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Green Up the House Making a Home Healthy for Kids April 2020 |



Brigit Strawbridge Howard on

Dancing With Bees

Morris, Union, Sussex & Essex Co. Edition


Humans to the Rescue Rising Up Against a Warming Planet

| NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com

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FREE * SESSION FLORHAM PARK NOW OPEN! Text GO FLORHAM PARK to 89000 For FREE SESSION* 176 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ 07932 | 973-765-9500 | modacu.com/nj001

PAIN | STRESS | BEAUTY *New patients only. Must be local resident. Expires by 12/31/2020. The laws relating to the practice of acupuncture vary from state to state. Please visit modacu.com for clinic ownership information, offer details and any state specific disclaimers. Individual results may vary. Not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Franchises Available.


North Central NJ Edition


The Holistic Dental Center Working Together with Other Holistic Practitioners to Create a True Holistic Approach to Your Health


team approach to your overall health and it starts at the Holistic they don’t see, I do, and vice versa, seeing dental infections and Dental Center in Millburn, New Jersey, with their highly skilled how they can affect organ systems through meridians or directly and team of trained professionals in holistic and biological dentistry. From utilizing the benefits of networking with a holistic practitioner can and their award winning doctors and their state of the art technology to does make all the difference in patient care…I wouldn’t have it any their use of ozone and self-healing therapies, they are committed other way,” Dr. Gashinsky says about working with other practitioners. to not only treating your dental related symptoms, but also, the root So if you’re looking for an approach that is inclusive of all aspects cause thereby eliminating disease and promoting optimal health. of holistic care, visit Dr. Gashinsky and his team at The Holistic Dental Little did conventional practitioners know so many years ago that Center in Millburn, New Jersey. It’s their priority to ensure complete it took more than just looking at the mouth. A generation ago there holistic care by promoting the benefits of holism. “It’s not just your was a disconnect, a thought that our mouth and teeth had no bearing teeth anymore,” as he says, “It never was,” but now they have the on the health of the rest of our body. Now more and more research ability to not just treat overall disease but truly prevent and promote has been showing that there is a strong connection between dental whole body wellness. disease and systemic health. Dr. Gashinsky, Holistic Dentist, has always known that. A holistic approach to health is multifaceted, so he Other than being a dentist for 40 years, Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky, is a certified nutritional consultant, Accredited by the International Academy has built a network of healthcare practitioners to assist his patients in of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, SMART certified and a Naturopathic obtaining their desired level of optimal wellness. doctor “My passion for learning is never complete, I will continue to Working hand in hand with Naturopaths, Functional Medicine research and learn the latest in alternative treatments and team up practitioners and many others in the field of holistic medicine has with the best in the fields of holistic and alternative medicine to bring expanded Dr. Gashinsky’s ability to help more people. “I find it to be my patients the best treatments available, this I can assure you.” incredibly fulfilling to work synergistically with these practitioners to be able to improve patients’ health so dramatically. Some are coming Holistic Dental Center is located at 91 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, to me so very sick and by working together we’re seeing drastic New Jersey. For more information, call (973) 457-4688 or visit improvements in their quality of life,” says Dr. Gashinsky. HolisticDentalCenterNJ.com. Dr. Gashinsky feels strongly in the need to practice in such a manner as to take patients whole health into consideration. So much so, that he traveled to Switzerland this past spring to visit the Paracelsus Clinic and Swiss BioHealth Clinic; two healthcare models that promote the oral-body connection, to study their holistic approach to patient care. Dr. Gashinsky says, “To truly practice holism; the thought that everything is understood in relation to the whole and not just its parts, it’s important to remember that when treating a person it’s not just what one practitioner does, but how they can work together to improve the final outcome.” “Finding and working with like minded practitioners to help my patients has not only been professionally satisfying, but also on a personal level knowing that my patients are being well taken care of,” say Dr. Gashinksy. “Finding and addressing the root cause of disease in all our disciplines is the key to success in our patients’ health. What __________________________________________ A D V E R T O R I A L __________________________________________

Natural Awakenings is a family of more than 70 healthy living magazines celebrating 25 years of providing the communities we serve with the tools and resources we all need to lead healthier lives on a healthy planet.




Botanical Libations Pack Healthy Punch



How Exercise Can Heal What Hurts


on Rediscovering Nature



Grassroots Strategies Combat Climate Crisis


Needles Work Wonders on Pets



A Call to Action

39 A HOME THAT HEALS Creating a Nurturing Space


43 HEALTHY HOME, advertising & submissions how to advertise To advertise with Natural Awakenings or request a media kit, please contact us at 908-405-1515 or email Joe@NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com. Deadline for ads: the 10th of the month. Editorial submissions Email Joe@NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com. Deadline for editorial: Articles (5th of the month); News and Health briefs (10th of the month). calendar submissions Submit calendar events online at NaturalAwakeningsNJ. com. Deadline for calendar: the 10th of the month. regional markets Advertise your products or services in multiple markets! Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. is a growing franchised family of locally owned magazines serving communities since 1994. To place your ad in other markets, call 239-434-9392. For franchising opportunities, call 239-530-1377 or visit NaturalAwakenings.com. Serving the counties and surrounding areas of Morris, Union, Sussex & Essex. Natural Awakenings ~ your muse for a healthy YOU and a healthy PLANET. 4

North Central NJ Edition



How to Keep Them Safe

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publisher letter


Dear loyal Natural Awakenings readers,


et me take a moment to share with you lessons I have learned while making my way through life. I hope this

helps. The turning stones of life happen. Unexpected change can shock us and sometimes paralyze us with confusion. Our direction, our plan, our future is altered by change. The trigger of change may go unnoticed or is thought to

Joe Dunne, Publisher

be trivial, yet suddenly unwelcome change happens. There are several responses we can choose—we can worry, short

circuit ourselves, create internal and external panic. Or we can choose acceptance.

Controlling what we can control, dealing with the rest, and making decisions one

step at a time. Letting go, surrendering to what is, and as they say dealing with it.

north central nj edition Joe@NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com • 908-405-1515

Managing Editor Kathy Tarbell


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How we deal with it matters.

contact the publisher Joe Dunne • Bedminster, NJ

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to

Cell: 908-405-1515 • Fax: 877-635-3313 Joe@NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com

change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Publisher Joe Dunne

Being in recovery for over 30 years, today I still rely on the Serenity Prayer that

Visit our Facebook page for the latest health updates and information, or to post your events and comments.

helped save my life. Many additional principles and people contributed to putting the puzzle of me back together, but the Serenity Prayer was my rock. It quiets my mind from projecting off into the future of fear. It comforts me with its simplicity and


common sense. In some ways it is my foundation of thinking, not only in my everyday living, but especially in a crisis. I say it a thousand times a day when my mind wants to go to worry, fear, panic. For years I have said it every night before bed, rarely missing my prayer of gratitude and this simple but powerful prayer. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

People saved my life by helping me, by nurturing me, by encouraging me, but

most of all by loving me. Now more than ever it is a time for us to show the strength, the compassion, the will to love ourselves through this change. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” In peace, love, good health, and much gratitude,

Tough times don’t last, Tough people do.

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April 2020


news briefs

cover artist

Holistic Health Counselor Certification Program Goes Virtual


Easy Rider


Laura Regan

aura Regan is widely known for her vibrant wildlife images, which are often mistaken for photographs. Regan’s original paintings have been exhibited nationally and her art has been used to raise funds for many environmental causes, including the World Wildlife Fund, the San Francisco Zoo and the San Diego Zoo, in addition to appearing on a large assortment of licensed items and available as prints. She has illustrated 13 nature-based children’s books with renowned authors, which have won national awards including the Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students and the Oppenheim Gold Award. She also does commissioned pieces, including portraits of pets. In 2016, Regan started creating elegant notecards featuring images of her original paintings. The cards are available on her website and sold at gift shops, nurseries, wildlife centers and conservation organizations around the country, including the California Academy of Sciences and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Based in Austin, Texas, Regan and her husband have a combined family of six grown kids and seven grandchildren. See Laura Regan’s work at LauraRegan.com. 6

North Central NJ Edition

ian Freeman, of Dian’s Wellness Simplified, is expanding both her nutrition consulting business and her Holistic Health Counselor course to a new location at Summus Body Mind, in Morristown. The course begins May 3 and runs every other Sunday for six months. Due to the current conditions, Freeman will also be offering the course virtually if in-person attendance is not possible. Dian has studied nutrition since the 70s and has been a professional nutritional consultant since the early 80s. She has graduated over 850 people in her nutritional certification course in the last 16 years. She explains, “I was initially asked by other practitioners how I developed such a large nutrition consulting business and if I would consider teaching them how to grow their own businesses.” She continues, “To grow a nutrition business, what you do and what you recommend has to work. This business grows from referrals. When clients have success with their health issues, they send to you every person they know.” To learn that, training must come from someone with a great deal of experience. One should not teach in a field that directly effects peoples’ health without being an expert. With her decades of experience, Dian fits that bill. Initially designed for practitioners, her course is now open to the public. Many of her students take the course for personal health knowledge, while others want to start a practice of their own. Besides her six-month nutrition course, Dian has also developed many day classes open to the public. Location: Summus Body Mind, 173 Washington Street, Morristown. For more information, call 973-267-4816 or email Dian2@Wellnesssimplified.com. See ad, page 17.

Spring Special for Imaging with Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness


isa Mack, CCT, HHC, owner of Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness, is one busy lady as she travels throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania offering highly accurate radiation-free breast and full body thermographic imaging to both men and women at natural wellness businesses. Thermography is a non-invasive test that records the temperature of the skin to reveal where imbalances in the body may be occurring. “The hot and cold areas of the body create patterns. Interpreting the meaning of those patterns is similar to Chinese medicine in how it ‘connects the dots,’” explains Mack. The equipment uses scanning software created by a doctor and produces high resolution images. The images are then reviewed by medical doctors that are trained as thermologists. Results are explained in simple to understand terms. Mack shares that “interaction with others is very limited. The scans are conducted in a private, cordoned off area that’s sanitized between use. Even the imaging equipment, which never touches the person’s body, is sanitized.” New patients are encouraged to take advantage of Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness Spring Special—$50 off a health study—in addition to a free dry brush service. Please visit the website for complete details on this invaluable service. Location: Visit website for all locations. For information and appointments, call 855-667-9338 or visit LisasThermographyAndWellness.com. See ads, pages 23, 36.


Optimize Wellness Through Personalized Nutrition


r. Peter Amato, board certified in natural medicine and founder of Inner Harmony Wellness Centers, has been testing clients for imbalances and creating personalized wellness plans for individuals for over 25 years. Dr. Amato has developed and utilizes a powerful, time-tested 5-step approach that restores alkalinity, targets and eliminates chronic infections, detoxifies the body, balances hormones and implements a solid anti-aging and rejuvenation program for optimum health. This program calls upon nutritional testing, quantum biofeedback, emotional response testing and wellness and lifestyle coaching. Some common conditions addressed are digestive issues, sleep irregularities, bone and joint pain, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and Lyme among other health concerns. This organic, non-synthetic approach prompts the body’s response and provides answers for precision nutrition that can be tailored to an individual’s needs. The initial visit is 90 minutes. Locations: Inner Harmony Wellness Centers, 131 Reynolds Rd, Dalton, PA and Thrive Wellness Center 647 Wyoming Ave, Kingston, PA. For information and appointments, call 570-319-6073 or visit PeterAmato.com. See ad, page 29.

Our Natural Awakenings Commitment


n this time of rapid adjustment, our mission to share good information about healthy living for NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com people, pets and planet @ naturalnj is more important than ever. To this end, you will see our digital world presence expand significantly. We’ve already revamped our websites to help showcase our advertisers and help readers find information helpful and interesting to them. We are also committed to sharing the most credible information currently available about the health crisis. In addition, we are working with other publishers to bring online class options, whether it’s training for advertisers to host online classes or readers seeking to bring a positive energy to their homebound experience. Stay in touch by visiting our website at NaturalAwakeningsNJ.com and subscribing to our email newsletter. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook @ naturalnj.

April 2020


Yoga Plus Studio Move with a mix of classes – Yoga, BARRE, Zumba, TRX & Meditation in a Body-Positive environment.

Pilates Reformer/ Cycling Studio


Discover the REVIVE difference

Our new, boutique fitness studio offers a unique blend of wellness options. Join us in intimate, small group classes ranging from high energy cardio to gentle flow yoga. Discover the healing benefits of our calming, therapeutic Salt Cave. Expect something new at our not-to-miss Special Events.

Transform the look and feel of your body with Pilates Reformer classes.

Salt Cave Breathe deep! Recharge body mind in our Himalayan Salt Cave.

Experience REVIVE — your place to refresh the body, reinvigorate the mind, and revitalize the spirit. “I joined because of the Pilates reformer classes (so hard to find anywhere else!) and have become addicted to the cycle classes!! Thank you for creating such a welcoming studio.” – Sue L. (Facebook)

Call for a Free Intro Class! 100 U.S. Highway 46, Budd Lake

973-527-3419 • ReviveStudiosNJ.com

INSPIRE Offering individualized experiences for multiple styles of yoga and functional body movement modalities Our certified team of professionals encourage wellness of the body, mind and spirit. group & private yoga barre fusion . ayurvedic counseling . motr pilates reiki healing . crystal healing . annual retreats holistic health coaching workshops . yoga teacher training

beginners to advanced welcome

“The studio is sacred space. We never want to leave.”

3 for $30

Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio

new clients only

NiyamaYogaStudio.com 973.500.2939 niyamayogastudio@gmail.com 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph, NJ 07869


North Central NJ Edition

Retreat Center Blossoms in NE Pennsylvania


oly Transfiguration Retreat Center is nestled away in Dalton, Pennsylvania, just minutes from downtown Scranton. It is enthroned on more than 300 sprawling acres, and includes a lake, beautiful trees and rolling hills ideal for outdoor meditation. In June 2013, the Diocesan Assembly of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church identified the need for a retreat center. After three years of searching, and countless visits to multiple locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the Diocesan Council found an ideal property. The retreat center includes a chapel, library, conference rooms, classrooms and offices. There are two dormitory wings to accommodate over 180 guests, and a gymnasium that will comfortably seat 800 people. The center is available for retreats, workshops, youth camps, on-going classes, weddings and conferences. Everything needed for a successful event is housed under one roof. Location: 1000 Seminary Rd., Dalton, PA. For booking information, please call Mary De Angelis at 570-563 1669 or 973-998-1749 (cell), or email transfigurationretreat@gmail.com. For more information, please visit TransfigurationRetreat.org or Facebook.com/ HolyTransfigurationRetreat.

Order Shares of Wild Alaskan Salmon

mind / body / spirit

not just yoga, it’s a place of healing

news briefs



he spring ordering season for sustainably-harvested, wild Alaskan salmon is underway until May 25 as KweeJack Fish Company prepares for the summer fishing season in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Participate in the community supported fishery (CSF) by ordering 20-pound shares or 10-pound half-shares of sockeye salmon online at EatWildSalmon.com/NANJ. The Florham Park pick-up event is scheduled for September 23.     “From a small skiff near the mouth of the Kvichak River in June and July, our small crew of set-net fishermen will hand-pick sockeye from the net to be rapidly chilled, professionally fileted and deep-frozen at the peak of freshness,” shares Anna EchoHawk Sauder, community supported fishery director. “Each vivid red filet is sushi-grade, with bones removed and skin on one side, and offers amazing flavor and versatility for a variety of quick and nutritious mealtimes.”   Cost: $159 for 10-lb. half-shares; $299 for 20-lb. shares. CSF locations include Florham Park, NJ and Altoona, Chambersburg and Lancaster, PA. For more information, call 717-842-0180 or email Anna@ EatWildSalmon.com. See ad, page 12.  

Tues Special 1/2 Price


Health Queen


...treat your body like a fortress Naturopathic & Functional Medicine New Diagnostic Testing!

A noninvasive method of screening your entire body—organs, tissues & cells—is now available at Health Queen! **With the most advanced technology we can detect nutrient deficiencies and weakened cellular activity which can lead to early states of disease. We then can identify the root cause and work to bring back homeostasis.

