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LUXUMPTUOUS / lux-ump-shu-us / noun

The luxurious setting and scrumptious variety of cuisine available at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. Some things are better understood once experienced. A truly unique indulgence every Friday at Bahrain Bay Kitchen where the aroma of flavour rich dishes blend perfectly with the melodical sounds of live entertainment at our themed brunches. Add complementary access to Kids For All Seasons and you’ll need a whole new word to describe your weekend. Experience it yourself Reservations: (973) 1711 5500


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Let Yourself Rest

Self care means giving yourself permission to pause." - Cecilia Tran


t seems rather trivial writing about stress and self-care, wellness and looking after yourself in 2019. Haven’t we already been there, done that? Surely, every single person reading this has had a wake-up call where you realise that taking time out for yourself isn’t something to feel guilty about – after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so recharging your batteries in whatever way you see fit is definitely a priority. It’s a surprise how many of us need to be reminded of this, and how often too. Without sounding like we’re preaching (let’s say it louder for the people in the back though), taking care of yourself is not something to be considered as a luxury, rather it’s a necessity. FACT is bringing that all-important reminder this month with a special feature that looks at the idea of burning out through the lens of my new favourite term of the moment – JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Turn to p39 and join the discussion. Maybe it’s exactly what you need right now – maybe you don’t agree with what we have to say – or, maybe, all you needed was a friendly reminder that saying no to plans, staying off social media for an evening or booking yourself in for a spa day, are all things you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing – especially if they benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing. We stay on the track of tackling stress through exercise or a well-deserved visit to one of Bahrain's beautiful wellness venues, starting p25 with our round up of some of our favourite gyms and spas. See what takes your fancy, pick a treatment and get yourself booked in. No excuses! For those looking to escape the Bahrain bustle as a way of achieving their balance in mind, body and soul, our wellness trip just over an hour away to Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara (p49) is just the calling you’ve been waiting for. Imagine, otherworldly surroundings that promote positivity and peace from the moment you step off the plane. This is the place to get your detox fix in the most healthy way. With direct flights to Salalah running from June onwards, now would be the ideal time to look into booking a visit at this stunning resort. You’ll find all of our regular monthly recommendations from food to fashion, tech and motoring, plus all the best local hotspots and happenings to keep you all occupied throughout April. Of course, if you haven’t been living under a rock the past eight years, you’ll know that there is only ONE thing the rest of the world is waiting for this month: April 14, Season 8, Game of Thrones. Need I say more? If you need a little more excitement about GoT, check out our visit to Ireland where we got up close with some of the show's filming locations (p52). Until next month, up your self-care game and smash that stress away! ☺

Shabana Adam Editor-in-Chief Insta: @shabs_a 4

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FACT Magazine Bahrain Edition • APRIL 2019 VOLUME 12, ISSUE 08


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LE MERIDIEN CITY CENTRE BAHRAIN Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Al Seef District, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain T +973 1717 1000

BAHRAIN’S SWEETEST BRUNCH Every Fridays from 12:30PM to 4:00PM BHD 28 net inclusive of soft beverages BHD 40 net inclusive of selected beverages For more information or to make a reservation, please call +973 1717 1441 or WhatsApp +973 3350 2121

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FOR RESERVATIONS CALL +973 17 100 345 | +973 33 551 002 fact magazine 7 PLAYRESTAURANTBAHRAIN




FOUR SEASONS HOTEL BAHRAIN BAY Tasting Menu at re:Asian Cusine Are you looking for a unique dining experience? Executive Chef Brian Becher and his culinary team have prepared a special five-course tasting menu of dishes that have never been served at re/ Asian Cuisine. Visit them on Fridays from 7pm, be the first to taste the new items and be part of the dish development experience. BD35 net. GO: Call 1711 5046 for reservations and more information. THE GULF HOTEL BAHRAIN CONVENTION & SPA Dim Sum Galore, China Garden Chef Ding and his culinary brigade is proud to present to you the highly esteemed “Eat all you can dim sum” promotion”. These extraordinary Dim Sum delicacies will truly tantalise your taste buds from April 8 to 30. Priced at BD12 net per person GO: Call 1771 3000 for reservations and more information. ELITE RESORT & SPA Ladies Night Every Thursday ladies can enjoy a selection of selected appetisers, hubbly bubbly and soft drinks for only BD5.8+++ net. Live entertainment and DJ from 7pm. GO: Call 1731 3333 for reservations and more information. THE WESTIN CITY CENTRE BAHRAIN Magical Milkshakes Indulge in their selection of signature milkshakes all day and every day at Furn Bakery. Enjoy the unique ambience of the 8

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Rotunda and specials from the Furn Bakery display amongst their delicious cakes crafted by skilled culinary hands. GO: Call 1717 1441 for reservations and more information. REEF RESORT Tabehodai Endless Sushi Watch as your chef prepares your Sushi and Sashimi right in front of your eyes every weekday, apart from a Monday. Visit Tokyo Reef for a great dining experience and receive 50% off. GO: Call 1311 0110 for reservations and more information. Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Fusion Weekend Our weekend party mode is on! Get ready to go wild as you and your friends party all night long in Tapas with a fusion of electrifying live performances that includes intense Latin and house music remixes that will keep you pumped all night long as you enjoy a delightful selection of bites and cocktails. GO: Call 1763 6363 for reservations and more information. HAZEL ROOFTOP LOUNGE A Little Bit of Everything A selection of gourmet sharing plates, mouth watering finger foods and perfectly cooked main dishes. Their atmosphere is casual yet sophisticated, easy going yet cool. Their international tapas selection delights the palate, elegantly matching our signature cocktails made by our in house mixologists. ✤ GO: Call 1723 1231 for reservations and more information.

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SOFITEL SPRINGS INTO APRIL Get ready to enjoy another month, full of exciting events and offers at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa. THIS EXCITING MONTH STARTS off with a week-long Lebanese festival, full of fabulous surprises. Treat your taste buds to a scrumptious selection of authentic Levantine cuisine as you enjoy electrifying live musical acts with traditional folklore dancers. The 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of April holds special surprises as the festivities are hosted on our beautifully decorated hotel terrace under the starry skies of Zallaq. April also marks the arrival of Easter, in which the 5-star hotel promises a special line-up of eggsciting activities. Join the egg hunt on the 19th of April at Sofitel Bahrain’s lavish restaurants for an eggstravagant Grand Friday Brunch; Easter Special, full of surprises. Delight your taste buds with a delicious selection of flavour packed international dishes and enjoy a refreshing selection of beverages. Your special brunch outing is elevated further with fantastic live performances by the Cuban band, Latin Soul. Your little ones will have a blast with plenty of outdoor kids’ activities, including a thrilling egg hunt around the hotel! Meanwhile, our 5-star Italian restaurant, Fiamma, invites you every Thursday to immerse yourself in a unique Italian experience with a magnificent Italian themed buffet to take you on an exciting culinary voyage, full of authentic Mediterranean flavours. Enjoy delectable live cooking stations on Fiamma’s gorgeous terrace, as our talented chefs display their gastronomic arts. Your special Italian getaway is 10

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complemented with magnificent live musical performances. Meat lovers are also in for a treat this month at our picturesque restaurant by the sea, La Mer with a special steakhouse promotion. Indulge your inner carnivore by enjoying the finest steak cuts cooked perfectly to melt in your mouth with a delicious selection of beverages to ensure a satisfying end to your meaty feast. Weekends are even more special at Sofitel Bahrain, with a variety of ongoing events through out of the month of April. Go wild on Thursdays and Fridays in Tapas as you and your friends party all night long with a fusion of electrifying live performances that includes intense Latin and house music remixes that will keep you pumped all night long as you enjoy a delightful selection of bites and cocktails. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, then join us on Thursdays at Le Bar De La Plage for a flaming barbeque night as the mouth-watering aromas of our freshly cooked grilled meats fill up the air at our new beach bar. Enjoy the relaxing vibes by the mesmerising sea as DJ Sal plays the latest hits to keep you grooving. ✤


With features like Call Masking and Ride tracking, Careem is the safest way to get around Bahrain! Download Careem, open the app and book a ride with a tap! Yalla, let’s go ;)

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SPRING OF CULTURE 2019 The festival continues into April and we have the lineup ready to go… EVENT: MOVIE NIGHT: FINDING VIVIAN MAIER DATE: APRIL 6 TIME: 6PM TO 8PM VENUE: MEMORY OF THE PLACE: BIN MATAR HOUSE TYPE: FILM SCREENING COUNTRY: JAPAN SUITABLE AGE: 18+ Join in for a screening of the 2013 documentary film “Finding Vivian Maier.” The critically acclaimed documentary tells the story of a mysterious nanny, who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later, is now among the 20th century’s greatest photographers. Directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, Maier’s strange and riveting life and art are revealed through never before seen photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her. Registration on

EVENT: PRAYERS FROM THE HEART ABDULLAH ALFAILAKAWI DATE: APRIL 8 TIME: 8PM VENUE: HOUSE OF POETRY - EBRAHIM AL ARRAYED TYPE: POETRY COUNTRY: KUWAIT SUITABLE AGE: 16+ Kuwaiti poet Abdullah Al-Failakawi took home the first place prize in the Youth Authority of Kuwait’s youth competition for his poem “Prayers of the Heart”, in which the conveyed a spiritual experience, infusing its verses with a Sufi essence about human choice and tribulation. The young poet owns a unique style which earned him a firm place as one of most sought-after poets in Arab poetry festivals. 12

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EVENT: SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS DATE: APRIL 11 TIME: 7PM VENUE: QAL’AT AL BAHRAIN SITE MUSEUM TYPE: FILM SCREENING SUITABLE AGE: FAMILY Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is an American animated film by DreamWorks Animation directed by Tim Johnson and Patrick Gilmore. The film tells the story of Iris, the Goddess of Chaos, who wants to steal the mysterious Book of Peace, and summons her naval captain to bring her the notorious thief Sinbad. But to fulfill Iris’s request, Sinbad has to steal from his best friend, Prince Proteus.

EVENT: SARAT LIVE DATE: APRIL 12 TIME: 7PM VENUE: BAHRAIN BAY TYPE: SONG COUNTRY: COUNTRY ٫ K INGDOM OF BAHRAIN, KUWAIT & KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA For the first time in Bahrain, Kuwaiti/Bahraini Khaleeji hip hop duo Daffy and Flipperachi will perform an official concert at the 2019 Spring of Culture Festival. Joined on stage by DJ Outlaw, a live band, and a dance crew, the concert is set to deliver top-notch quality entertainment and a setlist featuring the duo’s biggest hits. The performance will also feature the duo’s label mate and Saudi-based rapper, Lil Eazy. ✤

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SPRING OF CULTURE 2019 EVENT: DOCUMENTING FOOD IS CULTURE 4 DATE: APRIL 16 TIME: 7PM VENUE: BAHRAIN NATIONAL MUSEUM TYPE: BOOK LAUNCH / FILM SCREENING & TALK COUNTRY: BAHRAIN SUITABLE AGE: 7+ “Food is Culture” is a creative experimental project that aims to bridge together the mediums of art and food. In its fourth edition, the collaborations that took place between 11 artists from the culinary, visual arts and music fields in January 2019 now culminate with the launch of a publication and film documenting the process. The chefs, artists and musicians will be present in a panel discussion to share their collective experiences and impressions with the audience.

EVENT: TRADITIONAL FISHERIES DATE: APRIL 20 TIME: 9AM TO 11AM VENUE: QAL’AT AL BAHRAIN SITE MUSEUM TYPE: EDUCATIONAL TOUR COUNTRY: BAHRAIN SUITABLE AGE: 18+ A visit to the hadras (fishing traps laid out at sea) around the Bahrain Fort coastline, where participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to make these traditional fish traps from natural materials available in the surrounding area. Registration is required on EVENT: DAY OF PHOTOGRAPHY DATE: APRIL 27 TIME: FULL DAY VENUE: MEMORY OF THE PLACE: BIN MATAR HOUSE TYPE: PHOTOGRAPHY SUITABLE AGE: 18+ Join in for this much annual awaited event just before we break for the summer. The Day of Photography is intended as a sharing platform for the artistic and photography 14

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community in Bahrain. The program will include a panel talk on the hugely popular Bahraini project “Photos A La Chair” and a slidefest with local and regional photographers in collaboration with Dubai-based Gulf Photo Plus – amongst many other events! Registration on

EVENT: WOMEN’S CINEMA AND 3,000 NIGHTS MAI ALMASRI DATE: APRIL 29 TIME: 8PM VENUE: SH. EBRAHIM BIN MOHAMMED CENTRE FOR CULTURE & RESEARCH TYPE: LECTURE COUNTRY: PALESTINE SUITABLE AGE: 16+ Palestinian director Mai Al-Masri graduated from the University of San Francisco where she studied film, photography and film editing in 1981. She grew up in Beirut and began to produce documentaries revolving around Palestine and the Middle East, including War Generation, Hanan Ashrawi: A Woman of Her Time and Beirut Diaries. She also had her foray in feature films with 3000 Nights which focused on the conditions of Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli jails. ✤ GO: Visit for more information.

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CAREEM: SAFETY FIRST If there’s one thing that Careem customers can rest assured of, it’s that they’re in safe hands! BEFORE YOUR RIDE l All of the Captains go through a rigorous screening process and background check. l Before your Captain arrives, we send you their details, which include your Captain’s photo, name, rating, vehicle type, and plate number. l Captains attend mandatory training sessions to provide them with instructions and guidance on smooth driving as well as following standard safety and security protocols in the unlikely event of an incident. l The Captains’ vehicles are assessed and the insurance is confirmed prior to their onboarding. l Customers have the option to mask their telephone numbers from Captains to ensure their privacy. They can communicate anonymously with the Captain to direct them to the location of pick up (call masking may not be available in all markets).

