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MTV’s SNOOKIE From Jersey Shore Hits Long Island

MTV’s SNOOKIE From Jersey Shore hits Long Island


May 2024
Hamptons Hottest Mentalist Hamptons Hottest Mentalist
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Editor’s Letter, Editor in Chief, Joseph Palmisano Welcomes us Back! 5

Executive Editor, Cynthia Lynn is looking forward to a Summer season of Fun. 5

It’s a Shore thing Nicole Polizzi, aka Snookie, finds the beach. 7

Mark Brucato, aka Lil Mo. 8

L.A. in a Minute, with Evan Lovett. 9

Hair Secrets, celebrity hair stylist Ashley Nostramo talks all things hair. 10

Aisha McShaw fashion designer, uplifts your style. 11

Spillin’ with Val Greenberg, Lifestyle Expert, Media Personality and TV host spills it all. 12-13

Ray Castronovo, shares his music journey. 14

Cover Star Kevin Nicholas, brings The Magic to the Hamptons. 16-19

Vanessa Gordon, publisher of East End Taste Magazine talks Date Night Delights. 21

Cooper Lawrence, PhD discusses dating trends 22

The Doctor is in, Dr. Marc Messineo keeps us safe with Tick Tips. 23

Kathryn Leary, keeps our spiritual health in balance. 23

Dawne2Dusk2Dawn, ICYMI. 24-25

Norah Lawler, Who to Know and Where to Go. 26-27

Horoscopes, Cosmic Q’s. 29

The Final Word, Get to know Samantha Crichton from Serving The Hamptons 30


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Cynthia Lynn Executive Editor

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Maureen Patricia Staff Writer

Babs Masiello Executive Assistant

Jonas & Callie Interns

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For all editorial and advertising inquiries, contact hamptonsstoryboard@gmail.com Vol., 2, No. 1 Where the stories come alive! Kevin Nicholas, the Hamptons Hottest Mentalist brings the “Magic” to the Hamptons. He is a world renowned Mentalist who has performed for the who’s who of the entertainment world. Cover photo by Barbara Lassen On the cover May 2024 KEVIN NICHOLAS Hamptons Hottest Mentalist Mentalist Spillin’ With VAL GREENBERG With VAL GREENBERG MTV’s SNOOKIE From Jersey Shore hits Long Island MTV’s SNOOKIE From Shore Hits Long Island COOPER LAWRENCE PhD IS BACK COOPER PhD IS BACK 3A N. Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516-255-0065


Summer Fun Is Calling!

WWelcome Back!

Let’s get ready for another sensational season of events, galas and summertime fun! We eagerly anticipate catching up with all those we last saw, so we can plan this year’s excitement. Now, whether you’re here for a day, a week, a month or the summer season, you will experience the summer of a lifetime. That’s why we are super excited to bring you another year of the Hamptons NEW FAV magazine, Hamptons Storyboard. It doesn’t matter if you are a local or not, we want to introduce you to the people, places and things that make the Hamptons the special place that it is. Join us in diving into our new features, amazing commentary and fun articles encompassing all the glam, glitz and glory from the Hamptons to Hollywood.

So come along with us as we watch the grass get greener, the trees taller and Main Street fuller because, you can be assured that the Hamptons will deliver that undeniable experience that only the Hamptons can, and Hamptons Storyboard will be there because we are, “Where the stories come Alive!”

hile summer doesn’t actually start until June 20th, MDW has always been the season opener and the time to head to the Hamptons. As a warm weather only kind of person, I of course am beyond excited to kick off the 2024 Hamptons summer season. It’s that time of year to meet up with family and friends, shop at and support the local businesses, get glam ready for all those extraordinary events and welcome back a new culinary season at your FAV Hamptons haunts. For me, summer truly starts when I take my first bite of the ultimate summer specialty, lobster roll. I’m looking forward to strolling down Southampton’s Main St., taking that first sip of a Sant Ambroeus ice coffee, and meeting up with all my friends and family who flock back to the Hamptons where they shed their winter ware and don their summer sensations. Friends, I’m so excited for all this upcoming year has to offer. Now, let’s cherish and enjoy every moment by slowing down a bit and letting it all soak in as you enjoy us at the beach, pool or relaxing on a bench in town, I hope you find our cover star, Kevin Nicholas, as magical as you find the Hamptons! Enjoy and have an Amazing Summer!

Love, Cynthia Lynn

Executive Editor 5 HAMPTONS STORYBOARD MAY 2024
Photo by Barbara Lassen Photo by HSM

Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki, Shore Found the Beach on LI

From the Jersey Shore to the hustle and bustle of Huntington, Long Island, Nicole Polizzi-aka “Snooki” from MTV’s original HIT, Jersey Shore, and now of its spinoff-Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, has set herself upon Long Island’s gleaming and sun kissed shores. I had the opportunity to catch up with Nicole to discuss her new Huntington L.I. store-The Snookie Shop and all that she’s been up to. Nicole’s store opening had fans wrapped around the block on a sunny, but brisk, Saturday morning this past March. Along with being a businessperson, Nicole is a mom of three and a mom to her dog Rocky. As if she’s not busy enough, she’s currently starring in MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. At this stage of life, GTL (gym, tan, laundry) takes on a whole new meaning.

Q. Why open a store on Long Island?

A. I remember doing book signings in Huntington. There was a lot of support here on Long Island with my fans. I also did a live podcast show with my best friend at The Paramount here in Huntington. The turnout was HUGE. I knew Huntington was the HOT spot on Long Island and with my fans, who I love immensely, I figured this would be the perfect town to expand my empire.

Q. Do you choose all the styles in your shop?

A. Yes, I do. I do everything myself. I love to shop. I love clothes and fashion. I even worked in retail and had my own online store for 14 years. Now, I figured it was time to open a brick-and-mortar store. So, that’s what I did. I opened my first store in Madison, NJ and now my second, here in Huntington, L.I. It’s been a journey.

Q. What’s your take on what sizes and styles you want to carry?

A. I understand not everyone is the same size or likes the same style, that’s why I try to diversify both. I have a curve plus line where I try to find the cutest items for that range (1-3X). Otherwise, my sizes run from S to XL. I try to get items for everybody. Items from baggy and oversized to bodycon. I have my moods where I want to look hot in a tight dress and other days I just want to be in baggy jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. I try to get a little bit of everything for everyone in my shops.

Q. What is your go-to summer style?

A. It depends where I am. I love rompers in the summer, they are so easy and cozy especially with a bathing suit. I love maxis and biker shorts with an oversized shirt. For me it’s all about coziness, unless I am going out. When I’m out and about, I don’t mind being uncomfortable in a tight dress.

Q. Who was the last Jersey Shore cast member you texted?

A. I have to say everybody. We’re all in a big group chat. We literally talk in the group chat everyday.

Q. What do you love about L.I.?

A. I love the vibe. It reminds me of Jersey. We’re all the same. We’re crazy, we love leopard print and we are loud.

Q. How do you juggle being a wife, a mom and a boss babe?

A. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I guess I like to be busy. It’s nonstop all day. Dropping the kids off at school, running my store and office, trying to work out, walking the dog, sports. I like to be busy.

Q. FAV filming moment?

A. I always look back on the episodes where I met Jionni. It was just slutty. It was not

the way I pictured I’d meet my husband. The fact that we hooked up and then I ghosted him for a bit, who knew this one-night stand would turn into what it did-love, kids, family. My FAV episode is finding him.

Q. What does GTL mean to you, is it still a thing?

A. It’s definitely still a thing, especially with Pauly and Mike. They are still doing that to this day.

I would say I’m still doing a lot of laundry. I have five people in my house. I am getting back into the gym. I’m

not really tanning any more. I would say Gym, Laundry and Wine-GLW!!

Q. What’s the story with the iconic poof?

A. That was the style back in the day. Everyone was doing it. I loved having my hair nice and big. I have super thick hair, so it was easy to just throw it up. It was so iconic back in the day. The white hair clip, the poof, along with wearing your Juicy track suit, that was the deal.

