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4 B&G WINTER 2022-2023


Mrs. Suzie O'Grady

Class of 2026 at Freshman Retreat Mrs. Suzie O’Grady Principal


What a great day to be a Viking!

We hope this addition of the Black & Gold finds you and your family doing well. My name is Jordan Harmon and I am the new Director of Development here at Bishop Verot. My wife, Reagan, and I moved down to beautiful SWFL from Tennessee, and are more than excited to be a part of the Verot Family.

I grew up in St. Louis, MO and then transitioned myself to Clarksville, TN where I started my college career at Austin Peay State University as both a finance major and a baseball player. After my four years, like many of us, I was not sure where life was going to take me. Turns out, for the next six years, it would be right there at Austin Peay. I spent a vast majority of my time there involved or heading aspects of major fundraising for the university. The question then became: what is next.

When I began the interview process with Bishop Verot, my wife and I both agreed this is where we wanted to be. The people, the passion, the tradition, the success - Verot is the standard.

I meet person after person, and hear story after story, about how Bishop Verot helped to shape someone’s life.

“I met my spouse here!”

“I am a third generation Viking!”

“Me, my kids, and my grandkids were all taught by Coach Gill!”

This is what makes a place special. This is Bishop Verot.

So, as I begin to come see you, and you come back to campus to reminisce, remember what Verot did for you. Then ask yourself, what can I do for those who follow me. As we turn the page on yet another school year, it is time for this Verot Family to take yet another grand step forward.

St. Francis de Sales said it best: “We will not fail.” I look forward to building relationships with you all, and cannot wait to see where we will all take Bishop Verot next!



Giving Guide

As we continue our celebration of 60 years, it is important to recognize the generosity of those who contributed to our growth through the years. We have certainly come a long way – from the first building in 1963 to the multi-building campus of today.

Gary Ricciardi was a member of the first class, starting his freshman year at the first (and only) Catholic high school in the county, in the fall of 1962. He shares his memories of the start of the Verot family and his time here.

“In the Spring of 1962, Bishop Coleman F. Carrol came to Fort Myers to Confirm the 1962 Confirmation Class, of which I was a member. At the end of the Confirmation Ceremony, Bishop Carroll said he had a gift for us, a Catholic High School. The school building still had to be built and was not complete when school began in the fall of 1962. The former St. Francis Xavier church building was available, so we started the school year there under the name of the

Fort Myers Central Catholic High School. With no formal classrooms, freshmen met in one wing and sophomores met in the main area of the former church. All the teachers were nuns. (One of the great benefits of the downtown location was that the Dairy Queen was right across the street!) In the Spring of 1963, the new school building was completed and dedicated as Bishop Verot Catholic High School after Bishop Augustin Verot. The first graduating class was celebrated in May of 1965 with the Class of 1966 being the first graduating class to complete all four years at Verot. In the Fall of 1963, athletics were introduced, with a baseball team, and then basketball and track. I am very proud to have been a member of each of those teams and still have my Varsity letters. We did not have the athletic facilities that exist today. Students and parents worked to clear an area where the present football stadium now exists to use as a baseball practice field. We also used the cleared area to practice track events like the high jump, pole vault, and

“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” - Mother Teresa

other non-running events. For running events, we used the neighborhood streets. Basketball goals were set up in the parking lot for basketball practice. These memories will stay with me forever.”

The growth we have seen through the years would not have been possible without the continued support of the many families who have given generously. The Santini Building, Anderson Theater, Swanson Baseball Field, and state of the art Media Center are just some of the additions through the years. Along with these additions, we are also grateful for explosive enrollment, with waiting lists for all grades for the 2nd year in a row.

As the number of families seeking a Catholic education for their children continues to increase, we realize the need for continued campus growth. One of our greatest hurdles is space; a hurdle we cannot jump without financial support. There are many ways to support Bishop Verot including direct contributions, pledges over time, and bequests. Your gift of a Catholic education impacts current students as well as generations of future Vikings.

Annual Fund

The Bishop Verot Annual Fund is the foundation of the community support for our school, supporting such initiatives as technology enhancements, tuition assistance, and campus improvements. The campaign asks for support from our Catholic community, alumni, current and former parents, and friends. Your gift of any amount may be designated to the area you are most passionate about or where it is needed most, the choice is yours. Every dollar donated to Bishop Verot is directly supporting our mission to build a community of faith and learning.