DURING YOUR RIDE l The telematics technology (which monitors driver behavior) is under development. Telematics can detect and evaluate the Captains’ driving skills in real-time to make sure your ride is as safe and smooth as possible. It also allows Careem to proactively coach the Captains to improve their driving skills while identifying Captains whose skills are not up to the company’s standards. l Got an issue during the ride and need help? If you have any issues during a ride, you can contact the 24/7 multilingual 16

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Safety & Security Operations Centre (SSOC) specialists. Simply tap ‘Contact us’ in the app l Each trip is tracked in real time. Share your ride with friends and family to let them know you are on the way, and they can track your ride on the web. l They geofence the app to avoid dangerous neighborhoods. l Child seats are available in Careem Kids’ cars to keep your little Careemers safe. (This is not available in all markets – see here for where this service is available) l Customers and Captains are covered by life/injury insurance when in-ride [visit the FAQ page for more information on the in-ride insurance. Coverage is not available in all markets].

AFTER YOUR RIDE & OTHER MEASURES l Your rating of the Captains is super important! They help identify Captains for reward or removal from the platform. l The extensive ‘mystery shopper’ program checks vehicles, driving skills, customer service, and documentation to make sure everything is as it should be. l The team of dedicated professionals, from the Safety & Security team to the SSOC specialists, is here to make sure the customers and Captains have as safe and pleasant experience as possible. l In order to help keep the communities safe, we actively support law enforcement agencies with basic trip information when formally requested. ✤ GO: VISIT WWW.CAREEM.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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DELICIOUS DEALS When all’s said and done, it’s about savouring all the yummy food around Bahrain and April has plenty of it…

LE MERIDIEN BAHRAIN CITY CENTRE Business Lunch Enjoy a selection of Middle Eastern and Indian fusion cuisine inspired by the restaurant name “Baharat” which means “Spices”, food prepared in an open kitchen. Buffet concept featuring a tandoor oven & indoor grill. Lunch buffet at BD16 net. Soup and salad buffet for BD 7 net. Kids aged six to 12 dine at half price. Sunday to Thursday from 12.30pm to 3pm. GO: Call 1717 1000 for reservations and more information.

FLORENCE LA MAISON MEDITÉRRANÉENNE The Place to Be Looking for a new gathering place that welcomes everyone: friends, families, couples and individuals? Step inside Florence and enjoy being surrounded by their unique décor and natural garden while having some delicious and authentic Mediterranean food. GO: Call 1733 6373 for reservations and more information. DOWNTOWN ROTANA Natak Experience at Teatro Visit Teatro every Thursday and indulge in a rich multi course menu designed by their specialty Chefs representing the finest of Indian Cuisine. The new Natak experience, a theatrical culinary journey through the tastes and textures of India, is a multicourse menu which will immerse you in exciting Indian flavours from all over the region presented in a unique and different way. Chill with live entertainment and the mesmerising tunes of their lovely Saxophonist for only BD16 Net. GO: Call 1311 999 for reservations and more information. SHERATON BAHRAIN HOTEL Mexican Snack Promotion Enjoy the live music at An Nada Lounge by their new band “Caribbean Girls” that are performing daily except Saturdays at An Nada Lounge from 8.30pm to 12.30am during weekdays and from 8.30pm to 1.30am during weekends. GO: Call 1753 3533 for reservations and more information.


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CROWNE PLAZA BAHRAIN Sushi Platter at Waves Enjoy our finest selection of seafood put together on a delectable Sushi platter just for you at Waves for just BD 5++. Throughout April, from 4pm to 11pm. GO: Call 1753 1122 for reservations and more information.

BLACK TAP, JUMEIRAH ROYAL SARAY Doing it for the ‘Gram Black Tap, the popular New York concept loved around the world for its award-winning burgers and ‘Insta-famous’ CrazyShake milkshakes, is now open for all burger-Related business at the Jumeirah Royal Saray, Bahrain. GO: Call 1710 0363 for reservations and more information. MERCURE GRAND HOTEL SEEF Turkish Business Lunch Buffet Take a break from all the work stress and enjoy business lunch with a comforting ambience. Mercure Grand Hotel Seef hosts a grand Turkish Business Lunch Buffet, featuring traditional Turkish delicacies ranging from Turkish grills to everyone’s favourites, Baklava and Kanafeh to name a few. Join in daily from Sunday to Wednesday, 12.30pm to 3.30pm for only BD5.5 net. Surprise your business partners or colleagues and book a table today. ✤ GO: Call 3200 0621 for reservations and more information.

Discover The Sumptuously Traditional Ramadan Flair With Sofitel Bahrain’s Early Bird Iftar Or Ghabga Corporate Group Offers Starting From BD15+++ per person With Traditional & Contemporary Setup In One Of Bahrain’s Largest Ballrooms In The Kingdom’s Leading 5-Star Resort

20% OFF - 200 pax and above 25% OFF - 300 pax and above 30% OFF - 500 pax and above 35% OFF - above 600 pax

Early Bird Promotion ends on 20th April 2019 For reservation and more information, please call +973 17 63 63 63

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REGENCY RAMADAN TENT For the very first time Intercontinental Regency Bahrain will be setting up a spectacular tent by the poolside near Elements Pool & Lounge, on the mezzanine floor, during Ramadan. THIS PLUSH TENT, WHICH can house up to 200 guests, will play host to an iftar packed with traditional delicacies alongside international cuisine in a lavish buffet. Located near the Selections restaurant, it is set outdoors with the view of the pool with the tent capturing the essence of Arabian tradition at its best. Enjoy your ghabgha at this Ramadan tent, with a wide range of freshly-prepared local and international specialties using locally-sourced ingredients. Lively entertainment and warm Arabian hospitality will also be served for the duration of the month to make this a Ramadan you will always remember. Iftar will be served from sunset until 8.30pm. Iftar buffet: BD12++ (adults) – Sunday to Wednesday; Iftar buffet: BD14++ (adults) – Thursday to Saturday; Children aged from four to 12 years BD6.500 ++ and those aged below four, dine for free. Daily Gabgha will be served from 9pm to 2am with an a la carte menu or a set-menu for the offering. Private groups, families and Individual guest’s up to 30 guests are welcome. For groups larger than 30 guests, contact our events team for an exclusive experience in the Al Rifaa ballroom. ✤ 20

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AL RIFAA BALLROOM: For private corporate bookings This Ramadan, old meets new at the Al Rifaa Ballroom in a beautiful setting of gold, white and black contemporary decor inspired by traditional Middle Eastern design. It is the spirit of sharing that pervades the table at Iftar time. Companies can make the most of this wonderful occasion by gathering their colleagues and breaking their fast together with a buffet dinner. This spacious ballroom will be home to a unique Ramadan get together throughout the holy month for private corporate bookings. Enjoy Arabian coffee along with a wide range of cuisines served up in a vast buffet spread for both Iftar and Ghabga. Traditional musical entertainment available on request. Prices are based on the selected menu. • Available for private booking for groups of 50 guests and more • For smaller private events, contact our events team for information on our newly launched Regency Ramadan Tent. GO: CALL 1720 8314 OR EMAIL CONVENTION. ICBAHRAIN@IHG.COM FOR RESERVATIONS AND MORE INFORMATION.

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RAMADAN AT CROWNE PLAZA BAHRAIN The Holy Month of Ramadan is soon approaching and Crowne Plaza Bahrain is a head of the game, delighted to share with you their Ramadan offerings. WHY NOT TREAT YOURSELF to a truly memorable Iftar this year? It could be more rewarding than you expected. A relaxing Iftar has its own special rewards. But, when you join us at Crowne Plaza Bahrain, we have something special for you. In addition to the spirit of giving, the delicious flavors and relaxed ambience, we are giving away daily and weekly rewards - from dinner vouchers to electronic goods. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Crowne Plaza Bahrain is delighted to be able to offer a unique location to celebrate both your Iftar and Ghabga. Held in our very own Conference Centre, for the very first time we have created a rich ambience to reflect a true taste of Arabia with secluded seating for families. Enjoy our lavish Iftar buffet featuring Ramadan delicacies, live-cooking stations, and a delightful array of mouthwatering desserts served daily at sunset. Priced at BD12++. We have not forgotten the “little ones” who will be taken care of at the “Kids Corner” where children under six years dine free, and those up to 14 years pay just half price. ✤ 22

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Private Iftar/ Ghabgas: Crowne Plaza Bahrain provides you the perfect atmosphere with special menus that can be tailor made to host your corporate or private Iftar/Ghabga event with us. We have created a plush ambience with specialized menus that can cater to your very own exclusive event, where events from 30 up to 1000 persons may be accommodated in private rooms. Ramadan is a time of giving, so this year the Crowne Plaza Bahrain will donate BD0.500 to the Children and Women’s wellness charity. For groups of 30 people and above, please contact our Crowne meetings team, who will assist you.




Poke Bowl Throughout April, you can enjoy delicious Poke Bowl Specials at Soie Restaurant. Choose from Tuna Poke Bowl for BHD 6.9 net or Salmon Poke Bowl for BHD 7.9 net. Soie Restaurant is open daily for dinner from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM except Saturdays. Call +973 17533533 /sheratonbahrain

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FITNESS FIRST, JUFFAIR MALL This premium club is kitted out to offer quality facilities, bestin-class exercise equipment and a great environment to workout and unwind. There’s also group exercise and spinning studios, a Core Juice Bar, freestyle, free weights and strength area with the latest functional training equipment as well as the revolutionary, multi-functional Synergy 360 training system and Escape Octagon Olympic Lifting platform. Internationallycertified fitness trainers are at hand, and you can also enjoy the energetic Les Mills group exercise sessions like Bodycombat, Bodypump, and Bodyattack to name but a few. Luxurious changing rooms with a steam, sauna and relaxation area, plus a member’s lounge offering free wi-fi and drinks, make working out at Fitness First a real joy! GO: Call 1746 7044 or visit for more information.

BFIT, CROWNE PLAZA BAHRAIN The year-round climate in Bahrain, is perfect for fitness followers, and for corporate visitors needing to flex their muscles and The Crowne Plaza Bahrain has one of the island’s premier fitness centres and health club, offering professional advice and supervision. There’s a fully-equipped gym, a sauna, outdoor swimming pool, and tennis, basketball and squash courts too, as well as treatment offerings for ultimate relaxation and health benefits. GO: Call 1753 3992 or visit for more information.

SHERATON FITNESS, SHERATON BAHRAIN HOTEL Sheraton Fitness offers an exclusive membership that allows you to keep fit by providing you with strength and cardio equipment along with extensive recreational facilities. There’s a 26

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fully equipped gymnasium with state-of-the-art cardiovascular machines; a swimming pool with three lap lane floaters; a rooftop tennis court; and aerobic studio; sauna and steam rooms (separate for men and women); and a temperature-controlled Jacuzzi. Personal trainers are also available. What’s great about this health club is that is also offers excellent massage therapies such as the East & West massage (BD35), the Hot Stone Massage (BD35), the Swedish Massage (BD25) and many more luxurious face, body and express treatments. Fitness and relaxation in one place – winner! GO: Call 1753 3533 or visit sheratonfitness for more information.

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• FITNESS wellness programmes to be followed independently, or in private training sessions. The mixed-use gym comprises of the best in training equipment including a cardiovascular area and free weights zone. You can work out at your own pace or through one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. Group exercises such as spinning, boxing and Yoga are also available. With all this choice, you’re guaranteed to find an activity to help you achieve your fitness goals. GO: Call 1600 0111 or visit for more information.

WESTIN WORKOUT FITNESS CENTRE, THE WESTIN BAHRAIN CITY CENTRE Power up at the Westin Workout fitness studio, open 24 hours a day, and decked out in state-of-the-art cardio machines, strength-training equipment, and free weights. Challenge yourself with a full array of modern equipment with the latest TechnoGym machines, all equipped with TV channels and internet – who said that workouts can’t be fun? As the gym is based in the Heavenly Spa area, various spa memberships are available which give you access to the temperature-controlled infinity pool too, and you also get to use the spa facilities (Jacuzzi, sauna and steam), as well as the free valet parking, and getting discounts on treatments and complimentary day passes for family and friends. Now, this is what you call a balanced lifestyle! GO: Call 1717 1122 or visit for more information.

BODYLINES FITNESS & WELLNESS, ART ROTANA AMWAJ ISLANDS Bodylines Fitness & Wellness is an inspiring health club, dedicated to meeting all your fitness requirements whilst making your training experience as fun and effective as possible. The fully equipped Fitness Centre offers a range of state-of-the-art technology alongside highly qualified instructors who can offer lifestyle consultations and design bespoke physical fitness and 28

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THE ROYAL COUNTRY CLUB, ROYAL GOLF CLUB BAHRAIN This place has state-of-the-art indoor facilities include ladies and gents’ gymnasiums, saunas and steam rooms, a fitness studio, changing rooms and lockers. Outside, enjoy the multi-purpose sports court, temperature-controlled swimming pool, children’s play area and beautifully landscaped gardens, all providing an idyllic retreat. One-on-one training as well as fun group exercise classes such as Bollywood dance and belly dancing is also available. GO: Call 1775 0777 or visit for more information.



03-06 APR 2019 Dubai World Trade Centre

Sheikh Saeed Halls 2 & 3

AFFORDABLE ART FOR EVERY SPACE Tickets 20% off online at

03 April: 2pm - 9pm 04-06 April: 1pm - 9pm

+ Celebrity Artists + Emerging Artists Competition +Art Talks & Workshops + Kids Art Experience Area

Organised by

Part of

Official Airline

Official Courier Handler

Official Publisher

Official Travel Partner

Official School Partners

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COBRA FITNESS, HALA PLAZA From its humble beginnings in 2009, with head trainer and owner Mat Dryden holding pads in a small hotel gym in an Abu Dhabi hotel, Cobra Fitness has grown into a renowned and respected fight camp and fitness facility. This huge two-story multi purpose fitness space in Bahrain offers 440m2 of mat space, a 300m2 full lifting gym, a separate studio and full size boxing ring. Classes range from Muay Thai and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) for adults and children to Boxing, MMA, Abs Destruction, Spartacus, Fighters Fitness and the brand new KO8 Suspension and Resistance Training. Cobra Fitness Bahrain is a clone of the original UAE space with its distinctive black and green decor and walls emblazoned with graffiti. Alongside all the different workout areas there’s a separate male and female changing room each with saunas, and a cafe area with healthy food and snacks provided by popular Bahrain gourmet deli Sage & Sirloin. GO: Follow @cobrafitnessbahrain on instagram for more information.