Q. Do you ever watch old episodes and be like, “I cannot believe that happened?”

A. No, I can’t. It’s icky and cringy.

Q. Is there any particular episode you can’t believe that you “did that?”

A. When I was arrested. Now, I look at it and laugh. Also, the ones with me kissing guys, it’s gross.

Q. Did you ever think MTV would bring back Jersey Shore as Jersey Shore: Family vacation?

A. We hoped for it.

Q. Would you let your children star in a reality show when they get older?

A. I would prefer they do something different. If they wanted to, I’d always have their back.

Q. What’s next?

A. My main goal is to expand my stores. I’m already looking at another place to open. Maybe I’ll come out with another wine. Otherwise, I want to be a good mom to my kids and to my dog Rocky. Nicole would like everyone to come down to her stores and shop, shop, shop! She holds VIP ticketed events in each of her stores. The Messy Mawma wine is flowing, there are huge discounts, goodie bags and more! It’s a fun day!

IG @snooki


Web: Thesnookishop.com

7 Reality TV
by: The Snooki Shop. Taken by: Going Local Long Island

How Ya Doin!

Who doesn’t love cheese? We spoke with the big cheese himself, Lil “MO” Mozzarella, aka Mark Brucato. Brucato hit the NY food and influencer scene by storm! Originally working in the HVAC business (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Brucato turned to social media during the height of the pandemic. As we all know, businesses were turned upside down, and the HVAC business was no different. With limited work, Brucato had time on his hands. While scrolling through social media, he saw a lot of people doing food reviews and commentary. Watching people doing reviews, he was like “I can do better than this,” so he figured he’d give it a shot.

Being of Italian descent and living in the culinary capital of the worldNYC, it was a no-brainer to focus on food. Over the years he’s eaten at some 600+ restaurants, eateries and food establishments. Brucato is passionate about his work and strives to put out the best content possible.

To get a real good cheese pull, we asked Brucato some cheesy (pun intended) questions.

Q. Mozzarella or Parmesan?

A. Mozzarella, of course!

Q. Three foods you can’t live without?

A. Chicken parm, pizza and steak.

Q. Lasagna or Manicotti?

A. Manicotti.

Q. Sauce or gravy?

A. Gravy.

Q. Beach or pool?

A. Pool.

Q. Shirt on or shirt off?

A. Shirt on. I’m not done with my 90-day “Get Fit With MO” challenge. More on that later.

Q. Slides or Crocs?

A. Slides.

Q. Godfather or Goodfellas?

A. Godfather.

Q. Sinatra or Dean Martin?

A. Sinatra.

Q. One person you’d love to have dinner with who has passed on and one who is alive?

A. Sinatra and Sylvester Stallone. Brucato is also evolving both as an influencer and individual. He met and got to hang with superstar performer Mark Wahlberg while in Vegas this past February. Wahlberg is not only known for his acting and music career, he’s also known for his faith and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Brucato was so enamored

with Wahlberg that he too decided to switch things up and focus on a healthier lifestyle for himself. After arriving home from Vegas, he embarked on a 90-day fitness challenge, “Get Fit With MO.” He’s working out and exploring healthier food options as he jaunts around the tri-state area tasting all that it has to offer. Being a food guy is not easy but, he has a young family so he wants to eat right and be a

good role model for them.

As time goes on, he’d like to venture out and act, especially in a sitcom. He enjoys making people laugh and with his high energy, big persona and overall zest for life, he believes anything is possible.

To keep up with all that he’s doing, follow him on IG and online at: @Lilmomozzarella, www.Lilmomozzarella.com.

by Scali Media-Anthony Scali

L.A. In A Minute visits the Hamptons

Let’s get into it! If you love L.A., then you know this tag line. It’s from the man who’s the epitome of all things L.A.-Evan Lovett. He’s the inspirational creator of the HIT social media site-L.A. In A Minute. He’s a modern-day historian, storyteller and all around L.A. enthusiast. Now, no matter where you live, be it a big city, small town or somewhere out in the country, there are people, places and things that we all know of but, we don’t necessarily know the backstory. This is where Evan shines. He sheds his light on these and so much more.

Upon graduating UCLA, he took all that he knows about journalism and set off to work for the venerable L.A. Times for a few years before becoming a PR guru where he spent the last twenty years making names and faces known. Evan got started, like many others, during the pandemic. He had time on his hands and when his cousin introduced him to TikTok, he ran with his journalistic instincts and started re-telling the days top news events in an abbreviated fashion. This continued after the pandemic and ultimately became L.A. In A Minute.

Evan is a voracious reader and communicator who gets his inspirations from family, friends, books and his natural curiosity. Like Evan, did you ever wonder about the story behind or how the

Q. Reading or Writing?

A. Reading. It begets writing.

Q. Beach day or Party night?

A. Party night. I’m not much of a beach guy even though the beaches in Cali are beautiful.

Q. Sneakers or Slides?

A. Sneakers. I need the grip to keep on the move.

Q. L.A. or N.Y.?

Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl, InN-Out Burger, Bob’s Big Boy, the Zamboni, the cheeseburger and many other L.A. notables came to be? Well, Evan has you covered. He’s a modern-day archeologist who unearths all that glitters in L.A. Evan is also a contributor to Hamptons Storyboard. He’ll be sharing his unique and eclectic stories about L.A.’s most recognizable people, places and things. We’re super excited to have him so now, let’s get into it and find out a little more about Evan.

Q. In-N-Out or Homemade burger?

A. In-N-Out Burger. A consistently great product.

A. L.A. every day, all day. I love its chill vibe.

Besides his L.A. In A Minute social media, which can be found on IG: @lainaminute as well as on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, Evan also has his highly rated podcast, “In a Minute with Evan Lovett” on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Be sure to follow him on all his platforms and here, in the pages of Hamptons Storyboard.

Today’s L.A. In A Minute starts with nothing more All American than the cheeseburger. Welcome to the team Evan!!! Let’s get into it!

The Aristocratic Burger

What’s up, this is your L.A. In A Minute, and did you know that despite a relatively short culinary history, Los Angeles is home to some of the most impactful foods eaten around the globe today? That’s right, some of the most popular foods in the world were invented in L.A. Let’s get into it!

What’s more All American than the cheeseburger? In 1924, in Pasadena, a 16-year-old Lionel Sternberger put cheese on a hamburger and sold it to a delighted customer at his father’s roadside stand, The Rite Spot, at 1500 West Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. Initially called “The Aristocratic Burger,” this is the first recorded instance of a hamburger with cheese being cooked and served to a customer. The sandwich was so successful, The Rite Spot eventually moved from their roadside set-up into a brick-and-mortar steakhouse that continued to serve the Aristocratic Burger. This would be the lead of his obituary, which ran in the New York Times in 1959.

Follow Evan on IG: @lainaminute

L.A. Living 9 HAMPTONS STORYBOARD MAY 2024 © Кристина Тримайлова/Adobe Stock
Logos created by Matt Brodersen.


Hair Secrets

It’s All Happening! It’s that time of year that we all dream about, Summer! The sun is out and we’re out and about doing our thang! With that, who doesn’t want effortless gorgeous hair? Be it running to an event, heading out to the Surf Lodge or sitting by a fire on the beach, who doesn’t want those beachy waves? It’s a look that is timeless and easy to achieve. You may ask, why does everyone love the beachy wave look? Simple, it’s because it’s an easy everyday look, that’s great for a date night or special event. Waves will never go out of style and it’s a really sexy look.

Having worked at Salon Martone over the years, I’ve witnessed how waves can mean different things to different clients. To ensure your stylist knows what you are looking for, be specific and if you can-show them pictures of the style you want to have.

The beachy wave can also be achieved at home. If you struggle with a curling iron, a wand may be a little easier to use since it does not require you to ‘clip’ your hair to the barrel. First, wrap a small section of your hair around the barrel and hold it there for a few seconds then drop the curl off the barrel. Do this for your whole head and brush out the curls with a wide tooth comb. Beachy waves are a look that can last all week and it’s a fun, flirty and effortless look to achieve.

I have and use many tools in my hairdresser’s arsenal. When the hair is wet, I love using our ‘leave in spray’ called Sparkly Smooth Beauty by Martone. When it’s time, I brush it out with a round brush to achieve that effortless look.

I also love the Hot Tools one inch curling wand but, before I use it, I use IGK Good Behavior on dry hair as a heat protectant. It calms the frizz and gives virtually any hair, including those that are chemically treated, a lustrous shine.

Once all the hair is curled, spray it with your favorite spray. I like Chi Keratin Flexible hold hairspray. At this point, I brush out all the curls and I suggest using Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. Once you are happy with your look, use Olaplex Bonding oil. My tip for keeping this look all week, especially when you are at the beach, working out or sleeping, is to use a scrunchy and wear a low ponytail.