Endowed Scholarships

The purpose of an endowment is to provide ongoing support for the current and future activities of Bishop Verot and its students. It is, therefore, a perpetual, self-sustaining source of permanent funding. Each year, a portion of the endowment’s earnings are paid out, while the principal is retained for future growth. As a result, it is imperative the endowment grow its investment assets sufficient to support an annual spending stream of the endowment in perpetuity. The two key components required for the endowment to grow are new gifts and investment performance. New funds are essential to the future of Verot. Please consider starting a fund in your alumni class.

Bishop Verot currently has 11 endowed scholarship funds valued at over $2.9 million, which provide over $100,000 in scholarships each year.

Carl Kistel Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Rob Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Jacob Alderman Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2003

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

John and Mimi Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund - Est. 2004

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Joseph Grabsch Scholarship Fund - Est. 2005

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Dick Stahl Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2008

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified incoming freshman from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.

Edward and Esther Kuss Memorial Scholarship FundEst. 2010

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Spirit of 1974 Scholarship Fund - Est. 2011

Income used to provide a scholarship for a well rounded, high performing qualified student.

Judy Springston Scholarship for the Arts - Est. 2014

A partial scholarship for a student wishing to focus on the Arts at BVHS.

Diana D’Olica Scholarship Fund - Est. 2017

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf Neuroscience Scholarship Fund – Est. 2018

Income used to provide financial assistance for financiallyneedy students interested in pursuing a career in neuroscience.

A Tax-Saving Way to Help Bishop Verot See Your Generosity in Action

Make a difference today and save on your taxes! It is possible when you support Bishop Verot through your IRA.

8 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
• • •

A Special Opportunity for Those 70 1/2 Years Old and Older

You can give any amount (up to a maximum of $100,000) per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as Bishop Verot, without having to pay income taxes on that money. Gifts of any value $100,000 or less are eligible for this benefit and you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference at Bishop Verot! This is a popular gift option and is commonly referred to as the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

Why Consider This Gift?

• Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the difference your donation is making.

• Beginning in the calendar year you turn 73, you can use your gift to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD).

• You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions.

• Since the gift does not count as income, it can reduce your annual income level! This may help lower your Medicare premiums and decrease the amount of Social Security that is subject to tax.

For Those 59 1/2 Years Old and Older

If you’re at least 59 1/2 years old, you can take a distribution and then make a gift from your IRA without penalty. If you itemize your deductions, you can take a charitable deduction for the amount of your gift.

At Any Age

No matter your age, you can designate Bishop Verot as the beneficiary of all or a percentage of your IRA, and it will pass to us tax-free after your lifetime. It is simple, just requiring youth contact your IRA administrator for a change-ofbeneficiary form.

Next Steps

1. Contact us at (239) 274-6788 or jordan.harmon@bvhs.org to make us aware of your generous plans so we can discuss supporting the mission of Bishop Verot!

2. Seek advice of your financial and/or legal advisor.

3. Let us know of the confirmation of your gift, so we can make sure to honor your intentions of the contribution.

4. Come back and see the impacts that your gift continues to make at Bishop Verot each and every day! BV

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In front of his wife, Emily, family, and a record number of Gala attendees, Mr. Josh Vogelbach was awarded the Alumnus of the Year award for 2023. A 2004 graduate of Verot, Josh is the oldest of three siblings (all Vikings), who has continued to share his passion for athletics with the Verot family.

Some of his greatest memories of Verot are centered around athletics – being a member of the football team to conquer Clewiston for the first time was a highlight to his many Friday Night Lights. Sitting in the stands as his younger brother, Daniel, contributed to the first-ever Verot Baseball State Championship is another. The lifelong friendships made while a student play a significant part in his life today.

While his memories of his time here as a student are very special, it is the impact he makes on today’s Vikings that means the most.

“Impacting young athletes has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember. The fact that I get to do it at my alma mater and the school that helped me so much is truly special.”

Josh has served as a coach with the Verot Football Program for many years. He also works with individual athletes, offering athletic conditioning and training, helping them to achieve their personal goals. BV

10 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Josh was joined by family members for the presentation – from left to right – Jennie (Mother), Josh, Uncle Brett, Emily, Dan (Father), Sarah ’12 (Sister), Geej (Friend), and Aunt Melody. Photos opposite page top: Vogelbach with Alumnus of the Year award. Bottom: Yearbook picture of Josh on the football field
"Impacting young athletes has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember. The fact that I get to do it at my alma mater and the school that helped me so much is truly special." – Josh Vogelbach
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Vintage Verot Diamond Jubilee

11th Annual Gala & Auction

The celebration of 60 years has given a great opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and look forward to our future, and this year’s Gala was no exception. Guests were encouraged to dress the theme, Vintage Verot, and they did not disappoint!

