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REINVENTING [ C ov e r s tory]

Car manufacturing of a new era

text=Shigeyuki Ishikawa, KURUMAG. photo=Shigeyuki Ishikawa, Hack Rod, Faraday Future, Lucid Motors, Honda, Local Motors, Rezvani Motors

Califor nia, the symbolic car capital of the world, is now driving the movement of a new style of car manufacturing, leveraging cutting edge technology. We take a close up look at this page. 04

new movement of car manufacturing intimately linked with Califor nias car culture.




page. 05


Hack Rod Generative Design In Manufacturing

St ar t up c o m p an y at t rac t in g wo rl d wid e at t en t io n . AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Generative Design, and 3D printing are the technologies achieving unprecedented advances in manufacturing. These techniques are now being adopted by the automobile industry, and car manufacturers all over the world are racing ahead with a new generation of car making. Hackrod, founded in California in 2014, is attracting attention as one of the manufacturers leading the way. The company is the product of a collaboration between three men. The first, Mouse McCoy, is now a Hollywood director known for the movie Act of Valor but was a professional motocross racer in his former life. The second, Felix Holst, was a designer at Hot Wheels, and finally, there's Frazier Campbell, also hailing from Hot Wheels. Together

page. 06

the three are reimagining the way motorcars are designed, engineered and manufactured.Hackrod s




approach blends the 1930 s California car culture

through a major transformation once every 100

of hot rodding - that is, modification of cars to

years. 1808 saw the first car powered by an internal

improve both performance and appearance- with

combustion engine. In 1913, the Ford Model T was

a tech-savvy hacker mentality, utilizing advanced

mass-produced on a moving assembly line. The next

technology to produce a new approach to automotive

major milestone in the future of car manufacturing will

manufacturing. The final result? Self-designed cars.

be about collaborative creation with consumers and cooperation with other companies. In particular, those

The process begins when the customer selects their

not traditionally associated with the car industry.

ideal parts on a computer and inspects the body design in virtual reality (VR). Using Generative Design,

Hackrod reflects this trend, however, they are more

AI and Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing, the

than just a car manufacturer. The company is creating

software will determine the ideal balance of material,

an effective process that allows consumers to exert a

weight, cost, and performance. After that, based on

great influence on product design, and work alongside

the data inputted to the cloud, industrial 3D printers

the producer in any area of engineering design and

form the car s skeleton from aluminum alloy. In this


way, it is now possible to manufacture a bespoke car, according to the needs of users, without investing in

Their first model, the "La Bandita" is in development.

facilities such as large presses and welding machines.

It seems likely that the day the first AI-produced is almost here.

page. 07

sports car performs a "DONUT" in front of the world Historically, the automobile industry tends to go

KURUMAG. No. 018



Felix Holst Hack Rod's Chief Product Officer "D e mo cra tizing design and enab l in g c o n s um ers t o de sig n a nd build th eir ow n b esp o ke c ar." Felix Holst, co-founder of Hackrod, former vice

record deal, and it would take years to achieve.

president of design at Mattel, and design manager

But with Garage Band, it took the complexity out

of Hot Wheels, the famous toy car brand. What

of making beats and sampling, it was easy, just

inspired him to start creating cars of the future?

drag and drop. I saw that design and engineering

Surprisingly, it was his musical background.

would be the next industry to get revolutionized in this new world of cloud processing. You could

page. 08

I was a musician from the UK, but I left my

design and engineer a vehicle as easy as you

band and moved to the States for the job at Hot

could do music on Garage Band, You could

Wheels. One of the reasons was that the industry

drag the suspension and drag the motor and

had changed. At first, we saw the iPod and iTunes

all the hard work gets done by AI, and then the

and software like Garage Band making it so much

manufacturing doesn t require tooling because

easier than ever before for anybody to make,

3-D printing is suddenly coming of age, and 3-D

publish, and sell music. Before you had to work

printing now can make real parts. Last year it was

very hard, need a lot of money and luck to get a

resin prototype parts, now you can print a car.

"I felt the need for a simple and beautiful sports car like the Jaguar D type or the Ferrari 250


So in a nutshell, that s where it started, from Hot Wheels to Hackrod.

