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In This Issue Navigating the Management of Multiple Generations Capital Forest Products Now a 100% Employee-Owned Company



Show Me the Money! Cash is King Collections Procedure

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UNMATCHED. TOP TO BOTTOM. Unlike other heavy-duty self-closing ball bearing hinges, new HDBYSC features ball bearings on both sides of the closure spring – top and bottom. The bottom bearings make HDBYSC the smoothest operating hinge in its class. Plus, tested over 1,000,000 cycles on a 200 lb. 6’ x 6’ gate, its strength and durability can’t be beat either.

nationwideindustries.com 5


Adjustable - Maintenance Free Heavy Duty Shaft (bolt)

On all hinges gives the highest weight ratings in the industry

Precision Bushing

Distributes gate load for optimal performance

Tightest Tolerance in the Industry

CNC machined to perfection and virtually frictionless movement

Zinc Electroplating

• Long lasting rust and corrosion protection • No need to grind off before welding

High-Temperature Sealed Bearings • No greasing – no maintenance. EVER. • Safe from powder coating heat

Adjustable Yoke

Horizontally adjustable for perfect installations flexibility

Stover Lock Nut

Uniquely shaped threads that provide a vibration resistant friction fit so the nut stays put 1¾”

11⁄8” 3⁄8”

3⁄8” 90°

Original CI3000

Self-closing CI3850

Baby Original CI3600

Bolt-On CI3700

4” Round Bolt-On CI2051 Anchor bolt

Over 60 Product Solutions! VersaWeld CI3075

Prevent Callbacks Before They Happen! 6




1¾” 2½” Face Mount Bolt-On CI3720

*Warranty conditions vary according to gate or door application and usage. See full Warranty details and limitations on D&D Technologies’ website.

- Safe to Powder Coat! Narrow Wheel Profile Reduces possibility of wheel hitting debris and running off track

Zinc Electroplating Long lasting rust and corrosion protection

Spacer (bushing) Spacer options 11⁄2" and 2" wide gate profiles

Two Sealed Bearings Require no greasing, maintenance free

Tightest Tolerance in the Industry Virtually frictionless movement

Super-hard Cold Rolled Steel (30RC rating) – Hardest Steel in the Industry

Clearance Advantage for a 4” Wheel Shut It® HardCore 11⁄8” 11⁄16” 3⁄16” 3⁄16”

Brand X 1¾” 11⁄8”


3⁄8” 90°


r Clearance

Anchor bolt


Under Clearance

Anchor bolt

Under Clearance




50% more

1¾” 2½”

1¾” 2½”

Narrower wheel profile of the Shut It® wheel helps prevent wheel from hitting debris and track anchors.

: (800) 716-0888

: ddtech.com

: info@ddtechusa.com Copyright © 2021 D&D Technologies®



Anchor bolt

SAFETY in a Snap with Safety Top Caps from NMI

Add safety and greater visibility to the top of chain link fence systems on athletic fields, in parks and recreational facilities. • Easy to install • Durable and flexible • UV resistant

SAFETY in a Snap 516-594-0364


Your trusted source for slat orders for over 40 years.


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WOOD FENCING Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing KDAT Lumber FAQS 5 Ideas for Modernizing a Wood Fence Protecting the Bottom of Wood Posts The Many Flavors of Cedar Sierra Pacific Industries Completes Acquisition of Seneca Real Value of Treated Roundwood The History of the White Picket Fence

57 Lone Star Drills Upgrades with New Mud Pump System 58 Jeff Davis Joins U-C Coatings as Western Regional Sales Manager 60 811 61 Capital Forest Products Now a 100% EmployeeOwned Company

Add safety and greater visibility to the top of chain link fence systems on athletic fields, in parks and recreati onal facilities. Business Management • Industry Easy to install News • Durable and flexible • UV resistant 8 Water Safety While Travelling for the Holidays 12 Convenience and Flexibility with Indoor Fencing 16 Barrett Outdoor Living® Announces Acquisition of Madden Manufacturing 42 Top of the Chain with Al Martins, Director, Fence Armor 48 Show Me the Money! Cash is King Collections Procedure by Tom Luby 52 Fencing Supply Group Acquires Vinyl by Design Oak Ridge Fence Company Has Opened 53 New Houston Franchise Location Set to Grow with Westside Development 54 Mixed Signals by Mark Levin 55 Nominations for AWPA Officers Now Open 56 Applications Are Being Accepted for AFAEF In Memory of Dale Long In Memory of Timothy Miller


44 Management Corner - Navigating the Management of Multiple Generations 46 Management Corner - Symptoms of Stress and How to Tackle Them 58 Business Classifieds 60 Reserve Your Fence News Ad Space

Your trusted source for slat orders for over 40 years.

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LARGEST AMERICAN OWNED FENCE DISTRIBUTOR & MANUFACTURER 6,500 miles of chain link this year and counting Chain Link Fence has been around for a long, long time. Invented in England in the mid-1800s, it arrived in the US at the beginning of the 20th century when Anchor Post Fence Company of New Jersey obtained the first chain link patent in the United States. Today’s fabric offers many advantages to the chain link of old. At SPS we manufacture fabric in many diverse heights, meshes, and gauges. We weave galvanized, aluminum, vinyl coated, aluminized, even stainless steel. We currently operate 120 weaving machines in 10 of our branch locations with more to come.

Looking for Hot Dip, Coated or Mini Mesh? We produce chain link fabric ranging from 2 to 20 feet in height. Rolls are available in 25, 50 and 100 feet long depending on gauge and mesh. Contact a local branch below for more information.

ALABAMA 205-647-0111, CONNECTICUT 860-812-0265, FLORIDA 321-728-2932, GEORGIA 770-868-1800, KENTUCKY 270-866-3331, LOUISIANA 225-387-1838, MARYLAND 301-699-0400, MICHIGAN 616-248-3433, MISSOURI 816-359-3836, NORTH CAROLINA 336-375-3442, OHIO 614-285-3584 or 740-869-2257, PENNSYLVANIA 570-567-7538, SOUTH CAROLINA 803-849-1625, TENNESSEE 615-860-0001, TEXAS 214-348-2400, WEST VIRGINIA 304-522-2210 7




Water SafetyWhile Traveling for the Holidays As we look toward the holiday season, we usually think about reuniting with family and celebrating annual traditions. The 2021 holiday travel season is predicted to rebound from the slump after the summer travel season. “As families are planning holiday travel, it’s important to keep water safety at the forefront,” explains Adam Katchmarchi, Ph.D., executive director with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. “Drowning is often thought of as a summer topic, however, it presents a year-round problem, especially when traveling,” he says. “Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death for children and young adults.” Drownings are best prevented using the concept of “layers of protection”. This is a water safety strategy that utilizes multiple prevention steps to reduce risk around water. Layers include swimming and water safety training, constant active supervision by guardians, swimming in a lifeguarded area, the use of barriers (fencing) and alarms, using tested and approved floatation devices, and being prepared to respond to an accident. “One layer alone is not enough to prevent drowning, as layers can fail. Only the use of multiple layers of protection decreases the risk of accidents around water,” says Katchmarchi. “We often encourage parents and pool owners

to think about layers of protection around their home and in commonly visited areas,” he says. “However, when traveling, we can often overlook these important safety steps. The same risks that water presents in your backyard, exist while you are on the road.” Parents and caregivers are encouraged to think about these safety steps when traveling: Plan Ahead. First and foremost, think about promoting knowledge and skill within your family about water and response. Whether you’re traveling or having a staycation, make sure everyone is water competent (attaining basic aquatic skills), knows how to help in a water emergency, and knows basic CPR and first aid skills. It is also important to call ahead to where you are staying to find out if there is access to water and what layers of protection are already in

use. Choosing a hotel with physical barriers and lifeguards at the pool can reduce risk. Think out your water safety plan before you leave. Safety Chat. Discuss your water safety plan with your family before you leave. Setting ground rules and covering simple water safety steps with your children can make all the difference. It is important to enforce the rules and ensure other safety steps have been taken, but don’t underestimate the value and importance of the safety discussion. There are a number of water safety storybooks available for children that discuss basic water safety rules. Safety First. When you arrive at your destination, take time to do an evaluation of all water features and understand the layers of protections that are in place. Pay key attention to physical barriers and ensure all layers are in good working order. Walk Continued on p10



Thank You With appreciation for your business and your loyalty throughout the year, we at Merchants Metals would like to wish you a very

Happy Thanksgiving

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Holiday Water Safety, continued from p8

CUT INSTALLATION TIME AND SAVE MONEY when you install PrivacyLink® Chain Link Fence with “Factory Inserted Slats™”.

We insert high-quality privacy fence slats into the chain link mesh when fabricating the fence, making installation quick and easy. And since you don’t have to stuff the slats by hand on the job site, you save time and money.

PRIVACYLINK® AND INDUSTRIALLINK® ARE TWO OF OUR MOST POPULAR CHAIN LINK FENCES WITH “FACTORY INSERTED SLATS”™. around the fence and ensure there are no openings or anything near the fence that a child could use to crawl over. Ensure that there is a selfclosing self-latching gate and that it is in good working order. Be sure to open the gate fully and allow it to close. The gate should re-latch on its own. Also, check the alarms and other safety features designed to notify you of unauthorized pool access. Be sure to reevaluate your safety pin if unexpected issues arise and immediately let the responsible parties know if issues exist and need to be corrected.


98% Privacy (Approx)


75% Privacy (Approx)

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Never Let Your Guard Down. Yes, it is important to use all layers of protection to keep people safe during swim times. However, it is also important to keep water safety in mind during non-swim times, especially for young children. Water is attractive and many young children have drowned during non-swim times after unexpectedly returning to the water after swim time has ended. Therefore, physical layers of protection are critical for preventing unauthorized and unexpected access. Know What To Do. Drowning is fast and silent. It often doesn’t look and sound like we would expect it to. A child can drown in as little as 20 – 60 seconds. Drowning also doesn’t discriminate and can affect everyone. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save lives and prevent tragic outcomes. When traveling, you are likely in an unfamiliar area which can create challenges like not knowing the physical address to provide to a 911 dispatcher. Plan and think about what you would do should the worst possible situation occur. Whether you are planning an all-inclusive beach get away, a trip to a major theme park, or just visiting family, these water safety steps can help protect your family around water. Drowning is quick and silent, but the good news is that it is 100% preventable. Make a water safety plan for your next vacation, or visit to Grandma’s house, to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy this holiday season. To learn more about water safety, visit ndpa.org.













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VALUE IS MEASURED IN TIME SAVED. *Based on installing a single Exodus Egress Gate


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Convenience and Flexibility with Indoor Fencing AAlthough not as widely thought of as outdoor fencing, barriers and containments known as indoor fencing, are used often within commercial buildings. Many types of facilities need indoor fencing, especially for large-scale environments such as warehouses and storage centers. According to Atlantic Fence & Supply, some of the commercial facilities with indoor fencing needs include: WAREHOUSES. Adding an indoor fence around particularly valuable item can be a smart decision. It could be to keep customers safe, but also to reduce theft by customers or possibly even employees. Safety is another consideration for warehouse indoor fencing. Putting dangerous equipment within an indoor fence can help protect employees from tampering with the equipment if they aren’t authorized, which will reduce accidents. LONG-TERM STORAGE CENTERS. Defining the customer space is helpful for safety and security. In many large storage units, customers come and go at all times to retrieve items or add items to their units; yet storage facility owners need to maintain security for all customers’ property. Walls and barriers define the space and provide security for each customers’ items.



