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Rooted in Catholic tradition, Bishop Verot educates the minds and hearts of all students in an innovative and community-centered learning environment, preparing them for lives of faithful service to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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On the cover: Lisa (Stevens) Clark '07Bishop Verot Theater Director Photo credit: Mr. Craig Davis, Bishop Verot Marketing Coordinator

Viking Creed

As members of the Verot family, we will always support our fellow Vikings, defend our traditions, honor our legacy, and Bleed black and gold. We are Verot!

Welcome to another edition of your B&G Alumni Magazine. As we enter the second semester of another school year, we are deep in the season of enrolling the next class of freshmen. Families are interested in learning all they can about Verot and what it means to be a Viking. As alumni, you show by example what it means to be a Verot grad as you make a positive impact in our communities every day.

In this edition, learn how fellow alum Lisa (Stevens) Clark ’07 has made an impact with the growth of the Performing Arts Department at Bishop Verot. Some of you may remember her days on stage as a student, playing the lead in Lil Abner, and how that has brought her full circle to where she is today.

On page 12, see how we celebrated another alum – Coach Mike Gill – with the dedication of Coach Gill Plaza this fall. This space not only commemorates Coach Gill’s long-standing career but also serves as a fabulous meeting space for families to gather as they cheer on current and future Vikings. This tremendous transformation of the entry to Viking Stadium would not have been possible without the generosity of the many benefactors who supported this project (page 13). Take a look at page 8-9 to learn how you too can be a supporter of Bishop Verot, insuring a future generation of Vikings.

As we conclude the winter season, take a look at the Athletic Guide, beginning on page 19, to see all the sports now offered, giving our athletes plenty of opportunity for team-building and competition. On page 42, you can see how your fellow alumni have continued on with their athletic success long after they have crossed the graduation stage. That includes welcoming back baseball players Dan Vogelbach and Thad Ward as they returned to campus to cheer on our Vikes (page 45).

Please know as members of the Verot family, we want you to always feel at home here. Please plan to join us this spring on the fields for a lacrosse or baseball game, in the Anderson Theater for Mary Poppins or the Spring Concert, or to celebrate another graduating class. And, as always, please share your news with us!

Enjoy this edition of your B&G Alumni Magazine!

4 | B&G Winter 2023/2024 Letter from
House meeting activities Worship Band

Mission Statement G

Rooted in Catholic tradition, Bishop Verot educates the minds and hearts of all students in an innovative and community-centered learning environment, preparing them for lives of faithful service to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As soon as you walk through the doors of Bishop Verot you are immediately met with signs from a variety of Saints such as St. Cecilia, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ambrose, and St. Augustine. Of all the quotes posted throughout the halls, one from St. Francis de Sales has resonated with me over the years: Be who you are and be that well. Through these simple words, St. Francis de Sales reminds us we are all blessed with God-given talents and attributes. St. Francis challenges us to live a life in which we are true to who He has created us to be. Bishop Verot students, both past and present, have lived this mantra by sharing their talents in the classroom, on the athletic fields or courts, and on the stage. This issue of the Black and Gold magazine features an alumnus who openly shares her talents with her students, her colleagues, and the greater school community, embodying the words of St. Francis de Sales. Mrs. Lisa Clark, Class of 2007, joined the Bishop Verot Faculty in 2014 and has truly transformed the Performing Arts program since. If you have not had the opportunity to see a performance directed by Lisa, I encourage you to join her and the cast of Mary Poppins in the Anderson Theater March 21-24, 2024. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Another member of the Bishop Verot Faculty who shares his God-given talents with his students and the greater community is Graphic Art teacher Eric Riemenschneider. While you may not know Eric, you are likely familiar with his artwork which is on display throughout Lee County. From Lady Justice who is prominently displayed at the corner of Broadway and Victoria in downtown Fort Myers to a series of murals at the Lighthouse Restaurant, there is no denying the incredible talent of Mr. Riemenschneider. Over the recent Christmas holiday, he began painting a masterpiece on the back of the Santini Building. This mural highlights the various aspects of Bishop Verot, with a particular focus on the importance of our faith.

At the core of our mission lies a commitment to nurturing not just the academic and athletic growth of our students, but more importantly, their spiritual development. As we chart the course forward, we envision Bishop Verot as a place where faith and the arts converge to create a transformative educational experience. Our commitment to excellence in academics is paralleled by our dedication to providing a vibrant arts program that not only enriches the lives of our students, but also contributes to the cultural fabric of our community. I invite you to join us in this vision. Your continued support and engagement play a pivotal role in the realization of our goals. Together, let us uphold the legacy of Bishop Verot, shaping the minds and hearts of future generations.