The event was held on Saturday, March 11 in the Nevins Gymnasium, the perfect place to reminisce over our rich Viking history. Banners and name plates cover the walls, touting decades of individual records, district and regional team titles, and a fair share of State Championships. A nostalgia table showed off old yearbooks, athletic guides, jerseys and uniforms, and the very first Black and Gold Alumni Magazine.

The evening began with Bishop Dewane thanking all those in attendance for their support of Catholic education and Bishop Verot Catholic High School and leading the prayer of thanksgiving. Mrs. O’Grady thanked the committee for their hard work and dedication to this year’s event and introduced the newest member of our Verot family, Mr. Jordan Harmon. Jordan, along with his wife Regan, are happy to make the move to Florida, as he settles in as the new Director of Development. This year’s Alumnus of the Year, Josh Vogelbach ’04, was also announced, with Mrs. O’Grady presenting him with the award.

Our own Coach Matt Herting, basketball coach, teacher, mentor, and bleeder of black and gold, was joined by alum Noelle Casagrande ’02 as the masters of ceremony. Their passion for Verot showed strong as they led the crowd in record bidding for the Live Auction.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to all those who made the evening such a success. It is always humbling to see so many members of our Verot family sharing their passion for Catholic education and Bishop Verot Catholic High School with their time, talents, and treasure!

12 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK A Celebration of the Blessing of Catholic Education

We were starting to get used to “not normal.” In fact, what does normal even look like anymore? For a while it meant wearing masks, or staying six feet away from everyone else. For a couple months last year, normal meant to stop everything you’re doing, and help the community clean up after Hurricane Ian. Regardless, nothing can help return things to “normal” like something familiar – Catholic Schools Week.

For students, it was easy to remember why we look forward to this week every year. Dress-out days, competition, and plenty of reminders as to why our Catholic faith is so important to us. The week started off with Mass and the announcement of this year’s Christ the Teacher winner: Margaret Kennedy. If there was a question as to why she won, it was clearly answered by the outpouring of love and admiration when she was announced. There was much more to be thankful for throughout the week, with National Signing Day, as well as this year’s charitable donation. With Hurricane Ian impacting us this past Fall, our Veteran’s Day plans were put on hold; so our in-house veterans, Greg Koziuk and Pete Orsita suggested we show our support for our service men and women now. Students responded in a big way, bringing in supplies that were organized, packaged and boxed up during the House period. These small tokens of our appreciation will

hopefully bring a smile to those who most deserve it!

There was also time for some good old-fashioned fun, as there always is during Catholic Schools Week. There was the annual quiz bowl, where students and faculty put up their 5 best trivia buffs to see who would come out on top. Unfortunately for the students, who had the support of the entire school watching, they couldn’t stop the teachers – or more specifically, Mr. Atkins, as the teachers pulled off a win. Coach Herting put on a great bonfire for everyone on Wednesday night, behind the lights of the newly re-done baseball field. On Thursday, the entire school packed into the gym and competed in community competitions. There were some classic events, as well as a few new ones, and in the end, the Community of St. Clare was declared the winner, taking home the Viking Cup. Finally, students came to school Friday looking for redemption for the Quiz Bowl in the form of a win in the seniors versus faculty basketball game. The students put up a great effort, but in the end, Kyle Harding and the faculty pulled off the upset.

Saturday, we held our first Youth Retreat on campus. Catholic students from across Lee County were invited to attend the full day of worship, talks and entertainment, and it certainly did not disappoint. We love partnering with the other Catholic communities

around Fort Myers, and we hope to make this Youth Retreat an annual event, that allows everyone to come together and celebrate our faith.

So, while Catholic Schools Week is anything but a normal week, it was the type of normalcy that was needed. A time to put off thoughts that have weighed heavy for months or years on us, and concentrate on the positives. A chance to give back to others that have given so much for us and our country. An opportunity to thank God for all of the blessings He has given us.

14 B&G WINTER 2022-2023


Mrs. Margaret Kennedy

Margaret joined the Verot family two years ago, joining the Theology Department as a freshman religion teacher. She brings twenty years of experience teaching all grade levels, and her passion shows.

Margaret believes we are all called to be Saints, and inspires her students to strive toward that goal. The quote by Brad Johnson, “Relationships before rigor. Grace before grades. Patience before programs. Love before lessons.” helps to keep her focused on what is important. One of the greatest ways to inspire others is to lead by example. Margaret has certainly done this, as she created a student mentoring volunteer opportunity/club for Verot. Twice a week, she takes a group of students to AFCAAM Center or Boys & Girls Club, where our students assist the kindergarten through 5th grade after school program participants. They provide help with homework as well as assist with those who are struggling with reading and writing. Having Verot students work with these program participants helps the students reduce their fear of learning while building selfconfidence. This collaboration is definitely a “win-win” for both each child and each BVHS student!

