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Tours & Travel November 2013

Happening this Month Modica’s Famous Chocolate Bar & Baroque Tour


Catania Shoe Fair Secrets of Sicily: West Coast Tour Olive Field Tour and Dinner at Borgo Antico Sicilian Castle Tour Thanksgiving Dinner in Sicily (Randazzo Area) Horseback Riding in Motta Santa Anastasia and BBQ

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PICK UP & DROP OFF NAS I: CDC Parking lot. MARINAI: In front of Youth Complex. NAS II: Flight Line Clinic. All children 17 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on ALL trips both ITT and ODR


Catania Shoe Fair

Depart: NAS II 8:30 am, Marinai 8:45 am, NAS I 9:00 am Return: 1:00 pm Cost: $14 or 2 people for $20 Join ITT as we take you to the Catania Shoe Fair. This yearly event is a street fair with lots and lots of shoe booths! There will be shoes of all types and prices. Come prepared to try on the shoes right there at the booth. *We recommend that you bring small bills and coins in Euro for shopping; credit cards are typically not accepted and the stalls can’t always make change from larger bills -----------------------------------------------------Fri



Sat Depart: NAS II 9:00 am, Marinai 9:15 am, NAS I 9:30 am Return: 5:00 pm Cost: $25 (Bring Euro for food, shopping and entrance fees) We are off to Taormina, known for its spectacular views of Mt. Etna and the lush vegetation surrounding the Mediterranean. You will have time to go shopping, visit the Greek Amphitheater, and eat lunch in this fabulous town. ------------------------------------------------------

Valley of the Temples & 3 Agrigento: Bagliesi Winery Wine Tasting


10 Modica’s Famous Chocolate Bar and Baroque Tour

Sun Depart: NAS II 7:00 am, Marinai 7:15 am, NAS I 7:30 am Return: 7:30 pm Cost: $65 (Includes lunch, Chocolate & Liquor tasting), Bring Euro for shopping. Did you know that Sicily is famous for chocolate? On this trip, experience how Sicilians, who were taught by the Aztecs, make their world famous chocolate at Villa Principe Di Belmonte, established in the 1800’s. Also, enjoy the opportunity to taste the Carrubo Chocolate Liquor. Later in the afternoon, we’ll tour the Baroque town of Modica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch will be provided at Villa Principe Di Belmonte.

11 Olive Field Tour and Lunch at Borgo Antico

Mon Depart: NAS II 8:00 am, Marinai 8:15 am, NAS I 8:30 am Return: 4:00 pm Cost: $49 Come with ITT to an excellent Agriturismo that makes and serves foods that they have either grown themselves or sourced locally. This area is famous for olive oil too! So lucky for us, the owner of Borgo Antico has offered to give us a tour of the olive trees that surround his beautiful restaurant. We’ll do the walking tour through the trees first, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

15 Caleca Pottery in Patti and St. Stefano di Camastra

Fri Depart: NAS II 7:00 am, Marinai 7:15 am, NAS I 7:30 am Return: 5:00 pm Cost: $18, or 2 for $30 (Bring Euro for lunch and shopping) Need some ideas for Christmas gifts to send back home? Let ITT show you one of the most popular gifts, Sicilian pottery! Sicily is famous for its beautiful array of pottery and the town of Patti plays host to Caleca, one of the more famous manufacturers. You will have the opportunity to purchase hand-painted pottery at wholesale prices! Caleca accepts credit cards. After we’re finished shopping up a storm at Caleca, we will head over to the small town of St. Stefano di Camastra. This town is also known for its ceramics and they are of a different style than the Caleca pottery! We recommend that you bring Euro for both lunch and shopping in St. Stefano. The small shop owners there may not accept credit cards. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