To refresh your look, use a dry shampoo and hairdryer. Use your curling wand to go over the hair pieces in front of your face, then use some dry texture spray and lock it in with your favorite hairspray. That’s


it! These are my secrets to sexy, beachy waves that you can enjoy all summer long. Remember, Summer is supposed to be fun, flirty and fantastic but, it does take a toll on your hair. Take care of your hair and it will take care of you. Summer is awaiting! Tag me in your pics or DM me for an appointment on IG @hairbyashley_marie

Photo Ashley Nostramo

The Passion for Fashion of Aisha McShaw

As an American fashion designer and entrepreneur from Mount Vernon, New York, I was surrounded by the fashion industry due to my proximity to NYC. I’d like to think that I am an inspiring American success story that others can follow. My obsession is to offer bespoke garments to flatter all body types. To get a feel for all things fashion, I traveled to London and studied with the master of tailoring, Andrew Ramroop, at the Savile Row academy.

My professional career started out in finance. For eleven years, I assisted clients as a talented personal banker. I enjoyed it and was very successful at it. Even though I was enjoying a successful career, my love of design and ardent passion for the international fashion world motivated me to begin working in retail. I began my fashion journey as a stylist and consultant, but I soon found that the flattering and tasteful apparel that I was looking for simply didn’t exist. With bold determination, I decided to invest wholeheartedly into the fashion industry and launch my eponymous design company, Aisha McShaw Designs.

First things first. I hired a gifted pattern-maker to create original pieces for my label. It was then that my label took off. I soon turned my hand to designing “made to measure” items for “A” list celebrities as well as for stylish women who were searching for bespoke garments that were perfectly tailored and fabricated using only the most luxurious fabrics.

With hard work, supportive friends and family, along with determination and a can-do attitude, I presented a 46-piece collection at the 2018 Spring/Summer NYFW.

I continue to celebrate my love of fashion by pushing the boundaries of classic elegance and style.

Follow me here in Hamptons Storyboard as I make my way through the Hamptons where classic elegance is never out of style.

Check out my collection at AishaMcShaw.com, see me on IG @aishamcshawofficial and reach out with your inquiries at Hello@Aishamcshaw.

Photos by Jarek Duk Photo by Panos Barous

Spillin’ Val Greenberg with

Hi everyone! May has always been a magical month for me. It’s beautiful out and my birthday falls on MDW. For those of you that I haven’t already met, please allow me to introduce myself…and tell you what ‘Spillin’ with Val’ is All About!

Having been raised in South Florida I have always been a fan of outdoor activities, fashion and all that summer brings. After graduating from The University of Florida where I studied Journalism, I immediately embarked on a life in The Big Apple. Entertaining and reporting on the latest Lifestyle and Pop Culture trends has always been my passion. I’ve been able to express this through developing my career as an On Air TV Host and Lifestyle Expert. Appearing on local broadcasts, throughout the country as well as on many of the most popular national entertainment programs, has afforded me a platform to share my expertise! By creating my business, “YouvebeenVALidated,” I’ve been able to spread my mission and mantra that many celebrities are familiar with. This has helped others build confidence and connections. My podcast, The AV Effect, which I co-host with Emmy winning journalist Alicia Quarles, features celebrity guests where we provide an open and warm forum. We appreciate all our listeners, and you can check us out on Apple Podcasts.

Now, to the launch of ‘Spillin’ with Val!’ I’ve been looking forward to the fun events that the Hamptons offers. Some of my favorites are Polo, pop-up workouts, charity luncheons and the Surf Lodge’s concert series. I’m excited to team up with Hamptons Storyboard to Spill’ the coolest product launches, beauty essentials and hottest trends that will help make your summer sizzle.

Let’s get to Spillin’!
This is how I recommend getting summer ready!

1Surround yourself with positive people and atmospheres. This can be accomplished by spending time with friends that make you laugh and make you a better person overall. When I see my friends embrace new opportunities it gives me more motivation to do so myself. Eating delicious food while consuming the best crafted cocktails and having conversations in the coolest neighborhoods makes summer planning such a pleasurable experience. The Carriage House in Greenwich Village just celebrated their one-year anniversary featuring elevated Americana cuisine from Chef Jordan Andino. Attending the festivities was a no brainer since my dear friend model/actor Dale Moss, who you know from The Bachelorette franchise, was involved with the venue’s conception and was the celebrity bartender for the evening. Kudos to my kind friend for what he’s accomplished and for being so inspiring by taking leaps and embracing new projects. Also, in attendance at the hotspot was four time Emmy winning producer Daniel LaGrua.


Feeling strong and fit through making some changes. Dry January was an amazing way to start the year. I wanted to see how my body and mind felt during this time and it was extremely empowering to incorporate this into my lifestyle. My positive results included feeling and looking more fit, having extra money to spend on my wardrobe and feeling very

Photo by David Warren Photo by Mark Doyle

clear in terms of mindset. I also took it upon myself to make working out a priority. Mixing up my activities and gym routine to keep my body guessing and garner the best results was successful. Some of my favorite workouts include: weightlifting at Liftonic in the West Village. They have been known to have some pop-ups out east so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their social channels, Isaac Boots’ Torch’d workout, subscribe on Instagram and sign up for his live pop-ups throughout the summer season. To shake it up I go to hot yoga at Fierce Grace and take Body Rok classes.

3Must have beauty destinations and treatments. Glowtox, a luxury boutique medical aesthetics practice in Greenwich Village is my one stop shop for skin tightening and botox upkeep. I’ve had two sofwave treatments there which use ultrasound technology to tighten the skin with minimal downtime. I absolutely loved the results! Glowtox even has a new app for Muse Memberships where members enjoy in-app benefits. Every expert at the practice has the best bedside manner. Dr. Bushra Helmandi’s Beauty and Body Aesthetics practice in midtown Manhattan is the place to go for all your wellness needs. This is where I did my Trusculpt ID and Flex treatments to melt belly fat, tighten skin and build muscle. It takes care of all your stubborn areas. This location has breathtaking views of New York City and everything about this establishment makes you feel like a VIP. The massage therapists are the best. I always follow the treatment with a lymphatic drainage massage a few days after I flex. Mia Wagner Salon is across from The Peninsula Hotel on 55th street. There is nobody better at Balayage than owner and lead colorist Gary Wagner. I have him to thank for my summer beach highlights and waves. The salon offers its own specialized product line for every hair type to enhance style. Bliss Spa is the best for mani pedis with various locations throughout NYC. Make sure you add them to your to-go list before you head out east. If you’re looking for a way to get a jumpstart on your tan, Sugared and Bronzed is the way to go. The spray usually lasts for a week and it’s a quick in and out service.

4 Pick the perfect place to stay. Whether you’re having a girl’s weekend, spending time with family or your significant other, I love The Southampton Inn because it’s classic, relaxing and charming with beautiful beaches just a mile away. You get the personal attention of a bed and breakfast which is absolutely fabulous!

5 My final step for getting summer ready is shopping for my must have essentials so I can be a girl on the glow!

Fillin’ My Purse:

Ferragamo Sunglasses at Ferragamo.com, SS24 Style SF2006S-232

Anastasia Rosewood Lip Liner and Soft Pink Lip Gloss great for day and evening! Lumify Eye Drops make the whites of your eyes super clear so you look well rested.

Cotz Travel Sized Tinted Mineral

Sunscreen is so easy to reapply throughout the day and blends right into your complexion with makeup on or not.

Hourglass Unlocked Mascara makes your lashes look like extensions. It’s a tubing mascara that you can remove with a little water and is smudge proof.

Sexy Hair: Spray and Play travel sized hair spray so my beach waves are on point. My YouvebeenVALidated brand apparel grab yours at Fiercepulse.com/products/ youve-been-validated-leggings. These 4 way stretch leggings lay flat against your stomach with a comfortable waistband that won’t dig in. They are made with a highquality fabric and are squat proof so no one will see through when you bend. They have UPF 40+ so they are designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You will be sure to turn heads with the bold blue pop of color and magenta logo whether you’re grabbing a coffee on Main Street or hitting your favorite workout, wherever your day takes you, you’ll look fierce and fab in these.

