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HP Concrete Cold Patch™

Quality Concrete Repair Solutions with Lasting Performance.



2 Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch™ is a fast, flexible concrete repair solution for when you need to get the job done quick. This convenient, pre-mixed patching compound can be used in all climates and weather conditions and its quality formula ensures performance for years. Crafco TechCrete™ offers an industry-leading solution to wide cracks, joints, and other distresses. This hot-applied repair mastic has a strong bond, rugged durability and flexibility unmatched by any other concrete repair material. It’s proven to last — displaying service life of more than 10 years.

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6 Nationwide Sales, Service, and Rentals |

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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 | Issue 6, Volume 21 Cover Photo Credit: The Peljesac bridge (Croatia), photo courtesy of Cortec Corporation





14 Moisture Test on the Spot

Editor’s Letter

65 Advertiser Index 66 The Last Placement 6

Pumps, Placing & Consolidation

16 Forms & Reinforcement 20 Screeds, Pavers & Trowels 28 Worksite Products & Equipment 38 Repair 42 Concrete Polishing Products & Equipment 46 Sawing & Drilling 50 Power Tools 54 Testing & Software 56 Decorative Concrete Products 58 Surface Prep & Dust Extraction 62 Hand Tools, Lasers & Leveling


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Using a hand-held moisture measurement device at the jobsite safeguards critical infrastructure.

18 Of Rebar, Corrosion & Prevention A protective layer through migrating corrosion inhibitors can improve steel reinforcement performance and increase the life expectancy of a concrete reinforced structure.

26 Propane & Propane Benefits Deemed an approved clean alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act, more concrete contractors are noticing propane as an option to power equipment at the construction site.

27 The Sound of Silence Finding efficient, cost-effective ways to limit sound pollution is a major priority.

36 5 Steps to a Longer CTC Service Life Avoid downtime with a preventive maintenance plan.

37 Robots in Demo: The Rise of the Machines With productivity, safety, and job growth potential, remote-controlled machines can offer a slue of benefits for the demolition contractor.

53 The Core of Safety Tech The ever-changing field of power tool safety technology addresses one of the most dreaded: concrete core drilling.

64 Zinc vs. Bronze: Concrete Hand Tools Concrete finishers can find benefits from switching to zinc-based hand tools from bronze.

WHAT’S ONLINE OSHA’s Steps in Combating Extreme Heat Exposure Enhanced, expanded intervention and enforcement protecting workers from the hazards of extreme heat, both indoors and out. 21734787

Diesel Engine Do’s & Don’ts for a Trouble-free Winter Simple steps can all make a big difference. 21220861



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A Road Trip to Route ... Zero

Published by AC Business Media

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n only over a year after the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) put forth a goal to achieve carbon neutrality of the worldwide cement and concrete industry, the Portland Cement Association (PCA) has provided a path forward. Released on Oct. 12, their "Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality," is an ambitious journey to carbon JONATHAN KOZLOWSKI, EDITOR neutrality across the cement and concrete value chain. JKOZLOWSKI@ ACBUSINESSMEDIA.COM The announcement explains that the PCA Roadmap outlines a portfolio of reduction strategies and immediate opportunities across the various phases of the built environment: production at the cement plant, construction including designing and building, and everyday infrastructure in use. Across this full cement-concrete-construction value chain, the Roadmap recognizes five main areas of opportunity: clinker, cement, concrete, construction and carbonation (using concrete as a carbon sink). Each phase of the value chain is integral to reaching the goal and can unlock unique and specific pathways to carbon neutrality, including actions such as reducing CO2 from the manufacturing process, decreasing combustion emissions by changing Adobe Stock Images | By Nuttapon fuel sources and shifting toward increased use of renewable electricity. Many of the solutions included in the PCA Roadmap are products, technologies and approaches that exist today—and by bringing together a variety of collaborators, PCA intends to ensure the adoption of these solutions on a broad scale. Utilizing products like the types of cement that produce fewer carbon emissions such as portland limestone cement and the integration of carbon capture systems at the cement plant will all make a difference. As Albert Manifold, GCCA president, said during the GCCA's roadmap announcement, "Just as society needs concrete, concrete needs society." (Such a great line.) So, join us in this caravan on our road trip down Route Zero as we take this journey together. Remember, don’t fold the map. As always, stay safe out there. ConcreteContractor ConcreteContractor ConcreteInsider

Advisory Board Kim Basham KB Engineering Cheyenne, Wyo.

Jim Cuviello Cuviello Concrete Polished | Stained | Crafted Stevensville, Md.

James Baty II Concrete Foundations Association Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Chris Klemaske T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. San Diego, Calif.


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any form nformation

nline) is September, ., Fort WI, and or, PO Box

ountries available


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Northrock Pro 3+ Concrete Vibrator

The work horse of the company's electrical vibrator line the Pro 3+ was designed to handle the most demanding concrete vibrating applications. Able to run up to 60 ft. of flexible shaft with a 2 1/2 in. head, the Pro 3+ has earned a reputation of the must have vibrator when pouring bridge columns, levies, dams, sky scraper cores, and any demanding vibrator job.

Minnich 50cc Gaspowered Back Pack Concrete Vibrator

Denver Concrete Vibrator GBPH25 Backpack Vibrator

The 20.5-lb. vibrator is designed to maximize operator comfort, mobility and productivity during concrete consolidation. • Powered by a Honda 50cc motor • Includes a removable throttle assembly that enables operator to relocate the throttle for easy operation • Core/casings and vibrator heads interchangeable between all of the company's gas-powered and electric flex shaft units • True universal quick-disconnect system provides equipment flexibility

Lightweight fiberglass frame with multi-point adjustment straps for maximum comfort • Vented padding maximizes airflow • Extremely reliable Honda 4-cycle gas engine • All metal high-stress transmission components • Throttle actuated kill switch allows the engine to be shut off without removing the backpack • Flex shaft quick disconnect system, standard • A hinged mount pivots the engine for comfort • Low oil shut off system prevents damage • Weighs only 29 lbs. • Head sizes up to 3 in. diameter • Blastcrete's MX-10 Mixer/Pump

Blastcrete's MX-10 Mixer/Pump can mix dense refractory materials in less than two minutes with its closed-loop hydraulic circuit. • Handles up to 2,500 lb. of material • High-speed hydraulic agitator • 3-in. swing tube piston pump operates with up to 2,200 psi for consistent installation of as much as 12 tons of material per hour • High-pressure pump achieves up to 450 vertical pumping distances • 22-sq.-ft. platform • Swing-out receiving hopper • Electrical controls mounted on the platform • Mounted on dual 7,000-lb. capacity axles with electric braking and lights • Can be equipped with John Deere 4045T 99-hp or Deutz BF4M 2012 102-hp water-cooled diesel engine, also offered with electric motors • Optional 2,000-psi hydraulic pressure washer for easy cleanup


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The Revolution Boom by Schwing

Schwing's Revolution boom on the S 36 X truck-mounted concrete pump offers maneuverability and speed with continuous 360-degree articulation of the tip and 330-degree articulation of the third section. • Provides 115 ft. 6 in. of reach • Compact X-style outriggers set-up with a 20 ft. 5 in. outrigger spread • The 730-degree slewing range (365 left and 365 right) aids in fast set-up and versatility to overcome jobsite obstacles • The standard 2025H-5 pump kit offers 178 cu. yds. per hour output and 23 strokes per min. • Vector Control system operation provides wireless proportional joystick control

Enerpac ZU5 Post Tensioning Pumps

Enerpac's ZU5 Post Tensioning Pumps offer increased jobsite efficiency for post tensioning contractors. With six pistons for increased stressing speed, operators can stress more tendons per day. The ZU5 improves contractors’ ability to stay on schedule or move onto other jobs. Available in two models, the ZU5 features an on-pump control switch, on-pump remote switch, and user adjusted relief valve. The ZU5708RB-P features a 3-way, 2-position valve. The ZU5908PB-P model features a 4-way, 3-position valve along with a pendant control.

Water Add Meter by Command Alkon

Command Alkon's Water Add Meter measures the amount of water added before and during the pour to help validate concrete quality. When further integrated with COMMANDbatch, the Water Add Meter allows for calculation of W/C ratio throughout the delivery cycle. The meter comes packaged with plumbing kit, fittings, clamps, and a step-by-step installation guide. WAM-350 allows water addition information to be read directly on the meter on easy-to-read display or on in-cab display. WAM-300 has the same functionality as the 350 model but without the digital display on the meter. The hardware is tough enough to withstand the demanding conditions that ready mix fleets operate.


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s s



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Oztec BP-50a Backpack and RubberHead

The Oztec BP-50a Backpack Vibrator’s rugged design is built for jobsite durability and easy maintenance. Utilizing Honda gasoline engines, coupled with a “speed up” transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm. The BP-50a backpack vibrator's totally enclosed rotary throttle eliminates improper setting of the engine speed and ensures optimum consolidation. • Clog-preventing kill switch conveniently located on the handle • RubberHead creates a stronger radius of action along its entire length

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Minnich A-4SCW Dowel Pin Drill with i-QAN System

The A-4SCW on-slab selfpropelled wireless dowel pin drill features the I-QAN remote communication system. The system runs on 24-volt power for compatibility with most large air compressors. The drill unit has a service weight of 3,260 lbs. and a 18-in. maximum hole depth with drills automatically retract and shut off when the hole depth has been reached. A magnetic feed sensor prevents the drill from traveling if the slider is not completely retracted due to the drill steel becoming stuck in the concrete.

Updates to the ACCU-POUR AP Office and AP Mobile Platform Components

Cemen Tech's ACCU-POUR's update for platform components AP Office and AP Mobile included new functionalities include electronic signature to text and/or email an electronic batch ticket to your customer and your office, credit card preauthorization to place a hold on funds for a job to ensure customer’s credit card has sufficient funds. ACCUPOUR generated invoices now display Mix Design and Purchase Order. Originally developed to integrate with Cemen Tech C60 mixers, ACCU-POUR is now compatible with Cemen Tech M Series mixers, as well as other volumetric mixers developed by competitive OEMs.

The FloorMate80E - A Fully Electric Mobile Mixer & Pump Combination

Small jobs? No problem. With an all-new fully electric model, the FloorMate80E leaves no footprint on where it has been. Designed to be a zero-emission and a non-consumable machine, the FloorMate80 gives the customer full access to working indoors safely. FloorMate80 has vertical heights of over 100 ft. and an output ranging from 10 to 30 GPM. Don’t let the size of this machine fool you. It is paired with Mitsubishi for its electronics, having a control system with a fail rate of fewer than 100 parts per million which is extremely critical.

Milwaukee Tool MX FUEL Backpack Concrete Vibrator

The MX FUEL Backpack Concrete Vibrator features a POWERSTATE brushless motor that delivers the power to push up to 2.5-in. heads at over 11,000 vpm for optimal concrete consolidation, even in stiff concrete applications. • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection • MX FUEL REDLITHIUM battery pack provides instant power with push-button start • Accepts shafts up to 21-ft. long and is compatible with Oztec shafts and heads • Weighs 34.5 lbs. with battery • Kit includes wireless remote for operation from up to 30 ft. away, MX FUEL charger and two MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 batteries


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The Placer Mobile Batch Plant & Gypsum Pump

Originally designed in 1977, the Placer is no stranger to the world of Gypsum underlayment. Truth be told, one of the very first Placers built has just now been retired in 2021. If that does not scream quality, then what does? The Placer is built to last with the trustworthy performance of the John Deere 4045 99-hp engine. With the combination of Strong Manufacturing’s progressive cavity pump, the company's 12-ft.3 double-drum mixer, material output of 100 GPM, and vertical pumping distances of over 200 ft., there is simply nothing like it.

Oztec BP-45 Backpack Concrete Vibrator

The BP-45 backpack concrete vibrator offers a 2-hp option capable of running vibrator heads up to 2 in. in diameter in a lightweight configuration. • Built to withstand the demands of concrete construction sites and designed for easy maintenance and long life • Sturdy steel frame, Honda engine, fully adjustable padding system, and high-quality components • Quick Disconnect for flexible shafts and vibrator heads

The CoreHub In-Vehicle IoT Platform by Coretex

Coretex's CoreHub integrated IoT solution connects an in-vehicle IoT hub with self-installed wireless drum rotation, hydraulic temperature, water add meter sensors, and cameras throughout the vehicle to collect and present information about the driver, asset and load—providing contextualization of what is happening on the load and full digital view of supply chain operations.

MQ Whiteman Trackdrive Power Buggy with Pivot Dump

MQ Whiteman's track-drive power buggy features a pivot dump tub capable of rotating up to 180 degrees to easily and precisely deliver material. •

• • • • •

Steel embedded ladder track design and rugged undercarriage utilizing cast ductile iron guide wheels Standard fail-safe brakes 16 ft³ tub (2,500 lb.) capacity Polyethylene construction for easy cleaning 22 hp Honda GX690 engine Speeds of 5.3 mph unloaded and 4.7 mph loaded

Liebherr 110 D-K Crawler Concrete Pump

The 16,424-lb. 110 D-K features sturdy construction, can be flexibly maneuvered and has been specially developed for concrete pile foundations in combination with a drilling rig. • Maximum concrete output of 133 cu. yd. per hour and 1,088-psi maximum concrete pressure • 194-hp six-cylinder Tier 4 Final engine • Open hydraulic circuit • Can communicate via radio with the company's drilling rigs

LumiNode Plus Concrete Sensing Solution by AOMS Technolgies As part of their LumiCon Smart Construction Platform product suite, the LumiNode Plus concrete sensing solution by AOMS Technologies is an advanced wireless sensing solution that offers direct cloud connectivity, enabling instant streaming of concrete temperature and maturity data directly to the cloud without the need for extra devices such as network gateways, repeaters, or signal boosters.


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THE STINGER The Stinger electric flex shaft vibrator is rugged, lightweight, and powerful. The 115v electric motor has been designed to run cool with the power and torque to handle todays concrete loads. The stinger attaches to competitor core and casing with quick disconnect adapters.

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10/12/21 2:42 PM

PUMPS, PLACING & CONSOLIDATION Minnich's Control Speed Concrete Vibrator

Oztec RubberHeads Line

The Control Speed Vibrator (CSV) from Minnich Manufacturing is a lightweight, durable, electric flex shaft concrete vibrator controlled through connectivity. Using Bluetooth and the Minnich app on an iOS or Android device, operators can choose between set speeds of 6,000, 8,000, 10,500, and open VPM. Choosing slower vibration speeds lessens material separation and reduces surface blemishes and repairs. Once a speed is chosen, the CSV will maintain that speed as the concrete load changes. The 15-amp (115-volt) universal motor drives a full line of Minnich shafts and heads and comes standard with a quick disconnect that adapts to the vibrators of many manufacturers. The CSV has been designed with a soft start that saves energy and mechanical wear on the motor and power system.

AMS-Merlo DBM 3500 Cement Mixers

The self-contained DBM 3500 has a 1,321-gal. drum that delivers 4.6 yds.3 of concrete. Its self-loading bucket handles up to 25 ft.3 of aggregate at each load cycle. The pump moves 66 gpm of water into the drum, enabling up to 37.7 ft.2 of concrete to be made in less than 15 minutes. The compact unit can discharge concrete up to 330 degrees around the machine. It has a 100-hp Tier 4 engine, 4WD with three steering modes and a hydrostatic transmission. Its spacious, ROP-certified cab has front controls for driving with a seat that spins 180 degrees to access the rear controls to drive the vehicle and manage the mixing drum and self-loading bucket. Ground controls replicate those found in the cab.

Oztec’s RubberHead's design keeps concrete in contact with the entire length of the vibrator head which causes strong shockwaves to be sent off of the entire length of the head creating a larger radius of action, producing denser concrete with fewer voids. RubberHeads are available with an optional rubber-coated extension piece. • Extension piece reduces the chance of the head becoming entangled in the rebar • Protect epoxy-coated rebar and delicate form faces • Makes concrete denser with fewer voids to patch. • Vibrates at 12,000 vpm, never drops below 10,500 vpm when lowered deep into low slump concrete.

Toro Grapple Bucket

DICA FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads

The FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads spread out outrigger loads and create stability for equipment such as mobile cranes, concrete pump trucks, high-reach aerial devices, rock crushers, mobile substations and more. • Crush ratings of up to 600 psi and rated capacities of up to 170,000 lbs. • 13 layers of quad axial continuous glass fibers and vinyl ester resin • Non-conductive, waterproof and chemical resistant • Available in 36-, 42- and 48-in.-diameter sizes with additional sizes available • Can be used alone or as part of multi-pad setup

• • •

This dedicated grapple bucket attachment for the Dingo line of compact utility loaders is designed for simplified handling of a variety of materials including boulders, timber, concrete, scrap, waste and other debris. Constructed of high-strength steel and available in a standard 34-in. width Weighs approximately 238 lbs. Available for the Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models and e-Dingo

2301 University Drive • Pine Bluff AR 71602


Fully Electric • No Consumables • Zero Emissions


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MudMixer Multi-use Mixer

Euclid Chemical's AntiWashout Admixture, EUCON AWA-P2

This multi-use mixer has a 14-gauge, high-strength steel body supported by two large Marathon flatfree tires. • Auger moves along any mixture and delivers it where it’s needed. • Integrated bag opener for easy drop-and-fold opening of dry mix • Fully adjustable water dial allows for customized water flow • All-electric, water-sealed motor with forward and reverse settings • 330 degree pivot system

Euclid Chemical's EUCON AWA-P20 anti-washout concrete admixture is readyto-use and designed to modify the rheology of selfconsolidating concrete and prevent the loss of cement and fine aggregate during the placement of underwater concrete, while not discoloring the concrete. Featuring thixotropic properties, it can also be used to reduce excessive bleeding and segregation of concrete or mortar during pumping.

CEMEX Vertua Low Carbon ReadyMix Concrete

The 950 series power cart's 24V 950-watt transaxle provides an overall speed of 3.5 mph—capable of hauling 950 lbs. on hard, flat surfaces and 500 lbs. on grass inclines. The 75-amp-Hr battery pack is rated at 7-8 hours of real-world use or an estimated 8-9 miles on a single charge. Flat-free dual ag drive tires have a semi-pneumatic design that performs similar to an air tire but does not require inflation. A 10-cu.-ft. wheelbarrow-style or 9-ft.3 wagon-style hopper is offered as standard. Both hoppers feature heavy-gauge HDPE construction.

Suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential applications and representing CEMEX's commitment to its Climate Action strategy, defining a global target of a 35% reduction of CO2 emissions per ton of cementitious products by 2030, the Vertua low carbon ready-mix concrete line offers a range of products—including Vertua Classic, Vertua Plus and Vertua Ultra—designed to achieve progressively greater reductions in CO2. Vertua Classic offers a reduction of 20-30% compared to portland-cement-based concrete. Vertua Plus and Vertua Ultra will offer even greater reductions of CO2. All Vertua products can support the efforts of builders and contractors to earn more credit points toward LEED, Whole Building LifeCycle Assessment, and other green building certifications. “Our Vertua products are uniquely designed to balance limited carbon specifications with our customers’ needs for high-quality performance and resilience,” says Francisco Rivera, CEMEX USA Regional President, California Region.

