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MAY 2024
The Women's Issue

For a Healthier Life

May is Women’s Health Month

It’s time to prioritize caring for yourself and empower the other women in your life to do the same. Don’t know where to start? We can help! From routine wellness, hormone replacement therapy, fitness, or weight loss and nutrition programs- we are here to support your health through every stage of life.

Did you know that thyroid disease disproportionately affects women more than men? Plus, 60% of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition. If you’re feeling less than your best it’s important to get your thyroid tested. With in-depth consultations to get to the root cause of your symptoms, comprehensive blood testing, and extensive experience, Alexander Medical can help you feel like your best self again.

Our monthly membership program includes appointments from general wellness exams to Bioidentical Hormone Treatment for just $100/month. This way, insurance companies don’t dictate your care. However, you can still use your insurance for lab work and if you qualify, for medications. We also accept FSA/HSA that can be applied toward the monthly fee.

Ready to revolutionize your health?

CONCIERGE WELLNESS SOLUTIONS | 480.757.9713 | VB alexandermedical
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Celebrating Incredible Ladies

Hey Gilbert City Lifestyle fam, May is here, and with it comes a celebration of the incredible women who make our community shine. This month's issue is all about highlighting the strength, creativity, and diversity of the women of Gilbert.

First up, we dive into the world of podcasts, where women are dominating the scene with their unique voices and perspectives. From comedy to entrepreneurship, there's a podcast out there for everyone, and we've got the inside scoop on some must-listen shows.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to crush it in the fitness world? Meet Felicia Romero, a powerhouse entrepreneur who's inspiring us all to prioritize our health and wellness.

And speaking of inspiration, get ready to be amazed by the story of our local flour mill owner, Emma Zimmerman, who's not only a James Beard award-winning cookbook author but also a driving force in the sustainable food movement. Her passion for quality ingredients and community building is truly inspiring.

We also want to remember the moms in our lives who do it all. This month, we've got a kid-friendly breakfast option that's sure to surprise and delight the special moms in your life. Because let's face it, they deserve all the love and appreciation we can give.

So grab a copy of the May issue, curl up with your furry friend (because let's be real, puppy moms are superheroes too), and get ready to be inspired by the amazing women of Gilbert.

Cheers to strong women everywhere!

May 2024


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Flour Child

Fueling Fitness Goals

That’s What She Said

inside the issue MAY 2024 | LADIES
Meet five Gilbert-based podcasters, each with incredible businesses! They embody entrepreneurship with warmth, creativity, and success. Their stories inspire and delight, connecting with audiences through diverse ventures and friendly charisma. Photography: Quianna Marie Photography On the Cover 4 Lifestyle Letter 8 City Scene 12 Business Monthly 14 Chef’s Selection FOOD + BEVERAGE 20 Back Stage LIFE + CULTURE 24 Local’s Choice HOME + DESIGN 28 Must See EDUCATION 36 Garage Tech HOME + DESIGN 40 Kids Menu FOOD + BEVERAGE 44 How To STYLE + BEAUTY 48 Events
Emma Zimmerman, Hayden Flour Mills visionary leader mixing passion, fun, and local flavor into every loaf.
Get to know Felicia Romero and her incredible journey firsthand!
5 Amazing podcasts that are local and well worth a listen. Family Business Quality Overhead Doors remains committed to customers after decades. Featured 14 20 28 36 14 36 28 20 6

city scene


1-4: Kiln’s new location in Gilbert grand opening 5-7: Gilbert Chamber’s Women Empowerment Event at Sip & Shop
MAY 2024
CITY SCENE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Helping Your Business Grow Strong Roots Through Every Season

Join us every week to chat about small business growing pains, creating genuine friendships, and celebrating wins of all sizes through the lens of a photographer. Tune in for encouragement, marketing hacks, social media education and inspiration to make a living doing what you love!

8 9 10
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8: Gilbert Chamber’s Women Empowerment Event at Sip & Shop 9: Pixie Sticks Boutique Eggstravaganza party marks another great event at Verde Cooley Station 10: Famous 66 Grand Opening event with the Mayor & Howler joining in the fun.
NOW!LISTEN “Super and relatable!” inspiring 9 | CITYLIFESTYLE.COM/GILBERT MAY 2024

Myranda Fine Jewelry Offers Timeless and Stunning Jewelry

Renowned local jeweler Myranda Molina (formerly with Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds) has launched Myranda Fine Jewelry with new locations in both Chandler and Scottsdale. Her exceptional white-glove service and strong focus on customer relations and service will continue in order to create a memorable experience for each of her client’s unique personalities and styles. From engagement rings to statement necklaces, Myranda Fine Jewelry will continue to offer custom orders, repairs, appraisals, and jewelry cleaning services.

