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March 2015 VOL 1. ISSUE 10 aED 10

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contents FIX UP. LOOK SHARP. Go to the kitchen. Put the kettle on. Get your favourite mug. Make a cuppa to your desired preference. Walk back to the living room. Find a comfy spot on the sofa or a chair. Sit back. Put your feet up. Relax. Enjoy reading through this issue of FACT!



41. swedish art exhibition


49. ad arts collective

If you want a view from the water, there’s a new leisurely service in town to accommodate.

Debut of FACT Dining Awards in Abu Dhabi. We reveal the nominations here... Are you ready?

Art takes a flight to Sweden this month, with a striking display of Swedish Mixed Media Art at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

The Emirates first contemporary art space, Salwa Zeidan Gallery, will mark its 21st Anniversary with a group exhibition.

Following the first show at the National Theatre, the AD Arts collective will now display artworks by 32 artists at The Space.

52. gpp egypt exhibition

55. Eating the world

60. reviews

72. fashion focus

76. fashion Round up

The Gulf Photo Plus Gallery presesnts a series of images by a British/Egyptian Photographer.

Celebrating fabulous world cusines, FACT takes you on a culinary global tour, plate by plate.

Oscar fever has faded, and new films are out. Grab the popcorn and check out these new releases.

GAP launches its Spring collection. Denim being the main focus. Check it out!

What’s trending in the world of fashion? We have a round up of looks for men and women.

78.touch of beauty

81. Chef’s TABLE

87. venue review

90. city bites

96. spa review

Japanese Cuisine lovers, you are in for a treat. We meet the chef behind the menu at Tori No Su.

We visited Iris Yas Island, and it was a delightful expereince. Read our review now.

Food all the way! Find out what dining offers are on around the city this month.

Fancy a relaxed experience? We tested the new facial at The Westin Golf Resort & Spa.

New beauty products and the must-haves in your make up bag are here!


fact magazine

fact magazine


THE EDITOR FACT Magazine Abu Dhabi Edition March 2015 Volume 1, Issue 10

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw


little fun fact about me; I hadn’t eaten sushi, or any Chinese food really, before I moved to the GCC - and that was only two years ago. Yes. I was 23 when dim sum crossed my lips, and what can

I say? It’s been a love affair that will ultimately last a lifetime! It

was actually in the GCC that I first tried Japanese cuisine, ate a camel burger, and, of course, savoured the most authentic Middle Eastern food – all of which made my personal foodie favourites list.

So, you can only imagine how excited I am about the first ever FACT

March 2015 VOL 1. ISSUE 10 aED 10

Food For Thought


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2/24/15 12:11 AM

Chief Executive Officer Greg Hughes Editor-in-Chief Shabana Adam ( Group Regional Editor Tony Sidgwick ( Features Editor Pallavi Ramesh ( Creative Director Paula Leal

Dining Awards in Abu Dhabi. It’s time to recognise and celebrate the best in

Senior Graphic Designer Raquel Henriques

These prestigious awards highlight foodie favourite’s from Abu Dhabi’s dining

Photography Rashed Bin Daina Sunder Pratap Singh

the food and beverage, and hospitality industry right here in the UAE capital. scene in several different categories. Turn to p25 for the lowdown on the

format of the awards and to see the list of all the nominees. Each category

will have two winners; the best and the favourite. When it comes down to the favourite vote, you the readers have all the control! Look out for the voting forms at selected dining outlets and cast your vote today.

Adding to all the food excitement – can you believe it’s March already?

Production & Distribution Manager Neil Mahmood Advertising Sales Manager Mohammed Sahim

like The Colour Run (p14), Abu Dhabi Festival (p18), and some fabulous art

Regional Key Account Manager Chelsea Copenhaver

second showcase by AD Arts Collective at The Space (p49), as well as work

Advertising Enquiries Email:

This month brings with it a slew of awesome cultural events and fun activities exhibitions including Shaping Scenes at Salwa Zeidan Gallery (p45) and the by two Swedish artists on display at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr (p41). Plus

check out our monthly calendar picks on p16 – there’s absolutely no excuse to

Printed By Awal Press

stay indoors this March.

For all you magic fans out there, we sat down with world-famous illusionist

Dynamo, as he helped to launch the new Fiat 500X in London. One of my favourite features this month, and continuing along the foodie path, is our

culinary journey around the world. Head to p55 and take a fare-filled tour of

some of the world’s most famous cuisines and where you can try these dishes in Abu Dhabi. As usual we’re satisfying your thirst for fashion with a spring collection focus from GAP (p71) and some stylish looks for everyone!

My goal this month is to cook up a worldly dinner of epic proportion

(at some point). If you want to see how that goes, keep an eye on our

instagram @factmagazine - we love sharing food pics. Happy feasting all!

Shabana Adam Editor-in-Chief 6

fact magazine

All Rights Reserved. Opinion expressed within does not necessarily represent the opinion of the publisher. All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of the information within this publication. However, FACT M.E. FZ-LLC cannot accept legal responsibility for any erroneous content or omissions. FACT M.E. FZ-LLC, Office 907E, TwoFour54, Park Rotana Complex, P.O. Box 769328, Abu Dhabi, UAE License Number: D.L. 361/14/A

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@BrianK_C In other news, picked up my copy of @FACTAbuDhabi. The cover caught my eye from the magazine stand.

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@fliktony When you’re thinking of random stuff and you suddenly find yourself wondering what your purpose in life is!

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COMPETITIONS Send your answer(s) along with your name and number, with ‘FACT AD Comp’ in the subject line, to

COMP CORNER FACT has some fabulous giveaways this month and here’s how you can enter for a chance to win…

WIN! A Non-Alcoholic Friday Brunch For Two at Koi Japanese Restaurant & Lounge

WIN! Business Lunch For Two at BOA Steakhouse

KOI has entered the Abu Dhabi culinary scene with a bang. It’s all about the experience. It’s the combination of design, comfort, and quality of food. The vision for Abu Dhabi was to design a restaurant that appealed to all the senses. This has been captured with KOI. Our secret is maintaining absolute consistency and paying extremely close attention to detail. At KOI Abu Dhabi, imaginative dishes are inspired by traditional Japanese preparations, then deconstructed and infused with modern California accents. Modern palates will truly be inspired by KOI’s Japanese fusion and traditional dishes. Theses creations, along with our innovative signature cocktails, are coupled with an atmosphere that evokes intrigue and serenity, transporting guests to an unforgettable experience. For your chance to win, simply answer the question below:

BOA Steakhouse artfully combines a bold, colourful environment with modern-day steakhouse fare. Steaks and chops include a selection of prime mid-western Texas and Kansas beef, such as the “40 Day” Dry Aged New York Strip and the “Bone In” Rib Eye, as well as Certified Organic Beef and Premium American Wagyu, all served with a choice of rubs and house made sauces, including BOA’s own J-1 sauce. Aside from mouth-watering steaks, the restaurant offers a full complement of traditional steakhouse sides, including classic caesar salad made tableside and lobster twice baked potato. The menu also offers tempting poultry dishes and superb seafood options plus a wide variety of sandwiches and salads at lunchtime. Every meal is also accompanied with an extensive cocktail menu and vino list. For your chance to win, all you have to do is answer the question below:




fact magazine

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Let us offer you Arabian hospitality at its finest.

AbadiMTStd-Italic_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-= [] \;’,./≠ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>? å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω`¡™£¢ §¶•ªº–≠“‘«…æ≤ ÷≠ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜Ø∏Œ‰Íˇ¨◊„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ”“’‘ '" € $‚Ǩ¬£¬•‚Ç©‡∏ø—Ä—É–±

Let us teach you about our rich Qatari heritage. Let us wrap you in luxury and comfort. Let us keep a place in your heart.

Sharq Village & Spa is a novel contrast harking back to the past and offering a memorable experience for visitors seeking a destination resort with an exceptional sense of place. Enjoy deluxe accommodations and daily breakfast for two. Starting at QAR 1695 per night. For reservations, call +974-4425-6666 or visit us at

Terms and conditions apply. © 2015 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

fact magazine



Fact Finds

Abra Water Taxi Discover more of Abu Dhabi with FACT Finds. Every month we’ll bring you a new hotspot, our favourite happening, eatery, activity, or interesting find from around the city.

If you want a view from the water on weekends, there’s a new leisurely service in town to accommodate. That’s right, enter the traditional wooden Abra water taxi; a service recently launched to connect two of Abu Dhabi’s prime waterfront tourist destinations. You can now jump aboard the vessel for a trip between the Eastern Mangroves Promenade and The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri, with stops on the way at five-star hotels on Khor Al Maqta (Maqta Creek). Operating on just weekends for the time being, the 25-minute journey will run one return trip every hour, starting from the Souk Qaryat Al Beri Marina and arriving at Eastern Mangroves Marina with stops at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal and Fairmont Bab Al Bahr hotels. Antonio Neto, manager of the tours and events company Capt. Tony’s, which is operating the Abra Water Hopping Service, says: “Passengers can experience the beautiful views of the mangroves, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the hotels and marinas and enjoy a trip that is not only fun, but also practical and affordable. “These are two very popular areas for residents and tourists with a host of restaurants and attractions, so 12

fact magazine

what better way to experience the two areas than on a leisurely and safe journey between the two,” he adds. Both 31-foot Abras in the fleet have been designed and built in Abu Dhabi at a local boatyard, with a third currently under construction. Currently the boat runs from 10am until 6pm on Friday and Saturday with the service expected to become daily in the near future. The new route will complement the company’s recently launched free water taxi service linking the three five-star Khor Al Maqtaa hotels, running daily from 6pm until midnight. The cost of a one-way adult ticket is AED50 with a return costing AED80. Children aged from 6 to 12 pay AED30 and AED50 respectively, while children aged under five travel free.

GO: Visit for more information.

Al Bandar, Abu Dhabi Upper Basement Parking 6am-10pm Weekdays 7am-11am Weekends


Cobra Fitness has taken Martial Arts in the UAE to a new level with a whole range of classes that will make you re-think the way you achieve your personal fitness goals

boxing & muay thai fitness:

Full body workout that will leave you feeling like a champ

boxing & muay thai technique: Learn the art with our experienced trainers

ladies muay thai:

High Cardio workout for Ladies only

brazilian jiu jitsu:

Ground fighting, grappling, joint-locks & chokeholds


Intoduction to BJJ for children 5-11 years old

abs destruction:

45 mins of hardcore abdominal work & core strengthening

the spartacus:

High intensity circuit designed to torch fat & tone body

fighters fitness:

Grueling fat & calorie burning class

power yoga:

Fitness based, free-flowing yoga with a mix of postures

acro yoga:

Partner balancing that combines yoga & acrobatics.

ladies bootcamp:

Get in shape & stay in shape with a high-intensity workout

vertical flex:

Pole dancing- get sexier & look sexy doing it




ww .fa








Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got everything covered, all you need to do is show up












Our trainers are composed of experienced and active fighters from Muay Thai Champions to Olympic boxers


fact magazine



The Colour Run The Colour Run presented by Daman’s ActiveLife will bring a whole new world of colour to Yas Marina Circuit in March when it partners with global phenomenon The Shine Tour to create a spectacular finish festival for thrill-seeking runners.

Bursting into Abu Dhabi for the second time on March 27, the event has undergone a vibrant makeover. Kicking off for the first time at 4pm, participants will enjoy more colour than ever before with the addition of a fifth colour station, before being coated in fluorescent colour and glitter at the fluorofilled finish festival. The Colour Run is presented by the National Health Insurance Company – Daman through its ActiveLife initiative. The popular event will see a kaleidoscope of participants showered in vibrant coloured powder as they pass through the course’s five colour stations, with only two rules to follow: turn up in immaculate white, and cross the finish line plastered in colour. Dr. Sven Rohte, Chief Commercial Officer at Daman, presenting sponsor of the event, says: “At Daman we are very keen on providing platforms that enable the community to get active and kick-start 14

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a healthier lifestyle. The Colour Run is an excellent opportunity to do this in a fun, unpressured environment and this year’s event promises 10 times the fun with participants shining in glitter and Colour at the end as the sun sets over Yas Marina Circuit.” The untimed event first burst into the UAE in December 2013, selling out in weeks and seeing more than 8,500 participants walk, dance and cartwheel their way around the course. Further showcasing the event’s ability to inspire, uplift and unite communities, the Colour Run presented by ActiveLife in Abu Dhabi last year saw Colour Runners

“The Colour Run is a unique celebration of health, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community.”

from one to 100-years-old take part at Yas Marina Circuit. The Colour Run is a unique celebration of health, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community. Exploding in popularity since its January 2012 launch, The Colour Run has become the single largest event series in the United States and is gaining traction around the world. Organisers are urging hopeful Abu Dhabi participants to sign up when entries open at 9 am on Thursday, February 5 at www. to ensure they are part of this unique event. Entries cost AED 140 and include a Gift Pack, an event t-shirt, sweatband and colour pack. In keeping with The Colour Run™’s tenet of giving back to the community, $1 from every registration will be donated to Friends of Cancer Patients charity through the Just Giving platform. GO: Follow The Colour Run on twitter @TheColorRunUAE for information.


Di ary Dates For those of you thinking of jetting off around the region this month, we’ve rounded up some of the best events for you to check out in our neighbouring nations…




Where Various Locations When Feb 28 to April

Where Kassis Center, Lebanon When Ongoing until October 1

Where Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall When Ongoing until March 28

This year’s Spring of Culture carries extra significance as this signature annual event celebrates its 10th anniversary! Marking this milestone, Bahrain’s numerous culturally and historically important sites form the perfect backdrop to a vibrant kaleidoscope of exciting events and activities featuring local, regional, and international talents from the world of music, theatre, arts, and more. Visit for more info.

If you’re visiting Lebanon for the arts scene then check out this workshop. Discover and develop your creative ability every Tuesday, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this mosaic workshop! A large assortment of exquisite tiles and all the required tools are available to help you realise your own unique creation. The groups will be small and friendly ensuring that you can work at your own pace

This exhibition includes various works of art by individuals from Qatar and Brazil. The QM Gallery Al Riwaq is split in half with each side dedicated to one of the two countries, Qatar (Here) and Brazil (There), exploring the environmental, cultural and social experience of life in Qatar and Brazil through the eyes of each country’s most promising and talented young artists. Visit for more info.

Spring of Culture

Mosaic Workshops 2015

Here There Exhibition

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Getting Out & About This Month in Abu Dhabi

Say goodbye to boredom this month and mark your diaries with these all-important dates. We’ve put together a calendar packed with happenings just for you! This is what FACT recommends (and you can still find more throughout the rest of the mag!).

7 11 13 15 17






ITU WORLD TRIATHLON Corniche Breakwater


LADIES’ DAY, Tennis at the Palace


MOM & ME PACKAGE at Zayna Spa

Watch hundreds take to the water for this popular annual challenge for amateurs and professionals. The ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi 2015 provides a unique opportunity for age group athletes to compete on the same stage as the world’s top 65 men and 65 women. Visit www.

Head over to ADNEC where health and fitness enthusiasts, medical experts, fitness clubs, nutritionists and chefs help to promote healthy living over three days of free fitness and fun activities, health checkups and nutrition tips, games and prizes.

The world’s tennis elite comes together in Abu Dhabi at Emirates Palce for the first edition of Tennis at The Palace from March 12 to March 14. The event will be a quintessentially British garden party featuring tennis from grand slam legends, and today is dedicated to the ladies. Visit

It’s the last 10 days of this fantastic exhibition introducing the future Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s curatorial vision through a theme-based collection presentation. Comprised of sixteen artworks, Seeing Through Light examines the theme of light as a primary aesthetic principle in art. Visit www.

Pampering starts with a soothing head massage and a deep conditioning mask applied through the hair. A tropical papaya body scrub follows and a relaxing Swedish Aromatic Massage proceeds. It ends with a Pevonia Luminous C & Sea Facial to give radiance to the skin. AED1400 for two. Call (0)2 495 3831 for for more information. 16

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Visit for more information. for more information. for more information.


