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MAIN CLUBHOUSE 770.721.7900 Administrative Office 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri 770.721.7912 | fax 770.721.7909

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UEL KEMP General Manager/Director of Golf 770.721.7902 | ukemp@lakearrowheadga.com



GREG CANTRELL Director of Property Management 770.721.7920 | gcantrell@lakearrowheadga.com



MARLYN PATOUILLET Member Services 770.721.7912 | membership@lakearrowheadga.com



MELISSA DEEMS Account Analyst/Billing 770.721.7907 | mdeems@lakearrowheadga.com



LOUI PADGETT Lifestyle Director 770.262.6384 | activities@lakearrowheadga.com



THE HIGHLANDS COURSE GOLF PRO SHOP 770.721.7902 | golf@lakearrowheadga.com



THE HIGHLANDS GRILL 770.721.7900 x 3 | dining@lakearrowheadga.com



JOHN WILBERT Executive Chef/Food & Beverage Director 770.721.7900 x 3 | jwilbert@lakearrowheadga.com ELIZABETH RAYMOND Restaurant Manager 770.721.7900 x 3 | eraymond@lakearrowheadga.com CATERING & EVENTS 770.721.7900 x 3 | events@lakearrowheadga.com SECURITY security@lakearrowheadga.com North Gate 770.479.2565 | South Gate 770.479.2848 ARTHUR ALLRED Co-Director of Security 770.721.7917 BUDDY MOSS Co-Director of Security 770.721.7911 REAL ESTATE SALES OFFICE 770.720.2700 BOATHOUSE/MARINA Capt. Rob James 770.479.6500 | marina@lakearrowheadga.com LAPOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT: Maury Nunes EXEC. VICE PRESIDENT: Dawn James-Townes SECRETARY: Vacant TREASURER: Gary Charles ASST. SECRETARY: Vacant ASST. TREASURER: Bob Baker LIAISON ADMINISTRATIVE: Maury Nunes LIAISON AMENITIES: Mary Sawyer LIAISON COMMUNICATIONS: Dawn James-Townes LIAISON ENVIRONMENTAL & COVENANTS: Bob Baker LIAISON FUNDRAISING: Gary Charles LIAISON GOLF: Eric Atkins LIAISON INFRASTRUCTURE: Gary Charles LIAISON RESTAURANT: Eric Atkins LIAISON SAFETY & SECURITY: Jim Herndon

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meet the candidates 2018 LAPOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTIONS When is the LAPOA Election? LAPOA Board of Directors Annual Meeting & Election is Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 1pm at Lake Arrowhead Church. You can find this meeting and all LAPOA events on the calendar Happening Now on the Website and the Lake Arrowhead Living App. How many LAPOA Open Positions are there for this Election Year? Four (4) What term are the candidates running for? Two (2) Year Term What are my options for voting? 1.Mail-In Ballot: Complete the ballot. Make a copy of your Lake Arrowhead ID Card. Place the completed ballot and ID copy in a stamped envelope. Mail envelope to LAPOAGA, Route 2, P.O. Box 4753, Waleska, GA. 30183. Envelope must be postmarked by October 22, 2018. 2. Early Voting: Voters will be given the opportunity to vote at several planned events such as Bingo. Each Early Voting event opportunity will be advertised in advance. 3. Election Day: Vote on October 27, 2018 at the Annual Meeting. 4. Proxy Voting: Sign the ballot, add your Lake Arrowhead ID card number and add a line stating “I, (name) as my proxy to vote at the October 27, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in the LAPOA Board of Directors Annual Election”. How can I get a copy of a Ballot? Please refer to Page 7 of this issue for an official ballot. Ballots will be sent out with property owner monthly statements (September and October months). Ballots will be available online for download: www.LAPOAGA.com; FB LAPOAGA; FB Neighbors; Next-Door, App (LAPOAGA)

BLAIRE MACLANE 138 Indian Ridge Way I am a Realtor in Atlanta where I reside full time with my husband Rob, 2 children Maxwell(7) and Ela (5), and our dog Sadie (given to us by our awesome Lake Arrowhead neighbors). I currently serve on the board of our local preschool as fundraising chair and also serve as head of children’s council at our church. In my free time I enjoy spending time on the Lake, taking hikes with my kids, and being creative. Throughout my childhood I spent time enjoying Lake Arrowhead with my family. I remember the stables, the old clubhouse and golf course. We enjoy spending most weekends at the Lake and I love being able to share the community that I grew up enjoying with our children. There is a lot of controversy plaguing our community right now and I believe one reason for this is poor communication between the board, the management company and the developer. I want to be a part of a solution to resolve controversy, restore confidence, and encourage communication. With my experience as a Realtor along with my history of Lake Arrowhead I believe I have a unique perspective that can benefit property owners. If elected to the board I will help to enhance communication across all platforms, and encourage new families to get involved as I believe these young families are the future and the key to a thriving Lake Arrowhead. Incumbent DAWN JAMES – TOWNES 321 Red Cloud Drive I have proudly served on the LAPOA Board since Oct 2016. I am the Exec. Vice President; I handle the Communications. I am a firm believer that as a property owner I have a vested interest our homes and community. I read your comments, your emails (lapoaga), your texts. I follow the business rules of See It, Own It, Do It. In 2016, I heard a lot of comments that “the Board really has no power”. Well, so far: 1. LAPOA Committees created in 2016–Owners’ voices can be heard and work together 2. New Website and App 2017 - Maintained by paid professionals. License agreements on both. 3. Mutual Community Communications between LAPOA and LAYCC 2017–Notices are sent out to the community via our FB, App, Website, Next-Door, Blast Email 4. Report an Issue 2017 – Send in a report/pix via App or website to property mgt. and LAPOA


meet the candidates If I am re-elected I can’t wait to continue to prove people wrong. This Board has made progress and I have made an impact. One example is recently, when the community came together using their voices and the 2007 Pool Rules were changed. Dwight (my Love) and I moved here in June of 2016. I am a member of CERT and LAVFR. Dwight works for FEMA. We have 3 rescue dogs. I love LA and I am adamant in protecting its beauty but also in improving its infrastructure. For my bio please go to: www.linkedin.com/in/ dawnjamestownes10508 (no log in needed) DREW TUTTON 193 White Antelope Street Dana and I moved to Lake Arrowhead in 2006; we bought a cabin and planned to live there while we built our house on Garland Mountain, just 3 miles from the south gate. We fell in love with the community, lake, golf, and the natural habitat. After our house was built, we made the decision to not sell the cabin. It was a blessing for our family and we were able to have Dana’s parents occupy it. A couple of years ago we bought a lake lot that we plan to build on. We have 2 kids, son 24 and a daughter 39 with 5 grandsons; Lake Arrowhead for us is a great place for our family and the outdoor actives. I’m running for this board to try to help make a difference for our community. We have a lot going on and there seems to be dead lock between the Board and the developers. I’m sure everyone has and is doing all they can, however at times a change of face is good. My goal will be to lay out a clear picture of what our needs are as a community, with a focus on infrastructure. In most cases it should be in the best interest of the developer as well. Without roads and nice amenities, the developer will have a hard time selling additional sites and accomplishing what their goals are. The goal will be to get resolution without a battle in the courts. FLORIA SAMII-NIKPOUR 129 Modoc Court I have been a CPA for over 30 years and am currently a partner in the mid-size on Long Island, NY. My husband and I purchased our Lake Arrowhead property in January 2016 and became full time

