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Sell More Products with Digital Catalogs

Jul 10th, 2019 by Issuu

When it comes to catalogs, the intent is to sell. That’s where digital catalogs come in handy for marketers. Digital catalogs cut out the wait time between viewing a print catalog, looking the product up, and then purchasing. Distributing digital catalogs for your brand is the perfect way to make more sales, faster.

Shopping Links

Sell more products by pointing your customers in the right direction. Use a digital catalog to display your products in a beautiful, well-designed fashion. Then make the content link out to where your consumers can buy them with shopping links on Issuu. Shopping links will display a little shopping cart icon above the product to let readers know that the link is shoppable. It’s as easy as a simple click!

Custom Branded Embeds + Reader
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Create embeds that are on brand with Issuu embeds. Embed your digital catalog into any site to bring your catalog directly to your customer base. Customize the embed sizing and colors, then insert into your HTML editor. Want to dedicate more than just an embed to your publication? Give your customers an immersive reading experience with Issuu’s full-screen PDF reader. Issuu’s flipbook PDF reader is optimized for all screens on both web and mobile.


Video content gives your brand the ability to create an engaging multimedia experience for potential customers. There are limitless possibilities with branded video content. Video ads, a behind-the-scenes or a video display of your products are just some of the ways you can engage with video. One of the many great features about publishing PDF flipbook content with Issuu is the ability to add seamless video embeds. With Issuu, you can embed video content from YouTube and Vimeo into your flipbook PDF reader. You can select the option to seamlessly auto-play the video within your digital catalog, or have a pop-out video player.

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Sell More with Better Design

There are so many design options when it comes to creating digital catalogs. Get inspired with these artful catalog examples. But for brands that don’t have an in-house designer, Issuu provides digital catalog templates for brands to use in Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Office. Sometimes, people do judge a book by its cover–– it can be the same for catalogs. Your products can be truly amazing, but without good design, they may not be as well received.

Get started on your digital catalog with Issuu’s easy to use templates.

Mobile Optimization

Use Issuu Stories to optimize your content for mobile. This will give your customers the best possible viewing experience anywhere they are. Optimize individual segments of your catalog with Article Stories to create a slick, scrollable read from your content. Create shareable social assets with Visual Stories on Issuu to share across your social sphere. These Visual Story templates will turn your brand-approved content into easy, design-forward assets for social sharing. Using lightning fast AMP technology, Issuu Stories gives your audience the best possible experience no matter where they are.

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