BODYZONE, THE GULF HOTEL BAHRAIN CONVENTION & SPA This health club offers unparalleled fitness and recreational facilities with excellent gymnasiums for men and women, a large variety of exercise classes like aerobics and bodypump, personal training sessions, and separate saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis and outdoor swimming pools. Enjoy two championship squash and tennis courts too, as well as massage treatments too. The


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club aims to promote a healthier and fitter lifestyle regardless of age and physique. GO: Call 1771 3000 or visit for more information.

KINETIX HEALTH CLUB, ELITE SEEF RESIDENCE Located on the top floor with bright views overlooking the Seef District and beyond, Kinetics Health Club is fitted with the latest Techno Gym and Kinesis equipment with personal trainers always available for extra guidance or training. Kinetix is all about being “functionally fit” with a focus on personal goals and a clean, safe and positive environment to achieve these. Remember, good health equals a clear mind and spirit! GO: Call 1758 3388 or visit for more information.

OXYGEN GYM, BARBAR If it’s fitness classes you want, this is the place to join! Based in Barbar, Oxygen is one of the largest gyms in Bahrain, covering over 1000sqm of space. This place has something for everyone; fitness newbies, the regulars, and the health enthusiasts. There’s top American-branded equipment, a great fitness studio and a must-try eucalyptus steam room and sauna, plus so much more. Try Latin Dance for a fun way to get in shape! GO: Call 1761 6165 or visit for more information.

Easter Sunday | 21st April

Lavish Easter Buffet with Unlimited Soft Drinks BD 10 net Unlimited Selected Beverage BD 25 ++ Egg Painting for Kids

For more info call: 17 565 888 Elite Grande Hotel



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THE RITZ-CARLTON SPA, THE RITZ-CARLTON BAHRAIN It has just revamped its spa menu, so there’s even more to look forward to at this haven of rejuvenation. Featuring ten treatment rooms, including one for couples, a ladies’ Thalassotherapy pool, spa boutique, sauna and steam rooms, The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a complete and total escape at its beautiful location. Not only are the spa facilities beyond breathtaking, the new menu is packed with an extensive selection of invigorating treatments to cleanse, nourish and revitalise the body. These include a selection of Arabic rituals inspired from regional culture and local traditions, using a variety of natural oils such as Argan, Muscat, Rose and Amber. When you’re done working out, this place will happily add the finishing touches for healthy, glowing skin and for that all-over relaxation, inside and out! GO: Call 1758 6808 or visit for more information.

THE SPA, FOUR SEASONS HOTEL BAHRAIN BAY We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is the epitome of luxury. With a spacious, light and contemporary design, it’s easy to spend the whole day here. The Spa treatments are inspired by traditional holistic healing therapies from Asia, India and the Middle East. Using only ethically sourced ingredients, reflecting the power of nature as a source of wellness, they promote a deeper sense of connection and wellbeing. For those who need a break from working out, there’s the hammam and plenty of massage options to help soothe muscles. For those looking to detox, or get in shape, there are some really great body sculpting and firming treatments, alongside the cosy labyrinth that is the changing rooms and spa facilities. GO: Call 1711 5000 or visit for more information.

DESSANGE Nuzzled in the busy Adliya area, Dessange caters to women who 32

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are in need of some serious pampering. Its spa treatments are extremely effective and appealing for busy bodies who need to slow down a little, de-stress, and rejuvenate. There’s also a fabulous salon that takes care of your beauty needs, head-to-toe. Both staff and environment provide a very warm and welcoming ambience, and the affordable and fantastic spa and salon menu leaves every woman spoilt for choice. Try the 30-minute Hydro Therapy - Detox Ocean Bath, great for blood circulation, pain relief and setting the body into unwind mode, it’s the perfect treatment to pair with the 30-minute Moroccan Bath Body Scrub, for soft, supple skin. Ladies, this is your one-stop shop for the mind, body and soul. GO: Call 1771 3999 for more information.

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RIMAL SPA, MOVENPICK HOTEL BAHRAIN At Rimal Spa, the aim is to forget the bustle of Bahrain and fall into a deep state of relaxation. There are 12 quality treatment rooms including single treatment suites, one double female suite and two traditional Turkish hammam suites with their own steam rooms and heated wet tables.To ensure privacy, the wellness facility offers segregated male and female wings with relaxation waiting areas where organic herbal infusions and fruit water are served. Treatments are exclusively designed, holistic and non-invasive, using London’s Harley Street Skin Care products and CACI non-surgical face and body lift machines. Voya marine products and signature treatments using seashells add a unique dimension to the spa, which also does its part to support green practices and halal-certified organic products. GO: Call 1746 0000 or visit for more information.

SPA INTERCONTINENTAL, INTERCONTINENTAL REGENCY BAHRAIN Located in the heart of Manama, SPA InterContinental holds not only a unique position but also a specially tailored menu of treatments, amongst which the massages are a must for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. Try the unique Senses Candle Massage, with 100 per cent natural essential oil. Unlike conventional candles, these do not contain paraffin. They are formulated with Soy and Coconut Oil which provides a lower melting point. When this candle reaches a favourable temperature, the wax turns into silky oil, which is perfect to use for a massage because of its warmth – it’s a very comforting treatment indeed. GO: Call 1722 7777 or visit for more information.



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Thalassa Sea & Spa is probably Bahrain’s best-kept secret when it comes to wellbeing. This spa is a unique Thalassotherapy institute and luxury spa resort. Massages and treatments from oxygen bubbles to seaweed wraps use Aqua science products, with seawater being the main ingredient. There's also a beach club with fitness facility So FIT, plus steam rooms, and tennis and squash courts, as well as an impressive pool. Maintain your fitness regime at So Fit gym, take a dip in the pool and then relax in the sauna and steam room. GO: Call 1763 6399 or visit for more information.



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HEAVENLY SPA, THE WESTIN BAHRAIN CITY CENTRE Conveniently located on the third floor of The Westin Bahrain City Centre, the Heavenly Spa provides the perfect escape from the arduous of city life. Some real me-time warrants a visit to the biggest hammam experience in town, the Turkish Bath at Heavenly Spa. Neck-to-toe exfoliation with a loofah glove, followed by the foam where the therapist uses a pillow case style cloth to produce incredibly huge volumes of lather (like at a foam party) and soaks the whole body with it. Then comes the unbelievably smooth soap being massaged into the skin (now the dead cells are gone, the fresh layer of skin will absorb all the soapy goodness like a sponge). There’s an array of massages, facials and more to choose from too! Visit or call 1717 1555 for more information.

VIE SPA & FITNESS, THE DOMAIN HOTEL AND SPA This centrally-located urban wellness spa focuses on relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalisation. The spa offers personalised massage therapies from different parts of the world, designed to soothe aches and pains, reduce muscle tension and stress, using potent natural oils. There are professional treatments aimed at making you look and feel younger with a powerful combination of nature and science, with natural plant-based, anti-ageing products combined with the latest cutting-edge facials. Fast, safe and healthy weight loss and total body detox programmes of three to 30 days are also available. GO: Call 1600 0000 or visit for more information.


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ROYAL SPA, AL AREEN PALACE & SPA When you enter Royal Spa, a feeling of serenity will greet you; the spa is big, beautiful and well designed. It takes inspiration from the gardens of the Royal Arabian palaces and spans in total 10,000sqms, being the largest in the Middle East. There are 12 Spa pavilions, each one with twin rain mist shower beds, infinity bathtubs and a private garden; a Hydrothermal Garden and Garden Hammam; a Ladies' Beauty Garden; a Gentleman's Salon, and extensive fitness and wellness facilities. Royal Spa has some good standout remedies for the face, hands, and feet too! GO: Call 1784 5081 or visit for more information.

GLOSS SALON & SPA Gloss Bahrain, conveniently located in the heart of Juffair at the Marriot Executive apartments, is an exquisitely furnished salon and spa offering luxury treatments in a luxurious setting. At Gloss Salon and Spa you can expect modern chic hair cuts, vibrant colour, highlights, special occasion styling as well as waxing and hair removal, pedicure, nails, facials and makeup. Their experienced team will help you determine the best services and will assist you to tailor them for your specific needs. Their staff deliver the highest quality service and value with the utmost professionalism. Renowned celebrities within the industry regularly attend here and so should you! ✤ GO: Call 1782 6030 or visit for more information

BD5 Unlimited

Selected Drinks*

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IS THIS THE YEAR OF JOMO? What brings you inner peace? Are you REALLY happy? These seem to be the questions of the moment. In 2019, we’re being encouraged to declutter and get back to basics, but is this even possible for a generation that is driven by motivational speakers, busy calendars and 24/7 digital connections? FACT’s Shabana Adam digs deeper…

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oy. A small three-letter word. It’s been weighing heavy on my mind for a while now. It also seems to be creeping into every conversation these days. Fact: it’s becoming harder to avoid the current angst surrounding the “do what makes you happy” wave of inspirational memes and quotes that fill up our social feeds every day. The buzzword of the moment, “joy” has a direct link to the one pursuit we’re all secretly – or not so secretly – going on: “how I can fix my life?” – followed by a trail of thoughts that involve decluttering socially, professionally, emotionally and existentially. In other words, remove those things that don’t spark joy in your life and you’re good to go. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. And I don’t think you’ll be surprised to ready why. In his book, The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) – philosopher and psychologist Svend Brinkmann, who coined the term JOMO in response to the popular hashtag #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), talks about the forceful pressures of living in modern day society. The idea that you always need to be doing more: going out more, being invited to more events, getting involved in more activities, acquiring more possessions, and overall just being more. In a world of TED Talks and life coaches, social media influencers and creative advertising, these growing burdens have become an extension of our own minds. “We are constantly invited to do something, think something, experience something, buy something… it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is important from what is not,” Brinkmann writes. In the Gulf, especially, life clutter builds up when we fill our calendars with social events that we don’t really want to go, too many sale items that take up unnecessary space in our closets, toxic relationships with negative thoughts and feelings, or work tasks that we say yes to when they’re not actually our responsibility (you know where I’m going with this). You see, the idea of decluttering to feel joy could indeed lead us to freedom and contentment – at least, this is what Brinkmann is proposing. But all of this comes from being able to say another very important word – no. YOU CAN DO IT: SAYING NO After reading his book, I felt a sense of validation for something that doesn’t actually require society’s permission: the ability to say “no”. No, I don’t want to go for dinner with you on Friday night, I’d rather sink into my rarely-used couch and read a book. No, that party sounds too rowdy for me, let’s see each other another day for a more intimate coffee or lunch, and, for the sake of my tired eyes and sanity: no, I can’t make it to your last-minute event even if there’s free food and a gift bag because, honestly, I just don’t care enough to dress to impress on a Tuesday night after a 12-hour work day. Sound familiar? Brinkmann’s book has taught me something that a lot of us have forgotten, or pushed to the side because it might be considered “rude” or “too honest” – that is, if you don’t want to do it, JUST SAY NO. It seems like the most logical response to any feelings of being overwhelmed, overworked, and overstressed. Saying no means you’re actually putting yourself first. Giving yourself time to take a break from all the disorder of the world that is made up of insta-stories or online shopping, or simply, too many uninteresting, meaningless conversations. Surely, it sounds like a mantra that should be ingrained into human nature, so why is the idea of JOMO and in particular the act of saying “no” such a difficult concept to grasp? You might struggle to say no in various situations for a number of reasons – the underlying fear that people will think you’re lazy or not trying hard enough, that saying “no” will make you unlikeable so, instead, we form a compulsive pattern of “yes” to erase self-doubt and to keep those around us happy. Subconsciously, this is the lifestyle many of us live here in the Gulf and, in my opinion, saying “no” is one of the realest forms of holding onto the genuine in a society that’s filled with privileges, convenience and, sometimes, tunnel vision, where it’s easy to lose yourself. 40

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TAKE NOTE: SELF CARE How much longer can we really continue to live at the pace we’re living at? Feelings of living detached, unsustainable lives have become prevalent in the region. A number of scattered data reveals that anxiety and depression is rife in this part of the world, according to a 2018 article on Al-Fanar Media: “A 2009 study screened 1,552 adolescents in Saudi Arabia and found the most common mental-health problem was anxiety. A 2005 study concluded that 16 percent of Lebanese adolescents had suicidal thoughts.” According to other global studies, the Middle Eastern region suffers from the highest rates of depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and suicide. It’s challenging to find any accurate and reliable data that monitors

growth, decline, overall progression, patterns and possible triggers about mental health in the region, but many issues have been talked about before: stigmatisation, lack of physical activity, work pressures, environmental factors, biological causes – all of which are mirrored in most parts of the world amongst youth and young professionals. Therefore, it’s so important, now more than ever, to take care of your inner and outer wellbeing - with equal attention. "I excel at what I do when I am under pressure, my job can be very stressful sometimes," says Fahad Aldoseri, who works full-time in a busy sector. "I remember while I was working at the Permanent Mission of Bahrain to the United Nations in New York, I used to feel overwhelmed with the amount of stress and work I had to deal with, and what helped me the most was sparing at least 30 minutes a day to meditate and do a breathing technique to relieve the stress. We tend to forget how to breathe when we are stressed," he shares.

