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The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center

Optimize Your Smile and Your Health! Whole-Body Dentistry® provides comprehensive oral health care using traditional and holistic approaches. We understand the “mouth-body connection.” Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Speaker and best-selling author of Whole-Body Dentistry®

Mercury-free for over 30 years, Dr. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of biological and holistic dentistry.

WholeBodyDentistry.com 203-371-0300

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108, Fairfield CT

Doesn’t it make sense to see the authority?

The Natural Choice – The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center Caring Naturopathic Physicians Offering the Best in Holistic Healing

Our integrative approach treats a widerange of conditions including: ADD/ADHD Allergies Anxiety & Depression Autism Brain Injuries Candidiasis Chronic Fatigue (or Fatigue Concerns) Difficulty Concentrating Female Concerns Fibromaylgia

Gastrointestinal Concerns Healthy Aging Hormonal Issues Immune Disorders Lyme Disease RSD Sports Injuries Stress-related Symptoms Thyroid & Adrenal Issues Toxicities Weight Gain

Learn more about our approach. Watch our new therapy videos – all on our website!

We can help you get your health back in balance naturally with proven treatments and therapies:

From left to right:

Dr. Adam Breiner, ND, Director Dr. Elena Sokolova, MD, ND & Dr. David M. Brady, ND, CCN, DACBN

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) EEG Neurofeedback Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Homeopathy Energy Medicine Electrodermal Screening Metabolic Typing

WholeBodyMed.com 203-371-8258

Functional Medicine Colon Hydrotherapy Natural Hormone Therapy Herbal Medicine Nutritional Assessment Allergy Desensitization FDA-cleared Phototherapy Detoxification Abdominal Manual Therapy

FREE CDs on our Whole-Body approach to Lyme Disease. Call now for details.

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 108, Fairfield CT


Whole-Body Medicine, LLC – The Natural Approach for Optimal Health

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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do you want to increase and



and decrease stress?

Create a lifetime of fulfillment by learning how to establish and maintain meaningful relationships, while building mastery and skillfulness in all areas of your life.

DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy yoga mediTaTion mindfulneSS dBT individual TheRapy dBT gRoup TheRapy CogniTive BehavioRal TheRapy

1-888-745-3372 5 Sylvan Road South, Westport, CT 06880 www.ccbhtherapy.com eNaturalAwakenings.com 2017


contents Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.



LOSS RESOLUTION! Discover the Power of Hypnosis by Diane Bahr-Groth


Sanctuary & Wellness Center plus

Heart & Home Store 346 Main Street S. Woodbury 203.405.2241 Workshops • Classes Seminars and Retreats

CAN BE COACHED Create a Healthier Connection to Wealth by Sheri Hatfield

20 BORN FOR OUR TIMES A Guide to Feeding by Joan Borysenko




Includes Wellness Profiles,

Directory Listings and Glossary


Therapeutic Spa 787 Main Street S. Woodbury 203.586.1172 Alternative & Holistic Therapies & Treatments Including salt • infrared massage & other modalities


the Good Wolf



Positive Psychology Suggests Action as a Fear Antidote by Angela Pascopella


Oxygen Therapy Heals a Host of Ills by Valerie Burke


Tips for Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean by Sandra Murphy


Easy-Grow Microgreens Are Big on Nutrition by Barbara Pleasant 4

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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atural Awakenings serves the many communities of western Connecticut by fostering inspiration, education and connections through rich content, diverse advertising and promotion of/involvement in community activities. Each year, our February issue kicks things up a notch and we are pleased to once again offer the community a robust Natural Living Directory, showcasing more than 200 area businesses and practitioners waiting to help our readers achieve their goals in 2017. The area is positively exploding with momentum and energy! That’s Nicole Miale not just opinion; this month’s issue is the largest one in the magazine’s long history in the area! While an exciting milestone for us, even more importantly, it is a powerful statement about the vitality and passion of the providers and businesses we are fortunate to work with and connect to our loyal, engaged readers. In this special issue, we move the regular Community Resource Guide toward the front of the magazine and include many wellness profiles as well as a Natural Living Glossary to help readers better understand terminology which may be new. We’re confident you will find something or someone in these pages that inspires or supports you in your efforts to become a healthier, happier you. Its depth and breadth makes this issue a true reference guide to be kept all year and referred to in times of need. Don’t worry if you lend your copy out and it doesn’t make its way back! You’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick up another; this unique edition can be found throughout Fairfield and southwestern Litchfield Counties at our major distribution points, events and conferences for the rest of the year. Don’t forget you can always find the digital edition on our eNaturalAwakenings.com website. In January, we announced our expansion in the Housatonic Valley; the response has been terrific thus far! We send a huge thank you to the new distributors, advertisers and readers who are already supporting our efforts in the communities of Litchfield County. We look forward to meeting many more of you in the weeks and months to come. May 2017 be everything you desire and bring you more than you have yet dreamed. Empowering positive lifestyle change is what we’re about; it has never been more critical to find and maintain personal balance as our world shifts with major changes out of our immediate control. Learn to surf the changes and use your infinite power for your own good. You’ll find lots of inspiration in this issue; the editorial focus this month is on positive psychology, self-empowerment and abundance coaching. Find many tips about creating the life you want, then let that positive energy ripple into the world around you. Here’s to vibrant well-being this year for you, your family (human, furry or scaled or feathered!), friends, community and the world.

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“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.” ~ L. R. Knost, author, speaker and social activist

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Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Reflexology and Chinese Herbs Lessen Imagery Relieve Preoperative Anxiety Postpartum Blues

Think with your whole body. ~Taisen Deshimaru


marilyn barbone/Shutterstock.com


study from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, in Beijing, reports that Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) can be an effective treatment for patients with postpartum depression. Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates herbal treatments based on underlying issues. Researchers analyzed data from 47 clinical trials encompassing 3,795 participants between the ages of 18 and 43 suffering from postpartum depression. The study pooled results into three categories: CHM versus placebo, CHM versus routine treatments (antidepressants) and CHM plus routine treatments versus only routine treatments. The study found that using Chinese herbs combined with antidepressants is the most effective approach, noting that CHM is a safe, effective alternative for patients unable or unwilling to take antidepressants.

nticipating surgery can be stressful, and many patients suffer from preoperative anxiety, which can cause serious health complications such as hypertension, rapid pulse and sugar metabolism changes. Israeli researchers from the University of Haifa have found that complementary medicine, combined with standard use of anti-anxiety drugs prior to entering the operating room, can significantly reduce preoperative anxiety levels and improve outcomes. Researchers divided 360 preoperative patients ages 17 and up into three groups: those receiving standard care for preoperative anxiety; those receiving standard care along with complementary therapy, featuring acupuncture, reflexology, individual guided imagery or a combination of the latter two; and those receiving standard care combined with generic guided imagery via a recording. Anxiety levels were measured preoperatively before and after the intervention on a scale of one to 10, with scores of four or more constituting intermediate or higher-level anxiety. The study found that complementary therapy in combination with standard care produced a 60 percent reduction in anxiety, with the mean score dropping from 5.54 to 2.32. Combining standard care with reflexology and guided imagery provided the best relief, reducing anxiety by an average of 4.22 points. Patients receiving only standard care experienced a slight rise in their average anxiety level.

Escape to a Pure, Organic Home for Beauty

Full Service Unisex Hair Salon Organic Way The world’s first professional beauty line handcrafted with pure essential oils, biodynamic botanicals and fair trade ingredients. Let us show you the benefits of choosing an all-natural alternative to conventional beauty care. We provide natural hair care for the entire family. 469 W. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 900-1515 Bookings@salon469.com www.Salon469.com OW



Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life! Restoring Creativity, Wellness, and Balance

Laundry List

Nancy S. Scherlong, lcsw,ptr, m/s Coaching, Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Workshops

Following eco-friendly laundry tips can save on energy, water usage and utility bills, making it good for both the planet and the bank account. The laundry results, too, may be better for some loads. RealSimple.com advises that 90 percent of the energy consumed while running a wash load is used to heat the water, so the average household can eliminate as much as 350 pounds of carbon emissions and save about $40 annually by turning the knob to cold. It also notes that some proteinheavy stains, like perspiration and blood, can become more set into the fabric when washed in hot water, which can also shrink synthetic fibers. For sweat stains, DIYNatural.com suggests combining two tablespoons of cream of tartar, a few drops of lemon essential oil and water to make a paste. Mix and spread it on the stain, and then rub it in and let dry. Another pre-laundry option is to pour or spray a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and then soak for about 30 minutes. Mildly soiled laundry doesn’t necessarily need hot water for adequate cleaning, reports the Mother Nature Network. It advises pre-soaking heavily soiled laundry in cold water for about an hour, adding four tablespoons of baking soda to loosen dirt and grime. “Responding quickly to stains always helps,” says Steve Boorstein, a Boulder, Colorado, clothing-care expert on his ClothingDoctor.com website. “For washable clothing, flush the stained area with cool water to remove any solid matter. Never rub the stain in order to avoid driving it deeper into the fabric.” Conserve more energy as well as water by always assembling a full load of laundry. Appliance performance can also make an eco-difference. Energy Star estimates that water savings of between 40 and 75 percent can be achieved with front-loading machines instead of top-loaders. Line drying wins over a clothes dryer in terms of freshness, energy use and kindness to the environment. Start with biodegradable and phosphate-free detergents made from plant- and vegetable-based ingredients.




Cool Tips to Save Money and Energy


914.572.3167 | www.wellnessmetaphors.com 898 Ethan Allen Hwy, Suite 7 | Ridgefield, CT 06877

Elysian Life Design Stay Inspired By The Divine

Stacey Lyons 914-336-7693

We've got all your spiritual and energy needs covered from Spiritual Consulting, Space & Land Clearing, Energy Healing, Herbal & Essential Oil based products & more. Contact us today to see where your path will lead you. www.ElysianLD.com Contact@ElysianLD.com

Homegrown Plant Medicine & Self Care Products Made With Organic, Local Ingredients

Heal Yourself Heal Earth Sustainably handcrafted in Easton, CT mindfully & with love.

Bath Salts | Body Scrub | Skincare Healing Salves | Smudge | Candles Flower Essences Gift Baskets & Kits Available

Something for everyone!

www.triplegoddessremedies.com triplegoddessremedies triplegoddessremedies eNaturalAwakenings.com



• Integrative Health & Healing • Learning & Thinking An ideal program for teachers!

• Organizational Leadership • Consciousness Studies Please visit our website for more info about Certificate Programs and Transformative Coach Training

“I have seen the changes in our students when they achieve new levels of self-empowerment and discovery, as well as prepare themselves for higher levels of professional work.” Dr. Bernie Siegel

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Bethany • Stamford Hartford • Madison locations

Call 203.874.4252 INFO@LEARN.EDU 10

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Heave Ho

Abandoned and Lost Fishing Gear Pollutes the Seas Abandoned and lost fishing gear such as traps, crab pots and nets litter the ocean floor in coastal areas worldwide, continuing to attract, entrap and kill fish and other marine life. The Associated Press reports that global nonprofits, governments and companies are engaged in efforts to retrieve and recycle as many of the items as possible to protect the environment, save marine life and reduce hazards to marine navigation. A 2009 United Nations report estimated there are 640,000 tons of discarded fishing nets deep below the ocean surface worldwide. Recommended solutions include degradable panels on traps that break down and allow trapped marine life to escape. International agreements prohibit dumping fishing equipment at sea; yet in England, small vessels can amass landfill charges of roughly $700 per year, giving them an incentive to ditch broken gear. Pascal van Erp, a Dutch diver alarmed by the amount of equipment he’s encountered, founded the Ghost Fishing Foundation to tackle the issue. He says, “It’s found in all seas, oceans and inland waters at all depths, along the beach and under the sand. I don’t think the problem can be resolved completely, but we can keep it from getting worse by showing the problem to the public and the authorities.” Industry experts and scientists estimate that commercial fishermen annually lose about 10 percent of their traps due to bad weather.

Free Fuel

Hydrogen Conversion From Water Making Gains Scientists at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, report that they have finally unlocked a major barrier to exploiting a renewable energy source through extracting pure hydrogen from water. Because the best-performing catalysts for electrochemical oxidation, or “water splitting”, are expensive precious metals, the research team led by KTH Professor Licheng Sun developed molecular catalysts for water oxidation with an efficiency approaching that of natural photosynthesis comprising common, abundant elements, all of which could help change the economics of large-scale hydrogen fuel production. Meanwhile, Daniel Nocera, a professor of energy at Harvard University, and Pamela Silver, a professor of biochemistry and systems biology at Harvard Medical School, have co-created a system that uses solar energy to split water molecules and hydrogen-eating bacteria to produce liquid fuels. Their paper, whose lead authors include post-doctoral fellow Chong Liu and graduate student Brendan Colón, was recently published in Science. “This is a true artificial photosynthesis system,” says Nocera. “Previously, people were using artificial photosynthesis for water-splitting, but this is a true A-to-Z system, and we’ve greatly exceeded the efficiency of photosynthesis in nature.”

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Weekend Courses – One Weekend Per Month!


Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock.com


actionalert CT Naturopaths Seek Limited Drug Prescriptive Authority

Natural Awakenings is now in the



his will be the fourth year the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association (CNPA) and its supporters are lobbying for a limited drug authority for naturopathic physicians (ND). Over the past several years, the organization, practitioners, patients and ND advocates have continued the momentum of educating and forging alliances with legislative leaders on the merits and need for a bill to pass both chambers and arrive on the governor’s desk for his signature. “While the State of Connecticut was one of the first of the now 17 states (and the District of Columbia) to provide for licensure of naturopathic physicians, the naturopathic scope of practice in Connecticut was updated last year but does not allow for prescriptive authority,” states CNPA. “As a practical matter, this means that the statute does not accurately reflect the dramatic advances in the level of education, training, experience and overall competence of NDs over the course of what is now almost a century since the statute was first enacted.” The 2017 legislative session began on January 4 and continues to June 5. Over the next five months, CNPA will submit bill language to the Public Health Committee (PHC) that gives NDs in Connecticut limited drug authority. A Senate co-chair of the PHC has confirmed a push to raise the bill before the committee. Once the bill is raised, CNPA members, ND students and any supporters are asked to contact PHC members and ask them to support voting the bill out of the PHC. The PHC will schedule a hearing for the bill. If the committee votes the bill out of the PHC, it will then go to the House. At that time, the public is asked to contact and ask for legislator support to vote for the bill. The next steps would be sending it for a Senate vote and then, if passed, it will go to the governor’s desk for signature. Actions interested parties can take: • If you are an ND, consider membership in the CNPA. • Contact your legislators to voice your support to have the scope of practice modernized for NDs in the state. • Reach out to CNPA if you need educational material to use in communicating with legislators and to find out if other financial or legislative help is needed.

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Housatonic Valley 203-885-4674 eNaturalAwakenings.com

For more information, visit CNPAOnline.org. For legislativespecific updates, visit CNPAOnline.org/Legislative-Action. eNaturalAwakenings.com



newsbriefs fitbody 7eFit Spa Open House in Stamford

older people atRetreat both rehabilitation and Shamanic Healing nursing centers tells us that the human in Redding body wasn’t designed to begin a major


decline inand function until age 70, barring oin shamanic practitioners major illness or accidents along the teachers Deana Paqua and Jessica way. Most of individual decline is due Hunter for a day of shamanic healing to lifestyle choices, not nature’s plan.” for gratitude, transformation, abuntamford has Spitzer teaches his clients that dance, discovery and enlightenment. a new option weight is training This all-day healing retreat open is essential for every age for those seeking group. “After to anyone and all levels who wishage 30, most people lose to look and feel 0.5and to 1 percent of lean muscle to learn more about between shamanism their best during ™ fiber per year, which directly affects shamanic healing practices and techthe holiday seathe basal metabolic Much like a niques that can be incorporated into rate. Deana son and beyond. 7eFit Spa has opened on High Ridge Road, car engine, the more lean musclePaqua mass daily life for transformation and posioffering a variety of aesthetic services and non-invasive techwe have, the more energy our ‘engine’ tive changes. The event will be held at niques to support mind and body wellness. An open house is evenCenter when idling. If not prevented, the sanctuary at The uses, Redding scheduled for November 22 from noon to 7pm. by age 50, example, we may have for Meditation on November 14forfrom The regular service offerings—which will be available as lost as much as 20 percent of the lean Relax while our sessions technology 10am to 5pm. brief demonstration during the open house—include muscle fiber we had when we were 30.” . does work A variety of techniques and teachanti-aging andthe oxygen facials with oxygen therapy, Torc Plus bio He also recommends regular carNoelectric surgery or invasive ings will be incorporated throughout stimulation for procedures. targeted muscle activation (also available diovascular exercise. “Do a good round journey Infrared Sauna therapy) • Micro-dermabrasion with oxygen and weight loss, infrared sauna for detoxifi- the day, including shamanic of cardio inside your target heart rate Myolift • Torc Body Waxing personal weight loss program. work, shamanic ceremonies, crystal cation, Reiki and• the DietMaster zone for 30 minutes at least three times a Diet Master • Oxygen Bar • Reiki medicine healing The Torc Plus has been FDA-cleared and is known to be healing, various spiritweek. It’s vital for lung and heart health, Dermalogica Facials • Oxygen Facialstoning, cellulite reduction teachings and shamanic techniques for effective for muscle tightening, Jessica Hunter the primary benefit of cardio exercise as clearing and manifestation practices. and inchTeeth loss.Whitening opposed to just burning calories.” by Aimee Hughesresident Paqua and Hunter bring a unique and informative combinaSave Tracey Now with Founder Scalzi, a long-time Stamford “For those in their 40s, I recomIntroductory Prices! tion of shamanic healing and teachings tointerval their gatherings. and business owner, decided to open 7eFitSpa because she mend high-intensity training Paqua specializes in Andean and South American Call 203-356-5822 wanted a new business dedicated to helping people look hen thinking about the best 40th year, it’s all downhill from there. such as burst training, along with ashatraditions, while Hunter focuses North American and feel their best. spa had soft opening in June but slowsmanic forms ofThe exercise as awe Our metabolism and we gain mind-body practiceon like power yoga or 1092 High Ridge Road | Stamford, CT 06905 shamanic traditions. Together, they provide educational and was fully operational with all equipment and services availenter midlife and beyond, weight, lose mobility and flexibility, budokon,” says Nelson Pahl, of North7efitspact1@gmail.com | www.7efitspa.com inspirational shamanic gatherings that encompass a variety ableshould in mid-September. we first clarify some myths and deal with more aches and pains, experi- field, Minnesota, managing editor of of teachings connection of a variety of Shapreconceptions,” says Michael Spitzer, ence shortness of breath and the listand a global Longevity Times. “Vinyasa yoga, tai chi manic Healing practices. ForFort more information, visit biochemist, 7eLLC.com andgoes visiton.” the of Lauderdale, Florida, and cycling are ideal during our 50s, Stamford location, emailof 7eFitSpaCT1@gmail.com or call to Spitzer, this all can fitness expert and author Fitness at According while hatha yoga, tai chi, or qigong and Fora more information, visit EmbodytheSacred.net 203-356-5822. Location: High Ridgehappen, Rd, Stamford 40, 50, 60 and Beyond. “In1092 our society, but it’s more of self-fulfilling hiking work well in our 60s.” and HunterHealingHands.com. See of ads, and (insideaSalon Cheveaux). there’s mindset that onceSee we ad, passpage our 15.prophecy than destiny. “Research with “Most mypages clients10are 7020. and

A new way to looking and feeling good.


Nejron Photo/Shutterstock.com

Fit Spa


How to Stay Healthy, Flexible and Strong


transformative natural healing are you ready for a change? Naturopathic Family Medicine For over 25 years, Dr. Debra Gibson has provided caring, personal treatment in a friendly, comfortable environment to support healing transformation of body, mind and spirit. Her thorough, wellness-oriented approach investigates the root cause of chronic health concerns, and uses effective natural therapies to heal imbalances underlying conditions such as fatigue, overweight, allergy and autoimmunity, hormonal imbalance (thyroid, PMS, menopause), gastrointestinal disorders, and children’s health issues. (thy

100 Danbury Road, Suite 102, Ridgefield, CT Ph. 203.431.4443 12 12

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition natural awakenings Fairfield County Edition natural awakenings

Debra Gibson, ND

Our Thoughts Become Things

Physical fitness is only one aspect of aging gracefully. Spiritual growth lifts and lightens any mental and emotional load, while supporting physical well-being.

Learn how to create the thoughts, to have the life you want! Empowerment & Inspiration To Create What You Want In Life!

Darlene Alvarez Maddern

Aila Images/Shutterstock.com

up,” notes Gwyneth Jones, an active aging specialist at the Carriage Club, in Kansas City, Missouri, who also trains physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists and movement educators. “They enjoy mixing up their daily exercise routines and look forward to the support and encouragement of their classmates. Discussions include lighthearted wordplay and questions about anatomy and physiology.” Pahl urges everyone at every age, “Consume only whole foods, always.” He rarely drinks alcohol and begins every day with yoga and qigong. “Also, be sure to stay well hydrated,” adds Jones. “This will keep your joints healthy, skin clear and moist, digestion more efficient and detoxification of organ systems more effective. Add fresh lemon if you like.” Physical fitness is only one aspect of aging gracefully. Spiritual growth lifts and lightens any mental and emotional load, while supporting physical well-being. Spitzer also recommends, “Reading, learning to play a musical instrument, crafting activities, computer strategy games or doing other activities that require concentration or new problem-solving skills; all help the mind stay tuned up and sharp.” It’s always healthy to break out of normal routines and comfort zones, venture into new worlds, volunteer and do what makes our heart soar. Jones advises, “Choose activities that feel good, refreshing, include people you enjoy, and are done in pleasant environments. Don’t forget to revel in sunshine or a good book on a rainy day. Listen to music, play music, sing and dance every day.” Maturity brings benefits we can embrace with delight when we bring loving attention and happy novelty to life. Aimee Hughes, a freelance writer in Kansas City, MO, is a doctor of naturopathy and consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute. Connect at ChezAimee@gmail.com.

Life Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach MA, Sociology

1-860-488-2619 |damaddern@gmail.com www.createwithyourthoughts.com Private Coaching |Group Programs | Workshops | Webinars

Laura Shahinian Kara, M.S., L. Ac. Diplomate in Acupuncture

Bethel, CT (203) 470-7072

lsk@aculaura.com www.aculaura.com

Westport, CT (203) 470-7072

Positive & Nature Based Psychology Promoting well-being and resilience.

Happiness • Strength • Hope • Wisdom • Coping • Flourishing

Ann C. Reeves, Psy. D, CAPP Licensed Psychologist


annreevespsych@optonline.net • www.annreevespsychology.com Offices in Newtown & Wilton, CT

Forza 5

Holistic Fitness & Healing Center Lisa Tenore

Yoga, Personal & Group Fitness Trainer Certified Reiki Practitioner Natural Health Consultant Shamanic Healer


forzafive1047@gmail.com 26 Cannon Road, Cannondale Village, Wilton, CT eNaturalAwakenings.com



Keep That Weight Loss Resolution!

Discover the Power of Hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis

by Diane Bahr-Groth


he holiday celebrations are over and a brand new year is upon us. It’s a time of reflection, a season of new beginnings and renewal. Many of us toasted in the new year with resolutions to improve our health, reduce stress, eat better and lose weight. We may have had the best of intentions to finally make those healthy changes but somehow life got in the way. Slowly the resolve and motivation simply dissolves and fades away as the days march on. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Anyone who has made a personal deci-

needed to eat healthier and lose weight. Many people feel completely out of control as cravings, emotional eating, too-large portion sizes and unhealthy behaviors often get the better of us. We vow to really begin that diet tomorrow or on Monday but we often give in to temptation and then simply give up on ourselves when we fall short. The sabotaging behavior continues day after day and week after week despite knowing exactly what needs to be done to be in control and really lose the weight. There is good news for those who have experienced this and are ready to make the positive changes to lose weight and gain control of their eating habits. Hypnosis is a natural, relaxing, easy solution to finally lose weight and it doesn’t involve surgery, deprivation or dieting.

sion to change negative habits and behavior to improve their life and health knows how challenging it can be to begin and then continue making positive and beneficial changes in today’s stressful world.

Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Although we may be unhappy with our image in the mirror or the numbers on the scale, it may still feel difficult or even impossible to find the willpower

Hypnosis is widely recognized by researchers and those in the medical field as a safe, natural and enjoyable state of deep physical and emotional relaxation. Hospitals and doctors use hypnosis to speed surgical recovery, reduce pain, and heal fractures and burns faster. Doctors recommend hypnosis for everything from stress reduction to insomnia and even childbirth. It may be best known as an effective tool to create motivation and behavior modification for smoking cessation and weight loss. Many of us have developed unhealthy relationships with food in our


25 1992 - 2017

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natural awakenings

The subconscious mind is very much like a computer and, unfortunately, it may be running old or unwanted programs. Simply using willpower and motivation is often just not enough. lives. We eat when we’re sad, angry, lonely, stressed and even happy. Over time, we may have developed the habit of overeating and using food to satisfy an emotional hunger that we may often confuse with appetite. This learned habit can gain strength and power over the years to become an automatic response the subconscious uses to comfort us in times of stress. Consciously, we may try over and over again to stop the sabotaging behavior and blame ourselves for our lack of ability and willpower. However, it’s the subconscious mind that is in charge of that unwanted, unmotivated behavior. Trying to change that behavior consciously often creates more stress and more failure. Studies have shown that the subconscious mind manages over 90 percent of our behaviors. The subconscious mind is very much like a computer and, unfortunately, it may be running old or unwanted programs. Simply using willpower and motivation is often just not enough. Therefore, if we want to change a habit or modify a behavior, it can naturally be changed and improved by using hypnosis. Hypnosis is not actually “sleep” but rather a natural, calm and tranquil state of conscious awareness. It’s a feeling very similar to that of being alone on a quiet beach and relaxing deeply while listening to the gentle sounds of the ocean waves lapping against the shore. During hypnosis, the natural endorphin and serotonin levels of the body are increased. As this occurs, the conscious part of the mind— which is critical and analytical—is temporarily suspended or bypassed. While in this relaxed state, the subconscious mind can easily accept the beneficial suggestions for change.

Change Our Thoughts and Change Our Behavior Traditional therapeutic hypnosis has been used as a successful tool for stress and anxiety reduction, behavioral changes and weight loss for years. However, a new technique, the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis weight loss program, was recently developed in Europe. This specialized concept gives the subconscious mind suggestions that the stomach is much smaller, as if a gastric band were surgically installed. The suggestions encourage smaller portion sizes to prevent overeating. Both hypnosis techniques work well to help implement behavioral changes. Hypnosis, whether traditional or virtual gastric band, can be a solution for those in search of a natural, healthy method to lose their potentially unhealthy, excess weight. Hypnosis can help people make better food choices and lose weight without the high cost, risks and side effects of invasive surgery. Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFT-Adv, director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis Center, in Stamford, has more than 24 years of experience in mind-body therapy. She is a registered consulting hypnotist and is trained and certified in multiple hypnosis modalities. Connect at 203-595-0110 or MindBodyTransformation.com. See ads, pages 21 and 75.

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Abundance Can Be Coached

Create a Healthier Connection to Wealth by Sheri Hatfield


fool and his money are soon parted. The love of money is the root of all evil. You have to spend money to make money. In addition to the abundance of such proverbial wisdom, there are also thousands of books dealing with the subject of money. With all this available information, why do so many struggle with money? In today’s society, we must have money to survive. Long gone are the days of being able to trade a few chick-

ens for a doctor’s visit or barter goods for services. Oddly enough, most of us don’t even use money to pay for things anymore. Instead, we use plastic that represents the money we have stored in a bank. It turns out that our emotional connection to money—be it the paper and coin kind or the plastic version— can actually determine how much of it we have. Changing the way we relate to money can actually have an effect on the amount we have.

Money or abundance coaching can teach us how. By enlightening us to our current relationship with money, a coach or mentor can help us spot our strengths and weaknesses. They can spotlight our current ideologies around money and abundance or how much we deserve and how hard we need to work to have it. “Most people have a lot of emotions surrounding money, and specifically lack or abundance of money,” says Bill Donaldson, a certified financial planner and money coach in Fairfield County. “As a certified money coach, I help people look into their inner workings around money so that they can change their relationship with it.” Donaldson explains that a certified money coaching program is not just better budgets and financial planning, although it may incorporate that. It is an integrative approach to understanding how people see and approach money to help them achieve their financial goals. “We have given money so much power in our lives,” explains Donaldson. “Money has become a survival mechanism; since we can’t leave money like we leave people, we have to change our relationship with it.” A certified money coach like Donaldson has been trained at the Money Coaching Institute to help people understand their patterns and energies around money by identifying their “money archetype”.

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natural awakenings

Money Coaching Institute founder Deborah Price has identified eight archetypes, or money types. The Innocent can be overwhelmed by financial information and relies heavily on the advice and opinions of others. Innocents tend to “bury their heads in the sand” so as not to see what’s going on around them and can be the most trusting of all money types. The Victim is prone to living in the past and generally has a litany of excuses for why they are not more successful. They have typically been abused, betrayed or suffered a great loss. They usually have not processed the pain, thereby feeling as though they “have paid their dues” and needn’t pay anymore. The Warrior is generally seen as successful in the business and financial worlds. They can be adept investors, focused, decisive and in control. While they listen to advisors, they make their own decisions and rely on instincts and resources to guide them. The Martyr is often so busy taking care of others that they frequently neglect their own needs. In terms of finances, they generally do more for others than they do for themselves; they can be found rescuing others from one circumstance or another. Often, they have formed an unconscious attachment to their own suffering. The Fool is a gambler by nature and can always be looking for a windfall of money by taking financial shortcuts. Until The Fool becomes enlightened, they can continue to attract money easily, yet it will quickly slip through their fingers because they are not paying attention. The Creator/Artist is on a spiritual or artistic path and frequently has a conflicted love/hate relationship with money. They love the freedom it provides them, but have little to no desire to be a part of the material world and often find they struggle with financial security. The Tyrant uses whatever means necessary to win at all costs. They can be a master manipulator of people and money. However, in spite of their apparent success, they can be fearful and lack a sense of fulfillment. The Magician is the ideal money type and knows how to transform and

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Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

manifest their own financial reality by using an ever-changing set of dynamics. After identifying our active and passive money types, a certified money coach may then take us through our background with money, looking at our first memories of money, and our parents’ attitudes and behaviors towards money. Based in the neuroscience that hardwiring happens between the ages of 2 and 12, many of our thoughts, attitudes and habits towards finances can be traced back to our childhood. These deeply implanted patterns help determine how we relate to money as adults. Upon identification of the money type and exploration of childhood experiences, a journey of discovery can begin. With the help of the certified money coach, we can detach from existing, unwanted patterns and reprogram new patterns that establish a different perspective and attitude toward abundance. This can help us go from a place of feeling undeserving to one of being enough and deserving. It can bring us from thinking we have to step on people to be successful to believing that we can be a good person and succeed without causing harm to others or ourselves. Jacqueline M. Kane, owner of the Bowen Healing Center in Litchfield County and creator of the Money Magnet Manifestation program, uses a combination of early family paradigm work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), visualization work and soul clearing to help her clients change their relationship with money. Her program is built on believing that we are responsible for everything in life; if finances aren’t where we want them to be, we need to explore ourselves. “Everything we have learned, experienced or what our parents taught us is in our nervous system and energy field,” Kane says. “Therefore we are going to constantly prove those true. My program helps release old vows and clear away everything at a deeper, energetic level.” Kane identifies some typical blocks and patterns that her clients experience as pain and financial trauma. Pain is an event that we haven’t been able to let go of. Financial trauma—such as being laid off or unexpected debt—often causes a person to harbor anger and negative energy. “We have to ask ourselves: ‘Do you want to let it go or do you want to be right?’ The answer to that is the path to happiness and abundance,” Kane explains. She says most of us punish ourselves for our past and that we have mean inner critics that are really tough. The more we listen to them, the more we hold ourselves back in all areas. Like Kane, Donaldson notes that becoming successful and learning to have abundance requires a lot of internal work. “Forgiveness is a big one for clients,” he says. “They need to forgive themselves and others otherwise they can’t move forward.” Whether it comes from our parents, our religious beliefs or societal experiences, our relationship with money determines our level of abundance. Until we address that relationship, it is difficult to shift anything else. Sheri Hatfield is a freelance writer and marketing professional who lives in Shelton with her son and frequently contributes to Natural Awakenings. She can be reached at Sheri@DayDreamerConsulting.com.

natural awakenings

Technology Marries Positive Psychology with Neuroscience


here is scientifically based technology now available to boost the brain’s performance and sustain motivation and positive thinking for prolonged periods. Mind Power Technology (MindPT) is a revolutionary new technology for integrating fresh beliefs into the mind and cultivating the mindset and habits of happiness and success. MindPT helps improve a viewer’s mood. That happiness leads to greater engagement, which accelerates learning. Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline; MindPT seeks to address these issues. Most people who want to improve their lives understand that change has to begin within themselves with a change in mindset, beliefs and attitudes. However, most people don’t have the stamina or discipline to read daily affirmations. They also recognize that affirmations may not be enough to effectively create new long-term beliefs. MindPT is designed to help change automatic thought habits in order to align expectations and actions with what a person wants in their life. The technology uses a precise blend of quality, clinically proven techniques, enabling users to experence measurable results quickly without the time, effort and discipline it normally takes when embarking on personal improvement. The mobile, bite-sized personal growth sessions can be watched anytime, anywhere on a mobile phone or desktop computer to help increase confidence, self-esteem, happiness and outlook in minutes. The technology makes it effortless and engaging and it’s based on the latest in neuroscience research and proven positive psychology principles. Fun and short lessons are delivered via a “moving vision board.” When Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and a Harvard University positive psychology researcher, tested MindPT, he found a positive impact on mood only six to eight hours after watching a session. Studies have shown that with a happy mindset, people are 23 percent more energetic, 31 percent more productive and three times more creative. A MindPT video session connects with the pre-conscious processor in the brain to make it easier to absorb the kinds of positive ideas that will help achieve desired results. “We have learned that reprogramming our brains to become more positive, more adaptive and more resilient in order to gain a competitive advantage at work is not only possible, it is essential in rapidly changing environments,” Achor says. “It is important to create deep and sustained change so that happiness becomes... a sustained lifelong practice.”

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The most worthwhile thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.

~Robert Baden-Powell

Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, will be the keynote speaker at a Positively Priming the Mind Workshop on March 22 in New York City. Visit PositivePrimingForSuccess.com for more information. See ad, page 5. JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT Founder and Reiki Master Teacher, ph. 203-438-3050 Mary Beth Johnston, LMT, RMT Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, ph. 914-419-7961

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Born for Our Times

A Guide to Feeding the Good Wolf by Joan Borysenko


e are living in what Mark Twain called interesting times. Polls report that the majority of Americans are experiencing anxiety, depression and stress. If you’re one of them, I want to support the emergence of your Wise Mind. Staying calm in the chaos is the root of wisdom in these challenging times.

Do you recall the parable of the two wolves? A grandfather tells his grandson that all humans have two wolves battling inside themselves. The good wolf is kind, creative, brave and ready to act when the time is right. The other wolf is greedy, judgmental, hateful and filled with fear. The grandson thinks about this and then asks, “Which

wolf will win?” The grandfather says, “Whichever one you feed.” Research in mind-body medicine and positive psychology prove the point. Focusing on the positive can help keep stress in check. But more than that, it helps rewire our mind-body system for resilience, happiness and creativity. Thinking about change as a time of breakthrough, rather than breakdown, is a basic necessity for staying calm and centered. The late Ilya Prigogine, a mathematician and physicist at the University of Texas at Austin, won a Nobel Prize in 1977 for his Theory of Dissipative Structures. Whether we are talking about an atom or a solar system, disruption leads to re-creation. The energy released when an old system crumbles, frees the energy to reconfigure at a higher level of function. That’s the image to hold in mind during these times of rapid change.

The journey from breakdown to breakthrough is a classic rite of passage comprising three parts:

1. Separation: the ground beneath us gives way and uncertainty prevails. 2. Liminality: the time between no longer and not yet. The old system is defunct but a new one has not yet emerged. This passage is rife with both danger and opportunity. It is a time for grief, reflection, soul searching, finding allies and mentors, and working together. 3. Return: when the crisis passes, there is a return to an improved level of

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Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

equilibrium. The most important skills for navigating the liminal time in which we are living boil down to the care and feeding of the good wolf. Rather than triggering the fight, flight or freeze response in the brain’s amygdala (emotional survival center), staying mindful and present brings an evolutionarily more recent part of the brain online, the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain witnesses without becoming attached and reactive. It is goal directed, clear and capable of mediating the constant internal conversation that goes on inside between the two wolves.

How to fire up your wise prefrontal cortex?

1. Benefit finding. It sure beats fault finding. So if you catch yourself complaining, take a few deep breaths and focus on one thing that is good. At the very least, you are still breathing—that’s certainly a fine thing. 2. Installing the good. Rick Hanson, Ph.D.—psychologist and neuroscientist—suggests stopping for 10 to 20 seconds when something good or beautiful comes up. Dwell on it with all your senses. That simple act changes your brain and begins to build up your happiness circuits. 3. Exercise. It’s practically a panacea. 4. Eat more plants and fewer crap carbs. If you make your gut bacteria happy and diverse by feeding them well, they will release the neurotransmitters of joy, equanimity and well-being. 5. Appreciate someone. Give them a compliment that is true. You’ll share a smile and that will lift you both up. 6. Find a dog or a cat to stroke and cuddle. Failing that, take care of a plant or two. Give it water, food, love, light. Life loves life. And... as you start the new year, take a few minutes to retrospect the year that has passed, and give thanks for five things in 2016. Gratitude is the best antidote for stress. Joan Borysenko, PhD, is a Harvardtrained cell biologist, licensed psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of 16 books, living in Santa Fe, NM. Connect with her at JoanBorysenko.com or Facebook.com/ JoanBorysenkoCommunity.

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Owl Spirit by Greer Jonas available in archival prints with mats

What now?

How will this 1 year affect us each as individuals? What are the new steps we can take? The 1 will give us the energy to push through old patterns of lethargy. Perhaps we can get involved in environmental reform or finally finish writing that book that we started years ago. Or we could clean out our attic and transform it into a place to create art. Try taking a step beyond your comfort zone.