Blessings,Mrs. Suzie

Mrs. Suzie O’Grady, Principal

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Letter from the Director of Development

“We will not fail.”
– St. Francis de Sales –

These words from our patron saint are a reminder that we are called to live and love like God. We, too, must never quit. Never give up on one another or on ourselves. Above all, we must remember that God will never abandon us and His love never fails.

Viking Family,

First and foremost, I hope you and yours are having a blessed start to 2024. It seems like just yesterday we started the school year, and here we are about to send another 180 Bishop Verot alumni out into the world. It is always the best time of the year!

With that said, we can look back on what an incredible year this has been, especially from a development standpoint. We have seen a year of people continuously blessing Bishop Verot with their time, talent, and treasure.  We have had incredible support with our annual fund, a very successful launch to the Champions Club, and many individuals going above and beyond to make an impact on our students, faculty, and staff. We have welcomed alumni at the annual golf tournament, alumni gatherings, and the ribbon cutting for Coach Gill Plaza. All of these are a great testament to the culture and support experienced each and every day at Verot.

All of these celebrations help to create a lasting legacy for all of us forever Vikings. Your support doesn’t just make a difference today or tomorrow, but your generosity gives us the opportunity to impact this community for years to come.

As we look back on 2023 and all we have accomplished, let us remember the positive impact made. As we embark on 2024, I encourage you to consider how you may make an even bigger difference now. Join us on campus – cheer for the Vikings at more games, check out the tremendous talent on stage for the musical, re-connect with fellow alumni at the many special events, and make a lasting gift to the Annual Fund – the opportunities are endless, and we cannot thank you enough for any and all of your support.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

“Non-Excidet - We will not Fail”  scan

6 | B&G Winter 2023/2024
to make
your gift today!
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This is an exciting time for Catholic education and Bishop Verot Catholic High School. We are seeing unprecedented growth in families making a Catholic education a priority. Applications for both incoming freshmen and transfer students are at an all-time high, bringing back the need for early applications and waiting lists. Families are looking for a high school where their students will be academically challenged, encouraged in their faith, excelling in athletic competition, offering extracurricular activities and elective options to explore, while maintaining a strong culture of community.

The growth we have seen through the years would not have been possible without the continued support of the many families who have given generously. The Santini Building, Anderson Theater, Swanson Baseball Field, and state of the art Media Center are just some of the additions through the years. However, one of our greatest hurdles currently is space; a hurdle we cannot jump without financial support.

There are many ways to support Bishop Verot including direct contributions, pledges over time, and bequests. Your gift of a Catholic education impacts current students as well as generations of future Vikings.

Annual Fund

The Bishop Verot Annual Fund is the foundation of the community support for our school, supporting such initiatives as technology enhancements, tuition assistance, and campus improvements. The campaign

asks for support from our Catholic community, alumni, current and former parents, and friends. Your gift of any amount may be designated to the area you are most passionate about or where it is needed most, the choice is yours. Every dollar donated to Bishop Verot is directly supporting our mission to build a community of faith and learning.

Endowed Scholarships

The purpose of an endowment is to provide ongoing support for the current and future activities of Bishop Verot and its students. It is, therefore, a perpetual, self-sustaining source of permanent funding. Each year, a portion of the endowment’s earnings are paid out, while the principal is retained for future growth. As a result, it is imperative the endowment grow its investment assets sufficient to support an annual spending stream of the endowment in perpetuity. The two key components required for the endowment to grow are new gifts and investment performance. New funds are essential to the future of Verot. Please consider starting a fund in your alumni class.

Bishop Verot currently has 11 endowed scholarship funds valued at over $2.9 million, which provide over $100,000 in scholarships each year.

Carl Kistel Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

8 | B&G Winter 2023/2024

Rob Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Jacob Alderman Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2003

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

John and Mimi Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund - Est. 2004

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Joseph Grabsch Scholarship Fund - Est. 2005

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Dick Stahl Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2008

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified incoming freshman from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.

Edward and Esther Kuss Memorial Scholarship FundEst. 2010

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Spirit of 1974 Scholarship Fund - Est. 2011

Income used to provide a scholarship for a well rounded, high performing qualified student.

Judy Springston Scholarship for the Arts - Est. 2014

A partial scholarship for a student wishing to focus on the Arts at BVHS.

Diana D’Olica Scholarship Fund - Est. 2017

Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf Neuroscience Scholarship Fund – Est. 2018

Income used to provide financial assistance for financially-needy students interested in pursuing a career in neuroscience.

A Tax-Saving Way to Help Bishop Verot

See Your Generosity in Action

Make a difference today and save on your taxes! It is possible when you support Bishop Verot through your IRA.

“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” - Mother Teresa

A Special Opportunity for Those 70 1/2 Years Old and Older

You can give any amount (up to a maximum of $100,000) per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as Bishop Verot, without having to pay income taxes on that money. Gifts of any value $100,000 or less are eligible for this benefit and you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference at Bishop Verot! This is a popular gift option and is commonly referred to as the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

Why Consider This Gift?

• Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the difference that your donation is making.

• Beginning in the calendar year you turn 73, you can use your gift to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD).

• You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions.

• Since the gift does not count as income, it can reduce your annual income level! This may help lower your Medicare premiums and decrease the amount of Social Security that is subject to tax.

For Those 59 1/2 Years Old and Older

If you’re at least 59 1/2 years old, you can take a distribution and then make a gift from your IRA without penalty. If you itemize your deductions, you can take a charitable deduction for the amount of your gift.

At Any Age

No matter your age, you can designate Bishop Verot as the beneficiary of all or a percentage of your IRA, and it will pass to us tax-free after your lifetime. It is simple, just requiring youth contact your IRA administrator for a change-of-beneficiary form.

Next Steps

1. Contact us at (239) 274-6788 or jordan.harmon@ bvhs.org and make us aware of your generous plans, so we can discuss supporting the mission of Bishop Verot!

2. Seek advice of your financial and/or legal advisor.

3. Let us know of the confirmation of your gift, so we can make sure to honor your intentions of the contribution.

4. Come back and see the impacts that your gift continues to make at Bishop Verot each and every day! BG

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Bishop Verot’s Community –House System

6 Communities...

1 Family We are Verot!

“Community is at the heart of all Catholic education, not simply a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived.”
– St. John Paul II –

Building relationships and having fun, that’s what our Community/House system is all about! Relationships are integral to our lives, significantly impacting our emotional and our mental well-being. They provide us with support, love, and a sense of belonging. Our mission statement reminds us we are to educate the minds and hearts of all students in an innovative and communitycentered learning environment, preparing them for lives of faithful service to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Time together within our Community/House system allows us to do exactly that, creating space to build relationships through activities, friendly competition, and human connection.

Back in August, after a full day of Community/House Orientation, I sent the senior house leaders of St. Cecilia Houses the following note: “I know there is a learning curve and a lot of information right now, but I promise in no time at all, you will enjoy being a house leader, building lasting relationships, and most importantly, having fun! God picked us to work together to make your house and our community of

St. Cecilia the best. I am so excited for us. You all are amazing, and I am blessed to be on this journey with you.”

I received this quote shortly after, “The students in my House have developed a good chemistry within their group. There is strong participation in games and a good rapport between upper class leaders and the freshmen and sophomores.”

The Community of St. Clare celebrated their first Saint Feast Day on August 24th. Students in this community wore their green community shirts to recognize Saint Clare and to instill a sense of community among its members. Community gym days were introduced in September, where three games were rotated throughout the Houses. I’m not sure who had more fun, the students, the teacher mentors, or the senior leaders who led the games!

I think this quote says it best. “Our time in the gym was the best House time I think I have witnessed. Since I am a floater, I get to see different groups. The students were the most engaged in the games in the gym than I have seen in the classrooms. It was much fun to watch them let loose and play with one another.”

10 | B&G Winter 2023/2024 House News

Also in September, Juniors submitted leadership applications to be a leader in their respective houses. Speeches were given, elections were held, and now, our senior leaders have another person to help on house days. Sophomore and freshmen elections will be held in the second semester.

October brought trick or treating along with our annual Halloween parties. There was plenty of candy given out by the individual house and the students wore amazing costumes. The houses of the Community of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Teresa were able to spend time in the woodshop making weebles to give to others, demonstrating that a small gesture can make someone feel appreciated, cared for and loved.

November was a month that demonstrated service. Penny Wars was a way to raise money for the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Each community decorated a 5-gallon water bottle that represented their

community and in five days over $700 in change was collected. The Community of St. Augustine and the Community of St. Francis de Sales collected canned food for needy families in our area. Houses of St. Cecilia spent time in the chapel, led in a service of giving thanks by their senior community leader, Marissa Peck.

We couldn’t be more excited about our Community/House system and look forward to continuing to build relationships with one another and across our community. BG

BVHS.org | 11 House News

Coach Gill Plaza Dedication

After much anticipation (and a long construction process) the Coach Gill Plaza is complete!

In late October, a crowd of Coach Gill fans – including family, friends, Verot alumni, staff, and current students – gathered for the ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony. Jeff Brown ’80, alum and previous Verot Director of Development served as Master of Ceremony, welcoming guests and sharing the vision and process of the project, which began under his leadership. Mrs. Suzie O’Grady also shared the impact Coach Gill has had on the Verot family for his more than 50 years as a teacher, coach, and mentor.

Looking across the crowd, Coach Gill shared stories of his time spent with many of the attendees – from old classroom stories to coaching on the football sidelines.

Included in his expression of gratitude were the many people who had donated to the project, his two sons (also alums) with their families, and perhaps most touching, his wife, Pat, whom he met while at Verot.

