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Big Bang One Click Calavera Catrina King Gold. Boîtier en King Gold 18K. Lunette sertie de 42 saphirs colorés. Cadran laqué noir avec impression «Catrina» multicolore. Mouvement automatique. Bracelet en cuir de veau cousu sur caoutchouc. Série limitée à 50 pièces.




BOUTIQUES *(55,:࠮*6<9*/,=,3 465(*6࠮7(90:࠮:;;967,A



Paris - Hong Kong



W W W. R E B E L L I O N - T I M E P I E C E S . C O M

s tunning mo dern t ake on clas sic s t y le. Inspire d by s te ering whe els of the mo s t iconic clas sic c ar s and fabric ate d with the l ate s t te chn o l o g y o f t h e w atchm ak in g w o r l d, Reb e lli o n T im ep i e c e's f ir s t automatic, in - hous e GMT movement c ome s in a clas sic cushion c as e and features a t wo-spoke steering-wheel design. Like the dashboard of a classic c a r, i t s di al p e e k s o u t f r o m b e h in d t h e h o r n s h r o u d t o di sp l ay t h e h o u r in t w o t im e zo n e s an d rem ains in c o ns t ant m o t i o n fo r a to t al o f 42 h o ur s .

W W W . R E B E L L I O N - T I M E P I E C E S . C O M


Dassault Aviation®

Need a private jet ? GOODWILL is at your service 24/7.

GOODWILL Private Jets Head Office 7 rue de la Félicité 75017 PARIS 24/7 +33 1 53 20 01 04

Moment of Truth

Nick Morozoff Sydney Australia May 23 2009

12:48:24 am

SCHREINER haute joaillerie e-mail:

Publisher: Publiscope Publishing Director: Grégory Ayoun Editor in Chief: Laure Delvigo Art Director: Yvan Babillon Art & Fashion: Yvo Deprelle Beauty, Design, Jewellery, Music: Laure Delvigo Lifestyle: Quitterie Pasquesoone,Venetia Bell, Caroline Garros, Apolline Chaize, Fiona Esther. A, Victoria Selwyn, Clémence Phelip People: Jean-Pascal Grosso, Karen Overton Jewellery: Laure Delvigo Contributing photographers: Johann Sauty, Sandra Fourqui Fashion stylist: Aurore Donguy, Patrycja Matysiak Translation: Victoria Selwyn, Will Thornely, Venetia Bell Publisher: Publiscope Managing Director: Christian-Jules Ayoun Account executive: Fiona Esther. A Advertising Coordination: Cyril Montegu Advertising Sales Agents: Caroline Sambucchi Editorial Offices: Publiscope -Blush Editions 136, cours Emile Zola, 69100 Villeurbanne - France Tel.: +33 (0)4 78 24 22 73 - Fax: +33 (0)4 78 24 56 18 Advertising: EUROPE Blush Dream 4, rue de Genève case postale 390 - 1225 Chêne-Bourg - Geneva Switzerland MIDDLE EAST Dubai UAE International circulation: KD Presse 14, rue des messageries 75010 Paris - France Tel.: +33 (9) 53 39 42 71 Distribution Export: Pineapple Média BLUSH Dream is a biannual edited and published by Publiscope. BLUSH Dream declines responsibility for any unpublished texts, illustrations or photos it receives. Reproduction of texts, drawings and pictures published in this magazine remains the property of Blush Editions, owned by Publiscope, which reserves the right of reproduction and translation in the whole world. Publiscope accepts no responsibility for the published documents. All rights reserved. ISSN n °2267-7372 Printed in the EU at 30,000 ex.

COVER BLUSH MISS FRANCE Photo: Sandra Fourqui Vaimalama Chaves Miss France Make-up: Fred Mécène Beauty treatment: Cleaning water eyes & face Misencil, Eye contour gel N° 3 Misencil, mascara La Parisienne Misencil Dress: Vivienne Westwood Necklace, ring and earrings: Schreiner Fine Jewellery




P 29-31 EDITORIALS P 34 P 36 P 38


P 42 ANGELINA Star mother activist


P 44 RYAN GOSLING Meet the most reserved actor in Hollywood P 46 CATE BLANCHETT A prodigious committed actor P 50 VAIMALAMA CHAVES Miss france is not just a pretty face P 52 CHRISTIAN Breathtaking


P 56 JESSICA CHASTAIN Timeless glamour P 58 K AROLYNE LEIBOVICI A&K Communication, an agency specialising in the actor’s image P 60 CATWALK IN STILETTOS How to walk like a runway Icon P 62 THE A STAR IS BORN EFFECT Spotlight on Hollywood’s most influential stylists P 64 FAUX SUN As subtle as digital retouching P 66 SHOPPING Pop art sunburst


P 68 CARL F.BUCHERER Treasuring Values since 1888


P 70 ROMAIN RÉA Classic watches timed to perfection P 72 VINCENT MICHEL Jeweller by vocation P 74 BEAUREGARD An exceptional timepiece for our times P 76 JAG JEWELRY That fulfils your dreams, wishes and desires P 78 SWISS WATCH SERVICES Fine watchmaking subcontractors P 80 FIVE A watch for all seasons P 82 FLORIAN DE Shakes Up the Codes


P 84 VALPIN Watchmakers with a will to win P 86 PATRICE FABRE Diverting the Sea P 88 AUTHENTIQUES PARIS For the perfect dressing room P 90 MYKI ALPI Handcuff chic P 92 DE MARQUET The luxury bag you can transform in an instant P 94 PINEL & PINEL Leather goods with a timely new twist P 96 LES PARAPLUIES DE CHERBOURG Umbrellas inspired by the big screen


( source d’enchantement )




Shangai Trip in Paris with Miss France PHOTOGRAPHER SANDRA FOURQUI Sparkling Dream with Heidi Lushtaku PHOTOGRAPHER JOHANN SAUTY

P 124 HÔTEL DE PARIS A New Page in its History


P 130 THE BUDDHA-BAR HOTEL PARIS A perfect alliance of Parisian charm and Asian exoticism P 132 VIRGINIE BASSELOT Cooking to make people happy P 134 THE HÔTEL ROYAL EVIAN The enchanting source of revitalisation at a Palace hotel P 136 MAURA WASESCHA The true story of P 138 PARIS NEW ENERGY! Blush presents new not-to-be-missed venues P 142


P 144 LUCIO FONTANA At Pirelli HangarBicocca’s


P 148 ROMY AND DELON The Magnificent Lovers P 150 ARNAUD REBOTINI Electrifies the Seventh Art


P 152 EXCUSE MY Classic with a Twist


P 154 SÉBASTIEN High-tech furniture


P 156 PORSCHE Our chosen family P 160 MAURITIUS The perfect island getaway P 162 ROYAL PALM BEACHCOMBER A Mauritian holiday to remember


P 164 MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH Entrepreneurs from father to daughter P 166 NIELS RODIN Fruit growing with zest P 168 HOW TO SPA Learning to relax wherever and whenever you like P 170 INOPIA COSMETICS Kind to yourself, kind to the planet P 172 LES ROULEAUX DE PHÉBÉE Revolutionizing sweet consumption P 174 LA TARTE TROPÉZIENNE Often imitated but never equalled P 176 M8TE Elite event management P 178 BACKSTAGES From the Lausanne Palace to the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris

People used to think the earth was flat

How times have changed. Introducing the smart yacht charter.

At, every aspect of your luxury yacht adventure is handled online. From destination guides and virtual yacht tours to our exclusive OnBoard concierge app, your charter is paper free and hassle free.

Laure Delvigo Editor-in-chief

Photo © Sandra Fourqui

While the high mass is being celebrated in Cannes, Blush gets dressed up and heads for the cinema. First in Monaco, where we found a metamorphosed Hotel de Paris, the favourite spot of American legends from Rita Hayworth to Grace Kelly, not forgetting Winston Churchill. A showcase for the stars to stop for a night or for a lifetime. Next Paris, where Karolyne Leibovici watches over the images of actors, such as Pierre Niney, Laura Smet and Olga Kurylenko. With César-winning, multi-faceted composer Arnaud Rebotini, they tell Blush about the backstage of a dream machine. Over in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie has never let herself be tripped up by her staggering beauty. And yet… Despite immense, flashing blue-green eyes, fringed with two rows of eyelashes, this inflammatory brunette boasts a startling career, embodying the Hollywood myth in the collective imagination.”


Cayenne E-Hybrid. Double dose d’adrénaline. Porsche E-Performance. Efficience et performance – des qualités longtemps considérées comme inconciliables. Mais l’alliance entre moteur thermique et moteur électrique permet d’accomplir des prouesses tout en satisfaisant deux exigences cruciales: réduire la consommation et les émissions polluantes et clouer le conducteur à son siège. Êtes-vous prêt pour l’avenir? Plus d’info:

Centre Porsche Lausanne Orchid Sports Cars SA Route de Bussigny 38 1023 Crissier 1 Tél. +41 (0)21 552 39 11

Gregory Ayoun Publication Manager

Photo © Sandra Fourqui

In this “Cinema Special” edition, it’s always between two time zones that Blush invites celebrities from all over the world. After an exceptional interview with Cate Blanchett and Ryan Gosling in L.A, we made a stop at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Paris for a jewellery shoot with Miss France in the hues of the film In The Mood For Love. On the shores of Lake Leman, Blush  continues its glamour trip with Heidi Lushtaku, playing the femme fatale at the Lausanne Palace. And if Blush is still covering the Croisette in Cannes, you can catch up on the latest exclusives this summer in our special editions HDP by Blush in St. Tropez, Paris and Washington and The Gate Collection by Blush, then Lausanne with Clinic Lémanic by Blush, whose next issue we’re completing now. See you in Switzerland!”



KLEPCYS VERTICAL TOURBILLON 4N Rose Gold & DLC Limited edition 38 pieces Ref. 539.505.GD.A





- L.U.C Quattro

CHOPARD embraces the basics of traditional fine watchmaking with the classic L.U.C Quattro. The satin-brushed dial is an extraordinary greyish-green shade, evoking private gentlemen’s clubs and a formal air of elegance, yet with eccentric details, including the dial’s satin-brushed finish, Arabic numerals at 3 and 9 o’clock and the Super-LumiNova covered Dauphine fuséetype hands. The movement, caliber L.U.C 98.01-L, has two pairs of stacked barrels for an incredible 216-hour (nine-day) power reserve. Despite this Quattro mainspring power, the movement is still ultra-thin, and the case is only 8.84 mm thick. This is a 50-piece limited edition in 18k white gold, with a 43 mm case. It is finished to Poinçon de Genève standards.


- Defy Inventor

ZENITH has been showcasing its Defy collection as a platform for the brand’s renewed emphasis on advanced technology and materials, including its single-piece oscillator that beats at an extremely high frequency of 18Hz or 129,600 vph, compared to the usual 4 Hz or 28,800 vph. This year, the watch with the super-oscillator is no longer a limited edition concept and will be produced in a run of several hundred pieces. The revolutionary single-piece oscillator replaces the traditional 30-piece standard regulating organ, and is made of silicon. The case is made of lightweight titanium and the textured bezel is made of Aeronith, an aluminium-polymer composite that is three-times lighter than titanium. The dial is openworked to resemble a stylised propeller, with blades evoking the ZENITH star.


- Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Carbon

The Octo Finissimo collection has been the venue for BVLGARI’s expression of modern high watchmaking, with innovative designs, complications and world records. The latest interpretation is the Tourbillon Carbon, which combines the thinnest flying tourbillon with an innovative case material. The case and bracelet are made of carbon CTP (Coal Tar Pitch). The movement, a technical marvel at only 1.95 mm thick, is thanks partly to an innovative peripheral rotor. It is showcased in an openworked dial with black finishing, and can also be seen through a transparent caseback. The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Carbon is the thinnest-ever automatic carbon watch. It is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

PATEK PHILIPPE’s - Ref. 5172G Chronograph

PATEK PHILIPPE’s manual-wound CH 29–535 PS chronograph calibre, originally introduced in a ladies’ watch in 2009, has been used in the men’s 5170 series since 2010, and the new 5172G-001 is the fi fth iteration. The movement has six patented innovations that optimize the chronograph function, including refined tooth profiles, blocking lever and hammers, and an optimized split seconds wheel. The result is ultimate precision, improved amplitude and a greater element of self-adjustment. The white gold case of the 5172-001 has vintage-style three-tier lugs and a sapphire box glass crystal, as well as guilloched chronograph pushers. The sporty blue dial with large baton-style luminescent hands has a matching navy calfskin strap with top-stitching.


- Grip

GUCCI is introducing a brand-new unisex watch line called Grip. Its unique design blends timeless appeal with highly contemporary style. The collection comprises four new quartz timepieces. Each one features a rounded square case with three windows, in which three white rotating disks indicate the hour, minute, and date respectively. One edition brings together a yellow gold PVD case and bracelet, both engraved with Gucci’s signature Interlocking G logo. Another variant is worked purely in steel for a sleek, modern look that combines easily with different outfits. Grip is the perfect choice for men and women who appreciate clean yet eye-catching design with vintage appeal.


- Swiss Art Men’s watches

MUSE, a Swiss watch company launched in 2016, merges watchmaking tradition with the modernity of contemporary art. Founders Pascal Robert and Frédéric Leuba, both watchmaking engineers, have created an innovative design that eliminates the traditional hands. Instead, it uses finely crafted patterns that run at the speed of hours, minutes and seconds, generating compositions in perpetual motion. Minute and hour hands are incorporated in the composition. The models use a collector movement, made from 1969 to 1982, the ETA 2776 named MU01. Several hundred of which have been recovered from a collector. Men’s collections include the Akylon, Tanoura and Kagura. MUSE also makes timepieces for ladies in its Stella, Tanoura and Stella S collections, with mineral dials and mechanical movements. CHOPARD









Cha Ling unveils its new exclusive body treatment Valmont Spa for Le Meurice at the Peninsula, Paris A new treatment for lovely weather! The Franco-Chinese brand combines the best of both worlds in its

See you at the Parisian luxury hotel, Le Meurice: the only address in the capital where you can enjoy delicate care combined with high-performance Valmont products. A visible, durable burst of brilliance in 45 minutes, the ideal length of time to take a pause in a bustling Parisian life. For a luminous skin freed of impurities, in gentleness and comfort, this expert treatment follows no less than 12 steps! The new treatment Pureté des Alpes offers real revitalization for your face. From the removal of makeup to the final touch, it purifies, rebalances and refines the skin’s texture. An elegant way to prepare your skin for the coming months. Treatment time: 45 min €130 - Appointment +33 (0)1 44 58 10 77

line of unique products and treatment protocols, blending French excellence with the ancient techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. At the crossroads of cultures, Cha Ling reinvents ancestral Chinese therapeutic rituals and adapts them to a French cosmetic approach. The new creation Ba Guan is a completely new body-firming massage, from which an exclusive treatment protocol has been developed for the Peninsula’s spa, whose philosophy is that of an expert diagnostic for firming, revitalising, repulping and smoothing. A pure moment of expertise and effectiveness. 1 hour/€200 30 minutes (in addition to another body treatment)/€100 Appointments and information: +33 (0)1 58 12 66 82

Between the Mediterranean and the Pinegrove, Weekends face to face with oneself … and Jeff Grant the Tiger inaugurates its new club & spa at the Yoga Retreat at Nescens Spa, La Réserve, Geneva Monte-Carlo Beach Club The quest for interior balance is universal and comprises multiple dimensions. Yoga Retreat weekends with Jeff Grant offer a rare opportunity to refocus on yourself and your true objectives, in an exceptional décor. Yoga professor, well-known athlete, internationally reputed sports and mental coach, Jeff Grant is dedicated to helping everyone fully liberate their potential, attain their objectives using their mental and physical strength and overcome moments of stress, overwork or inaction. With a limited number of participants, Yoga Retreats give priority to the quality of exchanges and optimum personalisation. A veritable rebirth. 12-14July 2019, 16-18 August 2019 +41 22 959 59 99 - -

One with nature and resolutely committed to sustainable development, the luxurious Monte-Carlo Beach reopens its doors with a new wellbeing experience to inspire and refresh: Le Tigre Monte-Carlo. Yoga, meditation and Pilates courses in the three practice spaces in proximity to the elements: in the water, to the lapping of the waves on the Monte-Carlo Beach Club’s jetty, between the sea and the Pinegrove. Individual coaching sessions are also available. An organic juice bar allows you to enjoy a taste of Maison du Tigre recipes. A plus: the Tiger Massage, a powerful, beneficial treatment to regain balance and energy and fully anchor body and mind in the present. May to September: 4 yoga courses per day +377 98 06 51 05 -

A bubble of wellbeing on Marseille’s Corniche Summer at Fermes de Marie Promicea Thermal Sea Baths Stays & Retreats for healing and vitality

Coming from the world of medicine, the Bouchard family has taken over the mythical Château Promicea overlooking Corniche Kennedy. Marseille, a seaside city in vogue, is lucky to have this unique location proposing regenerating treatments using seawater drawn from a large well and subsequently heated. A space of 700 m2 offers a gentle break, bathed in the unique light of the south, proposing high-quality care using the eponymous cosmetics brand developed by Thomas Bouchard. A peaceful haven designed for wellbeing, a unique seawater treatment centre, a spa and health, fitness and beauty centre. An outstanding setting for lifting the body and mind. +33 4 91 52 61 61 -




A warm, authentic atmosphere emanates from this alpine garden and hamlet of centuries-old farms with the elegance and soul of old wood. Inspired by this majestic setting, it is not without reason that the Fermes de Marie are collaborating this summer with three experts: le Tigre Yoga, Caroline de Carné-Wijnkoop and Jean-Marie Defossez to offer you a pause for gentle relaxation and renewed energy. Days where you will have nothing else to do but to care for yourself in a calm, balanced way, unwinding in body and mind with yoga courses, meditation walks, breathing in the forest or treatments at Pure Altitude Spa. Reservations: Pure Altitude Yoga Retreat 7 to 11 July – Full Conscience Weekend 20 & 21 July Sylvotherapy 23 & 24 July for a Slow Life at the summit! 163 chemin de Riante Colline - 74120 Megève, Switzerland - +33 4 50 93 03 10 -





L’art de cultiver la Beauté,

P ho to pr is e au Paradis Beac h co m ber Go lf Res ort & Spa

celle des lieux et celle du cœur.





Silk Collection - Venice–Oriental Dream at Versailles

For centuries Venice was the first port of entry to the Western world for oriental objects. La Serenissima, with her distinctive byzantinestyle architecture and interiors adorned with damask, brocade, rugs and cascading glass chandeliers, showcased riches imported from the East. The elegance of the arabesque and the refinement of this collection make reference to the luxurious, festive atmosphere of Venetian life that lasted for more than a thousand years, illustrated in particular by Italian paintings of the late Renaissance. With extreme precision, each panel of the necklace is associated with emerald pearls in diamond settings. Spectacular!

CHOPARD Red Carpet Collection Official partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 1998, Chopard presents a collection of haute jewellery each year. Designed for the stars to wear for their appearances on the red carpet, the most exclusive jewels enjoy their moment on stage. The Red Carpet collection could not have found a better name. The colours, artifices, passion and fascination of the 2019 collection embody love in its different forms. Caroline Scheufeule, co-president and artistic director of the Swiss jewellery house, draws her inspiration from her travels, encounters and dreams. Diamonds, amethysts, tanzanites and garnets, the most precious stones are worked with Chopard’s skill, pushing the limits of her creative imagination year after year. Pulling out every stop, the artistic director meets the challenge of proposing a number of pieces equal to the festival’s editions: thus 72 pieces of haute jewellery are expected this year.

The château de Versailles, icon of luxury and French art de vivre, is a location for Dior par excellence. The designer himself, who tried to revive the rich moments of French history, found inspiration in its pageantry and symbolism in his very first collection. Versailles is also the starting point for Victoire de Castellane for her latest collection of haute jewellery. But far from architectural perspectives and alignments, it is the details and decorative art composed of a graphic or ornamental focus that we choose. Only the greatest Parisian haute jewellery ateliers could accomplish this feat of craftsmanship: combining several cutting or setting techniques in a particular rhythm in a single piece of jewellery. Just as the greatest artists were employed to create the sumptuous decors of the château de Versailles.