The annual Christ the Teacher Award is given to the teacher who the students see as a living example of Christ, making the Verot family stronger, whose faith in God is evident, and who sacrifices their time and talent for the good of others.

Margaret was joined by her husband, John, daughter, Bridget, and grandchildren, Louise and Peter, as she was presented as this year’s recipient. BV

16 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
“I love what I do! I am passionate about our Faith and following Jesus. The students and school community inspire me every day— students who seek to grow in holiness and fidelity to the Gospel.”


Each year, our incredible Student Services Department hosts a Career Day. The hope is by providing our students with real world professionals in various fields, it will foster an environment of curiosity, allowing students to explore careers matching their own personality strengths.

John Holland, Ph.D., was a psychologist who devoted his professional life to researching issues related to career choice and satisfaction. He developed the well-known Theory of Career Choice which asserts that in choosing a career, people prefer jobs where they can be around others who are like them and in environments where they can use their unique abilities.

The School Counselors at Bishop Verot have provided all students with the Holland Traits assessment through Naviance, called the Career Interest Profiler. The results of the assessment yielded students’ top personality strengths in six areas: realistic, artistic, investigative, social, conventional, and enterprising fields – all of which were featured on campus during Career Day.

We are so grateful for the generous donation of time and talent from our speakers who are Viking parents, alumni, and community members. BV


Catholics in Action

Catholics in Action, or CIA as it is referred to around campus, continues to be one of our most popular and well-attended clubs. The group meets weekly, planning events to grow in faith and inspire others to do the same.

Students kicked off the second semester by joining the 50th Annual March for Life celebration in Washington, D.C. The theme of this year’s momentous event was Marching into a Post-Roe America and included a march to the steps of the United States Capitol. Participants joined the Youth Rally, heard from Fr. Mike Schmitz, and met the founder of the 40 Days for Life, Mr. Shawn Carney. Students also visited the Bible Museum and the Jefferson Memorial during this spiritual and educational trip.

18 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

Bishop Verot students joined parishioners and students from throughout the Diocese of Venice for this year’s Catholic Days at the Capitol in Tallahassee. Wearing red, the Catholic community gathered together in our state capitol to learn about the legislative process, advocate for policies promoting human life and dignity, and to pray for our elected officials. Finally, on Ash Wednesday, students participated in the Diocesan Walk for Life, leading both the procession as well as the Rosary.

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Coach Danny Vazquez is in his second season as Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer team. Coach Danny Vazquez joins Verot Soccer after spending three years coaching in Northern California. During those three years, Danny worked with a variety of levels, ages U5 to U18, both boys and girls with organizations such as Livermore Fusion SC, Moreau Catholic HS, and CalNorth Olympic Development Program (ODP). He is excited to further the development of the Verot Boys soccer program.

22 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Head Coach Danny Vasquez

2022-23 Boys Varsity Soccer Roster

Luke Antonelli – Senior

Cooper Banks – Senior

Anthony Becker

Peyton Bender

Raul Blandon

Deaglan Camron – Senior

Christopher Cooper – Senior

Marcus Esposito

Christyan Fevrier Sildor – Senior

Ryan Gadson

Abraham Magallanes – Senior

Misael Magallanes

Nathan Matias

Vinny Paluck – Senior

Antonio Portes – Senior

Von Schwierking

Liam Stanley – Senior

Brody Wilson

Assistant Coach Diego Barreto Assistant Coach Erik Gomez Assistant Coach Aaron Magallanes Not pictured: Assistant Coach Acelya Aydogmus Ty Kolaczynski

2022-23 Boys Varsity Soccer Seniors

24 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Christyan Fevrier Sildor Abraham Magallanes Luke Antonelli Cooper Banks Christopher Cooper Liam Stanley Antonio Portes Vinny Paluck Deaglan Camron


JV Head Coach Danny Vasquez

2022-23 Boys JV Soccer Roster

Brady Albrecht

Dakota Bowe

Vance Byrd

Bennett Calvo

Matthew D’Aquino

Andre Fernandez

Nicholas Gaeta

Alan Gonzalez

Matthew Huff

Colton Lamb

Matthew Latell

Jack Martin

Nathan Matias

Teagan Tracey

Brody Wilson

Austin Zanni

Zach Zielke

The Parishioners at St. John XXIII are always praying for you. May God’s Word be the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path!