“I don’t deserve this,” Gill said. “I don’t need my name up there. Bishop Verot has given me more in my tenure than I could ever repay. It is the people that make up the Viking nation; that’s what is impressive, all of you.”

The updated entry to Viking Stadium includes new lighting, signage, gates, and tables for fans to gather. The project also included improvements to the drainage system and fencing for security. As our alumni return to campus for events in Viking Stadium please be sure to spend some time gathering in the Coach Gill Plaza.

12 | B&G Winter 2023/2024

Thank you so much to the many supporters who joined in the project’s vision and helped to make this possible.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Alday

Mr. and Mrs. Aloia

Dr. and Mrs. John Ardesia

Mrs. Christine Austin

Mr. and Mrs. Avery

Mrs. Joyce Barrentine

Miss Skyler Bauer

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Beaulieu

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berlinger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bobin

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boger

Mr. Brian Bradley

Mrs. Shannon Brander

Ms. Erin Breen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown

Mrs. Linda Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. Lori Burton

Mr. and Mrs. G. Keith Cary

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joanne Ciuni

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Collier

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cook

Mr. Dustyn Corace

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corso

Miss Mackenzie Crawford

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cross

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cull

Mr. and Mrs. David Diamond

Mr. Keith Durling and Ms. Elly Hagen

Ms. Beth Durling

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dutton

Mr. and Mrs. John Ebenger

Mrs. Catherine Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Everett

Mr. J. Michael Everett

Ms. Tiffany Fairchild

Ms. Alice Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Forbrick

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gaines

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galloway

Mr. John P. Gargano

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gill

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Gill

Ms. Karen Globetti

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gregg

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hafele

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hardin

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hatch

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Henry

Dr. and Mrs. George Hoop

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huether

Mr. Mark Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Iglesias

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Johnson

Mr. Eugene Jones

Mr. and Mrs. David Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kiesel

Mr. Jay Kilmartin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kistel

Mr. and Mrs. David Kistel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lavender

Ms. Abby J. Lavender

Mrs. Anna Lavender Hall

Dr. David Lind

Mr. and Mrs. John Linden

Ms. Regina Lombardo

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Luta

Mr. and Mrs. Delano Mann

Dr. and Mrs. Chris Marino

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mast

Ms.Elizabeth McNew Peters

Mrs. Christina Mehta

Mr. and Mrs. David Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Miller

Mrs. Cynthis Mitar

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Muller

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nemeth

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Mr. David Neville

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newman

Mr. and Mrs. James Nolan

Ms. Christine O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Joan O'Connell

Mr. and Mrs. David Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Palmer

Mr. Papp and Ms. Schreiber

Mr. Mario Patrizi

Ms. Frances Pioszak

Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrence Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pritchett

Dr. and Mrs. Sharik Rathur

Mr. Terence Ratican

Mr. and Dr. Lawrence Rickert

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Roepstorff

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Roepstorff

Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rose

Mrs. Katie Schlotterbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schockling

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Setzer

Mrs. Amanda Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Holly Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Snider

Mr. and Mrs. August Sorenson

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Speake

Mr. and Mrs. William Stejskal

Ms. Kimberly Stevens

Drs. Douglas and Teresa Stevens

Mr. John Stier

14 | B&G Winter 2023/2024 St. John XXIII Catholic Church Fort Myers, FL | 239.561.2245 | www.johnxxiii.net Showing our continued support of Catholic Education for Bishop Verot High School The Parishioners at St. John XXIII are always praying for you. May God’s Word be the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path!

Dr. Terry Sutton and Dr. Barry Hendon

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Strickland

Mrs. Kathleen Suchora

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Suroski

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sweeney

Dr. and Mrs. TJ Tejera

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Terwilliger

Mr. and Mrs. George Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. John Toggweiler

Dr. and Mrs. William Truax

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vecchie

Mr. Ian Verhine

Mr. and Mrs. Patric Verrone

Mrs. Anna-Marie Waller

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Webb

Mrs. Sarah Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon White

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Zell

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Zielke

Mr. and Mrs. David Zukin Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord Estate Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

R.S. Walsh Landscaping Inc.

Taylor Carpet One

Coralwood Village Moble Home Park

Owens Ames Kimball Company

Zavada's Renegades Sportswear

The Humann Family Foundation

St. Columbkille Parish

Edison National Bank

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A Dream Coe True

L“I am either going to be on Broadway or the Theater teacher at Bishop Verot”
– Lisa (Stevens) Clark ’07

Cinderella was Lisa’s most challenging show as a director but also happens to be one of her favorite shows along with The Addams Family

isa believes where she is now, as Theater Director, is the culmination of her whole life – she is doing exactly what she loves in the place that means so much to her family. Not only is Verot her alma mater, she shares the experience with her two sisters and her mom. In high school there were two things Lisa loved –volleyball and performing. Her favorite production was Lil Abner, where she played a leading role her sophomore year, under the direction of her predecessor, Celeste Day. After graduation, Lisa set off for the University of Florida where she majored in Vocal Performance and minored in Music and Theater. When a position opened for a music teacher at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School during her senior year of college, she decided to give it a try. Her passion for theater was challenged with her first directing role for the Wizard of Oz. The cast was made up of 98 school children from 4th to 8th grades. The following year she also directed Annie, Jr.