PIAGET Sunlight Journey Collection - Nightfall Celebration

This new collection sets out landscapes of creation inspired by the Amalfi Coast, echoing this site of Piaget Society’s art de vivre. Nightfall Celebration unveils vibrantly coloured and suavely scented gardens. The women compete in seduction with their flowered frocks. The fiery sky signals the beginning of an evening of festivities. Like an explosion of joy to make rubies and diamonds sparkle on elegant necklines, with necklaces in solar shapes dear to the House of Piaget. A cuff bracelet adorned with a violet-pink spinel with pink sapphires and red spinels radiating out from it dazzles like a resplendent evening sun, glowing suddenly brighter just before it sets and suffusing the sky with orange, pink and gold. One more treasure in a world of pure beauty at the start of summer.

CINDY CHAO TIFFANY & CO The Art Jewel Blue Book Collection

Imaginative and creative, delicate yet daring, and impeccably handcrafted, the Winter Leaves necklace, itself a constellation of more than 240 carats of nearly 6,000 fancy-cut diamonds all falling within the DEF colors and VVS clarity criteria, is set entirely in titanium which is a fi fth of the weight of gold. As a result of more than 10,000 hours of engineering and craft, the voluminous necklace is ultra light weight of merely 78 grams. Resting lightly on the neckline, the curves, undulations and layering arrangement of the winter leaves on the necklace highlights their perfect shapes, and natural, organic appeal that are an important hallmark of a Cindy Chao art jewel

An institution since 1845 chez Tiffany & Co, the Blue Book is an annual collection of exceptional pieces, celebrating the craftsmanship of the New York Jewellery house. Following haute couture fashion show tradition, it unveils an exclusive line of high jewellery pieces. Embodying daring and innovation, the collection is highlighted by the world’s best-known personalities. Worn by the actor and singer Lady Gaga during the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the new Blue Book Collection earrings gave a preview of the exclusivity and elegance of the woman of today. With their modern graphic forms, Tiffany & Co continues to showcase the artistry and expertise at the heart of haute jewellery. Couture jewels for sale from October 2019.








“YOU HAVE TO SUFFER TO BE BEAUTIFUL.” TODAY, THIS AGE-OLD ADAGE IS BEING DISPROVED BY A WORLD-RENOWNED SWISS CLINIC. Warm, sunny days are on the way, and you’ve no doubt started swapping out your bulky winter wardrobe for more whimsical summer wear. Whether your goal is to look attractive to your significant other or simply to feel beautiful in more revealing attire, you’d like to banish the bulge and flaunt a slimmer physique. But is it possible to achieve your dream body without excessive effort? Have you already experimented with diets and extreme exercising, only to be rewarded with the yo-yo effect for all your efforts? Moreover, despite all the time and energy you’ve sacrificed on your weightloss efforts, do you find yourself unable to shed those unwanted bumps and bulges? Do you want to get rid of cellulite but know that liposuction won’t work, and you don’t want to resort to surgery?

Clinic Lémanic offers non-invasive and targeted treatments that dramatically enhance both your figure and your skin, all while respecting your body. Our internationally acclaimed establishment has dedicated over 20 years to developing medico-aesthetic solutions that combine the most advanced knowledge and the safest technologies. And to further assist patients in their body beautifying efforts, Clinic Lémanic recently acquired five new top-of-the-range machines from renowned brand RENEVE Monaco. As summer approaches, many women give in to the temptation of the Princess Slim treatment programme, which is effected using RENEVE’s advanced Acryos, Mesopor M4 and Revitex systems. While the Princess Slim treatment will show similar results as liposculpture, the former requires no surgery! Results are

Dr. Véronique Emmenegger, doctor of medicine. Double specialist qualification

from the FMH (Swiss Medical Association) in Clinical Dermatology, Venereology, Allergology and Immunology. In 1998, she co-founded the Clinic Lémanic in Lausanne, Switzerland, a clinic dedicated to Dermatology, Aesthetic and

quickly visible owing to the combination of technologies used – state-of-the-art, non-invasive technologies based on thermal gradients, heat, cold (cryolipolysis), radio frequencies, electrostimulation, electroporation, ultrasound and low-energy laser. Princess Slim is unrivalled in the effective and targeted treatment of excess fat, whether localised or more extensive, and the eradication of cellulite without pain or side effects. The results are remarkable and lasting, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. In short, with its ability to combat the orange peel effect and reshape the body’s contours, Princess Slim is the star treatment of 2019! Don’t wait for summer to take care of your body and to be the belle of the beach!

Anti-Ageing Medicine, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine where she has been the Medical Director for 20 years. Winner of several international awards, including the IIPP Prize for Merit for the Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine at UNESCO.

Clinic Lémanic | Avenue de la Gare 2 | 1003 Lausanne | Switzerland | T. +41 21 321 20 85 |






chic rebel, a leading figure in American movies and the darling of the tabloids, John Voight’s daughter pursues her career through thick and thin with blockbusters, more personal films and a a turbulent private life. Portrait of Angelina Jolie, Hollywood icon.

By Jean-Pascal Grosso

When not quite 25, she won a Screen Actors Guild Award and two Golden Globes. Later consecrated by major directors, like Clint Eastwood, the monument of American movies who declared in 2008: “She has a great work ethic and she’s very intelligent. I already look forward to what she’s going to do. I know she’ll be hard to stop!” Angelina Jolie flits between art films (The Good Shepherd, A Mighty Heart…), pure action films (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Salt…) and family blockbusters for which she successfully lends her suave voice (Kung-Fu Panda saga…). The public follows her most of the time. Her successes pile up, the dollars rain down, but this bulimia of roles quickly leads to exhaustion. Enough to undermine the over-sensitive nature of this former teenage rebel. But with her strength of character, Angelina Jolie decides otherwise. When she travels, from Haiti to Tanzania, from Beirut to New Delhi, it’s for a good cause. In real life, this mother of six–four of them adopted–now separated from her husband Brad Pitt, rushes to help the poor and the oppressed. And it’s not fiction!

Ascension to fame Angelina appeared on the screen for the first time at the age of seven in Looking to Get Out, an experience that she was not to renew until thirteen years later in the regrettable Cyborg II (1995). The same year, B-movie 42

fans watched her in Hackers. During filming, she fell for John Lee Miller (The sick boy in Trainspotting), her partner on the screen. Their marriage lasted three years. On her wedding day, she wore a white blouse with the name of her husband written in (her own!) blood! Recognition was to come from television. Produced by the American cable network HBO, Gia (1998) recounts the tragic existence of Gia Carangi, super-model of the 1980s, lesbian and notorious junkie, who died completely destitute from Aids. At first the actor refused the too unsettling part of this New York icon sacrificed on the pyre of vanities. Her reason: “I thought it would drive me crazy.” She ended up accepting, and at first found the character detestable. During a Sapphic love scene, she agonized so much over attaining perfection that she almost lost consciousness. But it was worth it. Her performance in Gia brought her a Golden Globe. The first in her career.

Bizarre Beauty Angelina careened into her acting career. She played beside David “X-Files” Duchovny in Playing God, seduced dreamboat Ryan Philippe in Playing by Heart and Billy Bob Thorton, the ex-love of her life, in Pushing Tin. Most of them were flops. Former student of Lee Strasberg’s school in New York, ex-model, Angelina told the press that she was raising an

iguana called Vlad in tribute to the real Count Dracula and a snake, renamed Harry Dean Stanton, after the actor in Paris, Texas. She has several tattoos on her body, enough to drive directors mad, some of whom insisted that she hide the word for death in Japanese written on her shoulder, the dragon on her right arm, etc. Not to mention a pronounced taste for knives dating from childhood. The late John Frankenheimer (French Connection 2, Ronin…), director of George Wallace, the hit television film that won the actor a second Golden Globe, never stopped praising her: “The world is full of beautiful girls, but not one comes close to her!” Angelina prefers to play it humble: “I’ll always be the same: a punk kid covered in tattoos.”

Eternal Rebel What do we know about Angelina Jolie today? Practically everything. The tabloids delight in her chaotic love life (“Brad/ Angelina: divorce soon official?” worried worldwide gossipmongers not so long ago), muscle fans relish her appearances in bad action movies, critics praise her more “serious” acting, while women admire her “Mother Teresa in high heels” persona. Because once the filming is over, Angelina Jolie never stops taking action. To the point that her commitments take precedence over her acting career. Nothing since 2016 except

Kung Fu Panda 3. And directing two films (By the Sea in 2015 and First They Killed My Father two years later) massively snubbed by the public. It was during the filming of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 in Cambodia, that she went to refugee camps for the first time. A revelation for the star who, up to her neck in human misery, discovered a totally different world from the excesses of Los Angeles: “I was completely out of my depth. I  couldn’t stop crying. I felt guilty for my success. And then I realized that my tears were getting me nowhere. I understood that I could be useful. I opened my eyes on the world.” From Chad to Kenya, as well as in detention centres for illegal immigrants in Arizona, Saint Angelina (honorary citizen of Sarajevo), now Goodwill Ambassadress for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), unstintingly advocates solidarity and distributes gifts, donations and promises. But what about the cinema? In 2005, she stated before CNN’s cameras, that her actions for the HCR made her work “relatively insipid, no longer of much interest.” Her new feature film is programmed for 2020. The sequel of Maleficent, her box-office hit in 2014, where she will again play the wicked witch in Sleeping Beauty. Altruistic in life, Machiavellian on the screen, tumultuous Angelina Jolie continues to astonish us.


“I’ll always be the same: a punk kid covered in tattoos.”

Photo © Yui Mok





Meet the most reserved actor in Hollywood 44



yan Gosling is probably less impressed with himself than any other actor on earth. In person, he is distinctly nonchalant when it comes to discussing his work and apart from the fact that he is ridiculously handsome you might never guess that he is one of the biggest movie stars in the business. Another giveaway might be the scores of screaming female fans who stand outside his hotel where the obliging and ever-affable Gosling typically spends a half-hour taking selfies and signing autographs. The 38-year-old Canadian native is experiencing a bit of a career moment, having achieved the impossible with his most recent film Blade Runner 2049. Raised by a single mother in his native town of Cornwall, Ontario, he also spent considerable time absorbing life lessons in the company of his older sister, Mandi. That may well account for his easy-going manner with women and the kind of sensitivity he brings to his screen romances. Apart from his Oscar-nominated performance in Half Nelson, Gosling’s work in The Notebook, Blue Valentine, and La La Land have revealed his abiding passion, curiosity, and appreciation for the opposite sex. Gosling lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend of the past seven years, Eva Mendes; and their two daughters, Esmeralda, and Amada. By Karen Overton

When you first arrived in Los Angeles from Canada, did it seem like an alien world to you in any way? At first it felt a little strange and it was a mysterious kind of place. I had gotten to know Los Angeles from watching a lot of movies but it still took me a long time to get used to the city. It’s the obvious place to go if you’re trying to become an actor, but now I’m happier living in New York. One of the qualities that is often remarked about you is that you bring a different perspective and sensitivity to your work. You’ve said before that you attribute a lot of that to the fact you were raised by your mother and had an older sister to guide you? I had a great time growing up. My mother is a strong woman and when I was having problems fitting into school she decided to take me out and homeschooled me. That was probably the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me

and I was able to learn how to study thanks to my mother, whilst also learning a lot about myself. How did that shape you? Well, you know, I’m sure it made me very protective and caring with women, and I’ve always enjoyed their company and that kind of emotional openness. That’s also the kind of fundamental quality you need to bring to your work as an actor. Could that sensitivity have led you to do anything else in life? Well, I was very serious when it came to acting and earning a living. My mother and sister were dependent on me after my parents got divorced, but my mom was supporting me in my career and I could never have achieved anything without her and my sister there for me. So I may have supported them financially but I didn’t look at it as if I was doing anything other than what I should be doing. I saw acting as a way of making

very good money compared to how my parents had struggled when my dad was working at a paper mill and my mother was a secretary. So I was happy to be helping my mother and sister. Also, I’m not stupid - acting is a pretty good gig! How do you like to enjoy the trappings of that success? I like little luxuries but I’m not the sort of person to obsess over them. I have a Rolex, I drive a nice car, I live a good life, but I don’t like to throw that in people’s faces - why would anyone want to do that? What I will say is I think I have worked hard enough for things. I wouldn’t want to be that person who got all the trappings without putting the effort in. No one really wants to be that person. Finally, you’re a popular guy. Everyone who works with you has such a great time - they immediately want to work with you again. What’s your secret? Well, when I was a kid my uncle decided he was going to

become an Elvis impersonator and suddenly life got very interesting. All my uncles became his bodyguards, my aunts became his back-up singers, I was in his act. Our whole family was making this Elvis act and then, one day, he decided to stop, and it was like the circus left town and it was very depressing and everybody went back to their jobs and it was no fun. So, for me, that’s something I’ve chased since that experience: collaboration. When you collaborate with people and make something with them, it’s a great way to get to really know somebody because you’re seeing them in a way that’s not just social. I enjoy collaborations and I love to repeat them - I think you develop a shorthand and are able to be honest with one another and challenge each other. I think it’s what gets the best work out of you so being around people you know and can trust is always a massive thing. I guess I’ve just been lucky in meeting the right people!



A prodigious committed actor


ate Blanchett is very intense when it comes to preparing for a role. She has an artist’s instinct to throw herself into her work and with that comes a myriad of anxieties and doubts that comes from setting a very high standard for herself. Even though she’s regarded as one of the greatest actresses of her time, she still pushes herself hard with every performance. That explains why her family life gives her greatest comfort. As mother to four children the Australian actress experiences immense joy although like most parents she frets over finding the right balance between work and home.

By Karen Overton


“I try to do my best as a mother and I love everything that comes with that responsibility,” Blanchett says. “But I almost accept that you can’t be perfect and you will make mistakes from time to time and you try to learn from that. Every father and mother feels that they are failing in some respect. If you are overly dedicated to the children, you worry that you’re not giving proper attention to your work. And when you you’re working a lot you have misgivings about neglecting your kids. But that’s life. You simpy try to do your best. Family concerns aside, Blanchett’s career is certainly going ahead full throttle. Fresh off her Oscarnominated performance in Carol, Cate recently completed work on Ocean’s Eight, the female spin-off of the billion-dollar Ocean’s franchise. In the meantime, however, she will be appearing in the new Terence Malick film, WEIGHTLESS, starring Michael Fassbender, Haley Bennett, Christian Bale, Natalie

Portman, Ryan Gosling, and her Carol co-star, Rooney Mara. The film is set against the backdrop of the vibrant music scene in Austin, Texas, and delves into the complex emotional channels running through two intersecting love triangles. Set for UK release in February, Weightless continues Malick’s free-form narrative style of shooting vast amounts of unscripted scenes and then assembling the film in a way that none of the actors - including Blanchett - know how much of their work remains in the final cut. The 47-year-old Blanchett, a native of Melbourne, and her fellow Aussie husband of the past 18 years, screenwriter/producer Andrew Upton, 50, make their home in New York together with their four children - three Dashiell, 14, Roman, 12, and Ignatius, 8- and daughter, Vivienne, adopted in March of last year, nearly 2.




You’ve achieved so much during the course of your career. What still drives you as a performer? To get into your character, you need to embrace their heart and feel the rhythm of their life. Then it takes a little bit of magic to make that character seem real and authentic. A lot of what goes into the character also involves the hair, the make-up, and the clothes you’re going to wear. When you’re trying to get into the skin of another person, you also need to adopt the body language that’s appropriate to that person. It’s like learning a foreign language and what is more important for me is finding the right tone of voice that captures the psychology of the character than whether the accent is exactly right or not. Many aspiring actors undoubtedly look to you for inspiration. Which actors have helped inspire you as you made your way in the film business? Gena Rowlands is someone who has had a big influence on me. I loved her work in the films she did with her husband, John Cassavetes, especially A Woman Under the Influence. I saw her as kind of a model for the kind of career I wanted to have. I also thought she was incredible in Gloria (also directed by Cassavetes) and her way of creating a character really made a deep impression on me. I learnt so much from watching and studying her work. You won an Oscar for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and you were nominated again for Carol. Are awards and recognition particularly important to you? I think the recognition is important as long as you don’t let yourself get too carried away by it. You need to keep your feet on the ground even though 48

the attention can be flattering. No one is immune to praise but in this business it can be a tricky thing to handle. That’s one of the reasons I hate Twitter and selfies. Using social media in that way can be huge source of rivalry and jealousy amongst friends and when you’re taking selfies it’s a way of seeing how much people like you. Social media can be a great way to communicate and connect with other people but I think selfies and Twitter are often used in an exhibitionist way which isn’t healthy, particularly for younger people. Many writers have described you as one of the most elegant women in the business. Where do you get your sense of style from? My mother and grandmother have been my inspirations in terms of their sense of self-respect and independence. And that was reflected in how they dressed and that had a big impact on me. I remember whenever I’ve been to Italy for example I’ve noticed how well women dress in cities like Rome, for example. It seems that elegance and good taste run in their DNA. Aging has never seemed to be something which particularly troubles or worries you? I just accept it. Getting older happens to all of us and there are many advantages that come with age. I feel much more comfortable in my skin today than I ever have before. I am much more confident and secure in who I am than when I was in my twenties - I would never want to go through those years again! (Smiles) I enjoyed my thirties a great deal and not in my forties I feel my life has become even better. I would rather approach getting older with a lot of curi-

osity and a sense of adventure. Even though you might like to fight it, there’s not much point! You enjoyed painting earlier in your life. Is that still something you find time for? I like collecting art now. But I still enjoy all the visual arts, painting, architecture. I think if I hadn’t become an actress I  would have tried to pursue a career as an artist or writer. When it comes to your role as a mother, does that help balance out the glamorous and celebrity side of your life? I love spending as much time as I can watching my children, playing with them, and being surprised by how fast they learn things and how they’re growing up. It’s very important to me to be able to do enjoy taking them to school or making their lunches or cooking dinner at home for my family. I also like being able to be the kind of mother who is not only there to take care of them and love them very dearly but also one who has a career. I think it’s important to set an example and show how the two can work together quite well. What can you tell us about being part of Ocean’s Eight, the all-female version of Ocean’s 11? It’s a dream team cast. We have Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, and it’s great to be able to work with women like that.







Chaves S

Miss France Is Not Just a Pretty Face

he has the grace of a beauty queen and a personality to go with it. A woman of character, Vaimalama Chaves contrasts with the universe of beauty contestants, no matter how gorgeous, whose first names we don’t always remember. Like Michele Obama, whom she particularly admires, the lovely Tahitian with a master’s in management upsets the codes and speaks frankly. And that’s fine with us. Interview. By Laure Delvigo - Photo © Sandra Fourqui

Tell us about that first time, that first moment of emotion at the Miss France final, when everything changed for you. It all happened so quickly. The only thing I remember is the emotion I felt. It was a mixture of surprise, joy, intense happiness and a great deal of pride for having succeeded in bringing the crown home! In what way has this sudden immersion in the world of fashion, beauty and the media changed you? I keep saying it and I’ll say it again: I’m not the one who has changed. It’s the people around me. Being in the limelight makes you discover another facet of the people who are looking at you. And in that sense, we adapt to the way they have changed. What is your best quality? My best quality is my curiosity. It’s the interest we show in various subjects that allows us to develop a viewpoint on society in general!

And your worst fault? I’m very demanding. And I also like to have the last word! Did fashion teach you how to be sure of yourself? Not at all. Because I still have no style! (laughter) Do you have a particular beauty ritual? Beauty ritual: sleep and drink plenty of water! Always. That’s what’s most important. Someone who sleeps well is more radiant and drinking lots of water and regularly moisturizing the skin are primordial. For myself, I use Sothys moisturizers, one for the face and one for the body. As for diet, I  eat lightly in the morning because I take a lot of time to start the day, better at lunch, mainly white meat and vegetables; in the evening I drink tea. But I allow myself one day a week when I eat whatever I want! What is your relationship with your body? As long as the body is well,

everything is well. But I’m careful to keep it that way with sports, as much exercise as possible and eating well, even if I admit that sometimes I eat whatever I want! To social media? Social media allow people to express themselves. They don’t always do it right and they sometimes express their opinions in a virulent manner. I know who I am and what I want, they can have their views but theirs will never override mine! What is the most difficult thing about doing your job as Miss France? I’d say that there’s nothing easy about keeping pace. However, my job is to make people smile and I must admit that this always motivates me. You went straight from Tahiti to Paris, what does that mean to you? Freedom. Before I lived with my parents and I didn’t have my own home. Now I live alone in a nice apartment, I’m still

learning to live in metropolitan France and still discovering the joys of being free. I’m happy. Being chosen from all the pretty girls in the world, is this an opportunity? It’s hard to believe that now I’m Miss France! And I’m so very happy and proud to be the ambassador of a country with values that are as noble as France’s. What are your plans? We tend to be too nostalgic or look too much to the future and not live enough in the present moment. I want to enjoy today, seize the opportunities that arise and learn as much as possible. Even though my final objective is to teach marketing, my path will probably be full of ups and downs! Your mantra? Alone we go faster, together we go farther.

