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Contents November 8 Picture Puzzler

34 House to Home

10 Pets Corner: Your Dog’s Body Language

38 Gardening Tips

12 Pets Corner: Rabbits

41-42 Motoring: Volvo XC60

14-15 Holiday Review: Lapland

48 Money Saving Tips

20 Recipe: Pulled Pork and Pumpkin Pies

50-51 Christmas Markets

21 Recipe: Blueberry Lemon Cake

54 What’s On

22 Beauty Tips

56 Skegness Rocks

26 Film Reviews

57 Armchair Sport Guide

28-29 Puzzle Pages

58-59 Horoscopes

32 Where’s Jolly?

62 Useful Numbers

26 14-15



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he rain held off on Saturday for the launch of Christopher’s new Menu.

The Tea Rooms and Café, managed by mother and daughter team Sue and Vicki were supported by the Jolly Fisherman, the Mayor of Skegness and the Ambassadors. There were lots of exciting and inviting foods and drinks for visitors to sample, lush whipped cream hot chocolates with sprinkles, the fabulous range of Ringtons teas, and not forgetting the home made cheese cakes, Aero bubbles and Maltesers coming strong favourites with all concerned.

New menu launch Vicki and Sue, together with their amazing team, look forward to seeing you in their cosy team rooms in the future, whether it be popping in for a quick cuppa to break up a busy days shopping, or to while away an afternoon, sitting and relaxing sampling the luxuries from their new menu.

Amazing homemade food and a friendly atmosphere

Christopher’s Tea Room and Café

8 Lumley Avenue, Skegness, Lincs PE2 2AH


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Discover how a Skegness Grammar School education can broaden your child’s horizons

We are welcoming parents/carers and primary school pupils to visit our school and find out more about life at Skegness Grammar.

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November Brain teaser

Picture puzzler


Face o


Can you identify the four pop music personalities (two female, two male) whose faces have been mixed up?









Zooming in 8

To celebrate Movember, can you identify the owners of the eight famous moustaches (past and present - all male, of course!!) shown here.

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Answers on page 30

Lincoln’s Premier Fitted Furniture Company Lincoln’s Premier Fitted Furniture Company



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Pets corner

Your dog’s body language What is your dog trying to tell you? Dogs have a language that allows them to communicate their emotional state and their intentions to others around them. Although dogs do use sounds and signals, much of the information that they send is through their body language, specifically their facial expressions and body postures.

Understanding what your dog is saying can give you a lot of useful information, such as when your dog is nervous about what is going on or when your dog is edgy and might be ready to snap at someone. You do have to look at the dog’s face and his whole body. This seven-point guide will help you interpret the most important messages your dog is sending you.

1. Relaxed - approachable

In association with

Pets & Aquatics

4. Fearful and aggressive Hackles raised

Pupils dilated

Tail between legs

Lips curled, teeth visible

This dog is frightened but is not submissive and may attack if pressed. A dog will generally give these signals when he is directly facing the individual who is threatening him.

5. Stressed and distressed Body low

Mouth slightly open, exposing tongue

Tail down and relaxed

Relaxed stance, feet flat

This dog is relaxed and reasonably content, unconcerned and unthreatened by any activity in his immediate environment and is usually approachable.

Pupils dilated Rapid panting, mouth corners back

Tail down

Sweating through paw pads

This dog is under either social or environmental stress. These signals, however, are a general “broadcast” of his state of mind and are not being specifically addressed to any other individual.

6. Extreme fear- total submission Lying back

2. Alert - checking things out

Eyes blinking Ears flat

Closed mouth Standing on toes, leaning slightly forward

Slight wagging

If the dog has detected something of interest or something unknown, these signals show that he is now alert and paying attention while assessing the situation to determine if there is any threat or if any action should be taken.

3. Dominant and aggressive

Forward leaning, stiff-legged

Lips curled

This is a very dominant and confident animal. Here he is not only expressing his social dominance, but also threatening that he will act aggressively if challenged.


This dog is indicating total surrender and submission. He is trying to say that he accepts his lower status by grovelling before a higher ranking or threatening individual in the hopes of avoiding a physical confrontation.

7. Playfulness

Tail up, waving more than wagging Ears up

Back of body raised (a temporary stance, usually followed by running around)

Pupils dilated Front of body lowered

Ears forward, slightly apart Teeth/gums visible

Head turned to side Tongue licking

Staring eyes

Ears forward, twitching Horizontal tail

Hackles raised

Ears back

Head high

Ears upright

Tail raised & bristling

Ears back

Body low

Here we have the basic invitation to play. It may be accompanied by excited barking or playful attacks and retreats. This set of signals may be used as a sort of “punctuation mark” to indicate that any previous rough behaviour was not meant as a threat or a challenge.

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t of y ered


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Pets corner

In association with

Pet rabbits

Pets & Aquatics

Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. But before you swoop into the shelter and pick out a cutie, there are a few things you should know to ensure a rabbit is right for you and your family.


Owning a pet rabbit comes with added financial responsibility. Be prepared to spend money up front on the adoption fee, as well as housing/food/bunny proofing supplies. In addition, be sure you’ll be able to afford ongoing costs for a bunny on food, litter, and vet bills (including spay/neuter fees).

Bunny housing

Rabbits are social animals. The location of a rabbit’s housing area within your home (which can take the form of a puppy pen, a large cage, or just an area with the food, litter boxes, and cardboard castles if the bunny is free reign) is an extremely important consideration. You’ll have to make sure the rabbit has a place to relax by himself but is not completely secluded from the family. Rabbits need social interaction, plenty of exercise, and a lot of distraction.

Bunny proofing

If the bunny will have free reign in the house/apartment/room, you will absolutely need to bunny proof the area. Even if you keep the bunny in a cage or puppy pen, you still will need to safeguard your home when you let the rabbit out for supervised exercise. Rabbits are very curious and persistent creatures. They will find a way to get into your computer cables, wires, molding, couch piping, slightly frayed rug, etc. They will eat your most important documents.


Rabbits will get into trouble if they’re bored. They’ll make their own fun chewing your possessions if you don’t provide alternate forms of entertainment. A great diversion for rabbits is a cardboard castle filled with empty toilet paper rolls, old phone books and other paper products you find around the house.

Children and rabbits Rabbits live 10+ years. Adopting a rabbit is a long-term commitment. Rabbits are NOT low maintenance pets. So adopting a bunny should be a family decision. When kids turn 18 and go to college or look for work, it’s important that the rabbit still has a safe, loving home. well-being. The staple of a rabbit’s diet is fibre. Rabbits must have access to unlimited grass hay at all times. It is very important to ensure that hay allergies will not pose a problem for anyone in the household.

Bonding with a bunny

Rabbits can be quite affectionate animals, but personalities can definitely vary from individual to individual. Most rabbits don’t particularly like being held/picked up, and some bunnies are more aloof than others.


Rabbits get very stressed out when travelling or when placed in unfamiliar environments, so it’s best to have a good pet sitter on hand to watch the bunny if you go on holiday. If you’re a big jet-setter, with the need or desire to move to various places around the world, rabbit ownership probably isn’t right for you.

Bottom line: Do your research before adding a bunny to your family!

While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of getting a pet rabbit, it’s important to first assess whether or not you can truly provide a good home to a bunny.


It’s important to have a good understanding of a rabbit’s nutritional needs throughout his/ her life. Proper nutrition (and in the correct amounts) is vital for a rabbit’s


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Relocated to new premises 3 Heath Road, Skegness PE25 3ST

01754 611811

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November Why every family must visit Father Christmas in Lapland - before it’s too late Holiday review

Modern life is full of second chances. From political rehabilitations to second careers to third marriages, mine is Generation Redo – and, to many minds, this represents progress. But in a pleasantly retro way, there remain certain opportunities in life for which there is a window. Between the ages of four and eight, children’s imaginations are primed to accept enchantment. Fairy tales give way to imaginative play before school channels them on to more prosaic paths. And this window is the time to visit elves.

in the heart of the mountainous Pyha-Luosto national park, a 90-minute drive north-east of the Arctic Circle. This was where, according to the British operator Canterbury Travel, we were likely to find the big man with the beard. Here also the daily temperature is between -7 and -10, and daylight comes and goes in less than four hours. Clad head-to-toe in the provided snowsuits and boots, you are launched outside into the darkness each morning with your fellow enthusiasts, after gobbling down decidedly simple and UK child-focused fare, to track down the elusive bearded man via a series of encounters with elves.

