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How to Distribute Your Catalog Across Platforms

Aug 3rd, 2020 by Issuu
What are digital catalogs?

Digital catalogs are a key tool for businesses to market their products and services all in one place. Published online, a digital catalog typically encompasses a brand’s key products and crucial information such as pricing and product descriptions. With Issuu, brands can leverage multiple digital publishing features to take their catalog to the next level. Through shopping links, custom branded embeds and flipbooks, and detailed analytics, brands can enhance their catalogs to convert sales from Issuu’s worldwide audience. While traditional print catalogs have proven to be inefficient, online catalogs can be a key tactic to drive revenue. Keep reading to learn how to distribute online catalogs across platforms.

How to Distribute Your Catalog Across Platforms:
Digital Flipbooks

Thanks to Issuu, now you don’t need to direct customers away from your site to view your digital catalog. With the PDF Flipbook, you can embed your catalog directly to your website or blog. Whether viewing on desktop or mobile web, your PDF Flipbook experience will be sleek and seamless.

Issuu Article Stories

With Issuu’s Article Stories feature, now you can segment your long-form digital catalog into Stories to share to Instagram, Facebook, AMP and more. By creating short-form content, you can create targeted content for email campaigns and social posts. Thus, enhancing your ability to promote key products across platforms.

Issuu Visual Stories

Take your social content to the next level by reformatting your online catalog with Issuu’s Visual Stories. Whether online or on the Issuu App for iOS or Android, you can create engaging social assets in no time that can be distributed to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


Stop potential customers in their tracks with GIFs. Known as the ultimate eye-catching, visual-first asset — now you can transform your product pages into GIFs to share your brand’s offerings in a unique way. Issuu makes it simple to generate GIFs.

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Looking for inspiration? Check out some stunning digital catalogs on Issuu. Looking to publish your own catalog?

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