16 Alcantara Gorges and Russo Winery

Depart: NAS II 8:00 am, Marinai 8:15 am, NAS I 8:30 am Sat Depart: NAS II 9:00 am, Marinai 9:15 am, NAS I 9:30 am Return: 5:00 pm Cost: $70 (Includes entrance fees, lunch, & wine tasting) Return: 6:00 pm Come with ITT to tour these fantastic gorges featuring immense natural canyons carved out by ancient lava flows. It’s Cost: $85 (Includes entrance fees, lunch & wine tasting) Founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century B.C., Agrigento became also called Godfather Valley because the Godfather movie shot some scenes in this area! This trip will have a guided one of the leading cities of the Mediterranean world. Situated on the tour of Alcantara Gorges Park and after the tour; we’ll go to Russo winery for a Wine Tasting and lunch. island of Sicily it is universally known for the spectacular Valley of Temples, the sacred area of ancient Akragas, one of the most important colonies of the Greek Empire. After the tour, we will visit the Bagliesi Winery for a wine tasting and a light meal. ------------------------------------------------------

Historical 9 Circumetnea Train Adventure Sat


Depart: NAS I 6:45 am Return: 4:30 pm Cost: $30 includes fees (Bring 15 Euro for Food) Get ready for some fabulous views of Mt. Etna when you board the Circumetnea Historic Train Adventure! You’ll ride the train ride all around Mt. Etna with a stop in the notable town of Randazzo for lunch. This medieval walled city was devastated in WWII when more than 80% of its houses were destroyed by Allied Forces. *You will walk a bit in Randazzo, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

9-11 Secrets of Sicily: West Coast Tour Sat - Mon

Depart: Saturday - NAS I 7:00 am Return: Monday 7:00 pm Explore the Province of Trapani located on the West Coast of Sicily. Throughout history this area has been ruled by many cultures including the Phoenicians, Arabs, and Greeks. Enjoy the distinct influence each of these cultures has had on the food, culture and architecture of the region. From the medieval streets of Erice to the seaside Baroque town of Marsala, this area offers something for everyone! Includes 2 nights in a 5 star hotel, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners with 1 wine tasting and light lunch at Pellegrino winery.

Price per person Adult - Single Occupancy: Adult – Double Occupancy: Third/Fourth Adult in the room: Child 4 - 12 with 2 adults: Child under 3:

$536 $386 $341 $205 $30


Depart: NAS II 4:30 pm, Marinai 4:45pm, NAS I 5:00 pm Return: 12:00 am Cost: $50 (Includes guide, wine tasting, and appetizers) Spend the evening admiring magnificent monuments from the Greek to medieval periods throughout the bustling downtown area of Catania. The city really comes alive after dark and is a great place to spend an evening sightseeing and people watching. After sightseeing, you’ll enjoy a typical Sicilian Wine Tasting at an old “Enoteca”, or wine shop, called Wine and Charm. They will also provide multiple appetizers. *Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes since this is a walking tour through the city. ------------------------------------------------------

23 Palermo

Sat Depart: NAS II 6:30 am, Marinai 6:45 am, NAS I 7:00 am Return: 6:30 pm Cost: $45 (Bring 5 Euro for entrance fees & Euro for lunch) Join us for a tour of both the Cathedral in Palermo and the Monreale Cathedral located just outside the city. Palermo's Cathedral houses a unique mixture of architectural styles on a grand scale. Arab, Norman, Byzantine, Swabian, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque; it's all there, in one grand, inspiring setting. You’ll also see Monreale Church, another awe-inspiring church known for its intricate mosaics decorated in biblical themes adorning the nave. After our tour of both places, we will head to the Capuchin Catacombs a macabre but unique place. *The tour of the catacombs is NOT required. ------------------------------------------------------

Wed Depart: NAS II 8:00 am, Marinai 8:15 am, NAS I 8:30 am Return: 6:00 pm Cost: $55 (lunch and fees included) Do you have some family members in town for the week of Thanksgiving? Show them historical Sicily with our Sicilian Castle tour! We will tour multiple castles located on the southwestern slope of Mt. Etna with visits to Paternó, Bronte, and Adrano. We will also stop and have lunch at a typical Sicilian restaurant. ------------------------------------------------------