residents of this exquisite community. I am still working full time and tele-commute and spend one week each month in NY. As an expert in real estate accounting I have done a large number of financial audits of home owners associations. Prior to my move to Georgia, I was on boards of two not-for-profit organizations serving as president of one for four years and treasurer of the other for six years. I believe that we need to enhance communication between homeowners and the Board. It is important that homeowners feel they are fully represented and their views and concerns are heard and are the basis of the Board’s decision-making process. Likewise, I believe the Board needs to embark on a genuine and constructive dialogue with the Developers. Dialogue holds considerable promise as a problem-formulation and problemsolving philosophy. While some homeowners may think otherwise, I think litigation should remain our last resort when all discussions/negotiations fail. As for the finances, I believe they should be completely transparent. I also believe we should continue to negotiate for a reduction in the management fee and to create a reserve fund for the improvement of the roads, infrastructure, etc. My aspiration is to see its natural beauty be preserved. I also want to see the standard of living in our community and the available amenities to homeowners are expanded year after year. Incumbent JAMES F. "JIM" HERNDON 101 Hawks Trail I am currently serving as Vice President on the LAPOA Board and serve on the Security and Safety Committee and am seeking reelection! The Board, and myself, have worked hard to preserve and increase the quality of life of our Lake Arrowhead members. With you vote I would like to continue to serve the community and work with the other Board members to further engage the Declarant and Johnson Development Corp. to address the many issues the current Board has identified to improve the community and our quality of life. My wife Charlotte and I have lived in Lake Arrowhead since January, 2017. We are retired and were attracted to the community by it's beautiful scenery and amenities. We have since made many new friends and now call Lake Arrowhead our forever home! Being retired, I have the time required to serve as your Board representative. My Marketing and Business


meet the candidates Management experience spans more than forty years with Fortune 500 corporations and smaller businesses. I lived in my last HOA neighborhood for twenty-five years and served on various committees and the Board for the last three years living in the community. My business and HOA experience has served me well in working with the Lake Arrowhead Declarant and the many issues that have arisen within our POA. I graduated Ball State University with a B.S. in General Business Administration and a M.A. in Marketing.

• Author 6 books, dozens of published articles on law & finance • Adjunct Professor: Georgetown Law; Catholic Law; Georgetown MBA • Continuing Education Lecturer: Attorney & Realtor Programs • Producer/Host Cable-TV Series: General Counsel Degrees: Penn, Wharton Business & Georgetown Law • Widowed. Remarried, Two children; Two grandchildren (so far)

Your vote for reelection and continued support will be appreciated. Incumbent MORRIS A. “MAURY” NUNES 126 Smohalla Court Currently serving as LAPOA Board President and seeking reelection, I hope my efforts on behalf of our Membership qualify for reelection. We are currently in the midst of engaging with the Declarant and its affiliated companies, including Johnson Development Corp., seeking to resolve many issues; some festering for years, some new, but all critical to our quality of life. My goal remains preserving the wonderful aspects of Lake Arrowhead while improving those crying for betterment, but to do so without seeing our Members unfairly burdened. I salute and thank all our current Board for working just as

WAYNE MARTIN 124 Corner Oak Court My wife, Laura, and I moved to Lake Arrowhead in November 2017 from the Town Lake Hills area. She recently retired from Cherokee County Schools after 30 years of teaching. I have owned several businesses and was also the CEO of an equipment and construction company in the 80s. I served as an officer in the US Army as an ICU/ Trauma/Burn RN, and I retired from nursing in 2010. Following my nursing career, I started a handyman business that serviced the Woodstock/Canton area until retiring last year. Since I am retired, time will not limit my capacity to serve. I served on Town Lake Hills South HOA board for 2 years before moving to Lake Arrowhead. I was the driving force in finding and hiring a new property management company that saved the HOA thousands annually. I had a vision of how things should be and worked alongside the other members to make it a reality.

hard with in our Members’ interests. 126 Smohalla Court Morris A.me“Maury” Nunes, My wife, Ruth, and I are full since 2012. Some President I believeand the current relationship between homeowners Currently serving astimers LAPOA Board seeking reelection, I hope my know me as Trivia Maury; or via my Mixed Doubles Tennis and the developers could use some nurturing. I would and Magazine articles; through Ruth in LALGA and to see productive We dialogue between parties instead on role behalf of our Membership qualify forlikereelection. are currently in the mi Newcomers; via Pickleball; or simply as neighbors; all plus of just threats of litigation. I have generated ideas about engaging the Declarant and its affiliated including my current with Board role. the currentcompanies, issues within Lake Arrowhead from Johnson speaking to neighbors and reading information, but am waiting Development Corp., seeking to resolve many issues; festering for years, s CREDENTIALS (abbreviated): to form opinions until Isome have all the correct current • Practicing Attorney representing Businesses, Noninformation. I believe there can be compromise without new, Profits, but all critical to our quality of life.animosity. My goal remains preserving the HOA’s Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to wond • Licensed: GA, VA, DC, MD & Federal Courts see the big picture. aspects of Lake Arrowhead while improving those crying for betterment, but to • Directorships: Private Companies & Non-Profits • Controller: Public & Private Companies I would truly appreciate the opportunity to be your new without seeing ourHearing Members unfairly burdened. • Arbitrator, Mediator, Officer, Bankruptcy perspective! Trustee • Former Businesses Owner: Title Agency. Business Appraisals • Chair: Virginia State Board overseeing commercial activity regulation

I salute and thank all our current Board for working just as hard with me in our Members’ interests.

My wife, Ruth, and I are full timers since 2012. Some know me as Trivia Maury PAGE 6 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association (LAPOA), Inc. LAPOA Board of Directors Annual Election LAPOA Board of Directors 2018 Official Ballot Four (4) Open positions – Two (2) Year Terms Saturday, October 27, 2018

Voting Instructions:

1.Mail-In Ballot: Voter will complete their ballot. Voter to make a copy of Lake Arrowhead ID Card. Voter will place the completed ballot and the ID copy into an envelope and place a stamp on the envelope. Voter will mail their envelope to LAPOAGA, Route 2, P.O. Box 4753, Waleska, GA. 30183. Envelope must be postmarked by October 22, 2018. 2. Early Voting: Voter will be given the opportunity to vote at several planned events such as Bingo. Each Early Voting event opportunity will be advertised in advance. 3. Election Day: Voter will have the option of voting on October 27, 2018 at the Annual Meeting. 4. Proxy Voting: Sign the ballot, add your Lake Arrowhead ID card number and add a line stating “I, (name) as my proxy to vote at the October 27, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in the LAPOA Board of Directors Annual Election”.