Now that I have provided you with some fabulous suggestions to feel and look your best it’s time to hit the beach and have some evening fun. For those of you in Sag Harbor you can enjoy dinner, dancing and your favorite cocktail on the water at Le Bilboquet. Donna Karan’s Tutto Il Giorno decor and food is off the charts delicious and chic. Calissa’s in Bridgehampton always has the best DJ’s and live performances. If you see me this summer, please say hello and remember youvebeenVALidated! Pass It On!

Cheers to summer!

Top right photo by Anna Greenberg, all other photos by Val Greenberg

The Music Journey of Raymond Castronovo

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Brooklyn native Raymond Castronovo has overcome a lifethreatening disease, building a successful construction business literally from the ground up and now re-fueling his music career that he put on hold for 30 years.

Hi, Raymond! You’ve accomplished a lot in your life on many fronts, as a family man, a successful entrepreneur, cancer survivor and as a musician who also owns his own record label. How have you been able to juggle it all and what keeps you going?

It’s about making progress. Whether it’s moving one small pebble at a time or moving a bigger rock, the desire to succeed and the self-motivation keeps me going.

You are a cancer survivor. Tell us about that!

About 18 years ago, around the end of November, we took the kids to Lake Placid, NY for a Christmas weekend at a place they called The North Pole. On that Sunday morning, I received a call from my doctor, whom I saw a few days before for a routine physical. He indicated I had an issue and not to shave, that I had to brush my teeth with my finger, and no snowboarding or physical activity. I replied, “This sounds serious, what’s going on?” He then said I had no platelets and could develop severe bleeding. What a shocker! He then told me I had to see a hematologist, ASAP. I researched and found a doctor in Bay Shore, NY whose credentials were highly ranked in the country. At my first visit, he completed a repeat blood test and verified that the original results from my primary care physician were correct and I had no platelets. He then proceeded to do a bone marrow extraction for further testing in which the Mayo Clinic confirmed that I had a rare form of leukemia. I was immediately admitted to the hospital where for 10 days they give me high doses of chemotherapy to kill not only all the cancer cells, but also the healthy living cells as well. Once they determined that all the cells were eliminated, I was given 24-hours to see if my bone marrow would reproduce these cells or if I required a bone marrow transplant. Within 24-hours I was lucky enough to have all my cells back to normal.

From that time to now, I have remained in remission, and everyday is my birthday. When I say every day is my birthday, I truly mean it, deep within my heart. Being a blood-cancer survivor and waking up everyday, I consider myself a very lucky person.

You’ve released a lot of music these past three years, including a full album and two EPs, all under the artist name “Streetwise.” Tell us a bit about the music and how Streetwise came to be.

I created my own genre. I call it “music stew” due to the variety of music that influenced our sound.

So, about 5-years ago I decided that I was in a position to pursue my passion, music. The passion was dorment but, it was still living within me. At this point I reached out to Germano Studios/The Hit Factory to record there. Remembering me, I had a record deal in my early days and was going to record there, they welcomed me with open arms. We are still recording there to this day.

To begin writing, recording, and performing, I hand-selected some highquality musicians, one being bass player Joe Martines who toured the world with Chubby Checker and Irene Cara. There were a few other top-tier musicians who took a liking to my music, including Chris

Palmaro who played with the Saturday Night Live Band for a long stretch. Chris played drums, piano and B3 organ on our last recording, which we are getting ready to release within the next few weeks. Do you write all your own songs? What’s the creative process like?

Yes, I write all my own songs from beginning to end. I enjoy writing about real life stories, be it a ballad, a sad song, a seductive song or dance song. This creative process starts as I am putting the music together, both chords and notes on my guitar, in the preliminary stage. Based on the sense of feel that the music brings, I then develop a story behind the notes.

What’s coming up for Streetwise in 2024?

This Summer’s performances will really highlight our new EP, Appetite for Unity, which is set to be released early this summer. To keep up with all that we’re doing, subscribe to our website, to receive updates on our new releases and where to find us performing!

Where can people find your music?

Streetwise’s music can be found on all major music platforms: Spotify, Apple and YouTube. Just type in “Streetwise Crossing Bridges,” “Streetwise The Other Side,” or “Streetwise The Road Ahead.” Also be sure to check out our newest Christmas song “Here Comes Christmas Day.” Follow us on IG @StreetwiseNYC and the web at www.StreetwiseNY.com. Raymond Castronovo is a lifelong guitarist, singer, songwriter and lover of music. His natural gift for connecting with the audience caught the attention of a major record label and they offered him a contract. On the brink of signing with the label, the young artist found out his wife was pregnant, and he had to put his music dreams on hold to focus on starting a family. He continued writing and sharing his music with his close circle of family and friends, knowing he would someday return to music fulltime. He later formed the band, Streetwise, in 2019, and the band released their debut album, Crossing Bridges, in 2021, their first EP, The Other Side, in 2022 and their latest EP, The Road Ahead, was released in March 2023.

by Stephen

Photo Reganato
MAY 2024
Located in the heart of hi oric Southampton Village, ju eps from Main Street, the Southampton Inn is unassuming and utterly charming. With 90 boutique rooms, we offer the personal attention of a bed and breakfa with the services of a hotel. Reserve your room at southamptoninn.com or call 631.283.6500 91 HILL STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, NY 11968 | 631.283.6500 | SOUTHAMPTONINN.COM

Abra cadabra! It’s Kevin Nicholas-The Modern Mentalist. I sat down with the entertainer to the stars to discuss his life, career and how he’s brought the “Magic” back to the Hamptons.

Q. I’ve been following you over the years and you’ve become one of the busiest Mentalists, not just in NY but, all over the country. You seem to always be traveling and performing everywhere. What has your year been like?

A. This year has been one of the most fun and wildest years since I started performing 20+ years ago. I really started to brand myself and work on my social media, as well as taking full control of my career. This year I have had the ability to work with companies that I could have only dreamed to have worked with. It’s all becoming a reality.

Q. How did you learn and begin a career in magic?

A. Hogwarts, lol. It all started with me seeing an infomercial called Jaw Droppers which was a set of VHS tapes filled with easy to learn party and magic tricks. I somehow convinced my parents to get me the course and before I knew it, my hobby turned into a passion that created a dream career.

Q. Why magic?

A. I really fell in love with those VHS tapes and before I knew it, magic became my vehicle to entertain and bring good vibes to people. I actually started later than most. I was 13- or 14-yearsold whereas others start before they turn 10. I couldn’t sing or play any instruments and I loved to entertain and make people laugh. Even as a child I would pretend to be a wrestler in front of thousands of people in a stadium and I would jump off the headboard of my parents bed all the while making cheering sounds. In elementary school I did a few plays, which helped to cement my love of entertaining and magic gave me that vehicle. Seeing people react to what I was doing was amazing. The real kicker was that after college it was hard to find

Photographs by Barbara Lassen


a job, we were in a recession, so I said to my family “I’m going to give magic a try,” they said “go for it,” and here we are.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in Oceanside, New York, where I went to Adelphi University and studied business and marketing.

Q. Which celebrities have you entertained?

A. I’m blessed to say the majority of Hollywood.

Q. Of the celebrities you performed for, who stands out?

A. Micheal Strahan is one of the coolest, down to earth people I got to spend time and enjoy a cigar with. Glen Powell, I have known him for years now and I’m so happy to see him become so successful. The dude is probably the nicest guy in Hollywood. Jimmy Fallon has given me some of the best advice that I’ve taken to heart. He’s also very reactive when I perform. He has the best responses.

Q. Biggest and best celebrity event?

A. I don’t know if there’s a best celeb event. All events have their amazing moments, however, I have been lucky to perform for many of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses for their charities, holiday parties and birthday bashes. I’ve been blessed to have performed for some of the biggest private events Hollywood throws.

Q. Biggest career setback?

A. Covid happened at the worst time. My career was just taking off and I was flying back and forth to L.A., almost every week. I started to gain a bit of a reputation and TV shows started reaching out to me. Unfortunately, within just a few months, I lost everything I had worked so hard and so many years for. It came to the point where I didn’t even know if I wanted to perform anymore. I lost who I was, that human connection and the joy of entertaining was taken away. Thankfully, my stubbornness and obsession to not fail, kept me going. One of the best quotes I use to keep myself going is by Seth Rogan, “If you don’t quit, you might make it. If you do quit, you definitely won’t.”

own special qualities, from the more chill vibes of Montauk, to the chicness of Southampton. I actually love the East End more in the off months with all the fall vibes the Hamptons offers. One of my favs is to hang and sip away at Wölffer Estates winery. It’s pure magic during the holidays.