GTO. I want to create a Golden Age sports car that will continue to be loved for many years.

cloud-based computing framework and their

But beautiful car design is not easy for everyone.

generative design platform Dreamcatcher. He

From a design perspective, it s very difficult to sit

saw the time had come for his dream of a new

with a blank sheet of paper and draw a beautiful

generation of car makers to be realized.

car. Very few people in the world can do it. So

No. 018

Felix's destiny changed after seeing Autodesk's

our idea is to design and build that car from the "Advanced technologies such as AI and Machine

ground up for the first time. From that point on

Learning linked to Cloud Computing allows

every subsequent time you design a car you start

the production of a self-generated design.

with the original design and adjust certain things

For example, if you select your favorite engine

to make it your own. Every bit of design that gets

or suspension and drag it into the design, AI

done is then added to a library. So that somebody

will optimize the hardware design. With cloud

else can come in and take a bit of this and that

processing, this is now possible. It was a truly

and create what they want. The hardest challenge

exciting discovery for me, as I had thought that

we have is using 4-5 disparate technologies that

the only function of a cloud was to share photos."

aren't connected and putting them together into

Hackrod was founded on the back of this pivotal

technologies together with an easy interface so

discovery, ushering in a new era of automobile

that anyone just vaguely competent could actually

development and manufacturing. Their first

get online, drag and drop, anyone and design a

product is a beautifully styled 2-seater sports car


by the name of "La Bandita". He told us about the

"In the same way that you

development of this modern

would use the configurator in

day hot rod.

a video game, like Forza, or


a process. The short-term goal is to join the

Need for Speed or whatever, Start with a good race car

and you go in the garage and

chassis. A car that a lot

you get to choose your wheels

of great drivers had used.

and suspension setup and it all

We decided we would scan

just like drags and drops into your design, and then you go

this chassis. We didn t

out onto the track in the simulator, and you run it

hacked reality (he laughs). To figure out how

to find out whether you like it or not and you take

strong it needed to be. We took it to the desert

it back into the garage and say that doesn't quite

and thrashed it to find out the hard points.


right or change the suspension settings, or I put

then formed a digital model to determine how big

wider wheels on it, or change the body kit. Well,

the cockpit needs to be to be comfortable to sit

our vision is that if you can do that in a video

it, etc. We then use Generative design to help

game, we want to do be able to do that for a real

us figure these things out. Algorithms work with

car. That's the big vision for Hackrod, that's what

nature and work through many iterations to solve

we are trying to do. It s hard now because the

for the parameters you give it. When we created

software doesn't exist to join it all together, but

a new chassis from the data, we were able to

in the future, that's the way we see it happening.

achieve 30% lighter weight while maintaining

With cars like the La Bandita we are experimenting

equivalent performance. Based on this data we

with that and trying to find the sticky points are

are now working on shaping the skeleton by using

and what we have to develop to make it happen.

12-foot aluminum 3D printers "

We designed that in VR."

Ordinarily, the process of creating a chassis

Felix says that in ten years time we will be in an

requires a huge amount of time, effort, and

age in which people around the world will be

experience. Hackrod achieves this feat with

able to make things more freely. Starting with car

surprising speed due to the application of

creation, this startup will be one of the pioneers,

advanced technology. Felix also told us about the


design process.

to produce products on their own.

Manufacturer of the New Age enabling people

page. 09

want to start from scratch. We scanned it. We



No. 018

What is the "joy of having a car? Another EV startup challenger Like California's Tesla, which since its 2003

Besides superior performance, these car companies

establishment has become the leader in the world's

are also seeking to attract customers with superior

EV market in only 15 years, new automobile

design. The Faraday Future FF 91 is the design of

manufacturers continue to emerge from all over the

Richard Kim, who was involved in designing the iconic

world. Also hailing from California is Faraday Future,

i3 at BMW. Lucid Air s VP of Design is Derek Jenkins,

who has been drawing attention as a rising EV

who used to lead Mazda's North American design

startup. In the first 18 months following their 2014

department. His design philosophy for the Lucid Air is

establishment, their concept car was unveiled; and

to achieve true elegance and luxury and to deliver a

in the following year the FF91, their first production

car that has a sharp focus on passenger comfort.