Ballots will be sent out with property owner monthly statements (September and October months). Ballots will be available online for download: www.LAPOAGA.com; FB LAPOAGA; FB Neighbors; Next-Door Please note on October 27, 2018, during the meeting, prior to casting ballots, all candidates will have an opportunity to address the group and make one final appeal for your vote.

Voter Certification

I certify that I am the authorized person to vote for the following lot. (Please list by address or lot number). Voting will be “one vote per lot owned”. Even for multiple owners only one owner can submit a ballot. If you own more than one lot, you may cast one ballot per lot. To get additional ballots, you may copy this ballot or as indicated above, download additional copies. If more than one ballot is received for any lot none will be counted. Printed Name


Street Address or Lot #


Lake Arrowhead ID Card Number (Proxy Voter Only) Eligible property owners may Vote for Up to Four (4) candidates. Voting for more than 4 candidates will negate the entire ballot. The 4 candidates receiving the most votes are elected to serve on the LAPOA Board of Directors for a Two (2) year term. Please fill in the circle by the candidate of your choice.

Jim Herndon, Incumbent Blaire MacLane Wayne Martin Floria Samii-Nikpour Maury Nunes, Incumbent Dawn James-Townes, Incumbent Drew Tutton o Other o o o o o o o

Why Vote? A “Quorum” of at least 10% of eligible properties is required for a valid election. Please vote all your lots. So, the election will be final without added expense out of Dues for a repeat election. Questions: Please email the 2018 LAPOA Election Supervisor, Guy Wynn, at guyallenwynn@msn.com or call at 610-357-2989 PAGE 7 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

upcoming activities & eвnts

Sunset Cruise Wine Tasting

Friday, September 21st | Pontoon Boat Ride 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Marina One Hope Wine Tasting 7:00pm to 8:00pm at Lakeside Park Join us at the Marina and enjoy an evening beginning with a pontoon boat ride with Capt Rob and his staff followed by a One Hope Wine Tasting at Lakeside Park enjoying a variety of wines with food pairings. Reserve your place by Sept 16th via our website kyscboathouse.com/booking-page skippered lake tours. Cost is $20 per person | Space is limited | for more information contact activities@lakearrowheadga.com


upcoming activities & eвnts Saturday, September 22nd 6:00pm to 9:00pm Live Music with Vintage Vixens Food Trucks Beer/Wine/Light Beverages Come by boat or bring comfortable seating to the Marina for a spectacular and entertaining fall evening on the lake. RSVP to activities@lakearrowheadga.com.


Fall Fragrance Blending Experience Tuesday, September 25th | 6:00pm at the Design Center/Model Home

Design your own signature fragrance with the help of Susan Sexton, Master Blend Artist, trained in France. It will basically be your essence in a bottle and you name it! You will design your own custom scent in three parts: base, heart and top that will reflect your lifestyle, fashion statement and personal history. Then select fine French essences that naturally suit your chemistry and name it as no one in the world will have this blend except you. This unique educational experience is a make and take where you will leave with your own personalized fragrance. Cost is $60 per person. Light appetizers and wine included. RSVP to activities@lakearrowheadga.com.

paint NIGHT


Wednesday, September 26th 6:00pm to 8:30pm at The Highlands Grill

Enjoy an artistic evening out to create this customized wood painting. Remember to wear paint friendly clothing. All supplies provided. Cost is $25 per person. RSVP to activities@lakearrowheadga.com

Canvas & Cocktails

Wednesday, October 17th | 6:00pm to 8:30pm at The Highlands Grill Enjoy an artistic evening with your friends and neighbors! No experience necessary to create this beautiful painting with step by step instruction. Remember to wear paint friendly clothing. Cost is $25. All supplies provided. RSVP to activities@lakearrowheadga.com PAGE 9 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

upcoming activities & eвnts

river cruise night

Wednesday, October 24th 5:30pm at The Highlands Grill Complimentary Glass of Wine Hors d’oeuvres Door Prizes

Have you always wanted to go on a River Cruise but confused by the differences of each cruise line? Join Lori Haigwood, Franchise Owner of Cruise Planners, for a wonderful and thorough presentation to learn about the many options for River Cruises. RSVP by October 21st to activities@lakearrowheadga.com.

Trunk or Treat Halloween Carnival Thursday, October 25th 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the “Haunted Clubhouse” DJ and Balloon Arstist along with the Annual Trunk or Treat Festivities

Buffet 5:00pm to 7:00pm Adults $12 | Children (ages 5-12) $6 Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders & more! Prizes for “Best Trunk and Best Costumes” RSVP to The Highlands Grill at 770.721.7900 x 3

2nd Annual

SCARECROW FESTIVAL As part of the Annual Trunk or Treat festivities, there will be a "homemade" scarecrow contest. The contest is open to all Lake Arrowhead property owners and will be voted on during the Trunk or Treat by a panel of judges, with the winners taking home Visa Gift Cards for $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd and $75 for 3rd. The most elaborate scarecrows built by children and adults will be featured around the Clubhouse entrance. Scarecrows will need to be in place by Sunday, October 21st. Please reserve your space by emailing activities@lakearrowheadga.com.


W-Crete : SPECIALIZING IN lacements

eway Rep Driveways • Driv ining Walls ta e R • s o ti a P • Sidewalks

Joey Walker, Owner/Operator


Ken McGarry Homes Your LAPOA Approved Consortium Propane Provider 2573 Highway 411, P.O. Box 635, Fairmount, GA 30139 Fairmount@gasinc.net • www.gasincorporated.com



Building Fine Mountain Homes in Lake Arrowhead Since 2007

• • • • •

Your Price = Our Cost Plus 50 Cents! Free Tank Sets Automatic Delivery or Next Day Delivery Online Bill Pay No Hazmat or Delivery Fees Propane Appliances!






30th Annual Charity Event | Sponsored by Lake Arrowhead Church Friday, September 28th at Lake Arrowhead Yacht & Country Club All Net Proceeds Go To Helping Kids | Registration Fee $100* per player *Includes Breakfast, Full Buffet Lunch after golf, sleeve of balls, green fees, cart and water 8:00 a.m. Breakfast and Registration Putting Contest on Practice Green 9:30 a.m. Shotgun Start - 4 Person Scramble Lunch, prizes, raffle and auction after golf

Through your generous participation we are able to support a variety of children's needs including: Goshen Valley Boy’s Ranch, Angels On Horseback, Operation Christmas Child, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Help A Child Ministry, and MUST Ministries Children's Programs.