In 2014, she took another step closer to her goal of Verot Theater teacher as she joined the faculty as a Theology teacher. Not long after, Lisa found herself leading the Performing Arts Department. Her first production back on the Anderson Theater stage was Bye, Bye Birdie.

Over the course of the past ten years, Lisa’s vision has come to life with the addition of Acting, Technical Theater, and Musical Theater classes. She also directs both the performing choir and church choir. In 2019, she started the International Thespians Honor Society, Troupe 6159, giving students more opportunities to perform. They compete both locally and state-wide with actors and actresses adjudicated on their monologues, skits, and

16 | B&G Winter 2023/2024

costume design. This spring, the troupe will travel to New York City for a working field trip on Broadway. Students will take back-stage tours, visit the Broadway Museum, spend two full days in Broadway workshops, and see two Broadway shows.

“I want to create opportunities for students to perform while keeping a welcoming, family feel that’s inclusive of everyone.”

Building lasting relationships is important to Lisa. In addition to welcoming alumni back to the Verot for performances, she also holds an annual theater picnic for alumni to stay connected.

If you have not had a chance to check out a performance lately, please join is in March for Mary Poppins. It promises to be another fantastic show! BG

Sanibel Island • Ft. Myers Beach St. Pete Pier • Jungle Terrace St. Pete www.DocFords.com AN ORIGINAL FLORIDA FISH HOUSE! www.DixieFishFMB.com
Original Yucatan Shrimp BVHS.org | 17

Catolics in Action

Catholics in Action Club or CIA continues to grow with each new school year. The mission of the club, much like the mission of Bishop Verot, is to strengthen relationships, both with one another and with Jesus Christ, through fellowship and service.

The club held their first Life Teen Night of the school year, inviting students to join together in the theater for movie night and discussion.

As we head into second semester, students are preparing for their annual trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Life as well as the many events surrounding the march. A small group will also represent the Diocese of Venice and Bishop Catholic High School at Catholic Days at the Capitol in February. BG

18 | B&G Winter 2023/2024


Athletic Guide

BVHS.org | 19


2023 Boys Varsity Basketball Team

Varsity Head Coach

Matt Herting is in his 25th year as the Head Basketball Coach at Bishop Verot. Prior to coming to Verot, Coach Herting was the head coach at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas for three years. Coach Herting has a career coaching record of 466-297. While at Bishop Verot, he has led the Vikings to nine District Championships, six Elite 8’s, and one Final Four. His 17 Play-off victories are the most by any coach in SW Florida history. Coach Herting is also the longest tenured and winningest active boys’ basketball coach in Southwest Florida. He has coached 42 college players including 19 at the NCAA Division One level. He is a graduate of the University of Sioux Falls (SD) and has a Master’s Degree from Mississippi State University. Coach Herting has two children, Kody (‘14) and Ali (‘17). He is married to Jill Jansen and lives in Fort Myers.

20 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Matt Herting

2023 Boys Varsity Basketball Team Roster

Jerry Ashley

Mark Brazely

Bo Brooke

Bryan Broomhead

Alex Cameron – Senior

Tony Cedeno


Jack Janeway – Senior

Grant Juda – Senior

Ryan Peterson

Tyler Reeder

Grant Rockwell

Jake Rodriguez

Owen Rodriguez – Senior

Leroy Roker – Senior

Dominic Torres

Gavin Williams

BVHS.org | 21
Not pictured: Arthur Cedeno, Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach
Jeff Rehm
SAINT COLUM)3KILLE , I I Love Brings People Together - Charity Brings Christians Together As Catholics, we are called to live our Christian faith every day. Good education is an essential part of learning to live our faith. Catholic churches and Catholic schools work together for the Kingdom of God. Father Lorenzo Gonzalez For anyone looking for God, they are welcomed, accepted, loved and respected here at St. Columbkille Catholic Parish. 12171 Iona Road, Ft. Myers, FL- 239-489-3973 - www.stcolumbkille.com Basketball
Greg Coleman


2023 Boys Varsity Basketball Team Seniors

Basketball Basketball Basketball

Basketball Basketball


22 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Alex Cameron Jake Janeway Owen Rodriguez Brayden Fairchild Grant Juda Leroy Roker