FACTORIES AND INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES. In a manufacturing plant, the finished product is not the only valuable inventory. Tools and materials also require security. Indoor fencing provides parameters of where employees are allowed to go, and where is off-limits or unsafe. Another bonus is that indoor fencing is easy to set up and break down, which means that factories and industrial manufacturing facilities have flexibility in customizing the layout for their individual properties. RESTAURANT DRY STORAGE. Dry goods and paper products can be conveniently stored within a climate-controlled building, with fencing to keep the materials locked and safe. Indoor fencing can help convert a space that does not have built in storage into a convenient, easy-to-reach area where dry storage was not part of the original design.

Indoor fencing solves security and organization problems effectively, at an affordable price. Flexibility in design, visibility options, air circulation and lighting can all be controlled depending on the type of indoor fencing chosen. For more information, visit www. atlanticfencesupply.com.


1” picket design offers security for high-traffic areas and is durable enough to withstand harsh environments or large crowds.

Jerith Aero

1 x 5/8" picket design and rounded edges create a sleek, modern look that is distinctive yet subtle.

Jerith Premier

3/4" picket design adds strength without sacrificing appearance for residential or lite commercial areas.

Jerith Legacy

5/8" picket design and hidden fasteners are perfect for homeowners looking for a certain aesthetic.

Jerith’s legacy of quality and style makes our residential and commercial aluminum fence the best in the industry. With our wide range of options, we can tailor our products to your specific needs.





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Jerith Liberty Economical 5/8" picket design is ideal for general residential applications.





Barrette Outdoor Living® Announces Acquisition of Madden Manufacturing Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc., a leading provider of outdoor living products, announces the acquisition of Madden Manufacturing Company of Missouri, a manufacturer of railing products for the do-it-yourself homeowner and professional contractors based in Lake Ozark, Missouri. As part of its mission to offer diverse, flexible outdoor solutions that are ingeniously designed and meticulously engineered, Barrette Outdoor Living partners with companies that share similar visions and values. Madden Manufacturing is recognized across the manufacturing industry for its commitment to customer service. At the same time, Madden Manufacturing provides easy-to-install, quality-engineered outdoor living products, including deck railings, handrails and screen enclosures. By partnering with Madden Manufacturing, Barrette Outdoor Living gains faster shipping times, a broader product portfolio and the ability to serve contractors and homeowners across the country. “Madden Manufacturing has a well-earned reputation of going above and beyond for residential and commercial customers in Missouri and its surrounding states, so teaming



up is a great opportunity for us both,” says Jean desAutels, CEO of Barrette Outdoor Living. “This partnership gives us a broader product offering, particularly with the breadth and depth of Madden’s railing products, especially its screen enclosure applications.” Barrette Outdoor Living and Madden Manufacturing share a similar culture and work ethic that will ensure a seamless transition. Madden Manufacturing has strong community roots and dedicated employees who mirror the culture of Barrette Outdoor Living. They are passionate about what they do and who they work with. The facilities and teams at both Madden Manufacturing and Barrette Outdoor Living will continue to function independently while combining the strengths of both partners. Madden Manufacturing will continue to service

their existing customer base and at the same time expand to service and grow the various channels of distribution that are part of Barrette Outdoor Living. Barrette Outdoor Living intends to utilize the strengths and know-how of Madden Manufacturing’s existing workforce to help build the business. “Joining the Barrette Outdoor Living family gives us the ability to help even more customers create their dream outdoor spaces,” says Mike Madden, president of Madden Manufacturing. “The future of outdoor living is looking better and better for customers as we move forward with this great partnership.” For more information, visit www.barretteourdoorliving.com.

Extended Reach • Transmits up to 1800ft (900MHz) • FCC and IC Certified (315MHz) • 315MHz & 900MHz

Impeccable Security • Over 18 quintillion possible codes • RF Anti-scan protection

User Friendly & Widely Compatible • Transmission LED also serves as battery life indicator • Compatible with 315MHz or 900MHz SECO-LARM receivers

Pendent RF Transmitters 900MHz Series

315MHz Series



1,800ft (550m)

500ft (150m)

Tel: (800) 662-0800 Fax: (949) 261-7326

Email: sales@seco-larm.com Website: www.seco-larm.com Manufacturer of





Whether you paint it, stain it, or simply let it weather naturally, wood is a timeless variety of fencing. Virtually any type of fence can be built with wood, and when maintained properly, it could last a lifetime. Several experts weigh in on the types of wood fencing available as well as the variety of finishes available to prolong its durability.




of Cedar Wood Fencing CEDAR IS A POPULAR CHOICE FOR WOOD FENCING, AND THERE ARE SEVERAL GREAT REASONS FOR THAT. THE PROFESSIONALS AT LONG FENCE PROVIDE AN OVERVIEW OF THE PRIMARY ADVANTAGES CEDAR OFFERS. APPEARANCE Whether a homeowner wants simple white pickets, or something a little more elaborate, a cedar fence can accommodate these needs. Cedar is a beautiful wood with stunning wood grain detailing. It looks great even if it’s not stained, but since it is free of resins, wood fencing made from it can hold a range of finishes. From light-colored bleaches to dark stains, there’s an option for everyone. Or, to preserve the wood’s natural beauty, select a semi-transparent finish. When it is unstained, cedar’s natural color can fade with exposure to sunlight and turn into a pale gray shade. Many property owners like the weathered look so they don’t feel the need to apply paint or stain to change this look.

VERSATILITY With cedar wood fencing, design is limited only by imagination. Cedar is a versatile wood that works well for picket fences, privacy fences, board-on-board fences, lattice fences, custom designs and more. There are also many different edging and topper options for cedar fencing. The versatility of a cedar fence allows for designs to ensure it will fit in with the architecture it surrounds, whether a small home or a larger property with multiple buildings. From style to stain color to added hardware or trim elements, a cedar fence can complement any type of construction. Continued on p 20


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Since 1982

Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing, continued from p19

CEDAR CONTROLS TEMPERATURE AND SOUND Cedar wood has naturally occurring air pockets within its structure. These pockets enable the wood to work in a similar way to insulation, controlling the temperature within its boundaries. This means the area it surrounds is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A privacy fence built of cedar can help make your yard’s temperature more comfortable. A privacy fence offers some built-in noise reduction by its very nature, but those same air pockets in cedar help dampen sound even further.

DURABILITY Cedar is a hardwood species that is naturally resilient. It can withstand rain, snow, heat, and exposure to the sun. Cedar wood fencing that’s been appropriately treated can last for years. Years can stretch into decades if homeowners make sure to perform regular, annual maintenance on their fences, checking weak spots and giving the wood extra layers of protection with paint, and other coatings. In fact, its durability is what makes cedar such a popular choice for fencing. Cedar planks shrink and warp less than other types of lumber, helping fencing remain straight and well-aligned, which preserves the integrity and appearance of the fence. Cedar also has natural oils that repel insects and resists rot.

GATE CLOSERS What good is a lock on a gate if the gate is left open? LockeyUSA gate closers are a reliable and economical solution for ensuring the gate closes every time. Instead of slamming the gate shut, LockeyUSA closers push gates closed gently— ideal for use with Lockey keyless locks and other latching devices.

TB175 Garden Gate Closer Max Gate Weight: 110 lbs

CEDAR REQUIRES LITTLE MAINTENANCE Cedar fencing does require some maintenance; however, this is usually less than many other types of fencing. The main maintenance recommended for a cedar fence is the initial application of a protective coating, with reapplication every few years. Standard fencing maintenance tasks, such as inspecting it for breaks, splinters or loose hardware, is also recommended.

TB250 Adjustable Hydraulic Closer

Max Gate Weight: 125 lbs

SUSTAINABILITY If going green is a goal for your company or your customers, cedar is a good choice. Cedar has a low carbon footprint, and it comes from responsibly-managed, sustainable forests that plant millions of new saplings immediately after harvest.

TB950 Heavy Duty Closer & Hinge

PROPERTY VALUE When you add a cedar fence to a property, you are not just installing something that provides added privacy and a measure of security, you’re adding value to the property. Of all the upgrades that could be made to a home, a fence is one of the best investments. And with the durability of cedar, that value is enhanced. These are just a few benefits that come with installing a cedar fence. Learn more at www.longfence.com.



Max Gate Weight: 250 lbs

Find the closer for your application at lockeyusa.com

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To learn more about real good stains from real world experts, visit StainAndSealExperts.com or call 615-785-1861. Get the Stain & Seal Experts app, available now! © 2021. All Rights Reserved by Stain & Seal Experts and Expert Stain & Seal.




KDAT Lumber KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) wood can provide many advantages as a choice for wood fencing. Because wood is porous, it is ideal for the pressure treating process, but it also has a natural tendency to warp, cup, twist, crack, check, shrink and swell as it is exposed to wetting and drying cycles involved. While the preservative is left in the wood for protection, the water is released as the wood naturally dries, bringing out these natural tendencies which cause problems when using it in fence construction. The KDAT process removes the excess moisture from wood that is introduced by the treatment process, improving the performance and stability of pressure treated wood. Northern Crossarm Co., Inc., specializes in treated lumber and their team provided answers to some frequently asked questions about KDAT. What’s Involved in the Traditional Pressure Treating Process? Pressure-treated wood is immersed in a liquid preservative (commonly chemicals) and placed inside of a pressure chamber. Once inside the pressure chamber, the chemical preservative is forced into the wood fibers, effectively penetrating to the core of each piece of wood. Common pressure treating chemicals used today are ACQ (alkaline copper quat) and MCA (micronized copper azole). In the past, chromated copper arsenate (CCA) was used, but has since been restricted in residential settings due to the health and environmental concerns. ACQ, (alkaline coper quat) is a commonly used alternated to CCA. MCA is a greener treating chemical whose use has been expanding in recent years. Extremely versatile, MCA can be used in Above Ground, Ground Contact and Freshwater Contact applications. It’s a copper-based wood preservative and provides long-term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications. How is the KDAT Pressure Treated Wood Process Different? KDAT wood is treated similarly to “green” or “wet” wood with one key difference. After KDAT wood has been pressurized with chemicals, it goes through an extra drying step in a kiln. Using controlled temperatures, the lumber is stacked to provide airflow between each board and to ensure uniform drying. Traditional “wet” or “green” lumber that doesn’t undergo this process will take as long as eight months to a year to dry out, often resulting in problems with warps, cups, checks and shrinking over time. Once in the kiln, the moisture is reduced by as much as 80% to create a much



drier piece of wood and minimizing those potential problems. What are the Recommended Applications for KDAT Wood? • Deck Boards, Deck Rails & Deck Substructure (Joists, Posts) • Pergolas • Fencing • Boardwalks, marine construction • Flatbed trailers • Storage sheds

What Benefits Does KDAT Lumber Offer? • Lighter, easier to handle • Can be painted, stained, or sealed immediately • Even drying minimizes cups, warps, checks and shrinks • Easier to saw, drill and plane • Better holding power for nails and screws What Wood Species & Sizes of KDAT Lumber are Available? Southern Yellow Pine – Also referred to as SYP. SYP is strong, stiff and yield a high proportion of sapwood which is ideal for absorbing preservative and chemicals. Douglas Fir – Extremely strong and less prone to warps and splits (other than Southern Yellow Pine), this wood is predominantly found in the Western United States and Canada. Red and Ponderosa Pine – Not as strong as Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow pine, but still good at absorbing preservatives. Found in the Northern United States and Canada. Regarding sizes, KDAT wood is usually available as dimensional stock for rail components (2x4s, 2x6s, 4x4s, 6x6s and 2x2s). For decking, KDAT wood is typically available in 5/4x6s and 2x6s. And finally, for joists, stringers and beams, KDAT treated wood is commonly found in 2x8s, 2x10s and 2x12s.