Cultivate Goodness celebrates their successful 2024 Cereal Drive

928 boxes of cereal were collected for families in need this spring in the Annual Cultivate Goodness Cereal Drive.   This annual event is made possible through the generosity of others and the support of various local businesses.   The top business collector this season was Eric Dixon and his team at OnQ Property Management.  The OnQ team were able to collect over 250 boxes to help feed hungry families this spring.

Caesars Republic Scottsdale is open in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona, known for its desert beauty and upscale lifestyle, now boasts a new gem: Caesars Republic Scottsdale. This new hotel is a departure from the ordinary, and it’s the first non-gaming hotel from Caesars Entertainment in the United States. Situated adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square, the region’s premier luxury retail destination, Caesars Republic taps into the city’s unique pulse. And this is not just another hotel; it’s an immersion into Arizona’s vibrant culture.

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Photography Kelly GeislerCutivate Goodness

Source Restaurant is now offering private pizza classes

The private pizza parties give guests exclusive access to the restaurant. During this all-hands-on interactive event, guests will have the opportunity to go back into the kitchen in small groups to make their own pizzas.  As an added bonus, executive Chef Claudio Urciuoli was nominated for a 2024 James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest.  Stop in and try his food and let him know we are all rooting for him.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Celebrate their 20th Anniversary

Buffalo Wild Wings in Gilbert has been a staple here now for 20 years! They opened their doors on March 8th 2004.  Gayle, Bill, Garret, Aleesa, and the team are known for giving back to our community. The Gilbert location is just across from town hall so the BBW team is constantly making a difference in the lives of Gilbert’s public safety families.

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1750 N. ROSEMONT STE. 109 MESA, AZ 85205 Click or Call Today! Your Premier Destination for Garage Door INSTALLATIONS · REPAIRS OPENERS · CUSTOMIZATIONS 480.838.8850 QUALITYOVHD.COM


In the heart of Arizona, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Tempe, stands the historic Hayden Flour Mills, an iconic landmark dating back to the late 19th century, that has witnessed the ebb and flow of time, serving as a symbol of resilience and innovation. At the helm of this enduring legacy stands Emma
Emma Zimmerman: Hayden Flour Mills visionary leader mixing passion, fun, and local flavor into every loaf
As a trailblazer, Emma has shattered stereotypes and proven that women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Zimmerman, a remarkable woman who has made her mark in the world of wheat.

Emma’s journey with Hayden Flour Mills began in 2012 when she took the reins of the mill, alongside her father Jeff. Her appointment marked a significant shift in the traditionally male-dominated industry, where women have often been overlooked for leadership roles. However, Emma's passion for wheat and her deep understanding of the milling process quickly established her as a trailblazer in her field.

Born and raised in Arizona, Emma developed a profound appreciation for the region's agricultural heritage. She recognized the importance of preserving the rich history of the Hayden Flour Mills and its role in shaping the community, and under her stewardship, the brand underwent a transformation, incorporating modern techniques while staying true to its roots, all while embracing her dedication to sourcing

local, sustainably grown wheat grown here in the East Valley. She firmly believes in supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the community and by forging strong relationships with Arizona's wheat growers, it ensures that the flour produced at Hayden Flour Mills is of the highest quality, reflecting the region's unique terroir.

But Emma's contributions extend beyond the mill's operations. Recognizing the power of education and community engagement, she has been instrumental in organizing workshops and events that celebrate the art of milling and baking. These initiatives not only showcase the skill and craftsmanship involved in the wheat industry but also inspire a new generation to explore the possibilities of working with this ancient grain. And her dedication to the craft has not gone unnoticed. She has earned recognition


both locally and nationally for her innovative approach and commitment to preserving the heritage of Hayden Flour Mills and her leadership has paved the way for other women in the industry, inspiring them to break barriers and excel in their chosen fields.