Avis Gardell-Feldstein CHHC $199 plus tax Call or Text


Certified Holistic Health Counselor Nutrition Certified Medical Intuit • Energy Medicine

Website: HealthQueenAvis.com Email: HealthQueenAvis@gmail.com

Directory of Advertisers

Thank you for being part of our community! Aesthetic Family Dentistry . . . . . . . . . 21, 60 Art of Living Meditation Studio . . . . . . . 15 Bee You Yoga & Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Blossoming into Light . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Cathy Ludwig Ed.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Center for Inner Transformations . . . . . . . . Center for Systemic Dentistry . . . . . . . . . 33 Chimney Rock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Connectivity Therapy and Holistic Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 CopperZap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Deborah Nelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Dona Garofano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Dr. Andy Rosenfarb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Dr. John Gallucci . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Dr. Renata Kulessa Dussias . . . . . . . . . . 16 Functional Brain Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Harmony Mountain Institute . . . . . . . . . . 44 Health Queen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Hemberger Structural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

HiLife Vitamins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Holistic Dental Center - Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky . . . . . . . . . 3, 30 Huna Healing Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Inner Harmony Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Inner Truth Hypnotherapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Itex doTerra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 K&P Holistic Health & Fitness . . . . . . . . . 46 Kelly Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Kwee Jack Fish Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Learning RX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Leslie Lobell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23, 36 Living Waters Wellness Center . . . . . . . 45 Modern Acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Mona Salminen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Montclair Acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Morning Star Family Health . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Mountain Lakes Organic Coop . . . . . . . . 26

Natural Home Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Niyama Yoga & Wellness . . . . . . . . . . 8, 46 NJ Advanced Acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Personally Yours Lingerie . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Portal of Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Revive Studios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Shakti Yoga & Living Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Solstice Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Starseed Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Studio Yoga Madison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Sunshine Gifts and Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Sussex County Food Co-op . . . . . . . . . . 51 Transform Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Tru Nature Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Unlock Your Hidden Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Valley Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Wellness Simplified . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Whispering Willow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Whole Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 WholeListic Hair Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Your CBD Store - Boonton . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Yoga Anonymous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 * New Advertiser

Let them know you found them in Natural Awakenings North Central NJ! April 2020


12th Annual

Solstice Expo & Holistic Fair

Saturday, June 20 • 10am - 6pm Sunday, June 21 • 10am - 5pm The Event Center By Cornerstone New Hope Eagle Fire House

46 North Sugan Road • New Hope, PA 18938


Guest Speakers Every Hour • Psychics, Mediums & Tarot Readers • Holistic, Shamanic & Reiki Practitioners Massage & Energy Healers • Herbalists & CBD Products Artwork & Jewelry • Salt Lamps, Rocks, Gemstones & Crystals • Aura Photography • Door Prizes • Food Court

7 Admission


Sponsored by The Society for Metaphysical Enlightenment a non-profit organization

For Information call 267-261-2768 Visit our website and Facebook page for updates!


Women’s Healing Arts Journey

Discover your inner gifts and your body’s wisdom to heal. ◊ Intuitive Painting workshops/classes ◊ Health/Life Coaching ◊ Spiritual Guidance ◊ Dream Work ◊ Lyme Disease Coaching

news briefs

Overcome Anxiety with Meditation


ith today’s busy lifestyle, meditation is now a vital component for maintaining mental and physical well-being rather than a luxury. The current COVID-19 crisis is peaking stress and anxiety levels as uncertainty impacts all areas of life. Meditation can help us overcome anxiety, mitigate the harmful effects of stress on our immunity and stay healthy. With its short and effective classes, the Art of Living Meditation Studio is making meditation accessible and effortless for everyone. Drop in at this cozy studio for 30-minute guided meditation classes, offered conveniently on weeknights and weekend mornings. For a limited time, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the studio is offering the option to join all its classes online and as well in person. If online is preferred, simply mention “online” in the notes when booking to receive the link to join. Located in downtown Denville, the studio offers a serene ambiance for deep meditations. Classes includes authentic meditations originating from ancient traditions. Feel calm right away with time-tested techniques delivered by expert teachers. Let go of anxiety, relax effortlessly and energize instantly with short 30-minute classes designed to fit a busy life. Private one to one instruction is also available for those who wish to go deeper. Everyone can move at their own pace at the studio. With so many convenient class options available, it’s a great way to squeeze in daily me-time and optimize physical and mental well-being. Whether one is looking to slow down, overcome anxiety, manage stress, sleep better or enhance well-being, there is a perfect class for everyone at the studio. Book today to discover how meditation can help you. Location: 104 Broadway, Denville. For more information call 862200-9094, email artoflivingmeditationstudio@gmail.com or visit MorrisCountyMeditation.org. See ad, page 15.


Mona Salminen

Integrated Health – Coach Certified Intuitive Painting – B.A. Visual Arts

Free Initial Consultation by phone or in person

973-944-0047 • Rockaway, NJ MonaSalminen.com

• Holistic approach using eco-friendly, non-toxic products • Corner-to-corner done to perfection • Essential oils of your choice • European maids with 30 years of experience

$50 off 3rd cleaning Basia

973.222.8881 • cleanmyhomeorganically.com 10

North Central NJ Edition


Unlock the Mysteries

We need to get angry and understand what is at stake. And then we need to transform that anger into action and to stand together united and just never give up.

of Hormones and Nutritional Imbalances with

Advanced Dried Blood Cell Analysis* Additional Services * Nutritional Counseling Allergy/Muscle Testing Massage Therapy Reiki Detox Foot Bath Eclectic Health Food Store and much more!

~Greta Thunberg

Get Started Today! call Dona Garofano,

973-962-6355 for an appointment.


Doctor of Naturopathy / Author Certified Nutritional Consultant Master Herbalist

Conveniently located in

Food For Thought Natural Food Market 123 Skyline Dr., Ringwood NJ

FoodForThought-HealthStore.com u GreatHallsOfHealing.com

* Services are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any condition.

Tori Valspirit, CMS-CHt, FIBH

Board-Certified Medical Support/Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy: An Essential Component in Integrative Care. This evidence-based modality is mind-body medicine that aids individuals therapeutically while in a hypnotic state.

Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Works with all medical issues including surgery, chronic pain, stress, dentistry, childbirth, overactive bladder, urinary incontinence & more.

There is a Universe Within You

Empower Your Life to Conquer Your Dreams

Ask about Dream Interpretation, Enhance performance for sports, confidence, public speaking, better memory, Universal Kabbalah, test taking, achieving goals, motivation, vaping and weight management. Sacred Geometry, Modern Sacred ScienceÂŽ May 11 to 15, 2020 - 8AM to 6PM This training is in the form of a mystery school. It is a magickal training Astral Travel, constructed to empower you in the truest sense of the word. Meditation, 1386 US Highway 22, Lebanon, NJ 08833 & Reiki Call Today 908-617-1545 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy


for Information and a Free Consultation. All sessions are kept confidential with HIPAA regulations.

April 2020


news briefs

Eastern Philosophy Meets Eastern Pennsylvania at Harmony Mountain Institute

Order by May 25th

WILD ALASKAN SALMON SHARES Spring Purchase | Summer Harvest Local Pick-Up in September

For more info call


Location: 131 Reynolds Rd., North Abington Twp., PA. For information call 570-558-7450 or visit HarmonyMountainInstitute.com. See ad, page 44.

Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.com

or visit EatWildSalmon.com/NANJ

armony Mountain Institute in NE Pennsylvania, just 2 hours from Manhattan, provides a transformational retreat program for individuals and small groups on a spiritual journey to become free of chronic illness, negative thinking and addictive behaviors. Life-changing tools are packed into a weekend of Zen and self-care that can help unlock the truth codes, and with help from our practitioners, aid the individual in establishing a mind-body-soul connection. The retreat center and its energy of harmony greatly enhances the benefits of yoga and meditation. Additionally, healing needs at the emotional and cellular level may be addressed through exclusive wellness technologies. Ultimate vibration therapy for mind, body, spirit and environment may be achieved through technologies such as the Beamer mat, chi machines, biofeedback machine, and the Chrysalis E. Dr. Peter Amato, founder of the institute, provides personalized care plans emphasized on alleviating the root causes of many chronic diseases and health issues with organic nutrition, biofeedback, and coaching. As pioneer of one of the nation’s first integrative wellness centers, Amato developed holistic treatment protocols emphasizing nutrition and the mind-body-spirit connection. He introduced NEPA to the healing arts, long before it was popular. The institute also offers support after the retreat has ended through an ongoing commitment to the provision of resources continuing education, accountability and other opportunities.




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Eat Better to Cut Healthcare Costs

Poor eating habits are not only disease-producing, they are also costly, the latest research shows. “Suboptimal eating” incurs approximately $300 in healthcare costs annually per person, and $481 for older people on Medicare, adding up to $50 billion a year nationally—84 percent of which goes to acute care, say Harvard-associated Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers. This means that poor diets account for almost 20 percent of heart disease, stroke and diabetes costs in the U.S. Researchers studied the impact of 10 dietary factors, including fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, processed meats, sugary drinks and salt, and found that the top three risks were overconsuming processed meats and underconsuming nuts/seeds and omega-3-rich seafood. “There is a lot to be gained in terms of reducing risk and cost associated with heart disease, stroke and diabetes by making relatively simple changes to one’s diet,” says study coauthor Thomas Gaziano, M.D. “Our work illustrates the need for interventions or policies that incentivize healthier dietary behavior, as these changes have the potential to have a big impact and reduce the health and financial burden of cardiometabolic disease.”

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Breathe Cleaner Air to Help Bone Health Air pollution has long been linked to lung cancer, stroke and respiratory disease, and now research has found that it can lead to osteoporosis, as well. Researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health studied the bone mass and density of 3,717 people living in villages near Hyderabad, India. These were compared to fine particulate air pollution levels, which averaged more than three times the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The researchers also surveyed in-home cooking over wood, coal and other biomass sources. The results showed that exposure to ambient air pollution was associated with lower levels of bone mass, and that cooking over fires did not have that effect. “Inhalation of polluting particles could lead to bone mass loss through the oxidative stress and inflammation caused by air pollution,” says lead author Otavio T. Ranzani. April 2020


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Coal Costs

Biodegradable Cooler Keeps Food Cold and Dry

The ice chests we haul to picnics are typically made of Styrofoam, Dow Chemical’s trademarked name for extruded polystyrene, but it is a highly flammable source of greenhouse gases that animals can mistake for food and won’t degrade for hundreds of years, leading thousands of landfills to ban it. Now, Igloo, the top global cooler maker, has introduced a new, less-destructive alternative made out of paraffin wax and recycled tree pulp called Recool. The 16-quart, water-resistant cooler, sold at REI and other stores, keeps 75 pounds of contents ice-cold for up to 12 hours and goes up to five days without leaking water. The coolers can be stored and reused many times and then recycled, composted or used as a dry storage container. It’s also less likely to break or chip than Styrofoam. 14

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Hot Spots

Climate Change City Index for 2050

Temperature changes, water shortages and rising sea levels will impact some of the world’s most populous cities during the next 30 years. Apartment rental hub Nestpick.com commissioned researchers to comb through data and determine how the ongoing climate shift could impact specific cities to help people choose where to live and add to the debate about procedures that can be put in place to ensure the longevity and livability of cities. Bangkok faces the highest risk of flooding from rising sea levels and a projected temperature increase of 3° F. Nairobi may move from a temperate humid warm summer climate to a tropical-type savanna wet summer climate due to rising temperatures. The demand for water is projected to be double the supply in Melbourne. Ho Chi Minh City and Amsterdam are also very high on the list.


A new law bans popular plastic bags in the Mexican capital, and grocery stores are poised to sell reusable synthetic fiber bags. The same law will ban handing out plastic straws, spoons, coffee capsules and other singleuse items by 2021. Claudia Hernández, the city’s director of environmental awareness, says, “We are finding that people are returning to baskets, to cucuruchos [cone-shaped rolls of paper].” The old ways are present in other aspects, too. Many residents still use wheeled, folding shopping baskets and some vendors still measure out bulk goods in discarded sardine cans. Grocery stores that give out plastic bags will be fined, so most will opt for reusable shopping bags made of thick plastic fiber for about 75 cents. For hygienic reasons, the law leaves the door open to using plastic bags for such items as perishable deli meats or cheese.

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Mexicans Return to Old Ways After Ban

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Cool Solution

Plastics Adios


Between 2005 and 2016, the shutdown of coal-fired plants in the U.S. saved an estimated 26,610 lives and the equivalent of around 570 million bushels of corn, soybeans and wheat, reports a new University of California at San Diego (UCSD) study published in Nature Sustainability. The coal plants were typically decommissioned as utilities transitioned from coal to natural gas for electric power generation, thus reducing particulate matter and ozone in the lower atmosphere. “When a coal-fired unit shuts down, local pollution [including particulate matter] levels drop, mortality rates drop and crop yields of major staple crops rise,” writes study author and UCSD associate professor Jennifer Ann Burney. The newer, naturalgas and coal-fired units that have supplanted them are not entirely benign and deserve further study, she notes.

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Closing Plants Saves Lives and Crops

Roundup Redux

Nutty News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has clarified its standards regarding organic crop container systems such as hydroponics and aquaponics, requiring that those operations stop using synthetic chemicals not approved for organic crop production in the soil underneath, as well as in containers, for three years prior to achieving certification. The clarification arose after soil-based farmers reported that hydroponics operations were spraying the soil to clear weeds with Monsanto’s glyphosate shortly before building a greenhouse and applying for quick organic certification. The World Health Organization classified glyphosate as a Group 2A carcinogen, and it is absolutely prohibited on organic farms. The Real Organic Project, a family farmer-driven organization, is lobbying for an add-on label to USDA Certified Organic to provide more transparency on whether organic crops are grown in soil or hydroponic greenhouses.

A “green” sunscreen has been synthesized from discarded cashew-nut shells by a team of scientists from South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and Germany, reports the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Using xylochemistry (wood chemistry), the scientists produced new aromatic compounds that show good UVA and UVB absorbance, which can protect humans, as well as polymers and coatings, from harmful rays from the sun. The research was published in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. UV rays can lead to sunburn, premature aging and the development of lethal melanomas in humans and animals, and are also damaging to most materials, causing the discoloration of dyes and pigments, weathering, yellowing of plastics and the loss of gloss and mechanical properties.


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Organic Standards Clarified for Hydroponics

Eco-Sunscreen Made from Cashew Shells

Unsafe Sipping

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Widespread Drinking Water Contamination Found

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found contamination of U.S. drinking water with manmade “forever chemicals” to be much worse than estimated. Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans have some of the highest levels. Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are resistant to breaking down in the environment and some have been linked to cancer, liver damage, low birth weight and other health problems. David Andrews, a senior scientist at EWG and co-author of the report, says, “It’s nearly impossible to avoid contaminated drinking water from these chemicals.” Sources include products like Teflon, Scotchguard and firefighting foam. Only one location in the country, Meridian, Mississippi, which has 700-foot-deep wells, had no detectable PFAS, while Seattle and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, had levels below 1 part per trillion, the limit EWG recommends. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has known since at least 2001 about the problem of PFAS in drinking water, but has so far failed to set an enforceable, nationwide legal limit. April 2020


Think Outside the House Expanding Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning traditionally heralds a new beginning, an opportunity to take stock of hearth and home and a time of renewal regardless of the season. Clearing figurative cobwebs is as important as sweeping away real ones, and while most folks focus on giving their abode a thorough airing and scrubbing, there’s plenty to tend to outside before the heat of summer sets in. Clear out potentially dead grass and leaves and other organic matter near the sides of the house to prevent termites and other insect infestations. Collect the organic matter, add in food scraps and compost it all to benefit the garden. Composting sends the nutrients of loose ingredients into the soil as a natural fertilizer. EarthEasy. com/grow_compost.html reports it can help divert as much as 30 percent of household waste from the garbage can. Make sure to check the top and outer walls of the house. Upraised nails in a shingled roof or deteriorated

shingles or gaps where plumbing vent pipes penetrate the surface—possibly due to high winds, falling branches or ice thawing in colder climes—can produce small breaks and holes for water to seep through onto tops of ceilings. That can possibly lead to mold as summer temperatures rise and water leaks into the interior of the house. OldHouseWeb.com says collars of vent pipes should be tight, as “some older [ones] can loosen over time and even some newer rubber collars crack and leak long before the shingles fail.” Also, check the gutters to make sure they are clear of packed leaves and tree branches. Don’t forget the family car, which may need its own spring cleanup. Go green with a natural soap to remove slush and grime, and then take a close look at the toll the past year has taken. Pebbles and rocks may have been kicked onto the sides of the car, resulting in small chips and abrasions of the paint from which rust might spread. The nonprofit Car Care Council (CarCare.org) recommends covering the areas as quickly as possible and if necessary to use a little clear nail polish—nontoxic, of course—as a quick fix for minor paint damage until a proper touch-up can be scheduled. Then there’s the undercarriage. Salt particles that may have been used in treating roads and highways in icy regions may be lodged into crevices which can corrode metal and functional parts. Make sure the hose sprayer also reaches these areas.

Healthcare with Heart Somerville Primary Care Comprehensive and Compassionate care for you and your entire family.