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So, how did he cope with that stress? "It was very hard for me to acknowledge how hard it was to disconnect," Fahad admits. "I tried so many methods, like seeing a therapist, I did yoga and practiced different meditation techniques, and yes, they did work in a way, they made me realise how much I needed to dedicate some time to switch off, recharge, reflect and be with myself. "Now, I like to treat myself, whether by going out for a nice meal or booking myself a day at the spa," he says. "I mean, you can’t give 100% of yourself at work if you’re not nourished and fulfilled, dedicating a day for yourself every week is very important, even spending the day with the family without checking my phone and emails can be very rewarding on so many levels." For Fahad, he’s found his “thing” – switching off - a day that’s purely dedicated to himself. No strings attached, just simple me-time. And this is something he has come to understand as a result of many years of juggling life’s clutter. “When you invest in finding your inner peace and wellbeing the results can be tremendous," Fahad explains. "When you start loving yourself, you’ll be able to love everybody else that’s around you. If you don’t take care of yourself nobody else will. That’s just life." 42

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And Mic's control comes from creating a good work-life balance. "I wholly believe in a work-life balance. The best advice I was ever given was to keep your teaching and social life separate.," he says. "Taking the two days of the weekend to turn off and enjoy time with family and friends is vital to making sure you don’t burn out." Going back to social media, it's imperative to recognise that such portals allow people to portray the life they want the world to see but, maybe, not the life they actually live. So, keeping it "real" is one of the best ways to avoid online clutter.

DEVIL IN DISGUISE: SOCIAL MEDIA Need a virtual talking to, what about some motivation for the gym, or how about your daily dose of lols with memes – there’s an app for it all. A while back, we had a dig at trying to unravel the challenges of a digital detox: what are the signs for when we need a break from the digital world? Whether we like it or not, we are creatures of social media; the Arab Social Media Report 2017 found that 90 per cent of the online population in most Middle East countries use social networking sites, daily. This might be for personal use to stay in touch with family and friends or for business purposes to build a brand’s reputation, either way it’s clear that we have been well and truly infected with the social media bug. And there’s no rush for a cure anytime soon. But what happens when all the noise gets a bit too much? Sometimes, there’s nothing more soothing than reading a motivational post just when you need it. Other times, there’s nothing more therapeutic than unfollowing that person who adds nothing of value to your timeline. Dare I say it – social media has become the number one reason for unwanted clutter in many of our lives. Whether it’s for positive reasons like following your favourite entrepreneur or getting tips from a bona fide mommy blogger, or if you’re stalking your high school lab partner’s other half, whatever the reason may be – a life before hashtags and IGTV and subscribe buttons seems like a million years ago. The key, like most of the things that could lead to joy, is balance. Mic Houghton, a full-time teacher in Bahrain, says: "Social media is an amazing tool but we are all guilty of too much dependence upon it. Whether it be your morning Facebook scroll or your afternoon Instagram fix. "Maybe seeing the kid who bullied you in school struggling to spell gives you a little lift but I feel that we are, as a society, too reliant," he explains. For Mic, stress is just a reality that we have to learn to cope with. "With the state of the world as it is, it’s vital to be at one with yourself," he says. "It’s too easy to stress and worry about things outside of your control. All you can do is control your world. Leave the worries to others."

BURNOUT: WHAT TO DO Y3NY? If you feel yourself going from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to seriously burnt out, it’s time for a hard look in the mirror. Left unchecked, burnout can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, relationships and job performance. Catch it early and do something about it: say no and stay in, adopt JOMO like it’s your new best friend, self-care like you’ve never done before – spa, gym, therapy, alternative medicine – find YOUR thing, and, most of all, disconnect and recharge those batteries as often as you need to. For me, admittedly, I do find my joy in JOMO. Or at least being in control of when to say yes and when to say no. But, mostly, I find joy in the places I’m not looking for it: spontaneous hugs from my friend’s beautiful children, laughter in coffeeshops with loved ones that I don’t get to see as much as I’d like to, a surprise text from family members announcing a wedding or a birth, or when a really interesting podcast episode helps to get me through an hour’s workout every day. Henri J.M Nouwen says: “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” Seems like something fleeting, you feel it and then it disappears, you aspire it like a solid state of mind but, joy, much like the hashtagged acronym it inspired, is either momentary or an entirely self-made way of life. To that I say: raise the bar, put joy on a pedestal, be honest and real about what brings you joy and, for the sake of your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, please feel free to say NO. ✤

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Billy Batson, a street smart 14-year-old can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam, simply by shouting out one word. His newfound powers are soon put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Bestowed with tremendous powers, what lies ahead is Billy Batson’s journey to becoming a hero.

DIRECTOR: David Sandberg CAST: Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel


Set to be the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel is shaping up to be yet another cinematic success. The film sees Academy award-winner Brie Larson star not only in the lead role, but also as the cosmic hero’s alter ego, Carol Danvers. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel explores the powerful hero’s adventures in the time before Iron Man and The Avengers. After giving us a hint of Carol Danvers’ existence at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel explores more of the ultra powerful superhero. Giving a glimpse into a previously unseen period in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story follows Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war. There’s amazing action sequences with a hint of comedy. Sidestepping from the traditional origin story concept, this all-new energetic adventure definitely gets a yes from us.


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There’s amazing action sequences with a hint of comedy. Sidestepping from the traditional origin story concept, this allnew energetic adventure definitely gets a yes from us. – Captain Marvel

The Best of Enemies WHAT’S IT ABOUT:

During the racially charged summer of 1971, Ann Atwater, an outspoken civil rights activist, and C.P. Ellis, a local Ku Klux Klan leader, come together to co-chair a community summit on the desegregation of schools in Durham, N.C. What follows next changes their lives forever.

DIRECTOR: Robin Bissel CAST: Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell, Wes Bentley


A civil rights drama starring Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell, The Best of Enemies helps evoke dialogue about the eternal humanity that is at the heart of this powerful story. Based on the book The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South by Osha Gray Davidson, the film offers a beautiful look at this unlikely alliance that arose from one of the most unsettling times in America’s history. Ann Atwater (played by Henson), a civil rights activist in Durham, N.C., who battled KKK leader C.P. Ellis (played by Rockwell) for a decade until 1971, when the two agreed to co-chair a two-week community meeting to deal with a court-ordered school desegregation decree.

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The Suspect By Fiona Barton


Free Spirit By Khalid

After wowing us with his mesmerising vocals and epic collabs, Khalid is back with a whole soundtrack packed with absolute bangers! The much-anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 debut American Teen, Free Spirit features songs that were written all over the world. Offering a gamut of genres including disco to soulful R&B to pop, the album takes a darker and more grown-up turn than his debut project. Giving us more relatable content, Talk, a synth-pop slow jam encourages honest communication. Expressing his anxieties through music, the song fuses electronic beats with pop music and has a feel-good vibe that we adore. Khalid’s chill sound and youthful bravado is what makes him a winner. Keeping up his knack for catchy hooks and acoustically inspired grooves, My Bad talks about love and everything that comes with it. Featuring swirling yet delicate guitar tones, the heartwarming track has us deep in our feelings. Keeping his versatile and magical streak alive, Free Spirit is turning out to be one of the most soulful albums of the year. His consistency and talent have managed to amaze us again and we’re totally under his spell! 46

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Amidst the Chaos By Sara Bareilles

Following a long wait, Sara Bareilles is back with a bang with her upcoming sixth studio album. Her first imminent album in six years, the new music has a rootsy sound and touches on everything from love to politics. Blessing us with some really beautiful music with the hit musical Waitress, a full-fledged album was much awaited from the singer. Celebrating female strength, the groovy, jazz-infused Armor offers a fitting message about sisterhood and defiance. The femalecentric anthem celebrates women and girls of different colors, orientations, ages and sizes, while also showcasing Bareilles’s musical prowess. Speaking about the therapeutic quality of art right now, the song couldn’t have come out at a better time. Another testament of the songstress’ mesmerising vocals, Fire talks about the acceptance of an ending relationship that wasn’t thrilling to begin with. Backed by acoustic guitar and a quivering beat, the single spotlights the strength of Bareilles’s delectable voice. She has definitely grown as an artist and as a songwriter.

When two 18-year-old girls go missing on their gap year in Thailand, their family is desperate, frantic with worry and thrust into the spotlight. Journalist Kate Waters always does everything she can to be first to the story, first with the exclusive, first to discover the truth. This time it’s personal as she can’t stop thinking about her own son who she hasn’t seen in two years since he left home to go traveling. As the case of the missing girls unfolds, they all realise danger is sometimes closer than you expect.


Thick: And Other Essays By Tressie McMillan Cottom Dissecting everything from beauty to Obama to pumpkin spice lattes, this is the cultural bible you need in your life right now. Writer, professor and acclaimed author, McMillan Cottom uses humour and her original thoughts to talk about race, beauty, money and more. The writer’s freshman collection also illuminates a particular trait of her tribe, being thick - in form and in substance. Serving up clever prose and southern aphorisms, the book is an absolute page-turner!

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hen you hear the words ‘wellness retreat’ what comes to mind? Maybe you think of 6am yoga classes and intense daily workouts, interspersed with wheat grass shots and salads that are green enough to test your human limitations. Whatever your notion is, let it go and let’s start fresh. Forget about intermittent fasting, juicing, calorie counts and perfect flexibility. Instead, concentrate on your inner wellbeing – your mind and body connecting to come clean. This is exactly the soulful journey we embarked on during a visit to the luxury resort of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara. ARE WE STILL IN THE GCC? In a region where many seek the solace of wilderness for the sake of their human spirit and the necessity of their personal peace, Salalah is the kind of place that can help you put a true perspective on life. As a destination, it offers you the kind of landscapes that speak to your soul; silent, rocky wadis, turquoise waves lapping white sandy shores and plenty of mountainside moments – where you might just spot a tribe of goats moving over rugged ground, or a family of cheekylooking camels resting calmly as 4x4 vehicles whizz by. It is the Middle East after all, and Salalah offers raw, unfiltered surroundings without a single skyscraper in sight. Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara has every luxury and comfort you could dream of; starting from personalised greetings to a kitchensized mini bar and even a soap menu. They’ve really thought of it all. There’s no compromise on convenience and you’ll quickly start to slow down and appreciate every little detail (we loved the complimentary beach bag, hat and frisbee in the room), something that is so easily lost in the hustle of life in the Gulf. BALANCE WELLNESS PROGRAMME Once we’re well acquainted with the stunning One-Bedroom Garden View Pool Villa, we head for a consultation with our Wellness Guru, Ratheesh, at Anantara Spa. After filling out a questionnaire that specifically asks questions related to your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, including things like “how quickly do you get angry” and “do you have any particular pain in the body to target” – Ratheesh establishes our individual needs and goals of the three-day Balance Wellness Programme. We’re not weighed and our BMI isn’t checked – two things we were expecting to happen at consultation stage. However, it quickly becomes clear that this programme isn’t designed to be a military-style boot camp of regimented exercise and eating, instead you’re encouraged from the onset to choose light daily activities alongside nutritious dining options that will aid in really restoring your internal pipes, so to speak, to their purest form. All the while, you’ll be aiding your body’s natural way of working with three healthy meals a day, fresh juices to top up and stay hydrated, and, of course, a host of activities and treatments that go hand-in-hand with your selected diet. We were ready! DAY ONE If you’re someone who eats sporadically throughout the day or if you’re not used to eating the recommended daily intake specified for your age, gender, body type and so on, then day one is likely to be a little testing – but far from impossible. Breakfast at Sakalan is like walking into a bona fide food paradise; served in the stylish dining room or 50

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on the terrace beside the infinity pool, there’s a full-to-the-brim buffet packed with pastries galore (the vanilla cruffs are well worth biting into), a fruit station, egg counter, cereal and bread for days, healthy smoothies and juices to kick-start your system, and all the indulgent favourites including brick-sized French Toast, Pancakes dripping in maple syrup, savoury classics like Eggs Florentine and even a host of Arabic, Chinese and more worldly options. What we’re saying is – be ready (and behave!). Day one of the programme remains our favourite, all thanks to the resort’s Salalah Guru, Hussain. Without exaggerating, Hussain may just be the best guide you could ask for on an excursion – in this case, a Mountain Hike. He shares with us stories about growing up in a mountain society, how life was as simple as a glass of milk and a piece of bread back then, and, probably the most endearing tale – the Salalah community has set up a WhatsApp group to help each other, and those less fortunate who reside there, with any financial and medical problems. If an issue arises on the group: “you can give even five or ten riyals each and people give something, whatever they can, to help the person,” Hussain says. This, we thought, was exactly the good-natured character we’d experienced of the Omani people and their ways. We drive deep into the wadi on the Dhofar Mountains which resembles something that is easily a cross between the worlds of Mad Max and Jurassic Park. Hussain tells us that in a few months, these empty spaces will be filled with water. We navigate a labyrinth of rocks; white, brown, craggy earth, working up a respectable sweat (for people who haven’t hiked in a LONG time) and admiring the sparse vegetation and wildlife when it appears. It’s windy when we visit, and the breeze helps to keep us going at a steady pace – however, we’d highly recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen. Hussain then drives us to one of his “secret” spots – a place that could easily bring a tear to the eye. Over the edge of a cliff, serene blue water glides onto white sand like something you would only expect to be conjured up on Photoshop – we were lost for words – even more so when Hussain takes just minutes to trek down to the beach and etch “Anantara” in the sand, all for the sake of our insta-stories – LEGEND. We return refreshed and ready for the first meal of the wellness fact magazine



programme – Avocado Tartare (starter), Red Lentils and Tomato Casserole (main) and Carrot Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting and Goji (dessert). The three-day package includes a three-course lunch and dinner, which you get to personally choose from the Wellness Cuisine menu. All meals and wellness drinks are brought straight to your room or villa, making it pretty smooth to stick with the agenda of the day. We expected the food to be quite basic and small-sized portions, but we were pleasantly surprised. Central to the success of the wellness programme, the specially-designed cuisine is the brainchild of expert vegan-vegetarian chef Valeria Agnelutto. This healthy, cleansing cuisine is designed to maintain your energy and levels during the entire programme while providing you with all the elements that your body needs to detox. We felt it almost immediately. Firstly, every course is oozing flavour – something that is often difficult to attain with vegan and vegetarian ingredients – but is achieved here, so perfectly. The portions are a good size – not excessive but definitely filling. And we notice that our bodies are digesting the food we’re eating with much more vigour and imminence. Before dinner, we head to the spa for a luxurious hammam treatment. Drawing on centuries of Arabian wellness – the ancient ritual starts with a muscle-relaxing steam bath in preparation for a black soap cleansing and kessa mitt exfoliation to sweep impurities. Once steamed 52

