arnold House Grade II listed building

A stunning building of architectural significance offering superb wedding facilities & photo opportunities, a licence for civil weddings, experienced professional staff and convenient on-site parking

Elsee Road, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3BA. Tel: 01788 542357

Image courtesy of Millhouse Events TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 19

19 03/06/2015 07:33

The Rugby Wedding Register

Health & Beauty Beauty Secrets 43 Cymbeline way, Rugby CV22 6JZ T: 01788 521036 / 07837 521036 E: W: /Beautysecretsrugby

Bridal Wear Seamstress Lisa Haggan Designs T: 01788 567393 / 07980 813315 E: /LisaHagganDesigns

Sanna Hill Inch Loss Wraps T: 07821 2550012 E:


Kavita Aesthetics T: 07843 679970 E: W: /Kavita-Aesthetics

Cakes Fabulous Cakes T: 07792 255337 E: W: /cakesfabulouscakes

Fit2Burst T: 07879 896888 E: W: /Fit2Burst

JJ’s Cakes T: 07846 560936 E: W: /JjsCakes @jjscakes

Parkview Hygenist Clinic 116 Hollowell Way, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 1LT T: 01788 55121 / 07801 985921 E: W: /Parkview-Hygienist-Cliinic

Bridal Wear Florence Bridal Churchside Arcade, Little Church Street, Rugby CV21 3AW T: 01788 877430 E: W: /florencebridaluk Sammie Lou Bridal Couture The Old Dairy, Kilsby Lane, Rugby CV21 4PN T: 01788 577628 E: W: /SammieLouBridalCouture


Celebrant Dignity Services Independent Celebrant T: 01788 878013 E: W: /DignityServices

Childcare Nanna T: 07811 251440 E: W: /NannaRugby

Gifts & Accessories House of Cards 1 Chapel Street, Rugby CV21 3EB T: 01788 877010 /House-of-cards-rugby

Venue Decoration


Halo FX T: 01788 519618 / 07798524436 E: W: /Halofxcom @Halo_FX

Papil Churc Stree E: pa W: w /

DMX Stagetech E: W: /dmxstagetech @dmxstagetech

Sta item

Event Planning

Make My Day T: 07535 682040 E: W: /Make-My-Day Millhouse Events T: 01788 862983 E: W: /Millhouse-Events

Florists Stemstations T: 07910 746979 E: W: /stemsations Bespoke Floral Design Manni Dillon Floral Designer T: 07973 177103 E: Manni@bespokefloraldesigns. com W: /bespokefloraldesigns @DesignsFloral

To advertise call 01788 878297 or email:

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The C 35 Th T: 01 W: w /T @


Jenn T: 07 E: thr /

Tillie T: 07 E: Till /

Click T: 07 and a E: Cli W: w squa / @





For all your Wedding needs

Stag or Hen Party Bespoke Bridal Jewellery Papillon CafĂŠ Bar Churchside Arcade, Little Church Street, Rugby, CV21 3AW E: W: /papilloncafebar

Anne Rogers Design Jewellery T: 07779 616950 E:

Travel Agent

Stag & Hen Party items The Costume Cabin 35 The Green, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7LZ T: 01788 815516 W: /TheCostumeCabinFancyDress @Thecostumecabin

Photography Jennifer Ogden Photography T: 07783 451377 E: through website /JennyOgdenPhotography Tillie Kate Photography T: 07716 606375 E: /TillieKatePhotography Click What A Picture T: 07590 531512 after 3pm w/d and anytime w/e E: W: www.clickwhatapicture. /Clickwhatapicture @Clickwhatapicture


Lucy Morgans T: 02476 545876 / 07810 557237 E: W: /LucyMorgansTC

Venues Catthorpe Manor T: 01788 860599 E: W: /catthorpe.manor.3 @catthorpemanor The Hillmorton Manor Hotel 78 High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby CV21 4EE T: 01788 570155 E: W: Dunchurch Park Hotel Rugby Road, Dunchurch, Warwickshire CV22 6QW T: 01788 528 149 E: W: Arnold House (Masonic Hall) The Arnold House, Elsee Road, Rugby, CV21 3AT T: 01788 542357 E: W: TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 21