model, was completed. The vehicle is designed for REINVENTING THE WHEEL

autonomous driving, with a range of 608 km and a

Many highly skilled designers, having formerly worked

maximum output of 1050 horsepower, providing it

for the major car manufacturers, are now moving to

with significant acceleration.

new EV startups to seek new challenges. With car sharing and pooling on the rise due to electrification and

Another emerging manufacturer is Lucid Motors,

automatic operation, individual ownership is expected

founded in 2007. They unveiled their concept

to decline. In years to come, the demand will be for

model "Lucid Air" in 2016, which recorded a

cars of outstanding performance and beautiful design.

maximum speed of 378 km/h, an impressive speed for an EV, and surprised the world with its technical

Designs from the likes of Kim and Jenkins reflect how the


future of car ownership will change in years to come.

Faraday Futre Lucid Motors

page. 10

No. 018

Cooperative Intelligence




Ho nda 's Op en Innovation pro gram t o ac c el erat e t e chno lo g y developm ent for ever yo n e At this year s CES, held in Las Vegas, Honda released

the sense of speed of innovation and rapid expansion

three kinds of robots that had been developed with

of the startup community, they have also begun to

a theme in mind: "Empower 路 Experience 路 Empathy

invest and collaborate with startups around the world.

(Expanding people s potential 路 Growing with people

This Open Innovation' program started in California,

路 Empathizing with people)". One of these robots,

was shortly followed by Boston, and has now expanded

3E D-18 (workhorse), is an AI that co-operates with

to reach Israel, Detroit, Japan, China and Europe.

humans. This robotic device is equipped with CI (cooperative intelligence) and is capable of collaborating

In order to realize speedy product and service

with people in industries such as firefighting,

development, which became impossible to ignore in the

agriculture and sports training.

new era of automobile creation, California's subsidiary.

Technology exists for the people": this is the philosophy of Mr. Honda Soichiro, the founder of Honda. In order to embody the idea, Honda has been focusing not only on motorcycles and automobiles but also on advanced technologies and robotics. Their objective is to make people's daily lives more comfortable and increase their level of potential. In subsidiary of California s Silicon Valley. Keen to tap into

page. 11

2015 Honda established Honda Innovation to be a


Int era c t ive dialo gue Autom atic o p erat io n m in ib us M ay bring ab out changes to urb an c ar l if es tyl es

No. 018

In 2016, a little-automated bus by the name of Olli

computing capability. More than 30 sensors embedded

began giving rides in Washington DC. Olli is the latest

throughout the vehicle produce high volumes of

creation of Local Motors, a startup from Phoenix,

transportation data, which the system analyzes and

Arizona, whose designs have been attracting

uses to continually adjust to its passenger's needs.

attention from around the world. Since its foundation,

Passengers can even talk to Olli, who will respond

the company has shaped numerous innovations,

to their questions. In this way, Olli provides a totally

including producing the world's first 3D printed

new interactive user experience between car and

car and leading open source vehicle design. The

passenger, that has never been seen before.

aforementioned 3D printed car Straty is constructed of only 50 parts and can be manufactured in as little

The model went from concept to prototype, to

as 44 hours. The Rally Fighter is an off-road SUV that

market, and finally to taking orders for sales in only 3

was co-created by the online community.

months. It seems that Olli may help transform urban public transportation as we know it.

This latest model, Olli, is manufactured via an REINVENTING THE WHEEL

innovative "distributed direct digital manufacturing network" that uses multiple micro-factories and exploits cloud data. This system can produce one Olli in just 10 hours. The vehicle is equipped with IBM's artificial intelligence "Watson" to support human decision making. This not only utilizes AI as the driver but also works to improve the passenger experience by allowing interaction with the vehicle. Olli is the first vehicle to utilize cloud-based cognitive

Local Motors Self-Driving Minibus

page. 12



No. 018

The designer vehicles

The desig ner vehicles B u ild-yo ur- ow n Rezvani Motors latest model TANK is an impressive

inspired by carrozzeria coach builder masters.

SUV with a powerful presence.