2023 Boys JV Basketball Team

2023 Boys JV Basketball Team Roster

Mark Brazley

Cayden Clark

Jude Farese

Hugh Hyndman

Deshon Jenkins

Brayden Lurie

Carson Ringsmuth

Ricky Swift

Macrae Thompson

Andrew Torres

Nick Tuffo

Preston Wallace

Mason Wells

BVHS.org | 23
JV Head Coach Jeff Rehm


2023 Freshman Basketball Team

2023 Freshman Basketball Team Roster

Lem Baptiste

Bryson Colyer

Liam Datz

Robeson Duclona

Cedric Francois

Aaden George

Devin German

Gavin Kane

Ricky Magallanes

Ricky Swift

Makhai Victor

Mason Wells

Ethan Yhlen

24 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Not pictured: Isreal Valentine, Head Coach


2023 Girls Varsity Basketball Team

Alissa Schenk is in her second season as Head Coach for the Girls Basketball team. Last year, they finished the season 16-10 and were 3A District 12 Champions. She was also voted the FACA Coach of the Year in District 12. Prior to coaching at Verot, she worked as an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for four years at the professional level with the Las Vegas Aces, and at the collegiate level with Texas Christian University (TCU). Some of her other working stints include stops at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Syracuse University, and Florida Atlantic University. She was also the Athletic Trainer at Bishop Verot High School for the 2016-2017 school year. Currently, she is the Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Transportation at Bishop Verot. She was a four-year letterman in Basketball at Evansville Mater Dei and was a first team all-conference selection. She was also voted top 100 senior girls and one of the “Best Starting Five Since 2000” at her Alma Mater. Schenk is originally from St. Philip, Indiana.

BVHS.org | 25
Varsity Head Coach Alissa Schenkis JV Head Coach Samantha Ramirez


2023 Girls Varsity Basketball Team Roster

Ambrielle Calixte

Josee Fry

Cameron O’Halloran

Gwen Pfleger

Sofia Roman

Brynn Stambaugh

Dayde Stambaugh

Margaret Swift

Desirae Wallace – Senior

Caroline Ward

2023 Girls Varsity Basketball Team Senior

2023 Girls JV Basketball Team

2023 Girls JV Basketball Team Roster

Annabelle Calvo

Sarah Engel

Ryane Johnson

Emma Kramer

Gwen Pfleger

Dayde Stambaugh

Savannah Truax

26 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Basketball Desirae Wallace

Soccer 2023 Boys Varsity Soccer Team

Coach Danny Vazquez is in his third season as Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer team. Coach Danny Vazquez joins Verot Soccer after spending three years coaching in Northern California. During those three years, Danny worked with a variety of levels, ages U5 to U18, both boys and girls with organizations such as Livermore Fusion SC, Moreau Catholic HS, and CalNorth Olympic Development Program (ODP). He is excited to further the development of the Verot Boys soccer program.

BVHS.org | 27
Varsity Head Coach Danny Vasquez Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Diego Barreto Erik Gomez Not pictured: Acelya Aydogmus, Assistant Coach


2023 Boys Varsity Soccer Roster

Anthony Becker

Peyton Bender – Senior Raul Blandon

Gabriel Cunha

Jayden Danis

Marcus Esposito

Jack Fish

Ryan Gadson – Senior

Jack Helgemo – Senior

Jeremy Huffman

Tyler Kerr

Ty Kolaczynski

Logan Lampitt

Dylan Lukosaitis

Nathan Matias

Andres Monge

Von Schwierking

Vincent Tarquino

Brody Wilson

2023 Boys Varsity Soccer Team Seniors

28 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Soccer Soccer Peyton Bender Jack Helgemo


2023 Boys JV Soccer Team

2023 Boys JV Soccer Roster

Brady Albrecht

Vance Byrd

Matthew Daquino

Dylan Gonczy

Nathan Hewitt

Matthew Huff

Jeremy Huffman

Nicholas Jorgenson

Colton Lamb

Samuel Meyers

Jayden Ramirez

Vincent Tarquino

Teagan Tracey

BVHS.org | 29
JV Head Coach Erik Gomez


2023 Girls Varsity Soccer Team

2023 Girls Varsity Soccer Team Roster

Lily Bobin – Senior

Chloe Brown – Senior

Alexis Crisman

Lila Dinkel

Kylie Dutton – Senior

Gianna Fabrizi

Jillian Haataja

Ava Irion – Senior

Piper Kelleher – Senior

Jordan Mikolajski – Senior

Alyvia Mueller

Lillian Murnane – Senior

Katherine Pelkofski

Caroline Pelkofski

Gianna Perry

Ava Rogers

Jaida Schwartz – Senior

Lea Scotti

Lindsey Walsh – Senior

30 | B&G Fall 2023/2024


Acelya Aydogmus is in her first season as Head Coach for the Varsity Girls Soccer team, after a season serving as an assistant coach for the boys soccer program. After serving as goalie for Mariner High School she went on to play collegiately at Division 1 Northwestern University and Troy University. She holds four records at NSU including most career shutouts, most consecutive shutouts, most shutouts in a single-season, and best goals against average. Coach Aydogmus has extensive coaching experience as well, including the Goalkeeper Director for the Cape Coral Cyclones, head coach for the Cyclones U18/19 Girls Soccer team, and assistant coach for the Cyclones U8 Girls team.