Overland 950 Series Power Carts

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Images | By waranyu

Moisture Test On The Spot


hile traditional laboratory and online-based moisture measurement techniques are useful in the right settings, they have lacked the simplicity and flexibility required for frequent spot checks on construction sites. Industry innovators have developed a simplified approach with testing equipment that allows anyone in the field to get laboratory-quality measurements in any environment. Using a hand-held device such as the HI520-2 concrete and mortar moisture meter by Kett, the worker would select the calibration (i.e., concrete or mortar), press it against the sample, and moisture is immediately displayed with an accuracy of +/-0.5% (0-12% for concrete/0-15% for mortar). Automatic

temperature compensation enhances measurement accuracy, and two “raw” modes allow the user to calibrate for deep or shallow samples. One construction contractor used the moisture meter to confirm that the concrete flooring on a 20-story building was ready for custom surface treatment. In fact, this contractor was able to test the entire project in one morning. Installers can test concrete humidity as water passes through the concrete’s surface even after it hardens. This kind of testing is critical in indoor installations, where high levels of moisture and trapped water in concrete can create mold or lead to bubbling or degradation of its strength and integrity—particularly helpful for concrete subflooring.

If you are building on a slab, you know the importance of a concrete subfloor that is fully dried and accurately prepared for use. Knowing how the concrete will act when the it is coated, flooring installed, or prepared for final use is key to success. For those who need more specialized applications of measuring moisture, such as for “wet” concrete, this is also available with other units. With those, the sample moisture of slurry and aggregate can be instantly measured and batch mixes can be optimized. Del Williams is a technical writer.

Adapted from 21451614.


This is the natural habitat for Brokk’s compact giants. With the perfect combination of power, operability and accessibility our demolition robots provide efficient solutions to increase profits. Brokk Inc. | Monroe, WA | 1-360-794-1277 | |



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RELENTLESS INGENUITY Backed by the industry’s best service.


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10/12/21 2:44 PM

FORMS & REINFORCEMENTS Simpson StrongTie's 2021 Anchoring, Fastening, Restoration and Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry Guide

New to The 2021 Anchoring, Fastening, Restoration and Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry Guide from Simpson Strong-Tie are special market appendices to support the most common product applications for lightframe construction, restoration and retrofitting bridge and marine construction, and wastewater facilities. Also new is a four-page, product-byproduct code compliance quick-reference sheet and a guide on how different stainless-steel grades perform in corrosive environments.

APOC Weather Armor Air & Weather Barriers by ICP Building Solutions

Achieve comprehensive protection against the elements with APOC’s Weather Armor air and weather barriers, available in a variety of formulations suitable for a range of above-grade wall applications. Weather Armor air and weather barriers are liquid-applied, one-component solutions that protect against unwanted or uncontrolled air and moisture in a variety of climates. By eliminating air infiltration, Weather Armor helps ensure long-term structural durability while contributing to higher levels of building energy efficiency and air quality. • Monolithic protection against air infiltration • Available in acrylic, STPE or silicone formulations • Available in impermeable and permeable options • Easy to spray, brush or roller apply • Rain-safe in 30-90 minutes, depending on technology • Can be exposed for up to a year for flexibility in construction phasing


CONC1021_16-17_Forms.indd 16

MAX USA's TwinTier RB611T Large Jaw Cordless Rebar Tying Tool

Faster tying speed 4,000 ties per charge • Reduction in wire consumption • Uses a shorter wire tie, requiring less concrete to cover Capable of tying from #5 on #5 to #9 on #10 rebar, the RB611T TwinTier is a battery-powered rebar tying tool capable of tying the largest-sized rebar. The TwinTier platform ties at approximately 1/2 second per tie due to its dual wire feeding mechanism. This tool platform also uses less wire per tie because of the wire pull-back mechanism (yields approx. 200 ties per spool when tying #5 on #5). These efficiencies make the RB611Ts very appealing, especially to contractors who have previously used older rebar tying tools. Each tie is equivalent to a 16 ga. hand snap tie and the fast-tying speed is especially useful for contractors facing a shortage of labor in some areas of the country. • •

J-CAP Safety Cover

Simpson Strong-Tie Titen Turbo Concrete and Masonry Screws

The J-CAP Safety Cover is made of strong glass reinforced recyclable polyethylene material. The universally-designed product covers most column base brackets and post bases, along with metal flat nail forming stakes. The product covers most column and post bases along with metal forming stakes. The J-CAP OSHA Approved Safety Cover protects against lacerations while taking away the risk of impalement from at grade level falls up to 10 ft. (3.04 m). It also protects employers from any OSHA fines related to column base brackets or metal forming stakes. • Designed for commercial use • Above-grade OSHA approved • UV protection • Compact design • Durable and robust • Brightly colored for easy visibility • Simpson Strong Tie and Mitek covers most post brackets • Fits all 3/8-in. metal flat nail concrete forming stakes

The Titen Turbo line of concrete and masonry screw anchors features a patented thread design to deliver smooth driving with less torque and superior holding power. Titen Turbo screw anchors are ideal for attaching all types of fixtures to concrete and masonry and feature an innovative torque-reduction channel to trap drilling dust where it can’t obstruct thread action, significantly reducing binding, stripping and snapping without compromising strength. The reverse thread design also allows more space for dust to help prevent anchors from bottoming out in smaller-diameter screw holes. Available with either a hex head or a 6-lobe countersunk head for a smoother installed profile, Titen Turbo screw anchors feature a serrated leading edge to cut into concrete or masonry, and a pointed tip for fast, easy installation in wood-to-concrete and wood-to-wood anchoring applications.

PERI QuickSolve by PERI Formwork Systems

PERI Formwork Systems Inc.'s PERI QuickSolve (enhanced edition) is a free web-based planning tool that empowers contractors and estimators to sketch out a project and identify the best wall formwork solutions based on the specific characteristics of that project. With the enhanced edition of PERI QuickSolve, customers can import their PERI formwork inventory in an Excel file and obtain an automatic evaluation of formwork and accessories needed to complete a design. The update also makes it easier to draw walls at an angle to match the layout of a project more effectively. Beyond providing a parts list that includes product numbers, quantity, and weights, the new QuickSolve also delivers product images for easier visual interpretation. In total, the improvements to QuickSolve enhance job site communication, potentially eliminating errors during ordering and installation and minimizing on-site material needs.


10/12/21 2:46 PM


W a f h w c h p R P c

o a p a a c m p s


stem Sponsored by

Cortec's MCI-2020 Rebar Corrosion Protection Corrosion of metal reinforcement is one of the most serious threats to the durability of concrete structures. While many excellent technologies delay and mitigate the effects of corrosion on embedded reinforcement, there are fewer options when corrosion takes place deep inside concrete. Cortec's MCI-2020 Gel was designed to penetrate to the heart of a structure’s corrosion problem.

Form-A-Tube Form Building System

Form-A-Tube, developed by Centennial Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, Mo Ehsani, PhD, PE, SE., allows contractors to instantly construct forms for shoring up pilings with cement. The system builds forms of any size on site, making it easy to use even in remote locations. "This stuff is so modular you can take it down into 6 1/2-in. strips, and put it together on site," says Harvey Sharp, whose company BCG Services is handling a water pumping station in Houma, La. "It's second to none." He found Form-A-Tube to be effective, economical, and fast. "It takes a quarter of the time that it would take to do a regular bridge repair," he says, who added that his clients love it. "If you had to remove the pilings, it would take months. Not only did Form-A-Tube save time, but saved the client's money." Each Form-A-Tube piece has unique ribbing that can be placed inside the form and left in place, creating an attractive and almost impermeable outer shell. The tube can be placed on the outside so once the concrete filling has hardened, the pieces can be removed—and reused.

MCI-2020 Gel is an injectable corrosion inhibitor that provides a robust dose of corrosion protection directly at or near the depth of steel reinforcement in concrete. MCI-2020 Gel utilizes the chemistry of Cortec’s Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI) Technology to migrate to steel reinforcement from injection locations. Once at the reinforcing steel, MCI molecules deposit across the metal surface to form a molecular layer which acts as a barrier to corrosive elements such as chlorides.

CONFAST Strike Anchors from Concrete Fasteners Inc. • • • • •

Cortec's CorrVerter MCI Rust Primer

Without the need for abrasive, water blasting, and intensive labor, CorrVerter MCI is a unique formulation of chelating agents combined with a high solids waterborne latex with extremely low water vapor permeability. This fast-drying, singlecomponent primer converts surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer and offers excellent protection against re-rusting of metal surfaces. Reinforcement coated with CorrVerter MCI Rust Primer has similar bond strength to concrete compared with uncoated rebar. CorrVerter MCI Primer offers engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs, and government agencies a convenient, low-labor option when performing repairs on heavily corroded rebar and other metal surfaces. It converts rust quickly and provides ongoing protection without compromising bond strength. Contractors may rely on it as an integral part of a highperformance repair system that extends the service life of concrete structures.

Used only in solid concrete and should never be installed in any other type of masonry material. Never install the CONFAST Strike anchor in ACQ treated lumber. Designed to be used where consistent embedment and protrusion above the surface is critical. Visually inspectable due to the positive drive and positive setting of the anchor. Available in six diameters of 1/4 in., 5/16 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 3/4 in. and a wide variety of lengths that will meet most application requirements. Each box of anchors comes packaged with nuts and washers. The length of the anchor is measured as an overall length with the body of the anchor being threaded for a portion of its length.

ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook The American Concrete Institute has released the new ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook as a threevolume handbook providing guidance to professionals engaged in the design of reinforced concrete structures. The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is available in print, as a digital download, and as part of the new ACI 318 PLUS subscription. The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is published in three volumes: the first volume covers introductory chapters, structural analysis, durability, and member design. More specialized topics including retaining walls, serviceability, the strut-and-tie method, and anchoring to concrete in chapters 12 through 15 are published in the second volume. A third volume containing design aids and a moment interaction diagram Excel spreadsheet are available as free downloads.

Enerpac Cordless Bar Cutter

The battery-powered Cordless Bar Cutter is a portable, convenient and safe solution where external power is not available or where spark risk is a concern. Cordless technology provides freedom of movement and the 360-degree rotatable head can be positioned for optimal access to the application. The unit can quickly cut through up to #6 rebar and similar metals up to 0.79 in. in diameter, and can make up to 125 controlled, uniform, repeatable shear cuts on a single charge. For safety, the bar is held in place behind a protective guard and the Trigger Guard helps prevent accidental activation. The tool comes with two batteries and a charger.

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Photo Credit: The Peljesac bridge, Croatia/ Cortec

Of Rebar, Corrosion & Prevention


early 40% of failure of concrete structures occurs due to corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement. There are numerous causes but most often it is related to environment, quality of concrete, and quality of construction practices. Among the commercial technologies available, migrating corrosion inhibitors (MCIs) show versatility as admixtures, surface treatments, and in rehabilitation programs. Organic inhibitors use compounds that work by forming a monomolecular film between the metal and the water— one end of the molecule is hydrophilic and the other hydrophobic. MCIs can be incorporated as an admixture at the plant or into the ready-mix truck, surface impregnation of existing concrete structures, or coated rebar cast

in concrete. The inhibitor migrates through the concrete capillary structure, first by liquid diffusion via the moisture that is normally present in concrete, then by its high vapor pressure, and finally by following hairlines and microcracks. The diffusion process requires time to reach the rebar’s surface and to form a protective layer. With surface impregnation, diffusion transports the migrating corrosion inhibitors into the deeper concrete layers—even in the presence of chlorides. Results of one study showed that the products successfully inhibited corrosion of the rebar in a 3.5% NaCl solution for the duration of testing; protected samples showed an average corrosion rate of 0.4 µA/cm2 (compared to untreated samples 5.10 µA/cm2). According to this data, using

MCIs can have the potential to increase the life expectancy of a concrete reinforced structure by more than 40 years. By using MCIs, structures should have a stronger resistance to corrosion and therefore possess greater durability. Such increased durability would then mean fewer repairs, greater structural integrity, and longer service life—all leading to greater sustainability. In order to earn certain LEED credits, ensure that the MCI you want to use is made from a renewable raw material. Ivana Liposcak is MCI Technical Sales Manager and Ana Juraga is a content writer at Cortec Corp.

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NEED TO GET A CONCRETE REPAIR PROJECT DONE FAST? A Hydrodemolition robot can complete the job 25x faster than jackhammers.

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Brokk Inc. | Monroe, WA | 1-360-794-1277 | |


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Zero Turn for Mobility

n ❘ Long, straight runs are nice. But many of you have curb and gutter projects with short runs, radii, and corners in parking lots or tight locations. GOMACO’s Xtreme curb and gutter machines have Zero-Turn capabilities for maneuverability. You’ll be able to place more curb than ever before and move your machine in ways you have never moved before. You’ll be able to pour a tight radius that you could only dream of before. GOMACO’s proprietary G+ controls makes your concrete paver smoother and easier to operate. Have fun paving curb and gutter with your new Zero-Turn GOMACO paver. Our worldwide distributor network and our corporate team always stand ready to serve and assist you. CONCRETE STREETS AND HIGHWAYS ❘ AIRPORT RUNWAYS ❘ CURB AND GUTTER ❘ SIDEWALKS RECREATIONAL TRAILS ❘ SAFETY BARRIER ❘ BRIDGE PARAPET ❘ BRIDGE DECKS ❘ IRRIGATION CANALS GOMACO CORPORATION IN IDA GROVE, IOWA, USA ❘ 712-364-3347

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SCREEDS, PAVERS & TROWELS Miller Formless M-8800 Slipforming System

The M-8800 can pour up to 102-in. barrier walls and bridge parapet walls and up to 20-ft. in straddle or side-mount configuration. • 173-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine • MFS Control System includes sensors, handheld remote, and is 3D ready • Four tracks with independent steering and two-speed hydraulic drive motors • Includes 10-spool vibrator control, hydraulic frame widening (48 in.), heavy-duty dual transfer augers, 45-in. elevation tubes, highvolume water wash down system and triple grouser track pads • Pours in right- or left-hand configuration

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Power Curbers 5700-D Slipform Curb Machine

The 5700-D features the SlipSmart Control System, simple and accurate controls that come ready to interface with Topcon, Leica and Trimble 3D stringless systems. • “All up” jog switch raises or lowers all crawler posts simultaneously • Vibrator master scaling knob allows operator to increase or decrease vibration across all vibrators while individual vibrator adjustments remain relative to each other • Features improved cross-slope control, auto-calibration for the radius steer sensor, fine scaling of speed pots, an easy-pivot conveyor and more


Salsco TPC-96 Concrete Paver

Multiquip LD6 Hydrostatic Ride-on Trowel

The WPS 62i/ WPS 62 two-track placer/spreader is designed to efficiently feed concrete from the side and spread it homogeneously in front of the slipform paver. Trucks feed the concrete from the side, which the placer/spreader then evenly distributes over the entire working surface. Two different working widths are available between 12 ft. and 24 ft. With both sizes, concrete can be laid up to 20 in. thick.

The TPC-96 guidance-controlled concrete paver can be operated via a radio-controlled belly pack instrument box carried by an operator. • 74-hp Hatz Tier 4 diesel engine • 1.5-cu.-yd. hopper capacity • Screed comes in 48-, 72-, 96- or 120-in. widths • Follows guidance string and adjusts tracking and screed elevation automatically in auto mode • Includes three adjustable, variable-speed, pencil-type vibrators, a 4.3in. color display with intuitive interface and rubber tracks with six idler rollers and a top drive sprocket for smooth travel

The 6-ft. model LD6 rideon power trowel features a fully hydrostatic drive system and utilizes proven design concepts taken from larger ride-on models. • Standard 24-hp Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine direct coupled to a servo-controlled hydraulic pump and high torque drive motors • Available accessories include a six-LED light kit for illumination, retardant spray system, arm rests and an edging kit that enables finishing closely against walls • Each accessory kit designed for quick field installation

Wirtgen WPS 62i Concrete Placer/ Spreader

Ligchine 2D Laser and 3D GPS/LPS Screeding Machines

Ligchine’s 2D laser- and 3D GPS/LPS-guided boom extension concrete screeding machines includes four wireless, remote-controlled, boom-operated models. • ScreedSaver II and ScreedSaver MAX 200 provide 130 and 200 sq. ft. of coverage per pass—suitable for confined, difficult to navigate pours • ScreedSaver PRO 220 and ScreedSaver BOSS 240 cover 220 and 240 sq. ft. per pass and include a 360-degree hydraulic turn system, LED lighting and touchscreen display

Custom Drum Designs by Curb Roller Manufacturing

Curb Roller’s custom drum solutions can be applied to applications as wide as 26 ft. and as deep as 4 ft. and can be created in a variety of shapes to meet job specifications. The custom solutions pair with the Curb Roller’s Hydra-Screed 3000 to allow for faster production times and a superior-quality finish on projects that would normally require multiple pours. The custom rollers are ideally suited for unique shape requirements or large pours on jobs like drainage systems or spillways. The team at Curb Roller designs the drum to exact specifications, working with the project engineers to make sure the drum meets all project requirements. The drums are built to spec and are usually created in a month or less depending on shape and size. Operators pair the custom drum with the Hydra-Screed 3000, Curb Roller’s two-operator hydraulically powered screed system that allows for continuous pours in applications like flatwork, flumes and more. The Hydra-Screed achieves job completion in half the time of alternative hand shaping methods and offers removable drive ends to quickly change different lengths of pipe or profile shapes.


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T b t s a • • • • • • • •



e•lite lite

[ih-leet, ey-leet] noun.