18 2024 2630






MULTAQA ZAYED National Museum

UAE WOODEN BOAT Race at Corniche Breakwater

CAJUN NIGHT, AT CAFE Palmier, Le Royal Meridien

DINE OUT AT RAY’S GRILL Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

VIEW FROM INISIDE AT Emirates Palace Gallery

Join in these monthly talks giving an insight into the future Zayed National Museum’s vision. Today’s talk focuses on Al Nayhan Sheikhs: Governance, Politics and Diplomacy, taking place at Qasr Al Hosn Centre from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Watch 25 boats compete in this popular traditional race. This championship preserves the rich heritage of the UAE’s forefathers and demonstrates the country’s centuries old marine traditions. Wooden powerboats are locally known as ‘Al Shawaheef ’ and are piloted by one or two drivers. Visit www.

Foodies can tantalise their taste buds now with the one and only Cajun night live every Tuesday. An authentic Cajun meal is usually a three-pot affair, with one pot dedicated to the main dish, one dedicated to steamed rice, special made sausages, some seafood dish, and the third containing veggies.

Situated on Level 63, guests can dine against a backdrop of panoramic city views that include the Corniche and Arabian Gulf, making it one of the most inspirational and romantic restaurant settings in the Emirate. Try signature grills and delicious drinks for dinner, served 7pm to 11.30pm. Call (0)2 811 5666

As part of Abu Dhabi Festival, the internationally acclaimed FotoFest comes to the Middle East for the first time, exploring the very best of Arab photography, video and photo-based installation art. Go and check out the work on display!

Visit www.saadiyatculturaldistrict. ae for more information. for more information.

Call (0)2 695 0530 for more information.

Visit for more information.

for more information.

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a celebration of performing arts It’s that time of year again when Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) brings world-class theatre, dance, music, and exhibitions to the UAE capital’s shores. FACT has a run down of what to expect from the 12th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF), organised by ADMAF…

The Festival Recital Series

Ah Ruem Ahn

Othello: The Remix

Where: Emirates Palace M031 When: March 3 to 17 (various performances) Continuing its longstanding commitment to youth music, in 2015 Abu Dhabi Festival launches a brand new series of recitals by award-winning young laureates of classical music. Presented with selected ADMAF international strategic cultural partners, these intimate concerts offer a unique opportunity to experience tomorrow’s global virtuosos. During their visit to the UAE capital, these outstanding musicians will also engage and inspire Abu Dhabi’s talented young musicians through workshops in schools, universities and music centres.

Where: Emirates Palace M031 When: March 3 at 8pm. Ah Ruem Ahn studied in South Korea and Germany and has performed with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Dortmunder Philharmoniker and Morocco Philharmonic, among other orchestras, debuting at Carnegie Hall in 2013. She has received several prizes at international competitions including the second prize and silver medal at the 17th Paloma O’Shea Santander International Piano Competition (2012). She’s a piano whizz likely to put on a spell-binding performance.

Where: Abu Dhabi Theatre, Breakwater When: March 5 at 8pm All the way from Chicago USA, hiphop duo, the Q Brothers, are giving a whole new modern-day interpretation to William Shakespeare’s Othello. Othello: The Remix is a fresh take on Shakespeare’s great tragedy, lyrically rewritten over original beats. MC Othello quits the ghetto and rises straight to the top, winning the respect of the music industry, the adoration of fans and the heart of the beautiful singer Desdemona. But he’s also attracted the spite of hip-hop purist Iago, who has something more sinister planned for Othello than a rap battle.


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listen up

Julien Libeer

Sérgio Mendes

A Night At The Opera

Where: Emirates Palace M031 When: March 13 at 8pm. If the sounds of the piano are what you crave, then you won’t want to miss this! Juventus Prize winner Julien Libeer has been described as one of the most remarkable musical personalities of the young generation. He has appeared in major venues across Europe and will soon debut at London’s Barbican Centre and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. Since 2011, he has been refining his talent at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Belgium, under the direction of Abdel Rahman El Bacha and Maria João Pires.

Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: March 20 at 8pm. Expect Carnival at the Emirates Palace as super-cool Sérgio Mendes and his energetic 10-piece band sweep into town with a night of super-hot tropical grooves and Brazilian rhythms including some of his greatest hits - Mas Que Nada, The Fool on the Hill, The Look of Love, Magalenha, The Waters of March and The Girl from Ipanema. He’s one of the most internationally successful and popular Brazilian artists of all time so don’t miss the bossa nova superstar’s infectious rhythms and stage flair.

Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: March 23 at 8pm Expect a breathtaking evening of operatic arias with Juan Diego Flórez, performing for the first time in Abu Dhabi. With his fluid, expressive singing and dazzling virtuosity, Peruvian Flórez is one of the most
sought-after tenors across the globe. His operatic and recital appearances at the most prestigious venues in the world have earned him the acclaim of critics and audiences alike. Flórez will perform with the acclaimed Budapest Festival Orchestra.

Aisha Syed Castro

View From Inside

Jan Lisiecki In Recital

Where: Emirates Palace M031 When: March 17 at 8pm. This beautiful lady will leave you in awe with her violin skills! Following her National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic debut, at the age of 11, Aisha became the first Latin American student of the Yehudi Menuhin School. As a soloist, she has performed at prestigious venues and festivals in Switzerland, Lithuania, USA, France, London and Spain. The Royal College of Music scholar and President of the Music for Life Foundation, Aisha plays a 1690 Antonio Stradivarius and an Antonius Pelizon, both kindly on loan from Florian Fine Violins.

Where: Emirates Palace Gallery When: March 21 to April 20 The contemporary Arab photography, video and mixed media art exhibition, FotoFest, leaves its U.S. home to make its Middle East debut at ADF. Specially curated works, based on the highly praised 2014 FotoFest Biennale, this showcase will bring diverse and stimulating selection of leading contemporary Arab artists’ work to the forefront. rom photojournalistic images of important public events to poetic reflections on Arab culture, these artworks show the complexity and beauty of life in the MENA region today.

Where: Emirates Palace Ballroom When: March 24 at 8pm Recognised for his poetic and mature playing, and aged just 19, the awardwinning pianist, Jan Lisiecki, is one of the most sought-after young players in the world. He is especially renowned for his interpretation of the Chopin Études, amongst the most enduring and defining of the piano repertoire. Intense, passionate, lively and emotional, they require dazzling technique. The repertoire he has chosen for the Festival ranges from Bach to Mendelssohn to Grieg, and also includes the complete Chopin 12 Études Op. 10. fact magazine



Visit for tickets and up-to-date information on all the programmed events for Abu Dhabi Festival 2015

Mozart’s The Magic Flute Opera Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: March 28 and 30 at 8pm. Mozart’s sublime opera The Magic Flute has enchanted music and theatre-lovers of all ages for hundreds of years. Be transported to a mythical land between the sun and the moon as Prince Tamino, protected from danger by a magic flute, sets out on a fantastic adventure to rescue Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night. A full expression of Mozart’s dramatic and musical genius, the kaleidoscopic score swoops from lyrical
love duets to pyrotechnic arias in this spellbinding love story, full of vivid characters, wit and charm.

Beethoven Violin Concerto Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: March 25 at 8pm Two of the world’s finest maestros, the great conductor Riccardo Muti and peerless German violin virtuoso AnneSophie Mutter will take to the stage. Riccardo founded the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra and is regarded as one of the pre-eminent conductors of today. Anne-Sophie Mutter, known for her immersive and emotional playing, and impeccable technique, performs the Beethoven Violin Concerto. Beautiful, exquisite and sublime, the concerto is a technical and emotional challenge for soloists, and a favourite of the repertoire. 20

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Piano Masterpieces Leif Ove Andsnes Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: March 26 at 8pm The celebrated Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes is particularly renowned for his Beethoven Journey, a four-year focus on the great composer’s five piano concertos. His programme for the Abu Dhabi Festival continues this remarkable journey as he plays Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 5. Overtly romantic, the masterful Concerto is proof of the tenderness and beauty of Beethoven’s music.
Leif Ove Andsnes will perform with the celebrated Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Iván Fischer.

Mayssa Karaa Where: Emirates Palace Auditorium When: April 2 at 8pm American-Lebanese singer Mayssa Karaa makes her international debut at the Abu Dhabi Festival with songs and collaborations including her debut single Over Again. She leapt to fame when her vocal rendition of White Rabbit in Arabic was featured in the Oscar-nominated film American Hustle. Mayssa Karaa enchants audiences with powerful, haunting vocals and her remarkable capacity to move across musical genres, with a repertoire ranging from classical Arabic to contemporary rock fusion.



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M a g ician D y nam o

La u nc h e s 5 0 0 X

He’s got the world of illusion on lock down, and now Britain’s most famous magician has teamed up with Fiat to launch their new model. FACT caught up with the man behind the magic, Dynamo, at London’s most famous skyscraper, The Shard…


fact magazine


Dynamo rose to fame performing street magic across the UK,

which became the basis for his television and online popularity. As his profile increased, so did the scale of his tricks, and one of his most famous took place at the site of our interview, when he appeared suspended in mid air right on the pinnacle of The Shard itself. Now, Dynamo has partnered with Fiat to launch their new crossover SUV, the 500X, as Fiat felt that Dynamo’s qualities embodied the same as their new model, namely dynamic, show stopping, unique and ‘magical’!

However, this was all just a prequel for what was to come later, as we were shipped off to an arena that evening for Dynamo’s incredible Fiat 500X stage show. To see it for yourself, do a search for Dynamo and 500X on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed… One of your most famous tricks was the one that took place right here, on The Shard. Can you tell us a bit more about it? It was the beginning of the final series of Mission Impossible. My first series started with me walking across the River Thames, and for the final series, I had to go out on a high, and I think the highest point in Europe was the right place to do that! The scariest part about that trick for me was how close the helicopter was getting to me. It wasn’t supposed to get within 200m of the building, and he was around 100m away from me, and it was super windy! How was the view? Amazing. I was 1016ft above ground level.

when superstars were real superstars, and a show was a real show, and he still puts on two shows a day. He’s a genius, but my heroes aren’t magicians, they’re people Where do you find the inspirations for like Michael Jackson, because when you your magic? see his performances, they’re magical, A lot of the inspirations now, to be honest, even though he’s come from my Twitter followers. “Dynamo rose to fame performing not a magician, it’s just his pure They always send street magic across the UK, talent that is me crazy ideas; which became the basis for his the magic. And “Can you do this? television and online popularity.” Pharrell Williams, Can you do that? when he puts Can you make out a record, you know that magic has my work disappear? Can you help me pass happened in that studio. my exams?” But occasionally they’ll send something that’s really awesome, and I Do you still enjoy street magic? think, “Wait a minute, can I do that?” A lot If I’m honest, that’s my favourite thing. It’s of my early inspiration came from working harder to do nowadays, which is probably in a video store. That was my first job, after why I yearn for it a bit more, because I don’t school, and the best part of it was that I have the luxury of being able to just walk in got to take home the preview copies of upcoming releases. I watched things like the the street so much anymore without causing Matrix, and I was a little bit naïve and didn’t a scene. But, when I get the opportunity, I really know much about the movie industry, always like to go back to it, because that’s where I started, and it’s my favourite kind. and I thought the stunts and the stuff that happened in the Matrix were real, so I tried Is it getting harder to beat expectations? to recreate them, and that’s where all my I think beating my own expectations for original ideas came from. You can see that myself are always harder than beating those in some of my TV shows and tricks. of the audience, because I’ve always strived to up my game and raise the levels of what Are you inspired by any of the other I’m doing, and hopefully that’s shown in my famous magicians, like Copperfield? work. It’s necessary, to have that pressure Oh yeah, definitely! I mean, David on myself because if I get to a point where Copperfield is one of the greats. I’ve been I think it’s good enough, it’s not right to see his show many times in Vegas, and anymore. It can never be good enough. I I’ve hung out with him, he’s really good. can always do better. He was from the Michael Jackson era, I was officially the highest man-made thing in Europe!

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#Gulfood #20th #Edition The landmark 20th edition of Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food and hospitality trade show, took place at Dubai World Trade centre last month. Gulfood 2015 was the biggest edition in the show’s history, with more than 4,800 companies from 120 countries participating across 120,000m² of exhibition space.


fact magazine

The inaugural FACT Dining Awards will take place in April, celebrating the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best and favourite restaurants, cafes, lounges, bars and pubs. We bring you the first look at all the 2015 nominees...

fact magazine



Celebrating Abu Dhabi’s food scene, FACT will hold its inaugral dining awards for restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and lounges across the UAE capital, in April 2015.


1 There will be 26 categories in the FACT Dining Awards with two winners in each category: the Best and the Favourite.


fact magazine




The winner of the ‘Best’ in each category will be selected by a panel of food bloggers and industry experts, based on a list of criteria and dining reviews.

The winner of the ‘Favourite’ in each category will be selected through public voting online and on paper forms at all nominated venues.

The lavish award ceremony will be held towards the end of April at a five-star venue.




Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

From basic homely dishes to the most sophisticated pizzas, pastas and risottos dishes, Pappagallo’s high-quality ingredients and rustic Italian ambience teamed with al fresco dining option makes this a favourable foodie spot.

Trader Vic’s Beach Rotana

This global French-Polynesian concept has proven a hit in the region, largely thanks to elegant and yet exotic venues, an excellent menu of bar snacks and a la carte dishes as well as an extensive beverage list.


Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi


Yas Island Rotana

When it comes to buffets, this all-day dining restaurant offers a huge variety of international specialties, with an extensive selection of dishes from both East and West.

Urban Kitchen

This rustic and down-to-earth Italian eatery serves high-quality and authentic Italian cuisine for a good price. Its grape and cheese nights are a huge hit with its loyal customer base and the city’s foodies.

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

A contemporary and sophisticated dining venue, Urban Kitchen has an excellent buffet specialising in international and Arabic cuisine. The buffet and live cooking stations complement the all-day a la carte menu.

ITALIAN Villa Toscana

St. Regis Corniche

Serving regional Italian specialties from Tuscany, Umbria, and Emilia-Romagna, Villa Toscana’s design creates the feel of visiting the inviting summer home of an Italian noble. Seasonal menu changes reflect the true tastes of central Italy.


Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

This casual, yet elegant venue is perfect for a leisurely lunch, dinner or a business meal, serving up an international buffet, featuring dishes from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Market Kitchen

Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi

A trendy venue inspired by Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s concept of the “hotel as a home.” This place has a great menu with items using fresh, locally produced ingredients, and is one of the city’s most elegant restaurants.


Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

This all-day venue features culinary specialities from around the world like freshly baked Arabic bread, a live sushi bar; breakfast, lunch, and dinner from five different kitchens and an alfresco terrace to enjoy in the cooler months.


Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

This fine-dining restaurant chain established by world-famous jockey Frankie Dettori serves fivestar cuisine with a strong Italian twist. There’s a casual and welcoming vibe with an authentic menu and good service.


Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi

Offering a wide range of contemporary dishes, homemade pasta, pizza and freshly made bread, this chic venue is great for post-work drinks or a nice traditional Italian dinner.

Porto Bello

Grand Millennium Al Wahda

An inviting Italian restaurant in the heart of the capital, Porto Bello offers contemporary Italian cuisine with a taste of Italy in a selection of authentic dishes. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and the burrata cheese is yum. fact magazine



Recharge sets the atmosphere for a complete dining experience serving the finest food.


The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Designed to resemble a classic Italian villa, the all-day dining restaurant serving light Mediterranean fare features a lovely outdoor brick patio with a wooden deck overlooking the gardens.

Lemon Tree

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

With a warm and homely atmosphere, this contemporary Mediterranean Brasserie which welcomes you to indulge in Italian, French and Spanish cuisines is open daily for a quick lunch or candlelit dinners.

Bentley Bistro & Bar creative daily specialities as well as tailor-made menus, in a breathtaking setting surrounded by manicured gardens.


St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

This Mediterranean-influenced, all-day venue has stunning panoramic views of the ocean and a menu packed with delicious salads, soups, mains, and desserts. The Olea Breakfast is a must-try.

Dine in style and enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Safina, where expert chefs create culinary specialties inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras and the Levant. The fresh fish dishes are particularly good.

This restaurant offers delectable rotisserie, fresh French pastries and lots more in the open kitchen. Meals are cooked as you watch, underneath lithographs by Jean Cocteau. The menu is varied and the venue lovely.