Q. Favorite Montauk spots?

Q. What do you love about the East End?

A. There is an energy and vibe that each area has from the Hamptons to Montauk. I find that each location has its

A. My 2 fav spots are def Eddy Ecker Park where I bring my dog, Seth, to run and swim or The Montauk Brewery where it’s honestly just good vibes and good people all the time. Also, Left Hand Coffee because I can’t start a day without it.

Q. Favorite restaurants on the East End?

A. In Montauk, Harvest on Fort Pond and Duryea’s would have to be my go-to spots. However, I can’t drive in or out of Montauk without getting a slice from FINI pizza in Amagansett.

Q. Tell us about Seth.

A. Seth is my 8-year-old English Golden retriever who is more famous than me in Montauk. He is the dog that will say hello to every single person he encounters and will hang out with them if they continue to pet him. Seth honestly gets more attention than a Kardashian.

Q. If your life was a song what would it be?

A. Well, my life is still going but I would say a song that represents me is Good Vibes by Chris Janson.

Q. First job ever?

A. I sold new and used sports equipment


at a store called Play It Again Sports.

Q. First car?

A. I believe it was an ’03 Nissan Altima. I drove it to 170k miles.

Q. Go-to summer look?

A. Always linen suits for my shows, but my go-to is the Adam Mar surf shop in Montauk. I believe I own every piece of his collection. I live in my Sabahs. I’ve known the owner, Micky, for years.

Q. Favorite date spots?

A. Although I’m single at the moment or as I like to say-auditioning, I’m all about fun vibes. In the Hamptons I love Wölffer Estates winery and I always have a good time there. The Montauk Beach House always has great music, fun vibes and amazing cocktails. I think I lived off Aperol spritz one summer. The Montauk Brewery is by far my favorite spot. It’s all about good vibes and meeting new friends while there. My dinner spots would have to be the Harvest on Fort Pond, it has the best food. Next, Duryea’s for its amazing view and great seafood. To end the night, The Yacht Club is always an amazing time with great music and you never know when a dance off can happen.

Q. If you’re stranded on an island, what 3 things do you need?

A. My dog Seth, a deck of playing cards and an unlimited supply of Kitchen Kaberet Banana Split iced coffee.

Q. One shout out, who would it be?

A. Jason Mamoa. Let’s do some axe throwing and have a few Guinness. Fast facts

B-Day? Sept 1st Sign? Virgo

Eyes? Blue Hair? Blonde

Favorite number? #1

Favorite cologne? Santal 33 Pool or beach? Pool

Sandals or slides? Neither, Sabahs Pet peeve? Lateness and people that don’t say thank you when holding the door.

Ultimate party to perform at?

CMA’s, I love the Country Music Awards.

What’s something no-one knows about you?

Can’t start my day without making my bed and having a cup of iced coffee.

If we entered your room what would surprise us? Prob my collection of Cowboy boots.

IG @modernmentalist


Surf shop photo location courtesy of Adam Mar surf shop in Montauk. Thank you.

Date DelightsNight

There is nothing like a relaxing summer date night out east. The soft warm hues of a bayside sunset while sipping a spritzy flirtatious aperitif on an expansive green lawn is sublime, and of course, you cannot forget a particular cozy corner table in the tavern of a beloved Hamptons Inn. These subdued and intimate details may be found at some of my favorite dining spots across the Hamptons. Let them serve as an ideal escape for a romantic al fresco lunch or late night dinner with that special someone.

Armin & Judy, Bridgehampton

Nestled just off Montauk Highway as you enter Bridgehampton, Armin & Judy boasts an in-house retail bakery and full restaurant, inspired by the Riviera locales across the Mediterranean

coastline. I love to come during the ‘daylight menu’ hours with my significant other and savor such dishes as the croque madame or lox Benedict. A baked good is always essential – choose the almond croissant or pain suisse.

The Beacon, Sag Harbor

Set on the picturesque Sag Harbor Marina, The Beacon offers breathtaking sunset views paired with casually upscale cuisine entwined with an invigorating essence of summer. This romantic dining destination is perched above the bay creating that perfect birdseye view of the sun setting each evening, where no two sunsets are ever the same. Order the lobster rigatoni and halibut baked in parchment, two of my most favorite plates. Or share their steamed mussels ‘Beacon Style’ with white wine and lemon-thyme while cozying up at the interior bar.

The 1770 House, East Hampton

Set inside a handsome 18th century colonial home on East Hampton’s stately Main Street, The 1770 House hits all the right notes for a romantic date night out in the Hamptons. Whether you desire a sophisticated fine dining experience or casual meal, you will surely impress your significant other. Chef Michael Rozzi recommends his signature Montauk fluke tartare with pickled cucumber, hijiki, wasabi tobiko and radish, paired with Wölffer Estate Trebbiano. “The wine is food-friendly, and serves as an excellent pairing with fresh seafood and spicy foods,” notes Rozzi. Sweeten the night with their famous Sticky Date Cake with vanilla gelato.

Tutto Caffé, East Hampton

A cozy and sophisticated approach to romantic dining

that consistently ‘carries me back’ to Italy is Tutto Caffé in East Hampton Village close to Herrick Park and within walking distance of the historic district. Helmed by Gianpaolo de Felice and David Mayer, this spot serves some of the most delicious organic coffee around. I recommend their cappuccino or chai latte with the tagliere di formaggi that serves two or a few ‘piccola pasticceria’ selections for an even sweeter experience together.

Tip: Looking for a oneof-a-kind romantic dining experience in the Hamptons? Grab a picnic basket, a blanket and visit one of the bay beaches for a calm and relaxing moment with that special someone. For an elevated experience, look to my favorites, Hamptons Aristocrat or The Setting Collective to meticulously curate a luxe beach experience. @vanessapgordon

Francesco’s Foundation, is a newly formed 501c3 organization that is dedicated to preventing teenage suicide and bullying among children. Their goal is to provide a voice and to supprt educational programs that will safeguard lives. One of their efforts is to focus on the safe storage of all firearms in the home. The foundation wants to shine a light on the increasing issue of bullying by focusing on preventing all forms of it, with a focused attention on supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Encompassing all of

this will be efforts that highlight and educate teenagers about the dangers of engaging in risky online activities. This will bring added attention to the importance of securing all firearms in the home because having unsecured firearms available to teenagers heightens the risk of teenage suicide.

The efforts of the foundation are in

memory of seventeen year old Francesco Cochran, who died by suicide with an unsecured shotgun at 2:00 am on Oct 21st 2021 on a warm October evening on a moonlit beach in the Hamptons. Help honor Francesco’s life by supporting the foundation’s efforts to make the world more understanding, supportive and inclusive.

Follow the links for more information. https://www.hamptonsbrunch.com/tickets https://francescosfoundation.org/tickets/ IG: @francescofoundation

© Artem Zakharov/Adobe Stock


2024 Dating Trends

Hi, and happy summer!

It’s me again, Dr. Cooper, aka your own personal dating expert/psychologist/allaround-smarty pants here to help you with any and all things dating. There are new dating trends that you may have been sleeping on this winter. So, let’s get you out there and up to speed! It all starts with Gen Z. Say what you will about Gen Z and their love of flip-phones and fear of toes, they sure have gotten dating right. Previous generations, (I’m looking at you Gen X) had a checklist; a set of rules, of sorts, about all the things they won’t tolerate in a partner. Those qualities that somehow measured a person’s bank account, relationship with their mother and assessed their style of footwear as a personality marker and prediction of what a future with them would look like. That’s all over. The new hotness when it comes to dating is none of that.

she canceled a toxic date while on his way over. He had texted, “Alright you shallow b–ch don’t judge my car,” as a joke, but she saw it as the red flag it was. If they’re giving you toxicity early, it’s not going to get any better.

2. Avoid game playing and avoid people who play them. Waiting to text if you had a good time on a date because you don’t want to appear vulnerable? That’s out. Or pretending to be busy when you’re not? Out. Be you. Be real and if they can’t handle it, they did you a favor.

Follow This 2024 Dating Trend And You Won’t Be Single This Summer!

People who are single right now are no longer focused on the qualities that wander a bit into the superficial factbased informational territory. Instead, the new trend is to prioritize personal growth, meaningful connections and mental health.