Customers can order the TANK online, and


Rezvani Motors

choose details and specifications to suit their Established in 2014 in Irvine, located between Los

preference. Alongside ensuring specifications

Angeles and San Diego, Rezvani Motors is a startup

conform to the laws and regulations of each

attracting attention in the product development

country, the company also offers some interesting

world by deciding to turn away from the current

high-end customization such as bulletproofing.

direction towards of autonomous driving. Their

Custom orders are completed within about 12

vision is rooted firmly in the driving experience, and

weeks, and the price of the TANK starts from

one that remains controlled by the driver.

$159,000 (about 17 million yen). In this way, Rezvani Motors allows you to create your own

Before TANK there was BEAST: a supercar launched

car from the comfort of your own home. The

with the F-4 fighter aircraft in mind, aiming to embody

company has quickly latched onto this trend of

the slick design and powerful performance of the jet.

car creation and are leading the way.

2017 s TANK marked the company s change in direction towards the off-road market and West Coast car culture. Looking like a futuristic military vehicle, its intense image is akin to something straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. At its heart, the TANK is equipped with a 6.4 L V8 engine that generates 500 horsepower. Its designer, Samir Sadikov, comes with an impressive resume, having previously worked on Ferrari Xezri and the Aston Martin DBC concept. page. 13

Rezvani allows you to design your favorite vehicle

KURUMAG. No. 018


Field Notes

Field Notes

Brand Hotel Culture Goods Attraction Motorsports Travel Tips

page. 14




Field Notes

No. 018 Brand

H ond a :

ON E O K R O CK an d H o n d aJet team u p for Honda CM Honda s commercial Go, Vantage Point featured

"The hopes of a company cannot be realized in the

Change , a recent release by popular J-rock band

short term, we have to continue to connect the dots.

ONE OK ROCK. Topping 20 million views on YouTube

Eventually, it will become firmly rooted and people

on its second version, the video is an exceptional hit

will say Honda is a good company. This challenge

for a mere company commercial. Its viewing figures


continue to rise even three months on since its launch. Last year, Honda formulated the "2030 Vision" to "We are a mobility company. Honda is not limited to

lead the evolution of movement and living in order to

motorcycle or automobiles, there are power products,

provide the pleasure of expanding the possibilities of

and we also make HondaJet. This project started

life for all people.

because we wanted to convey Honda s unique values, such as product diversity and challenge to mobility to those who are not our traditional customers", said Mr. Higuchi, of the product brand division in charge.

"We will bring the universal passion of Honda to serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life s potential. To further this end, we will lead the advancement of mobility and enable people

"Last June, based on the hashtag #10969GVP listed

everywhere in the world to improve their daily lives."

in Shibuya 109, we produced a new Civic CM that inherits Honda's DNA with ONE OK ROCK. And from

The message of "Go, Vantage Point", is that in order

February this year, we have developed a second CM

to realize what we want to achieve, we need to change

using HondaJet. This project aims to convey that the

our perspective, to bring ourselves to a Vantage Point.

brand is has a fighting spirit.

And to get there requires strong will and determination. page. 15

text=KURUMAG. photo= Honda


Field Notes


No. 018 Hotel

c ar avan ou t p o s t:

A unique California road trip to Ojai Blue sky, beautiful sunset, local wine with tasty meals

snowboard industry, famous for creating Bonfire

... California road trips provide a special experience

Snowboarding. He is fusing fashion, sports, music,

for those visiting throughout the year.

travel and various cultures in his way.

At Ojai near Santa Barbara, 90 minutes from LAX (Los

Staying onsite, there are many activities to try

Angeles International Airport), is a caravan outpost

out at your leisure. Maybe rent a bicycle to go

offering to lodge suited to such a special trip.

cycling through the Tangerine Fields, or take your time sampling some delicious wines at the local

Stepping onto the site, you feel like you are in another

wineries. At lunch, enjoy local cuisine at neighboring

world. 11 camping trailers, each uniquely designed, are

restaurants and come evening,

the best Airstreams of travel trailers born in California. There is a beautiful garden, decorated with small items,

relax around the fire pit with a little more wine.

and it is a space where the owner s passion is really felt.

