Using Catalogs to Tell Your Brand’s Story

By IssuuMay 21, 2019Last updated on July 1, 2019Business, Content Marketing, Featured

Catalogs are an essential part of marketing for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, catalogs can tell your brand’s story, and allow customers to find and connect with your business. Marketers can use digital catalogs to share their branded content with a worldwide audience. Issuu’s services can help you market digital catalogs, from our PDF flipbook reader to mobile-optimized Stories for social.

Share Your Products with an International Audience

Use digital catalogs to share your products with an international audience. The beauty of digital publishing is the ability to reach a worldwide scope. This allows your brand to be seen by potential customers who may never have otherwise heard of your product or service. Issuu’s services support digital publishing for brands to share their materials across the web and social media. With a worldwide audience hosting millions of unique visitors every week, Issuu’s digital publishing tools can help your brand reach a global audience.

Use Shopping Links to Direct Customers to Your Products

Shopping links on Issuu are a great way to direct customers to your products. These links will show up with a clear icon that indicates that the item is available for purchase. Shopping links allow you to create an immersive experience with your catalog. Monetizing your digital content with shopping links will take your customers exactly where they need to go to get your product or service.

Add Editorial Content to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Market digital catalogs by adding editorial content to tell your brand’s story. Some brands use their catalogs as more than just a showcase of their products or services. They create on-brand dedicated editorial content that matters to their customer base. Patagonia’s ‘The Cleanest Line’ on Issuu is a great example of integrating editorial content to a brand catalog. They use editorial content in catalogs to highlight stories that are important to their customer base to build a sense of their brand voice.

Share Your Brand’s Stories Across Social Media

Segment your brand materials into bite-sized, digestible content with Issuu Stories. Stories are the best way to share your readymade digital content across social media. Quickly and easily convert your catalog’s content into Stories to create a seamless reading experience across mobile and web to give your audience the best possible experience anywhere.

Create a Multimedia Catalog Experience for Your Brand

Go beyond static pages and create a multimedia catalog experience for your brand. Publishing your catalog with Issuu allows for the option to add video content embeds to your PDFs. With Issuu’s video embed features, marketers have the option to have auto-playing embed videos seamlessly integrated into their pages. These are also pop-out video options for those who would prefer a focus on the video rather than the layout. Creating a multimedia catalog experience for your brand is a huge benefit of using Issuu to market digital catalogs.

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