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and scrubbed, a Moroccan Rhassoul treatment richly nourishes and rehydrates, leaving the skin silky soft. It’s the complete opposite of our morning hike; just what our bodies needed. The robust scrubbing seems to have washed away any internal negative thoughts as well as the actual dead skin too. By the time dinner arrives, we’re in our robes, ready to eat up and get a good night’s sleep. One thing this wellness programme has triggered is our body clock – it’s getting back in tune with daylight and darkness, which means that we fall into a deep slumber with bellies full, prepared for more nourishment the next day. DAY TWO Day two takes a more chilled-out turn. After breakfast and the first wellness drink of the day, we head straight for the beach where the next few hours is spent shifting between a fair amount of beach walks and topping up the tan. This is one thing we really appreciated about the programme – it allows enough spare time for us to relax and do our own thing. Of course, we headed back into our impressive villa for both lunch and dinner, where the chickpea burger with rosemary and parsley with veggie mayo and the carrot and cashews smooth soup are both highlights. Ingredients are rich and the taste is what we’d easily call Michelin-standard. In between the two meals we opted for our second wellness therapy: the 60-minute Abhyanga Massage, which is designed to restore balance. The ancient healing massage uses herbinfused oils that are gently warmed and lightly massaged into the skin using soothing friction strokes. As the oils penetrate the skin, toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system. The massage is a great choice for those looking to harmonise their mind and body. The therapists, including wellness guru Ratheesh, are both professional and thorough – we leave the room in a complete state of zen. DAY THREE By the time we arrive at day three, there’s a pep in our step that wasn’t there when we’d arrived to the resort. Although activity has been light, we’re full of energy and the nutritious food we’ve been eating really

seems to have done the trick with balancing out our inner workings. We’re sleeping better, our skin is glowing and overall we feel fresher – no sluggish periods in the middle of the afternoon and no lethargic moments of zoning out for impromptu naps. In fact, we start our day with a 9am yoga class in the spa garden and even manage to make it to the gym a little later on for a cardio hit. The food continues to impress with standouts being the special miso soup and the vegetables fettucine with spinach pesto and cherry tomatoes. The menu is serious foodie goals – even for die-hard carnivores, it’s a big change – but one that’s really worth it. PERSONAL WELLNESS GOALS Ask us again what we think of when the words ‘wellness retreat’ crop up, and we’ll answer: the active process of making better choices towards a healthier mind, body and soul – both inside and out. If there’s one thing you’ll find at the end of your Balance Wellness Programme at the serene Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, it’s that this could very well be the beginning of a constant, conscious pursuit of truly living your best life. ✤






et to grace television screens across the world early next year, the award-winning television series, Game of Thrones, will return for its eighth and final season in April 2019. As viewers await the show’s highly anticipated arrival, there’s one way fans can beat their Game of Thrones’ blues between then and now. THIS. Winter isn't coming yet, but your Game of Thrones ‘fix’ could be as Northern Ireland offers visitors an unparallelled immersive experience. As we met our tour guide we couldn’t contain our excitement when we drove into Winterfell, located at Castle Ward, Down as the theme tune pulsated in our heads (as if it ever isn’t!). Here, we practiced our archery in the same spot as Jon Snow, modelled some authentic Westeros attire


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and took that all important Instagram photo in The Iron Throne. You can even feast on a lavish medieval banquet inspired by the show. We’d already filled our boots with Irish pastries en route, y’see. Northern Ireland beckons fair maidens and fine knights to take a trip down the Kingsroad, through the country that houses more of the Seven Kingdoms than any other location in the world. Fans can get a real and first-hand feel for the forests, cliffs, castles and bays upon which their beloved characters have strode. The lush greens and azure waters of the

coast of Antrim. However a highlight of the location would have to be The Dark Hedges, fringing the famous Kingsroad itself, which has been used as passage for many a Stark in the series. Prior to exploring, guests can indulge in a Games of Thrones® themed tea fit for a Karl and Khaleesi, and can come back to yet another themed banquet to feast upon after a thrilling day of sightseeing. TOP TIP - Go at dusk for the optimal “WOW!” photograph. Winterfell at Castle Ward, Down Can you really visit Northern Ireland and not visit the legendary home of the mighty Starks, Winterfell, … Erm? No! The majestic location exudes a sense of the pride of the North, as much of the surrounding scenery is seen over a number of episodes – including when Arya hones her archery skills, or when Catelyn Stark oversees the ‘going ons’ of her family. Visitors to Castle Ward can don authentic Westerosean apparel (trust me you look and feel awesome), tuck into themed banquets and even meet two of the fearsome direwolves. The secret shadow in the Stormlands The Cushendun Caves are over 400 million years old. Found along the Antrim coastline, near the cosy village of Cushendun, they look out over the stony beach and the turbulent sea. In Westeros, these caves are the site of a dark crime. This is where Melisandre summons her shadowy demon beneath Renly's Camp, in order to murder Stannis' brother in the name of the Lord of Light.

landscape are sure to transport explorers to the fantasy drama’s mystical world of direwolves and dragons. BELOW ARE SOME OF THE KEY LANDMARKS THAT ARE MUST-SEE LOCATIONS FOR GAME OF THRONES’ ENTHUSIASTS: Stormlands, The Dark Hedges and the Iron Islands at Antrim Those who want to fully experience the world of Westoros can settle themselves into the iconic Ballygally Castle in Antrim, which offers insightful trips to the Stormlands and the Iron Islands, located along the

The Haunted Forest at Tollymore Forest Park, Down With Winter finally upon the great kingdoms, bringing with it the dreaded arrival of the White Walkers, guests can be taken back to the first sighting of the terrifying creatures at Tollymore Forest Park in Down, commonly known as the Haunted Forest. Hikes through the forest park can be enjoyed alongside a quick picnic amidst the rich greenery, with an added option to try mountaineering and canoeing, courtesy of the Tollymore National Outdoor Centre. Dothraki Grasslands at Binevenagh, Londonderry Travellers can keep their eyes peeled for a glimpse of Daenerys Targareon’s majestic dragons, as they take on the scenic walks to the summit of Binevenagh in Londonderry. The mountain, formed over 60 million years ago from molten lava, today offers picturesque views that stretch across expanses of plains, creating the perfect horizon across which the ‘Mother of Dragons’ rode her ferocious Drogon. fact magazine




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Coast of Sunspear at Portstewart Strand, Londonderry Aside from being one of the top destinations to visit in Northern Ireland, the pristine beach that is Portstewart Strand - stretching across two miles - happens to be the pivotal location where the Sandsnake sisters conspired against the Lannisters. The sandy shores, located in Londonderry, are kept in pristine condition, making for the ideal day out for families and couples, who want to take to the water. All of these fabulous destinations are complemented by a variety of locations dotted across Northern Ireland that house 10 Game of Thrones inspired doors - each telling the story of a Season 6 episode. These intricate masterpieces are dotted across Northern Ireland, and were carved from the wood of the 200 year old beech trees at the Dark Hedges. Whilst you’re currently arranging your flights why not download the free Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations Northern Ireland app? This pocket guide will help you navigate your way around the spectacular filming locations from the show as well as the 10 Doors. Now, who argued that the best things in life aren’t for free? ✤

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• HOSPITALITY Q&A Hi Mr. Hanna! Congratulations on your promotion. The role of Deputy General Manager brings with it more tasks – are you ready to take on these new responsibilities? In my previous role, I used to be responsible for almost 60 per cent of the operations and now it's gone up to 100 per cent of the operations. So, it's definitely a new challenge, but the advantage of it is that I'm coming from a background that I'm very expert in and being strong and knowledgeable about operations is a plus. At the same time, I'm knowledgeable about the operations of this particular property - so that's a great advantage. I know the different aspects of everything that is going on around the hotel. So, I would say that it will be challenging, but it won't be difficult. Of course, there is a lot to do and I strongly believe that I cannot do it by myself, it's a matter of team work. I believe that we have the right team working at the hotel and this is a big plus. I am confident with the team support, and it makes a real difference. How much will change in your day-to-day role as Deputy General Manager at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa? I was supposed to move to another office, but I'm still attached to the current office I have. So what I tend to do is split my time. In my current office, everybody knows that's where I am, so from the morning time I expect people to be coming in and out with different queries. What I do now is, I take my things in the morning and go straight to the new office, and I get some work done from there - and no one knows I'm here (laughs). Usually, my way of working is that every day in the morning I need around 10 to 15 minutes to organise myself. I use this time to prioritise the tasks which I may have left to do from the day before. I do an agenda for the day because when you work in a hotel with such a large operation, most of the time you cannot always plan and things might not go according to plan. There's a chance that things will just pop up and you have to deal with them accordingly. So, I always prioritise and say, "ok, this must be done today" and I have to remind myself that if everything on the agenda doesn't happen or get completed today, that's ok, we can do it tomorrow. So, prioritising is an important tool. This is how I work, at the end of the day, I ensure that whatever priorities have been done and whatever I need to carry through to the next day, I can delegate precisely. So, I start my day like that, where I need some me-time, and then I jump into the pool! (laughs) Not literally though. Of course, now, having more people relying on me means more responsibilities. My way of working is that if you approach me for something, I am committed to give you the answer - you might like it, or you might not - but I have to give it to you. And if I don't know the answer, I will say "I don't know, let me come back to you" and I will. The nature of the people here is that most of the time they are confident in what they are doing. But, still, they always want to get the opinion and different perspective of someone else, and so they will come to ask me. It means, I'm taking the responsibility of giving my honest opinion. It's like I had a small family and now it's just grown into a bigger family, and I have to look after all of them. 60

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What are some of the new challenging and the most rewarding aspects of being Deputy General Manager? We'll start with the challenging. I always say that if I want to do something, I'd like to see it through to the end and somehow do it perfectly. I'm very much into attention to detail - I believe that details make a difference. One of the core things that I strongly believe is that most of the team needs to focus on the details. This is where I feel like when you look into things as the saying goes, you add the onion without peeling it - so we need to make sure that it's peeled. It makes you cry but you need to get the real taste and the real image of what you're doing. The team now is very much aware of this - we've started on it already. In terms of housekeeping we will focus on everything that could make even a small difference for the customer. The same goes for the front office and the spa, the health club, engineering, everyone.


For example, if you go to another hotel and sit in their all-day dining restaurant, you'll likely find the same set up and same foods, same cutlery, same comfy chairs - everything is good, you go to a 5-star and you get 5-star service. What makes a difference, however, is the people. The staff you encounter and the ways in which they add those little touches and details to your dining experience. This is where we need to focus. The rewarding aspect is that I think being in a place with such a long history and there's many people who have been with us for a while now. So, the advantage of that is that these members of staff know all the regulars by name, they are accommodated with the loyal clientele and know what they order or what they like, and they know exactly what they're doing. At the same time, this can also make them stay in their comfort zone so we have to always push and motivate them because people don't resist change, most of the time they resist because they feel they might do something wrong. This is where my challenge will be, to motivate those people to explore more of what they are doing. You’ve been with The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa for a while now, what has kept you so dedicated to the legendary brand? I was here until early 2012 and then left for some time and rejoined in January of 2017 after almost five years. To rejoin was a natural step for me, something attracted me to come back. I always say that what makes you feel comfortable, whether in your personal life or in your job - this place, it makes you feel like home. You feel appreciated, you feel like management trusts you with the responsibilities and all these things for me I consider as part of ownership and I have come to feel like this place is mine and I need to take care of it. So, all these things make you feel more attached and loyal to the place, especially me. When you have a career plan - I know exactly what I want - and if you're working in a place that is supportive of your plan and supporting you, I don't think you need a reason not to be loyal, or not to be committed, or to look for another option. I don't deny that I've received many options, but my goal now is to pursue and commit to fulfilling this role the best I can. In a place like The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa, where everything is near perfect, how do you keep things exciting and interesting for the staff and make sure that everyone is on the same page? My way of working - and this is how I always try to influence the team working with me. I always wake up in the morning and say, "how can I do my day different than yesterday" what can I do? I always come with this spirit and with time you learn that this by itself is an experience. The greatest thing I have learned is that if you want to do something, you cannot do it by yourself. Involvement and motivation of the team working with you, and trying to make them feel like they are valued, that you are listening to them, all these things are important. Sometimes, I come up with an idea and share it, I ask them to develop it and please, if you have something better in mind, share it. For example, someone who works directly in

housekeeping and has that interaction first-hand, could give better and more effective new ideas, and I want to encourage this. I always push and challenge people - how can you do better? Let's do better. I'm lucky to be surrounded by a team that really understands this and is very into it. The team is on the same page as me, and so it all works better. What are some of the goals, target and ideas that you would like to implement straight away or work towards immediately? The advantage of being with this company is that the company is well established. There are a lot of things happening that I would consider best practice for this hotel. Because of the long experience and background our company has. At the same time, it's also a challenge - you get stuck. How can you do better? If you are already on a high standard, how can you improve? The strategy is very simple. The best thing is that if you look into the hospitality trend. So, 15 years ago, you would go out to a hotel and you would never be accessing a hotel just so simply as we do today. You would dress up, it would be planned, you'd get excited "I'm going to a 5-star hotel" and you would look forward to it for a long time. There was no social media to document your visit, but you would tell your friends and your family that you're going out to a 5-star hotel. Nowadays, things have changed drastically. You go to a hotel, you want to be comfortable. You want to eat there, you want to feel as though you're eating in your own home, your own dining room. You don't want complications, only comfort. So, the strategy is very simple - I want to enhance and ensure that every guest who comes to the hotelfeels as though they've come into their own home and I want them to leave feeling happy. At the end of the day, you work for the customer - they are coming here for the service and you need to create an emotional connection and attachment. All of this needs to happen through passionate work. We are working on a culture called "service from the heart, service with passion" and that's the main goal for right now. Let's talk about your food and beverage offerings. You have one of the strongest in the country. Can you tell us a little bit about what's coming up, any changes, new promotions, Ramadan activities... This subject needs an interview by itself! (laughs). We are always focused on innovating and upgrading our facilities and this we have started from a while ago. Definitely, the hotel has always had a good food reputation - if you want good food, Gulf Hotel is the place to go. Last year, we opened La Pergola By Perbellini. The concept of opening such a project is that we found, already now you go to a regular Italian restaurant and the food is the same everywhere. We wanted to go to the next level, so we took the initiative to take the Italian cuisine and bring to Bahrain on a Michelin level. We really raised the bar for Italian cuisine. The other restaurants at the hotel continue to do well and people appreciate the quality they offer. When it comes to the happenings, you need to not only keep up with the competition around, but also excel. You can get lost as a consumer with where to go out for food, and now fact magazine