In a way that will appeal to characterFather Christmas, as any child could focused young people, the tell you, lives with his wife search has a well-developed and a gaggle of elves in narrative and a rousing a snow-covered cabin theme song – with where he builds any dance moves – which toy a child desires. your group of 20 The great thing about or so families will Father Christmas, sing at least once my daughter has per hour for the observed, is that you duration of your stay. don’t have to pay him Will Snowy Bowie, the back: anything you ask charming sprite in charge for, he’ll give you. What a The eerily silent sleigh ride was a highlight of Christmas wrapping, have a hero. of the trip for Sally and Antonia. clue? Or Noisy Nod, Santa’s chief Now imagine that your parent bell-maker? suggests that you go visit this benevolent Over the space of four days, your children will gain sprite in his home. Who’s the hero now? detailed knowledge of each of these sprites as they offer A few days before last clues as to what – in the weeks before Christmas – the Christmas, this is just big man is up to. Your child will also forge profound what I did: I spirited friendships with these extraordinarily squeaky people a then four-year-old (who will, for an extra fee, come and read them bedtime Antonia out of stories) while tobogganing with them in the snow. London to There’s punch to be drunk, metaphorically speaking, Finnish Lapland, and if you and your child willingly partake, this is the specifically to trip of a lifetime. the tiny resort town of Luosto


T d ch b co W w to

Peppered throughout the organised search each day are splendid outdoor activities. At the reindeer camp, an actual Finnish man (a rarity on this trip), decked out in traditional furs, teaches children about his way of life as a reindeer herder. After you feed the deer by hand, you take an eerily silent trip on a reindeer-pulled caravan of sleighs – through spectacular woods, perhaps pausing in the quiet to wonder whether a reindeer skin would really suit your bedroom back at home.

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T o h b a w

T a e th sp

F co lo o so b m

W re th ac V va w

A w se re w V re b







by Sally Peck There are Ski-Doos available for adult-led trips (you drive and child hops on the back); but there are also child-sized Ski-Doos (my four-year-old was a daredevil, but the oodles of engaged, chirpy staff kept safety and communication at the top of the agenda). While all of these activities require taking turns, those waiting are entertained, having snowball fights or tobogganing with yet more sparkly elves.

With so many similar holidays on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right approach for your child. Many operators, including Canterbury, offer one-day trips but I found that the luxury of four days allowed for a full exploration of this mystical land of beautiful darkness. Canterbury’s itinerary, and inventive character-led narrative, had a wild appeal for my daughter, whose love for performance and drama knows no bounds. One of the great joys of having children is allowing them to restore innocence and optimism in adults – and at no time of the year does this happen more than at Christmas. It cultivates the sort of wonder that embodies the Christmas spirit. A video I recorded on my phone during our hunt for Santa betrays this: the children sing of their search with gusto. But the parents in the background are also singing with childish abandon – for Christmas, after all, is all about the child. And the pinnacle of the trip – a private audience with Santa – is as charming and magical as any child would wish.

The highlight of the activities is the husky ride. A pack of six dogs, so strong that they could probably move a house, pull your child in a sleigh while you stand at the back of the sleigh, “driving” at breakneck speed through a snow-covered pine forest, in a scene more romantically wintry than any other I can imagine. The mission of finding Father Christmas is never off the agenda; each time you board the coach (you drive to every single activity, which grows wearisome) you sing the Santa song, led by your two abnormally kind and spirited camp counsellors.

The details Canterbury Travel ( offers a three-night Magical Interlude trip, with flights from Gatwick and Manchester, from £5,308 for a family of four sharing a log cabin. The price includes return flights, all transport, full room and board and all activities. Spots book up quickly, and most tours are full by mid-October.

For sleeping, there’s a nondescript corporate-feeling hotel, or picturesque log cabins of widely varying decorative order (each is individually owned and, while some were luxurious, ours was of the most basic variety, with sheets whose purchase must predate my birth). While all meals are included, I would recommend skipping the dull buffet at the hotel restaurant and heading across the road to the Ravintola Vaisko, which serves reindeer in a variety of ways and has a pleasant wine list with Scandinavian prices. After a lunch of jacket potatoes with beans while out on the search, you’ll want something reasonable – plus, the chic wooden interior of Ravintola Vaisko will go some way to resetting the trip’s parent-child balance.

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ALPHA MEMORIALS LTD Friendly family run business offering nationwide coverage with free quotation, design and advice service

New memorials ~ Additional inscriptions ~ Cleaning ~ Levelling ~ Refurbishment House name and number plaques available to order ~ Thousands of designs available

New cremation memorials from £275.00 and headstones from £495.00 10a Beechings Way, Alford, LN13 9JE ~ Tel. 01507 466059 / 0800 232 1984

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Here at Skegness Funeral Services, We have been offering a comprehensive range of professional funeral services over the last 20 years. Our aim is to provide customers with the services, advice & understanding that they need at the difficult time of organising a funeral. We have a range of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans available as part of our services & we will be happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have. We are happy to cater for any special requests that you may require & can assist with the organisation of a range of services including Funeral Flowers, Memorial/Headstones & Horse Drawn Hearses. If there is something you would like to discuss please call us on the number below.

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a truly fascinating place to visit, an experience not to be missed

Entry b Dona y tion


Skegness back in time This is a family friendly museum with many things to do & see


opening h

to 31st October 10am - 4pm 1st March to 1st March ber em Nov 1st 10am - 3pm VISIT

The H : aven Te a Roo


for fre sh source locally d ligh t bites

To L

dh urs tR oa


inc oln



Ro a




Roa d



Rom a

Queens Road



The Sea

urc So h Ro uth ad


To Boston


01754 766658

The Village, Church Road South, Skegness PE25 2HF

F 0Teap orOCofFfee 5 Any

in The Haven Tea Room with this voucher

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red carpet met the VIP guests attending the opening night of The Attic Bar on Friday, 20th October. After many months, and a tremendous amount of hard work, Jake Simpson and Alysha Hackett’s new project was finally ready for the Grand Opening. Upstairs, the old snooker hall on Bottons Fair, above Impulse Tattoo Studio, now The Attic Bar, enticed you into a relaxed area, a warm and stylish setting, with cocktails on arrival and live music being provided by David Gilbertson on saxophone.


Th fa th

The event was greatly supported by the Mayor, local business owners and friends and family alike, with a second Public Grand Opening on Saturday, 21st October giving the opportunity for anyone to call in and be part of this new venture. The Attic Bar and all its spaciousness, now sporting five snooker tables, two pool tables and two dartboards, will be hosting a variety of live music in the coming months. A big shout out and thanks go to the team and all who helped. Every single one is valued and appreciated. Photos by Andy Rayner






Contact our friendly team TODAY Facebook: Jake Simpson: 07714 254009... Alysha ‘larry’ Hackett: 07516 888516...

All enquiries are welcome


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Sa ye an th Ja ha du an Ja ho ot An ca wa ou did an hu Ja to to fa tim


Raising awareness for Peritonitis In loving memory of Jasmin Beever

This article is with kind permission of Jasmine’s family and supporters to raise awareness of this condition. Sadly on Thursday, 7th September 2017 a young 16 year old Skegness girl, Jasmine Beever suddenly and tragically passed away. The grieving family lost their daughter to a rare condition called Peritonitis. Jasmine’s innocent habit of sucking and chewing her hair proved fatal and investigations found that this was due to a giant hair-ball that had lodged in the stomach and had become infected – damaging her vital organs. Jasmine’s family want to spread the message about how dangerous the habit of sucking hair can be, to save other families going through the same heartache. Anyone that knew Jasmine knew what a wonderful, caring girl she was. She had a real zest for Life. There was never a gloomy face around because she would go out of her way to make people smile, even those she didn’t know. She would always offer a helping hand for anyone that was struggling or offer her shoulder and a hug to anyone that was having a bad day. Jasmine’s best friend Billie-Jo Ashwell, also 16, decided to take on the amazing and selfless act of fundraising to try and unburden some of the financial strain that the family were going through at such a sad and difficult time. Jasmine’s motto in life was “Sometimes one act

of kindness is all it takes to give someone hope again.” How very true this was! Through numerous fundraising ideas, an incredible amount of £4,715.82 was raised to support the family who were dealt a double blow this year, as only weeks earlier, they had buried Jasmine’s granddad. Friends and close friends of the family wish to thank the Skegness public, businesses and individuals sincerely, including kind donations that came from further afield, including a very generous donation from a gentleman in Ohio, called Kurt Deimer, who donated a sum of £2,000 after news of Jasmine’s rare, fatal condition had spread globally.