CORPORATE SPONSOR $2,500 - Includes 2 teams, 2 tee signs, listing as major sponsor on banner and program, 5 mulligans and 5 raffle tickets per player


GOLD SPONSOR $1,200 - Includes 1 team, 1 tee sign, listing on banner and program, 5 mulligans and 5 raffle tickets per player


SILVER SPONSOR $500 - Includes 1 team, 1 tee sign and program listing. (* Add $160 for 5 mulligans and 5 raffle tickets per player if desired)


HOLE SPONSOR $100 - 1 Tee sign and program listing. On Sign: __________________________________________


Extra Raffle Tickets or Mulligans (5 max) $5 each or 5 for $20

Total $____________


Team Registration: $100 Per Player - includes breakfast, lunch and gifts Player 1 __________________________________________________

Player 3 __________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City ___________________________________ Zip _______________

City ___________________________________ Zip _______________

E Mail ____________________________________________________

E Mail ____________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________

Player 2 __________________________________________________

Player 4 __________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City __________________________________

Zip _______________

City ___________________________________ Zip _______________

E Mail ____________________________________________________

E Mail ____________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________

To Register or for more information contact: Chair: Gary Lynn 404.312.5891 or LA Church Office: 770.479.3886 1218 Lake Arrowhead Drive, Waleska, GA 30183 www.LAChurch.org | lakearrowheadchurch@gmail.com Tax ID # 58 149 0614 Make Your Tax-Free Donation Checks Payable to: Lake Arrowhead Church )Memo Line: Golfing Fore Children) Don't Golf? You Can Still Make a Difference - Sponsor a Hole Hole Sponsor $100 -1 Tee sign and program listing. Make checks payable to Lake Arrowhead Church/Memo Line: Golfing Fore Children. Sign Size 24 x 18 inches Name _______________________________

E Mail ____________________________________ Phone ____________________

In Memory Of:_________________________________________ OR In Honor Of:__________________________________________ OR Other:______________________________________________________ PAGE 12 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018


770.721.7900 x 3 | dining@lakearrowheadga.com MONDAY 10:00am to 6:00pm (no dining service) TUESDAY 10:00am to 6:00pm (no dining service) WEDNESDAY 10:00am to 6:00pm (menu service 11:00am to 4:00pm)

Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Highlands Grill is offered the First Sunday of the Month 11:00am to 4:00pm. A la carte brunch is available on all Sundays other than the first. Omelets Your Way, Sausage, Bacon, Buttermilk Pancakes, & much more!

THURSDAY 10:00am to 9:00pm (menu service 11:00am to 8:00pm) FRIDAY 10:00am to 10:00pm (menu service 11:00am to 9:00pm) SATURDAY 10:00am to 10:00pm (menu service 11:00am to 9:00pm) SUNDAY 10:00am to 6:00pm - Alcohol Sales 12:30pm to 6:00pm only - A La Carte Brunch 10:30am to 2:00pm - Limited Menu 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Three Topping Pizzas for $10, nightly Dinner and Drink Specials. Full menu also available.

Hours are subject to change due to inclement weather/volume. Reservations: 770.721.7900 x 3 or dining@lakearrowheadga.com Special Event Bookings: events@lakearrowheadga.com

trivia with maury September 13th, October 11th, November 15th Reservations suggested - call 770.721.7900 x 3

To-Go Orders: 770.721.7900 x 3

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EZE-BREEZE® Enclosure Systems

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GEM SCREENS (770) 479-5299 • jim@gemscreens.com 141 Railroad St., Suite 109, Canton, GA 30114 WWW.EZE-BREEZEGA.COM • WWW.GEMSCREENS.COM Jim, Joe and Ben Malik... Enclosing beautiful porches and patios in Northwest GA and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We welcome working with homeowners, new construction, contractors and builders.


golf news

golf@lakearrowheadga.com | 770.721.7902

2018 MEMBER – MEMBER On July 21st & 22nd, 38 Lake Arrowhead golf members played in the 2018 Member – Member Golf Tournament. Always competitive, this year’s tournament was no exception. Brian Schell and Sean Webb won the low gross score honors! Curt McKinney and Rick Salese won the overall low net score. The Member – Member Golf Tournament is an annual event where golf club members form 2-person teams to compete for trophies and prizes plus the honor of being named Tournament Champions for the year. The tournament format is known by several names (four ball, best ball, and better ball) but whatever it is called, it essentially requires each team member to play their own ball. At the end of each hole, the lowest individual score is recorded as the team score. This year’s tournament was divided into 4 flights: First, Second, Third and Ladies. The winners were: 1st Flight 1st Place Gross – Brain Schell & Sean Webb 2nd Place Gross – Pat Farrelly & Lee Huebner 1st Place Net – Keith Mangum & Buck Blum 2nd Place Net – Mel Standley & James Hatcher 2nd Flight 1st Place Gross – Dave Davis & Eben Williams 2nd Place Gross – Chris Benway & Brad Sweetwood 1st Place Net – Curt McKinney & Rick Salese 2nd Place Net – Larry Adams & Paul Bolding


3rd Flight 1st Place Gross – Ray Champitto & Scott Walker 2nd Place Gross – Andrew Duncan & Rex Wallace 1st Place Net – Ron Travis & Larry Whiting 2nd Place Net – Jim Bennett & George Gibbons

Sept 4 & 5 Aeration September Points Championship

Ladies Flight 1st Place Gross – Ellen Cahill & Lynn DeWolfe 2nd Place Gross – Marti Webb & Suzie Champitto HOURS


8:30am to 6:00pm Monday – Thursday


8:00am to 6:00pm Friday – Sunday

$150 Golf Members

The Driving Range closes at 5:00pm daily. Hours subject to change due to inclement weather/volume.

$175 Non-Members 5 One Hour Lessons including Playing Lessons & Practice Range Balls.

Sept 28 Golfing Fore Children

HAPPY HOUR ON THE RANGE September 21st 4:00pm to 6:00pm $10 per Golfer Short Instructional Programs, Supervised Practice, Appetizers, Drink Specials


Oct 6 & 7 Club Championship Oct 13 & 14 LA-BridgeMill Challenge Oct 19 Homeless Veterans Nov 10 Turkey Shoot Dec 1 3 Kings Tournament


RETAINING WALLS Natural Stone, Wood, & Engineered Block Walls


Over 15 Years Experience! Our customer service and quality work is highly regarded by Lake Arrowhead residents!