Laser Guided Boom Concrete Screed The SCREEDSAVER ELITE™ laser-guided concrete screed machine features a larger boom for greater accuracy and stability; an all-new side-shift screed head, making it easier to screed around stick-ups in the slab; and introduces a highly maneuverable all-wheel drive system; all while maintaining the Ligchine™ ease of transport with a 3/4 ton pickup truck and a trailer. • Leveling System Flexibility • 3D or Laser Precision Control • Lightweight and Easy To Transport • 6450 lbs. 14’6” L x 5’9” W x 5’5” H • Zero Turn Maneuverability • All-Wheel Drive • Easy To Use Controls • Rugged Wireless Operator Control Box • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface • Boom Reach: 18’ • Quickly Work Around Slab Stick-ups • Side Shift Screed Head Length: 12’ • Fast, Easy, & Consistent Grade Control • Screed Coverage: 216 Sq. Ft. Per Pass • Reliable and Fuel Efficient Power • Kubota V1505 4 Cylinder Diesel



LIGCHINE.COM 812-903-4500 CONC1021_20-25_Screeds.indd 21

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Wirtgen SP 154i Slipform Paver

Salsco TP 44 Track Paver

The TP44 Track Paver is suited for paving sidewalks, cart paths, hiking and biking trails, trench work and any areas that are 2 to 6 ft. wide. • Hydraulic tilt hopper easily bolts together, allowing for the complete raising of the hopper for easy maintenance • Hydraulic end-gates move in and out, and have rulers on the top of the end-gate to see where they are • All controls located on the rear of the machine including the key switch and throttle

The SP 154i slipform paver features a 436-hp Cummins Tier 4 Final engine that enables paving concrete surfaces up to 52.5-ft. wide and 18-in. thick. • Available with automatic dowel bar inserter, up to three automatic side tie-bar inserters and a concrete conveyor for bottom layer paving • Standard oscillating beam and super smoother to produce a level surface

Magic Screed • • •

• • •

Hydraulically adjustable one-piece or two-piece side plates on both sides to minimize concrete loss Four steerable and slewing crawler tracks

Curb Roller Eel Screed 6100

The lightweight Eel Screed 6100 corded roller screed offers variable speed control for working speeds from 0-300 rpm and provides easy adjustment for different slump conditions or delivery rates. • One-pin connection on the stainless-steel shaft and screed ends allows for fast setup • Simply insert screed ends into the SCH40 4-in. aluminum pipe and plug the system into a power source • Single button directional change • Features a direct drive system, multi-position folding handle, all-steel housing and heavy-duty kickstand • Requires a 120V, 60-Hz outlet or generator

FEATURED PRODUCT Somero Sky Screed 25 Knuckle Boom Laser Screed

The Sky Screed 25 features an articulating knuckle boom that allows screeding on structural high-rise and slab-ongrade applications. • Lower frame rests on three stabilizers, while upper frame and screed head can rotate 360 degrees for flexibility • Auger-less screed head • Powerful vibrator motor consolidates concrete • Elevation controlled by the OASIS laser control system, with all machine functions controlled via wireless remote control • 32.5-hp Kubota gasoline engine with electric start

Precision, light-weight, manually operated vibrating concrete screed Ergonomically designed Hardened extruded aluminum blade prevents the accumulation of excess concrete Blades available in length from 4 ft. to 16 ft. Blade can be changed in less than two minutes Tilt-up stand and carrying bars

Allen PRO446X Walk-behind Trowel

The PRO446X is a heavy-duty walk-behind trowel that comes with an efficient helical gearbox that can tackle the most demanding projects. Its variable torque converter clutch allows for low-speed torque and high-speed finishing and the plow handle design puts the operator at ease when pitching the blades to an all-new height of 28-30 degrees. • A 12 hp Honda GX390 gasoline engine • 46-in. rotor diameter • Rotor speeds up to 225 rpm for greater job site efficiency • Adjustable plow handle design • Lifting point for easier transfer • Efficient helical gearbox • Heavy-duty frame

The E-Screed from Allen Engineering

The E-Screed by has an electric-powered design with the same power and performance as the original Magic Screed. It is fast and easy to use, and its high-frequency screed vibration provides uniform distribution over the entire blade length. • 1.5 hp 40-volt lithium-ion battery engine • Vibration speeds up to 7,500 rpm • Adjustable handles • Consolidation depth up to 6 in. • Battery unit backpack • Accepts the standard Magic Screed blades (4-16 ft. widths)


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The Compact Boom Laser Screed® Machine has been


Introducing the

Laser Screed® Machine

• Safer/Better Visibility - No lower frame and straightforward, 360° design gives greater visibility. • Easier to Operate - Head lowering with hydraulic cylinder, no wrenches required. • More Maneuverable - Steering with 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab-style. SCAN HERE TO SEE THE SRS-4 IN ACTION


WWW.SOMERO.COM or call 239.210.6519

Get it Done. Get a Somero.® CONC1021_20-25_Screeds.indd 23

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SCREEDS, PAVERS & TROWELS Miller Formless Expands Concrete Lineup with Slipform Paver Models C-101 and CG-200

Miller Formless acquired the MBW slipform paver models C-101 and the CG-200. The C-101 and CG-200 join the company's six other products capable of installing concrete curb, curb and gutter, barrier walls and concrete pavements. "In an effort to expand market share and continue our corporate growth strategies, we saw this small paver as an excellent opportunity to add a quality machine to our existing line of products," says Darick L. Franzen, vice president of business development - North America, Miller Formless.

Somero S-22EZ Laser Screed Machine


The all-wheel-drive SCREEDSAVER ELITE includes a 12-ft. head that allows for more finished square footage per pass, plus its side-shift ability makes it easier to screed around stick-ups in the slab with precise accuracy. • Heavy-duty boom sections reach out to 18 ft. • Narrower chassis fits through smaller doors or onto smaller trailers • Improved radio provides more intuitive layout and diagnostics at the operator's fingertips • Includes a 65-gal. onboard fluid tanks and an onboard pressure washer for cleanup

MBW ScreeDemon Wet Screed

The ScreeDemon ergonomically-friendly wet screed is powered by M18 REDLITHIUM battery for zero emissions and quieter operation, making is suited for indoor work. • Lights improve visibility in darker work areas • Clamp system makes assembly and disassembly fast and easy • Sealed exciter requires no maintenance • Reduces hand/arm vibration by up to 50% to 90%

FEATURED PRODUCT The Somero SRS-4 Compact Boom Laser Screed Machine

The go-anywhere, do-anything compact boom Laser Screed Machine, the Somero SRS-4 is the company’s lightest weight, most mobile, completely versatile Laser Screed machine designed to be perfect for medium to large-sized slab on grade projects, especially in the agriculture market. • Intelligent steering adjusts steering angle to prevent stress and damage to components • Steering capabilities include two wheel, four wheel, and crab-style options • Powered by a Kubota DH 902 T4f Diesel or Kubota DH 972 T4f Gas/Propane engine • Auger Head - 10 ft. (5 in. single flight auger) • Boom Length - 18 ft. (wear roller boom) • Utilizes the Somero’s signature “soft landing” feature, making every pass efficient and on-grade • Conveniences include LED work lights, optional seat, and pressure-washer • Remote-control operation with ScanReco Remote • Safer / Better Visibility (No lower frame and no-nonsense design gives 360 degree visibility) • Easier to Operate (head lowering with hydraulic cylinder, not wrenches) • Smoother Process (roller boom – no-wear pad boom) • Lighter Weight (at just 4,400 lbs. it's Somero’s lightest boomed Laser Screed machine ever)


CONC1021_20-25_Screeds.indd 24


The S-22EZ features a zero-turn drive, 360 degree machine rotation, a 20-ft. telescopic boom, and a choice of pivoting screed heads. • Customized OASIS laser control system • Comes with a fullcolor LCD display with integrated diagnostics, Quick GradeSet System, automatic throttle and Programmable Quick Pass • Redesigned, EZ Clean Head reduces cleanup time and improves long-term maintenance • Options include a 12- or 14-ft. head width, roller plow, onboard pressure washer with hose reel, operator heat, spray bar and Floor Levelness System

GOMACO CC-1200e Battery-powered Curb Machine

The CC-1200e is equipped with a 48VDC lithiumion battery pack that provides enough power for a full day of paving. The G+ control system with full-function radio remote control puts all machine operations in the hands of the operator. Rotary-sensored slew drive steering on the front wheel assemblies allows smoother paving, easier control, and maximum turning capability with the ability to slipform a 24-in. radius (depending on mold profile).


The 4,800-lb. SCREEDSAVER MAX PLUS screed features the SwingBoom pivoting frame that enables up to 5 ft. 3 in. of side-to-side screed head movement with a pivoting boom member. It offers a 17-ft. boom extension with a 10-ft. highperformance screed head. It comes with a standard Topcon LS-B110 2D laser leveling system or is available with Topcon 3D mmGPS satellite control or LPS robotic 3D system. Powered by a 24.9-hp Honda iGX800 gasoline engine, the unit comes with a two-wheel proportional hydraulic drive system and 90 degree manual pivoting undercarriage drive frame—enabling parallel to the pour driving capability.

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Allen Engineering's Triple Roller Tube Paver

Curb Roller Lynx Modular Roller Screed

The Lynx Screed has a modular design featuring a series of linkable screed pipes that can accommodate concrete pours in varying widths from 3-22 ft. • Available in a package consisting of three 7-ft. pipes, or a package containing a 5-, 7- and 9-ft. pipe, length combinations can be customized up to 22 ft. • Pipes aligned and connected with three separate bolts and a centering ring for quick, easy installation • Setup completed by bolting drive and static heads to the assembled pipe’s ends and connecting to the electric Eel Screed or batterypowered Batt Screed

Allen's model 75 Triple Roller Tube Paver (TRTP) is a lightweight, economical roller tube paver that comes with an electric start, powered by a Honda engine. It is equipped with your choice of tube length, allowing for a variety of concrete pours to best serve the contractors' project needs. • 22 hp Honda IGX700 air cooled gasoline engine • Lightweight and economically efficient • Available in tube lengths of 14-24 ft. (2-ft. increments) • 6 in. or 8 in. roller tube diameter options • Holds a 50-gallon water tank

Curb Roller Manufacturing

The Husqvarna BV 30i Battery-Powered Screed

BV 30i battery-powered screed is cordless and lightweight, operates with low vibrations and does not emit direct exhaust fumes—proving a pleasant, working environment.

Miller Formless WB-3200 Work Bridge

With the WB-3200 slipform paving machine work bridge, contractors can utilize fully functional texture/cure abilities. Its compact design allows a working height as low as 18 in. from grade and the adaptive frame design allows for any attachments to be mounted on either side. The tethered electronic control console is mounted the same way as the operator seat, allowing the operator to be on the left or right side with a quick-change feature. A quick selection in the control system allows for all controls to be reversed, with no electrical or hydraulic connections needing to be removed. The unit has a 12-ft. minimum paving width and is available with optional frame extensions up to 32 ft.. Power is provided by a 25-hp Caterpillar 1.1 diesel engine.

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Adobe Stock Image | By Vasilyev Dmitry - Edited by April Van Etten

Propane & Propane Benefits


teve Dodson, service manager at Refuse Materials Inc., a contractor based in Ocilla, Ga., started the switch to propane about 10 years ago. It seems the concept has began to gain traction with more companies in the concrete industry, with a noticeable shift over the past five years. Propane is a highly portable energy source, allowing contractors to complete work without bringing in an alternative power source for electrical equipment. Propane’s grid independence is especially beneficial for jobsites that aren’t yet connected to utilities or are located off the grid entirely. It also eliminates restrictions and safety hazards brought on by electric cords. The ease of operation that comes with propane equipment is critical.

“Time is money in the construction world,” says Dodson. It’s a huge reason his crew of commercial flooring contractors prefers operating propane equipment. “Electric [can be] binding between the length of power cords to having to wait on an electrician to drop power into our work area,” he says. “Any time we have guys standing around waiting on someone else, it’s costing us a lot of money. Propane makes it easy for our team to get mobilized and start work immediately when they step onto a jobsite.” WORK INDOORS Using clean, low-emissions equipment is important for crews working on jobsites located in areas with strict emissions regulations or in residential areas

concerned with air quality. According to Brian Delehaut, vice president at MK Diamond Products, one reason customers find value in having propane engines in their fleet by providing a green soltuion. Deemed an approved clean alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act, propane produces significantly fewer emissions compared with other options, enabling it to be used indoors (with proper ventilation). Matt McDonald is the director of off-road business development for the Propane Education & Research Council.

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SAVE MONEY AND TIME DRUM CUTTER The only drum cutters on the market to utilize the Direct Drive Twin Motor System, a double motor system that allows the unit to distribute and increase the force between the two drums differently.

REDUCE >> REUSE >> RECYCLE See the whole product range on: MBCRUSHER.COM



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The Sound of Silence


ound is an important, yet often overlooked, part of our daily lives. Its effects on health have become an important part of the safety conversation, the negative effects of sound exposure on employees and the public are a growing concern with construction and demolition key among industries. Finding efficient, cost-effective ways to limit sound pollution has become a major priority for contractors. But sound-proofing an active jobsite is easier said than done. So, contractors have begun looking to innovative manufacturers for creative equipment solutions to stem the noise. Handheld pneumatic devices and concrete saws operating as part of a road or bridge repair project register around 100 dB. Hydrodemolition robots, on the other hand, typically operate about 10 dB lower. The quieter operation is thanks in part to a heavy rubber hood over the demolition area that helps protect workers from flying debris but also dampens sound. Remote operation increases sound safety by keeping workers at a distance. Diesel-powered, trailer-mounted, high-pressure pump setups can be as loud or even louder than the robot. While hoarding (temporary solid barriers) works well, it takes extra time and resources to set up and often needs to be moved with the machinery, limiting productivity. Some of today’s innovative high-pressure pump designs solve this problem by incorporating hoarding into the equipment itself for a self-contained system designed to reduce decibel levels to almost the point of normal conversation. In addition to isolating engine sound within a container, some designs also employ advanced stop-start technology—similar to today’s automobiles. This method not only cuts down on noise levels, it reduces idling and can save as much as 20 to 25 liters of fuel per day. Noise restrictions will only continue to increase as jobsites move further into

heavily populated urban environments. Investing in quieter methods not only ensures contractors meet current regulations but promises long-term options as the construction and demolition landscape continues to evolve.

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Roger Simonsson is managing director of Aquajet.

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95 1926-2021



ITY . .. S ER





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Aquajet 410V Hydrodemolition Robot

The 2,756-lb. Aqua Cutter 410V electric-powered hydrodemolition machine has a free-standing reach of up to 13.2 ft. and provides the ability to work horizontally, vertically or overhead. • Uses 15,000-40,000-psi water jets and a range of attachments for efficient removal or surface prep • Robot’s stroke can be adjusted to control removal depth and vary the water pressure to match the application • Optimal lance control and Equal Distance System (EDS) enable easy removal of concrete and other materials in corners • Radio remote control (wireless or hard wired) keeps operators out of harm’s way during hazardous cleaning applications

Milwaukee MX FUEL CARRYON 3600W/1800W Power Supply

The 49.7-lb. MX FUEL CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W Power Supply provides 3,600 peak watts and 1,800 running watts of pure sine wave energy to power everything from high-demand 15A tools to sensitive electronics. • Compact size, zero emissions and quiet operation allow use in confined, indoor spaces, while roll cage provides durability for outdoor use • Push-button start enables startup in seconds • Can be powered by a single battery or two batteries for double the run time • Offers ONE-KEY compatibility

FEATURED PRODUCT Purpose-Built Surface Protection

Skudo provides a revolutionary range of solutions for reliable temporary surface protection against common construction site damages from equipment, materials, tools, spills, and stains. The company’s protection solutions for concrete include their extremely durable Commercial System and the award-winning, high-impact SkudoBoard. Skudo’s reusable AllTerrain Mat also provides a safe walkway over any surface type. • Protects a wide variety of surface types: concrete, terrazzo, flooring, glass, metal, and more • Protects workers with test-proven slip/spill resistance, antimicrobial, and fire retardant properties • Saves you extra time and money spent on end-of-job repairs and clean-up

Iron Age Footwear's Solidifier Work Boot Series

With its defined heel, polyurethane abrasion tough outsole, super strong leathers and welts, and waterproof membrane (IA5062 and IA5082 only), the Solidifier is a firm foundation. • ASTM F2413, Bootbed Memory Foam Footbed • Electrical hazard protection • Composite toe • Hydrotex waterproof system • Goodyear Welt construction • Ladder latch defined heel Available in brown, sizes 7-12, 13 and 14 in medium. Wide versions available. 21201088

Hilti’s EXO-01 Wearable Exoskeleton

The EXO-O1 wearable exoskeleton from Hilti North America will help commercial contractors, tradesman and management alike, tackle repetitive-stress health and safety as well as labor-shortage challenges. Wearable human augmentation devices such as exoskeletons will reduce strain and fatigue for both experienced and novice users, making the most of the available workforce at a time when the industry is struggling to fill open construction positions. To create the EXO-O1, Hilti Group partnered with Ottobock, provider of prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons that help people increase and retain their physical independence.

Mecalac Updates 6MCR Skid Excavator and 7MWR Wheeled Excavator

Mecalac designed a new configuration of its innovative two-piece boom with offset for 6MCR skid excavator and 7MWR wheeled excavator models. The boom option allows customers to better tailor equipment for their specific needs. • An extended boom range, which is now standard configuration for the 6MCR and 7MWR excavators • Boom can be tucked close to the machine with a full bucket • Boom is offset to the side of the cab • An additional offset in the second segment of the boom • Five axles for range of motion, a compact footprint and minimal repositioning • Places the stick cylinder above the boom, rather than underneath, to provide a wider working angle, faster movement and higher penetration force • Attachments, including the loader bucket and pallet fork are still compatible


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MB Crusher MB-HDS523 Shafts Screener Bucket

The MB-HDS523 is compatible with excavators ranging from 30- to 45-ton operating weights and features five shafts positioned to ensure a greater production rate and processing speed. • “V Shaft System” design creates a simultaneous dual screening effect • Concealed comb allows material to enter and flow through rotors without jamming • Powered by two motors for consistent and quick performance • Shafts can be easily switched out and replaced on site in minutes • Rotors can be easily extracted and repositioned

Applied Machinery’s Merlo Lift Equipment

ToughBuilt GelFit Stabilizer Knee Pads

Applied Machinery Sales, the official importer of Merlo machinery in the U.S., displayed a wide range of Merlo products at World of Concrete 2021. Some of which: • Merlo P27.6 PLUS: Maximum performance in a compact size, with a width of 6 ft. and a height of 6 ft. 4 in. It features a large cab and the ability to handle a maximum load capacity of 6,000 lbs., with a lifting height of 19 ft. 4 in. • Merlo P50.18 PLUS: Lload capacity of 11,000 lbs., a lift height of 59 ft., a reach of 44 ft. and independent, front axle-mounted stabilizers. • Merlo Roto 70.24 S PLUS: Heavy-duty weight capacity (15,400 lbs.) and a lift height that meet the most demanding jobsite requirements, all within a compact footprint.

The ToughBuilt GelFit Stabilizer Knee Pads redefine how professionals use their knee pads. This rock-steady kneepad system allows the Stabilizer SnapShell to be removed entirely or interchanged with other SnapShells to create the exact kneepad you want for the job. Its unique construction creates a wide footprint to the front, sides and rear. This eliminates tipping-over, creates a stable, comfortable feel, and decreases pressure on the ankles. The ergonomic gel and foam design incorporates the natural shape of the knee and upper shin, maximizing pressure distribution and providing comfort throughout the day.

Skudo Commercial System

The Skudo Commercial System is a premium temporary surface protection solution that adheres to the substrate, specifically engineered for the commercial and residential construction sectors. The system is ideal to protect surfaces from construction site damages and spills on large commercial projects. It consists of two layers: a water-based liquid base coat, sold in 5-gal. buckets and a coated commercial mat. The system comes in two types of protection: Heavy Traffic (HT) and Medium Traffic (MT) and is sold in 800 sq. ft. rolls. The mat is pressed into the wet base coat to create a heavy-duty, slipresistant barrier that adheres to your protected work surface.


