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ollowing stay-at-home recommendations during the pandemic has been challenging for people, but it’s been good for their trees, said Arbor Aesthetics founders Jeff and Amy Grewe, because hanging around more means property owners are noticing that their landscaping needs maintenance.

“It’s people reinvesting in their landscape now that they have more time at home,” Amy said. “That and the fact that people aren’t spending money going out to eat, or going to a game, or going on vacation,” Jeff added. “They have more money on hand.” The company, which celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2020, is still in growth mode. It has gained residential and business customers, and its team of certified arborists also see a lot of repeat business from a loyal customer base. “The Arbor Aesthetics experience is a cohesive one from the first phone call into the office to when the last leaf is raked up in the yard,” Jeff said. “It’s a beautiful experience because it’s so unexpectedly the way it’s supposed to be; we are professionals serving professionals.” ARBOR AESTHETICS 6724 IRVINGTON ROAD OMAHA, NE 68122 402.408.5600 ARBORAESTHETICS.COM


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