What Should Not be Expected from KDAT Lumber? Strict Uniformity. Sawn lumber will vary in dimensional size due to mill inconsistencies. KDAT can only restore lumber sizes close to their original size. IT IS NOT EXACT. Exact Moisture Content. With KDAT lumber, a moisture range of (125%-19%) is targeted. KDAT is not an exact science, and lumber will have variations in moisture content. Moisture variations will become considerable if the lumber is exposed to moisture after the KDAT process. Elimination of All Natural Characteristics. While KDAT improves the performance of treated lumber, it cannot eliminate these natural characteristics completely. Some warp, cup, twist, check, crack, shrink and swell is to be expected with any wood. What is the Typical Maintenance Required for KDAT Lumber? KDAT wood will need to be sanded, cleaned and stained every two to five years. However, because a large percentage of moisture is removed from the wood prior to construction, boards are normally returned to as close to their dimensional size, leaving a product that is longer lasting and easier to maintain. For more information about the KDAT process and products, visit www.crossarm.com.

CPSG is the leading nationwide wholesale distributor of Access Control and Security Solutions. Learn more at MyCPSG.com

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ideas for

Modernizing a wood fence


GO HORIZONTAL Give the traditional wood fence a modern twist with horizontal slats that cover the posts. A wide space can be left between slats for extra visibility and air flow, or slats can be positioned close together for full privacy. Wide wooden slats give a smooth and modern look and can be stained to match the color of other wood structures in and around the home. Different slats can be stained different shades to create a custom pattern. Wood slat fences allow you to choose the type of wood look the property owner wants, from earthy Redwood and Cedar to more high-end options.

COMBINE MATERIALS Wood isn’t the only material for building fences. Technology (and taste) have helped elevate materials like vinyl, composite, and aluminum for fencing. There are many benefits to using these materials, including ease of installation and minimal maintenance required for upkeep. Aluminum, vinyl and composite materials are also versatile for fencing. For example, try combining vinyl and aluminum, or composite and aluminum, or wood and composite together for an entirely unique look. A little extra planning time may be required to ensure all the pieces fit together correctly.

INVEST IN LUXURY DON’T IGNORE THE GATES Another item that can add a unique, modern design element to a wooden fence is the gate. A unique shape or decorative design can elevate the entire fence line. And don’t ignore the hardware. Whether you choose something modern and sleek – like stainless steel hardware – or something more classic that features ornate hammered metal hinges and handles, hardware is a great way to put a modern finishing touch to a fence installation.

Building a slatted wood fence with hardwoods – like Mangaris and Brazilian Ipe – will put a fence at the top of the proverbial neighborhood pecking order. These gorgeous hardwoods require a more substantial investment, but they are undoubtedly the most impressive of all fence materials. Hardwoods last for decades. Like Teak wood, Mangaris and Ipe will retain their structure, and turn gray in color over time.



CHECK FRONTIER STYLE People have been building fences for hundreds of years, and before the days of wholesale lumber yards, manufactured materials and advanced home design, fences were often made from what was available, with functionality as the focus. This doesn’t mean these functional fences are outdated for today’s homes. In design, what’s old is new. The classic “frontier fence,” or split-rail fence, remains popular for agricultural fencing, but is also experiencing a resurgence in popularity for residential property. This style offers a unique, natural aesthetic when constructed using rough and raw lumber like Western Red Cedar. The split-rail fence also allows for nearly unobstructed views of the land beyond the fence, which is appealing to many. Learn more about wooden fence design and options at www.JWLumber.com.

SKIDRIL, the originator of the gas powered post driver, introduces the G2XD high power at a great price!






• On-Off simplicity • Simple 4-cycle OHV engine or powerful 2-cycle • Easy service replacement motors, for low cost repairs • 2 engine makes available • Few moving parts • Drive T-Post, round post up to 4” • Available Multi-Collet option • Air cushion dampening for virtually no recoil • High fuel efficiency 1qt/hr • Modular design Dimensions: 29 x 11. 5 x 13” (configuration may alter dimensions)

Clutch: Centrifugal

Tank Size: 1.0 Qt.

Starter: Recoil

Impact Energy: 45 Ft-LBs

Weight: 42 lbs (depends on the configuration) Fuel: Regular gasoline

Hp: 1.8 (2-stroke) 1.4 (4-stroke) @ 6000 RPM

Max Speed: 6000 RPM

Impact Rate: 1100-1800 BPM

Engine: 2 Cycle or 4 Cycle OHV

Displacement: 50.0 cc (2 stroke) • 33.5 cc (4 stroke)

Carburation: Diaphragm

Air Filter: Semi-Wet


SKIDRIL P.O. Box 8041 • Greensboro, NC 27419 Tel: 800-843-3745 • Fax: 336-674-6690

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Protecting G2XD

the Bottom of THE BEAST Wood Posts



4” POST DRIVER The bottom of the fence post is where rot starts. It’s where termites take hold and fungi prosper. While this damage is taking place underground, weed whackers and trimmers eat away at the ground

from the elements that cause rot, saving the time and money of repeated replacement.” Postsaver’s shrinkable, thermoplastic sleeve is lined with a bituminous sealant that creates long-lasting air- and water-tight protection at the ground line. Placement of the 14-inch long sleeve can be adjusted based on climate to allow for customized protection. Postsaver® sleeves are quick and easy to apply using a torch. Simply heat shrink the sleeve onto the post prior to post installation. Postsaver® sleeves are environmentally On-Off simplicity friendly and come with a 20-year, in-field tested Simple 4-cycle OHV engine or powerful 2-cycle guarantee that your posts are protected from termites and ground rot. Easy service replacement motors, for low cost repairs Once the Postsaver® sleeves are in place, it’s time to move up the post to add protection at 2 engine makes available the ground line with Fence Armor® Post Guards. Few moving parts “If you look at an unprotected fence post, you will


• • • • •


• Drive T-Post, round post up to 4” •line Available Multi-Collet option of the fence post, causing lasting damage, ” Al Martins, director/owner of Fence Armor®. •saysAir cushion dampening for virtually no recoil

see the bottom is chipped and sliced to almost nothing. The damage from trimmers and weed whackers will destroy a fence post in only a few years,” says Martins. He explains that Fence Armor® Post Guards prevent this type of damage. The guards are designed to attach easily and quickly to the bottom of the fence posts. A single screw on opposite sides of the fence posts holds them securely in place. Fence Armor® Post Guards are North American-made of North American galvanized steel. They will not rust or deteriorate and will protect the bottom of the fence for many years. “We work to protect fences and the environment by providing products to help fence posts last as long – or longer – than intended. Postsaver® and Fence Armor® Post Guards have a natural synergy toward this goal,” says Martins. “Combine both and you’ve got extremely effective protection at and below the ground line for your posts. We’re helping people build better fences, from the bottom up.”

“Our products were developed to directly address of thesefuel problems. We love to 1qt/hr help people Learn more at www.FenceArmor.com. •bothHigh efficiency get the fence post protection right, and we have •the products Modular design to do the work.” Fence Armor® is the exclusive North American Distributor of Postsaver® ground line barrier Dimensions: x 11. 5where x 13” Clutch: Centrifugal sleeves. “The bottom of29 the fence post, the (configuration may alter dimensions) wood hits the dirt, is a prime post rot area. When Tank 1.0post Qt. Impact Energy: 45 Ft-LBs Starter: Recoil installingSize: a fence, gate or a utility pole, the historical weakness from the moment it’s put in the ground is the inevitability of ground line decay, Weight: 42wood” lbs says (depends on the configuration) Hp: 1.8 (2-stroke) 1.4 (4-stroke) @ 6000 RPM even with treated Martins. “Postsaver® sleeves protect the fence post in this most Fuel: Regular gasoline Max Speed: 6000 RPM Impact Rate: 1100-1800 BPM vulnerable area, providing full barrier protection

Engine: 2 Cycle or 4 Cycle OHV

Displacement: 50.0 cc (2 stroke) • 33.5 cc (4 stroke)

Carburation: Diaphragm

Air Filter: Semi-Wet


SKIDRIL P.O. Box 8041 • Greensboro, NC 27419 Tel: 800-843-3745 • Fax: 336-674-6690

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CHAIN LINK FENCE SYSTEMS for all the right reasons! • Privacy • Security • Enhanced aesthetics

FENCE PRODUCTS PDS® Fence is the brand you’ve trusted and proven in the field for over 40 years. Still providing the same great looking, durable, cost effective product you’ve relied on to add privacy, security and aesthetics to any chain link fence system. • Fourteen unique chain link enhancement products • Nine standard slat colors or customized options • Easy to clean with high-pressure garden hose With East and West Coast manufacturing facilities, to ensure the quickest service and highest quality products. PDS® Fence from Pexco. Beware of imitations.

Visit www.pexco.com/fence to learn more, or email us at fence.sales@pexco.com








the many of cedar

ALL VARIETIES OF CEDAR ARE NATURALLY RESISTANT TO THE ELEMENTS, BUT THEY ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. “EACH STRAIN HAS ITS OWN CHARACTERISTICS AND STRENGTHS AND HOLDS ITS OWN PLACE IN VARIOUS MARKETS ACROSS NORTH AMERICA,” SAYS JOHN ROBERT WOOD, GENERAL MANAGER, IMPORT/EXPORT DIVISION, OF FLW INTERNATIONAL. WOOD PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING OVERVIEW OF FIVE KEY PLAYERS WITHIN THE CEDAR FENCE INDUSTRY: EASTERN WHITE CEDAR – THE HERO OF THE NORTHEAST Eastern white cedar has been a staple in the north and northeastern fencing world for generations. It is a slow-growing species that makes an extremely high quality and long-lasting product. White in hue, northern white cedar typically is dressed into S4S and T&G boards, pickets and rails. Recent years have seen fewer producers and limited log supply, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic.