As a trailblazer, Emma has shattered stereotypes and proven that women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries. Her passion for wheat, coupled with her relentless pursuit of excellence, has revitalized Hayden Flour Mills and breathed new life into the world of wheat in Arizona. Through her leadership and vision, Emma has not only preserved an iconic legacy but has also become a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere. And her impact extends far beyond the mill itself through her commitment to excellence has elevated Phoenix's entire culinary culture, championing locally sourced ingredients and fostering collaborations with talented artisans. Through her tireless efforts, she has created a vibrant community celebrating the best of Phoenix's food scene and has been a driving force in organizing events and collaborations that bring together local farmers, chefs, and food enthusiasts.

And this dedication to local goes beyond the mill's operations. In her James Beardnominated cookbook, The Millers Daughter, she celebrates the diverse culinary creations that can be made with local grains. From artisan bread to pastries and pasta, Emma showcases the versatility and flavor profiles of Arizona's wheat, not only highlighting her expertise as a miller but also serving as a testament to the creativity and talent of local chefs and artisans.

In her James Beardnominated cookbook, The Millers Daughter, she celebrates the diverse culinary creations that can be made with local grains.

With her groundbreaking mindset and unwavering dedication to safeguarding the legacy of the Hayden Flour Mills, Emma has shattered barriers and ignited a flame of inspiration within countless women, urging them to fearlessly pursue their dreams in domains historically dominated by men. Her unwavering love for wheat and unwavering loyalty to local ingredients have firmly established her as a pioneer in the realm of gastronomic innovations, solidifying her position as the woman behind the wheat.


In a bold demonstration of their unwavering support for local enterprises, Hayden Flour Mills is taking their commitment to new heights

with the captivating Tasty Tuesday pop-up event. Held every Tuesday at their Gilbert location, this event serves as a hub of culinary brilliance, where the Valley's most talented culinary artisans converge to showcase their craft using the exceptional flours provided by Hayden Flour Mills.

Tasty Tuesday goes beyond being a mere lunchtime delight; it cultivates a vibrant ecosystem of gastronomic excellence right in our own neighborhood. From 11 am to 2 pm every Tuesday, patrons are treated to a tantalizing array of delectable creations from renowned establishments like the James Beard Awardwinning Barrio Bread, the innovatively crafted dishes by Sonoran Pasta, and the beloved local favorite, Benny Blanco Tortillas' mouthwatering tortillas.

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Fueling Fitness Goals


Inspiring and determined to say the least. Those are the words quite often used to describe local entrepreneur and fitness coach Felicia Romero. Born and raised in Gilbert, Romero is dedicated to helping others in Arizona become the best they can be. “I am a fitness entrepreneur, podcast host, speaker, and mentor to other fitness coaches,” shares Romero.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Masters in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University, Romero was focused on not only helping people become healthier physically but building healthy and sustainable businesses themselves.

“I mentor entrepreneurs and fitness coaches helping them build their brand and business online through her new program The Wealthy Wellness Coach and Host of the ‘Hi Felicia Podcast.’”


Discover more about Felicia and her inspiring journey by visiting her website, www.feliciaromero. com, or connecting with her on Instagram: @feliciaromero. From captivating stories to exciting projects, Felicia invites you to explore her world and join the conversation through her podcast called “Hi Felicia”. Listeners and readers can learn more about Felicia and her fitness coaching as they navigate through her vibrant online presence.


Romero is an eight-time fitness cover model for top-rated magazines including Oxygen Magazine, Muscle, and Fitness Hers. She has also had stints on several reality TV programs, local and national TV spots and most recently was featured on the Lifetime show “Fit to Fat to Fit,” where she had to gain and lose weight during the show. Her podcast, Hi Felicia, has more than 325 episodes and  six-hundred thousand downloads

For Romero, it has been a labor of love focusing on the health and wellness of others throughout her career. “I opened my first gym in my early twenties and opened up 3 gyms over the course of 12 years in Gilbert, selling my last gym in 2017,” shares Romero. “I pivoted my fitness business

to the online space, and I started my podcast two years after that in 2019. I started the podcast with the sole purpose of educating people around wellness and diet culture.”

And that isn’t all, Romero also hosts a quarterly Masterminds for women in business, aimed at helping women step into their own greatness, learning new strategies to grow and prosper in their business goals. One of her favorite quotes to share with others on the journey is “Maybe you’re not being tested. Maybe you’re being given an opportunity to practice who you say you are.” And for Romero, that is really what it is all about, helping others become the best version of themselves.