26 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
St. John XXIII Catholic Church Fort
our continued support of Catholic
Verot High School
Myers, FL | 239.561.2245 | www.johnxxiii.net Showing


Eric Lamboy is in his fourth season as Head Coach of the Girls Varsity Soccer team. Coach Lamboy holds a USSF National C License in coaching and NSCAA diplomas in both Youth and Advanced Regional coaching and State and Regional goalkeeping. His extensive coaching career includes two years at Cape Coral High School, over 15 years with the Cape Coral Soccer Association’s Competitive Soccer League, and he currently serves on the coaching staff for ODP and FYSA. Eric and his wife Jill have four children, Stephanie ’10, Emily, Dalton, and Mia.

Head Coach Eric Lamboy Assistant Coach Robert Irion

2022-23 Girls Varsity Soccer Roster

Lily Bobin

Chloe Brown

Mackenzie Cerniglia – Senior

Lila Dinkel

Kylie Dutton

Jillian Haataja

Geraldine Herrera – Senior

Ava Irion

Piper Kelleher

Olivia Marsh – Senior

Jordan Mikolajski

Alyvia Mueller

Lily Murnane

Kylie Peters

2022-23 Girls Varsity Soccer Seniors

Jaida Schwartz

Lea Scottie

Jane Smith

Morgan Troyer – Senior

Lindsey Walsh

28 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Mackenzie Cerniglia Geraldine Herrera Olivia Marsh Morgan Troyer Not pictured: Yesenia Villanueva

JV Head Coach

Robert Irion


2022-23 Girls JV Soccer Roster

Ava Bobin

Elise Bolgiano

Lila Dinkel

Alexa Ebersohl

Ella Farah

Bella Garibay

Chloe Janigian

Kinsey Kennedy

Courtney Kreitzer

Maya Marsh

Caroline Muddell

Gwendolyn Pfleger

Denise Ramirez

Grace Riley

Dominyka Romero

Erika Romero

Lea Scotti

Jocelyn Sweeney

Paige Troyer

Helen Von Gruben



Head Coach

Matt Herting

Coach Herting is in his 24th year as the Boys Head Varsity Basketball Coach, where he has had over 600 career wins, making him Verot’s winningest coach. Coach Herting has won more play-off games than any boys basketball coach in the history of Southwest Florida (16 play-off wins). Verot has won nine district championships in the last 15 years and have been to six Elite 8’s. Verot has advanced to the state play-offs 12 of the last 14 seasons. Coach Herting has been named SW Florida Coach of the Year five times. He has a BA from the University of Sioux Falls (SD) and a MS from Mississippi State University.

30 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

Greg Coleman, Sr.

2022-23 Boys Varsity Basketball Roster

Ethan Tipton – Senior

Bryan Broomhead

Alex Cameron

Connor Patterson – Senior

Jack Burin

Mark Brazley

Owen Rodriguez

Micah Cooper – Senior

Anthony Lee – Senior

Grant Rockwell

Brayden Fairchild

Jimmy Rose – Senior

Grant Juda

Eric Avin

Assistant Coach

2022-23 Boys Varsity Basketball Seniors

32 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Anthony Lee Ethan Tipton Micah Cooper Connor Patterson Jimmy Rose


2022-23 Boys JV Basketball Roster

Cabot Brooke

Cayden Clark

Griffin Henry

Deshon Jenkins

Bryce Miller

Ryan Peterson

Tyler Redder

Jake Rodriguez

Macrae Thompson

Andrew Torres

Dominic Torres

JV Head Coach

Jeff Rehm



2022-23 Boys Freshman Basketball

Liam Avin

Nolan Bowe

Cayden Clark

Hugh Hyndman

Deshon Jenkins

Brayden Lurie

Carson Ringsmuth

Macrae Thompson

Andrew Torres

Nick Tuffo

Head Coach

Matt Herting

34 B&G WINTER 2022-2023


Head Coach

Alissa Schenk completed her first year as Head Coach for the Girls Basketball team. They finished the season 16-10 and were 3A District 12 Champions. She was also voted the FACA Coach of the Year in District 12. Prior to coaching at Verot, she worked as an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for four years at the professional level with the Las Vegas Aces, and at the collegiate level with Texas Christian University (TCU). Some of her other working stints include stops at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Syracuse University, and Florida Atlantic University. She was also the Athletic Trainer at Bishop Verot High School for the 2016-2017 school year. Currently, she is the Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Transportation at Bishop Verot. She was a four year letterman in Basketball at Evansville Mater Dei and was a first team all conference selection. She was also voted top 100 senior girls and one of the "Best Starting Five Since 2000" at her Alma Mater. Schenk is originally from St. Philip, Indiana.