Al Raha Beach Hotel

Showcasing a unique blend of art and cuisine, Azur is intrinsically Mediterranean serving up 28

fact magazine

Bord Eau is the ultimate restaurant for French fine dining that boasts opulent interiors and a superb a la carte menu and daily specials. A warm ambience complements the rich gastronomy to create an intimate dining experience.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche


Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri


Corniche All Day Dining

An elegant and stylish beachfront villa, this cosy venue serves up an excellent menu of European fine-dining, and is the perfect place for an intimate romantic dinner if you want homemade dishes prepared family style.

Bord Eau


Saadiyat Beach Club

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas

A French-style bistro with an old-fashion feel has a ‘gastro pub’ concept. Bentley manages to be stylish, yet cosy and inviting too. Add to that an absolutely superb menu of hearty continental cuisine and you have a great waterfront venue.



Beach House

The Galleria

A nod to the elegance of the early 1900s, Catalan is a classic salon that evokes the welcoming charm and comfort of a fine European home. This authentic restaurant provides Catalan cuisine from the Northeastern region of Spain.

Le Bistrot

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

With an outdoor terrace Le Bistrot is the French fine dining restaurant tucked away on the far side of the courtyard at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. With a very French menu, this place is a foodie favourite.

Brasserie Angelique


With its extravagant, French-inspired interior, Brasserie Angélique offers an authentically inspired à la carte menu; from exquisite seafood dishes to yummy desserts, this is where you can revel in the flavours of France.

Dine in style and enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine where expert chefs create culinary specialties inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras and the Levant. The fresh fish dishes are particularly good.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Recharge Bar

Novotel Al Bustan

Recharge is a snacks bar that offers a sought-after comfort food menu with a twist of French influence. With a chilled-out ambience, and amazing décor,

Saadiyat Beach Club


Crowne Plaza Yas Island

One of Yas Island’s most popular watering holes, Stills benefits from a great menu (including yummy pies) and an expansive outdoor terrace. On weekends the dance floor is packed with party people.


seafood, cooked Thai-style and served in a relaxed setting right on the beach for a truly legendary dining experience.


Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Barouk serves delectable hot and cold mezze, grills, desserts and more. Whilst indulging in the mouth-watering delight, enjoy live entertainment by the talented Oud player and puff on from the wide selection of shisha served on the terrace.

fish are grilled to perfection and served to guests, in a delightful evening atmosphere.


The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Mijana is a contemporary Arabic restaurant showcasing the best in the Lebanese and region’s cooking, tying together old and new. Mijana offers outdoor seating and live Arabic music that set the mood for and intimate dining experience.

Pearls & Caviar

SEAFOOD Kahraman

Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri

A superb dining and lounging destination, Pearls & Caviar is a stylish and eclectic Mediterranean seafood restaurant with an exquisite waterfront setting offering stunning views of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Southern Sun Abu Dhabi



Dine in style and enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Safina, where expert chefs create culinary specialties inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras and the Levant. Take a bite of mouth-wateringly fresh fish and many other delights at this memorable spot.

Saadiyat Beach Club

Expect the finest traditional contemporary MiddleEastern favourites, from breads and grills to the most exquisite salads and the sweetest desserts. In the midst of it all, you’ll find a sushi counter offering the most delicious sushi and sashimi.

Yas Marina


Li Beirut

With a perfect location by the sea, Sayad Restaurant offers discerning seafood lovers a daily menu of light and delicious fare with a fresh, modern twist from the kitchen. Cool, contemporary décor creates a chic and intimate setting.

Rozanah bursts with the flavours of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. From mouthwatering mezzah to exquisite barbeque platters and succulent, Rozanah combines gastronomic excellence with impeccable Lebanese hospitality.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

This exquisite restaurant takes fine Lebanese dining to a whole new level. From the foie gras kebbeh starter to the signature main course of zaatar crusted rack of lamb iin addition to scrumptious traditional favourites, everything on the menu is a masterpiece.

Emirates Palace


Beach Rotana

Finz offers a wide variety of seafood in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. The restaurant has lovely views overlooking the sea. Serving the finest seafood delights with fresh ingredients makes Finz a perfect diner for a seafood lover.



Enjoy the evening in a Lebanese-style environment, with a selection of beverages and delectable dishes. The finest meats and freshest

The Fishmarket treats you to a wonderful experience of choosing your fish and seafood in a charming market setting with the freshest

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

InterContinental Abu Dhabi


Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Offering the finest oysters, fish and crustacean, as well as seasonal game, meat and vegetarian dishes, the decor of this rare and exquisite restaurant serving British cuisine is as dramatic as its location over water. Scott’s offers simple seafood, impeccably presented within sumptuous surroundings. fact magazine




Shang Palace

Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri

Few places offer as authentic an experience as this restaurant, which makes it popular with both Chinese and international diners. For a true taste of China, Shang Palace won’t disappoint.


Emirates Palace

Instant glamour, opulent design and an Asian contemporary ambience, Hakkasan combines ambitious cooking with a fine-dining Chinese menu that has gained a loyal customer base from foodies in Abu Dhabi.

P.F. Chang’s Yas Mall

This hugely popular chain of Asian food restaurants is always packed with diners. A visit here is incomplete without a portion of its Dynamite Chicken, but any dish from the extensive menu is generous and tasty.

Li Jiang

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

A modern restaurant with an open kitchen that satisfies the appetite for all things spicy, authentic and oriental. Meaning “beautiful river” in Chinese, Li Jiang reflects the resort’s location on the Grand Canal.


Cho Gao

Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

Noodle Box


Yas Viceroy

Set in a casual yet vibrant surrounding, there’s specialities including Laksa, Nasi Goreng, Thai curries, dim sum and other Chinese classics infused with the irresistible tastes and aromas.


Park Rotana

Live cooking stations, a sushi bar, and a vintage vino cellar all make this place stand out. Teatro has an extensive a la carte menu creatively blending dishes from Thai, Chinese, Japanese Sushi, Indian and Italian cuisines.


St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Boasting an incredibly intimate setting, set amongst a series of floating pavilions, this place offers up flavours and tastes from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam with a healthy twist.

Experience some of the best in Chinese cooking at the stylish Rouge restaurant, serving delicious signature dishes. Sample the delights of traditional Chinese cuisine, including a wide Dim Sum selection.

Royal Orchid is a sophisticated Abu Dhabi restaurant offering an excellent selection of Thai and Chinese dishes in a beautifully decorated setting. Choose from the Royal Orchid à la carte menu or chef specialties.

fact magazine

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

The hotel’s signature restaurant serves up authentic Royal Thai cuisine in a beautiful space, fusing contemporary style with traditional Thai design. Recipes here are passed down over generations and packed with Thai flavours.

Royal Orchid



Serving up great Asian cuisine right in the heart of downtown Abu Dhabi, Cho Gao is a bustiling venue. It’s on their ladies nights on Saturday and Sunday when the place really picks up!


Hilton Capital Grand


Hilton Abu Dhabi

Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

An elegant and intimate setting to savour the authentic tastes of Thailand. From the open kitchen, enjoy flavourful curries and spicy salads amid lavish interiors evocative of the grace of the eastern Kingdom.


Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Talay specialises in sumptuous Thai cuisine and features a live seafood station too. Experience a delectable culinary journey across Thailand with traditional flavours and tasty Thai delights.

Silk & Spice

Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche

Discover the flavors of Bangkok at Silk & Spice, a unique Thai restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Traditional sunken tables, a carved wooden ceiling and authentic kneeldown service set the scene for delicious fruit cocktails, green curry and tangy pad Thai.


Various Locations

Despite being a chain mostly found in malls, Lemongrass outlets serve excellent Thai food of fivestar quality. The bonus is that because they’re not in five-star hotels, they don’t charge five-star prices.


from the sushi chefs and enjoy a mouthwatering selection from the robatayaki grill. Kazu provides a lovely authentic Japanese dining experience.

INDIAN presentation, this menu promises to take you through a journey of rich Indian culinary culture in a sophisticated setting.


Eastern Mangroves Promenade


The Souq Qaryat-Al Beri

Classic Indian fare is taken to a whole new level with the fine-dining experience that Ushna offers. It serves all your favourite dishes from across the subcontinent prepared to extremely high standards.

Peppermill is a fine dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavours to stimulate the palate and gratify the senses. Using local and international produce, the team serves flavourful dishes.


Beach Rotana

Contemporary modern Indian Restaurant with an avant-garde approach on North Indian cuisine, and offering choices for the traditional palette. The venue is beautiful and the food is authentically Indian.


Saadiyat Island

Tuck into imaginative dishes inspired by traditional Japanese preparations, then deconstructed and infused with modern California accents. Modern palates will truly be inspired by KOI’s Japanese fusion.


Spice Mela

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

You’ll be presented with delicate Indian colors and flavours that intrigue the senses. Spice Mela selects the best recipes from India and combines them with modern food trends and ingredients to create a classical Pan-Indian menu.

Sho Cho

Souq Qaryat Al Beri


Tori No Su

Angar takes traditional Indian flavours and spices and gives them a deliciously modern twist. Specialities include marinated meats and seafood rich in flavour, served directly from the tandoor with the freshest naan and roti.

Serving gourmet Japanese cuisine with plenty of personality, Tori No Su has a fantastic menu served in a sleek, modern environment. Enjoy fresh sushi, ‘iron plate’ Teppanyaki dishes or something slowgrilled from the Robatayaki counter.

Yas Viceroy

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Avasa Indian Kitchen


With a surprising twist in traditional taste, unusual combinations of flavours and spectacular

Discover the tasty delights created by the Teppan chefs, savour culinary masterpieces

The Collection

Yas Viceroy

If you like Japanese cuisine and seafood, you won’t find a better combination than in Sho Cho. Set in a stunning location looking across the water at the Grand Mosque, the menu is great and the ambience perfect for sunset dining.


Grand Millennium Al Wahda

Toshi serves a wide selection of Asian cuisine, however, its Japanese food offerings, especially on sushi-themed nights is impressive. There’s a buffet and live Teppanyaki cooking experience too. fact magazine



NORTH AMERICAN chili house themed with traditional Southwestern flair, Chili’s was able to create a niche product by serving quality home cooked food in a casual, friendly environment.


Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi

A vibrant restaurant and bar, Noche serves classic South American dishes and creative cocktails. This Abu Dhabi hot spot with daily live entertainment is great for a quiet catch up and relaxing evening out.

T.G.I Friday’s

Various Locations

A casual chain restaurant with a festive vibe serving an extensive menu of American fare, including massive juicy burgers, sharing plates, grills, sizzling platters and plenty of good drinks and sweet treats.


Park Inn By Radisson, Yas Island

Stars ‘N’ Bars Yas Island

A celebration of all things Americana, Stars N’ Bars is a veritable museum of rock and motorsports memorabilia. It serves an excellent menu of highend Tex-Mex food, and boats an excellent outdoor lounge and bar area.

Savour a variety of exotic spices and native ingredients in this Mexican restaurant’s lively atmosphere. Guests delight in creatively presented dishes, including the traditional guacamole, prawn ceviche, quesadillas, and fajitas.

LATIN AMERICAN Redstar Bistro Various Locations

An American casual dining restaurant that serves American food influenced by the Arab and Asian immigration to America. Redstar Bistro offers everything from steaks and burger to stir fried rice and teppanyaki.

El Sombrero

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort

El Sombrero will help to spice up your nights with great Mexican food and lively South American music. Serving the authentic flavours of Mexico such as fajitas, chimichangas, tacos and enchiladas, the dishes here are flavour-packed.

Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

The Collection, Saadiyat Island Utilizing elements such as natural wood and textured stone with bold contemporary lines, Caramel boasts a warm inviting ambience that offers drinking, dining, and entertainment at one centrally located hot spot.


Various Locations

Originally created as a hamburger restaurant/ 32

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Think juicy meat platters, endless skewers of freshly barbecued meat and chicken, and a lively South American band and samba dancers providing entertainement, and you have Chamas; a genuine Brazilian atmosphere for all.

This mall eatery serves up, classic Mexi-Cal cooking with authentic ingredients, just like you’d find at a sizzling street kitchen in San Fernando, California.
Taqado has a fresh approach to fast food, full of flavour not flavourings.

InterContinental Abu Dhabi

The Galleria


Indo South Asian and Mediterranean selection all offered up in a friendly, stylish setting.


Southern Sun Abu Dhabi

At night, The Foundry quite literally transforms into an intimate and stylish steakhouse restaurant serving the finest cuts of meat and offering a menu that takes diners on a culinary and interactive journey from start to finish.

Ginger grey timbers that line the walls and floor, creating a contemporary dining experience with global influences, while the menu offers everything from prime aged beef to shellfish and roasts.

Marco Pierre White Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Park Rotana

A contemporary-style dining outlet that offers trendy indoor and outdoor seating alongside a plentiful international buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as having an a la carte menu for any-time diners.

Set apart with its dramatic interior design, including a back lit ‘flame’ wall, guests will experience an eclectic combination of innovative grill cuisine and classic English fare, by celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White.

The Meat Co.

Souk Qaryat Al Beri

BOA Steakhouse

Eastern Mangroves Promenade

The term ‘steakhouse’ doesn’t really do BOA justice – it is, in fact, a fine-dining restaurant with an excellent menu loosely based around ‘steakhouse’ fare, but also including some excellent fish and poultry dishes

55&5th, The Grill

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island

A classic grill and lounge, inspired by the address of the original St. Regis New York, this restaurant pairs an art deco-style ambiance with a relaxed lounge vibe, and an American-inspired menu with signature dishes and cocktails.

Rodeo Grill Beach Rotana

This modern-day steakhouse features warm

Not many chains can operate a winning formula like the Meat Co. Few places serve a better steak, or selection of lamb, game and poultry, than this South African fine dining concept, with excellent levels of service.


Al Wahda All Day Dining

Grand Millennium Al Wahda

The casual yet elegant Al Wahda All Day Dining destination includes show kitchen stations featuring international and continental specialties. There’s freshly baked breads, fresh juices, and great healthy options.

Pepper All Day Dining Novotel Al Bustan

From breakfast to lunch, dinner or a tasty little snack, Pepper has a Pan Arabian buffet with

Café Palmier

Le Royal Meridien

A very cool, all-day bistro, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, buffet style. Reflecting its ethos of ‘from the pan to the plate’, the creative cuisine at Cafe Palmier are made à la minute using fresh, natural ingredients.

Silk Route

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

Silk Route Cafe is the all-day Asian-Arabic dining restaurant serving an extensive buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The setting is relaxed and inviting, with a warm and homely ambience.

Jing Asia

Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Pan-Asian dishes will sizzle and temp at this all-day dining restaurant that brings together the essence of Asian and International cuisine with a selection of authentic live cooking stations and friendly service. fact magazine



CAFÉ focused around a central fountain with a light menu of savory and sweet delicacies and a selection of Asian blended teas, fresh coffee and juices.

Le Café

Emirates Palace

From gold drizzled chocolates to tantalising teas, Le Café offers the perfect setting for a drink, a meeting, an aperitif or a light meal.
Le Café specialises in both European and Arabic high teas, and serves the famous Palace choco cake.

Jones The Grocer Various Locations

Jones the Grocer is an Australian concept based on using extremely high-quality ingredients in classic European and Mediterranean dishes to provide a gourmet experience in a laid-back café setting.

Brasserie Café Royal Rose Hotel

Set in an open space on the upper level overlooking the opulent lobby, this lounge has a relaxed setting with a varied menu, ranging from and assortment of teas and coffee, refreshing mocktails, specialty gateaux, and other fine snacks.

The Chocolate Gallery Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

This chic venue is perfect for true chocolate enthusiasts, as chocolatiers craft delectable confectionary at an artist studio or ‘atelier’, and the menu offers a full range of signature hot and iced chocolate beverages fondues, cakes and more.


Tea Lounge

St. Regis Abu Dhabi Corniche

Famous for carrying on the afternoon tea tradition introduced by Lady Astor in the 19th century, this tea lounge is a regal affair of ballroom-style interiors and serves up an exquisite sweet treats and tea menu.


Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Café Mozart

Al Raha Beach Hotel

A loft-bar inspired café upholding traditions, and serving daily English and Colonial Afternoon Tea. Accompanied by live harp music, tuck into a selection of delicate pastries, warm scones with, finger sandwiches and your choice of fine teas.