What is your personal year in 2017 numerology?

Divine Web by Greer Jonas

2017: The One Year of New Beginnings

As the 1 year is about new beginnings, we each have a personal year theme specific to us. To find out your personal year, add the birth month and day to the current year. Once you find this theme, you can ask yourself how you can lead in a different way to making a change in your life. As an example, if you were born on April 1, your personal year would be 4+1+2+0+1+7=15 and then 1+5=6. The personal year of “6” is all about compassion, friendship and support. During the global year of 1, you might do service in an area you are interested in. Or you might step out and find a new romantic relationship or find new ways to make a current relationship work better.

by Greer Jonas


he numbers in the global year of 2017 add up to 10, which adds up to one. The number “1” in numerology is the number of the “I am,” which is the number of first, new beginnings and new leadership. We have all arrived in uncharted territory and must now deal with change. The global year of “1” promises to lead us to a “newness” that has not happened before. This energy gives us the opportunity to take action. Some of us are apprehensive, many fearful, others excited. Whatever the feeling is, we can sit back and let the world take over, or we can use the emotion to spur action in our lives.

2016: Stepping back to the year of 9 and transformation

As crazy as 2016 was for all of us, the transformational “9” year (2+0+1+6 = 9) brought up much change in our lives and our world. The nine is completion and we had endings in so many ways. The “roller coaster ride” began as we were forced to deal with our shadow, our truths and our real beliefs. We need to face how we experienced the 9 in our lives, not just globally or politically but in the areas of relationships, career, communication and home. There could have been moments of triumph and important insights and other moments of loss or the realization that something has to change. 22

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Personal year numbers and their lessons

Once you have calculated your personal year, here is a brief synopsis of the theme you will encounter and the lessons. What can you do differently that might achieve what you have wanted? Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas. You might attract a new job or a vibrant relationship. The challenge is fear of taking the next step. Year of connecting in relationships of all forms, whether it is romantic, business, social and/or self. The challenge is caring too much what others think. Year of creativity and self-expression in every form, such as art, music, speaking and/or writing. The challenge is fear of sharing your voice. Year of the builder and the organizer, which is a great time to get something done. The challenge is feeling bogged down by all the work we are doing or feeling overwhelmed. Year of fun, increased social life, travel and energy. It is being out there in the world with people. The challenge

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

natural awakenings

is feeling a loss of freedom, overwhelm or too much on our plate. Year of all matters of the heart, including dealing with family, loved ones, community and relationships. This could be a time of marriage, birth or rebirth. The challenge is experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility. Year of spirituality and connection with our inner self and a year of unique thoughts and actions. The challenge is feeling unsociable, withdrawn, or fearing speaking your truth. Year of abundance, leadership and manifestation and a great time to achieve our dreams. The challenge is being too self-consumed or feeling overburdened. Instead of being the leader, you feel oppressed or like a victim. Year of transformation, transition and completion and a time to examine our life and see what new path to take. The challenge is seeing the lessons of what we have been putting up with and deciding to change the direction of our life. Master year of inspired ideas and actions. These ideas can influence and inspire others and may deal with our relationships (2). The challenge is having many dreams but not acting on them. Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4). This is a time to connect with others in a profound way and make a difference. It is a great time to achieve a project with others. The challenge is taking on a project without asking for help or caretaking for others.


7: 8.


Providing personal growth and expression through music education, mentoring and energy healing.



Suzanne Vick

Celebrating Life... and Beyond

How will you take action?

“What we have enjoyed we can never lose; all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

Do something new every day that might be a stretch but will help in expanding the mind, body and spirit. Make a difference by getting involved in a community project, the environment or someone else’s life. Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, teacher and artist for over 25 years, living in New York City. Contact her for private numerology readings and class schedules at Greer@Numerology4YourSoul.com. Read more about numerology at Numerology4Yoursoul.com or the art website at GreerJonas.com.

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~ Helen Keller

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purchase. Research options and look into what is working in relation to health concerns. Ask questions and get a second, third and/or fourth opinion. We need to see ourselves as a whole person, not just moving parts; we are more than a heart, a lung, or a feeling of pain or depression. We need to listen to the body and follow our intuition!


Integrative Health Advocacy

Form and Lead Your Own Wellness Team by Debbie Morgan


hat is missing in our current health care system that can inevitably affect the state of our health? It is personal accountability and integrative health advocacy. That means taking ownership for our health and healing by being empowered, educated and proactive. Advocating for our health involves responsibility, commitment, and the ability to develop an action plan to proactively pursue our wellness goals. Gone are the days of walking into the doctor’s office and expecting them to “fix” us. If we or a loved one are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can change that. We are living in exciting times with more information, education, resources and modalities available to us. It is up to

4327 m 9 6 9 203- acave.co n salta


each of us as individuals to pursue optimal health by taking control and becoming our own health advocate. Advocating for our health is one of the most important investments we can make in ourselves. We cannot assume anyone else has our best interests in mind because no one knows our mind, body or soul better than we do. We must be involved, we must advocate, and we must be the CEO of our health. This is a difficult and heartbreaking lesson for anyone who has lost a loved one. If we are personally navigating the health care system for ourselves or for a loved one, we become keenly aware of the need to be an advocate or seek the services of one. We need to begin to think about health as we would think of a large

Saltana C ve & Spa

590 D an Ridgef bury Rd ield, C t

Salt therapy is: • known to significantly improve respiratory issues in children and adults, asthma, allergies, countering the side effects of smoking and pollution, cystic fibrosis, acne • naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Give permission to take control of our health care. Approach the health and wellness journey from a place of calmness to allow clarity. Having a clear understanding of our current health allows us to begin to formulate an action plan. This clarity allows us to retain information when we are talking with practitioners about our current health diagnosis, recommended treatment plans and options. It allows us to better understand our current health and begin to focus on changes we are planning to make. Creating a wellness team is key. We must decide who it is we want to work with on our healing journey. The team should be integrated, consisting of holistic and conventional practitioners who support our wellness goals. While pursuing healing, we will want to work with practitioners who will assist us in getting to the root cause of our ailment, illness or concern for improved health.


Begin to integrate the approach to wellness. What does this mean? Integrative health is taking the best of conventional medicine and the best of holistic medicine and modalities to receive the best optimal health benefit. Research all available options. Keep in mind that true healing is getting to the root cause, not trying to resolve symptoms that have occurred as a result of the primary cause of our “dis-ease”. Ask questions, be confident and seek answers. Always ask for copies of records to be sent by mail, digitally or in person after a doctor’s appointment, testing, imaging or lab work. Get them, read them and understand them. Keep them organized and readily available for personal reference or a medical practitioner’s questions.


What can we do today to improve our health? Nutrition: Fuel the body to run effectively. Are we eating well? Make the next thing we put in our mouths a healthy choice that will provide vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrition. Exercise: Do what is enjoyable, and what fits schedule and lifestyle. Most importantly, do what feels good. Exercise with others, use music, take the dog for a vigorous walk or play with the kids. Just move! Stress reduction: We live in a fastpaced world with many expectations and responsibilities. Yoga, meditation and walking in nature are great. So is listening to favorite music in a relaxed setting. Compartmentalize and prioritize: We need to give ourselves permission to be human and unplug from the chaos around us. Play: Have fun and do what makes us feel good. Enjoy and recharge. Sleep: Make sleep a priority; our bodies and minds need this time to function properly. While we are resting, our bodies are still working to keep us going strong. We need sleep to heal. Stop smoking: This is a no-brainer. With every inhale, we damage our cells. Alcohol and caffeine: Eliminate both if possible. If elimination is not doable immediately, begin to reduce intake. Forgive: We need to forgive ourselves and others. Times of illness and disease can be overwhelming and terrifying. Integrative health advocacy is a must. Working with an advocate to assist us in navigating our wellness journey can bring the clarity, empowerment, education and assistance needed to take control and develop our health and wellness action plan. It’s time for each of us to become the leader of our own wellness team. Debbie Morgan, MA, CiPP, is the owner of Integrative Health & Advocacy, LLC. Its mission is to support, educate and empower people to take control of their health and happiness. Connect with her at IntegrativeHealthAdvocacy.com and IntegrativeHealthAdvocacy@gmail.com.

Restore physical and emotional wholeness. Harness joy, love and inner peace. Improve interpersonal relationships. Reconnect with your partner and the world. Find your purpose and live up to your highest potential.

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NATURAL LIVING DIRECTORY 2017 Throughout the year, Natural Awakenings serves the many communities of Western Connecticut by offering articles and opportunities for inspiration, education and connections. This year we are pleased to once again offer the region a reference guide featuring a wealth of content as well as showcasing the offerings of more than 200 businesses and practitioners waiting to help our readers achieve their personal goals in 2017. This year’s Natural Living Directory includes profiles and listings of local wellness businesses as well as a Natural Living Glossary to help readers learn more about terminology which may be new. We hope the people and products in these pages—and in later issues during the year—support you in your efforts to live a happier, healthier life in 2017!

NATURAL LIVING DIRECTORY 2017 INDEX Wellness Profiles 27-53

Directory Listings 54-71

Glossary of Terms 56-61


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• Whole-Body Medicine • Heather Ehinger, EdD, LMFT • Elysian Life Design • Z Farms Organic Food • Andrew Cummins, ND/Shalva Clinic • Mara Davidson, ND, MBA/Shalva Clinic • Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa • Natural Health & Wellness Center • Pure Living, LLC • Ellen Lewis, ND/Shalva Clinic • Ingels Family Health • C.A.R.E. Health & Wellness Center • Associates In Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, PC • Kure Spa/Kure Bar • Unity Center of Norwalk • Victoria Shaw • Osteopathic Wellness Center • Ecoscapes • Jacqueline Kane/Bowen Healing Center • Possibilities Farm • Cucumber & Chamomile • Saltana Cave • Alliance for Conscious Transitioning • Cynthia Haupt • Beth Leas • Kara Acupuncture & Wellness • Dark Moon Astrology


• Darlene Alvarez Maddern • Wellness Institute • Total Wellness Connect • 7e Fit Spa • Valley Spirit Wellness Center • Center for Cognitive & Behavioral Health • Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic • Angelic Healing Center • Hypnosis Center of Connecticut • Functional Medicine & Integrative Care, LLC • Embody the Sacred • Integrative Health & Advocacy, LLC • Meg Reilly 360 • Hudson Valley Natural Health • Kerry Hardy/Holistic Heaven • Kindred Spirits • Nancy Scherlong • SOPHIA Natural Health Center • Law Offices of Kirsten E. Bennett • LifePath Yoga & Wellness • Susie Daut/Arbonne • The Mobility Project 24/7/Chris Kalisz • Eilis Philpott/Soul Healing Journey • Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis Center • SoulSong • Sharon Diaz, LPC, LADC • The Well Wellness Center

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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LISTINGS PAGE 54: Acupuncture, Astrology, Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, Breast Thermography, Cancer Support Therapies PAGE 55: Chiropractic, Coaching, Coaching-Business, Coaching-Mind-Body, Coaching-New Parents & Families, Colonics, Crystals PAGE 56: Detoxification, Divorce Support, Ecological Landscapes PAGE 57: Education, End of Life, Energy Healing, Events, Feng Shui, Functional Medicine PAGE 58: Hair Loss & Trichology, Healing Center, Health & Wellness, Health Coach, Holistic Dentist, Holistic Education PAGE 59: Holistic Health Counselor, Holistic Skin Care, Holistic Store PAGE 60: Hypnosis PAGE 61: Integrative Medicine, Integrative Medicine Physician, Integrative Natural Medicine, Integrative Optometry, Interfaith Ministry, Intuitive Consultant PAGE 62: Legal Services, Life Coaching, Lyme Disease PAGE 63: Massage & Bodywork, Massage & Float Center, Massage School, Meditation PAGE 64: Mental Health, Money Coaching Movement Therapy, Natural Market PAGE 65: Naturopathic Physician PAGE 66: Neurofeedback, Nutrition PAGE 67: Organic Café, Organic Farm, Organic Salon, Osteopathic Physician, Personal Care Products, Professional Development, Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Psychotherapy PAGE 68: Psychotherapy, Rebirthing, Reiki PAGE 69: Rolfing/Structural Integration, Sauna/Vibrosaun, Shamanic Practitioner PAGE 70: Spa, Spiritual Consulting, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Tarot, Transformative Healing PAGE 71: Weight Loss, Wellness Center, Yoga

BUILD YOUR WELLNESS DREAM TEAM These practitioners and businesses are ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals in 2017.

wellnessprofiles Whole-Body Medicine

Heather Ehinger, EdD, LMFT

Adam Breiner, ND Elena Sokolova, MD, ND David Brady, ND, CCN 501 Kings Hwy East, Ste 108, Fairfield 203-371-8258 Info@WholeBodyMed.com WholeBodyMed.com

1071 Post Rd East, Ste 201, Westport 25 West 45th St, Ste 401, New York, NY 203-438-3139 HeatherEhinger@gmail.com HeatherEhinger.com

Practice/Business summary: We offer an individualized, integrative, holistic approach for treating a range of conditions. Our naturopathic physicians—Drs. Adam Breiner, David Brady and Elena Sokolova—each bring Adam Breiner, Elena Sokolova, a unique set of skills for diagnosing and treating their David Brady patients. Our health center also has available holistic dentistry and chiropractic care. Wellness services offered: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), EEG neurofeedback, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, energy medicine, electrodermal screening, colon hydrotherapy, detoxification, allergy desensitization, healthy aging. Areas of specialty: Lyme disease, female concerns, thyroid and adrenal issues, brain trauma, ADD/ADHD, gastrointestinal concerns, healthy aging, immune disorders, toxicities, sports injuries. Philosophy of healing: As naturopathic physicians, we seek to remove the obstacles to a cure. We combine state-of-the-art science with centuries-old healing modalities to correct underlying imbalances and address issues which may interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself.

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Practice/Business summary: I am a marriage and family therapist. I work with couples and families dealing with divorce, trauma, illness, life changes, addictions, sexual identity issues and teens with acting-out behaviors. My method is a systemic, solutionfocused approach. What first drew you to this profession? My high school psychology class was my “ah ha” moment. I realized the only thing that matters is relationships! The more I learned, the more I realized I had to become an expert in helping others build and sustain strong and meaningful relationships. How your work is different from that of others in your profession? I am a systemic family therapist. You must realize you are part of an all-encompassing and dynamic system. We will develop tools to improve your family systems outcome. What should a client or patient expect from working with you? I will join you on the journey to find the answers you seek for a better life. We will be partners taking responsibility for the outcome. My goal is to resolve your issue and then let you go. What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? I will be formalizing my experience as an MFT to develop a graduate training program to educate therapists in the area of divorce and family reconfiguration. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your work? I am a phone call away. My job is to guide through the process of you solving your own challenges. Then I’m gone until you find another challenge we can solve together. 





wellnessprofiles Elysian Life Design

Z Farms Organic Food

New Fairfield 914-336-7693 Contact@ElysianLD.com ElysianLD.com

355 Poplar Hill Rd, Dover Plains, NY 917-319-6414 ZFarmsOrganic@gmail.com ZFarmsOrganic.com Practice/Business summary: Elysian Life Design specializes in spiritual consulting, space/land clearing, energy healing, herbal- and essential oilbased spiritual products and more. We’ve got all your spiritual and energy needs covered!

What first drew you to this profession? Honestly, the profession chose me. Since I was young, I was able to hear things or had feelings about people or places. I ignored the signs until I had no choice to follow the gift that was given to me. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? A lot of people think that being face-to-face is the only way one can connect with the energy of the client. I find that I can connect just as well from a distance to see what is going on or messages that need to be passed along. What should a client expect from working with you? A client can expect truth and compassion, regardless of the situation. I think there is a way to deliver things in a gentle and effective manner. I like to teach ways people can connect with their own energy to empower them in the process. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, I am going beyond comfort boundaries and listening to what people are requesting as far as products and services and providing those to the community. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? That anything is possible if you are open to it. We have the ability to connect with the Divine around us, and that is what we at Elysian Life Design are here to help you with.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Practice/Business summary: Organic farming is an attractive way to help people become healthier and more aware of the pressing environmental issues that Earth is facing now. What first drew you to this profession? Agriculture that is productive yet balancing and protective of the surrounding ecology is our approach to growing vegetables and conducting organic, pasture-raised poultry and meat operations. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? We are certified organic by Northeast Organic Farming of New York (NOFA-NY). Certified organic compost and minerals are used to fertilize the fields and certified organic feed and supplements are used for the animals. Poultry and cattle are located outdoors and moved on the fresh grass paddocks all year long. What should a client expect from working with you? We bring fresh produce, eggs, poultry and meat to Pawling Farmers’ Market in the summer and Litchfield Hills Farmers’ market in the winter. Our farm stand is open every day 8am to 7pm. Cooking classes and demonstrations, promoting healthy organic local foods are held throughout the year. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? There is a plan to continue planting fruit trees in the orchard and expand the apiary that was started last year. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? The goal is the to deliver the most safe, natural and healthy produce, meat, poultry, eggs and honey to local communities and educate people on the advantages of organic local farming.

natural awakenings

Shalva Clinic

Shalva Clinic

Andrew Cummins, ND 8 Lincoln St, Westport 203-916-4600 DrCummins@ShalvaClinic.org ShalvaClinic.org/Andrew-Cummins-ND

Mara Davidson, ND, MS, MBA 8 Lincoln St, Westport 203-916-4600 DrDavidson@ShalvaClinic.org ShalvaClinic.org/DrMaraDavidson Facebook.com/DrMaraDavidson

Practice/Business summary: Naturopathic physician. A few of my areas of specialty and focus are autoimmune disease, digestive conditions, chronic pain, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic fatigue, low-back pain and athletic performance. What led you to become a physician? After almost 10 years living with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, severe back pain, ankylosing spondylitis—and seven years dependent on painkillers—I was told no more could be done for me. Have your thoughts/beliefs about doctoring changed since you first began? Definitely. I now see the effectiveness of functional lab testing in discovering the underlying cause behind a patient’s symptoms and guiding individualized treatment. This has led to powerful results! Do you hold any additional credentials/certifications (i.e. acupuncture, nutrition, etc)? I became a certified Foundation Training instructor because of the dramatic impact this exercise program has had in reducing my back and hip pain. What should a patient expect from working with you? A detailed intake and functional lab testing to discover the underlying cause of her/his health concerns and a personalized supplement plan based on these results to correct imbalances to achieve each patient’s goals. What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? More speaking engagements for the new year educating the public about functional medicine. I have also begun writing my first book based on my life experience with chronic pain and painkiller dependence.

Practice/Business summary: I see patients of all ages for acute, sick visits as well as chronic conditions. I focus part of my practice on anxiety, depression, anti-aging, neurodegenerative diseases and adjunctive cancer care. What led you to become a physician? While in film school, I had an interest in medicine. Halfway through the program, I began volunteering at a local hospital and took pre-medical coursework. My love of medicine grew and deepened from there. Have your thoughts/beliefs about doctoring changed since you first began? Since beginning in practice, there is a true deepening and ever-growing appreciation of the combination of medicine as both a science and an art. Do you hold any additional credentials/certifications? Along with my doctor of naturopathic medicine degree, I also obtained my Master of Science in Human Nutrition /Master of Business Administration in Heatlh Care Management. What should a patient expect from working with you? A thorough and in-depth visit as well as personalized health and lifestyle recommendations specifically tailored to each patient. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to naturopathic medicine. What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? There are many exciting things coming in this new year! I am working on developing a podcast, giving talks throughout Fairfield County, and fully launching a diabetes educational monthly series at Shalva Clinic.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning. ~Brad Henry eNaturalAwakenings.com




wellnessprofiles Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa

Natural Health and Wellness Center

787 Main St S, Woodbury 203-586-1172 SotesWoodburyCT@gmail.com NaturalSaltHealing.com Facebook.com/BreatheClear Twitter.com/HiSaltSue

Lisa Singley, ND, MS 2103 Main St, #2, Stratford 203-874-4333 Info@NHAWC.com NHAWC.com

Practice/ Business summary: Salt therapy, BioMat, crystal light, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing, NAET plus a variety of massages and organic facials. Mind, body and spirit work in unity, nurturing the whole self. Disruption of the delicate harmony of elements within the human body gives rise to disease. Salt of the Earth offers services to help you shift from imbalance to balance. What drew you to this nurturing work? Beginning this venture had to do with what my husband and I experienced in our lifetime, everything from climbing the corporate ladder, financial stress, and loss of loved ones to cancer; the toll of it all affected our health. We started looking beyond traditional medicines to alternative therapies and realized there was an abundance of natural treatments that can be just as effective in healing, while supporting one’s immune system. Areas of specialty, training and/or special certifications: All therapists are certified. Salt therapy, BioMat and crystal light therapy are supported with manufacturers’ guarantees and/or product integrity. What new products or services will you offer in 2017? Workshops, seminars, children’s programs, sinus and headache treatments, weekend retreats. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? We are here to educate our surrounding communities with safe, alternative and holistic treatments. We offer a stress-free therapeutic experience, healing from the inside out.

Practice/Business summary: We use advanced diagnostic testing with safe, effective, all-natural healing modalities and treatment options to treat acute and chronic conditions, restore balance and treat the mind, body and spirit. We specialize in endocrine disorders, digestive issues, pain management and chronic fatigue.  What led you to become a physician? A strong interest in science and 10 years of experience in the field of medical research, combined with some personal health challenges, led me to explore many questions about health, healing and wellness. Areas of specialty:  Acute and chronic illnesses, preventive health and healthy lifestyle practices to support optimal health, adrenal, thyroid, women’s health, diabetes, insomnia, stress-related illnesses, infertility. weight loss difficulties, digestive disorders, pain management, chronic fatigue, allergies, asthma, eczema, acupuncture and more. What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? People are busy and stressed. We try to understand what is really going on in their lives and provide solutions that address their health concerns and fit in with the other aspects of their life, schedule, work and family.  What should a patient expect from working with you? We provide a caring, compassionate environment where we take the time to really listen to our patients concerns and offer safe, effective solutions and comprehensive health care to prevent illness and maintain optimal health for the body, mind and spirit.

Satisfaction comes in working for a greater good than personal gratification. ~Anonymous 30

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Pure Living, LLC

Shalva Clinic

Wallingford 203-537-6412 JGrey@PureLivingCT.com PureLivingCT.com

Ellen Lewis, ND 8 Lincoln St, Westport 203-916-4600 Info@ShalvaClinic.org ShalvaClinic.org

Practice/Business summary: Organic, all-natural, chemical-free skincare, hair products and pet products made locally in Connecticut. What first drew you to this profession? After applying sunscreen on my 1 ½ year old granddaughter, I happened to glance at all the chemicals I had just applied to her skin. I decided to try to make my own! That sunscreen took me months to get down—but I finally did. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I do not use any preservatives and personally make all the products myself. I am truly passionate about my products and so excited to see others try them and share my passion. What should a client expect from working with you? Depending on the product, they can expect to pamper themselves, their home or their pet safely. Expect products that do what they should without harsh chemicals. I provide amazing customer service and stand fully behind all my products. How is your work evolving as you head into 2017? I opened an Etsy shop on May 1, 2016. I didn’t intend on doing this full time, but was pulled in that direction so in November, I launched my website. I’m “trusting my journey.” What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? After doing extensive research, many of our ailments can be caused from chemicals we ingest and absorb through the body. I am consistently making new products and love suggestions.

Practice/Business summary:   I’m a licensed naturopathic physician and medical director at Shalva Clinic, offering natural, comprehensive family health care and diagnostics. I also serve as academic faculty at the University of Bridgeport. What led you to become a physician? I began as an athletic trainer, where I realized human potential was firmly connected to health care and lifestyle. I earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine to foster proactive health. Have your thoughts/beliefs about doctoring changed since you first began?  I see more clearly that naturopathic physicians are truly the first functional medicine doctors. We heal by looking for the root cause of illness, never content to just treat symptoms. Do you hold any additional credentials/certifications?  I’ve completed a two-year mentorship in integrative women’s health, offering natural treatment for cervical dysplasia and HPV, in addition to an apprenticeship in midwifery and pediatrics, and biotherapeutic drainage. What should a patient expect from working with you? I use both conventional and natural modalities with sciencebased diagnostics, treating patients with nutrition, botanical medicine and lifestyle counseling for care that may be the most personal ever experienced.  What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? More health-based education for our patients, including a focus on women’s health issues, rheumatology and pain management, and support for patients undergoing cancer treatment. 





wellnessprofiles Ingels Family Health

C.A.R.E. Health & Wellness Center

22 Fairfield Pl, Fairfield 203-254-9957 Info@DarinIngelsND.com

Erik Heyliger, DC 810 Bedford St, Ste # 1, Stamford 203-295-3484 Dr.Egheyliger@CareHealthAndWellness.com    CareHealthAndWellness.com

Practice/Business summary: Ingels Family Health is an integrative health center with three naturopathic doctors (NDs) and an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), each with their own areas of expertise. We specialize in Lyme disease, autism spectrum disorders, thyroid disorders and immune function disorders, including allergies, autoimmune and other inflammatory conditions. We also offer well-child visits such as lactation, nutrition and weight-loss counseling, management of constipation, sports physicals and vaccine counseling. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? Our doctors are well grounded in various natural treatment modalities. Each practitioner brings a unique set of skills to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of restoring and balancing the body to optimize wellness. We offer thorough diagnostic testing and treatment using homeopathy, herbs, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, nutrition, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). What should a client or patient expect from working with you? We offer individualized treatment from birth to adults for a full range of acute and chronic conditions including, but not limited to ADD/ADHD, allergies, asthma, autism, eczema, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, PANDAS/ PANS, GERD and fatigue.

Practice/Business summary: Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, physiotherapy, personal training, nutritional counseling, craniosacral therapy, esthetic services. What first drew you to this profession? As a former athlete who was frequently injured, I was always fascinated with the human body’s ability to heal itself. Once I became more knowledgeable about biomechanics, the neuromusculoskeletal system and chiropractic, I knew this was the perfect profession for my passions. Do you hold any specific credentials/certifications? Licensed chiropractic physician in CT and NY. Certified in acupuncture. Certified strength and conditioning specialist. Diplomate from the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals. What should a patient expect from working with you? A personalized program to address your individual health concerns, including pain relief, nutrition and fitness. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, we are planning to have more community events throughout the year to help educate people on living a healthy lifestyle. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your work?  We are a one-stop shop for natural health located right in the heart of Stamford. We take an integrative approach to keep our patients pain-free and feeling their best.

I’m not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: ‘live-acy.’ I’m more interested in living. ~John Glenn


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Associates In Family Chiropractic Kure Spa/Kure Bar 430 Main Ave, 2nd Flr, Norwalk and Natural Health Care, P.C. Dr. Risa Sloves & Dr. Mark Joachim 156 East Ave, Norwalk • 203-838-1555 RSMJChiro@sbcglobal.net CTChiropractic.com • CTSpinalPainCenter.com, AllergyEliminationNorwalk.com • KeyEssentialNutrients.com Practice/Business summary: Dr. Risa Sloves and Dr. Mark Joachim are a husband and wife team offering natural chiropractic and wellness care for over 25 years. Sloves is one of only nine chiropractic physicians in Connecticut who is board-certified in pediatric and maternity care, including certifications in the Webster and Bagnell breech techniques and in scoliosis care. Joachim is the only physician in the state with advanced certification in The BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique, a non-invasive, drug-free and shot-free health care method to eliminate food and environmental allergies. They also offer non-surgical spinal decompression, acupuncture and nutrition. Joachim is the developer of the Key Essential Nutrient line. What drew you to health and wellness as a profession? Since childhood, we have both been interested in health, wellness, nutrition and competitive athletics. What we can provide with chiropractic care and the other services that we are experts in is really basic anatomy and allowing the body to function optimally and healthier! Areas of specialty: We offer chiropractic care for all ages and abilities; specialized care for pre- and post-natal and pediatrics; cranial sacral therapy; newborn/infant feeding issues pertaining to lip tie/tongue tie/cheek tie; BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique; spinal decompression with Axiom DRX 9000; acupuncture with and without needles; nutrition and enzyme therapy; and functional medicine. How has your practice evolved and/or what changes do you have planned for 2017? We have been fortunate over the past 24 years to build strong relationships not only with our patients, but also with other health care providers in Connecticut. One of our goals for 2017 is to continue to strengthen and bridge the gap between traditional medical approaches and natural, alternative health care. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Now more than ever before, parents are searching for proactive lifestyle habits that will nurture their children’s health. Chiropractic awareness is shifting from being an intervention not only for pain relief, but for a more proactive, wellness-oriented healthcare choice.

203-857-1500 KureSpaGL@gmail.com Kure-Spa.com Facebook.com/KureSpa

Practice/Business summary: We are a spa and wellness center offering Vibrosaun, massage, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, Thai yoga, cupping, digital infrared thermal imaging, PEMF therapy and an organic juice bar. The center’s philosophy adheres to these principles for healthy living: detoxification, relaxation and organic nourishment. What drew you to this nurturing work? We became drawn to this profession through personal experience. I found myself struggling to keep normal pace in life because I was experiencing chronic fatigue and muscularskeletal pains to a point where I lost my job and went on disability. I saw every kind of specialist you could imagine and ended up on three prescriptions, but wasn’t getting better. The doctors did not know how to reverse my condition. When I started to eat a diet of whole, organic foods, added regular use of Vibrosaun, juicing, use of herbal supplements and essential oils, I started to wean myself off the medicines and regain a level of vitality I haven’t felt for over a decade! I knew if I went through this medical nightmare, others were going through it, too. That’s when we decided to open Kure Spa. We understand that some health issues require a different approach. What products or services will you offer in 2017? Everyone who comes to our wellness spa will see that we have many complementary therapies. Each therapy has unique benefits, and often clients will do multiple therapies during each visit. Patients use the Vibrosaun to help reduce Lyme disease symptoms, back pain or arthritis symptoms. It’s great for relaxation and insomnia, too. Clients use PEMF treatments to help speed up old and new injuries such as hip problems, tennis elbow, etc. Our massage therapists give wonderful massages—clients look so peaceful and relaxed when they leave our massage rooms. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Many devoted clients come regularly to de-stress and unwind, while others with chronic issues visit us to treat their condition with our unique therapies. We’ve created Kure Spa to be an affordable sanctuary (without compromising quality) for people to stop by on a regular basis so they may live a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.





wellnessprofiles Unity Center of Norwalk

Victoria Shaw, PhD, LPC

Celebrating 25 Enlightening Years 3 Main St (above the Ford Dealership), Norwalk 203-855-7922 • Office@UnityCenterNorwalk.org UnityCenterNorwalk.org Twitter.com/UnityNorwalkCT

Offices in Westport and Wilton 203-254-3403 / 203-727-4222 VFShawPhD@gmail.com VictoriaShawPsychotherapy.com Practice/Business summary: I support clients in dealing with life’s struggles and improving the quality of their lives. My work combines the best of traditional psychotherapy with intuitive guidance. I offer intuitive counseling for children, teens and adults, and intuitive consultations for adults.

Practice/Business summary: Unity Center is a New Thought Spiritual Center offering opportunities for realization that each individual is inherently good and can be aware of that during both the best and worst of experiences. What drew you to this work as a profession? Unity Center of Norwalk’s mission is to continually discover, demonstrate and educate that our source of good is God within. This is the most important aspect of who and what Unity is and offers. Areas of specialty, training and/or special certifications: Member Center of Unity World Wide Ministries. Rev. Shawn Moninger is an ordained Unity Minister as well as an ordained interfaith minister.  What can a client expect from a session or series of sessions working with you? Those who participate in our Celebration Service (Sundays at 10:30am), and our fellowship and community classes and events find themselves expressing their creative and spiritual selves in ways they may have thought weren’t possible. How has your work/business evolved? What new are you offering heading into 2017? Open Mic night is the third Saturday of each month where anyone can get up and sing, recite poetry or do stand-up. Unity Center has expanded its creativity classes to include four-week courses in stand-up comedy, as well as cabaret performance classes (6-week course) and Reiki, prosperity, health and wellness classes and fairs. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? We are all inherently good although many of us may have forgotten that from time to time.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

What drew you to this work as a profession? I have a strong desire to be of service and to support people in living more joyful and fulfilling lives. The more I do this work, the more it is apparent that this truly is what I was meant to do. Areas of specialty, training, and/or special certifications: I have a doctorate in cognitive psychology from Princeton University and completed post-doctoral training at Columbia University Teachers College in child development and educational psychology. I am a licensed professional counselor and a certified distance counselor with advanced training in Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), dialectal behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and energy psychology. What can a client expect from a session or series of sessions working with you? Sessions can help clients understand themselves better, identify personal strengths, find direction and guidance in making important decisions, process past hurts and release resentments, reduce anxiety, and learn to deal with life’s struggles in a more direct, empowering and conscious way. How has your work evolved and/or what new are you offering heading into 2017? I am offering more workshops and group sessions, including healing visualizations, group intuitive readings and healings, and intuition development workshops. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? That I love what I do; I continue to be inspired by my clients’ spirit, courage, healing and growth.

natural awakenings

Osteopathic Wellness Center, LLC Ecoscapes David Johnston, DO 158 Danbury Rd, Ste 8, Ridgefield 203-438-9915 Info@OsteopathicWellness.net OsteopathicWellness.net

Rick Bednar 18 Eleanor Rd, Seymour 203-414-4605 RickBednar@gmail.com

Practice/Business summary: Dr. Johnston provides gentle, intuitive, hands-on osteopathic and craniosacral treatment to release restrictions in fascia, muscles and joints, and restore circulation and balance of the nervous system. Effective for inflammation and pain, concussions, birth trauma, sports injuries, stress/anxiety, headaches and fibromyalgia. Detoxification, nutrition and specialized bloodwork also offered. Complimentary wellness consultations for newborns, children and adults. What led you to become a physician? From an early age, I observed my parents struggle with chronic health issues, which gave me a deeper appreciation for prevention of disease. Osteopathic medicine provided the perfect tool, combining holistic and traditional approaches for healing the whole person. Have your thoughts/beliefs about doctoring changed since you first began? Health and wellness is not just about the absence of disease and treating the patient’s symptoms. To experience true health and wholeness, a person must be empowered on their life journey to care for and nurture their body, mind and spirit. Do you hold any additional credentials/certifications? Board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine. Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. Associate faculty for the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation and Osteopathic Cranial Academy. What should a patient expect from working with you? As you enter our serene wellness center, expect to be empowered on your healing journey. Forty-five minutes of healing hands-on osteopathic treatment with Dr. Johnston will provide you with results you can feel immediately.

Practice/Business summary: Ecoscapes is an ecological landscape company that combines more structural design, such as Japanese-style spirit gardens, with wildlife habitats and native plantings. What first drew you to this profession? As a child, I can vividly remember being intrigued by the natural world. After studying environmental design and landscape architecture at Rutgers University, I knew I wanted to create landscapes that showcased the beauty of nature. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? With over 20 years studying and working in the landscape field, my work has evolved from traditional landscaping. I create beautiful landscapes that require a lot less input and rely on the balance of nature. What should a client expect when working with me? I work on creating lasting relationships with both my clients and properties. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? With our changing climate and planet, there is a growing need for drought-tolerant plantings and landscapes that add to the health of the environment and species that inhabit it. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your business? Ecoscapes constructs functional landscapes that bring the human spirit closer to our beautiful, natural planet and creates healthy environments for us, our children and our pets.

What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? As we update our website and social media presence, we will be sharing about upcoming events on wellness and detoxification, nutrition and osteopathy with those who want to be empowered to take charge of their health and restore their quality of life.





wellnessprofiles Bowen Healing Center

Possibilities Farm

Jacqueline M Kane, Owner 9 Norfolk Rd, Torrington 860-307-0232 Jacqueline@BowenHealingCenter.com BowenHealingCenter.com

Carrie Brady, JD, MA Wilton 203-210-7484 PossibilitiesFarm@gmail.com PossibilitiesFarm.com

Practice/Business summary: I work with individuals, groups and organizations to help create a joyful, pain-free life full of energy and financial success using my original, customized, signature program, The Healthy Wealthy Success Blueprint. Bowen Healing Center also offers Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), evolutionary meditation, soul clearings, Bowen therapy and massage therapy.

Practice/Business summary: Carrie Brady is the founder of Possibilities Farm, a unique center for personal and professional development. Individuals and teams learn to thrive using wisdom gained from interacting with horses in a tranquil setting.

What first drew you to this profession? As a radiologic technologist, I learned a lot about the body. But after experiencing my first massage, I was astounded how it helped to quiet the chatter in my head. In that moment, I decided to become a bodywork practitioner.

What first drew you to this profession? I’ve always loved horses. I discovered this profession while working in healthcare when I was intrigued by medical schools were using horses as teaching partners. I enthusiastically pursued certification in equine-facilitated learning.

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I want to know what’s going on under the surface. After 30 years in health care and 17 years in private practice as a healer, I know that one of the keys to a full life is to look past the symptoms of a problem and to access the cause. Results at this deeper level are profound and have long-lasting effects. What should a client expect from working with you? Clients can expect a customized program to help them achieve their desired health and/or wealth goals. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? I am excited to be employing cutting-edge energy psychology virtually for clients’ convenience and/or face-toface at the Bowen Healing Center. I am creating a webinar to let more people know how to live their pain-free life. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? I’m here to offer you a way back to your life and to a fresh future. Imagine completely pain-free days, sleeping so well that every day feels like a joyous new adventure, and robust health and energy. But most of all being able to do all the things you love so that you live your life fully.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? The horses are truly my partners. As a former vice president of an international healthcare association and a seasoned facilitator who has served clients in more than 30 states, I am able to work with whatever arises, rapidly get to the heart of each session, and adapt as the dialogue evolves. What should a client or patient expect from working with you? The equine-facilitated learning programs are customized, powerful, and fun! After an initial consultation, we work with the horses on the ground (no riding), then discuss how to apply the profound insights gained. In equine-facilitated Reiki, a horse is present to guide and share energy. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, we are featuring signature programs. The first, Swing Open the Gates, is designed to help you choose a direction and open any gates you believe are in your path. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? I design transformational, joyful programs and help you interpret and apply what you’ve learned. But it’s really the extraordinary horses who do the work with you. It’s unlike anything else.