INCENSE CEDAR – AN ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE Incense cedar is prized as an economical alternative to inland cedar and western red cedar. It is often treated as an additional measure to protect it against staining and mildew. Availability can be spotty and sawmills pay special attention to quality control in order to grade product correctly.

WESTERN RED CEDAR – TRIED AND TRUE Western red cedar is a tried and true veteran of cedar fencing. It is the darkest in hue and a high-quality product. Supply of western red cedar fencing has been a challenge in recent years, and those shortages were made more severe during the pandemic, which caused costs to spike for this premium product.

INLAND CEDAR – WESTERN RED’S KID BROTHER Closely related to western red, inland cedar is lighter in color. Contractors favor this durable, tight-grain species primarily for decking, but it also is often used for fencing, siding, flooring and wall paneling projects. Inland cedar grows away from the coastal environment, in the more arid and seasonal regions to the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

JAPANESE CEDAR – AN IMPORT POWERHOUSE This fast-growing species of cedar has bene used in Asia for thousands of years, and over the past several years, has gained wide acceptance throughout North America. It is a quality product with good value. Demand for Japanese cedar spiked during the pandemic, and import programs were complicated by logistics and freight challenges. FLW International is a manufacturer and wholesaler that, for nearly 40 years, has specialized in cedar fencing milled in North America and around the world. For more information, visit www.flwinternational.com.

MS600 Swing Style Picket Pointer


201 W 3rd Street Clare, Michigan 48617 (989) 418-5050 www.dynabignell.com | dynabignell@gmail.com



The DTNA MS600 Swing Style Picket Pointer is a simple machine to set up and operate for cutting pickets. It is a similar design as the obsolete MAR-SAL picket pointer. Boards and cants up to a total of 6” width can be pointed. Various point styles can be achieved with the MS600 such as french gothic, gothic, stockade and round dog ear. Two air clamps hold the boards securely in place during the cutting process.

RIG-MOUNTED POST DRIVER HP1000SS ULTRA HEAVY DUTY HIGH POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO ONE MAIN MOVING PART LOW-FLOW REQUIREMENT • High-impact force • Uses less than 8 GPM • Patented accumulator reduces recoil, adds power • 6” driver tool standard • Near perfect center of gravity • Highest hitting force per pound of tool • Self lubrication prevents damage • Closed circuit hydraulics creates no exhaust • Drives wood and steel up to 6” diameter, guard rail and more • Drives stakes, rods and pins • Runs off of skid steer loaders and tractors • Can be slung or hard-mounted • 1 year parts and labor warranty Dimensions: 40 x 18 x 12 (main body without quick-mount plate) Weight: 496 LB w/quick-mount plate & tool

Pressure: 1650 PSI


Impact Energy: 350 Ft-lb Flow: 5.5 - 7 GPM

P.O. Box 8041 Greensboro, NC 27419 Tel: 800-843-3745 Fax: 336-674-6690

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d t a n s l e e G B g C , n , i e m s r r r i H A e t W n s b r o ar ng i C B r e p , t s S a ors, Po l m G i r o , t A s i C p F b , i r l l s i a d C a r B e a R u d G e r e e p l l S lls, Gat gs, Barb Wire, o R s, g l r n e S i v t l t e a i l n i i n F t r R l n e i t a a n C I R , , s d s r e e s, Hog e r e l l u p o s S o R e l , f r c a n e n o S v b E e e l b l i g e n Ri n a r n r o e O z K , a h, Cant e s R l c , a n s P e e F m n H e e t l w s P e o y e , n t S s S S e , t , l a i e a G c Gate R n r e e d i F r rr a r a e u ia r B e G t , s D , s u , e e s d g e n m d l I e p d a H t n d S e Fra a n , e a s t t s ta ts O o s a , l P E s S p , U a e e c v y C i t n t u e s o D F P l y l a v ecorat i a a r t t e n s e H u O , d m e e n a I c z n r l n n a e o O t r F , n B l s e g , s n m t i a t Poo s t n i o r F P O e i c n ng i r P n l e i e t n a F s a R i l a r l a E o t a t t n c n e i e V m m a c ence, i a n r s n r s O a O l , ’ , e C 2 r s l a 1 n y w o x n i d i t ’ r V c 2 s 1 n l o y i n s i u Gate Ha tal Railing Se V ll I s n n , r s o O i e s t l y u a n l n l e G i I V , yl e s n c i n n V o i Ornam e s d F u e l l e b Il c i G , t m ) t e d s a t s e l L e s k b l A c y i m s n P e s Vi ” s s 2 A / n usion 1 o d i n s 1 a x lu V l d I ” s e , 8 n d / l d o 7 r i e ( a s lu et lW l k y I c n , i i s P t V -on-Bo r y s e r s n ra n o I i A o s l l p i u y a l m l n i I R e t V , n & s s o n ts on o i e i t e s c h nyl C u e l S l S I e , s n c i y e o t r i t S t a i a s g w L n n d l i r a l y ed & Tr , Illusions Vin sions Vinyl Ha ions Vinyl Rai r e t s s u s u l t l u l s a l I l I B e , l t s a a l i i G n a inyl Po o l l R y o n d i C e s V v n r m s o u e i n t s C o s i u l y l s y l S I in , g V s n t i l s s i o n ps, Illu a o P i R s l m u y l e n l n t e I i s n , V y o s S s p e l n g m fi o i o in s l C i u l a e l t I R a ng Pro , l G s y r in nd ion p V t a S c s s e n e e o S c t i a n r s e G lu F l I m d , e o t s aluste o s e i y r W S n g r d sso e n o e i t c o l s i c a W a A E R n , r l s e l t e s n a a E System llusions Viny P , t e e d g k a c n i k o c P T I o r , t e a g d ec i e dS e P C d e e l c Lightin n u n o O e M e F n c e e d n c F o e n o d F e o W F d o o n W r o e n W t r s Wood e n a t r E s e t a , s E d r a a e , E t d d l e , e k u s C l c o i e e Fence M id Shaped Pan ssic Victorian P Locust & Whit Caps l e la d o c C n S n a e e e s c F c t n s n d e o o F P Fe o d e W o c o t n n r e S W e F t e n s r c d a e n o t E o , Fe l W i d a n o r R o e rs, Eas t & W s t a n o s E r o C e , t l P , i s c a d i a r R n E b o e Diam p Board Post & ors & Pergolas, Chain Link Fa st C o li b d r S P e A t , d a s e o o g c o C n W l ti en t y i F n F i d V k o , ra o n i e F r W L a d n n w n r i a d e a r t a es Ch H g d n e i e t s, Eas z a H i G n t s a l o v o a l t C P a n , e G e s t r , a m o e a E D F O zRed G | ipN Y | ricS AAnLchI S B U R YC,lipN , s P D , C ce OrnM i n b te a a a v B F l G , a , d s s G n g l l , a n i o c r i s R c ie g S T o , e s H c d k Fabr , n o s e d , Drop R Bolts, F lever R russ Ro




l l y o , n ) R i Galv d , V e s , z e t i t s n a , o a h G P v s l e e T a d G i M d l ( e S d d e r d d e l u v t e e ttings l S i W t , , e n s c a n n C en e e , e F F r s c e m d t S l u a e y i n G i c F a m v d i u l n r lide a A P l , m a ce ri in ar t n F R s e u , , F s e d l c l p n I o n r , c em s T S e t , , a e e ety Fe G c c n n e ts, y Fe F s c o r l a e a P v t i e r e n D P c e n m G e a F & n l T r a t O d ex Web i n , l e g o n S s i am t l n y n h o r i n g i i s O V L u , l l e s I n ge , o a y i t c l s a o u v l V al Slid i l r I w , -P o e s i k L e i c m l r i e a o P t s S n ” s l Orname l Railing Acce Illusions Viny icket (7/8” x 3 llus P ta ,I s, l y n i n r e a o a i r R t m o c a p & e n t S m s e Or y o t c P n a o l g v y r C i r e n l i P y P V n p i & s o V n s r o s i o n s b o r u i l A s l icket T I l u l y ), Il n s i t , V n s e i t k i s V c n i K s o P i a n l s ” o si llu I u l l , I s e ’ Pergo Picket (1” x 1 , t g a G l tin o g h o n g i i T h L l l c y a t e t a g in a V M t l l s o y n V n namen o i i s w V o u s l L l n I l ” o , y i 2 s s n / t i i u 1 l V l K I s 1 r , n l o s a io pt n s a o u i l d t Gate l i I A d , a d s r y n p T i n a i W C V m l t e s y t s n s n o i o y V S si s u g l n l n I o i i l Vinyl P , i s s a t u R e L Ill k l c y , m s a n r i e e t i V B r s o y s m S e t g s n i y l i S Access tions, Illusion a g R n i l l A y i , n a i g R V n c i l e l s y i S n a n R io Vi s s & u l n stem l e I o c i , s n s u e p l l E F a I , l C , y e t s n d s i n a o o V P ck n i o m t a e r S t g s r r Secti d y a o d o e gS W C s, n l i d l e d i n e n a a a d R l r P u l o o id ol l M C o e S s s Viny c n e n o c i e s n s F l u e l e d l F n I o a d o d P o W n o e ov o r G nts, Gra kade, Eastern els, Eastern W & e W u g n n r o e c n t T o s a t e a P S c E t n , e e e k F c c i ruce i t d t P o a o d L , e W l y i c v a n a a r R p e e t S H & s a e st c E o n , P e s l Fence r F e a n d d o e o Pa C e c W e d n v e n e o r R F o e r t d rn o e t o s W e W n r gue & G on Board, Eas e e t c s n a a e E E F , , d s d e l r o r i a o a a r w W k d c r n a r a B e H t nce Bo s d e t an Ea a z , s G i l i d n r e a a a c R v o n l e B a & F G e , c d g n o n e o i r Post l F i W a d n R r oo , e d t s W s n d a a n n r E a H e , t B A e D c A a r , s B ps, Eas ost Top Finials g d in n t e t a s i o F s l d C k n P n d a i tandard Color Chain-L ves, Tension B ts, Latches an te W , e a e e k e G l p c i a S g r P n d i r B w k an r S olo , o , s F s p e o p g r T o n r A i , D s b H g r l d u a l a n i B a P r , s st s k u e c s d o a n l Caps, I r B a , k O m c r h , a s A C e B b d g r e d n l a z i i o B H n a e, ,H v l s d a p a ame l o G t B , S e d r m ir r e e t z A W i n n g b e r a n C i a v l r , a p ,B G S s ( l i s m o r g orners C A n i , itt d arIbL L , SerCGuardswww.easternfence.com F n B l a i , a e m F O R T M r R r i a d l F e l , e o e p R c S r n Barb W , e e s F g ev l e y n i i T t t t e , t n f i e a a F c C S l n i , a Fe ge R n r a e d r e e O e Rollers D p , nce Web n, S al A




Sierra Pacific Industries Completes Acquisition of Seneca



Properly treated roundwood posts and poles are the preferred choice of the agricultural industry for fencing and other ranch and farm projects. These materials are also popular for ranchette perimeter fencing, and are frequently specified by highway and park departments. Preservative-treated posts and poles are strong, attractive, easy to install and feature a long service life. Properly treated wood is safe for the environment and utilizes sustainable, renewable resources to meet many agricultural and fencing needs. Roundwood posts and poles are made from Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine and Douglas fir timber. They are often manufactured from timber that is too small to cut into lumber products. The benefits of preserved roundwood posts and poles include: Long service life reduces costs. Preservative treating can extend the life of a lodgepole pine pole to nearly 40 year vs. 4-12 years for an untreated pole. The significant reduces the cost of materials, installation and replacement labor.