Call today to schedule your appointment. Renata Kulessa Dussias, D.O. Traditional Family Medicine & Integrative Care Board certified with over 20 years of experience


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Joan Arata

Modern Acupuncture


odern Acupuncture’s mission is to make their clients’ lives better by making acupuncture truly accessible. Clinics are in retail locations, with retail hours and have packages and memberships that offer an efficient path to getting the recommended treatment. As a national franchise, they have a methodology and train all acupuncturists to ensure that when patients visit multiple locations across the country, they are confident that they will get consistent, effective treatment. Joan Arata, who owns locations in SoHo, New York and Florham Park, New Jersey, plans to open more locations in the area. To encourage the community to try this healing modality, Arata offers the first treatment for free. Treatments are given in the Zen Lounge in zero-gravity chairs with soothing music so they are relaxed and comfortable. Many patients fall asleep during their treatments—even those who come to be treated for insomnia! Arata explains, “I had been looking for a next step after corporate America for quite some time. Some friends had become interested and involved with Modern Acupuncture and they told me about the opportunity. When I took a look

at what Modern Acupuncture was offering and building, I decided it was a perfect opportunity for me. I have been a long-time fan of acupuncture and have had acupuncture to treat many different ailments over many years. The opportunity to take this ancient Chinese medical treatment to many more people with a ‘modern’ approach was too good to pass up.” “Our ideal client is someone who is open-minded about understanding about how various treatments work and willing to try something new,” states Arata. “Most people have no idea how acupuncture can positively impact their health and their lives.” Her biggest challenge so far has been finding the best possible staff and being on the lookout for additional marketing opportunities. Modern Acupuncture strives to provide as much education about acu-

puncture as they do promotion. Since so many people are new to the modality, they have many questions about how, when and why it works. Having a national brand behind their operation ensures consistent, effective training, the highest quality of practitioners, consistent supplies and products. All of these thoughtful points lead to effective treatment and a consistently good experience for their patients. Location: 176 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park. For more information, call 973-7659500, email Joan.Arata@ModAcu.com or visit ModAcu.com/nj001. See ad, page 2.

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Virtual Classes

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FLOWER POWER Botanical Libations Pack Healthy Punch by April Thompson


lowers and other budding botanical elements this spring aren’t just eye candy to dress the table; they can bless an everyday beverage with intoxicat-

ing new scents, flavors and colors. “It’s such a joy to see a beautiful flower or plant, smell it and then add it to a delightful beverage or meal. Plants have so much medicine to

share, and it’s fun to play with that,” says Myra Sinnott, an aromatherapist and owner of Essential Botany, in Washington, D.C. Many beverage favorites can be given a floral twist with little effort, says Cassie Winslow, author of Floral Libations: 41 Drinks + Ingredients and founder of the blog DecoTartelette.com, in Santa Cruz, California. Winslow’s go-to drinks include lavender-infused lemonade and rose petal almond milk, which can be served hot or cold. “I also love an iced lavender café au lait. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll use fresh flower ice cubes, too.” Dried hibiscus is another favorite of Winslow’s, as even a few petals of the concentrated dark magenta flower will brighten and beautify any beverage—even a yogurt-based drink. While many botanical drink recipes call for simple sugar syrup, Winslow suggests honey with a splash of water as a substitute. Other drinks are naturally sweet, like jasmine tea steeped in apple cider. Sinnott likes to fuse the power of flowers with other botanical elements such

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conscious eating

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as rose petals in a light raspberry drink. “I also use rosewater in a warm elixir with a base of reishi mushroom tea, goji berries, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, cacao, pearl powder and honey. Rose is a heart-opener and vitalizes the body with the immuneboosting reishi and the other tonifying ingredients,” says Sinnott. Winslow stresses the importance of buying organic ingredients, as many flowers are sprayed with toxic pesticides—or better yet, home-grown. She suggests the tea aisle of natural food stores is a good place for procuring organic floral ingredients such as chamomile and jasmine, which often come unblended in whole form. Dried flowers are easier to source and are often more potent than fresh, she says. “Fresh is pretty, but can be more subtle in flavor.” Her rose salt recipe, which can be used to rim drinks or seasonal dishes, calls for dried roses, which have a longer shelf life and won’t clump up like fresh petals. Marie Viljoen, Brooklyn-based author of Forage, Harvest, Feast: A Wild-Inspired Cuisine, suggests using cold infusions rather than heat or boiling flowers to retain their flavors and aromas. She also recommends picking flowers early in the morning or late afternoon, when their scent peaks.

A Cup of Wildflowers While botanical ingredients can be obtained commercially, it can be more fun—and frugal—to forage for them, suggests Viljoen, founder of the blog 66SquareFeet.blogspot.com. “It’s a lot of fun to go out to collect ingredients you cannot find in the store. You can experience unique textures, flavors and perfumes, and play with wild ingredients that have been all but forgotten,” she says. Some of Viljoen’s seasonal foraged favorites include the fragrant elderflower, honeysuckle and common milkweed flower. “I like to capture milkweed’s fragrance and deep pink color in a wild soda or a sweet cordial.” For newbie foragers, drink ingredients can be sourced as easily as herbs from a window box, like the antiviral thyme, which makes for a delicious wild soda made from a handful of herbs, sweetener and water left on the countertop a few days to lightly ferment and fizz. Another spring favorite, tender young spruce tips, has a sour flavor that ferments well with strawberries and rhubarb, says Viljoen. The same recipe can also be used to make vinegar, a longer process resulting in a more enduring product with great botanical properties. “You can create a sipping vinegar, which is good to mix with seltzer or slow-cook with,” says Viljoen. Whether botanical ingredients are foraged, bought or brought in from the backyard garden to be put in a hot tea, a cocktail or a cold brew, the magic is in the making. “Flowers are endless fun to experiment with, especially when added to everyday drinks and dishes. It brings life to the kitchen,” says Winslow. April Thompson, a freelance writer in Washington, D.C., can be reached at AprilWrites.com.

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Its starts with Good Nutrition, Exercise, Rest and Stress Management

We have an oil for that! Call today for a free Wellness Consult Peggy Washburn, Wellness Advocate Sharing natural health & wellness with the world through

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water overnight and strain out the flowers in the morning.” Drinks can be dressed up with a floral sugar or salt rim using rose or lavender. “I like to rim half the glass on the side and not just the top, to give it a cascading effect,” says Winslow. Another fun party trick is to set up a bar and let guests garnish their drinks themselves. Winslow suggests almost any cocktail recipe can be turned into a mocktail by using sparkling water instead of alcohol; for example, a virgin lilac margarita greyhound. Floral ice cubes also add a fancy touch to the dinner table. To capture the blossoms in ice, Viljoen suggests filling the tray halfway with water, putting in the flowers, freezing and then filling in the rest of the water to refreeze.

Unconditional Love Here’s an Indian-inspired herbal infusion featuring classic Ayurvedic herbs that help spread unconditional love that is so needed in the world right now. It’s recommended that you serve the infusion on heated rose quartz crystals; this will continue to emanate the love. This recipe is best made in larger quantities and stored for use throughout the year or whenever you need to spread or share more love with friends and family. Yields: 3½ oz beverage .7 oz cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) ½ oz ginger root (Zingiber officinalis), dried .2 oz ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera), dried .2 oz rhatavari root (Asparagus racemosus), dried ½ oz rose petals (Rosa spp), dried .4 oz rose hips (Rosa canina), dried 1 oz tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), dried

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible. 20

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photo by Susan Bell

or those that want to impress guests with a little floral flourish at their next dinner party, here are some tips from the experts. Garnishing is a great way to use fresh edible flowers and show off their natural shapes and colors, says Cassie Winslow, author of Floral Libations: 41 Drinks + Ingredients and founder of the blog DecoTartelette.com, in Santa Cruz, California. “Unless it’s a small pretty bloom, you’ll want to just use a couple of petals though, as whole flowers can be hard to drink around otherwise.” Simply infusing fragrant flowers in water overnight can be a refreshing upgrade to table water, says Marie Viljoen, author of Forage, Harvest, Feast and the 66-Square-Feet blog, based in Brooklyn. “Go for flowers with lots of fragrance, like jasmine, roses or violets. Just put in cool





Flowers are endless fun to experiment with, especially when added to everyday drinks and dishes. It brings life to the kitchen. ~Cassie Winslow


Gum Rejuvenation 973.627.3617 afdpa.com Derek Fine, DMD

photo by Susan Bell

Jenni Kwiatkowski, DDS Alan B. Steiner, DMD

For the warm rose quartz: 3-4 Rough pieces of rose quartz crystal Mix all the herbs together in a large bowl, then decant into a sealable pouch or jar, being sure to store away from direct sunlight. Cleanse the crystals, by first rinsing and gently scrubbing them under running water, then place in the sun for a few hours and whisper some love poetry to them.

35 West Main Street Suite 208 Denville NJ, 07834 973.627.3617 afdpa.com

Holistic Fa m i ly Practice


WITH THEIR REPUTATION for artistry, clinical excellence and more than 50 years of combined experience, Aesthetic Family Dentistry, PA offers a breakthrough treatment for gum recession. What is gum recession? Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. This can occur as a result of periodontal disease, the natural aging process, clenching and grinding, and abrasive habits. Since healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, having gum recession treated is important for lasting dental wellness. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) is a minimally invasive option for treating gum recession. Unlike traditional grafting techniques that involve the use of donor tissue or soft tissue grafts in order to restore the tissue loss, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique requires no grafts, no sutures, and no incisions. It simply involves the adjustment of the existing tissue. While traditional grafting treatment is beneficial, better cosmetic results with enhanced patient experience can be achieved through the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Alan B. Steiner who has been personally trained by Dr. Chao. Before


Place the crystals in the oven on a low heat (158 to 170° F) for 15 minutes, or until hot. Place the crystals in the teacups. For a pot for 3 to 4 people, take 6 heaping teaspoons of the blend, pour over freshly boiled water, infuse with the lid on for 5 to 6 minutes, then fine strain and serve in cups over the warm pieces of rose quartz crystal. Recipe courtesy of Michael Isted, the Herball. Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible. April 2020


MOVING THROUGH CHRONIC PAIN How Exercise Can Heal What Hurts by Julie Peterson


hen our body keeps hurting, especially if it’s been that way for a long time, it’s natural to want to snuggle into pillows with a good movie and move as little as possible. And for many years, that’s the kind of rest that doctors recommended for the 20 percent of American adults suffering from chronic pain.

But with a plethora of studies showing that exercise can reduce pain severity, enable better physical functioning and boost morale with virtually no adverse side effects, that advice is fast changing. “Exercise helps to release endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller chemicals,” explains Rumki Banerjee, M.D., medical director of Apex MD, in Glen Allen, Virginia.

For those suffering from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and low back pain, the thought of moving may be uncomfortable, and even the sight of stairs may trigger pain signals. But walking up just one step can give the brain new information. “If it’s possible to do a movement one time without pain, the brain starts to change, the door to movement reopens and we begin to end the chronic pain cycle,” says Annie Forest, a fitness trainer who specializes in the neurology of pain at Forest Coaching Studios, in Madison, Wisconsin. A good first step is to consult an expert. “If your doctor approves, take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a movement expert. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, Pilates trainers and yoga teachers are trained to help others move safely and more effectively,” says Peter Abaci, M.D., medical director of the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, in Los Gatos, California, and author of Conquer Your Chronic Pain: A Life-Changing Drug-Free Approach for Relief, Recovery, and Restoration. The muscle pain that occurs in everyone starting a new exercise regime— known as delayed onset muscle soreness— typically lasts only a day or two, and is a sign the body is slowly gathering strength, say physical therapists. It’s best—and probably the only thing possible for those in chronic pain—to start slow. “Walking is one exercise that gets your

A positive approach to life and fitness. A community built on trust and camaraderie. A committment to you and your growth.

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puhhha /Shutterstock.com

fit body

puhhha /Shutterstock.com

Walking is one exercise that gets your body moving, blood and fluids circulating, and if done outdoors, can take you out into nature to offset the amount of time spent indoors body moving, blood and fluids circulating, and if done outdoors, can take you out into nature to offset the amount of time spent indoors,” says physical therapist Karena Wu, owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy, in New York City and Mumbai. Slow stretching, especially if it involves holding positions up to one minute, and gentle versions of yoga, including chair yoga, have also proven helpful. A study of 228 people with chronic back pain published in the Internal Archives of Medicine found that both approaches reduced symptoms within 12 weeks and lowered the use of pain medications, and that results lasted at least six months. Tai chi, an ancient Chinese practice that involves breath control combined with slow, fluid movements, has been shown to benefit people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and tension headaches, among other chronic conditions. In a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, people with fibromyalgia taking tai chi classes twice a week for 12 weeks reported less pain and depression and better sleep than another group taking wellness classes and stretching sessions. Chi kung (qigong), another slow-moving, mind-body exercise, supplies similar benefits, concluded a February study published in the journal Holistic Nursing Practice. Compared to aerobics, especially for older people with lower back pain, “Pilates may be more effective for pain and disability because exercises are more targeted to the muscles of the pelvis and trunk,” concludes a recent Brazilian study. Aqua therapy, also known as water aerobics, reduces pressure on aching joints while still providing enough gentle resistance to build strength, plus a heated pool can relax the whole body. Swimming was shown in a 2013 study in Clinical Rehabilitation to ease the lingering pain of cancer

survivors better than land exercises; studies of arthritis and fibromyalgia patients showed similar results. It’s also key to have goals—even as simple as cooking a meal without pain. “I ask people to envision a pain-free life and imagine what that would look like, what they would do if they didn’t hurt,” says

Forest. “If you say, ‘I’m a softball player and a mom who picks up her kids,’ then your brain wants to head in that direction. Having a target is really important.” Julie Peterson writes from rural Wisconsin. Reach her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

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wise words

Brigit Strawbridge Howard on Rediscovering Nature by April Thompson


ee advocate, Bees have been a wildlife gardener portal to the natural and naturalworld for me. It happens ist Brigit Strawbridge when many people get Howard was alarmed interested in a specific the moment she realspecies because everyized she knew more thing is interconnected, about the French Revoand you start to notice lution than the native the whole web of life. trees around her. Howard’s realization that she What makes had lost touch with the bees distinct natural world led her from other kinds on a journey deep into of insects? the fascinating world of Bees go out specifically honeybees, bumblebees, to collect pollen and and the often unsung nectar to feed their superpollinator solitary larvae; other insects bees, chronicled in her It’s never too late to eat pollen and are book Dancing with reconnect and find important pollinators, Bees: A Journey Back to but don’t collect it for the curiosity and awe Nature. Howard writes, their young. They also speaks and campaigns that you experienced tend to visit the same to raise awareness of the as a child. flower species again importance of native and again, which other pollinators don’t wild bees and other pollinating insects. She always do. lives in North Dorset, England, with her husband, Rob, where they love to bee-watch How has your study of bees in their backyard garden.

What first piqued your interest in bees?

affected you personally?

Initially, apocalyptic headlines about bee decline and colony collapse with female worker bees leaving hives and not coming back alarmed me from a human food chain perspective. It happened to be around the time I realized I had completely lost touch with the natural world I so loved as a child. I started looking for bees and became completely immersed in their world; the more I watched them, the more I lost track of time and the more questions I had. I also began to more worry about the bees themselves than about their decline’s effect on us. 24

North Central NJ Edition

I dropped out of school as a teenager. Bees are the only thing I’ve truly ever studied; I am self-taught in insect biology and ecology. I have read scientific papers that I would have never thought were for the likes of me in my quest to understand more about bees. Also, when I feel overwhelmed with life, because of my interest in bees I have something else to focus on. I can lose hours and hours walking in the woods and totally forget my problems. I have learned to tune into the tiny things, the fungi and miniscule plants I would have otherwise walked past.


What is one of the most interesting aspects of bee behavior?

Some years ago, I remember vividly a day on my patio listening to bees with my eyes closed and seeing if I could recognize them by their buzzes. Bumblebees have a deep booming buzz, for example, and I recognized this, but suddenly it changed to a high-pitched sound like a dental drill. I opened my eyes, and it was a bumblebee going round and round the sides of a Welsh poppy, sounding really frantic and having a pollen bath. As it turns out, she was sonicating, otherwise known as buzz foraging. This is how bees pollinate tomatoes. A lot of flowers don’t give up pollen easily, but the bumblebee knows exactly what to do. It grasps the flower and continues to vibrate without moving its wings. This produces high-frequency vibrations that trigger the tomato flower to open and explodes pollen out onto the bee.

What are a few ways that we can help support bee populations?

Maintain gardens, backyards and balconies with a variety of nectar-rich plants and create habitat for bees to nest in. Plant flowers that will bloom in succession. Stop using pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals, because the bees are taking that cocktail of chemicals back to the hive or nest, and collectively they are more dangerous than the sum of their parts. Also, dare to be less tidy in your garden; grow wildflowers and let flowering weeds like clover and dandelions be. Watch and see what comes. It won’t just be the bees: If we get it right for the bees, it spirals out to other species. It’s never too late to reconnect and find the curiosity and awe that you experienced as a child. It was bees that captured my attention and imagination; for someone else it may be something else, but if you make time to stop, sit and look around you, you will find the wonder in nature. April Thompson is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. Connect at AprilWrites.com.