Alissa Schenk

2022-23 Girls Varsity Basketball Roster

Ambrielle Calixte

Daphne Dalton

Josee Fry

Reese Fry – Senior

Caroline Juda

Carlyn Kelly

Cameron O’Halloran

Analia Perry

Brooklyn Rogowski

Sofia Roman

Maggie Swift

Desirae Wallace

2022-23 Girls Varsity Basketball Senior

36 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Reese Fry


2022-23 Girls JV Basketball Roster

Brooke Bunch

Ryane Johnson

Caroline Juda

Maddie Macaluso

Analia Perry

Madelinie Podgorny

Brooklyn Rogowski

Maggie Swift

Savannah Truax

Desirae Wallace

Samantha Ramirez

JV Head Coach


Head Coach

Brett Barry

Brett Barry ’03 is in his third season as Head Coach of the Girls Weightlifting team after serving as an Assistant Coach for three seasons. Coach Barry has a bachelor’s degree in sports management from Valparaiso University. Coach Barry is also an assistant coach for the Football program.

38 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

2022-23 Girls Weightlifting Roster

Sara Barrise

Isabella Baez

Camila Castellon

Samantha Jo Ciuni – Senior

Sofia Escobar

Emily Flaugher

Quinn Greer – Senior

Isabel Harkness

Lainey Hooper

Grace Illum

Anna Lesniak

Amara Martinez – Senior

2022-23 Girls Weightlifting Senior

Kenna Martinez

Melanie Moreno

Sophia Pina

Kendall Sullivan

Shiloh Teeter

Gabriela Vasquez

Quinn Greer Not pictured: Amara Martinez and Samantha Jo Ciuni

Head Coach

Gerry Braun


Coach Gerry Braun enters his first year as Head Coach of the Wrestling program. He brings 17 years of coaching experience to Verot, having coached 97 state qualifiers, 44 state pacers, 6 state champions, and 5 All-Americans. Last year, Coach Braun started the wrestling program at Gateway HS and in its 1st year the team went 18-10 in duals, had 9 Regional qualifiers and 2 State qualifiers. Coach Braun began his coaching career in Georgia after graduating from Anderson College (SC), where he was a NCAA national Qualifier. Coach Braun has also been a 5-time national team coach for Team Georgia and Team Florida.

Assistant Coach

40 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Dave Manzi Not pictured: Chris Lantagne, Mike Piedimonte, David Manzi, Mike Vasquez, Pete Orsita

Justin Antonelli

Jack Benaitis

John Boddison

Peter Ciano

Nicholas Constantino

Dashiell Fu

Michael Gaeta

Noah Hegi-Jones

Cael Horton

Renn Horton

2022-23 Boys Wrestling Roster

Mario Jacome

Frankie Leckler – Senior

Robert Leckler

Jackson Mahaney

Mason Mangold

Ty Martinez

Andrew Marino

Liam Murphy – Senior

Eddie Nolan

Denny Olsen

2022-23 Girls Wrestling Roster

Isabella Baez

Emily Flaugher

Isabel Harkness

Lainey Hooper

Anna Lesniak

Marisol Manriquez-Beltran

Kendall Sullivan

Isabella Tarquino

Gabriel Vasquez

2022-23 Wrestling Seniors

Daniel Orr

Gio Orsita

Renato Pantoja-Malaga

Vincent Raphael

Niko Richmond

Joseph Stross

Ethan Swanson

Sonny Tokotaha

Frankie Leckler Liam Murphy


Head Coach

Amy Glasgow

Amy Glasgow enters her eighth year coaching at Bishop Verot. Amy was born and raised in Plover, Wisconsin and served in the United States Navy. She works for Cemex USA and enjoys working in the community. Amy and her husband Cris, have three children; Trevor '16, Bryce '17, and Harley '19. Cheering is a big part of her life and she enjoys coaching JV, Varsity, and Competitive Cheer teams.

42 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

2022-23 Girls Competitive Cheerleading

Tressa Babcock

Trinity Babcock – Senior

Caylee Baschieri

Emily Boddison – Senior

Eleanor Bonds

Taylor Brindley

Adyn Cassell

Kara Cross

Molly DaSilva

Alyson Dilling

Cameron Doyle – Senior

Ava Dusold

Chloe Engh – Senior

Sophia Evangelista

Raven Gadson – Senior

Mallory Gay

Eleanor Kahle

Kaitlin King

Jasmin Matchett – Senior

Yesenia Murray – Senior

Kayla Nichols

Mikaela Perkins

Alex Quintana

Emma Rathur – Senior

Olivia Schilling

Jordan Speake

McKenzie Taylor – Senior

Cadence Timm

Brooklyn Varnell

Makayla Wetmore

2022-23 Girls Competitive Cheerleading Seniors

Emma Rathur Chloe Engh Emily Boddison Trinity Babcock Cameron Doyle Jasmin Matchett Not pictured: Yesenia Murray Raven Gadson McKenzie Taylor