Top - Patrick Boffa Trousers - Léonard Rings and Necklace - Djula



Christian Dior (1905-57), Fête joyeuse, Evening Dress, Haute Couture. Spring Summer 1955, A Line. Photo © Laziz Hamani. Victoria and Albert Museum, London




DIOR â&#x20AC;&#x153;Couture is above all a marriage of form and fabric. A well-cut dress is a dress that has been cut very little: this is one of the major secrets of couture.â&#x20AC;? By Venetia Bell




rom a wealthy family in Granville, Normandy that moved to Paris when he was five, Christian Dior’s parents destined him for diplomacy. He duly entered France’s prestigious Ecole des Sciences Politiques, which he left sans regret and sans degree three years later. He opened an art gallery in 1928, bringing him into direct contact with the artists, writers and musicians of his time: Picasso, Matisse, Dalí, Giacometti, Mirò, Jean Cocteau, Paul Eluard, Max Jacob, Francis Poulenc. Three years later, his mother and brother were dead and his father was ruined in the Wall Street crash. The family house was sold (it now houses the Christian Dior museum). In 1934, he had no choice but to close the gallery and sell the paintings and his own collection at cut-rate prices. (Later in his memoirs he humorously bemoaned having to sell those now inestimably valuable paintings that his family had thought worthless!) Thanks to the generosity of his friends and the sale of a few paintings, Dior was able to live for ten years before entering the world of fashion without any formal training. Clothes and fabrics were not completely unknown to him after a carefree childhood in the company of his elegantly dressed mother. His gift for drawing and a familiarity with architecture enabled him to design hats for chic mil-


liners, dresses for Nina Ricci, Balenciaga and Schiaparelli and costumes for the theatre and films. He found work with Robert Piguet, grand couturier of the 1930s, signing three collections. He was drafted when World War II broke out and after leaving the army in 1942 he joined the grand couturier Lucien Lelong as chief designer along with Balmain. Dior, as an employee of Lelong - who tried to preserve the French fashion industry under the German occupation - designed clothes for the wives of Nazi officers and French collaborators, as did other couture houses, including Patou, Lanvin and Nina Ricci.

Christian Dior with model Sylvie, circa 1948. Courtesy of Christian Dior

Dior’s sister had joined the French Resistance, was captured by the Gestapo and incarcerated at the Ravensbruck concentration camp. She was liberated in May 1945. Dior later named the perfume “Miss Dior” in her honour. That same year, textile industrialist Marcel Boussac invested in the project for a fashion house under Dior’s own name at number  30, avenue Montaigne. It was a judicious investment: previously three metres of fabric were needed to make a dress, Dior’s needed twenty! The line’s actual name in his first collection, presented in 1947, was Corolle (corolla or

Grace Kelly with Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart at the premiere of Rear Window in 1954. She is wearing the Caracas dress, Christian Dior–New York collection, Spring–Summer 1954 © The Kobal Collection/Aurimages


Christian Dior by John Galliano, J’adore, Dress, Haute Couture, 2008 (custom-made) Photo © Laziz Hamani. Christian Dior Parfums collection, Paris

Christian Dior (1905–57), Avril, Dress, Haute Couture, Spring Summer 1955, A Line. Photo © Laziz Hamani. Dior Héritage collection, Paris

circlet of flower petals in English), but the phrase “New Look” was coined by the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar. Dior’s designs were longer and more voluptuous than the skimpy shapes of the World War II styles, imposed by the rations on fabric. His designs emphasized the waist and the hips, giving his models a very shapely look.

Dietrich, who famously said to Alfred Hitchcock when he offered her a role in Stage Fright, “no Dior, no Dietrich”. And lastly the most unforgettable of them all: Princess Grace of Monaco…

Initially, women protested because they were used to showing their legs during the war. The amount of fabric used in a single dress or suit was also criticized. Chanel was particularly biting: “Look how ridiculous these women are, wearing

clothes by a man who doesn’t know women, never had one, and dreams of being one,” she said of the “New Look”. Opposition ceased as wartime shortages ended. Dior had revolutionized women’s clothing and put Paris back on the fashion map. Throughout his career and his varied collections, Dior’s creations startled and fascinated fashion aficionados. Richard Avedon and Cecil Beaton immortalised them in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair… and they were worn by stars: Olivia de Havilland, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, Marlene

From the moment she met Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly knew that Dior’s creations were meant for her. At the engagement ball at the Waldorf Astoria she wore a specially designed gown and posed that same year for an official portrait in his haute couture model “Colinette”. Grace of Monaco was a woman of her times. The Dior style was a perfect fit with the prestige of her role as royal-

ty, while allowing her freedom in her active life in the service of others. More recently, Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard long personified the mysterious allure of the Dior woman. And the legend continues with the celebrated actress Charlize Theron and the perfume J’adore. Dior’s haute couture dress “Nude” was made to her exact measurements and fashioned by hand with almost 20,000 pearls and more than 250,000 rhinestones requiring more than 200 hours of work. The seams are almost invisible in the 12 metres of chiffon. Breathtaking.



The timeless

glamour of


Chastain E

legant, alluring and utterly feminine, Jessica Chastain has become a big-screen idol in the space of a few years. The star of Molly’s Game, Miss Sloane and Interstellar has just picked up the Best international Actress Award at the Goldene Kamera à Berlin. When she swings her mane of flame-red curls, it holds its shape, reminding us that American women have a totally different conception of


hair and nails from Europeans. It’s a bit too perfect for the photographer, who ruffles her coiffure to make it look more natural. Chastain lowers her heavy-lidded grey-green eyes, looking for all the world like a latter-day Veronica Lake or Lauren Bacall, and we understand exactly why she is so irresistible. Piaget’s international ambassadress is one of Hollywood’s most exciting new actresses.




Interview with

Karolyne Leibovici Fourteen years ago, she co-created A&K Communication, an agency specialising in the actor’s image. Today, Karolyne Leibovici manages talents like Pierre Niney, Laura Smet and Jérémie Renier and talks to us about the profession of publicist with undying passion. By Jean-Pascal Grosso - Photo© Ben Dauchez

How did you become a publicist? I founded A&K Communication agency with my associate Anne Pourbaix 14 years ago. I was living in the US, in Los Angeles to be precise, and it was there that I discovered this profession, where it was already very well established. In addition to press attachés for films, plays, TV series, there were people dealing directly with the representation of talents. I immediately thought this profession would correspond to what I wanted to do. When I returned to France, I realized that it was something that didn’t exist, not in the form of an agency in any case. There was no structure to represent artists for the image and media side. Was it complicated to impose a new profession, or at least a very uncommon one? People wondered at first, which is what always happens in new or unusual situations, if it was necessary, or viable. Pretty  quickly, things got established. And then everything evolved very rapidly with the Internet, digital, social media… With all the public appearances and the “traditional” press, the consulting aspect needed to be created at every level. What is the major difference with agents? We don’t deal with film con58

tracts, or relations with producers, etc. Precisely, my profession is to accompany the artist in what follows that aspect, to build the most coherent possible image for the artist. The idea is obviously to have articles published when the film is released, to organise television appearances, web interviews. All the while trying, whenever possible, to match the media to the type of film in which the actor appears. The thing you love the most about your profession? It’s when I fall for a talent, no doubt about it. A discovery before a career takes off. You  have to cultivate your curiosity, watch a lot of films, dramas… Starting to collaborate with a young actor when he or she is quite young, seeing them evolve, knowing that you weren’t mistaken, that’s a great feeling. Afterwards, there’s the complicity that grows in the way we work together, in listening to what the other person wants, and in seeing where I can take them … at the same time being careful about over-exposure. Being a publicist is about anticipating and making choices. Is there a “market” the way there is for soccer players? Artists who change publicists, who look elsewhere? Of course. There’s no omerta about that. It’s inherent to every profession. When you

represent people, sometimes things don’t work out. It may not work with one but it may work better with others. To the contrary, when you are satisfied with someone in a working relationship, there’s not necessarily any reason to change. “Famous” names at A&K Communication? I can name Sara Forestier, Pierre Niney, Stéfi Celma, Jérémie Renier, Laura Smet… I also worked with foreign actors when they were in France like John C. Reilly or Michael Pitt. Among the latest discoveries I fell for, there’s Dylan Robert who won the César for best male newcomer this year for Shéhérazade. The most pleasant part of your work with actors? And the most burdensome? Actors, like directors, are people who like to tell stories. They take you along with them into different worlds. It’s quite fascinating. For your second question, I’d rather use the term undermining. Artists are constantly exposed. Of course that creates anxiety. Are they going to work again? Will they find another good project? Will their film be well received by the media, the public? In the end, I don’t feel there are any burdens. I understand their doubts very well. I’m lucky to work with artists with whom, as people, I  have excellent re-

lations. There are personalities with whom it doesn’t work as well, when we’re less in sync, but on the whole it’s satisfying. Sometimes do you have the impression you’re mothering them? Mothering, no. Not like a mistress - a school mistress I mean! (Laughter) This job is about supporting people. I never have the impression of talking to children. But perhaps I don’t attract that kind of personality. The greatest moment in your career? I often have feelings of pride. Like when Marina Hands received her César for best actress as Lady Chatterley. Or Pierre Niney, for best actor as Yves Saint Laurent. Or Dylan Robert just lately. These are moments when I’m hyper-proud for the person who receives this recognition. For me, that remains the best way to end the adventure of a film. After that, something that made me really happy is when I got a call from the manager of John C. Reilly (one of the two Frères Sisters in Jacques Audiard’s film of the same name, editor’s note) to tell me that he was looking for someone to take care of his media relations in Europe. I pretended to be very cool and detached on the phone. Once I hung up, I jumped up and down in my apartment!


“I understand artists’ doubts very well”.





How to walk like a runway Icon Perched on six-inch heels, treading a slippery catwalk in stilettos two sizes too small, tops narrowly miss the risk premium at every fashion show. Urgent training to keep the head high, like Claudia, Eva and other beauties. By Laure Delvigo

Balancing Act

Stylish Gait

High Wire

Some models are supposed to be paralysed at the idea of falling on the catwalk, like you on an evening in stilettos! The mistake: maintaining the tension on the pelvis, which leads to a strong retroversion of the knees, shoulders pulled back and neck pushed forward to maintain balance. To increase verticality, relax the pelvis and reconnect with the muscles you didn’t know you had. The solution: some exercises at home on a Bosu ball or Pilates sessions. Substantial bonus: you repair your back by correcting your posture.

“No hips, No poses”: this is the message on signs backstage at the latest fashion week. In the 1990s, super models walked the runway swaying the hips. In 2000, chests were pulled farther back, legs crossed and well in front. Since then there’s been a return to a more natural, less exaggerated gait. “Young girls watch the shows on their Smartphone or on TV and think it’s cool to walk with the knees forward like a majorette, but it’s horrible!” says a fashion coach. His infallible trick: Take a deep breath to fill your chest, lift your chin, drop your shoulders and breathe out through the nose all the way down the runway. And what if you fall? “Get up and smile with style!”

In less than a decade, most shoe designers’ heels have gone from three to six inches. What do you do if you can’t walk at such a height? “It’s a question of practice”, answers Olivier, casting director. “An hour per day at home, even vacuuming and it becomes child’s play.” Those who are not convinced can take a course to learn how to walk in stilettos. The idea isn’t to compete with Lady Gaga’s platform shoes, but to manage a honourable three inches. We’ll remember Olivier’s three magic rules: “Hips, eyes, shoulders”. You’re the most beautiful, so stand up and show it!




A Star Is Born Effect

In the limelight with her role in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga made a sensation on red carpets worldwide. An opportunity for Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador to go all out style-wise. Spotlight on Hollywood’s most influential stylists. By Laure Delvigo - Photo © Ian West


hey were brilliantly ranked “Hollywood’s most influential stylists” by The Hollywood Reporter magazine in their annual list assessing all red-carpet looks based on three factors: the star’s influence, style and impact on social media. Their names? Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador, dedicated stylists to the famous Poker Face. American Sandra Amador met Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards ceremonies in 2011, when the singer created a sensation in an egg designed by Hussein Chalayan. Her appearance left its mark on the young stylist: “I was so impressed by how fearless and daring she was. There was no one fusing music, art and fashion the way she was at that time. As a stylist, you couldn’t ask for anything more than someone who pushes the envelope,” she declared in Vogue’s British edition in October 2018. Two years later Sandra Amador joined Haus


of Gaga–the creative team that advises the singer–as assistant to Brandon Maxwell, the star’s personal design director from 2012 to 2018. Tom Eerebout, a Belgian stylist who collaborated among others with Kylie Minogue, joined the ranks of the Haus of Gaga in 2016, when he met the spirited Italian-American. He then suggested a selection of ten outfits: “There’s never been a limit of what you can achieve with her,” he confided to British Vogue in the same article. You can put any ideas on the table because she wants to tell a story. There aren’t a lot of people that can pull off the things that she does.” Meanwhile Brandon Maxwell created his own brand and left his former assistants in charge of styling in 2018. Their first challenge? Dress the singer for that year’s Grammy Awards. They chose the black dress with a long train from Armani Privé. Behind the extravagance

of Lady Gaga’s clothes, lies a creative process that entails countless hours of work: “We bring our individual research together and evolve the idea into something bigger than ourselves,” Sandra Amador explained in the British Vogue interview. From the Venice Film Festival, in a pink, feathered Valentino gown, to the Oscars in L.A in a black Alexander Mc Queen dress, the singer-turned-actress was vying for elegance and a touch of madness. Stylistic choices inspired by Hollywood glamour of the thirties and forties: “we wanted to deliver looks that were true to her the element of surprise - and capture movie star magic,” the duo revealed to Hollywood Reporter. Mission accomplished. The star’s photo at the Oscars generated more than 3.2  million “likes” on Instagram. An American success story that only Hollywood can produce.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;We wanted to deliver looks that were true to her, the element of surprise and capture movie star magicâ&#x20AC;?





Today, artificial sun adopts a mimetic strategy. Applied zone by zone, as subtle as digital retouching, the fake suntan is even more beautiful than the real thing. Ultra-light on the face, caramel on the legs: it plays with shadows like a dimmer switch. By Laure Delvigo - Photo Š Irina Shayk, Marc Jacobs Beauty

Boycott on nacre

Self-tanning clones

2D Tan

To imitate a real suntan, which is neither pearly, nor iridescent, we choose a matte powder coupled with a rosewood blush to cool the colouring. The orange effect is avoided and it is more elegant. A touch of taupe matte eye shadow may also be used to lightly hollow the cheeks.

They imitate the sun by making natural melanin rise towards the surface of the skin. Some of them inject a dose of moisture and plump up the fine wrinkles.

An institute treatment combines the application of a self-tanner with a melanin booster. In 45 minutes, body and face are golden and the skin ready to accelerate the first ray of sun.

Spicy layering

With the massive return of micro-shorts, legs are on the breach. This is where optical slimming comes into play: instant bronzing. Three options: a spray that tans immediately and evaporates under the shower. Draining self-tan with caffeine. A tinted gel to mix with your moisturizing body cream. Tested on the catwalk, a shower of sunny pigments.

Pigment shower This is a tanning shower that goes one step further. Often it proposes three tones for a tan, its ability for concentration on the face or the legs is practiced with a quick-drying function. A vaporized moisturizing treatment before will prolong the tan for up to 10 days.

Photo Š Yuriy Zhuravov

For the last few seasons, tanning makeup is no longer monochrome. We imitate a real tan by superposing different products. First a tinted primer on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Then a touch of powder on the centre of the face to keep a fresh look on the cheeks. Finally, the contours are lightly swept with a bronzing powder and perhaps a cream blush on the cheekbones.

Lacquered legs




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Yellow is the colour of sunshine and the stars. A feelgood colour that instantly lifts your mood. So let’s celebrate! Lemon, buttercup and mimosa yellows are brightening up the streets of Paris, Milan and New York… By Patrycja Matysiak - Design Yvan Babillon

1. KENZO Leather mules €315 2. VERBEUIL Clutch « Fleurus » €540 3. KARL LAGERFELD Yellow K, Stripe logo mini CB €125 4. MARNI Sunglasses €425 5.KENZO Kalifornia bag €395 6. GUCCI Rajah bag €2300 7. GUCCI Yellow lizard leather bag “ZUMI” €4900 8. MAISON POURCHET Casetta bag €80 9.KARL LAGERFELD Yellow K/stripe logo shopper €245 10. SANDRO Leather bag €225 11. MOYNAT Cabotin Escapade bag in leather and wicker €6900 12. ROCHAS Leather bag “Femme” €670 13. VINYL FACTORY “Germanotta” sunwear in metal and acetate €174


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10 13




Treasuring Values since 1888 Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer just celebrated its 130th anniversary. Its origins lie in the beautiful city of Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland, where founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened his first boutique for fine jewelry and watches in 1888. Being part of the Bucherer AG, the brand yet is very proud of having its own history as a watch manufacture, producing ingenious in-house made timepieces, born out of a rich heritage, driven by innovation. 130 Years of Sophistication and a bright future A new limited masterpiece emphasizes this unique symbiosis of tradition and pioneering spirit, that Carl F. Bucherer is proud of: The Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral not only pays tribute to the past, it marks the start of a new product range set to carry on Carl F. Bucherer’s legacy: the Heritage collection. “The Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral Limited Edition is the embodiment of 130 years of sophistication at Carl F. Bucherer. We are proud of this exceptional timepiece, which is a tribute to our long tradition and at the same time heralds the arrival of a new range of products: the Heritage collection.” The first model from the new collection is limited to 88 pieces in a tribute to the year in which the Carl F. Bucherer brand


was founded. The new timepiece reflects the golden luster of the baroque city Lucerne, with an elaborately finished 42.50 mm, 18-karat rose gold case. The shape and the design of the dial, were inspired by various vintage watch models from the 1960s. Another homage to the brand’s birthplace is the movement bridge, crafted in 18-karat white gold, which features a hand-engraved cityscape of Lucerne. It covers the entire back of the movement, with the exception of the tourbillon. “Those elements are a tribute to our great history. We are inspired by the past, yet always look ahead into the future. As our motto says, we are bound to tradition and driven by innovation and passion - “Made of Lucerne”. These are our core values - Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F. Bucherer


A Pioneer of Peripheral Technology At the heart of the new masterpiece is the in-house CFB T3000 caliber, featuring a tourbillon and an automatic winding system that are both mounted peripherally. The  tourbillon is regarded as a highlight of the art of watchmaking. In the T3000 the designers and watchmakers at Carl F. Bucherer have succeeded in giving it a floating appearance. The cage of the minute tourbillon is supported peripherally by three ball bearings - invisible to the viewer, giving it a floating appearance. The Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral Limited Edition has a power reserve of 65 hours and is a certified chronometer. The brand thus combines retro design elements with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, thereby successfully bridging the gap between the past and the present, into a bright future.

Proud to be official Partner of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie Carl F. Bucherer had formerly already been given the honour of joining the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie’s (FHH) exclusive circle of Perimeter brands thanks to its outstanding achievements and constant watchmaking innovation. “We are proud to have been listed among the top manufacturers recognized by the FHH for some time. Now, with our official partnership, we are strengthening this commitment, and look forward to making an im­portant contribution to upholding the traditions of Haute Horlogerie and the exchange of information in the sector,” said Sascha Moeri.

Pascal O. Ravessoud, International Development Director & Secretary-General of the Cultural Council at Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F. Bucherer (PPR/Carl F. Bucherer)



Romain Réa Classic watches timed to perfection

Luxury watch aficionados looking for a vintage model or valuation need look no further than Romain Réa. After all, who better to turn to than a genuine aesthete in the field? From watch enthusiast extraordinaire… Entrepreneur Romain Réa is an undisputed expert in the world of vintage watches, having welcomed collectors and enthusiasts alike into his stores since 1994. Backed up by an expert team and a watchmaking workshop of the highest professional calibre, he makes it his duty to confirm the authenticity of every single luxury and collector’s watch that passes through his collections. Although any kind of timepiece is liable to pique his interest, military watches are his number one passion, perhaps in a nod to his past as an aeronautics student and time spent in the French air force. After taking possession of his first watch–unsurprisingly, a Breitling Navitimer–there was no looking back, and he quickly progressed from enthusiast to collector before becoming a dealer and finally rising to the rank of expert.