Splashy Summer Reads



Step into the summer season with Literally a Book Shop’s curated collection featuring three enchanting new releases. Perfect for poolside relaxation, these handpicked gems promise to whisk you away on unforgettable journeys. From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming tales, each book invites you to escape the heat and lose yourself in its pages. So, grab your sunscreen and your favorite spot by the pool, and let these captivating stories transport you to distant worlds. With Literally a Book Shop’s selection, every day feels like a sunny adventure waiting to unfold.

Literally, a pop-up children's bookshop in Gilbert, AZ, also offers adult books at Peacock Wine & Book Bar. Hosting "Book Fairs for Grown-Ups" in the Valley, they curate books fostering connection. curiousity, and joy. Literally A Bookshop believes books cultivate empathy and understanding. While currently mobile, they aim to open a brick-and-mortar in the East Valley, fostering community with workshops and story time. You can find more of their curated books stacks and recommendations at or Instagram @literallybookshop.


After a decade of working in Higher Education followed by almost as much time working in software development and consulting, the greatest moments of each day were still bedtime stories with my two sons and sharing the love of new books with friends and family.


This one is a romantic comedy:  A sharp and scintillating summer novel that will make readers laugh out loud and cry happy tears from the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly. A story about a summer fling, a complicated family and unexpected feelings. This book packs all the feels into a certified pool side read.




From New York Times bestselling author Freida McFadden comes a dark, twisting thriller about a group of friends lost in the woods: one by one, they each will get what they deserve. A wonderful novel with an edgeof-your-seat plot that has you mystified even after the last page.


Rebecca Thorne is a local author and this cozy fantasy steeped in sapphic romance is perfect for fans of Legends & Lattes or cozy fantasy in general! What follows is a cozy tale of mishaps, mysteries, and a murderous queen throwing the realm’s biggest temper tantrum. In a story brimming with hurt/comfort and quiet fireside conversations, the characters will discover just what they mean to each other… and the world.

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Embark on a podcast journey in Gilbert with your virtual BFFs – five dynamic shows owned and hosted by women. Dive into discussions on wellness, share laughs with your girlfriends, and explore empowering narratives in trades and beyond. Get your dose of motivation and unlock business education gems, all while crafting content that resonates with your dream clients and fosters an unbreakable bond with your business. We are so excited to share these women with you!




Grace Begins:

Cathy Cardenas and Catherine Sutherland, the dynamic duo behind the Grace Begins podcast, invite listeners on an extraordinary voyage of transformation. In each episode, they delve into the riveting narratives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bearing remarkable tales of resilience and personal growth.

Their podcast is a sanctuary where the profound intersection of grace, resilience, and faith-based journeys are illuminated. Unlike traditional religious podcasts, Grace Begins focuses on the human experience rather than dogma. It's a platform where guests share their inspirational journeys, peeling back the layers of their experiences with unwavering honesty.

Listeners encounter stories that transcend boundaries, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Through compelling storytelling, “Grace Begins” creates a space where guests can authentically recount the pivotal moments that shaped their lives.

From tales of overcoming adversity to moments of profound self-discovery, Grace Begins offers a tapestry of narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. It's not just a podcast; it's a transformative journey where listeners can find solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of hope.

@gracebeginspodcast CONTINUED > 29 | CITYLIFESTYLE.COM/GILBERT MAY 2024

The Clarita Escalante Show:

Enter the heartwarming world of holistic wellness with the radiant Clarita Escalante and her delightful podcast, The Clarita Escalante Show. It’s not just any podcast—it’s like having a warm cup of tea with your best friend, sharing stories of hope, healing, and empowerment.

Clarita’s journey from cancer survivor to wellness expert forms the backdrop of this inspiring show. With her gentle guidance and infectious positivity, she invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Each episode is a joyful exploration of holistic practices, peppered with personal anecdotes and enlightening conversations with guests who bring their own unique perspectives to the table. From mindfulness to nutrition, Clarita covers it all with a genuine warmth and authenticity that makes every listener feel right at home.

So if you’re ready to embrace a life filled with wellness, positivity, and friendship, look no further than The Clarita Escalante Show. Tune in, subscribe, and let Clarita be your guide on this beautiful journey to health and happiness.

Instagram: @ the_clarita_escalante


The Girl Next Door:

Introducing The Girl Next Door Podcast a delightful haven where candid conversations, laughter, and the exploration of womanhood and motherhood take center stage. It’s like stepping into a cozy living room with your dearest girlfriends, sharing stories and giggles over the highs and lows of daily life.