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Cucumber & Chamomile, LLC

Saltana Cave

Meredith Mulhearn 3 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield Tea Shop: 203-431-0185, Nutrition: 203-403-7007 CCNutritionTherapy@gmail.com CucumberAndChamomile.com

Anna Husted, Principal 590 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield 203-969-4327 Anna@SaltanaCave.com SaltanaCave.com Facebook.com/SaltanaCave

Practice/Business summary: As a nutrition therapy practitioner, I help people harness the power of food to support the body’s innate healing ability. Whether you’re trying to lose those pesky 15 pounds, tackle an autoimmune disease or manage ADHD, I’ll guide you with a plan designed just for you. I’m the nutrition expert for Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge’s 360° Reboot program! I also specialize in working with high school and college students. What first drew you to this profession? Nutrition found me. When I was around 30, I found myself virtually bedridden with CFS and fibromyalgia. The doctors told me I was out of treatment options, except for an antiviral known to cause cancer. Food saved my life. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I’m a realist. I know that you are unique and I tailor your experience so you can succeed. Our plan has to fit your busy schedule. And if kimchi scares you, I don’t expect you to eat a ¼ cup each day (but you should!). What should a client expect from working with you? You can look forward to step-by-step guidance in a relaxed, comfortable setting. While I take nutrition very seriously, I use humor in my sessions to keep it light. Eating well should be easy and enjoyable! How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? Cucumber & Chamomile (C&C) is planning to open a wellness retreat in March, where you’ll be able to visit me and other wellness practitioners, including Dr. Jason Barker, a naturopathic physician. This year, I’m going to focus on autoimmune and neurological conditions. C&C is also planning to extend tea shop hours to seven days a week with morning hours to accommodate commuters! What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? I want each person who walks through my door to feel heard and understood. My clients should feel empowered to take control of their health and trust I will do everything in my power to get them there.

Practice/Business summary: As soon as you enter Saltana Cave, you are surrounded by tons of Himalayan salt rocks. This amazingly beautiful and glowing space has been designed for you to feel an immediate sense of relief both on an emotional and a physical level. In the cave we offer salt cave sessions for therapy and relaxation, reflexology, Himalayan salt products, classes and workshops, private parties, birthday events, musical events. What drew you to this nurturing work? I grew up around natural salt mines in Poland. On a summer visit to Poland, I noticed my daughter’s asthma improved after several visits to a healing salt cave. What new products or services will you offer in 2017? Salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) is a very new concept to the U.S. However, people are open and curious, and once they try it, they love it and come back! We offer sound healing concerts including Tibetan and crystal bowls music in the cave, as well as many classes and workshops covering various topics. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? Saltana Cave is a wonderful place for anyone of all ages to come, experience and receive relief on some level. Research suggests that one 45-minute session in the cave equates to three days spent at the shore, as far as the negative ions and minerals go. There is a free session giveaway every Friday— like us on Facebook!

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. ~Dolly Parton





wellnessprofiles Alliance for Conscious Transitioning

Cynthia Haupt, LCSW, PLLC Founder and Director of CLH Counseling 892 Rte 35, PO Box 421 Cross River, NY 914-763-0868 CLHCounseling@aol.com

Barbara Slaine 203-912-2791 AllianceFCT@gmail.com TheAllianceForConsciousTransitioning.org Practice/Business summary: The Alliance for Conscious Transitioning is an organization committed to providing information in all areas of end-of-life care and services. We believe that planning for death—like we plan for the birthing process— creates support for all. Our website will be launched in 2017, intended as an information hub covering all related areas. We also provide vetted practitioners, including end-of-life doulas, legacy and vigil planning, Reiki and much more.   What first drew you to this profession? I was drawn to this work due to the chaos that I witnessed with my loved one’s end-of life as well as with the caregivers. I desired to have a deeper understanding and to bring consciousness and peace to this process.   How is your work different from that of others in your profession? Our dedicated staff has taken all the trainings and operates from a service mentality first. We offer volunteers as well as a sliding scale on all services provided. We are also affiliated with Regional Hospice, where we do our training.   What should a client expect when working with you? We evaluate and tailor each situation individually and offer options. By recognizing you have options, you can make informed choices. We recognize that every culture and religion has their own expressions and we honor all. We also offer classes in many different practices, including Buddhism, Tibetan practices, American Indian, Hinduism and more.   How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? We are constantly investigating and exploring all the latest modalities and teachings. The classes offered at the center are always attended by our staff. Most of our staff has trained in hospice, end-of-life doula work, Reiki and more. We believe the more information you acquire, the better; it enables you to know what resonates for you and your loved ones.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Practice/Business summary: Reflecting my training in numerous modalities in clinical psychology, holistic health and systems theory, my work is a synthesis of Eastern trainings and Western humanistic therapies. I use a broad, theoretical and experiential approach to create a safe, supportive and accepting space for conscious growth and change to occur. I work with people of all ages, providing individual, relationship and family psychotherapy. I am also a community advocate, speaker, psycho-educational trainer and group facilitator in the areas of communication, children and self-esteem, parenting/step-parenting, intimacy/sexuality, meditation and life transitions. Certification: Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-R); board-certified diplomat in clinical hypnotherapy (NBDCH); master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); post-graduate training in addictions counseling, bioenergetics, The Art of Being, grief and trauma work and cognitive/behavioral modalities. Focus or specialty: As each person/experience/situation is individual and unique, so is my therapeutic approach to healing, health and happiness. I work with a diverse client population with issues related to depression, anxiety, phobias, grief, trauma, pain management, addictions, eating disorders, behavioral management, marital and family issues, educational learning strategies, career counseling and life transition issues. Goal in helping others: With a profound respect for the integrity and wholeness of each individual, I invite people to make choices and to open to the positive changes they can create in their dayto-day life. I discovered at an early age the role love, trust, compassion and understanding play in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual lives. I encourage a willingness to let go, to express everything, even the unexpressed, and to release what you think you know and step into the depth of the unknown, opening to embracing who you truly are.

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Beth Leas

Kara Acupuncture & Wellness

Norwalk and by phone/Skype 203-856-9566 TLCBethLeas@gmail.com BethLeas.com

Laura Shahinian Kara, MS, LAc Dipl 268 Greenwood Ave, Bethel 8 Lincoln St, Westport 203-470-7072 LauraKara@AcuLaura.com AcuLaura.com

Practice/Business summary: Growth depends upon movement. My powerful transformative healing sessions support you as you grow through change— using energy healing (Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu), meditation and intuitive guidance through tarot.

Practice/Business summary: Kara Acupuncture & Wellness specializes in Japanese Acupuncture, Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Acupuncture Physical Medicine, which is an acupuncture style that combines elements from both classical acupuncture and Western physical medicine.

What first drew you to this profession? My own journey towards wholeness over the past 40 years has made me a rich resource for others. Experience taught me you can change your way of being with yourself and being in the world.

What first drew you to this profession? My father’s exploration into alternative medicine for his cancer had a huge impact on me as a teenager. Later I became a shiatsu practitioner and had a thriving practice for 20 years before going into acupuncture. I draw from both of those experiences.

What training and/or certifications do you have? I have worked extensively for 25 years with adults and children using energy healing in a medical setting and my own private practice. Do you have a particular specialty or niche? My special areas of expertise are women’s health and people facing challenges such as cancer, divorce and other life stressors. What should a client expect from a session or series of sessions with you? You will be fully supported as I work with you to energetically release what is holding you back, show you practical tools to find clarity and balance and help you open to receive your heart’s desire. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? All healing comes from within. The greatest gift a wellness practitioner can offer is supporting you in tapping into your unlimited potential. I am dedicated to empowering you to live life well on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I use palpation-based (touch) diagnosis with my shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture background. I also have extensive training in orthopedics and sports medicine. This handson approach usually lends to immediate relief from many painful chronic disorders. What should a patient expect from working with you? Your first treatment will be well over an hour as I do a full intake, postural assessment, diagnosis, treatment and simple exercises to take home with you. Follow-ups are an hour. You will leave feeling like your whole body and nervous system were “reset.” We’ll talk about ways to keep it that way. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? My practice is always evolving. Right now, I am including more cupping, guasha and electro-acupuncture for pain disorders and getting great results. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? At Kara Acupuncture, our approach to healing is multidimensional by addressing the body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to provide the highest quality acupuncture treatment in a healing sanctuary where people feel cared for and supported. We are rebuilding strength where there is pain and restoring balance where there is stress and disharmony.





wellnessprofiles Dark Moon Astrology

Darlene Alvarez Maddern

Michele Leigh DarkMoonAstrology@gmail.com DarkMoonAstrology.com

Create with Your Thoughts 860-488-2619 DAMaddern@gmail.com CreateWithYourThoughts.com

Practice/Business summary: Astrological interpretations of birth charts, progressions, synastry and solar returns. Available for private readings and group events. Online, live and pre-recorded sessions. An active member of the Organization for Professional Astrology. What first drew you to this profession? While performing research for a fantasy novel, I quickly grew interested in astrology. My rising Virgo was drawn to the analytical nature of casting a chart and my Pisces moon was interested in the mystical element of interpreting the data. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? Some astrologers have difficulty translating astrological information into layman’s terms. My storytelling skills are an asset when working with clients as I communicate what I see with stories and analogies. What should a client expect from working with you? A client can expect a candid and easy to comprehend astrological reading. My style leans toward ancient techniques with a focus on the seven visible planets plus the karmic nodes of the moon. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? I would like to expose more people to astrology through creative outlets such as using things like full-moon podcasts, celebrity case studies and fiction books that integrate astrology into the storyline. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? An astrological reading is not hocus-pocus. It is rather an interpretation of the position of the planets in the sky at a particular date and time. Understanding your chart can be invaluable for self-awareness and personal growth.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Practice/Business summary: Darlene Alvarez Maddern, MA, is a life empowerment coach, a QSCA-certified Law of Attraction coach, teacher, speaker and mentor. Using the laws of attraction and social sciences to understand the power of our thoughts, concepts of ourselves and others, clients come to learn how “thoughts become things” and create our experiences. Individualized and group programs help clients understand how to move beyond their limiting beliefs to create the experiences they desire. What first drew you to this profession? I love to teach and coach. My passion is to see people create joy, love and success in their lives with a method that really works! What can a client expect from working with you? Clients can expect a safe, caring and supportive environment to learn and grow. They will discover themselves in a way they never have before. With a focus on love and compassion, clients will uncover thoughts and behaviors that do not serve them and develop new ways of thinking and being that empower them to create the joy and success they want. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ reader to know about you and your work? The focus of my practice is to help people discover and own the essence of who they really are, how we are all connected, and the energy that created everything is within each and every one of us. I coach and teach clients to empower themselves to be deliberate creators of a life of love and joy!

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Wellness Institute

Total Wellness Connect

Marvin P. Schweitzer, ND 1 Westport Ave, Norwalk 203-847-2788 Info@DrMarvinSchweitzer.com DrMarvinSchweitzer.com

Fairfield County and Long Island, NY 516-508-3565 Info@TotalWellnessConnect.com TotalWellnessConnect.com

Practice/Business summary: We have over 30 years of family practice experience with cutting-edge, highly individualized approaches to help unleash your body’s healing power. During each office visit, we work on nourishing, balancing, repairing and cleansing your body, as well as working on stress and epigenetics. Wellness services offered: Electrodermal screening, homeopathy, Brainpaint EEG Biofeedback, Ondamed PEMF Therapy, nutrition programs, energy medicine, botanicals, oxygen therapies. Areas of specialty: Allergies, anti-aging, arthritis, candida, cholesterol, digestive health, environmental sensitivities, fatigue, headaches, heavy metal detox, hormone/menopause support, Lyme disease, non-drug ADD/ADHD alternatives, stress, weight optimization. Philosophy of healing: We are enthusiastically committed to doing what it takes to help you get well by addressing underlying causes. We take the necessary time, make the necessary effort, and have experience, expertise and amazing technology. When you share this commitment and desire to be a partner in this quest for wellness, outcomes are greatly improved.

7e Fit Spa 1492 High Ridge Rd, Stamford 203-356-5822 7eFitSpaCT1@gmail.com 7eFitSpa.com Facebook.com/7eFitSpaStamford Twitter.com/7eFitSpa

Practice/Business summary: Total Wellness Connect (TWC) is an online business education and networking opportunity for wellness professionals. What first drew you to this profession? We want to see wellness practitioners become savvy business owners and reach many more people with their modalities. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? TWC is specifically built for wellness practitioners, by wellness practitioners. What should a client expect from working with you? An easy-to-follow system that, when used, helps them grow their wellness practice or business.

Practice/Business summary: Come visit us to experience the seven essential elements of wellness! We offer a variety of services, including detox in our color therapy infrared sauna, noninvasive body contouring and MyoLift for a lunchtime facial lift. We also have microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, antiaging and acne treatments, full-body waxing, Torc, Calvi Lipo, Vibra Fit, teeth whitening, massage, Reiki, acupuncture and an oxygen bar. What drew you to this nurturing work? Healthy natural living to share with others without invasive procedures. Areas of specialty, training and/or special certifications: Licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, massage therapist, certified Reiki master and doctor of acupuncture. Training with 7e Fit Spa. What new products or services are you planning to offer in 2017? Lymphatic facial infrared sauna with color therapy and Vibra Fit. eNaturalAwakenings.com

How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? TWC is offering more tools and networking opportunities for wellness businesses than ever before by going online! What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? We are here to help wellness professionals and local communities by providing great resources for both.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~Milton Berle




wellnessprofiles Valley Spirit Wellness Center Jampa Stewart, MSOM, Board Certified Acupuncturist 6 Green Hill Rd, Washington Depot 860-619-2788 Info@ValleySpiritCoop.com ValleySpiritCoop.com

The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health 5 Sylvan Rd South, Westport 888-745-3372 CCBHTherapy.com

Practice/Business summary: Practice/Business summary: We are group of experienced Stewart offers both Chinese professionals committed to and Japanese-style acupuncture providing comprehensive, therapy, Chinese herbal medicine individualized mental health and various styles of Asian bodyservices in a warm and healthwork therapy. He also teaches oriented environment. We several styles of tai chi, qigong serve children, adolescents, and meditation, including healadults, couples and families, and also provide consultation DBT: Behavior Therapy ing Tao energy meditations of Dialectical and training to the community and other professionals. Taoist master and author Mantak Do you want to: Chia. What youhappiness to this profession? Increasefirst joydrew and Throughout our years in the field, we have seen a great need and decrease stress? What first drew you to this profession? for mental health services that are both evidenced-based (in I was drawn to the healing arts through my energetic expekeeping with highest standards of research in the field) a lifetime of the fulfillment by learning riences from Zen meditation and tai chi. I wanted toCreate learn and also warm, individualized and client-centered. howand to establish and maintain meaningful more about Chinese medicine and the energy pathways points to use my energy for healing others. I also hadrelationships, some while building mastery and How is your work different from that of others in your remarkable acupuncture experiences that inspired me to profession? skillfulness in all areas of your life. learn. We offer full Standard Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for adults, pre-adolescents and How is your work different from that of others in your yogaPrograms • meDITaTIon • adolescents, mInDfulneSS families; we also offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), profession? DBT InDIvIDual TheRapy •family DBT therapy, gRouptherapeutic TheRapy yoga services, couples therapy, My Chinese medical training included in-depth Chinese meditation training and naturopathic BehavIoRal TheRapy medicine services. herbal studies. We offer a comprehensive herbal medicine CognITIve apothecary to support your acupuncture treatments. I also What should a client or patient expect from working with 1-888-745-3372 give customized qigong exercises and dietary prescriptions you? for helping you to be proactive in your healing journey.5 Sylvan Road South, Westport, CT 06880 Clients and families should expect to feel welcomed from fax 203-307-5788 • www.ccbhtherapy.com the first point of contact and to receive a personalized, inWhat should a patient expect from working with you? depth assessment, followed by a collaboratively defined, As a new patient, you’ll receive a thorough health history evaluation and exam, a Chinese medical diagnosis, acupunc- comprehensive treatment plan. When a child or teen is the client, parents and families will receive ongoing guidance ture (or acupressure/bodywork) therapy and a customized and support throughout the treatment process. Chinese herbal prescription. You may also get dietary advice and a specific exercise prescription for your condition. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, we will begin offering a DBT Program for bulimia We will be offering in-depth training through class series, and binge eating disorder as well as expanding on our preworkshops and retreats in qigong, Asian bodywork therapy, adolescent DBT program. meditation and tai chi. What is the most important thing you want Natural What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your business? Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? Our clinicians are committed to excellence in client care and We are a cooperative arts venture, offering healing arts, fine dedicated to helping individuals and families realize optimal arts, graphic arts and movement arts. In addition to services emotional well-being. If our team is not the best fit for a already described above, we also offer over 16 weekly yoga client’s needs, we will help to identify an alternate plan. classes and massage therapy.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Corsello Chiropractic Clinic

Angelic Healing Center

Edward C. Corsello, DC, BCAO 2021 Main St, Stratford 203-381-1800 Contact@CorselloClinic.com CorselloClinic.com

Gigi Benanti Norwalk 203-852-1150 AngelHealReikiGigiB@snet.net AngelHealReiki.com, GigiBenanti.com

Practice/Business summary: Our mission is to build healthy families for a lifetime of wellness in a loving and compassionate setting. We offer specialized techniques, including Atlas Orthogonal (AO) and advanced therapies to heal the spine, as well as physical therapy and nutrition.

Practice/Business summary: Reiki master/teacher (Western style), Karuna Reiki master/ teacher. Jikiden Reiki Shihan kaku (Eastern Style). Integrating the styles with Angelic energies as needed in private Reiki sessions. I teach all levels of Reiki workshops. My Reiki practice is full time.

What first drew you to this profession? I was first drawn to chiropractic while searching for answers for my own health. I suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years before learning that by doing the AO correction in conjunction with correcting my spine—which takes pressure off my nervous system—I could become symptomfree without drugs or surgery. Now I use these powerful techniques that changed my life to provide permanent relief to patients suffering with neck and back pain as well as many severe and chronic health conditions.

What drew you to this work as a profession? Starting at age 5, I naturally gave healing to those in need. I just missed being hit by lightning in college and it felt like a new energy had been given to me. Reiki is a calling for me and became a way to deepen my gifts. I wanted to learn how to help others to help themselves.

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? My work is different because I am a board-certified AO doctor. I am trained in advanced spinal correction techniques. I am one of only two spinal correction specialists and only three AO doctors in the state of Connecticut.

Areas of specialty, training and/or special certifications: I have been a small business owner since age 23, with a BA in art and education. I have many certifications, including Reiki, Young Living essential oils, bioenergy, angels, angel cards and sound healing. I am a Reiki therapist for a hospice agency. What can a client expect from a session or series of sessions working with you? Whatever your reason is to receive healing, I can address and help with my popular Reiki practice and my natural intuition.

What should a client or patient expect from working with you? At your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive examination using computerized technology that can detect the hidden causes of your health problem and, if medically necessary, advanced biostructural digital X-rays. Treatment consists of specific, gentle techniques to remove nerve pressure.

How has your work/business evolved? What new are you offering heading into 2017? I also teach classes about Reiki and angels at a local college and for adult education. I look forward to deepening my education with my continued commitment to learning the latest techniques.

How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? We are excited to offer the Lighten Up weight-loss system, which is customized for each individual and uses revolutionary technology to reset your metabolism. You lose 20 to 40 pounds and keep the weight off, without feeling hungry or needing to exercise. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your business? Call us and mention Natural Awakenings to receive a discounted consultation (usually $150 but $29 with this profile). We take health insurance and are currently accepting new patients.

What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? I look forward to helping you to bring the light, love, blessings, joy and peace into your life.





wellnessprofiles Hypnosis Center of Connecticut Ryan Jett, CH Woodbury 203-490-4976 Ryan@HypnosisCenterOfCT.com HypnosisCenterOfCT.com Practice/Business summary: Hypnosis can help people get rid of habits, behaviors and feelings that no longer serve them specifically, including weight loss, pain control, overcoming fear and some medical issues. What first drew you to this profession? I’ve always had the desire to help people when they needed help the most. Hypnosis allows me to help people make positive changes their lives and achieve their goals. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I keep everything client-centered, calibrating the process to their desired change. Then the changes are linked to things in their everyday life, allowing for automatic changes without conscious judgment. What should a client expect from working with you? A nice, relaxed atmosphere. Every session starts with a goals and outcomes strategy talk before the hypnotic induction. And, of course, what would hypnosis be without a nice, comfy chair! How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? The growth of seeing clients suffering from medical conditions and helping them find relief. Also continually speaking at local hospitals about the benefits and efficacy of hypnosis. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? Hypnosis is perceived on TV as a lack of control; however, hypnosis actually allows you to take back control of the parts of your life which are out of line from where you want them to be.

Functional Medicine & Integrative Care, LLC Tamara Sachs, MD 15 Bennitt St, New Milford 860-354-3304 Mail@TSachsMD.com TSachsMD.com Practice/Business summary: Dr. Sachs prevents and treats chronic illness by addressing the underlying causes, remaining respectful of the uniqueness and complexity that make us human. She develops individualized, simple, affordable personalized wellness plans that are safe and powerfully effective. What led you to become a physician? I wanted to do clinical research to prove that natural medicine works. Have your thoughts/beliefs about doctoring changed since you first began? My beliefs have certainly evolved over the decades but the bigger change is how I do what I do. Technology and functional medicine becoming mainstream has made it easier to teach more people about how their bodies work and what they can do with diet and lifestyle to support that. Do you hold any additional credentials/certifications? I have been practicing functional medicine exclusively since my training with IFM in 2003. I also have advanced training in frequency specific microcurrent, or FSM. What should a patient expect from working with you? Patients should expect a comprehensive evaluation of their health, then a focus on their goals with respect for their beliefs and limitations. I use food, supplements, movement, rest and restorative treatments in addition to working with other specialists and conventional medicine if needed. Patients should expect to feel better and be empowered with knowledge about their bodies, minds and spirit. What changes do you plan for your practice in 2017? In 2017, we are expanding our work with my health coach, live and online webinar and workshop offerings, and telemedicine options for those at a distance.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Embody the Sacred

Integrative Health & Advocacy, LLC

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT Ridgefield and New Milford 203-994-5045    Deana.Paqua@gmail.com EmbodyTheSacred.net 

Debbie Morgan 203-948-5372 IntegrativeHealthAdvocacy@gmail.com IntegrativeHealthAdvocacy.com Practice/Business summary: I offer an integrative approach to wellness and advocacy. My mission is to support, educate and empower individuals to advocate and take control of their health. I introduce integrative health options and incorporate positive psychology into my work with all clients.

Practice/Business summary: Classes, training and certification programs in shamanic healing, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Andean energy medicine. Also spiritual and holistic health education for healers, spiritual seekers and the energy sensitive. Offering healing sessions, intuitive readings, space clearings, Munay Ki, Despacho ceremonies and Andean Rites. What first drew you to this profession? I was first led to the field of holistic health from my own experiences of healing from major and minor health challenges, including a near-fatal car accident. I have found that a spiritually-based, holistic approach provides maximum benefits for many health challenges including helping resolve trauma. I felt naturally drawn to Reiki, other forms of energy medicine and shamanic healing that offer possibilities of deep healing and transformation. Do you hold any specific credentials/certifications? I am a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki master teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor, licensed massage therapist and ordained minister. I have a master’s degree in integrative health studies and am an adjunct professor at WCSU in holistic health studies. I’ve also participated in shamanic training with contemporary and indigenous shamans for over 14 years and been in practice for 18 years. What should a client expect from working with you? My sessions and classes are personalized, practical, down-toearth, spiritually based and educational. They are designed to empower and support each individual’s spiritual path and healing journey. Are you planning any practice enhancements or changes in 2017? I am looking to offer a second-year shamanic training program in addition to the foundational program I offer. Other classes are in the works. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? My approach is focused on supporting clients and students in developing their own unique gifts, talents and skills for their own self-healing and self-empowerment, and to serve their communities.

What first drew you to this profession? I worked in health promotion and corporate wellness for years. In 2007, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and four months later he died. The conventional health care system was limited; when I needed an integrative health advocate, there were none. After that experience, I knew I needed to help others. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I focus on an integrative approach, working with clients to build a bridge from conventional medicine to holistic medicine, often merging the two. Together we consider all available options. There is a place for conventional medicine and alternative medicine; we consider both for optimal health. What should a client expect from working with you? Compassion, connection and empowerment. This is your life, your journey. I am here to support you. I have a masters in integrative health and healing and am certified in positive psychology. I am trained in EFT, craniosacral therapy and Reiki. I approach healing as a whole, mind, body and spirit experience. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, I am continuing to network with practitioners and research effective options while offering more lectures and workshops locally. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? When I lost my dad, I realized the system is one-sided and advocacy is necessary. I don’t want anyone to go through what my family did so I have made it my mission to help others navigate their wellness journeys.





wellnessprofiles Meg Reilly 360

Hudson Valley Natural Health

In Norwalk area by appointment only 203-952-6272 MegReilly360@gmail.com MegReilly360.com

Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH 72 North St, Ste 100A, Danbury 914-362-8315 DrKurt@earthlink.net HudsonValleyNaturalHealth.com

Practice/Business summary: Holistic personal counseling services. I help you examine ordinary lifecycle issues with an inclusive view of body, mind and spirit through one-on-one deep conversation, guided meditation, hypnosis and/or intuitive card reading.

What first drew you to this profession? Being helped in my time of need by a kind, wise counselor made a powerful difference in my life. I gained the benefit of a stable, objective, informed resource and knew immediately I wanted to pay it forward. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? There are a lot of wonderful healers in my profession; the key is finding someone you click with and that’s who will help you most. I take a humanistic, eclectic approach.

Practice/Business summary: I use a holistic, integrative approach to foster health and treat acute and chronic disease. Some of my favorite modalities include acupuncture, botanicals, cupping, eco-therapy, homeopathy, moxa, nutrition, physical medicine, qigong and stress reduction, along with lab testing and diagnostic services. Areas of specialty: Acute infections, allergies, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, chronic disease, depression, digestive complaints, endocrine/hormone imbalance, environmental toxicity, fatigue, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, immune support, inflammation management, insomnia, musculoskeletal pain, men’s health, obesity, stress, tobacco dependence.

What should a client or patient expect from working with you? My goal is helping you be clear about what you seek to change and moving you forward. I collaborate with you and support you with compassion, honesty and kindness.

What first drew you to this profession? The inherent truth and value of natural medicine, of listening to and working with the systems of health and healing that Nature has created and which we can apply in clinically and scientifically validated ways.

How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? I am providing more group guided meditations in more locations. Guided meditation is an inexpensive, easy and powerful self-care technique to promote overall healing and well-being.

What should a patient expect from working with you? Attention to your needs and thoughts about your condition in a truly holistic way. Taking supplements can be helpful, but it will not be effective if the underlying causes of your disease are unaddressed.

What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your work? I model what I counsel: to live mindfully, intentionally and with compassion for myself and others. Together, we can create the life you want.

How is your practice evolving as you head into 2017? I’ve just returned to the East Coast (born and raised) from studying, practicing and teaching in Oregon for 15 years. I’m very excited to be establishing my practice and sharing this incredible medicine.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. ~Vince Lombardi


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? I believe that true healing is possible when barriers to health and root causes of illness are addressed. I start with the premise that the goals of health and total wellness are achievable. I work with you to develop an individualized, manageable treatment plan that addresses your wellness needs.

natural awakenings

Holistic Heaven

Kindred Spirits

Kerry Hardy, RN, HNB-BC, RMT, CCH 203-895-5134 Kerry@HolisticHeavenWellness.com HolisticHeavenWellness.com

Tracy Mignone and June Fagan 59 Ledgewood Rd, Redding 203-938-3690 JTKindredspirit@gmail.com KindredSpiritsCenter.com

Practice/Business summary: I am a holistic certified RN, certified holistic cancer coach, Reiki master, pranic healer, crystal healer and intuitive. I work with clients to connect the mind, body and spirit for optimal health and healing. Specializing with patients and families experiencing chronic pain, chronic disease, cancer and transitional care using energy therapies, breathing and meditation techniques, nutritional support, aromatherapy, dōTERRA TERRA essential oil education, hospice, and transitional care and support.

Practice/Business summary: Kindred Spirits is a holistic center (since 2007), offering meditation, energy classes/ sessions, intuitive sessions, counseling, ministry services, self-help/empowerment workshops, essential oils, yoga, tai chi, qigong and much more.

What first drew you to this profession? People are searching for something deeper, more meaningful and more positive in life. We want to share our knowledge and wisdom with people from all walks of life and have them experience a new beginning filled with peace, joy and happiness.

What first drew you to this profession? Through my own personal journey in various medical settings as a nurse—and a mother of four—I learned that there were many effective ways of healing that weren’t included in conventional medicine. My exposure to trauma, chronic illness and cancer has shown me that a balanced approach using non-invasive practices can be effective to restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? With my training as a nurse, I understand the biology of “disease” in the body and how the mind and spirit are interconnected. All three need to work together for optimal health and well-being. Experience with hospice and transitional care in both long-term care facilities and the home-care environment adds depth to my work. What should a client or patient expect from working with you? I believe that healing comes from within and that your gut intuition is so important! After a personalized assessment, I will help you understand your condition, tune in to your body, and discover how you can empower yourself to heal. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? I will continue to focus on learning more about non-opioid pain management and remaining current with the latest cancer research as I work collaboratively with BeatCancer.org.

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? Our approach is unique. We combine our holistic, spiritual, ministry and life experiences to our sessions as needed. We use a very straightforward, back-to-basics approach! What should a client or patient expect from working with you? We want our clients to feel safe, a sense of hope, belonging and empowerment! We provide many services that allow clients to begin to dream again and to dream BIG because there are infinite possibilities in the world. We encourage people to think about their purpose in life and to go for it! How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? In 2017, we will be expanding our classes and interfaith/ interspiritual services in Fairfield County. What is the most important thing that you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you or your business? We encourage our clients to remember and re-awaken to their fullest potential. Life can be challenging but we provide many tools to help you through life’s journey. Face your challenges with an open heart and mind and your sense of peace and happiness will find you!

What is the most important thing that you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you or your business? I’m passionate about empowering clients to take their health and healing into their own hands and find methods that resonate with them individually. Also, as I often see the barriers my patients encounter with illness, transportation or mobility issues, I provide in-home visits and distant energy healings as well. eNaturalAwakenings.com




wellnessprofiles Nancy S. Scherlong, LCSW, PTR, M/S SOPHIA Natural Health Center 898 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ste 7, Ridgefield 914-572-3167 WellnessMetaphors.com Practice/Business summary: I offer life, wellness and creativity coaching as well as experiential and holistic psychotherapy, utilizing techniques such as EMDR and brainspotting, IFS, SE and expressive arts-based groups and workshops. What first drew you to this profession? Originally an artist, I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years. I began helping others after my own recovery from an automobile accident in 1991; I received many of the methods I now use with my clients. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? My work is strength-based and focused on positive psychology and creative problem solving. I will help you find and express your own unique voice through journal work, poetry and psychodrama. What should a client expect from working with you? My philosophy is that we can all change our lives by changing our story or mindset. Once we have shifted how we view things, we can approach them in a new and fresh way. How is your work evolving as you head into 2017? I find I am teaching more and more workshops, facilitating groups and providing training in person, online and at conferences. Consultation services to professionals is also an exciting addition to my business. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? Healing is a collaboration or a partnership involving mind, body and spirit as well as a chosen practitioner. Contact me today for a free discovery session about how we can work together to achieve your goals!

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. ~John C. Maxwell


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Offices: 31 Old Rte 7, Brookfield and 11 South Main St, Marlborough 203-740-9300 Info@SophiaNaturalHealth.com INM.center Practice/Business summary: SOPHIA Natural Health Center specializes in integrative natural medicine, which includes the best of East Asian medicine combined with naturopathic medicine into a system that works. What first drew you to this profession? The system was founded by Dr. Ken Hoffman, DACM, who believes the only way to regain and sustain good health is by addressing the root cause and treating the body with acupuncture, nutrition and therapies that enhance the body‘s ability to maintain health. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? What makes us different is the blending of two great medical systems and then providing care—based on our findings— that includes Eastern medicine evaluation, functional testing and all-natural therapies customized to each individual. What should a patient expect from working with you? As a patient, you should expect a comprehensive evaluation and professional care from over 20 years of experience and thousands of happy patients. How is your work evolving as you head into 2017? As we evolve into 2017, we have decided to take a new approach and provide our care as “The People’s Medicine”. This means that we are creating brand new programs of affordable care that can bypass insurance difficulties and create access to those who may not have been able to use our services. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? Hoffman has a tremendous amount of experience and unique insight into health. His clinics are here to serve the needs of the communities and help when nothing else has worked. You can trust that you will get the most comprehensive care available by becoming a patient.

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The Law Offices of Kirsten E. Bennett

LifePath Yoga & Wellness Nina Antolino, RYT, RMT, MBA, Owner 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk 203-354-7070 • 914-393-9221 Nina@LifePathYoga.net • LifePathYoga.net

Attorney at Law 27 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury • 203-648-9883 50 Main St, Ste 1000, White Plains, NY 914-246-2906 • KirstenBennettLaw.com Practice/Business summary: The Law Offices of Kirsten E. Bennett represent clients throughout Fairfield, Putnam and Westchester counties in real estate matters, estate planning, guardianship and probate matters, criminal defense and personal injury. Attorney Bennett has worked in both the public and private sectors and has over 20 years of experience resolving civil and criminal matters on behalf of her clients. A strong advocate, her goal is to resolve your matter in the most expedient, costeffective manner possible. What first drew you to this profession? I sought out a profession that would allow me to advocate for those who didn’t have a voice. My goal was to find a career where I could use my natural strengths to help others. I believe we all have unique talents which are best utilized by assisting those around us lead full, meaningful lives. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I think most attorneys work tirelessly to serve their clients. However, I take particular pride in giving each and every client my undivided attention. One of the benefits in dealing with a small law firm is access; when you call my office you will have an opportunity to speak to me. You will not be handed off to a staff member who may not be intimately involved in your particular matter. What should a client expect working with you? Expect to be supported throughout the entire process, whether it be a real estate transaction or litigation. I pride myself on building strong relationships with my clients that last beyond a single transaction. One of the ways I am able to do that is by always keeping the client informed. How is your practice evolving as you head into 2017? I was fortunate that opening my own firm has been both successful and rewarding. As my practice continues to grow, I am able to be more selective in the cases I choose to handle. I also have made great strides in achieving a healthy work/life balance, which is important to leading a full life and dedicating myself 100 percent to my clients. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your business? I am hardworking, dedicated and ethical. In addition to handling your matter effectively and expeditiously, I often become a confidant and trusted advisor to my clients for years to come.

Practice/Business summary: We offer a variety of yoga classes and styles including restorative, yin, vinyasa flow, gentle, power, core, open level and intro to yoga. LifePath has ongoing specialty classes and workshops such as mindfulness meditation, open sit meditation, holistic education seminars, women’s empowerment workshops and corporate wellness. Oneon-one services include empowerment life coaching, Reiki healing, private yoga, and meditation and yoga therapeutics for chronic pain. We invite holistic practitioners to partner with us and/or rent the studio to offer their services to our community. What initially led you to a yogic path? I started yoga to help me reduce stress and improve sleep. A chronic illness forced me to take a leave and led me to my 200-hour interdisciplinary yoga teacher training. What training and/or certifications do you have? Certified interdisciplinary yoga instructor, mindfulness meditation practitioner, Reiki master, certified empowerment life coach, certified GirlsCircle facilitator, MBA, training and development specialist, talent and leadership development. How long have you been practicing the techniques you teach? Fifteen years in the holistic health field, 20 years in corporate training and leadership development. Do you work in a studio setting, in clients’ home or does it vary? I offer a warm, intimate and inspiring yoga space that is authentic and unpretentious and I teach privately in homes, for groups, at the beach and at companies. What is your particular specialty or favorite aspect of teaching yoga? I try to make yoga feel accessible to everyone. I encourage each student to listen to their body but also challenge themselves to reach for new possibilities. I incorporate mindfulness and inspirational readings to creating a safe space for students to accept themselves on and off the mat. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your work? The physical aspect of the asana practice is an art and science for achieving optimal alignment and health by providing stability, strength, flexibility and balance. The spiritual aspect of yoga has the power to wake us up and look at ourselves and our lives in a new way. As a result, we become more authentic and our inner and outer experiences become more aligned.





wellnessprofiles Susie Daut, Arbonne Independent Consultant

The Mobility Project 24/7 Chris Kalisz Several Connecticut locations 203-984-2556 Mp30Challenge@gmail.com MobilityProject.fit

Fairfield County 203-912-9287 Susieheyred@aol.com SusieDaut.Arbonne.com Practice/Business summary: As an Arbonne independent consultant, I offer people better health by educating them about the hidden toxins in personal care products. I then share an alternative, comprehensive online resource which is pure, safe and beneficial! Arbonne is an online resource for vegan, toxinfree, gluten-free personal care products, including protein shakes, supplements, energy drinks, skincare, cosmetics, sports nutrition, aromatherapy and more. What first drew you to this profession? I love the network marketing business model and the products are superior to anything I’ve ever tried! How is your work different from that of others in your profession? Arbonne formulates according to the strict standards of the European Union, Canada, Australia and the U.S. FDA. What should a client expect from working with you? I represent the brand authentically and passionately and am a true network marketing professional. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? Arbonne is constantly launching products and emerging into new overseas markets… it’s an exciting time to become affiliated with this brand! What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? Arbonne is held in high regard in our industry, both on the network marketing side (business opportunities) and the direct selling side (product formulations).

Practice/Business summary: The Mobility Project 24/7 specializes in movement therapy and pain management to increase mobility and reduce physical pain by fixing the problem rather than the symptom. What first drew you to this profession? When my own body began breaking down and I suffered some bad injuries, I realized this is what everyone needs in order to prevent their own breakdown. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I provide hands-on and hands-off services by teaching people “how, when and why” to apply techniques to reduce and eliminate their own pain. What should a client expect from working with you? A better understanding of their own body, improved function and efficiency, and techniques to use on their own to maintenance themselves. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? I’ve launched the Mobility Project 24/7 OnDemand video library as a one-stop shop for the “how, when and why” to fix your problems causing pain. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? I am passionate about spreading my knowledge and empowering people to take control of their own health and wellness by being accountable and using my techniques anywhere and everywhere.

