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In This Issue Computer Software Systems Designed for Fence Companies Secrets of Time Management Details on Several Acquisitions FENCENEWS.COM | OCTOBER 2021


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Gate Latch


ULTIMATE VERSATILITY FROM EVERY ANGLE The first of its kind, the KEYSTONE® TRAVERSE 500 gate latch combines the high-end performance of latches

that lock and unlock from either side with fast, 4-step installation. Featuring a patent pending, 6-pin key cylinder design and easy, reversible mounting, the KEYSTONE® TRAVERSE 500 is raising hardware standards from every angle.




Adjustable & Heavy-Duty, Self-Closing Hinges For Round Post Gates






154 LB



For Gate

13⁄8” and 15⁄8”

For Post

17⁄8 – 2”, 23⁄8”, 27⁄8”

TCHDRND2S3 Adapters


For Gate

17⁄8 – 2”

For Post

17⁄8 – 2” and 27⁄8”

TruClose® Heavy-Duty Option For Round Post Gates • • • • •

NEW: Easy tension adjustment from both ends NEW: Max self-closing gate weight up to 154 lb NEW: Updated contemporary Series 3 body design Adapters included for various post diameters Right or left-handed gate installation : (800) 716-0888

: ddtech.com

Copyright © 2021 D&D Technologies®



• • • • •

Side fixing legs for alignment and added fixing strength UV stabilized, industrial-strength polymer construction Internal stainless steel spring and components Will not rust, bind, sag or stain Fasteners included

: info@ddtechusa.com

Bolt-On Round Post (4-6-8 Inch) Industrial Grade Hinges Horizontally Adjustable & Maintenance Free! Load rating per gate: 2,000 lb Maximum gate weight: 1,000 lb

Tightest Tolerance in the Industry Heavy Duty Shaft (bolt)

CNC machined to perfection provides virtually frictionless rotation

On all hinges gives the highest weight ratings in the industry

High-temperature Sealed Bearings No greasing, no maintenance. EVER! Safe to powder coat.

Zinc Electroplating Long lasting rust and corrosion protection

Round Hinge Body

Adjustable Yoke

Precision Bushing

Horizontally adjustable for perfect installations

Distributes gate load for optimal performance

Stover Lock Nut



: (800) 716-0888

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: ddtech.com





Uniquely shaped threads that provide a vibration resistant friction fit so the nut stays put


Models available to fit 4”, 6” or 8” round posts

: info@ddtechusa.com





1993 was a good year for Stephens Pipe. We enjoyed record growth, opened two branch locations, doubled the size of our operation in Kentucky and purchased the equipment of a small PVC powder–coating operation from a company in New Jersey. The last one is key. From that humble beginning, today we have the largest powder coating operation for fencing in the United States. It doesn’t matter which product you need, be it framework, fabric or fittings we have a coating operation to get the job done. Need a black “no splice” 6-5/8” backstop posts 38’ long? We do that. Aluminum gate 45’ long; not a problem, we can coat gates up to 50’ long x 10’ tall. Our ornamental Centurion operation has its own powder coating system in-house. We fabricate vinyl coated wire in a number of different branch locations manufacturing coated strand in a wide variety of classes and gauges to meet any spec. We are your “Advantage One Source” for all your fencing needs.

ALABAMA 205-647-0111, CONNECTICUT 860-812-0265, FLORIDA 321-728-2932, GEORGIA 770-868-1800, KENTUCKY 270-866-3331, LOUISIANA 225-387-1838, MARYLAND 301-699-0400, MICHIGAN 616-248-3433, MISSOURI 816-359-3836, NORTH CAROLINA 336-375-3442, OHIO 614-285-3584 or 740-869-2257, PENNSYLVANIA 570-567-7538, TENNESSEE 615-860-0001, TEXAS 214-348-2400, WEST VIRGINIA 304-522-2210





Software Tools for the Fence Industry Software Design Associates has been creating software for the fence industry since before Bill Gates released MS DOS.

“We started with our most popular software, the Computer Fencing System, in the 1980’s, and along the way, we have created web estimating and e-order apps for several companies, including Merchants Metals, Bufftech and Iron World,” explains Ray Pearson, president of Software Design Associates. “We have also produced fence visualization apps for AlumiGuard and Bufftech, and our own online apps, GeoDraw and Fence 3D. Now, we are looking forward to introducing the next generation of our estimating software: Fence.Cloud.” Gathering qualified leads is imperative for a steady flow of business. GeoDraw is a lead collection and lead qualification app designed to be added to a fence company’s website. Homeowners can use it easily. They simply type in their address, choose a style, layout the fence line and receive a budget range for their project. “In these cases, the fence company has already collected all of their information, the customer has chosen a fence, received an estimate and in many cases, they are ready to buy,” says Pearson. The customer can click the “contact me” button to alert the fence company to close the deal. “These are the best leads available,” he says. “We also collect the data for users who do not click the contact button. They are in the market for fencing and can be a rich source of customers.” GeoDraw is inexpensive and easy to set up. It has a user dashboard to manage lead opportunities as they come in. It can also be opened in the web-mapping apps within CFS

and Fence.Cloud to produce exact breakdowns. GeoDraw can be tested at www.fenceindustry.com/geodraw/.

Another software application helpful for the fencing industry is the Computer Fencing System. It’s been the “go to” fence industry software for decades. “CFS does fence specific things that nothing else does,” explains Pearson. It comes preconfigured with chain-link, vinyl, ornamental, wood, and welded mesh fence materials. “Most of the manufacturers with CFS modules Continued on p10



chain link

for every APPLICATION RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL Whether you are in need of Galvanized, Aluminized or Architectural Color Coated Chain Link systems, Merchants Metals has the materials you need to get the job done right. Contact your local service center and see what we can do for you.

www.merchantsmetals.com 866.888.5611



Software Tools for the Fence Industry, continuted from p8

can provide their customers with company-specific pricing for their products, and in this current, volatile market, e-delivery of pricing is huge,” Pearson says. CFS also creates exact material breakdowns, CAD quality shop drawings for fences and gates, clear work orders, gate fabrication sheets, and generates contracts which can be signed in the field. A demo of CFS can be seen at the You Tube channel for Software Design Associates: www.youtube.com/c/SoftwareDesignAssociates. “We provide outstanding free tech support. If a company is on the current version of CFS, they can call us and a real support tech in Billings, Montana, will answer the phone and provide help,” he says. An upgrade on CFS Version 22 is happening now. Pearson says the highlight will be a new wood shop drawing program that will produce the same CAD quality drawings offered for chain-link, vinyl, and ornamental fencing. “CFS shop drawings can easily be printed, emailed, transferred to image editing programs or exported in PNG, BMP, JPEG or SVG formats,” he says. At this time, CFS does not run on the internet, so updated information isn’t instantaneously available to a company’s entire team at any given time. CFS also lacks many of the contact management features that are becoming essential to companies. “There is no doubt that CFS is an incredible piece of software that will be around for decades,” Pearson says. “It has lots of devoted fans and deservedly so, but the day may come when you want to do more. Then you can transition to our latest estimating product: Fence.Cloud.” Fence.Cloud is an online web app available on any device that can access the internet, including cell phones. “Fence.Cloud distills the best of our Windows Computer Fencing System, along with many new features designed to facilitate and expedite workflow. Fence.Cloud offers a broad range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and scheduling features in addition to all of the fencing functionality that you have come to expect from CFS,” Pearson explains. Many CFS customers are using multiple pieces of software to run their businesses. This is inefficient, expensive and sometimes, things fall through the cracks. Fence.Cloud aims to drastically reduce the use of multiple pieces of software by covering the fence industry’s most important needs in one powerful online service.



Fence.Cloud users will be able to visually track a lead with the interactive Leads Board as it transitions through the sales funnel. Lead and sales data can be analyzed within Fence.Cloud. Once a lead reaches an operations process or pipeline, the fence company can track, manage and visualize the estimate with the interactive Jobs Board. “No more wondering what the next step is for a customer. No more details falling through the cracks,” Pearson says. Cloud-based scheduling and multi-layer calendars can easily be linked to jobs and contacts. CRM activity logs can record all interactions with every customer. Customer information can be archived and will be retained forever. Multiple estimates, documents, and images can be linked to one job so that everything is organized in one location. Images and documents generated outside of Fence.Cloud can easily be uploaded, marked up and tagged for projection management. “Fence.Cloud’s advanced search features can help find anything, anywhere, anytime,” Pearson says. “In Fence.Cloud, we have simplified the estimating set up, database management and customization process. We have also taken our estimating templates, known as standard specifications, to the next level,” explains Pearson. “Estimating templates can now contain both fence and gate materials within one template, streamlining the estimating process even further and simplifying the learning curve for new hires.” Fence.Cloud is currently in development, with plans for a release of the first edition this winter with full chain-link functionality. The ornamental, vinyl, wood, and welded mesh breakdown engines for Fence.Cloud will be released throughout 2022 and 2023. “Over the years, we have flourished because of our knowledge of the fence industry, the quality of our products, excellent customer service and a willingness to adapt. We invite you to join us as we lead the way into the mid21st century,” Pearson says.











"... How many vendors must I call?"




"... On back order? For how long?"


Closure Device


"... We were shipped the wrong item!"


Wire Transfer


"... Just a quick drive across town!"


Mesh Infill


"... What do you mean it was damaged in shipping?"


Trim / Lockset


"We only received half the order!"


Gate / Jamb Install


"Is this considered overtime?"

Minimal $

Mesh & Hardware Installs


"Another mobilization to the job site!"



Installation time


4-8 Hours


$$$$ Expense


VALUE IS MEASURED IN TIME SAVED. *Based on installing a single Exodus Egress Gate


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Data Center Physical Security Market Global Outlook & Forecast The data center physical security market by investment is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.42% through 2026. The data center market is witnessing strong growth in the development of multiple large facilities. This market is mainly dominated by colocation providers, followed by internet and cloud service providers. With the increasing development of sophisticated technology and vast amounts of data, the data center security market is becoming essential for operators. Companies are increasingly working towards ensuring that customer data is protected by installing physical security measures. The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the data center physical security market during the forecast period: • Increasing Construction of Hyperscale Data Centers • Rising Colocation Investment Across Data Centers • Advancements In Video Analytics and Cloud-Based Analytics • Use of Anti Climb Perimeter Security Market Trends and Segments Include: An increase in the number of edge data center facilities deployed will increase the demand for physical security solutions such as video surveillance and access control systems. With advances in video surveillance, cloud provider security and high-quality cameras are capturing and collecting vast amounts of data. Cloud-based video analytics has become the latest trend in physical security. Cloud computing and edge processing will drive the adoption of advanced video content analytics in the coming years. Many hyperscale operators have adopted significant physical security measures to ensure the safety of their facilities. Remote monitoring using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being done to ensure advanced security on the premises. The demand for video surveillance systems is on the rise as data center investments are increasing year over year. The global video surveillance security market is expected to reach $338.7 million in 2026. The installation of racks in existing data centers is boosting the adoption of cabinet security solutions. The global cabinet security market will grow at a CAGR of 7.36% by 2026. Most investments in physical security solutions among enterprise data centers will be through hyperscale self-built facilities and onpremise containerized data center developments in developing countries. Rapidly developing technologies and innovation in the market are compelling several vendors to offer more innovative solutions to the data center industry. Vendor partnerships with modular service providers are essential for their revenue growth. Some global providers provide solutions that will give them an edge over others in winning data center security installation and commissioning projects. The data center physical security market share is likely to grow in developing regions with more security threats. It is observed that global vendors are partnering with local vendors to capture the new growing market and generate more revenue till the market gets matured. Source: ResearchAndMarket.com through BusinessWire




1” picket design offers security for high-traffic areas and is durable enough to withstand harsh environments or large crowds.

Jerith Aero

1 x 5/8" picket design and rounded edges create a sleek, modern look that is distinctive yet subtle.

Jerith Premier

3/4" picket design adds strength without sacrificing appearance for residential or lite commercial areas.

Jerith Legacy

5/8" picket design and hidden fasteners are perfect for homeowners looking for a certain aesthetic.

Jerith Liberty Economical 5/8" picket design is ideal for general residential applications.

Jerith’s legacy of quality and style makes our residential and commercial aluminum fence the best in the industry. With our wide range of options, we can tailor our products to your specific needs.