Magni TH Range

The Thawzall XHR 700 true flameless heater has an output of 700,000 btu/hour and a variable air flow of up to 4,000 cfm controlled via the touch of a button. Maximum outlet temperature is 200° F. The unit is powered by a Caterpillar or Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine (no DEF required) coupled with a 60-kW Mecc Alt generator. It has a 190-gal. fuel capacity with run time of up to 60+ hours. Features include a 5-hp blower, positive air shutoff with auto reset and a PLC-controlled cold start and hot shutdown sequence. The rugged design incorporates only four service items, easy maintenance access and 120% fuel containment. A dual axle allows for trouble-free towing.

Magni has introduced a completely new design and concept, the TH Range, designed to fulfill the expectations of the industry and building sectors. The overall dimensions of these units are compact, if compared to its lifting capacities—perfect to move freely in every jobsite and condition. All 75 kilowatt and 100 kilowatt models can be used in combination with Magni's platforms. These models comply with the EN1459-1 standard, providing the ability to work at heights safety. Axles • Multidisc brakes in oil bath ensures, with the 4WD and the 4WS • Leveling system with +/- 8 degree adjustments—allows the machine the ability to work on irregular terrain Chassis • Lowered for extra stability when the load is suspended (not applied to the 5, 5.24, and 6.20) • Shifted center of gravity downwards for more stability— functions well in off-road conditions Cabin • Full visibility • FOPS/ROPS • 100% air filtration • Adjustable steering column • 7 in. touchscreen (available in 11 languages)

Advance Metalworking Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer

• • • • • •

The Lo Riser uses hydraulics to lower the deck to ground height to provide easy drive-on access. 6,000-, 10,000-, 12,000-, 14,000- and 16,000-lb. load capacities in two-wheel or four-wheel configurations High strength low alloy steel construction Minimum 4 degree angle when lowered Includes six D-ring tie-downs and built-in tie-down rails Breakaway kit with chains, a load check safety system and electric brakes on both axles provide added security Combination of hydraulics over rubber suspension provides smooth travel even when empty

Tamarack Thawzall XHR 700 Flameless Heater



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PRO ma an

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1.5 35 80 78

Inst CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 30

10/12/21 2:51 PM


Feeling the stress with installing polymer concrete trench drains?

Then consider the labor-saving PRO-PLUS® Trench Drain System. PRO-PLUS® is a SMC/GRP drainage channel made from glass-fiber fiber reinforced composite. It’s an innovative material that is… 9 9 9 9 9

Lightweight Extremely Strong Shatterproof Easy to install Requires less manpower

• Rebar supports molded into the channels • Bottom outlets located at every ½ meter • Nominal interior widths of 4" and 8" • Lengths of 39.4" and 19.7" • Various grate options for Load Class A-F

When comparing PRO-PLUS® trench drains to polymer concrete its strength, weight, and thermal expansion is unmatched. PRO-PLUS® Strength

PRO-PLUS® Weight

PRO-PLUS® Thermal Expansion

1.5 times Stronger 35% greater Compressive Strength 80% greater Flexural Strength 78% greater Tensile Strength

70% Lighter

1.7 times less

Install PRO-PLUS® and experience the benefits of its labor-saving features.

CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 31

800.36.JOSAM |

10/13/21 1:36 PM


Pettibone T1056X Telehandler

The 220 SM / 220 SMi Surface Miners are for use in small and medium-scale mining operations but also for routing work and infrastructure projects. The compact, multipurpose units extract primary resources with an unconfined compressive strength of up to 50 MPa selectively and at a cutting depth of up to 11.8 in. The 7-ft. 3-in.wide cutting drum unit is tailored precisely to the specific application and ensures high productivity at low operating costs. Primary resources are extracted in a single, environmentally sustainable operation without drilling and blasting. Windrowing enables the material to be deposited behind the machine in a continuous process.

Nielsen-Kellerman KelstrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station

The commercialgrade, plug-and-play KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station comes pre-configured for quick and easy installation and offers a full suite of sensors for accurately measuring various local environmental conditions. • Connects to hyper-local weather data with a cloud-based platform that includes an online portal and mobile app • Comes with a dashboard for daily monitoring and data management, plus a free cellular data plan for the first year • Built to withstand harsh conditions

Marshalltown Vibratory Plate Compactor

This vibratory plate compactor produces over 3,800 lbs. of centrifugal force with a frequency of 5,000 vpm. • Travels at a speed up to 110 fpm • Single-piece plate and exciter • 23.7- by 18.9-in. plate size • Honda GX160 engine and available 2-gal. water tank • Throttle lever located on the handle • Comes with a folding handle that locks in place and two lower handles for multiple lifting points


CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 32

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The 10,000-lb.-capacity Traverse T1056X features a traversing boom carriage (up to 70 in.) with the capability to move loads by traveling horizontally and allowing operators to safely place loads at full lift height without needing to coordinate multiple boom functions. Specified lift height and landing height are both 56 ft. 6 in. thanks to its horizontal sliding boom. Maximum forward reach extends up to 45 ft. 10 in. The unit is powered by a 117-hp Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine mounted on a side pod for easy service access. It is engineered on the next-gen X-Series platform with full-time four-wheel drive with limited-slip front axle differential.

Caterpillar Primary & Secondary Pulverizers

The P318, P324 and P332 rotatable primary pulverizers feature 360 degree rotation, while the P218, P224 and P232 are fixed secondary models. • Designed to fit 18- to 50-tonne carriers and offer crushing/cutting force from 89-153 tons, depending on model • 42.7- to 50.4-in. jaw openings • Integral rebar knives shear through pipes, rebar and other embedded materials • Bolt-on wear components can be quickly replaced in the field • Integrated Cat asset tracking available

The Pro-Plus Trench Drain System from Josam

Werner Leading Edge Fall Protection Lanyards

The PRO-PLUS trench drain is an SMC/GRP material manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced polyester pressed from sheet molding compound, which is a composite of polyester resin, mineral fillers, and glass-fiber mats. Its compressive, flexural, and tensile strength is unmatched, and its unique properties allow for less thermal expansion than polymer concrete, polypropylene, or high-density polyethylene. The PRO-PLUS system can withstand extreme hot or cold weather conditions and high fluid temperatures preventing shape distortion before and after the concrete pour. The PRO-PLUS features rebar supports molded into the channels.

The 6-ft. Leading Edge lanyards have been tested and approved for leading edge use over steel beams, B-Deck and precast concrete. • Available in four models made from 1/4-in. 7x19 vinyl-coated galvanized aircraft grade steel cable for strength and durability • Rated for a 12-ft. free fall for users up to 310 lbs. and up to 400 lbs. for a 6-ft. free fall • DeCoil technology with DCELL shock pack, a deceleration device used to reduce the fall arrest force • Snap hook that connects to the user’s harness provides an audible signal that the hook is securely fastened

MBW AP/GP18 Vibratory Plates

The GP12, GP15 and GP18 single-direction vibratory plates weigh 130 to 184 lbs. and are available with or without a water tank. • Suspension system reduces hand arm vibration and better isolates all upper mass components from vibrations produced by the machine’s exciter • Optional UHMW paving pad • GP18 includes a modified spray bar, added clearance to allow use of a paving pad, standard Honda GX160 engine and side plate handles • Designed to be easy to lift and maneuver around the jobsite


10/12/21 2:52 PM



No Hassle FAST SNOW CLEAN UP DON’T LET YOUR PRODUCTIVITY FREEZE UP WITH SNOW SHIELD. Certified to clear 10,000 lbs. of snow with each lift, Snow Shields are the strongest, most reliable snow removal tarps on the market.

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Cat Command for Excavating

Cat Command for Excavating provides remote-control operation for Cat 320, 323, 326, 330, 336 and 340 excavators from the 20- to 40-metric-ton size classes. • Line-of-sight remote control from up to 437 yds. away or non-line-of-sight • Dealer-installed field kit features multiple cameras for non-line-of-site operation from the Command station plus the ability to stream on-site video feeds • Cameras, indicator lights, microphone, wireless receiver and antenna mounted on top of the cab to minimize damage risk • Technology features such as Grade Assist, Swing Assist and E-Fence can be set, activated and deactivated remotely • Switchable between remote and manual operation via a ground-level switch

Multiquip MQ Mikasa MVH508GH Reversible Plate Compactor

The MQ Mikasa MVH508GH reversible plate produces 13,489 lbs. of centrifugal force and has a working width of 26 in. using standard extension plates. It is powered by an easy starting Honda GX390 gasoline engine fitted with cyclonic air filtration. A proven hydraulic drive system ensures smooth directional control and consistent, reliable performance. The wrap-around shroud protects the engine both in the trench and during transport. A swing-open design provides access to key service points for simplified maintenance.

The ALLU Screener & Crusher Buckets for 10 to 38 Ton Machines

ALLU's Screener and Crusher Buckets for 10 to 38 Ton machines are designed to be adjustable for 13 different discharge sizes. Place two solutions side by side provides demolition sites with increased capacity, saving the customer five times over, which saves time and money giving you a solution for your business. The goal is to get the fines out as accurately as possible by screening so that the amount of material to be crushed is kept to a minimum and the customer was very surprised the blades were hardly worn during this tonnage. The screener crusher bucket has a basic block-type drum with a 75mm hammer configuration. In the future, it is worth examining carefully whether there is an economic justification for using more durable and expensive hammers. If the hammers cost half as much, then they should also reach at least double their service life. The replacement of hammers in Allu is fast, so it is handled conveniently on-site conditions.


Ex Ea Lo At co bri tha to

» Milwaukee Tool Knee Pads

The Knee Pad Lineup comes in a variety of cap styles designed to provide all-day comfort and durability. • Free-Flex version features lightweight, comfortable foam construction, a water-resistant cap and adjustable straps • Hard Cap Gel version offers thick foam construction, durable caps and a secure gel zone for added comfort and a contoured fit • Performance version constructed with pressure-reducing foam, layered gel, a robust, durable cap and are offered in a non-marring version for use on sensitive surfaces • Stabilizer Performance versions equipped with large flat caps for stability, layered gel and a hinged thigh strap for better mobility

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Brokk Added Two Vacuworx Lifting Attachment Models

Optimized for use with Brokk machines, the vacuum lifting systems are capable of attaching to and lifting concrete, granite, marble, metal, steel and other flat, nonporous materials up to 2 tonnes. Brokk will offer the Vacuworx PHD Portable Vacuum Lifting System and SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System. Both systems feature wireless remote control and lightweight construction to maximize the lift capacity of the robot. They are fast and easy to attach with interchangeable pads to work with a variety of material sizes and weights. The PHD is powered by rechargeable LFP batteries and the SL 2 runs on the Brokk machine’s hydraulic system. Operators can lift as much as 2,500 lbs. with the PHD system and up to 4,400 lbs. with the SL 2 system. The vacuum lifting attachments improve safety and can save contractors time and money by reducing both the number of cuts and the number of people required.


CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 34




Ser nor


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WORK SMARTER. WORK FASTER. And that’s only the start of it. Experience our latest innovation … Smart Attachments. Each new attachment makes your Cat Compact Track Loader or Skid Steer Loader easier to operate a Smart Attachment by converting the joysticks to more intuitive controls. You can count on your Northeast Cat Dealers to bring you first-of-its-kind Smart Attachment Technology that takes performance and profitability of your company to the next level. ®



Contact your Northeast Cat Dealer or visit them online at










5 3 C O N V E NIE N


Since 1923

SINCE 1948

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Cleveland Brothers

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Milton CAT

Serving Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia

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Serving Connecticut and southern New York

Serving Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Upstate New York 844-720-4CAT

732-885-5555 844-CAT-1923


© 2021 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, LET’S DO THE WORK, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow”, the “Power Edge” and Cat “Modern Hex” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. /

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WORKSITE PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT Werner Fall Protection Anchorage Connectors

This range of fall protection anchorage connectors includes Removable Bolt Concrete Anchors, Mega-Swivel Anchors, I-Beam Sliding and Fixed Anchors, Toggle Bolt Anchor and Rescue Ladders. • Removable Bolt Concrete Anchors include over 12 different products based on size and application, including 5K, 10K and mining models • Mega-Swivel family includes 20+ variations based on material type and application, including concrete or steel and 5K or 10K versions • Six steel I-beam sliders include vertical and fixed-beam clamps and a beam trolley in multiple configurations

The Proceq GP8100 GPR by Screening Eagle Technologies

The Proceq GP8100 features one of the world’s largest scan-width ground penetration radar (GPR) with the Superline scan to deliver fast object detection and never-seen-before data clarity alongside deep penetration depth. One Superline scan with the GP8100 is the equivalent of six classical line scans. The portable concrete GPR enables quick detection of objects of any size, allowing inspection engineers to collect dense inspection data with just one Superline scan. Users also benefit from the unique data clarity with 2D time-slice, 3D tomography and augmented reality in real-time.


Pettibone X-Command Telematics

Pettibone/Traverse Lift’s X-Command is a telematics program available for the company’s X-Series telehandlers, Cary-Lift pipe and pole handlers, and Speed Swing rail maintenance machines. The system offers real-time access to machine data for equipment owners, fleet managers, rental centers and maintenance technicians. X-Command allows users to remotely track a machine’s location and observe data points such as engine hours, fuel rate and usage, diesel exhaust fluid level, battery voltage and more. By obtaining accurate and current performance information, users can quickly identify and address minor mechanical issues before they become serious.

ake a look at almost any jobsite these days and you’ll likely see compact tool carriers (or CTCs). Productive equipment like CTCs make for a productive jobsite, so it’s essential to have a plan in place to keep them operating at peak performance. Here are five points in preventive maintenance CTCs. • Visual Inspection: Search for any signs of damage, noise, rattles or wear. Inspect the tracks or wheels, nuts, bolts, body, controls, guards, and any attachments. Look for any leaks around the hydraulic fittings, hose chaffi ng, and fuel hose. Check the battery for corrosion on the terminals or any loose or fraying wires. Check the tire pressure or track tension. Inspect the belts and replace any that show wear or cracks. • Maintain Fluid Levels: Most operators know to check the engine oil and coolant, but it’s also essential to be sure that hydraulic fluid levels are where they’re supposed to be. If the hydraulic fluid has a milky color, that’s a sign that there is water in the system—change the fluid (and fi lters) immediately.


CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 36

• Clean Filters: Inspect and change the air fi lter on a regular basis. It consists of the canister, indicator, and main fi lter. Some systems are fitted with a service indicator mounted outside of the canister. The service indicator is the fi rst indication of the air fi lter condition. If the fi lter is restricted, the inside indicator will block the clear viewing window. Be sure to clean the outer prior to opening it to inspect or service the pre-fi lter or the main air fi lter. To meet recent EPA standards, many engine systems now have a carbon canister, which collects fumes from the fuel systems. Th is needs to be replaced every 200 hours or sooner if the canister becomes restricted with dust, dirt, or saturated with fuel. Hydraulic fi lters need to be replaced every 200 hours or if the hydraulic oil is contaminated. Use the OEM fi lter to assure the proper fit and meets the OEM specifications. • Lubricate Properly and Tighten Connections: Many problems occur simply because a part is loose. Performing a simple check with visual


T 7 2 o a b t o


5 Steps to a Longer CTC Service Life

a L


inspection and touch the object to verify if loose or broken, tighten these with a wrench. Grease all pivot points and tighten all nuts and bolts before heading out into the field. • Safety Check: Make sure the parking brake is engaged (if applicable) and that the traction control lever is returned to neutral. Also, make sure that auxiliary hydraulics are disengaged, as many CTCs will not be able to start the engine if the traction control and/or the auxiliary hydraulics are not in the neutral position. Preventive maintenance isn’t a chore so much as an investment. A small amount of time spent caring for your CTC will save you the significant lost time, money, productivity, and the need to replace it less often. Dan Roberts is a Sr. Technical Service Representative for The Toro Company.

Adapted from 21232588.

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ASV MAX-Series VS-75 and RS-75 Skid-steer Loaders

The MAX-Series radial-lift 75-hp RS-75 has a 2,600-lb. rated operating capacity and a 5,845-lb. breakout force, while the 75-hp vertical-lift VS-75 offers a 3,500-lb. rated operating capacity and a 5,920-lb. breakout force. • 10.5 in. of ground clearance enables easy travel over obstacles without getting hung up • Next-generation cab available with 360 degree visibility, a roomier operator area, more comfortable seat, high-tech touchscreen display and more • Enhanced visibility via standard LED lighting, optional side lighting, all-clear sides and a frameless door

The Werner GLIDESAFE Extension Ladder

Werner's easy-operating extension ladder features a lift-assist technology that helps the end-user comfortably raise and lower the ladder’s fly section. The Werner GLIDESAFE Extension Ladder provides up to 50% assistance to raise the ladder in addition to speed-controlled lowering. • Available in 6 sizes ranging from 20-40 ft. • Rated for a 300-lb. load capacity. • Dual-action feet that can be used on both hard and penetrable surfaces • ALFLO rung joints provide Twist-Proof performance

ToughBuilt's Five-Blade Utility Knife

TOUGHBUILT's five-blade utility knife multitool can switch between scraper mode to remove paint, putty, adhesive on the surface, remove labels from windows, mirrors, tiles, and more; or in a utility knife mode features a rugged handle made from metal. The blade is 2.2 inches long with a 6-inch handle. The handles and blade are made from triple-injected plastic and steel, respectively. • Patented switch mechanism quickly flips between utility knife and scraper with the flick of a thumb

Robots in Demo: The Rise of the Machines BY JEFF KEELING


ithin demolition, remote-controlled machines provide an innovative mechanical solution, enabling contractors to continue moving forward despite ever-changing industry conditions. These machines also pave the way for new opportunities in industries such as processing, concrete cutting, mining, and tunneling. Here’s how. NON-STOP PRODUCTIVITY Th anks to advanced technology and a premier power to weight ratio, these compact machines can access some of the most restrictive jobsites—including those with dust, vibration, and noise restrictions as well as low floor loads. The most compact units are small enough to fit through standard doorways and light enough to be transported on passenger elevators, making them ideal for confi ned spaces and interior demolition projects. Regardless of size, these demolition robots provide an impressive hitting power, on par with excavators three times their size.

CONC1021_28-37_Worksite.indd 37

AN INCREASE IN SAFETY With an operating distance of up to 984 ft., remote-controlled units physically distance employees from harmful silica dust, as well as the strong vibrations of handheld equipment such as breakers, rivet busters, and chipping guns. . They can help prevent falls, one of the most common causes of serious work-related injury and death in construction. A remote-controlled unit allows operators to remain a safe distance from ledges and other fall hazards—providing peace of mind for workers and project managers. Climbing into or out of excavators or other compact equipment is a leading cause of jobsite injury, resulting in sprains, strains and other minor ailments. Eliminate this risk by allowing operators to remain safely on the ground and outside the immediate work zone. An advanced three-part arm and 360-degree rotation further reduces soft tissue and repetitive motion injuries. An ergonomic, lightweight control box conveniently attached at the waist also helps.