Sierra Pacific Industries has announced the completion of its acquisition of Seneca. The combination of these two companies positions SPI as a West Coast forest products leader with more than 2.3 million acres of sustainably managed timberlands, 18 sawmills and eight renewable biomass energy cogeneration facilities, along with millwork and windows operations. “This is a meaningful day for Sierra Pacific Industries, as well as for Seneca,” said SPI President George Emmerson. “The combined company brings together an outstanding team of people that will leverage our shared expertise in sustainable forest management and innovation in manufacturing, working


together to provide quality lumber and wood products to the marketplace. We are excited to be joining the Oregon forest products industry, along with the opportunities for further growth in the state.” Sierra Pacific Industries is a thirdgeneration, family-owned forest products company based in Anderson, California. SPI owns and manages more than 2.3 million acres of timberland in California, Oregon and Washington and is one of the largest U.S. lumber manufacturers. The company also produces millwork, windows and renewable energy. Learn more at spi-ind.com.

of treated roundwood

Superior strength. Roundwood posts provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to iron or steel. A 2-1/2-inch wood post can withstand a force of 400 lbs. or more applied 48 inches above the ground line, while steel posts will fail at 300 lbs. Easy to install. Quality roundwood posts are straight, have minimal taper and are easy to use. They can be installed using a tractor-mounted post pounder or auger. Holds well in soil. Preserved wood posts and poles stay in the ground better because more surface area is in contact with the surrounding soil. In even slightly sandy soil, steel posts become unstable while properly installed wood posts stay solid in the ground. Natural beauty. The warm colors and wood grain of wood posts and poles provide a natural look in the landscape, blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

Source: www.intermountainroundwood.org


Backed by decades of quality, experience and reliability, VON DUPRIN has set the standard for safety openings in multi-family, corporate, commercial, and education fence openings all over the world. Tap into the legacy and security that is VON DUPRIN with your next install. • PREMIUM BUILT EXIT DEVICES • EASY INSTALLATION • FIRE-RATED OPTIONS • BACKED BY THE INCREDIBLE SUPPORT AT ACCESS HARDWARE SUPPLY


accesshardware.com 35


From the Battlefield to the Suburbs:

the history of the

White Picket Fence

IT’S A WELL-RECOGNIZED ICON OF THE AMERICAN DREAM, BUT HOW DID THE SIMPLE PICKET FENCE BECOME SO ENTRENCHED IN THE NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS? THE ANSWER BEGINS WITH A HISTORY OLDER THAN AMERICA ITSELF. The origin of the white picket fence is not a pretty one. Pickets were first used in ancient times as a weapon of war. The word “pickets” originated from the French “piquet,” and referred to a pointed log or stick sharpened to shield archers from calvary.

Pickets were also used to create a protective barrier around an encampment of battle-weary soldiers, sending a pointed – and painful – message to potential intruders. When colonists came to America, they adopted this idea to mark and defend their land in the New World. In the pre-Revolutionary Colonial era, individual pickets evolved into picket fences, sturdy, simple, and utilitarian boundaries, usually made of local wood, and constructed for the purpose of protecting gardens and keeping farm animals from wandering away. Over time, picket fences

became more refined and were often painted. Wealthy colonists who owned their own homes put up more tightly spaced picket fences around their property. During this time, the picket fence itself became a highly sought-after sign of wealth and prosperity. The picket fence continued to be a recognized symbol of wealth and class after the American Revolution. Then, as the population grew and westward expansion began, settlers would build a picket fence around their newly claimed land to both define is boundaries and to mark their success as landowner. One big reason for the popularity of the picket fence was how easy it was to build, even for someone without advanced carpentry skills or tools. All that was required were supporting posts, simple rails and the pickets. This continued on p39







History of the White Picket Fence, continued from p36


Ornamental Aluminum Fence The sleek design and superior quality of Echelon Plus

New increased rail strength




Standard 8 ft. panels yield project savings



Exceeds all IBC 2018 Handrail & Guards load requirements


is International Building Code (IBC) compliant.


simple construction, combined with the status attached to it, provided the foundation for the enduring role of the picket fence as American history progressed. During the Victorian era, the style of the picket fence became more decorative to match the more ornate architecture of the time, with white becoming the predominant color choice to match the ornamental white trim that embellished homes. By the late 1800s, mass production techniques made pickets more affordable and people all over the country were able to order them from catalogs. As the country became more densely populated in the 1900s, the rise of suburbia led to an increase in popularity of the picket fence. Neighbors living in close proximity to one another put fences up to delineate their property lines. The easy-to-build picket fence was the simplest choice, and white paint was the least expensive and provided the highest visibility. Homeowners recognized that these fences served the function of keeping children and pets contained while not being so tall as to block the view of their carefully tended lawn and home. The practical style surrounded the yard while still preserving a sense of open space. The increasing affordability of the white picket fence made it one of the most desirable assets for the growing American middle class into the 1950s, the decade in which the white picket fence became synonymous with the American Dream. Hollywood has played a big role in creating the symbolism associating the white picket fence as a symbol of security and success. Countless movies and televisions productions use a home with white picket fences as a visual shorthand to represent the perfect middle-class suburban life, from It’s a Wonderful Life to Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver, to the more modern Father of the Bride, Desperate Housewives and The Americans, just to name a few. Although its widespread use has decreased over time as more modern fencing materials and styles became available, the white picket fence remains an enduring symbol that continues to evoke traditional feelings of the American Dream. Today, variations of the white picket fence remain a popular choice for homeowners.












Al Martins


When two companies are formed under one leadership, a synergy exists that is difficult to duplicate. Fence Armor and CAM Solutions are led by Al Martins and his business partner Luis Ruivo, men with a zest for life. Sometimes, finding answers to irritating problems leads to new opportunities. Read on to learn how damage from a weed trimmer led to the formation of their companies. HOW DID FENCE ARMOR COME ABOUT? I had to replace my fence due to extensive weed trimmer damage. Once replaced, I noticed the damage continued. With a background in engineering, my business partner, Luis, and I created Fence Armor to protect my fence. We decided it was a solution we could offer to others. So, Fence Armor was born in 2008.

DESCRIBE THE GROWTH OF FENCE ARMOR THROUGH THE YEARS. Fence Armor has grown quite a bit over the years. What started out as a solution to a personal problem, has quickly grown into creating quality relationships with homeowners and contractors alike. It has formed into a full post protection line-up, running from the bottom to the very top. We

have added Postsaver, Stain & Seal Experts and Titan products to our lineup. We top it all off with the first ever universal fit fence post caps and finials. Very exciting stuff. THE MOTTO OF FENCE ARMOR IS PREVENT, PROTECT, PROLONG. HOW DO YOUR PRODUCTS ACCOMPLISH THAT? By installing Fence Armor, a made-inAmerica powder-coated galvanized steel post protection guard, you are ensuring that the weed trimmer can’t damage the post, therefore, preventing damage, protecting against the weed trimmer and other elements; all the while prolonging the life of the post, as rot and cracks can’t touch it. The piece also provides great curb appeal. YOU ARE ALSO THE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF CAM SOLUTIONS, AN ENGINEERING COMPANY. HOW DOES THAT COMPANY CORRELATE TO FENCE ARMOR? Without CAM Solutions, we wouldn’t have Fence Armor. Our invaluable employees in both companies help Fence Armor grow and continue to enhance the post guards. We focus on designing well-engineered products that are made in North America and are made to last. It has also helped us in generating two patents for Fence Armor.



MANAGING ONE COMPANY IS CHALLENGING, BUT TWO COMPANIES MUST BE QUITE INTERESTING. HOW DO YOU JUGGLE DIRECTING BOTH COMPANIES? Team work really does make the dream work. When you have a great team, anything is possible. HOW MANY EMPLOYEES IN BOTH COMPANIES? There are 15 employees across the board, many working in both companies. Our employees are found on both sides of the border, giving us good visibility in the USA and Canadian markets. WHAT ARE THE LOCATIONS OF BOTH COMPANIES? Fence Armor has an office in Ontario as well as an office in Texas, and another office in Florida and New York. Our stocking partner, Postsaver, has an office in England. CAM Solutions resides in Burlington as well as an office in Montreal and an office in Pennsylvania. WHAT FENCING INDUSTRY OR ORGANIZATIONS ARE YOU A MEMBER OF, AND WHAT IS YOUR INVOLVEMENT? I am the president of NAFCA, the North American Fence Contractors Association. They do fantastic work, and we are very proud of all their service projects in giving back to the community, which is the main focus of NAFCA. We are also a part of CFIA, the Canadian Fence Contractors Association, where I serve as director, and lastly, we are a member of the AFA, the American Fence Association. It is very important for us to network and support our communities and fellow business owners. DESCRIBE THE NAFCA ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY SERVICE PROJECT AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU. Every year, the NAFCA team heads to Arlington National Cemetery for the annual fence restoration. It is incredibly important for us to be involved as we can pay our respects and give honor to the servicemen who gave it all. We are proud to provide Fence Armor for this project and to work alongside our fellow NAFCA membership. WHY IS BUYING AND DISTRIBUTING PRODUCTS MADE IN NORTH AMERICA IMPORTANT TO YOU? Quality is at the forefront here at Fence Armor and we truly believe that by offering North American-made products, we are offering the best to our customers, both in products and in all of our futures as a whole.



WHAT IS YOUR MINDSET ABOUT BUSINESS? You get what you give. We work hard to provide the best for our customers and will continue to do so. Like Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” WHAT HELPS YOU OVERCOME WHEN FACED WITH A BUSINESS CHALLENGE? Always having growth in mind. You don’t learn or grow without challenges and as a team, we can get through anything. We are a family business and that goes a long way to help in working out our day-to-day challenges. Our circle of partners also helps bring in ideas to conquer obstacles to growth. Bottom line is communication with all of us gets us where we want to go. IN AMERICA, OUR THOUGHTS TURN TOWARD THANKFULNESS IN NOVEMBER. IS THERE SOMETHING UNIQUE THAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR? We are incredibly grateful for those who have grown with us, whether that be our family, team, distributors, partners or customers. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, being thankful every day is what we strive for.