NA Fun Fact: Natural Awakenings is published in 96 U.S. markets, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. To advertise with us, call 203-885-4674. 50

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Soul Healing Journey, LLC

Mind Body Transformation Hypnosis Center

Eilis Philpott 40 Livingston St, Fairfield 203-767-5954 Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com SoulHealingJourney.com Practice/Business summary: My specialty is to shine a light in the dark! I support you to look at your shadow self with love and acceptance, to acknowledge what is there and heal those aspects of yourself that are running you from your subconscious. With coaching and guidance, conscious connected breathing and other appropriate healing techniques, we can look at what is not working in your life. We can then clear any blocks, obstacles and challenges getting in your way. What first drew you to this profession? I grew up in Ireland as the eldest of nine children; I was always surrounded by the energy of birth. After moving to the UK and working as a biology teacher specializing in reproduction, it naturally followed that I was attracted to rebirthing for personal healing and later as a practitioner when I moved to the U.S. The modality of rebirthing allows healing on so many levels while facilitating the rebirthee to birth a new life experience.

Practice/Business summary: Mind-Body offers fast, easy, natural, powerful and successful techniques for weight loss, smoking cessation, public speaking, fear, stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, trauma, grief, anger and more. What drew you to this work as a profession? I have always wanted to help people in a meaningful way. My own mysterious illness caused me to search for a successful, holistic approach to health for myself and for others. Areas of specialty, training, and/or special certifications: Registered certified consulting hypnotist, Thought Field Therapy-Adv and Voice Technology, virtual gastric band hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), time line therapy, complementary medical hypnosis, hypnobirthing, Touch for Health.

How is your work different from that of others in your profession? I use the breath as the foundation for all the healing modalities that I use in my practice. I am a Reiki master, a 13th Octave LaHoChi and Angel Light Healing master and teacher.

What can a client expect from a session or series of sessions working with you? Our powerful, natural and dramatic mind-body therapies and methodologies can elicit immediate and lasting lifelong results to those suffering from a wide variety of issues and emotions, often in just minutes.

What should a client expect from working with you? Over the past 20 years, I have seen individuals change their careers, work through major trauma and abuse, improve their current relationships or create new ones. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? One of my current personal as well as professional goals is to create “heaven on Earth”; I do not believe we need to die to achieve that heavenly state. This year I intend to take a deeper dive into opening the doors to heaven and bring this “unfoldment” to myself and my clients.

Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFT-Adv 1177 High Ridge Rd, Stamford 203-595-0110 Diane@MindBodyTransformation.com MindBodyTransformation.com Facebook.com/MindBodyTransformationHypnosisCenter

How has your work/business evolved? What new are you offering heading into 2017? Mind-Body uses a unique, powerful and effective system of therapeutic techniques that can naturally and easily help create life-changing experiences and result in feelings of deep peace and relaxation for children and adults. We are incorporating new LED red light technology to naturally reduce fat from almost anywhere on the body and to help the body develop more collagen to create a more youthful appearance. What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you and your work? In today’s world, we may often find ourselves or loved ones filled with stress, fear and anxiety. There is hope. Mind-Body can help restore peace and harmony quickly and easily.





wellnessprofiles SoulSong

Sharon Diaz, LPC, LADC

Suzanne Vick 163 Leavenworth Road, Shelton 203-605-6587 SoulSongCT@gmail.com SoulSongCT.com

2 Enterprise Dr, Ste 303, Shelton 203-212-8217 Sharon@SharonDiazTherapy.com, Melodee@MelodeeRoo.com SharonDiazTherapy.com, MelodeeRoo.com

Practice/Business summary: SoulSong provides personal growth and expression through music education, mentoring and energy healing. Lessons in voice, songwriting, music theory and beginner piano are available, as well as Reiki, chakra balancing and sound healing. What first drew you to this profession? Both music and Reiki have been deeply healing for me in my life. I’m grateful to be able to offer these services to others seeking to express their soul’s song. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? What makes my practice unique is the distinctive blend of services I offer and the relationships I build with my clients. Everything I do requires a level of trust on behalf of my clients that I honor deeply. What should a client or patient expect from working with you? I take the time to understand my clients and WHY they’re working with me. I always meet with prospective clients to discover what their needs are and how I can help them. How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? Voice sessions are becoming more deeply focused on breath and posturing. I’ve recently added elements of sound healing to Reiki sessions and will be studying Reflexology this year. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about you/your business? My vision for SoulSong is to create an open, supportive community where people can come together to receive guidance, growth and healing both from me and from each other.  


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Practice/Business summary: For 40 years, I’ve offered solutions for anxiety, depression, grief, parent-child concerns, marital and relationship enhancement, and addiction recovery. I offer energy healing and other holistic techniques. I recently authored and launched the best interactive digital resource to help grieving children and their families to use right in the comfort of their home: Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters for Grieving Children Like You. What first drew you to this profession? I learned that pain is a common trigger for change and that love in action is what helps us to heal. Being intuitive and empathic helps me to get to the heart of the matter quickly, guiding others to cope more effectively with life’s difficulties. I love helping others to enjoy themselves and their relationships more. What are your credentials? I am a licensed professional counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a marriage and family therapist. I trained in numerous holistic healing modalities. I have taught workshops and non-credit courses at local community colleges and have also been listed in national publications. What should a client expect from working with you? Concise, direct, insightful, proactive guidance leading you step-by-step through change. I teach life-long coping skills that have an impact today. If that doesn’t work, humor and a magic wand come in handy! How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? Making a larger impact in the lives of grieving children whose hearts have been broken by the death of a loved one. Parents, educators, families, physicians and psychologists can access a free trial or nominate a child to receive a full scholarship to the 12-interactive e-books by visiting MelodeeRoo.com or calling 203-212-8217.

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The Well Wellness Center


33 Danbury Rd, Wilton 203-762-9711 Kathy@ShopTheWell.co ShopTheWell.co Practice/Business summary: The Wellness Center offers group classes, individualized nutrition counseling, naturopathic healing, stress relief, health coaching and workshops. We work as a team of practitioners to offer an integrative approach and a range of wellness services, expertise, knowledge and support to help you meet your goals and tackle health concerns.

A special section for practitioners just launching their practice or recently relocated to the area.

What first drew you to this profession? The Wellness Center is a collaboration between Kathy Helms, CHHC; Farrah Minnich, NTP; Emily Davis, CHHC; and Dr. Verma, ND, FIAMA. They work together to share their combined experience in the health and wellness field— as well as their passion for natural healing and nutrition—to help people make healthier choices, live longer and stay well. How is your work different from that of others in your profession? The center is unique because we have several practitioners on staff to meet your specific and individual health goals. We take a holistic approach to wellness through nutrition, mindfulness, stress management and alternative medicine. We can help you heal a health condition, change dietary habits, boost immunity and manage chronic illness.

Naturopathic Physician & Licensed Acupuncturist

What should a client or patient expect from working with you? Whether participating in a group class, workshop, detox or individual nutrition counseling, clients of the Wellness Center can expect a fresh approach to health and wellness, a supportive team, a wide range of experience and knowledge, and a warm atmosphere. We are all committed to helping you make small lifestyle changes that add up to big impact.

Holistic, Natural Medicine for Health and Wellbeing Botanicals, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Lab testing & more

Anxiety/Depression • Auto-Immune Disease • Chemical Toxicity Digestive Issues • Fatigue • Hormone Imbalance • Insomnia Muscle/Joint Pain • Tobacco Addiction • Stress Reduction

How is your practice/work evolving as you head into 2017? The Wellness Center just opened its doors in October 2016. We are always adding new staff members, inviting colleagues to host special workshops, and offering the latest techniques for stress management, detoxification, natural healing and general wellness. What is the most important thing you want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about your business? The most important thing to know about the Wellness Center is that we work as a team, offering a unique perspective on health and wellness from our varied educational backgrounds, experience, knowledge and specialties. We will help you find the right practitioner(s) for your needs.

y New York



72 North St. Suite 100A, 4 Smith Ave, 2nd Floor Mount Kisco, NY, 10549 Danbury, CT 06810

Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH


914-362-8315 |drkurt@earthlink.net |hudsonvalleynaturalhealth.com

To find out if you might qualify to be a part of the showcase section, call or email today! 203-885-4674 FFCAdvertising@NaturalAwakeningsmag.com

eNaturalAwakenings.com eNaturalAwakenings.com







72 North St, Ste 100A, Danbury 914-362-8315 DrKurt@earthlink.net HudsonValleyNaturalHealth.com Naturopathic and Chinese medicine for acute and chronic disease, including acupuncture, botanical medicine, cupping, moxa, homeopathy, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, mindbody medicine, ecotherapy and functional lab testing. Helpful for muscle/joint pain and headaches, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, mental health; boosting immune function; balancing hormones; tobacco addiction; and stress reduction. See ad, page 53.


Fairfield, Wilton, Bethel 203-259-1660 • CTAcupuncture.com 25-year full-time practice Ingri treatments help alleviate pain, depression, neck and back, anxiety, headaches, stress, allergies, asthma, arthritis, digestive, menstrual, infertility and smoking and weight-loss issues. See ad, page 95.


Board Certified Acupuncturist Valley Spirit Wellness 6 Green Hill Rd, Washington Depot 860-619-2788 • ValleySpiritCoop.com Concierge care for those suffering from pain, internal disorders, menstrual issues and menopause, infertility, depression and anxiety, insomnia, addiction, fatigue, tuneups and more. Facial rejuvenation/ cosmetic acupuncture also offered. See ad, back cover.


Offices in Norwalk, Southport and Trumbull 203-216-2548 AcupunctureHealingCT.com High-quality acupuncture for all. Benefit from the centuries-old and highly effective science of acupuncture and TCM. 25+ years of experience; acupuncture offered in private sessions as well as a ff o r d a b l e g r o u p s e t t i n g s . Specializing in treating all kinds of pain and general health issues.


DARK MOON ASTROLOGY Michele Leigh LLC DarkMoonAstrology.com

Providing birth chart analysis, synastry readings, progressions and solar returns. A practitioner of ancient astrology and planetary magic, Michele is an active member of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR). She is the author of the fantasy novel, Tales of the Deer Witch and produces a monthly podcast to coincide with the full moon. See ad, page 79.

BEHAVIORAL THERAPY THE CENTER FOR COGNITIVE & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH (CCBH) 5 Sylvan Rd South, Westport 888-745-3372 • 203-307-5788 CCBHTherapy.com

The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health (CCBH) provides individualized mental health services in a warm, holistic environment. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) teams offer individual, group, and family sessions, as well as skills coaching for all age groups. Our CCBH team offers these therapies along with yoga, mindfulness, meditation and naturopathic services. See ad, page 3.


898 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ste 6, Ridgefield Satellite Location in Newtown 203-438-4848 DrRoseann.com DrRoseann@hotmail.com Advanced Bio-Regulation (BRT) is a unique approach to health and wellness that uses Biofeedback and PEMF-based Electromagnetic Technology to help the body better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally. It is used for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, hormonal issues, Lyme, etc.

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

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Lawrence Edwards, PhD, BCN, LMHC 2 Byram Brook Pl, Armonk, NY 914-219-8600 OptimalMind.net Biofeedback/neurofeedback for ADHD, enhanced focus, peak performance, test stress, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, anger, meditation, mindfulness training and more. Dr. Edwards is board certified and NYS licensed. Physician and self-referrals welcome.


Safe, painless early detection 71 East Ave, Ste D, Norwalk 203-856-1421 • AlbaThermalImaging.com Thermography can detect breast disease at its earliest stages and monitor and assess pain in any part of the body. Safe, painless, non invasive, FDA registered. See ad, page 19.

CANCER SUPPORT THERAPIES DORETTE LEWIS-SENIOR, ND, MSAC, BS-RN, LCM Yale New Haven Health, Integrative Medicine 5520 Park Ave, Trumbull 855-735-2533 • Drs2Health.com

Dr. Lewis-Senior has been a Naturopathic physician and healthcare provider for more than thirty years combined. Her focus is on womens’ health, especially cancer, diabetes, weight and pain. She is experienced using multiple modalities to establish health and bring about healing. Some insurance accepted.



As a holistic nurse, I understand the importance of balancing traditional medicine with alternative complementary therapies to heal the mind, body and spirit. Offering health and nutritional counseling as a Certified Holistic Cancer Educator, Reiki, pranic healing and crystal therapy, aromatherapy with dōTERRA essential oils. Specializing in working with patients experiencing chronic pain, chronic disease and cancer. See ad, page 53.

Dr. Risa Sloves is 1 of 12 Chiropractic Physicians in Connecticut with Board Certification in Maternity and Pediatric Care including Webster and Bagnell Turning Techniques. Also provided: acupuncture, BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique and the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression. See ad, page 73.

Holistic Heaven 203-895-5134 HolisticHeavenWellness.com MyDoterra.com/HolisticHeavenWellness


True Health Family Chiropractic 7365 Main St, Stratford 203-923-8633 TrueHealthCT.com As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. Braglia has received advanced training in Pediatric Adjusting and Prenatal Care, including the Webster Technique. We are proud to serve patients from all over Fairfield and New Haven Counties with our unique and gentle approach to health care. See ad, page 80.

JILL M. CAPALBO, DC, CCSP Stamford 203-323-0522 CapalboChiropractic.com

With over 30 years experience in bodywork, Dr. Jill Capalbo is a certified chiropractic sports physician with additional certifications in Graston Technique, FAKTR and KinesioTaping as well as being a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master.

CORSELLO CLINIC OF CHIROPRACTIC 2021 Main St, Stratford 203-381-1800 CorselloClinic.com

Offering specialized Chiropractic services, including Atlas Orthogonal and advanced techniques to heal the spine and nervous system, as well as physical therapy, nutrition and weight loss. Our unique, holistic approach focuses on correcting the cause of your health concerns. See ad, page 77.

Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care 156 East Ave, Norwalk 203-838-1555 • CTChiropractic.com


Possibilities Farm, Wilton 203-210-7484 LifeYouveImagined@gmail.com PossibilitiesFarm.com Discover your inner radiance, reignite your passions, and see new possibilities in any situation as two intuitive horses and an experienced facilitator help you gain fresh perspectives and skills for a vibrant life.


Norwalk, Wilton, Westport 203-505-4739 Martine@MartineKesslerCoaching.com MartineKesslerCoaching.com New parents experience changes in identity, priorities, emotions, physical state, finances. Learn the strategies to prevent overwhelm, resentment, anger and loneliness. Coaching can help you feel great about yourself, your relationship, your parenting and your life. Protect your family by growing together, not apart.


914-921-LIFE (5433) LifelineHygienics.com Experience and personalized service you can trust. The finest in colonic irrigation and personal care. Serving the tri-state area since 1993.



Dawn Andreozzi 203-908-1950 ColonicsByDawn.com

Kathy D’Agostino, Founder 914-266-0807 Kathy@WinAtBusinessCoaching.com WinAtBusinessCoaching.com Working with solo-preneurs and small biz owners to help them create winning strategies in their business: to attract more clients, earn more money and make their highest and greatest contribution to their clients. If you would like to learn more about working smart, not harder, contact me for a 30-minute, free strategy session.


Aka the MindBodyMaven NASM & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Psychic and Reiki Master Office: Sherman, Skype, Phone, House Calls 646-739-7879 Instagram.com/nfdmbm Twitter.com/nfdmbm Unlock secret knowledge of your mind/body/spirit to successfully reach your health and weight-loss goals. Use your body wisdom to lead you on your journey as each reading and personal training session reveals more of your personal power.


personal care. Se

Are you ready to cleanse, tone and rebuild your inner body? Then colon hydrotherapy is for you! Our closed system is safe and comfortable. Dawn Andreozzi is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Schedule an appointment in our Stratford office today.


501 Kings Hwy E, Ste 108, Fairfield 203-371-8258 • WholeBodyMed.com Ready to start feeling healthier? Take your first step with this gentle cleansing procedure. Watch our colonic and detoxification videos on our new video website located at WholeBodyMed.com. Call for free CD on detoxification. See ad, page 2.


449 Danbury Rd, New Milford 203-775-6272 • MotherEarthCrystals.com The area’s finest crystal shop for natural, polished and tumbled gemstones for healing or collecting. Hand-crafted gemstone jewelry, candles, chimes, books as well as a showcase for local artisans.




naturallivingglossary Acupressure: Based on the same system as acupuncture, but fingers and hands are used instead of stimulation with needles in order to restore the balanced flow of the body’s life energy (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”). This force moves through the body along 12 energy pathways, or meridians, which practitioners unblock and strengthen.

Acupuncture: An ancient Oriental technique that stimulates the body’s ability to sustain and balance itself, based on the theory that an electromagnetic life-force (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”) is channeled in a continuous flow throughout the body via a network of meridians. Disease is understood as an imbalance in the meridian system. Diagnosis of an imbalance is made by “reading” the pulse, face, tongue and body energy. To correct it, a practitioner inserts acupuncture needles at specific points along the meridians to stimulate or disperse the flow of life-force. Alexander Technique: A system of reeducating the body and mind to support and facilitate proper posture and ease of movement. Through gentle manual guidance, accompanied by verbal directions, the Alexander teacher coaches the student to become aware of unnecessary tension and to unlearn long-standing patterns of movement. The Alexander technique is an established method for helping to improve chronic conditions, including: back, shoulder or neck pain; nervous tension; poor coordination; breathing problems; and vocal strain. It is frequently used by athletes and performing artists to improve performance level. Aromatherapy: An ancient healing art that uses the essential oils of herbs and flowers to treat emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety and a wide range of other ailments. Oils are massaged into the skin, inhaled or added to a water bath. Often used in conjunction with massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, herbology, chiropractic or other holistic treatments.

Astrology: A system of traditions and beliefs that holds that the relative positions of celestial bodies either directly influence life on Earth or correspond to events experienced on a human scale. Modern astrologers define astrology as a symbolic language, art form and type of divination that can provide information about personality and human affairs, aid in the interpretation of past and present events, and predict the future. Ayurveda: The oldest medical system known to man and a comprehensive spiritual teaching practiced in India for 4,000 years. It focuses on achieving and maintaining perfect health via the balance of the elements air, fire and water (illness is considered an excess of any element). A patient’s body type—determined according to ayurvedic principles—is the basis for individualized dietary regimens and other preventive therapeutic interventions. Bioenergetics: A psychotherapy that works through the body to engage the emotions. Performing specified postures and exercises causes the release of layers of chronic muscular tension and defensiveness, termed “body armor”. The unlocking of feelings creates the opportunity for under-standing and integrating them. Biofeedback: A relaxation technique that monitors internal body states and is used especially for stress-related conditions such as asthma, migraines, insomnia and high blood pressure. During biofeedback, patients monitor minute metabolic changes (e.g., temperature, heart rate and muscle tension) with the aid of sensitive machines. By consciously thinking, visualizing, moving and relaxing, they learn which activities produce desirable changes in the internal processes being monitored. Bodywork: Massage and the physical practices of yoga are perhaps the bestknown types of bodywork; both have proven successful in relieving tension and stress, promoting blood flow, loosening stiff muscles and stimulating the organs. Massage therapies encompass countless techniques, including Swedish massage, shiatsu and Rolfing. The same is true for yoga. Finding bodywork that improves mental and physical health is a highly individual process. Several types may be combined for the greatest benefit.

Art Therapy: Uses the creative process of making art to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being and to deepen self-awareness. The therapist makes a diagnosis and determines treatment plans by encouraging a client to express his or her feelings and unconscious thoughts through the nonverbal creative process and by observing the forms and content created.


Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

DETOXIFICATION LIFE CHANGING PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, PLLC Dr. Penni Waldman, Clinical and Health Psychologist White Plains, NY 914-961-8412 • DrPenniWaldman.com

Do you understand how toxic we are as a nation? Are you aware that you are toxic at this moment? We are here to educate and detoxify your body. Allow us to enhance your health and life. I did it; you can too!


JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield 203-438-3050 TurningPointShare.com Offering support, healing, advocacy, resources and education for women thinking about divorce, in the process of or recently divorced. Providing a safe, confidential, compassionate environment, information and guidance from highly qualified professionals including legal, financial, therapeutic and spiritual counselors. Empowering women through this challenging experience and transition. See ad, page 19.


Rick Bednar 18 Eleanor Rd, Seymour 203-414-4605 RickBednar@gmail.com Ecoscapes is an ecological landscape company that combines more structural design, such as Japanese-style spirit gardens, with wildlife habitats and native plantings. We construct functional landscapes that bring the human spirit closer to our beautiful, natural planet and create healthy environments for us, our children and pets. See ad, page 15.


Western Connecticut State University Christel Autuori, RDH, RYT, MA, Director 181 White St, Danbury 203-837-8559 • WCSU.edu/IHHS The mission of the IHHS is to provide the University and Greater Danbury area with an opportunity to engage in and explore different aspects of holistic and integrative health through programming and instruction. Programs include Wellness Wednesday lunchtime workshops, monthly meditation program, lecture series, health wellness and fitness fair, certification programs for yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners and shamanic practitioners.

WESTBROOK NATURE SCHOOL 7 Long Ridge Rd, West Redding 203-664-1554 Info@WestbrookNatureSchool.org WestbrookNatureSchool.org

A nature-based education on six acres of trails, streams and meadows, with an organic garden and natural playscapes. Our curriculum builds physical and emotional resilience, moral awareness and the foundation required for intellectual growth. See ad, page 69.


At the Liphe Balance Center of Weston 203-912-2791 AllianceFCT.com Our mission is opening the conversation and providing resources, programs and services, to support and embrace end-of-life transition. The Alliance was born out of a deep desire to honor, respect and meet the needs of individuals and their families at the end-of-life. See ad, page 23.


Acupuncture Works, New Fairfield 845-494-0090 Reiki4Wellness@aol.com


Transformative Healing • Tarot Offices in Norwalk & Ridgefield 203-856-9566 BethLeas.com • TLCTarot.com If not now, when? Inspire change on all levels—greater physical ease, emotional freedom, peace of mind and spiritual connection. 20 years intuitive healing experience  with adults and children of all ages. Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tarot. See ad, page 83.


Locations in Woodbury and Southbury 203-217-2769 Kerrie.abmp.com KerrieLMT@gmail.com I offer massage therapy and energy work in customized sessions to help you find better comfort and balance in your body. My technique is based on intuitive feel, manual manipulation of the muscles and energy exchange.

SOUL HEALING JOURNEY, LLC Eilis Philpott 40 Livingston St, Fairfield 203-767-5954 Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com SoulHealingJourney.com

Eilis is a certified Rebirther having completed Rebirthing and Advanced Rebirthing training. She is a Reiki Master in Usui/Raku-kei Reiki and Angelic Reiki. She teaches 13th Octave LaHoChi, Angel Light Healing, Chakra Balancing and other healing techniques. A transformational healing session supports you in healing all aspects of your life.


PPC Group, LLC Paula Caracappa, Founder & CEO 914-422-1784 AwakenUSA@aol.com AwakenFairs.com Best loved body, mind, spirit, green expos since 2002! 2017 fairs: January 29 in NYC; March 26 in Tarrytown; November 19 in Tarrytown. Exhibitors sign up at AwakenFairs.com.

Reiki or “Life Force Energy” targets all 4 levels of being, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical to accelerate healing and promote balance and wellness. Instructional Reiki classes are offered periodically throughout the year.


Christine Persche, MLIS, LEED AP PO Box 386, Waccabuc, NY 914-671-7523 FlowFengShui.com Does your home speak to your dreams? Do you have the life you want? Our living spaces profoundly affect the quality of our lives. Feng shui energizes your design choices to vitalize your health, wealth and wellbeing. On-site or online consultations offered.


Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care 156 East Ave, Norwalk 203-838-1555 • CTNutritionCenter.com Dr. Joachim has been in private practice since 1990, specializing in nutrition, natural allergy elimination and functional medicine. Through specialized testing, he identifies subtle changes in individual physiology which may be at the root of troubling symptoms. Addressing the underlying dysfunction can help you feel better, for good. See ad, page 18.


Functional Medicine & Integrative Care LLC 15 Bennitt St, New Milford 860-354-3304 • TSachsMD.com Using Functional Medicine, Dr. Sachs prevents and treats chronic illnesses by addressing their underlying root causes, remaining respectful of the uniqueness, complexity and intuitions that make us human. Trained at Mt. Sinai Medical School and Yale University Hospital in Internal Medicine, in 2003 she opened Functional Medicine and Integrative Care LLC. She has great success with IBS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune problems, Toxicity and more, by creating individualized, realistic and comprehensive Personalized Wellness Plans. She consults in her New Milford, CT office, and also by phone or video using telemedicine.


Bluestone Health Group 47 Oak St, Ste 250, Stamford 203-220-6488 BluestoneHealthGroup.com Specializing in clinical detoxification, fat loss, nutritional medicine, applied kinesiology and neurological-based chiropractic care. Stateof-the-art body composition analysis and physical assessment. Call today to experience the power of natural medicine.







Chelation therapy: A safe, painless, nonsurgical medical procedure that improves metabolic and circulatory function by removing undesirable heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and copper from the body. A series of intravenous injections of the synthetic amino acid EDTA are administered, usually in an osteopathic or medical doctor’s office. Over time, injections may halt the progress of the underlying condition that triggers the development of various degenerative conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and cancer. Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the world’s oldest and most complete systems of holistic health care. It combines the use of medicinal herbs, acupuncture, food therapy, massage and therapeutic exercise, along with the recognition that wellness in mind, body and emotions depends on the harmonious flow of life-force energy (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”). Chiropractic: Based on the premise that proper structural alignment permits free flow of nerve activity in the body. When spinal vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves radiating from it, potentially leading to diminished function and illness. Misalignment can be caused by physical trauma, poor posture and stress. Colon therapy: An internal bath that washes away old toxic waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. It is administered with pressurized water by a professional using special equipment. One colonic irrigation is the equivalent of approximately four to six enemas and cleans out matter that collects in the pockets and kinks of the colon. The treatment is used as both a corrective process and for prevention of disease. Color therapy: Color therapists believe that the vibrations of color waves can directly affect body cells and organs. Thus, different hues can treat illnesses and improve physical, emotional and spiritual health. Many practitioners also claim that the body emits an aura—or energy field—with colors reflecting a person’s state of health. Color therapists apply colored lights or apply color mentally, through suggestion, to restore the body’s physical and psychic health. Another related sensory healing technique is light therapy, which attempts to restore well-being and can be successful in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Counseling/Psychotherapy: These terms encompass a broad range of practitioners, from career counselors—who offer advice and information—to psychotherapists treating depression, stress, addiction and emotional issues. Formats can vary from individual counseling to group therapy. In addition to verbal counseling techniques, some holistic therapists may use bodywork,


ritual, energy healing and other alternative modalities as part of their practice. Craniosacral therapy (CST): A manual therapeutic procedure to remedy distortions in the structure and function of the craniosacral mechanism—the brain and spinal cord, the bones of the skull, the sacrum and interconnected membranes. Craniosacral work is based upon two major premises: that the bones of the skull can be manipulated—because they never completely fuse—and that the pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid can be balanced by a practitioner trained to detect variations in that pulse. CST is used to treat chronic pain, migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), ear and eye problems, balance problems, learning difficulties, dyslexia and hyperactivity. Crystal and gem therapy: Practitioners use quartz crystals and gemstones for therapeutic and healing purposes, asserting that the substances have recognizable energy frequencies and the capacity to amplify other frequencies in the body. They also absorb and store frequencies and can essentially be programmed to help effect healing. Dance/movement therapy: A method of expressing thoughts and feelings through movement, developed during the 1940s. Participants, guided by trained therapists, are encouraged to move freely, sometimes to music. Dance/movement therapy can be practiced by people of all ages to promote self-esteem and gain insight into their own emotional problems; it is also used to help those with serious mental and physical disabilities. Decluttering: Based on the theory that clutter drains both physical and mental energy, decluttering involves two components. The first focuses on releasing things (clothing, papers, furniture, objects and ideas) that no longer serve a good purpose in one’s life. The second focuses on creating a simple system of personal organization that is easy to maintain and guards against accumulating things that are neither necessary nor nourishing.

Dentistry (Holistic): Regards the mouth as a microcosm of the entire body. The oral structures and the whole body are seen as a unit. Holistic dentistry often incorporates such methods as homeopathy, biocompatibility testing and nutritional counseling. Most holistic dentists emphasize wellness and preventive care, while avoiding (and often recommending the removal of) silver-mercury fillings.

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

The Primping Place Spa 500 Newfield Ave, Ste 9, Stamford 203-325-9565 • ThePrimpingPlace.com

Fairfield County’s first location offering the XTC Multi Theraputic Hair Growth System including non-invasive, low level laser therapy—clinically proven and shown to be safe and effective at regrowing hair and creating a healthy scalp. The Primping Place also offers electrolysis and clinical skin care since 1992.


The Bowen Healing Center 9 Norfolk Rd, Torrington 860-307-0232 JacquelineMKane.com Achieve a pain-free life with all the energy, money and fun you’ve ever wanted. Uncover the crucial hidden links between physical pain, finances, and our ability to live with joy and ease. Bowen Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Massage Therapy.


Metaphysical Shop & Healing Space Sherman Village, 670 Main St S, Woodbury 203-585-1655 TheRubyTreeCT.com Rocks and crystals, magical objects, singing bowls, herbal candles and more. Local artisans, an array of holistic practitioners, a monthly Mystical Market fair, regularly scheduled psychics/mediums/intuitives, yoga, meditation, and workshops galore—all to enhance the health of your mind, body and spirit. See ad, page 78.

TURNING POINT HEALING ARTS & EDUCATION CENTER JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield 203-438-3050 TurningPointReiki.com

TTPHA and EC is a central resource for healthy living and wellness in Ridgefield, CT. This vibrant, serene, HEALING ARTS & EDUCATION CENTER energetically positive center Heal. Enlighten. Renew. is home to skilled practitioners and teachers offering holistic services and educational programs to empower and enhance both the individual and community. See ad, page 19.


Juice Plus+ Wellness 203-470-4666 DorisJuicePlus@gmail.com DHanley.JuicePlus.com DHanley.TowerGarden.com Vine-ripened produce from 30-50 fruits and veggies in a capsule or a chewable, or protein powder. Juice Plus+ is the most researched whole food supplement in the world. Children can get JP+ for free, ages 4-college, for up to 4 years, by being a part of our Children’s Health Study!


Xoçai Healthy Chocolate 310-210-1646 Diana@PoweredByChocolate.net Chocolate lovers, think it’s not good for you? Wrong! Decadently delicious Healthy Chocolate, not 70% chocolate candy, is unique and different, delivering huge benefits like helping prevent cancer and controlling weight, all backed by science. Contact me for more information.


Licensed RN, Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach 500 Monroe Tpke, Monroe • 203-521-4733 GilbertsonMary@yahoo.com Prescription4Wellness.com Working 1:1 in groups and corporations to develop customized healthy lifestyle plans. You receive tools to optimize your health through nutrition, disease management, exercise, weight loss and stress reduction. 28 years of experience supporting teens and adults in healthy lifestyle. Available for speaking engagements and health events. See ad, page 21.


Melissa Conroy, CHC 203-673-9491 RootsRisingAlchemy@gmail.com Offering 1:1 health coaching services including the “The 90 Day Total Transformation Program” and “14-Day Cleanse Reset”. Book your free Total Transformation Discovery Session now at RootsRisingAlchemy.com to discover what has been keeping you from having the health and body you want, develop a powerful vision for what a total transformation means for you and your life, discover which foods and lifestyle habits are sapping your energy and bringing you down (and what to do about it!), and get crystal clear on a stepby-step plan to create a total transformation in 90 days or less. Change your Habits, Change your Life.





Online business program for heart-centered holistic entrepreneurs interested in growing their non-traditional business, increasing profits, getting more clients, and reaching a new level of income and personal fulfillment. Online program.

Emily helps people with chronic illnesses reclaim their lives, find joy and feel healthy again through nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, patient advocacy and accountability coaching. Contact Emily for your free 30-minute consultation, including an introduction to essential oils workshop.

Paula Caracappa • Kathy D’Agostino 914-266-0807 AwakenYourHolisticBusiness@gmail.com AwakenYourHolisticBusiness.com


33 Danbury Rd, Wilton 203-246-5942 Contact@Chronically-Healthy.com Chronically-Healthy.com


MARK A BREINER, DDS, FIAOMT 501 Kings Hwy East, Ste 108, Fairfield 203-371-0300 WholeBodyDentistry.com

Dr. Mark A. Breiner is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of holistic dentistry. With over 30 years of experience, he is a soughtafter speaker and lecturer. His popular consumer book, Whole-Body Dentistry, has been sold worldwide. See ad, page 2.

DAVID L. LERNER, DDS, CAC, FIND Yorktown Heights, NY 914-214-9678 HolisticDentist.com

We offer a unique approach to the health care of the mouth based on a holistic understanding of the whole body. I invite you to explore our website to learn how we can serve your needs.

HOLISTIC EDUCATION DEANA PAQUA, MA, LMT Embody the Sacred Ridgefield and New Milford 203-994-5045 EmbodyTheSacred.net

Heal yourself with holistic tools for pain, trauma and stress relief. Experience self-empowerment and self-healing through classes in Reiki, Mind/Body Healing, A n d e a n E n e rg y M e d i c i n e , Shamanic and Cross-Cultural Healing. Get your health, energy and spirit back. See ad, page 81.


Woodbury 973-919-6733 DaliSalvadorCosmedics.com Facebook.com/DaliSalvadorCosmedics Nurture your physical and spiritual self with one of my treatments coupling crystal therapy and bio technology. Achieve the “Immaculate Complexion” with infrared and far infrared pulsed-light, full spectrum, vogel crystals with light, scalar energy and access consciousness. My facial also uses an amethyst and black tourmaline bio-mat.


Heart and Home, located in Woodbury, is open Thursdays through Sundays. A unique store, handcrafted items, “Salt Bar” (scoop and bag your energy/herbal/oil infused bath salts), whole food/organic pet products, children’s books, sound healing instruments and more! A cozy place to stop, shop and have tea, sample smoothie life, or enjoy a glass of crystallized, mineralized, filtered delicious water. See ad, page 4.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~Wayne Dyer eNaturalAwakenings.com






Detoxification: The practice of resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. According to some holistic practitioners, accu-mulated toxins can drain the body of energy and make it more susceptible to disease. Detoxification techniques may include fasts, special diets, sauna sweats and colon cleansing.

Feng shui: The ancient Chinese system of arranging man-made spaces and elements to create or facilitate harmonious qi or chi (pronounced “chee”)—or energy flow—by tempering or enhancing the energy where necessary. Feng shui consultants can be an asset to both personal and business spaces, either before or after the spaces are created.

Doula: A woman who supports an expectant mother through pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. Studies indicate that support in labor has profound benefits, including shorter labor, less desire for pain medication, lower rate of cesarean section delivery, and more ease in initiation of breastfeeding.

Flower remedies: Flower essences are recognized for their ability to improve wellbeing by eliminating negative emotions. In the 1930s, English physician Edward Bach concluded that negative emotions could lead to physical illness. His research also convinced him that flowers possessed healing properties that could be used to treat emotional problems. In the 1970s, Richard Katz completed Bach’s work and established the Flower Essence Society, which has registered some 100 essences from flowers in more than 50 countries.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): A self-help procedure founded by Gary Craig that combines fingertip tapping of key acupuncture meridian points while focusing on an emotional issue or health challenge. Unresolved or “stuck”—negative emotions, caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system, are seen as major contributors to most physical pains and diseases. EFT is easy to memorize and portable, so it can be done anywhere. Energy field work: The art and practice of realigning and re-attuning the body between the physical and the etheric and auric fields to assist in natural healing processes. Working directly with the energy field in and around the body, the practitioner channels and directs energy into the cells, tissues and organs of the patient’s body to effect healing on physical and nonphysical levels simultaneously. Sessions may or may not involve the physical laying on of hands. Environmental medicine: Explores the role of dietary and environmental allergens in health and illness. Factors such as dust, mold, chemicals and certain foods may cause allergic reactions that can dramatically influence diseases, ranging from asthma and hay fever to headaches and depression. Enzyme therapy: Can be an important first step in restoring health and well-being by helping to remedy digestive problems. Plant and pancreatic enzymes are used in complementary ways to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Treatment includes enzyme supplements, coupled with a healthy diet that features whole foods. Feldenkrais method: Helps students straighten out what founder Moshe Feldenkrais calls, “kinks in the brain.” Kinks are learned movement patterns that may have been adopted to compensate for a physical injury or to accommodate individuality in the social world. Students unlearn unworkable movements and discover better, personalized ways to move, using mind-body principles of slowed action, breathing, awareness and thinking about their feelings.


Thea Litsios, CHy, 2103 Main St, Ste 2, Stratford 203-693-1493 HealingTreeWisdom.com Use the power of your whole mind to transform your life: Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief, and past life review. Certified teacher of Active Dream work. Individual dream consultations available, as well as workshops and monthly Dream Groups. See ad, page 25.

HYPNOSIS CENTER OF CONNECTICUT Ryan Jett, CH 203-490-4976 Ryan@HypnosisCenterOfCT.com HypnosisCenterOfCT.com

I help people resolve the habits, behaviors and emotions that no longer serve them. I use hypnosis to help people lose weight, quit smoking, control pain and overcome fear. Plus relief from IBS, cancer and other medical issues.

MIND-BODY TRANSFORMATION Functional medicine: A personalized medicine that focuses on primary prevention and deals with underlying causes, instead of symptoms, for serious chronic diseases. Treatments are grounded in nutrition and improved lifestyle habits and may make use of medications. The discipline uses a holistic approach to analyze and treat interdependent systems of the body and to create the dynamic balance integral to good health. Guided imagery and creative visualization: Uses positive thoughts, images and symbols to focus the mind on the workings of the body to accomplish a particular goal, desired outcome or physiological change, such as pain relief or healing of disease. This flow of thought can take many forms and, through the imagination, involve all the physical senses. Healing touch: A non-invasive, relaxing and nurturing energy therapy that helps to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and support self-healing. A gentle touch is used on or near the fully clothed client to influence the body’s inner energy centers and exterior energy fields. Healing touch is used to ease acute and chronic conditions, assist with pain management, encourage deep re-laxation and accelerate wound healing. Herbal medicine: This oldest form of medicine uses natural plants in a wide variety of forms for their therapeutic value. Herbs produce and contain various chemical substances that act upon the body to strengthen its natural functions without

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Diane Bahr-Groth, CHy, TFTdx 1177 High Ridge Rd, Stamford 203-595-0110 MindBodyTransformation.com

Fast, effective methods for weight, stress, fear, pain, smoking, etc. Certified Hypnotherapist, Thought Field Therapy, Time Line Therapy, NLP and Complementary Medical Hypnosis, since 1989. See ads, pages 21 and 75.