800-344-2242 LITE COMMERCIAL








Stains and coatings can change the entire look of a fence. From the color to the finish, they add protection and uniqueness. In this section, several leading companies give ideas about the possibilities available as well as new products on the market.

stain and coatings 16


Different Types of Galvanized Coatings for Wire Fence A galvanized coating is a protective layer of zinc applied to a steel wire. These coatings do not affect the strength of the wire, but rather lengthen its lifespan by protecting against rust. The professionals at San Antonio Steel Company, wholesale distributor of the 50-Year Fence® provided the following overview of the different classes of galvanized coatings for agricultural fence wire.



While commercial coating sounds like it would be the best option, it is actually considered bottomof-the-line compared to other galvanized coatings. Commercial meets no standards and does not guarantee any type of warranty. Showing rust within just a couple of years, commercial galvanized coating is the least expensive and shortest-lasting option on the market.

Class 3 galvanized coating will provide approximately 25 years of life, depending on where the wire is located. Again, areas closer to the coast may experience a shorter lifespan, whereas areas farther away will allow a full 25 years.

CLASS 1 Class 1 coating alone does not meet ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards, which identifies how much zinc is required to ensure quality and safe use. However, sharing with crossfencing does meet the standards. Depending on your location, Class 1 galvanized coating will last 8-12 years before starting to show rust. Areas closer to the coast will see rust in a shorter time frame because of the salt content, while dryer areas will stay rust-free longer.

It should be noted that Commercial and Class 1 coatings will look “shiny” because of the higher aluminum content, but the Class 3 and Zinc Aluminum will have a dark greyish tint. Many people assume the higher shine offers more protection, but that is not the case for fence wire.

ZINC-ALUMINUM Made up of 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminum, ZincAluminum galvanized coating is divided into two separate classes: Class 20 and Class 40. Zinc-Aluminum Class 20 will last about 25-30 years; Class 40 will more than double the life of a Class 3 product, lasting 50 years. This is the basis for the SASCO 50-Year Fence, the only one in the industry with a 50-year warranty.

PAINTING ZINC-ALUMINUM You cannot paint products made of 100% Zinc, because the paint would inevitably flake off; but with a mixture of Aluminum and Zinc, the paint will adhere to the product. Typically, black or green paint is used on the wire for purely aesthetic reasons. The paint also may provide a small additional layer of protection, because salt and other elements will have to get through the paint first before affecting the ZincAluminum.

Learn more about galvanized coating technology at www.50yearfence.com.



Bringing Metal Projects to Life



When it comes to stains and coatings, there are a few things that are important for consumers to be aware of. “For us, it really comes down to what the customer wants it to look like at the end of the day,” explains Ryan Brown, head tech with Sculpt Nouveau, a leader in patina and metal finishing products based in Escondido, California. “We know our products well enough that if a customer will describe the kind of look they want, or send us a picture of an example, we can determine the best products for that intended look,” Brown says. Coverage, weather resistance and color options can impact the type of stain or coating used, but the end result is really the most important aspect and Brown says his team can provide guidance on how to achieve it. “Our company was founded by artists; we approach every project from an artistic point of view while our knowledge of the science of our products helps guide us on what to use to achieve the look the customer is going for,” explains Brown. “Our products are designed to work on metal, but some of them work just fine on wood; we can provide advice based on the type of surface involved.” Brown says there are reactive vs. non-reactive finishes. “Reactive finishes are the kind that cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal to leave behind a patina finish. The non-reactive finishes do not cause chemical reactions and therefore we are applying some sort of finish to the surface.” Sculpt Noveau offers finishes, sealers, prep for surfaces, primers, thinners and supplies for virtually any metal coating project. Their products are distributed by over 30 distributors, visit www.sculptnouveau.com to locate a retail distributor.


Fence & Rail

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www.sentinelmfg.com ELIMINATE MID-POST SUPPORT

We Ship In 3 - 4 Weeks Residental Commerical and Industrial Fencing

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Lumberton North Carolina



Aluminum Fence Powder Coating Q and A When it comes to fencing, especially those made of a strong material like aluminum, adding something as insubstantial as powder doesn’t sound like it would be very effective. However, that is exactly what the special powder coating on an industrial, residential or commercial aluminum fence does. It keeps the metal safe from anything that begins the corrosion process, allowing the tough aluminum metal to be its best. The fence professionals at GreatFence provided the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about powder coated aluminum fencing:

HOW DOES THE POWDER COATING STAY ON THE FENCE? The powder coating on an aluminum fence begins as an actual powder. Coating a fence panel in powder might seem tricky, but a unique scientific process is the key to its success. The fence is first deep-cleaned with different chemical solutions, then it is fully dried with heavy-duty air dryers and hot temperatures to ensure absolutely no moisture is remaining. After drying thoroughly, the special protective powder is evenly distributed to the fence’s surfaces with an electrostatic charge. Once it has been applied all over, the powder is set to the aluminum with heat. WILL THE FENCE NEED TO BE RE-COATED IN THE FUTURE? Powder coating is a surprisingly powerful substance and is made to last for the lifetime of the fence. The interesting thing about aluminum itself is that it does not rust or even disintegrate the way other metals might that haven’t been treated. Aluminum has a different rusting process when exposed to water where it actually creates an extra layer that makes the metal stronger. The powder coating stops this from happening because although it might sound like a positive thing to have a fence that gets tougher, it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing process. The powder coatingkeeps everything looking the way it did on the first day, with no re-coating necessary. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE POWDER COATING IS SCRATCHED? The great news is that the powder coating actually helps the surfaces of the fence resist chips and scratches. That is part of the purpose of the coating – to protect it from the damage of wear and tear, from weather elements, impact and abrasions, and even ultraviolet light. If a large impact or repeated scratching in one area leaves a noticeable gash and the coating has been compromised, it can be addressed. And because aluminum won’t rust the same way other metals do, there is no need to panic. Powder coating is more than just an extra layer of paint on an already beautiful fence. Powder coating comes already sealed to aluminum fence panels, it lasts a long time and doesn’t require any upkeep. To learn more about aluminum fencing options and the benefits of powder coating, visit www.GreatFence.com or call 845-443-7242.



U-C Coatings Introduces New Wood Fence Stain

conveniently stored and transported. Fence Guard’s attractive alkyd finish rivals that of oil-based stains, with a water-based formula for easier preparation and application. Clean up from any overspray on the job is much easier than with an oilbased product, and the risk of claims or call backs is greatly reduced. Fence Guard also delivers on economy, with a lower applied cost per square foot than most oil-based stains. Fence Guard Stain Concentrate reflects U-C Coatings’ 50 years of experience in developing innovative specialty coatings, drawing on Eco Chemical’s leadership in wood stain formulating. U-C Coatings’ wood protection products are used in a variety of industries, including softwood and hardwood lumber production, logging, wood products manufacturing, fencing, woodworking and wood decking markets. To learn more, visit www.uccoatings.com or email fenceguard@uccoatings.com.



FENCE GUARD is a new innovative stain concentrate designed for professionals in the fencing industry.


• Water-based chemistry makes FENCE GUARD easy to prepare, apply and clean-up. • Available pre-mixed in four popular semi-transparent colors. • 15 gallons of high-quality stain solution in a 5 gallon package or 4.5 gallons in a convenient 1.5 gallon container.

Call us at 425-417-8296 or e-mail fenceguard@uccoatings.com for more information. Eco Chemical_35276_Fence Guard Half pg Ad_v4.indd 1


FENCE GUARD delivers an excellent oil finish in a convenient waterborne formula.





U-C Coatings, a manufacturer of wood protection products, introduces Fence Guard® Stain Concentrate, an innovative new wood fence stain from its Eco Chemical division in Seattle, Washington. Fence Guard is a concentrated water-based alkyd stain designed specifically for wood fences. It’s available in 1.5-gallon and 5-gallon sizes in Natural Cedar, Espresso, Cocoa Brown, and Western Redwood. These semi-transparent colors satisfy the majority of market color preferences. The concentrate is mixed with two parts water to make a ready-to-use stain. This offers customers the equivalent of 15 gallons of working stain solution from one 5-gallon pail of concentrate. “Fence Guard Stain Concentrate can be used on any residential or commercial softwood fence installation, old or new, including cedar, SPF, and pressure-treated wood,” explains Eric Degenfelder, CEO with U-C Coatings. “Fence Guard provides the superior protection and beauty of a penetrating alkyd oil stain with high quality oxide pigments for lasting color. Once blended with water, the resulting ultra-low VOC stain working solution is easily applied using a brush, roller, pump sprayer or airless sprayer to achieve uniform color and coverage.” Fence Guard’s concentrated formulation offers exceptional convenience and economy. Rather than charging fence customers for water, this new product provides the concentrated ingredients of a high-quality stain that can be more

FENCE GUARD IS A NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU • A more economical choice when compared to the leading competitors. • A sale opportunity with your DIY clients. • A low VOC choice for your environmentally conscientious customers. 9/13/21 11:22 AM



Chain Link Coating: Galvanized, Vinyl or Powder Coating? A chain link fence is one of the least expensive and smartest ways to put a barrier around a property. However, in most cases, since chain link fences are made of metal and will be exposed to the elements, options with some type of protective finish or coating can help prevent rust. The most popular protective options are galvanization, powder coating and vinyl. Galvanized chain link is one of the most widely used fencing materials. Galvanization involves coating the metal, usually with zinc, to make it more durable. This is one of the most common methods of protecting chain link fencing from corrosion, rust, and scratches. Galvanization can take place before or after chain link is woven. Powder coating uses static and heat to apply a special powder to metal that is extremely durable and waterproof and gives the object a painted look. The powder coating is applied at high heat and is essentially baked right onto the steel. When used on a chain link fence, powder coating is typically used for the posts, top rail, and other fitting components. The result

is an exterior finish that provides superior durability and long-lasting appeal. Vinyl coating provides an extra layer of protection to chain link while also adding additional aesthetic appeal. In many cases, the vinyl coating is added to galvanized steel, which increases the layers of protection. A vinylcoated chain link fence appears softer than a regular chain link fence, which reduces the industrial look, if that is desired. The vinyl is made of synthetic resin or plastic and helps to protect the metal from scratches, rust corrosion and other types of damage. The most popular vinyl colors for chain link are black, green, white and brown, and the color is often chosen to help the fence blend into the background. However, custom vinyl colors are also available. The vinyl can be applied in different gauges and coating thickness depending on the level of protection needed. When it comes to weatherproofing methods for chain link fencing, galvanization, powder coating and vinyl all work very well. The difference comes in the cost and the desired look of the finished product.










OPEN WIDE! When a project calls for a large gate turn to Pro Access Systems and Doorking to meet the specifications. With over a 20 years of gate system design and fabrication expertise, Pro Access has been supplying premium quality gates for critical infrastructure security applications including Commercial / Industrial, Energy Distribution, Transportation, Municipal Facilities and Residential Properties. Pro Access Systems specializes in large systems and is a leading single-source provider of integrated gate hardware, access control solutions with experienced technical support.

Pro Access Systems

Atlanta (770) 955-4411 / Charlotte (704) 313-0300 / Chicago (630) 426-0022 Denver (303) 288-1700 / Tampa (813) 881-1200


Designer Fence Endless Color Possibilities Mix and Match Colors to Enhance Any Outdoor Space Designer Fence Aluminum Frame Colors:

Designer Fence Vinyl Infill Colors:

Satin Black


Black Fine Texture


Ninety Bronze


Bronze Fine Texture

Antique Beige

Gloss White

Cottage Grey

White Fine Texture


Brown Fine Texture Grey Fine Texture Speckled Walnut Sandy Shore Chocolate Gloss Beige

Designer Fence is Transforming the Outdoor Living Experience™ by providing an endless color palette to enhance outdoor living spaces. Choose any of our 12 standard AAMA 2604 aluminum frame colors to pair with any of our 6 vinyl infill colors to create distinctive design options. Visit diggerspecialties.com to view color options and learn more about how DSI is Transforming the Outdoor Living Experience™



Barrette Outdoor Living Receives 2021 Duke Energy Partner Award for Sustainability Excellence Barrette Outdoor Living is the recipient of the 2021 Duke Energy Power Partner Award for Sustainability Excellence. The award recognizes customers that have shown exemplary leadership and extraordinary partnerships with Duke Energy — demonstrating success by moving quickly, adapting to new opportunities and driving success in new and impactful ways beyond the norm. Barrette Outdoor Living and Duke Energy have an interconnection agreement for solar production that is the result of a rooftop solar array placed on the company’s 300,000 square foot aluminum fence and railing manufacturing facility in Brooksville, Florida— the largest privately-owned solar project in Florida at the time of contract. The array, which is capable of producing more than 2,352,489 watts DC of power output, offsets approximately 81 percent of the facility’s electricity consumption. In addition, Barrette Outdoor Living’s Brooksville facility is an industry leader in its efforts to recycle aluminum scrap, steel parts, cardboard and wood. The plant also reclaims and reuses 97% of over-sprayed material in its aluminum powder coating process which generates no hazardous waste and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60% as compared to use of liquid paint. The plant’s use of a closed-loop process water system and LED lighting systems also contributes to greater energy efficiencies. “We take a lot of pride in being ‘green’ and have developed solid partnerships with local vendors who take our recycled material and reuse it in a variety of ways. The company’s continuous push to further our sustainability efforts really resonates with our employees as well,” said Chip Howison, vice president of Production, Barrette Outdoor Living.