Back row (l to r): David Beaver (Jasmine’s father), Michelle Shaw (Jasmine’s mother). Front row: Jack Beaver (twin brother), Brooke Shaw (sister) and Billi-Jo Ashwell.


Mob: 07944 027381 Tel: 01754 872043

For a free expert consultation in the privacy of your own home telephone David Dexter FCA on:

01522 789903 or log into

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Recipe of the month


Ingredients 80g soft dark brown sugar 1 tbsp sea salt 1 tbsp smoked paprika 1 cinnamon stick 1 tbsp mustard powder Large pinch of crushed dried chillies 1 tablespoon coriander seeds 1 clove garlic, crushed 20g fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped 1 shoulder of pork (about 1.2kg with bone), deboned and fat left on 700ml fresh unsweetened apple juice 250ml cold water 500g Shortcrust Pastry Fresh cracked black pepper, to taste

..... ...



For the pumpkin mash

Pulled pork and pumpkin pies (serves 6) First make the marinade for the pulled pork pies. Use a pestle and mortar to grind together the dark brown sugar, salt, smoked paprika, cinnamon stick, mustard powder, crushed dried chillies, coriander seeds, garlic, root ginger and some black pepper, to form a spreadable paste. Spread the spice paste all over the pork shoulder, rubbing it in well with your hands. Place the pork in a dish, cover with cling film and leave to marinate in the fridge overnight. The next day, finish making the pulled pork pies. Pre-heat the oven to 150°C (Gas Mark 2). Place the marinated pork, fat-side up, on a wire rack positioned over a roasting tin, then pour the apple juice and water into the tin and loosely cover the whole thing with a tent of foil (it’s a good idea to rub a little butter on the inside of the foil to prevent it from sticking to the meat). Cook in the oven for about 4½ hours or until cooked and tender. Meanwhile prepare the pumpkin mash. Cut the pumpkin in half and remove and discard the seeds, placing the pumpkin halves on a large piece of foil. Season the cut sides with salt and pepper and nutmeg, then sprinkle over the light brown sugar. Divide the butter in half and place one half in the centre of each pumpkin half. Fold the edges of the foil over the top and seal together to make a parcel, then transfer to a baking tray. Roast the pumpkin in the same oven as the pork for the last 50 minutes of the pork’s cooking time, or until the pumpkin is soft. Remove the pumpkin from the oven and let it cool for 5 minutes, then use a spoon to scrape out all the flesh from the skin into a bowl and mash the flesh well with a fork until smooth (discard the skin).


1 pumpkin (900g-1kg total weight) Freshly grated nutmeg, to taste 2 teaspoons soft light brown sugar 50g unsalted butter Sea salt, to taste

Taste and adjust the seasoning, if necesary. Set aside and keep warm. Remove the pork from the oven and then increase the oven temperature to 200°C (Gas Mark 6). Remove the foil, then pour the pork’s cooking liquid into a bowl and set aside. Transfer the pork to a clean baking tray and return to the oven for about 30 minutes or until the fat has turned golden brown and the meat is succulent, moist and flaky. Remove from the oven and leave the pork to rest for 20 minutes, then finely flake the cooked meat into a bowl. Meanwhile, lightly grease six 10 x 8cm round moulds (each mould about 300ml volume) - I find small pudding basins work best. Roll out the shortcrust pastry on a lightly floured work surface to 3-4mm thickness and cut out six 16cm rounds, then use them to line the prepared moulds. Leave to rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes or until needed. To finish the pies, combine the pulled pork meat with its reserved cooking liquid and taste and adjust the seasoning, if necessary. Spoon the pork mixture into the pastry-lined moulds, filling each mould about three-quarters full. Spoon the warm mashed pumpkin on top of the pulled pork mixture, dividing it equally between the moulds. Bake the pies in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the pastry is cooked through and the pumpkin tops are golden brown. Remove from the oven and let the pies rest in the moulds for 10 minutes before carefully turning them out on to serving plates (you may need to loosen them around the edges with a butter knife). Serve immediately with buttered new potatoes and steamed seasonal greens.

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1.1.Hea He Place Place th the the gra gr heat heat unu release releas blackbe blackb remove remo mixture mixtu ramekin ramek rameki

2.2. Pla P inin aa larg la fingers finger breadcr bread breadc demera deme




3.3. Spr Sa fruit. fruit. Th pT oror froze fro 2. mins mins ifu If If bakin bakin a time. time. Re Rb then then ses

3. in le ta w








Recipe of the month


........................................ ........................................ Use Usepear pearinstead insteadofofapple appleinin these theseindividual individualversions versions ofofthe theclassic classicpud pudwith witha a crunchy crunchypistachio pistachiotopping topping

ForForThe TheFilling Filling 1.1.Heat Heat oven oven toto 190C/fan 190C/fan 170C/gas 170C/gas 5.5. Place Place the the pears pears inin aa medium-size medium-size pan, pan, add add 700g 700g (or(or 44 large) large) ripe ripe English English pear pear , , peeled peeledand and cubed cubed the the granulated granulated sugar sugar and and cook cook onon aa medium medium 100g 100g golden golden granulated granulated sugar sugar heat heat until until the the fruit fruit starts starts toto soften soften and and 250g 250g blackberry blackberry releases releases itsits juices, juices, about about 1010 mins. mins. Add Add the the IceIce cream, cream, toto serve serve (optional) (optional) blackberries blackberries and and bring bring back back toto the the boil, boil, then then remove remove from from the the heat. heat. Spoon Spoon the the fruity fruity mixture mixture into into 44 individual individual ovenproof ovenproof ForForThe TheCrumble Crumble ramekins, ramekins, oror 11 large large baking baking dish. dish. 200g 200g plain plain flour flour 100g 100g demerara demerara sugar sugar 2.2. Place Place the the flour, flour, butter butter and and aa pinch pinch ofof salt salt 100g 100g unsalted unsalted butter, butter, cold, cold, cut cut into into inin aa large large bowl bowl and and rub rub together together with with your your small small pieces pieces fingers fingers until until the the mixture mixture resembles resembles coarse coarse 85g 85g shelled shelled pistachio, pistachio, roughly roughly chopped chopped breadcrumbs. breadcrumbs. Add Add the the pistachios pistachios and and Not too sweet, not too tangy... easy to make. Pinch Pinch ofof salt salt demerara demerara sugar, sugar, then then stir stir toto combine. combine.

Blueberry lemon cake Method

1. Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease and flour

3.3. Sprinkle Sprinkle crumble crumble evenly evenly over over the the cooked cooked a 1 lb loaf tin. In a medium bowl, mix flour, baking fruit. fruit. This This can can be be done done up up to to 1 1 day day ahead, ahead, powder and salt together and set aside. oror frozen frozen for upup toto 1 cream 1 month. month. Bake for for 20-25 20-25 2. In afor large bowl, the Bake butter and 200g sugar mins mins ifuntil if small, small, 40 mins mins ifAdd if large, large, until golden. golden. light 40 and fluffy. eggs,until and beat well. Mix in the juicefrozen, offrozen, 1 lemon. Add the flourcooking mixture, If If baking baking from from add add 1515 mins mins cooking alternating with the milk. Fold in the lemon zest and time. time. Remove Remove from from the the oven, oven, cool cool slightly, slightly, blueberries. Pour into prepared loaf tin. then then serve serve with with iceice cream. cream.

3. Bake for 60 to 70 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. For the lemon drizzle, combine 4 tablespoons sugar with 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Drizzle over cake while still warm.

