Pure Luxury
Toronto, CA

自2013年以來,《至尊》雜誌便專注於為讀者提供有關高端生活方式的第一手資訊。不論是豪車名錶、炫目珠寶,還是旅遊美食、藝術設計,我們都只選擇分享最優質的內容。2019年新增「至尊面對面」欄目,獨家對話社會各界成功名仕,包括國際知名攝影師陳漫、時尚設計大師 Giorgio Armani。 Pure Luxury and its Chinese name “Zhi-Zun” (至尊) command utmost nobility, and is synonymous with respect, prominence, influence. We are an award-winning ethnic media that harmonizes the best of Chinese culture and luxury lifestyle. Pure Luxury engages closely with the affluent Chinese-Canadian community through a dynamic mix of style, innovation, exclusivity, and editorial authenticity carefully crafted for our VIP readers.

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