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June 2013

GroupExercise Classes Monday




TBC 0830

Step & More 0600 - 0700

Cycling 0600 - 0700

Step & More 0600 - 0700

Pilates 1145-1230

Hip Hop 0830 - 0930

Pilates 1145-1230

Hip Hop 0830 - 0930

Pump 1630 - 1730 Zumba 1730 - 1830

Friday Cycling 0600 - 0700 TBC 0830

Pump 1630 - 1730 Athletic Mobility 1700 - 1730

Zumba 1730 - 1830

Athletic Mobility 1700 - 1730

Cycling 1700 - 1800

Cycling 1700 - 1800

Power Yoga 1730 -1830

Yoga 1730 - 1830



0600 - 0800 Monday through Friday Command PT reservations accepted with one week advance notice. Call 624-4301 for NAS I and 624-2712 for NAS II.

Equipment Orientation By appt. only


**There must be at least 4 participants to hold a class.

Let’s Roll 0900 - 1000

ProgramDescriptions Cycle:

Use our Schwinn Evolution bikes to take a journey through mountains, valleys and flat terrain with your instructor. One of the best cardio workouts you will find! Bring your water bottle! Beginner to Advanced

Equipment Orientation: learn how to use all our equipment! By appointment only, call the Fitness center to schedule. Step & More:

a step fusion class that works not only your heart muscle, but will keep your body confused for days! #1 way to burn fat and calories.

Pump: A weight lifting class to music! You will build strength and rev up the metabolism! Please arrive early to set up your station. Beginner to Advanced Hip Hop: This class offers a way to get fit while learning new

choreographed dance moves. Cool beats, funky moves and fun!

T.B.C. Total Body Conditioning: works every muscle group using all of our fitness toys in a circuit environment. Beginner to Advanced (No late entry please) Pilates:

A system of low-impact exercises designed to strengthen and stretch the body. Also incorporates balance and core for a total body workout. Beginner to Advanced

Strength Classes

Cardio Classes

Mind & Body Classes

Power Yoga: challenges your mind and body by requiring a bit more strength. You will move at a faster pace than traditional yoga and reap the benefits. Yoga: full body stretches and breathing to calm your inner self. Zumba: use up-tempo Latin music styles like salsa,

cha-cha, reggaeton, mambo and merengue to create an enjoyable, productive workout atmosphere. It’s a workout without even realizing you’re working out! Beginner to Advanced

Let’s Roll: led by a MWR Fitness representative, you can bring your babies in strollers or if you are a beginner exerciser bring yourself and prepare to get stronger, have more energy, meet new people and have fun exercising. Strollers welcomed and encouraged!! Athletic Mobility:

Learn to perform basic maintenance on your tissues and joints through stretches, active release techniques, and with use of foam rollers and other assistance tools. Ensuring a full range of bodily motion helps facilitate safe athletic movement that is less prone to injury.

June2013 Fitness Schedule  

June 2013 Fitness Schedule

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