LABOR & SKILLED WORKERS At the heart of the labor shortage are two key factors—an aging group of current employees and fewer young workers. In addition to safety and comfort features allowing existing employees remain longer, cutting-edge robotic technology is attractive to younger workers. For one concrete cutting company, including advanced robotic technology in its fleet helped reduce the median age of their 300-strong workforce to 25, cut turnover 10%, and increased productivity 17% over three years. There’s no way to accurately predict what tomorrow’s jobsite will look like, but factors such as productivity, safety, and profitability remain evergreen. Mechanization allows companies to quickly adapt to changes in labor, process, or regulation, keeping them ahead of the curve—and the competition. Jeff Keeling is the North American sales and marketing manager for Brokk Inc.

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Crafco TechCrete Strong, Yet Flexible Repair Solution

Repairing concrete cracks, joints, and other distresses with a rigid repair material can cause failure in the surrounding pavement. The ideal repair solution is both flexible and strong. TechCrete answers the call, providing strength, durability, and flexibility. TechCrete is proven to last—displaying service life of more than 10 years.

SpecChem Duo Patch

A two-component, polymer modified concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for use in horizontal, form and pour and when mixed to a stiffer consistency, vertical and overhead applications. For use in industrial warehouses, parking decks, roadway applications subjected to heavy loads and abrasion, decorative overlays, resurfacing worn concrete walkways, horizontal and vertical repairs and resurfacing slabs that have been rained on. • Contains integral corrosion inhibitor • Suitable for repairs from featheredge to 2 in. • Excellent freeze-thaw durability • Easy to trowel, high slump consistency • Dries to natural concrete gray color

FEATURED PRODUCT Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender • • • • •

Ultra-low viscosity below 8 cps and a surface tension 1/3 of water allows Concrete Mender to easily penetrate deep into concrete. Structural polyurethane restores aggregate interlock and will not become brittle. Easy Injection mixers available for repairing concrete from the bottom up; 24-in. deep or more without cutting, pumps, or ports. Use for cracks, delaminations, joints, and spalls at all temperatures from 100° F to -30° F. Made in the USA.

DAP Textured Concrete Sealant

DAP Premium Textured Concrete is a textured latex sealant that simulates concrete, allowing users to achieve more accurate color matching to common concrete material. The formula combines the extension recovery, elongation and durability needed to properly move and flex with heavy trafficked concrete surfaces, while providing a long-lasting seal that is resistant to cracking. Its adhesion can be applied to concrete, mortar, brick, metal, stone, stucco, grout and textured walls. It won’t stain or bleed and can be cleaned with just water if needed. Ready to paint in two hours.

ChemMasters SpeedPatch XL

ChemMasters Inc. has introduced SpeedPatch XL, a single component cementitious repair mortar for a variety of horizontal, vertical and overhead repairs to concrete substrates. It produces a light color concrete mortar that blends well with surrounding concrete, with accelerated set and high early strength. • Can be shaved, shaped and contoured to make a wide variety of repairs • Reproduces the original substrate profile without the need for forms • Contains no gypsum for enhanced durability • Resistance to damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles and deicing chemicals

Simpson Strong-Tie FX-706FS Fast-Set Epoxy Bottom Seal

Simpson Strong-Tie’s FX-70-6FS fast-set epoxy bottom seal is a three-component, moisture-tolerant epoxy grout designed as part of the FX-70 structural repair and protection system to facilitate same-day filling of underwater fiberglass pile jackets. By eliminating the need to build cofferdams or otherwise eliminate water from project areas, the FX-70 system drastically reduces costs while enabling piers, docks, and other harbor structures to remain in service as the pile repair is executed. • Fast-setting epoxy formulation allowing same-day jacket filling • Water insensitivity eliminated costly and time-consuming dewatering • Freeze-thaw resistant for enhanced protection from temperature fluctuations • A high-strength, low-absorption formula for superior bonding to underwater surfaces

CustomTech TechLevel WSF Fiber Reinforced Self-Leveling Underlayment

TechLevel WSF Fiber Reinforced Self-Leveling Underlayment from CustomTech is ideal for preparing challenging concrete surfaces for the installation of floor coverings. TechLevel WSF is a high flow formula that prevents slow drying, bond failure, crumbling and staining. Appropriate for use on concrete and other substrates as well as plywood and OSB, this SLU cures quickly and develops high early strength in pours up to 1.5-inches deep.


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ATC Updated the CRACKBOND Repair & Restoration Product Line

Adhesives Technology Corp. (ATC) updated its CRACKBOND concrete repair and restoration product line. Bonding agents for concrete repairs, coating and sealing interior and exterior slabs, and crack injection applications, CRACKBOND products were engineered with industry-leading formulations that provide fast and simple solutions to the end user. The product range marketed under the CRACKBOND name gives contractors, engineers and distributors the benefits of world-class products and approvals, coupled with personalized expert service levels that have long been the trademark of ATC. “[ATC] are excited to provide updated branding and a renewed focus to our CRACKBOND product line in order to better serve our concrete repair and restoration customers,” says Jake Klaus, Director of Marketing at ATC.

Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch

Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch is a fast, flexible concrete repair solution for when you need to get the job done quick. This convenient, pre-mixed patching compound can be used in all climates and weather conditions and its quality formula ensures performance for years.


Designed to provide a permanent wear resistant concrete surface that can withstand foot, vehicle and other heavy traffic, QUIKRETE Re-Cap delivers 4x greater bond strength, superior workability and longer working time than other resurfacing products. As a result, it’s easy to quickly transform an old worn concrete surface into a durable, long-lasting sidewalk, driveway or patio. Applied with a squeegee, trowel or brush, one 40-lb. bag will cover approximately 17 sq.-ft. at 1/4-in. thick or approximately 90 sq. ft. as skim coat. With a walk-on time of eight hours and drive-on time of 24 hours, it can renew a surface for 10% of the cost to remove and pour a new slab.

Ucrete HF60RT Heavyduty Rake & Trowel Flooring System by Master Builders Solutions

Ucrete HF60RT, by Master Builders Solutions, is a heavy-duty rake and trowel flooring system that enables installers to apply the product by rake and trowel, resulting in less labor, better working conditions, and faster applications. “RT” stands for “rake and trowel,” indicating one of the biggest advantages of the system: Quick and easy application with reduced manual labor by lessening the need to work on hands and knees. The Ucrete HF60RT is an impact-resistant, durable solution for a variety of applications. • Steam/hot water-resistant • Fast curing even during extreme conditions • VOC compliant; low odor • Suitable for 7-10 day old concrete surfaces • Tolerant of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, and salts

PoreShield is ideal for bridge construction, major highway projects and other largescale roadway infrastructure applications. Unlike any other existing method, it protects concrete from the inside out with a flexible, hydrophobic barrier that is absorbed deep into the pores. With preventive and self-healing properties, this barrier stops any existing damage and deterioration from getting worse. This barrier makes PoreShield a durable solution available to protect concrete against water, salt and freeze/thaw damage. In fact, it is proven to significantly reduce diffusion of chloride ions, which are commonly found in deicers, the number one culprit of concrete damage. In addition to high performance, PoreShield is a sustainable and cost-effective.

Cortec’s EcoAir 422 Non-toxic Rust Remover

The Sakrete Pro-Mix Concrete Mix Line

EcoAir 422 Non-Toxic Rust Remover is a USDA 92% certified, biobased, water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable rust remover that provides multi-metal corrosion protection. • Simply apply and rinse with water to remove rust from ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Prevents flash rusting and can be used to loosen rust-frozen parts • Four-layer EcoPouch packaged in a non-flammable air-powered, recyclable aluminum spray can • Completely organic and does not require special disposal for typical use • Will not adversely affect paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics or rubber

TwoSolvent-free Epoxy Coatings by Euclid Chemical

To combat water-related damage and ensure optimal concrete protection and repair, The Euclid Chemical Company adds Dural Aquatight 100 Plus and Dural 50 LM FS Coating (pictured) to its line of epoxy-based products. Dural Aquatight 100 Plus is a solvent-free modified epoxy coating designed to seal concrete surfaces and reduce moisture vapor emissions prior to applying a finished flooring system. Dural 50 LM FS is a low-modulus, solvent-free, fast-curing epoxy sealer designed to penetrate concrete and protect it from the damaging effects of chlorides and water. Dural Aquatight 100 Plus: Dural 50 LM FS Coating:


CONC1021_38-41_Repair.indd 40

PoreShield Bridge Concrete Sealant


Delivering higher strength and accelerated set times than standard concrete mixes, Sakrete's Pro-Mix line of industrial-strength, fast-setting concrete mixes allows most projects to be trafficready in less than an hour, perfect for repairs to utility cuts, parking lots, roads, bridges and overpasses and more. In addition to incredible speed, Pro-Mix is engineered to deliver extended working time, solving the major challenge with other fast-setting repaid mixes. All Sakrete Pro-Mix products meet or exceed ASTM C387, and require only 15-minutes to set with a high-strength finish, allowing pros to complete more work in less time. Before beginning any DOT repair, please check state DOT requirements which may vary. Sakrete’s Pro-Mix line is Department of Transportation approved in several states.

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The speed to tackle more in a day – if you can keep up. For 30-minute posts and same-day slabs, choose Sakrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix. Faster set. Less prep. More jobs. Easy choice.

Get Fast Setting – and get on to what’s next.

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See the proof at

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WerkMaster's PropanePowered Titan XT

The Titan XT, by WerkMaster, is one of most aggressive 20-in. propanepowered concrete surface prep/ polish floor grinders in its class. The TITAN XT’s Multi-Disc technology features 8 heads and edges to within 1/8-in. of the wall. Its power to torque ratio delivers loads of torque when removing heavy coatings, mastic, thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, and levels and preps uneven floors faster than much larger planetary and rotary floor grinders. WerkMaster’s UltraFloor Polishing System delivers super high gloss results in fewer steps. EZ Bak tilt feature allows for operators to easily tilt back the machine to change tooling and to transport. Designed to exceed the needs of the professional contractor on commercial, industrial, residential and facility maintenance projects.

The Coval Group's Range of Polished Concrete Floor Coatings

The Coval Group's range of coatings that covalently or chemically bond to numerous substrates, especially concrete. They also covalently bond with the hydroxy groups in epoxies and protect them from scratching and staining. Not only is the coating able to chemically bond with the substrate, but it also chemically bonds with itself—a quality that never goes away. It is an infinite coating system that can be maintained by recoating high wear or damaged areas as needed. Unless the customer wants a different product, there is not a scenario where removing and replacing the coating is necessary. Recoating only requires cleaning the original surface and reapplication. The company has field-tested this coating on several projects for over 10 years and proven its capabilities in harsh loading dock, and restaurant stain environments.

The Diamond Devil Concrete Restoration & Polishing System by Malish

The Diamond Devil Concrete Restoration and Polishing System, developed by The Malish Corporation, represents an advanced approach to concrete and terrazzo floor maintenance. Chemical-free and designed to work on most standard floor machines, the Diamond Devil system saves time and money while producing outstanding results. The Diamond Devil system’s 3+1 polishing process uses a series of three tools, each with permanently precisely designed and angled blades, to achieve unparalleled results on concrete or terrazzo floors. The Diamond Devil system is so advanced that without chemicals and in just three steps. The system’s “+1” shine tool is an optional step that elevates the floor’s polish to a shine, providing superior image gloss and clarity. Using the Diamond Devil system’s 3 +1 polishing process, maintenance staff can grind, hone, polish, and shine more efficiently and effectively than ever before—saving time and money.

Ameripolish Smartfloor Refinement System


The Ameripolish SmartFloor Refinement System concept is engineered to provide a high-aesthetic floor that is an easy and economical way to utilize any polishing machines, including power trowels. The system consists of pads that have composite resin abrasive technology embedded in their design. The SmartFloor Refinement System allows for easy assembly of universal blade holders, that will allow the user of the machine to equip abrasives to virtually any power trowel machine. • Easy to use pad system allowing simple swapping in/out of desired pads to the VELCROo blade holders • Designed for use under walk-behind or ride-on power trowels or other polishing machines • Pairs well with the SmartFloor maintenance system for a floor with high aesthetics and minimal cost

LATICRETE’s SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL Low Gloss is a high solids, low VOC and minimal odor polyaspartic coating for both decorative and protective applications. SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL Low Gloss provides an attractive low gloss finish when used as a top coat, making it ideal when understated, subtle light reflection is desired. • Is engineered to retain a low viscosity for longer periods of time • Allows for easier application and improved workability • Can be applied in single or multiple coats by brush, roller, squeegee or SPARTACOTE Resin Broom • Provides optimal impact, abrasion and chemical resistance characteristics, making it convenient for high traffic applications

SASE Trifecta Diamond Pads

SASE Trifecta Diamond pads mount to a high speed burnisher to restore shine or burnish in guard. Trifecta Diamond pads can also be used for a full restoration of a polished concrete floor and remove imperfections left by the polishing process. Designed specifically for use under highspeed burnishers and floor scrubbers, the SASE Trifecta Diamond Pads are perfect for burnishing sealers on polished concrete to removing imperfections or even a full rejuvenation. • Improved formula includes an exclusive, proprietary diamond matrix • Higher denier woven pad material creates a more durable pad compared to previous versions • Restores shine or full rejuvenation on certain polished concrete floors • Removes imperfections left by the polishing process with less swirl lines left on the floor compared to other diamond impregnated burnishing pads



CONC1021_42-45_PolishedConcrete.indd 42

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No fie an sys

Ge 80


Mastic Demon™ Tool Removes tough coatings for an improved profile

3+1 Polishing Process Grind. Hone. Polish. Shine.

No matter what your needs are, Malish has solutions. Fast, fierce and effective, featuring advanced tools that save time and money, while delivering superior results. The chemical-free system works on most standard machines. Patent pending. Get the details on this Devil. Contact Malish today. 800-321-7044 | WWW.MALISH.COM

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Coatings for Industry Inc.'s (CFI) WearCOAT 720 and 735 urethane concrete products were designed for floor coating professionals in formulations that offer more durable, moisture tolerant performance in an environmentally sustainable formulation. The products, WearCOAT 720 Slurry and WearCOAT 735 Trowelable are used to repair or level cracked, damaged floors and replace WearCOAT 705 and 710 products. They are formulated to be easier to apply, are moisture tolerant even when applied in damp environments, and yield improved adhesion and durability. Offered in natural, tile red, and silver-gray colors, other colors are optionally available. One kit consists of one gallon each of A and B urethane components, one can of colorant, and two bags of specially blended aggregate. These products reflect CFI’s commitment to creating environmentally sustainable products. Replacing some of the traditional petrochemical products, the formulation includes renewable, plant-based components. WearCOAT 720 can be applied with a squeegee or trowel, resulting in floors that are highly resistant to wear and impact, and are well-suited to light and medium traffic. WearCOAT 735 is trowel applied and creates floors that are extremely impacted- and abrasion-resistant, standing up to heavy traffic and forklift operation. Both formulas are highly thermal-shock and chemical resistant when used in areas that require extreme cleaning. Once applied, the resulting floors are smooth and seamless, leaving no crevices that can harbor dirt and bacteria. These products are ideal for a variety of facilities, including food and beverage processing, wet preparation and packaging areas, commercial kitchens, solvent/chemical storage, battery charging areas, loading docks, manufacturing facilities, and more.




SupraShine Maintenance Pads by Superabrasive

SupraShine, the new generation of maintenance pads by Superabrasive, were designed to restore and upgrade any floor, delivering outstanding results and savings. Four types of pads for all your floor care needs, from deep cleaning and restoration to daily maintenance: SupraShine Regular — A range of pads featuring a flexible material to deep clean, upgrade, and maintain all types of coated and uncoated, hard and resilient floors. Available in grits 400, 800, 1,800, 3,500, and 8,000. High-Performance — Pads featuring a flexible material for daily maintenance of high traffic floors. Available in grits 800, 1,800, and 3,500. Heavy Duty — Featuring a tough material meant for surface preparation and to remove extreme dirt, a real problem solver in difficult cases where more cleaning power is needed. Available in grits 220 and 400. Hybrids — A complete range of tools from 50 grit to 400 grit designed to restore surfaces, eliminate stains, scratches and orange peel, and achieve a smooth surface. • Simple and easy process with fast results. • No need for special equipment,. use with auto scrubbers, buffers, burnishers. • No chemicals required, use with water. • Minimum environmental impact. • Offered in all popular sizes from 5-in. up to a 28-in. diameter. • Made in the USA





The Edge by WerkMaster













The EDGE is a compact and powerful transportable floor grinder/polisher that is also a complement to any large planetary or rotary drive floor machine. It gets to less than 1/8 in. of the wall, eliminating the need to hand grind edges when prepping and polishing. • Safely removes thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, levels and preps uneven floors • Available in 220V or 110V models



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C M t a o p h p

e a c c w a c w m

b 2 m d i p s


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Cortec's MCI-2062 Biological-Based Surface Cleaner

Cortec's MCI-2062 is another biological-based concrete surface cleaner similar to MCI-2061. Both MCI cleaners make use of the natural abilities of microorganisms to biodegrade their target waste substances effectively without the use of harsh acidic or alkaline products. However, where MCI-2061 focuses on the critical task of digesting hydrocarbon stains, MCI-2062 targets stains from organic wastes, proteins, fats, greases, and starches. It is therefore particularly suited to concrete heavily soiled by organic wastes in and around dumpsters, restrooms, and food processing facilities. MCI-2062 is a multipurpose concentrated bioenzymatic blend formulated for general cleaning on a variety of surfaces. It combines powerful cleaning chemistry with free enzymes and microorganisms capable of biodegrading a wide range of organic waste in order to leave facilities sparkling clean and odor-free. All the components work in synergy: cleaning agents lift and disperse the waste while enzymes work to speed up digestion by microorganisms. The microorganisms in MCI-2062 are preserved bacterial spores that remain inactive until MCI-2062 is applied. When MCI2062 is used according to instructions, the spores germinate into active microorganisms. Spores that remain in the substrate after rinsing continue to degrade residual organic waste constituents of stains that were not removed in the initial cleaning process. This allows MCI-2062 to be able to deep-clean porous surfaces like concrete and even carpet or other permeable substrates stained with organic waste.

Ameripolish SmartFloor Pad System

The SmartFloor concept is engineered to provide the end user with a highly aesthetic floor and an easy and economical way to maintain a polished concrete floor utilizing standard janitorial equipment and existing personnel. The SmartFloor Maintenance System consists of Daily Maintenance Pads (Blue) for daily maintenance and Restoration Pads (Orange) for remediating etches and stains or dull worn out floors back to a sustainable aesthetic. The SmartFloor Maintenance System Inserts are made of unique composite resin abrasive technology that maintain a highly-refined floor without ongoing stock removal, and it also successfully remediates etches and stains. • Easy-to-use pad system, Daily Maintenance (Blue) and Restoration (Orange) • Designed for use under auto-scrubbers and floor machines • The Daily Maintenance (Blue) pad will maintain and improve the aesthetics, especially Distinctness Of Image (DOI) or clarity of a concrete floor, through the process of daily cleaning • The Restoration (Orange) pad will restore stained and etched floors or a dull worn out floor back to a sustainable aesthetic • Innovative and patented composite resin abrasive technology • Available in sizes 13 in., 14 in., 15 in., 16 in., 17 in., 20 in. and 24 in.