Fencing Supply Group Completes Acquisition of Capitol Wholesale Fence Company



As a whole, Barrette Outdoor Living is strongly committed to being a global environmental steward and works diligently to minimize its carbon footprint and to becoming as waste neutral as possible. Through the company’s GreenWays initiative — which initially began as a regional Vinyl/ PVC recycling program — the company has expanded efforts throughout all of its locations to foster a broader awareness of sustainable practices. This initiative also enables the company to find new ways to increase the amount of recycled material used in its products — like the substrate materials used in Barrette Outdoor Living’s composite decking and vinyl fencing. “We are honored to be the recipient of Duke Energy’s Power Partner Award for Sustainability Excellence and look forward to an exciting future of continued growth and implementation of even more sustainability initiatives at our Brooksville facility and throughout all of our locations,” said Jean desAutels, CEO, Barrette Outdoor Living. For more information on the company’s sustainability efforts, visit www.barretteoutdoorliving.com/sustainability. About Barrette Outdoor Living®: As the leading North American supplier of exterior home products to the residential market, Barrette Outdoor Living produces vinyl, aluminum, steel and composite fencing and railing; composite decking; and other outdoor products sold through specialty retailers, home centers and lumberyards.

Fencing Supply Group (FSG) recently announced that it has acquired Capitol Wholesale Fence Company, Inc. FSG is a group of industry-leading distributors and manufacturers of fencing and outdoor living products. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Capitol is a full-service fencing supplier for commercial, industrial customers with branches in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Olive Branch, Mississippi. “I am excited that Capitol and its more than 80 employees will join our growing family of distributors and manufacturers of fencing and outdoor living products in North America,” says Andrea Hogan, FSG CEO. “This is an extraordinary development for FSG, for Capitol, and for our customers, people, and suppliers.” “The addition of Capitol boosts FSG’s presence and supply network with an outstanding distributor and talented fence professionals,” adds Jeff Cook, FSG executive vice president of M&A and Greenfields. “The added locations offer further opportunities to expand the business and products and to provide customers more choices from the local people they already know.” “Joining FSG is the best choice for Capitol, and we are thrilled about our future,” says Lisa Harrison, CEO of Capitol. “Over the past 56 years, we have partnered with our customers and suppliers and have built a strong business. I believe that by joining forces with FSG, we will be in a better position for continued growth.”

Our Powercoat™ finish provides ultra-durable, fade-resistant and scratch-resistant protection over these Ultrum™ aluminum alloy extrusions, with a minimum strength of 35,000 psi.

Ultra Powercoat™ is durable and scratch-resistant.

Ultra Signature™ Fencing by Ultra Aluminum™

U LT R U M ™ A L U M I N U M A L L O Y | E X C L U S I V E P O W E R C O AT ™ F I N I S H ULTRAFENCE.COM | 800.656.4420

Ultra and the picket caps logo is a registered trademark of Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing Inc.



Clear Brilliance Offers Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Glass pool fencing is becoming more and more popular as a pool fencing choice.

KEENER-DUPONT WIRE Your Fence Tie & Wire Products Headquarters Made in the USA


LOOK FOR THE K-D LABEL AT YOUR LOCAL SUPPLIER! “Serving the fence industry for over 45 years”




Now Manufacturing all types of barbed wire TWIST TIES AVAILABLE IN ALL LENGTHS from 42” in 6 ga. down to 11 ga. steel Available colors (8 ga. only): Black, Brown & Green

AND NOW AVAILABLE 9 GA. AND 6 GA. ALUMINUM Custom Sizes, Gauges available — Anything you need 7 Gauge Coil Spring • Galvanized • Aluminized • Vinyl

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Australia has famously strict laws surrounding pool fencing. Pool fencing experts with Clear Brilliance, based in Australia, say pool owners don’t have to choose between safety and style. Frameless glass pool fencing is an ideal choice for every pool area, helping to reduce the number of deaths by keeping children and pets safe around pools. Not only is glass extremely durable, it provides the ultimate protection against accidents and drowning. Glass fencing can’t be climbed over or slipped through the way other types of fencing can. In addition, many other fences require time, energy and money to maintain, but glass pool fences require very little maintenance and upkeep. Clear Brilliance recommends EnduroShield Glass Protection, the best quality protective coating for glass panels. Not only does EnduroShield make it easier to clean glass fencing and frameless glass balustrades, but it ensures they stay cleaner for longer. Another benefit of glass fencing is its resistance to weather or climaterelated deterioration. Glass panels are known to withstand the test of time as well as harsh weather conditions and repeated use. According to Clear Brilliance, glass is resistant to chlorinated chemicals, meaning chlorinebased pool water won’t have a harmful effect on it as it does on some other materials. This is also great for glass balustrade stairs that see a lot of foot traffic and handling. Glass fencing looks great in every pool area and gives homeowners a clear, unimpeded view into the pool area, meaning children and pets can be easily supervised. Accidents can be quickly and easily spotted through the glass panels so parents or pet owners can provide assistance immediately. From safety to aesthetics, there are a variety of reasons glass pool fencing stands out as a superior pool fencing choice. For more information, visit www.clearbrilliance.com.au


The garage door has been left open for 30 minutes.

Trigger the output to close the garage door.

Voice Dialer

Vacation Home Monitoring


When triggered by an alarm system, the ENFORCER Voice Dialer calls up to 6 numbers to report the zone where the incident occurred and allows you to listen in if desired. However, it also allows you to control an auxiliary device through the phone connection. That's control with no fees, registration, or profiling, and secure from internet hacking.

Agricultural Monitoring & Control

• Voice notification with control of auxiliary device without internet • Use auxiliary output to turn off the alarm, open a door, turn on a light, strobe, camera, etc.

Gate Monitoring & Control

• Terminal blocks for easy connections • Main message with added message for each zone, all customizable • Analog and VoIP line compatible* *For single-line analog or VoIP telephone systems

Tel: (800) 662-0800 Fax: (949) 261-7326

Email: Website:

Equipment Monitoring

sales@seco-larm.com www.seco-larm.com Manufacturer of



The Dangers of Digging and How to Avoid Them Whether using a hand shovel or an excavator, an earth drill or a trencher, taking safety precautions is an important part of every digging project. For fence installers, using sharp, powerful tools like mechanical or hydraulic drills increases the risk of encountering dangerous situations. To help reduce that risk, Joe Haynes, Little Beaver president, says it’s important to consider several factors before starting to drill, including choosing a safe machine, calling before digging and operating the machine according to manufacturer recommendations. “To protect workers and the public, extra safety precautions should be taken to make sure operators understand the logistics of the drill that is being used and where to dig with it. In turn, jobsites will be able to maximize profit with less hazards.”

L ittle Beaver offers the following 8 steps for greater safety in fencing: To start, check to make sure the drill has a torque bar. This addition protects operators from the harmful effects of a drill’s torque by transferring kickback from the auger to the power source. By distributing force to the engine carriage as opposed to the handles, one person can safely and comfortably operate these drills. An incorporated steel torque tube significantly minimizes the potential for finger, hand and arm injuries and is the only system that allows for safe one-man operation. A torque bar also makes the machine easier to operate, which reduces fatigue and physical stress that can lead to back problems and muscle strains. Some drills have a centrifugal clutch for added protection when encountering hard objects. If the auger encounters an object beneath the surface or if it’s overloaded, the clutch automatically slips to protect the operator from serious injury. Familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual even if you have operated alternate brands or models. Different brands feature different safety features, and practices and procedures can vary from model to model. Make sure the site and the crew is set up for safety. Don’t start the drill until all bystanders are at least 10 feet away. Make sure everyone wears hard hats and safety goggles. Operators should avoid loose-fitting clothing, including gloves. If work gloves are too loose, they can hinder the ability to appropriately operate the drill. Wear work boots or quality athletic shoes, avoiding hanging shoelaces that could get caught in the auger. Always remember to call before digging. This can be the difference between smooth sailing and a potential disaster. There are millions of miles of buried utilities below the surface, including gas lines, underground sprinklers, sewer pipes and more. Always call the national diggers hotline at 811 at least 48 hours prior to digging to have underground utilities marked. Take a good survey of the site before beginning work, including understanding the soil conditions. Not only does this provide another level of safety, but it helps determine which kind of drill bit to select. Once the auger is running, position it perpendicular to the ground for the best possible control and optimal results. Touch the auger to the ground before starting to rotate. Continued on p30



Take a good survey of the site before beginning work, including understanding the soil conditions.



The Dangers of Digging and How to Avoid Them, continuted from p28

. For the best control, adjust the downward pressure based on the soil conditions. If the soil is soft, ease up slightly. If the ground is harder, apply a little more pressure, but not so much that rotation slows or stops. After reaching the desired depth, there’s a proper procedure to safely remove the auger from the ground. Release the throttle control and allow the auger to come to a complete stop. Once the auger has stopped turning, it can safely be removed from the hole. If your drill is a hydraulic drill that features a reverse function, simply engage the reverse and let the drill do the work of lifting any remaining soil out along with the auger. If your auger does not have a reverse, carefully lift and pull the auger back up.

An incorporated steel torque tube significantly minimizes the potential for finger, hand and arm injuries and is the only system that allows for safe one-man operation.

“Choosing a drill with safety-enhancing features not only prevents injuries, but also improves profit for many jobs with fewer setbacks from accidents,” says Haynes. “No matter what kind of drill a fencing contractor is considering – a mechanical or hydraulic, a larger rig or smaller piece of equipment – following the steps above allows fencing crews to help the drilling operation be safe, efficient and injury-free.”


s s e l % 0 5

Operating weight 2”

“It’s like the gate is floating on air.” – Orlando, Florida

www.slidegate.net 1-800-557-4283 (GATE) sales@slidegate.net

Little Beaver has been proudly manufacturing quality, safe and productive drilling equipment for three generations. With a full line of easy-to-operate equipment, along with a complete offering International of accessories, including augers, IGD GateandDevices extensions, points blades, Little Beaver effectively serves E/Z SLIDE™ HEAVY DUTY the needs of end-users fromROLLER NYLON CANTILEVER professional contractors to rental SQUARE Frame: 2x2 centers. For more information, call SQUARE Posts: 4” & 6” 800-227-7515, email sales@littlebeaver.com or visit www.littlebeaver.com.

ROUND Frame: 2 1/2” OD ROUND Posts: 4” & 6”

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International IGD Gate Devices

Utica Style Fence Pliers


Hydraulic Earth Drill

Imagine doing backbreaking work without breaking your back. Thanks to a user-friendly teeter-totter design, Little Beaver Towable and UN-Towable earth drills feature all the power and half the operating weight of traditional drills. And less kickback means you can work even longer without getting tired.

Less weight. Less kickback. Less operator fatigue. More productivity. See our full line of Mechanical and Hydraulic Earth Drills at littlebeaver.com.


Hydraulic Earth Drill


The Must Have Tool for the “Fence Professional” 10” Available in 8” & 10” Round or Square Nosed


Features: • High Strength Carbon Steel • Non-Slip Cushioned Handles • Three Heavy Duty Cutters • Lifetime Warranty

$22.90 ea. • For Wrought Iron, Wood, Metal, Picket And Chain Link Gates • UL 325 Compliant • Patented

Any Size or Shape – May Be Mixed FOB Folsom, PA 24+ Call for Pricing

• Online Brochures 936-213-6066 littlebeaver.com

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by International Gate Devices




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Pliers ad

SKIDRIL, SKIDRIL, the the originator originator ofof the the gas gas powered powered post post driver, driver, introduces introduces the the G2XD G2XD high high power power at at aa great great price! price!


