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Next Level Branding: The Art of the Catalog

Jan 25th, 2018 by Issuu

Digital Catalogs

Many businesses find themselves in need of a publication in one form or another. Whether that’s a lookbook, a digital catalog or another type of long-form content depends on the business. With business publications, it can be easy to just throw images, names and prices into boxes and call it a day. However, for a business to take their branding to the next level, a well-designed catalog can make a world of difference. We’ll guide you through some design options for your business publication by showing real examples of how businesses design their own catalogs.

Minimalist Lookbook

Brooklyn Tweed’s lookbooks are a great example of minimalist design. The entire catalog holds true to their brand identity while also displaying their product in a clear and engaging way. Though it looks like a well-designed magazine, the publication still manages to serve the needs of their business by showing their product off. Given the digital format of the lookbook, it can also be easily shared on social media and embedded on their site, driving even more buyers to the content.

Simple and Chic Services Catalog

The Wild Rose uses their business publications as effortlessly chic catalogs of their services. They show descriptions and displays of their work and outline pricing and bookings in an almost book-like format.

Traditional Product Catalog

Neff’s approach to their catalog is more traditional, but with solid design elements that give it a modern and approachable twist. Their use of lively images mixed in with traditional studio shots gives their catalog a lively aspect that makes you keep flipping the pages for more.

Modern Luxury Lookbook

Loloi’s lookbooks have a modern, minimalist vibe with a touch of elegance and class. Their font choices and color palette are on-par with their luxurious branding, and the mix of different types of imagery keeps the catalog visually interesting the whole way through.

Contemporary Catalog

Lie and Loft puts a graphic spin on their catalog, blending the ideas of lookbooks and catalogs to create a gorgeous business publication that displays their work in a unique way. With a blend of graphic design, stunning photography and product shots, their catalog keeps their brand looking fresh, sharp and clean.

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