… to expert of international standing Romain Réa’s reputation is well and truly established. To date, as well as his two busy Paris stores, recent years have seen the addition of a popup boutique in Courchevel. Alongside these activities, he is a member of two antique appraisal bodies, the French Union of Experts (UFE) and the French Syndicate of Professional Experts on Works 70

of Art and Collections (SFEP). With such credentials to his name, his call-up as an expert to the Paris Court of Appeal in 2013 can be seen as part of a natural progression. Outside the day-to-day running of his businesses, he has co-authored a number of books about watchmaking, and collaborates with many watch manufacturers, among them Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. His insights also appear in contributions published on internationally prestigious websites dedicated to this specialist area. The most recent feather in his cap is perhaps his appointment as CEO of Antiquorum, in 2017, a move that observers say has breathed fresh life into the world’s oldest watch auction specialized in horology.

in the valuation, restoration or acquisition of timepieces. Ably assisted by his specialist team, he will fine-tune his offer to meet your every need, whether you wish to have your watch valued, sold or repaired.

Réa’s two Paris stores, one in the Saint-Germain district and the other near the ChampsÉlysées, welcome customers through their doors all year round. Most of the watches in his collections are vintage models, some symbolic of an era, others simply produced by a long list of great names including Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger-

LeCoultre, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Breitling, to name but a few. Alongside models from the very top drawer that will delight anyone from novices testing the waters for the first time to veteran watch enthusiasts, customers will now also find more recent models and jewellery. The watchmaking workshop is fitted out to authenticate each and every timepiece that crosses its threshold and make any necessary repairs along the way, meaning your purchase, in addition to its one-year warranty, is guaranteed to be a genuine item. A comprehensive valuation and certification service is also available.



A unique collection of vintage watches

Passing on a passion for excellence Since 1997, he has on numerous occasions been the go-to expert for major film producers. Analysing each script in detail, he picks out the most fitting watches to grace the wrists of actors as famous as Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Kevin Costner during their blockbuster appearances, allowing his passion–and many of his watches–to find its way onto the big screen. Romain Réa brings all this expertise to bear in the service of enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike, supporting them every step along the way




Jeweller by vocation Lausanne-based artisanal jeweller Vincent Michel puts his carefully-honed skills and sparkling creativity at his customers’ disposal, designing subtle, delicate high-quality custom jewellery. We take a closer look at a brilliantly talented jewellery designer. By Caroline Garros

A lifelong passion

The art of bespoke Jewellery

Vincent Michel’s mother was keen on art and encouraged him to develop his creative side from an early age. He was good with his hands and enjoyed making and mending things. As a child, he learned the basics of jewellery-making by attending workshops run by an artisanal jeweller. By the time he was twelve, Vincent knew that this was what he wanted to do. He started carrying out small repairs and designing jewellery in his parents’ garage. After several years of training, at the end of which he came first in the Swiss Jewellery Championships, he set up business as an artisanal jeweller. His workshop in a historic neighbourhood in central Lausanne has been producing unique one-off pieces of mainly gold or platinum jewellery, adorned with diamonds and unusual gemstones, for a decade now.

Perhaps you want a gemstone of a particular colour. Or maybe you have a specific amount of money to spend. Or perhaps you just want a little something for yourself… For each item, Vincent Michel carefully selects materials of outstanding quality that also represent excellent value. He is a past master at finding the exact style and materials to suit the individual customer’s needs and tastes, and revels in a challenge. For Vincent, the first step is always to meet the customer. This gives him the chance to get an idea of your style, while you explain the kind of jewel you have in mind, in your own time. Meanwhile, Vincent listens carefully. On the basis of your conversation, he produces a sketch of the proposed design and discusses it with you in minute detail, to ensure it will match up to your expectations in every way. Then the item is made


in his workshop by skilled Swiss craftsmen, using traditional techniques. Meticulously designed and made from the finest materials, Vincent Michel’s jewellery is so exquisite that it verges on the sublime…



METICULOUS CRAFSTMANSHIP AND FINE STONES COME TOGETHER TO CREATE AN EXCEPTIONAL timepiece FOR OUR TIMES To say that Beauregard watches are unlike any other is an understatement. The meticulous work and outstanding craftsmanship that this upstart watchmaker puts into each piece unique is highly impressive. So much so that the brand’s latest collection, Dahlia, has been selected at the 2018 Edition of the GPHG - the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève - in the Ladies’ Complication category. To build the best you seek the best This prestigious honor emphatically underlines the passion and drive of the company’s founder, Alexandre Beauregard. Who started creating atypical timepieces with a friend in his dad’s garage when he was just 17. Over time, this intensely personal quest led him to work with world renowned craftsmen whose talent and knowledge have helped refine his creative vision. 20 years after his auspicious start, he founded BEAUREGARD SA in Geneva, bringing watchmaking and jewelry together in an entirely new way. Alexandre’s unwavering, lifelong passion for beautiful stones became the impetus for the creation of the Dahlia collection. Each Dahlia is a meticulously handcrafted unique piece featuring an irreplaceable miniature garden of gems, meticulously cut and individually hand polished to sheer perfection. By today’s standards, the time needed to craft each watch 74

is closer to an art piece than anything else To keep the face untouched and the focus on the artwork, the Beauregard name is engraved on the back, as is customary with highly treasured works of art. “The three pillars of great craftsmanship for me have always been about working smarter, harder, and longer,” says Beauregard. “It’s how we go from ‘‘this can’t be done’’ to “this can’t be equaled.”

Doing whatever it takes to make the dream real To achieve the seemingly impossible, Alexandre had to build his own tools, develop innovative cutting techniques and find new ways to work with the unique characteristics of each stone. It’s was a long process but well worth the exquisite outcome. Distinctive, contemporary and unquestionably precious, Beauregard’s watches are immediately recognizable, enchanting and highly original. Equally timeless and modern, the Dahia is a study in tension, aesthetics and harmony, walk-

ing an elegant line between, softness and strength, restraint and extravagance, a fine nuanced blend of New World flair and European refinement. For Alexandre, this hands-on approach, obsessiveness with details, and steadfast commit-

ment to absolute perfection, is all in a day’s work. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Because, as he so succinctly puts it: “passion never sleeps.” FURTHER INFORMATION: WWW.BEAUREGARD.CH

Animé par la raison. Et par un maximum de 680 ch. Porsche E-Performance. Certains hésitent entre la technologie hybride et la performance. Nos modèles E-Hybrid misent résolument sur… les deux. Une vision testée sur les circuits et maintenant concrétisée sur les routes, avec une puissance combinée atteignant 680 ch et une accélération de 0 à 100 km/h en 3,4 secondes. Pour en savoir plus:

Centre Porsche Lausanne Orchid Sports Cars SA Route de Bussigny 38 1023 Crissier 1 Tél. +41 (0)21 552 39 11

Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: puissance combinée: 550 kW (680 ch). Consommation normalisée de carburant: 3,0 l/100 km. Consommation électrique: 17,6 kWh/100 km. Équivalent essence: 4,9 l/km. Émissions CO2: 69 g/km. Émissions CO2 liées à la fourniture de carburant et/ou d’électricité: 40 g/km. Valeur CO2 moyenne de tous les véhicules neufs proposés en Suisse: 133 g/km. Catégorie d’efficacité énergétique: E.


A custom jewel that fulfils your dreams, wishes and desires

What if a jewel was more than just a beautiful object? What if it could sum up your personality? Andreas Gmur shuns serial production, working with each client to co-create superb one-of-a-kind custom jewels. By Caroline Garros 76


“A custom jewel makes a woman’s beauty truly complete.”

Andreas Gmur

A passion rooted in family tradition Andreas Gmur inherits his love of precious stones and jewels, his perfectionism and his instinctive grasp of the difference a minute adjustment will make from his grandfather, a diamond cutter and master jeweler. Even as a young child, Andreas had an eye for beauty. He was fascinated with art and architecture and loved painting. His career initially took him in another direction: he worked in industry and marketing, before becoming a consultant. Then, in his early forties, he decided to retrain at Paris’ famous Haute École de Bijouterie Joaillerie, from which he graduated brilliantly. Now he had the skills and qualifications to carry on the family tradition. After working as a subcontractor for some of the best-known names in the business, Andreas launched his own brand, Jewelry Andreas Gmur, combining exclusive high-end jewel-making with a bold new concept.

A unique co-creative approach JAG offer clients custom jewels that fulfil their dreams, wishes and conscious or unconscious

desires. Andreas Gmur believes that having a jewel made should be a totally unique experience, so he has devised a co-creative approach, working directly with clients and involving them at every stage of the process to design jewels that crystallize their life-story and sum up their personality - jewels that will accompany them on their journey through life. When you arrive, you are ushered into a quiet studio, secluded from the hurly-burly of everyday life. Here, the jeweler’s craft is sublimated into art. Over many conversations, a draft design of the jewel gradually emerges as Andreas translates your ideas into sketches. Nothing is left to chance: every minute detail is discussed. Then, standing at his easel, he paints an artist’s impression of what the finished jewel will look like, while you watch. Finally, the artist turns craftsman and brings to life the stunning jewel you have designed - a signature piece that expresses your innermost thoughts and reminds you of significant moments in your life. FURTHER INFORMATION: JAG - JEWELRY ANDREAS GMUR COUR DE SAINT-PIERRE 5 1204 GENÈVE SWITZERLAND +41 (0)22 310 14 50



Pinel et Pinel

leather goods with a timely new twist Pinel et Pinel, the only French luxury leather-goods company that can claim to produce its entire product range in the city of Paris, is now expanding its upmarket offering with sublime new collections dedicated entirely to timepieces. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

A label of worldwide renown Haute couture bags and smart trunks carrying the Pinel et Pinel logo turn heads the world over for their seductive mix of contemporary technology and traditional expertise. The exclusive cachet of this unique name makes it not only a prized target for discerning individuals but also the trusted go-to partner of many of the most demanding international brands, among them Krug, Tag Heuer, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin.

A collection that runs like clockwork Given his penchant for bags of all shapes and sizes, leather, and watches, what better theme for brand founder Fred Pinel to turn his attention to in his new collection than the world of watchmaking?


At 2019â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Baselworld show, which ran from 21st-26th March, Pinel et Pinel took its range dedicated to watches to a new level, unveiling the brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new automatic watch case, which comes hot on the heels of the Watch Trunk, the Watchbox and the One Point. Whatever watch happens to grace your wrist, you can rest assured that Pinel et Pinel has a perfectly matching case! To take just one example, the aluminium-bezelled Twin can be covered with your choice of leather or P&P fabric, while on the inside, a Swiss-made Bluetooth winder by Kubik completes 1600-turn cycles customised from the comfort of your smartphone. With more than enough style to grace any bedside table or mantlepiece, the Twin is a genuine must-have when it comes to protecting, rewinding and displaying your watch with refined elegance.



F LEFT PAGE TOP Twin, watch winder, €1,350 BOTTOM Flip-flop, Pinel et Pinel/Havaianas, crocodile, €450 RIGHT PAGE TOP Nikki, sac XXL en toile enduite, €1,590 BOTTOM LEFT AND RIGHT Flip-flop, Pinel et Pinel/Havaianas, crocodile, €450 BOTTOM MIDDLE Flip-flop, Pinel et Pinel x Havainas, coated canvas, €250

Coming this summer to Ramatuelle!

rom late June to mid-September this year, look out for Pinel et Pinel’s pop-up store as it makes an appearance on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. The major French label is set to join forces with the Nikki Beach club in Ramatuelle to create a unique outlet for a limited time only, showcasing not just some of the brand’s biggest hits, among them the mini trunk and tote bag, but also a capsule collection produced in collaboration with Nikki Beach, featuring canvas flip-flops and the new Beach Bag, spacious enough to stow the sun cream and a towel along with any other seaside essentials. Make sure you don’t miss it! PINEL ET PINEL AU NIKKI BEACH, 093 ROUTE DE L’ÉPI, 83350 RAMATUELLE, FRANCE. FROM LATE JUNE TO 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019. 79



A watch for all seasons Geneva-based artisanal watchmaker Yvan Monnet makes a habit of innovating. Not content with inventing the world’s first pentagonal watch, now he has brought out a men’s version. Lovers of beautifully constructed objects will be thrilled by his latest watch design. By Caroline Garros

A new take on the pentagonal watch FIVE is a reinterpretation of Yvan Monnet’s signature pentagonal watch. Even the most exacting customer will be bowled over by the exquisite design of this elegant yet sturdy, versatile men’s sports watch. A 43  mm model with a self-winding mechanical movement, it is waterproof to a depth of 200 metres. It is less curvaceous than Mina, its feminine predecessor, and 80

features angled corners, an unobtrusive sheen and a transparent sapphire ground. This is a consummately chic watch you can wear every day. “FIVE is made for real life. It’s a watch for special occasions that you can wear 365 days a year.” Yvan Monnet.

Deceptively simple Monnet is utterly dedicated to his craft. To create his FIVE watch, he worked with

Geneva’s most skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art suppliers. From the choice of materials to the final stages, he is a stickler for quality and pays meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of the design has been rigorously worked out. Yet this top-quality timepiece looks deceptively simple. And this superb creation can be yours for the astonishingly modest price of €4500. “Making a very high quality watch look simple is a complex endeavour. You have to

be obsessive about detail and not scrimp on the product. That’s something only luxury brands usually do, but only an independent watchmaker can make this kind of product affordably.” Yvan Monnet


WWW.CHAMPAGNE-PRIE.COM - +33 3 25 38 21 51



Florian de Launay Shakes Up the Codes

31-year-old entrepreneur from Réunion Island, is passionate about jewellery. In 2017, he decided to launch his own brand. The key: a different vision of jewellery… By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Different Jewellery Deadly S7N is the brand imagined by Florian de Launay. A jewellery house “Made in France” not quite like any other… Since he sometimes finds the world of French jewellery too unimaginative, he decided to shake up the codes. Result: Deadly S7N was born: a unique label with a strong concept. Based around the symbolic number 7, which recalls many references like the 7 wonders of the world, the 7 seas or the 7 continents, etc…. The DNA of Deadly S7N is designed for everyone who is crazy about jewels with character. And what a success: today the brand counts nearly twenty distributors in France.

A First Emblematic Collection The 7 deadly sins have inspired the first collection proposed by Deadly S7N. A line with rock and roll accents that aims to be shocking, chic and trendy all at once. Designed by Florian de Launay himself, it puts the accent on wrath, gluttony, lust or pride. Everyone can 82

find the sin that resembles him or her … without feeling guilty! All these jewels are fashioned in an atelier in the South of France. Made of pink, yellow, gray or black gold, with or without diamonds, some thirty combinations are possible to satisfy your desires. The second line of Deadly S7N, unveiled in June 2019, pays tribute to the 7 notes of music. A collection for her, for him and for the kids. “Every note is the beginning of a story, an emotion … and how about wearing yours?” suggests Florian de Launay.

Unique Ambassador Florian de Launay also showcases his creativity for designing jewellery to measure. These unique, exclusive pieces have attracted many personalities. Among them, Djibril Cissé, international soccer’s former striker turned DJ and known for his love of beautiful things or the Brazilian Neymar, PSG star. Djibril Cissé fell so hard for Deadly S7N, that he even became the ambassador of the brand a year ago.


Ventes à venir : 28 avril à Hong Kong 11 & 12 mai à Genève 16 juillet à Monaco 27 octobre à Hong Kong 11 novembre à Genève

Antiquorum Geneva 3, rue du Mont-Blanc Geneva +41(0) 22 909 28 50 Antiquorum Paris Boutique Romain Réa 26, Rue du Bac, Paris +33 1 42 61 43 44 Antiquorum Hong Kong 9 Queen’s Road, Suite 704, Central, Hong Kong +852 2522 4168

time keepers

Valpin Genève watchmakers with a will to win Swiss watchmaking brand Valpin made what could be described as a tentative start to life, beginning as little more than a few rough lines sketched out on the corner of a table by founders Benjamin Lavizzari and Raphaël Rapin. Bringing together all the features they considered crucial in a timepiece and applying their shared values to watchmaking benchmarks, they produced the unique concept embodied by Valpin. By Apolline Chaize

Inspiration and early days The late Gérald Genta, luxury watchmaker par excellence, was one of a select few watch designers held in such high regard as to be known by name both inside and outside his profession. To Benjamin Lavizzari and Raphaël Rapin, his creations are “a shared source of inspiration that unites us utterly”. Given the close affinity between the pair’s values and inspirations, joining forces to design their own watch was perhaps an inevitable next step in their friendship. They approached their first prototype, the LR03, as a one-off experiment, but word soon spread and, before long, inquiries about Valpin limited series watches were coming in from far and wide. Their adventure had begun.

Into the unknown Valpin’s founders are of the view that “every watch category has its own set of admirers, but at the end of the day, there is one common denominator: the passing of time”. As passionate enthusiasts rather than watch84

makers by trade, they wasted no time in surrounding themselves with professionals of repute, bringing recognised specialists on board to cover all the bases. In doing so, they safeguarded the credibility the Valpin brand would need in order to hold its own among the heavyweights of the watchmaking world.

Valpin – the essence behind the name The essence of Valpin watches is perhaps best summed up as a delicate balance between passion, reason and authenticity. Elaborating on their initial sketch, Lavizzari and Rapin produced a case that incorporated all the design qualities they deemed essential and lent itself to the subsequent development of a full range of models described as “contemporary”. Valpin watches are characterised by their harmonious blend of classic inspirations and modern hallmarks, the latter exemplified by the layout of the dials, the choice of titanium for the case, and the wristlet made from alcantara.

The LR05 – unprecedented complexity from Valpin “The LR05 stands out from the crowd in terms of complexity, featuring a jumping hour that displays the time differently to a standard watch face”. Its titanium case makes it surprisingly robust for such a lightweight build weighing just 75 grams. The LR05 is produced as a limited series of 50 pieces, with different options available in terms of the colour of the dial and the metal finishing process. With Valpin watches available directly from an online platform, the brand is set to exceed the expectations of watch enthusiasts wherever they happen to be.




Fabre Diverting the Sea

Contemporary jeweller Patrice Fabre has ancestral savoir-faire at his fingertips. A skill learned in Asia translated into fine designs and pure forms. Urban creator, his career heads for the sea with a new collection: “Amarrage”. By Apolline Chaize

Amarrage Collection It all started with a change in lifestyle and a desire to get away. Patrice Fabre found his inspiration in the sea for the design and completion of his new “Amarrage” (Mooring in English) collection. And this is how bracelets based on a mooring spring were born. This element represents the link between the land and the sea and between people. A bond of friendship and love is created here. This anchorage generates flexibility and movement that endows the piece with life.

Uniting Enthusiasts of the Sea The “Amarrage” collection unites all those who love the sea. Everyone can recall a personal memory: a walk around a port, a sailing regatta, a sunset on a yacht… This universal spring is embellished with FURTHER INFORMATION: WWW.PATRICE-FABRE.COM 86

gemlike touches of gold and diamonds. The jewellery swings between raw and precious materials. The collection is now crossing the seas to be sold by prestigious jewellers in all major French and foreign ports.

Identity Jewellery The specificity of Patrice Fabre’s collections is the identity they convey. With his love for diverting objects, sculpting and forging them, his collections mark a difference by their industrial aesthetic that is inevitably connected to his own affinities such as the sea, architecture, fleeting impressions or an emotion. This blend of inspirations leads to a mix of materials as seen in his flagship collection “reinforced concrete gold and diamond”. Patrice Fabre promises jewellery that leaves its mark on time.