Ingredients 75g butter, melted

200g caster sugar

pre-cook pre-cook the thecrumble crumble topping toflour to 1 lemon, juiced 2 eggs topping 200g plain avoid avoid gluey, gluey,uncooked uncooked crumble crumble and andsalt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon 120ml milk 2 tablespoons lemon zest retain retainthe thetexture textureofofthe thefruit fruit 150g fresh blueberries 2 tablespoons lemon juice 4 tablespoons caster sugar

Prep time

20 mins


1 hr 10 mins



Cook Cookto: 07868Servings Servings Cook Servings Prep Prep Time Time text ADVERT Prep Time To advertise 433 225 10 mins mins 1010 mins 35 35 mins mins 4 servings 4 servings 35 mins 4 servings


Beauty tips


The beautiful unique

We all try to stick to basic rules when applying make-up so we can look our best and make the most of our features, but what if our natural features don’t allow us to? Here are a couple you might be familiar with... An uneven lip line? It’s more common than you think. A lip pencil is essential to draw in a false line and you can go higher or lower than the natural line to even out the balance. If lower you may still see natural lip colour so you will need to cover it with a concealer, but if it’s higher you will need to use a bold lip colour inside the lip line to match both skin and lips. A small percentage of people have different colour eyes, i.e. one brown and one blue, so what then? The best way to enhance this fabulous and unusual feature would be to choose colours that suit both eye colours. The choice is restricted but there will still be shades that will make both eyes look amazing! Brown and blue eyes = lilacs and violets/golds and bronzes; blue and green eyes = greys and silvers/blues and greens. There is a basic rule for make-up; the darker it is, the less it will stand out. Highlighting will enhance any facial feature. Always take special care of your eyes, using only the best quality make-up and products. Remove eye make-up every night with Dermalogica soothing eye make-up remover and enhance your natural sparkle day or night with “Sparkling Eye Dew” by Optrex!

You could always follow your own rules!!

The range of shades you can purchase is seemingly limitless, with one to suit every type of face and personality. Choosing a colour may reflect on the mood you’re in, and if this is the case then why not take control?


If make-up makes you feel good about yourself, I say “Embrace it!” Autumn is here and winter is in the distance, so let’s stay positive about looking our best, shake off your makeup bag, delve in deep and pull out all those colours you haven’t found the courage to try and lets do it together! In my opinion there are no rules to make-up as long as you look and feel good, but try some of these colour combinations to get you started. If you have a medium to pale skin tone try a dark green shadow under and above lashes and line with a fine brush. With a soft brush take the green shadow into the socket line in a sweep and then down to the outer corner slightly beyond and blend on the edge of the lid. Next, use a brown or gold and fill in the rest of the lid, blending as you go. A dark green eye pencil applied in the water line will give intensity – try using a green coat of mascara over black to bring out the colours. For medium to darker skin tones you can follow the same technique but change the colours. Try using dark aubergines and plums for the lash lines and sockets and fill in with pale violet or pink. Adding a little plum colour into dark eyebrows can look fabulous so give it a try! Try a different depth of colour – your everyday eye shadows can give you a different look if you dip your brush into water first! Replace your eyeliner by using this method with a skinny brush around the lash lines! Written by Kate Cheshire

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Film review


Justice League

Inspired by Superman’s selfless sacrifice, Batman has regained his faith in humanity and been inspired to build a team. To counter the threat that’s coming, he creates the ‘Justice League’. With a devastating enemy on the way and Earth’s greatest hero fallen, he and the immortal Amazon warrior Wonder Woman track down their recruits: King of Atlantis Aquaman, human/machine hybrid Cyborg, and super-

speedster the Flash. They’ll stand together to protect the Earth, but will it be enough? DC’s greatest heroes finally unite in ‘Justice League’ for a titanic clash against evil with the fate of the entire world on the line. Released on: 17/11/17 | Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Cast members: Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa | Running time: 170 minutes | Directed by: Zack Snyder

Paddington 2

‘Paddington 2’ continues the adventures of the little bear from darkest Peru, now that he’s a permanent member of the Brown family and a popular member of the local community. His Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday is coming up, and he’s trying to find the perfect present for her. A unique, antique book could be exactly what he needs – but when a dastardly thief snatches it, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to catch him and get it back.


The latest entry in the hugely successful horror franchise, ‘Saw: Legacy’ picks up the story a decade after the death of the Jigsaw killer… but bodies are still piling up. Once again, it’s time to play a game with ‘Saw: Legacy’, the eagerly-awaited eighth chapter in the ‘Saw’ saga. Years after Jigsaw’s death, a new spree of killings begins. Dead bodies have begun appearing all over the city, and the killings match the pattern set by Jigsaw years before. But if the original killer is dead, who is responsible for this new collection of corpses? Released on: 27/10/17 | Genre: Horror, Thriller Cast members: Callum Keith Rennie, Laura Vandervoot, Tobin Bell | Running time: 92 minutes Directed by: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig


The eagerly -awaited sequel to the smash hit original, ‘Paddington 2’ sees our favourite bear carrying on spreading joy (and marmalade) wherever he goes.

Released on: 10/11/17 Genre: Comedy, Family Cast members: Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw, Hugh Grant Running time: 95 minutes Directed by: Paul King

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Remote Control Roller Garage Doors


Hundreds of colours and styles



Call us to book a FREE consultation OR visit our showroom UNIT 10 BEAUBRIDGE BUSINESS PARK HEATH ROAD SKEGNESS PE25 3ST

01754 741417

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November brain teaser

Cross ďŹ gure


1. Twice 15 across 3. The sum of digits in 4 down 5. See 25 across 7. 3 across times 15 down 9. 2 down plus 21 down 10. See 1 down 12. Four times 21 down 13. 5 down plus 28 down 15. Mean of 23 across and 7 down 16. Three times 1 down 17. Half of 15 across 18. 21 across minus 8 down 20. Same as 20 down 21. 4 down divided by 8 23. 2 down minus 5 down 25. Twice 5 across 27. Three times 17 down 29. See 3 down 30. 12 across plus 21 down




1. Five times 10 across 2. See 19 down 3. 29 across plus one 4. See 11 down 5. 1 across minus 3 down 6. 9 across plus 29 across 7. 20 across mins 17 across 8. Mean of 6 down and 22 down 11. 3 down times 4 down 14. Five across divided by 7 15. Three times 8 down 17. 13 across times 28 down 19. 2 down times 30 across 20. 23 across plus 24 down 21. See 12 across 22. Twice 2 down 24. Square root of 21 across 26. 20 across plus 7 down 28. 5 down plus 1

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Scratch area

General knowledge quiz 1. The port of Plymouth is in which English county?

made of liquorice and eaten by Charlie Chaplin in the film ‘The Gold Rush’?

2. Which British artist painted ‘The Pond’?

9. Who was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover?

3. Which European country ceased to be a monarchy in 1910? 4. Tirana is the capital of which country? 5. The 2,228m high Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mainland mountain of which country?

10. Charlotte Brew was the first woman to: (a) be elected to Parliament (b) ride in the Grand National or (c) win the Miss World contest?

6. Who wore England’s number 9 shirt in their 1966 World Cup Final victory over Germany? 7. Orzo is what type of foodstuff? 8. What item of his apparel was

Answers on page 30

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WHERE’S JOLLY? Find him and you could

WIN £25

Every month, Jolly will be hiding somewhere within the pages of Inside Skegness Magazine. To be in with a chance of winning our cash prize, search the whole magazine thoroughly... ...if you see him, email us at

November Brain teaser

Zooming in (from page 8)

Answers Face off

(from page 8) 1 Rihanna and Jay-Z 2 Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Cross figure (from page 28) Sudoku (from page 29)

1 Ben Affleck 2 Sean Connery 3 Robert Downey Jr. 4 Clark Gable

5 Lionel Richie 6 Sammy Davis Jr. 7 Tom Selleck 8 Justin Timberlake

Quick quiz (from page 29) 1 Devon 2 L.S. Lowry 3 Portugal 4 Albania 5 Australia 6 Bobby Charlton 7 Pasta 8 He ate his boot 9 Queen Victoria 10 (b) She was the first woman to ride in the Grand National.