One to One, The Village

A lobby cafe inspired by Asia’s natural beauty, T-Garden’s tranquil and calming atmosphere is 34

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Observation Deck 300 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Located on Level 74, the Observation Deck at 300 is the highest vantage point in Abu Dhabi and offers simply stunning views across the city and Arabian Gulf, and offers light bites, mocktails and the ‘highest’ High Tea in Abu Dhabi.

A comfortable, classic lobby lounge with its vaulted ceiling and semi-private dining areas, Alba is a great place to try traditional Afternoon Tea offering up homemade cupcakes like red velvet amongst other sweet and savoury treats.

The Library

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas

A contemporary tea lounge serving selected teas and coffee specialties, as well as homemade chocolates and pastries. With its open fire feature, The Library is the perfect intimate setting.


PUB Captain’s Arms

Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Another long-running favourite, the Captain’s Arms boasts a true ‘olde-worlde’ vibe thanks to wooden beams and chalkboard signs, and its large outdoor drinking garden is hugely popular in the cooler months.

the week, but it is packed on a weekend, largely thanks to a great atmosphere, good food and a live music duo.

PJ O’Reilly’s

Le Royal Meridien

Abu Dhabi’s quintessential Irish bar is a true spit n’ sawdust type of venue that’s popular with the Irish crowd. Great live music and frequent visits from the legendary Paddyman make this venue very popular.

Cooper’s Bar Park Rotana


Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

A basement bar through and through, the atmosphere here is fantastic, and wellsuited to those people looking to escape the pretentiousness of the country’s more glamorous venues, and let their hair down.


Crowne Plaza Yas Island

One of Yas Island’s most popular watering holes, Stills benefits from a great menu (including yummy pies) and an expansive outdoor terrace. On weekends the dance floor is packed with party people.

Coopers has become a popular haunt for trendy media types. With great happy hour deals and a popular ladies night, the venue gets busy for post-work drinks, and then busier later on when the DJ takes over.


Hilton Abu Dhabi

One of the oldest pubs in Abu Dhabi, Hemingway’s is a rustic and cosy venue offering a relaxed atmosphere and good old-fashioned pub grub. The venue is a popular pre-drinks spot.

Ray’s Bar

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

BAR/LOUNGE Stars ‘N’ Bars Yas Island


Grand Millennium Al Wahda

Porters is a good venue for both live sports on the TV during the day, and live entertainment from the rock band in the evenings. A classic Englishstyle pub that delivers on all fronts.


Al Raha Beach Hotel

This place only opened last year and is already a smash hit. The place is buzzing most nights of

A celebration of all things Americana, Stars N’ Bars is a veritable museum of rock and motorsports memorabilia. It serves an excellent menu of high-end Tex-Mex food, and boats an excellent outdoor lounge and bar area.

Belgian Café

InterContinental Abu Dhabi

The Belgian Café holds true to its namesake, serving a wide selection of Belgian and European brews, as well as Belgian classics and other European-inspired pub grub. It boasts a nice outdoor terrace overlooking the marina too.

A stylish spot to enjoy top tunes and some of the best cocktails in Abu Dhabi. Looking down from Level 62 you’ll enjoy freat views – and with the amazing DJ sets, chic ambience, and light nibbles, this place is one cool venue to chill out in.

Jazz Bar & Dining Hilton Abu Dhabi

Enjoy dazzling live music from a seven piece jazz band at this iconic Abu Dhabi jazz club. Sit back and relax as you listen to your favorite tunes and sip an expertly mixed beverage. The ladies nights here are very popular.


Yas Island Rotana

Based on the theme ‘New York Urban Chic’ this bar has a casual, leisure setting with giant TV screens, and a great food and drinks menu. This is a happening spot with a sophisticated beverage list and ultra cool vibes. fact magazine




Various Locations

This Canadian coffee chain is a huge hit for the amazing treats it offers alongside its coffee. You can get the usual sandwiches, cookies and croissants, but it’s the glorious donuts that have people spilling through its doors day after day.

It now has over 1000 stores in 39 countries worldwide, which is testament to the quality of its coffee.

Shakespeare & Co. Yas Mall

A café with a difference, this highly unique coffee house features quaint and kitsch dollhouse antique style décor and has become a highly popular social hotspot for friends and families to grab a bite to eat.

The Coffee Club

The Cheescake Factory

This Australian coffee shop concept has a Europeanstyle approach to their outlet in Yas Mall, with an in-house kitchen serving high-quality breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to excellent coffee.

Serving more than four legendary cakes and desserts, this place is always packed with diners who have a sweet tooth. Aside from the famous cheesecake, there’s an extensive menu with pizza, pasta, burgers, steaks, seafood, snacks and more.

Various Locations


Various Locations

A well-known and much loved-brand, Costa is the go-to place for good coffee and a decent sandwich, with one always close wherever you are. Familiar and reliable, it’s popular with friends, colleagues and solo diners too.

Mugg & Bean

Various Locations

Mugg n’ Bean has taken the ‘coffee-chain’ concept to a higher level, principally by serving an excellent menu of breakfasts and popular main dishes to its punters in addition to an extensive menu of coffees, teas, pastries and cakes


Various Locations

Another well-known brand, Starbucks serves up great coffee and good snacks, and also offers free Internet to all its visitors in its countless stores in Abu Dhabi. It’s good for brekkie, lunch or a daily snacks too.

IN-MALL Paul Café


Paul Café serves up an enticing menu of highquality French-inspired a la carte dishes as well as ready-to-eat sandwiches, pastries and breads. Popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Paul Café is a favourite in the region.

A world-famous brand, Carluccio’s now has many outlets across the UAE popular for its excellent menu of reasonably priced, but high-quality authentic Italian cuisine. The flagship Abu Dhabi outlet is on the Eastern Mangroves Promenade.

Various Locations

Various Locations

Gloria Jean’s was founded in Chicago, but taken global by Australian entrepreneurs later on. 36

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Various Locations

Bentley Bistro & Bar


A ‘gastro pub’ concept, Bentley manages to be stylish and classy, and yet cosy and inviting too. Add to that an absolutely superb menu of hearty continental cuisine and you have a great waterfront venue.

This Turkish restaurant chain serves up authentic Turkish cuisine to a very high standard in a comfortable and inviting venue. Tasty grilled meats and kebabs, hot soft bread and a wide selection of mezze is available.

The Galleria

Gloria Jean’s

Yas Mall

Al Wahda Mall



Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

With panoramic views of Abu Dhabi, this 23rd floor pool bar serves up yummy light snacks, healthy dishes, invigorating smoothies, multivitamin shots and fresh cocktails for visitors.

Friday Marina Brunch InterContinental Abu Dhabi

Four cuisines, three restaurants, two package options… this is the Friday Marina Brunch. You can indulge in a sumptuous affair with buffet and live cooking stations serving fresh mussels, choice cuts of meat, delicious pasta and mouthwatering desserts.


Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

This casual yet chic poolside restaurant offers a varied and carefully considered menu of firm favourites, from sandwiches and burgers to salads and shakes.
The vibe is funky and modern, making it a lovely spot to relax.

Shams Pool Bar

Radisson Blu Yas Island

Serving up refreshing drinks and tasty snacks, Shams is great for watching the sunset or taking a dip in the pool to cool off. Alongside the snacks an array of beers, wines and spirits as well as soft drinks, teas and juices, are available.

Friday Brunch at Origins Yas Viceroy

Shades Pool Bar

The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

With its enjoyably laid-back tropical theme, Shades is an informal and upbeat pool bar, surrounded by the resort’s beautiful landscaped gardens, and serving light snacks as well as a generous selection of beverages.

Pool Bar

Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate

This modern and trendy pool bar is located on the pool deck and features snacks, all kind of fancy drinks and a Shisha lounge. There are many comfy sofas and seating to relax and enjoy the nice view and weather.


Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

A tranquil poolside setting by the mangroves, this luxurious pool area offers fantastic views to marvel while sipping on a refreshing frozen cocktail or tucking into a selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Bubbalicious Friday Brunch

The Westin Abu Dhabi golf Resort & Spa

One of the most popular brunches in town, here you’ll find with a range of live cooking stations serving Asian, Mediterranean and Arabic dishes. There’s an exquisite sushi station and delectable seafood dishes too, with free-flowing drinks.

Origins offers an outstanding international buffet as well as a delicious selection of local and regional specialty dishes, whilst guests enjoy entertainment from a live DJ. Embark on a fabulous journey of flavours and a lively dining experience in a vibrant atmosphere.

Fizzy Friday Brunch

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort

Embark on a culinary journey around the world. Stroll around the buffet featuring live cooking stations; indulge in the aromas of sizzling meats, fresh seafood, and delicious desserts, at the Fizzy Friday Brunch in Flavours restaurant.

Market Kitchen

Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi

Take a break from your usual routine and feast on the twist to classic brunch items, all served on your table.
Brunch has never offered so much variety from Normandy oysters, jumbo shrimps, maine lobster, mussels and clams, short ribs hash, spinach and fried egg, smoked salmon pizza, and more.


Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

This Friday brunch boasts 27 live cooking stations including Wagyu beef carving, live noodle pulling and seafood and oyster bar. Entertainment courtesy of the resident pianist - adds to the atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. fact magazine



up the breathtaking views over the Corniche, while enjoying freshly caught cuisine and an exciting, yet relaxed, atmosphere. As well as offering delicious dishes from around the world, Catch’s beverage menu is extensive too.


Sacci Friday Fairmont Brunch The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf

With a great family-friendly atmosphere, Friday brunch is the best time to really soak up the atmosphere at Al Raha Beach hotel. There’s creatively prepared dishes with European, Italian, and Asian influences, good live entertainment and a dynamic open-kitchen feel.

This Friday epicurean experience spans across two restaurants in close proximity - CuiScene and Frankie’s Italian Restaurant & Bar. With double the culinary offerings, guests can select from over 200 dishes and plenty of great drinks. There’s lively entertainment too.

Al Raha Beach Hotel

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Sofra Bld

Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri

This is a uniquely splendid buffet that features exclusive stations offering a wide variety of oysters, cheese, foie gras, scallops, and nachos. A live Chinese wok station at the terrace offers diners an entertaining experience. A range of activities like face painting and a bouncy castle are available for kids.

Silk Route

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

Resort & Spa

Sacci brings alive the aromas of world Italian cooking, offering an invigorating gastronomic encounter. Relish in fresh, delicious and carefully-prepared Italian specialties, featuring antipasti’s, handmade pastas, “alla Piedra” pizza and signature dishes as “Bistecca Florentina” ritually carved at the table.


Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

Acropolis at Le Méridien Abu Dhabi offers authentic Greek cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients coming straight from Greece. Situated in the heart of the renowned Méridien Village, Acropolis inspires all the senses with its relaxed, warm ambiance and gracious service.


The Friday family brunch is an international feast of mighty proportion at the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi. There’s even a special kids buffet and plenty for families to enjoy aside from just the food.

Friday Brunch Beach Rotana

This spectacular Bubbly Brunch offers you the best of three restaurants! Enjoy classic German food, including a roast at Brauhaus and Japanese favourites at Benihana. At Essence, indulge in authentic Arabic, Asian and Continental dishes. There’s face painting, a bouncy castle, an ice cream station and balloon sculptors too!

Jing Asia

Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Families can enjoy an extensive selection of international dishes and free flowing beverages, with good quality food on offer. Pan-Asian dishes sizzling at Jing Asia’s live cooking stations, and views overlooking the Gulf, Friday Brunch is a real treat at this venue. 38

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Asia De Cuba

St. Regis Abu Dhabi Corniche


InterContinental Abu Dhabi

Circo offers upscale Italian flair built upon a foundation of signature Tuscan recipes from the kitchen of Maccioni matriarch Egidiana and prepared by Chef Luca. The menu is served in a lively, sophisticated setting reminiscent of the old-style European circus tents.


St. Regis Abu Dhabi Corniche

Serving up an international array of seafood dishes, Catch offers guests the chance to soak

This lounge, restaurant and beach deck complete with outdoor bar and stately cabanas has an innovative menu marrying Asian and Latin flavours with shareable ceviche, salads, signature wok dishes, entrées and great cocktails.


Le Royal Meridien

Enjoy 360 degree views of the city or watch the chefs in action as they prepare your food in the open-show kitchen. The menu is excellent and let’s not forget, this is the city’s only revolving lounge bar and grill.

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa: Luxury has a new residence Located in the business district of Seef, opposite to Seef Mall and 4-minute drive from Bahrain City Centre, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa offers a 5 star experience whether travelling on business or simply on a mini weekend spree. Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa provides all the facilities you may ask for under one roof with stylish rooms, various dining outlets and one of the best-late night venues for a perfect night out.

Seef Area | Kingdom of Bahrain | T: +973 17 111 999

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#Holiday #Inn #Downtown #Media #Dinner Members of the media were invited for an evening of food, fun and music as Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi Downtown launched its new promotional campaign which offers all guests staying at the hotel special rates and benefits, such as fast and easy access to internet, 50% discount on the all day dining and lobby coffee shop, and many more offers.


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Nordic Outflight Art takes a flight to Sweden this month, with a striking display of Swedish Mixed Media Art at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. FACT learns more about the work being showcasedâ&#x20AC;Ś

fact magazine



Abu Dhabi’s artist community is in for a treat this month, as two of Sweden’s renowned artistic talents bring their work to our shores. Fairmont Bab Al Bahr together with Swiss Art Gate UAE and under the auspices of His Excellency Mr Jan Thesleff, Ambassador of Sweden to the UAE, present Nordic Outflight, an exhibition by renowned Swedish photographer Agneta Ekstrand and mixed media artist Fabian Edelstam. Nordic Outflight showcases more than twenty mixed media artworks and photographs influenced from both artists’ extensive travel experiences. The result is a series of photographs and art works representing still life and portraits, including many that have been inspired by the UAE and its storied history. Nils Axing, general manger at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, says: “It’s extremely exciting for us to welcome two more established art creators to our portfolio of exhibitors at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. “Both Fabian and Agneta’s art work are compelling. The depth of colour from Agneta’s still life shots and the use of mixed media in Fabian’s art pieces will make for a vibrant and modern exhibition, which will galvanize the Abu Dhabi art scene.”


Agneta Ekstrand Agneta is a still life photographer and in this exhibition she showcases her accomplished orchid photography that pulls the rich vivid colour from these beautiful flowers. Swedish born, Agneta studied photography at the American University in Dubai and has lived abroad in Bahrain, Oman, Dubai and Singapore since 1992. She works with daylight, shutter speed and aperture to capture the colour and beauty of the orchids she photographs. Agneta’s photos have a touch of Nordic style, light, simplicity and freshness. In 2014 she established the business platform Swedish Photo Crew with six Swedish 42

fact magazine

female residing in the UAE. The Swedish Photo Crew is an image library and marketplace. Agneta’s simple recipe is “Life is like a camera, focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”

“The depth of colour from Agneta’s still life shots and the use of mixed media in Fabian’s art pieces will make for a vibrant and...”

Arts GO: Nordic Outflight will run daily at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr from 10am to 10pm, until March 13.

Fabian Edelstam Fabian is a ‘mixed media’ artist and uses photographs on canvas alongside oil or acrylic paints, giving his audience a visual feast of texture and colour. His canvasses feature celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Mick Jagger, as well as dignitaries including Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Fabian was born in Stockholm to an artistic family, and he currently lives and works in Paris. He studied at the prestigious Beckmans School of Design and the legendary Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris. Since 1989 he has exhibited his work worldwide. He’s also completed a large number of commissioned portraits, mainly in London, Paris and Milan, amongst these, the portraits of Giorgio Armani in 2004, Ralph Lauren 2009 and the former President of the Swiss Confederation, Adolf Ogi in 2011. Fabian’s works are in different private collections throughout Europe, the Middl--e East and the USA, including that of Ralph Lauren, NATO, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Collections of Sweden, Memorial Charles de Gaulle and others. fact magazine



#Adopt #A #School #Campaign Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi’s Executive Chef and recently appointed Director of Food and Beverage, Justin Galea, conducted a special workshop for children to kick off the Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ ‘Adopt A School’ programme, an initiative that aims to tackle childhood obesity by giving children a hands-on approach to food education.