Head Coach

2022-23 DANCE TEAM

Kelly Metevia is in her ninth year of teaching at Verot and started the dance team in 2019. Kelly started taking dance lessons from a young age and competed with her dance studio in Michigan. She was on a nationally ranked dance team in high school for four years. After high school, she made her college dance team at Central Michigan University and loved performing on the sidelines or center court for football and basketball games. She is excited to bring her experience in spirit athletics to grow a program at Verot. The dance team performs at school activities, pep rallies, athletic events, attends summer camp and competes.

44 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

2022-23 Dance Team Roster

Sophia Albrecht – Senior

Gianna Busa

Hannah Cruz

Nora Drake

Hailey Fischer

Kaylee Fischer

Sophia Gebara

Ella Godfrey

Halle Heckman

Bailey Joslin

Aliza Litvak

Ella Litvak

Sarah Meyers

Camilla Motley

Janinalee Plancher

Rebekah Porter

Renee Rodriguez

Casey Sackman

Isabella Scala

Isabella Smith – Senior

Kristi Davis

Ashley Wilkinson

Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Sophia Albrecht 2022-23 Dance Team Senior Not pictured: Isabella Smith

Megan O’Grady '20

The founder of the non-profit Blue Line Bears, Megan, along with her team, have made and delivered over 1300 bears to families of fallen officers throughout the country.A large part of the Fundraising to keep this mission going is their annual Gala and Auction. This year’s event was held at the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village. The over 360 supporters and distinguished guests in attendance included Mrs. Kami Whitten, who was honored to received three bears made of her husband’s uniform shirts. Mrs. Whitten’s husband, Richard, was killed in the line of duty while working for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in Texas.

Alumni Calendar

Viking Legal Society

Be sure to follow the Viking Legal Society facebook page for future events and invitations.

Please check the Verot Alumni page of the website for alumni event and reunion updates at bvhs.org/alumni.

Please send any upcoming reunion information to patty.holmes@bvhs.org for future B&G publications. Thank you!

46 B&G WINTER 2022-2023


As we continue to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bishop Verot Catholic High School, this year’s alumni gatherings have centered around on-campus events, including the annual Gala. There was a great showing of alumni (as seen in the below picture) and the Vintage Verot theme allowed for many of us to break out the old jerseys and jackets. We are always looking for opportunities to host another alumni gathering – if you or someone you know is interested in hosting or sponsoring our next event, please let us know!

Follow us on Facebook to hear about our future events. We hope you and your family are staying well and hope to see you soon!

Monica Skyler

Skyler Bauer ’08


Jeff Passantino '14 PITTSBURGH PIRATES

Passantino has been busy since the end of the 2022 baseball season. Following the regular season, Passantino played winter ball in Puerto Rico, pitching for the Gigantes de Carolina of the Puerto Rican Winter League. He dominated in Puerto Rico, allowing just one run in 12 appearances. In the spring, he was selected as a representative for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic.


Ward was selected with the first overall pick of the 2023 MLB Rule 5 Draft, placing Ward on the 40-man roster of the Washington Nationals. Ward then made the MLB roster of the Nationals out of spring training, ensuring his MLB debut in either March or April. Upon making his MLB debut, Ward will become the fourth Viking to play in the Major Leagues, joining Daniel Vogelbach, Chris Johnson, and Adam Piatt.

Tayli Filla '18 FGCU SOFTBALL

Filla’s final year of college softball has been a successful one. Through the first 36 games of FGCU’s season, Filla has been the Eagles’ unquestioned offensive leader. The graduate student leads FGCU with 37 hits, 14 extra-base hits, and 25 runs batted in as of press time. She was named the A-Sun Player of the Week in March, following a week where she had ten hits and helped FGCU to a 5-1 record.


Mera was a major part of Samford’s defense as a senior, leading one of the nation’s top NCAA Division I FCS programs. Mera logged 25 tackles over 13 games, a total that included five tackles for loss and four sacks. Samford’s only regular season loss came to national champion Georgia, and the Bulldogs won the Southern Conference championship and advanced to the FCS national quarterfinals.