Meg Reilly 360 Sessions by appointment, Lower Fairfield County 203-952-6272 MegReilly360.com Hypnosis is a safe, effective and drug-free way to alleviate life’s ordinary difficulties. Release stress. Test better. Reduce anxiety and pain. Eliminate fear and bad habits. Put your own subconscious to work for better health and greater happiness.


Ingels Family Health Fairfield 203-254-9957 HealthyHabits4Life@yahoo.com DarinIngelsND.com Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with 26 years experience, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Holistic Health Counselor. I offer well and acute care for ages birth through young adults, with a focus on integrative medicine. Specializing in breastfeeding counseling, nutrition, food sensitivities, vaccine and weight loss counseling, and guidance with constipation. I provide health coaching to all ages.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE PHYSICIAN MICHAEL FINKELSTEIN, MD, FACP, ABIHM SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford, NY 914-218-3113 SlowMedicineDoctor.com

Insightful health evaluations with customized medical guidance. Consultation and holistic-lifestyle teaching and coaching aimed at attaining enhanced health and wellness on every level.Uniquely qualified to offer a second opinion from a Holistic Perspective. See ad, page 25.


IntegrativeMe, LLC 76 Progress Dr, Ste 218H, Stamford 203-290-1663 eIntegrativeMe.com Are you tired of being sick? Are you ready to transform your life? Let me help you heal from within holistically using functional, herbal, homeopathic and energy medicine approaches.

STAMFORD INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Michael E. Doyle, MD Conventional & Alternative Medicine 22 5th St, Ste 201, Stamford • 203-324-4747 StamfordIntegrativeMedicine.com

Specializing in Natural and Alternative approaches to restoring health. Focusing on underlying causes of illness. Hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, nutrition and much more. See ad, page 23.


Ken Hoffman, DAc, (RI), LAc, CCH, Medical Director Chris Maslowski, LAc, Resident Practitioner 31 Old Rte 7, Brookfield 203-740-9300 • INM.Center Using naturopathic and Chinese medical principles, we get to the source of your health concerns. Diagnostic methods include functional testing such as advanced bloodwork analysis, cardiovascular testing, hormone evaluation and thermography. Our customized treatment program includes acupuncture, herbal and nutritional medicine, diet and lifestyle counseling and more. Most insurance accepted.


Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD Stephen Carr, OD, Narvan Bakhtiari, OD Brian Rodrigues, OD, Jason Rutherford, OD Locations: 6515 Main St, Trumbull • 203-374-2020 444 Westport Ave, Norwalk • 203-840-1991 2600 Post Rd, Southport • 203-255-4005 CTEyeCareAssociates.com We offer behavioral optometry, comprehensive vision exams, contact lenses and vision therapy. See ad, page 17.

INTERFAITH MINISTRY REV. DR. CHRISTINE VILLANI 203-823-3453 RevVillani@gmail.com Loving-Memories.com

Reverend Villani is an ordained Interfaith Minister. She performs weddings for all denominations and belief systems. She also performs baby namings and funerals. She is certified in Reiki and is a medium who gives readings.


Spiritual Wellness from the Heart 203-297-5599 AngelCardReadingsWithKitty@yahoo.com AngelCardReadingsWithKitty.webstarts.com Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified AromaTouch Technician, Ordained Minister and Essential Oil Educator. Delivering healing messages since 1999, Kitty incorporates intuitive empathy along with essential oils for an emotional healing, bringing through a message of positivity with warmth and encouragement.


Offices in Westport and Wilton 203-254-3403 VictoriaShawIntuitive.com Drawing on both her intuitive abilities and training in psychology/counseling, Victoria can help you rediscover your life’s purpose, restore hope and improve the quality of life. Readings are always heart-centered and life-affirming. Common issues include life transitions, health and wellness, relationships, parenting, monetary and career issues, decision-making, self-improvement and intuition development. See ad, page 75.


Optimal Health Medical LLC 111 High Ridge Rd, Stamford 203-348-8805 • DrSobo.com Dr. Sobo provides Natural Hormone therapy, weight-reduction programs, IV vitamin/minerals treatments, allergy evaluation and treatment, fibromyalgia care and treatment for a wide variety of problems utilizing an Integrative Medicine approach.

We’re Dedicated To Every Client Because of you there is a change for the better! Beautiful Hair Shouldn’t Be Hazardous To Your Health The best thing about our products is what we leave out! No Ammonia | No Parabens | No Scalp Staining | No Scalp Discomfort

i Celebrating 27 years in business! I Salon AponteLLC 838 Main Street, Tollgate Plaza, Monroe, CT 203-261-2838

Tues & Fri 9-5 | Wed & Thur 9-8 • Sat 8-4 | www.salonaponte.com







the negative side effects of synthetic drugs. They may be taken internally or applied externally via teas, tinctures, extracts, oils, ointments, compresses and poultices. Homeopathy: A therapy that uses small doses of specially prepared plants and minerals to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms and healing processes in order to cure illness. Homeopathy, taken from the Greek words homeos, meaning “similar”, and pathos, meaning “suffering”, employs the concept that “like cures like”. A remedy is individually chosen for a person based on its capacity to cause, if given in an overdose, physical and psychological symptoms similar to those the patient is experiencing. Hydrotherapy: The use of water, ice, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to maintain and restore health. Treatments include full-body immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz baths, colonic irrigation, and the application of hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is effective for treating a wide range of conditions and can easily be used at home as part of a self-care program. Hypnotherapy: A range of hypnosis techniques that allow practitioners to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious. The altered state that occurs under hypnosis has been com-pared to a state of deep meditation or transcendence, in which the innate recuperative abilities of the psyche are allowed to flow more freely. The subject can achieve greater clarity regarding his or her own wants and needs, explore other events or periods of life that require resolution, or generally develop a more positive attitude. Integrative medicine: This holistic approach combines conventional Western medicine with complementary alternative treatments, in order to simultaneously treat mind, body and spirit. Geared to the promotion of health and the prevention of illness, it neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies, without serious evaluation. Intuitive arts: A general term for various methods of divination, such as numerology, psychic reading and tarot reading. Individuals may consult practitioners to seek information about the future or insights into personal concerns or their personality. Numerology emphasizes the significance of numbers derived from the spelling of names, birth dates and other significant references; psychics may claim various abilities, from finding lost objects and persons to communicating with the spirits of the dead; tarot readers interpret a deck of cards containing archetypal symbols. Iridology: Analysis of the delicate structure of the iris, the colored portion of the eye, to reveal information about conditions within the body. More than 90 specific zones on each iris—for a combined total of more than


180 zones—correspond to specific areas of the body. Because body weaknesses are often noticeable in the iris long before they are discernible through blood work or other laboratory analysis, iridology can be a useful tool for preventive self-care. Jin Shin (or Jin Shin Jyutsu): A gentle, non- invasive energy-balancing art and philosophy that embodies a life of simplicity, calmness, patience and self-containment. Practitioners employ simple acupressure techniques, using their fingers and hands on a fully-clothed client to help eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relieve pain, and alleviate acute or chronic conditions. Kinesiology/applied kinesiology: The study of muscles and their movement. Applied kinesiology tests the relative strength and weakness of selected muscles to identify decreased function in body organs and systems, as well as imbalances and restrictions in the body’s energy flow. Some tests use acupuncture meridians and others analyze interrelationships among muscles, organs, the brain and the body’s energy field. Applied kinesiology is also used to check the body’s response to treatments that are being considered. Magnetic field therapy: Electromagnetic energy and the human body have a vital and valid interrelationship, making it possible to use magnetic field therapy as an aid in diagnosing and treating physical and emotional disorders. This process is reported to relieve symptoms and may, in some cases, retard the cycle of new diseases. Magnets and electromagnetic therapy devices are now being used to eliminate pain, facilitate the healing of broken bones and counter the effects of stress.

27 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury 203-648-9883 50 Main St, White Plains, NY 914-246-2906

Advocacy, Representation, Communication. Kirsten Bennett is a solo practitioner with offices in Danbury and White Plains, NY. Her practice handles real estate, estate planning and probate, personal injury and criminal defense. “My firm is committed to providing you with effective advocacy, quality representation and the highest level of personal service.”


Sherrylee Dickinson, MLSW, LMT 203-984-6042 SherryLeeDickinson.com US.NYROrganic.com/Shop/SherryLee Stay grounded and on track with life coaching sessions, including vision board work, boundary and goal setting, and wellness workshops.


“Create With Your Thoughts” Life Empowerment Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Mentor QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach, MA Sociology 860-488-2619 CreateWithYourThoughts.com I empower my clients to move beyond their limiting beliefs, strengthen their sense of self worth and confidence to create the happiness, abundance, home, health and relationships they have always wanted. Create the life you want! See ad, page 13.

LYME DISEASE Massage therapy: A general term for the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. Massage therapy incorporates various disciplines and involves kneading, rubbing, brushing and tapping the muscles and connective tissues by hand or using mechanical devices. Its goal is to increase circulation and detoxification, in order to reduce physical and emotional stress and increase overall wellness. Meditation: The intentional directing of attention to one’s inner self. Methods and practices to achieve a meditative state are based upon various principles using the body or mind and may employ control or lettinggo mechanisms. Techniques include the use of imagery, mantras and observation and the

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20+ yrs successfully addressing Lyme 914-763-8889 AndreaCandee.com Antibiotic-resistant viruses cause chronic Lyme (brain fog, nerve disorders, headaches, joint/muscle pain, fatigue). Neurological Strep affects children/adults causing tics, anxiety, OCD and more. Quantum Physics, 21st-century science targets/cancels pathogenic frequencies from body. Protocols are three-pronged: vibrational frequencies + herbs + food guidance.

MASSAGE & BODYWORK HEIDI M. GABOARDI, LMT Bethel/New Fairfield 203-241-2373 HeidiMDouglas@att.net

Heidi specializes in the modalities of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point and Chair Massage. She has over 20 years of experience as a provider in the health care profession.


2900 Main St, Ste 1A, Stratford 203-345-7747 JiivaCenter.com We offer Traditional, Thai Massage and Prenatal massage. At Jiiva Massage, our goal is to provide our clients with a variety of experienced therapists and modalities to choose from. Our hope is to provide you with an assortment of different techniques so you can find what works best for your individual needs. See ad, page 87.


430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk (Wilton Line) 203-857-1500 Kure-Spa.com Kure Spa is a beautiful wellness center and organic juice bar providing essential services and education to revitalize and rejuvenate our clients. Our Licensed Massage Therapists have broad training and deep experience in the most popular modalities including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Prenatal, Cranial Sacral and Thai Yoga Bodywork.


Sherman Village Shopping Center, 670 Main St S, Woodbury 203-393-9167 • Appt@TheRubyTreeCT.com Johanne’s modalities and certifications include aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, feather touch massage, reflexology, sports massage, Swedish massage, and trigger point release. Provide acupressure and prenatal massage upon request, but integrated within a blend of techniques.


4 Old Mill Rd, Redding (across from Wire Mill BBQ) 203-947-1599 • SusiLauraMassage.com Susi Laura Massage in Georgetown offers massage, facials and waxing in a beautiful and relaxing spa setting. Our highly experienced licensed massage therapists and aestheticians know that every body is unique, and address your individual needs. #FeelGoodNow!

SUSI LAURA MASSAGERIDGEFIELD 20 Prospect St, Ridgefield 203-438-2900 SusiLauraMassage.com

Susi Laura Massage in Ridgefield offers massage, facials and waxing in a beautiful and relaxing spa setting. Our highly experienced licensed massage therapists and aestheticians know that every body is unique, and address your individual needs. #FeelGoodNow!


Locations in Woodbury and Southbury 203-217-2769 Kerrie.abmp.com KerrieLMT@gmail.com I offer massage therapy and energy work in customized sessions to help you find better comfort and b a l a n c e i n y o u r b o d y. M y technique is based on intuitive feel, manual manipulation of the muscles and energy exchange.

ROBIN ORDAN, LMT, LCSW, CICMI Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner Old Greenwich/Stamford 203-561-8535 • RobinOrdanLMT.com

Robin has been providing massage and Reiki for over 15 years. Specializing in Swedish, Pregnancy, Trigger Point, Injuries and Infant/Child Massage Instruction. Sessions are individualized to meet your needs. See ad, page 15.


15 Chesterfield Rd, Ste 213, East Lyme 860-451-8040 Info@TranquilBalanceCT.com TranquilBalanceCT.com From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you head back out into the world, Tranquil Balance will provide an experience that not only gives you that much needed “you” time but also relieves your stress and pain. Take advantage of our Massage Services and State of the Art Float Rooms because deep down... You know you deserve it. See ad, page 68.


272 N Bedford Rd, Mount Kisco, NY 914-241-7363 FLSM.com Join us for a transformative experience as you develop your intuitive and scientific abilities to heal through therapeutic touch. Classes taught to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Financial aid available for full and part-time programs.

MEDITATION REDDING CENTER FOR MEDITATION 9 Picketts Ridge Rd, West Redding 203-244-3130 ReddingMeditation.org

We teach and practice Mahasati meditation. Mahasati meditation cultivates self-awareness through attention to the movement of the body and, at more advanced levels, to the movement of the mind. No prior meditating experience is necessary. Ongoing weekly meditation classes, retreats and events. Please check monthly event calendar or visit ReddingMeditation.org for updated information.


Meg Reilly 360 Classes held monthly, TLC Center and LifePath Yoga 203-952-6272 MegReilly360.com Each meditation is an hour of inquiry from the perspective of the three different levels of body, mind and spirit. As you experience full relaxation under the guidance of soothing imagery and the vibrational healing of the crystal bowl, you benefit just where you need it most, in wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways.


6 Green Hill Rd, Washington Depot 860-619-2788 ValleySpiritCoop.com Meditation can be easier to master than you think. Taoist, Buddhist and generic meditation. Beginners and experienced practitioners both welcome. See ad, back cover.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. ~Mother Teresa eNaturalAwakenings.com






control of breathing. Research has shown that regular meditation can contribute to psychological and physiological well-being. As a spiritual practice, meditation is used to facilitate a mystical sense of oneness with a higher power or the Universe. It can also help reduce stress and alleviate stress-related ailments, such as anxiety and high blood pressure. Mediumship: A medium professes to mentally see, hear and/or sense persons or entities in a spiritual dimension, and convey messages from them to people in the physical world. Readings focus on evidential messages from recognizable personalities in the spirit world. The messages are delivered as guidance for one’s “highest good”. Midwife: A birth attendant who assists a woman through the prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum stages of pregnancy. The mother is encouraged to be involved and to feel in control of her birthing experience. Midwives are knowledgeable about normal pregnancy, labor, birth and pain relief options. They respect the process of birth as an innate and familiar process. Certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses who have received advanced training and passed a national certification exam. Nursemidwives collaborate with physicians as needed, especially when problems arise during pregnancy. (Also see Doula.) Naturopathy: A comprehensive and eclectic system whose philosophy is based upon working in harmony with the body’s natural healing abilities. Naturopathy incorporates a broad range of natural methods and substances aimed to promote health. Training may include the study of specific approaches, including massage, manipulation, acupuncture, acupressure, counseling, applied nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and minor surgery plus basic obstetrics for assistance with natural childbirth. Network chiropractic: Uses Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), a system of assessing and contributing to spinal and neural integrity, as well as health and wellness. Founded and developed by Donald Epstein. Practitioners employ gentle force to the spine to help the body eliminate mechanical tension in the neurological system. The body naturally develops strategies to dissipate stored tension/ energy, thus enhancing selfregulation of tension and spinal interference. (Also see Chiropractic.) Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): A systematic approach to changing the limiting patterns of thought, behavior and language. Through conversation, practitioners observe the client’s language, eye movements, posture, breathing and gestures, in order to detect and help change unconscious patterns linked to the client’s emotional state.


Nutritional counseling: Embracing a wide range of approaches, nutrition-based, complementary therapies and counseling seek to alleviate physical and psychological disorders through special diets and food supplements. These will be either macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber) or micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements that cannot be manufactured in the body). Nutritional therapy/counseling often uses dietary or food supplements, which can include tablets, capsules, powders or liquids.

Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Community Educator Valerie English Cooper 860-471-6715 VEnglishCooper@MHCONN.org MHCONN.org/Education/Mental-HealthFirst-Aid Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour certificate training to support someone with a developing mental health/substance use problem or crisis. Available free of charge for Litchfield County from Mental Health Connecticut through a federal grant (SAMHSA).

MONEY COACHING JACQUELINE M. KANE 9 Norfolk Rd, Torrington 860-307-0232 JacquelineMKane.com

Osteopathy/osteopathic physicians: Uses generally accepted physical, pharmacological and surgical methods of diagnosis and therapy, with a strong emphasis on body mechanics and manipulative methods to detect and correct faulty structure and function, in order to restore the body’s natural healing capacities. Doctors of osteopathy are fully trained and licensed according to the same standards as medical doctors and receive additional extensive training in the body’s structure and functions. Oxygen therapies: Alters the body’s chemistry to help overcome disease, promote repair and improve overall function. Properly applied, oxygen may be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including infections, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, allergies, cancer and multiple sclerosis. The major types of oxygen therapy used to treat illness are hyperbaric oxygen and ozone. Hydrogen peroxide therapy (oral or intravenous) can be dangerous and should be avoided. Past Life Regression: Past life and regression therapies operate on the assumption that many physical, mental and emotional challenges are extensions of unresolved problems from the past, either childhood traumas or experiences in previous lifetimes. The practitioner uses hypnosis or other altered states of consciousness and relaxation techniques to access the source of this “unfinished business”, and helps clients to analyze, integrate and release past traumas that are interfering with their current lives. Pilates: A structured system of small isolated movements that demands powerful focus on feeling every nuance of muscle action while working out on floor mats or machines. Emphasizes development of the torso’s abdominal power center, or core. More gentle than conventional exercises, Pilates—like yoga—yields long, lean,

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natural awakenings

Money Magnet Manifestation Formula! Discover the hidden physical and mental factors that are determining your financial success from behind the scenes inside your brain. Then learn how to pop them like balloons so you close more sales, earn more money and have more fun.


The Mobility Project 24/7 203-984-2556 MobilityProject.fit Chris Kalisz’s area of expertise is helping people in physical pain to reduce and eliminate their pain by utilizing and teaching various techniques—both active and passive therapies—that re-balance the body. Chris has worked with all types of injuries, issues and post-surgeries. Call today to set up your consultation.

NATURAL MARKET THE WELL NATURAL MARKET 33 Danbury Rd, Wilton 203-762-9711 ShopTheWell.co

We offer personalized three or five-day whole food, bone broth or juice cleanses to help guide you to your wellness goals. We also offer a juice and smoothie bar, personalized meal plans and a daily healthy, organic take out menu. Diverse and well-stocked selection of supplements and vitamins from the finest and most reliable manufacturers as well. See ad, page 9.


4 Whitney St Ext, Westport 203-295-4362 JBarkerND@gmail.com EastWestNaturalHealth.com East West Natural Health offers Naturopathic care and Acupuncture services. We focus on providing holistic healthcare for the whole person. We specialize in treating Pediatric Special Needs (ASD), Women’s health, Gastrointestinal complaints and Anxiety/Mood disorders. Dr. Barker is a MAPS physician.

DARIN INGELS, ND, BCIP Ingels Family Health Fairfield 203-254-9957 DIngels@gmail.com DarinIngelsND.com

Naturopathic physician, boardcertified in Integrated Pediatrics, I specialize in Lyme disease, autistic spectral disorders and other immune and autoimmune disorders such as asthma, allergies, eczema and persistent infections. I work with all ages and utilize the best of natural and conventional medicine to help you achieve your health goals.

NINA MANIPON, ND Ingels Family Health 22 Fairfield Pl, Fairfield 203-254-9957 DarinIngelsND.com

I offer holistic care for the whole family and support for conditions including but not limited to digestive issues, thyroid conditions, women’s health, and pediatric health. I utilize natural therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, and herbal medicine to achieve optimal health and wellness.



Fairfield 203-254-9957 DarinIngelsND.com

Family Health • Wellness • Acupuncture 203-247-9496 DrV@FairfieldNaturopathicHealth.com FairfieldNaturopathicHealth.com

Naturopathic physician specializing in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions along with immune, autoimmune disorders and Inflammatory conditions. I utilize all aspects of Naturopathic medicine along with Craniosacral Therapy to create individualized treatment plans that focus on the cause and treating the whole person. I work with all ages in both acute and chronic care.

Specializing in family medicine with an emphasis on women’s health, pediatrics, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal ailments, MTHFR, and the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. She utilizes research-based and scientifically proven treatments, including acupuncture, to identify and treat the physiological cause of each condition.



Wellness Institute 1 Westport Ave, Norwalk 203-847-2788 • DrMarvinSchweitzer.com

Adam Breiner, ND, Director Elena Sokolova, MD, ND David Brady, ND, CCN, DACBN 501 Kings Hwy E, Ste 108, Fairfield 203-371-8258 • WholeBodyMed.com

Family Health Care using all natural therapies for 25 years. Acupuncture, bioidentical hormones, homeopathy, Chinese/ Western herbs, allergy/toxin testing, oxygen therapy, Meridian stress assessment, nutrition/ enzyme therapies. See ad, page 85.

Using state-of-the-art science combined with centuries-old healing modalities, our caring naturopathic doctors correct underlying imbalances and address issues which may interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself. Treatment protocols or therapies include: Abdominal Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Allergy Desensitization, Chinese Medicine, Colonics and other Detoxification Protocols, Electro-Dermal Screening, Energy Medicine, FDA-cleared Phototherapy, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hormonal Balancing, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Metabolic Typing, Nutritional Assessment, Real-Time EEG Neurofeedback and other therapies. See ad, page 2.


Ellen M Lewis, ND, Director 8 Lincoln St, Westport 203-916-4600 • ShalvaClinic.org Dr. Lewis offers comprehensive holistic care for women including well-women exams, fertility, thyroid and menopause support. She also has a special interest in pediatrics and utilizes a variety of natural modalities when working with patients with ADD/ADHD, autism, allergies, eczema and asthma. Treatments include herbal medicine, functional medicine, biotherapeutic drainage, homeopathy and more. See ad, page 7.

DISCOVER A NEW YOU Contact Jeanne@jeannestreet.com


Lisa Singley, ND, MS 2103 Main St, Ste 2, Stratford 203-874-4333 Info@NHAWC.com • NHAWC.com We use advanced diagnostic testing with safe, effective, all-natural healing modalities and treatment options to treat acute and chronic conditions, restore balance and treat the mind, body and spirit. Specialists in endocrine disorders, digestive issues, pain management and chronic fatigue. We offer comprehensive solutions to prevent illness and maintain optimal health for body, mind and spirit. See ad, page 74.

Spiritual Medium & Healer www.jeannestreet.com

Inspirit HEAL



Find yourself within this peaceful space of Mind, Body and Spirit

(203)788-9338 346 Main St Woodbury, CT 06798

• Healing Sessions • Intuitive Art Classes • Energy & Sound Healing Massage • Medium Readings • Workshops • Boutique • Nutritional Guidance • Spiritual Counseling • Health & Wellbeing Lectures eNaturalAwakenings.com




naturallivingglossary flexible muscles whose gracefully balanced movements readily translate into everyday activities like walking, sit-ting and bending. Can help in overcoming injuries. Prolotherapy: A rejuvenating therapy that uses injections of natural substances to stimulate collagen growth, in order to strengthen weak or damaged joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles. Often used as a natural alternative to drugs and/or surgery to treat pain syndromes, including degenerative arthritis, lower back, neck and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, and torn ligaments and cartilage. Qigong and Tai chi: Qigong and tai chi combine movement, meditation and breathe regulation to enhance the flow of vital energy (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”) in the body, improve circulation and enhance immune function. Qigong traces its roots to traditional Chinese medicine. Tai chi was originally a self-defense martial art descended from qigong and employed to promote inner peace and calm. Real Time EEG Neurofeedback: Involves direct training of brain function. Using computer processing to capture electrical activity in the brain, an individual can reward the brain with positive feedback, changing its activity to desired, more appropriate patterns. Gradually, the brain learns and remembers how to exhibit only the good patterns. Reflexology: A natural healing art based upon the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body. Correctly stimulating and applying pressure to the feet or hands increases circulation and promotes specifically designated bodily and muscular functions. Reiki: Means “universal life-force energy”. A method of activating and balancing the life-force (qi or chi, pronounced “chee”). Practitioners use light hand placements to channel healing energies to organs and glands or to align the body’s chakras (energy centers). Various techniques can ease emotional and mental distress, heal chronic and acute physical problems, and achieve spiritual focus and clarity. Reiki can be a valuable addition to the work of chiropractors, massage therapists, nurses and others for whom the use of touch is essential and appropriate. Rolfing structural integration (Rolfing): A hands-on technique for deep tissue manipulation of the myofascial system, which is composed of the muscles and the connective tissue, or fascia, in order to restore the body’s natural alignment and sense of integration. The range and freedom of physical and emotional expression increases as the body is released from old patterns and postures. Rolfing can help ease pain and chronic stress, enhance neurological functioning, improve posture and re-store flexibility.


Shamanism: An ancient healing tradition which believes that loss of power is the real source of illness and that all healing includes the spiritual dimension. Shamanic healing usually involves induction into an altered state of consciousness and journeying into the spirit world to regain personal power and to access the powers of nature and of teachers. Shamanic healing may be taken literally or employed symbolically; the tradition can be both selfempowering and self-healing. Shiatsu: The most widely known form of acupressure, shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. The technique applies varying degrees of pressure to balance the life energy that flows through specific pathways, or meridians, in the body. Used to release tension and strengthen weak areas in order to facilitate even circulation, cleanse cells and improve the function of vital organs. Sound healing: Employs vocal and instrumental tones, generated internally or externally. When sounds are produced with healing intent, they can create sympathetic resonance in the physical and energy bodies. Sound healing also is used to bring discordant energy into balance and harmony. Thermography (thermal imaging): A diagnostic technique that uses an infrared camera to measure temperature variations on the surface of the body, producing images that reveal sites of inflammation and abnormal tissue growth. Inflammation is recognized as the earliest stage of nearly all major health challenges.

Yoga: Practical application of the ancient Indian Vedic teachings. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj which means “union” or “to join”, and refers to the joining of man’s physical, mental and spiritual elements. The goal of good techniques, including physical exercises called asanas (or postures), controlled breathing, relaxation, meditation, and diet and nutrition. Please note: The contents of this Health & Wellness Glossary are for informational purposes only. The information is not intended to be used in place of a visit or consultation with a healthcare professional. Always seek out a practitioner who is licensed, certified or otherwise professionally qualified to conduct a selected treatment, as appropriate. SOURCES: U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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898 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ste 6, Ridgefield Satellite Location in Newtown 203-438-4848 DrRoseann.com DrRoseann@hotmail.com We work with children, adolescents, teens, adults and families around a variety of issues with non-medication therapies. We provide brain-based treatments like Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, EFT, Hypnosis, Meditation, etc. Our staff provides non-judgmental support to help alleviate stress and promote wellness.


3 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield Nutrition: 203-403-7007 Tea Shop: 203-431-0185 CucumberandChamomile.com Facebook.com/CucumberChamomile Twitter.com/CandCNutrition Instagram.com/CucumberAndChamomile I help busy moms find more energy and shed pesky pounds, so that they can have it all (and feel and look amazing doing it!). Empower yourself with tools for a lifetime of healthy eating that fits any schedule. Melt your stress away over a cup of tea in the process.

FOOD FIRST NUTRITIONAL THERAPY Farrah Minnich, BA, NTP The Wellness Center 33 Danbury Rd, Wilton • 203-246-0807 FoodFirstNutritionalTherapy.com

Let’s take back control of your health together by turning to food first. I will assess nutritional deficiencies and organ dysfunction, and create a bioindividual nutritional plan to put you on the path to health and wellness through the healing power of food. Live each day with energy, vitality and motivation! I also teach group RESTART classes to help you kickstart healthy habits.

KATHERINE MIRRA, CINHC, CHHC (AYURVEDA) Transformation Within and Out 646-963-5084 TransformationWithinYou@gmail.com

I offer 1:1 sessions as part of 3-month program where you will discover what could’ve been contributing to depleted energy, insomnia, weight gain, bad skin, poor digestion, feeling bloated and achy, etc. and how to remedy it. We will work on personalized nutrition, activity and emotional needs, all of which are vital building blocks of vibrant health and happy life. Book free consultation to start Your Year with Positive Transformation Within and Out.

LIFE CHANGING PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, PLLC Dr. Penni Waldman, Clinical and HealthPsychologist White Plains, NY 914-961-8412 • DrPenniWaldman.com

Do you know what type of healthy foods you need to eat? What about the sensitivities you may have to them? In fact, there are different pH levels in water. Ask yourself, which is healthy? Let us educate you.


3546 Post Rd, Southport 203-955-1500 Info@OrganikaCT.com OrganikaCT.com From protein bowls, salads and soups to smoothies, coldpressed juices and acai bowls to gluten-free pasta, pizza and healthy, unrefined dessert treats, everything is made in-house at this organic eatery.


355 Poplar Hill Rd, Dover Plains, NY 917-319-6414 ZFarmsOrganic@gmail.com ZFarmsOrganic.com Z Farms is a family farm certified organic by NOFA-NY located in Dover Plains, NY, right off Route 22. We grow organic vegetables and conduct organic poultry, eggs and meat operations. The animals are raised outdoors utilizing rotational grazing technique all year long. We sell fresh produce at Pawling Farmers Market in summer and Litchfield Hills Farmers market in winter. The farm stand is open every day 8am to 7pm.


Patricia Tradito 469 West Putnam Ave, Greenwich 203-900-1515 Bookings@Salon469.com • Salon469.com Escape to a pure, organic home for beauty! Experience the difference of the Organic Way, the world’s first professional beauty line handcrafted with pure essential oils, biodynamic botanicals and fair trade ingredients. Let us show you the benefits of choosing an all-natural alternative to conventional beauty care. A full service, unisex hair salon, we provide hair care for the entire family. See ad, page 8.



DAVID L. JOHNSTON, DO 158 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield 203-438-9915 OsteopathicWellness.net

Dr. Johnston has been providing gentle, holistic hands-on osteopathic manual treatment and nutrition for over 20 years. Excellent for newborns, birth trauma, concussions, headaches, sports injuries, neck and back pain, digestive issues, brain support, stress, fibromyalgia, detoxification and weight loss, specialized bloodwork. See ad, page 25.



PsychoSpiritual Therapy and Coaching 203-260-9353 ChrisGuerrera@me.com InsightsWellnessCenter.com Non traditional holistic sessions to free and empower yourself on your path of healing and awakening with a blend of psycho-spiritual therapy, energetics and universal wisdom.


SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford, NY 914-218-3113 SlowMedicineTherapist.com Offering a whole-being, integrative approach to wellness, nurturing clients into health on the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels. Following one’s heart to Re-envision life in order to flourish. See ad, page 25.

Fairfield County 203-912-9287 SusieHeyRed@aol.com SusieDaut.Arbonne.com

As an Arbonne Independent Consultant, I offer people better health by educating them about the hidden toxins in personal care products (skincare, wellness, cosmetics, etc). I then share an alternative, comprehensive online resource which is pure, safe and beneficial!


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57 Plains Rd, Ste 1B, Milford 203-848-9350 NazaBunguCounseling.com Facebook.com/NazaBunguCounseling Providing individual, couples and family counseling. I specialize in the following areas: domestic violence, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, parenting skills, substance abuse and relational difficulties. Saturday morning appointments are available. Accepting Husky, Aetna, Anthem, Cigna. Call now!


898 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ste 6, Ridgefield Satellite Location in Newtown 203-438-4848 DrRoseann.com DrRoseann@hotmail.com Our highly trained and experienced therapists utilize a variety of brainbased tools and techniques that allow the CNS to calm down so one can address their issues without heightened anxiety. We specialize in pediatrics, parenting, and supporting individuals with chronic issues.

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Past-Life Regression, trained by Brian Weiss, MD. Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, trained by TNI and Michael Newton, PhD. Traditional psychotherapy with a spiritual approach; Reiki. Connect with your soul self and let your inner wisdom guide you. C








SHARON DIAZ LPC, LADC, MARRIAGE & FAMILY THERAPIST 2 Enterprise Dr, Ste 303, Shelton 203-212-8217 Sharon@SharonDiazTherapy.com SharonDiazTherapy.com



Privacy, compassion and positive change are the hallmarks of our expert staff and approach. Combining Western Medicine, Eastern and complementary treatments, we treat depression, anxiety, all addictive behaviors, relationship struggles, and all family and adolescent issues. Call for a free consultation or reach us through our website. See ad, page 85.

Manage stress with relaxation techniques. Re-discover your creativity through writing and the expressive arts. Resolve trauma with EMDR, IFS or SE. Or book an experiential workshop! Nancy has over 20 years experience with children, families, groups, adults and corporate wellness programs.

103 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield 203-431-9726 Info@InsightCounselingLLC.com InsightCounselingLLC.com


Lawrence Edwards, PhD, BCN, LMHC 2 Byram Brook Pl, Armonk, NY 914-219-8600 OptimalMind.net Integrative psychotherapy: depression, anxiety, addictions, relationships, and more. Dr. Edwards is a NY lic. psychotherapist with 40 years of experience compassionately working with adults to realize their goals. Meditation and mindfulness training are also offered.

Helping People. Changing Lives. For 40 years! Solutions for anxiety, depression, grief, parentchild concerns, marital and relationship enhancement and addiction recovery. I offer energy healing and other holistic techniques. Purchase an online tool to help grieving children at MelodeeRoo.com.


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I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I work with couples and families dealing with divorce, trauma, illness, life changes, addictions, sexual identity issues, co-parenting and teens acting-out behaviors. My method is a systemic solution-focused approach.

Robin has more than 18 years of experience working with families and children. Specializing in divorce, parent/child conflict, grief, attachment/ bonding, child development and parenting. See ad, page 81.

Coaching/Psychotherapy/Consulting Offices in Danbury and Ridgefield 914-572-3167 WellnessMetaphors.com


Intuitive Psychotherapist Offices in Westport and Wilton 203-210-5700 VictoriaShawPsychotherapy.com I combine the best of traditional psychotherapy with intuitive guidance in my work with children, teens and adults. My goal is to connect clients with their own inner source of strength, wisdom and healing. See ad, page 75.

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Rebirthing (Conscious Connected Breathing) is a gentle, profound healing experience that can release stress and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Rebirthing can help you open your heart to more love in your life and your relationships, and free yourself to choose more deeply that which nurtures your soul.

REIKI GIGI BENANTI, USUI REIKI MASTER Angelic Healing Center 7 Morgan Ave, Norwalk 203-852-1150 • AngelHealReiki.com

Gigi is an experienced Reiki Master/ Teacher. She offers all levels of Reiki training monthly. All classes and Reiki sessions include the latest techniques including Karuna, Angelic and Jikiden Reiki.


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Possibilities Farm, Wilton 203-210-7484 LifeYouveImagined@gmail.com PossibilitiesFarm.com Carrie is a Usui Reiki master who partners with horses to create an extraordinary healing experience. Sessions take place in the barn or paddock, while the horses offer guidance and share their energy.


JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield 203-438-3050 TurningPointReiki.com TurningPointShare.com JoAnn uses intuition, experience and a deep spiritual connection in her Reiki, IET and Reconnective Healing sessions. Specializing in care for individuals with Cancer, Lyme disease and Back Pain. All Reiki levels taught. See ad, page 19.


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Integrating Reiki, energy medicine and shamanic healing for healers, empaths and spiritual seekers. Offering sessions and classes in Usui and Karuna Reiki. A nurturing, hands-on, spiritual approach to deep healing to transform trauma, pain and loss. See ad, page 81.


Office in lower Fairfield County; Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY; Greenville, SC Cody.Smolik@gmail.com Cody-Smolik-Rolf-SI.com • 917-544-4412 Advanced Rolf Practitioner/ Structural Integrator – align and transform the body via the fascial system. Ease pain, chronic injury, scar tissue (burns); gain resilience, flexibility, improve balance and movement. Structural Integration offers long-lasting results.


Yoni Hormadaly, LMT 109 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield 203-550-6888 StructuralTransformations.com Yoni has been practicing Structural Integration since 2002. Specializing in improving the relationship between the human body and gravity. Flat feet, chronic pain and discomfort, improvement in athletic pursuits, general self improvement, are some of the reasons clients of all ages have sought out this work. Free phone consultation.  


Kaia Yoga Studio, Westport and Fairfield near Merritt exit 46 Sachi: 203-216-9720 Sachi@WestportRolfing.com Mikel: 203-216-9770 Mikel@WestportRolfing.com Providing Rolfing Structural Integration to Fairfield County. We provide soft tissue manipulation and movement re-education for postural, functional and chronic pain issues with offices in Westport and Fairfield. See ad, page 95.


430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk (Wilton Line) 203-857-1500 Kure-Spa.com Kure Spa is a beautiful wellness center and organic juice bar providing essential services and education to revitalize and rejuvenate our clients. We invite you to experience the Vibrosaun for detoxification, pain relief, weight loss and relaxation. This usercontrolled machine consists of therapeutic dry sauna heat and a padded vibrating bed.


Jessica C. Hunter 203-916-8381 HunterHealingHands@hotmail.com HunterHealingHands.com Healing sessions in shamanic healing, Melody crystal healing, Reiki, shamanic intuitive readings. Accredited and certification training programs in Reiki, crystal healing and shamanic healing. See ad, page 16.

DEANA PAQUA, MA, LMT Embody the Sacred Ridgefield and New Milford 203-994-5045 EmbodyTheSacred.net

Specializing in shamanic and holistic health education for healers, empaths and spiritual seekers. Experience self-healing and self-empowerment through ancient and modern tools to transform trauma, pain and loss. Expand your gifts and make a difference. See ad, page 81.