With episodes neatly categorized into four main themes—Everyday Life and Laughing, Home and Work, Parenting and Relationships, and Seasons and Intentions—listeners are treated to a diverse array of topics. From the mundane yet uproarious tales of bathing habits to heartfelt discussions on raising children and navigating life’s ebbs and flows, each episode offers a blend of humor, insight, and relatability.

But what truly sets The Girl Next Door Podcast apart is its annual Fall Extravaganza episode. As residents of the desert longing for the quintessential fall experience, the hosts unleash their boundless enthusiasm for the season, earning them the unofficial title of fall ambassadors. It’s a spirited celebration that never fails to captivate and entertain.

The podcast’s origins stem from a serendipitous neighborly connection over a decade ago. Bonding over shared interests in writing, photography, and even sharing a birthday, the hosts set out to create a podcast that mirrors their genuine, down-toearth conversations—a space where honesty reigns supreme and laughter is abundant.

Described by listeners as comforting, enjoyable, and akin to catching up with an old friend, The Girl Next Door Podcast has garnered a dedicated following. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer, the hosts warmly invite you to join the conversation, explore their revamped website at, and connect with them on Instagram at @ higirlsnextdoor. Embrace the warmth and camaraderie of The Girl Next Door Podcast, where every episode feels like a heartwarming chat among friends.

Instagram: @higirlsnextdoor


Ladies Kickin A**:

Ladies Kickin A** - Empowering Women in Trades and Beyond! This podcast isn’t just about breaking barriers; it’s about shattering them and paving the way for a new era of empowerment and inclusivity. Dive into a vibrant community where empowerment and resilience are celebrated as the norms, not the exceptions.

Hosted by a passionate advocate for change, Ladies Kickin A** is on a mission to redefine the narrative surrounding women in the service industry. With a fervent desire to shake up the good old boys’ club, the podcast aims to highlight the invaluable contributions women bring to the table—whether in ownership, management, or on the front lines.

Through authentic storytelling, Ladies Kickin A** explores the journeys of women in various trades and professions, celebrating their victories, examining their challenges, and amplifying their voices. This podcast serves as a safe space for women to show up authentically, share their failures and frustrations, and celebrate their successes.

In an industry that can often feel isolating for women, Ladies Kickin A** is here to let them know they have a seat at the table. Listeners can tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio, and Stitcher to join the movement and be a part of the change. It’s time to kick ass and take names—because when women support women, incredible things happen.


@ladieskickinass MUST SEE | EDUCATION 32

Quianna Marie Weekly:

Quianna Marie Weekly is your weekly dose of business education, motivation, and content creation ideas, hosted by Quianna Marie herself. Drawing from her extensive experience as a photographer and entrepreneur spanning over 15 years, Quianna shares invaluable insights to help you attract and captivate your dream clients.

Each episode features candid conversations with local business owners, creatives, and dreamers, who generously share their stories and experiences. From the highs of success to the challenges faced along the way, these discussions offer practical advice and inspiration for listeners at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Tune in to Quianna Marie Weekly on your favorite podcast platform to access a wealth of actionable tips and strategies. Follow Quianna Marie on Instagram at @quiannamarie for updates on upcoming episodes and to discover featured local businesses.

Instagram: @ quiannamarie

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Quality Overhead Door is a second-generation company, focusing on taking care of Phoenix Metro homes garage door needs for decades. The business has been in the valley for more than 25 years, and Joani Adamson is now the proud President and owner of the business, taking over for her father after he stepped down. “My father decided to take a step back due to health issues and I was asked to take over the company,” shares Adamson. “I took my contractor licenses through the ROC in October of 2016, and we shut down All Valley Garage Door and opened Quality Overhead Door as 100-percent women owned.”

The company caters to higher-end custom homes in the valley, and it is something that Adamson has found they do very well. “What sets us apart from others is the quality and attention we give to the higher-end side of garage doors. I have a love for design, so I am able to incorporate that into the decision-making process on what design would look the best.”


There are those that wonder how a woman is finding success in a typically male-dominated industry, but for Adamson, it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. “It was easy to get started in to this line of work when my father owned it before me. I grew up in this industry and would help my father and stepmother at the time in the field when they were freelancers. As a teenager, this wasn’t a glamorous side of business, but it helped me appreciate what my family did.”