Luxurious and comfortable, a stay at the caravan outpost would make a wonderful addition to a

page. 16

Owner Brad Steward is one of the pioneers of the

memorable California road trip.

text=KURUMAG. photo= Caravan Outpost


KURUMAG. No. 018 Hotel page.17


Field Notes


No. 018 Culture

S mar t Mob ile D i s c o :

Pa r ty a t t he p ark in g lo t ! Concerns about the present state of the nightclub

a product designer, also designed Doriades, Floss,

scene prompted Smart to create a special concept

Iittala etc., many of whose works are selected as part

version of their car! The unusual Smart car was

of a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern

one of the highlights at the preview of "Night Fever.

Art, New York( MOMA).

Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today", which is on

page. 18

show from 17 March to 9 September 2018 at the

Surprisingly, similarities exist between the nightclub

Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The

scene and Smart. Smart CEO Annette Winkler said,

exhibition has been designed by Konstantin Grcic,

"The Smart mobile disco is a great symbol of the

and the Smart mobile disco was conceptualized with

brand's links with club culture – a scene that draws

this event in mind.

people together, forges bonds and brings joy."

From LED lighting, fog machine, mixer console, to the

Imagine gathering at the weekend with friends,

JBL sound system, this Smart design is packed with

dancing the night away and talking about the car.

everything to provide the ultimate mobile disco. Grcic,

Sounds good!

text=KURUMAG. photo= smart

https://www.insta 360 .com/



Field Notes

No. 018

Sh a r i n g a n eyewit n ess view o f the ro ad tr ip exp er ienc e Insta360 is a high-flying Camera brand that has swept


Ins t a36 0:

young generation really is the driving force.

the world. Their 360 °cameras have also garnered attention at the world's largest electronics show, CES,

The company has released several cameras to date; from

picking up a CES Innovation Award in 2017.

the Insta360 Pro for professionals to the more basic model Insta360 Nano. But it is the core model, the Insta360

Only 4 years after the company's foundation, they

ONE, that everyone is really paying attention to. While at

produced the world's first real-time sticking spherical

82g it is only small and lightweight, its capability of up to

video camera. They are now the market leaders,

7K, 24million pixels and 120fps slow-motion imaging is

delivering some of the best image quality and user

considered phenomenal in the 360 °camera world. Packed

experiences possible to the masses. With good software

with many features, it really comes to life when combined

and hardware design and engineering, they have brought

with the iPhone. The Smart Track application allows the

a whole new value to the 360 °camera. Their strength

user to track their subject and place it center-frame so that

lies in their understanding of their customers priorities,

you are essentially a single-person camera crew.

having created the ability for them to take stunningly clear pictures, easily edit them on their iPhone, then

The Insta360 ONE manages to achieve advanced anti-

swiftly post to social media. At their office in Shenzhen,

shake function by six-axis image stabilization, that works

China, 230 staff are working on delivering new products

even when placed on a car. Master these functions, and

and features at astonishing speeds. With an average

you too will be able to effortlessly capture and share the

age of 25, they are helping to reinforce the idea that the

feel and experience of your own road trips.

page. 19

text=KURUMAG. photo= Insta 360



Field Notes


No. 018 Attraction

Suzuka Circuit Duel GP:

Wo rl d ' s f irst b at t le ro ller c o aster op ens at S u zu ka The world's first battle rollercoaster "Duel GP" has

"Since the real international racing course is right next

arrived at Suzuka circuit. Duel GP , located at the

door, we are committed to providing the real feeling

circuit s amusement park, Motopia, is the sixth

and power of motorsports," Mr. Umekawa, designer

attraction to open within the 56,000-Square metre

of Motopia said.

area, GP Field'. Motopia is handily located in the middle of the international racing course. Duel GP is a

Along with the opening of Duel GP, in order to make

1/14 scaled down version of the International Racing

the world of motorsports more familiar, we started a

Course and has faithfully reproduced the distinctive

"Racing Master" certification system for elementary

three-dimensional intersection and height difference.

school third-grade students (130 cm tall) up to

At the start signal, two players ride at the same

junior high school students. By experiencing the six

time, steering the car along the coaster rail as they

sports motorsport attractions, and collecting stamps,

compete for victory. The car even rotates up to 360

they can become a Racing Master, and watch big

degrees to reproduce the thrill of a circuit spin!

events(Super Formula JAF Suzuka Grand Prix, Sound of ENGINE etc.  in Suzuka for free.