Call Joe at 706-669-9326 | www.curbingga.com PAGE 15 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

golf news

golf@lakearrowheadga.com | 770.721.7902


golf news

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Is the LALGA Board clairvoyant? Must be. How else would they know, a year in advance, that July 26th would be a perfectly beautiful sunny day. In fact, a perfect day for Soaking up the Sun while playing in the July LALGA event. We had a fine turnout with 26 ladies playing in this event. The format for this tournament worked as follows: Two-person teams, Both Team Members hit a drive The Team then decided which drive they wanted to play, The Team Member whose drive was not chosen hit the second shot, Team Members then alternated until holed out. The format did make the event a little more challenging, because if you muffed the shot, there was no chance for your teammate to do better and save it. On the other hand, it was a July event, so somewhat less exertion in the heat might have been welcome,


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golf news

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especially on those last four or five holes when the sun was higher in the sky and things had heated up. To make the event as fair as could be, Teams were handicapped based on an average of the handicaps of both players. Points were awarded for every hole on which a double bogey or better was achieved. Although my teammate, Lana Chadwick, and I, and the other team in our foursome, Tommy Simmons and Gail McGurk, all returned to the clubhouse with low expectations of winning first place, we did have a great time on Lake Arrowhead’s Highlands Course. Looking at the Leaderboard, our expectations proved realistic, as we were not in the running for the glory of winning or for any of the prizes, but in keeping with the theme, we retained our sunny dispositions. Good thing, too, because the Clubhouse was decked out with an ambience of sunshine all around. Each of the tables were brightly decorated with a combination of sea shells and summer flowers. Chef John prepared a matching and matchless summer fare of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans and corn, capped by a scrumptious desert of peach cobbler. Vivian provided excellent service serving refreshing beverages. The comfort food indeed had us all smiling despite our something-runner-up showings. Anyway, while we were all busy sipping our sweet tea, Uel had been calculating scores and adjusting the Leaderboard. Uel’s finishing touches revealed that the team of Karen Walker and Linda Reynolds easily took first place with a score a few points above the teams that tied for second place team. Karen and Linda walked off with fitting first place prizes of beach towels emblazoned with the LALGA logo. Those tied second placers were the team of Marty Wallsinger and Grace Kreft in equal scoring with the team of Michelle Fraser and Ellen Cahill. However, in accord with the preset rules, the win ultimately went to Marty and Grace with best score on the 9th hole yielding a gift bag of goodies for soaking up the sun. For those of us who didn’t do so fabulously this time around, and, indeed for all of us, we know there is still plenty of sunshine left in this season with all kinds of play opportunities and tournaments, too. So grab your hat and sunscreen and come join the LALGA. Oh, and don’t forget your clubs and a few extra balls!




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club business SECURITY UPDATE Soon the leaves will begin to fall on our roadways and although Fall is a beautiful time of year, wet leaves could cause slippery surfaces, so please be careful. The Lake Arrowhead bears have really been out and about in our yards. If at all possible, store trash behind closed doors until pick up day and let your feeders stay empty for awhile so the bears will return to their normal natural behavior. Security needs your help, so please if you see something suspicious call us so we can check it out. We need your eyes to help us keep our community safe and secure. North Gate 770.479.2565 | South Gate 770.479.2848 Co-Directors of Security Arthur Allred 770.721.7917 Buddy Moss 770.721.7911


ARCHITECTURAL EXTERIOR WORK POLICY When an Exterior Work Permit is approved, the owner will be sent an 8 ½ x 11 permit that shall be placed in a window on the first floor of the property. The blue permit sign indicates that work on the property was reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. NARROWS MARINA PARKING Parking in the Narrows Marina parking lot is reserved for slip holders only. Slip holders are requested to park only one vehicle in the parking lot. Please car pool guests from Great Festival Park. Property owners in the Narrows should use Great Festival Park for any overflow parking.


Please notify your tenants that all Resident Guests (all those who rent, lease or otherwise occupy a home which they do not legally own) must renew their photo ID cards annually. Need to renew? Call Member Services for an appointment at 770.721.7912.

Gregory & Kate Fornasiero Michael & Dyana Bucca Judy Ann Short Jere McCorkle & Derek Bishop Jason Zinkiewicz & Shannon Schue Robert & Judith Smedberg Lance Lovell & Julie Shepard-Lovell Robert & Tracie Schwebs Pete & April Burger Linda Barnett Christina & Barry Tilton Lindsay & Larry Kirby Benjamin & Tara Woodason

2018 DECALS All vehicles and watercraft, both motorized, non-motorized and trailers, must be registered in Lake Arrowhead. Visit www.lakearrowheadclub.net, click on Membership then click on Documents and Forms. 1. Complete and return Boat Registration Form. 2. Sign the Boat Registration Form (REQUIRED no exceptions). 3. Provide a copy of current insurance policy listing the watercraft and coverage limits. 4. Send payment required for Boat Registration Fee listed above. 5. Account must be in good standing. Boats may be registered at either the South Gate (off of Hwy 108) or the Membership office (in the Clubhouse). Upon successfully registering, the Club issued decal shall be permanently affixed to the front left side of the watercraft and to a visible location on or near the tongue of the trailer.

LAKESIDE PARK RULES Park for use by member and guests only. No lifeguard on duty - swim at your own risk. Park closes at sunset. Use the facilities at your own risk. No littering. No motorized vehicles. No fires. No alcoholic beverages. No glass containers. No loud music. No fishing. No pets of any kind allowed. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult. ANYONE DAMAGING PROPERTY OR VIOLATING PARK RULES WILL BE BANNED.

Red Cloud Pool will remain open for normal operating hours until the end of September, weather permitting, swim at your own risk. PAGE 19 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

fitness & sports YOGA Tuesdays 9:00am at the Clubhouse In this class you’ll move fluidly through yoga flexibility-based postures, classic stretching, and balance poses. This class focuses on increasing muscle length, range of motion, and body awareness & appreciation. The combination of both static & dynamic stretching, yoga flow, and relaxation allows for a mindful and physical awakening. Please bring a yoga mat.

THE MIX Thursdays 9:00am at the Clubhouse

Using high repetition and lower weights along with intervals of low impact, this class is designed to gain cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and strengthen bone density. This is a great place to start a weight training regimen or take your current strength workout into the group setting. Get ready for fun, friends, and getting fit! Please bring a set of light weights and yoga mat. Classes begin September 18th. Cost is $5 per participant per class. For additional information, contact Loui @ 770-262-6384 or email activities@lakearrowheadga.com.