• HOSPITALITY Q&A Tell us about some of your CSR initiatives and ways in which you give back to the community as a hotel? We do a really fun Spider Man activity where we invite kids from special needs establishments to come to the hotel and spend some time with staff who dress up as Spider Man - and this by itself is just to put some fun and joy into their hearts. We prepare a nice spread of food and beverages for them to enjoy as well. As a company in general we are really committed to the community and especially to the charities. We have this commitment to donate our time or funds to help. We are also working towards a more Go Green initiative to save more power and adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to hospitality. We've started to think very seriously about it and we're working on having solar power and we've invested over one million dinars in something called district cooling in order to reduce the power usage. So, we're very much looking to be safer, environmentally-conscious brand. For the local community as I said, even because we have the largest Food and Beverage operation, we have an agreement with a local charity organisation - a society for saving food - and what we do with them is we liaise with them to donate the food which is safe to be donated and that way we can help the local communities even at events, we're happy to give vouchers and prizes to be part of charity raffles and such.

people are very much into the value of what they're getting. According to that we need to adapt. We were the first to be brave and bold with offering our Ladies Night at 50 per cent off on food and drinks no matter what you order - and there's no other property that can afford to do that but we went for it to keep people interested and motivated to come out and enjoy themselves. People used to go out twice a week and now they go out twice a month, so at The Gulf Hotel, we're always looking to be innovative and special with our deals. Gulf Night Out is currently on, our seasonal annual event that does extremely well. We're also very busy as we've been chosen as the official catering partner for the Formula One. And, of course, in Zahle, one of the most popular Arabic singers is coming - which is a continuous thing we like to do. In April, we'll be working on the Mexican Festival - there's always something happening. You can come here every night and not be bored. Of course, we've started with the Ramadan tent already and we won Best Iftar last year. This year, we're aiming for Best Iftar and Best Ghabga - we're not greedy (laughs) but we know we can work hard and do it. Always, our challenge, and one that gives our job more flavour, is how we can work to make everything better - always we believe that there is room for improvements. For us, catering to more than 17,000 meals during the three-day F1 extravaganza is an absolute honour and we had great feedback from them last year too, so this is a proud accomplishment. 62

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What would you, personally, like to get out of your new role as Deputy General Manager over the next year? When you have something in front of you - a nice platter of different, tasty variety of food - and you don't know where to start - that's the feeling at the moment. However, with this bigger responsibility, the strategy for me is very much defined and we're working on a culture of working with passion. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to create a culture, a spirit that everyone understands. I am really focussed on how to ensure that we exceed customer satisfaction on all matters - to achieve that, you need to bring in this culture. For me, I want us to provide this excellent service with passion and from the heart. When you start from a strong base, you can build on it. And this is what the customer is looking for right now and what leads to more benefits for all - the guests, repeated business, and more satisfaction for the staff. This is what I'm looking for in every department, support from all teams whether you're at the heart of the house or you're on the frontline. Doesn't matter if you're washing the plates, cleaning the toilets, or you're a manager dealing with a customer, or if you're sat in an office we are all the same, we are all colleagues and we all share the same values, whilst working with different responsibilities. So, we need to handle our responsibilities with ownership, passion and putting our heart in it. ✤




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e’ve said it before and we will say it again, we simply love the Porsche brand! And why wouldn’t we? It seems that every automobile they create is a work of art and this has been true for almost a century of vehicle production. This month we were lucky enough to be offered the new 2019 Porsche Macan for our test drive, by Porsche Centre Bahrain. The thought of getting behind the wheel of a yet untested Porsche model is always a thrill for us and we made sure to lap up every moment of the experience. As the Porsche Macan came into our view for the very first time, we were instantly impressed with the overall shape and design of this new compact SUV. As expected of a Porsche, its lines and curves seemed to effortlessly sweep along the length and breadth of the vehicle giving its appearance a perfect balance of power and style. The front end of the 2019 Macan has been redesigned giving it a wider appearance. The newly designed main headlights feature LED technology that is incorporated as standard. We were informed that there is an optional Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) that can be used to control light distribution. The rear of the Macan also boasts a three-dimensional LED light panel. It was obvious that the vehicle dynamics of the Macan has remained its principle feature. The chassis has been overhauled to increase comfort and to improve the overall driving experience. As one would expect from a sports car brand, the Macan comes complete with mixed-sized tyres that allow for one to adopt a dynamic driving style by taking full advantage of the intelligent all-wheel drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM) system. These tyres have been newly developed with upgraded performance capabilities and range from 18 inches to 21 inches. All of these features and many more, combined with striking exterior colour options such as Miami Blue, Dolomite Silver Metallic, Crayon and Mamba Green Metallic ensure the 2019 Macan has a bold and beautiful presence on any road. Slipping inside the new Mecan, an immediate feeling of luxury and class enveloped us. As expected, Porsche’s attention to detail and use of high-quality materials was obvious and the overall design of the cabin area has been developed for performance and practicality. This model offers a complete range of digital features that are operated via the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. This system has been perfectly designed to provide the driver with an interactive experience that increases his/her control over the vehicle’s performance. This Porsche model houses a 10.9-inchwide, full-HD touchscreen and similarly to the Cayenne and Panamera models, the user interface can be adjusted to cater to personal requirements. This newly developed system includes great features such as intelligent voice control, mobile phone preparation, two audio interfaces and navigation. An anti-theft alarm system complete with interior surveillance is also fitted as standard. As with any Porsche, the real excitement began once we engaged the ignition. The 2019 Macan comes with an efficient 2.0 litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine. The 66

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master designers at Porsche have improved the combustion and chamber geometry of this already impressive engine and it shows through its effortless performance. The Macan delivers 252 hp (185 kW) and has a maximum torque of 370 Nm. Combined with the vehicle’s seven-gear PDK dual-clutch gearbox, this compact SUV surges from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds and can hold a top speed of 227km/h. There are few feelings that can match the excitement of being powered along the tarmac by a vehicle of this calibre. The performance of the 2019 Macan is bolstered by both its efficient handling ad breaking that keeps the driver in full control throughout the driving experience. By the time we pulled back into the parking lot our already skyhigh opinion of the Porsche brand was once again solidified and we could now add the new 2019 Macan to our list of outstanding test-driven vehicles. ✤


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MOTORCITY WINS VOLVO EXCELLENCE AWARD Motorcity, the exclusive distributor of Volvo Cars in Bahrain, has won the Volvo Excellence Award in Sales and Customer Service for 2018 in recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of the company. The prestigious annual Volvo Excellence Award recognises distributors and importers around Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia who have exceeded their targets and gone above and beyond to serve their market. With this achievement Volvo Cars Bahrain has joined the Volvo Excellence Club which gives winning organisations more benefits directly from the manufacturer. Only the most committed Volvo retail partners are selected, solidifying Motorcity’s commitment to the brand and to serving their customers to the highest standards. Motorcity sales, service and spare parts teams have been certified to the highest international standards and receive regular training to maintain and continuously upgrade their skillset. Volvo Cars recently reported an operating profit of over $1.5 billion for 2018, an increase of 0.9 per cent compared with 2017 despite tariffs and increasing

price competition in several markets. The company also announced the best ever annual sales of 642,253 cars globally, an increase of 12.4 per cent compared to 2017. ✤ WWW.VOLVOCARS.COM/BH

JAGUAR I-PACE PREMIERES IN BAHRAIN Jaguar Bahrain unveiled its first-ever all-electric model, the Jaguar I-PACE, during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, which took place from March 28 to 31. In collaboration with the Bahrain International Circuit, Jaguar Bahrain exclusively unveiled one of the most anticipated models during the Bahrain Grand Prix. The I-PACE was revealed for the first time on March 28 remained on display up until the final race day. Visitors attending the Grand Prix were the very first in the Kingdom to see Jaguar’s latest performance SUV. The Jaguar I-PACE, dubbed as the world’s smartest fiveseater sports car, offers outstanding driving experience that reflects its dynamic design. A sophisticated, all-electric powertrain provides high performance with zero tailpipe emissions. Jaguar I-TYPE Formula E racing car and I-PACE both use Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electric Motors and Lithium-ion pouch battery cell technology. These motors are small, compact and efficient, which significantly help to 70

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optimise performance and range. The Jaguar I-PACE recently received the title of the European Car of the Year 2019. Its revolutionary design is both true to the spirit of Jaguar and the I-PACE Concept. From the pronounced front wheel arches to the rear diffuser, every supercar-inspired styling element allows I-PACE to slice cleanly through the air for maximum range and stability. ✤ INSTAGRAM: @EMJAGUARBAHRAIN


PRIUS 2019: TOYOTA’S HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE GETS SHARPER LOOK Reinforcing Toyota’s commitment to remain at the forefront of sustainability and environmental engineering, Ebrahim K. Kanoo; the exclusive distributor of Toyota vehicles in Bahrain has launched the 2019 Prius at its showroom in Sitra With its exceptional environmental performance, futuristic design and unsurpassed driving pleasure, the fourth generation of the company’s global hybrid electric icon seeks to build on its reputation as the world’s most popular self-charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). Electrification of vehicles has been an indispensable focus for Toyota since 1997 and the company has launched a variety of HEVs in the past two decades, leading to a steady rise in the adoption of its environment-friendly vehicles and pushing its cumulative sales of electrified vehicles to over 12 million. This enormous sales record represents a reduction of more than 94 million tons of CO2 compared to the sales of equivalent conventional vehicles and underscores the tremendous support received from customers. Senior Manager of Toyota Marketing at Ebrahim K. Kanoo; Mr. Ayman Shehadeh commented on the new Prius’s look and feel: “The Kingdom of Bahrain is actively seeking out better and more efficient energy solutions in line with global trends. Toyota’s Hybrid technology is the best example of the first step in the direction of sustainable transport and is a popular choice with both environmentally conscious individuals and those who wish to save on fuel expenses.” ✤ WWW.TOYOTA.COM.BH

HYUNDAI SANTA FE: MOST DEPENDABLE Hyundai’s Santa Fe has received one of the world’s most highly respected awards for long-term owner satisfaction, being named as the most dependable mid-size SUV in the J.D. Power 2019 Vehicle Dependability Study. The United States-based study, now in its 30th year, examines problems experienced during the past 12 months by 80,000 original owners of 2016 model-year vehicles. Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality. The study covers 177 specific problems, with cars grouped into eight major vehicle categories. The Santa Fe ranked highest in its class, demonstrating real-world dependability based on the experience of real owners. “Dependability is the foundation of Hyundai’s success as a brand, so this is an important award for us as a company,” said Hyundai’s Middle East and Africa Head of Operations, Mike Song. “We offer customers bold design, powerful performance, versatility, and a host of advanced technologies to keep drivers and passengers comfortable, happy and safe. Most of all, we promise all of this in a car that people can depend on year after year.” As a long-term test, the 2019 Vehicle Dependability Study assessed a model-year of the previous third-generation Santa Fe.

Hyundai launched an all-new fourth generation during 2018. Mike Song said he believes the current Santa Fe goes even further to create satisfied customers. For 2019 models, the Santa Fe features new safety, comfort and convenience technologies, better visibility, increased cabin and storage space, and bolder design language. ✤ WWW.HYUNDAI.COM fact magazine







Flex those grey cells with QuizUp! The super cool gaming app boomed on the app scene a while ago and features a polished interface, a wide variety of trivia question categories and a diverse following of gamers to play against worldwide. Simply choose a category you want to compete in, and the app quickly matches you up against gamers worldwide. In addition to the amazing presentation and question variety, QuizUp also lets you play against friends, chat with other players and discuss questions and categories!

Calling all space junkies! Watch the biggest space events, mobile star maps and so much more with the SkyView app! Terminal Eleven’s SkyView uses your phone’s screen and sensors to give you an augmented reality view of what’s up in the sky. Users can turn their smartphones and tablets into AR viewfinders for identifying stars, planets and constellations. The app can also display an object’s track in the sky as well as information on select objects, planets, and satellites.

