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Abattoir Industry


September 2013

In spring, your collective agreement will be negotiated between the Danish Food and Allied Workers’ Union, NNF and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). The collective agreement determines the frameworks for your working life and it is the agreement that decides issues such as how much you need to work, the making up of your basic pay, how much you earn in pension as well as a number of other conditions. As a member of the Danish Food Allied Workers’ Union, NNF, you have influence on what the collective agreement should contain. Before the Danish Food and Allied Workers’ Union, NNF’s negotiators meet with DI in the spring; we would like to know what you and your colleagues wish to have in your collective agreement. The discussion paper can be used as the basis for discussion on the themes and topics in the collective agreement. It contains a number of questions, which we expect the employers to have an opinion about. We need to know your point of view on the questions so we know where we can accommodate the employers and at the same time, be true to our members. In the middle of the document you will find a questionnaire, which you are very welcome to fill in and hand over to your trade union representative or send it to your local trade union division. The questionnaire can also be obtained on NNF’s website The deadline for submission of suggestions for the Collective Agreement 2014 is 15 October 2013. The slogan for the coming collective agreement negotiations is: It’s all about your working life! The collective agreement is an important piece in your working life and the agreement negotiations give you a unique opportunity to have influence on how your working life is put together. We hope you have a good discussion at your workplaces. John Sørensen, Union Secretary

Working hours Denmark is known for its flexible labour market. What opportunities

· Should the employees pay for their breaks?

should there be for this in the collective agreements?

· Should all provisions regarding working hours be agreed on by local consensus? · Should the division be involved in negotiations for which a trade union representative has not been elected?

· Should the local parties be able to agree on the regulations for varied weekly working hours? · Are there areas in which you believe the companies’ requirements for increased flexibility could be met?

Overtime What should be the future rules for overtime?

· Should the overtime be paid as time off in lieu?

· Should the employee be able to say no to overtime?

· Should an allowance be paid when overtime is called-off?

Holidays and days off - optional · Should the holiday pay percent be increased? · Should the Optional Model be expanded?



Wage conditions · Should the individual company be able to agree on wages?

· Should the piecework system be changed?

· Should introductory wages be introduced for new employees?

· Should the employers pay the union membership fee?

· Should the collective agreements contain better possibility to control wages paid and, if so, which share of the wages should be focused on?

Pension In which direction should the expansion of the labour market pension move?

· Should the percentage on the labour market pension be raised?


· Should the employer pay an increased share of the pension contribution? · Should the seniority and age requirement be entirely removed?

Illness, injury, parental leave and child’s illness How are employees best secured in

Children’s sick day

the event of illness and injury?

How can time off and payment be secured in the event of illness of

· Should the seniority requirement be reduced in the collective agreements? · Should the payment period in the event of accident/injury be longer? · Should there be the right to full pay during illness and for a longer period? Maternity, paternity and parental

children, close relatives and cohabiting partners?

· Should full wages be paid during children’s sick days? · Should you have the right to paid time off for the child’s second ‘first sick day’? · Should it be possible for both parents to alternately have time off for the child’s sick days?

leave How can the conditions for families with children be strengthened best?

· Should fathers have the right to longer paternal leave? · Should the seniority requirement be removed?


Continuing and further education How do we strengthen the possibility of and utilisation of continuing and further education?

路 Should there be an obligation to participate in continuing education courses?

路 Should the employer be obliged 路 Should the option of elective to perform education planning education programmes be for the individual and the comincreased in relation to time and pany as well as reserve funds for education programme options? this? ...continues on page 13 8

Give us your opinion Please fill out the »green pages« and return them to your union representative or send them to your local branch

The questionnaire can also be obtained on the Danish Food and Allied Workers’ Union, NNF Collective Agreement website,

Mark with

x age and gender

Gender Female


Did you also work under the same collective agreement in 2012? Yes


Age under 35 between 35 and 45 between 45 and ?