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healing with nature’s pharmacy

A Natural Solution To Sleep Apnea


ccording to a National Institutes of Health study, most people believe that sleep apnea is caused by a sagging soft pallet or by some other obstructive tissue in the throat. Actually, it’s the result of a diminishing signal from the brain to the diaphragm (causing one to breathe) that can occur

during the transition from initial semiwakefulness into the next stage of lighter sleep prior to REM sleep. In some people, the unintended reduction in the signal is significant enough that breathing goes beyond being shallow and completely stops. After a short period of time, the brain, realizing the need to breathe, forces a rapid inhalation to restart respiration that literally drags the sagging localized soft tissues into the airway, as reported in Sleep Apnea: A New Approach to an Emergent Problem by Master Herbalist Steven Frank, of Nature’s Rite. For some, there’s no indication of potential problems when they are awake as the tissues remain in their normal state and the

throat doesn’t close off during the day or when relaxing or resting, but then they can experience an obstruction problem when trying to go to sleep. Instead of resorting to surgery to remove neck tissue or using a machine to force air into lungs, try a natural, herbal solution that has been used for thousands of years. Lobelia acts as a respiratory stimulant and maintains deep, steady breathing through the stage 2 sleep period. Thyme improves the ability of the lungs to exchanges CO2 for oxygen. While Chamomile and Cramp Bark helps the upper trapezius muscles to relax supporting better nerve transmission. For more information, call 888-465-4404 or visit MyNaturesRite.com.

Natural Awakenings is proud to introduce This section is an educational tool for our readers. Each month the section will highlight natural medicines and provide useful information such as their history, their uses and their benefits. We will put you in contact with local businesses and practitioners that work within the belief system that nature is medicine.

Are you a practitioner? Call Joe at 908-405-1515 to participate. We want to hear from you! 26

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Quang Ho/Shutterstock.com

ROOTS: Healing with Nature’s Pharmacy.

Take Echinacea to Reduce Anxiety

Quang Ho/Shutterstock.com

Echinacea extract may be helpful for situation-induced anxiety, indicates a new study from Hungary’s Institute of Experimental Medicine, in Budapest. The researchers tested 64 middle-aged people that had scored high on the State Trait Anxiety Inventory. They were given either 80 milligrams Echinacea angustifolia root extract or a placebo every day for seven days, followed by a three-week washout period during which no pills were taken. Those taking the echinacea started experiencing less anxiety than the placebo-takers by day seven, and scored significantly lower in “state anxiety”, marked by arousal connected to specific dangers or threats. Measures of “trait anxiety”, in which anxiety is an ongoing personal characteristic, improved slightly compared to the placebo group. Improvements were maintained even during the washout period.

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The Collagen Connection plus: Autoimmune Breakthroughs women’s wellness ISSUE April 2020


healing with nature’s pharmacy tampering,” says Jennifer Boozer, owner of CannaBama in Mobile, Alabama.

Potency and Date

What’s Really In The Bottle The Importance Of CBD Lab Reports and How To Read Them product and it should come from an accredited third-party laboratory.

by Meredith Montgomery


ccording to a 2019 survey by Consumer Reports, more than a quarter of the U.S. population has tried CBD and one out of seven of those people say they use it daily. The CBD industry is often described as the Wild Wild West because despite CBD’s ubiquity, very little product regulation is in place. A 2017 study published in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association examined label accuracy of 84 CBD products sold online and found that nearly 70 percent had either higher or lower concentrations of ingredients than indicated on the label, and the THC content of some products could produce intoxication or impairment. Until consistent manufacturing and testing standards are established, it is up to the consumer to do their due diligence. The best way to confirm label accuracy is to ask for a certificate of analysis (COA). This document reveals what’s really in the 28

North Central NJ Edition

Certificate of Analysis “It’s a guarantee that you not only get what you pay for, but that nothing detrimental to your health is in a product,” says Jeff Sheldon, owner of The Health Hut in Mobile and Daphne, Alabama. “A COA proves to you that the amount of phytocannabinoid matches what is claimed by the manufacturer and can also let a consumer know if there are pesticide residues, chemical solvents, toxins, heavy metals or pathogens in a product.” COAs can be found on a manufacturer’s website and often in the retail store where the product is being sold. First, look at the company performing the test and ensure that it is different from the manufacturer. “These lab tests are a vital part of transparency between both the source and retailer, as well as between the retailer and the customer. Third-party tests are high priority because they eliminate bias and


The most basic lab test examines potency of the product’s CBD and other major cannabinoids. Sheldon says, “Check that the amount of CBD and THC matches what the product claims and ensure that the THC content is below 0.3 percent, otherwise the product is illegal. If the manufacturer claims zero THC, you will see ‘ND’ for not detected.” Ed Morgan, owner of Stella Naturals in Gulf Shores, Alabama, recommends looking at the date the test was done. “CBD only has a shelf life of just over a year and much less after opened. Many times you will see a test that is over a year old or 10 months old. You do not want to buy an old product that is expired or close to it.”

Toxins In addition to a standard cannabinoid profile, ideally a product’s COA also includes the lengthy results of a full panel lab test, which reports on the presence of toxins. Boozer says, “Because cannabis is a bioremediator, a fully mature plant will have drawn into itself whatever toxins, heavy metals and chemical fertilizers or pesticides may be present in the soil. This can be dangerous because they are usually harmful to the body if ingested or inhaled. If the plant is not properly sealed and stored, mold, mildew and other bacteria can begin to grow, which can also make consumers sick, especially when inhaled.”

Terpenes CBD products are also sometimes tested for their terpene content. “Many manufacturers do not have this test done, but terpenes are shown to create different feelings and moods or benefits,” says Morgan, noting that some popular terpenes are Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, Pinene and Terpineol. Boozer refers to these aromatic oils as the “smell” chemicals and says, “They are

Gamzova Olga/Shutterstock.com

Gamzova Olga/Shutterstock.com

very important when deciding what type of experience will result, and they can be used to customize the product effectiveness when they are added after the initial extraction. Each terpene has different medicinal properties in the body.”

COA Requirements In most states, COAs are only available for products whose manufacturer chooses to submit a sample and pay for a legitimate lab to perform the analysis. If a company does not publicly post this information, there is no way for consumers to know what they are buying. Florida just joined the small group of states that does have CBD labeling requirements. As of January, Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is regulating CBD-based products consumed by people and pets. New rules address how packages are labeled (among other things) and require COAs by certified third-party laboratories. Morgan, whose products are manufactured in one of Florida’s state licensed and inspected CBD facilities, says “This helps protect the consumer from fraud or bad CBD products, and we hope to see this in many states soon.” Meredith Montgomery publishes the Gulf Coast edition of Natural Awakenings. Connect at HealthyLivingHealthyPlanet.com.

Consume Grape Seed Extract to Improve Cholesterol and Lower Inflammation Grape seed extract, an antioxidant-rich supplement that is a byproduct of the wine and juice industry, significantly improves both total and LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, and lowers markers of inflammation, concludes a meta-review of 15 randomized trials in the journal Phytotherapy Research. Researchers from Iran, Canada and Croatia concluded that the popular extract also improves fasting glucose levels, but has little effect on HbA1c or HDL cholesterol levels.



Del's Village, 131 Hawkins Place, Boonton, NJ 07005 (973) 794-6707

Visit Our Website: cbdrx4u.com April 2020


The message I try to express [through my art] is that some of our best-known wild animals might, in my lifetime, no longer be on the planet. painting by Josie Martin

~Josie Martin

PLANET RESCUE Grassroots Strategies Combat Climate Crisis by Julie Marshall


ike most kids, Azalea Morgan loves polar bears. “They’re fluffy and cute,” the 8-year-old says, and after watching a documentary on how climate change is affecting these Arctic apex predators, she badly wanted to help. Her mom, Molly Morgan, suggested she do something big, because the problem of global warming is monumental. For nearly three weeks last September, Azalea pedaled her bike alongside her mom and 9-year-old sister, Ember, setting out from their hometown of Andover, New Hampshire, en route to New York City to attend the United Nations (UN) Climate Action Summit, where Greta Thunberg and other global youth leaders marched for change. The trip was a fundraiser to put solar panels on their school and for future projects under KidsCare4PolarBears, a Facebook page that documents their ongoing efforts.

While not everyone has the time or inclination to ride 250 miles and camp— some of it in the rain—or as Thunberg did, sail across the Atlantic in a zero-emissions yacht, there are steps individuals can take to combat climate change on a grassroots level, experts say, because the crisis is undeniable, as seen most recently in the catastrophic bushfires across Australia. There are peaceful protests taking place worldwide scheduled throughout 2020 at FridaysForFuture.org and other organizations, but a growing number of individuals that want to do more are using their imaginations and creative endeavors, inspiring others to take unique action. Students at a school in Spain wrote and performed a play and illustrated a book to raise climate change awareness, while a teen from California used her artistic skills to raise thousands of dollars for wildlife. On March 28, people around the world participated in the World

Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour by collectively turning off lights at 8:30 p.m. while holding eco-events, and others are joining in the global tree-planting campaign of The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Reversing course may seem insurmountable, but individuals have a lot of power, says Dan Shepard, UN global communications officer: “The choices we make, the things we do, collectively matter and can have a huge impact on the world.”

Stepping Up for Biodiversity “I wanted to inspire other kids,” Ember says of her bicycle trek for polar bears. “I love animals and they deserve to not die.” According to a 2019 UN Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, more than 1 million species are threatened with extinction, and one of the main reasons is climate change, say experts, including Nikhil Advani, director of Climate Communities April 2020


and Wildlife at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Protecting large predators is one key to enriching biodiversity, Advani says. “The top of the food chain has a significant impact on prey species and the ecosystem.” But predators are suffering because of humans that are feeling the impacts of climate change, Advani says. Long droughts have forced many Kenyan pastoralists to enter protected parks and compete with wildlife for water and grazing land, resulting in lion deaths as retaliation for killing livestock. In the Himalayas, as the Earth warms, snow leopard habitat is being encroached for pastureland. In Zimbabwe, farmers have turned to chopping down trees for wood as an alternative economic opportunity. “Everybody is stressed and competing for resources,” Advani says. “It is a very severe result of climate change.” Advani and researchers are working in tandem with local societies in 30 countries across Africa, Central America and Asia to fund novel projects under the Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund. For instance, they are piloting a rainwater harvesting project to help farmers get through the dry seasons and are constructing concrete and mudbrick nests to help albatross breed better in Tasmania. These special projects are based on available levels of donations that are sometimes crowd-sourced. Raising funds for innovative projects, as well as increasing awareness of what’s happening, is an important grassroots strategy, says Elan Strait, WWF director of U.S. climate campaigns. It can be as simple as sharing updates, tagging social

media influencers and instigating a rallying cry. WWF has its own program called Panda Ambassadors in which conservation activists of all ages can get tips and tools to promote specific projects they feel most passionate about. “I love to see what young people are doing, because if we collectively use our voice to amplify the facts about climate change, we can work to find solutions,” Strait says. “And we need facts to get out there because, at least in the U.S., some people think climate change is still a controversy and are afraid to talk about it, but we should have that conversation with friends and family so we can find solutions.”

Youth Rising to the Challenge

Getting involved in grassroots-level strategies is empowering not only for kids, but for adults that need their resiliency and inspiration, says Janet Stringer, manager of donor relations at Polar Bears International, in Bozeman, Montana. “In my work, I hear from so many people who are feeling deep despair about the climate crisis. I draw hope from the children who write to us, sharing stories and pictures about their dreams for a future that includes polar bears,” says Stringer. “I think we owe it to the next generation to work as hard as we can to come together and make the necessary changes to ensure that polar bears—and all wildlife—are not a species we learn about in the pages of a book, but a wild species that we can see with our own eyes, reminding us of how special our

Getting Started

Climate Action Opportunities Fridays For Future – This is a global

movement sparked by Greta Thunberg, with a map for climate strikes around the world (FridaysFor Future.org).

The United Nations – Consider

supporting several campaigns for climate change with grassroots strategies, including Climate Neutral Now, ACT Now and Good Life Goals (UN.org).


North Central NJ Edition

Moms Clean Air Force – Parents

protecting children from climate-driven pollution, offering strategies to get kids involved (MomsCleanAirForce.org).

Earth Hour 2020 – Read about the global effort to dramatize environmental concerns that occurred on March 28 when lights were turned off for an hour around the world (EarthHour.org).


planet is and why it deserves our respect.” One of her favorite examples comes from students at the Daina-Isard school, in Olesa de Montserrat, Spain, and their climate-driven projects with teacher Connie Darilek, who asked the Aquarium of Barcelona to help them grow plankton, an organism threatened by warming seas. “They gave us plankton and jellyfish, and it was really amazing for the students to learn the [Arctic] food chain and how serious it would be losing the polar bear on top,” Darilek says. Students recently published the book Nanuc, a story about a polar bear that they also illustrated, now in its second printing. Josie Martin, 13, of Solana Beach, California, has raised $8,700 for conservation of rhinos, elephants, pangolins, gorillas and polar bears by giving watercolor paintings to those that donate to charities through her PayPal Giving page at Chuffed.org/project/peacelove-hope-for-rhinos. “Each year, I think I’m getting a little bit better at creating art which sends a strong message,” she says. “The message I try to express is that some of our best-known wild animals might in my lifetime no longer be on the planet. I think the difference I make through art is that I am helping to raise awareness for important animal conservation work.”

Every Action Counts

There’s no one solution to climate change, says Catherine Macdonald, TNC director of natural climate solu-

Panda Ambassadors – World

Wildlife Fund engages activists of all ages with a toolkit and inspirational stories (WorldWildlife.org).

Plant a Billion Trees – Join in the massive reforestation project by supporting the Nature Conservancy and planting trees (Nature.org). Polar Bears International – Get involved and inspired through creative projects for polar bears (PolarBearsInternational.org).

tions for North America. “We really have to try, all of us. It’s important that everyone feel they can contribute, because everything does make a difference, and no action is too small.” For those that are not art-inclined, one of the best things people can do is to plant trees, Macdonald says, whether it’s replanting forests or increasing their numbers in urban areas. According to a 2018 study by TNC published in Science Advances, nature-driven land management could sequester 21 percent of America’s annual greenhouse gas pollution—the equivalent of emissions from all cars and trucks on the roads today. Planting trees emerged in the study as the most significant among 21 strategies to mitigate global warming. One good way to get started is join the TNC Plant a Billion Trees program, Macdonald says; details are at Tinyurl. com/TNCPlantABillionTrees. “Climate change is definitely a growing concern that we are facing, and as more people understand there is a problem and what the solutions are, the more influence we can have on the big decision-makers, whether that’s government or corporations that make our products,” she says. “And being aware informs voters to advance climate action.” While Josie, Ember, Azalea and the students at Daina-Isard aren’t old enough to vote, their message is strong. “I’m worried about the impact climate change will have on our future,” Josie says. “I think people should protest peacefully for the things they believe in and that more people should exercise their right to vote for leaders who care about the youth in our world and the generations to come. I also think people should try to spend a little bit of their time taking action for what they want to see changed in our world.” Julie Marshall is a Colorado-based writer and author of Making Burros Fly: Cleveland Amory, Animal Rescue Pioneer. Connect with her at FlyingBurros@gmail.com.

April 2020


Bridgewater 319 Chimney Rock Road Bound Brook, NJ Clark 1255 Raritan Road, Unit #150 Clark, NJ Metuchen 645 Middlesex Avenue Metuchen, NJ Millburn—Union 2245 Springfield Avenue Union, NJ Montclair 701 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, NJ Morristown 110 Washington Street Morristown, NJ Madison 222 Main Street Madison, NJ Newark 633 Broad Street Newark, NJ Princeton 3495 US Route 1 South Princeton, NJ Ridgewood 44 Godwin Avenue Ridgewood, NJ 07450 West Orange 235 Prospect Avenue West Orange, NJ


Needles Work Wonders on Pets by Julie Peterson


eedles make most pet parents cringe, but those used for acupuncture don’t hurt animals, they help. They are what traditional Chinese veterinary medicine has used for thousands of years to enhance blood circulation, balance the nervous system and promote release of pain-relieving hormones in animals ranging from rabbits to horses. “It’s a holistic approach that pinpoints the issues, unlike medicines that must go through the entire body,” says C.J. Schnier, coach for the University of Wisconsin women’s polo team. The five thoroughbreds and a quarter horse on her Verona, Wisconsin, farm have a standing appointment every three weeks with a veterinarian that

It’s a holistic approach that pinpoints the issues, unlike medicines that must go through the entire body. ~C.J. Schnier 34

North Central NJ Edition


performs acupuncture for their injuries, arthritis, colic and immune systems. Since the founding of the Boulder, Colorado-based International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1974, the number of certified animal acupuncturists has grown from 80 to about 1,800, making the specialty more accessible worldwide.