Discover Westbrook Let your child experience the joy and wonder of nature in a safe and loving environment Set on six beautiful acres in West Redding, CT, Westbrook offers Parent-Child and Mixed-Age Kindergarten Programs, Adult Workshops, Playdays and Seasonal Events

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375 Post Rd West, Westport 203-226-0888 • 203-226-BORN BornOfEarth.com Born of Earth is a Relaxation Spa that has been serving the Fairfield County community for the past 23 years. As soon as one enters, the tension begins to melt away. Our serene atmosphere, enchanting music, and warm “Comforting Tea” invite rejuvenation and peace.

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Stacey Lyons is a Certified Energy Healer and Certified Medium who has performed international medium readings. Specializes in Spiritual Consulting, Space/Land Clearing, Energy Healing, Herbal and Essential Oil based spiritual products and more. Start your spiritual journey with us today. See ad, page 9.


Jennifer Guerrette, Spiritual Life Coach 207-831-2930 Jennifer@AwakenTLC.com AwakenTLC.com AWAKEN is a space for the truth seeker focusing on purposeful and transformative healing. Seekers are mindfully guided into the experience of perceiving their life through a different lens. Individual or Group Journeys are offered (from 6 to 9 months). The Journey allows for a series of shifts: Life Happens to You, For You and Because of You. Schedule a discovery session with Jennifer via email or phone.


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Board Certified Acupuncturist Valley Spirit Wellness 6 Green Hill Rd, Washington Depot 860-619-2788 • ValleySpiritCoop.com Develop physical and mental fitness and find a new harmony of the mind, body and spirit using ancient Chinese arts. Starting with basic movements, warm-up techniques and breathing exercises, you will learn a set of flowing natural movements done slowly with calmness, balance and awareness. Weekly classes, weekend workshops and retreats. See ad, back cover.


Norwalk and Ridgefield 203-856-9566 Beth@BethLeas.com BethLeas.com • TLCTarot.com See your life’s journey in a new and unique way, as Beth, an intuitive healer for 20+ years, uses the tarot to answer your most pressing questions. Private sessions, in-person or by phone/skype. Workshops, Classes, Parties and Events. See ad, page 83.



Transformative Healing • Tarot Offices in Norwalk and Ridgefield 203-856-9566 BethLeas.com • TLCTarot.com If not now, when? Inspire change on all levels—greater physical ease, emotional freedom, peace of mind and spiritual connection. 20 years of intuitive healing  experience with adults and children of all ages. Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tarot. See ad, page 83.


Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Certified Crystal Healer 416 Highland Ave, Bldg B, Ste C, Cheshire 670 Main St S, Woodbury 203-565-6495 Kim Nagle is a Professional Practitioner employing three Holistic Alternative Therapy methods, including Holographic Memory Resolution, a client-centered, body-centered trauma treatment; hypnotherapy designed to facilitate the client’s quest for self-improvement; and crystal therapy using crystal and gemstone energy for the purpose of assisting client’s in their healing process.

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203-994-5308 HandsAndPawsReiki.com Mary@HandsAndPawsReiki.com Imagine reiki, integrated energy, sound, and crystal therapy from the comfort of your home or state of the art mobile reiki spa by an Advanced Crystal and Reiki Master. Mary caters to every member of your family including the pets. See ad, page 89.


Meg Reilly 360 Sessions by appointment, Lower Fairfield County 203-952-6272 MegReilly360.com I blend traditional counseling skills with keen intuition, drawing on my experience in group work, meditation, art therapy and inspirational card readings to help you live a life with compassion for yourself and others. Let me help you create the life you want.

SOUL HEALING JOURNEY, LLC Eilis Philpott 40 Livingston St, Fairfield 203-767-5954 Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com SoulHealingJourney.com

Eilis is a certified Rebirther having completed Rebirthing and Advanced Rebirthing training. She is a Reiki Master in Usui/Raku-kei Reiki and Angelic Reiki. She teaches 13th Octave LaHoChi, Angel Light Healing, Chakra Balancing and other healing techniques. A transformational healing session supports you in healing all aspects of your life.


Richard Wlodarski, RMT 2505 Main St, Ste 209B, Stratford 203-605-0773 Rich@SpiritualArts.info SpritualArts.info Richard is a Reiki Master/Teacher and intuitive reader. He specializes in home and property cleansings. Come and experience the healing attributes of Reiki and discover spiritual guidance and awareness, with over 30 years of experience.

WEIGHT LOSS LIFE CHANGING PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, PLLC Penni Waldman, PhD, BD, C Ht 75 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 914-961-8412 • DrPenniWaldman.com

Holistic approach of weight loss through a comprehensive detoxification and conscious choices (nutritional, emotional, spiritual support). Guaranteed to provide results. Who knows, Dr. Waldman lost over 100 pounds. Let me help you empower your life. Teleconferences available.


1492 High Ridge Rd, Stamford 203-356-5822 7eFitSpaCT1@gmail.com 7eFitSpa.com 7eFit Spa offers a variety of aesthetic services and noninvasive techniques to support mind-body wellness. Services include antiaging and oxygen facials with aromatherapy, Torc Plus bioelectric stimulation for muscle activation and weight-loss, infrared sauna and the DietMaster weight-loss program. See ad, page 79.


Berta Prevosti, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master 2900 Main St, Ste 1A, Stratford 203-345-7747 JiivaCenter.com Jiiva is in the business of building a community for yoga and healing. We offer yoga classes, a school of Reiki, private Reiki treatments, traditional massage therapy, Thai massage, meditation classes, workshops and community events. See ad, page 87.


590 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield 203-969-4327 SaltanaCave.com Fairfield County’s first and only therapeutic Himalayan salt cave provides relief from respiratory issues such as allergies, asthma, and side effects of smoking and pollution. Salt is naturally antiinflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. See ad, page 24.

Fit Spa


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A new way to looking and feeling good. KURE SPA

430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk (Wilton Line) 203-857-1500 Kure-Spa.com

Kure Spa is a beautiful wellness center and organic juice bar providing essential services and education to revitalize and rejuvenate our clients. Come explore No surgery invasive the benefits or of the Vibrosaun,procedures. Massage Therapies and other services. We feature the Relax, Renew, Infrared Sauna • Micro-dermabrasion Renourish Spa Experience and informative lectures. We are an • affordable where you can Myolift Torc • destination Body Waxing de-stress, unwind and achieve vitality.

Relax while our technology does the work.

Combining an array of natural therapies that have been used since ancient times with today’s technology, Salt of the Earth Spa provides a sanctuary for deep transformation, healing and grounding for Mind, Body and Spirit. See ad, page 4.

SALT OF THE EARTH HEALING ARTS SANCTUARY/ATHENA HALL 346 Main St S, Woodbury 203-405-2241/203-586-1172

Calling on the spirit of the past, the energy of the present and the promise of the future, a space of calm and 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk beauty, healing and restoration of the body and 203-354-7070 spirit, Salt of the Earth Healing Arts Sanctuary offers Nina@LifePathYoga.net a tranquil place to refresh and renew in a house LifePathYoga.net charged with the energy of old. Beautiful Athena LifePath Yoga & Wellness is a center Hall, inside the Sanctuary, can be rented to likefor yoga, mindfulness, empow- minded people for classes, workshops, lectures and erment and transformation. Classes, CT special events. See ad, page 4. 1092 High Ridge Road | Stamford, 06905 workshops and healing arts serv-ices 7efitspact1@gmail.com | i nwww.7efitspa.com include yoga, m dfulness meditation, Reiki, life coaching, women’s wellness/empowerment, holistic education, corporate wellness and creative arts.

Diet Master • Oxygen Bar • Reiki Dermalogica Facials Oxygen Facials LIFEPATH YOGA • & WELLNESS Nina Antolino, TeethOwner Whitening

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20 North Salem Rd, Cross River, NY 914-763-8000 SternWellnessCenter.com When there is an interference, the body loses its ability to heal. Our goal is to unlock the healing potential within you through holistic approaches; wellness chiropractic and network spinal analysis, massage therapy, integrative nutrition, transformational coaching and reiki healing. Call today for a complimentary wellness consultation.


501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford, NY 914-218-3113 SlowMedicine.org Promoting and supporting health and wellness; facilitating community-centered experiential and reflective learning for individuals, families, and groups, by offering educational programs, events, and resources designed to build integrative skills and understanding for those looking to holistically care for themselves, others, and the world in which we live. Transformative programs, holistic medicine, psychospiritual counseling; women’s, men’s and couples groups, garden co-op, cleansing program; special 12-week “immersion”. See ad, page 25.


6 Green Hill Rd, Washington Depot 860-619-2788 ValleySpiritCoop.com Valley Spirit offers classes in hatha, yin, and vinyasa yoga. Emphasis is on alignment, relaxation tools and modifications for practitioners. We provide a friendly, comfortable and supportive environment. All levels of experience are welcome. Classes for beginners and seniors are noted on our weekly schedule. We are also offering a pilates infused yoga fusion class midweek. We will be adding more advanced classes to our listings soon. Please check our website for changes. Spark Your Spirit! See ad, back cover.

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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) offers safe, FDA approved full body or breast screening.

Non Invasive • No Radiation • Possible 8 years earlier detection vs mammogram • Clinical imaging for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries. Rachel Mazzarelli ms,cct



Offices throughout Fairfield County, New Haven, Milford, Southbury, Brewster and Cross River, NY

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mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~Swami Sivananda


Positive Psychology Suggests Action as a Fear Antidote


by Angela Pascopella

s the nation steps forward with newly inaugurated President Donald Trump—who comes into office with a controversial recent history of denying truths and casting aspersions on religious, ethnic and other groups—local psychotherapists offer hope in the form of positive action. As one of our past presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, said long ago, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” “Isn’t that great?” says counselor Elizabeth Driscoll Jorgensen, director of Insight Counseling in Ridgefield, pointing to this famous quote. “It says that action is the antidote to fear. A tenet of positive psychology is that you can’t just sit in a corner and meditate [a problem away]. You have to do kind things, find an activity that gives you happiness, that gives you flow. Everyone can follow Teddy Roosevelt’s words.” In so doing, we all practice positive psychology.

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology, which splashed on the psychotherapy scene over a decade ago, is a branch of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on the strengths that enable people and communities to thrive. It’s not the psychology that picks apart what is wrong and talks about problems. Instead, positive psychology shifts the focus to what is right and how to use strengths. The field is based on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. Dr. Martin Seligman, director of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Positive Psychology Center, is the founder of positive psychology. He discovered that you can create depression by “learned helplessness,” Jorgensen says. Seligman is expanding the practice to education, health and neurosci-

ence, and has already applied his research to teachers and students, U.S. Army personnel, athletes and others. Whether you’re a conservative or liberal, whether you voted for Trump or not, he is now the U.S. president and we all must accept it, the experts say. Like all challenges in life, once we accept “what is,” we can then start moving toward creating a happier reality. “The shock will diminish in time and a reconnection to one’s personal power will resume if we allow it,” explains Sharon Diaz, a therapist and author in Shelton. “Pain is often a catalyst for change and it can foster individual and collective revolution and evolution.” For example, if we view Trump as someone unwilling to recognize his own faults or be self-reflective, then it can trigger us to look at ourselves in the mirror to consider our own dysfunctional thoughts or behaviors and our own sense of entitlement. “It is a call to action on many levels. His role and purpose in life is just as important as our own individual role and purpose,” Diaz says. “We can’t experience happiness by being a victim of life. We must take charge of who we are, how we cope, what we give, how we receive, and our willingness to open to others and take action.” When people practice positive psychology, they search for meaning or purpose in life and creating a sense of happiness and contentment. “It’s not a ‘Pollyanna’ approach to life,” Diaz says. “Nor is it grandiosity. It’s not about the denial of the reality of our own and others’ dysfunction, but a challenge to be in the right, loving relationship to ourselves and others.” Diaz adds that humans need each other in addition to plants, animals, insects and the Earth and its atmosphere. “Without relating, we only exist and cannot flourish or grow,” she says. And people can learn and practice certain tools that can allow them to see more opportunity, says Megan McDonough, CEO of the WholeBeing Institute in Massachusetts. The educational organization trains practitioners in using positive psychology in their coaching and therapy practices, or as consultants for business. “As we cultivate the good, we’re able to see more opportunities and it increases our creativity; it increases our positivity and our problem solving,” McDonough explains.

Incorporating Positive Goals

There are some core skills of positive psychology that can work for every day. This is not a disease model, for example, in which we talk about what is wrong. Positive psychology is about a healthy model, focusing on human strengths and confidence. It’s not about reinforcing negative thoughts, or continuing to feel like a victim, but acting and being thoughtful about what actions we take. Exercise can support this; it actually builds brain cells in the area that helps boost mood and cognition, Jorgensen adds. Accepting What is Happening What is our experience in the present moment? “Most inner turmoil comes from resistance to how your life is right now,” Diaz says. “We fight rather than surrender to the truth of the moment.” So we should honor our emotions, she declares. “If we are sad, we need to allow ourselves to grieve because


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Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

of what we no longer have in our life. If we are angry, we need to set a boundary for ourselves or with others. If we are afraid, we must protect ourselves or flee the situation. And if we are happy, share the joy.” We must also acknowledge the “ugly” parts we sometimes don’t know we have, Diaz continues. In order to change for the better, we must recognize thoughts and behaviors that interfere with our ability to cope with whatever life condition we are facing. She adds that people must distinguish between “madeup” and “true-life” dangers, such as pollution, limited earth resources or the extinction of species. For example, one of her clients became a beekeeper to help repopulate the honeybee population, given the recent years of collapse. “It brought her much pleasure and happiness, especially when she shared the delicious honey with others,” Diaz explains.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president, 1901-1909 Mindfulness Staying in the moment is a key element to any happy life. For example, Jorgensen sometimes takes her patients—some of whom are addicted to drugs—on hikes in the woods or overnight camping trips. “It’s a mindful hike where you focus on being where your feet are,” she says. “It would be so easy to think about your day, and… what you have to do. There is no cell phone. There is no technology. And we take them on a semi-challenging hike; if you don’t stay where your feet are, you’re going to slip and you’re going to fall.” Jorgensen forces them to observe their surroundings by asking questions, such as the different tree species they are seeing on the hike or the different bird calls they are hearing. It keeps them mindful and open to another world. “I can have a media-addicted pasty kid who has never been in the outdoors and teach him mindfulness, to listen to the sounds of nature,” she explains. “I’m pretty biased, but if people are in nature with a kindly guide, they get in touch with something that is innate.” Character Strengths and Virtues Honesty, integrity and doing for others is important. “Happiness is the byproduct of right living,” the Greek philosopher Socrates once said. Jorgensen cautions that pleasure, which is fleeting, is not the same as happiness, which doesn’t leave. Character can be in the form of treating others the way you want to be treated, or the golden rule. And a tenet of being happy—whether you have a lot of money or not—is giving to others, such as an old coat, guidance or encouraging words. “The happy people with money give their money away or watch others experience the joy with that money,” she says. “Part of unhappiness is the prison of ourselves,” Jorgensen says. “When we are inside ourselves and lack any other feedback or experience, we don’t experience wisdom or joy; we tend to become negative.”

natural awakenings

Diaz adds that, as a giver, we must also accept receiving; otherwise feelings of resentment may bubble over. “Life satisfaction wanes when we aren’t being replenished,” she says. “I learned my greatest lesson in receiving from complete strangers, simply because I asked.” Resilience Resilience is the key ability of each individual to bounce back—to regain equilibrium—when the going gets difficult, as it naturally will at points during the course of a lifetime. “People are born with varied levels of natural resilience,” Jorgensen explains. If someone is struggling with a past traumatic experience, or just fearful over what the future holds, it’s vital to look back to a time when the person was struggling with a problem and did overcome it. “You have to bring them back to a point in life where they did have resilience,” she says. “Suffering comes to all of us. If you haven’t given up yet, you are resilient.” Finding Flow It’s doing anything that absorbs our thoughts. Human beings are most happy when they are active and working or playing to their potential. It can be sports, music, coloring or just doing a tough crossword puzzle. “This is a proven truth. People are not happy when they have tons of leisure time and tons of money and do nothing with it,” Jorgensen adds.

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psychotherapy with intuitive guidance in Combining the best of traditional psychotherapy with working with children, teens and adults. intuitive guidance in working with children, teens and adults. Offices in Wilton, Westport and Fairfield. Offices in Wilton, Westport and Fairfield. www.victoriashawpsychotherapy.com

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Phil Today! SPIRE Gives Roots andCall Wings We will Gladly Provide

We will Gladly Provide At the Wellbeing Institute, McDonough References References says, practitioners learn howCT CTto Lic.coach 55081C Lic. 55081C Fully Insured others to be their best selvesFully byInsured what’s called SPIRE. Similar to the positive psychology tenets, the acronym stands for: piritual, or having meaning and purpose in life; hysical, or taking care of our bodies and understanding the mind-body connection; ntellectual, or engaging curiosity and being open to experiences; elational, or cultivating solid relationships with people we love and who love us back; and motional well-being, or making choices that elevate our positivity and build resiliency.


Commercial Green Cleaning Available for HOME! SNO = Safe-Natural-Organics Safe enough to clean Appliances, Counters, Stainless & Chrome. Tough enough to Remove Dirt, Oils & Pet Stains from Carpeting, Floors & Blankets. SNO works great to remove Wine & Coffee Stains from Linens, Clothing & Laundry. SNO gets rid of all odors. Use for Pets Carriers, Diaper Hampers & Pails, Gym - Diaper Bags. SNO is Safe Around Children & Pets. 100% Plant Based Kosher Certified Ingredients. Made from Citrus Essential Oils Free of Dyes & Perfumes. Manufactured in USA FDA Food Grade Facility.

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Using SPIRE, a coach elicits a past time when a patient was at his or her best; they then use that approach to engage the person to better approach daily challenges. It’s a fundamental shift in how to work with people. Instead of facing every day with a list of problems and things to do, we need to be grateful for what we do have. Counting our blessings instead of burdens is evidence-based, McDonough states. When we look at our relationships with others, consider where we focus our attention. If the focus is on what’s wrong with our partner, then that aspect gets bigger, McDonough explains. “It’s learning how to use the lens of our focus or attention.” McDonough suggests people take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. It’s a self-assessment that provides information to help people to understand their core characteristics. Most personality tests focus on negative and neutral traits, but the VIA survey focuses on best qualities. Pessimism comes with three facets: pervasive, permanent and personal. “Many people are feeling sad, left out and disenfranchised by what’s happening in government,” McDonough says. “When we look with that pessimistic view, it doesn’t help us. We not only want to help our clients and students, but ourselves… that we can lift ourselves where we become constructive advocates aiming for our highest and best selves.” “Without hope, we have no belief that something can be achieved,” Diaz concludes. “Close to half the population believe that Trump will be a good president. The other half does not believe it. We can’t place hope in what we don’t believe, so we can either change the belief or place a desire and hope toward something else to achieve what we do believe.” Angela Pascopella is a 26-year journalism veteran and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings. She resides in Fairfield County and is the editor of a national, monthly trade publication.

Resources • Insight Counseling, InsightCounselingLLC.com • UPenn Positive Psychology Center, PPC.Sas.UPenn.edu • VIA Institute on Character, VIACharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey • WholeBeing Institute, WholeBeingInstitute.com/Megan-McDonough

Positive Steps for Happiness Shelton-based therapist Sharon Diaz offers five steps to a happier life:

1 2

Start with a Decision. We have a right to be here. We should be asking what we want and what steps we are willing to take to make sure it happens.

Self-assess. What are our strengths? What are our negative thoughts? What are our beliefs about relationships? What are we willing to let go of or forgive? And what are we responsible for?


Communicate. I have a right to express myself assertively, and if I don’t know how, I will learn. I show compassion and empathy and understanding to myself and others. I am willing to take a stand against what I no longer tolerate, or if it harms me or others.

4 5

Access Our Power. We are the owners of our own sense of power, but do not confuse control with power. We need to trust and follow our intuition.

Detach from the Outcome. “We can’t berate ourselves for not always being happy, content or joyful,” Diaz says. “When we accept all of our experiences, we can flourish because we are not judging them. We learn from them to evolve.”

Thousands of Years of Food Wisdom in Twelve Months The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition Offering a one-year Certification in Sustainable Health & Nutrition This innovative school integrates the Science of Nutrition with:

Time in the Garden learning to Grow nourishing food and herbs

Moving into the Kitchen to create delicious food

Using Food and Herbs to make Kitchen Medicine


Tuition Ass istance Ava ilable, Apply Early

Identifying and using nutrient dense Wild Foods in delicious dishes

Embark on this life-altering journey and be part of the movement to change the paradigm of our food for future generations. Join our experienced staff one weekend a month as you use hands on education to delve into and explore diverse aspects of how food and herbs enhance the health of your clients, family, yourself and the environment.

Now Accepting Applications for 2017-18. Call 860-764-9070 Today! • West Granby, CT • www.tiosn.com 76

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natural awakenings


Most of you reading this may already be In fact, here’s what some Lighten Up How Is Lighten Up Different? battling your weight gain and managing havewhat said:some Lighten Up patients Most of you reading this may already be Inpatients fact, here’s Is Lighten to UpWork Different? •How Guaranteed ou battling reading this maywith already be In fact, what some Lighten Up patients How Is your diseases medication. your weight gain and managing yourhere’s have said: Lighten Up Different? “I lost 25 pounds in 40 days. I have gone  Guaranteed to Work • Permanent Results ur weight gain and managing have said: I see it every day. The reality 1 out of diseases with medication. I your seeisitthat every day.  Guaranteed to Work down 3 pant sizes. I didn’t feel tired. I  Permanent Results ith The medication. itofevery day. are obese 3 Americans or overweight. Men “I lost 25 pounds in 40 days. I have gone down 3 • Doctor Supervised reality is thatI see 1are outobese 3 Americans  Permanent Results almost felt the pounds just melting off  Doctor Supervised pant sizes. didn’t tired. or 1 overweight. Men and women continually s that out 3 Americans arestruggle obese with andofwomen continually weight, “I lost 25 pounds in 40 Idays. Ifeel have goneI almost down 3felt the • Easy to Do of me. I have environmental allergies and  Easy to Do  Doctor Supervised meltingI almost off of felt me. theI have with or five days a pounds four orspending fivecontinually daysfour a week at the pant sizes. I didn’t just feel tired. ght. struggle Menspending and weight, women • Fully Customized usually start getting injections before allergy  Fully environmental start getting  Easy to DoCustomized week gym at the 30 40 minutes. The pounds melting allergies off of and me.usually I have for 30gym to 40foror minutes. The of just h weight, spending four five todays aapproach • Pre-Tested usingusing State of the season begins. Since I was on the plan, injections before allergy season begins. Since I  Pre-Tested State of the Art approach of exercising more and eating less is  Art Fully Customized allergies and usually start getting exercising and eating The less isenvironmental not effece gym for 30 tomore 40 minutes. Technology was on get the the plan, I didn’t get the allergy I didn’t allergy symptoms. I feel not effective for many. More and more patients Technology injections allergy season begins. Since I tive more for many. andless moreispatients are before using State of the Art f exercising andMore eating Natural symptoms. I feelhealthier, wonderfulI now, healthier, I have  • AllPre-Tested are taking more and more drugs without anyone wonderful now, have more energy  All Natural was on the plan, I didn’t get the allergy taking moreand andmore more drugs without anyone more energy and motivation, and am planning to e fortomany. More patients Technology help them find the “CAUSE” of their problem. I and • No or Surgery and amhealthier, planning to particiDrugs No Drugs or Surgery symptoms. I feelmotivation, wonderful now, IP.have help them find the “CAUSE” of their probmoreknew and to more drugs without anyone participate in my first 5K race!” –Lisa  All Natural there had to be an answer…. pate in my first 5K race!” –Lisa P. • No Hormones  No Hormones more energy and motivation, and am planning to I knewofthere to be anIanswer…. m find the lem. “CAUSE” theirhad problem.  No Drugs or Surgery No Shots participate in my first 5K race!” –Lisa P. • NoShots had to an40answer…. In be only days, my doctor lost 60 lbs. of fat,  No Hormones In only 40 days, my doctor lost 60 lbs. No Pre-Packaged Foods or Shakes • NoPre-Packaged Foods or Shakes gained back 14.5 lbs. of muscle without of fat, gained back 14.5 lbs. of muscle  No Shots  No Meetings exercise, and cured diabetes! of • No Meetings days, mywithout doctor lost 60hisand lbs. of fat,hisBecause exercise, cured diabetes!  No  Pre-Packaged No Exercise Foods or Shakes his dramatic results, I began to say, “Hey, doc, ck 14.5 Because lbs. ofof his muscle without • No Exercise dramatic results, I began  Meetings Absolutely No Hunger  No whateverhisyou’re doing, Because I want to of offer it to my nd cured diabetes! • Absolutely No Hunger to say, “Hey, doc, whatever you’re doing, I patients too!” It’s called the Lighten Up Fat-Loss  No Exercise c results, want I began to say, “Hey, doc, months since I completed the program and I am System. to offer it to my patients too!” It’s called program Absolutely No Hunger maintaining weight and mymynew eating life andmy I am maintaining weight ou’re doing, I want to offer it to my the Lighten Up Fat-Loss System. style. My family has also made this shift and and my new eating life style. My family !” It’s called the Lighten Up Fat-Loss All fat storage, fat burning, metabolism, months since I foods completed the program and I since am enjoys the that we eat. My wife has also has also made this shift and enjoys the All fat storage, fat burning, metabolism, appetite, cravings, and yes, blood sugar, are maintaining my weight and my new eating making changes lost 15 lbs. as well (not thatlife she foods that we eat. My wife has also since appetite, and yes, bloodsystem. sugar, regulated by cravings, your neuro-endocrine style. needed My family and to!) buthas we allalso feel made healthierthis andshift are making changes lost 15 lbs. asblood well (notsugar that has are regulated bymetabolism, your orage, fat burning, The Lighten Up system usesneuro-endocrine a newly developed I am 6'2" and was nearing 250 lbs. I thoughtenjoysmaking better foodthatchoices. the foods we eat. My wife has also since I am 6'2" and was nearing 250 lbs. I thought that it she needed to!) but we all feel healthier and system. The Lighten Up system uses a to that it was my destiny to be this way and there FDA class 2yes, device termed “CERF Technology” ravings, and blood sugar, are normalized My blood making changes along lost 15with lbs.myascholesterol. well (not that she was my destiny to be this way and there was no way are making better food choices. My blood newly developed class including 2 device termed test over 5000 cellular FDA variables, toxins, was no way for me to lose that kind of weight, pressure is being monitored but under control by your neuro-endocrine system. needed to!) but we all feel healthier and are making me to lose that kind of weight, especially in the sugar well. What a difference in my I invested haschoices. normalized withlife! my hormones, and developed other thatcelaffect forespecially “CERF Technology” to testfactors over 5000 in the 40 days they were talking better asfood Upminerals, system uses a newly Myalong blood sugar hasin 40 days they were talking about. How could my health and it worked! -Tom B. everyone’s ability to lose weight, to determine I am 6'2" and was nearing 250 lbs. I thought that it cholesterol. My blood pressure is being lular variables, including toxins, minerals, about. How someone evencalories surviveaon device termed “CERF Technology” to normalized along with my cholesterol. My blood someone even could survive on only 500 day? what’shormones, out of balance in your body washow my to500 be this wayaways and there was noinBut, way but monitored under control well. control andincluding other factors thatand affect ev-todestiny calories day? It seemed some 00 cellular variables, toxins, It only seemed in some impossible. with all monitored pressure is being butasunder bring eryone’s it backability into tobalance. By naturally refor me to lose that kind of weight, especially in the WhatWhat a difference in my in life!myI invested in lose weight, determine that ways impossible. all that being tosaid, being said, I wentBut, for with it. The day came begin as well. a difference life! I invested in ormones, and other factors that affectto your calibrating these unique variables, body they 40 and days were talking about. How could my health and it worked! -Tom B. what’s out of balance in your body and I never looked back! I was not hungry at all I went for it. The day came to begin and I my health and it worked! -Tom B. ability to lose weight, to determine instantly and rapidly sheds the fat safely,someone restores even survive onback! only 500 calories a day? the program and truly learned how to bring it back into balance. By nat- throughout never looked I was not hungry at how all to of balance your body andand how to a process a healthyinmetabolic status, through It seemed in some ways impossible. But, with all eat differently. The foods that I thought I couldn't re-calibrating these unique throughout the program and truly learned ack called into urally balance. By(look naturally re- variables, “autophagy” it up online) begins to said, live without I have weretonot helping me that being I went it. learned The daythat came begin your body instantly and rapidly sheds the fat how to eatfordifferently. The foods that I these unique variables, your body and I nevertolooked reverse disease. live! I took off I40was lbs. not in 40hungry days! My wife back! at all and I safely, restores a healthy metabolic status, thought I couldn't live without I have learned d rapidly sheds the fat safely, restores throughoutcould not believe the weight came off the program andhow trulyfast learned how to and through a process called “autophagy” werethe notareas helpingthat methe to live! I took off 40 This status, doctor-supervised involves no ofthat me--in computer program etabolic and through asystem process eat differently. The foods that I thought I couldn't (look it up online) begins to reverse disease. Dr. Edward Corsello, DC is the only doctor in CT lbs. in 40 days! My wife and I could not behunger, no cravings, no necessary exercise, no predicted! I was dedicated to the program, phagy” (look it up online) begins to live without I have learned that were not helping me licensed to offer the Lighten Up Fat-Loss System. drugs, and no prepackaged foods or shakes to followed it to a tee as directed, drank all the water lieve how fast the weight came off of mease. This doctor-supervised system involvestono40 I took offwas 40 lbs. 40 days! My wife and I that told in tothat drink steadily transformed buy, all while allowing you to lose to20live! -inIthe areas theand computer program my His office is located at 2021 Main Street, hunger, cravings, no necessary exercise, could not believe fastMythe weight camefitoff body in 40how days. clothes notolonger me and I Stratford, CT. By calling 203-381-1800 and pounds in 40no days and reset your metabolism predicted! I was dedicated the program, r-supervised system involves no of me--in the areas that the computer no drugs, and no prepackaged foods or forced to buy new shirts andprogram pants for work. mentioning Natural Awakenings, the caller will so you keep the weight off! The system’s was followed to a tee as directed, drank all the Dr. Edward Corsello, DC is the only doctor in CT cravings, no necessary no program predicted! I waswhoitdedicated the loss program, Edward Corsello, DC is the only doctor in shakes to all exercise, while allowing you to is People noticed the to weight told me that I Dr. receive a comprehensive weight loss analysis effectiveness liesbuy, in the fact that each water that I was told to drink and steadily licensed to offer the Lighten Up Fat-Loss System. looked healthy and I have been complimented in a no prepackaged foods or shakes to followed it to a tee as directed, drank all the water CT licensed$99, to offer Lighten Fat-Loss lose 20 40individual. pounds in 40 days and reset (usually $29thewith thisUpad). For more customized fortothe transformed mysteadily body 40 days. My clothes way I never heardinbefore saying: "you His have office isHislocated at 2021 Main thatweight I was told tothat drink and transformed my information, visit ile allowing to loseso20 40 the System. officecorselloclinic.com/lighten-up. is located at 2021 MainStreet, your you metabolism youtokeep no longer fit looking me and I longer was forced to buy nearly such healthy It fit hasme been 6 Street,CT. in 40 days. My clothes noskin!" and I Stratford, By CT. calling 203-381-1800 40 days and reset your metabolism Stratford, By calling 203-381- and off! The system’s effectiveness liesbody in the new shirts and pants for work. People who wasforforced Natural Awakenings, the caller will eep the fact weight off!program The system’s 1800 and mentioning Natural Awakenthat each is customized the to buy new shirts and pants for work. mentioning noticed the weight loss told me that I looked People who noticed the weight loss told me that I receive a comprehensive weight loss analysis ings, the caller will receive a comprehens lies in the fact that each program is individual. healthy and I have been complimented ina a (usually looked healthy and I have been complimented in $99, $29 with this ad). $99, For more sive weight loss analysis (usually for the individual. way that I never heardsaying: before saying: "you information, way that I never heard before "you have $29 withvisit thiscorselloclinic.com/lighten-up. ad). For more information, suchskin!" healthyItlooking skin!"nearly It has been such healthyhave looking has been 6 visit corselloclinic.com/lighten-up. eNaturalAwakenings.com 2017 nearly 6 months since I completed the 77

How to Create the Life You Want

Empowerment Using the Laws of Attraction by Darlene Alvarez Maddern


hat if there was a way of thinking and being in the world that empowered us to believe we could be, do and have whatever we want in life. What if there was a way of thinking about ourselves and our connections that empowered us to believe that we have within us the “energy that creates worlds.” Would we feel empowered? Many of the questions we ask ourselves over the course of our lives start with “how do I…”. The topics are endless. They include everything from learning how to ride a bike as a child to how to be a successful parent, partner and/or entrepreneur. We seek how to be healthy, how to be happy and so on. The quest to


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know “how” begins at a young age and continues throughout our lifetime. Really what we’re seeking is empowerment. We’re looking for the information, systems, techniques and ways of being that give us the power to create what we desire. To be empowered is to feel as if we have the ability, the knowhow and belief to achieve, accomplish and create what we want. To be empowered is to be inspired to action. The “Law of Attraction” (LOA) provides an answer to the “how to” questions, regardless of what the desire is. It provides a spiritual philosophy with steps and thought processes that, when followed, inspire and empower

people to action and manifestation of their focused desires. The LOA is based on the idea that like attracts like, that what we focus on we draw to us. The LOA states that everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts. For years, the science of quantum physics has provided research that shows our thoughts are energy. Focusing our thoughts on what we want and what makes us happy emits an electronic vibration that is attracted to like energy. The like frequency or vibration that is drawn to us creates situations, circumstances, ideas and actions in line with our desires and leads us toward manifestation. The movie and book, The Secret, gives people an introduction and understanding of the LOA’s basics. It helps many people manifest and create the things they want in their life, such as loving relationships, career, travel, a healthy body or money. While this information creates a great shift and helps people transform their lives, there is much more to learn about how the LOA can inspire, empower and transform our lives further. The LOA, as offered by Gerry and Esther Hicks in Ask and It Is Given, speaks to our spiritual connection. Everything that exists is energy, and the energy that created everything, Source— some may call it God, Goddess, Allah, All That Is, Divine Intelligence or something else—is also a part of everything; it is a part of who and what we are. We cannot separate ourselves from the energy that “created worlds”, or the energy that is in everything. What that means is while we exist in these bodies, the greater part of ourselves is our higher self and is Source. It is the idea that we

are a spirit with a body rather than a body with a spirit. The Hicks go on to say that the Source within us sees us as pure love. Source always loves, cherishes and sees us as worthy of everything we desire; love and well-being flows to us all the time. There is no shame or blame. There is no punishment or judgment. There is only love. We are here to enjoy the expanded consciousness of this time and place, which has never been before and will not come again. When we feel appreciation and gratitude, when we care and love, when we feel happy or joyful, we are in alignment with Source. In our alignment, we allow then what we are focused on to come into our experience. That is when the Universe responds with synchronicity, whether it is being in the right place at the right time or getting an inspired idea about how or what to do. Alignment inspires the actions and allows the “cooperative components” to come in to position to manifest our desires. In our alignment, the place of focused attention and feeling good, we are empowered with the inspiration to act, to create our desires. The LOA, mindfulness, and the power of awareness and of positive thinking all have the same underlying basic tenets: be aware of our thoughts; focus on what we want; be positive; have feelings of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude; and know that we are all connected. When people are of that mindset and feeling, the experiences and actions that follow are a reflection of joy, love and well-being. Study after study continues to show the correlation between our thoughts and what we manifest in our bodies and in our life experience. Positive thoughts are shown to bring happy, joyful experiences and have a positive impact on our physical health. The opposite is well researched also. Thoughts and feelings of negativity, insecurity, unworthiness and stress have been shown to have negative impact on our lives and physical health. According to Daniel Goleman, in A Force for Good, The Dali Lama’s Vision for our World, “Mindfulness…has now been empirically tested in hundreds of studies outside its traditional uses. The psychological benefits of monitoring the mind in this nonjudgmental, nonreactive way range from lessening the severity of eating disorders, deep anxiety and depression to enhancing concentration in those with attention deficit disorder.” The LOA empowers and inspires. It provides a way of thinking and feeling that leads to a sense of belonging, a feeling of being loved and of self-love. When the practices are followed, they create an inspiration to act, to create, to manifest what makes us happy. Understanding the power of our thoughts, how to focus them to manifestation is empowering. It is a roadmap for “how to” in this life. But, ultimately, to be empowered is to make the choice to be so. Darlene Alvarez Maddern is an empowerment life coach, speaker, teacher and mentor. She is a QSCA-certified Law of Attraction life coach and trainer. She offers one-on-one coaching, online workshops and seminars. Connect at 860-4882619, DAMaddern@gmail.com and CreateWithYourThoughts. com. See ad, page 13.

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Transforming the Way Women Relate to Men An Interview with Alison Armstrong by April Thompson


or 25 years, relationship expert Alison Armstrong has worked to evolve society by changing the way women relate to men. Her yearning to understand the opposite sex was born from personal challenges, including a failed marriage in her 20s. She began studying men on her own, at the age of 30, beginning with the question, “What if men are responding to women?” What started out as a personal inquiry has become a lifelong pursuit and she’s shared her findings with millions of men and women worldwide. Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of PAX Programs, addresses gender differences, sexuality and relationships. She has written three books, including The Queen’s Code, and speaks to interpersonal insights through workshops, webinars and teleclasses, including free recordings and articles at UnderstandMen.com. Armstrong and her second husband have been happily married for 23 years and now live in Colorado.

what works for us. When that doesn’t get the response we’re expecting, we usually draw incorrect conclusions and act in counterproductive ways. For example, men and women relate to feelings differently. Women often make life decisions based on their feelings about something or someone. To men, who tend to rely on facts and set aside feelings, this approach can seem irrational, and relating to women as irrational has predictably bad outcomes.