The mom-and-pop business strives to provide the best customer service that they can, making it through Covid, the recession, and inflation. For Adamson, she hopes this is just the beginning of all good things to come. “We plan to stick around to hand this business down to the next generation in our family.”

For Adamson, this Certified Women Owned Business is all about the respect of her clients and others in the industry. “I knew that once I took over the business, I wanted to be respected as a female business owner in a male dominated industry.” She aims to provide the best service and quality care that she can with every aspect of the business.

Adamson attributes the accomplishments of Quality Overhead Door to her amazing team of employees, which includes her brother. “He is truly the backbone of this business behind the scenes.” At the end of the day, for Adamson, it is about professionalism and knowledge needed to help run such a successful business.


Breakfast for Mom


Mother’s Day dawns bright and early in a Gilbert home, and excitement fills the air. The kids, armed with a plan they hatched weeks ago, are determined to make this day unforgettable. They had decided to surprise Mom with a special breakfast in bed, complete with a fun recipe that wouldn’t wreak havoc in the kitchen.

The night before, they gather the ingredients for their creation: fluffy banana pancakes paired with crispy bacon and a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

On Mother’s Day morning, while Mom sleeps, the kids spring into action. Flour flies, eggs are cracked, and bananas are mashed with enthusiasm and excitement. Despite a few spills and mishaps, they manage to whip up a batch of perfectly fluffy pancakes.

With the tray balanced carefully, the kids tiptoe up the stairs, trying not to giggle too loudly. They burst into Mom’s room,

shouting, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Mom blinks in happy astonishment at the sight of her children covered in flour but offering up breakfast in bed.

As they approach the bedside table to set down the tray, the dollop of whipped cream they had lovingly shaped into a heart decides to take flight, landing squarely on the head of the littlest sister. Laughter fills the room as Mom giggles at the all-so-formal wait staff.

Despite the whipped cream mishap, the breakfast in bed is a hit. Mom savors every bite of the fluffy banana pancakes and crispy bacon, while the kids can’t stop giggling about the unexpectedly light whipped cream.

Now, for that fun and easy recipe that won’t destroy the kitchen:


Dishes to Try:

Fluffy Banana


with whipped cream

• 1 cup all-purpose flour

• 2 tablespoons sugar

• 1 teaspoon baking powder

• 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

• 1/4 teaspoon salt

• 1 ripe banana, mashed


• 1 cup milk

• 1 egg

• 2 tablespoons melted butter

• 1 cup heavy cream

• 2 tablespoons powdered sugar

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

2. In another bowl, whisk together mashed banana, milk, egg, and melted butter.

3. Gradually pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Do not overmix; lumps are okay.

4. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and cook bacon until crispy. Set aside on a paper towel to drain excess grease.

5. Using the same pan, ladle pancake batter onto the hot surface. Cook until bubbles form on the surface, then flip and cook until golden brown.

6. In a chilled mixing bowl, whip heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract until soft peaks form.

Crispy Bacon

Ingredients : Ingredients :

• Ingredients

• 1 pack of bacon about 12 slices


1. Preheat oven to 400F

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

3. Arrange the strips of bacon on the baking sheet – the strips can be very close, but try to not have them overlap

4. Bake at 400F for 15-20 minutes – I usually check mine at 15 and leave them cooking for the full 20 to be extra crispy

Banana Pancakes Whipped Cream Crispy Bacon
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DIY Duotone Statement Earrings

Shake Up Your Jewelry Box With These Handmade Geometric Earrings— Perfect For Yourself Or As A Gift For Your Best Ladies ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHY NICOLETTE MARTIN


Use both your bent nose forceps and needle nose pliers to secure each end of the jump ring. Gently twist the jump ring to open the gap, and place the jump ring through the holes in the pieces you are connecting. When securely through both pieces, gently twist the jump ring in the opposite direction to close the gap and secure the pieces.



2. 3. 4. 5.


• 2 half-circle stamping blanks

• 2 large gold bars

• 2 medium gold bars

• 2 ear wires

• Jump rings, assorted sizes

• Embroidery thread

• Metal punch

• Bent nose forceps

• Needle nose pliers

Make sure to have all of your materials gathered before starting the project for easy assembly.

Take your half-circle stamping blanks, large gold bars and medium gold bars and arrange them in the order you want your earrings to flow. You can see how we arranged ours, but consider switching up the placement of each item for varying earring styles.