Treating the Ark

Beyond the usual four-legged friends, acupuncture helps animals such as reptiles, rabbits and livestock as a complement to Western medicine or other body work to alleviate pain and speed recovery. “All animals can have acupuncture,” says veterinarian Carol Jean Tillman, of the Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital, in

Poowanut Tippituck/Shutterstock.com

natural pet

Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.com

Proud to Distribute at:

Poowanut Tippituck/Shutterstock.com

Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.com

Las Vegas. She uses acupuncture for dogs and cats with musculoskeletal conditions such as lameness due to injuries, arthritis and paralysis, and also finds it helpful for allergies, immune system problems and digestive issues. A 2016 review of veterinary acupuncture clinical trials published in the American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine concluded that it was safe and effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions like canine hip dysplasia, pain from osteoarthritis and surgery, intervertebral disc disease, seizure disorders, vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiac and respiratory problems, and depression and anxiety.

Precise placement of tiny needles into an ailing dog or a massive horse seems fraught with risk, but the animals only need to be gently restrained and plied with treats during the first treatment. They generally relax quietly for subsequent treatments. Even Sienna, Schnier’s typically reactive thoroughbred mare, stands still for acupuncture around a swollen eye. “She knows it’s being done to help her,” Schnier says. And her 17-year-old cat held still for

tiny needles placed in the sinus areas that helped it breathe better. In a clinical setting, pets may be more apprehensive, but there are workarounds such as lasers or aquapuncture. “We provide a relaxing environment. The lighting is dimmed, we play relaxing music and treats are encouraged,” says Aleksey. Pet parents can search for a certified veterinary acupuncturist at ivas.org/vets. Julie Peterson writes about pets, health and environmental issues. Connect at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

The Many Methods

Dry needle acupuncture is what most people recognize—the use of thin, solid, metallic needles inserted into specific meridian acupoints on a body. There is also aquapuncture, that involves injection of a liquid, such as diluted vitamin B12, into an acupoint to relieve muscle pain and discomfort. Moxibustion is a technique used for joint stiffness or allergies in which a heated Chinese herbal compound is applied to or held over acupoints. Electrostimulation, sending an electrical current through pairs of inserted needles, takes less time and creates longer-lasting effects. “Electrostimulation is very effective for treating neurological conditions such as radial nerve paralysis, facial nerve paralysis, disc disease and any condition that requires strong stimulation,” says veterinarian Bernadette Aleksey, at the Adorable Pets Veterinary Center, in Haddam, Connecticut. She regularly treats dogs, cats and horses for arthritis, neck and back pain, as well as neurological and gastrointestinal problems. Results similar to acupuncture can be obtained without using needles. Acupressure using hands, cupping therapy using special cups or cool laser stimulation using low levels of light can stimulate hard-to-reach acupoints or work for animals that are too restless for needles. “Depending on the severity of the condition, acupuncture treatment could be recommended daily for several days, then spaced out to every week, then as-needed or once a month,” says Tillman. April 2020


~Greta Thunberg 2019 World Economic Forum

Climate Warriors Unite A Call to Action by Sandra Yeyati


who is now 14 and lives in n November 2018, one of We are the the worst fires in Caliones we’ve been New York City. The fire changed Villasefornia history overtook waiting for. ñor’s life. “I was very upset, the town of Paradise and surrounding communities, ~Solemi Hernandez and I wanted to understand why these fires were happenkilling 88 people and destroying,” she says. “I started to research climate ing more than 18,000 buildings. Alexandria Villaseñor, who was visiting family 100 miles change and wildfires, and began to see the away in her hometown of Davis, experienced scientific connection between the two.” Awakened by personal concerns and the suffocating effects of the smoke: Every ignited by emerging role models, activbreath was difficult for the asthmatic teen

Thermography is “Health Discovery” a very important part of your preventive wellness program.

Radiation Free Breast and Full Body Thermography for Both Women & Men

Find out if you have inflammation before it becomes a problem. Non-Invasive-Pain Free Imaging World class state of the art Infrared technology high quality images. All reports approved and written by Board Certified M.D.s

FREE Dry Brush for new clients only ~ Visit Website for Test Locations in NJ, NY & PA ~

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Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC • LisasThermographyAndWellness.com 36

North Central NJ Edition



I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.

ists of all ages are learning how to become effective climate warriors. Watching Greta Thunberg speak soon after the California disaster to world leaders at COP 24, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland, empowered Villaseñor to take to the streets and protest. “Greta gave permission to students all around the world to make their voices heard,” she says of the Swedish teenager whose school strike initiative—Fridays for Future—has become a worldwide phenomenon. On December 14, 2018, Villaseñor began her own Friday vigils outside the U.N.—sometimes alone, other times with friends she’s inspired to take action; she also helped organize the 2019 Global Climate Strike in New York City, attended by more than 300,000 people, and founded Earth Uprising, a nonprofit global youth movement. She’s one of 16 youngsters, along with Thunberg, that filed a legal complaint with the U.N. demanding that France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey curb their carbon emissions. “There are so many ways that young people can get involved,” says Villaseñor. “They can give presentations about climate change in their classes and communities. Go out with a sign and protest, or lobby politicians. Have clear demands of what you want your city or town to do. I’ve seen local action influence action nationally and internationally.” Dianne Rhodes, 76, of Saskatoon, Canada, began her activism in 2006 after seeing Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. “It was shocking what we were doing to the environment, our home, our planet. It hit me like a freight train, and I saw the urgency,” she says. Rhodes trained with Gore, enabling herself to give up-to-date, truthful and science-based slide presentations. Her talks vary in subject and audience, from composting instructions for a group of pre-K kids to in-depth climate science for business professionals. “Activism is a way of letting people know what’s happening. It’s so important to get that awareness, to give people hope and then to show them how they can make a difference,” she explains. Rhodes recommends both grassroots and “grass-top” action, including

Daniele COSSU/Shutterstock.com

green living

Daniele COSSU/Shutterstock.com


protest marches, working directly with city planners and changing personal behavior and choices at home. She’s excited about a new initiative in Canada: “We’re doing town hall meetings all across the country based on the Green New Deal … where people talk about how to get a city’s carbon emissions down—what we can do in our neighborhoods, and how we can go after our city governments to get them behind this as fast as possible.” Solemi Hernandez, 41, a Venezuelan immigrant raising two sons in Naples, Florida, quit her job and took out a loan so she could dedicate all her time to environmental activism. “Ecosystems are about to collapse and we don’t know the exact tipping point. I don’t see a healthy future for my kids,” she says. One month after her dramatic decision, the Citizens Climate Lobby hired her to become its southeast regional coordinator. “We’re going to create and elect new decision-makers instead of trying to change those leaders that are not representing us.” In 2019, Hernandez attended COP 25 in Spain and saw Thunberg up close speaking to thousands of cheering activists. “Greta is an inspiration, but it’s not on her shoulders to solve the issues,” she says. “It’s on us to organize in our communities, see what can we do personally and not look to her to be the savior. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Sandra Yeyati is a contributor to Natural Awakenings and past president of the Naples, Florida, Press Club. Connect at SandraYeyati@gmail.com.

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by Marlaina Donato

ome, whether a humble studio apartment or a dream house, is a critical facet of well-being, a spiritual headquarters from which good health springs. Everyone in the family, including two- and four-legged children, can benefit from an environment that feels like a sacred space. Creating nourishing corners, along with more open areas that feed the senses and a system of functional ease, can be a deep and rewarding act of self-care. “Our home is by far one of the most significant investments we’ll ever make. Our spaces are not meant to be stagnant, but to evolve through each stage of our lives,” says feng shui expert Bridget Saraka, of Saskatoon, Canada. Ali English, owner of Eldrum Interiors, in Lincolnshire, England, concurs, “We all need a safe holt to return to, that space where we can be utterly ourselves, utterly at peace.”

Sanctuary and Mental Health

Investing in harmony does not require a high price tag. “It’s important to have a mental vision of what this means, and for me, there are three major components: peace, order and beauty,” says Texas-based designer Rachel Anne Ridge, who blogs at HomeSanctuary.com. April 2020


Tips from our experts Feng shui tips from Bridget Saraka:

Create daily rituals with small, manageable goals that’ll help sustain balance and harmony. Give everyone in the household daily, weekly and monthly chores to help maintain a clean, healthy, safe, beautiful and calm home. Make sure that each space has optimum lighting, that all light bulbs work and window treatments are opened daily to fill each room with natural light. Position the beds in the home to have a view of the door entering the room. This is called the “command position”, which instills a sense of control over the immediate environment.

Practical suggestions from Rachel Anne Ridge:

Start with the floor. Simply pick up and straighten the items there—shoes, books, papers, coats and that stack of items earmarked for donating that you set in the corner weeks ago. A clear walk space gives you immediate energy and a sense of order.

Use a timer. Setting it for five minutes (or giving yourself just enough time to let a teabag steep in a cup) is perfect motivation to unload a dishwasher, clear the junk mail from the counter or wipe down a sink. Reduce indoor noise pollution. Installing felt bumpers on cabinet doors and drawers is a tiny activity that yields big results. Cover the feet of kitchen chairs with pads and use fabric placemats on tables. Throw rugs can also soften sounds. Upgrading speakers for TVs and devices can improve sound quality and facilitate lower volumes.

Inspiration from Ali English:

One of my most favorite guidelines is William Morris’ adage, “Keep nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Never feel that you are “stuck” with where you’ve placed furniture and items. I move things around my home on a regular basis, only really settling when furniture has found the place where it merges most perfectly with the overall energy of a room. Begin by creating a “mood board” where you collect ideas that inspire you.



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Like water and wind, harmony within the home should also flow. “Listening to the energies in your home and taking the time to move furniture around until you have a placement that makes your head feel calm is really important,” says English. Feng shui—the ancient Chinese system of creating harmony in personal and professional spaces—prioritizes color psychology. “More times than I can count, I’ve had clients report loss of motivation after painting their homes taupe. They’ve also reported weight gain and digestive disorders,” says Saraka. “It’s best to use colors that reflect light, especially for homes in locations where winter is long and days are short.” Disruptive clutter is another key player in eliciting discontent, especially for children that are sensitive to environmental stimulus. “A space that is cluttered can cause emotional distress, resulting in less-than-desirable behaviors,” says Saraka. “Something as simple as the lines of the furniture can feel sharp, creating anxiety. It all matters.”

as ways of decorating—berries to provide splashes of rich orange, pine cones dabbed with metallic paint, or even long stems of ivy leaves twisted into garlands. Having live plants in the home also benefits physical health. “Adding a few real plants to a space can help reduce environmental toxins found in paints and manmade products, as well as electromagnetic frequencies—by-products of electronics.” Ridge concurs, “Cacti can be a charming alternative for those of us who don’t

Bringing the Outdoors In

Incorporating organic elements can boost the vitality of any living space. “House plants are a wonderful way to bring the green world into our homes. Go for organic ones if possible, and if you’re worried you may forget to water them, consider plants like scented leaf pelargoniums; for example, Royal Oak. They thrive on neglect and can also provide some wonderful room fragrances,” says English. She also suggests including natural or quality faux branches and blooms in the home

Marlaina Donato is the author of several books and a composer. Connect at AutumnEmbersMusic.com.

Acupuncture for Women’s Health

Cultivating Comfort

Soul-inspiring visuals, satisfying textures and natural, delightful scents are all desirable domestic companions. A small, ambient lamp in a bathroom or a spring-colored sheer in a window can invite the benediction of light. “Step outside the room and then come back in as a guest,” suggests Ridge. “What do you notice with your newcomer’s eyes? What does the room feel like? What smells are you aware of? Do you need to move a cat litter box to another area of the house? Would an area rug soften the hard sounds of foot traffic? Pause on each of your senses and make notes.”

have a green thumb, but still want to enjoy a living plant indoors.” In the end, a place of sanctuary comes from a place of love. English sums it up best: “If you pour that sense of love into your home, you will, over time, find that mirrored back at you, and you’ll feel it whenever you go through your front door.”

Increasingly, women are choosing Traditional Chinese Medicine to help restore and support their body’s natural balance without drugs, hormone replacement or surgery. Supported conditions include:

» » » »

Infertility Childbirth Post-Partum Irregular Cycles

» Hormone Balance » Migraines » Painful Cycles

}I sought out Maria’s help in 2010 after many

failed IVF’s. My infertility was due to poor egg quality and a thin uterine lining. With Maria’s personalized care, skill and dedication, I was able to conceive naturally and my daughter was born in 2012.~ – Brianne S., client

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healthy kids

With the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation causing uncertainty for citizens worldwide, Natural Awakenings is more committed than ever in supporting your health and well-being.


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How to Keep Them Safe


by Ronica O’Hara

healthy home for kids looks much like what’s needed for a healthy planet: clean air, clean water and clean food, all of which create a space in which our children can be well and thrive. This means taking active steps to eliminate everyday contaminants that can harm their developing organs and brains. “Children are not mini-adults. Their bodies cannot filter out toxins and chemicals as effectively as a full-grown adult body can,” says Kimberly Button, author of The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home: All You Need to Know to Protect You and Your Family from Hidden Dangers. Here are some practical steps to take.

Clean Air

n Clean “green”. The chemicals in popular disinfectants alter children’s gut microbes and heavy use leads to higher body mass index by age 3, reports Canadian researchers; eco-friendly cleaning agents do not harm kids’ health, they found. A solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water can be used

to clean counters, floors and toilets. The acetic acid in vinegar can deactivate even the flu and tuberculosis viruses, recent studies have shown. n Get rid of mold. Mold, especially if it’s black, is highly toxic to children: a Polish study found it lowered IQs in children under 6. “When the mycotoxins in mold affect children’s developing nervous systems we may see fatigue, difficulty learning, and attention issues,” says naturopath Jill Crista of Janesville, Wisconsin, author of Break The Mold: 5 Tools to Conquer Mold and Take Back Your Health. She recommends mixing in a glass (not plastic) spray bottle essential oils, such as rosemary, holy basil, tea tree or eucalyptus, spraying the mold, and using a disposable cloth to wipe it off. The essential oils “not only kill mold, but neutralize the toxins,” she says. “It won’t fix mold on porous surfaces, which require professional remediation.”

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n Ban smoking. Children that breathe secondhand smoke are more prone to ear April 2020


infections, coughs and colds, tooth decay and respiratory problems like asthma and pneumonia, and they miss more days of school, reports the American Academy of Pediatrics. Even smoke residue that clings to clothes, furniture, bedding and other surfaces can harm a child when this third-hand smoke is inhaled, absorbed or ingested.

Clean Water

n Get a water test. Because children drink more water per pound than adults,

even low levels of contaminants can impact their IQ and behavior. Check with the local health department to see if it offers free test kits, buy one at a hardware store or find a local lab by calling the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791. n Purify it. Several types of water purification systems, including tap-mounted, under-sink and pitchers, are effective and affordable, ranging from $20 to $300.


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Seek filters certified by the National Sanitation Foundation testing agency that address contaminants identified by the water test.

Clean Food

n Buy organic when possible. “Swapping to mostly organic foods is a good way to reduce your child’s daily toxic burden and reduce their risk of developing gut issues, autoimmune diseases, and food sensitivities and allergies,” says Caitlin Self, a licensed dietitian and functional nutritionist in Baltimore who blogs at FrugalNutrition.com. Using the list of the Dirty Dozen pesticide-laden produce compiled by the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org/foodnews) as well as its recommended Clean 15 makes shopping organic easier. n Clean produce of pesticides. Simply rinsing produce under cold water for 30 seconds reduces pesticide residues for nine of 12 pesticides, a study by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station found. Saltwater or vinegar rinses also remove pesticides effectively, and in a recent Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study, soaking apples in one ounce of baking soda to 100 ounces of water for 15 minutes removed 80 and 96 percent of two pesticides, respectively, even under the skin of the fruit. n Stock up on healthy snacks. Afterschool munchies are not only natural, but healthy. “Kids’ little tummies tend to need more frequent feedings than fully formed adults to ensure they have stable blood sugar,” says Self. Rather than highly processed crackers, pudding and most granola bars, offer combos like grapes with cheese, celery with peanut butter or hummus on whole-wheat bread. “Some parents will need to rely on some more packaged snacks to get through,” says Self, who recommends trail mix, fresh fruit or crispy chickpeas. Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based health writer. Connect at OHaraRonica@gmail.com.