Where does a couple best start to heal the communication divide? Which core differences between men and women cause everyday misunderstandings? The biggest source of mischief is denying that differences exist at all. Both men and women tend to assume that each is a version of the other, which creates significant misunderstandings. We interact with our partners by doing or saying

The most powerful thing men and women can do is to address misunderstandings with openness and curiosity rather than assuming we know why our partner did or said something. We should ask ourselves, “What if there’s a good reason for that?” Don’t assume that what’s true for her is also true for him, and vice versa. Once a couple chooses to give each other the benefit of the doubt, a

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natural awakenings

few simple changes can further open up communication. Saying “I need” instead of “I want” will make a huge difference. Because being “needy” is considered unattractive, women avoid this word, not realizing that it connects with a man’s instinct to provide. When asking for something, it’s important to say what it would provide us. For him, there needs to be a reward equal to or greater than the energy he’ll have to expend. Years ago, I described to my husband in colorful detail the experience of falling into the toilet in the middle of the night; he took it upon himself to make sure that never again happens to the women he loves.

What’s the secret to navigating partners’ differing needs and drives for physical intimacy? The secret is to stop leaving our sex lives to the whims of biology, or making decisions based on whether we “feel like it.” Waiting for a time when both partners feel like it, the kids are at Grandma’s and we’re not too tired leads to sex happening too rarely. Delicious sexual partnerships begin when we decide to stop waiting and instead work on creating the circumstances that put us in the mood. One example is learning to offer “dessert”. Using the desire for food as a metaphor for the desire for sex, we’re often trying to eat together when only one partner is hungry. But dessert sounds delicious anytime; examples might be massage or kissing or other physical activities. Find out what reliably perks up a partner’s interest and put that on the menu.

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How can a woman satisfy a man’s desire to provide without sacrificing her independence? American culture tells women that being low-maintenance matters most. Yet, when we allow our partners to fulfill our needs, it can help us unlock our own greatness, as well as theirs. Men are driven to provide for their loved ones and denying them such opportunities takes away their life’s pursuit, which can be emasculating. By asking for what we need, women create opportunities for partnership, satisfaction and fulfillment for both partners. When we allow the men in our life to contribute to us and learn to receive graciously, we discover that it doesn’t diminish our power. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at AprilWrites.com.

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KISSED BY KINDNESS Masson/Shutterstock.com

by Emily Esfahani Smith


sychologist Ty Tashiro reports in The Science of Happily Ever After that only three in 10 couples remain in healthy, happy marriages. Psychologist John Gottman, in New York City, has studied couples for four decades seeking to understand successful relationships. He and his psychologist wife, Julie, founded The Gottman Institute that helps couples build and maintain loving, healthy relationships based on scientific studies. Using data from his Love Lab at the University of Washington, John separated thousands of couples into two groups: masters (still happy after six years) and disasters (separated or chronically unhappy in their marriages). One of Gottman’s studies watched 130 newlywed vacationing couples and found that partners regularly made bids for connection, requesting responses

from their mate. Choices to “turn toward” or “turn away” revealed the level of engagement and respect in the relationship. Couples that divorced within six years had shown “turn toward” bids a third of the time while couples still together responded to their partner’s emotional need nine times out of 10. An integral element is the spirit couples bring to the relationship: kindness and generosity or contempt, criticism and hostility. “There’s a key habit of mind that the masters have,” Gottman explains. “They are scanning the social environment for things they can appreciate and express thanks for. Disasters are scanning for partners’ mistakes.” People focused on criticizing miss 50 percent of positive things their partners are doing and see negativity when it’s absent. Deliberately ignoring

their partner or responding minimally to opportunities for small moments of emotional connection devalues and kills a relationship. Kindness, conversely, glues couples together, making each partner feel cared for, understood, validated and loved. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that the more someone receives or witnesses kindness, the more they will be kind themselves, creating upward spirals of love and generosity. Practicing kindness during a fight is vital. Letting contempt and aggression spiral out of control during a conflict can inflict irrevocable damage. “Kindness doesn’t mean that we don’t express anger,” Julie explains, “But it informs how we choose to express it. You can either throw spears or explain why you’re hurt and angry, which is the kinder path.” Kindness can also solidify the backbone of a relationship by being generous about our partner’s intention and avoiding misinterpreting what’s motivating their behavior. “Even if it’s executed poorly, appreciate the intent,” Tashiro advises. Clearly, if we want to have a stable, healthy relationship, exercise kindness early and often and let a spirit of generosity guide happy years together. Emily Esfahani Smith is the author of The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters. Connect at EmilyEsfahaniSmith.com or on Twitter @emesfahanismith. 

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otal Life Care Center was founded in 1997 by Beth Leas on the premise that a single candle burns brighter in a gathering. Today TLC is Fairfield County’s largest holistic health network, with more than 90 independent members. Total Life Care Center is dedicated to holistic health by providing you with highly trained and experienced integrative health care practitioners.

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Healing & Stress Reduction Hilda M. Swaby

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John of God Crystal Bed Healing ◊ Promote mind, body, and spiritual healing ◊ Stimulate development of inner senses for spiritual awareness ◊ Balance the chakras and subtle bodies and heal the psyche ◊ Rebalance frequencies in the body’s electromagnetic fields

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In the O-Zone Oxygen Therapy Heals a Host of Ills by Valerie Burke

Sebastian Kaulitzki/Shutterstock.com


s safe and trusted as hyperbaric (high pressure) oxygen therapy, ozone therapy also harnesses the healing power of oxygen. Since the 1950s, its popularity has increased around the world. Today, more than 45,000 physicians in 50 countries administer ozone therapy to address ailments ranging from endodontic infections and herniated disk pain to arterial plaque and Lyme disease. According to the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, the widespread medical use of ozone began in Germany and has since spread across Europe as an alternative treatment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The academy notes that allopathic physicians caution against ozone therapy largely due to misinformation and a lack of understanding regarding its efficacy, side effects, expense and safety, even though published international studies as well as U.S. clinical trials have shown it can be used instead of more expensive and dangerous methods such as surgery or pharmaceuticals. Therapeutic ozone has a sound safety record and no toxic effects have been observed from proper clinical use (Journal of the American Medical Association). Occasional reported side effects are slight 84

weakness, dizziness or drowsiness for short periods of time during or after treatment. Rare allergic skin reactions like nettle rash are possible with local applications, although occurrences are mild and quick to resolve. Ozone is an oxidant. Ozone therapy, like exercise, creates health benefits by delivering measured doses of oxidative stress that activate the body’s internal antioxidant systems. The primary natural enzyme in ozone therapy is superoxide dismutase, which stimulates another enzyme called telomerase that keeps DNA young by maintaining the telomere at the end of each DNA strand. A study from Cuba’s University of Havana of herniated disc patients found that ozone therapy provided both oxidative protection and pain relief. Such properties make medical ozone therapy a safe and effective treatment for many infections. It’s been shown to be particularly effective for sinus and endodontic infections (Iranian Endodonics Journal), osteonecrosis of the jaw, ear infections, hepatitis (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine), cystitis, HIV, intestinal and blood infections and Lyme disease. Staff of the Sophia Health Institute, in Woodinville, Washington, report remarkably fast results treating such chronic complex infections by

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

following intensive intravenous (IV) ozone protocols, with individualized systemic support. Ozonotherapy is a prime treatment for infections, especially viral. Leading experts in oxidative therapy Dr. Robert Rowen, who practices in Santa Rosa, California, and Dr. Howard Robins, director of The Healing Center, in New York City, had good success administering treatment during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. In addition to many patients helped, “It’s been reported that ozone therapy rapidly cured five patients with Ebola during the outbreak,” says Rowen. Ozone therapy is now used to relieve arthritis, neuropathy, degenerative joint and disk disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. A pilot study led by the Universidad de Granada, Spain, saw improvement in the physical and depressive symptoms of fibromyalgia. “Ozone is also effective in treating osteoarthritic knees and, via injection, arthritic hips,” says Rowen. Other individuals describe their experiences of overcoming various diseases using ozone therapy at YouTube.com/user/ RobertRowenMD/videos. One of the most impressive evidence-based applications is relief from the pain of herniated disks, particularly lumbar. More than one meta-analysis deemed ozone treatment an effective and extremely safe procedure, with pain and functional outcomes equal to or better than surgery and far lower complication rates (less than 0.1 percent), along with significantly shorter recovery times (Pain Physician; American Journal of Neuroradiology). According to the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, oxygen/ ozone therapy used in dentistry offers three fundamental forms of applications to treat oral tissue—ozonated water, ozonated olive oil and oxygen/ozone gas. Ozonated water and olive oil have proved to be an ideal delivery system. Non-toxic and simple to generate, ozone therapy is coming of age as a viable option for both the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Valerie Burke is a freelance health writer in Olympia, Washington, versed in integrative medicine with a master’s degree in nursing science.


TOXINS Toxins drive neurological, metabolic (including weight gain), immune and cardiovascular illnesses – and any disease ending in “itis”. We have the knowledge and technology to help your body heal itself. For 25+ years, our patients have enjoyed remarkable success with naturopathic treatments which cleanse, detox, nourish, repair and balance. Call us to schedule an appointment: IC half page ad 12-16.pdf





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9:11 PM












Share the Gift of Yoga

Deepen Your Practice or Become a Yoga Teacher

Mastering Yoga The yoga community in Fairfield County and the Housatonic Valley has never been more vibrant! This section provides connections to studios and teachers in the area, as well as helpful editorial to support your efforts to improve your practice.

Yoga for Grief and Loss Lara A. Ward, Master Teacher Discover through experiential practice the ancient origins to modern yoga including the postures, sequencing, breath work, relaxation & philosophy. Explore with lecture, discussion and hands on yin, yoga nidra, vinyasa, traditional hatha, gentle, kundalini & restorative yoga. Free Meet & Greet offered this month.

Register This Month and Save $100 Off Full Tuition with Promo Code NANH

Fostering Profound Healing and Empowerment


ave you or someone you know experienced loss in your life? If you are human, the answer is probably yes. Loss can mean many things, including life changes such as divorce, loss of body parts and/or functions, loss of a job or house, loss of a pet, loss of safety and of course loss of a family member or friend. There are

many tools and techniques available to help deal with loss and grief. Yoga has proven to be a powerful modality in this regard. Stamford’s Harmony Yoga Studio has been teaching Yoga for Grieving for three years. This workshop initially began after Carol Shwidock, the owner and a Yoga Therapist, lost her husband

Call or Text Lara at 203-837-0122 A YOGA TEACHER ALREADY? 500 Hour & Advanced Training Programs:

• SUPaddleboard Yoga • Yoga for Seniors & Chair • Sequencing for Fluid Flows • Women's Issues • Love and Devotaion of Yoga

Several different styles of yoga classes to choose from throughout the week. Two Beautiful Studio Locations 65 Bank Street, New Milford, CT 168 New Milford Tpke., New Preston, CT

860-868-6707 www.ahyogacenter.com ahyoga@charter.net Trainings in Canton, Seymour & WCS Univ.



Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Anne Hungerford Owner, Director natural awakenings

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ayurveda s Meditation sTeacher Training

New Student Special 30 days Unlimited Practice $59 Guided and Mysore-style classes offered daily. All levels welcome. Join our compassionate community! 49 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield, CT 203-544-8811 www.theyogashalact.com

to liver disease. Shwidock had donated 60 percent of her liver to her husband although there was only a 1 percent chance that she was a match. After 14 months, his original autoimmune disease returned and he passed away. Shwidock created the Healing for Lost and Found Workshop out of her own need for profound healing and has since witnessed healing/empowerment in many others. The Healing for Lost and Found Workshop at Harmony incorporates Five Elements Yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, creative activities, Reiki/ energy work and culminates in Five Elements Yoga Dance. As Shwidock’s teacher and friend Megha Nancy Buttenheim from Kripalu quotes in her book Expanding Joy, Let Your Yoga Dance, “You are a dancer. Even if you’ve been a couch potato, are a computer geek, or have been physically challenged your entire life, you’re still a dancer. You might not be a professional dancer, but you’re a dancer, nonetheless; it’s your birthright.” It is likewise our birthright to be empowered and to find the joy inside us all the time, if we choose to notice it. The question explored in the workshop is how does one find the joy in the dark moments? The answer is through becoming present to the now and being present to all that is being felt in the

healing journey, whether it is sadness, anxiety, depression. These are the waves of loss one goes through; sometimes the waves are powerful and strong and may be very close together. As time passes, the waves get further apart and may not be so intense all the time. How does one become really present? As any yoga practitioner knows, one of the easiest and effective ways is by tuning into the breath. We don’t have to go anywhere to do it! Our breath is always here… in the now… waiting for us to come back… waiting for us to notice… not being stuck in the past or in the future. It is an empowering realization anyone can hold on to in any moment, no matter what they are experiencing. We have the choice in every moment to find the joy. Breath is one way to anchor to the present moment and yoga or dance—or yoga dance—allow us to find and express the joy. In a Yoga Dance class we hear the music, feel the beat, see the movement and respond… in the moment. In a Five Elements Yoga Dance Class we explore Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space through song, through words, through feeling what is present. Most importantly, it is our bodies that respond, not our minds. That is a key for moving through loss; fully inhabiting the body. In a Kripalu Yoga class we focus on the

wisdom of the body. It seems many of us live from the neck up; we are always planning, organizing, thinking, overthinking, etc. For many, this means not listening to the messages of the body. Kripalu means giver of compassion. Can you be compassionate and listen to your body? Can you be present and focus your attention on the small stirrings of the heart, notice without judging and use the breath as an anchor to be in the moment? Healing and empowerment might begin at that very moment. Emotions may be thought of as energy in motion. Once we notice our emotions, we can begin to allow it to be what it is and perhaps find a way to let go, surrender, accept… and maybe then begin to heal. Yoga can help you shift the energy and rediscover a sense of trust. Trusting in a divine presence— something greater than us—and knowing we are not alone is healing and profoundly empowering. For more information on Healing for Lost and Found, Five Elements yoga dance classes, Kripalu group or private classes, corporate yoga classes or beach yoga, please contact Carol Shwidock at 203-962-4672, HarmonYogaStudio@gmail.com and HarmonYogaStudio.com.

JIIVA YOGA SCHOOL 200HR TEACHER TRAINING Aspire to teach, deepen your practice, unlock your potential and transform your understanding of yoga with a mind, body, spirit connection unlike any you have encountered.


10 MONTH SESSION BEGINS MARCH 25TH Register by February 18th to receive a significant early bird discount on tuition More information available at jiivacenter.com





The Monthly Naturally Healthy Pet Section Starts Here!

Happy Furry Home Tips for Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean by Sandra Murphy

H News, articles, resources, events— all dedicated exclusively to happy, naturally healthy living for our furred, feathered and scaled animal companions For information on how you can be a part of a future issue, call

203-885-4674 or email NicoleM@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com


ouseholds with multiple pets abound as families often opt for a mix of companion animals. Currently, more than 70 million dogs, 75 million cats and 6 million birds are kept as pets in the U.S., according to a recent American Pet Products Association survey. While we cherish their affection, downsides include pet hair dust bunnies, scattered litter, spilled seeds and potty accidents. Cleaning up can be easier with training and planning. “Living on the beach, it’s easy for the dog to bring sand indoors, so I taught him to shake it off,” says dog expert and trainer Amy Robinson, in Vero Beach, Florida. “I put water in a bottle and misted it lightly on his head, then gave the cue, ‘Shake,’ and shook my shoulders. He mimicked me and got rid of most of the sand. Brushing him with a towel got the rest.” Once the dog understands the cue, retire the water bottle. “I have a Newfoundland/poodle, a great Pyrenees/poodle and a Labradoodle, so I keep old towels outside the door to wipe dirty feet,” says Kathleen Thometz, owner of Doodle Art & Design, in Western Springs, Illinois. “The Newfoundland can open the door, so I have to catch him before he tracks in muddy paw prints.”

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Thometz keeps their hairbrush with the towels. “I have them groomed regularly, but a quick brush after a walk means I don’t have to vacuum between weekly house cleanings,” she says. “Short hair can be even harder to pick up,” reminds Ryan Riley, cofounder of BizBagz.com, in Los Angeles. “We brush our 50- and 70-pound pit bull mixes outside after play time and they love it.” “Carpets and pets are a challenging combination, especially when pets get older and accidents happen,” observes Amy Bell, an interior decorator at Red Chair Home Interiors, in Cary, North Carolina. “I recommend hard surface flooring, washable slipcovers for furniture and keeping lint brushes by the door.” All-natural, sustainably sourced area rugs or hall runners make it easier for dogs to get around on slick surfaces; be sure the backing can withstand wet accidents. “I use a hair-attracting dry mop to pick up fur on hard floors. It takes me 10 minutes a day to do 2,400 square feet; otherwise, I’d have tumbleweeds of hair blowing around. I use a Quick Vac every two days on area rugs,” says Joan Fradella, a Florida Supreme

Court-certified family mediator in Lantana, Florida. A basset mix, vizla/ Rhodesian ridgeback and boxer/Labrador all shed hair in her house. Fradella also uses a water-soaked microfiber cleaning cloth to remove what she calls sniggle art (dog nose prints) on sliding glass doors. If a hairy cat balks at brushing, try a cat hair removal glove. Some are designed to massage and remove loose hair; others clean up furniture and fabrics. Stick with washable cat or dog bedding and use a removable cover for more frequent laundering. Warming temperatures due to climate change are fostering a rise in flea populations worldwide. Food-grade (not pool-grade) diatomaceous earth sprinkled on a pet’s bedding or the pet itself is safe; the silky powder adversely affects only creatures with hard outer skeletons. Some dogs grab a mouthful of food and join the family, trailing crumbs along the way. Instead, feed them in their crates where they feel at home, allowing 15 minutes to finish. For a dog that eats too fast and then sometimes vomits, use a puzzle-designed feeder so it has to work to get to the food. Fradella uses food and water bowls with wide bottoms because they’re harder to overturn. Stainless steel, washed daily, is best. A waterproof mat with a raised lip helps contain mealtime spills. A static mat removes litter from a cat’s feet upon exiting the litter box. “Dogs can be trained to put away their toys,” advises Robinson. Cats, not so much. Birds are messy, producing floating bits of feathers and scattered seed. A mesh seed catcher will capture most of it; a dry mop gathers up the rest. Bell suggests randomly sprinkling about 15 drops of lavender essential oil on a new air filter before installing it for a fresh scent throughout the house, and regularly changing filters. Multiple pets may necessitate more frequent filter replacements, which also reduces dander and related allergy symptoms. Simple routines and the right tools lead to a safe, healthy home. They also free us up from unnecessary chores to enjoy more time with our beloved pets.

A spacious fully air-conditioned and heated facility outfitted for the safety and comfort of your dog with two fully-supervised outdoor play yards, securely fenced for running, playtime, and socialization with other dogs. OVERNIGHT BOARDING Slumber party style with a staff member present TRAINING CLASSES Puppy Kindergarten, Basic and Advanced Obedience classes LIVE WEBCAMS! Watch your dog from anywhere on your computer, iPad or iPhone.

860-799-7979 90-B Danbury Road, New Milford, CT 06776 info@UnleashedDaycare.com www.UnleashedDaycare.com New Milford area’s only cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility!

Final Journey,


( Pet Euthanasia Service )

Kristen Klie, D.V. M. and Associates

( 203 ) 645-5570 www.finaljourneyllc.com

Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at StLouisFreelanceWriter@ mindspring.com. eNaturalAwakenings.com



We work through the stages in our own time. There are instances in which we seem trapped and cannot work through our grief.

Warning Signs

CONFRONTING LOSS Grieving for a Sick or Dying Pet by Mary Oquendo


hen we are faced with the news that our beloved pet is very sick and our time with them is cut short, we tend to be in a state of shock. From that moment of realization, the five stages of grief are set in motion. • Denial: “This is not happening. This is really NOT happening.” • Anger: “This is not fair. We take good care of our pet. He just had a full check-up six months ago.” • Bargaining: “We can fix this. He will begin daily treatments of xyz.” • Depression: “This is not a mistake. We cannot fix this. We are going to lose him.” • Acceptance: “There is nothing we can do but work through our grief.” While Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross describes five stages of grief in her book, On Death and Dying, many grief counselors add two more. Shock: We feel nothing but disbelief, which may present like a full-body numbness. Guilt: Feeling that this is our fault, asking ourselves why we did not see the signs earlier? Maybe if we had, we could have saved him.


Grief can manifest in many ways. • Physically: This includes crying, shock, lump in throat, lack of energy, disturbing dreams, insomnia, lack of hunger or overeating, body aches, dizziness, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest. Do not quickly disregard the last two as just grief as they are also indications of a heart attack. • Emotionally: There may be confusion, preoccupation with loss, hallucinations, sadness, resentment, guilt and anxiety. • Socially: We may either withdraw or become too dependent on our friends. In addition, we may distract ourselves with extra work. • Spiritually: It may weaken or strengthen spiritual beliefs or move us towards a radically different belief system.

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

• Thoughts of suicide: While grieving, it is normal to have fleeting thoughts of suicide. If these thoughts persist, tell someone. • Panic attacks: They come on suddenly with no discernible pattern. • Depression: Depression and grief are different behaviors. Grief does mimic some symptoms of clinical depression. While grief can run its course without intervention, depression cannot. Sigmund Freud summed it up, as, “In grief, the world looks poor and empty. In depression, the person feels poor and empty.” The healing process can be hindered by such factors as the circumstances surrounding the death, no previous experience with a loss, insensitive comments or multiple losses. A support system is critical in order for grief to run its course.

Support Networks • Supportive family and friends: Avoid those that minimize feelings towards the loss because “it’s just a pet.” • Grief counselors: There are many that specialize in pet bereavement. • Animal communicators: Exercise caution because there are many that will prey on our vulnerability. • Online support: Online resources are valuable especially if our in-person support is not available. Many online organizations provide free or low cost grief counseling, as well as assistance in locating local in-person counselors. In addition, they will offer virtual candle lighting and chat rooms with other people experiencing a loss. Most of these organizations support their websites with online shops selling personalized memorabilia. A listing of current online resources can be found at Tufts.edu/vet/petloss/links.html.

We work through the stages of grief in our own time. There are instances in which we seem trapped and cannot work through our grief. natural awakenings

• Listen to them: Let them talk; it allows them to start moving through the stages. • Send a card: Cards can be helpful when the person cannot bring themselves to talk to somebody. • Send a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem: Many of the online organizations will send a personalized copy to their home. • Make a donation in their pet’s name: This can help the memory of the pet live on with the good deed. • Send or bring a personalized gift: A rose quartz heart or something that has meaning for them can be very helpful. • Pay attention to the warning signs of suicide: This awareness may save a life. The loss of a pet can cause grieving as intense as the loss of a human. Do not discount feelings, as “It’s just a pet.” Pets are beloved companions. Mary Oquendo is a Reiki master, advanced crystal master and certified master tech pet first aid instructor. She is the owner of Hands and Paws Reiki for All. She can be reached at HandsAndPawsReiki.com. See ad, page 89.

Watch the Birdie Selfies Promote Animal Cruelty and Death

Soru Epotok/Shutterstock.com

How can we help friends or clients that are losing or have lost a pet?

Zachary Crockett, of Pricenomics. com, has found that since 2014, 49 people were killed in attempts to take pictures of themselves with wild creatures. Although there are no statistics on how many animals have been harmed due to selfies, wildlife organizations such as Care for the Wild International are appealing to the public to stop using animals as props. Visitors to China’s Yunnan Wild Animal Park lured captive peacocks from their enclosure and grabbed them by their tails. The birds died as a result. Another group of people at a beach in Argentina was filmed mobbing a baby Franciscana dolphin, an endangered species, while taking pictures, resulting in its death likely through shock and severe dehydration from being removed from the water for too long. Due to the high demand by tourists to take pictures with wild animals, special photographic settings are popping up in Mexico, Europe and Morocco. However, the Association for British Travel Agents stated that no legitimate sanctuary would allow animals to be used as photo props.




petresourceguide ADOPTION/RESCUE ANIMALS IN DISTRESS INC 238 Danbury Rd, Wilton 203-762-2006 Animals-In-Distress.com BRIDGEPORT ANIMAL CONTROL 236 Evergreen St, Bridgeport 203-576-7727 BULLY BREED RESCUE PO Box 953, New Canaan BBRCT@yahoo.com • BullyBreedRescueInc.org COMMUNITY CATS PO Box 4380, Stamford CommunityCatsCT@yahoo.com CommunityCatsCT.org


Fur to Feathers Pet Services Monroe • 203-610-2444 (call or text) FurToFeathers.com FurToFeathersPets@gmail.com Gwen Gangi has been an animal communicator all her life and has been doing consultations for the past 23 years. Practical for any situation, you enter into a 3-way conversation to get and give information needed. Consultations done over the phone or in person, including home visits.Workshops on animal communication available.

DANBURY ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY (DAWS) 147 Grassy Plain St, Bethel 203-744-3297 FRIENDS OF FELINES INC PO Box 8147, Stamford 203-363-0220 Cats@AdoptAPet.org • AdoptAPet.org


203-994-5308 MaryOquendo.com Mary@PawsitivelyPretty.com Pet grooming in a relaxed one-onone environment in your driveway by a leader in the holistic grooming industry. Mary also offers Reiki and crystal therapy for your beloved pets. See ad, page 89.

LOOKING GLASS ANIMAL RESCUE Ridgefield LGARinc.org On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram NFSAW 223 State Rt 37, New Fairfield 203-746-2925 NFSAW.org


PET ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY INC (PAWS) 504 Main Ave, Norwalk 203-750-9572 PAWSCT.org


PET PROTECTORS 2490 Black Rock Tpke, #453, Fairfield 203-330-0255 PetProtectorsRescue.org

Nutrition is your pet’s best friend. We create handmade, personalized pet food and treats with ingredients that are organic, free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, added growth hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, and preservatives. Food is handmade in small batches. See website for details about ordering or customizing for your pet’s special needs.

RIDGEFIELD OPERATION FOR ANIMAL RESCUE (ROAR) 45 South St, Ridgefield 203-438-0158 ROAR-Ridgefield.org STRAYS AND OTHERS PO Box 473, New Canaan 203-966-6556 StraysAndOthers@hotmail.com TAILS OF COURAGE 1 Pembroke Rd, Danbury 877-63-(TAILS) TailsOfCourage.org WESTPORT ANIMAL SHELTER ADVOCATES (WASA) 1 Tower Ridge, Westport 203-557-0361 WestportWASA.org


PO Box 794, New Milford 603-706-0739 Paul@PaulsCustomPetFood.com PaulsCustomPetFood.com


PO Box 389, Bridgeport 203-258-3069 • Info@AHFAP.org AHandForAPaw.org A Hand for a Paw, Inc is a local non-profit dedicated to keeping animals home. Programs include mobile clinics providing pet families with affordable vaccines, micro-chipping and pet food pantry. Visit Animal Artisans at 187 Ferry Blvd, Stratford to support our cause.

NUTMEG SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC 25 Charles St, Stratford 203-690-1550 • NutmegClinic.org

The Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic is a low-cost, high-volume facility for cats and dogs; the first such professional clinic in Fairfield County. The clinic offers other low-cost services during the spay/ neuter appointment. Nutmeg honors state spay/neuter vouchers at face value from adopted shelter pets and qualified low-income families and offers further lowcost incentives to nonprofit rescue groups. Pit bulls and mixes are welcome at an even more reduced rate, and the clinic offers spay/neuter and vaccine discounts for feral cats. See ad, page 91.


PO Box 2015, New Preston 860-355-PETS • GetaPet@gmail.com PetAssistanceInc.org Pet Assistance helps keep pets in their homes in times of financial and medical crises, providing emergency veterinary subsidies to pet owners in financial need. We only give grants for pets that have a good prognosis, unless the knowledge we gain from the treatment or surgery may help future animals in need.

UNLEASH YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL Fetch new customers by advertising in Natural Awakenings’ Naturally Healthy Pet monthly section

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Sacred Pilgrimage to Egypt with Rae Chandran

March 31 – April 9, 2017 10 days / 9 nights Cost: $3,800 - $4,200 (airfare not included)


his magical retreat offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Egypt with a custom guided program led by internationally renowned channeler and author Rae Chandran that combines nature, history, adventure and spiritual experiences in some of the most magnificent spots in the world. Experience daily channelings, meditations, intention ceremonies, activations and initiations in power spots guided by Chandran. Some of the places that will be visited include the Great Pyramids (private two-hour visit), Initiation in King’s chamber, Sphinx, Temple of Sekhmet and 7 Gates (private visit), Channeling in Abydos, Sakkara and Memphis, Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple, Hathor Temple, Alabaster Mosque, Coptic Church and the Cairo Museum, Isis Temple, Temple of Horus and Komombo Temple and many more.

Chandran is a teacher, channeler and energy healer. He has been on the path of self-discovery for more than three decades and through the awakenings and understandings he has had over these years, he shares these truths to all the people he comes in contact with. He teaches these truths through the various workshops he conducts in many parts of the world like Japan, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, India and Vietnam. He also leads people to power spots and power vortexes in countries like Egypt, Israel, Greece and Morocco. Chandran is the author of five books. The content of all of these books is completely channeled.

Spiritual Retreat in Israel – July 2017

Meditations, Initiations and Channelings

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ing the world’s forest ecosystems and fighting deforestation, reports Inglis.

Sustainably Stylish Home Relax into Nurturing Furnishings by April Thompson


e all relish a cozy nest, whether that means lightfilled views, the embrace of form-fitting sofas and chairs or plush rugs that snuggle bare feet. A beautiful, comfortable home that reflects our personal style and embodies our values can be achieved by learning the origin of furnishings and investing in sustainably made pieces that will stand the test of time, say experts. “Furnishing a home ethically doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style,” says JD Doliner, a business consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina. Doliner’s home is graced with 18th- and 19th-century antiques, organic cotton mattresses, comfy custom-made chairs from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood and handmade wool rugs certified childlabor-free by GoodWeave. “They give me peace of mind as a humanitarian and environmentalist,” she says.

Signs of Progress

Debbie Hindman, marketing director for Associates III Interior Design, in Denver, is working with increasingly knowledgeable clients like Doliner asking for sustainably sourced products. Manufacturers, in turn, are upping transparency about product origins, realizing it can provide a competitive edge, she notes. 94

“We look at the story behind a product and make sure that it aligns with both our company’s and clients’ values,” says Hindman, a co-author of Sustainable Residential Interiors. “We ask questions like, ‘Are workers paid a fair wage? Was the product made with local materials? What is the story behind the company’s founding?’” The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers partners with businesses and informs consumers to increase environmentally responsible choices in the marketplace. Its 400 members commit to sustainability and transparency in their business practices and submit an annual action plan showing such efforts. Headquartered in Edenton, North Carolina, the council strives to minimize industry carbon emissions and remove unsustainable materials and harmful chemical ingredients from residential and commercial furnishings. “The residential furnishings industry frequently takes raw materials from one continent, processes and manufactures on another to be consumed on yet another, leaving a huge environmental footprint,” says Susan Inglis, the council’s executive director. As the third largest consumer of wood, these manufacturers bear significant responsibility for preserv-

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings


Savvy Shoppers

To make informed decisions, furniture shoppers need to ask how, where, from what and by whom a potential purchase is made. Lisa Beres, a healthy home expert and former interior designer in Newport Coast, California, and author of Just Green It! advises not taking product claims at face value. Ask if the product has earned a certification like the Global Organic Textile Standard for fabrics or GreenGuard, which verifies low levels of chemical emissions. Not all natural products are sustainably produced; cotton, for example, is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Look for certified organic cotton as a responsible textile choice. Beres also suggests renewable fiber sources like bamboo or hemp. “Natural latex is a sound alternative to foam fillers, offering good support and dust mite resistance,” says Beres. Specific animal-based products like down feathers used in bedding can provoke allergies and be produced inhumanely, Beres cautions. Products certified to the Responsible Down Standard, which protects the wellbeing and welfare of geese tapped for their manufacture, offer a humane choice for fluffy down comforters. Look for well-crafted furniture made from locally sourced, reclaimed or FSC-certified wood instead of particleboard, which usually contains formaldehyde and may be made from unsustainably harvested wood. Sustainable furnishings are both better for the planet and can make a home distinctive. Natural pieces like a countertop made from reclaimed, rough-hewn wood provide a unique beauty that mass-manufactured pieces can’t match and also showcase the material’s natural form and feeling. Her firm promotes durable, timeless pieces over trendy furnishings that a client might discard in a few years. When it’s time to retire a piece of furniture, find a new home for it, whether by donating to a charity or reselling through a consignment store. While cutting corners on home furnishing choices can be tempting, especially when shopping on a

budget, remember that today’s quality pieces may become tomorrow’s cherished heirlooms. “Some will spend money on the latest gadget, but hesitate to invest in a great piece of furniture or a quality mattress they’ll spend much of their life sitting or sleeping on,” says Beres. “It’s not a splurge; you’re investing in your health and protecting Earth’s precious resources. It all comes full circle.” Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at AprilWrites.com.

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Toxic Furnishings Alert

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oday’s mass-produced furniture may contain hidden chemicals such as formaldehyde-based adhesives, flame retardants and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) linked to serious health issues. Researchers from the Natural Resources Defense Council found 45 toxic chemicals in indoor dust, 10 of which were present in at least 90 percent of households sampled. “These chemicals enter the air as materials in the furnishings break down,” explains healthy home expert Lisa Beres. “Because we spend an average of 90 percent of our lives indoors, the exposure to harmful chemicals is troubling.” Beres advises shoppers to be wary of synthetic fabrics, which not only consume nonrenewable resources like petroleum, but may also contain toxic dyes, heavy metals or chemicals like Teflon. Foam and other fillings in mattresses, sofas and chairs are often a hidden source of off-gassing VOCs. The Sustainable Furnishing Council’s seal of approval and member list at SustainableFurnishings.org are a good place to start to find companies committed to offering healthier alternatives that include transparency and responsibility in their manufacturing practices.

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Fungus Among Us


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Genetically Altered Mushrooms Approved for Consumption Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) is a new method of editing genomes of farm animals and food crops. White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) that have been genetically modified to delay the natural browning process are the first CRISPR-edited organisms to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Yinong Yang, a plant pathologist from Penn State University, crafted the modified mushrooms by targeting the family of genes responsible for the browning effect seen in produce when sliced and exposed to oxygen. Yang was able to reduce the browning enzyme’s work by 30 percent and was granted approval from the USDA because no foreign or altered DNA was integrated into the mushroom genome. The department only assesses whether there’s a risk that the new modified variety of an organism could become a weed or “pest” to other plants. The mushrooms may still be subject to Food and Drug Administration or Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine are in discussions about developing a new set of rules for the biotech industry in the next five to 10 years. Source: Nature.com

Veggie Tales

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A recent study from the University of Western Australia has found that plants regularly react to and emit sounds through a series of clicks produced by their roots, and that such inter-flora communication may be essential to their survival. Evolutionary biologist Monica Gagliano, who made the discovery, listened to the roots of young corn plants and found that they regularly produced sounds in the range of 220Hz, a frequency audible to the human ear. Plants have been shown to influence each other in many ways through nanomechanical oscillations on a molecular scale. Gagliano remarks, “Scientists also know that plants use volatile chemicals to communicate with each other.” Another biological research team under the direction of Professor Olaf Kruse, Ph.D., scientific director of the Center for Biotechnology at Germany’s Bielefeld University, has shown that green algae not only engages in photosynthesis, but also has an alternative source of energy: It can draw it from other plants (Nature Communications). Gagliano comments, “Considering that entire forests are all interconnected by networks of fungi, maybe plants are using fungi the way we use the Internet.” eNaturalAwakenings.com




Plants Communicate with Sound

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Easy-Grow Microgreens Are Big on Nutrition by Barbara Pleasant


ast, fun to grow and packed with flavor and nutrition, tender young microgreens can go from seed to table in as little as a week. Close cousins to edible sprouts, microgreens are grown in potting soil or seed-starting mixes instead of plain water. They customarily grow beyond the sprout stage until they have produced a true leaf or two. After that, harvesting is a simple matter of snipping off fresh greens. “You don’t need a green thumb to grow microgreens, only patience and persistence,” says Mark Mathew Braunstein, in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, author of Microgreen Garden. Even first-timers can expect good results. For example, the thin shoots grown from popcorn taste like a more vibrant form of sweet corn, and pea shoots work well in wraps, salads and virtually any Asian dish. Like high-fiber wheatgrass, “Microgreens are great for juicing, either by themselves or mixed with other veggies,” says Rita Galchus (aka Sprout Lady Rita), proprietor of The Sprout House, in Lake Katrine, New York, which sells organic seeds for microgreens and sprouts. “You can add a handful of microgreens to a smoothie to ramp up the nutrition without changing its taste or texture,” she notes.

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The seeds of dozens of plants from alfalfa to wheat can be grown as microgreens. If seeking to maximize nutrition, put red cabbage and cilantro on the planting list. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Quality Laboratory, in Beltsville, Maryland, tested the nutritional properties of 25 microgreens; red cabbage, cilantro, garnet amaranth and green daikon radish had the highest concentrations of vitamin C, carotenoids, and vitamins K and E, respectively. Microgreens generally provide three times as much nutrition per weight as the same food eaten in its mature state. “People underestimate the intense flavor of microgreens and might try planting mustard greens or radish varieties

natural awakenings

akepong srichaichana/Shutterstock.com


even if they don’t like spicy flavors,” say Elizabeth Millard, an organic farmer in Northfield, Minnesota, and author of Indoor Kitchen Gardening. For beginners, large seeds that sprout quickly such as sunflowers, buckwheat and snow peas are good choices because they produce big, robust sprouts with mild flavor. Many people also grow microgreens for their pets. “Cats tend to prefer mild, sweet-tasting microgreens such as red clover, alfalfa and flax seed,” advises Galchus. “They also love grasses grown from hard wheat, whole barley and rye. Cats cannot digest the grass, but use it to bring up indigestible matter that might be lodged in their stomachs.”


w e s t p o r t f a r m e r s m a r k e t. c o m

Clean Greens

Microgreens grow so fast that there’s little time for them to run into trouble. Commercial growers use large trays, but home gardeners can also use pretty coffee mugs or tofu boxes rescued from the recycling bin. Drainage holes in the container bottoms work well when growing beets or other slow-sprouting seeds, but are less important for fast-growing sunflowers or wheat. Work only with organic seeds. Seeds sold for sprouting or bulk grains from a local health food store cost much less than the larger, robust seeds produced for gardening. Soak seeds in water overnight to jump-start germination. Place an inch or so of potting soil or seed-starting mix in the container, and then scatter the plump seeds on top. “A common beginner’s error is to sow seeds too thickly,” says Braunstein. Sown seeds should not touch each other, with most spaced about one-quarter-inch apart. Spritz with water and cover with a plate or plastic wrap. At the first signs of sprouting, water and move the pot to a sunny spot near a bright window or within two inches of a bright grow light. Dribble in small amounts of water to maintain moisture over the next few days. To harvest, cut in bunches about one-half inch above the soil line. Microgreens store well in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but are best eaten fresh. For both beginners and experienced gardeners, growing microgreens provides a close-up look at seed germination, one of nature’s miracles. Award-winning garden writer Barbara Pleasant’s new book Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener’s Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting the Perfect Amounts for What You Want to Eat Year Round, will be out next month from Storey Publishing.