WHAT HOBBIES OR INTERESTS DO YOU HAVE OUTSIDE OF WORK? I very much enjoy the world of aviation and currently working on getting my pilot’s license. Being in the outdoors whether walking, skiing, or kayaking are also interests of mine.

t n e m e g a n er a M orn C

NAVIGATING THE MANAGEMENT OF MULTIPLE GENERATIONS In today’s typical work environment, there are as many as four different generations working together - hopefully harmoniously. For management, it can seem an arduous task to gauge how to effectively lead employees who have such different life experiences. After all, there is a reason that we’re all grouped by the time in which we’re born and live. It’s relevant in analyzing the way we think, interact with others, form values, and certainly, the way we work. Baby Boomers are still very much present in the work force, as they are working past retirement age, while Gen Z is just beginning their careers. This means, Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, and Generation Z are likely present in your workplace. Though there are many stereotypes about generational differences that are essentially nonissues, there are subtleties to take into consideration when gauging how to best manage the people that work for you. Probably the most important thing we should acknowledge is that we, as a society, have been groomed to believe that generational differences are more prominent than they actually are, and it is this untrue preconceived notion that can actually cause more problems than the generational differences themselves. Boomers can actually use technology and are absolutely willing, and most millennials don’t feel entitled to have everything without working for it. Once we let go of these negative ideologies, it clears the way for a more cohesive work environment with less misunderstandings. However, let’s look at a few things we can consider in managing multiple generations that will allow each respective generation to reach their full potential.



When it comes to Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2021, they are just entering the workforce and will be looking to hit the ground running and learn as they do so. It’s important to this youngest working generation that management takes an active role in leading, setting a good example, and carefully balancing the fine line between micromanaging and allowing for too much autonomy. Gen Zers are often capable of selfteaching, but that’s not really what they want. Find a well-balanced way of guiding them and letting them fly solo. They’ll want to work side by side more experienced staff to learn from them, so consider incorporating team building exercises or group projects to both educate the younger staff while also bridging the gap between the different generations. Millennials have birthdates between 1981 and 1996. They currently have the largest representation in the workforce today. This group’s tendencies all lean towards a common goal of efficiency. They will prefer quicker forms of communication as opposed to meetings, walking across the office to ask a question, etc. They will often prefer a flexible work environment, so allowing them to work remotely at times will often pay off in employee satisfaction and retention. Millennials desire transparency and honestly from their management; give them feedback often so they know what is expected of them and what they need to do to better their performance. Born between 1965 and 1980, Generation X is defined by the prevalence of personal computers. These individuals have been working for 20 to 30 years, and are generally very experienced, thus are

completely fine with a healthy amount of autonomy. When managing this generation, it’s important to remember that their experience should be valued. They are also the ones that will have kids to run to soccer, choir, debate team, and dance recitals, so flexibility to complete these important parental tasks will be heavily valued by Gen Xers. The most experienced staff members in our offices are members of the Baby Boomer generation. These men and women were born between the end of WWII and 1964. This generation is made up of hard workers who are loyal to companies when they’re treated well. They have gained much knowledge in their time in the industry, and they see opportunities to share their knowledge as a form of recognition. Encourage them to mentor younger generations and let them know how valued they are. There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to managing a team; generational differences are just one of the things that should affect your strategy. Each generation’s typical desires make for a nice assortment of what managers should consider for all employees. Just because Gen Z desires to learn and grow, doesn’t mean Baby Boomers don’t also want to continue learning from their leadership, and Gen Xers will want the same honest feedback that Millennials crave. When you assess the needs of each age group within your team, you can often step back and see how those apply to your team as a whole. Again, the generations aren’t as different as we think, so utilize the analysis of each group as a guide for how to efficiently provide for the needs of the whole.

HOMELAND, Promoting Social Distancing Before It Was COOL! **

** Homeland Vinyl Products’ Tennessee plant is ISO 9001 certified.


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SYMPTOMS OF STRESS AND HOW TO TACKLE THEM Stress is something that everyone experiences. Whether it be once or twice a week or every day, it’s a part of our lives in some capacity. Stress manifests itself in a multitude of ways. This, of course, depends on the person and the level of harm the situation presents. Whether this threat of harm is real or perceived, stress is the body’s innate response to the situation at hand. Some possible indicators of stress include chest pain, dizziness, weight gain, heart palpitations, and skin issues. The good news is that there are ways to keep these symptoms at bay. DON’T RESORT TO STRESS EATING There’s truth to the saying, “You are what you eat.” Watching what you take in can make a difference in the way your stress shows up. With one quarter of the American population rating their stress level as an 8 out of 10, the link of weight gain and stress can be a cause for concern. The main culprit is the notion that stress causes us to overeat. This overeating can have an adverse effect on our stress levels, though. It’s important to fuel our bodies with healthy foods so the body can function better on a biological level while simultaneously battling the body’s response to stress.

DON’T SLACK ON SLEEP Like overeating, lack of sleep can become a vicious cycle when it comes to stress. If you’re stressed, your anxiety may keep you awake, and if you’re sleepy during the day, it may cause your anxiety levels to rise. Sleep deprivation can cause memory loss, lack of concentration, and weight gain, just to name a few. When trudging through the workday or helping your kids with their homework after a night of interrupted sleep, your stress levels will naturally rise quicker. Small changes in your everyday habits can help you get a better night’s sleep, thus allowing you to get through the day with less stress. Watch your caffeine intake after noon, go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, wist ower wist ie avoid heavy meals close Save Money, Save Time, Prevent Installer Fatigue to bedtime, Available in 11 ga, 9 ga, 7 ga, 6 ga – and be sure Available in Galvanized Sizes for 1-5/8 pipe up to 8-5/8 – Class B Coating or Less to get in 9 ga & 6 ga conform to ASTM F626Aluminized Offered as well as Vinyl 96A - Pigtail, Square, T-post regular sweat Coated in Black, Brown and Green! KDT available - Special sizes or shapes on request sessions. Now Available in Solid Aluminum







800-749-7181 | sales@keenerdupontwire.com



GET TO THE GYM …or run, do yoga, or play outside with your kids. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to get some sort of physical activity. The natural endorphins released during physical activity will give you a quick fix to that tension you’ve been experiencing due to stress. Even just five minutes of aerobic exercise can begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects. Physical activity has also proved to improve the quality of your sleep, giving you even more ability to fight those stress symptoms. No matter how busy you are, getting in some physical activity each week will give you noticeable results in your stress levels. If you find that your symptoms persist even after making these small changes, that’s the time to visit your doctor. When stress symptoms linger for more than a few days, it’s important to get checked out by your primary care physician. Symptoms can sometimes present as being stress-related, but that may not always be the case. The important takeaway here is that you stay aware of what your body is telling you. Luckily, tackling stress can be as simple as making small, everyday changes.

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Multi-Format Proximity Magnetic

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Up to 16 unique, programmable ON/OFF time segments.

Flexible mounting options

Show Me the Money!

Cash is King Collections Procedure

Tom Luby, Business Consultant and Fence Industry Spokesperson

WHO WOULDN’T LIKE TO INCREASE THEIR CASH FLOW, DECREASE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE BAD DEBT AND IMPROVE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS? THAT’S ACTUALLY WHAT A SOUND, WELL-MANAGED ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE COLLECTIONS PROCEDURE CAN DO FOR YOUR FENCE COMPANY. Excessive accounts payable will sink any company, and the best assurance that you will get paid when the job is complete is the one that addresses collections at the earliest possible stage, is consistent and thorough in dealing with past due accounts. I will address collections for residential accounts since commercial work is a completely different animal. For residential customers, your first responsibility for collecting money due is to be sure the customer is satisfied with the job, crews and overall work. It is impossible to collect money from unhappy customers so do not assume anything about the job: call and ask. This call must be perceived as a customer satisfaction call and not a call to collect money. Naturally, your intentions for making the call are primarily to get paid, but this must not be obvious. The customer must feel you consider them to be very important and their satisfaction is paramount. Remember, this is done by phone or in person, not by email or a Facebook post. This must be a person-to-person conversation. This call then serves to promote two very important goals: establishing good will and a professional image in the mind of the customer and helping collect your money as quickly as possible in the process. The customer satisfaction 48


call made in a timely manner is among the most important calls you can make as a company. Here is an example of what you might want to say when calling a delinquent customer for the first time: “Hello, this is ________, from ________ (your fence company’s name). I am calling to make sure everything is satisfactory with the recent project we completed for you.” Pause and wait for a response. If the customer has a complaint, this must be addressed immediately. This is the first phase of the call, the customer satisfaction phase, and it must be addressed prior to moving on to the collections portion of the call. “Also, I would like to be sure you received our invoice for $____________ dated __________.” Pause and wait for a response. If the customer has not received this bill, this should be addressed immediately. If the bill was not received, see that a copy is faxed to them and then a duplicate is mailed immediately. If the bill was received and no problems exist that would delay payment, simply respond: “Thank you, we appreciate your business. I’ll indicate in my records that everything is satisfactory. Can we expect your payment today?”

Wait for them to reply. “If not today, when can we expect payment?” It is highly recommended that the customer be present to inspect the job upon completion, if possible. If the job was sub-contracted, payment should be withheld from the subcontractor until the problem is resolved to the satisfaction of the company and the customer. Ultimately, assumptions and procrastination are an accounts receivable collectors’ worst enemy. I have consulted with fencing companies that employ the practice of waiting for the customer to take the initiative to send in the check. They never contact them to see if there is a problem or complaint. This is a very bad idea. If you don’t ask them for the money, many customers will simply never voluntarily pay. Take the initiative, don’t wait. Regardless of the excuses given, the purpose of the contact with a customer is to get a commitment for payment and collect money that is due while at the same time keeping the customer happy and satisfied. Again, this goal cannot be accomplished simply by sending emails or leaving text messages, you must speak to the customer directly. As you follow the delinquent account through the collections process, it is essential that you maintain a documented history of the dates, times,

and people you speak to, the steps taken and commitments made, and any other pertinent information. Accounts receivable collections must be done in a persistent and timely manner. You may write to me to obtain an account receivable collections form, or you can create one yourself as a tool to keep track of these accounts. Also, it will serve as a key document should you have to go to court to collect. Accounts receivable collections procedures can be established, and they work very well with whatever CRM (customer relations management) software you use. There are some really good ones out there and they are great at record keeping and communications but come aren’t great at collections so use my method and eliminate your accounts receivable headaches. Without a doubt, collections are among the most important cornerstones in the standard operating procedures for fence contractors. If you don’t get paid, you go out of business, it’s just that simple. A well-placed, timely customer satisfaction call can head off a majority of your collections problems and maintaining that protocol for all future collections will alleviate probably more than 90% of all collections issues. Don’t delay, collect today!


Este artículo está disponible en español en nuestra versión en línea: www.fencenews.com.