Authentiques Paris for the perfect dressing room Kitting out your dressing room takes time and thought. Accessories can make all the difference, so it pays to insist on the very best. Authentiques Paris offers a wide choice of superb quality dressing room accessories, from polished wood or leather-covered coat-hangers to dressing room chairs via shoe care kits and shoeshine mats, to suit even the most exacting tastes. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

The last word in dressing room accessories Laurent Gohe’s unique skills and superb 100% French-made products have enabled him to work with leading luxury brands. In 2016, he launched his own brand, Authentiques Paris, aimed at private individuals with refined tastes, for whom nothing but the best is good enough. Authentiques Paris offers unique top-quality dressing room accessories that are both decorative and functional, and has already been used to kit out dressing rooms on luxury yachts and private jets, and in celebrities’ residences.

Distinctive made-to-measure coat-hangers Coat-hangers are Authentiques Paris’ flagship product. They are available in a wide range of options, with a palette of over 200 possible shades of leather and wood to cater 88

to each individual customer’s preference. Saddle-stitched exotic leathers are a particular speciality. Each hanger is made of the finest quality leather, wood and other materials, with meticulous attention to detail, and every aspect can be personalized. Choosing from a range of finishes for leather, wood, hooks, etc. offers scope for infinite variations. At last, high-quality garment protection that truly reflects your taste and perfectly sets off your treasured shirts, suits and gowns!

Ready-made coat-hangers for instant chic For customers who want instant elegance, Authentiques Paris’ luxurious accessories are just a couple of clicks away. Ready-made leather-covered coathangers for shirts, jackets, and trousers or skirts can be purchased from the brand’s website in packs of six, two of each type, in beige and brown

for women and brown and beige for men, made in France to the very highest standards.

Shoe shine mats, the latest must-have item Our personal favourite is the shoe shine mat. Authentiques Paris has turned an essential daily shoe care accessory into a thing of beauty. Designed to be unrolled and rolled up again each time you use it, Authentiques Paris’ double-sided bull calf leather shoe shine mats come with their own coordinated leather strap and button fastening. They can be purchased with or without a complete shoe care kit comprising a 50 ml tin of beeswax shoe polish, a “palot” applicator brush, a polishing cloth, a  medium-sized polishing brush and a shoehorn - everything you need to keep your footwear looking impeccable at all times.


20, Rue Royale - 69001 LYON - TĂŠl. +33(0)4 72 40 90 66 - Mail : - -





Myki Alpi is a line of jewellery designed and made in France by Hugo Giry, whose creative spirit might be best described as “offbeat elegance”. A subtle blend crafted by a unique personality. By Apolline Chaize

Forging an identity Steeped in a culture of design and with a taste for the exotic, Hugo Giry decided to take the plunge into jewellery making, setting up “Myki Alpi” as an outlet for what he felt to be his true creative potential. Seeking to rid himself of the conditioning of communication and design studies and internships with start-ups and major international groups, Hugo chose to forge his own identity in jewellery.

The Great Escape, Handcuffs to break free Hugo Giry is a risk-taker. He likes to provoke, to play in an eye-catching and seductive manner with inherently contradictory notions, like for example, “handcuffs and “freedom”. The result is a piece of jewellery that astounds in the purity and uniqueness of its design. Its creator makes us a promise: to be the prisoner of our own passions. These timeless bracelets come in a range of finishes, gold-plated, silver, palladium, acetate and solid gold. For your pleasure, there are luxury versions too in pink or white gold adorned with diamonds. Hugo even plans to take the concept further and to create pieces in wood, in automotive-inspired forged carbon and in ceramic. And really pushing the envelope, he dreams of crafting his cuffs from recuperated pieces of 90

racing yacht rudders! So many variants that draw on increasingly cutting-edge knowhow, worthy of Hugo’s ambition to develop limited edition rings and necklaces.

The Mont-blanc manacle or Jean Boggio’s take on the handcuff The Mont-Blanc model, inspired by the Mont-Blanc massif, features two diamonds representing Chamonix and the famous summit. Here, poetry and refinement meet. A poetry that Hugo Giry can unleash for you with a customisable cuff range called “The Great Escape”. You can even have your DNA embedded in your personal handcuff for an added touch of subtle provocation on your wrist.

Myki Alpi & people Myki Alpi’s latest venture is to handcuff personalities from the arts, sports or fashion worlds with bracelets like the Menotte Tiger (Tiger Cuff) or the Croco Gold. To have his bracelet worn by the free and creative spirits of this world, that is Hugo Giry’s goal. Next up, in July, Camille Lacourt will wear the timeless handcuff for a photo shoot on the magnificent beaches of Mauritius. FURTHER INFORMATION: WWW.MYKIALPI.COM


Audrey Fleurot

Kenza Fortas

Virginie Ledoyen

Stefi Celma


The luxury bag you can transform in an instant Since designer Raffaella Iten Metzger launched De Marquet in 2016, the luxury handbag brand has been making waves with an ingenious design that is elegantly functional and superbly made. By Caroline Garros

Night&Day shoots to stardom Fresh from its success with Hollywood stars at the 76th edition of the Golden Globes and the night of the Oscars in February, De Marquet headed for Paris. During Paris Fashion Week in early March, a number of French celebrities were seen sporting De Marquet bags. Actress Audrey Fleurot opted for a Night&Day bag with a gem-studded cover designed by Raffaella Iten Metzger in partnership with ArgentinianAmerican jewellery designer Isabel Englebert - a perfect match for her chic, glamorous image - and the Night&Day bag, now a star in its own right, ensured that De Marquet made its mark at this important fashion event.

Innovative design and artisanal knowhow Night&Day, the star of De Marquet’s bag collection, features innovative clip-on covers that enable you to change the look of your bag to suit the occasion. Want something more glam? Something more serious? Switch covers in a trice for a different version of the same cute, chic luxury accessory to match your outfit and your mood. Raffaella Iten Metzger prides herself on making bags of the best quality. To ensure that each and every De Marquet bag meets the high standards of Swiss luxury goods, they are meticulously hand crafted by highly-skilled artisans based in Tuscany.


Heidi Klum and Blanca Blanco


Swiss Watch

Services fine watchmaking subcontractors

Swiss Watch Services provides top-quality services to an elite industry, placing its inhouse watchmaking expertise at the disposal of companies and workshops, as well as private consumers. We take a closer look at a youthful Geneva firm that has already acquired a reputation for efficiency, high standards and scrupulous thoroughness. By Caroline Garros

Infinitely adaptable

Top-notch service

Whatever your needs and constraints, the Swiss Watch Services team make it their business to achieve successful outcomes for each and every one of your projects. They are highly versatile and are willing to step outside their comfort zone. If you want to create a watchmaking brand from scratch, Swiss Watch Services can assist with all stages of the development process, from creating a brand identity to promoting it via magazines. The firm has made its name by offering a unique high-end consultancy service. Not content to stop there, Swiss Watch Services will also design unique, personalized watches of fine watchmaking for private customers to be produced in small or large series.

The key to your projects’ success is Swiss Watch Services’ combination of carefully-selected craftsmen and marketing experts. Working together, the team harness their complementary skills to achieve truly impressive results. In the interests of complete transparency and trust, every stage of progress on your design is monitored via photographs, reports and video montages. To associate you fully with the process, you can even come and assemble the watch’s parts, if you so wish. Lastly, the firm’s roster is deliberately limited to guarantee top-notch service and work very closely with each client. And to ensure satisfied customers stay satisfied, the staff are on hand at all times to provide after-sales service.



Marktgasse 55 3011 Bern 031 318 80 80


Les Parapluies de Cherbourg umbrellas inspired by the big screen

Given the standing enjoyed in France by the classic 1964 film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, it is perhaps unsurprising that its original French title would go on to be adopted by a company dreaming up and manufacturing high-class umbrellas in Cherbourg in the purest French tradition. Its young, dynamic and entrepreneurial managing director, Charles Yvon, agreed to talk exclusively to Blush about the upmarket company he now heads up. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Charles Yvon, what can you tell us about your company’s journey? It’s clearly no ordinary umbrella company. “True! When the company was set up, there was no benchmark when it came to producing umbrellas, which call for a very specific set of skills. In launching this brand, with its deliberate and very direct reference to cinema, we hoped to set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack, offering the very best in craftsmanship, in the way that Burberry was helped to classic status by its legendary raincoat. The unique standing enjoyed by our company today means we can consider it mission accomplished. We have even been awarded the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. What makes your umbrellas different? The umbrellas we offer are luxury, high-end models with


a timeless quality, combining both strength and superlative style. There is simply no comparison with your run-of-themill umbrella. How else are they special? One notable feature is that we create complete ranges tailored to customers of different heights, meaning each umbrella is the right size for its owner. Our umbrellas also lend themselves to different situations, fitting the bill perfectly on seaside excursions, country walks, at official receptions, weddings, and so on. You can always recognise a Véritable Cherbourg by its emblematic shape, coat of arms, two straps and collar. Does Les Parapluies de Cherbourg offer products made in France? Absolutely. We aim to fully support the French craft industry, bringing the advantages of its unrivalled expertise to the

fore and building an image of excellence internationally. All our products acquire a patina over time, becoming ever more beautiful. We also work with fashion houses who see their own exacting standards mirrored in our unique level of craftsmanship. Finally, why opt for a Véritable Cherbourg over any other umbrella? The high degree of expertise behind our products is the standout reason, and means every Véritable Cherbourg umbrella is a fine example of ‘Made in France’ craftsmanship in its own right. Rather than getting through several low-end umbrellas over the course of a year, a Véritable Cherbourg will stand the test of time, also making it a more environmentally friendly choice.”



THE ULTIMATE SHOPPING DESTINATION Located in the heart of Paris nearby the Opera, the 70,000 square-meter flagship store, symbol of the Parisian elegance, offers more than 3,500 brands from affordable to the most prestigious references amongst which Cartier, Saint Laurent Paris, Christian Dior, Gucci, Céline, Van Cleef & Arpels, Longchamp, Fendi, Chloé, Prada, Rolex, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, Givenchy, Moncler, Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Michael Kors, Burberry…





Our experts in French fashion and lifestyle are here to provide you with unique experiences. They make your shopping trip unforget table. To send a gift, return home without being laden down by packages, Galeries Lafayette has found the solution. Any purchases you make at the Boulevard Haussmann store in Paris, are shipped to the location of your choice. Shopping becomes unforgettable.

▶ 11AM - THE MOST FASHIONABLE FASHION In addition to the essential fashion items, the “Dans l’œil de” areas offer a selection of the designer brands most in vogue. Come and explore the work of avantgarde fashion designers!

▶ 1PM - A LA CARTE: “CRU” RESTAURANT Les Galeries Lafayette, the place to be if you want to truly experience French fashion and ‘art de vivre’, has recently welcomed a new restaurant: CRU, meaning raw in English. The concept, developed by Chef Julien Bonci, is based on creative and ref ined cuisine with a Latin twist. In an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

▶ 2PM - FRENCH MACARON WORKSHOPS In a unique, hidden spot, try your hand at an essential element of the French culture: patisserie. You will learn how to master this subtle and intricate pastry tradition, working in a small group supervised by our Head Pastry Chef. Book now and discover other activities in the “Activities and Events” section at

▶ 3.30PM - L’HOMME Calling all aesthetes of the everyday, lovers of well-fashioned beautiful articles, aficionados of a simple, efficient style: L’Homme is designed for you. We have selected a series of contemporary brands focusing on a taste for the (very) best basics. Discover articles combining comfort and style that are timeless and designed to be worn directly off the shelf.

▶ 5PM - TEA TIME Between spurts of shopping, indulge your sweet tooth at Angelina’s, the renowned restaurant and tearoom, located on the 1st floor of the main store. In a sophisticated setting, enjoy the famous Mont-Blanc dessert along with a gourmet hot chocolate.

▶ 6PM - SHOPPING FOR THE CHILDREN Children also have their own area, located on the 5th floor. From fashion to toys, discover the collections and brands selected specially for them. The magic continues on the 4th floor. Gift ideas for yourself or for treating others, with characters from the Disney, Marvel and Star WarsTM worlds.

▶ 7.30PM - A BREATHTAKING VIEW It’s impossible to visit Paris without stopping to take in the incredible view from La Terrasse at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. In the heart of the Capital, this peaceful haven is the ideal spot to enjoy a break during your shopping trip. A quiet moment far from the madding crowds on the Grands Boulevards.

▶ 8PM - GOURMET A feast for the eyes and taste buds, Gourmet offers up simple and gourmet food delights, delicious produce and specialties of the French regions from the leading brands. The very best of the gourmet world for your daily shopping as well as for exceptional gifts.

GALERIES LAFAYETTE PARIS HAUSSMANN: 40, BOULEVARD HAUSSMANN, 75009 PARIS METRO: CHAUSSÉE D’ANTIN - LA FAYETTE Open Every Day from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm and on Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm. Tel: +33 (0)1 42 82 36 40 - For your health avoid eating too much fat, sugar and salt.






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CaTerina Murino, leonardo diCaprio diTa Von Teese, Kendall Jenner

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Photographer: Sandra Fourqui Art Director: Laure Delvigo Production: Grégory Ayoun Fashion Stylist: Aurore Donguy Make-Up Artist: Fred Mécéne Hair Stylist: Arnaud Sol Dourdin Manicure: Stéphanie for Manucurist Photographer’s Assistant: Marie-Amélie Special thanks to: Vaimalama Chaves Miss France & The Buddha Bar Hotel Paris and Endemol Shine Group

Kimono Jacket Vivienne Westwood - Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bracelets Schreiner Fine Jewellery

Top Lucie Brochard - Trousers Paul & Joe - Bracelet, Earrings and Ring Edouard Nahum

Ring Isabelle Langlois - Necklace Atelier Vincent Michel Jewelry

Dress Paul & Joe - Chinese Fan Duvelleroy - Bracelet and Rings Djula

Kimono Sandra Mansour - Earrings Isabelle Langlois - Clutch De Marquet - Cakes La Tarte TropĂŠzienne - Candle and interior perfume Esprit Cocon

Dress Patrick Boffa - Veil Laurence Bossion - Necklace JAG Jewelry Andreas GmĂźr - Bracelet Edouard Nahum

Shirt Lucie Brochard - Pink Ring Isabelle Langlois - Black Ring Layone

Dress StĂŠphane Rolland - Bracelet, Necklace and Rings Djula - Mini Trunk Pinel & Pinel

Kimono Shirt & Trousers Daname - Shoes Minelli - Necklace Patrice Fabre - Black Ring Layone - Purple Ring Isabelle Langlois - Mini Trunk Pinel & Pinel

Umbrella Le VĂŠritable Cherbourg - Dress Vivienne Westwood - Earrings and Rings Layone

Sparkling Dream with

Heidi Lushtaku Photographer: Johann Sauty - Art Direction: Laure Delvigo Fashion Stylist: KaiZen agency - Make-Up Artist: Sandy César - KaiZen agency Hairstylist: Ramy - KaiZen agency - Model: Heidi Lushtaku Coordination: Marie-Sabrine Delaye - Production: Grégory Ayoun Special Thanks to: Bentley, The Lausanne Palace, Arel Forever, Invidia Donna

Dress Alexandre Vauthier (Arel Forever Boutique Lutry) - Necklace Patrice Fabre - Watch Beauregard

Top Kate - Pants Brian Dales (Boutique Invidia Donna Lausanne) - Watch Louis Moinet

Dress Lenett (Boutique Invidia Donna Lausanne) - Clutch De Marquet

Dress Atelier Rose Carbone - Ring JAG Jewelry Andreas GmĂźr - Earrings Patrice Fabre - Watch Beauregard

Trench Lenett (Boutique Invidia Donna Lausanne) - Bag Pinel & Pinel - Watch Yvan Monnet

Dress Alexandre Vauthier - Ring Atelier Vincent Michel

Top Irene Luft - Jean SLY010 (Arel Forever Boutique Lutry) - Rings JAG Jewelry Andreas Gmür


The Hôtel de Paris MonteCarlo Writes a New Page in its History With its Belle Epoque architecture, grand staircase, harmonious entrance, starred restaurants and Place du Casino merry-go-round, where one can see and be seen, the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo offers everyone the chance to live a moment comparable to none, like the actors of the silver screen who have contributed to its legend. Brilliantly metamorphosed, this palace unique in the world reinvents itself and opens a new chapter. By Victoria Selwyn

RIGHT Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo Suite Prince Rainier III - Terrasse






hanks to the support of Prince Charles III, the Société des Bains de Mer and the Cercle des Etrangers, the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo was built in 1864. The millionaire François Blanc made a daring gamble: transform a site where nothing grew but olive and lemon trees into the lavish rendezvous of gaming and luxury. A successful wager! Crowned heads and the beautiful people, the world of the arts and politics, all stormed the Hôtel de Paris as soon as it opened its doors, among them the future King of England Edward VII, Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia, Sarah Bernhardt, Liane de Pougy, and the stylish Coco Chanel. Each contributed to writing the history of this legendary fivestar hotel, where champagne, elegance, parties and their excesses, the rivers of diamonds, like the cliff-edge insouciance, remained the ingredients. 126

The mythical Empire room hosted magical gala evenings night after night. The film world crowded the Hôtel de Paris for the wedding of Errol Flynn and Patrice Wymore, attended by stars such as Rita Hayworth and Michèle Morgan. The wedding dinner of Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly was here on 18 April 1956. From then on the world’s leaders, such as Winston Churchill, millionaires and stars mixed in Monte Carlo giving birth to what would be known as the jet set. In 1971, the first episode of the cult series The Persuaders! was filmed at the Hôtel de Paris. Countless other productions were to follow. Today the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo writes a new page in its history with the metamorphosis of its public spaces and rooms, the creation of two exceptional suites and the launch of ÔMER, the new restaurant signed Alain Ducasse.

The first sign of the transformation of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is in its architecture: the renaissance of the facade that regains its Belle Epoque soul of 1909. The timeless spirit of the hotel is preserved and sublimated by contemporary design thanks to the architects Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora who have put their talents to renovating the building. Thanks to more contemporary and greener spaces (gardens, green alcoves, etc.), today the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo offers its guests a real breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. The oversize central bouquet continues to bring joy to guests and visitors from everywhere in the world as does the statue of Louis XIV with its shiny knee, the sign of an enduring tradition of touching the horse’s leg for luck at the tables.

Among the novelties, such as the panoramic fitness area and new room decors to choose from, classic or contemporary, according to taste, the new Princess Grace Suite is the most stunning of them all. In the most exclusive setting on the Riviera, it offers the luxury of space with some 910 sq metres on two floors (7th and 8th). With a view of the Mediterranean and the Grimaldi Palace from its terraces, the Princess Grace Suite also features a heated infinity pool opening onto an outside lounge, as well as a Jacuzzi made of rare granite. Guests will appreciate a made-to-measure greeting at the heliport or airport, the wine cellar and Open Bar with exceptional products, a dedicated cabin at the MonteCarlo marine spa in winter and a tent at Monte-Carlo Beach in summer. LEFT Hallway TOP RIGHT Suite Princesse Grace DOWN RIGHT Diamond-Suite






Finally, the Monte-Carlo Suite exclusively dedicated to the most serious players offers an absolutely unique gaming experience: 115 sq metres reserved for the top clients of the MonteCarlo Casino, featuring a table of English Roulette and one of Punto Banco or Black Jack, seating up to 10 people. An initiative that confirms the historic connection between the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and the Monte-Carlo Casino. The first in the world to obtain 3 stars in the Michelin guide in 1990, the Louis  XV Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Hôtel de Paris enchants by its Mediterranean haute cuisine. Alain Ducasse and his executive chef Dominique Lory, create an “essential cuisine”: paying permanent tribute to the products and applying their skill to best reveal their scents and flavours. On the garden level, the new Rotunda wing houses Ômer, Alain Ducasse’s new restaurant combining freedom of choice with a gastronomic voyage. Like a divine Mediterranean cruise, in a setting decorated by PierreYves Rochon, Ômer tours the essential tastes of Greece and Lebanon via Morocco, stopping a while on the coasts of Spain, Nice and Malta. Here the warm and casual atmosphere is conducive to savouring, along with the cuisine, the douceur de vivre. On the eighth floor, one rediscovers with delight Le Grill, one of the most elegant and animated places in the Principality of TOP LEFT Restaurant, Le Grill DOWN LEFT Suite Prince Rainier III, Bureau DOWN RIGHT Suite City View

Monaco. Now with a more contemporary decoration, Le Grill opens onto a larger terrace and boasts a new private Winston Churchill room. The “Cigar” featured on the dessert menu is moreover another wink at the memory of that illustrious personality. Franck Cerutti, the spirited executive chef of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo won back Le Grill’s Michelin Guide star in January this year. He sums up his vision of the Grill in two words: marine and Mediterranean. Take note: a three-course lunch for 60 Euros, it would be a mistake to miss out on it! And if the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo shines by the quality of its gastronomy, it also owes its renown to its wine cellar, with some 350,000 bottles showcased in over 1,500 sq metres. The  Wine Cellars of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo provide a reception room for dinners seating up to 40 guests, available on demand. This marvellous opportunity enchants guests with its unusual approach. It was here that H.S.H. Prince Rainier and H.S.H. Princess Grace celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in 1976. The Hôtel de Paris MonteCarlo, also means a unique sense of service, where each guest has the main role in their own play: valets, housekeepers, cooks, all are there to personalize each guest experience and make it simply unforgettable.