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ALL ABOUT THE SOUND Amazing sound quality, gorgeous design and unparalleled features? Yes, please! Bang and Olfusen’s new Beoplay E8 2.0 gives you all that sound and then some.


ffering superior sound, beautiful design in exclusive materials and intuitive touch control on the earphones that gives you total control over music, calls and voice commands, Bang and Olufsen’s first true wireless earphones Beoplay E8 was designed for people who don’t want to compromise sound and design for real wireless freedom. The all-new Beoplay E8 2.0 comes equipped with improvements to the design of the original product as well as a number of cool new features. The premium leather charging case has been redesigned with a new, more exclusive form factor and comes with wireless charging to make Beoplay E8 2.0 truly and totally wireless. Replacing the 12 hours playing time of the original product, the new Beoplay can last up to 16 hours and is easily enough for a day’s listening on the move. For charging in style, Bang and Olufsen is also announcing a new wireless charging pad for use with Beoplay E8 2.0. The charging pad is crafted from luxurious materials, including brushed aluminum and cowhide leather, designed to last and to age beautifully. The perfect companion to your Beoplay E8 2.0 as well as your smartphone, the wireless charging pad supports regular charging (5W) and fast charging (10W). If you already own the existing Beoplay E8, you can still enjoy wireless charging as the original earphones fit perfectly into the new wireless charging

case. Staying true to its signature sound, the new earphones come tuned by Bang and Olufsen’s acclaimed sound engineers for a rich, full-bodied and precise soundstage that will leave your ears wanting more. For the ultimate listening experience, users will also be able to tune the sound themselves in the Bang and Olufsen app for Android and iPhone. Offering totally wireless, cord-free convenience, longer battery life and an updated design, the new Beoplay E8 2.0 gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The new and improved edition of the original E8s is definitely a strong contender in the true-wireless earbuds market. ✤

Beoplay E8 2.0 comes complete with a premium leather wireless charging case, five ear tips and UBS-C charging cable. The earphones are launching in the colours Black, Indigo Blue, Natural and Limestone and retail for AED1,380 excluding VAT. The Bang and Olufsen Wireless Charging Pad will be available in matching colours- Black, Indigo Blue, Natural and Limestone. GO: VISIT WWW.BANG-OLUFSEN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. fact magazine




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MANGO SS19 Highlighting the power of culture in the community and embodying the essence of the Californian summer, Mango encapsulates the best styles of the season with their new collection.

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The SS19 collection consolidates MANGO’s commitment to contemporary styles and elaborate fabrics…. WOMEN This season’s offering features designs with a range of pastel shades, such as pale pink, sky blue and lime. Timeless garments such as trench coats accompany ground-breaking designs, such as cycle trousers to become key designs. A more summery air is provided by the fluidity of semi-transparent fabrics in blouses and dresses and tie-dye prints in maxi-shirts. The range of accessories reiterates the pastel shades and features materials such as glass and bucket hats and sack bags. Highlighted among the footwear are strap sandals with braided shell details and sneakers in the style of ankle boots. ✤


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MEN This season offers a smart casual style that combines denim, safari and surfer trends with neutral colours such as offwhite, cream and khaki. Classic garments such as oversized trench coats or belted jackets are paired with a simple t-shirt or Hawaiian shirts and check trousers. Through the collection, MANGO also introduces its first washable suit, featuring easy-care fabrics that can be cleaned and ironed at home. The range of accessories offers polarised and vintageinspired sunglasses as well as smart sneakers made of 100% leather. ✤







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1 2 3 80

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Get instantly flawless skin! Everything you have ever wanted from your face makeup, the unique product offers a at-a-stroke coverage with a lusciously lightweight formula that blends like a dream. Achieve full, waterproof cover for dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections, while its slanted tip delivers precision application.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

FINELINER ULTRA-SKINNY GEL EYE CRAYON EYELINER Create the perfect winged eyeliner. Add precision definition to the waterline and create the illusion of a more voluminous lash line with 5 new, limited-edition shades. The transformative gel formula glides on for a flawless application, and then sets in place for all day wear. Simply glide along lashes or in the waterline for smooth, intensified definition!

Filorga NCEF- NIGHT MASK Wake up to absolutely gorgeous skin! The highly regenerating formula provides tired, stressed skin with the equivalent of hours of sleep through a mask. More than just a night cream, this sleeping mask combats lack of sleep through its action on melatonin and maximises the benefits of sleep by the same active ingredients used in mesotherapy injections.



More than a glow, less than a shimmer, the glimmers are a multitasking, luminous skin brightener and highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips. This glimmering metallic gel melts onto skin for a lightweight, skinlike nude glow that layers to a max strobe highlighter for eye brightening, face highlighting and lip foiling.

Rituals Cosmetics


Hydrate your skin from the inside out. Restore your skin’s natural moisture balance with Rituals Cosmetics’ Intense Hydrating Serum. The lightweight formula helps visibly refine your skin and protect it from the negative effects of city pollution. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and Indian rose, it helps restore skin’s moisture for intensely hydrated and supple skin.

Boscia INDIGO EYE CREAM Keep dull, tired eyes away! A one-step wonder eye cream, it colour-corrects, illuminates, and hydrates dull, dark undereye circles for a well rested, brightened appearance. Soft, blurring pigments help disguise and combat sleepy, tired eyes while Wild Indigo helps reduce the look of inflammation and puffiness, keeping those under-eye bags at bay.

5 6







Step into the warmer months smelling absolutely irresistible. A woody, oriental scent, cocoa, coffee and maninka fruit make up the backbone of this delectable fragrance. Magnetic cocoa absolute vibrates at the heart of Boss The Scent Private Accord for Him, while notes of ginger and exotic maninka fruit combine with sophisticated mocha.


SUPER ENERGISER ANTI-FATIGUE EXFOLIATING POWDER CLEANSER Take your skincare regime up a notch! This unique Energizing Powder instantly purifies and invigorates dull, tired skin. The water-activated formula lifts away pollution and impurities, while natural exfoliants gently buff skin smooth. It helps remove toxins, unclog pores, remove excess oil and leaves skin feeling super smooth instantly.



Wake up dull and tired eyes with House 99’s Truly Brighter Eye Balm. Enriched with spirulina & quinoa extracts, Truly Brighter Eye Balm for men reduces signs of fatigue, smoothes and reduces dark circles, crows feet & even pronounced lines for a bright, fresh look. The unique combination of caffeine & mica makes you look rested & awake, while protecting and energising the eye area.



Tame frizzy hair, condition frazzled beards and nourish the skin and the scalp all at the same time with Oliver J. Woods’ multipurpose Perilla Oil! Enriched with Vitamin E, it instantly calms the wildest hair, is great for softening and controlling beards and rejuvenates tired looking tattoos. The oil is a blend of Perilla, Crambe Abyssinica and Macadamia Seed Oils and features the signature OJW scent.



Keep yourself protected from sun exposure and pollution with Clarins’ UV Plus SPF 50. A multitasking skin saviour designed specifically for men, this portable product protects from UV damage and the stresses of urban living. Perfect for the city and outdoor sports, it has a clean, fresh scent and is light enough to wear over a serum without making the skin feel clogged or greasy.



Start your day right! Packed with botanical extracts including sage, cypress, geranium, rosemary and mineral-rich kelp, it helps nourish, tone and smooth skin. Infused with REN’s exclusive Anti-Fatigue Essential Oils blend will awaken and refresh sluggish skin as well as your senses.

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MORE THAN JUST OAK-KAY The acorns have been planted and the OAK Restaurant has branched out in Riffa, and we’re officially obsessed with this amazing eatery. FACT's Jayne Green checks it out... fact magazine




n Celtic tradition the Oak Tree is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength. Spiritually it is considered to be the embodiment of hospitality, spirituality and light; it’s such a good job that this wholly unique new eatery has both sensational styling and a delectable menu in order to fill the formidable boots of the title it carries. OAK is an absolute revelation and will refresh the Bahraini food scene more effectively than a cool breeze. Oak’s concept was developed by Kingdom Gourmet. Gently reinforcing the Oak theme with a warm and whimsical touch is Jean Marie Lascelles Lloyd, the gentleman behind Oak’s unique design. He created a playful experience around the restaurant name with his selection of ornate furnishings, that include, but are not limited to, the architecturally splendid centrepiece, hanging chairs and axe legged tables. The centrepiece of the restaurant is a vast white Oak whose branches are tipped with acorns. The suspended bucket style ‘swing’ seating, along with high stools both at counters gives a manhattan coffee house vibe. This is all sensitively created to ensure that the décor stays neutral enough for diners to be able to use the space as they want, rather than have it solely be a showcase for designer pieces. Timber and bark are merged with crisp, lacquered wood. Shelves containing ovular sculptures in various shades, cactus’, herbs and houseplants create a homely feel - well, at least if you lived in the coolest most Avant Garde residence. It’s unfeasibly easy to become caught up in the styling and décor, as we were, but the moment you begin to peruse the menu you remember why it was that you chose OAK. The Marmite and Cheese Tart – you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it – was presented in a skillet topped with a vibrant arugula salad and thankfully tasted every bit as impressive as its first impressions made on me. I was slightly envious of my companion as their salad of beetroot, rocket and spinach was topped with Dukkah crusted fried brie cheese. I defy anyone to read that description and not start to salivate. We metaphorically rubbed our hands together in anticipation of the main courses which were classics transformed as only OAK can. Corn Fed Baby Chicken with broccoli, garlic and chilli confit once again delivered in a cast iron skillet was colourful and oozed intoxicating aromas. Each mouthful was decadent and juicy. It is very difficult to put a new spin on Fish and Chips as opposed to the typical batter infusions or indeed substituting cod for something more exotic, and, it’s fair to say that I imagined the list had been exhausted but no, OAK have knocked this one out of the park. The House Fries are not only dressed as a potato salad would be but served cold with a crispy finishing, just ‘wow!’ There is also an array of sides which complement each dish perfectly. The execution of each dish illustrated not just the ambitious nature of their female Executive Chef Chantel, but also their fantastic technical ability. Chef’s Malva Pudding topped with ice cream was once again as decadent as it was delicious. The mocktails created by resident mixologists are styled as beautifully as the restaurant itself. The Signature Blue Iris 84

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cocktail containing beetroot puree and elderflower is fused into a piece of oak whereas the Tom Yum makes no secret of its fiery chilli kick. There is an elixir to suit every palate and whim. Before leaving it is essential that you visit the bathroom. Not just as your mother might have insisted on when you were young, but because of the quirky ‘selfie’ mirrored area ideally situated for recording your visit on Instagram… in bold pink neon the words ‘P.S. you’re pretty’ are displayed. There really isn’t anything they haven’t thought of. OAK is a triumph of style and substance both in terms of décor and the culinary delights it offers. ✤


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TAKE ME TO ITALY One of the most revered and decadent cuisines of the world, Italian food has always had a very special place in our hearts. One of the best places to get our fix of hearty dishes is Medzo at InterContinental Regency Bahrain, as FACT’s Aanchal Duggal finds out…

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regular feature on almost everyone’s dining excursions, you can never talk about Italy without showing appreciation for its delicious culinary offerings. Heavily influenced by local history and traditions, the cuisine’s reliance on fresh ingredients and delicate flavours is what makes it so beloved across the global palate. Thanks to our love for all things Italian, we decided to make our way to Medzo at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain for a muchneeded dose of Italy’s best dishes. Offering a warm and inviting atmosphere with sleek and modern interiors, Medzo is a true celebration of Italian culture and cuisine. As our first dish of Medzo’s Mozzarella Salad was brought out, we knew we were off to a good start. Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic reduction and basil pesto, the light and refreshing salad was an absolute treat for the eyes and taste buds. A vibrant mix of colours and textures, it tasted so good, we forgot it was healthy! Reflecting Italy’s traditions and rich flavours in all its glory, Medzo uses the freshest ingredients to maintain the authenticity of these age-old recipes. Our next dish of Classic Eggplant Parmigiana is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. A delicious medley of eggplant, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan and basil, it will have you oohing and aahing till the very last bite. The tantalising union of cheese and eggplant was an absolute winner! A true Italian favourite, Risotto Al Funghi is totally irresistible. A hearty blend of forest mushroom, truffle oil and Parmesan, the risotto is creamy and comforting, while the hints of truffle oil seeping through truly bring the dish together. Another one of our all-time favourites, Parmesan Ravioli is love at first bite. Packed with gooey cheesy goodness, the delightful concoction of green asparagus, cherry tomato, mushrooms, butter and sage is brimming with flavour and will send you straight to cheese heaven. With the aim of enhancing the good ingredients that they use, Medzo goes above and beyond to make sure they retain the simplicity of the cuisine and make the finished product very special. After an indulgent pasta sesh, it was time to dig into some good old steak. Beef ribeye, cherry tomato, rocket, Parmesan, mash potato and balsamic reduction, the Beef Tagliata “Alla Toscana” is too hard to resist. The meat is exceptionally tender and juicy, while you can taste the exquisite flavour in each mouthful. As we were still reveling in the mouthwatering flavours we just experienced, we were informed that our Tiramisu was on the way and excited is an understatement! A luscious amalgamation of 88

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mascarpone cheese, finger biscuits, espresso and amaretto, the dish had us doing the happy dance. Fresh and light yet packed with tons of yummy flavour, this is hands down one of the best Tiramisu dishes we’ve had in Bahrain. We don’t mind coming back JUST for this! For all of us at the FACT office, Italian food always has a way of making us feel that everything is right in the world. While we would like nothing more than to sit back and relax as we enjoy the stunning Italian vistas and dig into some mouthwatering pasta, Medzo’s timeless flavours definitely bring a taste of Italy a little closer to us. As we were busy diving deep into a food coma, we were lucky enough to meet the man behind all this delicious food. Born in Calabria, but a world citizen since many years, Chef Luigi Ferraro is all about simplicity and creativity. The recipient of a number of prestigious culinary awards all across the globe, Chef Luigi aims to inject the true and authentic flavours of Italy right into the heart of Bahrain. Merging new cultures with his own and breathing new life into dishes that are absolutely unique and dynamic, Chef Luigi is stimulated and enamored by every kitchen he steps foot in. Always delighting his diners’ eyes and palates with his unparalleled creations, he believes

quality is imperative and cannot be compromised. When asked about any upcoming promotions at the restaurant, Chef Luigi informed us that his diners can look forward to an exciting campaign. A fun and unique concept, it involves spotting Chef Luigi all over the country and standing a chance to dine for free at Medzo. You know we’ll definitely be on the lookout! Chef Luigi is also the author of “Calabria in tutti I sensi-Un viaggio con Luigi Ferraro” (“Calabria in every way – A journey with Luigi Ferraro”). The innovative literature is all about the delicacies of Calabria as well as Chef Luigi’s journey into the art of cooking. Is there anything this Chef can’t do? Armed with an understanding and execution of different cooking procedures, we are super excited to see how the menu and food evolve under his guidance. Drooling yet? We don’t blame you! ✤