• •

Highly rot resistant in all climate conditions Exceptional Grade - Uniform/Small tight knots

• • • •

Weathers to a classic silver grey Superior Stainability Excellent long term supply and great value Harvested from well managed eco friendly forests

PROFIT BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL 3421 10th Lane West Palmetto, Florida 34221 www.profitbuilder.org tluby@profitbuilder.org 941-981-3677


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Thomas Luby, and Profit Builders International


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2 x 6 x 8’, 10’ - S4S & Rough Sawn



4 x 4 x 8’ - 20’

4 x 6 x 8’ - 20’

4 x 8 x 8’ - 20’

4 x 12 x 8’ - 20’

6 x 6 x 8’ - 20’

6 x 8 x 8’ - 20’

8 x 8 x 8’ - 20’



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Extended Handle Kit Extended Handle Accessory for Pro-Series Post Drivers

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Extended Handle Kits Your Rhino® Pro-Series™ Gas Powered Driver is an efficient and effective power tool designed and developed to tackle a difficult and time consuming task; driving posts. The extended handle accessory is intended to make driving tall posts easier. The installation of extended handles on your Rhino Ranch Pro, Fence Pro Multi-Pro, or Multi-Pro XA Gas Post Driver, will allow one individual to install tall posts (up to 10'), safely and efficiently. Typical applications are wildlife, security and crowd control fencing or sites unable to accommodate large equipment.

- Eliminate the need for ladders - Increase job-site safety - Increase project productivity - Allow one person to install tall post quickly/efficiently - Provide access for fence installations in tight spaces and rough terrain. Part No. Pro-Series™ Handle Kits


Ship Wt.


2' Extended Handle Kit*

26" x 6" x 6"

7 lbs (3.17 kg)


4.5' Extended Handle Kit*

60" x 6" x 6"

10 lbs (4.53 kg)

Notes: 1. Kit only fits Rhino Drivers with tube style handles. 2. Kit does not include a Post Driver. 3. If your Pro-Series Driver does not have a lower handle, a lower handle must be ordered separately (p/n 301233). Do not use extended handles without lower handle.

A Tradition of Quality and Service Since 1975

Go to www.lcenterprises-usa.com to see how the gas powered post driver enhances productivity safely. It is one of many fencing products we offer to get the job done faster. Give us a call today. 6652 N.75 Drive, Escanaba, MI 49829 | Toll Free 1.866.786.1009 | www.lcenterprises-usa.com 51


Fencing Supply Group Acquires Vinyl by Design Fencing Supply Group (FSG), recently acquired Vinyl by Design, a fullservice provider of vinyl fence, vinyl railing, decking, and aluminum railing and fence located in New Paris, Indiana. FSG is a group of industry-leading distributors and manufacturers of fencing and outdoor living products. “We are thrilled and honored that Vinyl by Design has joined the FSG family,” says Andrea Hogan, FSG CEO. “They have built an impressive legacy of exceptional product and industry knowledge, paired with a passion for serving their customers, which aligns well with our vision.” “With the addition of Vinyl by Design, FSG customers in the upper Midwest will have expanded options for their outdoor living and

fencing needs,” adds Jeff Cook, FSG executive vice president of M&A and Greenfields. “Vinyl by Design’s aluminum and vinyl fencing, decking, and accessories will complement existing FSG company product lines.” FSG is a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, an operationally focused middle market private equity firm based in Houston, Texas. FSG and Sterling intend to continue to support the platform through organic growth initiatives and an active acquisition strategy. Vinyl by Design is the eight acquisition for FSG. To learn more, visit www.sterling-group.com.

Oak Ridge Fence Company Has Opened Oak Ridge Fence Company has opened in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. While the company is new, the residential fencing contractors who work there are experienced and qualified to work with all types of fences. The company carries a huge inventory of premier-grade fencing supplies to repair, install or replace any kind of fence. Oak Ridge has its own computerized manufacturing and in-house fabrication equipment. To learn more, visit oakridgefencecompany.com.

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Combined with our uniquely redesigned adjustable metal bracket, Gregory Fence’s roll-formed C-Post can eliminate many of the complaints and customer callbacks associated with warped, split or rotting wood caused by wind or water damage. With our wood fence system, you get the strength, longevity and durability of steel without sacrificing the beauty of wood. gregoryfence.com 4100 13th St. SW, Canton, OH 44710 1-866-GO-CPOST

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9/15/20 11:43 AM

New Houston Franchise Location Set to Grow with Westside Development

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W h Fe ole nc sa in le g


Superior Fence & Rail has expanded in the Houston market with the opening of a second location, Superior Fence & Rail of West Houston. New franchise owner, David Rials, was introduced to Superior Fence & Rail through a franchise broker and found the company fulfilled his preference of a small business feel with fantastic growth potential. He is excited Check out our new website... getting a Hog is easier than ever. to launch and looks forward to, “leading an organization to create lasting value for our families, employees, and communities.” Learn more at www. superiorfenceandrail.com

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• Dispenses either side of fence line • Compact and easy to transport • Hydraulic arm for accurate placement If it can be done better, smarter, safer, we know how. 1-800-417-9272 / ezgmfg.com / sales@ezgmfg.com 1833 N. Riverview Road, Malta, Ohio 43758 EZG Manufacturing is a division of EZ Grout Corporation. All EZG Manufacturing products are backed by our two-year warranty on parts unless otherwise stated and are now available for order.

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by Mark Levin, CAE, CSP Executive Vice President, Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute

Mixed Signals It seems as though everything we discuss

Construction employment in 39 of the

in the fence industry these days comes with

50 states has still not recovered to prepandemic (February 2020) levels. Wyoming, New York, Louisiana, and West Virginia lag furthest behind. While 74% of contractors plan to hire in the next 12 months (good news), 90% say their biggest need is for hourly craft positions and 89% say those are the hardest jobs to fill (not so good). 72% said the reason they can’t fill the positions is that the candidates for those jobs don’t meet industry standards. A big majority – 61% - say that worker shortages are the cause of delays on their projects. The cost of construction materials is another huge problem. Steel mill product prices are up 111% since April, 2020. Lumber and plywood are up 52% over the same period. Here is one statistic that should get your attention: during the first three quarters of 2021, the change in the cost of construction materials exceeded the change in bid prices by over 20%! I wonder who is absorbing the difference? Any guesses? Adding all these factors together, there are some very mixed signals about what the next year will hold. On the plus side: • Many markets are showing some good growth and are forecasted to continue growing, perhaps at a slower rate but still growing. These include remodeling, data centers, and (eventually) public works. • Residential construction spending is up over 25% since the same period last year. • Permits for multi-family construction that have not yet started are up substantially, creating opportunities for the near future.

some type of qualifier. “The industry should continue to grow in the next six to 12 months. Of course, if the COVID pandemic spikes, that could change.” “The infrastructure bill will be a big boost to fence contractors who do public works projects. Obviously, supply chain backups might push the time frames for getting that work out a lot longer.” “There is no question that the fence industry has some great opportunities in the next couple years. That assumes we can solve our skilled manpower shortages and staff the jobs at needed levels.” With all the talk about the continuing boom in the fence industry (for the most part), what are the underlying realities of what’s happening on a day-to-day basis? A new study from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) puts some sobering numbers on where construction is headed and why there is legitimate concern for the near future. Here are some of the statistics and conclusions from the AGC Report. Our thanks to Ken Simonson, AGC chief economist, for allowing us to use this information.



On the minus side: • A potential health and safety-related problem may exist as statistics show that while the COVID vaccination rate for non-construction occupations is at 81%, the vaccination rate in the construction industry is only 57%. • Commercial and industrial construction is still down, with lodging, office, and school construction lagging the furthest behind. • Specialized health care facilities will replace larger facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes. So, where does this leave the fence industry? I’d say cautiously optimistic. The caution comes from the fact that the industry continues to play catch-up in many ways (workforce development, supply chain problems, innovation, etc.). While there appears to be a heightened awareness of the long-term implications of these issues, the industry still needs to be more engaged in efforts to address these issues and begin getting ahead of them. In the meantime, the optimistic side shows that there looks to be a continuing rebound from the pandemic marketplace in some of the larger markets for fencing such as energy, especially in the renewable fuels segment, and infrastructure, both traditional and in new technologies. While dealing with the demands of the current marketplace, companies really need to be doing some intense forecasting and planning for the next two years. Opportunities will be coming for those who are best prepared to be flexible, wellstaffed, and willing to move into emerging markets.

for AWPA Officers Now Open The American Wood

Industry leader for over 95 years. Distributing national brands of Aluminum, Steel, and Chain Link fence, gates and protective barriers. Manufacturing 100% pure vinyl fence, railings, pergolas and arbors.

EST. 1923

Protection Association is accepting nominations from individuals to serve as officers, executive committee members or nominating committee members in the 2022/2023 term. If you

Large Inventory Quick Lead Time Ship Nationwide Custom Vinyl Manufacturing

know an eligible AWPA member who would serve well in any of these positions, you may submit the nomination at www.awpa.com.



Contact us for all your fence and railing needs. www.sciw.com 800-962-1029 55


“It’s like the gate is floating on air.” – Orlando, Florida



www.slidegate.net 1-800-557-4283 (GATE) sales@slidegate.net




In Memory of Dale Long

Applications Are Being Accepted for AFAEF Scholarship The American Fence Association’s Education Foundation (AFAEF) in conjunction with the generous support of contributing organizations has established a need-based scholarship program consisting of five $5,000 scholarships to assist deserving students in financing their education. To apply, submit a completed application online at www. americanfenceassocation.com. The program is need-based and is not limited to AFA members, but restricted to applicants associated with the fence industry. Award winners will be announced at FENCETECH 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The deadline to apply is January 13, 2022.

On the one-year anniversary of his passing, we would like to remember Dale Long, 57, of Columbia, Kentucky, with Stephens Pipe and Steel. He is survived by his wife, Bobbie, his daughter, Reagan, and his son, Aiden. Dale was literally born into the fence industry. His father and brother owned Security Fence in Bladensburg, Maryland. Dale was primarily involved in the production aspect of fencing until he came to Stephens Pipe & Steel in the spring of 2003. When Dale came to work at SPS, he moved into a managerial role, comanaging the Maryland branch with his brother, Jack. In 2012, SPS Vice President JR Mann passed away suddenly, leaving a giant void at SPS. Terry had an idea to help fill that void and asked Dale to relocate. Dale agreed and he and Bobbie brought their family back to Kentucky. From a manufacturing employee to a CEO of a corporation, and everyone in between, Dale treated everyone equally and with the same amount of respect. He had a personality not often seen. He was always happy, quick to smile and slow to anger. He loved to give to others. Dale gave 100% to his career at SPS and he enjoyed it tremendously. But, even more, he loved his family and extended family. He never passed up a chance to share stories about his children and the sports they were involved in. Dale was loved by family, friends, coworkers, customers, vendors and competitors alike. He will be tremendously missed.

In Memory of Timothy Miller Timothy Miller, age 68, passed away on September 10, 2021 in Sacramento, California. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees through The Peter Drucker School of Management at the Claremont Colleges. Miller spent the majority of his career with Master Halco and eventually a partner in Security Contractor Services. He is survived by his wife, Judy, his sons Nick (HItomi) Miller and daughter Luca of Playa del Rey, California, and Jesse (Hannah) Miller and daughter Maia of Arlington, Texas.