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SAWING & DRILLING Husqvarna Elite-Cut Diamond Blades

Elite-Cut diamond blades was developed for cutting specialists who demand top performance in their diamond tooling. By combining two segment designs, the Exo-Grit and Z-Edge, the blades have increased cutting times and blade life. To reduce the risk of accidents related to pinching and/or kickbacks, the blades have Smarter Features. These clear, visual indicators give the contractor instant feedback on the blade's wear, side clearance, the direction of rotation, cutting depth, and intended application. • Exo-Grit Z-Edge segment gives the segment a controlled active surface, enabling smoother and more efficient cutting. This also helps to extend the speed of the blade, while also improving slurry evacuation. • Flat Exo-Grit segment helps increase the life of the blade by minimizing the segment's friction against kerf walls, while also improving slurry evacuation. • Flat Exo-Grit Plus segment is designed to increase the blade's life by protecting the core from excessive wear when cutting in abrasive materials.

SK-18 Downcut Walkbehind Saw

The Cuts Inc. Skid Steer Saw


This skid steer saw is compatible with any diamond saw blade and can cut depths from 10 to 20 in. • Can be mastered in minutes, requires minimal maintenance and operates in all terrains • Designed to cut flat surfaces and can cut some vertical surfaces, as well as concrete pipes, light poles and sewer and drainage pipes • Attachments for core drilling available

T b w T e

Diamond Products CC2500 Medium Walkbehind Saw

U.S. Saws JS-130 Joint Cleanout Saw

The CC2500 medium walk-behind saw offers 14- to 26-in. blade capacities with a depth of cut ranging from 4 5/8 to 10 3/8 in. • Rigid high-strength 3/16in. steel box frame with heavy bar reinforcement • Push- or self-propelled drive • Two-position tilt handle bars • Screw feed raise and lower with optional power raise and lower • Cyclone air filter on gas models • Positive gear drive to rear axle via the Eaton hydrostatic transmission

The JS-130 is designed to mill out debris or old joint fill material prior to filling control joints with epoxy or polyurea. • 2 3/4-in. maximum depth of cut with screw-down depth control • Uses an 8- or 10-in. dry diamond blade • Up-cut blade rotation ejects debris into a vacuum port on the blade guard where the dust collector can capture it • Cleans joints at a rate of 20 to 60 fpm • Fully boxed heavy gauge steel frame for extra long life and straight accurate cuts • 13-hp Honda gasoline engine


D i s

Husqvarna's Gold Level Concrete Cutting Elite Chains & Bar

Diablo’s complete range of SDS-Plus and SDS-Max Rebar Demon 4-cutter full-carbide head hammer bits withstand the stress of high powered hammer drills and the impact of rebar cutting. Produced with Tri-Metal Diffusion Bonding technology, the full-carbide head resists heat and prevents breakage. Precision tip delivers the stability and accuracy required to produce fast, precise holes in concrete with rebar for ANSI approved anchor setting. Featuring a four-flute design for speed, this range provides faster dust removal, less wear, cleaner holes and faster drilling. Diablo hammer bits are optimized for maximum performance in corded and cordless SDS Plus and SDS Max rotary hammers. Diablo’s Rebar Demon range includes (74) hammer bits, covering a range of sizes:

CONC1021_46-49_SawingDrilling.indd 46


EDCO's 18-in. SK-18 downcut walk-behind saw is ideal for short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, asphalt patch repairs, and traffic loop installation and trenching. • 18-in. blade capacity • Improved throttle cable • Easy turn crank for lowering and raising blades in and out of cut • Screw boot belt tensioner prevents frame damage • 7-gauge steel blade guard with welded protective segment flap • Heavy-duty lifting bail (optional) • 13-hp gasoline engine • Heavy-duty 7-gauge steel laser cut frame • Large screw-type depth control • Wide-T handles with rubber grips • High quality molded rubber wheels • 3,600 rpm • 6.75-in. cutting depth • 214 lbs.


When contractors are making deep precision cuts in reinforced concrete structures, a handheld concrete chainsaw makes the day easier. To help aid the contractor, Husqvarna's product concept for diamond chains and guide bar were designed to match the high performance of Husqvarna concrete chainsaws. The Husqvarna range of diamond chains are available in several variants optimized for different materials and applications. The specialized chains under the Gold Level category consist of the ELITE-CHAIN C 20, ELITE-CHAIN C 45 and ELITE-CHAIN C 70. The all-around applications are covered with the VARI-CHAIN C 45, under the Silver Level category. The color-coded segments make it easy to identify the different variants. All chains are built on the same durable chassis with sealed links for minimal chain stretch.



T c s a

Diablo Hammer Bit Line


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Husqvarna FS 7000 D Concrete Saw

The FS 7000 D diesel walkbehind flat saw comes with a low-emissions, Tier 4-compliant engine. • Designed for concrete and asphalt cutting up to 17 1/2 in. deep • High output, compact size and good maneuverability provides versatility for mid-sized road work, service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates • Intuitive and ergonomic digital control panel

EDCO DS-20 Downcut Walk-behind Saw

The DS-20 concrete/asphalt saw features a 20-in. blade, allowing users to cut 7 3/4 in. deep without the need for a larger self-propelled unit. • 13-hp Honda GX390 gasoline engine with heavy-duty anti-vibration mount • Throttle system features a positive locking mechanism to ensure wide open throttle when engaged during sawing applications • 7-gauge steel blade guard with welded protective segment flap • Easy turn crank for lowering and raising the blade in and out of the cut • Includes a heavy-duty 7-gauge steel laser cut frame, large screw-type depth control, wide-T handles with rubber grips and solid-steel lifting handles

Metabo High Powered Masonry Chaser

HILTI's BIM-Enabled Jobsite Robot, the Jaibot

Dewalt’s upgraded 60V MAX FLEXVOLT 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw (DCS578) received new motors, software and controls. • Available as a kit with a 9.0 Ah battery, compared to the original 6.0 Ah battery • Up to 47% more powerful than its predecessor • Maximum bevel capacity of 57 degrees with bevel stops at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees • Electric brake stops the blade after the trigger is released • Integrated LED for increased visibility and cut accuracy • Uses a 7-1/4 in. circular saw blade and features a maximum cut depth of 2-9/16 in. at a 90-degree bevel

Metabo’s High Powered Masonry Chaser MFE 40 has a 15 amp motor and a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm derived from its planetary double gear reduction, which makes it easy to cut into concrete, brick, block (up to 1 9/16 in. deep and 3/8 to 1-3/8 in. wide) for the installation of wiring, conduit, or pipe or laying in reinforcing materials. Dust-free work is achieved by the die-cast aluminum cover with 1 1/4-in. vacuum connection. The wall chaser includes the soft start feature, which allows for smooth start-up and restart protection. This prevents the tool from starting on its own in the event of a power interruption. It also includes an LED light that signals if the tool is in danger of overloading. Heavy-duty rollers enable easy guidance, and the rear D-handle and front loop handle are ergonomically designed for control.

Hilti's Jaibot was designed for semi-autonomous mobile ceiling-drilling. The Hilti Jaibot construction robot will help mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation contractors tackle productivity, safety and labor shortage challenges. The Jaibot executes its tasks based on BIM data. The robot is a completely cordless and easyto-use system that doesn’t require expert skills. It locates itself accurately indoors, drills the holes dust-controlled and finally marks them according to the trade. BIM-enabled robotic solutions make the construction process more transparent with improved execution speed, constant performance and fewer errors. It is designed to assist tradespeople in physically demanding, repetitive installation tasks such as drilling numerous holes overhead for many mechanical, electrical or plumbing installations.

Milwaukee Tool MX FUEL 14-in. Cut-Off Saw

BOSCH PROFACTOR 18V Cordless Rotary Hammer

Dewalt 60V Max Flexvolt Circular Saw

The lithium ion battery-powered MX Fuel 14-in. cut-off saw (MXF314-1XC) offers fast cuts from start to finish with quick and easy push-button activation. • Provides the same cut speed as most two-cycle gas saws and a full 14-in. blade capacity to cut more in a single pass • 5-in. cut depth • Up to 50% less noise and reduced vibration for a smoother cut • ONE-KEY compatibility provides ability to track the saw with community tracking and alerts, complete inventory management and smart equipment technology

Optimized for use with CORE18V PROFACTOR batteries, the GBH18V-36C 1 9/16-in. rotary hammer delivers 5.2 ft.-lbs. of impact energy, while the GBH18V-45C Hitman 1 7/8-In. SDS-max version delivers 9.3 ft.-lbs. of impact energy. Both feature rotary hammer and hammer-only modes, as well as Vario-Lock positioning to rotate and lock the chisel. Soft Start and controlled RPM and BPM make it easier to control drilling and chiseling applications, with an on-tool user interface for tool performance, feedback and control. All PROFACTOR tools incorporate BITURBO brushless technology, a high-performance brushless motor and drivetrain system designed to deliver power comparable and/or equivalent to high-demand corded tools.

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SAWING & DRILLING Husqvarna K1 PACE Battery-powered Cut-off Saw

The first product to be launched on Husqvarna's battery system, PACE, the K1 PACE high-power battery cutter was designed to handle heavy-duty jobs. The PACE battery system can be utilized for more machines as the battery-powered family expands. In addition to the power cutters and battery system, diamond blades in 12 in. and 14 in./300 and 350 mm have been optimized for battery operation. The machine is also equipped with X-Halt brake function capable of stopping the rotation of a blade in a fraction of a second for enhanced safety.

The Husqvarna DM 200 Handheld Core Drill

The Husqvarna DM 200 is a tough and versatile D-handle drill motor optimized for handheld drilling of holes from 1 - 3 in (25 - 80mm). Delivering top-class drilling performance in both wet and dry applications. The uncomplicated and sturdy design, all-around usability makes it an ideal part of any craftsman’s toolkit as well as for rental purposes. The Husqvarna DM 200's casing is made of sturdy impact-proof polyamide plastic with ball valve coupling for wet drilling, vacuum coupling for dry drilling, detachable front handle, wrenches, and user manual. Features • Power: 2.3 hp (1.7 kW) • Output Power on spindle shaft, W: 1,200 • Motor: 1-phase, electric • Weight: 11.5 lbs. (5.2 kg) • Length: 19 in. (488 mm)

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Makita XEC01 Cordless Concrete Cutter

The XEC01 cordless 9-in. power cutter features 18V X2 (36V) LXT technology that allows for lower noise, immediate starts and reduced overall maintenance. • Zero emissions enables indoor use • Compact and light weight for reduced strain for wall or above-chest cuts • Integrated water delivery with flow adjustment knob continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 compliance

Hilti DD 250-CA Diamond Core Drill

Hilti North America's semi-autonomous core drilling solution, the DD 250-CA diamond core drill, paired with the Cut Assist Auto Feed unit gives the operator an assisted experience by intuitively guiding the drill through the entire drilling process. The DD 250-CA diamond core drill leverages integrated technology to provide the operator guidance for proper drill setup, real-time drilling feedback, and valuable productivity data once the drilling is complete. The smart tool has an unmatched range in its class for all applications including drilling penetrations for ducts, pipes, and cables and drilling blind holes for setting anchors or post-installed rebar. Hilti customers can leverage the DD AF-CA H auto feed unit to assist with the drilling process. With Hilti Cut Assist technology, the unit delivers greater operator safety, higher worker comfort, and less fatigue when coring drilling in difficult conditions. Intelligent features include automatic surface detection, tracking of drilling depth, water management, and hole starting and through-hole detection. Hilti customers with the DD 150-U diamond core drill can utilize the DD AF-CA L auto feed unit.

Diablo's 24-Tooth Tracking Point Saw Blade

This 24-tooth framing blade is ideal for framers, roofers, remodelers, concrete formers or anyone who owns a saw that chews through nail-embedded wood. The Diablo 6-1/2-in. 24-Tooth Tracking Point saw blade produces accurate, smooth cuts on framing materials without bogging down cordless power tools. With Tracking Point, a “rudder” like tooth design that reduces vibration and tension, users can produce true, straight cuts. In addition, Diablo says the saw blade delivers up to 65% more cuts per charge in cordless saws. Optimized for corded and cordless saws, the blade features Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating and a super-thin kerf, which minimizes material removal and produces a fast, clean cut. While the thinner blade is lightweight, the custom formulated carbide, sharp cutting edges, and the Tracking Point tooth design classify this blade as a heavyweight when it comes to durability. • Specially formulated TiCo Hi-Density Carbide delivers up to five times longer cutting life verses other blades. • Thinner kerf removes less material, which reduces the power needed from the tool resulting in longer run times and more cuts.


The 7-In. model SPT79A-10 MEDUSAW walk-behind saw incorporates a Dual-Field worm drive motor with added overload protection. • Adjustable arm extends to the user’s height and folds and locks into place for transporting and storage • Large handle with a ambidextrous side assist handle and two-finger trigger provide greater control when making long cuts • Includes an improved pointer for stronger support and a larger wheel for greater visibility • Features a large foot and oversized wheels for stability • Integrated dust control in both wet and dry operation

The Husqvarna WT 15i Battery-Powered Water Tank

The compact and easyto-use Husqvarna WT 15i battery-powered water tank helps you work efficiently. It has an electric pump, so there’s no manual pumping required. The WT 15i is part of the company’s i-series battery product range and runs on a BLi battery. It has a compartment to easily transport the battery charger. So, with a charger in the compartment, and a battery in the slot, you have what you need for a full day of wet cutting. The WT 15i replaces the Husqvarna WT 15 water tank. • Tank volume: 4 gal (15 liter) • Length of integrated hose: 10 ft. (3 m) • Weight (excl. battery): 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) • Battery charge: 36 V



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POWER TOOLS Hilti TE 60-AVR and TE 60-ATC/AVR Combihammers

GSSI UtilityScan GPR System

The UtilityScan compact GPR unit is extremely portable, easy to maneuver in tight survey areas and ruggedly built to withstand challenging field conditions. •  Features a robust wireless antenna that can handle required data rates •  Electrical design uses patented HyperStacking technology to increase depth penetration in challenging soils while providing high near surface data resolution •  Includes backup Ethernet connection if Wi-Fi is not desired or allowed on a particular jobsite or facility •  Can be equipped with the LineTrac accessory to help locate specific power sources situated underground, including AC power and induced RF energy present in conduits

The TE 60-AVR and TE 60-ATC/AVR SDS-max combihammers use the Hilti Connect App, which enables use of any NFC-enabled device to access everything from a comprehensive tool history and summary to requesting a repair from the jobsite. The units deliver 5.8 ft.-lbs. of impact energy at 3,300 impacts per minute and are suited for drilling anchor through-holes, medium-duty demolition work, coring up to 4-in. in diameter and chiseling out penetrations. They have an optimum hole range of 11/16 up to 1 9/16 in., a maximum hammer drilling hole diameter of 2 in. and maximum percussion coring diameter of 4 in. Both models feature Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and the TE 60-ATC/AVR includes the Active Torque Control (ATC) system.

Milwaukee Tool's M18 FUEL HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor

Milwaukee Tool's M18 FUEL HAMMERVAC 1-1/8 in. Dedicated Dust Extractor features an AUTOPULSE filter cleaning system and is the only onboard dedicated dust extractor solution with an automatic filter cleaner to deliver OSHA Table 1 Compliance*** for drilling capacity up to 1-1/8 in. in diameter and 8 in. in depth. The M18 FUEL HAMMERVAC 1-1/8 Dedicated Dust Extractor maintains the drilling speed and runtime of the rotary hammer all while keeping exposure to dust extraction below the 25ug/m3 action level. A switchable depth stop and translucent dust box provide clear visibility to read the dust level. This is the only dedicated dust extractor on the market with an integrated solution that allows users to empty the dust box by attaching a vacuum for dust removal instead of dumping it out, limiting users’ overall exposure to silica. M18 FUEL 1-1/8” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY Kit with Dedicated Dust Extractor (2915-22DE) replaces model #2715-22DE. •  13.5 in. Length, 10.2 in. Height, 3.3 in.” Width •  3.6 ft-lb impact energy •  800 RPM •  4,600 BPM •  AVS Anti-Vibration System •  ONE-KEY compatible •  DDE 8 in. Depth •  DDE up to 1-1/8 in. Diameter •  Autopulse filter cleaning mechanism.