The former two-way Verot star was a defensive standout at Tusculum, who ranked as one of the top teams in their region in NCAA Division II. Mira played all eleven games for the Pioneers, finishing the season with 34 total tackles. His best game of the season came against UVA Wise, where he finished with eight tackles, three tackles for loss, a sack, and a blocked field goal that preserved a Tusculum win.

Andrew Shepherd '19


Prior to the 2022-23 season, Shepherd transferred to Mississippi University, where he plays for former Verot assistant coach Dean Burrows. Shepherd was one of only two players on the roster to start every game for the Owls, who qualified for the national tournament at the USCAA level. Shepherd averaged 7.8 points per game for the Owls, including a season-high 18 points against Pensacola Christian.

48 B&G WINTER 2022-2023

Christian Kearns '20 ECKERD TENNIS

Kearns has been a mainstay in the lineup since his arrival in Saint Petersburg, and he has been one of Eckerd’s top players during his junior season. As of press time, Kearns held a 7-4 singles record, including two wins at the number two spot in the Tritons’ lineup. He has also been a successful doubles player, teaming with partner Jon William Karlstad to hold an 8-3 record as of mid-March.


Insolia has been a top player on both sides of the field for the Sailfish during his junior season. In the first eight games of the season, the attacker is the only player on PBA’s roster to score five goals and cause five turnovers on the season. Insolia has scored a goal in six of PBA’s first eight games, scoring multiple goals in contests against Flagler, Barton, and Colorado Mesa.

Conor Cranfield '21 NAVY SWIMMING

Cranfield continued to be a valuable part of the swim program in his second year at the United States Naval Academy. Cranfield placed on the podium at the Patriot League Championships for the second year in a row, placing third in the 200 yard freestyle. Cranfield, qualified for the finals with season best times in the 200 and 500 yard freestyle swims.

Kendal Gargiula '22 FGCU SOCCER

Gargiula made an immediate impact in her first season of college soccer, playing in all 20 matches for an FGCU team that won the A-Sun championship and qualified for the NCAA Tournament. Gargiula spent more than 600 minutes on the field as a freshman, and scored her first career goal in a win over North Florida. Her biggest moment of the season came in the A-Sun championship match, where she assisted on the game-tying goal in the 85th minute of a match FGCU would eventually win in penalty kicks. BV


I Love Brings People Together - Charity Brings Christians Together
Father Lorenzo Gonzalez F
12171 Iona Road, Ft. Myers, FL- 239-489-3973 - www.stcolumbkille.com
As Catholics, we are called to live our Christian faith every day. Good education is an essential part of learning to live our faith. Catholic churches and Catholic schools work together for the Kingdom of God.
or anyone looking for God, they are welcomed, accepted, loved and respected here at St. Columbkille Catholic Parish.


Forensics Class Alumnus Presenter

Students participated in a hands-on Forensic Anthropology 101 training, thanks to a partnership with Pasco County Sheriff’s Office F1RST division. Our guest lecturer and trainer was Verot graduate Austin Polinitza, class of ’06. The training included how forensic anthropologists assist law enforcement with identifying bodies that may have been buried or decomposed to dry bones, as well as closed case studies. Students asked many questions about what his job entails and participated in lab stations putting their new knowledge into action.


The Lee Health Bloodmobile visited campus this winter for the annual student blood drive. Our Vikings really stepped up with 55 units of blood donated. The equates to 110 lives saved in our community.

Spanish National Honor Society

Members of the SNHS organize and participate in two service projects each school year. This year, the group held a Christmas toy drive and a spring book drive. Working in collaboration with Mrs. Kennedy’s Boys and Girls Club Ministry, Spanish language books were collected and delivered to AFCAAM for their after-school program.

50 B&G WINTER 2022-2023
Blood Drive


How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Verot theater students hit the stage in February with the annual musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The superb cast kept the audience captivated and entertained for all four shows. As one alum, Mitchell Kavanaugh ’11, posted, “I would love to come back to Florida just to catch a show. The theater department at Verot has advanced tremendously since I graduated in 2011. Very impressed with how it has evolved over the past decade.” We couldn’t agree more Mitchell!


Here for Yo u...Yesterday, and Today Tomorrow.

When Edison National Bank opened its doors in 1997, we commemorated the occasion by planting a Royal Palm. Today, that tree is a testament to 25 years of service. We’re standing strong and continue to plant the seeds of trust and loyalty. As the oldest locally owned and chartered community bank in Lee County, our roots go deep in the community, and we remain unwavering in our commitment to your banking needs.

NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID FT. MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 132 Equal Housing Lender | Member FDIC | Bank of the Islands is an office of Edison National Bank. To learn more about our customer services and convenient locations, please visit EdisonNationalBank.com or call 239.466.1800.
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