The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris a perfect alliance of Parisian charm and Asian exoticism In a sumptuous 18th century building in the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle, a stone’s throw from the Madeleine, on the corner of the hectic rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is a concept stemming from the many travels of its creator, Raymond Visan, who wished to create a calm and relaxing place with a contemporary Parisian feel melded with Asian influences: cultural, visual, gustatory and olfactory. By Lucie Dupont




edicated to the wellbeing of an exclusive, ever-growing international clientele, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris boasts 56 rooms, including 19 suites offering all its guests a unique, prestigious experience combining French art de vivre and the serenity permeating Asian cultures. Formerly a private townhouse, this magnificent property dating to 1734 and listed as an historic monument lives on while retaining the essence and spirit of its previous owners. The interior decorator François Wapler has preserved and respected the initial quality of this heritage building while modernising it to enliven an exceptional location dedicated to a singular travel experience and the calm and comfort of its guests. La Cour Pavée  : this paved courtyard is the ideal refuge for enjoying Sunday brunch concocted from the four elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire). The hotel’s 5-star restaurant, Le Vraymonde, constitutes a novel voyage for the taste buds where Chef Dejy-Daniel Damamme proposes revisited Asian flavours. The bar-lounge,

Le Qu4tre, delights visitors with the latest creations by head barman, Wencelas Garnier, in an intimate, cosy ambience. Finally, to spoil the guests and embark them on a voyage body and mind, the wellbeing space by B/Attitude is dedicated to optimum relaxation, offering massages, exfoliation and treatments inspired by Moroccan rituals and traditional Indian medicine, ideal for unwinding and enjoying the present moment.   To celebrate the return of warm weather, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris unveils “Sprunch “, a perfect marriage for relaxing on a springtime Sunday. The program: cocooning at the Spa where visitors can discover the exclusive “My inner voyage” signature treatment that promises a unique awakening of the senses. Followed by a healthy brunch imagined by Chef DejyDaniel Damamme and Pastry Chef Edwin Carriere.   Much more than a hotel, this unusual venue nestled in the heart of the capital is truly a destination in itself!





Virginie Basselot is one of the brightest stars of the new generation of French chefs. Her many distinctions include the title of Best Craftsman of France. Since August 2018, she has been Executive Chef at the Negresco Hotel, where her talents earned its restaurant Le Chantecler two Michelin stars. Her classic, simple, accessible signature cuisine is an experience to savour. By Victoria Selwyn



self enthusiastically into the job. That same year, she was dubbed “Chef of the Year” by Gault & Millau, and in 2019, the Michelin Guide celebrated her arrival at the Chantecler by awarding the restaurant two stars. It was a massive tribute to her determination to perpetuate the restaurant’s tradition of outstanding culinary elegance and especially gratifying, given that she is the Negresco’s first female head chef.

Classic, simple, accessible food

A meteoric career Virginie Basselot comes from a culinary background: her parents owned a restaurant in Pont-l’Evêque, in Normandy. Her training began with an apprenticeship in her home area. At 19, she headed to Paris, becoming a commis chef at the Hôtel de Crillon, after which she moved on to run the kitchen at Le Loti, the restaurant at the Genevan hotel La Réserve. In 2003, she was working as a sous-chef at the Hôtel Bristol’s Epicure restaurant, under Eric Fréchon and Franck Leroy, when it received its third Michelin star. It inspired her to compete for the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France [Best Craftsman of France]. “I didn’t get it!” she says ruefully. However, nothing daunted her, in 2012, she decided to spread her wings and accepted the post of Chef at the Saint

As you would expect from a chef at the Negresco, Basselot is stickler for quality and a perfectionist. She describes herself as reserved, but she loves a challenge, and constantly strives to outdo herself - in her leisure activites as well as her career (she enjoys diving, horseback riding, skydiving and motorcycling). She is totally unaffected - something that is mirrored in her classic, simple, accessible cuisine. Her favourite foods are fish and seafood, and she is inspired by the proximity of the Mediterranean. “I was born by the water, even if it’s not the same sea. I love cooking fish.” Perhaps because of her Norman

origins, her dishes often feature a soupçon of cream or butter, but the thing you most notice about her food is its delicacy and simplicity. Ingredients are always used sensitively, and she never tries to turn food into something it isn’t.

Cooking to give pleasure For Basselot, cooking is all about sharing her love of food. Her recipes are primarily intended to give pleasure: “For me, cooking is a means of making each and every one of my guests happy. I want to put people at their ease, not to upset them.” True to her convictions, she has created a menu that perpetuates the culinary tradition of the Chantecler while gently introducing changes. Her menu blends local-influenced dishes such as soup made with rockfish from the Bay of Angels with signature dishes like her sea bass and oyster tartare or her lemon cream with caviar. As she sees it, the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France comes with a responsibility to act as a “custodian of culinary heritage” - a role she fulfils with aplomb in her consistently splendid cuisine.

James in Paris - a move that was to lead to a landmark achievement… After a year and a half at the Saint James, Basselot earned a Michelin star of her very own. She was just 35. “It was hugely satisfying. I felt incredibly validated,” she recalls. It encouraged her to enter the Meilleur Ouvrier de France contest again, in the fine dining category, in 2015. This time she won, becoming only the second female chef to achieve the distinction (the first was Andrée Rosier in 2007).

Joining the Negresco - and more accolades On 1 August 2018, Basselot took over as Executive Chef of the Negresco Hotel’s fine dining restaurant, Le Chantecler, its brasserie and its banqueting service. Charmed by the refined baroque setting, she threw her133


The Hôtel Royal Evian the enchanting source of revitalisation at a Palace hotel Nestling in the grounds of the Evian Resort, with the rippling water of Lake Geneva on the horizon, the Hôtel Royal overlooks Evian-les-Bains from its hilltop position. Just 45 km from Geneva international airport, the palace immerses its guests in a place of unspoilt nature where they can experience the enchanting power of revitalisation to the full. An architectural gem in an idyllic setting The Hôtel Royal is the quintessence of timeless French luxury, combining Belle Epoque charm with the elegance of contemporary design. Built in 1909 in honour of King Edward VII, the hotel was completely refurbished in 2015. This grand-scale project was entrusted to interior designer François Champsaur and Head Architect of Historic Monuments François Chatillon, who restored this centenarian building to its radiant splendour. With its pristine white façade, precious wood furniture, modern art collection and breathtaking views … it is spellbinding.

A taste of paradise Offering 150 rooms and suites, the Hôtel Royal is both a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and part of the prestigious group of Palace hotels. It recently acquired a world-exclusive boat, Evian One, offering a journey time to the resort of 45 minutes from 134

Geneva and a faster way to access all the delights available on and around Lake Geneva. In its endless quest for perfection, the hotel recently inaugurated two personalised suites for exclusive immersive experiences: the David Leadbetter Suite, one of the leading golf coaches in the world, and the Esa-Pekka Salonen Suite, the famous conductor and composer. Guests can indulge in their passion for golf and music with a range of exceptional services available in these two suites.

Food that takes your enjoyment seriously Chef Patrice Vander heads a talented kitchen brigade at the Hôtel Royal’s three restaurants: Les Fresques, a Michelinstarred restaurant where the Chef brings you creative, stylish cuisine inspired by outstanding local produce in one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the world; La Véranda, with its spectacular view to enjoy a varied and gourmet cuisine which favours fresh seasonal products; and L’Oliveraie, the summer

buffet under olive and pine trees by the pool. The Chef’s secret ingredient: aromatic herbs from the Royal kitchen garden. Desserts created by Head Pastry Chef Stéphane Arrête marry perfectly with this exquisite experience.

An enchanting moment of well-being At the heart of the Alps, in the home of Evian water, the Spa Evian Source offers over 1,200  m2 of facilities devoted to body and mind. This unique place enables guests to reconnect with what really matters, inviting them to experience exceptional well-being during a week-end break or longer stay. All year round, the Spa Evian Source offers exclusive experiences such as the Yoga Season Experience or Forest Therapy inspired by the natural surroundings and the seasons. These experiences can be enjoyed with total peace of mind thanks to the Kid’s Resort, which takes care of children from the age of 4 months.


Your Passport to Paradise

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.â&#x20AC;? Mark Twain

Made in


2018 Indian Ocean's Leading Airline


The true story of


Wasescha Maura Wasescha’s story is an extraordinary story starring a woman of rare authenticity. As she celebrates a successful career that spans over forty years, we look at how, through no small amount of courage, she rose to success from more humble beginnings in Italy. By Apolline Chaize

Starting out Fresh from high school, Maura Wasescha arrived in Switzerland to begin work as a cleaning lady. Her employer, the director of a company renting out apartments and villas around the world, soon spotted the great potential of his new charge, appointing her head of his Saint-Moritz office, where she was to manage some eighty employees. Doubtless shaped by this experience, and by now also fluent in several languages, she struck out on her own in 1998, putting her many talents to the test in setting up her own eponymous company renting out and selling luxury homes and apartments.

Forty years on 2018 saw Maura celebrate the fortieth year of her career. Over those forty years of services tailored to each individual client’s needs, three fundamental values have shone through: 136

confidentiality, precision and excellence. Maura insists above all on the utmost confidentiality, a quality held in high esteem by the many politicians, actors, musicians and CEO’s she counts among her clients. Precision comes down to the lengths to which she will go in order to satisfy her clients’ every request. Last, but definitely not least, excellence is on display every day as she gives her unstinting all.

Luxury, hand in hand with uniqueness Luxury, as conceived by Maura Wasescha, means more than just refined décor, beautiful settings and luxury materials; it means combining such elements into an irresistible, breathtakingly original whole that defies comparison, opening a door to something quite unique. In order to find the ideal property for you, Maura will visit some twenty potential options, narrowing them down

according to your stated requirements until she finds your perfect future home.

Services fit for a prince Maura fosters a unique and special relationship with each new client, starting with the opportunity at the very first meeting to list exactly which services you require. Scheduling a limo, ordering champagne, booking a restaurant or even organising a ski outing for the children could not be more straightforward with your 24-hour access to a personalised concierge service. Fully aware of the demands on her clients’ time, Maura Wasescha makes it her task to deliver on the details, leaving you hassle-free to focus on enjoying life to the full.

Dedication that knows no bounds Ensuring her services always attain the very highest standards is no mean feat: Maura works

tirelessly, with a commitment that is absolute. She scours the world in her mission to find villas and apartments matched as closely to your needs as possible, clocking up 50,000 miles each year in the process and making herself reachable 24/7. Investors from Switzerland and elsewhere also find themselves well looked after, often turning to her when it comes to marketing their prestigious properties. Maura’s approach to living a healthy life and untapping her full potential is built upon generous doses of relaxing music and meditation. Hints of her dedication to these disciplines colour her thoughtful, considered outlook, helping her keep her feet firmly on the ground.





Paris New Energy! Contemporary bistronomy, couture cocktail bars, neo-gastronomy and terraces that breathe the air of California, come discover another side of Paris. Festive or healthy, Blush presents new not-to-be-missed venues for your Parisian days and nights. By Laure Delvigo



CAFÉ 52 HEALTHY NEW PLACE AT THE TRIANGLE D’OR A few steps from avenue Montaigne, Café 52 invites gastronomes and fashionistas to come discover contemporary seasonal cuisine. “Deluxe snacking” takes over the location, where the remake was entrusted to the architectural duo Bastie-Behzadi and interior decorator Cathy Crinon. In a cosy 1930s atmosphere, a healthy, balanced seasonal menu adds to the traditional fare, such as the burger of the day or the steamed basket of Dim

Sum and green garden plate or Julie’s Poke Bowl, inspired by one of the hotel owners, combining salmon, daikon julienne and diced mango. A selection of Detox juices completes this healthy menu bursting with vitality composed by Chef Maxime Raab. Take note: one Thursday each month musicians enliven an intimate, jazzy afterwork to the joy of hotel guests and neighbourhood faithfuls.

Café 52 at Grand Powers Noon to 10 p.m. 52, rue François 1er - 75008 Paris

MALRO NEW MEDITERRANEAN SETTING IN THE MARAIS In tribute to André Malraux, to whom Paris owes the protection and rebirth of the Marais, Denny Imbroisi and Micaël Memmi named their new restaurant: MALRO. Two restaurateurs: one Italian with an emblematic career, incontestable chef at IDA and Epoca, Ducasse’s former second chef; the other with Tunisian roots, has orchestrated Le Zo near the Elysée Palace for two dec-

ades and Le Duras in an adjacent street. MALRO is at the crossroads of their influences: a delicious journey where you will find everything you were expecting: revisited Mediterranean traditions, pizze, barbecued meat and fish, one-minute pasta or takeaway foccacia, bewitching mixological cocktails… discover, taste, take away and you’ll never forget MALRO.

7, rue Froissart 75003 Paris +33 (0)1 42 77 38 47 Closed Sunday evening and Monday -



FROUFROU RENDEZVOUS IN VIEUX PARIS ENHANCED BY CREATOR ALEXIS MABILLE’S DECO Most important, Froufrou is a place where the likeminded gather to share a certain art de vivre. It found its inspiration in the lightness and insouciance of Vieux Paris with its joyfulness, sense of sharing and variety. You come here to eat, talk, have fun, and meet daily with theatre artists. You come to taste the cuisine of Juan Arbelaez, a talented young Colombian chef who learned his art at the starred restaurants of Pierre Gagnaire, Eric Briffard

and Eric Frechon. A bit of a reveller and friendly on top of it, Juan marvellously embodies Froufrou. Here, in the spirit of modern bistronomy, big dishes are shared in the middle of the table, replacing traditional individual plates. Below stairs, a late-night bar with a cosmopolitan décor, signed by designer Alexis Mabille mixes periods and styles. A meeting place for culture and unwinding.

Théâtre Édouard VII 10 place Édouard VII - 75009 Paris Lunch 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. - Dinner 7 p.m. to midnight Froufrou Bar-Cancan Tuesday to Saturday 6 to 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

CABANA CAFE RETURNS TO BEVERLY HILLS TERRACE, AVENUE MONTAIGNE… California is in the air on Avenue Montaigne! Indeed, for the second year running La Terrasse Montaigne welcomes Cabana Café, its Californian alter ego for the summer season in a casual chic atmosphere on the most couture avenue in Paris. On the menu, four Beverly Hills signature choices, including the Sunset club sandwich and the Poke bowl, as well as a selection of three milk25 avenue Montaigne +33 (0)1 53 67 75 18 Noon to midnight Reservations taken for lunch and dinner Average price: €60 per person 140

shakes and the Black Natural charcoal. What’s new? A choice of food to share: lightly spiced avocado Guacamole, cayenne pepper wild shrimp, a perfect marriage with the cocktail menu: Rhum Out, Lily Rose, Secret Garden, Moscow Mule and Lavanda to deliciously while away the summer hours at Plaza Athénée.


JACQUES CONTEMPORARY BISTRONOMY A wink at his grandfather Jacques, who supplied the Elysée Palace under presidents Giscard and Pompidou, Benjamin Konrad resuscitates the spirit of bistronomy: elegant setting, traditional French dishes, casual ambience and quality sourcing, organic fruits and vegetables. For Benjamin, “eating well is in my genes, I’m an epicurean, a gourmet and I’m curious,” confides the man who revisits with Lomba Masamba, former second chef at La Pépinière, contemporary, generous, reassuring French cooking. Chez Jacques there is something for every palate and every budget. In the evening, incredible cocktails concocted by Edward, Australian

mixologist, are available until two in the morning, a real joy for young people thirsty for places to party in the neighbourhood. Chic and offbeat. Bienvenue chez Jacques ! Friday and Saturday, Jacques invites Mae, a gorgeous vocals/guitar singer to perform at the cocktail bar from 7 to 9:30 p.m. to the joy of all those thirsty for places to party in the neighbourhood. Seats 42, including 16 on the terrace so we advise you to reserve at this terrifically chic, friendly address. Benjamin Konrad is determined to scramble the codes on Avenue Victor Hugo.

129, avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris +33 (0)1 43 59 72 41 Open every day from 8:30 p.m. to midnight Cocktail bar until 2 a.m. Sunday brunch 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

LE COLLECTIONNEUR COOL NEW FOOD ADDRESS IN PARIS Le Collectionneur twists the codes of the Hotel du Collectionneur, imposing its image thanks to the remarkable and noteworthy work of Andréa and Edouard Cohen. The first, nomadic entrepreneur mad about art, brings a breath of fresh air to the institution, while the second, a fan of architecture and a daring visionary, directly took up the challenge of the building’s design. Besides the restaurant orchestrated by chefs Joël Veyssière and Nicolas Amelin, three

terraces transformed into a stage of greenery greet Parisians and an international clientele in a convivial ambience with plates to share and cocktails to savour, signed Ivo Correia Rocha (we met before at Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square in London). We adore his new creation composed of pomegranate and elderberry liqueur, lemon and gin infused with rosemary and grapefruit peels.

57 Rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris +33 (0)1 58 36 67 97 Monday - Friday Lunch: 12 am to 2:30 pm - Tuesday - Saturday Dinner: 7 pm to 2 am Sunday Brunch: 12:30 am to 3 pm 141



By Clémence Phelip and Venetia Bell

Château de Fonscolombe Built in pure Quattrocento style in the 18th century, this five-star Relais & Châteaux, listed as an historic monument, has carefully kept three centuries of history intact. For eighteen months, the leading local artisans restored the chandeliers, “tomette” tiles and rich tapestries. Pleasures include wandering in the listed 24-acre park, tasting the estate’s own rosé wine, reading in the shade of the cypresses beside the heated pool or in your room, ensconced in a majestic canopied bed. The Orangerie proposes a delicious Mediterranean culinary experience, while the terrace invites guests to a timeless escape from a busy life. Your host, Cédric Cauvelier lovingly preserves the spirit of his family home in the heart of Provence. A luminous retreat to enjoy the present moment, play pétanque or enjoy a massage in the historic boudoir. Route de Saint-Canadet, 13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade +33 (0)4 42 21 13 13 - By plane, train (20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence) or exceptionally helicopter (landing pad nearby)

Mandarin Oriental - Lake Como Hidden from view, this brand new Mandarin Oriental Hotel reveals the serenity of Lake Como. The heart of the resort, 19th century Villa Roccabruna boasts more than twenty rooms and fifty suites, as well as two independent private villas. At the Mandarin Oriental, interior designer Eric Egan unveils timeless Italian elegance fused with subtle oriental charm. The luxuriant gardens showcase over fifty species of plants, trees and flowers. Chef Vincenzo Guarino and his talented team orchestrate the hotel’s restaurants and bars, among them the gastronomic restaurant L’Aria. With its vast terrace overlooking the lake, CO.MO Bar & Bistrot is the ideal place to sip a traditional Italian aperitivo. A veritable wellbeing destination in itself, the Spa proposes innovative water and heat treatments. An elite address signed Mandarin Oriental. Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como, Via E. Caronti, Blevio.

Sweet Inn Specialised in seasonal rentals for tourists and business travellers, Sweet Inn launches its mobile application to enrich its clients’ experience. Present in Paris, London, Rome, Lisbon, Tel Aviv among thirteen destinations, Sweet Inn proposes more than 500 high-end rentals that can be reserved directly from a Smartphone. Rentals, yes, but not only. Indeed, the service is 4- to 5-star level from reservation to check-out: each guest can make use of daily services such as reserving a chef or a housekeeper on demand, an electric scooter, an airport transfer. With very lovely, ideally situated apartments and an experienced concierge for reception and follow-up, Sweet Inn ensures that your stay will be a complete success.