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WEEKLY MONTHLY YEARLY BURGH ROAD SKEGNESS PE24 4UF 20ft - £23 per week (incl. VAT) 40ft - £31 per week (incl. VAT)

Ring the King

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31 33

Have a Christmas to remember at the Boathouse

Christmas Parties

marine Festive Carvery ÂŁ6.49 Boathouse skegness

Free bottle of Prosecco with bookings of 6 people or more MAIN COURSE


Choice of 3 roast meats, home-made pies, piggies in blankets, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, mashed potato, sage & onion stuffing balls and giant Yorkshire puddings


Celebrate New Year with us! See in 2018 in style! Why not privately hire one of our brand new function rooms *Booking advisable for all Christmas and New Year events

Thirsty Thursday drinks promotions Buy one, get one free cocktails all day, every day! Resident DJ Ash on decks from 8.00pm till 2.00am THURS/FRI/SAT nights Home-cooked bar meals till 9.00pm Breakfast served till 12:00 daily Free Wi-fi Lift access/disabled friendly Baby changing Dog friendly Find us on

144 Lumley Road, Skegness PE25 3NA Tel: 01754 764247 Opening time 8.45am - seven days a week

32 30

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MOBILITY SCOOTERS & WHEELCHAIRS Mobility scooters Wheelchairs Giving Commodes people freedom Kitchen aids and an Walkers easier way Cushions of life Daily living aids Walking sticks Bathing products Riser recliners Tyres & tubes Batteries



01754 898883

Unit 1 Lumley Square, Skegness, Lincs PE25 3QL

Multiple award-winning company



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33 31 27

House to home


A few easy ways to take the stress out of buying your new home

Scout around for a good solicitor

It’s official - buying a home is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, but before you start having a nervous breakdown, take a look at our top tips for making the process as pain-free as possible.

Between us we’ve bought plenty of houses, so we know a thing or two about making the whole thing as stress-free as possible.

Be prepared to compromise

House-hunting can be souldestroying, especially if the supply out there does not meet the demand (a major problem in London). While it’s good to narrow down your search it can make the process very difficult. Think about what your non-negotiables are and be realistic – are you really going to get a family-sized garden in that particular part of the city?

Plan your finances carefully

Your solicitor will be a key person in the process. They should be organised, easily contactable and willing to answer any of your queries. Shop around and find someone good – it’s worth asking family and friends if they have any recommendations.

De-clutter first - pack early

It’s worth having a good look at all your items and thinking hard about what is worth hanging on to and what is worth throwing out. It’s never too early to start de-cluttering. Plus you can sell any nicer items to raise some cash for your upcoming move! You can never be too organised when it comes to packing. Start with the non-essentials and label all the boxes clearly. It’ll make it so much easier when you unpack at the other end.

Buying a home is a costly business. Even if you have budgeted carefully for stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and any selling costs, remember that you will need to pay to move all your items from one place to another. Plus you may have a few nasty surprises.


Keep levelheaded

House buying is very stressful so remember to keep level-headed and remain as detached as you possibly can. Even though you may want to plan that fantastic new kitchen extension or the perfect curtains for the bedroom, don’t get too emotionally invested in the early stages. We understand this is easier said than done!

Enough said, this is the new chapter in your life, enjoy it!

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Suite Dreams of Skegness


All sizes and styles of dining room suites available

Tilt rise recliners available from


Suites available from

£599 All sizes of divans and bed frames available from

£120 Visit our showroom opposite the old Kwik Save store on Old Wainfleet Road, Skegness Official stockists for MLily memory foam

Tel: 01754 769796


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Hi readers, Your intrepid delivery man would like to thank all the readers for their wonderful comments about Inside Skegness Magazine. Thanks for all the waves and hellos as I speed round your neighbourhood delivering your latest issue. ...and a big hello to your cats and dogs who always let me know they’re home.

Distribution points

inside inside

Where to pick up your copy

Magazine Magazine Visit us on-line @

September 2017

Edition 01

7,000 homesStore, MONTHLY Alexanders Delivered Carpet free andto Flooring

Alexandra Road, Skegness Alford Coal, Church Street, Alford County Linx Radio Bus - various venues Digbys Pets and Aquatics, Heath Road, Skegness Esso Petrol Station, Burgh Road, Skegness Lyndhurst Garden Centre, Skegness Road, Skegness People First Mobility, Lumley Square, Skegness Phoenix Fitness, Victoria Road, Skegness Tesco Petrol Station, Richmond Drive, Skegness The Village Church Farm, Church Road South, Skegness


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Specialists in fibreglass flat roofing - quality work assured Fascia, soffit & guttering supplied & fitted

... After!!

All work guaranteed for 25 years - insurance backed guarantees available Specialists in Fibre Glass Flat Roofing - Quality Work Assured All Work Guaranteed For 25 Years Insurance Backed Guarantees Available Facia, Soffit & Guttering Supplied & Fitted

“A first class service” “A 1st Class Service” CUSTOMER IN LINCOLN ...Customer in Lincoln “Excellent in every respect. Definitely recommended” “Excellent in every respect. CUSTOMER IN Definitely recommended”...Customer in Skegness SKEGNESS

01522 246563

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Gardening tips for


As we put our gardens to bed for the winter, it’s the perfect time to consider how best to improve the soil, provide food and shelter for the wildlife all gardeners depend on, and protect plants and seeds for the future.

Autumn cleaning

Invest time in tidying the garden and clearing the autumn leaves before the snow falls. Time spent outdoors now pays big dividends in spring. You’ll not only shorten your to-do list, you’ll also ward off some pest and disease problems. Pull annuals and add them to the compost pile. For annuals that self-seed, allow seed-laden stems to remain in place through winter unless you plan to sprinkle them elsewhere in the garden. Store breakable items, like terracotta pots, rain gauges and other garden art before hard freezes settle in. Terracotta over winter is fine in an unheated shed or garage. Make sure pots and saucers are dry before storage.

When planting a tree or shrub, get it off to a good start by adding slow acting fertiliser to the planting hole. Soak the plant for an hour or so first in a bucket of water. Once planted, firm it in well using the heels of your feet. This gets rid of air pockets around the roots, which can lead to rot and the plant moving around in the wind. Water your new and relocated plants during dry spells, but avoid watering new plants when it’s frosty.

Gardening tip

Landscape chores

Water any plants you added to the landscape during the previous growing season. Continue to irrigate until the ground freezes if rain is scarce. More plants die during their first winter due to lack of moisture. Add mulch around plantings after the ground freezes. Mulch helps limit soil temperature swings, which can prevent frost heave - where freeze-thaw cycles push plants out of soil. Candidates for frost heave include Heucheras, shallow planted bulbs and perennials added to the landscape late in the season. If roots don’t sink deeply into soil before it freezes, plants can heave. Dig planting holes now for live Christmas trees. Stuff the hole with leaves and cover with a tarpaulin. Store soil you removed from the planting hole in a spot where it won’t freeze.

Get planting in November

It’s a good time for planting roses. They look like twigs in the garden centre at this time of year, but they will look lovely next year with a little care and attention. You can also plant fruit trees and soft fruit ready for next year. Apple, pear and plum trees are in the garden centre now, along with raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes. They prefer a sunny position. Plant them now for a ripe harvest next summer.


Use a leaf vacuum or blower to remove leaves along foundations. Removing leaves helps eliminate hiding places for pests and rodents that can gain entry to your home. Allow some leaves to remain beneath shrubs to provide vital winter cover for beneficial insects.

Winter pond care

If the pond is stocked with fish and it does freeze over, melt the ice by placing a hot pan on the surface, or install a pond heater or water feature to prevent freezing occurring. Floating a ball on the water in cold weather can also delay freezing. Never smash the ice, as the shock waves can harm fish.

Hang an assortment of bird feeders

Purchase hulled birdseed, such as sunflower hearts, to eliminate mess and try safflower seed to discourage squirrels. Don’t forget that birdseed can attract rodents, from squirrels, to mice, to rats. Store birdseed in tightly sealed, metal containers.