In a recent study, 46% of Gen Z’ers said that they prioritize their own mental health while dating. That’s what you should do too, regardless of how old you are.

So, how do you do that? Here are my top 5 best pieces of summer dating advice:

1. Stay away from anyone who has any toxic qualities whatsoever. Like the woman who went viral on TikTok when

3. The first date is not about how much you spend. Due to low pay and high costs, most first dates are not a big splash of cash anymore and that’s a good thing. It says that you are not superficial and are eager to get to know someone for who they are and not what they are willing to spend. A recent survey found nearly one-third of Gen Z’ers are more open to doing free activities on a date or swapping a restaurant for a home-cooked meal.

4. Get real, but not real fast. You want to make a meaningful connection early. You do that by listening more than talking, be honest but not T.M.I. honest and don’t judge the other person. But also, practice “slow dating.” That means being considerate of how often you see the other person. Take it slow in order to build an emotional connection in a pressure-free and relaxed environment. In fact, most people under 40 say that their number one goal for dating is personal growth. Be with someone who challenges you but also supports actions that

lead to protecting your mental health, as well as theirs. So, no ghosting. That’s also out. All of those cute dating terms that are nice ways of being rude or hurtful, like “breadcrumbing” and “love bombing,” are all out.

Ok, I Hear You. So, What About My On-line Dating Profile?

This is a SUPER important question. Be real. A major social psychology study, published just this year, found that there is a key to having a successful dating profile and it’s the one thing you need to do, especially in tandem with the dating trend of prioritizing personal growth, meaningful connections and mental health.

1. DON’T BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, BE REAL: Do not write about how you love hot yoga, dogs and a good Riesling. You can include some fun facts, but what you should be writing are cues that are more emotionally based. It’s boring to say you love dogs because, who doesn’t? Instead, write about a unique aspect of your personality you are most proud of such as: “I’m a very loyal friend” or “I’m very easy to get along with.”

2. MAKE IT ABOUT GETTING TO KNOW THEM: If you listen to none of this advice, I implore you to follow

this one thing. It’s a game-changer. There was a huge study done where they looked at the most successful dating profiles, regardless of how attractive or whatever status the person seemed to have held and what they found was that those who focused on getting to know the other person were significantly more successful in getting dates and having relationships than those who didn’t. Put that out there. Put your curiosity about them in your profile. Say, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you” or “I can list all the things I like but I’m more curious about what you like.”

The reason I’m asking you to follow the dating trends of Gen Z (assuming you aren’t one) is because they are unique. Previous generations have used mental health as a reason for being limited in life. Gen Z does the opposite, which is better for dating.

They are interconnected globally because of social media and that has made them more stressed and more depressed, as studies are showing. But it’s also made them more likely to seek professional help, protect their mental health and as a result, it’s decreased the stigma of talking about mental health. This is a good thing. It makes relationships more real and that’s the priority. Perhaps it’s because it’s so rare to feel that anyone really knows us, therefore, people value it more highly in their relationships.

Cooper is a multiple Gracie Award winning radio host, podcaster, TV personality, Author, PhD and dog owner. She can be heard on CBS news radio stations across the country. Be sure to follow her on IG @thecooperlawrence and check out her latest bestselling book: Been There Done That, Kept The Jewelry.

MAY 2024
Photo by Michael Harrison

Health and Wellness

The Doctor Is In. Preventing Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tickborne illness caused by the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi and it poses a significant health challenge here on Long Island. The region’s high deer population creates a favorable environment for ticks, the primary vectors of Lyme disease. Preventing this disease requires a multifaceted approach, focusing on personal protection, property management and community education.

your pants into your socks to minimize skin exposure.

Perform Tick Checks: After spending time outdoors, conduct thorough tick checks on yourself, your children and pets. Pay special attention to your underarms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, waist and in your hair.

Property Management: Maintain your yard. Keep your lawn mowed and clear tall grass and brush around your home. This helps to reduce the tick’s habitats.

disease prevention, its symptoms and the importance of early treatment.

Support Tick Management Programs: Advocate for, and support, local and state tick management programs that aim to reduce the tick population through environmentally sensitive methods.

Encourage Tick Reporting and Surveillance: Participate in these programs to help health officials track populations and Lyme disease cases.

Personal Protection: Use and apply tick repellents, that contain 20-30% DEET, on exposed skin and clothing. For children, use products with a concentration of no more than 30% DEET. Natural alternatives like oil and lemon eucalyptus can also be effective. Dress appropriately. When outside wear light-colored long-sleeved shirts, long pants and closed shoes. Tuck

Create Tick-Free Zones: To restrict tick migration, use wood chips or gravel.

Manage Wildlife: Plant deer-resistant vegetation or install deer fencing. Remove features that attract rodent hosts, such as bird feeders, open garbage and fallen fruit.

Community Education and Action: Promote awareness. Communities should organize educational programs on Lyme

Celebrate Self Love this Season with Rose Quartz

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

Those are the words of one of my favorite poets, Rumi, a 13th Century Sufi mystic. Writing 800 years ago, he captured in this very simple poem everything that is true today. Centuries later, Lennon and McCartney advised “Love is all you need” and Bob Marley simplified it even further to “One Love.” And if love is truly the bridge between you and everything, and all you need is love, and one love is real, then it all begins with you. The richness emanating from your heart’s center is a central force for good, and self-love is the key. The perfect crystal to support your cultivation and nurturing of self-love is Rose Quartz. Known as a stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz dates back to 7000 BC. It

carries the energetic properties of peace, balance, calmness, fosters faith, strengthens hope and compassion, among many other benefits that help us to receive, give and embrace love more fully. Importantly, Rose Quartz helps to deepen our relationship with ourselves, encouraging forgiveness and promoting joy. Louise Hay, the late author, and visionary founder of Hay House said, “I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.” Work with your Rose Quartz in any way that feels good to you. We use it in content on our wellness app, OneFirelight, to enrich our yoga, meditation and cardio classes. Years ago, I wrote this poem. I share it with you as an offering, to use as a daily mantra, or to read nowand-then as a gentle reminder

Preventing Lyme disease on Long Island requires a comprehensive and proactive approach that combines personal protection measures, property management and community-wide education and action. By adopting these strategies, residents can significantly reduce their risk of Lyme disease and enjoy the natural beauty of Long Island with peace of mind.

Dr. Marc Messineo has been in family practice for over twenty-five years and is currently located in Babylon, N.Y.

to honor and love your Self.

I treasure my life.

I am thankful to God for this wonderful gift of life. I am gentle to my body. I eat wholesome foods. I eat with the natural rhythm of my body’s internal work.

I stretch and exercise daily. I nurture my soul every day. I rest my body to contentment.

I love my body exactly as it is.

I appreciate the wonderful miracle of life.

Kathryn is an entrepreneur, marketing professional,

writer, yoga and meditation instructor with over 20 years of dedication to the practice. She has developed specialized yoga and meditation programs for individuals with diverse challenges. Kathryn is the Co-founder and CEO of OneFirelight, an innovative fitness and wellness platform offering a wide range of video-on-demand classes and content. Most classes are taught in nature, accompanied by the soul-nurturing licensed music of the legendary Bob Marley and The Wailers, Skip Marley and other inspiring reggae artists. Kathryn knew and developed a personal connection with Marley in the ‘70s before his musical career took off. Marley’s music and philosophy of unity continue to inspire Kathryn.

IG @onefirelight



Photos Brian Offidani
Rose Quartz Photo Skyla Schoppmeyer



The Mission Society Ambassadors recently met at the new Flatiron hotspot, Tavern29 owned by Croine O’Halloran. For over two centuries, the Mission Society of New York has been committed to ending multigenerational poverty by unlocking the potential of the city’s most underserved families. For more information, visit: www.missionsociety.org



The posh and ultra-chic beauty & fragrance boutique, Osswald in Nolita, NYC hosted several perfume launches while we were away. D2D2D had the pleasure of attending several of them, including: Navitus x Victor dE Souza, Artem, Bohoboco, Veronique Gabai, and Ormonde Jayne.