© ©


4” 4”POST POSTDRIVER DRIVER BIGGER BIGGER MEANER MEANER FASTER FASTER TUFFER TUFFER • •On-Off On-Off simplicity simplicity • •Simple Simple 4-cycle 4-cycle OHV OHV engine engine or or powerful powerful 2-cycle 2-cycle • •Easy Easy service service replacement replacement motors, motors, forfor low low cost cost repairs repairs • •2 engine 2 engine makes makes available available • •Few Few moving moving parts parts • •Drive Drive T-Post, T-Post, round round post post upup to to 4” 4” • •Available Available Multi-Collet Multi-Collet option option • •AirAir cushion cushion dampening dampening forfor virtually virtually nono recoil recoil • •High High fuel fuel efficiency efficiency 1qt/hr 1qt/hr • •Modular Modular design design Dimensions: Dimensions: 2929 x 11. x 11. 5 x5 13” x 13” (configuration (configuration may may alter alter dimensions) dimensions)

Clutch: Clutch: Centrifugal Centrifugal

Tank Tank Size: Size: 1.0 1.0 Qt.Qt.

Starter: Starter: Recoil Recoil

Impact Impact Energy: Energy: 4545 Ft-LBs Ft-LBs

Weight: Weight: 4242 lbslbs (depends (depends onon the the configuration) configuration) Hp: Hp: 1.8 1.8 (2-stroke) (2-stroke) 1.4 1.4 (4-stroke) (4-stroke) @@ 6000 6000 RPM RPM Fuel: Fuel: Regular Regular gasoline gasoline

Max Max Speed: Speed: 6000 6000 RPM RPM

Impact Impact Rate: Rate: 1100-1800 1100-1800 BPM BPM

Engine: Engine: 2 Cycle 2 Cycle oror 4 Cycle 4 Cycle OHV OHV

Displacement: Displacement: 50.0 50.0 cccc (2 (2 stroke) stroke)• 33.5 • 33.5 cccc (4 (4 stroke) stroke)

Carburation: Carburation: Diaphragm Diaphragm

AirAir Filter: Filter: Semi-Wet Semi-Wet


SKIDRIL SKIDRIL P.O. P.O. Box Box 8041 8041 • Greensboro, • Greensboro, NCNC 27419 27419 Tel:Tel: 800-843-3745 800-843-3745 • Fax: • Fax: 336-674-6690 336-674-6690

Copyright Copyright 20202020 SKIDRIL SKIDRIL Inc. Inc. All rights All rights reserved. reserved. Specifications Specifications subject subject to change to change without without notice. notice. SKIDRIL SKIDRIL & “Ski-dude” & “Ski-dude” are trademarks are trademarks of SKIDRIL of SKIDRIL Industries, Industries, LLC.LLC.



d t a n s l e e G B g C , n , i e m s r r r i H A e t W n s b r o ar ng i C B r e p , t s S a ors, Po l m G i r o , t A s i C p F b , i r l l s i a d C a r B e a R u d G e r e e p l l S lls, Gat gs, Barb Wire, o R s, g l r n e S i v t l t e a i l n i i n F t r R l n e i t a a n C I R , , s d s r e e s, Hog e r e l l u p o s S o R e l , f r c a n e n o S v b E e e l b l i g e n Ri n a r n r o e O z K , a h, Cant e s R l c , a n s P e e F m n H e e t l w s P e o y e , n t S s S S e , t , l a i e a G c Gate R n r e e d i F r rr a r a e u ia r B e G t , s D , s u , e e s d g e n m d l I e p d a H t n d S e Fra a n , e a s t t s ta ts O o s a , l P E s S p , U a e e c v y C i t n t u e s o D F P l y l a v ecorat i a a r t t e n s e H u O , d m e e n a I c z n r l n n a e o O t r F , n B l s e g , s n m t i a t Poo s t n i o r F P O e i c n ng i r P n l e i e t n a F s a R i l a r l a E o t a t t n c n e i e V m m a c ence, i a n r s n r s O a O l , ’ , e C 2 r s l a 1 n y w o x n i d i t ’ r V c 2 s 1 n l o y i n s i u Gate Ha tal Railing Se V ll I s n n , r s o O i e s t l y u a n l n l e G i I V , yl e s n c i n n V o i Ornam e s d F u e l l e b Il c i G , t m ) t e d s a t s e l L e s k b l A c y i m s n P e s Vi ” s s 2 A / n usion 1 o d i n s 1 a x lu V l d I ” s e , 8 n d / l d o 7 r i e ( a s lu et lW l k y I c n , i i s P t V -on-Bo r y s e r s n ra n o I i A o s l l p i u y a l m l n i I R e t V , n & s s o n ts on o i e i t e s c h nyl C u e l S l S I e , s n c i y e o t r i t S t a i a s g w L n n d l i r a l y ed & Tr , Illusions Vin sions Vinyl Ha ions Vinyl Rai r e t s s u s u l t l u l s a l I l I B e , l t s a a l i i G n a inyl Po o l l R y o n d i C e s V v n r m s o u e i n t s C o s i u l y l s y l S I in , g V s n t i l s s i o n ps, Illu a o P i R s l m u y l e n l n t e I i s n , V y o s S s p e l n g m fi o i o in s l C i u l a e l t I R a ng Pro , l G s y r in nd ion p V t a S c s s e n e e o S c t i a n r s e G lu F l I m d , e o t s aluste o s e i y r W S n g r d sso e n o e i t c o l s i c a W a A E R n , r l s e l t e s n a a E System llusions Viny P , t e e d g k a c n i k o c P T I o r , t e a g d ec i e dS e P C d e e l c Lightin n u n o O e M e F n c e e d n c F o e n o d F e o W F d o o n W r o e n W t r s Wood e n a t r E s e t a , s E d r a a e , E t d d l e , e k u s C l c o i e e Fence M id Shaped Pan ssic Victorian P Locust & Whit Caps l e la d o c C n S n a e e e s c F c t n s n d e o o F P Fe o d e W o c o t n n r e S W e F t e n s r c d a e n o t E o , Fe l W i d a n o r R o e rs, Eas t & W s t a n o s E r o C e , t l P , i s c a d i a r R n E b o e Diam p Board Post & ors & Pergolas, Chain Link Fa st C o li b d r S P e A t , d a s e o o g c o C n W l ti en t y i F n F i d V k o , ra o n i e F r W L a d n n w n r i a d e a r t a es Ch H g d n e i e t s, Eas z a H i G n t s a l o v o a l t C P a n , e G e s t r , a m o e a E D F O zRed G | ipN Y | ricS AAnLchI S B U R YC,lipN , s P D , C ce OrnM i n b te a a a v B F l G , a , d s s G n g l l , a n i o c r i s R c ie g S T o , e s H c d k Fabr , n o s e d , Drop R Bolts, F lever R russ Ro




l l y o , n ) R i Galv d , V e s , z e t i t s n a , o a h G P v s l e e T a d G i M d l ( e S d d e r d d e l u v t e e ttings l S i W t , , e n s c a n n C en e e , e F F r s c e m d t S l u a e y i n G i c F a m v d i u l n r lide a A P l , m a ce ri in ar t n F R s e u , , F s e d l c l p n I o n r , c em s T S e t , , a e e ety Fe G c c n n e ts, y Fe F s c o r l a e a P v t i e r e n D P c e n m G e a F & n l T r a t O d ex Web i n , l e g o n S s i am t l n y n h o r i n g i i s O V L u , l l e s I n ge , o a y i t c l s a o u v l V al Slid i l r I w , -P o e s i k L e i c m l r i e a o P t s S n ” s l Orname l Railing Acce Illusions Viny icket (7/8” x 3 llus P ta ,I s, l y n i n r e a o a i r R t m o c a p & e n t S m s e Or y o t c P n a o l g v y r C i r e n l i P y P V n p i & s o V n s r o s i o n s b o r u i l A s l icket T I l u l y ), Il n s i t , V n s e i t k i s V c n i K s o P i a n l s ” o si llu I u l l , I s e ’ Pergo Picket (1” x 1 , t g a G l tin o g h o n g i i T h L l l c y a t e t a g in a V M t l l s o y n V n namen o i i s w V o u s l L l n I l ” o , y i 2 s s n / t i i u 1 l V l K I s 1 r , n l o s a io pt n s a o u i l d t Gate l i I A d , a d s r y n p T i n a i W C V m l t e s y t s n s n o i o y V S si s u g l n l n I o i i l Vinyl P , i s s a t u R e L Ill k l c y , m s a n r i e e t i V B r s o y s m S e t g s n i y l i S Access tions, Illusion a g R n i l l A y i , n a i g R V n c i l e l s y i S n a n R io Vi s s & u l n stem l e I o c i , s n s u e p l l E F a I , l C , y e t s n d s i n a o o V P ck n i o m t a e r S t g s r r Secti d y a o d o e gS W C s, n l i d l e d i n e n a a a d R l r P u l o o id ol l M C o e S s s Viny c n e n o c i e s n s F l u e l e d l F n I o a d o d P o W n o e ov o r G nts, Gra kade, Eastern els, Eastern W & e W u g n n r o e c n t T o s a t e a P S c E t n , e e e k F c c i ruce i t d t P o a o d L , e W l y i c v a n a a r R p e e t S H & s a e st c E o n , P e s l Fence r F e a n d d o e o Pa C e c W e d n v e n e o r R F o e r t d rn o e t o s W e W n r gue & G on Board, Eas e e t c s n a a e E E F , , d s d e l r o r i a o a a r w W k d c r n a r a B e H t nce Bo s d e t an Ea a z , s G i l i d n r e a a a c R v o n l e B a & F G e , c d g n o n e o i r Post l F i W a d n R r oo , e d t s W s n d a a n n r E a H e , t B A e D c A a r , s B ps, Eas ost Top Finials g d in n t e t a s i o F s l d C k n P n d a i tandard Color Chain-L ves, Tension B ts, Latches an te W , e a e e k e G l p c i a S g r P n d i r B w k an r S olo , o , s F s p e o p g r T o n r A i , D s b H g r l d u a l a n i B a P r , s st s k u e c s d o a n l Caps, I r B a , k O m c r h , a s A C e B b d g r e d n l a z i i o B H n a e, ,H v l s d a p a ame l o G t B , S e d r m ir r e e t z A W i n n g b e r a n C i a v l r , a p ,B G S s ( l i s m o r g orners C A n i , itt d arIbL L , SerCGuardswww.easternfence.com F n B l a i , a e m F O R T M r R r i a d l F e l , e o e p R c S r n Barb W , e e s F g ev l e y n i i T t t t e , t n f i e a a F c C S l n i , a Fe ge R n r a e d r e e O e Rollers D p , nce Web n, S al A





New Rapid Deployment Riot Fence creating an answer to Capitol Riot

The past 18 months were unprecedented as to the magnitude of riots and protests, culminating with the most significant riot at the U.S. Capitol. Five people lost their lives and the most powerful government in the world was temporarily paralyzed. Recognizing a growing need for protective fences amid an increasingly dangerous era of civil unrest, Bullistic Barriers developed the Rapid Deployment Bullet Resistant Riot Fence— “RaDeBuRe”—to assist law enforcement and security forces around the world in providing an effective means to protect buildings, assets and people. Bullistic Barriers has created a patent pending ballistic technology and has these insights as a baseline for the RaDeBuRe. With the implantation of the newly engineered versa-posts and mobilization method of carriers, rollers, pry bars, and dollies, the fence will empower many security teams with the opportunity to manually facilitate a formidable barrier, quickly. In June 2021, Bullistic Barriers was selected as the 2021 Winner of the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection for its RaDeBuRe Riot Fence at the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase Awards—the flagship awards program in partnership with ISC West, the nation’s largest converged security trade show, recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions. “From the moment that I heard about the Capitol riot, I knew we needed something to provide protection for similar riot incidences. We determined from day one, our Rapid Deployment Bullet Resistant Riot Fence would be designed and engineered for a few members of a security team to quickly facilitate an effective barrier in a location such as the Capitol steps,” says Amos Glick, manager of Bullistic Barriers. RaDeBuRe Riot Fence provides a rapidly deployable ballistic barrier tested in accordance with UL-752 standards by NTS, an independent ballistic testing facility. A security team can erect 100 feet of barrier in an hour. A typical city street can be shut down in minutes, all without the use of any heavy equipment. “This is another tool that could assist police and security officials, says West Caln Police Chief Curt A. Martinez. “It could save a lot of man hours and time, ultimately helping us to do a better job in protecting people and their possessions.” RaDeBuRe Riot Fence has six- or eight-foot-high panels, typically 10 feet long. An entire mobilization system, which included rolling, raising, lowering and maneuvering, was developed to facilitate rapid deployment for riot and crowd control, as well as crash or ballistic protection. The Level 3 Riot System was designed to be extremely mobile and swift. Level 8 and Level 10 systems can be assembled in place effectively for more of a long-term, semi-permanent barrier. Level 10 stops a .50 caliber armor piercing round yet weighs about 1/3 the amount of a cubic foot of concrete. For more information about RaDeBuRe Riot Fence, visit www.bullisticbarriers.com/, call (717) 869-2775 or email office@bullisticbarriers.com

Polypropylene Welded Wire Fixed Knot Steel Hex 866-290-0244

W h Fe ole nc sa in le g




If You Can Dream It... We Can Build It. Throughout the Northeast, preferred fence contractors and distributors turn to Interstate Wholesale Fence for job lot to truckload orders.