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Shaping Scenes at Salwa Zei dan Gallery T h e U A E ’ s first c o nt e m p o rar y art s p ac e , S a l wa Z e idan Ga l l e r y , wi l l mark its mi l e st o n e 2 1 st anni v e rsar y wit h a r e marka b l e g r o u p e x h i b iti o n d u b b e d S h a p in g S c e n e s . F A C T ’ s S h a b ana A dam l e arns m o r e a b o u t t h is l andmark r e ac h in A b u D h a b i ’ s art sc e n e …

fact magazine



Salwa has always nurtured and p r o m o te d g o o d a r t i s t s w i t h m i n i m a l i s t i c t o u c h a n d s e n s i b i l i t y, and always tried to keep up with h e r a r t i s t i c e n d e a vo u r s . . .


alwa Zeidan Gallery is tucked away in a beautiful location at The Collection, St Regis Saadiyat Island, and it’s one gallery where the art is celebrated through many different forms. Whether it’s photographs, paintings, sculptures, installation, or performance art, Salwa Zeidan has long been a supporter of local, regional, and international artists, bringing some of the most creative, established and emerging artistic talents to Abu Dhabi, and giving them a place to showcase their work on the gallery’s floors and walls. It’s safe to say then, that founder and owner, Salwa Zeidan, has really helped to shape not only the UAE capital’s, but the whole country’s art scene. Now, her aptly named gallery is celebrating 21 years of being a part of Abu Dhabi’s art community. The milestone will be marked with a grand event in the courtyard of St. Regis Resort on Saadiyat Island, as well as with the exhibition “Shaping Scenes” which recognises more than two decades of existence for this art gallery. Gallery manager, Vanja Rontini, says: “Salwa Zeidan Gallery has been around for a very long time and we simply had to celebrate this milestone in an exclusive, special way. Having the first art gallery in Abu Dhabi and first in the entire UAE, Salwa Zeidan has witnessed this country growing into the force it is today. “She has actively participated in shaping the art scene of the Emirates, by exhibiting and collaborating with many of today’s most notable UAE artists, and this is why we symbolically named the event ‘Shaping Scenes’.” All the artworks selected by the gallery bare two common traits: minimalistic vision and sensibility. Every artist and artwork is personally reviewed and selected by Salwa Zeidan herself – a painter, sculptor and curator with more than 25 years of experience – in order to ensure that every piece carries an emotional artistic touch rather than commercial and mechanical traits. Vanja says: “Salwa has always nurtured and promoted good artists with minimalistic touch and sensibility, and always tried to keep up with her artistic endeavours, even in


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01. ZHY, rice paper on canvas 2014, 100x100 auburn red orange 02. Hussain Sharif, New Beginnings, The Strike 03. Fatema AL Mazrouie, Untitled (2014), 55x55cm, mixed media and collage on canvas 04. Hussain Sharif, Strike-2002, 278 pieces of Iron wires each is 40cm hight, 2 pieces 60cm 05. Hassan Sharif, Cars No.1(2010), Oil on canvas, 200x290cm diptych 06. Zhuang Hong Yi, rice paper and acrylics on canvas 2014, 100x100cm


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times when she wasn’t constantly having shows and events in the area. “Following the anniversary show, during April we  will be hosting a solo show for the famous artist Zhuang Hong Yi, whom we got exclusivly from the UK. We are also planning to bring in some more big artist names for the next season,” she adds. For this particular grand occasion, the evening event will start off with a group exhibition inside the showroom, featuring works by some of the most notable artists the gallery has collaborated with throughout its UAE tenure. This includes the likes of Hassan Sharif, Mohammed Kazem, Paul Guiragossian, Abdul Qader

Al Rais, Hussain Sharif, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Zhuang Hong Yi, and Fatema Al Mazrouie, to name but a few. Some of the selected artists are currently part of the gallery’s private collection too. Following the exhibition opening, guests will enjoy a live-sketching show performed by renowned tech- entrepreneur and artist Rahul Dutta, who creates unique, interactive and real-time sketches. There will also be a peace-inspired sufi dance, performed by Sejal S. Sood, the dancer known for her performance for the United Nations. “Our idea was to create an exclusive event for all of our numerous contacts,

collaborators and collectors,” Vanja says. “We want our guests to spend their evening in an amazing twilight garden of the St. Regis Resort, enjoying live music and beautiful art that will grace the venue. “Finally, we wanted to use this event as a networking opportunity that will reinforce Abu Dhabi as the future cultural capital of both the UAE and the region,” she adds. Salwa Zeidan Gallery originally opened its doors in 1994 under the patronage of HH Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayed, current Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE. GO: Shaping Scenes will run at Salwa Zeidan Gallery from March 18 to April 7. Visit for more information. fact magazine



#AbuDhabi #Sports #Council #Sports #Challenges Al Forsan International Sports Resort in a press conference last month announced its line-up of events this year sponsored by Abu Dhabi Sports Council,. The series of events this 2015 will be working in alignment with Al Forsan’s goals to encourage locals, residents and tourists alike to embrace a healthy lifestyle and “Get Active.”


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T H E C O LL E C T I V E @ T H E SPA C E FACT first introduced the AD Arts Collective to you all in December last year, when the creative group made its eclectic debut on the Abu Dhabi art scene. Now, after a successful first show at the National Theatre, the groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second exhibition will take place at The Space for art fans to visitâ&#x20AC;Ś

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“ D o n ’ t thi n k abo u t ma k i n g art , j u st g e t it d o n e . L e t e v e r y o n e e ls e d e cid e if it ’ s g ood or bad , w h e t h e r t h e y l o v e it o r h at e it . W hil e th e y ar e d e cidi n g , mak e e v e n m o r e art . ” - A nd y W ar h o l


bu Dhabi Arts Collective’s first show at the National Theatre displayed a remarkable array of talent across many mediums, to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Their second show, opening at The Space on March 1, will feature 40 new, never before seen artworks by 32 artists. AD Arts Collective has put together an incredible selection of work, exploring a multitude of themes and styles, including, paintings, collage, mosaics, and photography. In keeping with the open concept of the collective, the organisers chose not to include a theme, allowing the artists the opportunity to exhibit their new and favourite works of art. As such, the pieces that will be on display at The Space, are as impressive as they are varied. The mission of AD Arts Collective is to establish a living art scene in Abu Dhabi for all artistic disciplines, promoting creativity and talent, and connecting artists and art lovers. The Collective is a not-for-profit arts organisation run by volunteer artists, and hopes to organise art shows around the city, bring together various creative disciplines, promote local-based artists and celebrate the diverse range of cultures in Abu Dhabi, and their intrinsic art practices. The Space, at TwoFour54 is an incredible and original initiative, known for promoting and helping to celebrate various creative mediums such as arts, film, writing and more. It provides a bright and positive venue for artists to display their work and build a community, so it seems the perfect fit for AD Arts Collective! Pierre Clezac, AD Arts Collective artist and organiser, says: “We are looking forward to this exhibition at The Space, and we expect it to bring us a new audience.” GO: AD Arts Collective’s brand new selection of artworks will be on view at The Space on the ground floor of the TwoFour54 building, Park Rotana complex, from March 1 to 12.



01. Abir Tabbash 02. Ahmed Elkashef 03. Chelsie Joy 04. Bashar Haddad 05. Delphine Gerard 06. Alicia Arlanda 07. Sultan Al Ramahi 08. Farideh Walter 09. Shiamaa Shihab 10. Angelika Hamilton 11. Derya Demirtas 12. Aimee Clarck 13. Cansel Gucyener 14. Femina Moideen 15. Yukti Agrawal 16. Nayla Homaidan 17. Meghna Shah 18. Pierre Clezac 19. Gerrie Kruger 20. Suhair Fakhoury 21. Gomathi 22. Salma Al Banna 23. Urus Wildking


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In The Shadow of the Pyramids Art appreciators in the UAE, head over to Gulf Photo Plus for a fantastic new exhibition, presenting a series of photographs by British/Egyptian photographer Laura El-Tantawy. FACT has a snapshot of what to expect…

Living between Cairo and London, Laura began this series of photographs in 2005 when she was compelled to explore the essence of Egyptian identity in the hope of coming to terms with her own. Guided by childhood memories, her photographs are not meant to be objective observations of a nation, but rather personal reflections of Egypt through her own eyes. In the Shadow of the Pyramids is a first person perspective exploring memory and identity. With images spanning 2005 to 2014, what began as a look in the mirror to understand the essence of Egyptian identity, expanded into an exploration of the trials and tribulations of a turbulent nation. The result is dark, sentimental and passionate. Laura’s work was released earlier this year as a book under the same title as the exhibition. Juxtaposing the innocence of the past with the obscurity of the present, the book is an experience, edited to look like a one night’s encounter. A peaceful and tranquil day suddenly turns violent and chaotic, it’s claustrophobic, until a new dawn rises and there is hope again. In the Shadow of the Pyramids explores contemporary Egypt, reflecting on the emotions, dreams and realities shared by a community within the flux of reformation. Born in Worcestershire, England, to Egyptian parents, Laura grew up between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the US. In 2002, she started her career as a newspaper photographer with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Sarasota Herald-Tribune. In 2006, she became freelance so she could focus on pursuing personal projects. Laura 52

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“ O n e pi e c e o f a r t cl o s e t o m y h e a r t , a n d still i n m y p o ss e ssi o n is Prayer Rug No. 2... i n spi r e d b y o n e o f m y f a v o u r it e p r a y e r rugs.” is a graduate of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia with dual degrees in journalism & political science. Her work has appeared in various publications worldwide, including Time Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Burn Magazine and National Geographic. GO: In The Shadow of the Pyramids will run at Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai from March 5 to April 4. Visit or call +971 4 380 8545 for more information.


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#Red #Bull #Air #Race #2015 Air aces took to the skies as hundreds lined the Corniche to watch the Abu Dhabi leg of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Hitting top speeds of 370 km/h, Britainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Paul Bonhomme took the top honours with a time of 57.787 seconds in the first of eight races in 2015 of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fastest motorsport series.


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Eating the World

FACT is celebrating the launch of its inaugural FACT Dining Awards, and in honour of all the fabulous world cuisines that you can find in Abu Dhabi; weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re taking you on a culinary tour of the most famous food exports from different countries around the globe. Plate by plate, these are the delicious dishes that you just have to try when visiting their native homelandâ&#x20AC;Ś

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Pizza Margherita - Italy The margherita is a humble combination of dough, tomato sauce and cheese, and if cooked with good, fresh ingredients, it can prove a highly satisfying meal. Though the pizza all over Italy would be more than palate-pleasing, it’s the birthplace of the margherita – Naples – where you’ll find the most appetising choices. It was in 1889 when chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi, created a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil), for Queen Margherita of Savoy, when she visited Naples. Since then, the modest pizza has grown into one of the most recognisable symbols of Italian food culture in the world. Try it: Frankie’s, Fairmont Bab Al Bahrain.

Huevos Rancheros - Mexico Huevos Rancheros translates to “eggs ranch-style” in Spanish, and this yummy-looking dish has Mexican breakfast favourite. The basic Huevos Rancheros is made up of eggs, beans, tortillas, and sometimes various meats. It’s the dish that was traditionally served mid-morning, in substantial quantities, when ranchers would take a break. Born out of Mexican farms, this mouth-watering breakfast has spread lat rollercoaster speed across Mexico and The Americas. On your plate is fried eggs served with a lightly fried tortilla, covered with a tomato chilli sauce or salsa, refried beans and condiments like sour cream and guacamole. It’ll be the only thing you’ll want for breakfast when visiting Mexico! Try it: El Sombrero, Sheraton Abu Dhabi.

Bibimbap - Korea As far as the saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ goes, bibimbap is a true visual feast – and it tastes pretty darn good too! This is a Korean comfort food with up to five different colour toppings to go with the rice – for nutrition and aesthetics. It’s a one-bowl wonder of steamed rice and sautéed vegetables with a fried egg on top. Chicken, seafood, or meat may be added. Bibimbap ingredients are rich in symbolism. Black or dark colours represent North and the kidneys; red or orange represents South and the heart; green represents East and the liver; White is for the West or the lungs; and yellow represents the centre, or stomach. In Korean households it’s a traditional way of using up day-old rice and leftovers. Try it: Hankook Korean, Al Nahyan. 56

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Pastel de Nata - Portugal Perhaps one of the tastiest pastries you’ll ever consume, this Portuguese egg tart has become an iconic part of the country’s food scene. These little pastry cups of sweet filling have a relatively simple recipe, but the technique to produce the perfect Pastel de Nata is one that comes with experience. The history of this small and sweet dessert treat dates back to the 18th century when Catholic monks used leftover egg yolks to make cakes and pastries. The filling is delicious, and now, some prefer the cream slightly “curdled” to give it a rustic appearance. Try it: Wheat, Le Royal Meridien.

Fish & Chips - England Definitely the most famous of all food in England. This great comfort food can be enjoyed as a greasy takeaway, traditionally wrapped in white paper, or in a more upscale environment at restaurants too. We recommend a trip up north to English counties like Lancashire or Yorkshire, where fish and chips is still the go-to dish and mostly enjoyed with a side of mushy peas, and this is also where you’ll find some of the best ‘chippies’ in the country to pick up your own bag of this hearty, hot dish. Here’s a tip – sprinkle loads of salt and malt vinegar all over and tuck in! Try it: Hemingway’s, Hilton Abu Dhabi.


Biryani - India By far India’s ultimate rice dish! Be it with chicken, lamb, prawns, or vegetables, this is a lavish dish that visitors to India absolutely need to try. It is speculated that the Mughals introduced the modern biryani to India, which is made up of rice, a number of spices and condiments, and your chosen meat and/or vegetables. This is a rather sophisticated and skilled dish to prepare; you can make it pakki, meaning cooked, where the cooked meat and cooked rice are layered, or you can prepare biryani the kacchi way, where raw marinated meat is layered with raw rice before being cooked together. Our favourites include the delicious Hyderabadi biryani and the super spicy Memoni biryani. Try it: Ushna, Souq Qaryat Al Beri.

Pad Thai - Thailand

Paella - Spain

Some might consider this nothing more than a regular noodle dish – even its origins come from China, not Thailand. However, the popularisation of the dish is credited to Thai authorities and in particular the late Thai Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram, who introduced and promoted pad thai in his campaign to establish Thai nationalism and modernise the country. Well, if Thai restaurants and food vendors worldwide are any indication, the campaign definitely worked. Pad Thai is made with chewy, stir-fried rice noodles, vegetables, bean sprouts, peanuts, and egg, among other things like dried shrimp, garlic, shallots, red chilli pepper, and even more unusual ingredients like banana flowers. In Thailand it’s the most commonly served street food, and even in many world cities you’ll find it in a number of Asian neighbourhoods. It’s packed full of flavour and a great option for a fast and filling meal.

A hearty, lavish dish with a real home-cooked dinner feeling, Paella is by far Spain’s most famous food offering. The Spanish rice dish includes different combinations of vegetables and meats or seafood, and is normally seasoned with saffron, but also has other spices depending on the recipe and area in Spain it comes from. That’s all due to the numerous variations and authentic flavours that can be added to this heavy main. Paella was originally farmers’ and farm labourers’ food, cooked by the workers over a wood fire for lunchtime. It was made with rice, plus whatever was to hand around the rice fields and countryside like simple veggies and, occasionally, rabbit or duck, and on special occasions, chicken. Now, one of the most popular paella combos has to be the seafood variety! This is a colourful dish and the fun part is that you have to eat it straight out of the pan. You’ll find Paella in pretty much any area of Spain! Try it: Bravo, Sheraton Abu Dhabi.

Try it: Silk & Spice, Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Borscht - Eastern Europe This deep-red soup is a winter warmer in many parts of Eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and other Slavic countries. It’s a beet soup, and its name is said to derive from the Slavic word for cow parsnip. It can be eaten hot or cold, with some of the servings being clear and light like a broth, whilst others like to eat it thick and substantial. It’s a simple dish with a characteristic rich red colour from the palatable beetroots, that also contains ingredients like kvass, a sour ale made from bread, to counterbalance the sweetness of the beets. Vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid can be added to achieve a similar effect. Ukrainian borscht is more of a hearty soup of beef and a variety of vegetables along with the beets. Borscht without meat can be made with a stock flavoured with forest mushrooms; this Polish version is served with tiny dumplings, called uszka. Just one of the great dishes to try if you’re visiting Eastern Europe. Try it: Shop the ingredients and find a Borscht recipe online, then get cooking! fact magazine



“I enjoy living life and I enjoy going to different restaurants and eating my way through a country and going to different museums and learning about different cultures.”