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For all your gardening needs ...and more Coffee Shop & Licensed Restaurant Farm Shop stocking local produce Landscape & Design Service On-site Hand Car Wash Garden Machinery & Lawnmowers

r 2017 o f W E N Lodge y a d i l o H Park Skegness Road, Burgh-Le-Marsh, Nr. Skegness Lincs PE24 5AA

01754 810295

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“I have recently been delivered a copy, the second issue, of the new ‘Inside Skegness’ Magazine. Okay, there are many advertisements which I understand and accept as they basically pay for the magazine and keep it free for readers. But I just wanted to say what a great little magazine it is. A nice, easy-to-hold size, the text is not so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it and the content (I’m basing this on Issue 2) is varied, informative and interesting. I just want to say thank you and well done to whoever is behind this publication and long may it continue. I appreciate that it may never get delivered to my street (South Parade), but I now have a list of where I can pick up a copy from in person. Keep up the good work, whoever you are, and well done!”

Gary Lineker, Skegness



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Print. From branding to brochures, from logo design to large format ... ... everything you need to make your business stand out from the crowd.


07553 933353 / 01670 512702


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V T h

i 1 g

N d st o T e th 2

O pr kn an si el

Th fu by up us th X

Motoring review


Volvo XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid: is 400bhp and 134.5mpg too good to be true? Never one to shy away from placing ambitious deadlines on highly visible targets, Volvo has the stated aim of not having a single person killed or seriously injured in one of its cars by 2020. Then, as if its engineers were not already frantic enough, in July this year the bosses announced the company would also be going ‘all electric by 2019’. Talk about a full plate. Of course, anybody who read between the lines of Volvo’s press release (or, indeed, further than the headline) would know that the Swedish brand has not decided to do a Tesla and build cars with no internal combustion engines, but simply make public its deadline for including some form of electrification in all of its cars. The result will be a product range that includes at least one fully electric car, plus mild hybrids that are primarily driven by an internal combustion engine but also include a beefedup electrical system to recover energy from the brakes and use it for powering auxiliary functions. Last but not least there will be a range of plug-in hybrids, such as this new XC60 T8.

The XC60 is far from Volvo’s first crack at combining internal combustion with a battery and motor of sufficient strength to power the car for short journeys. Its dieselelectric V60, launched in 2013 and still available to buy today, is interesting if ultimately flawed, while the petrolelectric T8 hybrid version of its highly regarded XC90 SUV has so far defied expectations as far as sales go. It is the XC90’s technology that also underpins its smaller sibling, the XC60. Official tests rate the XC60 T8 at 134.5mpg and corresponding CO2 emissions of 49g/km, which is astonishing for a more than two-tonne SUV, let alone one with a combined power output of 400bhp and a 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds. The XC60 achieves this by having not only a supercharged and turbocharged 314bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine driving the front wheels, but also an 86bhp electric motor to turn the rears. The latter is powered by a 10.4kWh battery pack (the XC90 makes do with a 9.2kWh equivalent) that can be plugged in and charged to give a pure electric range of up to 28 miles. A full charge takes two and half hours from a dedicated unit, or add another hour or two if you’re using a domestic socket.

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Motoring review

November It’s complicated, and then some (can you begin to imagine buying one of these on the used market 15 years from now?), but to drive the T8 mostly takes care of itself. True, the brake pedal has all the consistency of the England cricket team, and the steering is completely numb, but nobody buys a Volvo expecting it to outperform BMW for driver involvement. What you do buy one for, and what the XC60 delivers with aplomb, is comfort, space (for five and their luggage in this case), interior quality, safety and an understated sense of class.

The facts

Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription Pro

Nor should you look at the on-paper stats and expect this SUV to be any kind of high-riding hot rod, because in reality driving with all the systems primed for performance is neither terribly satisfying nor good for battery life. What’s more, the relaxed nature of the eight-speed automatic gearbox makes the kind of sudden bursts of speed an electrified car should be so good at a lot less sudden than you might like. There is an argument that says none of this matters if you are a business owner or company car driver who can benefit from the tax incentives of running a luxury car with such low CO2 emissions, particularly if you commute less than 20 miles each way with a charger at either end. However, the oncoming electrification of cars – and plug-in hybrids such as this XC60 in particular – is going to need to benefit a significantly wider demographic of buyers in a very short timeframe if it is to really catch on. And that’s before any questions are asked about whether the low emissions dream promised by plug-in hybrids in official fuel tests is anywhere close to being realised in day-to-day use. More pressing for Volvo is the realisation that, clever as this T8 hybrid might be, it is the diesel-powered XC60 that remains by some margin the more convincing car.

Tested 1,969cc turbocharged and

supercharged four-cylinder engine plus electric motor, eight-speed automatic gearbox, four-wheel drive. Price on sale: From £55,450 (after plug-in car grant) Power/torque: Combined system output 400bhp/472lb ft Top speed: 140mph Acceleration: 0-62mph in 5.2sec Fuel economy: 134.5mpg (EU Combined) C02 emissions: 49g/km VED: £0 first year, £450 for following five years, then £130 Verdict: The XC60 is one of the most pleasant SUVs on sale today, but while adding a petrol-electric drivetrain might make it financially appealing to business users, others are likely to find that a conventional diesel model is still the one to go for as an all-rounder.


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For New & Used Cars Visit

Taylors Ford Skegness Family Owned For Over 50 Years




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FRIENDLY, RELIABLE & HELPFUL SERVICE WE NOW OFFER AN OUT OF HOURS FITTING SERVICE! Prices from £10.00 fitted to vehicle including wheel balancing & new valve



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Molly’s CoffeeShop

T o p F l o o r BealesDepartmentStore

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inside inside Magazine Magazine


Welcome to Inside A brand new monthly magazine delivered free to VisitSkegness. us on-line @ 12,000 local homes & businesses. It’s also available to pick up free from any one of our highly visible pick up points 2017 in and around the town. 01 September Edition

Our monthly recipes, holiday & movie reviews, gardening tips & motoring sections provide a great Delivered free tohoroscopes 7,000 homes MONTHLY read, whilst our reader puzzle pages and provide light entertainment for all age groups. There really is something for everyone and it’s all free.. Promoting your business is a sound investment, and free magazines have become a cost effective way to reach new customers and get your brand out there, where it matters..! Why not promote your business in Inside Skegness magazine and reach 12,000 homes every month. It’s simple, and so too is booking. Just text advert to 07868 433 225 and we’ll call you back to advise you on the best package for your business. Or you can email, or call 01754 873 523 to speak to our sales team. See our rate chart below.

advertising rates Half page

Full page

148mm x 210mm


135mm x 90mm

Half page

per issue

65mm x 190mm


Quarter page 65mm x 90mm


per issue

Quarter page 135mm x 45mm


per issue


per issue

per issue

Subject to a minimum run of 4 issues. Artwork at no extra cost

Single issue rates: full page £175; half page £95; 1/4 page £70. Artwork must be supplied in full. Cheaper than a leaflet drop..!

email for full details

Terms & conditions:

Each subject to a minimum run of 4 consecutive issues. All orders pre-payment (unless special terms are arranged) VAT is not applicable. Artwork at no additional cost.


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47 45


Money saving tips The last year will be remembered for many things, but it won’t go down in history as the most prosperous year for personal finances. With the New Year just around the corner, here are some financial resolutions to help make the most of your cash.

Haggle for broadband, insurance and mobile phone deals

You can simply be saving hundreds of pounds by haggling for your services like broadband and insurance. We recently found the average annual saving made on telecom bills is £156. Before you make the call, quickly make a note of a better deal you’ve seen or spend a few minutes checking a price comparison site. Your current provider is likely to ask you what better deals you’ve seen. Having these details to hand will make them believe you’re prepared to leave, even if you’re not. In most cases, the haggling itself will be quick and easy – no more than a few minutes.

Switch your energy provider

Around 16 million people – over half (58%) of energy customers – are stuck on standard variable tariffs with a ‘Big Six’ provider, the default and usually most expensive tariff. Renters and homeowners with the ‘Big Six’ could save up to £330 a year by moving to the cheapest dual fuel deal on the market this winter. To compare deals visit a comparison site, a transparent and impartial way to compare energy tariffs and find the best gas and electricity supplier.

Keep your travel spending in check

Holidaymakers could save over £100 a week by opting for an overseas spending card or credit card instead of buying currency at the airport. You will find that credit cards or debit cards, such as Halifax Clarity and Metro Bank (credit and debit), or prepaid cards such as Revolut, provide the best value for tourists for a trip within Europe.