We offer Wood, Virgin PVC Fences, PVC Bends, Welded PVC Gates, Ornamental & Chain Link Fences. Superior quality, service, reliability & variety!



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We personally deliver, our high-quality products directly to your yard or job site within our delivery area, using our fleet of trucks and piggyback moffits, with convenience and speed. Call today to discover all the advantages Interstate Wholesale Fence has to offer.

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The Longest Fence in the World

and its Impact on Biodiversity

At over 3,400 miles, Australia’s Dingo Fence is one of the longest existing structures and is the longest fence on Earth. For context, it’s about the length of the distance from Maine to Arizona. The second longest fence is over 1,000 miles shorter than the Dingo Fence and is also located in Australia. So, one might say the Dingo Fence sits comfortably in its number one spot. This impressive fence runs from Jimbour on the Darling Downs and ends west of Eyre peninsula on cliffs of the Nullarbor Plain. The southeast part of Australia is relatively fertile – sheep and cattle graze there, and before this fence was built, they were at risk because of wild dogs, also known as dingoes. Initially, this fence was built in the 1880s to prevent the spread of rabbits. However, this effort was in vain, and the fences fell into disrepair, but they would be rejuvenated in the 1900s, using government funds to expand and heighten the fence, for the purpose of keeping dingoes away from sheep and cattle. Before it was completed, one sheep station in South Australia lost 11,000 sheep in one year. The fence was initially in two parts at first but

Driven by design. Driven by design.



Combined with our uniquely redesigned adjustable Combined with our uniquely redesigned adjustable

metal bracket, Gregory can metal bracket, GregoryFence’s Fence’sroll-formed roll-formed C-Post C-Post can eliminate many of of the complaints callbacks eliminate many the complaintsand andcustomer customer callbacks associated with warped, split by associated with warped, splitororrotting rottingwood wood caused caused by wind or water damage. With you wind or water damage. Withour ourwood woodfence fence system, system, you gregoryfence.com gregoryfence.com 4100 13th St. SW, Canton, OH 44710

strength, longevityand anddurability durabilityof of steel steel without get get thethe strength, longevity without sacrificing beauty wood. sacrificing thethe beauty ofofwood.

4100 13th St. SW, Canton, OH 44710 1-866-GO-CPOST


Gregory Fence is a division of Gregory Industries

Gregory Fence is a division of Gregory Industries

The best alternative to wood post

The best alternative to wood post

GregFence C-Post Ad_8.625x11.125_FA.indd 1

GregFence C-Post Ad_8.625x11.125_FA.indd 1



9/15/20 11:22 AM

9/15/20 11:22 AM

was joined together in the 1940s to become a 5300-mile structure; it was shortened in the 1980s to its current length. Parts of the Dingo Fence are lit at night by cold cathode fluorescent lamps which alternate between red and white. They are powered by long life solar-powered batteries. There are gates in the fence which allow vehicles to pass through it, and where it intersects major highways, cattle grids allow higher-speed vehicles to pass through the fence. Overall, the fence has significantly diminished the threat of wild dogs, though some dogs do make their way through holes in the fence, as keeping up a structure as large as this proves to be difficult. With parts of the fence being a hundred years old, the upkeep is estimated at a cost $10 million a year. The different states and councils through which it runs are responsible for the upkeep of the giant structure, and the job specifically falls on seven patrol officers who each watch over hundreds of miles of the fence. Its structure varies throughout its length, but it generally stands about 6 feet tall and is made up of wire mesh, multi-strand electric fence, and timber. It also extends about a foot into the ground to prevent dogs from digging under it. Unlike a typical dog fence, the Dingo Fence is surrounded by a 15-foot clearance zone on either side. This is generally used as a trail to make it easier to access the fence to make repairs. Though the fence holds a “global title,” the effect of its existence is a hotly debated topic. In the efforts to protect herds of cattle and sheep, the creation of the fence has also caused two separate ecological universes, because one side of the fence has no wild dogs, and the other side has all the wild dogs. This has contributed to the endangerment and complete demise of some Australia’s native species. Native rodents, marsupials and grasses were all diminished, while emus, kangaroos, and rabbits have increased. Some scientists have come to the conclusion that dingoes are necessary to maintaining the balance of nature in Australia, and it’s been concluded that the biodiversity is greater on the dingo side of the fence. Through satellite imagery, one can clearly see the difference in vegetation of the two sides of the fence, and though Australia is not the only place where this interruption is happening, it is the only place where there is a clear border separating two ecosystems – making it very easy to see the effects of the Dingo Fence. The results of separating Australia’s largest predator off from such a huge chunk of land are undebatable. Plants and animals of all shapes and sizes are affected by it. The debate is whether or not it’s worth it. If dingoes are reintroduced to the area, it would devastate sheep farming, so what needs to be found is a balance between allowing the natural ecosystem to prevail and maintaining the protection of farms and their hugely important industry. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the Dingo Fence, it remains an impressive, record setting structure. One that has evolved with the times to include new technology. The future of the fence is on the line, so look for changes in the coming months or years as Australia tries to find a solution that is best for all.


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The Duchossois Group Agrees to Sell The Chamberlain Group to Blackstone The Chamberlain Group LLC, a leader in smart access solutions, recently announced that its owner, The Duchossois Group, has entered into a definitive agreement to sell Chamberlain Group to private equity funds managed by Blackstone, a leading investment firm. Blackstone is investing in Chamberlain Group through its core private equity strategy, which invests in high-quality, market-leading companies for longer periods that traditional private equity. Following the close of the transaction, Chamberlain Group would remain a privately held company headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. As part of the agreement, The Duchossois Group will retain meaningful ownership in The Chamberlain Group and two seats on their board of directors following the close of the transaction The transaction values Chamberlain Group at approximately $5 billion. Blackstone is expected to provide additional resources and expertise for Chamberlain Group to scale its software-based and connected services business into new markets. Chamberlain Group will build on its leading presence providing high-quality access hardware and seamless, clouddriven solutions that move customers safely through their garages, homes, communities, businesses and storage facilities. With its transformational myQ® platform, which brings access to life by empowering new behaviors, the investment from Blackstone will position Chamberlain Group to capitalize on connectivity megatrends and expand its software services strategy deeper into commercial, industrial, and automotive markets.

“This marks an important inflection point for Chamberlain Group as it continues its growth and transformational story,” says JoAnna Sohovich, CEO of Chamberlain Group. “I enthusiastically support this transaction because it is in the best interests of our shareholders and our company. Blackstone’s deep experience and success in forming large corporate partnerships with family-led companies provides us with the perfect foundation to propel Chamberlain Group through its next chapter. Blackstone’s extensive presence across geographics will help Chamberlain Group build meaningful relationships and capitalize on new market opportunities.” Craig Duchossois, executive chair of The Duchossois Group, adds, “Chamberlain Group has been an important part of our family since 1980. The Duchossois Group has instilled deep-rooted values and resources across Chamberlain Group, and we are exceptionally proud of the strong, vibrant and growing business it is today. As an ongoing investor in Chamberlain Group, we look forward to the team’s future accomplishments with Blackstone’s support and partnership. Under new ownership, I know that Chamberlain Group will continue to meet market needs in an innovative and quality manner, while taking full advantage of the broad talent, reach and experience apparent across the Blackstone organization.” The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

Melrose to Divest Nortek Control for $285 Million U.K.-based Melrose Industries has reached an agreement to divest Nortek Control for $285 million. The name of the purchaser will not be announced until federal regulatory approvals are completed, but the new owner is an “international manufacturer of professional security, custom electronics and access control” equipment, according to CE Pro. Nortek Control is a leading developer and manufacturer of security, home automation, access control, health and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the residential and commercial markets, principally in North America. The company markets more than a dozen brands both in custom electronics and security, including 2GIG, Elan, SpeakerCraft, Proficient, Panamax, Furman, Sunfire, Linear, Mighty Mule, Numera and Intellivision. In recent years, the company has aimed to consolidate some of its overlapping brands, including Niles, Xantech, Gefen and others. Similar to a private equity firm, Melrose buys industrial companies and seeks to improve the way they are run before selling them. Nortek Control has design centers and manufacturing plants throughout the U.S., Mexico, Asia, and Europe, and produces products for millions of global customers. The history of the company includes several acquisitions over the years.








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Chris Walker


Chris Walker, president of Fence Brokers, began working at his dad’s company at the age of 14. In February, 2022, the business will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Read on to learn who influenced him the most in business and how Fence Brokers came to be inducted in the USSSA Hall of Fame. WHAT IS THE OWNERSHIP LEGACY OF FENCE BROKERS?


My father, Charles Walker, started Fence Brokers, Inc. with Floyd Porter in 1982. Both were former Halco (HA Lawrence and Company) managers in Little Rock. After Master purchased Halco, they decided to go into business for themselves. Charles bought Floyd out in 1991 and Floyd retired from the fence business. I started working there the same year they opened in 1982 at 14 years old making $2.50 an hour and I have been here ever since. This coming February will be 40 years and we are very excited about that. In 2015, Charles fully retired but still comes in once a week. We never went to lunch in 33 years prior to his retirement. We go to lunch once a week now! Our first location was in Bryant, Arkansas. We opened another location in February 2002. The growth in Northwest Arkansas with companies like Wal-Mart, JB Hunt, Tyson Foods, etc. was too much not to service the area with another location.

We sold chain link and wood for the first 20 years. Our first product expansion was stocking color chain link. When Ameristar started manufacturing Montage, we began stocking a full line of ornamental products. Soon after, we purchased a CNC machine for PVC and expanded that line. We have been stocking access control products since the mid-90s and that has been an always expanding line of products.



FENCE BROKERS HAS MADE ANOTHER NAME FOR ITSELF IN THE USSSA SOFTBALL LEAGUE. HOW DID IT FEEL TO BE INDUCTED IN THE USSSA NATIONAL HALL OF FAME IN 2014? I started playing softball straight out of college. I loved playing baseball and it was a natural transition to stay competitive in something. We built a pretty good team and in 2006, USSSA started a National Softball League and we decided to participate. We had some success, most notably winning the AA World Championship in 2015. It definitely was an honor to be inducted into the USSSA National Hall of Fame and a moment I will never forget. I’m still playing but now in the Over 50 circuit and it is still a lot of fun, it just hurts more!

IS THERE A PARALLEL BETWEEN THE SUCCESS ON THE FIELD AND YOUR SUCCESS IN BUSINESS? Absolutely! Basically, the same when dealing with people and what their part is in the success of the team’s goals. Open communication and inspiration! All people perform their best when they have input and they want to do something instead of having to do something.

THESE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS HAVE AFFECTED THE SUPPLY CHAIN IN ALMOST EVERY TYPE OF INDUSTRY. HAS YOUR BUSINESS BEEN AFFECTED AND HOW ARE YOU HANDLING IT? Has it???!!!! I was joking with someone the other day that this is the typical conversation with a customer: “Hello, sir. I apologize but we have another price increase and I know your prices have doubled. I know we normally stock this product but it is now 2 – 3 weeks later and when it gets in, I’m not sure we are going to have someone to deliver it to you. I realize you normally order 100 of these. How many do you want?” Customer: “Give me 500.” I’ve been doing this since I was 14 years old and have discussed this many times with my

father but I have never seen anything like the current business environment with prices, lead times, and labor issues. WHO HAS BEEN A BIG INSPIRATION FOR YOU AND WHY? That’s an easy one, my father! I kid with him often that I used to think he was a little rough or hard-nosed. Now, I get it! I was lucky enough to witness him start Fence Brokers and grow it. I have never seen a harder worker and someone who made a lot of smart decisions. Just about everything I learned in life was from watching my father. I feel very fortunate to have him as a role model and learn the value of how to work.