Lodge Farm Bilton Lane, Long Lawford, Rugby CV23 9DU T: 01788 560193 E: Brownsover Hall Brownsover Lane, Rugby CV21 1HU T: 01788 546100 E: W: /BrownsoverHallHotel @BrownsoverHall

Wedding Cars Red Rose Automobiles T: 01788 522450 / 07719 482969 E: W: Townsend Wedding Car Hire T: 01788 577866 E: info@townsendvehiclehire. W:

If you, or anyone you know would like to advertise in our next edition, due out Spring 2016 please get in touch: T: 01788 878297 E:

21 03/06/2015 07:33


A wonderful, stylish alternative to a traditional guest book for a wedding. Paint & Glaze, Rugby.

How about some beautiful chair covers. Available to hire from: Make My Day Events, Rugby.

A traditional cast iron Royal Mail post box for your guests to post your cards as they arrive. Available to hire.

These days weddings are wonderful celebrations, as they have always been, but with many added extras that have evolved over the years. Here are just a selection to think about... Make your reception one to remember with this ‘Dance Floor Magic’ consisting of Dry Ice (not a traditional smoke machine where fire alarms go off and people struggle to breathe!), Confetti from a specialist machine which lasts up to 10 minutes and the confetti type can be a variety of finishes, shapes & colours; from pink/red tissue hearts to sparkling metallic or even butterflies. Finished off with a Starlit dance floor. Have all 3 elements or just one. Make it yours, make it unique. This image capture a product we call Dance Floor Magic there are 3 parts; Proper dry ice – like you see on Strictly or the X-Factor etc – i.e. it’s not a smoke machine and so can be used without risk of setting off smoke alarms or breathing problems. Confetti – not a confetti cannon – we use a special machine which gives up to 10 mins of confetti, and they can choose; the confetti colour; confetti type – tissue or sparkling metallic, and even shapes such as petals, hearts, butterflies and even snowflakes. Starlit dance floors – white or black sparkling LED dance floors. Available from Halo FX, Rugby.





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• Br

A selection of Wedding planning items and gifts from Etcetera, Regent Street, Rugby.

Superb wedding party gifts – all can be personalised with ribbon for just £2 extra! House of Cards, Chapel Street, Rugby.

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Hos For

T: 01

Stunning silver & pearl bracelet and hairpins to give elegance to your look. Beautiful bespoke Wedding Jewellery created just for you by Anne Rogers Design T: 07779 616950 E:

E: w

W: w


03/06/2015 07:33





Brownsover Hall Hotel


This magnificent Grade II Victorian Gothic Mansion nestled in 7 acres of woodland and gardens create the perfect setting for your special day.

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en, ve a

Any remaining dates in 2015 and January & February 2016

£49.00 per person




Includes the following:• Reception Drink • Three course meal followed by coffee and petit fours • Two glasses of wine throughout your meal • Prosecco for your toast drink • Ceremony and wedding breakfast room hire • Cake stand and cake knife • Hotel Master of Ceremonies • Unlimited use of the hotel grounds • Privileged accommodation rates • Bridal suite complimentary including breakfast • Evening Buffet

Host to only ONE wedding per day For further details please contact Lesley Hollins T: 01788 555360 E: W: Terms and conditions apply

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December Weddings Your Wedding at ….. Dunchurch Park

Why wait? December weddings 2015 Special Offer

Only £42.50 per guest Arrival drink • Toast drink • Evening buffet Three course Wedding Breakfast Two glasses of house wine per person

See website for next wedding event or contact our Wedding team on 01788 528149 TheRugbyWeddingRegister2015.indd 24

03/06/2015 07:33

The Rugby Wedding Register  
The Rugby Wedding Register