COVID-19 by Isabella Dussias


with. We are constantly texting our friends or sharing posts over social media. Social distancing, however, is a new concept to us. We’re so used to going out with friends to the mall, restaurants and parties that following this new “six-foot rule” seems impossible. But we do it. Teens understand the severity of this virus. Even though we might not clean our rooms until we’re prodded, we all are washing our hands, keeping hand sanitizer with us and staying inside. Since the last pandemic was in 1918, none of us have ever seen anything like this in our lifetime. So we are all together in this, learning as we go. It may seem frightening at times, but it’s normal that with uncertainty comes uneasiness.

pandemic has swept the world. Some adults have stopped going to work, the elderly are confined to their houses and college students have returned to their hometowns. But what do teens think of these unprecedented times and an upheaval of life as we know it? We don’t get up early every morning to attend school, our practices and rehearsals have been cancelled and our social lives have come to a complete halt. It’s been quite an adjustment learning to communicate with our teachers and learn lessons online instead of in the classroom. While it’s nice to be able to sleep in, this new Isabella Dussias Stay safe and stay healthy. schedule is also a test of self-control. Without a rigid class schedule, I’ve learned to make choices on my Isabella Dussias is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter/composer own to become better at time management. I’ve also learned from New Jersey. She enjoys writing about issues that are patience in dealing with online learning platforms, since techimportant to today’s youth, and she believes music is an impornology can sometimes be finicky. tant outlet to connect people and share messages through the While online learning is totally new for us, online comcreativity of lyric and melody. For more information, please visit munication with friends is something we are very familiar IsabellaDussias.com.

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oday I was awoken with a jolt before the sun had risen. Today I rushed to the ER with my mom who verbalized today was the day… She was dying. She was read to go. She was comfortable with this knowledge. What we do in the face of crisis is left as an open question. I certainly don’t have the answers. I quite honestly don’t want the answers. I said the only thing I knew to say… OK I comforted her and told her she had accomplished all that she needed to. She had loved all that she loved so purely. We know this. She does not need to hold on for us. We understand. My day began believing today was the last day of her life. 12 hours later, we are back home, she is resting and I am journaling because what else can I do but try to express my sadness via words or expression tomorrow on the mat. How does one manage the constant fluctuation of emotion? How do we start the day in fear and try to end it in gratitude? How do I digest this all? I don’t know.

So I share. I share my pain, my honesty regarding a situation I was not prepared to manage on an average Wednesday morning. I am learning, just as you are, to live. Sometimes I don’t want to partake in this life any longer. But then I look around. I feel the unconditional love of my children who need me. I feel the support of my true friends, not the fair-weather friends. The ones who are here for me every single day. I struggle, just as you may. Tomorrow, I will awake, another day What will it bring? I do not know. But what I do know, is that I will persevere. I will show up to life. I will be me. I will be the support I need to be for mom. I will try to find happiness in the smallest of moments. I will arrive on mat and again, try to heal for what seems like a lifetime of healing. Every day is a different experience, we must embrace them all. This is what I try to teach others every day they come to their mats.

Your input helps shape this section while our input helps you grow!

Today was a terrible day. Tomorrow will be a new day. Nicole Zornitzer, ERYT 1000, yoga therapist, founder of Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio in Randolph, New Jersey. NiyamaYogaStudio.com.

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plantoattend Sacred Science, Western Mysteries August 10-14, 2020 8am-6pm each day This Mystery School Teaching helps you to achieve a magical life. This week of Esoteric Training will show you how to harness your own power to achieve a more satisfying life. Learn how to manifest by doing what people in Secret Societies do. Create prosperity and manifest your needs and wants easily. Investment: $2,225. Inner Truth Hypnotherapy & Meditation Center 1386 US Highway 22, Clinton NJ 08833 For more information or to register Call 908 617-1545 or visit TheGoldenLight.org

plantoattend Holistic Chamber of Commerce Meeting - Sparta-Franklin Chapter APRIL 8, 6:30–8pm Come meet with holistic minded people and practitioners! Healthy snacks provided. Healthy: mind-body-spirit-businessbudget-planet FREE K&P Holistic Health & Fitness / Kerri Kerr-Apito K&P Holistic Health & Fitness, 418 Rt 23, Ste. D, Franklin Contact Kerri via email or phone 973-823-1600 fnj@holisticchamberofcommerce.com or kerri@kandpholistic.com HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/fnj Please make sure to call ahead to confirm if still scheduled.


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FRIDAY, APRIL 3 The Salted Yogi – 7:30-8:30pm. Immerse yourself in a guided yoga meditation on the Throat Chakra on the 1st and 3rd Friday each month. Gain a sense of empowerment and let your voice be heard. Session includes a healing salt treatment in our therapeutic Salt Cave. $25/prepaid. Space limited to 5. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). Use APP to register or call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com.

SATURDAY, APRIL 4 AromaHarmony™ with YLEOs Certification and CE Course – 10am-6pm. A one-day plus 6 sessions using Consent Forms given to you. This is a course leading to a certification and CE’s for nurses upon approval by the facilitator and Co-Trustees of Lightwing Center, Rev. Richard and Rev. Nancy Weber, RN. AromaHarmony™ is a hands-on process using ideas and essential oils from around the world. For this course we endorse and provide only Young Living Essential Oils. Complete six required hands-on sessions with one occurring on day of class. AromaHarmony™ is relaxing, calming and supportive style of application for both giver and receiver. $250 without CE’s, $300 with CE’s. Blossoming into Light, 31 Fairmount Ave, Chester. To learn more about AromaHarmony™ please visit LightwingCenter.org or email Sue of Blossoming into Light at info@blossomingintolight-chester.com.

SUNDAY, APRIL 5 Reiki Soul Celebration – 1-4pm. Enjoy Reiki healing, meditation, high vibration crystal singing bowls, drum, gong, flute, koshi bells, tingsha and chants. Speaker: Beth Wishbow, Reiki Master Teacher. $15, walk-ins welcome. eZential Wellness Center, 1 Lamington Road, Branchburg. 908-526-0002. beth@InSightHolisticHealth.com. InSightHolisticHealth.com.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 Holistic Chamber of Commerce meeting, SpartaFranklin Chapter – 6:30-8pm Come meet with holistic minded people and practitioners! Healthy snacks provided. Healthy: mind-body-spirit-businessbudget-planet. Free. K&P Holistic Health & Fitness, 418 Rt 23, Ste. D, Franklin. For information, contact Kerri Kerr-Apito at 973-823-1600 or fnj@holisticchamberofcommerce.com or kerri@kandpholistic. com. HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/fnj.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10 Healer/Reiki Share – 7pm. 2nd Friday each month. Calling ALL healers! Come share your


healing modality in Tru Nature Yoga’s Salt Room for a night of sharing, various modalities & discussion. $15. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center, 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 862-803-9252 or email breathe@ truantureyoga.com. TruNatureYoga.com.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 Guided Meditation – Weekly-begins Apr. 15; 9:30-10:20am & 10:30-11:30am. Enjoy a state of relaxed concentration to achieve mental, emotional, physical healing and stress relief. Or join us at 10:30 for Third Eye Meditation to awaken your intuition to find clarity in your endeavors. $60. Inner Truth Hypnotherapy and Meditation Center, 1386 US Hwy 22, Lebanon. For information call 908-617-1535 or visit TheGoldenLight. org/calendar.

FRIDAY, APRIL 17 Becoming: A Sacred Women’s Circle – 7pm. 3rd Friday each month. Welcome maidens, mothers, the enchanted & the crones — All are welcome! Meditation, chanting, dancing and letting go. $15. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center, 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 862803-9252 or email breathe@truantureyoga.com. TruNatureYoga.com. The Salted Yogi – 7:30-8:30pm. Immerse yourself in a guided yoga meditation on the Throat Chakra on the 1st and 3rd Friday each month. Gain a sense of empowerment and let your voice be heard. Session includes a healing salt treatment in our therapeutic Salt Cave. $25/prepaid. Space limited to 5. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). Use APP to register or call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com.

SATURDAY, APRIL 18 Reiki Level 1 Training – 4/18, 6-9pm; 4/19 12:308pm. Train under the guidance of Rosie Lazroe, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapist, E-RYT 200. Educated at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Enrollment open now! Contact the studio for syllabus and course details. Class limited to 20 students. Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio, LLC, 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph. 973-500-2939. NiyamaYogaStudio.com.

SUNDAY, APRIL 19 Tarot Card Readings with Rhonda Alin – 10am4pm. Come receive guidance based on the layout of the cards and Rhonda’s intuitive abilities. It is recommended you reserve your appointment time. Call ahead if you are a walk-in to ensure she has space open. 1/2 Hour $65; 1 Hour $130. Blos-

soming into Light, 31 Fairmount Ave, Suite 105, Chester. Contact us at info@blossomingintolightchester.com or text/call Sue on 862-222-4268. BlossomingIntoLight-Chester.com. Reiki II Training & Certification – 10:30am6:30pm. Expand your Reiki abilities in this comprehensive and in-depth training & certification. Instructor: Beth Wishbow, Reiki Master Teacher. $225. eZential Wellness Center, 1 Lamington Road, Branchburg. Register at: eZentialWellness. com/Reiki. 908-526-0002. beth@InSightHolisticHealth.com. InSightHolisticHealth.com. Workshop Series Universal Laws: The Law of Action – 12:30-2:30pm. Monthly series. The Law of Action must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that supports our thoughts dreams, emotions and words. The Law of action states that you must do the things and perform the actions necessary to achieve what you are setting out to do. $33. Blossoming into Light, 31 Fairmount Ave, Ste 105, Chester. For information email info@ blossomingintolight-chester.com or call/text 862222-4268. BlossomingIntoLight-Chester.com. Tibetan Singing Bowles Meditation with Kati Walker – 3:30-4:45pm. Sound and vibration with Singing Bowls can be used to achieve a deep relaxation, reduce the effects of stress, and create a healthy flow of energy through the physical and etheric body. Himalayan Singing Bowls are one of the most powerful ways to create a sense of peace and harmony. $25. Shakti Yoga & Living

Arts, 1861 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood. For information, call 973-763-2288 or email info@ shaktinj.com. ShaktiNJ.com. CBD Tea Party Reiki & Restorative – 4pm. Enjoy CBD infused honey served with your choice of Wellness Teas. After sampling the CBD products we will slow down and melt on the mat for a yummy restorative practice while Reiki practitioners lay hand and channel energy healing. $40. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center, 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 862803-9252 or email breathe@truantureyoga.com. TruNatureYoga.com.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 Earth Day – 5:30pm. Fire up your muscles in a FREE TRX workout. TRX is a total-body strength workout that utilizes a person’s own body weight. This class will have you alternating between the TRX Suspension Trainer and on-the-floor cardio. Free. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). For appointment, call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24 Free Pilates Reformer Demonstration – 5:30pm. Enjoy a FREE Demonstration of the Pilates Reformer. Exercises can be done in all kinds of variations: sitting, standing, lying down, pulling straps, pushing the footbar, with additional equipment.

The Reformer provides ample workout options for all levels. Boring routines be gone. Free. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). For appointment, call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com. Monthly Breathwork Circle – 7-9pm. A guided breath meditation, memories, deep rooted belief systems, stress, trauma, loss, grief, fear, anxiety, and whatever else is hiding in the body, can find its way to the surface and into our awareness which begins the process of healing. $40. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center, 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 862803-9252 or email breathe@truantureyoga.com. TruNatureYoga.com.

SATURDAY, APRIL 25 Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I Certification – 11am-7pm. The training consists of discussion, the Reiki Level I attunement, hands-on practice, and includes the course handbook and other course materials. Sign up for Level 1 & Level 2 to SAVE. $300. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center, 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong. For information call 862-803-9252 or email breathe@ truantureyoga.com. TruNatureYoga.com.

SUNDAY, APRIL 26 Family Constellations with Madalina Blanton – 1-4pm. Family Constellations, is an experiential

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Office Space Available: Nicely furnished office space at the 94 Valley Road Building in Montclair is available for sublet (full days preferred, may consider half days if multiple days are taken). Fridays and weekends available now. Tuesdays and Wednesdays available starting in April. Building has own parking lot. Other therapists in building offer a sense of camaraderie. Close to Whole Foods and walking distance to many restaurants and shops. EmailLeslie@ LeslieLobell.com for details.



NOW HIRING: Licensed “holistic minded” hairstylists for busy, organic salon in Hackettstown. Looking for a change in environment, sick of breathing in chemicals or want a more relaxed work setting—keep reading. Our mission is to share knowledge of non-toxic/organic hair and beauty products while giving each guest a relaxing experience with impeccable customer service. Perfect candidate: outgoing, personable, willing to learn, interest in healthy/organic living, ambitious and willing to grow through social media and marketing, team player, willing to perform other services (facials, waxing, hair treatments, front desk, etc.). Salon attracts many guests seeking alternative ways to do their hair. For the right person, this can be a very lucrative path, in more ways than one! Interested? Contact Monica at Monica Sabo at wholelistichairandwellness@gmail.com.

READINGS Oracle card and palmistry readings offered in person, phone, parties welcome. Spiritually guided channeled messages are for your highest good. Let my gifts guide you! Reasonable rates. Cheryl 908-268-8029.

SPACE/office FOR RENT PROFESSIONAL SPACE FOR RENT IN PEQUANNOCK WELLNESS CENTER: If you are a massage therapist, nutritionist, nurse practitioner, or other medical specialist and are looking to rent part-time space, we might be your answer. We are a busy chiropractic office in Pequannock on Newark Pompton Turnpike with spacious consulting rooms and courteous staff. Days and hours available are: Tuesday 8am–12noon; Thursday 1-7pm; Friday

SPACE FOR RENT Event & meeting rental space in Morristown, NJ. Great for recitals, weddings, practice/rehearsal space and fitness classes. Accommodates up to 175 people. Plenty of parking, convenient to Route 202 or 287. Call 973-539-3114 or email Office@CslMorristown.org for details. SPACE FOR RENT Unique space to share. 3rd floor walk-up in Morristown. Suitable for individual, family, group or play therapy; and Energy Work. Contact Wendy: 201-349-2654.

April 2020


method of deeply connecting with unseen family patterns still active in our present time frame. These family dynamics might show themselves not only in our relationships with our family members, but in how we relate to various aspect of our lives, such as success, money, intimacy, creativity, etc. $45, advance; $50, day of workshop; or $80 for two people. Shakti Yoga & Living Arts, 1861 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood. For information, call 973-763-2288 or email info@shaktinj.com. ShaktiNJ.com. Yoga for Body Positivity – 2-3pm. Gain tools to love and respect your body and all it can do. $30. Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio, LLC, 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph. For details, call 973500-2939 or visit NiyamaYogaStudio.com.

Plan ahead SUNDAY, MAY 3 Yoga for Anxiety & Stress – 2pm. Find calm and peace through movement and breath. $30 (pre-registration preferred). iyama Yoga & Wellness Studio, LLC, 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph. For details, call 973-500-2939 or visit NiyamaYogaStudio.com.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6 Introduction to Self-Hypnosis –7:15-8:15pm. This course will teach you a method of self-hypnosis,

how to put yourself into trance, how to deepen your trance, how to program your subconscious to achieve your goals, change your behaviors and enhance your health. We will end with teaching you how to terminate that trance. 15. Inner Truth Hypnotherapy and Meditation Center, 1386 US Hwy 22, Lebanon. For information call 908-6171535 or visit TheGoldenLight.org/calendar.

SATURDAY, MAY 9 Universal Kabbalah – 10am-4:30pm. The purest form of esoteric study available on the planet. The study of God and the God essence within humans is a noble and essential part of being a spiritual being. This is what makes us who and what we are, and indeed through that study we come to the realization of who and what we are. Kabbalah is a tradition whose roots extend back to the remotest history of humankind. The very DNA of life is explained here and manipulated so that we can even change our outward and inward appearance. $325. Inner Truth Hypnotherapy and Meditation Center, 1386 US Hwy 22, Lebanon. For information call 908-617-1535 or visit TheGoldenLight.org/calendar. Portray Your Energy with Danielle Martucci – 12:30-3:30pm. Mother’s Day event honoring all mothers, daughters, sisters and WOMEN in our life. (Yes, the sons and men are also welcome!) Event includes Reiki infused aura cleansing meditation, yoga flow to activate interal energy, professional photo session that includes 3 edited photos, Angelic card readings and private reiki and yoga therapy consultations also available. $75. Pre-registration is required. Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio, LLC, 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph. For details, call 973-500-2939 or visit NiyamaYogaStudio.com.

THURSDAY, MAY 14 Niyama Yoga Teacher Training Program Info Session – 6-8pm. Interested in becoming a Yoga Therapist? Join us for a free information session on May 14 to find out all of the necessary details to begin your journey. Free information session. Niyama Yoga & Wellness Studio, LLC, 1250 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph. For details, call 973-5002939 or visit NiyamaYogaStudio.com.


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North Central NJ Edition


ongoing events

Kindly call to confirm date, location, time.

WEDNESDAY $ave Time and Ga$ Things do change. Please call in advance to ensure that the event you’re interested in is still available.

