The Easiest Way To Create a Digital Catalog for the Holidays

By Ale RamirezNovember 2, 2020Editorial

2020 has been a unique year. But it’s no different if you need to reach customers this holiday season. The catalog is a perennial winner in the race to impress potential customers, and in today’s blog, we want to talk about creating a digital holiday catalog. (And if you already have one, then it’ll be really easy to turn it into an interactive digital catalog with Issuu.)

Issuu can help with easy-to-create holiday catalogs that look good on social, on your website, on your customers’ smartphones, and everywhere else you want to connect with people online.

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Why You Should Publish a Digital Holiday Catalog

Before the pandemic, digital was becoming more important to marketers. Now, the significance of social media and the web for brands seeking customer has only intensified as stay-at-home living makes digital more critical to our lives,

To cut through the clutter of marketing messages, you’ll want to make sure your brand stands out. Issuu has a suite of marketing solutions that can accelerate your campaigns — and the capacity to easily create holiday catalogs is one of Issuu fans’ favorites.

From major retailers to one-person shops, holiday catalogs are a staple for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great way to capture the best of your brand all in one place and give shoppers an attractive view into what your brand has to offer.

Plus, Issuu offers compelling features that’ll help you snazzy up your catalog, including

Additionally, having a digital catalog for the holidays gives you more capacity to share your wares. Reach a global audience with the click of a button — and easily share to social media. Plus, you can break your catalog out into Stories to better target your audiences.Issuu makes it easy to transform a PDF of your holiday catalog into an immersive, interactive experience.

Transform Your Catalog into Instant Revenue

With Issuu Shopping Links, your catalog becomes a source of revenue. Shopping links are simple to add to your holiday catalogs. Here’s how:

  1. Highlight sections in your PDF you wish to be clickable. 

  2. Next, add external links to direct your readers to shop for the item or service. 

  3. Add auto-detect link feature so your customers know exactly where clickable content is located

Publish a Digital Holiday Catalog with Issuu

If you want to take your holiday catalog to the next level, consider Issuu.