Dinner in Sicily 28 Thanksgiving (Randazzo Area) Thu

Depart: NAS II 2:00 pm, Marinai 2:15 pm, NAS I 2:30 pm Return: 10:30 pm Cost: $50 Spice up your Thanksgiving this year by celebrating it a typical Sicilian Agriturismo. Within the territory of Randazzo which allows for beautiful views of Mt. Etna, stands a lovely Agriturismo called Borgo Santo Spirito. This will be a large Sicilian meal with plenty of antipastos, a pasta dish, and a mixed roasted meat plate all accompanied by an excellent local wine, of course! ------------------------------------------------------

Depart: NAS II 9:00 am, Marinai 9:15 am, NAS I 9:30 am Return: 4:00 pm Cost: $70 (Includes lunch and fees) Come with ITT to Piazza Armerina, a UNESCO World Heritage site and admire the magnificent mosaic pavements that date back to the 3rd century A.D. Afterwards you’ll relax at the Agriturismo Gigliotto for a delicious lunch.

Beginners Knitting Class Nov. 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Cost: $40 Ages: 10 & up Sign-up by: Nov. 1st - ITT (min 6 - max 10) Discover the rewarding and relaxing art of knitting. During a period of two weeks you will learn the basics of knitting with the goal of making a scarf and a hat. Cost includes all material needed and instruction. --------------------------------------



30 Cefalú & Castelbuono (Castle)

Sign-up by Nov.15th Call ITT at 624-4777


San Gimignano

Homemade Sicilian Arancini Cooking Class

Time: 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm Cost: $33 Ages: 10 & up Sign-up: ITT (min 6 - max 10) Learn how to make Sicilian Arancini! Students will watch and then make their own. Bring your aprons! --------------------------------------

Pizza 18 Homemade Cooking Class Mon

Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Cost: $30 Ages: 10 & up Sign-up: ITT (min 6 - max 10) Students will learn how to make a homemade pizza and Sicilian “Potato and Cheese” scacciata. Students will watch then make their own pizza to take home! Bring your aprons!


Sat Depart: NAS II 7:30 am, Marinai 7:45 am, NAS I 8:00 am Return: 8:00 pm Cost: $35 (Bring approx. €25 for lunch and fees) Visit the quaint mountain town of Castelbuono, famous for its castle and good restaurants, where we will stop to have lunch. Next we will head back to the coast to visit the beautiful city of Cefalú where we’ll see the Cathedral, Lungomare, and the Medieval Washhouse.

Tuscany27Tour Nov - 1 Dec Siena

Tuesday, 5th & Thursday 7th Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Cost: $25 Ages: 8 & up Sign-up: ITT (min 6 - max 12) You received orders to Italy so you decided to get a new camera to capture all those amazing travels and experiences of living overseas. Wait, what are all those buttons? Join us for a basic digital photography class. Learn about manual modes, and do some hands on photography learning compositions. Must bring your own camera.




Digital Photography Class

Armerina Roman Villas & 29 Piazza Agriturismo

Milo & St Alfio Visit with 24 Zafferana, Gambino Winery

Depart: NAS II 8:30 am, Marinai 8:45 am, NAS I 9:00 am Return: 4:30 pm Cost: $65 (Includes a light lunch and wine tasting) We’ll stop in several towns including Zafferana, a quaint mountain town situated on the slopes of Mt Etna. We’ll also check out Milo and St. Alfio. In St. Alfio you’ll get to see a chestnut tree that is more than 2000 years old; it’s called the 100 Horses Chestnut. Then we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at Gambino Winery. Sample some red and white wines made of grapes grown right on Mt. Etna! A light lunch will be served in the winery.