Sushi - japan Don’t be mistaken though, sushi is still one of those dishes that people either REALLY love, or really don’t like. Sushi looks so simple and pretty, but it is in fact an intricate dish in terms of presentation and knowing which flavours work well together. One thing’s for sure though, sushi is causing a dramatic shift in dining habits the world-over. The nigiri and tuna rolls we eat today are a far cry from the pungent, rice-less, barrelfermented stuff that originated in the 3rd century B.C. Now we have pinwheel-shaped rainbow rolls and sushi masters trading their raw fish skills with culinary connoisseurs. Trying sushi in Japan is a must, but we have to say, this region does sushi and maki rolls, excellently. Try it: Tori No Su, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

“Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It’s a grain. It’s like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem.” James Patterson


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Meat Pie - Australia A trip down under is incomplete until you’ve feasted on one of the country’s biggest foodie favourites – the meat pie. This hand-sized pastry with savoury goodness has been described by many in Australia as the national dish. Containing largely diced or minced meat and gravy, often with onion, mushrooms, or even cheese, the meat pie is heavily associated with Australian sports, in particular, Rugby League and Australian Rules football, as it’s one of the most popular foods to eat whilst watching a game. Traditionally, the meat pie is eaten with a big dollop of tomato ketchup on top or on the side. Try it: Pie Face, Yas Mall.

Tagine with Couscous Morocco On our last visit to Marrakech, everyday was a foodie adventure and the most appetising dish is definitely the tagine with couscous. Tagine is a historically Berber dish, named after the type of earthenware pot in which it is cooked. The tagine way of cooking is similar to a stew, whereby Moroccan tagine dishes are slow-cooked savory stews, typically made with sliced meat, poultry, or fish together with vegetables or fruit. Though tagine is usually served with bread, it tastes amazing when it comes with a side of couscous. Try it: Marakesh, Millennium Corniche Hotel.


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Big Screen


What’s it about:

Set in 1930s North Carolina, we’re in the depression era when the future of George Pemberton’s (Bradley Cooper) timber empire becomes complicated when he marries Serena (Jennifer Lawrence). His go-getting wife is both intelligent and insecure, obsessed with expanding her husband’s brutal logging business and the desire to give him a male heir. Beleaguered with her contradictory personality, George gets more than what he bargained for.

Director: Susanne Bier Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Rhys Ifans, Charity Wakefield Why it’s worth watching? Oscar-winner Susanne Bier’s cinematic offering has been on the shelf for two years now, and though Lawrence delivers a fierce performance (this lady can act!) Serena feels like, how shall we put it, a depression-era Gone Girl (for those of you who’ve seen that global hit, you’ll get what we mean). The plot is melodramatic in epic proportions and, at times, seriously weird; a beautiful blonde captures the heart of a cute, successful guy, only to switch and become the high-maintenance other half of his nightmares. Lawrence’s execution of a luminously beautiful, yet completely contradicting character is what’ll make you watch this ‘til the end. When Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence gave us Silver Linings Playbook, the world was in awe at the two’s onscreen chemistry. In Serena, the duo lacks that ferocious spark, and whilst expectations are high, the reality of duplicating the same success as their previous hit is very bleak. With that said, if you’re into twisted screenplay then this one’s for you.


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Highlights “ In Serena, the duo lacks that ferocious spark, and whilst expectations are high, the reality of duplicating the same success as their previous hit, is slightly, if not, very, bleak.”

Unfinished Business What’s it about: A hard-working small business owner and his two associates travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But, this routine business trip soon turns into a sequence of (unplanned) events that could really make or break this deal.


“ Vaughn proves why being typecast in Hollywood can work to your benefit, while Franco offers another funny performance to carve his rightful position in the comedy world.” Unfinished Business

Director: Ken Scott Cast: Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson, James Marsden Why it’s worth watching? Put one of the funniest actors in Anchorman with the younger, and way hotter, Franco brother, and you’ve got a recipe for comedy success. Now, imagine them playing uber-hilarious roles where they go off on a business trip with the boss, only to find themselves in spontaneous stops like a global economic summit, or, worse, a huge fetish event – awesome, right? Well, this is one business trip that goes off the rails fast and good, and you’ll love the humour-filled banter throughout. Both Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco hold their own; Vaughn proves why being typecast in Hollywood can work to your benefit, while Franco offers another funny performance to carve his rightful position in the comedy world (he’s pretty dishy too!).


on the record

Fully Booked


Hard Choices

By Hillary Rodham Clinton


Coming Up For Air By Kodaline

If the Irish modern rock quartet’s 2013

debut, In A Perfect World, was a festival-puller, then Kodaline’s sophomore offering is a radioready, guitar-led album with slamming choruses and 12 potential future anthems, created for the sole purpose of breathtaking stadium performances. That’s right, for their second album, Kodaline has done something that many musicians don’t, they’ve stuck to the band’s blueprint, bringing us a bigger sound and bold attitude for fans, old and new, to love! Some of our favourite tracks on the album include Honesty, with its soaring chorus and soft-rock nature; the soothing rhythm of The One; the menacing clamour of Human Again; and the jaunty pop sounds of Coming Alive and Love Like This. There’s acoustic subtlety in most tracks including the melodious lullaby of the album closer, Love Will Set You Free. Each track has a backbone and lyrics that endorse Kodaline’s altrock talent and reputation - they no longer need comparing to the likes of Coldplay or Oasis – the Irishmen put forward a mature collection of sway-along tunes and we think Coming Up For Air will well and truly help the foursome make a lasting impression in the music world this year.



By Meghan Trainor Because you know it’s All About That Bass (HOW catchy is that tune?), and a boat-load of sharpwitted lyrics, bubbly hooks, and smart songs, when it comes to the playful sound of Meghan Trainor. This lady was one of the most exciting newcomers of pop in 2014 with her up-tempo beats and straight-up word game. Check out the songs Bang Dem Sticks, My Selfish Heart and Lips Are Movin’ to get a real feel for her musical vibe. There’s the John Legend duet Like I’m Gonna Lose You and the playful fusions of R&B, hip-hop and dancehall on Mr Almost and Walkashame. When she slows it down for What If I, we hear a little of the crooning voice of Etta James – damn, this girl can pretty much sing about anything and make it sound fabulous. She has her own style; she’s lovable and she’s “bringing booty back!” and she’s also reminding you all that “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” – what’s not to love? Meghan Trainor ain’t no one-hit wonder. Watch out for this savvy singer, she’s going to be making moves and shaking up the music industry, for sure.

“This lady was one of the most exciting newcomers of pop in 2014 with her up-tempo beats and straight-up word game.”

112 countries and one million miles of travel! This memoir is the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s inside account of the crises, choices, and challenges she faced during her four years as America’s 67th secretary of state, and how those experiences drive her view of the future. In the aftermath of her 2008 presidential run, she expected to return to representing New York in the United States Senate. To her surprise, her former rival for the Democratic Party nomination, newly elected President Barack Obama, asked her to serve in his administration as Secretary of State. Secretary Clinton and President Obama had to decide how to repair fractured alliances, wind down two wars, and address a global financial crisis.


Be Careful What You Wish For By Jeffrey Archer

Archer being the bestselling author that he is, this book is filled with loads of twists and turns, making sure you don’t put the book down for any reason. Kicking off with a personal tragedy, with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to the hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. Thus begins a tale of ambition, betrayal and vengeance. Since it is the fourth novel of the series, not many details of the plot background and are elaborated. It is highly recommended that you read the first three books of the series before tackling this one. The book ends at a cliff-hanger, with you edgily waiting for more!

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#Sony #Boutique #Opening #Dubai #Mall Sony opened its newly designed concept Sony Boutique at Dubai Mall last month, aiming to provide shoppers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; both avid technology enthusiasts and Sony fans - with an immersive experience of Sony products. The 550sqm-boutique features a world-class retail design theme like having a wide-open storefront to provide unobstructed views.


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The VW Golf GTI

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We take a drive in the 7th generation of Volkswagen’s iconic, and what many would call quintessential, hot hatch, to find out whether or not it lives up to its namesake. Although one of the very earliest, the Golf GTI wasn’t the first hot hatch. However, it was the huge success of the Golf GTI that defined the genre, and forever turned the diminutive family hatchback into something that every teenager in Europe wanted to drive. Hatches became racing cars, touring cars, and rally cars, surprising everyone with their agile performance, largely thanks to their low weight, squat stance and short overhangs. So, every new generation of the GTI has some enormously big shoes to fill to remain one of the genre defining models, especially in the face of some fierce 64

fact magazine

competition from the likes of Ford, Renault, and even Audi and Mercedes. But that’s one thing about Volkswagen – you can count on it to deliver, especially with the GTI. This generation of the Golf was awarded World Car of the Year at the New York Auto Show, and the Golf GTI itself won 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year, and the 2015 Yahoo Motors Car of the Year. It won all these awards because nothing else delivers the level of quality, comfort and practicality with a premium feel that the Golf does for this price. From the outside it looks stylish, classy


and sporty, and inside it’s spacious, comfortable and well-appointed. The GTI takes all this, and elevates it to another level. It takes a fully-optioned Golf, with leather seats, rear-parking camera, cruise control, excellent stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel-mounted audio controls and more, and adds the extra spice of that GTI pedigree. This means VW’s 220hp 350Nm turbocharged direct-injection TSI petrol engine which will hit 100km/h in 6.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 244 km/h. This engine is superb, delivering impressive amounts of acceleration at both low and high speeds, with a satisfying growl that epitomises that GTI spirit. It also means VW’s excellent sixspeed automatic DSG gearbox, which

works excellently in both normal and sport modes, selecting gears with perfect accuracy, and keeping the revs high when you want to have some fun. It can also, of course, be controlled manually via steering wheel-mounted paddles, and the shifts are smooth and lightning quick. It means that agile Golf GTI handling, with an incredible amount of turn-in accuracy and balance, with surprisingly little understeer for a

This generation of the Golf was awarded World Car of the Year at the New York Auto Show, and the Golf GTI itself won 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year, and the 2015 Yahoo Motors Car of the Year.

front-wheel drive car, and excessive oversteer reigned in with its excellent stability control systems. And finally, it means GTI-exclusive badges, colours, alloy wheels and interior finish that all give subtle clues as to the car’s 38-year heritage. There was simply nothing to criticise about this car. Everything about it worked perfectly, and it was extremely enjoyable to drive. Many would argue that the Golf R is better, but they’d be wrong. Yes, it’s faster, but it’s also heavier, more expensive, and uses more fuel, and it really doesn’t translate into more enjoyment. I’ve compared the previous generation of both on a circuit in Bahrain, and the GTI felt more agile and nimble, and honestly, more fun to drive. For me, it’s the GTI every time! fact magazine



Talking 500X With Fiat Last month, we were whisked away to The Shard in London for the launch of the Fiat 500X, where we were treated to a magic show by UK magician Dynamo, and a sit-down with Gianluca Italia, Head of Fiat Brand EMEA, to learn more about their plans… With derivatives like the 500L and 500X, are you developing 500 as a sub-brand of Fiat, and is there more planned? Yes, we are, but for the time being this is it. We are launching the 500L Trekking in the Middle East soon, and the 500X towards the end of the year, but that’s it, because we believe there is a limit to which you can stretch a brand. Who are you targeting with the 500X? The segment crosses many audiences, so in terms of the customers, I don’t think there is a specific age or gender or social position. When it comes to the 500 world, in most cases we talk about upper-mainstream, premium customers. Last weekend we launched the 500X in Italy, and we saw more than 50% of people visiting us coming from different brands, even brands like BMW and Mercedes. Originally, we expected Nissan 66

fact magazine

Juke or MINI Countryman customers, but we were seeing people currently driving models like the 1 Series and A Class as well, which was quite interesting! Why did you choose Dynamo as a brand ambassador? We went through a list of possibilities, and in Dynamo we found a good fit, because he is incredibly well-known amongst young people between 17 and 30 years-old, and this group is more active on the web, they make everything viral very quickly if they like what they see. On top of that, Dynamo is a very credible professional. Behind everything he does is a long study, and we wanted to team up with someone who was serious, and credible, and full of substance, like our car, and I have to say it is working in this case incredibly well. When he posted something on social media linked to Fiat, we

got 1 million views in five hours, so I think the magic show tonight will give us another tremendous boost. Being an SUV, are you expecting the 500X to capture a bigger share of the Middle East market? Yes, very much so, though it’s going to be a niche market share, but we have the opportunity to establish the brand in the proper way. We are not forced to do incredible volumes, we just want to position it among the right audiences and establish ourselves.


Racing the 86 An exciting racing series offering competitive wheel-to-wheel action that is accessible to almost anyone – what’s not to like? The TRD 86 Cup at Yas Marina Circuit is one of the most affordable, and yet exciting customer racing series in the world today, which is why it has been such a hit with amateur racers in its inaugural season. We talk to rookie racer Tom Verkooijen to find out about his experience so far: Have you had any racing experience previous to taking part in the TRD 86 Cup? No, none at all. I’ve done multiple track days over the last 10 years, but there’s a huge difference between driving fast and racing. And the latter is a lot more exciting! How easy was it to enter the series? T: It was quite easy, actually. Apart from buying the car, very little else was involved. I do consider myself lucky, though, with my close friend and team manager, Dean Curtis, who takes care of everything that has to do with our Arcade Racing team, including the car, social media, logistics, team gear, tickets for friends and so on. I literally show up and drive. The TRD 86 Cup is affordable, but it is obviously still a considerable amount for most. Were you able to offset some of the fees by attracting sponsorship?

As you say, “some”, yes. Whilst our Arcade Racing car carries the most logos in the championship, apart from my employer and sponsor Renoir Consulting, these companies are either supporting us with products and services or are partially owned by myself. How has the experience of racing in the TRD 86 Cup been so far? It has been both great fun and a tremendous learning experience. With a third, fourth,

seventh and second position in the first four races, the results so far have been better than I expected. The guys from AUH Motorsport, and especially Tarek Elgammal, have given us all the coaching we needed, but knowing what to do and doing it in the heat of the battle are two entirely different things, I can tell you! Describe the feeling of racing wheel-towheel in a competitive racing series? It’s very exciting, and amazingly intensive! Even after our 20 minutes of racing, I’ll get out of the car completely soaked. It has given me much more respect for F1 or longdistance drivers! The wheel-to-wheel racing with all identical cars is the main reason why I joined this series, and it’s giving me all the thrills that I anticipated. Any advice for others considering taking part in the TRD 86 Cup next year? If you’re serious about entering, drop by one of the race weekends and speak to different drivers about their experiences of the season so far, as we didn’t have that luxury in preparation of this virgin season. I truly expect that prospectors will quickly pick up on the enthusiasm displayed by the current drivers and teams. fact magazine



Blackberry Passport The latest device from Blackberry, featuring a bold new design, has the whole world talking, but is it for the right reasons? We find out…

The first truly noteworthy release from Blackberry in over a year, the Passport gets its name for its truly novel passport-sized shape. It has polarised opinions amongst practically everyone we’ve spoken to about it – some love it, and some hate it, but we can’t fault Blackberry for trying something new. But, has it worked? Our first impressions of using the Passport were that it initially felt extremely unnatural and awkward. The wide shape completely rules out one-handed use, and it feels heavy and unbalanced in the hands, although this is because of a decidedly solid-feeling build quality. Once you become accustomed to it, the user experience does improve significantly, and you find typing quite smooth and easy with the keypad. The interesting thing about the Passport is that when you turn it horizontally, the keypad doubles as a touchpad to navigate the menus. However, the transition is glitchy, which is a shame, because this really lets down a feature that had great potential to be a game changer. We’re a fan of the Blackberry 10 OS – it’s smooth and intuitive, but notoriously lacks in the apps department, which again lets a potentially great gadget down. On the other hand, it’s extremely easy to read in sunlight, which is a bonus in the Middle East! The width of the screen in vertical mode is great for reading messages and emails, and combined with the keypad this might make it a hit with the hard core business types, but for everyone else it will fail to shine in the face of competition. Verdict: Wouldn’t give up an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for it in a million years…


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App-licious Today’s tech-savvy generation of smartphones and tablets means the world is at your fingertips, literally! FACT has three great apps to download for your device, keeping you plugged-in to all the best techie help for every area of life...