Fence Brokers team, front row from left to right: Vicki Skaggs, bookkeeper; Dax Haltom, operations manager; Chris Walker, president; Tracy Neighbors, commercial sales representative. Back row, left to right: Michael Hogue, vice president and Quincy Greer, sales manager

We are very excited about our new Pro Portal at fencebrokers.com. Instant pricing and instant quotes. We have some other features we are currently building to make the portal even more of a sales tool for our customers. We are currently in the process of entering content and the Pro Portal will be an ongoing project to best service our customers. We want to provide our customers with the latest information in the most efficient way.


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t n e m e g a r n e a n M or C 10 SECRETS FOR BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT

Have you ever felt as if there’s too much going on? Not enough hours in the day? How do the most successful people – those who have even more on their plates than most of us – manage to conquer the world and do it all with ease?


After studying and coaching top performers for more than 30 years, Steve Siebold, author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class, and a psychological performance and mental toughness coach, says it comes down to 10 ways of taking on life and managing time:

K EEP THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE. Most people crack under pressure because they lose their perspective. Their fear of losing overwhelms them to the point of physical, emotional and spiritual breakdown. List the three events that cause you the most stress on a regular basis, and ask yourself what you need to do to put these things into proper perspective, to reduce or eliminate the stress.


MASTER FOLLOW UP. Most people over-promise and underdeliver. It’s not that they don’t have good intentions; they become forgetful trying to balance too many things at once. Keep a pen and paper with you at all times or make a note on your Smartphone to do the things you say you are going to do. Follow-through inspires confidence and fosters trust.





COMPARTMENTALIZE. Most people get bogged down in the details of every little problem, yet some people are able to manage multiple problems and maintain emotional control while solving them individually. This is called compartmentalization. Commit to compartmentalizing your problems by focusing exclusively on one problem at a time. While most people multi-task, the great ones focus. ESCAPE EXCESSIVE COGNITION. The enemy of creativity and clarity is excessive cognition, or having too many thoughts to process at the same time. Cognitive overload is a major problem for many of us. Schedule some time to get away and be alone with your thoughts. Investing in solitude will keep the mind rested, fresh, and able to focus. The greatest asset you can give yourself is the ability to think with a clear mind.

DON’T BE ADDICTED TO THE APPROVAL OF OTHER PEOPLE. A lot of people value the opinions of other people over their own. It’s conformity at all costs and zaps all of your energy. Next time you wonder ‘what if’ people don’t agree with you or won’t like you, reframe the question to ‘so what if’ they don’t? What’s really the worst thing that will happen? LEARN TO SAY ‘NO.’ If you’re a ‘yes’ person and always agree to help with additional favors, projects and other requests for your time, it’s taking away from other things you could be doing. It’s great to help others, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to say ‘no’ from time to time. People aren’t going to dislike you or stop being your friend because you say no. Time is your most valuable resource.

Continued on p48 46


HOMELAND, Promoting Social Distancing Before It Was COOL!


** Homeland Vinyl Products’ Tennessee plant is ISO 9001 certified.


Summit® is a registered trademark of Waymark Products LLC



Ten Secrets for Better Time Management, continuted from 46


DEVELOP A WORLD-CLASS WORK ETHIC IN ALL YOU DO. When it comes to getting results, most people manage to produce average results and do just enough to get by. They’re worried about time, but the reality is they’d have more time than they realize if they cut out meaningless activities like watching TV and monitoring Facebook. Whether it’s your career, a personal relationship, or anything else, develop a world-class work ethic of GSD (Get Stuff Done) and watch your productivity and results go through the roof.



DEVELOP A SENSE OF URGENCY. Some people operate like there is an endless amount of time and constantly procrastinate. To be more productive, you need to be more sensitive to time. Go after things with a sense of urgency and learn to think about life as if there’s no tomorrow.


BECOME A PROBLEM SOLVER. People who manage to do it all are focused on solving problems. They aren’t worried about being recognized or given credit for what they accomplish. Drop your ego and reach out for help when you have too much on your plate. Learn to delegate. You’re human, after all, and there’s no shame in turning to others for help.

BE FUTURE ORIENTED. Some people dream of the good ole’ days and never get anything done. The only thing significant about the past is how it affects us in the present and future. Stop looking in the rearview mirror wishing things were different. Don’t play the victim game. Focus exclusively on the present and future.

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Building a Winning Team

Tom Luby, Business Consultant and Fence Industry Spokesperson

FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK, ISN’T IT GREAT?! WE HAVE ALL HEARD THE PHRASE, “ANY GIVEN TEAM ON ANY GIVEN DAY CAN WIN.” A LITTLE LUCK AND A LOT OF PREPARATION CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. THE SAME IS TRUE IN BUSINESS, EXCEPT IT HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH LUCK AND A WHOLE LOT TO DO WITH GOOD PLANNING AND GOOD TEAM MANAGEMENT. In football, the coach designs plays, conducts practice sessions and builds a team that he thinks can win. The same is true for business. I have learned there are two very important and helpful management techniques that are team-based and, if designed correctly and with a little practice, can give your company a major league advantage over your competition. Failing to develop a solid game plan for running your business is paramount to a football coach sending eleven players onto the football field to win with no idea of who does what or when and hoping they can prevail. That plan will not likely end in success, no matter how good the individual players are. The same is true with your company. These management techniques are team oriented and designed to be run by middle management, such as your crew foreman, office manager, yard and shop foreman, production manager, field supervisor, sales manager, etc. In the spirit of the season, I’ll call the pro-active offense CTQ or Critical To Quality team and the reactive defense CAT or Corrective Action Team. I’ll discuss the CTQ technique in a future article, and will focus now on the defensive CAT along 50


with the development of a reactive business management tool call OFI, or Opportunity For Improvement. OFI’s are designed to detect and correct repetitive problems that cost the company lost time and money, and they are designed to find better solutions from direct labor’s point of view. Kind of like the people who actually “catch the mice” by building a better mouse trap. To achieve these goals, the owner or president needs to identify middle management employees to teach and train, and then to allow the process to evolve from within. The type of individual you should be looking for to participate in both offensive and defensive team management programs are dedicated and committed people who have a strong interest to improve themselves and their working environment. The idea is to teach the methodology so key managers can empower the teams to make these changes and improvements on their own. Many times, if change only comes from the top, employees don’t relate. Change can only come if it is welcome. If the employees don’t want to improve, they won’t.

These principles are based on a common-sense approach to problem-solving from the middle up, not from the top down. That is all part of a greater goal; one that cultivates a culture for success in the company. The two main functions of both of these teams are for the owner to achieve corporate success and for the employees to achieve their personal or individual goals. This duality of purpose affords a much better chance for success and can more easily achieve a buy-in from employees. The corporate goals are simply to have a positive impact on improving customer satisfaction, increasing productivity and reducing waste. The second function is to improve every employees’ personal achievements by addressing personal goals for each employee. The CAT goals for the employees are to make their job easier and less stressful with the ultimate result being that coming to work is a happier experience for everyone involved: employees and management. A positive working environment means everyone works better and more efficiently, resulting in higher profits for the company. These profits can be shared with employees through a

pro-forma rewards program. Instill in your employees that the company is their company, too. You want them to have a positive impact on how business is done. Their input is important. Creating a safe working environment is crucial to employee and company success. We want every employee to leave work the way they arrived – in one piece. All safety issues will also become OFI issues. In any company, mistakes are made; it is human nature. We are not perfect. When a mistake is made, we usually correct it and move on, right? That approach addresses only correcting the mistake, not fixing the problem or the flawed process that caused the mistake in the first place. This leads to repetitive mistakes if the process is not repaired along with the mistake. It is important to note that the CAT and OFI’s are not fault-finding, fingerpointing entities. The CAT is created to catch the mouse only, not to eat or punish it, figuratively speaking. We don’t want to fault anyone. OFI’s are only meant to find and correct repetitive problems so they won’t happen again. No one should get in trouble for turning in an OFI. Not every mistake will result in an OFI action. In the case of a one-time mistake, simply note the OFI and the corrective measure taken and move on. You don’t want to get bogged down in detail and try to correct every little thing that happens so you can limit the number of mistakes or problems you track and correct. You want to track two things: the things that waste time and the things that waste money (materials, product, etc.) An arbitrary number that I use (and it can be any number that you choose) is ten minutes of wasted time or ten dollars of wasted materials. When mistakes happen in the course of our workday that causes anyone (and therefore the company) to waste more than 10 minutes of time or cost more than $10 in lost materials or product, you should fill out some type of OFI tracking form which should document what happened, what was done to correct the problem, what caused the problem, and who was responsible for the corrections. The idea being to assign responsibility, accountability and track results so that you actually solve the repetitive problem and not

repeat the mistake again. I am available to help set up a CAT team at your company or troubleshoot the implementation of these systems. Good business management is fundamentally the same for every company to success. However, every company is different so each will have unique situations and opportunities. Looking closely at how to avoid waste and how to empower your employees will help your company achieve a new level of success and win the Super Bowl within your industry.

Thomas Luby, and Profit Builders International PROFIT BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL 3421 10th Lane West Palmetto, Florida 34221 www.profitbuilder.org tluby@profitbuilder.org 941-981-3677 Este artículo está disponible en español en nuestra versión en línea: www.fencenews.com.

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Construyendo un equipo ganador

Tom Luby, Business Consultant and Fence Industry Spokesperson

LA TEMPORADA DE FÚTBOL ESTÁ DE VUELTA, ¡¿NO ES GENIAL?! TODOS HEMOS OÍDO LA FRASE: “CUALQUIER EQUIPO EN UN DÍA DETERMINADO PUEDE GANAR”. UN POCO DE SUERTE Y MUCHA PREPARACIÓN PUEDEN MARCAR LA DIFERENCIA. LO MISMO OCURRE EN LOS NEGOCIOS, SALVO QUE TIENE POCO QUE VER CON LA SUERTE Y MUCHO CON UNA BUENA PLANIFICACIÓN Y UNA BUENA GESTIÓN DEL EQUIPO. En el fútbol, el entrenador diseña las jugadas, dirige los entrenamientos y construye un equipo que cree que puede ganar. Lo mismo ocurre con las empresas. He aprendido que hay dos técnicas de gestión muy importantes y útiles que se basan en el trabajo de equipo y que, si se diseñan correctamente y con un poco de práctica, pueden dar a su empresa una ventaja de grandes ligas sobre su competencia. Fallar en el desarrollo de un plan de juego sólido para dirigir su negocio es lo mismo que un entrenador de fútbol que envía a once jugadores al campo de fútbol para ganar sin tener idea de quién hace qué o cuándo y esperando que puedan vencer. Ese plan probablemente no será exitoso, por muy buenos que sean los jugadores individuales. Lo mismo ocurre con su empresa. Estas técnicas de gestión están orientadas al trabajo en equipo y están diseñadas para que las apliquen los mandos intermedios, como el capataz de la cuadrilla, el director de la oficina, el capataz del patio y del taller, el director de producción, el supervisor de campo, el director de ventas, etc. En el espíritu de la temporada, llamaré a la ofensiva proactiva CTQ (Critical To Quality) o equipo crítico para la calidad y a la defensa reactiva CAT ( Corrective 52