BVHS.org | 31
Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Robert Irion Lauren Lockard Christine Mastandrea Varsity Head Coach Acelya Aydogmus


2023 Girls Varsity Soccer Team Seniors

32 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Lily Bobin Ava Irion Lillian Murnane Chloe Brown Piper Kelleher Jaida Schwartz Jordan Mikolajski Lindsey Walsh Not pictured: Kylie Dutton


2023 Varsity Dance Team

2023 Varsity Dance Team Roster

Caylee Boeder

Celia DeMartino

Nora Drake

Hailey Fischer

Sophia Gebara

Bailey Joslin

Aliza Litvak – Senior

Makayla Mitchell

Camilla Motley

Janinalee Plancher

Rebekah Porter

Casey Sackman

Isa Scala

Kate Wilson

BVHS.org | 33


Coach Kelly Metevia is in her fifth season as Head Coach of the Dance Program. Kelly grew up outside of Detroit and has been dancing since she was 7 years old at a local studio. From there, she was a member of her high school dance team and a 3-year varsity letter recipient. Her senior year, the team was ranked top 10 in the nation. After high school, she made the dance team at Central Michigan University and enjoyed cheering the Chippewas to victory at football and basketball games. The Verot Dance Team has had a great time performing at halftime of football games, basketball games and school events. The team also enters competitions and placed in the top 5 in the hip hop category in the 2022 regional competition. Kelly is excited to see the dance program at Verot grow each year.

2023 Varsity Dance Team Senior

34 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Varsity Head Coach Kelly Metevia Varsity Assistant Coach Kristi Competitive Dance Aliza Litvak


2023 JV Dance Team

2023 JV Dance Team Roster

McKenna Biehl

Samantha Caraccia

Dylan Cobian

Amanda Dente

Flavia Hernandez

Dylan Kendrick

Sophie Lewis

Ela Vatthyam

BVHS.org | 35


2023 Boys Wrestling Team

2023 Boys Wrestling Team Roster

Arya Agarwal

Justin Antonelli

Jack Benaitis

Sean Cameron

Alejandro Carbonell

Peter Ciano

Manuel Colon

Gabriel Cruz

Joseph Day

Solomon Edwards

Dashiell Fu – Senior

Noah Hegi-Jones

Cael Horton – Senior

Renn Horton

Mario Jacome

Mikhail Keenan

Ty Martinez

Preston Moyer

Eddie Nolan – Senior

Broderick Norris – Senior

Javier Paredes

Tiago Passos

Daniel Perez

Vincent Raphael – Senior

Niko Richmond – Senior

Ethan Swanson

Bennett Sweitzer

Hudson Sweitzer

Abraham Vasquez

Lorenzo Vasquez

36 | B&G Fall 2023/2024


2023 Girls Wrestling Team

2023 Girls Wrestling Team Roster

Lainey Hooper

Anna Lesniak

Marison Manrique-Beltram

Kenna Martinez – Senior

Kendall Sullivan – Senior

Isabella Tarquino

Gabriella Vasquez – Senior

BVHS.org | 37
Not pictured – Kenna Martinez


Coach Gerry Braun is in his second year as Head Coach of the Wrestling program. He brings 17 years of coaching experience to Verot, having coached 97 state qualifiers, 44 state pacers, 6 state champions, and 5 AllAmericans. Coach Braun also started the wrestling program at Gateway HS and in its 1st year the team went 18-10 in duals, had 9 Regional qualifiers and 2 State qualifiers. Coach Braun began his coaching career in Georgia after graduating from Anderson College (SC), where he was a NCAA national Qualifier. Coach Braun has also been a 5-time national team coach for Team Georgia and Team Florida.

38 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Wrestling Head Coach Gerry Braun Wrestling Asst Coach Dave Manzi Not pictured: Assistant Coach Chris Latagne


2023 Wrestling Team Seniors






Wrestling Wrestling

BVHS.org | 39
Kendall Sullivan Gabriella Vasquez Cael Horton Vincent Raphael Eddie Nolan Niko Richmond Broderick Norris Not pictured: Dashiell Fu and Kenna Martinez

Girls Weightlifting

2023 Girls Weightlifting Team

Kyle Harding is in his first season as the Head Coach for Girls Weightlifting. Kyle has a diverse background, having worked in the medical field prior to transitioning to coaching and teaching. He is also in his second year on the Verot faculty as a member of the Science Department. He and his wife, Stephanie, reside in Cape Coral with their five-year old daughter.