Check with these online companies for any seeds unavailable locally. SproutHouse.com, 800-777-6887 SproutPeople.org, 415-640-1280 OrganicSproutingSeeds.com

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Organic Seed Sources

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(Serves 16 to 20) Surprisingly, grated butternut squash adds delicious moisture to this rich Bundt cake, which is flavored with coconut chips and nutmeg.


1 cup unsweetened coconut chips, divided 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 teaspoons pure vanillaa extract 1 cup lowfat (1%) buttermilk 2 cups grated raw, peeled butternut squash 3/4 cup coconut oil, room temperature, plus more for the pan 3 cups whole wheat pastry flour, plus more for the pan • Preheat the oven to 350°F. Oil a 10- to 12-cup Bundt pan and dust with flour, shaking out the excess. Scatter 1/2 cup of the coconut chips evenly over the bottom and slightly up the sides. • In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, nutmeg and salt. Set aside. • In a large bowl, whisk together sugar and oil until smooth, about 30 seconds. Whisk in eggs and vanilla until combined. Add half of the buttermilk and then half of the flour mixture, stirring after each addition until just combined. Repeat with remaining buttermilk and flour mixture. Fold in butternut squash and remaining 1/2 cup coconut chips. • Spoon batter into the prepared pan, smoothing the top. Tap the pan gently on the countertop. Bake until cake is golden brown and the center springs back when touched, about 45 minutes. Cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes, then invert onto a cake plate and cool completely before serving. eNaturalAwakenings.com



two days, the energy will be at its most intense so be aware of spirited interactions and sparks of inspiration.

Venus goes Retrograde in Aries, her detriment

2017 ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST A Focus on Fire, Venus and the Eclipses by Michele Leigh

The element of fire is dominant for 2017

All 12 signs of the zodiac fall into one of the four elements of fire, earth, air or water. The sun moves into a new sign each month and the moon changes signs every few days. In contrast, some of the slower moving planets stay in the same sign for a whole year, thereby intensifying a particular energy. Both Saturn and Uranus will embody fire signs this year, offering us a wealth of inspired creativity. Saturn, the great malefic, is all about creating stability and setting boundaries. Saturn will spend the year in mutable, fiery Sagittarius, also known as the centaur, the truth seeker and the philosopher. With this placement of Saturn, we may be motivated to examine our traditions and beliefs. Uranus points to the future and brings unexpected change, even chaos. He too is hosting a fire sign this year, sparking our desire to rebel against conformity. Uranus is in the cardinal sign of Aries, which stands for the warrior and the knight in shining armor riding off to battle. This energy is motivating—even inspirational—and can be used to make sudden transformations. Saturn and Uranus form a series of trines over the course of the year, heating up the fire between them. This means one planet will be visible to the other, like spotting a familiar face across a crowded sky. Though the trine is usually a happy angle where energy is easily exchanged, Uranus and Saturn do not generally play nicely together; while Saturn wants to stabilize, Uranus wants to disrupt. Saturn and Uranus will remain within 10 degrees of a trine so we will have access to this ignitable energy throughout the year. Two key dates when the planets are making an exact aspect will be May 18 and November 11. On these 100

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

Most of us are aware of the Mercury retrograde when the planet moves backward and wreaks havoc on our daily communications. This typically happens three times a year and 2017 is no exception. Mark calendars for this year’s Mercury retrograde periods on April 9-May 3, August 13-September 5 and December 3-23. During these times be sensitive to all forms of miscommunications. Though Mercury goes retrograde several times a year, other planets move backwards less frequently. Venus alternates every other year and 2017 finds her in a retrograde. Venus, the benefic planet that governs our relationships, will not only be affected by the awkward backwards movement, but this occurs in Aries, a place known as her detriment. Venus is a lover not a fighter and she will “stamp her feet” back and forth through Aries for 11 weeks, rather than the usual four due to the retrograde. This Venus retrograde period is most intense from March 6 through April 15. Venus governs all types of relationships and dictates how we connect to others. In the sign of Aries, it sometimes inspires child-like behavior. But in a positive light, it could be used to approach others with an innocent curiosity. During a Venus retrograde, be aware of rehashing old wounds and repeating the same mistakes in relationships.

Eclipses light up Leo and Aquarius

The most significant astrological events of the year will be the annual eclipses. Each year, we receive four eclipses; however, in 2017, the cycle is shifting from the Virgo-Pisces axis to Leo-Aquarius. This shift from practical, sensitive EarthWater to thoughtful, inspiring Fire-Air supports this year’s action-oriented energy. Despite certain superstitions, eclipses are not bad luck; in fact, they may be just the opposite. Four times a year, the sun, moon and Earth move into perfect alignment to affect the beams of the sun. These are, in fact, magical times when things can be seen from a whole new perspective. Consider lighting white candles to compensate for the altered light and use these eclipses to pause and reflect. It is important to note the position of the moon’s nodes during an eclipse; they are known as the head and tail of the dragon. Ancient sky watchers envisioned a dragon swallowing the sun to explain the phenomenon of the sky going dark in the middle of the day. If the eclipse occurs near the north node, or Rahu, then something will be illuminated via the head of the dragon. A message could be revealed through a dream or a song. Pay attention to the lyrics of that song that keeps randomly playing on the radio. Eclipses on the north node point toward our future and light up something that needs a nudge in the right direction. If the eclipse occurs near the south node, or Ketu, then the message will be delivered via the tail of the dragon. Like an alligator snapping its tail, something will be eliminated from our life. This could be associated with ending a toxic

natural awakenings

relationship or quitting a bad habit. The first two eclipses come in February and the second round arrives in August. Mark the calendar for these opportunities to work with the powerful eclipses of 2017. February 10th hosts a lunar eclipse in Leo. The first eclipse of the year seems fitting in fire, the first of the new LeoAquarius axis. On the north node, this eclipse illuminates the future and lights a flame on a new courageous, creative spirit. February 26th offers a solar eclipse in Pisces. This is technically the last eclipse of the previous cycle and the last one in either Virgo or Pisces for a decade. On the south node, we are wrapping up a story connected to our visions and illusions. August 7th is a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This lunar event signifies our karmic ability to tap into the eccentric, rebellious energy of Aquarius. On the south node, it may challenge a belief carried over from early life that no longer resonates. August 21st is a total solar eclipse in Leo. The second eclipse for the proud lion is, by far, the most remarkable of the year. A total solar eclipse means that the sun is completely covered and it appears to become night during the day. This will be visible across the United States and the first time an eclipse has passed from coast to coast since 1918. This eclipse on the north node is pushing us forward toward a bold new future. Those with strong fire influences in their birth chart will feel super-charged this year. And for the rest of us, we will have access to the courageous energy of Leo the lion, the boldness of Aries the warrior and the knowledge of Sagittarius the guru as we navigate through 2017. Michele Leigh, owner of Dark Moon Astrology, is an astrologer, author and podcaster. A practitioner of ancient astrology and planetary magic, she is an active member of the Organization for Professional Astrology. See ad, page 79.

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$30/at door. Twin Star Herbal Education, 65 Bank St, New Milford. 203-460-2854. BekahTwinStar@ gmail.com. TwinStarTribe.com/events. Holistic Moms Network: Jason Barker, Naturopathic Doctor – 7:30pm. Learn about gene mutations such as MTHFR and others and their effects on health and how to test for them. Free. Associates in Family Chiropractic, PC, 156 East Ave, Norwalk. RSMJChiro@sbcglobal.net.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Doctor Talk – Feeding Depression – 6:30-7:30pm. There is something to be said for, “you are what you eat”. This presentation by Dr. Mara Davidson will discuss foods that can help improve depression as well as foods which can worsen it and why. Free. Shalva Clinic, 8 Lincoln St, 1st Fl, Westport. 203916-4600. ShalvaClinic.org.

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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11 LifeForce Yoga to Manage Mood with Deb Lubetkin – 1:30-4:30pm. With Deb. Effective practices for managing anxiety, depression and trauma that are appropriate for home practice, yoga classes and yoga therapy. $17 or class pack. The Yoga Studio at Club Fit, 584 North State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY. 914582-7816. YTAPresident@gmail.com. YTAYoga.com.

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Alliance For Conscious Transitioning Presents:

End Of Life ‘The Conversation” Thursday, March 2 • 7-9pm Free - Open to All - RSVP Moment of Death with Patricia Shelton Author, Teacher, Founder of the Clear Light Society March 4 and 5 9am-5pm David Leven with End Of Life Choices, NYC Advanced Life Planning and Decision Making What you should know and why it is important April 20 • 7-9pm The Healing Power of Flowers And Life Transitions with expert Isha Lerner April 22 and 23 RSVP / Details: Call: 203-912-2791 Email: info@alliancefct.com Visit: AllianceFCT.com Liphe Balance Center, Weston

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Healing Drum Circle – 6:30-9pm. Gathering of those who wish to experience the healing energy of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth. All welcome. Bring drum or rattle, if you have one. $25. Muktinath Holistic Center, 755 Main St (Rte 25), Monroe. 203-518-5808. MuktinathHC@gmail.com. MuktinathHolisticCenter.com. Learn Tea Leaf Reading – 7-9pm. With Joan Carra. Tasseography is a divination or fortunetelling method that interprets patterns in tea Divination attempts to gain insight into the natural world through intuitive interpretation of synchronistic events. $45. The Sacred Spirtit, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-344-9311. Piscese28@aol.com. TheSacredSpirit.net.

markyourcalendar HYPNOSIS CERTIFICATION COURSE 100-hour Course with Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI May 20-27 Open doors to a better future. Not just something different, something that makes a difference. “This course exceeded my expectations! Truly life changing.” – Margaret. Early Bird: $2,289 by 2/20 Final Registration: $2,489 by 4/20 Mind Matters Hypnosis Center, LLC Branford

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18 Dark Moon Astrology Webinar: John Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette – Noon-1pm. With Michele Leigh. Explore the synastry chart of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette. Join from your computer, or mobile device at Global.GoToMeeting.com/ join/895942749. Session will be recorded and available for download. Free. DarkMoonAstrology@ gmail.com. DarkMoonAstrology.com. Introduction to Herbalism Class – 1-3pm. With Lupo Passero. Annual fun-filled introductory class. Includes several varieties of popular herbal remedies and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Space is limited, RSVP. Free. Twin Star Herbal Education, 65 Bank St, New Milford. 203-3137883. Info@TwinStarTribe.com. TwinStarTribe. com/events. Coping with Stress and Anxiety – 2-4pm. Learn what stress is and how to alleviate it. Workshop will include: Yoga Pranayama (breathing exercises) and discussion. $30/by Feb 4, $35. The Jiiva Center, 2900 Main St, Ste 1A, Stratford. 203-345-7747. Support@JiivaCenter.com. JiivaCenter.com.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Birth Your New Life! – 11am-1pm. With Eilis Philpott, Rebirthing breath-work practitioner. See how birth trauma, family patterns, inherited attitudes and specific negative thoughts are still impacting your life now. $30. Soul Healing Journey, LLC, 40 Livingston St, Fairfield. 203-767-5954. Eilis@ SoulHealingJourney.com. SoulHealingJourney.com.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20 Ho’Oponopono - The Ancient Hawaiian Art of Forgiveness – 7-8pm. The process of Ho’Oponopono is to align with and clean up our negative emotions and feelings as well as clean up our relationships with other people in our lives. Free. Griffin Hospital, 130 Division St, Derby. 203-490-4976. Ryan@HypnosisCenterofCT.com. HypnosisCenterofCT.com.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Why Do I Feel Horrible If My Lab Results Are Normal? – 6:30-7:30pm. Your lab work is “normal” however you don’t feel well. How is that possible? Dr. Mark Joachim will explain this mystery. Reservations required. Seating is limited. Free. 156 East Ave, Norwalk. 203-838-1555.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 New Moon Ceremony with the Slow Medicine Astrologer – 7-9pm. Join us for an evening of ceremony, community building, guided meditation and intention setting. SunRaven, 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford. 914-218-3113. SlowMedicine.org.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Reiki Second Degree workshop – 10am-5:30pm. With Gigi Benanti, Reiki master/teacher (20 years). Learn to send distance Reiki healing, deepen use of Reiki for others and yourself. 2 powerful energy connections from my short Japanese/Usa Linage. Two manuals and certificate. $215. Angelic Healing Center, 7 Morgan Ave, Norwalk. 203-852-1150. AngelHealReikiGigiB@snet.net. AngelHealReiki.com.

Call to see if you qualify: 860-693-6448 Info: MindMattersHypnosis.com 102

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls – 7-8:15pm. With Linda Fiske and Judy Vuozzo. Relax in candlelight and let the healing vibrations of sound leave you restored and refreshed. $17 or class pack. Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@NaamYogaCT.com. NaamYogaCT.com. Chakra Series - Root Chakra – 7-9pm. With Berta, Reiki Master. Get grounded and explore the root chakra in depth. This is the first workshop of our Chakra Series- we will be studying up from the root. $25/by Feb 10, $35. The Jiiva Center, 2900 Main St, Ste 1A, Stratford. 203-345-7747. Support@ JiivaCenter.com. JiivaCenter.com. Shamanic Journey – 7-9pm. A way of communicating with your inner self or spirit self and retrieving information. These classes are in the Peruvian style of Shamanism, in which rattles are used. $40. The Sacred Spirit, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-344-9311. Piscese28@aol.com. TheSacredSpirit.net.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 Reiki Second Degree – 9:30am-5:30pm. With Gigi Benanti, Reiki master/teacher (20 years). Learn to send distance Reiki healing, deepen use of Reiki for others and yourself. 2 powerful energy connections from my short Japanese/Usa Linage. Two manuals and certificate. $215. Angelic Healing Center, 7 Morgan Ave, Norwalk. 203-852-1150. AngelHealReikiGigiB@snet.net. AngelHealReiki.com.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26 Empowerment Series, Session 2: The Mental Body – 1:30-3:30pm. With June Fagan and Tracy Mignone. Understand how your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states impact your overall well-being. Receive tools and techniques to help you move forward with courage and confidence in your life. $45. Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@NaamYogaCT. com. NaamYogaCT.com. Connecting to Spirit of Past Loved Ones – 2-4pm. With Joan Carra. Heal grief with comfort, compassion and the grace of spirit communications with medium. $55. Call for location. 203-531-6387. PsychicJoan@yahoo.com. PsychicJoanCarra.net. Full Moon Celebration – 7-8:15pm. With Regina Snyder. Bring your mental, emotional, and physical bodies into balance. Let go of unhealthy patterns, sending healing to places in need, and opening yourself to receive Divine Love.  . $17 or class pack. Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@NaamYogaCT. com. NaamYogaCT.com.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Angel Light Healing Initiation – 7-8:30pm. The purpose of Angel Light Healing is to invoke the Healing Light of the Angels for purifying, balancing and integrating the chakra centers and to align the energetic bodies with the higher realms of angelic consciousness. Wear white clothing. Free. Soul Healing Journey, LLC, 40 Livingston St, Fairfield. 203-767-5954. Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com. SoulHealingJourney.com. Men’s Group – 7-8:30pm. Embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of our authentic beings, as we reflect on and develop the true meaning and purpose of our lives. $30. SunRaven, 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford. 914-218-3113. SlowMedicine.org.

ongoingcalendar sunday Satsang Meditation – 9:30-11am. Satsangs are spiritual and community gatherings of like-minded people. Music, mantra, meditation, spiritual instruction/discourse and spiritual blessings to help you reset, recharge and get ready for the week ahead. By donation. Muktinath Holistic Center, 755 Main St (Rte 25), Monroe. 203-518-5808. MuktinathHC@ gmail.com. MuktinathHolisticCenter.com. New Beginnings in Community Sunday Service – 10am. Join this group of spiritually-minded people embracing and honoring all world religions, belief systems, cultures and traditions. Come together to share thoughts, experiences and wisdom in a supportive environment. Free. Mystics By The Sea, 394 New Haven Ave, Milford. 203-980-6272. NewBeginningsInCommunity.Weebly.com. Family Meditation Program (Kids and Teens) – 10-11:30am. Second and fourth Sunday. Introducing kids to meditation, metta, yoga, art practice, a discussion of ness in everyday life, generosity, compassion, letting go of negative mind states and other basic Parents can meditate in the main building. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org. Family Meditation Program – 10-11:30am. Second and fourth Sunday. Ages 4-13. While the adults are meditating in the main building, young people can connect with others in their age-group, learn about mindfulness, compassion toward self and others. 203-244-3130. MMKeeler@gmail.com. ReddingMeditation.org. Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 10-11:30am. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, and discover the benefits of becoming more present. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org. Celebration Service – 10:30am-noon. With Rev. Shawn Moninger. Inspiring message supports your spiritual unfoldment with thought provoking, soul healing topics and uplifting music. By donation. Unity Center of Norwalk, 3 Main St, 2nd Flr, Norwalk. 203-855-7922. Office@UnityCenterNorwalk.org. UnityCenterNorwalk.org. Albertson Church Service – 11am-12:30pm. Includes an inspirational talk from caring ministers, guided meditation, time to receive healing energy and spirit messages from those we continue to love. Free. Albertson Church of Spiritualism, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-637-4615. Women Empowerment Life Coaching Circles – 11:30am-1:30pm. Third Sunday. With Nina Antolino. Integrate this powerful Life Coaching process with Reiki Healing and other mind/body tools for deeper transformation. $40 by 2/9 or $45 by 2/11. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net. Ignite your Spirit Healing Clinic – 11:45am2pm. Second Sunday. Healing clinics are a great way to try out or receive on-going assistance with anything life throws your way. Register in advance to participate. $20/suggested donation.

Bliss Out! Dance to Live Drumming – 7-8:30pm. Dirst Sunday. With Jojo. Find your tribe. Open Sky Yoga Barn, 95 Cross Hwy, Redding. Keane.Jojo@ gmail.com.

Free. Sabita Holistic Center, 3519 Post Rd, Southport. 203-254-2633. Sabita@SabitaHolisticCenter.com. SabitaHolisticCenter.com. Monday Meditation for Everyone – 7:30-9pm. This is Meditation Guided Imagery for relaxation and stress reduction. It also helps you move forward on your spiritual path. No experience necessary. $20. Soul Focus, 145 Grassy Plain St, Bethel. 203-570-3868. Reiki Share – 7:30-9:30pm. Fourth Monday. With JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT. Practice Reiki in a small group setting. Share experiences and help each other develop in a safe, fun environment while providing a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience. $20. Registration required. Turning Point Healing Arts and Education Center, 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield. 203-438-3050. TurningPointReiki.com.



Align and Flow Yoga – 9:15-10:15am. With Michelle Didner. Expect both precise alignment instruction bringing new understanding to your body and to form, and fluid movement. $22/drop-in. $10/ new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net.

Tai Chi Classes – 9:30-10:30am. With June Fagan, Tai Chi Instructor. A slow movement meditation for all levels of fitness. Known to reduce stress, increase focus, balance and improve self and well-being. $25/drop-in, $85/1-class per week $150/unlimited classes month. Kindred Spirits, 59 Ledgewood Rd, Redding. 203-938-3690. Toastmasters – Noon. Interested in public speaking? Monroe-Trumbull Toastmasters is a chartered club of Toastmasters International dedicated to improving members’ communication and leadership skills. Meets alternate Tuesdays. Body Smart, Crescent Village, 115 Main St, Unit 11, Monroe. 203-459-6773. Franny. Hannigan@charter.com. ToastMastersClubs.org. Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 12:30-2pm. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, and discover the benefits of becoming more present. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org.

Muktinath Holistic Center, 755 Main St (Rte 25), Monroe. 203-518-5808. MuktinathHC@gmail.com. MuktinathHolisticCenter.com. Ups and Downs – 4:30-5:30pm. Three sets of weights, different weights bring it up and bring it down, then continuing for muscle exhaustion. $20. Forza 5, 26 Cannon Rd, Wilton.

Tai Chi – 9:30-10:30am. With June Fagan. $17 or class pack. Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@Naam YogaCT.com. NaamYogaCT.com.

Monday Morning Meditation — 11:30am12:30pm. With Beth Leas. Practical approach and individualized support. Great for those new to meditation and sage meditators. Explore different meditation techniques including breathwork, guided meditation, mantras (sound), yantra (sight), and slow motion movement. $100/5-week series. TLC Center, 152 East Ave, Norwalk. 203-856-9566. TLCBethLeas@gmail.com. BethLeas.com. Open Flow Yoga – 12:30-1:15pm. With Nina Antolino. Vinyasa flow, movement is synchronized to the breath. $22/drop-in. $10/new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net.

Gentle Yoga – 5:45-6:45pm. With Nina Antolino. Focusing on slow, purposeful stretching and basic postures, breathing and balance. All skill levels and ages. $22/drop-in. $10/new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net.

Core Yoga Fusion – 7-8pm. With Diana Deaver. Strengthen the muscles that support the low back, abs, thighs and core. $22/drop-in. $10/new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net. Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 7-8:30pm. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, and discover the benefits of becoming more present. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org. Free Guided Meditation – 7:30pm: second Monday. 1pm: first and third Wednesday. With Dr. Allen Levy. Session is catered towards providing information about the way in which meditation can assist with specific social, emotional and physical health need.

The Art of Meditation – 6-7pm. Whether you are new to meditation or seasoned, this class will help you access inner peace and experience more clarity, purpose and joy. Chairs available. $10/ suggested donation. Any offering, large or small accepted. YogaSpace, 78 Stony Hill Rd, (Rte 6), Bethel. 203-730-9642. Info@YogaSpace-CT.com. YogaSpace-CT.com. Yoga – 6-7pm. Yoga with Julia. $20. Forza 5, 26 Cannon Rd, Wilton. Open Flow Yoga – 6:15-7:15pm. With Shannon Aleksa. Vinyasa flow, movement is synchronized to the breath. $22/drop-in. $10/new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net.

Integrative and Whole Health Diabetic Wellness Support Group – 6:30-8pm. First Tuesday. With Dr. Andrew Cummins and Dr. Mara Davidson, Naturopathic Physicians. Whether a Pre-Diabetic, Type I Diabetic, Type II Diabetic, 1.5 Diabetic, or know someone affected by this disease, please come join us. Free. Shalva Clinic, 8 Lincoln St, Westport. 203-916-4600. ShalvaClinic.org. Meditating Holistically – 6:30-8pm. With Urgyan, a Western Buddhist lama sharing a rich practice of traditional meditation guidance directed toward holistic integration. Group meditation and discussion, devoted to our mutual innermost truths. $15. ah Yoga, 168 New Milford Tpke, New Preston. 860-868-6707 or Danbury Area Vajrayana Buddhist Meditation on Meetup.com.




ongoingcalendar Reiki Share – 7-8:30pm. First Tuesday of the month with June and Tracy. Come join our circle of practitioners for sharing and caring and healing. All levels of practitioners are welcome Please RSVP. $20/drop-in. Kindred Spirits, 59 Ledgewood Rd, Redding. 203-938-3690. Angelic Healing Group – 7-9pm. First Tuesday. Experience the healing energy of the Angelic Realm. Your energy body will be infused with the love and light of the Divine through meditation and hands-on touch. $20. Stevens Memorial Church, 8 Shady Ln, South Salem, NY. 203-438-4893. Yoga Class or Yoga/Float – Yoga: 7-8pm. or Yoga/ Float package: 7-9pm. Enjoy the benefits of yoga in the beautiful PuREST relaxation room. $15/yoga only. $65/yoga and float package. PuREST Float Center, 35 Corporate Dr, Trumbull. PuRESTFloat.com. Reiki Shares – 7:30-10:15pm. First and third Tuesdays. Gigi Benanti Usui/Karuna Reiki Master/ Teacher. For Reiki practitioners only. Exchange ongoing since 1996. Instructions included. $20. Angelic Healing Center, 7 Morgan Ave, Norwalk. Pre-register: 203-852-1150. Reiki Share – 7-9pm. Second Tuesday. Practice and enhance your Reiki healing and grow your intuition. All will receive healing time and practice time. You must have completed at minimum Reiki level I in order to fully participate. $15/suggested donation. Muktinath Holistic Center, 755 Main St (Rte 25), Monroe. 203-518-5808. MuktinathHC@gmail.com. MuktinathHolisticCenter.com. Setting Your Allow Button for 2017 – 7-9pm. 6-part series. With Anthony Smokovich. As we enter the new year, it can be most beneficial to have a selfreview to take stock of where we are and where we

Never believe

that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have. ~Margaret Mead


want to go. Registration Required. $40/each class; $200/if all paid in advance. Lotus Wellness Center, 46 Pemberwick Rd, Greewich. 203-531-4784. Info@LotusWellnessCtr.com. Workshop: Learn Tarot in 8 Weeks – 7-9pm. Includes working with the mythic tarot deck, intuition with card meanings, layouts and variations, telling the story shown in the cards, practice and mentorship from other professional. $50. The Sacred Spirit, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-344-9311. Piscese28@aol.com. TheSacredSpirit.net.

wednesday Sacred Spirit’s Reiki Shares – Second and fourth Wednesday. With Valerie Tarangelo R.M. Mini healing sessions and if you are a trained healer: Reiki or otherwise share and practice your gift. $10. Albertson Memorial Church, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-344-9311. Apothecary Hours – 10am-1pm. Meet like-minded folks and learn about what we do at Twin Star Herbal and Energetic Studies. Free. Twin Star Herbal Education, 65 Bank St, New Milford. 203-313-7883. Info@TwinStarTribe.com. TwinStarTribe.com. Women’s Wisdom Group – 10:30am-12:30pm. Women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing one’s full, authentic beings and, in doing so, nurturing their highest potential. $30. SunRaven, 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford, NY. 914-218-3113. SlowMedicine.org. Free Guided Meditation – 1pm. First and third Wednesdays. With Dr. Allen Levy. In 20 minutes, you will be meditating for the first time. Please RSVP. Free. Sabita Holistic Center, 3519 Post Rd, Southport. 203-254-2633. Sabita@SabitaHolisticCenter.com. SabitaHolisticCenter.com. High-Powered Healing – 7pm. First Wednesday. Easy ways to well heal on all levels. Intuitive insight, easy methods for daily wellness, how to determine quality foods and abundance. $20. Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West St, Newtown. 203-426-9448. Trinity@TrinityProduction.org. TrinityProduction.org.

Meditation – 7-8:30pm. Experience bliss, peace, joy and deep healing. This is not your traditional silent or guided meditation class. This meditation will bring change into your life. By donation. Muktinath Holistic Center, 755 Main St (Rte 25), Monroe. 203-518-5808. MuktinathHC@gmail.com. MuktinathHolisticCenter.com. A Course In Miracles – 7-8:30pm. Study group where anyone can come without fear of being judged, a place where feelings can be shared in a loving, accepting atmosphere and above all, a place to enhance fun and inspire a sense of joy and laughter. $10/suggested donation. Soul Healing Journey, LLC, 40 Livingston St, Fairfield. 203-767-5954. Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com. SoulHealingJourney.com. Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 7-8:30pm. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, and discover the benefits of becoming more present. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org.

Fairfield County/Housatonic Valley Edition

natural awakenings

Learn to Love Yourself – 7:30-9:30pm. Second Wednesday. With Ginny Brown and Ellen Kratka. Little-known spiritual truths applied to everyday life. Let go of negative judgment and unconditionally accept yourself. $40. By phone or internet. 203-263-2643. E.Kratka@sbcglobal.net. Results-BeyondBelief.com. Journey Group – 7-9pm. First Wednesday. With Cindy Miller. If you are looking to get unstuck, learn more about self-empowerment, becoming a healing facilitator, than this is the group for you. $20. Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West St, Newtown. 203-426-9448. Cindy@TrinityProduction.org. TrinityProduction.org.

Sacred Spirit’s Reiki Shares — 7-9pm. Second and fourth Wednesday. With Valerie Tarangelo R.M. Mini healing sessions. In healing others healers are also healed themselves. All welcome. $10. Albertson Memorial Church, 293 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. 203-344-9311. Using Smart Body (Kinesiology) for Everyday Situations– 7-9pm. Third Wednesday. Learn how to sense the energy of foods, supplements, books, places and more. Learn how to change energy. Presentation and discussion. $20. Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West St, Newtown. 203-377-6162. Bruce.Zboray@yahoo.com. TrinityProduction.org. Holistic Moms Network Fairfield County, CT Chapter – 7:30pm. Second Wednesday. Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, 156 East Ave, Norwalk. Home.Homewebs.com/ HMNFairfieldCtyCT. Turning Point S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group – 7:30-9:30pm. Third Wednesdays. Offering support, healing, advocacy, resources and educrcation for women in the process of, or recently divorced. $20, $150/10-session card. Registration required. Turning Point Healing Arts and Education Center, 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield. 203-438-3050. TurningPointShare.com.

thursday Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 9:30-11am. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. Simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life. Discover the benefits of becoming more present. By donation. Redding Center for Meditation, 9 Picketts Ridge Rd, West Redding. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org. Tai Chi Classes – 9:30-10:30am. With June Fagan, Tai Chi Instructor. A slow movement meditation for all levels of fitness. Known to reduce stress, increase focus, balance and improve self and well-being. $25/drop-in, $85/1-class per week $150/unlimited classes month. Kindred Spirits, 59 Ledgewood Rd, Redding. 203-938-3690. JTKindredspirit@gmail. com. KindredSpiritsCenter.com. Thursday Morning Meditation for Moms – 9:3011am. Come and unwind with a Guided Meditative Journey geared to release stress and a healthful more positive understanding of self. $20. Soul Focus, 145 Grassy Plain St, Bethel. 203-570-3868. EFT Tapping Circle Meetup – 7-8:30pm. Second and fourth Thursdays. Come learn about your energy body. Every month will be a different topic or exercise. No experience needed, all are welcome. $15. Location given with RSVP. 203-247-1318. Robin@ RobinFriedman.net. EnergyToolsForDailyLiving.com.

Meditating Holistically – 7-8:30pm. With Urgyan, a Western Buddhist lama sharing a rich practice of traditional meditation guidance directed toward holistic integration. Group meditation and discussion, devoted to our mutual innermost truths. $15. YogaSpace, 78 Stony Hill Rd, Bethel. 203-730-YOGA or Danbury Area Vajrayana Buddhist Meditation on Meetup.com. Medicine Wheel Teaching – 7-9pm. With Scott Nelson. Teachings of the ancient Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel, used by generations of Native Americans for health and balance. Come to one or all 5 evenings. Registration Required. $40. Lotus Wellness Center, 46 Pemberwick Rd, Greenwich. 203-531-4784. Info@LotusWellnessCtr.com. Reiki Healing Circle – 7-9pm. Second Thursday. All welcome. Non-Reiki and Reiki practitioners share and experience Reiki. See details on Unity website. Hosted by Gigi Benanti Reiki master/teacher. $20. Unity Center for Practical Spirituality, 3 Main St, Norwalk. 203-852-1150. AngelHealReikiGiGiB@snet.net. AngelHealReiki.com, UnityCenterNorwalk.org.

friday Reiki Share – 9:30-11:30am. First Friday. With JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT. Practice Reiki in a small group setting. Share experiences and help each other develop in a safe, fun environment while providing a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience. $20. Registration required. Turning Point Healing Arts and Education Center 100B Danbury Rd, Ste 101, Ridgefield. 203-438-3050. TurningPointReiki.com. Free Mommy and Me Yoga – 10am. With Brooke de Weaver. We supply water and mats - just bring yourself and your kids. Free. Yogasmoga Townhouse, 68 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich. Somatics – 10:30-11:30am. With Darlene Carman. The practice of body awareness and using the body to heal itself. Class Pack or $17 (+tax). Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-7302400. Info@NaamYogaCT.com. NaamYogaCT.com. Women’s Wisdom Group – 10:30am-12:30pm. Women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing one,s full, authentic beings and, in doing so, nurturing their highest potential.. $30. SunRaven, 501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford. 914-218-3113. SlowMedicine.org. Student Massage Therapy Clinic – 11am-noon. Relax and enjoy a 50-minute, full-body massage for only $20 at our Danbury Campus public clinic. $20. 44 Shelter Rock Road, Danbury. KMCCaffrey@ Ridley.edu. Ridley.edu. Apothecary Hours – 11am-4pm. Meet like-minded folks and learn about what we do at Twin Star Herbal and Energetic Studies. Free. Twin Star Herbal Education, 65 Bank St, New Milford. 203-313-7883. Info@TwinStarTribe.com. TwinStarTribe.com. Gentle Naam Yoga – 3:30-4:45pm. With Darleen Driver. Gentle introductory class to learn about the special benefits of the Naam Yoga practice. Class Pack or $17 (+tax). Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave, Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@NaamYogaCT.com. NaamYogaCT.com.

Teen Meditation – 5-6pm. This is an enjoyable approach to the understanding of self and how you fit into the world in which you can grow with confidence. Come and explore a guided meditative journey that helps to melt away stress and anxiety. For teens and up. $15. Soul Focus, 145 Grassy Plains St, Bethel. 203-570-3868. Vinyasa Flow – 5:30-6:30pm. With Patricia Voorhees. Class guides you through classical yoga poses with attention to breath and mind-body awareness. Class Pack, or $17 (+tax). Naam Yoga Connecticut, 164 Greenwood Ave. Bethel. 203-730-2400. Info@ NaamYogaCT.com. NaamYogaCT.com. Discussion with Spirit – 7:30-9:45pm. Last Friday. An evening of messages from Spirit and loved ones. Bring questions, receive channeled information specifically geared to you. Receive help in empowering yourself to navigate this lifetime. $40. Call or email for location. EarthAndHealing@hotmail.com.

saturday Angelic Reiki Meditation with Essential Oils – 8-9am. Receive short, hands-on Angelic Reiki, experience powerful techniques to reduce stress and relax. $10. Angelic Healing Center, 7 Morgan Ave (in the back, downstairs), Norwalk. Pre-register: 203-852-1150. Love Yourself Fit Meetings – 8:30am. Support for your sacred journey of real weight loss. Meetings offer you a place to be accountable to your highest vision for your healthiest self. $15. Insights Wellness Center, 458 Monroe Tpke, Monroe. 203-260-9353. ChrisGuerrera@me.com. InsightsWellnessCenter.com.

Community Yoga and Meditation – 8:30-10:30am. First Saturday. 4/4, 4/1 and 4/29. With Greg Barringer. Practice yoga, relax deeply to a gong meditation and share light refreshments. All welcome. $25/ suggested donation. Saint Luke’s Parish Youth Center, 1864 Post Rd, Darien. 203-722-2025. Greg@ ShaktiAnanda.yoga. Shaktiananda.yoga. Mahasati or Insight Meditation – 10-11:30am. Learn how to live your life more skillfully through the development of self-awareness and mindfulness. simple practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, and discover the benefits of becoming more present. 203-244-3130. Info@ReddingMeditation.org. ReddingMeditation.org. Intro to Power Vinyasa Flow – 10:30-11:30am. With Janelle Taylor. Powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. $22/drop-in. $10/new student, drop-in. LifePath Yoga & Wellness, 430 Main Ave, 2nd Fl, Norwalk. 203-354-7070. Nina@LifePathYoga.net. LifePathYoga.net. Spondylitis Support Group – 11am-12:30pm. Last Saturday. Led by Dr. Andrew Cummins, naturopathic physician. Having lived with the chronic inflammatory disease Ankylosing Spondylitis for the last 18 years, Dr. Cummins understands what living with chronic pain and limited mobility is all about. Group provides education, empowerment, understanding and support. Free. Shalva Clinic, 8 Lincoln St, 1st Fl, Westport. 203-916-4600. DrCummins@ShalvaClinic.org. ShalvaClinic.org. Open Mic Night – 7-9 pm, 3rd Saturday. Bring music printed out in your key and Kenneth Gartman will accompany you at the piano for your moment at the microphone. Comedians, poets, writers and musicians welcomed as well. Unity Center of Norwalk, 3 Main St, 2nd Flr, Norwalk. 203-855-7922. Office@ UnityCenterNorwalk.org. UnityCenterNorwalk.org.

classifieds To place a Classified Listing: $1 per word. $25 minimum. Magazine deadline: 12th of month prior to publication. Email copy to NicoleM@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com. FOR RENT OFFICE SHARE FOR HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER available at Ridgefield wellness center. Large treatment room with windows and a peaceful waiting room. Email for details: Info@OsteopathicWellness.net. OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN QUAINT, PEACEFUL SPA in the charming village of Georgetown, CT (next to Elevation Spin and across from Wire Mill BBQ). Prefer a practitioner or business that focuses on holistic wellness. Rent depends on amount of time/days wanted. Please contact Susi Laura at 203-438-2900. SOUTHBURY, CT. TWO OFFICES FOR RENT: (1) Private, new, quiet with waiting room. $650 per month. (2) Office for Share: New, quiet, furnished. Available on Tuesdays and weekends. Call 203-966-5509.

HELP WANTED DISTRIBUTORS WANTED for monthly deliveries of Natural Awakenings and other local publications. Perfect for a retired person or stay-at-home mom looking to earn some extra income and connect with their local community. Honesty and dependability are the most important characteristics of our distributors if you don’t have it in spades, please do not apply! Thomas@ManInMotionLLC.com. DO YOU LOVE NATURAL AWAKENINGS? Would you like to help spread the word about natural health and personal empowerment? Contact Publisher Nicole Miale today about becoming a Community Street Team member to represent the magazine at some of our many upcoming community events. NicoleM@ NaturalAwakeningsMag.com.

PRODUCTS HOME OF THE $10 YARD STATUE. Pet memorials, Angels, Buddha statues, Bird baths. Many dog breeds. Shipping worldwide. 75 Laura St, Tiverton, Rhode Island. 401-314-6752. SpringhillStatuary.com. Open year round.




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