Community Events

November 2013

by Night: 22 Catania History and Wine Tasting

27 Sicilian Castle Tour

Sun Depart: NAS II 7:30 am, Marinai 7:45 am, NAS I 8:00 am Return: 6:30 pm Cost: $35 (Bring Euro for food and fees) We’re heading up the east coast to beautiful Messina, where we’ll visit the Cathedral that houses one of the largest clockwork mechanisms in the world. We’ll then travel to Tindari, home of the cherished Black Madonna. An interesting legend goes along with this spiritual statue located in a church high atop a cliffside in Tindari. ------------------------------------------------------

Tours & Travels

17 Messina and Tindari

Outdoor Rec

x4777 - x4396

PICK UP & DROP OFF NAS I: ITT Parking Lot. All children 17 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

10 Bird Watching at Vendicari Nature Reserve (Noto Area)


Depart: 8:00 am Return: 5:00 pm Sun Cost: $35 (Bring Euro for lunch) Come with ODR to hike around the Vendicari Nature Reserve to explore the preserved surroundings of both flora and fauna. Afterwards we’ll head to Noto for a late lunch at a local restaurant or café. We will have the possibility to watch herons, flamingos, storks, all within the confines of a beautiful natural reserve in southern Sicily.


16 Mountain Bike Around Mt. Etna Park

AAAAA Depart: 8:30 am Return: 5:30 pm Sat Cost: $35 (Includes bike, helmet, guide and transportation) We will bike around Mt. Etna North through mountain trails from Piano Vetore to Rifugio Brunek. We will do approximately 10km or 6 miles of bike riding. Check out the different biodiversity as we make our trip around Mt. Etna. This trip will be of medium level difficulty. ODR will provide the bike helmet, guide and transportation. Don’t forget to bring lunch and snacks to eat along the way and plenty of water. ----------------------------------------------------------------

Horseback Riding in Motta Santa Anastasia and BBQ Monday, 11th & Friday, 29th

Depart: 8:30 am Return: 1:00 pm Cost: $40 (Includes: transportation, up to 2-hour horseback riding and BBQ lunch) Let’s enjoy the beautiful views around the Motta Sant’Anastasia Area from horseback! Join us for an up to 2 hour trail ride led by a professional guide. Beginner to moderate riding experience is necessary for trail riding. ODR recommends: jeans, boots with up to 1/2 inch heel, and leather gloves. Maximum 4 people so sign up quickly, this trip will fill up fast!


Bait Trolling Fishing Trip in Marzamemi Sundays, November 17th, 24th


Depart: 4:00 am Return: 3:00 pm Cost: $130 (Includes transportation, fishing equipment, bait and BBQ lunch) Need your fishing fix? Join us on this six hour fishing trip on a trolling boat. You’ll have the opportunity to fish for Tuna, Barracuda, and Capone. A guaranteed great time! Fish, however, are not guaranteed! Maximum 8 people. ----------------------------------------------------------------

& Bike Regalbuto Lake in 23 Kayak Nebrodi Park



Depart: 8:00 am Return: 3:30 pm Cost: Cost $45, Children 7-14 yrs $20, Children 2-6 yrs FREE Price includes bikes, kayaks, and BBQ. Bring Euro for Adventure Park) Bring your family along with us and spend the day enjoying multiple recreational activities of your choice. This lake is located just behind Mt Etna Park about a 1.5 to 2hrs drive. Outdoor Recreation , ODR, will bring the bikes, kayaks; or take the family to the nearby Adventure Park for some fun on the high ropes course and zipline. ODR will cook a delicious BBQ for everyone too! *The Adventure Park is located nearby, however, you must bring Euro with you if you choose to participate in their activities.

Tickets for the Bellini Theatre “Lucia di Lammermoor” by Gaetano Donizzetti Wednesday, December 4th Floor Seats: $65 per person Gallery Seats: $35 per person Depart: NAS I 4:00 pm Transportation is included. Tickets are not refundable ---------------------------------------------------




Catania Soccer Games - Prices are variable depending on the opponent. Please check with ITT for prices. ITT offers transportation for an additional $5 per ticket. US ID card holders only . Seats are limited and tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

EXTENDED TRIP Christmas in Rome 22 to 26 Dec 2013 Call ITT for more info

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