Social/Personalisation Dubsmash (iOS, Android)

Amazon Shopping (iOS, Android)

Fancy shopping with Fancy? This is a multipurpose app with various features for you to discover and buy amazing things from wonderful places and great stores, curated by the global community. Create your own wish list, shop gift guides, send a Fancy Gift Card or browse the gift recommendations engine; Fancy has it all! With thousands of stores and millions of things, you might just go shoppingcrazy! In this social-shopping app, you can see what friends on Facebook and Twitter are interested in as well. Download this app now and start making your shopping wish list!

Have you always wanted to enact your favourite TV commercial, film scene or rap lyrics? Well, now you can! How about a creative and funny way to communicate with your friends and dear ones? Something cool and quirky? All you have to do is choose a famous quote, record a video with your voice dubbed across it and voila! Send the dubbed video to your friends or share on social media. Scare them, diss them or bring a smile on their face; this app taps in to all emotions possible. Laugh hard and have fun recording your fave quotes and sharing them!

Amazon is popular when it comes to online shopping, and the app makes it on-the-go now! Shop millions of products on any of the Amazon sites around the world from a single app. Search, read reviews, compare product details and buy your product. Take advantage of one-click ordering, wish lists and order tracking. Compare prices by scanning barcodes, and check availability using ‘Scan it’. There are some tempting deals in the ‘Gold Box’ deal, Deal of the Day and Lightning deals. Make sure to browse through all the categories and shop to your heart’s content.

Fancy (iOS, Android)


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#Bride #Abu #Dhabi #Show #2015 Jam-packed with fashion, beauty and bridal necessities, the Bride Abu Dhabi show 2015, treated visitors to over 250 leading local and international suppliers, tips by celebrity make-up artists and high-end fashion shows. Guests from near and far attended the event held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre where bridal advice was shared.


fact magazine

Gap g rin p s e Th n o editi

fact magazine


fashion focus


nnovation in Denim is the highlight of the season. Apart from offering the mid-rise skinny, high-rise skinny and slim straight, GAP launches a new fit that’s a slimmer and modern version of the Sexy Boyfriend. The new women’s skinny jeans featuring performance stretch material that provides a more flattering fit is a must have for this season. The colour palette encompasses basic black, white, blue and grey tones, as well as brighter shades of yellow, peach and pink to add a colour pop. To complete the look, team it up with a peplum styled knit for a touch of glam. For Men, skinny and slim is the key focus, it can be teamed up with graphic or striped tees, or the clean chambray. Gap introduces the new Khaki for Men with improved fits and a range of dresses; cool, casual, preppy, pretty are available


fact magazine

for every girl. From bright yellows to oversized daisy prints, the collection displays a range of show stopping, printed and bold shift dresses tapping into the prominent spring trends with color blocking and florals. Do check out the new Shadow Stripe Tee and the new Knit top which is the Knot T Stripe in tones of yellow and coral. The new fashion tops for the season are the split neck top, the lightweight mesh, the collarless shirt in prints, neck tie top with the sleeves. As a more relaxed alternative, a spring favourite across both genders is Gap’s Soft Pant, which allows for a cool, sports-luxe feel to your look. Team the pants with either the evergreen Gap hoodie or a top of your choice.

GO: The new Gap collection is now available across all Gap stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

fashion focus

Rock true blue the GAP way; with printed skirts, loose jackets and structured tops. Mix and match for a chic and classy denim look.

fact magazine


Fashion Focus

Shop the brand Here is our wishlist from GAPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPRING 2015 collection. Shop the SEASONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOOKS AT ANY GAP STORE IN THE GCC.

for her

for him



















01. colour block dress| 02. printed tunic sweatshirt | 03. peach-pink shirt 04. leather black sandal| 05. yellow leather Bag | 06. classic trench coat | 07. skinny crop cargo| 08. peplum tee in grey| 09. split neck peplum floral top 74

fact magazine

01. heritage denim jacket | 02. blue floral shorts | 03. indigo polpin | 04. leaf print polo | 05. leafy vine print shirt | 06. Military shade shirt | 07. mixed media backpack | 08. orange floral indigo shorts | 09. solid blue button down shirt

Also AvAilAble in ... bAhrAin & QAtAr






An Artistic Celebration ofRoll Arabic Culture Camera

NOVEMBER 2014. VOL 8 ISSUE 03 . BD 1 | SR10

SEPTEMBER 2014. VOL 4 ISSUE 5. QR10 | SR10

for Film Festival Fever

front.indd 1

Have a Haunted Halloween

8/31/14 11:13 AM

OctOber 2014. VOL 1 ISSUe 5. AeD 10 front_filmfestival.indd 1

9/29/14 4:25 PM

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Rust It Up We’re talking burnt oranges, mature tangerine hues and redder garms with an undertone of brown – WE’VE PICKED SOME OF OUR FAVOURITES FROM THE HIGH STREET OF these RUSTY shades for the season ahead...















fact magazine


Shades of Grey Paying homage to Christian Grey, this colour is a serious fashion go-to for street, casual and more formal-inspired looks – we’ve picked the most stylish basics for you to up your Grey game this season…














fact magazine



Touch of beauty For all you beauty queens out there… FACT has your makeup needs covered this season from top to toe.

Spotless Skin

Complete Beauty Tom Ford presents the Tom Ford Mesmerizing Mattes Colour Collection featuring eight new matte Lip Colours with a spectrum of hues; from sensuous nudes such as Pink Tease and First Time, to the alluring reds of Flame and Ruby Rush. The Cream Colour for eyes illuminates the eye to create a shimmering and seductive look. The Eye Defining Pen in Deeper creates a more dramatic eye, and the Nail Lacquer in the deep plum shades of Viper and Bordeaux Lust, perfectly coordinate with the collection.

Estee Lauder launches the ‘Enlighten Skintone Correcting collection’, designed especially for naturally glowing and even-toned skin. The collection includes three products that are formulated with Estée Lauder’s most intensive, comprehensive skintone correcting technology. The Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum helps correct and refine skin’s texture and tone. You can see the significant reduction in the look of spots in less than two weeks. The natural enzyme helps dissolve the look of existing, visible dark spots. Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum

Tom Ford Mesmerizing Mattes Colour Collection

Mask It Up

Glitter Junkies

Exotic Radiance

The Face Mask is a cutting-edge plant biotechnology that isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum antiage repair. It helps repair the signs of aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and sagging, as it strengthens and tones the look of skin. The mask reveals soft, radiant, beautiful and youthful-looking skin.

Urban Decay introduces four stunning shades of Moondust Eyeshadow. Super refined, this is nothing like the chunky glitter you experimented with in your teenage years. Micro-fine bits of shining sparkle collide with intense, dreamy hues and lush 3-D metallic’s, for a luxe, upscale vibe and a gorgeous, diamond-like effect.

Guerlain reveals the first ‘Brightening Foundation’ infused with ‘Blanc de Perle’s’ skincare essence. The essence’s active ingredients help prevent pigment deposits, reduce melanin production, fight the formation of stubborn dark spots, prolong the skincare’s brightening action, even out skin tone and hydrate the skin. Say hello to a dazzling complexion!

Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-repair Face Mask

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow

Guerlain Essence Infused Brightening Foundation


fact magazine


B e au t y F i x : Do ’ s & Dont ’ s Making the right product choice and knowing the correct techniques while applying makeup can make you look your best. Here are Reshu Malhotra’s do’s and dont’s…

DO: USE A MAKEUP BRUSH TO APPLY YOUR FOUNDATION Use a foundation brush to apply foundation as it not only applies the right amount of product to your face but it allows you to properly buff it out leaving an even coverage on your skin.

DO: FILL IN THE EYEBROWS A fuller eyebrow is always more appealing for the complexion but many of us either have sparse, thin, or light eyebrows that need a little help in the volume department. Applying too much filler, however, can look just as bad, so use an easy hand and choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural hair colour.

DO: USE MASCARA Mascara has an undeniable affect that enhances and elongates lashes. Without Mascara, your makeup application may look incomplete. It allows your eyes to look bigger and more awake. My favourite Mascara is Lancome Hypnose.

DO: USE EYELINER CLOSE TO THE LASH LINE Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as

possible as this definitely enhances your eye. Be sure to get the liner between the lashes and to fill up the empty spaces. I would recommend Make Up For Ever aqua eyeliner.

DO: WEAR THE BLUSH This is the one beauty product that with a simple brush across your cheeks can bring the most life to your face and add depth and dimension. Smile and dust your colour to the apples of your cheeks. My favorite blush is Mac Peaches and Nars “Orgasm.”

DON’T: NOT MATCHING THE LIP LINER WITH LIPSTICK This is the most common makeup mistake. Make sure you choose lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and it should be blended well. For best results use a lipstick brush.

DON’T: WEAR THE WRONG FOUNDATION SHADE Foundation is supposed to create a perfect smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation, which blends in

with your skin and is a shade closest to your complexion and no lighter. You should always match the foundation on your jaw line before buying.

DON’T: APPLYING MAKEUP ON DRY AND FLAKY SKIN Applying makeup on dry skin will only enhance the dry flakes and fine lines. It is very important to prep the skin by using the right primer and a moisturiser before applying the makeup. Smoother skin means smoother application and a better-finished look.

DON’T: OVER TWEEZ THE EYE BROWS Well-groomed brows can enhance your overall complexion. You do want to shape your overgrown brows but don’t tweeze them too much. As we get older, our brows naturally become sparse, so don’t tweeze them too thin, just stick with cleaning up the area around your brows and follow their natural arch for your best shape. Always get them threaded professionally. Keep up with Reshu, a UAE- based make up artist and beauty blogger on fact magazine



#Global #Restaurant #Investment #Forum Known as GRIF, the conference kicked off with a culinary tour of some of the hottest restaurants in Dubai including Coya Dubai, the Beach Canteen and onto the Jumeirah Group for outlets D&A, Tortuga, Pierchic and Perry & Blackwelderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, with conversations amongst influential individuals from some of the industries most successful brands.


fact magazine

“Japanese cuisine is all about freshness, integrity of the ingredients used, taste and the visual beauty of each element.” Chef Ando Takashi.

An Authentic Japanese Feast Learning to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen, Chef de Cuisine Ando Takashi reflects the utmost respect for ingredients in his traditional Japanese dishes. FACT meets the man behind the menu at Tori No Su, Jumeriah at Etihad Towers to learn more about his authentic approach to creative cooking…

fact magazine



“My favourite cuisine to cook would be Japanese cuisine. I particularly specialise in the kaiseki cuisine, Nimino cuisine and Fugu (blow fish). Japanese cuisine is all about the freshness of the ingredient while keeping in mind individual taste and preferences. This allows me to practice my culinary skills while leaving just enough room for creative experimentation. “


t’s no secret that, often, at big five-star hotels and resorts, the authenticity of a type of cuisine can be lost in foodie translation. Not here, not one bit. And that’s what made us fall head over heels for the food at Tori No Su, in Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Not only is the venue beyond impressive, the menu offerings are traditional in preparation with the aesthetics of a modern-day dining experience. It’s this well-crafted culinary balance between true Japanese culture and the UAE customer requirements, that really had us praising Tori No Su from the moment we stepped into the restaurant, up until today (and probably for a long time to come). And there’s one man who deserves real recognition for his input and gastronomic vision at Tori No Su. Enter Chef de Cuisine, Ando Takashi. With a practice that started in his grandmother’s kitchen, and took him to work in restaurants in Tokyo, as well as heading several hotel-based Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, and Dubai, Chef Takashi has years of hospitality experience under his belt. This was evident from the first dishes that came out for the FACT team to try during our chef ’s table visit. First up was a platter of seasonal appetisers including sushi, sashimi and zensai. The one thing that everyone instantly said is “it’s so fresh.” This, we learn, is all down to Chef Takashi’s approach to Japanese cooking. “At Tori No Su, freshness and connectivity to the seasonality of ingredients is given priority,” he says. “Japanese cuisine requires a deep


fact magazine

fact magazine



Menu Sushi, Sashimi platters and Zensai (Platter of seasonal appetiser) Lobster Yuzukosho Fumi Wagyu Foie gras with shiso sauce Mochi Ice cream Green Tea Cheese Cake.

respect for seasonal produce and flavours. Respecting each ingredient and appreciating its seasonality helps us in savouring it and ensuring the authenticity of the flavour.” It was the lava sushi that kept us talking until the second dish arrived. And for those who eat with their eyes, this was an absolute feast. Lobster Yuzukosho Fumi on one side and Wagyu Foie Gras with shiso sauce in another plate. Both were exquisite! We particularly enjoyed the pairing of foie gras with the wagyu beef – the flavours and textures together displayed Chef Takashi’s knowledgeable and sophisticated approach in the kitchen. “I want to take guests on a culinary journey where they can discover the intricateness of Japanese culture through food,” Chef Takashi explains. “As such we include menus from various cuisine styles including: kaiseki, teppanyaki, robatayaki and sushi among others.” There’s a monthly ‘Samurai Chef ’s Table’ experience for people who are really appreciative of the cuisine. This has become a popular dining experience through word of mouth and is a special monthly happening for which all ingredients are brought in from Japan. Next out of the kitchen is dessert; Mochi Ice Cream and Green Tea Cheese Cake. The presentation is impeccable and the use of dry ice to create a ‘smoky’ effect is subtle creativity that we really applaud. The 84

fact magazine

GO: Visit Tori No Su at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Call (0)2 811 5666 for reservations and more information.

pounded rice-filling in the mochi ice cream wins us over in one spoonful – delicious. “A wholesome dining experience is only possible when all the elements are in sync with others,” Chef Takashi says. “A dish has to be visually appealing and appetising as well.” We’re interested to learn how people in the UAE have taken to Japanese cuisine. Chef Takashi says: “At the beginning it was like there’s no tradition of eating raw food in this region, but as people kept coming back, each time they got a little bit more adventurous and tried something different.” Chef Takashi is one of those professionals who has retained and celebrates his cultural roots and still values his authentic culinary teachings in his grandmother’s kitchen. With a man so dedicated to his home cuisine, Tori No Su is, hands-down, THE place to try the most bona fide Japanese food in Abu Dhabi.