Two Bosch PROFACTOR 18V Impact Wrenches

Bosch Power Tools' cordless PROFACTOR 18V 1/2 in. (pictured) Impact Wrench with Friction Ring (GDS18V-740) and 3/4-in. Impact Wrench with Friction Ring and Thru-Hole (GDS18V-770) were designed to be ideal for applications in automotive, structural steel, carpentry, pipefitting, industrial assembly, and more. The impact wrenches feature BITURBO Brushless technology, a high-performance motor, and a drive-train system engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by CORE18V batteries. PROFACTOR 18V 1/2-in. Impact WrenchBosch Power Tools •  Delivers up to 740 ft. lbs. of fastening torque and 1,180 ft. lbs. of max breakaway torque (the 3/4 in. model provides 1,250 ft. lbs.) •  Friction ring and thru hole that allows for fast socket changes and a more secure fit •  Feature BITURBO Brushless technology •  Are compatible and optimized for use with CORE18V 8.0ah PROFACTOR Performance and 12.0Ah PROFACTOR Exclusive batteries •  Feature ergonomically designed soft grip for comfort and better tool handling •  Offer an onboard user interface to select between three torque/speed settings by pressing the speed selector button •  Provide LED light that illuminates dark work areas, turns on with tool activation and can be disabled via user interface Bosch Power Tools’ PROFACTOR line of cordless tools give professionals the freedom to take on the most demanding jobsite applications on one 18V battery platform. All PROFACTOR tools also feature BITURBO Brushless Technology, a highperformance brushless motor and drive-train system designed to deliver power comparable and/or equivalent to high-demand corded tools. PROFACTOR 18V 1/2 in. Impact Wrench: PROFACTOR 18V 3/4-in. Impact Wrench:


CONC1021_50-52_PowerTools.indd 50


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MAX USA Batterypowered TwinTier RB401T-E

The 10.2-lb. RB401T-E has an automatic contact mechanism/switch that automatically forms a tie when pushed down over a rebar intersection. • 4,000 ties per charge with a tie speed of approximately 1/2 second • Handles applicable rebar size of #3 x #3 to #6 x #6

Doosan Evolution Series Compressors

The Evolution Series portable air compressors include four models equipped with the latest Doosan Tier 4 Final engines and an upgraded fuel system designed for reliable operation in dusty environments. Three of the four models offer FlexAir technology for electronically adjusting air pressure to a wide psi range using the control panel. • P185-HP150WDO-T4F and XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F FlexAir models fit in the 185-cfm class • XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F can provide 200 psi at 165 cfm or up to 185 cfm and from 100 to 200 psi • Offers an optional 4-kW onboard generator for charging handheld electric tool battery packs

• •

Two-position handle adjustment enables user to find the most comfortable position for their height Long nose attachment allows tool to glide into rebar intersections with minimal effort Battery charge time of 65 minutes for a full charge or 50 minutes for 80% charge

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MAX developed the World’s First battery powered rebar tying tool in 1993. Since then, MAX rebar tying tools have revolutionized rebar tying work on a variety of jobsites all around the world. The safety equipped TWINTIER® system is the fastest solution on the market for tying rebar. The TWINTIER® can form up to 4,000 ties on a battery charge, while delivering the exact amount of wire needed for each tie. Using the TWINTIER® will save you time and money on every large job. MAX is committed to manufacturing reliable tools that have been designed to deliver enhanced performance while considering the safety of the user. The MAX PPE Shield means that you can trust that our tools are engineered with your health and safety in mind. MAX rebar tying tools are designed to alleviate the pain of manually tying rebar and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal diseases. Work safe with MAX tools. Prioritizing using proper equipment keeps you safe and healthy on the job site. MAX USA Corp. • 205 Express St. Plainview, NY 11803 • U.S.A. - Phone: (800) 223-4293 • FAX: (516) 741-3272 •

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Two Brushless 5 in. Cordless Orbit Sanders by Bosch

Milwaukee Tool's The M18 FUEL 1-1/8 in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY

Milwaukee Tool continues to innovate the cordless SDS Plus rotary hammer market with the second generation of their M18 FUEL 1-1/8 in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY, delivering advanced performance and productivity on the jobsite. The M18 FUEL 1-1/8 in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY is one of the fastest drilling and hardest hitting hammers in its class, claiming over 20% faster drilling. True to all M18 FUEL solutions, the M18 FUEL 1-1/8 in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE KEY combines three exclusive innovations – the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM Battery Pack, and REDLINK PLUS Intelligence. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 3.6 ft.-lbs. of impact energy, 800 RPM, and 4,600 BPM to provide speed and power in the most demanding jobsite applications. When paired with an M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC6.0 Battery Pack, the hammer can drill with up to (50) 5/8 in. by 3 in. holes per charge. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum rotary hammer performance and protects from overload, overheating, and over-discharge. To enhance safety, this second-generation hammer delivers maximum control with AUTOSTOP Kickback Control to prevent overrotation in case the tool binds up when drilling into rebar or hard aggregate. Additionally, an AVS Anti-Vibration System minimizes vibration for maximum comfort. M18 FUEL 1-1/8 in. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY Kit (2915-22) replaces model #2715-22. •  13.5 in. Length, 10.2 in. Height, 3.3 in. Width •  3.6 ft.-lb. impact energy •  800 RPM •  4,600 BPM •  AVS Anti-Vibration System •  AUTOSTOP Kickback Control •  ONE-KEY compatible

Bosch Power Tools GEX12V-5 Brushless 5 in. Random Orbit Sander and GEX18V-5 Brushless 5 in. Random Orbit Sander features brushless motors and are designed for optimal balance and convenience. Thus, allowing users to tackle hard-to-reach work areas with power, control, and precision. In addition to the ergonomic palmgrip design, each of the cordless sander models offers a compact body with a close-to-the-workpiece design for control, an easy-to-reach on/off switch for intuitive operation, and a vibration-dampening element to help minimize user fatigue. The 5 in. 8-hole sanding pad is ideal for both flat and concave/convex surfaces, and the brushless motor delivers a high material removal rate for faster, more efficient sanding. The sanders also feature a speed selector, which allows users to achieve maximum results during usage with different materials and applications. Both models have the option of mobile dust collection with a choice of attaching a dust bag or vacuum hose for easy cleanup and further delivering a quality of life solution for the user. They also come equipped with soft-start technology to reduce torque, constant speed to provide smooth operation and a hook-and-loop backing pad that conforms to many contours.

MAX USA’s CP-W .133-in. Series Step Pin

Originally promoted for fastening applications surrounding steel I-beam construction, the CP-W .133-in. Step Pin has now been recognized and approved to fasten into a range of concrete types as well. The CP-W .133-in. pin has been widely adopted amongst contractors who moved away from powder actuated tools and have since utilize the HN120 from the PowerLite system, for fastening wood and metal track into steel I-beams. When the CP-W .133-in. pin was first introduced to the market, MAX had only obtained testing data for steel I-beam fastening as concrete fastening was already covered by the (CP-C Series Pin). MAX expanded the testing report for steel applications as well. Originally, the maximum thickness of steel I-beam testing data was 3/8-in., but the company conducted testing up to 1/2-in. thick steel I-beam and obtained an ICC report with the thicker material. “Because the CP-W pins are created out of a superior metal makeup (compared to CP-C Pins) the team decided to further expand testing to validate the stick rate for old and extremely dense concrete (up to 8,000 PSI concrete). The box quantity and model number for CP-W series pins were changed. The HN25C and HN120 are now available in 1,000 pins (originally 2,000).

Bosch's Dedicated Tuckpointing Grinder & Dust Guard

Bosch Power Tools 5-in. high-powered, high torque dedicated tuckpointing grinder with a dust guard is designed specifically for tuckpointing. It significantly boosts the power over the previous model from an 8.5amp motor to a 13-amp motor, producing 9,300 RPM. The GWS13-52TG is engineered for high performance and improved durability with a metal guard mounting flange collar, dust protection with directed airflow, and an enclosed spring-loaded guard for maximum dust capture. The new model is ideal for tuckpointers for the removal of brick mortar. Model GWS13-52TG is designed to replace the 1775E. •  Motor is protected from dust and debris with epoxy-coated field windings and four-stage dust seals protect the gears and help ensure longer tool life •  Constant electronic monitoring provides level operation and reliable speed under load •  A viewing window on the dust guard makes it easy to see the cutting line


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The Core of Safety Tech


ccording to the National Safety Council, 105 million days were lost in 2019 due to workrelated injuries. While workers want to feel safe and physically confident on the job, this can be a challenge with core drilling. No matter how experienced a user is, the core drilling process is almost always dreaded. Rotary hammers and core drills can bind up when drilling through rebar or hard aggregate, causing the tool to rotate, and results in loss of control and potentially serious injuries—from broken wrists to wounds needing stitches. Safety Technology, such as seen in Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Core Drill AUTOSTOP technology helps protect workers. It reduces kickback during bind-up situations with engineered set

points to automatically stop running when thresholds are reached for a specific amount of time. AUTOSTOP systems contain an internal gyroscope that monitors angular momentum and uses onboard sensors to remove power from the motor before it rotates more than 45 degrees. At that engineered limit, the equipment will no longer fight the user. Safety Technology like AUTOSTOP along with the Core Drill’s side handle, helps address the risk of rotation, reducing the chances workers will be thrown off a ladder, lose teeth, break bones, etc. Inhaling crystalline silica dust particles can increase your risk of developing silica-related diseases such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and kidney disease. Dust can be managed by either extracting it with

an extractor or by suppression using the onboard water connection. While elimination and substitution rank at the top of the NIOSH hierarchy, new solutions focused on Safety Technology are often some of the most impactful. Safety Technology is part of a larger jobsite evolution that’s changing the way work gets done. New and safer batteryoperated solutions redefine light equipment, including core drills. These solutions offer user-driven designs, including Engineering Controls that supply safety, productivity, and ease of use. Kevin Gee is the group product manager for Milwaukee Tool Corp.

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When the world stopped, you kept going. Adapting. Giving a master class in resilience and being an essential worker. Now, celebrate how far you’ve come and discover the innovation helping our community evolve, endure, and thrive. Part knowledge, part equipment, part connections—World of Concrete is 100% of what you need to keep grinding it out through disruptions to the supply chain, safety and beyond. Get your hands on advanced technology, machinery, and tools, access the newest training and techniques in concrete and masonry, and build momentum for another unstoppable year.


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TESTING & SOFTWARE GCP’s Concrete Technology Solutions

GCP manufactures a full portfolio of concrete technologies that help producers optimize operational efficiency, materials management and sustainability. • VERIFI in-transit concrete management system monitors, measures and manages concrete in transit • CONCERA admixtures enable the production of control flow concrete, high flow segregationresistant concrete • CLARENA RC 40 additive is an environmentallyfriendly solution to easily recycle and reuse plastic returned concrete

Concrete Deck Analysis by Quartz Automatically track work progress, • Improved accuracy to Concrete Deck Analysis, a tool that quickly confirms placed deck elements and identifies missing or misplaced elements before a concrete pour Project managers can get daily updates on work performance compared to planned schedules. The Quartz platform will soon be able to ingest site schedules and use photogrammetry data to provide status updates, including identification of progress on specific tasks by zone of the working deck. •

Giatec's Web-based SmartMix Concrete Mix App

Giatec's SmartMix is a web-based dashboard that enables producers to optimize concrete materials and predict the performance of their mixes. With the SmartMix dashboard, producers can adjust the proportions of their concrete mixes, such as the use of chemical admixtures and amount of cement. With millions of datapoints used to train Roxi, Giatec's artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, the program's suggestions ensure that these adjustments will meet a mix's designed compressive strength and other performance criteria. • Predict mix performance, • Analyze and evaluate the influence of mix adjustments • Formulate concrete mixes • Meet performance specifications

Tekla’s 2021 Structural BIM Software Solutions

The latest versions of Tekla software solutions for constructible BIM, structural engineering and steel fabrication management—Tekla Structures 2021, Tekla Structural Designer 2021, Tekla Tedds 2021 and Tekla PowerFab 2021—include features and enhancements that continue to power data-driven, collaborative and connected workflows across all project phases. Tekla Structures 2021 provides three new subscription options, which can reduce the upfront investment and provide flexibility to balance license needs with an annual subscription of the software solutions. The latest version of Tekla Structures also delivers enhancements, improvements and features that simplify the user experience for more efficient workflows, increased productivity and collaboration across project teams.

The COMMAND Center AutoCollect Autonomous Data Collection Option

The COMMAND Center AutoCollect is a fully autonomous concrete data collection option as part of the company's concrete temperature and maturity monitoring system. With COMMAND Center AutoCollect, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, testing firms, owners and owner agencies, engineers, and architects can measure and log concrete temperature history, calculate maturity, and evaluate in-place strength while away from the jobsite. By removing the necessity of on-site personnel to collect data, COMMAND Center AutoCollect can save teams the expense and labor hours of manually collecting data onsite.


The sensor-based software solution integrated with CONTAKT provides direct support during on-site execution. Therefore, foremen and site supervisors can plan, allocate, and compare materials, resources, and personnel at the cycle level and gain valuable insights. All processes on the construction site are monitored in real-time and automatically documented. Concretemote technology can be used on ceiling forms to measure the early strength of concrete. As soon as the planning data based on a BIM model has been uploaded to CONTAKT, it is possible to work with the comprehensive digital management tool.

Autodesk Takeoff

Pioneer Cloud Batch Sysdyne Technologies

Autodesk Takeoff empowers estimators to perform 2D and 3D quantification workflows from a common data environment to increase collaboration, speed and accuracy during the estimation process. • Better visualize project scope with aggregated 2D and 3D takeoff • See updates in real-time with cloud-based document management • Provide multi-user access to projects

Sysdyne Technologies' Pioneer Cloud Batch brought the batch software online and made it visible and accessible by multiple users. Simply logging onto, plant managers, IT support staff, quality control managers and regional executives can access batch controls anywhere at any time using any device to monitor the batch cycles, make mix design changes as needed and address loading issues without interfering with the actual concrete loading cycle. It helps speed up the batch process, make sure the mixes are properly adjusted as needed and reduce the material cost by tightly controlling the material usages. Rather than following the antiquated Universal Link protocol to integrate batch controls with dispatch or ERP software, now the batch control can be integrated using Open API (Application Programming Interface).


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Coatings for Industry Inc. (CFI) offers its WearCOAT 2015 low-VOC polyaspartic primer with pigments. The primer can be specified in any of CFI’s 16 standard colors with custom colors also available. WearCOAT 2015 is a fast-curing primer, typically ready for mid- or top-coat application in two hours, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring a very fast return-to-service. When using CFI Polyaspartic mid-and top-coats, this new primer’s fast-cure formula can allow commercial concrete floor projects to be turned around in the fastest possible time, often in just one day. CFI’s WC-2015 may be applied and will cure on substrates as cold as 25° F.

Solomon Colors Concrete Dimensions Reusable Stencils

Solomon Colors explores new depths of decorative concrete with Concrete Dimensions reusable stencils. Embed the specially designed urethane Concrete Dimensions tools in fresh concrete for beautifully crisp medallions and borders. Concrete Dimensions works well with exposed aggregate finishes, texture skins, and flatwork. The durable, flexible urethane means Concrete Dimensions can be removed, rolled up, and reused when the job is done.

Trinic's White UHPC Powdered Additive

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Vanguard NonSkid SkidGuard, LumaLine & Ecopath

Vanguard's SkidGuard / LumaLine Kits are a nonskid, highly visible, abrasion and chemical resistant, pedestrian surface coating—available in SkidGuard Black or LumaLine White (luminescent). SkidGuard is liquid applied. It’s fast and efficient. It lasts 9x longer than paint. Ecopath Nonskid Bike and Bus Lane Coating (pictured) is the first true nonskid (not “slip-resistant”) coating product that you can easily install yourself. SkidGuard/LumaLine: Ecopath:

W.R. Meadows Hydralastic 836 SL

W. R. Meadows’ Hydralastic 836 SL is a single-component, cold-applied, solventfree, water-activated, waterproofing system. Hydralastic 836 SL cures to form a tough, flexible waterproofing membrane for both above-grade and below-grade applications. It will not crack in extreme cold or flow due to softening at high temperatures. • Save time and labor; easy self-leveling application • Decreased blistering • May be applied to green concrete • Cured with water addition in as little as two hours

Pecora-Deck HB1000 Series

Pecora’s full line of traffic coatings protect wearing surfaces like concrete or plywood from vehicular and pedestrian traffic abrasion, and in the case of concrete, protection from freeze-thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion with its destructive force on reinforcing steel. Where decks are elevated, these coatings provide excellent waterproofing for the occupied space below. • Two -component, fluid applied, polyurethane multi or single component system • Fast cure increased open time to service • High-mil applications with no off-gassing, bubbling or swelling of the coating upon cure • High impact resistance, low odor and VOC for interior and exterior applications

CONC1021_56-57_DecCon.indd 56

Sika Corporation merged Sika Butterfield Color and Sika Scofield to create a harmonized line of Decorative Concrete products known as SikaColor, SikaCem, and SikaStamp. Together, these highly reputable brands bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, allowing architects, specifiers, contractors, and homeowners to achieve both performance goals and design intent. Joining of these two acquisitions will produce a complete range of color solution products that are highly regarded and widely specified.

Trinic white UHPC additive offers an economical alternative to producing ultrahigh-performance concrete. Customers add local sand, cement and fiber to save on shipping costs and delays. UHPC made with Trinic’s additive exceeds the performance of conventional high-performance concretes with very high compressive and flexural strengths, very low permeability, and excellent freeze-thaw durability.


Sika Corporation Merged Decorative Concrete Family, SikaColor

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems’ Design Manual & KeyWall PRO Operating Guide

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems updated two of its Keystone construction manuals and Keystone Design Manual & KeyWallPRO Operating Guide. In addition to technical insights and step-by-step instructions, these professional Keystone tools use charts and diagrams that help determine design heights and geogrid reinforcement for everything from common wall construction to more complex projects featuring water applications, drainage, barriers and terraced walls.


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A SMARTER WAY TO MAKE UHPC 1(800)475-1975 | 1(607)775-1948 | WWW.TRINIC.US | @TRINICLLC

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SURFACE PREP & DUST EXTRACTION The Mastic Demon Floor Coating Removal Tool by Malish

Even the toughest coatings are no match for the fierce Mastic Demon, which rapidly and easily removes mastic, glue, adhesive, thin-set, paint, epoxy, and more from concrete floors. The clear choice when compared with other systems, the Mastic Demon features 75% larger blades and increased diamond content to deliver enhanced cutting power and an improved surface profile. What’s more, the Mastic Demon tool’s blade angle design amps up productivity by cutting and ejecting debris more quickly and efficiently—up to 30% faster than other systems.

WerkMaster's RAIDER XL5 Mid-Sized Floor Grinder

WerkMaster's RAIDER XL5 is designed to maximize results and minimize the time you spend behind a machine. Contractors can find up to 40% in labour savings on every job. The RAIDER XL5 is a compact and powerful edger, grinder and polisher that is capable of getting to 1/8 in. of the wall. WerkMaster's six counter-rotating heads make the XL5 an aggressive and powerful surface prep and polishing machine that is budget friendly. It is compact and easy enough to transport, but powerful enough for the commercial contractor.

The Husqvarna DE 110i Battery-Powered Dust Extractor

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The Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractor

The Lavina Elite V32 Dust Extractor takes dust collection to a new level of performance and productivity. Lavina Elite dust extractors feature important upgrades for efficient dust management on the jobsite and are OSHA compliant. • Four-stage dust collection for a dramatic increase in cleaning efficiency • An integrated emergency lamp reminds the operator to clean the filter. • Option to upgrade to automatic cleaning • Lighter and more compact body design. • Offered in propane (V32GE - 470 cfm) and electric models (V32E - 490 cfm, 220V or 480V).

DB Series of Dust Collection Bags

M-Series Electric Surface Grinders from General Equipment

General Equipment Company's DB Series of Dust Collection Bags attach to confined space ventilation blowers for extracting airborne dust created by drilling, sawing, sanding, chopping or other jobsite activities. • Available in three sizes for use with 8-, 12- and 16-in. nominal blowers • Each bag is 9.8 ft. long with a cinch-type strap • Non-woven polyester bag material provides 85% filtration efficiency for controlling silica dust and other non-combustible dusts or particulate-type materials • Bags can be washed up to two times using procedures that comply with applicable health and safety regulations

General Equipment Company’s M-Series electricpowered, dual-head surface grinder line works with a wide range of industrystandard magnetic type attachments, including those in General’s MAGNETACH Tooling System or attachments utilizing the Lavina/EDCO magnetic tooling mounting configuration. The M-series grinders feature two 12-in. steel discs. The 250-RPM counter-rotating discs balance forces to help reduce operator fatigue and enhance machine control. Three models are available in various power capabilities.


E c s T

Ruwac USA has redesigned and upgraded the throttle cable for its V1000 / GV10XLT early entry saw vacuum systems. This throttle cable design has been used in the aircraft industry for many years and Ruwac has customized its design to outfit and upgrade any existing units in the field. The HD throttle cable upgrade relocates the throttle location for better protection during transportation and operation while using a thicker cable diameter and heavy-duty cable sheath for durability and longer life expectancy.