The speed and thrill of the intense battle are fun for

page. 20

everyone from small children to veteran race fans who

"I want to give kids inspiration and excitement and

have been visiting Suzuka for years.

grow the motorsport fan base!"

text=KURUMAG. photo= Mobilityland

https://themint 400 .com/

Motorsports Ja p a ne se c ar s app eal to the Great Am eric an o f f-ro ad rac e On America s West Coast, an off-road boom is taking

downtown and the main race taking place in the Mojave

place! The trend is helping boost popularity for the annual

Desert across California and Nevada. This time around,

"MINT 400" event, which celebrates its 50th anniversary

fans gathered before sunrise to watch the modified

this year. This off-road race, which began as a PR event

buggies and trucks make jagged runs around the

in the Casino Hotel MINT in Las Vegas in 1968, created

course and ended up covered in sand thrown up during

a peak in off-road popularity in the 1970s and 1980s.

the race.

No. 018

MI N T4 00:


Field Notes

Eventually reaching Japan, Tamiya and Kyosho's radio controlled toy buggies, a 1:10 scaled down version of

The tournament featured popular driver Blythe Menzies,

the cars, made kids across the country very happy.

sponsored by Red Bull and Ford, who warmed the crowd. Meanwhile, Japanese-manufactured machines were also attracting great attention. Toyota's Tacoma

400 gradually scaled back over the years. Then in 2012,

and Honda's Ridge Line - the Nissan pickups popular in

present organizers brothers Matt and Joshua Martelli

the 1980's - and the buggy with the Subaru engine put

brought back the event and ignited today s second

on a good show.

off-road boom. For this year s March convention, 400 entries were made - a substantial number fitting for the

It is great to see the presence of Japanese cars

event s 50th year anniversary.

increase, and even more so that they feature at the


After the closure of the casino MINT, however, the MINT

forefront of off-road racing, a giant figure in American The race is based in Las Vegas, with a pre-event

car culture.

page. 21

text=KURUMAG. photo=Shigeyuki Ishikawa, Larry Chen, MINT 400


Field Notes

Travel Tips

No. 018 Travel Tips

GoUSA.jp is an official government site that

The "Hayatabi Drive Plan" makes Japanese

summarizes information from the Tourism

driving even more enjoyable! The ETC limited

Association of each US state into an easy

plan contains discounts to round trip highway

read. Written in Japanese, here you can find

tolls and tourist facilities, entrance tickets,

out about the main attractions, culture, and

shopping tickets, accommodation supplementary

history of each region.

tickets and so on. Applying online in advance

Once you visit the site you will be surprised by the

gives you a 30-40% discount on the highway

amount of information it contains, some of which

and expressway fees. Foreign visitors using

doesn t tend to get mentioned in the Japanese

rental cars can also benefit from the "Central

guidebooks. If you are planning on driving in the

Nippon Expressway pass (CEP)", a pass allowing

US, this site should come in very handy.

unlimited free access on the highways.

▶ GoUSA.jp:www.gousa.jp

▶ C-NEXCO:www.c-nexco.co.jp

The Takarazuka-Kita Service Area opened on

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a membership plan

March 18 this year and is now the largest rest area in western Japan. It operates between the ShinMeishin highway Kawanishi IC between Kobe JCT. The building s architecture is elegant and modern, inspired by the Southern European scenery around "Flower road" in the center of Takarazuka city. This Service Area is a great addition to this long route since it provides drivers and passengers with a well deserved break, and would be a great place for you to stop the next time you are passing through. page. 22

▶ W-NEXCO:www.w-nexco.co.jp

that makes overseas driving more comfortable. In addition to being able to avoid tedious procedures at busy counters, with more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries, it is also possible to use "Gold Choice" which allows you to choose one of your favorite cars from multiple vehicles. Member benefits include discounts on rental fees and free vehicle upgrades, making overseas driving available at a more reasonable price. Annual membership is free. ▶ Hertz:www.hertz.com


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