Hotel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud The Société des Hôtels Littéraires (Society of Literary Hotels) was created by Jacques Letertre, bibliophile and collector who wished to share his love of books by dedicating 4-star hotels to his favourite writers. Just a few minutes on foot from the Gare de l’Est railway station where Arthur Rimbaud arrived in reply to Paul Verlaine’s invitation after he sent him his poems: “Come, dear great soul, we call you, we await you.” (September 1871). The architect Aude Bruguière, assisted by Aleth Prime and Virginie Darmon for the interior decoration, gives volume to the poetic works and travels of Arthur Rimbaud, in a cosy, contemporary setting. A special prize goes to the 500 works available to visitors in the multilingual library. To be read in the comfort of your room, each one dedicated to one of Arthur Rimbaud’s poems, illustrated by an original watercolour signed by the painter Jean Aubertin, or in the reading areas near the bar while enjoying a cocktail, perhaps even an absinthe? Best Western Hôtel Littéraire Arthur Rimbaud 6, rue Gustave Goublier, 75 010, Paris, France -

Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection On a rocky, secluded islet among luxuriant gardens, Domes of Elounda, Marriott Autograph Collection reigns supreme. Seven months of warm, sunny weather, winding walking trails, views overlooking the island of Spinalonga with its Italian fortress and the crystal blue of the sea are just a few of the pleasures that make this luxurious retreat the perfect spot to get away from it all. Its terraces and verandas with sweeping views and minimalist design matching the natural surroundings all please the eye and rest the spirit. A choice awaits you of spacious villas and luxury residences, suites with outdoor Jacuzzis or private pools, rooms with a private terrace or a balcony. A natural sandy beach, two saltwater and three sweet water pools and the Soma Spa with its indoor pool, treatment and massage rooms, sauna, hammam, beauty salon and fitness area will fill your days and whet your appetite. Four restaurants offer different settings and cuisines for every taste: casual beachside, a multicultural buffet, a Cretan Gourmet light meal or an intimate romantic dinner for two. Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection Elounda, Crete 72,053, Greece +30 2310 810 624 -

La Cour des Loges A jewel of the Italian Renaissance in the heart of the historic centre of Vieux  Lyon, the Cour des Loges is an invitation to an escapade. Period furniture, hanging gardens and romantic decor: la vie de château with 5 stars a stone’s throw from the city centre. With a swimming pool under subdued lights and treatments using mountain plants, Pure Altitude Spa promises to relax the body and mind, in the same spirit as the Roman baths. Special mention for the open-air Jacuzzi, a wonderful end to the evening under a starry canopy. From the hotel’s Venetian rooms to the Artists’ studios, let the unique charm pervading it walls enter your being, for an unforgettable night … or more. 6 Rue du Bœuf, 69005 Lyon, France +33 (0)4 72 77 44 44 - - 143


Lucio Fontana

Ambienti/Environments at

Pirelli HangarBicoccaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s



Outdoorspaces Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, 2018. Courtesy Pirelli HangarBicocca. Photo Š Lorenzo Palmeri




he exhibition Lucio Fontana: Ambienti/Environments, which was devoted to Lucio Fontana’s environmental studies, was made up of two spatial interventions and nine Spatial Environments that had never previously been shown together, and that are of crucial importance in the artistic career of the twentieth-century master. Some of the environments on display were reconstructed for the first time since the artist’s death. This was made possible by the study and research carried out by the art historian Marina Pugliese and

the restorer Barbara Ferriani, together with the fundamental contribution of Fondazione Lucio Fontana. The exhibition also proved to be of great value for researchers, curators, and art historians. For example, two Spatial Environments currently on display in the exhibition Lucio Fontana: On The Threshold at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana, were reconstructed internally, based on the Pirelli HangarBicocca reconstruction project for the exhibition in Milan.

LEFT Lucio Fontana, Struttura al neon per la IX Triennale di Milano, 1951/2017, installation view at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, 2017. Courtesy Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan. ©Fondazione Lucio Fontana Photo © Agostino Osio

TOP RIGHT Lucio Fontana, Ambiente spaziale con neon, 1967/2017, installation view at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, 2017. Courtesy Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan. ©Fondazione Lucio Fontana Photo © Agostino Osio


DOWN RIGHT Lucio Fontana, Fonti di energia, soffitto al neon per “Italia 61”, a Torino, 1961/2017, installation view at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, 2017. Courtesy Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan. ©Fondazione Lucio Fontana Photo © Agostino Osio




Romy and Delon The Magnificent Lovers Romy and Delon, two names that ring a loud bell in the minds of film lovers like us. Beauty, youth, energy and talent, so many Technicolor memories in Panavision! With the immortal Bardot, they were the first French stars to become world famous and over exposed at the beginning of the Sixties. Romy, just her first name will do, the darling ingénue that we wanted to hug tightly like a close friend and Delon, just a surname, virile, sharp-edged, and almost as worrying as a Rocco without his brothers. An exhibition at the Galerie de L’Instant showed the greatest photos of their story, from magnificent lovers to sincere and devoted companions. By Yvo Deprelle TOP RIGHT Photo © François Gragnon - Paris Match - La Galerie de L’instant DOWN RIGHT Photo © Giancolombo - La Galerie de L’instant



1969 - an erotic year! French cinema would soon be enriched with a new masterpiece as steamy as it was cinematographic; Jacques Deray’s The Swimming Pool was about to be released. Topping the billboard were two hallowed icons: Romy Schneider and Alain Delon (not forgetting Maurice Ronet), accompanied by a beautiful debutante whose career would go far, the young Jane Birkin. And a location: the swimming pool was almost a fifth character, virtually alive in this superb villa in the hills above Saint-Tropez. For this swimming pool became the scene of the crime and a witness to disillusioned love, bitterness, seduction and rivalry. The photography of the film is incredible and highlights the beauty of the cast, lazing nonchalantly around the pool of the magnificent Ramatuelle villa, Oumède. It is an elegy to farniente, heat and trouble. Incidentally, a photo taken of Alain Delon by Jean-Marie Perrier during the shoot would be used as a publicity shot for the Dior perfume Sauvage in 2009! Even  Serge Gainsbourg admitted he was worried about how his Baby Jane would cope with Delon the seducer…

European fiancés! The Swimming Pool enabled Romy Schneider, whose career was treading water, to make a comeback. It was Delon him-

self who insisted she be cast because the stars had already been involved with each other for 10 years at this stage! They in fact met for the first time in 1958, at the bottom of an escalator at Orly Airport in Paris for a press conference. Romy, then an established actress, had picked the young lead Alain Delon to be her on-screen partner for the film Christine from a group of photos. But she had never seen him! They got off to a rough start; aside from the language barrier, Romy found Delon too arrogant. But cinema worked its magic and they fell in love while filming. They got engaged in March 22, 1959 in Switzerland in front of an international press pack that christened them “the European fiancés”! Fleeing Magda, Romy’s rather too intrusive mother, they sought refuge in Paris where they were followed everywhere by paparazzi. In 1961, Visconti cast the pair in the stage production of Tis Pity She’s a Whore. It was a triumph! While Delon was on a roll, Romy performed rarely and accepted a Hollywood contract that did not suit her and that kept the pair apart. Sadly, in 1963 their love story came to an end when the future Nathalie Delon became pregnant with their son Anthony. Romy, devastated, met the actor and Berlin theatre director Harry Meyen who she married in July 1966. She followed him to Berlin where she gave birth to their son, David, and made almost no films until her triumphant comeback in

The Swimming Pool. She and Delon met up again on screen for the last time in the Joseph Losey film, The Assassination of Trotsky in 1972. The rest we all know - a wonderful career and a tragic end.

A fine homage So the Galerie de l’Instant offered us a delightful trip down memory lane as we rediscovered the photos of these star-crossed lovers: inspiring, nostalgic and yet so very alive. For many years Romy and Delon were France’s favourite actors and we can only thank Director Julia Gragnon who came up with this ingenious idea! The exhibition revolved mainly around the shooting of The Swimming Pool, a film in which the beauty of the couple set the screen on fire, a film that became legendary and the object of every fantasy. But we also found some rare photos, candid shots of their private life as a couple. From lovers they became friends and they never lost touch with each other. Delon keeps three Polaroids of Romy close to his heart at all times. Fifty years on, the magic still works.



Arnaud Rebotini electrifies the Seventh Art




e met up at the Tresor in Berlin, we find him again at the Philharmonie de Paris. Awarded a César for the best musical soundtrack of the film-event 120 Battements par Minute, Arnaud Rebotini is always where you least expect him and likes nothing better than to throw labels to the wind! Unlike formatted DJs, this influential musician and producer with a rockabilly look, doesn’t need to jump up and down to subjugate his audience. His talent does the rest on the big screen, in concert or at festivals. Member of Black Strobe and founder of Don Van Club, this punk composer in a suit prefers the contrast of the harp and his dark keyboards to pre-recorded music on a laptop for his lives. For the release of the soundtrack album of Curiosa, meet this Dadaist music lover who wakes up with Metallica and goes to bed with Debussy. Masterful. By Laure Delvigo - Photo © Q-Caffier

How do you go from a Death Metal/Noise Grunge group with Zend Avesta via Black Strobe to the Césars where you won an award in 2018? It’s a long road! Today with new technologies, music can be played without other musicians, when it becomes, let’s say … complicated. How are you handling this artistic and media whirlwind? I’m used to doing interviews; that remains the same, so I’m handling it pretty well. But I’d say that I’ve got some kind of recognition. After your success with Blackstrobe, and as a soloist, how are you received by the opera and auditorium audiences when you play there with Don Van Club, your new group? With Don Van Club, I wanted to reconnect with the sensations you feel at a concert. Completely different dynamics from dance-floor, despite a few breaks and some titles from the soundtrack of 120 Battements par minute. The point isn’t to play the film’s soundtrack but to create new emotions with a concert. It’s a more organic form. I listened to your set, 60 More

Minutes of Love, it’s extraordinary! I found a medley of sounds evoking Metallica, Nina Hagen, Dépêche Mode (Post Violator period) and Alanis Morissette. Where do you get your inspiration, how do you manage to mix “opposites” and make them match? Probably my Dadaist side! In a modest way, collage makes it work. What are your memories of your studies in Versailles with the top of French Touch: Etienne de Crécy and Nicolas Gaudin of the group Air? Great memories! With Nicolas, we were a gang of metalheads in Versailles. We listened to Slayer at l’Aumonerie, it was a very “Rock n Roll” high school! (laughter) Back to the cinema, how did you come to the seventh art? Before 120 Battements par Minute, I’d already had a few experiences like the soundtrack of Eastern Boys, then Robin Campillo, director of 120 Battements par Minute listened to one of my pieces and asked me to compose the whole soundtrack based on that piece. You know the rest!

What do directors expect? For every film for which I compose the soundtrack, my role is to reinforce the scenario with the music. For 120 Battements par Minute, Robin had a pretty precise idea of what he wanted. He’s someone who knows, let’s call it, “my grammar”. You composed the soundtrack of Curiosa, what colour did you want to give that film? It’s a period film, with a “Debussy-like” feel that I completely adhere to. I tried to relay the sensual, carnal side in the music. There’s a lot of talk about the question of identity right now, what ’s your opinion? It’s a difficult question. Accord more tolerance to the visible minority and above all let everyone live as freely as possible.

Paris is gloomy now, what do you think? I wouldn’t say Paris is gloomy. We’re living a key moment in our history and now it’s time to rebuild. On the social level, somehow France is permanently on strike and despite the incidents, we also love France for that! You just played at Palais Brongniart during the Ina Sound Festival, how was it? It was a great evening with terrific performers. The Paris stock market: a magical place. Your plans? Complete my next album during 2020. Your mantra? A passion for music.

Contrary to most “adolescent-style” DJs, you play in a suit. What part does fashion play in your daily life? I like dressing up. And after 35, I think t-shirts are ridiculous! And for me, a suit is simply “rock n roll”!





with a Twist What do France’s first lady, the choreographer Benjamin Millepied and the singer Christine and the Queens have in common … except that all of them are French? According to Vincent Grégoire of the international consulting agency for style and innovation NellyRodi, each one possesses a certain “je ne sais quoi”, that indefinable quality, which rhymes with natural charm, effortless chic and a sense of beauty. By Nelly Premilla


he Land of the Enlightenment has long been considered an incontestable player in the arts, fashion and design. For some, it simply represents the very essence of elegance. One thinks of the Versailles Palace or Catherine Deneuve, but leaving these clichés behind, Vincent Grégoire names several factors that explain this renaissance. First of all, a profusion of small enterprises that are reinterpreting traditional skills to create innovative, exclusive products. A New Wave of cosmopolitan


creators is adopting a multicultural approach, reinventing French chic in a spirit of fusion by injecting it with foreign inspirations. The importance of French Tech is also primordial. Paris is the site of Station F, the world’s biggest incubator of start-ups. Numerous French companies are leaders in the field of new technologies that are bringing revolutionary changes to our interiors. The world of design is overflowing with talents denoting a style that could be described as “Classic With a

Twist”, combining a certain eccentricity and extravagance with a typically French touch of irreverence and daring. Inspired by the Gallery of Mirrors at Versailles Palace, one always notices a few impertinent and surprising touches in French flats: hyper-contemporary lighting among a cascade of ultra-classical chandeliers. There will always be a mismatch, a disturbing element, a contradictory spirit. Essential components of the famous “je ne sais quoi” …








from Sébastien Barrau Before setting up Sébastien Barrau Manufacture, entrepreneur Sébastien Barrau spent a number of years working as a metallurgist in the aerospace, aeronautics and automobile industries, so he knows everything there is to know about titanium. His engineering works produces highend furniture made from this astonishingly light, robust metal. Let’s take a closer look at his flagship design, the M2.02 Lounge Chair. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Supersonic design Designed by Sylvain Mariat, who specializes in aircraft interiors, and developed by Sébastien Barrau Manufacture, the M2.02 is a stunning feat of design. Its name is a tribute to the legendary Concorde aeroplane. The fastest carrier aircraft of its day, Concorde was a triumph of aeronautical engineering that transported passengers at Mach 2.02 (over 2,494 km per hour).

Taking armchairs into the 21st century This is an armchair unlike any other. Sylvain Mariat has risen to the challenge of producing a design that borrows engineering and style features from supersonic aircraft and has come up with a unique concept chair that is bound to be a hit with aficionados of contemporary design. Made of titanium grade 5 and HexMC® carbon using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the M2.02 T is

superbly light yet very strong. There is also an aluminium version, the M2.02 A. As well as high-tech construction and striking design, the M2.02 Lounge Chair offers an outstanding level of comfort and can justly claim to be the most comfortable armchair in the world.

Fully customizable And that’s not all. The aluminium version of the M2.02 Lounge Chair can be customized in a wide variety of ways to suit your shape and your style preferences. Each component of the aluminium structure (longerons, pivot axle, ribs, legs, and mounting screws) can be altered, and the anodized coating comes in a black or natural finish. The chair can be upholstered in ethical “fur” fabric or full-grain, smooth or nubuck leather from the finest tanneries in France. This truly is an iconic object, and once you’ve customized it, your M2.02 will be utterly unique.




sports car


our chosen family For Orchid Sports Cars, Porsche was the perfect choice, enabling us to guarantee the excellence we were aiming at. OSC has three Porsche Centers in Switzerland - One in Geneva, one in Bern, one in Lausanne. By Apolline Chaize

Exciting new features at our Porsche Centers Orchid Sports Cars has extended its premises to provide customers with an even more exciting experience. After  twelve months of major building works, the Porsche Centre Berne’s showroom and workshops have expanded to occupy 720 square metres. Over the next year, the Geneva center will double in size to house a Porsche Classic Cars Center - the first in Switzerland. The Lausanne Porsche Centre enters a new decade In 2019, the 900-square-metre Porsche Centre Lausanne will be ten years old. It is still 156

the biggest car showroom in Western part of Switzerland, but after a decade serving a loyal clientele of Porsche enthusiasts, it deserves a complete overhaul. As we enter our second decade, we welcome two new faces Aris Kellenberger as Managing Director and Fluturim Sakiri as After-Sales Manager.

The Orchid Sports Cars identity OSC has 150 employees spread all over the world and operates import businesses in Bulgaria and Israel. Team spirit and a shared focus on excellence are the keys to our identity. Everyone on the OSC team

is constantly striving for perfection, to ensure that the name Porsche continues to send a thrill through the veins of car enthusiasts of all ages.

Eager for the next challenge At Orchid Sports Cars, we thrive on challenge. By constantly investing in innovation, we have managed to stay one jump ahead, live up to our customers’ high expectations and maintain the best service possible. Now OSC is poised to meet a brand-new challenge. The Porsche Taycan - the very first fully electric Porsche will be arriving in our centres this fall.


sports car


La plupart du monde romantique Destination 2018 - WTA 2018

La Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) a pour mission de promouvoir et de valoriser Maurice comme une destination touristique de premier choix, où les visiteurs peuvent vivre des expériences extraordinaires. L’objectif principal de nos actions est de donner une image cohérente sur le marché du tourisme international en collaboration avec nos partenaires de l’industrie touristique et des autres autorités à travers de programmes efficaces de marketing. Avec 10 parcours de golf professionnels de 18 trous, magnifiquement aménagés et 5 parcours de golf de 9 trous offrant des vues à couper le souffle, l’île Maurice reste l’une des meilleures destinations pour des vacances golfiques. Nous avons des terrains de golf de standard renommés qui accueillent chaque année plusieurs compétitions internationales. Nous vous invitons à consulter notre calendrier des événements sur notre site Web pour plus d’informations.



the perfect island getaway

The paradise island of Mauritius, far out in the Indian Ocean, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. Whether you prefer soaking up the sun beside turquoise lagoons or exploring the sights, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an ideal destination. Here is a brief round-up of its numerous attractions. By Quitterie Pasquesoone



Beaches of white sand and natural wonders The name “Mauritius” instantly conjures up stretches of white sand and calm lagoon waters. The beaches are one of the jewels in its crown, and its waters are among the best in the world. But visitors who venture inland will be rewarded with gorgeous scenery and luxuriant vegetation. Places well worth visiting include the Black River Gorges National Park which was set up to preserve the island’s remaining natural rainforest and the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, created by the botanist Pierre Poivre in the eighteenth century, which covers 37 hectares and contains a host of species from all over the world, including the baobab, giant water lilies and over 95 species of palm trees.

During the colonial period, this modest-sized mountain (its summit is 556 metres above sea level) in the south-western part of Mauritius Island was a refuge for runaway slaves. Today, it is both a reminder of the past and a symbol of freedom.

Activities for everyone Away from its legendary beaches, the island has plenty else to offer. Popular activities include diving and snorkelling to see jewel-coloured fish with exotic names and strangely-shaped coral formations from close up. There is no shortage of peaks for hikers to climb. Golfers are catered for, with several 9 - and 18 - hole courses. And travellers who like to combine discovery with adventure can try parasailing or take a trip in a microlight or a seaplane.

A rich cultural heritage

A gourmet’s paradise

Mauritius is steeped in history and its colonial past has left a rich and composite cultural heritage. There are many places that bear witness to its fascinating history including the Domaine des Aubineaux, a typical late nineteenth-century colonial house located on the high plateaux and Le Morne Brabant, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mauritius is a gourmet’s paradise. The island nation’s multicultural history has resulted in a staggeringly varied cuisine, with dishes from India, the Far East, Europe and Africa. Its rich mix of spices and aromas will delight even the most exacting palate and lure visitors to startle their taste-buds with exotic new flavours. The only rule is “Enjoy!”



Royal Palm


Luxury a Mauritian holiday to remember



With its sandy beaches, turquoise waters and stunning landscapes, Mauritius is picture-postcard perfect - and Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is one of its greatest treasures. Everyone should stay here at least once in their lives. So what are you waiting for? By Quitterie Pasquesoone

A legendary Mauritian hotel Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury needs no introduction. It is a favourite among the world’s rich and famous - and no wonder! Located on Mauritius’ sheltered northwest coast, this unique hotel offers ultra-luxurious facilities and accommodation overlooking a white sand beach lapped by crystal-clear waters. With its idyllic atmosphere of refined luxury, natural charm and informal elegance, the establishment richly deserves its five stars and ranks among the world’s most celebrated hotels.