Lone Star Drills Upgrades with New Mud Pump System Lone Star Drills, a division of Little Beaver, Inc., and manufacturer of efficient and portable drilling equipment, upgraded its LS200H and LS200H+ model drills with a Flomax 10 mud pump powered by an 8-horsepower Honda GX240 gas engine. The enhanced pump gives operators greater drilling speeds with approximately 40% more pressure and 30% more gallons of mud flow per minute over the previous pump setup. “A mud pump is a crucial piece of equipment for ensuring mud rotary drilling efficiency,” says Joe Haynes, president of Little Beaver. “The feedback we’ve received from trials with this new setup has been outstanding. Crews were drilling noticeably faster than before because the system is providing a better flow of mud into the borehole. So, we’ve made the new pump and engine a permanent fixture in our drill lineup.” The new pump and engine come standard on the LS200H and LS200H= hydraulic water well drills and are an optional upgrade for the LS100 and LS200 mechanical water well drills. A 10-horsepower Yanmar L100N diesel option is also available to power the Flomax on the LS200H and LS200H+. The new Flomax 10 pump paired with the 8-horsepower engine provides 61 psi and 200 gallons of mudflow per minute, an upgrade of nearly 20 psi and an additional 50 gallons of flow per minute. The Flomax features a 2-by-2-inch inlet and outlet, and it incorporates tighter tolerances to handle the increased pressure from the larger engine. Haynes says the increased pressure allows the new pump setup to not only quickly fill the borehole with a column of mud to remove cuttings more efficiently during drilling, but also handles thicker mud than the previous pump system. This provides crews with increased borehole stability as it replaces the dirt removed during drilling. Lone Star Drills’ LS200H and LS200H+ water well drills are capable of drilling depths of 200 feet, borehole diameters of six inches and pull-push-back forces up to 5,000 pounds. The first drills in the Lone Star hydraulic lineup, the LS200H and LS200H+ feature 2,500- and 3,000-psi hydraulic systems respectively. Both drills can be upgraded with a down-the hole hammer kit, anchor kit, wheel kit and more. Lone Star Drills are an addition to the Little Beaver product family, designed to be convenient, powerful solutions in areas with minimal resources for transportation and operation. Seven models are available for use in a variety of applications, including soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling. Visit www.lonestardrills.com to learn more.



Jeff Davis Joins U-C Coatings As Western Regional Sales Manager U-C Coatings, LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium wood protection products, recently announced the hiring of Jeff Davis as Western Regional Sales Manager for the Seal-Once brand. Davis brings over 35 years of sales and management experience in the paint and coatings industry. His background includes working as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for OKON, Inc., a Denver-based manufacturer of waterborne masonry sealers and stains. He also held multiple positions with AkzoNobel, serving as the West Regional Sales Manager for the Sikkens Wood Coatings brand, National Sales Manager for their log home division and Certified Trainer for the western U.S. and Canada. Davis also brings extensive architectural coatings experience,

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Fence Company Employment Opportunities in North, Central, and South Florida

Join our growing company of more than 16 years in business. We are looking for experienced and dependable individuals for the following positions. • Residential Fence Estimators • Commercial Fence Estimators • Subcontractor Fence Installers We Offer: • Competitive Pay • Paid Time Off • 401K and 401K Matching • Company Vehicle and/or Vehicle Allowance

LOOKING TO DO LARGE PROJECTS Preferably chain link. We subcontract with our own tools and crew. Located in Texas right now but willing to travel. For more information, please call 360-296-5916.

serving the independent dealer network. His expertise in stains and sealers provides him with valuable insight into the needs of customers. Davis is based in Colorado. His main focus will be the ongoing expansion of the SealOnce product line of environmentally friendly waterborne stains and sealers for decking, siding, docks, and log homes. Davis will also be involved in the market launch of Fence Guard®, an innovative water-based alkyd stain designed for new and old fences. For more information, go to www.uccoatings.com.

HELP WANTED Weaving Machine Operator Stephens Pipe & Steel | Montoursville, PA Looking for an experienced chain link weaving machine operator. Company benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid holidays, vacation and matching 401k. Please send resume to brucefischer@spsfence.com or call 570-567-7538. E.O.E.


Please send your resume to: fencecareers@gmail.com

FOR SALE Delta Scientific DSC7000 crash rated Barrior arm new condition still in the crates $25,000.00 (discounted 60%). Also, we have 2 Delta scientific Mp5000 12’ portable or permanent crash rated Hydraulic Steel wall, like new - $20,000.00 each or $36,000.00 for both. Includes 1 each 100’ remote control, solar system, cigarette lighter and battery jumper cables. Call Bob 707-223-0137.

NOW HIRING FENCE INSTALLERS SIGN-ON BONUS! Hourly or Qualified Subcontractors. Experienced Only! Full-Time Year Round Work. Benefits For Hourly Employees Apply 8am - 5pm At West Coast Fence 6500 49th St N. Pinellas Park, FL (727) 522-4111

PVC FENCE SUPPLY TAN & GRAY COLORS AVAILABLE 6’ X 6’ Privacy Fence Panels Tan Plank Picket - 7/8” X 6” X 62” Tan Post 4” X 4” X 96” X .160” **** SPECIAL PRICING **** 561-249-1254 sales@pvcfencesupply.com


(manufacturer’s reps, dealers, distributors, installers wanted, consultants, and other services)

$1 a word (25 word minimum) or by the column inch rate $50 if camera furnished art If publisher has to set $60. Add $10 if a border is added. 10% discount on three-month consecutive insertions, paid in advance. Payment must accompany ads. Deadline is 5th of the month prior to month of publication. Email Katie at sales@fencenews.com for a price quote and to schedule your ad. Send editorial submissions to edit@fencenews.com.





OPEN WIDE! When a project calls for a large gate turn to Pro Access Systems and Doorking to meet the specifications. With over a 20 years of gate system design and fabrication expertise, Pro Access has been supplying premium quality gates for critical infrastructure security applications including Commercial / Industrial, Energy Distribution, Transportation, Municipal Facilities and Residential Properties. Pro Access Systems specializes in large systems and is a leading single-source provider of integrated gate hardware, access control solutions with experienced technical support.

Pro Access Systems

Atlanta (770) 955-4411 / Charlotte (704) 313-0300 / Chicago (630) 426-0022 Denver (303) 288-1700 / Tampa (813) 881-1200




20 21 20 22

Plan now to get maximum industry exposure for your company during the last quarter of 2021 and throughout 2022 in the pages of Fence News and The Annual Directory of Suppliers.

Contact us for more information! sales@fencenews.com | (337) 312-0975 CLASSIFIED AND WEBSITE ADVERTISING SPACE AVAILABLE. Submit your news releases and product information to: editor@fencenews.com 60



Capital Forest Products Now a

Employee-Owned Company Capital Forest Products announces the finalization of its transition to a 100 percent employee-owned company. Implementing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) grants company shares to each of its present and future employees and provides a positive organizational shift to strengthen Capital Forest’s core values and commitment to its stakeholders. The transition to employee ownership will ensure longevity for the company and will place in the hands of its employees the continuation of a 40-year legacy of exceptional service and commitment to its customers, vendor partners, and employees. The company’s shareholder employees, newly appointed board of directors, and Founder and President Michael Tichenor plan to maintain much of the same structure and day-to-day operations that have made Capital what it has been for decades, but with reinvigorated passion and vested common interest in the future success and profitability of the company. For 40 years, Capital Forest Products have been a leading distributor of products from premium vendors to the building materials industry: cedar shakes and shingles, roofing, siding,



lumber, shed and outdoor utility building materials, fencing, flooring, seasonal products and more. To learn more, visit www.CapitalForest.com.

West Coast Show Recap FENCETECH/METALfab 2022 FENCETECH/METALfab is back and ready to take on the Big Easy. Scheduled for February 15 – 18, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the event is the largest fence and metal crafting exhibit and workshop experience. Registration is open, visit www.americanfenceassociation.com to register and learn more. ACI TESTING EVENTS SCHEDULED Testing events for Certified Fence Contractor, Certified Gate Automation Designer and Certified Gate Automation Technician exams will be held at FENCETECH/METALfab 2022 February 16 – 17, 2022 in New Orleans. All current candidates, including those looking to retake an exam, are welcome to register. Currently, there is no fee for retakes. Visit www.acieducation.org/events to learn more. ACI is accepting applications for test sites across the country. If you have more than five candidates in your area who wish to test and a facility that meets ACI’s requirements, you are encouraged to apply. There is no cost to host a test site if you meet the minimum requirements. Test site details and the application are available at www.acieducation.org/test_sites. FENCE TRAINING SCHOOL DATES ANNOUNCED The four-day Fence Training School will be held February 6 through February 9, 2022 in Sebring, Florida. Participants will receive fence installation instruction from qualified, knowledgeable trainers with over 250 years of combined experience in the industry. Topics include access controls, chain-link, farm and ranch, HTP rail @ strand, ornamental, vinyl, wood, welding, tools and equipment and safety. For more information, visit www.4nafca.com. 2022 COMMON GROUND ALLIANCE CONFERENCE AND EXPO ANNOUNCED The Common Ground Alliance Conference and Expo will be held in Anaheim, California from April 5 – 8, 2022 at the Anaheim Marriott. The event will feature integrated committee meetings, industryleading speakers, breakout sessions and discussion groups, an interactive exhibit hall, and networking events and opportunities. It will also facilitate the development of concrete actions the industry can use to help reduce damages. To learn more, visit www.commongroundalliance.com. NATIONAL WATER SAFETY CONFERENCE ANNOUNCED The National Water Safety Conference will be held April 11 – 14, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas. It is presented by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. For more information, visit www.watersafetyconference.com.



The West Coast show was held September 9 – 11 in Reno, Nevada. Known as “The Biggest Little Trade Show in the West”, attendance for this show was great, especially considering the travel and health concerns many have had this year due to COVID. “We had 120 booths from 25 states,” says Kent Bailey, co-chair of the event. “And 575 attendees. We were pleased with the turnout and hope everyone left learning something new, along with a stronger relationship with others in our industry.” Interestingly, the Gate Operators and Electricity class was sold out for months before the show. The West Coast show has been held every three years since 1991. Watch for information about the next event and make plans to join as soon as the date is announced.

From left to right: Immediate Past AFA President Chris Loftus, Past AFA President and Show Co-Chair Kent Bailey, Current AFA President Randy Ward, and AFA Director and Show CoChair Brad Howard.

Complete Railing Solutions Solar & Low Voltage Lighting

ADA Railing

Railing Brackets

Spindles & Post Mounts

Innovative Products and Solutions 690 Puritan Avenue | Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 | p:1.888.570.5252 | f: 1.609.989.1199 | orders@lmtproducts.com




THE FENCE PRO’S CHOICE For Fence and Railing Hardware

Nationwide Industries has the largest, in-stock selection of fence and gate hardware for fence professionals. Our products are guaranteed to last, easy to install, and select products come with our Million Cycle Warranty. TM

nationwideindustries.com 5


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Barrett Outdoor Living® Announces Acquisition of Madden Manufacturing

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