SUNDAY Soothe Anxiety – 10-10:30am. Calm the mind. Let go of anxiety and worry with a powerful effortless meditation. Feel happier, more relaxed and peaceful in minutes. No prior experience needed. $15 per class. Art of Living Meditation Studio, 104 Broadway Denville. For a limited time: Join session online or in person. If online is preferred, mention in notes with booking to receive link. Book your spot at Morriscountymeditation.org, call 862-2009094 or email artoflivingmeditationstudio@gmail. com. MorrisCountyMeditation.org. Sunday Celebration Service – 10:30am. Dr. Frankie, practitioners, and musicians create an inspiring, uplifting time to be reminded of our spiritual connectedness. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown. For information contact call 973-539-3114 or email office@cslmorristown.org. CSLMorristown.org. Sunday Service – 10:30am. Only words of Love are spoken here. To live in health, happiness and prosperity is everyone’s birthright, whether we choose to follow a certain path is our individual choice. No dogma or belief system is imposed upon anyone. Institute for Spiritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta. ISDSparta.org. Sunday Fellowship – 11:00 am. Unity Spiritual Center of Morris County is an idea that has served many people since 1998. It is here that we meet each Sunday with inspiring messages of Truth, singing, music, prayer and meditation. We affirm

the self-worth of each person as unique, wonderful, and made in the image and likeness of God. Join us at 221 Main Street, 2nd Floor, VFW Building, Boonton. For information call 973-331-1776 or visit UnitySpiritualCenterOfMC.org.

White Oak Center Organic Co-Op – Every other Wednesday. Delivered by Albert’s Organics. Membership $20, then $35 bimonthly. White Oak Center, 33 Woodport Rd., Sparta. For more info, Call 973-600-5698 or email ebell_7@yahoo.com. WhiteOakCenter.com.


Guided Meditation – Weekly-begins Apr. 15; 9:30-10:20am & 10:30-11:30am. Enjoy a state of relaxed concentration to achieve mental, emotional, physical healing and stress relief. Or join us at 10:30 for Third Eye Meditation to awaken your intuition to find clarity in your endeavors. $60. Inner Truth Hypnotherapy and Meditation Center, 1386 US Hwy 22, Lebanon. For information call 908-617-1535 or visit TheGoldenLight. org/calendar.

Soothe Anxiety – 6:15-6:45pm. Calm the mind. Let go of anxiety and worry with a powerful effortless meditation. Feel happier, more relaxed and peaceful in minutes. No prior experience needed. $15 per class. Art of Living Meditation Studio, 104 Broadway Denville. For a limited time: Join session online or in person. If online is preferred, mention in notes with booking to receive link. Book your spot at Morriscountymeditation.org, call 862-2009094 or email artoflivingmeditationstudio@gmail. com. MorrisCountyMeditation.org.

TUESDAY Assisted Stretching in Salt Cave – 11am-3pm. Benefit from the ‘warm-up method’ of dancers. Assisted private session promotes flexibility and endurance. Instructor uses a mix of static and movement-based stretches to relax and stretch tight muscles. 30 minutes $45 / 60 minutes $85. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). For appointment call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com. Intuitive/Spiritual Development – 7:30-9:30pm. Tap into your intuitive abilities. Exercises each week to raise your vibrations such as psychometry, readings, meditation, past life, channeling and more. Everyone welcome. $10. RSVP required. Huna Healing Center LLC, 5 East Main St., 2nd floor (Parking in back ), Denville. Lory 973-224-0096 or register@hunahealingcenter. com. HunaHealingCenter.com.

Assisted Stretching in Salt Cave – 11am-3pm. Benefit from the ‘warm-up method’ of dancers. Assisted private session promotes flexibility and endurance. Instructor uses a mix of static and movement-based stretches to relax and stretch tight muscles. 30 minutes $45 / 60 minutes $85. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). For appointment call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com. Awaken the Master Within – 6:30-8:30pm, 3rd Wed. each month. Workshop/Class on Transformation through the Art of Self-Mastery. $25. Portal of Healing, 50 Main Street, Chester. debbie@portalofhealing.com. 201-841-0358. PortalOfHealing.com. Soothe Anxiety – 7-7:30pm. Calm the mind. Let go of anxiety and worry with a powerful effortless meditation. Feel happier, more relaxed and peaceful in minutes. No prior experience needed. $15 per class. Art of Living Meditation Studio, 104 Broadway Denville. For a limited time: Join session online or in person. If online is preferred, mention in notes with booking to receive link. Book your spot at Morriscountymeditation.org, call 862-2009094 or email artoflivingmeditationstudio@gmail. com. MorrisCountyMeditation.org.

April 2020


Focused Awareness in the Salt Cave – Apr. 15, 22, 29, May 6; 7-8:30pm. Discover the healing benefits of ‘resilience’ meditation in this transformative 4-week course. Designed to bring you more calm, focus, energy and creativity without stress as you breathe pure Himalayan salted air in our therapeutic Salt Cave $175/prepaid; limited to 5. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). To register use online APP or call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com. Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Support Group of Morristown – 7–9pm. First Wednesdays, except July and August. Support for patients and their families. Speakers. 95 Madison Ave., Suite 109A, Morristown. 973-219-8092. Wen5500@hotmail.com. The Morris County (West) Chapter of Holistic Moms Network – 7:30pm. First Wednesdays. Held at Chester Field House, 107 Seminary Ave., Chester. InfoHMNWestMorris@yahoo.com. Cultivate a Purpose Driven, Soul-Empowered Consciousness – 8-9pm. Cultivate a purpose driven, soul-empowered consciousness. Live online webinar, each Wednesday, except for 3rd Wednesday of the month when we meet in person. $29/month. Portal of Healing, 50 Main Street, Chester. Regiser at PortalOfHealing.com or text Debbie Carcuffe at 201-841-0358 or email debbie@portalofhealing.com. PortalOfHealing.com. AA Meeting (O-B-ST) – 8pm. Open to those struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Free. Cranford United Methodist Church, 201 Lincoln Ave., Cranford.

THURSDAY A Pure Component Radio Show: Linking Spirit & Science –10am-11pm. Hosted by Tori Valspirit. This Show is about Life, Health, Fitness, Wellness and Mystery. We talk about complementary and integrative Health Care. Featuring expert in various wellness fields & subjects. Livestream: Facebook.com/ aPureComponent, or listen on Chamber radio, WHCR_ DB, Hunterdon-Chamber.org/About-ChamberRadio.html. For information call 908-617-1545. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Meeting – 6:30-8pm. Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat? 12-step program for recovery from food addiction. No dues, fees or weighins. Free. 350 Essex Rd., 3rd flr, classroom A/B, Paramus Questions? Ellen Mutz 973-945-2704 or emutz514@gmail.com. FoodAddicts.org. Qigong with Sal Canzoneri – 7-8pm. Join Sal for this weekly class. Experience new levels of health, energy and relaxation with our series of life transforming programs for healing hurifying and manifesting. $35 per class. Blossoming into Light, 31 Fairmount Ave, Suite 105, Chester. For information contact Sue at info@blossomingintolight-chester.com or call/text 862-222-4268. BlossomingIntoLight-Chester.com.

FRIDAY Debtors Anonymous Meeting – 5:30-6:30pm. Twelve-step meeting for those dealing with debt,

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overspending and under-earning. Downstairs Main Bldg. at Redeemer Church, 37 Newton Sparta Rd., Newton. 877-717-3328. NJPada.org. Get Started On Your Meditation Journey – 6:15pm-6:45pm. Discover peace and calm within you. Experience a centering breathing technique followed by a guided meditation. Let the cares of the day slip away as you immerse in silence, stillness and serenity. Learn authentic meditation techniques from skilled teachers who make meditation easy and effortless. No experience necessary. $15. Art of Living Meditation Studio, 104 Broadway Denville. For a limited time: Join session online or in person. If online is preferred, mention in notes with booking to receive link. Book your spot at Morriscountymeditation.org, call 862200-9094 or email artoflivingmeditationstudio@ gmail.com. MorrisCountyMeditation.org. The Salted Yogi – 7:30-8:30pm. Immerse yourself in a guided yoga meditation on the Throat Chakra on the 1st and 3rd Friday each month. Gain a sense of empowerment and let your voice be heard. Session includes a healing salt treatment in our therapeutic Salt Cave. $25/prepaid. Space limited to 5. Revive Studios, 100 U.S. Hwy 46, Budd Lake (Village Green Shopping Center). Use APP to register or call 973-527-3419. ReviveStudiosNJ.com. AA Meeting – 7:30pm.St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 70 Maple Ave., Morristown. 973-538-0555. Soothe Anxiety –7:45-8:15pm. Calm the mind. Let go of anxiety and worry with a powerful effortless meditation. Feel happier, more relaxed and peaceful in minutes. No prior experience needed. $15 per class. Art of Living Meditation Studio, 104 Broadway Denville. For a limited time: Join session online or in person. If online is preferred, mention in notes with booking to receive link. Book your spot at Morriscountymeditation.org, call 862200-9094 or email arto flivingmeditationstudio@ gmail.com. MorrisCountyMeditation.org. Al-Anon Meeting – 8-9:30pm. Center for Practical Spirituality - Religious Science, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. RSCI.org.

SATURDAY Breakfast Benefits: Learn about Laser Treatment – 9am. 2nd Sat. All are welcome to share breakfast and learn about the benefits of laser treatment. Facilitated by Dr Paul M Bizzaro, DC. Free. The offices of Dr. Bizzaro, 81 S Main St, Yardley. RSVP to 215-493-6589. DrPaulBizzaro.com. Overeaters Anonymous Meeting – 10:15am12:15pm. Weekly gathering of the free support group that helps people lose weight and keep it off. Downstairs meeting room, Parsippany Library. 973-335-1717. Wjioa.com. Classic Nia Mind-Body Fitness – 11am-12noon. Nia is a practice that will help you feel alive in your body through cardio conditioning through a world of music that evokes imagination and emotion. Instructor: Teresa Dangelo. $20 walk-in. Benessere Wellness Center and Spa, 510 Morris Ave., Summit. For information call 908-277-4080, email info@benesserenj.com or visit BenessereNJ.com.

Seven years without a cold?

had colds going round and round, but not me.” Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if used just before cientists recently discovered bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had time. He hasn’t had a single cold for 7 a way to kill viruses and in years.” years since. bacteria. Copper can also stop flu if used early He asked relatives and friends to try Now thousands of people are using it it. They said it worked for them, too, so and for several days. Lab technicians to stop colds and flu. placed 25 million live flu viruses on a he patented CopperZap™ and put it on Colds start CopperZap. No viruses were found alive the market. when cold viruses soon after. Soon hundreds get in your nose. Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams of people had Viruses multiply confirming the discovery. He placed tried it and given fast. If you don’t millions of disease germs on copper. feedback. Nearly stop them early, “They started to die literally as soon as 100% said the they spread and copper stops colds if they touched the surface,” he said. cause misery. People have even used copper on used within 3 hours In hundreds cold sores and say it can completely after the first sign. of studies, EPA prevent outbreaks. Even up to 2 New research: Copper stops colds if used early. and university The handle is days, if they still researchers have confirmed that viruses curved and finely get the cold it is milder than usual and and bacteria die almost instantly when textured to improve they feel better. touched by copper. contact. It kills germs Users wrote things like, “It stopped That’s why ancient Greeks and picked up on fingers my cold right away,” and “Is it Egyptians used copper to purify water and hands to protect supposed to work that fast?” and heal wounds. They didn’t know you and your family. “What a wonderful thing,” wrote about microbes, but now we do. Copper even kills Physician’s Assistant Julie. “No more Dr. Bill Keevil: Copper quickly kills deadly germs that Scientists say the high conductance colds for me!” cold viruses. of copper disrupts the electrical balance have become resistant Pat McAllister, 70, received one in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in for Christmas and called it “one of the to antibiotics. If you are near sick seconds. best presents ever. This little jewel really people, a moment of handling it may Tests by the EPA (Environmental keep serious infection away. It may even works.” Protection Agency) show germs die save a life. Now thousands of users have simply fast on copper. So some hospitals tried The EPA says copper still works stopped getting colds. copper for touch surfaces like faucets even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of People often use CopperZap and doorknobs. This cut the spread of preventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci different disease germs so it can prevent MRSA and other illnesses by over half, serious or even fatal illness. used to get colds after crowded flights. and saved lives. CopperZap is made in America of Though skeptical, she tried it several The strong scientific evidence gave pure copper. It has a 90-day full money times a day on travel days for 2 months. inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When back guarantee. It is $69.95. “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” she he felt a cold about to start he fashioned Get $10 off each CopperZap with exclaimed. a smooth copper probe and rubbed it Businesswoman Rosaleen says when code NATA19. Go to www.CopperZap.com or call gently in his nose for 60 seconds. people are sick around her she uses “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold CopperZap morning and night. “It saved toll-free 1-888-411-6114. Buy once, use forever. never got going.” It worked again every me last holidays,” she said. “The kids ADVERTORIAL

New device stops cold and flu


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Your local source for natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


NJ Advanced Acupuncture

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, ND, LAc Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine 332 South Ave East, Westfield 908-928-0060 • AcuVisionTherapy.com Dr. Rosenfarb is world renowned in the field of holistic eye health. He is passionate about helping people with degenerative eye diseases. Learn of his astounding work in this area—call now to qualify for your free copy of his groundbreaking book, Recover Your Vision. Additional specialties include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy. See ad, page 35.

Modern Acupuncture – Florham Park

Modern Acupuncture is revitalizing the ancient practice of acupuncture with enhanced fullbody treatments using tiny needles (smaller than human hair) to access distinct points to help restore the body’s balance, alleviate pain, reduce stress, promote relaxation and/or improve overall well-being. See ad, page 2.

Attorney (Holistic) 973-909-0999 • Kelly@KMBrownLaw.com KMBrownLaw.com Licensed in NJ & PA With quality preparation, legal tragedies can often be prevented, or damage can be minimized or eliminated. Kelly Brown has been practicing law for 20 years. In addition, Brown is a Certified Life Mastery Coach, theologian and interfaith minister. Her current practice brings a holistic perspective to legal planning for families and businesses. See ad, page 37.

Bakery/Specialty Starseed Bakery

Montclair Acupuncture

Linda Beg 100 Hibernia Avenue, Rockaway 973-957-0500 StarseedBakery@gmail.com StarseedBakery.com

Maria B. Margate, LAC 104 Valley Rd., Montclair 973-220-4242 margate9@yahoo.com AcupunctureMontclairNJ.com Patient testimonials attest to the healing quality Maria Margate brings to her practice. Specialties include pain management and women’s health, e.g., OB-GYN, infertility, post-partum care, irregular cycles. Acupuncture can also treat stress, allergies, digestive ailments, skin disorders, migraines and more. See ad, page 41.

North Central NJ Edition

Morgan Reade has studied Acupuncture, herbal and dietary therapy. He is board certified and licensed in Florida and NJ. He specializes in female health including autoimmune and fertility. Other areas of expertise include digestive disorders, food allergies and Lyme disease. Born and raised in West Caldwell, where he currently resides, he opened his first office there. His second location is in downtown Madison, NJ. See ad, page 25.

Kelly M. Brown, Esq.

Joan Arata 176 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park 973-457-4467 ModernAcupuncture.com/new-jersey/ florham-park/florham-park-nj001


Morgan Reade, LAc, MS 616 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell 6 Green Village Rd, Madison 201-400-2261 NJAdvancedAcupuncture.com

100% gluten-, dairy-, soy- and GMO-free retail and wholesale bakery. Available products: artisan breads, custom cakes, pies, cookies, desserts, seasonal, vegan, Paleo, natural sugars, nut-free. See ad, page 20.


Beautification Services Unlock Your Hidden Beauty Natalia Schweitzer, Licensed Esthetician & Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist 1236 US Highway 46 West, Suite B-1 Parsippany 862-432-9074 UnlockYHB@gmail.com UnlockYHB.com We provide natural permanent makeup application: microblading (hairstroke brows), powdered brows, eyeliner, lip blush, 3D realistic areola and nipple reconstruction, and natural skin rejuvenation treatments. Our permanent makeup and skin rejuvenation services can help enhance your natural beauty and make you feel more relaxed, confident and beautiful. See ad, page 18.

Brain Training FBT - Functional Brain Training Dr. Don Joergens 862-777-8612 info@functionalbraintraining.com FunctionalBrainTraining.com Unlike conventional medicine we assess the function between areas within the two sides of the hemispherical brain. This allows a deeply revealing approach to where unbalanced strengths and weaknesses create your issue. Then we physically create symmetry, making you whole. See ad, page 7.

Eating oatmeal provides a serotonin boost, which calms the brain and improves mood.

Source: Well-being Secrets



Law Of Attraction Life Coach

LearningRx, Millburn/ShortHills

David Scott Bartky, CLOALC 973-444-7301 David@LifeCoachDavid.com LifeCoachDavid.com

Romana Kulikova, MD 150 Main Street, Millburn 973-376-4646 ofc, 908-232-0211 fax ShortHills.NJ@LearningRx.net LearningRx.com

D a v i d i s a ce r t i f i e d a n d experienced Law of Attraction life coach. His clients all have great success because he teaches them powerful processes and techniques so they can attract what they want, instead of what they don’t want in all areas of life (both materialistically and emotionally). The Law of Attraction is always responding to you, so if you’re ready to say “Yes!” to attracting what you want, and/or improving your life in some way, contact David today. Coaching sessions are held over the phone and the first session is always free.


advertiser specials Mention Natural Awakenings to take advantage of these terrific specials.