MEN’S TENNIS GROUP FORMED & SEEKING ADDITIONAL MEMBERS by Maury Nunes & Jim Winchester Lake Arrowhead has long had a very vibrant tennis community, The Mixed Doubles group has been active for years and continues to grow, drawing many players of all calibers to the courts, giving all the opportunity to exercise and become better players. The Ladies Group also has an extended history. About 8-10 years ago there was a Men’s Tennis Group, but it lost members and eventually disbanded. Recently, a small group of men expressed an interest in forming a men’s group that would play some doubles and some singles. Underlying objectives are to give men an additional opportunity for male camaraderie, to help players further develop their game, and just have fun through more aggressive competition. The Group began meeting for play about three months ago and currently has 8 members. But that’s enough for a start! The Men’s Tennis Group would like to expand this opportunity to include additional players who have at least intermediate skills in their ability to execute a serve, to return a good serve, handle and maintain a rally and volley game, to play successfully at the net, and even execute the half volley. If you have played USTA at a 3.5 or higher, or ALTA at B level you may be a good addition to our group. Maybe you have just played for fun and think you have the skills to come into our group. That works also. If you are not sure, just come on out and try.

When the Group meets, play may work in a number of ways. Doubles is the more common situation, but if needed or desired by some we may play a combination of doubles and singles. If we have an uneven number, to include everyone we may switch to “Australian” doubles where three players are on the court at the same time, or we may play doubles with substitutes entering each game. In every event each player that shows up gets to play often, if not continuously. Classic tennis rules are observed. The Group currently meets at the Red Cloud Park tennis courts on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. We stop only when and as players decide they’ve had enough tennis for the day. The schedule may be adjusted as the needs of the Group may change and as weather changes with the Seasons. Email reminders go to each players a couple of times a week to keep players informed about any changes, court conditions, and other related issues. Please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Jim Winchester, by text at 470-222-1634 or by email at 0915jimbo@att.net with any questions you may have. He is also available for tennis lessons, if new players (or even experienced players) desire to refresh their game or learn new skills.


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fitness & sports

RACQUET SPORTS MIXED DOUBLES Play year-round on Monday, Wednesday, Friday - weather permitting. 1:30pm during colder months (Nov through April) | 9:30am during the warmer months (May through October) Regulars will be notified via email when time changes. Format: 4 game sets, then teams break and new teams formed. Otherwise ITF Rules of Tennis apply. All players are welcome. Contact: Maury Nunes (770.720.5003 | man.apc@windstream.net) or just show up. Courts are reserved for this Doubles group. WOMEN’S DAYTIME DOUBLES Organization begins upon advent of warmer weather and lasts through the early fall. The format for women’s tennis is regulation tennis, 2-3 full sets. The level of tennis played is B-5+ (ALTA) or 3.0-3.5 (USTA). It is played during the warmer months only (May/June through Oct. 1). Former ALTA or USTA newcomersare welcome. Contact: Jill Rose at roses43@windstream.net | 770.720.8961

ALTA TEAM PLAY is based out of BridgeMill as Lake Arrowhead is outside the ALTA boundaries. Contact Pat Perry at BridgeMill (770.720.9635 | pat.perry@ hmsgolf.com) PRIVATE PLAY is always encouraged; to help, we provide a roster of the known players who live in Lake Arrowhead. This is kept within the tennis community and not shared outside Lake Arrowhead - contact Maury Nunes (770.720.5003 | man.apc@windstream. net). To check to see if a court is available, you may contact Membership at membership@ lakearrowheadga.com or phone 770.721.7912. PICKLEBALL Looking for a fun way to get some exercise? Join us on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons at the Red Cloud Pickleball and Tennis Center or just come out a see what it is all about. For more information regarding Pickleball, contact Bill Hess at 770.704.6297 or B3779@hotmail.com.

massage therapy

Second Tuesday of Every Month 60 to 90 minute sessions available beginning 10:00am at the Clubhouse. Book your session with Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist, Ingrid Meiners at 678.541.1987 and rejuvenate your body, improve your golf, tennis and daily activity. Gift certificates available. 1 hour $70 | 90 minutes $100

Congrats to the BridgeMill Senior Ladies tennis team for bringin home second place in the Summer 2018 City Finals. Team members: Lake Arrowhead residents Jean Skogan and Sally Loos It was a super exciting season!!


community interest LAKE ARROWHEAD TRIVIA #51

July 26, 2018 – Morris A. Nunes, TriviaMaster

N.B. Arrowhead Trivia utilizes a mnemonic with the 1st letter of each of the 25 answers (or phrase 1st substantive word (e.g. title) or last name if a person) in order, spell a message. Figuring out the mnemonic yields no extra credit, but can be a valuable hint for questions that might stump you.

MNEMONIC HAS 4 WORDS: 1ST Word: 9 LETTERS: 1. Journalism: What pen name did Esther Pauline Lederer use in her syndicated newspaper advice column? 2. Carpentry: What kind of black hardwood actually is so dense it sinks in water? 3. Mathematics: What is the calculated result in Roman Numerals if one subtracts LXXXI from C? 4. Measurements: What unit of liquid measurement was originally based on the volume necessary to contain 10 pounds of water? 5. Television: What was the name of the television series focused on the supernatural for which Rod Serling served as host, narrator and frequent script writer after the Twilight Zone went off the air? 6. Chemistry: After Albert Nobel invented dynamite, he sought to solve the problem known as sweating, in which unstable nitroglycerine leaks from dynamite sticks, presenting a serious accident risk. In 1875 he solved the problem by inventing what chemically related but more stable explosive still sometimes used today? 7. Music: What nickname was given to the network of New York City music publishers and songwriters who dominated popular music from the late 19th century into the mid-20th century and was the name of the area in New York City where the term originated? 8. Art History: Those European Painters who worked before 1800 and whose work is especially valued are called what? A few examples include Sandro Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Durer and Nicolas Poussin. 9. Horse Racing: In 1964, what horse was the first Canadian-bred thoroughbred to win the Kentucky Derby? 2nd Word: 7 LETTERS: 10. Famous Quotations: Which Prime Minister of England became infamous for the 1938 pronouncement “Peace for our Time” after negotiating with Adolph Hitler? 11. Lakes: Which of the Great Lakes has a name meaning “Lake of Shining Waters” in the Huron language, from which it got its name? 12. Literature: Where do Peter Pan and the Lost Boys live? 13. Candy: Which candy bar, now a Nestle brand, has a distinctly trapezoidal shape and contains nuts and raisins embedded in chocolate? 14. Beverages: What name for a popular strain of Chinese tea means Black Dragon Tea in Chinese?