Ohlala! Magazine available in Bahrain, Qatar and Abu Dhabi (coming soon). BAHRAIN




Your new




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Fall romance




Bold &





The beauTy fixes for auTumn


Marsuma Designs

Fall’s new Mood




September 2014 | iSSue 39

Qatar Qr20

cover September2014.indd 1

8/31/14 12:02 PM












‫اجلاذبيـــــة‬ ‫بلون الذهب‬



Anja Rubik’s












12/18/14 4:05 PM

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#Iris #Sundown #Session #Three Iris Sundown partygoers watched the sun set over the beautiful Yas Marina while enjoying the beats of the sensational djs Hunter/Game. The djsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; signature sound comes from an evolving deep groove beat with hints of electronic influences. This was yet another successful event at Iris to kick off the Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s weekend fever.


fact magazine

Keeping it Cool at Iris Yas Island â&#x20AC;˘

With a revamped venue, a new food menu, and refreshing cocktails, Iris Yas Island has become a prime party spot for many who flock to Yas Marina for a chilled-out evening with friends. FACT went to check out this trendy restaurant/lounge to see if Iris lives up to its cool-crowd statusâ&#x20AC;Ś

fact magazine



“It is the inviting and relaxed mood at Iris that keeps loyal punters coming back. The food is simple but with a plentiful choice, and the dishes are...”


hen it comes to keeping it cool, Iris does swanky down to a tee. Located in the heart of Yas Island, this upscale lounge and restaurant, has become a favourite with the city’s socialites, business people, party-goers and those who want an alternative destination to the centre of Abu 88

fact magazine

Dhabi, and somewhere that serves good food and drinks with a great atmosphere. The venue has a real urban-city feel, with stylish interiors like custom-made, black-steel light fittings and varied seating including barstyle high chairs and tables, comfy, cushioned sofas, and a garden area with terrace-inspired furniture. Iris also has the advantage of being in an amazing location, overlooking Yas Marina and providing breathtaking views (we can only imagine the lively buzz and crowd this place gets during events like the F1!). The venue’s uber-trendy character is all down to Lebanese designer Suzy Nasr, who is the visionary behind all of Iris’ interiors. As the creator of the original concept, located in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Suzy’s idea behind the initial Iris concept was to create a tropical yet modern getaway, with an environment that exudes a sense of harmony and balance, simultaneously being trendy yet cosy with an edge. We arrived at Iris on a Friday evening when it was half-filled. There were large groups of friends enjoying drinks and a catch up, as well as smaller more intimate gatherings too. It’s no secret that you’ll instantly feel like you have to be part of a cool crowd to be here. We opted to sit inside, and though service was

VENUE REVIEW a little slow, we finally managed to place an order for drinks and some sharing plates off the food menu. Out came the Australian wagyu mini burgers, rock shrimp tempura, seared sea scallops, oven-baked Mediterranean sea bass, lobster risotto, and char-grilled Australian tenderloin. Everything was presented nicely and made in perfect portions for sharing. Our standouts here were the wagyu mini burgers (the special chef ’s sauce was yummy), the sea bass drizzled in a beautiful lemon sauce, and the tenderloin, cooked to medium perfection. For dessert, we’d recommend the lush chocolate fondant – a classic choice that wins every time. We loved the airy space of the lounge and the combination of vibrant hues, tranquil earthy tones and the occasional burst of unexpected colour that gave the place an uplifted feel. The use of special materials like thermo wood in the bar area is clever and impressive and the furniture has a great combination of wood and fabric. It is the inviting and relaxed mood at Iris that keeps loyal punters coming back. The food is simple but with a plentiful choice, and the dishes are satisfyingly tasty. We were left a tad disappointed by the inattentive service, especially as the place wasn’t packed. That said, we’ll definitely return to see if Iris Yas Island can tick all the boxes of a perfect dinner and drinks venue second-time around.

“We loved the airy space of the lounge and the combination of vibrant hues, tranquil earthy tones and the occasional burst of unexpected colour that gave the place an uplifted feel.”

GO: Iris Yas Island is open Monday to Saturdays from 6pm to 3am. Visit or call (0)5 5160 5636 for reservations and more information. v

fact magazine


city bites

Mother’s Day

Dining at The Ritz

What better way to spend some quality time with mum than a foodie visit to The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal? The location of the hotel is stunning, and the Mother’s Day offers are equally lovely. Indulge in the signature afternoon tea service at the elegant Alba, lobby lounge, featuring savoury hors d’oeuvres, scones and chocolate treats, with a guided tasting of two tea blends carefully selected to complement the menu. If you want to treat mum in the evening, take her to Mijana. Blending traditional and modern cooking, this contemporary Lebanese restaurant features nightly musical performances. Enjoy a sharing-style set menu featuring Middle Eastern favourites in a scenic setting, on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the pool and beach. A traditional Arabic band and shisha lounge are also on-site to keep you entertained. GO: Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea runs from March 13 to 22, 2pm to 5pm, priced at AED65++ for one, and AED12++ for two guests. Dinner at Mijana runs from March 15 to 21, 4pm to 1am, priced at AED225++ per person. Call (0)2 818 8282 for more information.


fact magazine

Poolside Brunch at Las Brisas

Celebrate the best of the winter sunshine with family and friends at a beautiful poolside brunch in Emirates Palace. Taking place every Friday in March, at the hotel’s poolside restaurant, Las Brisas, this Friday Brunch experience is one not-to-be-missed. There’s a lavish international buffet with soft drinks, ales, vinos, selected cocktails, and bubbly, as well as a DJ and live music entertainment to take you through a relaxed afternoon of food and fun with your loved ones. Priced at AED290++ incl. soft drinks; AED350++ incl. vino, cocktails and hops; and AED480++ with everything plus bubbly. There’s even a discounted rate for Beach Club access for those at the brunch, so you can make a day of it. The perfect Friday combining food and relaxation. GO: The Las Brisas Friday Brunch takes place every Friday in March at the poolside restaurant in Emirates Palace. Call (0)2 690 7999 for more information.

Sushi Treats at Toshi

Head over to Toshi at Grand Millennium Al Wahda on ‘Mad Mondays’ where it’s free food and drinks galore. So how does this dining deal work? ‘Mad Mondays’ in Toshi means free food and free drinks. Choose any item from the menu and get the second menu item of equal or lesser value, for free! This offer is applicable for drinks as well (yay!). Mad Mondays is on from 7pm to 11.30pm! If that’s not enough, check out the ‘So much Sushi at Toshi’ promotion every Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 7pm to 11.30pm. Here, you can enjoy the sumptuous flavours of unlimited sushi and sashimi to your heart’s content for AED119++ excluding drinks, or AED189++ incl. selected house beverages and sparkling vino. There’s also a feast from the Far East at the Asian restaurant with a Sushi and Teppanyaki Night on Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 11.30pm, priced at AED199++ incl. selected drinks. It all sounds yum! GO: Call (0)2 495 3921 for and more information.

city bites


Daily Delights

Farm to Table

Spain at Catalan

at Urban Bites

at Market Kitchen

If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine then you’ll want to check this out. Catalan restaurant at Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island, presents ‘Along the Spanish coastline’ – a fabulous new menu taking you on a culinary journey through Spain. Especially created by Chef Francisco Sanabria and Jordi Vicente, this exquisite menu showcases the most delicious seafood, Spain has to offer such as ‘txangurro’ imperial crab, percebes and red prawns directly from the Atlantic Ocean. Embark in this mouth-watering journey, from February 16 to March 28, and the tasting menu is priced at AED445++ per person. Catalan is open for dinner from 7pm to 11.30pm and is closed on Sunday. We’ll be heading over for the sea bream and tuna belly – don’t miss out on this fantastic menu!

Nothing goes better with the perfect cup of coffee than a delicious slice of cake. Now customers in Abu Dhabi seeking the ultimate refreshing break combo can enjoy a great new deal from Urban bites. The gourmet diner concept is offering any one of its regular coffees with a choice of perfectly baked cake portions for just AED18. Urban bites coffee and cake deal is available all day, every day. For lovers of great quality, quick service cuisine, there’s another fab new deal to enjoy; a combination of fresh juice and any sandwich for only AED35. The offer is valid every day from 11am until 5pm. There’s even a meal deal offering soup of the day and any salad from the menu (except make your own salad) for the great price of AED30. The offer is valid every day from 11am until 5pm. Urban bites serves Fairtrade coffee from the RAW Coffee Company, the UAE’s only premium 100 per cent locally roasted, organic and ethically-traded fresh Arabica coffee. With so many dining deals, you can try something new every day!

Located at Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi, Market Kitchen is inspired by Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s concept of the “hotel as home” and extends to the restaurant as a casual family kitchen. The menu reinvents familiar dishes with eclectic flair, allowing guests to try new flavour combinations and explore spices from other regions, all while remaining close to home. Dishes crafted with seasonal market ingredients and local fish, can be selected from enticing categories on the menu such as Simply Raw, Fish, Meat and a Market tasting menu to enliven the senses and satisfy any craving. This modern farm-to-table concept evokes alluringly familiar local cuisine and reinvents classic dishes with eclectic flair producing unexpected flavour combinations to remarkable effect. Open for lunch everyday from 12noon to 4pm, and dinner from 7pm to 11pm. The kitchen counter menu is available between 4pm to 7pm.

GO: Call (0)2 813 5552 for and more information.

GO: Call 800 101 101 for reservations and more information.

GO: For your nearest Urban Bites location visit www. for more information.

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Novotel Al Bustan Located just minutes from the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, Sheikh Zayed Sports City, and many other city attractions, the Novotel Al Bustan has a prime location that is perfect for both business and leisure. FACT went to check out the hotel and all that it offers visiting guests…


hen we hear Novotel, we think contemporary, stylish, affordable – all of the things that factor into choosing the perfect hotel for your stay. The Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan not only has a great location, it offers clean and comfortable rooms and a wide choice of culinary options. Let us take you a tour of the hotel…

Contemporary Rooms There are 361 rooms at the hotel and each is finished to a high standard and fitted with modern interiors. We stayed in a Superior Queen Room, which overlooked the garden next to the pool area. Though the hotel is a mere few feet from a main road, there is nothing but silence inside the rooms – a bonus for those who value a good night’s sleep. The layout of this roomtype is practical with a day sofa in one corner, a long desk to work on, a lovely big bed, and an impressive bathroom with a large tub, as well as 92

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“There are 361 rooms at the hotel and each is finished to a high standard and fitted with modern interiors. We stayed in a Superior Queen Room, which overlooked the garden next to the pool area.”

HOTEL HOTSPOT separate shower. There is also plenty of storage behind the sliding door-wardrobes. It’s safe to say that design of the room is truly adaptable and homely, making it a fab choice for a few days of comfortable living. The room has all the amenties you would require, including a mini-bar, flat-screen TV with a good selection of channels, a DVD player, tea and coffee-making facilities and even an espresso classic coffee machine. The bathroom has your standard shampoo and body wash, however, if you want a dental kit or body lotion, this is only provided upon request (we called housekeeping for these and had what we needed in a matter of minutes!). Being winter (yet very warm outside), the temperature-controls in the room worked wonderfully, as did the fast Wi-Fi connection. We loved the neutral décor of the corridors, which was dotted with colourful art works, giving a relaxed vibe and sense of serenity!

Dining Done Right

“We were beyond wowed by the facilities as well, such as having an outdoor heated pool, a fitness centre, a sauna, steam room, spa and hammam too.”

We were probably most surprised, and impressed, by the number of dining options at Novotel Al Bustan. We decided to have dinner at Choice Cut Steak House one evening and were pleased to see the venue occupied by families, couples, businessmen, friends and solo travellers. There was a fantastic (and free!) salad bar, alongside which we ordered two steak mains with mashed potato on the side and our choice of sauce. The service was friendly and fast, the food was tasty and filling, and the venue had an intimate vibe that was perfect for a cosy dinner. This steak house restaurant offers charcoal grill with meat cuts and iced seafood pans as well as a walk-in wine cellar. In addition to this, there’s Pepper All Day Dining, Café Caramel, Waves Pool Bar, Amber Bar & Café, and Recharge Bar. With so many great dining options, you don’t need to worry about leaving the hotel for good food.

Only Pros It was difficult to fault our stay at the Novotel Al Bustan. We were beyond wowed by the facilities as well, such as having an outdoor heated pool, a fitness centre, a sauna, steam room, spa and hammam too. The room was of a high-standard, the service was flawless and the staff very efficient and welcoming. Add the excellent location of the hotel to all of this and you’ve got yourself an affordable accommodation option only 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. GO: Call (0)2 501 6444 for reservations and more information. fact magazine



#TriYAS #At #Yas #Marina #Circuit The 5th annual TriYAS by Damanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ActiveLife race saw an unprecedented 1,500 triathletes, including a record number of Emiratis and over 150 children, swim, run and cycle around the iconic circuit. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event featured the usual plusa KidsTRI open to children aged between 12-16, a female-only category, and the participation of an elite wave of nine triathletes from around the world. 94

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A Journey Through Heavenly Spa Going to the spa is often all about a body treatment â&#x20AC;&#x201C; massage, scrubs, wraps, and hammam experience to name but a few. But what about the face? The face needs some tlc too. Shabana Adam takes a trip to Heavenly Spa at The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa to put a brand-new facial to the testâ&#x20AC;Ś

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The spa is a small and charming area made up of six treatment rooms. There is an earthy atmosphere of nature translating from outside to the inside, using impressive interiors like refined, natural materials of stone, water and wood... 96

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t’s true that work and general life worries can really make an impact on your skin – dark circles, wrinkles, dull complexion – this means it’s all the more important to take care of your face, as well as the body. There’s one place in town that’s ready to help you tackle this. Heavenly Spa at The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa has recently introduced the Elemis ProCollagen Quartz Lift Facial, a treatment that gives a whole new meaning to facials. It includes a thorough skin consultation, a face, scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, and, of course, an anti-aging face and eye treatment using professional strength formulations and proven marine extract to re-energise cells for firmer, rejuvenated skin.


’m greeted with a cup of cool tea and a hot towel. After filling in the treatment form, by therapist Ana shows me to the women’s changing area which houses a steam room and sauna as well as showers, lockers, and a comfortable changing area, with direct access to the treatment room area. The spa is a small and charming area made up of six treatment rooms. There is an earthy atmosphere of nature translating from outside to the inside, using impressive interiors like refined, natural materials of stone, water and wood, paired with slick and smooth finishes of glass tiles and polished surfaces, creating a soft, warm and welcoming respite for a quiet and relaxing day at the spa.



na starts by asking various questions about my skin care regime. Having oily skin, she immediately recommends Elemis products that could serve well in my daily and weekly skin care routine and, on top of this, she further explains the type of things that could cause oiliness, and the small steps I can take to control breakouts, for example. “This is what we want to do here,” she says. “We want the guests to have knowledge of their treatment, and leave with a better understanding of how to keep up the right skincare at home.” I appreciate the time and interest Ana puts into explaining things, thoroughly, to me about the treatment as well as my skin type; it makes the

experience go beyond just a simple facial, to a whole journey of consultation-expertisetreatment-relaxation. hroughout the treatment, Ana uses various Elemis products, specifically chosen for my skin, to cleanse, tone, moisturise, massage, and remove impurities like blackheads, and provide a power boost to the face. She also massages the scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, all whilst I fall into a peaceful nap. The treatment uses powerful mineral ingredients and unique facial massage techniques to help lift and firm the skin. By the end, my face is brighter, tighter and visibly revitalised – another benefit of the pro-collagen facial which promotes cellular activity.



hat I loved about Heavenly Spa is that afterwards I was ushered to the relaxation lounge and told to take my time. Why is this important? Well, you might be all too familiar with the felling of being rushed to get ready and leave a spa once your treatment is complete – something akin to being on a conveyor belt – but the good news is, at Heavenly Spa, you can sit back and relax for as long as you like after your treatment, enjoying some healthy snacks and a cup of lemon, ginger and honey tea. It really is a heavenly experience. GO: The Elemis Pro-Collagen Quarts Lift Facial is a 75-minute treatment, priced at AED550. Call (0)2 616 9999 for more reservations and more information.

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Liz Beneski

Director of PR & Marketing, Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Tell us your three favorite foodie hotspots in Abu Dhabi...

Recommend one hidden gem or experience for We’re truly spoilt for choice in Abu Dhabi! visitors to try… Right now, I am loving the stunning Asia de Cuba terrace. The views are amazing, and I cannot seem to get enough of those Empanadas and FloraDora cocktails. For sure you can find me diggin’ into a delectable pie at Stills (Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Yas Island), sitting outside  on the gorgeous terrace. For a special night, find me at Circo. I simply adore the decor, and cannot scoff down enough of the homemade chestnut soup, followed by those amazing ravioli’s. 98

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city insider

The Emirates National Auto Museum. About 2 hours drive outside the city, and it’s a must see. Its huge collection of 200+ different vehicles is one of a kind; it’s full of surprises and pretty much offers a great selfie photo opportunity at every vehicle. Many have to be seen to be believed; the exterior often belies what customizations are inside. I personally really dig the Disco car. 

What makes Abu Dhabi special for you? Lifestyle and community. I enjoy the amazing parks, beaches, mangroves and desert close by. I adore the cultural arts events and anxiously await the Louvre opening. I have seen worldclass sporting events like VOR, F1, and the Red Bull air race. I am an ardent staycationer across all the magnificent hotels. I am spoilt for dining choice. By far, it’s the citizens of Abu Dhabi that I most adore; I have more interaction with Emiratis and global citizens than anywhere else. It’s a true community.

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Let us create a moment that you’ll never forget.

Let us pamper you with style and discretion.

Let us make your stay be anything but foreign. 

Let us promise you’ll never feel the same way about staying at Club Level again.

Experience the new level of luxury with Club Level accommodations. The Ritz-Carlton, Doha Club Level Lounge, is an exclusive retreat of supreme comfort, convenience and privacy. Indulge in five complimentary food and beverage presentations daily while captivating in the serene surroundings and views atop the 23rd floor. For reservations, call The Ritz-Carlton, Doha at +974 4484 8000 or visit us at

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