Action Team) o equipo de acción correctiva. Hablaré de la técnica CTQ en un próximo artículo, y me centraré ahora en el CAT defensivo junto con el desarrollo de una herramienta de gestión empresarial reactiva llamada OFI (Opportunity For Improvement), Oportunidad de Mejora. Los OFI están diseñados para detectar y corregir problemas repetitivos que cuestan a la empresa tiempo y dinero, y están diseñados para encontrar mejores soluciones desde el punto de vista de la mano de obra directa. Algo así como las personas que realmente “atrapan a los ratones” construyendo una mejor trampa. Para lograr estos objetivos, el propietario o el presidente debe identificar a los empleados de los mandos intermedios para enseñarles y formarlos, y luego permitir que el proceso evolucione desde dentro. El tipo de individuo que debe buscar para participar en los programas de gestión de equipos, tanto ofensivos como defensivos, son personas dedicadas y comprometidas que tienen un gran interés en mejorar ellos mismos y su entorno de trabajo. La idea es enseñar la metodología para que los responsables clave puedan capacitar a los equipos

para realizar estos cambios y mejoras por sí mismos. Muchas veces, si el cambio sólo viene de arriba, los empleados no se sienten identificados. El cambio sólo puede venir si es bienvenido. Si los empleados no quieren mejorar, no lo harán. Estos principios se basan en un enfoque de sentido común para la resolución de problemas desde el centro hacia arriba, no desde arriba hacia abajo. Todo esto forma parte de un objetivo mayor, que cultiva una cultura de éxito en la empresa. Las dos funciones principales de estos equipos son que el propietario logre el éxito de la empresa y que los empleados alcancen sus objetivos personales o individuales. Esta dualidad de objetivos ofrece muchas más posibilidades de éxito y puede lograr más fácilmente la adhesión de los empleados. Los objetivos corporativos son simplemente tener un impacto positivo en la mejora de la satisfacción del cliente, el aumento de la productividad y la reducción del desperdicio. La segunda función es mejorar los logros personales de cada empleado abordando los objetivos personales de cada uno. Los objetivos de CAT son hacer el trabajo más fácil y menos estresante, con el resultado final de que llegar al trabajo es

una experiencia más feliz para todos los involucrados: los empleados y la gerencia. Un entorno de trabajo positivo significa que todo el mundo trabaja mejor y de forma más eficiente, lo que se traduce en mayores beneficios para la empresa. Estos beneficios pueden compartirse con los empleados a través de un programa de recompensas proforma. Inculque a sus empleados que la empresa es también su empresa. Usted quiere que tengan un impacto positivo en la forma de hacer negocios. Su aporte es importante. Crear un entorno de trabajo seguro es fundamental para el éxito de los empleados y de la empresa. Queremos que todos los empleados salgan del trabajo tal como llegaron, en una sola pieza. Todos los problemas de seguridad también se convertirán en problemas de OFI. En cualquier empresa se cometen errores; es la naturaleza humana. No somos perfectos. Cuando se comete un error, solemos corregirlo y seguir adelante, ¿verdad? Ese enfoque sólo se ocupa de corregir el error, no de arreglar el problema o el proceso defectuoso que causó el error en primer lugar. Esto lleva a que se repitan los errores si no se repara el proceso junto con el error. Es importante tener en cuenta que el CAT y los OFI no son entidades de búsqueda de culpables ni de señalamiento. El GATO (CAT) ha sido creado sólo para atrapar al ratón, no para comerlo o castigarlo, en sentido figurado. No queremos culpar a nadie. Los OFI sólo pretenden encontrar y corregir los problemas repetitivos para que no vuelvan a ocurrir. Nadie debería tener problemas por entregar un OFI. No todos los errores darán lugar a una acción de OFI. En el caso de un error puntual, simplemente anote el OFI y la medida correctiva adoptada y siga adelante. No hay que complicarse con los detalles y tratar de corregir cada pequeña cosa que ocurra para limitar el número de errores o problemas que se rastrean y corrigen. Un número arbitrario que yo utilizo (y puede ser cualquier número que usted elija) es diez minutos de tiempo perdido o diez dólares de materiales perdidos. Cuando se producen errores en el transcurso de nuestra jornada laboral que hacen que cualquiera (y por tanto la empresa) pierda más de 10 minutos de tiempo o que cuesten más de 10

dólares en materiales o productos perdidos, hay que rellenar algún tipo de formulario de seguimiento de OFI que documente lo que ha sucedido, lo que se ha hecho para corregir el problema, qué lo ha provocado y quién ha sido el responsable de las correcciones. La idea es asignar la responsabilidad, rendir cuentas y hacer un seguimiento de los resultados para que realmente se resuelva el problema recurrente y no se repita el error de nuevo. Estoy disponible para ayudar a crear un equipo CAT en su empresa o para solucionar la implementación de estos sistemas. Una buena gestión empresarial es fundamentalmente la misma para que cada empresa tenga éxito. Sin embargo, cada empresa es diferente, por lo que cada una tendrá situaciones y oportunidades únicas. Mirar de cerca cómo evitar el despilfarro y cómo capacitar a sus empleados ayudará a su empresa a alcanzar un nuevo nivel de éxito y a ganar la Super Bowl dentro de su industria.

Thomas Luby, and Profit Builders International PROFIT BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL 3421 10th Lane West Palmetto, Florida 34221 www.profitbuilder.org tluby@profitbuilder.org 941-981-3677

Jackpot 20 021 GSAFA Trade Show Atlantic City, NJ SAVE SAVE THE THE DATE DATE WE'RE WE'RE GOING GOING TO TO AC! Oct. 29&30 AC! - Oct. 29&30


The The Premier Premier Fence, Fence, Deck Deck and and Railing Railing Show Show on on the the East East Coast! Coast!

Education – Networking – FUN! GSAFA TRADE SHOW Friday: Friday: October October 29, 29, 2021 2021 Educational Seminars Educational Seminars Registration Registration Exhibitor Exhibitor Set Set Up Up Cocktail Party! Cocktail Party! Saturday: Saturday: October October 30, 30, 2021 2021 AM Educational Seminars AM Educational Seminars GSAFA GSAFA Trade Trade Show Show

Location Harrah’s Resort 777 777 Harrah’s Harrah’s Boulevard Boulevard Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Discounted Discounted Room Room Block Block will will open open with Registration with Registration

For For more more information information log log on on to: to: www.gsafa.org www.gsafa.org Facebook: Garden State Facebook: Garden State AFA AFA or or contact contact Terry Terry Fielden Fielden at at jackpot@gsafa.org jackpot@gsafa.org FENCENEWS.COM | OCTOBER 2021


SKIDRIL, the originator of the gas powered post driver, introduces the G2XD high power at a great price!






• On-Off simplicity • Simple 4-cycle OHV engine or powerful 2-cycle • Easy service replacement motors, for low cost repairs • 2 engine makes available • Few moving parts • Drive T-Post, round post up to 4” • Available Multi-Collet option • Air cushion dampening for virtually no recoil • High fuel efficiency 1qt/hr • Modular design Dimensions: 29 x 11. 5 x 13” (configuration may alter dimensions)

Clutch: Centrifugal

Tank Size: 1.0 Qt.

Starter: Recoil

Impact Energy: 45 Ft-LBs

Weight: 42 lbs (depends on the configuration) Fuel: Regular gasoline

Hp: 1.8 (2-stroke) 1.4 (4-stroke) @ 6000 RPM

Max Speed: 6000 RPM

Impact Rate: 1100-1800 BPM

Engine: 2 Cycle or 4 Cycle OHV

Displacement: 50.0 cc (2 stroke) • 33.5 cc (4 stroke)

Carburation: Diaphragm

Air Filter: Semi-Wet


SKIDRIL P.O. Box 8041 • Greensboro, NC 27419 Tel: 800-843-3745 • Fax: 336-674-6690

Copyright 2020 SKIDRIL Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. SKIDRIL & “Ski-dude” are trademarks of SKIDRIL Industries, LLC.



SKIDRIL, the originator of the gas powered post driver, introduces the G2XD high power at a great price!




Something Real Big 4” POST DRIVER is Happening. BIGGER FASTER


• On-Off simplicity • Simple 4-cycle OHV engine or powerful 2-cycle • Easy service replacement motors, for low cost repairs • 2 engine makes available • Few moving parts • Drive T-Post, round post up to 4” • Available Multi-Collet option • Air cushion dampening for virtually no recoil • High fuel efficiency 1qt/hr • Modular design Dimensions: 29 x 11. 5 x 13” (configuration may alter dimensions)

Clutch: Centrifugal

Tank Size: 1.0 Qt.

Starter: Recoil

Impact Energy: 45 Ft-LBs

Weight: 42 lbs (depends on the configuration) 1.8 (2-stroke) Follow us toHp: learn more. 1.4 (4-stroke) @ 6000 RPM Fuel: Regular gasoline

Max Speed: 6000 RPM

Impact Rate: 1100-1800 BPM

Engine: 2 Cycle or 4 Cycle OHV

Displacement: 50.0 cc (2 stroke) • 33.5 cc (4 stroke)

Carburation: Diaphragm

Air Filter: Semi-Wet


Learn more about real good AMERICAN ASSEMBLY, stains, from real world experts SERVICE AND SUPPORT! visit StainAndSealExperts.com or call 615-785-1861.

P.O. Box 8041 • Greensboro, NC 27419

Tel: 800-843-3745 • Fax: 336-674-6690 Get the Stain & Seal Experts app, available now! Copyright 2020 SKIDRIL Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. SKIDRIL & “Ski-dude” are trademarks of SKIDRIL Industries, LLC. © 2021. All Rights Reserved by Stain & Seal Experts.



Filling the Leadership Gap It seems like every time there is a gathering of fence industry people (even during the height of the COVID-induced Zoom meetings) we have long discussions about labor shortages. Either we can’t find any people, or we can’t find the right people, or we can’t find people who really want to work, etc. Of course, these complaints about labor shortages are coming from all kinds of industries, and they have been complaints and concerns for several years. Maybe we should also be thinking about another kind of looming shortage: the leadership shortage.



This doesn’t mean we won’t have enough people to fill leadership roles in the many thousands of companies that make up our industry. No, the shortage I’m talking about is a shortage of industry leaders, not company leaders. Think about some of the challenges to our industry associations - AFA, CLFMI, NOMMA, etc. – are having as they try to get people to serve in leadership roles in their groups. Remember, these are the organizations that serve as the voice of their various constituencies to government agencies, standards-setting bodies, end-users, consumers, and the media. In many of these organizations, it is getting harder and harder to get members to commit to being involved at the leadership level. By leadership, I mean being actively involved at the committee, task force, board, or officer level. This is true in AFA at the chapter and national levels, and in CLFMI at the committee and international levels, and in all the industryaffiliated groups at every level. “I’m just too busy to attend a bunch of meetings” (even virtual meetings!); “I don’t want to commit to three years on a board”; “Things are really crazy right now, I plan on getting involved when they settle down” (as if that ever happens in this business). “I’m new to the organization. I’d like to wait until I know more about how things work.” Sound familiar? We’ve all heard them, and most of us have either said them or at least felt that way. Developing industry and association leaders isn’t about making the organization more successful; it’s about making the industry more successful. Sure, these groups have full or part-time staff that makes sure things are getting done daily, but here is why the input of the organization’s leaders (volunteers) is so important. The leaders’ job in an association is to make sure the group is doing the right things. It is then the staff’s job to make sure they are doing

by Mark Levin, CAE, CSP Executive Vice President, Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute

those things right. Having the best people making the decisions about doing the right things is the single most important factor in the group’s success. We’ve got to make sure the best minds, the most successful people, the most innovative companies, and the most representative leadership team are analyzing the needs of the industry and giving input to overcoming the industry’s challenges. To get these people and companies involved, we (the associations) need to focus on outcomes. That means focusing on making the best decisions, not on maintaining any organizational traditions. Here are a few suggestions on how to get some of these reluctant company leaders to also become industry leaders. “I’m just too busy to attend a bunch of meetings.” Don’t get defensive. They didn’t say they wouldn’t participate at all; they just don’t want to go to a “bunch” of meetings. So, find one event, or activity, in which their participation would be meaningful, and get them started having a good involvement and leadership experience. Ask them to serve on a panel as part of a chapter meeting. Ask them to read one piece of legislation or a recommended change to a standard and give their input. See if they will agree to be interviewed (via Zoom or phone) about a recent high-profile project with which they’ve been involved and use the interview as an article in your newsletter or on your You Tube channel. “I don’t want to commit to three years on a board.” OK. There are plenty of places in the organization that don’t require that kind of commitment. Will they commit to one year on a committee of interest to them? Would they be willing to work on a limited time activity, such as a Legislative Day, or a golf outing? Would they serve on a task force to make recommendations to the board on a specific issue?

Continued on p56


Extended Handle Kit

Pneumatic • Hydraulic • Gasoline Professional Grade Tools

Extended Handle Accessory for Pro-Series Post Drivers


Extended Handle Kits Your Rhino® Pro-Series™ Gas Powered Driver is an efficient and effective power tool designed and developed to tackle a difficult and time consuming task; driving posts. The extended handle accessory is intended to make driving tall posts easier. The installation of extended handles on your Rhino Ranch Pro, Fence Pro Multi-Pro, or Multi-Pro XA Gas Post Driver, will allow one individual to install tall posts (up to 10'), safely and efficiently. Typical applications are wildlife, security and crowd control fencing or sites unable to accommodate large equipment.