15. Baseball: To win Major League Baseball’s Triple Crown, a hitter must lead the League in Home Runs, Batting Average and what other statistic? 16. Dance: What generic dance move for a couple involves one dance partner being called the base and the other the flyer? 3rd Word: 7 LETTERS: 17. Georgia: Since 1909, Fort Benning, here in Georgia has served as the Home of what combat arm of the U.S. Army? 18. Presidents: In 1920, Warren Harding won the Presidency pledging to return the country to what? 19. Festivals: Calgary, Canada, holds a ten-day festival each year that is billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.” What is the one word that Calgary applies to the event in conjunction with the City’s name? 20. Military Strategy: What is the more fanciful name for the military maneuver also known as a double envelopment? 21. Anatomy: The front eight teeth in the normal human adult are called what? 22. Currency: What is the principle unit of currency for Indonesia? 23. Current Events: In the last two years, what Maryland City has experienced two so-called once in a 1000 Year floods, the most recent over Memorial Day Weekend? 4th Word: 2 LETTERS: 24. Heraldry: In the 15th century, a kind of mythical animal became popular in coats of arms that had the body of a horse, a spiral horn and a lion’s tail. What is the name for this kind of animal? 25. Diseases: The influenza of the great 1918 flu pandemic was popularly called what kind of flu? TIEBREAKERS: N.B. A tie occurred between 2 Teams, but as one team answered the following question, only one Tiebreaker was needed at this Trivia on July 26, 2018: T1. Celebrities: Who lives at Number One Observatory Circle?


community interest MANY HANDS CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS! by Jill Strickland

When asked….what does our community do???? They create beautiful blankets and hats for babies and special gifts to our troops! This month family hats in red-white-blue were created for the children of the 48th Brigade that is serving in Afghanistan. They started deployment a few months ago and many more continue to go for their tour of duty. We have six Cherokee County troop members going now with this Brigade and they requested support hats for the family. So of course – WE DID IT!

Shepherd’s Hook meets at Monday at 10 at the church (you do not need to be a member) and we supply the yarn and fabric for blankets. OR – we come to you! Shepherds@Home is for those who work at home and we will bring materials and pick up as often as you need. Please get in touch with me or email lashepherdshook@ gmail.com


Dana John A Patric Jack S William Ashle Kristin

The baby service at the Cherokee County Health Department has been expanding as our population grows. They work with mothers throughout their pregnancy but they also have many, many who come in for their first checkup visit in their 8th or 9th month! They have upped their request to a monthly delivery and we have stepped up to do that! Twenty-five blankets were delivered to them this month – both the fleece trimmed blankets and some of the fully knitted or crocheted blankets making up a variety of gift giving. And please know - WE NEED YOUR HANDS! Yes, we need YOU!!!! We are preparing for Christmas to give hat and scarf sets to the Cherokee Family Violence Center, to Cherokee Homeless Veterans, Good Neighbor Shelter and AdoptA-Vet at the Brian Center in Canton. We have a target of 150 hat and scarf sets! AND we need more blankets! At least 150 blankets are needed to rebuild our inventory for the upcoming cold months. We create beautiful articles so if you can loom, knit or crochet – please, join us as we create from the hands and heart to give to those who need.




Dana M.Thompson www.th John A. Meier, II 341 East Patricia A. King Brown-Va Jack S. Jennings Canton, William E. Carlan Ashley T. Ray730 E. Se Blue Rid Kristine M. Fletcher

Dana M. Thompson • John A. Meier, II Patricia A. King • Cynthia L. Patton • Cynthia C. Propst770-479-184

Wills & Trusts • Elder Law • Probate & Estate www.thompsonmeierking.c 341 East Main Street House Administration • Divorce • Custody • Child SupportBrown-Vandiviere Canton, Georgia 30114 730 E. Second St. Blue Ridge, GA 30513

All the Firm Your Family Needs. Proudly serving Canton and North Georgia with honesty, integrity and respect since 1987. 770-479-1844 | www.ThompsonMeierKing.com Brown-Vandiviere House 341 East Main Street • Canton, Georgia 30114


community interest L A Y A R D S A L E

I’m happy to announce that this years Annual Yard Sale will be held on

Saturday, September 29th. Price for 20 x 20 space: $15 payable to LAPOA (checks ONLY) Time: 8:00am to 3:00pm (set up at 7:00am) Clean up until 4:00pm Location: Outside at the North Gate Advertisements will be Cherokee Ledger News, Freddy Frugal, Lake Arrowhead Ladies & other websites & blast emails. Other details will follow. Thank you for your support, Helen & Rick Bondie & family


community interest THE VOYAGES OF THE SEAEAGLE

by Capt Rob James

Leg 1: Halifax, Nova Scotia to Southwest Harbor, Maine It was a windless and foggy Saturday night as the USS SeaEagle approached the tip of Nova Scotia and the Brazil Rock buoy, 10 miles away. “We are doing 8 knots over the ground” exclaimed Skipper John as the sun fell behind the smoky sea. Skipper John’s proverbial optimist demeanor would soon change. The buoy was a critical indicator of the direction of the tidal rip currents from the Bay of Fundy. It was our half way point in our 237 nautical mile journey from Tantallon Bay (Halifax) Nova Scotia to Southwest Harbor, Maine. Suddenly our AIS (Automatic Identification System) which alerts us to boat traffic, buzzed. It was alerting us to 6 fishing boats that were less than five miles away and closing fast. On this dark moonless night, our personal safety was dependent on this helm electronic navigational system. Since we could only receive AIS alerts, I got on the radio to verify that the fishing boats could see us. “Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude, this is the sailing vessel “SeaEagle” do you see us? As I was calling out to this nearest fishing boat on our AIS screen, I could feel the tension in my stomach. The waters were around 50 degrees and the off-watch crew were below, asleep. They consisted of Skipper John’s wife, Joanne and my wife, Capt Judy. We designed our watches to be in 4 hour segments with a navigator and helmsmen in each watch. Plus, since Capt Judy and I are both 50 Ton US Coast Guard Sailing Captains and American Sailing Association Advanced Sailing Instructors, each watch was balanced in knowledge and skills. During a watch, the navigators would find our present position via GPS coordinates and mark it hourly on the sea chart rhumb line. Based on that information, they would calculate a new heading and inform the helmsmen. While on night watch besides maintaining a course and sail trim, we would look at the chart plotter for AIS ships, listen for radio traffic, look out for ships lights, and locate lighted navigational aids. For John and me, our emergency ditch plan was to wake Judy and Joanne. They would grab the ditch bag and load the life raft with supplies while we tried to keep the boat from sinking and broadcasted a Mayday alert.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, a relaxed, if not sleepy voice, came back on the radio. He said he could see us on his radar and he would watch out for us. Also, he said he would tell his fishing buddies about us. You could hear an audible sigh of relief in my voice. The fog started to roll in. it was a dark veil of moisture enveloping the SeaEagle. The fog got thicker as we approached the Brazil Rock Buoy. The current direction was beginning to change from being with us to being against us; moving from the stern to the bow of the boat. Now instead of doing 8 knots, we were doing 4 knots, then 2; then 0. Now the boat started to slowly spin in a small Bay of Fundy whirlpool. John had the helm hard to port as we slowly spun towards starboard. He asked for a cup of coffee as he started to rub his forehead. We had arrived too late to the Brazil Rock Buoy.