Savings accounts/ISAs

Take a look at all your savings accounts, ISAs and current accounts. Are they giving you the best return on your money? If not, switch to a better account. If you don’t need instant access to all your savings, consider investing. There is, of course, the risk that your investments will go down as well as up. But in the current market, there’s also a risk of your cash savings being eroded by inflation.

Lifetime ISA

The Lifetime ISA is a new taxfree savings or investments account designed to help under-40s buy their first home or save for retirement, where you can earn up to £32,000 in free cash from the government.

The Lifetime ISA was available from 6 April 2017.

Debt consolidation

If you’re paying interest on your debt, get it moved to a 0% balance-transfer credit card. Some of these charge 0% interest for up to three years, which means you could be saving hundreds of pounds in interest and start paying off your debts. However, it’s important that you clear the debt before the end of the 0% period to avoid being charged at the standard APR – typically around 18.9%.

Stay in/join your company pension scheme

A pension might be the last thing on your mind if you’re in your 20s. In most cases, the government and your employer contribute to your pension. This is the main reason for people joining company pension schemes – it’s like receiving additional pay from your employer. Contributions aren’t liable for income tax, which is another plus. You can usually take some of your workplace pension as a lump sum when you retire. And you can withdraw 25% of that tax-free.

‘There’s never been a better time to take control of your money.’

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5 year warran 5 year ty & s’ FREE batter ies

NEW!! INVISIBLE hearing aids SPECTACLE hearing aids RECHARGEABLE hearing aids (no more fiddly batteries)

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Christmas markets

Christmas markets 2017 Heading towards the most wonderful time of the year – it’s time to wrap up warm, indulge with steaming hot gluhwein and get searching for those perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Where better to stock up on festive cheer than one of the hundreds of amazing Christmas markets to be found popping up all over the country? There are tons of stalls offering up trinkets and treasures for you to wrap under the tree, not to mention the wealth of food pop-ups and mulled wine stands if you need to replenish your energy levels during your Christmas shopping. The popularity of Christmas markets has grown rapidly in recent years, and now almost every major city has a Christmas market of some kind.

since it began with just 11 stalls. The Christmas market gives visitors and residents a truly festive experience, with a traditional, high quality event for all the family.

If b en T an ‘g th tr S


Llandudno 16th - 19th November, 2017

Visitors are welcomed to this beautiful Victorian seaside resort and their traditional Christmas Fayre, where you will enjoy cultural entertainment and stroll around more than 165 stalls right in the centre of town. In 2015 they doubled the size of the event, now making it one of the largest Christmas fayres in Wales, attracting more than 35,000 visitors over the 4 days. The fayre gives you an opportunity to experience a variety of products not found in the normal high streets and national retail brands, including quality products from Wales and the rest of the UK and around the world. You can enjoy local Welsh culture together with friendly hospitality and entertainment.

Chester 17th November, 2017 - 7th January 2018

You’re in for a real festive treat in Chester this Christmas, with more than 70 wooden chalets offering lots of festive goodies and gifts - all of which will be wrapped around the Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square in the centre of the city. Oh, and don’t forget to sample the food and drink on offer - it really is something to shout about! There’s also a Real Ale Bar, so if you fancy a tipple you’re in luck - hey, it’s Christmas! Open seven days a week, plenty of time to plan a visit.

Lincoln 7th - 10th December, 2017

A contemporary cathedral city with over 2,000 years of history, Lincoln is the perfect place to visit over the festive period. Take a trip back through time and stroll along the cobbles in the cultural quarter of the city. The medieval square between the Norman castle and magnificent gothic cathedral is the perfect backdrop for the Christmas market. Lincoln Christmas Market has developed dramatically



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A little further afield…

If you fancy a trip up to Scotland, Edinburgh has not one, but three Christmas markets for 2017. There’s enough entertainment to keep the whole family occupied all day. There’s Santa Land for the wee bairns, with face painting and Christmas crafts, a European market boasting ‘gastronomic surprises’ and a Scottish market featuring the best local seafood, Scottish brewed beer and traditional jewellery. Head from The Mound along Princes Street Gardens Terrace and around the Scott Monument.

18th November, 2017 - 6th January, 2018

The Frankfurt Christmas Market 2017 in Birmingham city centre is the biggest German market outside of the country itself. With hundreds of stalls in Victoria and Chamberlain square selling filled pretzels, Berlin doughnuts, traditional bier and handmade Christmas decorations, you won’t leave empty handed – or with an empty stomach.

16th November - 24th December, 2017

Another fantastic shopping city, Bath (pictured above) hosts one of the UK’s prettiest Christmas markets, with 200 chalets lining the streets around the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. Most of the stalls are run by local business owners, meaning you can pick up handmade wooden toys, artisan candles and local cheese before you head to the Apres Ski Bar for a mulled wine.

23rd November - 10th December, 2017


10th November – 20th December, 2017 Arguably the largest and Best Christmas Market in the country, Manchester Christmas Market is the ideal destination for a festive group outing. This year could be the biggest and best ever, with some 300 traders offer mouth-watering international food, drinks and delicately crafted Yuletide gifts in the heart of this buzzing city. Last year the market

stretched to 10 sites, including a traditional German market on St Ann’s Square, a world market on Brazennose Street and a French market on King Street, all attracting millions of visitors. The main market hub will be at Albert Square in front of Manchester Town hall, with stalls on Exchange Street, Exchange Square, in the Corn Exchange, on New Cathedral Street and up Market Street, while Cathedral Gardens is home to a family-friendly area with a skating rink.

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Medium Family Festive


Mega Xmas Feast Ha


2.5-3kg premium fresh boneless turkey crown wrapped in streaky bacon and stuffed with Lincolnshire sausage meat 4-5lb tasty gammon joint... makes a great roasting joint! 12 x Woldsway Lincolnshire chipolatas

Large Luxury Lean Hamp er £49.99



2.5-3kg premium fresh boneless turkey crown wrapped in streaky bacon and stuffed with Lincolnshire sausage meat 4-5lb tasty gammon joint... great for roasting! 4-5lb Best British Beef joint 4-5lb tasty pork loin joint... great crackling! 12 x Woldsway pigs in blankets 12 x Woldsway Lincolnshire chipolatas

2.5-3kg premium boneless turkey crown wrapped in streaky bacon and stuffed with Lincolnshire sausage meat 12 x Woldsway lean Lincolnshire sausages 4-5lb tasty lean pork joint (crackling off) 1.5lb pack of prime lean back bacon 1 x tube of lean Lincolnshire sausage meat 5 x 200g lean & tender top rump steaks

Xmas orders taken until 16th December (order forms available in the shop) Full range of Xmas meats available Like our Facebook page for weekly deals and check out our Facebook Hamper competition


Ashby-by-Partney (2 miles out of Spilsby) PE23 5RG

01754 890584

OPENING TIMES FOR NOVEMBER: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 5:00, Friday 8:30 - 5:30, Saturday 8:00 - 4:00, Closed Sunday/Monday


Handyman and odd jobs Simon Bell big or small o o t b o j Handyman No 07718 259800


Be inspired

Visit our showroom and speak bathroom specialist for exper HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

H H H SKEGNESS REMOVALS AND STORAGE H H H H H Local and Distance Estimates Free H H MKM SKEGNESS Tel: 01754 766752 Mob: 07770 964952 H H HEATH ROAD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, H H SKEGNESS PE25 3TE H H 01754 898 102 | H H fl Find us in the Yellow pages H H HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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for your Be inspired today... piredSearching today... dream kitchen? Visit our showroom and speak to our

nd speak to our Come and see our specialists to discuss bathroom specialist for expert advice or expert advice H your next kitchen project

H H H H H H TE, H H k fl H H H




SKEGNESS PE25 3TE 01754 898 102 | fl

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What’s On

November / December Saturday 18 November

Warriors Cheer bag packing 10am - 4 pm Morrisons, Skegness


Saturday 25 November

Every Thursday

Cheer classes - Warriors Cheer Skegness Grammar School Sports Hall, Skegness (Contact Emily 07708974343)