Photo by Croine O’Halloran
Dawne Marie Grannum, Flo Anthony, Elyse Henrici, Jules Perez, Jamilla Perez-Hosein. Photo by Josh Coronel Clockwise: Matthew Lach, Michal Gilbert Lach, Tanja Dreiding Wallace, Dustin Lujan. Piet Sinthuchai, Karimah Bowen-Elliott, Victor dE Souza. Dustin Lujan, Hayan Merchant and Victor dE Souza; Daniel Quintanilla, Kingson Chen, Veronica Gabai, Adam Soumayah, Noel Thomas, Danyal Sultan, Patrick Rumagit. FASHION & BEAUTY VICTOR DE SOUZA 2024 NYFW AT TERMINAL 5, NYC. Photo by by Jason Leiva Photo by D2D2D Photos by D2D2D Photo by Michael Ostuni Photo by by Michael Ostuni



D2D2D had the pleasure of attending a splendid evening of delectable Chocolate Tasting at the MarieBelle Luxury Chocolate store in Soho, NYC. Founded by Maribel Lieberman, MarieBelle has been pleasing chocolate connoisseurs for over 20 years. To buy MarieBelle’s decadent chocolates in person, visit 484 Broome Street, NYC.


Every year, NYC welcomes Hollywood A-listers for movie screenings and panel discussions during awards season. The energy and excitement in the city were palpable. The 2024 NYC Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards viewing party was held at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea.


The 2024 National Action Network Keepers of the Dream Dinner & Awards Ceremony hosted by actor Anthony Anderson was held on April 10th at the Sheraton New York Times Square. The honorees were: Whoopi Goldberg (The View), Caroline Wanga (CEO & President, Essence Ventures), Michelle GadsdenWilliams (Managing Director, BlackRock), Dr. Philip O. Ozuah (President & CEO, Montefiore Einstein), Rev. Herbert Daniel Daughtery, Sr. (Pastor, Author, Humanitarian), & Alexis McGill Johnson (President, Planned Parenthood). NAN is a leading civil rights organization founded in 1991 by Reverend Al Sharpton, in the spirit and tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote a modern civil rights agenda. To learn more about NAN, visit: www.nationalactionnetwork.net.


The incredibly talented actress & singer, Melissa Errico, performed selections from her best-selling album ‘Sondheim in the City’ at the historic National Arts Club in NYC.

Anthony Anderson, Martin Luther King III, Whoopi Goldberg, Rev. Al Sharpton; Matt Damon, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan at AMC Lincoln Square; Ellen Lewis, Robert De Niro; Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Dr. Philip O. Ozuah; Martin Luther King III, Caroline Wanga, Rev. Al Sharpton.

Photos by D2D2D Dawne Marie Grannum, Andrew Simon, Jewel Donohue; Judith Light, Colman Domingo; Bradley Cooper, Carey Mulligan, Hugh Jackman Photos by D2D2D Photo by: Laila Kelly Aisha McShaw, Dawne Marie Grannum, Brooke Ellis, Bevy Smith Photo byD2D2D Guillermo D. Castillo, Melissa Errico

Those to Know

The who’s who of the Hamptons are getting ready for another spectacular season out east. Notables in the crowd include philanthropists, medical professionals, leading entrepreneurs and even world leaders.

Gathering in villages from Southampton to Montauk, these individuals host the Hamptons starry events and galas.

Cagri Kanver

Jean Shafiroff

As a philanthropic leader, TV host, and the author of the book, Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by What you Give, Shafiroff defines the art of giving back. Shafiroff is involved in motivating the next generation and aims to instill in them hope as they follow her on the pathway to successful philanthropy. www.jeanshafiroff.com

Cagri’s initiation into the world of real estate was rooted in his architectural consulting career. While designing large-scale campuses across multiple markets, he discovered a fundamental truth—numbers matter. The fusion of his Turkish roots and global perspective allowed him to understand that the efficiency and effectiveness needed to prevent unnecessary project costs, allowed him to align design aspirations with practical realities. www.watermark-investments.com

Dede Gotthelf

Dede Gotthelf has managed the team which for decades continues to see to the desires, wants, needs and comfort of guests as the owner of the beautiful Southampton Inn, located in Southampton. Well-known and well-respected among her peers and those in the hospitality and business communities, Gotthelf is a lynchpin who has always graciously given her time, attention and resources to a myriad of local causes and worthy charities such as being an active supporter on the executive board of Pianofest among others. Gotthelf grew up in NYC, graduated from The Brearley School, then Williams College and presently resides in East Quogue. www.southamptoninn.com

Ian Duke Ian Duke is dedicated to making a difference in Southampton’s social and culinary scene. He is a partner in a number of well-known restaurants, including Prohibition on New York’s Upper West Side; Lucky’s Famous Burgers located in Hell’s Kitchen, Southampton Social Club, Union Burger and The Baylander Steel Beach moored at West Harlem piers. southamptonsocialclub.com

Elton Ilirjani

Fashion icon Elton Ilirjani has become a guru in the industry and the face of the genderless modeling movement. This has transpired to having legions of followers that are dedicated to listening and learning the message of gender equality. www.instagram.com/eilirjani/

Joseph and Maria DeCristofaro

A born and raised Southampton local, Joseph believes in supporting the community and providing the best in service and quality. An avid foodie, Joseph is a world traveler who has been involved in every capacity in the restaurant industry since he was a teenager and has extensive knowledge of cuisines from around the world. He and his wife, Maria, are at the helm of the Old Stove Pub which celebrates its 55th Anniversary this season. www.oldstovepub.com

Leesa Rowland

Actress, philanthropist, and author Leesa Rowland grew up in Texas where she studied broadcast journalism and later became a classically trained actress at the world-renowned Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles. Beyond her extensive career and credits as a film and television actress, she is also wellknown for her work as a philanthropist and animal rights activist. Her book “The Charisma Factor” is the ultimate handbook that unlocks the mysterious formula for charm and influence. Whether you’re someone who lives in the spotlight, or you’re a college graduate just starting your career, this book will improve the way you communicate and interact with others with useful lessons and Leesa’s personal tips. www.leesarowland.net

Patricia Silverstein

American Philanthropist Patricia Silverstein concentrates much of her time on raising funds for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. She hosts The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation’s annual Hamptons Garden Gala at her home along with her husband Roger Silverstein. www.silversteindreamfoundation.com

Soren White, MD

From Aspen to Manhattan, Greenwich to East-Hampton, Dr. Soren White is the underthe-radar contact on everyone’s summer speed dial whose international expertise in noninvasive, state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation has clients camera ready with perfect skin.

Polo Landau

Melissa Polo Landau “The Closet Therapist” is part of the revolution of fashion experts who are co-mingling the art of styling with trailblazing ways of leveling up a client’s social media and networking presence. With an eye for what is en vogue, she takes clothes off the rack and runway to develop selects for clients across the east coast. www.melissapololandau.com

Photo by Patrick McMullan Photo by PS Image Photo by Udo Images Photo by Marsin Photo Photo by Nicole Laxton Photo by Dan’s Papers Photo by Vital Agibalow for Hensel Photo by Patrick McMullen Photo by Michael Ostuni for Getty Images Melissa


Claire Florence x Fierce Grace Collaboration Exhibition Friday, May 24th, 2024 • Daily until June 15th. 3 Railroad Avenue, East Hampton NY. Artist Claire Florence will be displaying her collaboration with Fierce Grace at their East Hampton studio. Claire is at the cutting edge of developing AI-based art expressed physically using precious metals, inspired by the true inner spirit animals of the human soul. www.claireflorence.com



Ann Liguori “Life on the Green” Book Party, Thursday June 27th, 2024 • 6:00 pm, Canoe Place, Hampton Bays, NY. Sports talk show host and author will be hosting a book party for “Life on the Green: Lessons and Wisdom from Legends of Golf.” Her 26th Annual Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic takes place on Wednesday, May 29th at Friar’s Head golf course. www.annliguori.com

7Southampton Hospital Foundation 66th Annual Summer Party, Saturday, August 3rd, 2024 • 6:00 pm. Under the Tent on Wickapogue Road, Southampton, NY. This highly anticipated 66th Annual Summer Party, is to benefit Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. The deadline to be included on the invitation as a table sponsor is June 1st. For tickets and more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/SBSHSummerParty2024

Southampton Inn Memorial Day BBQ Sunday, May 26th, 2024 • 2:00 pm, 91 Hill Street, Southampton, NY. The Southampton Inn starts the summer season with a Memorial Day BBQ and live music event. www.Southamptoninn.com


Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

20th Annual Hamptons

Happening, Saturday, July 6th, 2024 • 7:00 pm, at the Fishel estate at 900 Lumber Lane, Bridgehampton, NY. This year’s honorees include Arthur F. Backal, Stacey Griffith, Cheri Kaufman, Stephen Kliegerman, and Chef Francois Payard. The Step Up to Turn Cancer Off event is running from June 17th – June 23rd with an in-person walk at Metlife Stadium on June 22nd. www.waxmancancer.org


Alan & Diane Lieberman Memorial Day Brunch, Sunday, May 26th, 2024 • 12:00 Noon, Private Home, Water Mill, NY. South Beach

Group Hotels Alan and Realestate guru Diane Lieberman host a Memorial Day weekend brunch to kick-off the summer.


Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation 15th

Unconditional Love Gala, Saturday, July 20th, 2024 • 6:00 pm, Under the tents at Wickapogue, Southampton, NY. Led by Anthony Sabia and Kathleen Rice, this year’s honoree is Cathy Bissell, founder - Bissell Pet Foundation. www.southamptonanimalshelter.com

Where to Go


Silverstein Dream Foundation Annual Hamptons Garden Gala, Saturday, August 10th, 2024 • 6:00 pm, Home of Co-Hosts Patricia & Roger Silverstein, Watermill, NY. The SILVERSTEIN DREAM FOUNDATION’s annual Hamptons Garden Gala in support of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF). Patricia is a life and business coach, founder of Coaching X Humanity and the founder of the Silverstein Dream Foundation together with her husband Roger Silverstein. The event will feature a cocktail reception; dinner; auctions; and entertainment. A private brunch to launch the Summer will take place on Saturday, May 25th, 2024 at 1:00 pm. www.DiabetesResearch.org www.silversteindreamfoundation.com


Northwell Health Summer Hamptons Evening (S.H.E.), Saturday, August 3rd, 2024 • 6:00 pm, Private Residence, Water Mill, NY. Northwell Health is at the forefront of change in women’s health care. Funds raised at SHE will benefit the Katz Institute for Women’s Health. The evening celebration will include dinner under the tent, an

impactful program and a special musical performance with emcee Rosanna Scotto. SHE is presented by Victoria Moran-Furman, Iris and Saul Katz, Eric Moran and Lawrence Scott Events. For tickets and more information, visit: https://bit. ly/4aBtEUg

Photos courtesy Lawlor Media Group Photo by Northwell Studios Photo by BFA Michelle Kammerman
www.oldstovepub.com 3516 Montauk Highway, Sagaponack Open Nightly Steakhouse and Sushi Bar Live Music. Event Space 631-537-3300

Aries This summer is burning with passion and adventure! Every conversation comes alive with sparks from your roaring spirit. Take risks, embrace spontaneity, and allow your charisma to shine through.

Lucky number 1 carries fortunate energy, symbolizing opportunities for new beginnings, excitement and success.

Taurus Summer is going to be full of sensual pleasures and alluring appeal. Enjoy leisurely activities and cherish each and every moment of happiness that comes your way. Admirers are drawn to you as bees are drawn to honey.

Lucky number 3 symbolizes beneficial moments for you to enjoy the summer.

Gemini This summer is an everlasting playground for you. You’ll charm your way through lively conversations and spontaneous experiences with a wit that’s as bright as the summer sun.

Lucky number 3 symbolizes fortunate opportunities for you.

Cancer Let the summertime nostalgia and passion wash over you. Ignite sensitive and passionate sparks during nighttime strolls and cozy picnics. Your loving nature radiates and attracts people like moths to a flame.

Lucky number 7 will allow you to deepen your emotional understanding and find peace during the summer months.

Leo Summer is your stage. As you bask in the affection and adoration of others, you exude confidence and charisma. Take in the excitement of discovery, sultry outings and passionate liaisons.

Lucky number 5 lets you embrace the spirit of adventure and bask in the sunny vibes of the season.

Virgo This summer is your time to shine with seductive charm and carefree spontaneity! Give up trying to be flawless and enjoy the pleasure of the present moment.

Lucky number 6 brings you balance balance and blessings.

Libra The summer is full of enticing opportunities and flirtations. As you gracefully and charmingly move through life, don’t forget to embrace the warmth of the sun. Indulge in leisurely activities and use your magnetic charm to attract new relationships.

Lucky number 7 ingintes inner wisdom and aligns with your higher purpose this season.

Scorpio Let the summer fuel your energy and passion. Savor the excitement of journeys and mystery-filled gatherings while reveling in the seasonal warmth. Your appeal attracts admirers, igniting passionate relationships and romance.

Lucky number 8 helps you manifest desires and experience prosperity during the season.

Sagittarius This summer is yours to explore and be free. Accept spontaneity and actively explore uncharted territory. Like-minded folks are drawn to you by your contagious humor and adventurous personality.

Lucky number 9 will bring out your adventurous spirit.

Cosmic Cues

Capricorn Let the summer sun light your way to delightful escapades and playful romances! Say yes to your inner child and enjoy carefree times filled with affection and laughter. Admirers are captivated by your grounded charisma.

Lucky number 4 will manifest your ambitions and create stability in your life.

Aquarius Let the summer winds take you on imaginative explorations and spur of the moment excursions! Your unique personality and forward-thinking attitude readily win others over.

Lucky number 7 allows you to connect with your intuition and to embark on a journey of self-discovery this summer.

Pisces Summer’s romance and enchantment carry you away. Use your charm and go on fantastic journeys with an endless supply of creativity. Love develops in the most unlikely settings.

Lucky number 2 brings supportive energy and meaningful connections.

Illustration by Lily Goldofski

Samantha Crichton

The Final Word Serving The Hamptons

Samantha is turning up the heat on season two of Serving The Hamptons, on HBO MAX. She is dishing up what it takes to be on the HOTTEST Hamptons based reality show featuring Zach Erdem’s 75 Main restaurant in Southampton. 75 Main is the place to be seen. It’s the Hot spot of the Hamptons. You never know what celebrity will be walking through the door. I was excited to catch up with Samantha and talk all things Hamptons. Did you know Samantha spent every summer of her life in East Hampton? Her great grandparents planted roots there many years ago and it’s where her grandmother, Alice Chase, cultivated her artistic talents. Her grandmother loved it there so much that she made it the family’s summer home. Samantha grew up in Bellmore, NY where she became involved in altruistic ventures. So much so that she started a foundation called Angels on Earth, where they collect toys for children for the holidays. She’s been doing this for about three years now with her toy drive partner American GivingProject Toys of Hope. Samantha is also an entrepreneur. She founded Bella Vita Health and Wellness with the executive producer of Serving The Hamptons, Teresa Sorkin and her daughter Bella Sorkin. Look for their pop-up shop all throughout the Hamptons. Follow on IG @Bellavitahealthandwellness.

Q. How did you get cast on Serving The Hamptons?

A. My mom was at a business meeting, having lunch at 75 Main, with a cast member of Million Dollar Beach House. Somehow my name came up and this person felt that I should meet Zach from 75 Main and as they say, the rest is history.

Q. Wake up: 8:30.

Q. Nickname: Sam.

Q. Eye Color: Blue.

Q. Horoscope: Leo.

Q. FAV color: Pink.

Q. Guilty Pleasure: Taco Bell.

Q. Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber.

Q. Breakfast: Coffee.

Q. Lunch: Left over dinner.

Q. Dinner: Eat out.

Q. FAV restaurant: Bostwick’s.

Q. FAV food: Rigatoni ala vodka or Chinese food.

Q. FAV pizza topping: BBQ chicken or prosciutto, fig and arugula with balsamic glaze.

Q. Sweet or Salty: Salty.

Q. FAV ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip.

Q. Motto that you live by: Your energy flows where intention goes.

Q. What Barbie are you: Business Barbie.

Q. Greatest strength: Creativity.

Q. FAV store: Bloomingdales.

Q. Your Style: Sweats or a dress, depending on my mood.

Q. The way to my heart is: Words of affirmation.

Q. Behind the scenes: When we filmed at Jill Zarin’s luncheon, I was in my glory. I grew up watching all the housewives. I felt like I was at the BravoCon of the Hamptons. I was fangirling. I was so excited to meet all the housewives.

Q. One bucket list item you want to fulfill this year: Travel to Bali and do a wellness retreat.

For all things Samantha, including her toy drive, follow her on IG @Samcrichton_

Photo by Alicia Caitlin

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