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This1O-day tourbegins attheclosing banquet A.G,M. in London, of thel.P.A. Canada Ontario, Fromthereyouwilltravelto Fallsto view Niagara thesightsandsoundsof thisWonder of theWorld. Youwillthenseemanyinteresting andscenicparts withthefinalstopbeingToronto" of Ontario, andcostings arestilltobearranged. Exactschedule Pleasemarkthisdateon yourcalendar andplan hospitality. tojoinusforsomewarmCanadian in attending lf you are interested pleasecontact: LarrySheppard '179GreatOakTrail Binbrook,OntarioLOR1C0 Phone:1 289286-0141 Emafl: secretary@ipa"ca


50 Jahre IPA Canada  

50 Jahre IPA Canada