Magazine Spring 2020 issue

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Insulele de energie durabilă – cercetare pentru soluții inovatoare în proiectul E-LAND Sustainable energy islands – research for innovative solutions in the E-LAND project


entrul pentru Resurse în Eficiența Energetică și Schimbările Climatice din Cluj-Napoca, împreună cu Universitatea Valahia din Târgoviște fac parte dintre partenerii E-LAND - un proiect de cercetare și dezvoltare strategică EU HORIZON 2020 cu o valoare totală de 6 milioane euro. Proiectul va dezvolta soluții integrate durabile pentru consumatorii de energie - prin



he Centre for Resources in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change from ClujNapoca together with Valahia University of Targoviste are proud partners in ELAND - a strategic research & development EU HORIZON 2020 project with a total value of 6 million euro. The project will develop integrated sustainable solutions for energy prosumers – producing, storage, delivering of energy – related to challenging ecosystems of specific isolated or other community areas – campuses, industrial parks or rural areas. In this moment, the providers are only focusing on their business model without taking into account the interoperability and data integration, told us Gabriel Souca, Vicepresident CREESC, General Manager Energo ESCO. “I believe the main benefit for the local communities, gathered from the dissemination of the project results can be the change of paradigm for the worldwide energy-related solution providers (electricity, gas, equipment, software etc). Projects like E-LAND have the big opportunity to disrupt