Mark where each of the holes line up on the individual pieces. These spots are where you’ll be creating holes with the metal punch to connect each item with jump rings.

Once you have your spots marked, carefully and precisely punch holes in your individual pieces. Once all of your holes are punched, connect each piece with the desired size of jump ring.

For an added touch, punch extra holes in the bottom piece and finish off with knotted embroidery thread for a bohemian tassel effect.

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Evolve Counseling

& Behavioral Health Services

Recovering from 90 Seconds of an Emotion

Jill Bolte-Taylor, a brain scientist, created the 90 second idea being “When a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there’s a 90-second chemical process that happens; any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.” For instance, if someone did something that pushed your buttons, that feeling only lasts a minute and a half. But how can that be? Because if this were a past experience, you may remember being upset for a solid week. Well, the memory you have of it, the story you create from it, and how you carry on is what keeps that feeling alive.

In those situations, it’s important to stop, breathe, and listen. Stop and reflect on the situation you’re in, breathe, and then listen to what you need to be able to move forward. Ultimately, those feelings are going to be affecting you in the long run so here are some techniques to help with reconnecting with yourself in times where feelings are overwhelming.

4-7-8 Breathing: Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and then exhale for 8 seconds. It helps to audibly release the breath through your mouth, like blowing out a flame on a candle. Repeating this as needed until it feels right.

Safe Space: Imagine a space where you are at peace and somewhere you can always think back to. What do you hear, what do you feel on your body, what do you see around you? It’s helpful to be as descriptive as possible when thinking of your own “safe space.”

Author: Malaiya Ilene E. Liwag, BA, CTP, EMDR-Trained

IG: healingwithmalaiyailene

MAY 2024



MAY 1ST - 21ST

Kiss and Tell

Hale Theatre | 50 W. Page Ave., Gilbert | 4:00 PM

This 1940’s romp finds Corliss Archer, a precocious 16-year-old, the only person in the know about her brother’s secret marriage. When her new sister-in-law finds she is going to have a baby, Corliss accompanies her to the doctor. A nosy neighbor sees them and spreads the word that Corliss is the mother-to-be! The situation resolves in absolute hilarity!



Arizona Science Center | 600 E. Washington St., Phoenix | 10:30 AM

Go deep-sea exploring—without leaving dry land! Climb aboard an interactive replica of OceanXplorer–the world's most advanced research and filmmaking vessel. Utilizing next-generation technology, compelling storytelling, and an immersive experience, OceanXperience gives guests the chance to be true explorers uncovering the ocean's secrets and developing captivating media to help people around the world connect with this precious resource.  Recurring daily


Fiesta on the Greens

Greenfield Lakes Golf Course | 2484 E Warner Rd., Gilbert | 3:00 PM

An exciting day at Greenfield Lakes at our "FIESTA ON THE GREEN" Charity Golf Tournament! Get ready to swing, putt, and have a blast with fellow golf enthusiasts as you navigate through GREENFIELD LAKES course. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice golfer, everyone is welcome to participate in this FUN charity event.

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Bosch air c onditi



session, sip on bubbles, partake in Wylde Salon’s bow and braid bar and more at urbAna inside Epicenter in Gilbert.

MAY 17TH - 26TH

Spring Arizona Restaurant Week

Valley Wide

One of Arizona Restaurant Week’s goals is to position Arizona as one of the top culinary destinations in the nation by increasing awareness of the more than 12,000 dining opportunities available as well as stimulating business and revenue for restaurants throughout the state. For more:;

MAY 23RD - 27TH

Highland Yard

Vintage Market

Merchant Square | 1509 N. Arizona Avenue Chandler | 10:00 AM

From the owners of Merchant Square, Arizona’s coveted antique-destination, bringing you Highland Yard Vintage Market, a 4-day shopping extravaganza happening once a month in Chandler, AZ.

Highland Yard Vintage Market is located in a 6,000 sq foot warehouse behind Merchant Square and is unlike anything you’ve ever shopped before.


Puss in Boots: The Last

Wish - Movies in the Park

Gilbert Regional Park | 3005 E. Queen Creek Road, Gilbert | 6:30 PM

Gilbert Cinemas are back for the Spring season! Come join us for a fun, family-friendly movie night. Space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs. Outside food and drinks are allowed, or you can visit one of the food vendors onsite at the Gilbert Regional Park events.

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