18 Novem The Se ber n Experie sational 60s nce 7.30 -10 .0 Embas 0 pm sy Thea tre (ticket o nly) 01507 613100 )

Brave the Shave Caroline Robinson 8 pm Pizza Hut, Skegness

r vembe o N 5 2 ay er Saturdtevie Wond The S Story 0.00 pm -1 re 7.30 sy Theat s a Emb only) t (ticke 61300 7 0 5 01


That’ll y 2 Decemb er B Christ e The Day mas S how 7.30 - 1 0. Embas 00 pm sy The atre (ticket only) 01507 61310 0



Every Tuesday Bingo 12 -3pm (The Village Church Farm, Skegness)

Every Thursday

The rsday Sw Hildre 30 No i v (Hil tch On ds Ch embe dre r i stm r d Ske as gne s Cent re, ss)

Parent & Toddler Group 12 -3 pm (The Village Church Farm, Skegness)


Tea ay 4 D e w (tick ith San cember ta et o nly) Linc o Park lnshire W 0871 ild 3841 life 130

Saturday 9th December

Skegness Victorian Christmas Market 10am - 4pm The Hildreds Centre, Skegness

December 16th and 17th

Winter Walk in the Park 12 -7pm Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

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Remembrance Day Parade Sunday 12th November 2017

The parade will start from the Hildreds service yard off Beresford Avenue. Please arrive at the service yard to be assembled by 10.15am ready for the march to start at 10.30am

The parade will turn left onto Beresford Avenue, then left onto Lumley Road. The parade will proceed along Lumley Road before turning right onto Lumley Avenue, then straight ahead onto St Matthew’s Church. We are looking for volunteers to help marshal the parade. If you would like to help, please contact the Town Clerk on 01754 766113. Training will be provided. To advertise text ADVERT to: 07868 433 223


Skegness R�C�S

This was the idea of Becky Wilkinson who was inspired by the Shropshire Rocks Facebook Community (check out their Facebook page) and all the fun that they were having, so she decided to start a Skegness painted rock community herself.

then please feel free to keep it.

The idea is to decorate rocks and hide them in various places to brighten someone’s day.

Remember to be respectful of parks, private property and businesses. Please don’t take rocks from gravestones as a mark of respect and also because they are most likely to be memorial stones.

You can use paint, chalk, crayons, sharpies, whateveras long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art. On the back of your masterpiece write in Sharpie - Post a picture to the Facebook Page “Skegness Rocks”. You can also write – “Re-hide Me”. If you find a piece of art that you can’t bear to part with

You can find us on Facebook under Skegness Rocks – we now have over 1,000 members and is proving to be a very enjoyable, unique pastime so please add your friends, decorate your rocks and get hiding! Why not post a quick photo of your rocks and a hint as to where we can find them.

This is great fun for everyone of all ages and abilities, from children out with their parents to playgroups and small organisations such as rainbows, brownies, beavers, scouts etc. “Get creative, have fun and get outside”.






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Armchair sport guide

November highlights

Saturday 18th November

Premier League football (Emirates Stadium) Arsenal v Tottenham (12.30pm - Sky Sports)

Wednesday 29th November

Snooker (York Barbican Centre) Betway UK Championship (29th November - 10th December) Live coverage on BBC 2

Saturday 11th November

Rugby Union (Twickenham) England v Argentina (3.00pm - Sky Sports)

Thursday 23rd November - Monday 27th November Cricket - First Ashes Test (Brisbane) Australia v England (BT Sport)

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th November Tennis (Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille) Davis Cup World Group Final TV schedules to be announced

Sunday 26th November

Formula 1 - ďŹ nal race of the season Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (1.00pm - Sky Sports)

Thursday 16th November - Saturday 2nd December Rugby League (New Zealand) Women’s World Cup (Sky Sports)

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Your Horoscopes


ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

This is the perfect time to start a detox programme and get yourself back into shape, your Aries portents suggest. If you have neglected visits to the gym or engaging in physical activity then this month is perfect for getting yourself back on track. I would strongly suggest that you maintain a regular exercise routine so that you remain tuned to your physicality as well as your mentality.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Be prepared to dress up this month and get your party clothes out for a whirl of social engagements including date nights, parties, events and functions. Your feet won’t touch the ground and you will be happy in the company of others. You will be in high spirits and nothing is likely to dampen your morale. I foresee a real fun time when you have little to worry about other than simply enjoying yourself!

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Try to be as determined and as focused as you can this month. There may be deadlines which need to be met as well as promises which have to be kept. Your criteria for success could be based on a balanced approach, so allow yourself sufficient time to accomplish any tasks that may lie ahead. An organised and businesslike approach is vital if you are to achieve your goals.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

If you have been puzzling over what you really want out of life and you’ve been pondering events out of your control, your mind should feel less anxious and you will gain some of the clarity which you have been searching for. Certainly, you will feel more optimistic about your position in life and proud of your achievements. November is likely to be a time for quiet reflection with a positive outcome.

LEO (July 23- August 22)

Your friends and family will need you in November. The likelihood is that you will need them too. Zodiac November is set to be a relaxing Horoscope month where time is spent with friends and family. It’s a time to enjoy yourself and relax. Take time out and don’t feel guilty about it. It is a time to de-stress – you will notice the difference in your mood and, more importantly, your family will too.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

You may find yourself questioning things and going over and over the same ground during November. There could be some confusion over what course of action to take. It is probably best to take time out to consider it rationally rather than making a rash decision. A work colleague may say some odd things which you will dwell on. The chances are that it is their problem not yours, so don’t try to shoulder the burdens of others.


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Find out what’s in the stars for you this month

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Your finances are likely to be in spectacular order this month and, as a result of this, personal relationships will benefit and your own inner peace and harmony will be restored. You will feel extremely positive and optimistic for the future. People will be drawn to you for your good humour and sensible advice. If there are any social events in your calendar, the chances are that you will end up as the life and soul of the party.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

This is a 30-day period where your family is likely to need your attention more than ever. A younger member of the family could need some help and support. You could find that you lose your temper more easily over trivial things. Try to remain calm and rational at all times and don’t allow yourself to succumb to the pressures of work for once. It must come second to family affairs.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

You will be in a positive frame of mind this month and your focus is likely to be on the persona you project to other people. If you dissect your past mistakes you could easily make amends for any indiscretions. It is well within your capabilities to improve your sense of well-being and correct past errors, helping to ensure that personally damaging mistakes of this kind never occur again.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

You may feel the need to seek out meditation, Yoga or Reiki healing. Certainly, you could feel the need to slow down since the pace of your life and career has become very fast of late. You may recognise the signs that it’s time to take a break and chill out. The best solution would be to take some time away from it all, so now’s the time to take a short break so that your personal and professional relationships can heal themselves.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

What a lovely month for romance! Aquarians could find themselves falling easily and effortlessly in love. For those less impressionable, there could be an opportunity to rekindle things with an old flame who turns up out of the blue. This period could allow an opportunity for a trip down memory lane. It will certainly be a period full of pleasant dalliances and even more pleasant surprises!

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

This could be a tricky period where you will struggle with work colleagues and with changes in your work circumstances. You might well seek advice from your seniors and you would be advised to listen very carefully to what they have to say. If you ignore this advice you are likely to feel even more bewildered. Their advice could suggest being more flexible and not to let your stubborn streak win the day.

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County Linx Radio Your Local Online Radio Station Listen L�V� at County Linx Radio is an online radio station, founded in 2013 and broadcasting 24/7 from a studio in East Lindsey. The station continues to provide local radio and to support local groups, charities and organisations with advertising and promotion of events. As well as providing specialist music shows daily, from our studio, the fully-equipped County Linx Radio Bus has given us the ability to attend many other events providing broadcast, PA and staging in towns and villages. Our outdoor Open Mic sessions provide a stage and setting for local talent to step up an do a spot and everyone is welcome. We welcome anyone from the community to join the team and support the station. The County Linx Radio CLUB bus also serves as a mobile computer learning centre which visits rural towns and villages within East Lindsey to help residents access computer training. Visit our website to find out how to book the CLUB bus for your next event. County Linx Radio

Contact us: Phone: 01754 811568 Email: Website: Like or Follow us

Real Rural Radio

In association with



Listen on the app

Visit us on-line @


September 2017

Edition 01

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The November issue of Inside Skegness Magazine is here to view

Inside skegness nov issuu  

The November issue of Inside Skegness Magazine is here to view