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We are all about a scrumptious feast and none more than from the ocean. Step forward The RitzCarlton, Bahrain and their incredible Seafood Night at La Med, as we applaud you. FACT’s Jayne Green takes a bite… fact magazine




ining out has never been this fun and fulfilling. Each day of the week, you and your friends can try something new and delightful, from fine dining to casual and family-style setting, there’s truly something for everyone to experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. Naturally, being food lovers, we ventured to La Med, where we were greeted by colourful buffets featuring Arabian and Mediterranean dishes, set against a soothing background of rich blues and crisp white. Their aesthetically pleasing dining room opens up to a pool and garden-view terrace - this place really has it all! The stunning backdrop is filled with luxuriant fabrics and clean white lines. The boxy chandeliers suspended above diners pay homage to Hollywood glamour and adds another injection of luxury amidst colour. The brand has become synonymous with understated elegance and cutting-edge design blended to create a refuge for those of all ages and agendas. It is fair to say that this particular feast has well and truly set the standard for seafood lovers. The promise of Fresh Crabs and Juicy Oysters would doubtless be enough to draw anyone in to La Med. Needless to say the grandiose station, awash with the finest claws and crustacea nestling in a sea of crushed ice makes a resplendent centre piece. Condiments and fresh produce, perfect for adorning the seafood dishes punctuate the baskets and barrels reminiscent of the finest of Breton seafront stalls selling their ‘Fruit de Mer’. Also, you can’t fake hummus. And La Med’s hummus is magnificent, a ring of silky, airy purée surrounding chunkier, denser stuff; a green rivulet of olive oil; smears of spicy, smoky harissa; and green puréed herbs. Stepping into here is like entering an alternate universe. The serene space blocks out all the noise and clutter of whatever kind of day you’re having. And you can blissfully concentrate on the task at hand: eating sushi. In abundance. This feast has a phenomenal main act but just as impressive in terms of quality is a melange of other staples available at the other stations. As many of us are not seafood connoisseurs the team at Ritz-Carlton has taken great time to hand pick dishes from around the globe which will tantalise and delight. Thirst quenching fruit concoctions and zesty elixirs are served alongside more familiar refreshments . The dessert stations are a colourful cornucopia of fruity, creamy cups of deliciousness, delectable dainty pastries and chocolate delights. Perfect for a long overdue catch up amongst friends or family, an intimate evening with your better half or a chic setting in which to mull over business, La Med will certainly rise to any occasion… It most certainly encompasses you in an impressionable wave, that’s for sure! ✤


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WEEKLY DINING EXPERIENCES: TOP 4 SUNDAY Sundown Grill at Plums Sundays, 7pm to 11:30pm Satisfy your steak cravings with three of the best cuts – US Black Angus, Australian Kobe Wagyu and Irish grass-fed - together served with a side salad, truffle fries, creamed spinach and sautéed mushrooms. BD38 per person; includes one special grape beverage. MONDAY Pazzi Per La Pasta at Primavera Mondays, 7pm to 11pm This season, Chef Vincenzo Nigro is taking the wellloved pasta to new heights with a specially curated set menu that is both satisfying and flavourful. The set menu consists five Italian favourites that can be shared by up to 4 guests in a familial setting. BD34 sharing for up to four guests. TUESDAY Taco Tuesdays at Cantina Kahlo Tuesdays, 6pm to 10pm Gather with your friends for a taco fiesta at your favorite Mexican Cantina – choose from 10 varieties of tacos to excite your senses. Ale! BD22 per person; includes one special beverage. THURSDAY BBQ Night at Bar de La Plage Thursdays, 7pm to 11pm Grill and chill with an exclusive BBQ dining experience. Enjoy an assortment of tender meats, sauces, side dishes and desserts on the beautiful beachfront restaurant, while savoring the cool weather and listening to live entertainment. BD20 per person; includes soft beverages, and BD30 per person; includes select beverages.

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EASTER CELEBRATIONS Just some of the fun happenings around Bahrain to mark the special occasion with a treat…



Easter Brunch Enjoy an unforgettable Easter this year with your family and friends over an extravagant Brunch feast at ART Rotana filled with succulent dishes, sumptuous live cooking stations and an extensive dessert section all while enjoying a live performance from their in-house band. Easter celebrations will be in full swing as the young ones get into their egg-citing spirit and embark on their egg hunt and other activities especially planned for them starting with egg painting, Henna and face painting, animals farm corner and many others. April 21, from 12.30pm to 5pm. BD25 net with non-alcoholic drinks, Bn36 Net with house beverages. Kids (6 - 12): BD12.5 net and kids aged below six dine for Free. GO: Call 1600 0111 for reservations and more information.

Easter Afternoon Tea Executive Chef Hyung Gyu Kim and Executive Pastry Chef Imad Boukli go above and beyond to create a feast of savoury and chocolate inspired delights. Picture an exceptional selection of pastries and scones using only the finest Valrhona chocolate. To accompany the Easter Afternoon Tea, guests can choose hot chocolate or from a variety of 18 loose-leaf teas served with a complimentary glass of sparkling rose juice. BD17 net per person and BD31.5 net for two guests. April 19 to 26 from 12noon to 9pm. GO: Call 1711 5000 for reservations and more information.

MÖVENPICK HOTEL BAHRAIN Easter Friday Brunch Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain invites you to a festive get-together, with a bountiful Easter brunch. Indulge in an infinite selection of the freshest seafood, sushi, pasta station, fine grilled cuts and more – many of which, prepared live. Remember to save some room, because the dedicated dessert and cheese area will surely tempt you one last time. Get entertained throughout brunch with their resident DJ and a live band, performing the best of musical hits. GO: Call 1746 0000 for reservations and more information. 94

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CROWNE PLAZA BAHRAIN Easter Brunch Hop over and join in at the Easter themed brunch. It’s going to be a family affair and the little ones have so much to look forward at the kids’ corner where young guests are kept occupied with fun activities. April 21, 12.30pm to 4pm at La Mosaique Restaurant. BD31 net inclusive of premium beverages. GO: Call 1753 1122 for reservations and more information.

LE MERIDIEN BAHRAIN CITY CENTRE Easter Brunch Celebrate Easter this year with a traditional Easter dishes together


with wide range of Easter cakes and sweets on April 19, for BD28 net including soft drinks and water or BD40 net including selected free flow beverages. Live music from the Twin Band. Book for 10 + people and receive 20% discount. From 12.30pm until 4pm. GO: Call 1717 1000 for reservations and more information.

DOWNTOWN ROTANA Easter Brunch Celebrate Easter at Downtown Rotana with your family and friends and enjoy the Easter themed Friday Brunch during this festive day! This year, pamper yourself and your beloved ones with a sumptuous Easter brunch at Flavours on 2 on April 19 for BD22 net including soft drinks and juices or BD33 net including selected beverages. Kids aged six to 12 get 50% discount and kids aged six and below dine for free. Get entertained with the mesmerising saxophonist playing live with your favourite tunes. Indulge in a stylish setting with special crafted mocktails and cocktails section and live cooking stations. Served from 12.30pm to 4pm. GO: Call 1311 9999 for reservations and more information.

SHERATON BAHRAIN HOTEL Easter Sunday Special Easter Buffet will be served on April 20 that includes kids special Easter Activities at Al Iwan (Easter egg painting, egg hunting and sweet treats). GO: Call 1753 3533 for reservations and more information.

SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA Grand Friday Brunch Easter Special Join the egg hunt on April 19 at Sofitel Bahrain’s lavish 5-star restaurants; Easter Special, full of eggs-citing surprises. Delight your taste buds with a delicious selection of flavour-packed international dishes and enjoy a refreshing selection of beverages. Your special brunch outing is elevated further with electrifying live performances by the Cuban band, Latin Soul. Your little ones will have a blast with plenty of outdoor kids’ activities, including a thrilling egg hunt around the hotel! Served 12.30pm to 4pm, BD32 net incl. soft beverages, BD36 net inc. selected beverages. Kids aged six to 12 get 50% off. ✤ GO: Call 1763 6363 for reservations and more information.

THE RITZ-CARLTON, BAHRAIN Easter Brunch Hop on for an eggciting Easter Brunch with families and friends at La Med. Enjoy a special spread of international specialties while the children go on an egg hunting adventure. BD30, includes soft beverages and BD38, includes select beverages. April 21, 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Ritz Kids Easter Adventure Let us take you to an Easter wonderland full of chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs. Ritz Kids join in on fun activities such as Easter egg hunt, movies and more. April 20, 2pm to 5pm on the Croquet Lawn. GO: Call 1758 6499 for reservations and more information. fact magazine



It's Not That Complicated

Self Care Abova All

Yvonne Cole is a Personal Trainer and believes that when you eat clean, train hard and trust the process, your consistency and patience pays off.

Aanchal Duggal is an avid bibliophile and fashion enthusiast trying to make a living out of doing what she loves. Aanchal is new to Bahrain & exploring!

Getting into shape and losing weight shouldn’t be that complicated. There are plenty of fitness professionals out there that over complicate fitness and weight loss. Most people don’t want to look like a bodybuilder or get six pack abs, most people want to lose weight and live a healthy life. There is no magic pill, there are no magic foods, it’s knowing what your goals are and working out the best way for you to achieve that goal. I said for “you” because everyone is different and will have different goals and will have different ways of getting where they want to be. But what you do need is to be in a calorie deficit which means you need to burn more calories than you take in. This can be done in two ways; 1) increase your activities 2) decrease the calories you take in. Find a workout programme that works for you. You don’t have to hit the gym, you can start walking for an hour a day. Let’s just say you weigh 102kg and depending on how fast or slow you walk you can burn between 230 and 295 calories. Now let’s say your daily calorie intake was 2000 per day and you cut 295 calories from activities and another 300 from food that will take you to 1405 calories which is a great start. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but it’s not as complicated as you think it is. ✤

In a time where we’re constantly in a rush to get things done, the concept of rest and self-care have become relatively secondary. From staying on top of our work, to maintaining a healthy social life and at least trying to hit the gym a decent amount of times, our mental and physical health has taken a backseat. Akin to many millennials like me, I didn’t realise I was on the verge of burning out until it was too late. After two years of constant working, studying and also squeezing in a social life, it finally dawned on me that it was time for me to take a breather. While the switch from neglecting selfcare to taking relaxation seriously isn’t easy, it is absolutely necessary. Taking little steps towards a happier and healthier you can make a whole lot of difference. Since most people view self-love as a form of luxury, they tend to forget that taking care of yourself is imperative for a fulfilling life. From getting enough sleep and eating healthily to meditating, working out and spending time with loved ones that bring out the best in you, taking care of yourself should always be at the very top of your list. As easy as it is to get caught up in the continuous cycle of work, sleep and repeat, it’s time you start giving your body and mind the TLC they deserve. Define what self-care means to you and begin your personalised journey to wellness! ✤

GO: Email or call 3466 0453 for more information.

GO: Email for more information.


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#ARTBAB #2019

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Yassir Demnati

Director of Sales, The Merchant House Tell us three things that make working in Bahrain exciting for you? Though I am new to Bahrain, I have been in the GCC region for almost ten years, during which I have worked in key destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And despite the proximity, the lifestyle in Bahrain is quite distinctive. If I had to pick only three things, I will choose the people, so fascinating how friendly, warm and welcoming Bahrainis are. The culture, diverse, rich and varied, with many languages, traditions and beliefs. The history, such an ancient island with a heritage dating back four thousand years, which allows for some captivating site seeing.


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What are some of your favourite cultural hangouts in Bahrain? My first choice will be The Merchant House, with a carefully curated art collection that includes extraordinary and exciting pieces of established Bahraini and international artists as well as young and up and coming talent from the region. Guests are in for a treat with The Library, boasting a hand-picked collection of over 1000 books for guests and visitors to enjoy. Then the souq area of Bab AlBahrain, just a few steps away, is striking! You can easily spend hours strolling between the narrow alleyways which hold all kinds of interesting things, from traditional clothing to souvenirs to local handicrafts. And so I am grateful to the government's and local authorities efforts in preserving this cultural landmark and re-establishing the prominence of downtown Manama.

Share with us some of your professional goals for the rest of 2019: We've welcomed 2019 with the opening of The Merchant House, the much-anticipated luxury boutique hotel, that joins Campbell Gray Hotels’ impressive line-up of luxury properties, and the first boutique hotel in Bahrain to be awarded a five-star rating. We are satisfied with the market response, and therefore my main strategic goal for the rest of the year is to maintain the positioning of The Merchant House as a hotel that offers much more than simply a place to stay. Here guests will be afforded an experience that stays with them long after they have checked out.

UNMATCHED RAMADAN EXPERIENCE Embrace Ramadan traditions this season by sharing memories with family and friends at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. A promising and unmatched Ramadan experience awaits starting with a culinary journey of aromatic menus, enjoyed under our luxurious VIVA Masaya Ramadan tent. Call (+973) 1758 6499 or visit

Iftar at BHD 32. Ghabgha at BHD 35. Prices are inclusive of service charge, government levy and VAT. Reservations are required. No refund or credit for unused portion. Void where prohibited.

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Profile for Fact Magazine

FACT Bahrain April 2019  

How can we live stress free in 2019? Is this the year of JOMO and really looking after yourself? FACT digs deeper into what it means to decl...

FACT Bahrain April 2019  

How can we live stress free in 2019? Is this the year of JOMO and really looking after yourself? FACT digs deeper into what it means to decl...