Because the Bay of Fundy coast consists of such rugged landscape, with cliffs and large headlands sticking out into the Bay, the flow of the 100 billion tons of water is anything but smooth. The most famous whirlpool is of course the Old Sow Whirlpool, located in the Passamaquoddy Bay towards the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. Old Sow is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere, and the second largest in the world! to be continued...

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community interest NOT BAD AT BREAKFAST, EITHER

by Tommy C. Simmons, an enthusiastic cook

Bread pudding is comfort food in Louisiana. We serve it as a decadent ending to a simple meal and aren’t apologetic for eating a cupful at breakfast the next day. I have a whole file folder containing bread pudding recipes. It’s my favorite dessert to order in a restaurant because I know it’s usually made in-house from leftover rolls and bread and isn’t a food service menu filler. When I have leftover, stale bread, I pull out the folder and look for a bread pudding recipe to try. Here is my latest and we thought it was quite nice. HOME KITCHEN-TESTED RECIPE

Ruby’s Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce Serves 10. 1 (16-oz.) loaf stale Challah bread or French bread 1 stick butter, plus 2 tbls. butter to dot the top of the bread pudding ¼ cup raisins, optional 4 eggs, beaten ¼ cup light brown sugar ½ cup grated coconut, optional 1 (12-oz.) can evaporated milk 1 ¼ cups granulated sugar 1 (20-oz.) can crushed pineapple 3 tsps. vanilla extract ½ tsp. nutmeg 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Tear bread into pieces and place in a large mixing bowl. 2. Melt butter and mix with all the other ingredients including the bread. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or waxed paper and let sit for 10 minutes so all the bread is thoroughly moistened. 3. Uncover and pour mixture into a greased 9 x 13-inch baking pan. Dot top of bread pudding with remaining 2 tablespoons butter cut into thin pats. Bake for 40 to 50 minutes or until knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Optional Rum Sauce: ¾ cup butter, at room temperature 1 ½ cups granulated sugar 2 ozs. Rum 1. Whip butter until light and gradually beat in the sugar until the mixture is fluffy. 2. Next, whip in rum and beat several more minutes. Refrigerate. Serve over warm pudding.

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2018 COLLECTIBLE LAPOA CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT by Georgia Watts No tree? No problem! My collection of ornaments has never even seen a tree! Though many folks hang them among their other favorite ornaments, lots of us look for simple but creative ways to display them otherwise. Some choose individual ornament holders to suspend them gracefully, others go rustic, like I do, with good old-fashioned twine and ribbons. A suggested idea that I still want to try is to display them in tall glass cylinders. They are always beautiful and nostalgic no matter how they’re displayed! To secure your order now….. • • • • • •

Complete the form below. Orders must be accompanied by payment to guarantee availability. The first two events that will have the Ornaments available for purchase and pick-up will be The Quarterly LAPOA meeting on August 25 at the LA Church, and The September luncheon at the Clubhouse for the WACS. Orders received by mail may be picked up at either of the above meetings or at designated delivery dates at the Clubhouse which will be announced later. And remember…ALL profits go to LAPOA for LA community use, so you’re helping yourself!

Thank you and a вry Merr y Christm as to All!!

2018 LAPOA COLLECTIBLE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT # of ornaments desired _______ x $10 each Total = $ ______

Check # _________


(Note: Please make checks payable to LAPOA ) Name _______________________________________ Address ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Email ________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________ 2018 LAPOA Christmas Ornament by LA artist Jim Bennett

Mail order form to: LAPOA Ornament – c/o Joann Williams, 193 Lakeview Circle – Waleska, GA 30183 PAGE 31 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

community interest READING BETWEEN THE WINES

by Sarah Martin Jones

Ordinary Grace – William Kent Krueger. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013 It’s 1961 and summertime in rural Minnesota. For thirteen-year-old Frank and his younger brother Jake, that means sunny days filled with pick-up baseball games, cold Root Beers at the corner drugstore, and lingering hours exploring along the railroad tracks. But four events mar this summer: A young boy is run over by a speeding train; an itinerant man is found dead along the river; a Julliard-bound girl goes missing; and a son of privilege and promise commits suicide. Think To Kill a Mockingbird narrated by Jem with Atticus a preacher instead of a lawyer, and you will have Ordinary Grace. Like Mockingbird, it is a coming-of-age story where innocent curiosity gives way to harsh clarity. As Frank, the narrator, now forty years older, recalls this summer, especially the impact it has on his family, he also examines the miracles – there’s no other word for it – that occur alongside. “God never promised us an easy life,” his father once preached. “He never promised that we wouldn’t suffer, that we wouldn’t feel despair and loneliness and confusion and desperation. What he did promise was that in our suffering we would never be alone.”

death issues within its pages, but its message is to forgive and move forward. MY WINE RECOMMENDATION While this story takes place during summer, the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes has some harsh winters which, for wine producers, means using cold-hardy grapes. One that was developed by the University of Minnesota and is gaining popularity with winemakers is La Crescent. Saint Croix Vineyards’ 2015 La Crescent is probably the best example. Like summer, it is full or orange citrus and tropical sweetness that makes it an ideal wine for sipping on a lazy, warm afternoon. $17 Sarah Martin Jones is a former English teacher and author of Quicksand: A Cautionary Love Story. Her next book, Summer Squall, will be available Winter 2018. You can reach her at www.SarahJonesAuthor.com or sarah. gently@gmail.com.

Keueger is a mystery writer at heart, so Ordinary Grace has its fair share of small town police interrogations and crime scene investigations. Red herrings, foreshadowings, and plot twists abound, but the beauty of the story is in the characters, both adult and child. The men in the town, including Frank’s father, still struggle with the horrors of World War II. Pastor Nathan Drum chose his profession to atone for the men he killed; his best friend Gus hides his wounds in drink; a neighbor down the street beats is wife and son. Meanwhile Frank’s mother smokes and drinks as she longs for a life she doesn’t have. Each struggles with “the terrible price of wisdom. The awful grace of God.” But the soul of Ordinary Grace is in the two brothers, especially young Jake. Because of his stutter, he rarely speaks and is considered by some to be slow. But when he does speak, his words reflect wisdom beyond his years: “Miracles happen,” he tells Frank at the end of the story. “But they’re not the kinds of miracles I thought they’d be. Not like, you know, Lazarus. Mom’s happy again, or almost, and that’s kind of a miracle. And yesterday I didn’t stutter, and you want to know something? I think I never will.” It is tender moments like these between the brothers that make the novel such a joy to read. There are life and PAGE 32 | SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018

community interest From Maserati to Nash, everyone had a blast at the July Lake Arrowhead Classic Car 'Cruise In'. Next event scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd. 10:00am to 12:00pm - All Welcome. For more info, contact Carlos at www.MotoCarlo.com

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