When used with a GrindLazer scarifier, Graco’s LazerVac 550 System uses contactor preferred Honda power to provide 50% more vacuum pressure compared to LazerVac 330 to reduce airborne silica dust on larger scarifying jobs to help meet OSHA’s safety requirement for airborne silica dust. • Longopac Bag System • OSHA-compliant filtration • Auto-filter cleaning • Tool less filter design • Durable Honda power with Cyclone filter

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Ruwac Upgraded the Throttle Cable on Early Entry Saw Vacuum Systems

DE 110i battery-powered dust extractor is compact and easy to transport, yet powerful. This H class dust extractor is an excellent match for the DM 540i drill motor as well as other handheld equipment within the i-series 36V platform. It is equipped with a user-friendly HMI, SmartFlow that automatically adjusts the air flow while securing maximum runtime from the batteries, and high water protection enables fast and efficient decontamination. Available early 2022.



Graco LazerVac 550 Vacuum System


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DUST Get The Job Done Right. Everyone has dealt with the trouble that a clogged vacuum filter creates, it takes up valuable time and creates a mess. Pulse-Bac solves this problem with our patented Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology™ that automatically cleans the filter while you work.

The Original & Patented Self-Cleaning Vacuum. • Delivers Consistent Suction • Durable Steel Construction • Longopac Bagging • American Made

It's easy to see why Pulse-Bac Vacuums have been the industry performance leader for over 20 years.

9384 Ridgeview St, Tulsa, OK 74131 • 866-954-9700

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Pulse-Bac Vacuum Systems PRO-Series Line of Vacuums

• •

The latest design changes for Pulse-Bac Vacuum Systems’ PRO-Series line of vacuums make for a reliable and productive vacuum. Not only are they more reliable but are priced lower than their predecessor, the Pulse-Bac 1000 Series. • The Pro Series design incorporates a hood giving Pulse-Bac a sleek new look, moves the fuse to the outside nameplate for quick and easy replacement, incorporates a new valve design for controlling the pulsing technology that contains no pins or fasteners, just one continuous piece. Also featured is a new control board to control filter pulsing, tank sensors, remotes and electrical. Pulse-Bac Pro Series heads will fit the existing 1000 series 20 Gallon Tanks, Extenders and Baggers.

Superabrasive's Lavina 32E Grinder

L32E is a 32-in. heavy duty, powerful grinder from the Lavina Elite Series, ideal for large commercial projects, including everything from prep to polishing. It is a forced planetary machine, with three 13.2-in. grinding heads, and equipped with integrated weights, water system plus misting for dust suppression, LED lights, transportation wheel, and more. Offered in 230V and 480V models.

Ruwac's Workhorse WB307 PropanePowered Vacuum

Ruwac USA's Workhorse WB307 13 h.p is a Honda propanepowered direct bagging vacuum. The WB307 is built with Ruwac's Max Flo multi-stage turbine system providing 300 CFM at 85-in. H20. This Workhorse Series vacuum features an oversized 28 sq. ft. MicroClean primary filter, 99% efficient at 0.5 microns and guaranteed for three years. External filter cleaning mechanism and continuous pull bagging system eliminates operator exposure to dust for a higher level of protection.

The SG12EM from General Equipment Co.

General Equipment Company’s SG12EM M-Series single-head surface grinder offers high performance, durability and ease-of-use for smaller-scale surface preparation projects. The model works with a wide range of industry-standard magnetic type attachments, including those in General’s MAGNETACH Tooling System or attachments utilizing the Lavina/EDCO magnetic tooling mounting configuration. The SG12EM features a single rotating disc with a 12-in. working width. Its 1.5-hp electric motor operates from a readily available 15-ampere, 115 VAC single-phase power source. The single V-belt drive offers a top disc rotation speed of 250 RPM— ideal for a wide range of applications such as grinding concrete surfaces, removing mastics, adhesives, epoxies and urethanes, breaking up deposits of grease and dirt, removing rubber carpet backing and industrial residues, and a multitude of other concrete grinding projects.

Dust Hog Pro LLC's Dust Hog Vacuum Attachment Tool

Dust Hog Pro LLC helps keep construction jobsites much cleaner, and in compliance with OSHA respirable silica dust safety regulations. This solution was invented by a professional contractor and thoroughly fieldtested and refined over the past year to ensure durability and performance. Made in the USA of high-visibility, rugged, polypropylene plastic, the Dust Hog fits most mixing containers including 1, 5, 30 and 50 gallon pails and drums. Simply insert the vacuum hose of most shop vacuums into the Dust Hog, hang the unit on the rim of the mixing container, turn on the vacuum and begin mixing.

Honda Engines GC Series Models for Pressure Washers

Designed specifically to increase the performance of pressure washers, the Honda GCV170 and GCV200 pressure washer engines deliver more: more power and more torque for premium residential applications, along with a range of technological attributes, innovative features, and a simple design that make the models even more reliable and easier to operate and maintain. Both engines offer best-in-class power and torque that deliver peak performance in the toughest of operating conditions. Both engines are assembled in the USA at the Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing facility in Swepsonville, N.C., using domestic and globally sourced parts.

The Viking Ride-On Scraper from National Flooring Equipment

BossTek Dust Boss Atom

The Viking Ride-On Scraper from National Flooring is the ideal solution for roadways, bridge decks, airport runways, parking structures, and more. Designed with innovative new features to ensure precision handling, safety and performance. • Cab has been designed to meet Roll-Over Protection & Falling Object Protection Certifications • Positive-pressure cab system keeps dust and worksite byproducts out of the air the operator is breathing • Noise dampening cab reduces jobsite noise allowing the operator to focus on the work lights • Two front and two rear LEDs for increased jobsite visibility allowing the operator to work in difficult conditions • Adjustable, red safety curtain lights allow for a 3-6 ft. perimeter around the machine as it is working signaling to others the area to steer clear from • Rear-view camera display bring another level of safety to jobsite workers

The compact, dieselpowered DustBoss Atom is a fan-less, self-contained dust suppression system that incorporates remote control and 4G LTE telematics as standard equipment. • Provides a throw of 100 ft. with an adjustable elevation angle • Mist range: 50 to 200 microns • 9.1-hp Kohler KD440 air-cooled engine • Cat Pumps 56G1 water pump requires 40-psi inlet pressure, minimum


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J avai

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HAND TOOLS, LASERS & LEVELING Xtreme Concrete Sprayer Model 19049

TapeLazer HP Automatic Series Traffic Tape Applicator

The Graco TapeLazer is a fully-automatic, walk/ ride-behind, gas-powered traffic tape applicator that includes key features from the LineLazer V HP Automatic stripers for fast, easy taping applications. • Apply permanent or temporary tape up to 14 in. wide • Single pass and pre-program skips with no layout required • Precision-cut technology with non-stick design—single blade cuts on non-adhesive side of the tape • Fast tape loading with tool-less locator collars for quick/easy change-out

Milwaukee Tool's 12-in. Digital Measuring Wheel

Milwaukee Tool's 12-in. Digital Measuring Wheel was designed with handle-mounted buttons and a digital display, the measuring wheel is optimized for one-handed use and is the most efficient measuring wheel on the market. The highly intuitive digital interface allows users to save and store up to four measurements or conversions in imperial, metric, and engineer scales. Users can also pause and clear measurements with just the touch of a button. For durability, the backlit screen is IP54 rated for dust and water protection in harsh jobsite conditions. For ease of use, the wheel’s frame telescopes to multiple heights and is easy to store. The Milwaukee Digital Measuring Wheel is powered off two included AAA batteries.

Chapin's Xtreme Concrete Sprayer Model 19049 is used for applying form oil, curing compounds and sealants. • Extreme-Viton seals and gaskets are resistant to the strongest chemicals • Exclusive 3.5-gal. TRI-POXY tank provides triple protection against rust, corrosion and damage from denting • 4-in. mouth opening • Unique Tri-Lock seal ensures pump cap locks tightly into place • Brass spray handle with “Lock-on” and quick release design • Brass nozzle delivers fan spray for even coverage.

Kipper Crete's KPR 11.5 Collapsible Pan Attachment

RimRiser BoltAdjusted Manhole Leveling Solutions

The RimRiser adjust-to-grade systems for manholes, catch basins and precast tops makes the process of leveling cast iron manhole rings, inlet frames/grates and precast concrete tops simpler, faster and more accurate. • More than 35 RimRiser-ready castings available including models specified for 15 states • Eliminates hazards from lifting with prybars, overhead machines or slings and prevents accidental drops on hands or fingers • Bolts are small enough to fit in a pocket, making them easy to store and carry • Castings all utilize the same bolt-adjustable system so there’s no need to order special sizes in advance

Kipper Crete, LLC's attachment The Kipper KPR11.5-CP (Collapsible Pan) features six blades. • Size: 11.5-in. troweling diameter • Weight: Under 22 lbs. • Blades: Six The size of the Kipper Crete LLC allows contractors to easily get in smaller areas, work around obstacles, and get close to edges.Kipper Crete LLC All of Kipper Crete's trowels can be attached to a variety of variable speed controlled drills or polishers, turning them into either walk-behind or handheld power trowels.

T g 4

The Traker from Aaron Hilbert LLC

The Traker is a manual tool for installing contraction joints in concrete slabs-on-ground. Compared to sawcuts, Trak Joints are four times faster, 75% less costly, and dust free. The joints are installed early—immediately before or after bull-floating, while the concrete is highly workable. The early entry joints cause cracks to appear typically the day after placement. The Traker uses a roll of plastic tape resting against an insertion disc. The insertion disc folds and embeds the tape into fresh concrete. The top edge of the tape is pushed slightly below the concrete surface. The tape remains in the slab to create a weakened plane.


CONC1021_62-63_HandTools.indd 62



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The ProLaser 842 Bambino Cross Laser Level Series by Kapro

Kapro Tools' 842 Prolaser Bambino Cross Laser Level series (available in red (842S) and green (842GS) versions) is based on Kapro’s heavy-duty 872 Prolaser PLUS Cross Laser Levels and incorporates many of its features, including intersecting horizontal and vertical beams at 90 degrees, a manual mode for angular layout/marking with a visual “out of level” warning, a mechanical pendulum lock mechanism incorporated in the on-off switch and a 1/4-in. tripod thread. Kapro’s 842S and 842GS feature an indoor laser range up to 50 ft., an accuracy of 0.0004 in. / 1 in. and an exceptional self-leveling range of ±3 degrees. The 842 series comes with the flexible omni-set tripod for mounting and attaching the 842S and 842GS to virtually any surface. Lasers in the 842 series have a protective rubber over-molded casing and come with a three-year warranty.

ACI's 2021 Collection of Concrete Codes, Specs & Practices

The ACI Collection provides a comprehensive source of information on concrete design, construction, materials, and repair, with nearly 50 codes and specifications and more than 200 practices—including all guides and reports. The ACI Collection features ACI 318 “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete,” ACI 301 “Specifications for Structural Concrete,” and ACI 562 “Code Requirements for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures and Commentary.” Additional categories in the ACI Collection include concrete materials, properties, design, construction, reinforcement, specialized application, repair, structural analysis, and innovation, plus popular topics such as slabs, formwork, and masonry. The ACI Collection is available as an online subscription, a USB drive, and a nine-volume set of books. Specifically developed for individual users, the online subscription to the ACI Collection is the most convenient format, is always up-to-date, and includes access to every new ACI document as soon as it is published. Additionally, the online subscription includes access to current and historical versions of ACI’s codes and specifications, along with versions in both inch-pound and S.I. units. Special online access for multiple users, entire offices, and large multinational companies, is also available.

Introducing for 2021, The TPC Guidance Controlled Slipform Concrete Paver The TPC is operated via a Radio Controlled Belly Pack instrument box. In auto mode, the machine will follow the guidance string and adjust tracking and screed elevation automatically. The screed comes in different widths from 48” to 96”. The TPC eliminates the need for forms. Just grade and set the string line!

Standard Features • The conveyor can be moved to feed the machine from either side. • The hopper has an auger inside to be sure the material fills both sides of the hopper. • The hopper has two hydraulic cylinders which raise the hopper and screed for transport and easy loading on the trailer. • The 74 HP Hatz German engine is EPA compliant in all 50 states and delivers plenty of power. • This engine, coupled with a proclaim pump, will give the hydraulic power needed year after year. • This is a machine designed with only the basics needed to slipform the walk or pad with no forms required. By designing the TPC this way, we were able to cut the cost and make it affordable for everyone, not just the big guys.


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Zinc vs. Bronze: Concrete Hand Tools


ronze tools are the trusted means of achieving radius edges and straight control joints in concrete. Their rugged construction has the optimal weight distribution to provide professional quality results. For that reason, bronze tools are often fundamental for many concrete finishers. Yet this preference comes at a price. The monetary and human cost of bronze production is taking its toll on the industry, but it doesn’t have to. There is an alternative material available—zinc. Although they differ in composition, bronze and zinc share similar properties. They rival each other in terms of hardness, durability, quality construction, and professional finish results. Zinc, however, has a few added perks. Zinc production offers relief to the pocketbooks of contractors and manufacturers. For every bronze tool produced, two zinc tools can take its place. This results in less money wasted on tools that provide identical results. Plus, it’s safer for manufacturers to produce. COMPOSITION & PROPERTIES Bronze is an alloy of copper that has been in use for over 5,000 years. It is typically a combination of copper and tin, aluminum, or nickel (among others). Most concrete tools are 88-90% copper and 10-12% tin. This composition is great for tools due to its strength, hardness, and very high ductility. These properties also provide a high loadcarrying capacity, good wear resistance, and offer high durability. Unfortunately, it is also prone to corrosion. With enough air exposure, a bronze tool can oxidize and turn green. This green layer, called patina, is often the first sign of wear. The patina can act as a protective barrier, but if chlorides are present (as from seawater, soil, or sweat), these tools can develop “bronze disease.”


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This is the death of a cuprous (copperbased) tool. It is a contact-contagious condition that works through the metal and destroys it. Once this happens, there is little chance to stop it. Zinc’s non-cuprous properties allows it to avoid this disease with a hexagonal closepacked crystal structure. It also possesses moderate hardness and can be made ductile and easily worked at temperatures slightly above the ambient. Side by side, bronze and zinc both have a hardness that is ideal for tools (on the Mohs Scale of Hardness for Metals, zinc = 2.5; bronze = 3).

For concrete finishers, the difference between bronze and zinc is slim to none. Both provide concrete tools with a high load-carrying capacity, good wear resistance, and the ability to produce virtually identical finish results. Zinc just doesn’t carry all the same drawbacks—it’s lightweight, easy to use, resistant to bronze disease, and cost-effective.

THE COST OF PRODUCTION The monetary and human cost of production is where bronze and zinc significantly diverge. Bronze production relies on two methods of production (sandcasting and die-casting), but neither are cost-effective for manufacturers. The result is manufacturers potentially passing this financial hardship onto contractors. Regardless of casting method, both involve grinding and deburring. This gives bronze tools their smooth, shelfand job-ready finish creating dust that requires immediate filtration or ventilation. Without this, workers can develop a condition known as pneumoconiosis or “dusty lung,” a condition that causes scar tissue to build up in the lungs and can lead to chronic lung, liver, kidney, and even brain problems. Because of these hazardous conditions, some U.S.-based manufacturers are no longer willing to put their workers at risk and ousourcing the job. But even those outsourced manufacturers are calling for an end to bronze production and the grinding involved. With fewer manufacturers at home and abroad producing bronze, bronze tools will be harder to acquire, driving an increase to price.

Zinc production, on the other hand, doesn’t carry these same costs. This is due in part to the development of the rapid quenching zinc-lead blast furnace in the 1960s, which uses shock-cooling and vapor absorption to produce zinc. : • Low working temperatures lead to rapid cooling of the cast products and fast production for assembly. • More precise casting methods eliminate the need for grinding and deburring. It also helps to produce a better, smoother, and more crisp finish on the edges and control joints of concrete slabs. • Zinc suppliers are U.S.-based, lowering the cost of production and (subsequently) retail value. Bronze and zinc share a high loadcarrying capacity and good wear resistance, ideal for concrete work, while zinc takes it a step further with immunity to bronze disease and a lighter, easier-to-use profile that provides contractors with similar results. Megan Rachuy is the content writer and editor for MARSHALLTOWN.

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Things to Consider Before Adding a New Service


f there was one common question I receive it's, "Brad, how do you know when to add another service?" This question, or some form of it, comes from young business owners desperate to find another income stream, and from seasoned owners realizing they need to expand their vocabulary and offerings. This topic seemed to be on the minds of many contractors, so let me share a few thoughts and observations that I've made over the past 20 years that might aid you in your own evaluation of growing your business.

WHEN NOT TO ADD SERVICES It might be helpful to address some poor times to add new services. • When your primary business is experiencing increased amounts of customer call-backs and rework. This strongly suggests that your focus on quality is in need of attention. Fix your quality problems first and you might not be tempted to expand. • When an employee says, "I've done that before." There is always an employee, usually a new hire, who can be quite convincing on what they’ve accomplished at previous companies. In most cases this type of worker may be a new hire for a reason. • When you notice increased competition. New competitors shouldn't send you looking for another service to provide. Competition, especially new competition, can be good for you. It often adds pressure to do things right the first time, can force better attention to details, and generated a more creative mind set for marketing and sales.


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WHEN TO ADD NEW SERVICES Now, there are certainly more reasons why you might want to think twice before adding new services but let me provide you some proactive, positive reasons to add new services. • Will adding a new service compliment and further expand business opportunities with existing clients? This is the primary reason to add a new service. If your current and paying customers are asking you to take on additional services, this is a good sign that you and your crews are doing a good job on meeting customer needs and consistently providing quality. • When your profitability is running consistently higher over the past season or two. It's doubly difficult to acquire additional equipment, add another crew, and learn another service if you are not making much money. Profits are good; they should be used to reinvest into your company. Expanding into new services is made easier when you're profitable. • When a specialty contractor is technically proficient but has little to no business savvy. It is just amazing how many technical experts get into power washing, curb and gutter, infrared application, sealcoating etc. who can't run a business. Offering to buy one of these contractors out might be a "winwin" for both you and the businesschallenged owner. • When there is a new geographical opportunity available and it could be getting your foot in the door. Contractors have begun a new service


where they have little to no current business at and then use this new addition as a lead-in for their existing services. This is sort of coming through the back door, but it can be a strategy to add a new service that ironically opens the chance to do more business with current services. Certainly one or more of these four criteria should be in place before you expand. It is important to also note that if you are seriously looking at adding a new service, develop a business plan addressing such topics as: market needs, competitors, cost of needed equipment, suppliers and their locations, and type of customers, to name just a few areas. Adding a new service will require that you have the proper attitude and mindset—it will renew your commitment to be patient and consistent. Plus, prepare to have the capital needed to keep the new service moving ahead while you and your workers are learning the new business. Adding a new service should be a positive and profitable experience. If you've never added a new service you are in for a real challenge to your old policies and approaches. Be open to new lessons and best practices that you can learn and even pass on to your existing services. You might just end up adding a service that becomes the new profit leader for your company in the future.

For more from Brad Humphrey, visit contractors-best-friend.

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Thin Brittle Carpet Glue, No Problem. Get an EDCO.


TG-10 TURBO GRINDER Available in Gas, Electric and Propane

DYMA-ARROWS - Specialty Tooling

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