The Art of Beautiful Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury will meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. Its award-winning hospitality team offers attentive and impeccably discrete service, and is utterly committed to making your stay a truly unforgettable experience. The hotel cultivates what it calls “The Art of Beautiful”: that is, luxurious comfort in beautiful surroundings. The largest of its elegant rooms, suites and villas, the Royal Suite, has 385 square metres of floor space. Affectionately known as “the 135” by regular guests, it is ideal for those who want the very best accommodation Mauritius has to offer. The utmost care is

taken to allow you to entertain family or friends in complete privacy while enjoying the services of a world-class luxury hotel.

Three restaurants and an impressive spa The hotel’s three restaurants are famed throughout the world. The names of Le Bar Plage, La Brezza and La  Goélette alone are enough to conjure up visions of exotic flavours and delicious local dishes. All three have spectacular views of the beach and the ocean, offering diners a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. And to ensure your stay is utterly sublime, the hotel has a 1000-square metre spa in which to relax, reconnect with yourself and enjoy some pampering. With its range of relaxing and restorative Art of Wellness therapies and its stunning setting, it’s the perfect place for a holistic massage or yoga session depending on your mood. Come  and immerse yourself in this wellness space’s blissful aura of serenity and well-being.



My Villa in Saint-Barth

Entrepreneurs from father to daughter

My Villa in Saint-Barth offers dream holidays in a gorgeous setting. But as well as being a fantastic holiday villa agency, it is a family business with a fascinating back-story. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Guy Turbé invents St Barth’s as a holiday destination Behind My Villa in Saint-Barth lies a tradition of entrepreneurship passed on from father to daughter. Monique Turbé hails from the small district of Flamands. Her family has lived on Saint-Barthélemy since the early nineteenth century. She is one of the heirs of the wellknown hotelier Guy Turbé, who was one of St Barth’s first contractors. Over a period of 60 years, he worked hard to build up his business, becoming one of the biggest entrepreneurs of his generation. In the early 1970s, Guy built the 24-room Baie des Flamands Hotel on a plot of land he bought from his parents. The hotel boasted the island’s very first swimming pool, and was a resounding success. Guy’s entire family was involved in the business. Monique’s first job was as a chambermaid in the hotel. In 1976, Guy embarked on a riskier, more ambitious project: the St-Barth’s Beach Hotel, a 36-room waterfront 164

hotel in Grand Cul-de-Sac Bay, featuring the island’s first tennis court, fitness club and water sports facilities. Then there was the Residences St-Barths, a 23-villa development that took St Barth’s hospitality business to a whole new level. Guy Turbé was a larger-than-life personality who virtually invented the tourism and construction indsustries on St Barth’s.

Following in her father’s footsteps From the age of 18 onwards, Monique followed in her father’s footsteps. Like her father, she started off by building a property in Flamands - four beach bungalows called White Sand Beach Cottages. In 1989, building work commenced on her first villa, Monique White Sand (MWS). By now she had caught the building bug. Fired with energy, she followed it up with two more villas, Melissa (MLI) and Angelo (SVV) in Colombier in 1999. In 2014, she decided to step in and use her 30 years’ experience to help

her father with the holiday rental business he was running from his three villas.

A new business and another first One of Guy’s last wishes was to see Monique set up her own real estate company to market his villas and carry on his legacy. After his death, she kept her promise, paying homage to his life’s work by co-founding the luxury villa agency My Villa in St-Barth Real Estate, extending the name of the free conciergerie service she was providing for her two villas. As befits her father’s daughter, My Villa in St Barth Real Estate is another first - the first-ever luxury villa agency to be set up by a St  Barth’s villa owner from a local family. Monique Turbé pledges to provide each and every one of her guests with a uniquely special holiday experience and help them discover the real St Barth’s.


Niels Rodin fruit growing with zest

Meet citrus enthusiast Niels Rodin. His adventure began in 2009 when he planted his first Yuzu plant, which became the first of the countless specimens in his collection. Currently possessing over 150 varieties of unique citrus fruit - Buddha’s hand, citron, oranges, grapefruit, caviar lemon, yuzu and other unusual limes–his extensive collection had gourmets flocking to his organic orchards, and amongst them, several gastronomically renowned chefs. By Quitterie Pasquesoone - Photo © Philip Frowein, Styling @ Anna Kaminsky

How do you choose which varieties to grow? I’ve made the conscious decision to cultivate rare varieties with a truly distinctive flavour and scent. With the existence of thousands of highly standardized, uniform commercial varieties, I chose to focus on unusual fruits like the famous yuzu, which is in the process of becoming an established favorite. With a very complex scent and taste, it is a genuinely a new flavour, intriguing, different, delicious and exotic. At first, like any self-respecting collector, my aim was to acquire specimens of everything that was unusual, But I was often disappointed by the flavours. Some fruits were too bitter or too sour. Others were dull and characterless. So, I decided to keep only the very best. Your fruit is cultivated organically. What difference does that make? Growing organically is a deeply-rooted rationale. I’m not fanatical about it, however it’s a proven, effective win-win strategy. Rather than spraying to prevent diseases, I use biocontrol. It saves time because insects do the work for me. The system takes a while to start working properly, but once it’s established, it’s much more effective than chemicals - and it’s a lot more cost-efficient. It makes total sense to use it. 166

Can you tell us a bit more about your range of fine foods? As a keen gourmet and someone who tries to be environmentally conscious, I didn’t want to waste fruits that weren’t perfect enough to sell, so I decided to create a range of fine foods. It was a success from day one. The idea was to produce something unusual but not too outré, and achieve a perfect balance of flavours, textures and colours so as to recreate the pleasure of eating citrus fruit and allow people to enjoy a product that is highly seasonal all year round. How did you set about developing the products? I started making marmalades and liqueurs in about 2008 or 2009. It took me countless trials to get the marmalade recipes right and to obtain the precise textures, flavours and colours that I had in mind. Ditto with the liqueurs. Today, I produce only the most popular recipes. The top favourite is probably the yuzu and Madagascan vanilla marmalade. I don’t like a marmalade to be too runny, or when the lid gets sticky - I get really uptight about it (laughs) - so I did lots of tests until the jelly was exactly the right silky texture. The vanilla takes the edge off the bitterness so that you don’t need to add too much sugar. You always have to achieve a balance of the five flavours. Can you tell us about your connections with chefs? Meeting Laurent Petit was a turning-point for me. He is one of the leading names in French gastronomy, and as of this year he has three Michelin stars. I’ve been supplying him for several years now. Becoming one of his suppliers is probably one of

the greatest distinctions I’ll ever receive. A few years later, I was greatly honoured when star chef Anne Sophie Pic visited my orchard. I was trembling beforehand, but I’ll never forget the short time we spent in my greenhouses, sampling fruit and swapping ideas. Recently, I was lucky enough to meet the revered Swiss chef Anton Mosimann, who also has an incredible career. The fact that I’m growing rare citrus fruit in Switzerland and that my name is associated with some of the greatest names in gastronomy has given my business’ credibility a massive boost. But it’s coherent as a whole, which makes perfect sense, and which enables me to make the amazing flavours of these fruits available to everyone.

Photo © Sara Thom

Where did your passion for citrus fruits come from, Niels? It stems from three separate interestsbotany in general, history (citrus fruit have been with us for at least 3,000 years, traversing civilizations, religions and, before that, continents), and cooking food and eating it.



How To Spa learning to relax wherever

and whenever you like Maud Ganry is wild about well-being! In fact, she’s so enthusiastic about it that she started a business to pass on her knowledge. Before founding How To Spa, Maud worked in leading Parisian spas like the Peninsula or the Dior Institut at the Plaza Athénée. We interviewed her about her business and her approach. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Setting up How To Spa must have taken entrepreneurial talent - and inspiration. Where does all that come from? Maud Ganry: “Starting a business was something I’d always wanted to do, even when I was a cosmetics engineer. I love spas and cosmetics, and working in the spa world led me to explore the areas of well-being and spirituality. I get my inspiration from practising meditation, breathing exercises, contemplation and living in the present moment every day. Your business is ethical, too, isn’t it? Yes. I have strong ecological convictions, so I try to protect our beautiful planet by working with brands that have made commitments on sustainability and human rights. A percentage of my turnover goes to the charity Doctors of The World. People who try to change the world are a great source of inspiration to me. How would you describe How To Spa? It’s a unique way of achieving overall relaxation. With How To Spa, you work out your own rou168

tine for relaxing. What makes it unique is that the tutorials incorporate and adapt spa rituals so that you can conduct them wherever and whenever you like. There is also a blog with articles on ways to improve your well-being in everyday life, product and spa recommendations, interviews with experts and advice on lifestyle. In other words, you help people take care of themselves… Absolutely! I got the idea of How To Spa when I was working in top Parisian spas. The  patrons often used to say to me that they would like to recreate the spa ambience at home or elsewhere. With How To Spa, you can choose where you want to relax - at home, at work or during travel, and tailor your routine, depending on the effect you want to achieve - cocooning, energizing or detoxification. We provide a tutorial and a list of products to include in your spa kit. Each tutorial contains helpful hints, instructions for self-massage and stretching exercises, and ethical product recommendations. We work with about 30 ethical brands.

How would you define relaxation? That depends on the person but whatever form it takes, it’s absolutely essential! My chief recommendation is to listen to yourself - to what your mind and your body are telling you. For one person, that might mean going for a walk in natural surroundings; for another, it might mean reading a book or listening to music. Doing something you enjoy and taking the time to breathe deeply, even if it’s only half a minute, is absolutely vital. Our mantra is “Learn to love yourself in order to love others.” It’s in How To Spa’s DNA. I reached that conclusion as a result of my own experience. After going through a burnout, I retrained to work in spas, and that was where

I learned to love myself and know myself, so as to be able to give to others. To me, that’s crucial. A lot of what I do is based on the work of Eleanor Brownn, an American writer and life coach. One of the things she says is “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” You’re more creative and you accomplish more if you fill yourself with new energy. I like that idea. What motivates you? I want to encourage people to be kinder to themselves, to listen to and accept their feelings, and above all to learn how to take care of themselves. Ultimately, that’s something we all need to do.” FURTHER INFORMATION: WWW.HOWTOSPA.COM



38 mm mouvement automatique heures, minutes, petite seconde, date 100% SWISS MADE


Inopia Cosmetics kind to yourself kind to the planet

Jeannine spent several years working for Dr. Hauschka and leading fragrance and parapharmaceuticals firms before deciding to launch her own brand. With Inopia Cosmetics, she set out to create beauty products that would provide women with a moment of profound well-being to help them feel prettier and more confident every day. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Taking care of yourself Jeannine realized that daily skincare isn’t just about grooming: it’s also about a state of mind. Her skincare brand, Inopia Cosmetics, is entirely based on benevolence. An ethical beauty brand that offers a new approach to skincare, it aims to change the way women think about beauty and boost their confidence in their appearance and their abilities, because when a woman feels attractive, she radiates a unique energy that can change the course of her life - and maybe even of history!

Developed by experts All Jeannine’s products have been developed by skincare experts on the basis of her ideas. Light-textured and subtly perfumed, her luxurious beauty products allow you to drift off 170

into a delightful daydream, wafted by the rosewood and pear blossom shower cream or the famous lily and nenuphar body lotion, in a feast for the senses that soothes the mind as well as the body.

Made in France from natural ingredients Jeannine was determined her clients should have nothing but the best. So her beauty products are made entirely in France using natural, sustainable ingredients. Their eco-friendly formulae chiefly contain plantbased ingredients and are free of parabens and petrochemical derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitivie skin. They truly are the crème de la crème!



Les Rouleaux

de Phébée

revolutionizing sweet consumption Phébée Racat set herself the challenge of making delicious, healthy, eco-friendly treats that anyone could eat - and succeeded! She tells us how she created Les Rouleaux de Phébée and what makes her products so unusual. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

What was the aim behind Les Rouleaux de Phébée? I wanted to make treats that would be enjoyable and fit in with contemporary lifestyles at the same time as helping people eat more healthily. The idea was to use just a few carefully chosen traditional ingredients, each of which actively contributes to health and/or enjoyment. The Rouleaux are ecolabelled to emphasize that they are healthy, natural products with no added sugar or flavourings, made in a way that is sustainable. Are there things about our diet that need to change? Yes. But before we can make 172

changes in our diet, we have to change the way we think about food. To my mind, our food still contains too many flavourings and too much sugar. People want strong tastes and new sensations, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think we need to rediscover good food made from simple ingredients. That’s what I’ve tried to do with my fruit wheels, and people are wowed by their subtle, delicate flavours and novel texture. How did you create the product? I’m a scientist as well as an entrepreneur. I started the business in my last two years at engineering school. Before  grad-

uating, I specialized in organic manufacturing processes, and that enabled me to devise and patent my production line. It took me nine months of laboratory testing to identify the perfect ingredients and develop a product that is super-healthy, low in calories, allergen-free (so anyone can eat it) and tastes as natural and delicious as fresh fruit. It was a big adventure, and a lot of hard work, but people’s expressions of delighted surprise when they tried our sweets motivated us to keep trying. We  patented the process, and won several innovation awards. Now, finally, the products are actually for sale.

What can you tell us about your Rouleaux? They’re our main product. The shape is partly based on liquorice wheels, because I used to love unwinding them, but it’s also just a great shape for a sweet. When you pop a whole one into your mouth, it unwinds and dissolves, triggering an explosion of flavours. And  we wanted a shape that would stand out from most sweets and look totally different from fruit pastilles or dried fruit. What are Fiby bars? Our wheels are so good for you that we decided to make a bar version for everyday consumption. We’ve given our new


Fiby range a sparkly, fun image. You can get rid of that guilty stash of chocolate bars in your desk drawer - now there is a healthy alternative that will genuinely satisfy your craving for something sweet. What are your products made of? Fruit! Fruit is one of the few naturally sweet foods, and there are fruits for all palates - pineapples and mangoes for people with a sweet tooth, raspberries and apricots for those who like their fruit to be on the sharp side. And the great news is, it’s good for you! Our wheels are totally natural and contain just four ingredients, all of which

come from plants: a specific fruit (which accounts for 80% of the mix), fibres, pectin and carob gum. They contain no added sugar and no extracts or concentrates, just genuinely natural, healthy ingredients. And our technical know-how has enabled us to perfect the texture so that they melt in your mouth.

manufacturing process: we dry the fruit at a low temperature and mix the ingredients cold so as not to lose any of the fruit’s natural goodness. Then we add fibre to achieve a smoother consistency and conserve the flavour of the fruit during dehydration, so that our wheels taste like fresh fruit rather than dried fruit.

Are your products made using artisanal methods? Yes. We have a workshop in the Val d’Oise area, near Paris, where I’ve always lived, and our production is 100% artisanal. We even roll up the wheels by hand - it can’t be done by a machine. We’ve patented our

Is the visual aspect important to you? Absolutely. Food that looks attractive is more appealing, so I tried to come up with a look that would be simple and pretty and reflect the nature of the products. The design is intended to convey that these sweets

are a quality product made with love from pure ingredients. People often say our wheels are like delicious edible jewels.



The truth behind

La Tarte Tropézienne Often imitated but never equalled since it made its début in Saint Tropez in 1955, the “La Tarte Tropézienne” consists of a plump brioche coated with coarse grains of sugar, for extra crunch, and filled with a mixture of confectioner’s custard and butter cream executed to perfection. The brain-child of pastry chef Alexandre Micka, its legendary recipe was made famous by Brigitte Bardot during the filming of “And God Created Woman”. By Quitterie Pasquesoone

Hitting the sweet spot It all started in 1955 with a young Polish pastry chef named Alexandre Micka. Having fled the country of his birth for the US, he landed with the American army in Provence towards the end of World War II, and was stationed as a guard at the Citadelle in Saint-Tropez. With the return of peacetime, seduced by the friendly atmosphere of this unique village, he decided to stay, opening a shop selling pastries, cakes and bread, but above all a creamfilled brioche speciality made according to a recipe passed down from his grandmother. Brigitte Bardot chanced upon the unassuming little shop while

on location in Saint-Tropez for the filming of “And God Created Woman”, and, along with the rest of the film crew, fell instantly under its charm. So inspired was Bardot that she even coined the name by which the pastry is still known to this day, christening it “La Tarte Tropézienne”. Over time, many other famous French names have in turn become fans, not least Boris Vian and Juliette Gréco.

A recipe for the ages Times may change, but one thing that has remained constant over the years is the patent-protected recipe that has converted so many to the cause, making the one-of-a-kind

“La Tarte Tropézienne” so unmistakable to devotees. The secret of its enduring success comes down to an unfailing commitment to ingredients, and the constant honing of expertise. Having assumed the mantle from Alexandre Micka, Albert Dufrêne is now taking the taste bud-tantalising delight into fresh pastures. Building on the foundations laid by the famous signature piece, his family-run operation has added an extensive assortment of pastries to the product range, all filled with the inimitable “La Tarte Tropézienne” cream, now the undeniable star of the show. These “Spécialités Tropéziennes” feature remodelled classics from the French

pastry tradition, including leading lights such as the “Éclair Tropézien” and the “Paris Saint-Tropez”. A number of shops have opened up and down the Côte d’Azur since 1955 and, if you live in France or Monaco, you can now even have treats from “La Tarte Tropézienne” delivered to your doorstep for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home. Though many have tried to copy the unique “La Tarte Tropézienne” over the years, none have come close, and its recipe, known only to a select few, looks set to remain a closely guarded secret for many years to come.


L I M I T E D E D I T I O N - 6 3 U N I T S O N LY



M8TE Elite event management

Cédric Béguier shuns the limelight, and you probably wouldn’t recognize him in the street, but the chances are you may encountered him at a party. With his trademark Casio wristwatch, he has no exteriors signs of luxury belongings, but he has something in common with the couturier Christian Dior. They were both born in Granville (France), on the coast of Normandy, called “the Monaco of the North”, for which C. Béguier has great affection. By Caroline Garros - Photo ©


. Béguier is a professional DJ of over 20 years’ standing and the founder of event management and talent agency M8TE, which provides DJ & Artists for some of Switzerland’s most glamorous events. He began his career working as a DJ in French casino discothèques, then settled in the international city of Geneva, where he lived for nearly 10 years and formed connections with a number of hotels. One thing led to another, and he ended up being invited to become the resident DJ at the famous King’s Club disco at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, in StMoritz, a favourite haunt of the international jet set. He worked there for an entire season. It was an intense experience, and an eye-opener. When he got back to Geneva, he turned his electronic music DJ hire service into DJ GENEVE, a local “window” for his new event manage-

ment agency: M8TE. He was already quite well known locally from his previous business, and more Genevan top-flight hotels now began to use his services. They included La Réserve, with which C. Béguier has now been working in close partnership for four years, organizing highly exclusive soirées for the hotel’s corporate clients, including the crème de la crème among jewellers and luxury watchmakers - Cartier, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Piaget, Hermès, Louis Vuitton… and latterly Chopard in Gstaad Palace or Chanel during Baselworld. He continues to DJ for occasions such as select private parties given by millionaires Ian Lundin and Spyros Niarchos, a gala for Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy or United Nations soirées. A globe-trotter who now divides his time between France, Switzerland and his base in Bucharest (Romania), a strategic van-

tage point for Europe and the Middle-East, and for elite locations such as Montreux, Gstaad, St-Moritz, St Tropez, Courchevel and Marrakesh, Béguier is prodigiously hard-working and seems to have boundless energy. M8TE manages events for most of Geneva’s five-star hotels and is regularly called on by international PR agencies to organize entertainments in Switzerland and elsewhere. In fact, nowadays its main activities are supplying talent from its growing roster of performing artists and providing an all-in-one entertainment service. The agency will handle the technical aspects of an event (i.e. the sound and lighting) and select suitable entertainers from its highly diverse international stable of talent - singers, musicians, live bands, circus artists, visual artists, etc. - and of course, it will supervise the music, hiring specialist or highly versatile professional DJs who

can be relied on to play tracks suited to the style of event, the venue and the desired ambience. As well as corporate entertainment, M8TE can organize private celebrations for occasions such as weddings, birthdays. The agency will hire suitable performing artists and provide a bespoke service tailored to your individual requirements.









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Maximum Wellbeing What is luxury, if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;t have the time to enjoy it? Maura Wasescha

Luxury means not having to be concerned with its practical matters, but to be able to enjoy the perfect moment in the company of family or friends. Totally free of worry, knowing that in the background there is a team who will fulfill all your wishes. This is why Maura Wasescha doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just have exclusive properties for sale or rent. Maura Wasescha does more. She offers the perfect luxury service, so that the magic of the moment becomes timeless enjoyment.

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