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Cortec's MCI-2020 Rebar Corrosion Protection Corrosion of metal reinforcement is one of the most serious threats to the durability of concrete structures. While many excellent technologies delay and mitigate the effects of corrosion on embedded reinforcement, there are fewer options when corrosion takes place deep inside concrete. Cortec's MCI-2020 Gel was designed to penetrate to the heart of a structure’s corrosion problem.

Form-A-Tube Form Building System

Form-A-Tube, developed by Centennial Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, Mo Ehsani, PhD, PE, SE., allows contractors to instantly construct forms for shoring up pilings with cement. The system builds forms of any size on site, making it easy to use even in remote locations. "This stuff is so modular you can take it down into 6 1/2-in. strips, and put it together on site," says Harvey Sharp, whose company BCG Services is handling a water pumping station in Houma, La. "It's second to none." He found Form-A-Tube to be effective, economical, and fast. "It takes a quarter of the time that it would take to do a regular bridge repair," he says, who added that his clients love it. "If you had to remove the pilings, it would take months. Not only did Form-A-Tube save time, but saved the client's money." Each Form-A-Tube piece has unique ribbing that can be placed inside the form and left in place, creating an attractive and almost impermeable outer shell. The tube can be placed on the outside so once the concrete filling has hardened, the pieces can be removed—and reused.

MCI-2020 Gel is an injectable corrosion inhibitor that provides a robust dose of corrosion protection directly at or near the depth of steel reinforcement in concrete. MCI-2020 Gel utilizes the chemistry of Cortec’s Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI) Technology to migrate to steel reinforcement from injection locations. Once at the reinforcing steel, MCI molecules deposit across the metal surface to form a molecular layer which acts as a barrier to corrosive elements such as chlorides.

CONFAST Strike Anchors from Concrete Fasteners Inc. • • • • •

Cortec's CorrVerter MCI Rust Primer

Without the need for abrasive, water blasting, and intensive labor, CorrVerter MCI is a unique formulation of chelating agents combined with a high solids waterborne latex with extremely low water vapor permeability. This fast-drying, singlecomponent primer converts surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer and offers excellent protection against re-rusting of metal surfaces. Reinforcement coated with CorrVerter MCI Rust Primer has similar bond strength to concrete compared with uncoated rebar. CorrVerter MCI Primer offers engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs, and government agencies a convenient, low-labor option when performing repairs on heavily corroded rebar and other metal surfaces. It converts rust quickly and provides ongoing protection without compromising bond strength. Contractors may rely on it as an integral part of a highperformance repair system that extends the service life of concrete structures.

Used only in solid concrete and should never be installed in any other type of masonry material. Never install the CONFAST Strike anchor in ACQ treated lumber. Designed to be used where consistent embedment and protrusion above the surface is critical. Visually inspectable due to the positive drive and positive setting of the anchor. Available in six diameters of 1/4 in., 5/16 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 3/4 in. and a wide variety of lengths that will meet most application requirements. Each box of anchors comes packaged with nuts and washers. The length of the anchor is measured as an overall length with the body of the anchor being threaded for a portion of its length.

ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook The American Concrete Institute has released the new ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook as a threevolume handbook providing guidance to professionals engaged in the design of reinforced concrete structures. The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is available in print, as a digital download, and as part of the new ACI 318 PLUS subscription. The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is published in three volumes: the first volume covers introductory chapters, structural analysis, durability, and member design. More specialized topics including retaining walls, serviceability, the strut-and-tie method, and anchoring to concrete in chapters 12 through 15 are published in the second volume. A third volume containing design aids and a moment interaction diagram Excel spreadsheet are available as free downloads.

Enerpac Cordless Bar Cutter

The battery-powered Cordless Bar Cutter is a portable, convenient and safe solution where external power is not available or where spark risk is a concern. Cordless technology provides freedom of movement and the 360-degree rotatable head can be positioned for optimal access to the application. The unit can quickly cut through up to #6 rebar and similar metals up to 0.79 in. in diameter, and can make up to 125 controlled, uniform, repeatable shear cuts on a single charge. For safety, the bar is held in place behind a protective guard and the Trigger Guard helps prevent accidental activation. The tool comes with two batteries and a charger.

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