LearningRx, Warren Michael DiCristino 34 Mountain Blvd, Warren 908-222–7246 Warren.NJ@LearningRx.net LearningRx offers one-on-one brain training through customized exercises to improve weak cognitive skills/IQ in children or adults with learning disabilities, attention deficit, traumatic brain injuries, intellectual disabilities or age-related cognitive decline. See ad, page 38.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Enzyme Nutrition

Lisa Mack offers thermography scans in wellness facilities across the region.

Living Waters Wellness Center

Next Level Healing Of NJ, Inc.

Ann Ochs • Colon Hydrotherapist I-ACT Certified, Advanced Level Certified National Board for Colon Therapy, Body Ecology Diet Certified 26 Elm St, Morristown 973-998-6550 • ColonHealthNJ.com AnnLivingWaters@aol.com Ann Ochs has more than 20 years experience as a colon hydrotherapist. She holds an advanced certification from the International Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT), is certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy, and is a certified body ecologist. Living Waters offers the Angel of Water ®, an advanced colon hydrotherapy system, designed to offer the ultimate in privacy and dignity. Call today for an appointment. See ad, page 45.

Next Level Healing Of NJ, Inc. Susan Richter, RN, CCH, Nutritionist, LDHS 166 Franklin Road, Denville 973-586-0626 Scared to try a colonic? Susan has 31 years experience with colon hydrotherapy. Her system is gentle and thorough, and you have her expert assistance throughout the session. Colon cleansing has long been used to help the body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste effectively - a great way to enhance your chosen method of maintaining health and wellness. Call her for a free 15 minute consultation to determine if a colonic would be beneficial for you, as there are certain conditions that would wa r ra nt e n z y m e t h e ra py fi rst ! Vi s i t NextLevelHealing.com/colonics to get the scoop!

Susan Richter, RN, Nutritionist, CCH, LDHS Denville • 973-586-0626 NextLevelHealing.com Enzyme nutrition is rapidly becoming a sought after therapy for the underlying digestive issues related to autism, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, skin problems, mood disorders, bowel issues and allergies. The system of analysis is scientific, non-invasive, and based on anatomy and physiology. The methods of correction are food-based, drugfree, and have no side effects. Regardless of age or diagnosis, correcting digestion, supporting the immune system, and following guidelines for healthy choices are the backbone of Susan’s successful private practice of 36 years. If you are looking for a gentle approach to healing, call her.

Essential Oils Peggy Washburn Wellness Advocate doTERRA International 208 859-9155 MyPerfectLifeToday.com Sharing natural health and wellness with the world through doTERRA Essential Oil. I’ve been “changing lives one oil at a time” with doTERRA since 2008. The purity and freshness of every product is unmatched, and the scents are amazing! See ad, page 19.

Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness

New Jersey: Short Hills, Morristown, Clinton, Hampton, Green Brook, Bedminster, Lincoln Park, Somers Point, Little Silver, Caldwell. New York: Newburgh Pennsylvania: Doylestown Visit this link for information and to schedule an appointment: LisasThermographyAndWellness.com/ patients/#locations See ads pages 23 and 36.

Newly Expanded – April Savings! Enjoy discounts on products, memberships and spa services as we pre-launch the newly-expanded Tru Nature Yoga.

90 Minute Massage & Facial $95 or 30 minute HImalayan Salt Sauna & 60 Minute Massage $95. Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong

For information, breathe@trunatureyoga.com or 862-803-9252 • TruNatureYoga.com See ad, page 50.

April 2020


Functional Medicine

Reshma Shah Meditation and Thetahealing

Morning Star Family Health Center

Reshma Shah Westfield 908-264-4344 Info@ReshmaShah.com • ReshmaShah.com

54 Old Highway 22, Clinton 908-735-9344 MorningStarFHC.com MorningStar’s team of health professionals cares for you like family. Our membership-based practice cares for men, women and children age 8 and up with a functional approach to primary care. See ad, page 12.

Holistic Dental Center Vladimir Gashinsky, DDS 91 Millburn Avenue, Millburn 973-457-4688 HolisticDentalCenterNJ.com Holistic dental care that is good for the body as well as teeth and gums. By treating the cause, not just the symptoms, Dr. Gashinsky helps improve his patients’ quality of life through dental care that respects and honors the body. See ads, pages 3, 30.

Holistic Healing Services Heartmath+♥

Linda Sercarz Certified Heartmath Coach Serving North Jersey & surrounding area 973-714-8650 • Sercarz@aol.com Heartmath+♥ consists of simple heart-focused, science-based meditations. The techniques are designed to change the way your body responds to stress by learning to self-regulate. They create more resilience, coherence, c l a r i ty (eve n i n s t re s s f u l situations), and the capacity to self-regulate. Heartmath+♥

Huna Healing Center Lory Sison-Coppola 23 Diamond Spring Rd., 2nd fl., Denville 973-224-0096 Office@HunaHealingCenter.com HunaHealingCenter.com

Reshma is a certified ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner with a passion for helping individuals recognize their limiting belief patterns and tap into their true potential. Her students learn the practice of ThetaHealing and her clients benefit from one-on-one sessions healing them from illness, trauma, chronic pain, spiritual and emotional restriction giving them miraculous transformations. Reshma specializes in working with children and their parents, teaching them mediation, the use of alteration in life style with ThetaHealing ® and the power of developing intuitive abilities to transform their lives to their desires. As per debut month, first time clients get 25% off their first session.

Holistic Healing & Therapy Awakening Wellness, LLC Hilary D. Bilkis, MS, CST CranioSacral Therapy • SomatoEmotional Release Work • Visceral Mobility Energy Healing • MELT Method Instruction 973-479-2229 • Awakening4Wellness.com Hilary uniquely blends CranioSacral Therapy with other healing modalities to alleviate chronic pain, headaches, stress and accumulated tension. Treatment benefits physical, emotional and energetic levels. Hilary facilitates the body’s selfhealing process; gently releasing restrictions in the connective tissue and removing energy blockages. Using her intuitive abilities, she also helps release stored injury, trauma, memories and emotions. Clearing the body of stuck stress improves health, feelings of wellness, ability to feel calm, centered and empowered.

Morris Hypnosis Center Linda West, BA, ACH 55 Madison Ave, Morristown 973-506-9654 • MorrisHypnosisCenter.com Advanced Clinical Hypnosis using an interactive, personalized technique; based on a lengthy interview at our first session and dialogues at following sessions. I don’t talk “at” you; we both speak before and during your hypnosis. I also teach you self-hypnosis. Specializing in weight, stress, smoking, chronic pain, releasing the past, performance, obsessive thoughts, substance use, sleep, fears, confidence and attention issues. Hypnosis can get you unstuck in virtually any area of your life. If you have constraints that you can’t seem to break through, hypnosis can free you and put you back in charge. Come for a free consultation to learn how you can reframe your past and design your future.

Soul Point Hypnosis 401 Rt 24, Chester 973-615-9261 SoulPointHypnosis.com morninglori17@gmail.com Mention ad for 15% off first visit. D o c to r re fe r re d ce r t i f i e d medical hypnotist with 10 years experience. Successful approach with all ages addresses stress, confidence, fears, pain, performance, smoking, weight release and symptom relief. Plus learn self-hypnosis and other techniques.

908-617-1545 InnerTruthHypnotherapy.com

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Smelling rosemary can Hypnotherapy increase alertness and Inner Truth Hypnotherapy and Meditation Center improve memory Tori Valspirit

The Center offers different modalities that will raise your Spiritual Awareness, heighten y o u r v i b ra t i o n s . We a r e dedicated to understanding and providing for those with specific needs. Classes, certifications, healing sessions, readings and counseling are offered. See ad, page 37.


What makes you differet makes you Beautiful.


Clinical hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind with numerous beneficial characteristics. Evidence-based services include clinical hypnotherapy, medical support clinical hypnotherapy and integral hypnotherapy. Clinical hypnotherapy is available in private or group sessions. Confidentiality is assured within HIPAA regulations. See ad, page 11.

Integrative Healing Arts

Naturopathic School

Integrative Healing Arts Journey

Health Queen

Mona Salminen, BA in Visual Arts Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Art Pedagogue, Certified Yoga Teacher Rockaway, serving North Jersey MonaSalminen.com • 973-944-0047 Mona’s Integrative Healing Arts p ro g ra m e m p o we rs a n d supports women to reclaim greater health with more joyful creativity and aliveness and a deeper meaning and fulfillment of life through an integration of health-coaching, intuitive painting, yoga, music, meditation and nutrition. Lyme disease coaching and support available. See

ad, page 10.

Meditation Studio Art of Living Meditation Studio 104 Broadway Denville NJ 862-200-9094 artoflivingmeditationstudio@gmail.com MorrisCountyMeditation.org Authentic techniques from ancient traditions, delivered by expert teachers. This selfcare sanctuary offers meditation classes, 30-minute guided meditation classes and private sessions for a personalized experience. Online classes available for limited time. No experience necessary. Book now @ morriscountymeditation.org. See ad, page 15.

Natural Medicine Dr. Lisa Lewis, ND, MBA, LAc Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist 470 Prospect Ave, Ste 100, W Orange 973-486-0148 • DrLisaLewis.com D r. L ew i s i s t h e h e a l t hy superwoman expert, owner of NatureDrs Nutraceuticals, and Bastyr University graduate. With over 30 years’ experience as a visionary and wellness doctor, she helps female leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs experience less stress, better health and hormone harmony.

Past Life Regression Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Avis Gardell-Feldstein 1 Shadowbrook Lane, Basking Ridge 732-547-1196 (phone or text) HealthqueenAvis@gmail.com

Cathy Ludwig, Ed.S., LPC

We are so excited to be able to bring the most cutting edge information in the Health Industry through our Certification in Naturopathy. Private consultations with Matrix Decoder diagnostics and B i ofe e d b a c k p l u s te s t i n g available for Food Sensitivities, Hormones and more! See ad, page 9.

Do you want to make peace with your past? Self-acceptance and clarity are yours when you determine how the past is influencing the present and when you make conscious choices about the future. As a licensed psychotherapist, Cathy helps you experience healing in all areas of your life. Using the powerful and effective treatments of Past Life Regression Therapy or Hypnotherapy alone or in combination with talk therapy, Cathy helps you develop your full potential, resolve conflict and have more compassion for yourself and others. Call to discuss which treatment option will work best for you. See ad, page 19.

Nutrition Education Dian’s Wellness Simplified Dian Freeman, MA, MHHC Private Nutritional Consultations, Classes, Nutritional Certification Course Morristown, NJ 973-267-4816 WellnessSimplified.com C l i n i ca l N u t r i t i o n i st D i a n Freeman has a private practice and nutrition school in Morristown, NJ. Her six-month nutritional certification course has certified over 850 graduates in Holistic Health over the last 16 years. She also practices frequency biofeedback, teaches 1-day classes and lectures widely. See ad on page 17.

Organizing Solutions Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry Sherry Onweller, Professional Organizer Serving NJ 908-619-4561 • SOnweller@aol.com EverydayOrganizingSolutions.com Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry provides sympathetic and nonjudgmental organizing and decluttering services to residential and business clients, as well as helping female adults with ADD get their physical space/time management in order and helping children and teens to get organized.

109 Main St., Suite 1B, Succasunna 201-738-8311 ludcat@optimum.net

Psychotherapy Leslie Karen Lobell, MA, LPC Pompton Plains (Rte 23) and Montclair 908-577-0053 • Leslie@LeslieLobell.com LeslieLobell.com Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, gain self-confidence or change a habit? Do you need support and guidance through a life or career transition? Are you ready to achieve your goals, pursue your dreams and actualize your potential? You CAN create the Life You Desire... I can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN! Using proven techniques such as Holistic Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Reiki and Dream Interpretation, I help teens & adults create happier, healthier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives. Allow me to assist you! See ad, page 42.

Retreat Experience Harmony Mountain Institute Dr. Peter Amato, Ph.D., DNM 131 Reynolds Rd., N. Abington Township, PA 570-558-7450 info@harmonymountaininstitute.com HarmonyMountainInstitute.com Escape for a luxurious weekend of radical transformation. Receive the Tools required to sustain your best life, achieve balance, and experience joy. Immerse in SelfCare and depar t with a personalized wellness plan and

Support Coach. See ad, page 44.

Chewing gum makes you more alert, reduces stress and reduces anxiety levels Source: Realbuzz

April 2020


Sound Healing


Awaken Sound Health

Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness

Alison Iati 32 Grove Street, Chester 201-874-7255 AwakenSoundHealth@gmail.com AwakenSoundHealth.com License Number: 81-1853104 Sound Healing for individuals and groups. Vibrational Sound Therapy. Weekly sound baths. Sonic tools include Tibetan and crystal bowls, chimes, forks, vocal toning and more.

Spiritual Enlightenment Eckankar – The Path of Spiritual Freedom 11 Park St, Montclair 800-870-9139 • Eckankar-NJ.org A truly spiritual way of life for the individual in modern times. Teachings provide a framework and spiritual tools for anyone to explore their own spiritual experiences. Studies of Dreams, Past Lives, Soul Travel.

Spiritual Healing, Teaching Be The Medicine Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 Janet@BeTheMedicine.com BeTheMedicine.com Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, Past Life, Medical Intuition, Life, Health, Spiritual Coaching, Astrology Readings, House and Land Clearings. In p e rs o n , p h o n e o r S ky p e. Professional Reiki, Shamanism, and Medical Intuitive Training. Retreats. 40 years’ experience.

Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC Thermographer and Holistic Counselor See website for locations in NJ, NY & PA 855-667-9338 Lisa@LisasThermographyAndWellness.com LisasThermographyAndWellness.com Thermography gives an early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem – inflammation. Early stage disease screening is an area in which thermography excels. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, or you are merely curious about the state of your health, thermography can help provide answers. Radiation-free breast and full body screenings for men and women. See ads, pages 23 and 36.

Vision/Eye Health Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, ND, LAc, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine 332 South Ave East, Westfield 908-928-0060 • AcuVisionTherapy.com Dr. Rosenfarb is world renowned in the field of holistic eye health. He is passionate about helping people with degenerative eye diseases. Learn of his astounding work in this area—call now to qualify for your free copy of his groundbreaking book, Recover Your Vision. Additional specialties include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy. See ad, page 35.

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. ~William Arthur Ward

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Natural Awakenings M agazine is Ranked 5th Nationally in Cision’s 2016 Top 10 Health & Fi tness Magazines List 58

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VITAMINS HiLife Vitamins Susan Rubin and Said Alsaleh 48 River Rd, Chatham 800-622-8877 Support@hilifevitamins.com HiLifeVitamins.com Your 1st choice for national brand name supplements and vitamins. In business since 1971. Call to speak with an experienced personal care associate. Open 9am7pm EST Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm on Saturdays. Leave message by phone or on Facebook and we will get back to you shortly. See ad, page 25.

Yoga/Wellness Revive Studios Claudine Nicolich 100 U.S. Highway 46, Budd Lake 973-527-3419 • ReviveStudiosNJ.com A boutique fitness studio featuring a mind-body approach to wellness and notto-miss Special Events. Our welcoming classes, conducted in a body-positive environment, include Yoga, BARRE, Zumba, TRX, Pilates Reformer, Cycling, and Meditation. Visit our therapeutic Salt Cave to detox/revitalize mind, body and spirit. This healing environment is ideal for practicing yoga, meditation and stretching.

See ad, page 8.

Tru Nature Yoga & Wellness Center 219 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong 862-803-9252 • 201-289-6366 cell breathe@trunatureyoga.com TruNatureYoga.com An intimate, nurturing space for all that cultivates a healthy community through the wisdom of yoga and the sacred healing gifts of nature. The center features a variety of classes, massage and reiki services, yoga and wellness retreats, yoga teacher training and certifications, workshops, fostering personal growth and enriching our community. Tru Nature Yoga strives to serve the community in finding their Tru Nature so that we may all lead joyous, abundant, peace-filled, centered lives; body, mind & spirit. See ad, page 50.


BUSINESS Publish a Natural Awakenings Magazine CHANNEL YOUR PROFESSIONAL SKILL SETS AND BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS THAT EMPOWERS YOU TO BE AN INFLUENCER IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Natural Awakenings is a franchise family of 65+ healthy living magazines, celebrating 26 years of publishing! This rewarding home-based franchise opportunity provides training and ongoing support, following an established and proven business model. EE FR





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Natural Awakenings - North Central NJ April 2020  

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health,...

Natural Awakenings - North Central NJ April 2020  

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health,...