Mark with x next to, at the most 10 out of 41 statements you find are the most important! Working hours 1. More influence on flexible working hours 2. Shorter working hours, e.g. 35-hour working week 3. Increased flexibility 4. Other Holidays and days off 5. Increase in holiday percent 6. Increase of public holidays and extra days percent / payment 7. Expansion of the optional model – e.g. education 8. Other

Wages   9. Increase in standard wage   10. Higher allowance for shift work, staggering, etc.   11. Allowance for calling-off of overtime 12. Higher overtime payment 13. Increase of optional percent for more wages 14. Introductory wage 15. Change to the piecework system 16. Other Illness and parental leave 17. Full pay during illness 18. Shorter seniority requirement 19. Paid family days 20. Longer paternal leave 21. Other Pension 22. Higher pension contribution 23. No seniority requirement 24. Other Continuing education and further education 25. Education planning at the company 26. Increased funds for education and development paid for by the company Continues......

27. Increased possibilities for elective education 28. Other Trade union representatives

29. Terms and conditions for elected trade union representatives to be strengthened (IT equipment, own office, training, etc.) 30. The right to elect a trade union representative regard less of the number of employees 31. Better protection of working environmental and trade union representatives 32. Other

Collective agreement foundations 33. Increased employer payment to foundations 34. Special foundations only for NNF members 35. Healthcare scheme 36. Other Security 37. Longer termination notices 38. Increased severance pay in the event of dismissals 39. Increased offer of training during termination period 40. Employment similar to salaried employee 41. Other

Trade union representatives Which conditions should the collective agreement contain before you would be elected as a trade union representative?

路 Should the protection of trade union representatives be strengthened?

路 Should substitutes and spokespersons have the same rights and protection as the trade union representative? 路 Should trade union representatives be offered or be obliged to participate in organisational training?

路 Should the trade union representative have extended time off for training? 13

Collective agreement foundations How much should the employers

How should the collective agreement

pay to foundations and what should

help to ensure that all employees

the funds be used for?

are organised?

路 Should competency development foundations for elective education be financially expanded?

路 Should there be conditions in the collective agreement that are only for members of NNF?

路 Should the companies provide an employer-financed healthcare scheme for the employees? (chiropractor, physiotherapist and guidance through the Danish healthcare system)


Security and termination The understanding of security in employment varies greatly. Some people want longer termination notice and others want no ter-

· Should it be possible to dismiss employees during holidays, while injured, ill, on maternity or parental leave?

mination notice. Some want a retirement benefit plan.

· What do you think is needed so that the employer can guarantee that the company will remain in Denmark?

· Should there be the right to be released in the event of dismissal? · Should there be an increased right to education in the event of dismissal?

· Should the conditions for receiving severance pay be independent of other factors? 15

The inclusive labour market How can we ensure that elderly, worn-out and injured colleagues are retained on the labour market?

· Should there be the option of a special scheme for employees who are over 55-years old?

· Should there be a formalised absence policy at the companies which ensures work retention? · In their recruitment, should companies take into consideration persons with a loose association to the labour market?

· Should we ensure that elderly, worn-out and injured colleagues are retained on the labour market?

Framework agreement How do we ensure that the framework agreement is in keeping with the times and suits the conditions we know

· Should the basis of piecework contracts vary depending on which area a person works in?


· Should the framework agreement be modernised? · Should we have another pay system? · Should added time be changed in an upward or downward direction?


· Should allowances be changed in an upward or downward direction?

Trainees How can we ensure the future of the profession so it is attractive to

· Should trainees have full nuisance compensation?

be a trainee in one of the collective agreement areas?

· Should there be an increase of the holiday pay allowance upon conclusion of the training programme?

· Should all trainees and adult trainees, like other employees, have holiday allowance, public holiday and extra day payment calculated when they are paid overtime allowance, piecework surplus, bonus and similar?

· Should adult trainees who commence training after they have turned 25 be given the area’s hourly wage?


Collective agreement negotiations 2014


– Weeks 38-40 Bus trip – Member meetings


– 15 October Deadline for submission of demands


– Selection of demands


– Demands presented and approved at HB meeting – Schedule agreed with employer


– Exchange of demands with employer – Negotiation


– 1st and 2nd conflict notice – Negotiation


– Negotiation

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Discussion Paper Abattoir Industry (english) / Debatoplæg slagterindustri  

In spring 2014, your collective agreement will be renewed. The collective agreement determines the frameworks for your working life and it i...

Discussion Paper Abattoir Industry (english) / Debatoplæg slagterindustri  

In spring 2014, your collective agreement will be renewed. The collective agreement determines the frameworks for your working life and it i...