- Eliminate the need for ladders - Increase job-site safety - Increase project productivity - Allow one person to install tall post quickly/efficiently - Provide access for fence installations in tight spaces and rough terrain. Part No. Pro-Series™ Handle Kits


Ship Wt.


2' Extended Handle Kit*

26" x 6" x 6"

7 lbs (3.17 kg)


4.5' Extended Handle Kit*

60" x 6" x 6"

10 lbs (4.53 kg)

Notes: 1. Kit only fits Rhino Drivers with tube style handles. 2. Kit does not include a Post Driver. 3. If your Pro-Series Driver does not have a lower handle, a lower handle must be ordered separately (p/n 301233). Do not use extended handles without lower handle.

A Tradition of Quality and Service Since 1975

Go to www.lcenterprises-usa.com to see how the gas powered post driver enhances productivity safely. It is one of many fencing products we offer to get the job done faster. Give us a call today. 6652 N.75 Drive, Escanaba, MI 49829 | Toll Free 1.866.786.1009 | www.lcenterprises-usa.com



Filling the Leadership Gap, continuted from 54

Things are really crazy right now. I plan on getting involved when they settle down.” Hey, that’s great. They just committed to doing something in the future. Ask about their interests, interview them about their company, ask them to describe their biggest challenges during these “crazy” times. Let them know you have a committee or task force that’s working on that issue, briefly describe exactly what the group is doing, and say that “when things settle down”, that might be a good place to start. You never know, you just might spark some interest in getting involved now if it’s going to help their company to do so. “I’m new to the organization. I’d like to wait until I know more about how things work.” Getting newer members involved is critical to their long-term retention. Ask them to participate in a non-threatening way. For example, ask them to serve as a host at a chapter meeting or a conference social event or education program. They’ll meet a ton of people coming in and it relieves the awkwardness of going up to strangers at a reception. If appropriate, seat them at a table with some of your current board members and committee members who can explain the value of getting involved. The time issue is the first objection you’ll hear, in one form or another, from almost everyone. Be prepared, and don’t get offended because you are already putting in a lot of time to your association. In my experience, it’s not really the amount of time people are afraid of; they are worried about the amount of wasted time when compared to all the other priorities they have right now. If they feel their time will be valued, and will be used in a productive way, they will often try to find some of that time for their trade or professional organization. We need to be skilled at identifying the return they will get for their involvement and asking them the right way. Then, if they do agree to get engaged and involved, we need to “pay” them for their time with appropriate recognition within the organization and the industry. We can’t afford to have some of the best people in the industry on the sidelines. We need them involved at the top levels of industry associations to help the fencing industry take its rightful place as a truly essential part of the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, and the national economy.


SURFACE MOUNT GATE LOCK The perfect solution for pools, private beaches, and other property liability areas that require limited access. • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty Made in Japan & built to last • Easy Installation No welding or special tools needed

GL2LINX chain link adapter


• Lockout Function Prevent code access when the keyed cylinder lockout function is engaged

6”x 6” Capacity 5 H.P. Moto Air Clamps High Speed Steel and Carbide Blades available

• Fits Most Gates Install on Metal, Vinyl, Wood, Composite and Chain Link with the GL2LINX adapter




Makes many different profiles


201 W 3rd Street Clare, Michigan 48617 (989) 418-5050 www.dynabignell.com | dynabignell@gmail.com

Custom profiles can be manufactured to suit your needs



Trusscore Acquires Calgary-based Westech Building Products Trusscore, the material science company that makes sustainable, improved alternatives to traditional building materials, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Calgary-based Westech Building Products, an innovative developer of high-performing vinyl building materials. This acquisition builds out the Trusscore team and product line Westech was acquired from its parent company, Westlake Chemical Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals, polymers, and building products that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. “With this acquisition, we are creating a premier material science company that’s positioned for growth across residential, commercial, and agriculture markets,” said Trusscore CEO Dave Caputo. “I’m delighted to welcome our new team members and partners to Trusscore. I have no doubt they’ll blend seamlessly and that together we can engineer the future of the building materials industry.” Like Trusscore, Westech makes a range of PVC-based products, including a popular dock and deck system. The new products will complement and expand the Trusscore line and enhance their focus on innovation, research and development, including advanced nanotechnology and chemistry.

“Our new presence in western Canada will deliver an array of opportunities for us in our quest to scale,” said Caputo. “Not only do we expand our product line and customer reach, we gain additional manufacturing horsepower and distribution capability, which aligns with our commitment to deliver unparalleled service to our customers.” The Westech facility in Calgary will be rebranded under the Trusscore banner which includes manufacturing operations in Dayton, Ohio, and Palmerston, Ontario, where Trusscore is headquartered. The company’s marketing and R&D teams are based at the Communitech technology and innovation hub in Kitchener, Ontario. Trusscore now has 187 team members, an increase of 98 from one year ago, in support of accelerated recent sales growth and market acceptance. Last September, Trusscore announced a partnership with HGTV home renovations stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. For more information, visit www.trusscore.com.

Industry leader for over 95 years. Distributing national brands of Aluminum, Steel, and Chain Link fence, gates and protective barriers. Manufacturing 100% pure vinyl fence, railings, pergolas and arbors.

EST. 1923 Large Inventory Quick Lead Time Ship Nationwide Custom Vinyl Manufacturing

Contact us for all your fence and railing needs. www.sciw.com 800-962-1029 60




Remembering a Beloved Man within the Fencing Industry — Nathan Levin

Nathan Levin passed away on August 3, 2021. He was an admirable man within the fencing industry, owning Nate Levin and Associates in Needham, Massachusetts for decades. As a manufacturer’s rep, Levin worked with many companies selling fencing products. It was those relationships that cemented him within the fencing business, says longtime friend Barry Ward. “Nate knew everyone within the fencing industry. He called on so many businesses over the years and he enjoyed getting to know people. It was clear he loved his work.” He was named president of the New England chapter of the American Fence Association and he was also president of the national chapter of the AFA. “Nate always enjoyed a good laugh. He liked to be in the know on all the news,” says Ward. They met in the 1960s when Levin called on Ward and they remained friends for over 60 years. “He had so many friends all over the country. He would call on someone and before long, they were friends,” Ward explains. “Nate, me and several men would go ice fishing every year for about 15 years. One of our friends had a condo in New England. We’d spend a couple of days fishing, talking, laughing and eating; we had a great time every year,” Ward says. “Nate is truly missed.” Levin is survived by his wife, Judith and daughters Shari and Kara, along with two grandchildren, Chloe and Mitchell. Donations can be made to his beloved Red Sox: The Red Sox Foundation, 4 Jersey Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02215.

The gang is together at a New England Patriots game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, from left to right: Mike Payne, Joe Mead, Marty Drain, Barry Ward, Dave Meleedy, Nate Levin and Steve Bailow.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES NOW HIRING FENCE INSTALLERS SIGN-ON BONUS! Hourly or Qualified Subcontractors. Experienced Only! Full-Time Year Round Work. Benefits For Hourly Employees Apply 8am - 5pm At West Coast Fence 6500 49th St N. Pinellas Park, FL (727) 522-4111

HELP WANTED Weaving Machine Operator Stephens Pipe & Steel Montoursville, PA Looking for an experienced chain link weaving machine operator. Company benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid holidays, vacation and matching 401k. Please send resume to brucefischer@spsfence.com or call 570-567-7538. E.O.E.

FOR SALE - DELTA SCIENTIFIC DSC7000 crash rated Barrior arm new condition still in the crates - $25,000.00 (discounted 60%). Also, we have 2 Delta scientific Mp5000 12’ portable or permanent crash rated Hydraulic Steel wall, like new - $20,000.00 each or $36,000.00 for both. Includes 1 each 100’ remote control, solar system, cigarette lighter and battery jumper cables. Call Bob 707223-0137. FENCE COMPANY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN NORTH, CENTRAL, AND SOUTH FLORIDA. Join our growing company of more than 16 years in business. We are looking for experienced and dependable individuals for the following positions. • Residential Fence Estimators • Commercial Fence Estimators • Subcontractor Fence Installers We Offer: • Competitive Pay • Paid Time Off • 401K and 401K Matching • Company Vehicle and/or Vehicle Allowance Please send your resume to: fencecareers@gmail.com





(manufacturer’s reps, dealers, distributors, installers wanted, consultants, and other services)

$1 a word (25 word minimum) or by the column inch rate $50 if camera furnished art If publisher has to set $60. Add $10 if a border is added. 10% discount on three-month consecutive insertions, paid in advance. Payment must accompany ads. Deadline is 5th of the month prior to month of publication. Email Katie at sales@fencenews.com for a price quote and to schedule your ad. Send editorial submissions to edit@fencenews.com.

2022 FENCE NEWS ANNUAL DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS — COMING SOON! Search for suppliers using this comprehensive index.

R E B M E C E D 2021



Garden State AFA Holds Jackpot 21 Garden State AFA will hold Jackpot 2021 on October 29 - 30 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. For details, follow their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ gardenstateafa. Register Now for AFA University AFA University will be held October 30 – November 13, 2021 in Arlington, Texas. Participants will have the opportunity to take a course and sit for any of our available certification exams, including: • Certified Fence Contractor • Certified Gate Automation Technician • Certified Operations Manager • Certified Gate Automation Designer To register, visit www.americanfenceassociation.com. The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute Holds Annual Meeting Celebrating 60 years of leadership in the fence industry, the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute will hold its annual meeting November 3 – 5, 2021 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. The cut-off date for guaranteed sleeping rooms in the CLFMI block is October 11, 2021. Reserve your hotel by calling 800-950-0086; identify yourself as part of the CLFMI group by using code CL21. Visit www.chainlinkinfo.org for more information.

Fence Training School Dates Announced The four-day Fence Training School will be held February 6 – February 9, 2022 in Sebring, Florida. Participants will receive fence installation instruction from qualified, knowledgeable trainers with over 250 years of combined experience in the industry. Topics include access controls, chain-link, farm and ranch, HTP rail @ strand, ornamental, vinyl, wood, welding, tools and equipment and safety. For more information, visit www.4nafca.com. 2022 Common Ground Alliance Conference and Expo Announced The Common Ground Alliance Conference and Expo will be held in Anaheim, California from April 5 – 8, 2022 at the Anaheim Marriott. The event will feature integrated committee meetings, industry-leading speakers, breakout sessions and discussion groups, an interactive exhibit hall, and networking events and opportunities. It will also facilitate the development of concrete actions the industry can use to help reduce damages. To learn more, visit www.commongroundalliance.com. National Water Safety Conference Announced The National Water Safety Conference will be held April 11 – 14, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas. It is presented by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. For more information, visit www.watersafetyconference.com.

NADRA and PSP Expo Partner for Deck Expo The International Pool Spa Patio Expo and the North American Deck & Railing Association are excited to announce a new partnership and will team up for the PSP/ Deck Expo November 13 – 18 , 2021 in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. For details and registration information, visit www.nadra.org/deck-expo.

Little Beaver, Inc. Mourns Loss of Sales Manager Mike Hale

Mike Hale, long-time sales and marketing manager at Little Beaver, Inc. passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, September 4, 2021. Hale’s influence on the fencing and drilling industries spanned decades. He began working in fencing as a summer job in high school. After learning the industry as a teenager, he continued installing fences across southern California, eventually owning his own fencing company for more than 20 years. After experiencing first-hand the safety and efficiency of Little Beaver’s earth drills, Hale joined the company in 1996. For the past 25 years, he has been the voice behind sales and quote inquiries, using his expertise to help customers select the drilling products to bring that same safety and efficiency to their own companies. “Mike’s impact on our company and industry has been tremendous,” says Little Beaver President Joe Haynes. “He understood the challenges our customers faced and was really able to help them find the solutions they needed. He will be greatly missed by all of us at Little Beaver, not only for the work he did but also for the person he was. We have lost a dear friend and industry advocate.”



Complete Railing Solutions Solar & Low Voltage Lighting

ADA Railing

Railing Brackets

Spindles & Post Mounts

Innovative Products and Solutions

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THE FENCE PRO’S CHOICE For Fence and Railing Hardware

Nationwide Industries has the largest, in-stock selection of fence and gate hardware for fence professionals. Our products are guaranteed to last, easy to install, and select products come with our Million-Cycle Warrenty. TM

nationwideindustries.com 66


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