40 | B&G Fall 2023/2024
Head Coach Kyle Harding Assistant Coach Dave Villegas

Girls Weightlifting

2023 Girls Weightlifting Team Roster

Sara Barrise – Senior

Payton Breadmore

Isabella Bruggeman-Munoz

Abigail Goff

Lainey Hooper

Crimson Lawrence

Anna Lesniak

Kenna Martinez – Senior

Melanie Moreno

Rosalie Riley

Addison Slaybaugh

Kendall Sullivan – Senior

Shiloh Teeter

Alexalys Torres

Samntha Traiger – Senior

Tianna Wolfson

2023 Girls Weightlifting Team Seniors



Not pictured: Kenna Martinez and Samantha Traiger

BVHS.org | 41
Sara Barrise Kendall Sullivan

Alumni Sports

DEAGLAN CAMRON ʼ23 mount union football

Camron was the starting kicker during his freshman season at Mount Union, one of the best NCAA Division III programs in the nation. Camron made 12 field goals during his first season of college football, and helped the Purple Raiders to an undefeated regular season. Camron, who also handled kickoff duties for Mount Union, drilled a season-long 44 yard field goal to end the first half in a national tournament game against Alma.

MADISON THOMAS ʼ22 ave maria cross country

Thomas’ first season running cross country at Ave Maria was a successful one, as the sophomore helped the Gyrenes to a conference runner-up finish in the NAIA Sun Conference. Thomas, who contributed to Ave Maria’s team score consistently throughout the season, ran the conference championship course in a personal record of 24:37.1, finishing in 15th place and nearly earning AllConference recognition.

KENDAL GARGIULA '22 fgcu soccer

FGCU’s women’s soccer program returned to the NCAA Tournament this season, and Gargiula was a major reason why. Gargiula scored eight goals during her sophomore season, including four game-winning goals during FGCU’s 12-5-5 campaign. Following the season, the sophomore was named a First Team All-Conference and Second Team All-Region selection, as well as an ASUN AllTournament Team pick.

JAELIN WILLIS ʼ21 keiser football

In his three seasons at Keiser, Willis has been one of the best defensive players in all of NAIA football. The junior became the school's alltime leading tackler during the 2023 season, where he logged 77 total tackles and 11.5 tackles for loss. The 2021 Verot grad forced seven fumbles during the season, which saw Keiser win The Sun Conference title. Willis was selected as an All-American for the second season in a row, and helped the Seahawks to the national championship game.

42 | B&G Winter 2023/2024


north carloina wesleyan volleyball

Playing in her second season for the NCAA Division III member, Bravo appeared in eleven matches and 38 total sets for the Battling Bishops. Bravo ended the season with 82 total digs, averaging more than two per set. She had at least ten digs in each of her final four appearances, including 12 digs each, a career high, in matches against Southern Virginia, Brevard, and Methodist.


tusculum football

Mira had an outstanding senior season at Tusculum, an NCAA Division II member in Tennessee. The defensive lineman ended the season with a career-high 42 total tackles, including eight tackles for loss and four sacks. His best game of the season came in an October matchup with Emory & Henry, where he finished with six tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and a pass deflection. Mira helped the Pioneers to a conference championship game and a winning record in 2023.

MARC TAGLIERI ʼ20 bryant football

Taglieri had the best of his four seasons at Bryant, recording career highs in catches and receiving yards. The tight end pulled down touchdown receptions in games against Long Island and Charleston Southern, both of which were Bryant victories. The senior recorded at least one catch in more than half of the Bulldogs’ games, including three contests - against Rhode Island, Robert Morris, and Eastern Illinois - where he recorded multiple catches.


samford football

Joe Mera concluded his college football career with an outstanding fifth season at Samford. The graduate student played all eleven games for the Bulldogs, ending the season with 8.5 tackles for loss and five sacks. Mera had at least one tackle in nine of eleven games, and finished his Samford career with 116 total tackles. He also made an impact on special teams, helping to key a victory over VMI in October with a 35 yard run on a fake punt.

BVHS.org | 43 Alumni Sports

Alumni Association - Staying Connected

It was great to see a few alumni join us at Millennial Brewing for the annual Ugly Sweater Alumni Gathering in December.

We also had a couple of special alumni join us in Viking Stadium recently - Daniel Vogelbach ’11 of the New York Mets and Thad Ward ’15 of the Washington Nationalscame out to support our current Viking athletes.

And finally, we are grateful for the alumni who continue to support Bishop Verot through the attendance at our many fundraising events. This fall, we welcomed some familiar faces joining the fun at the Champions Club Golf Tournament.

As classes begin planning for the 2024 Class Reunions, we would invite you to consider Homecoming Weekend for your events. It is a great way to reconnect with your high school and kick-off the weekend celebrations. The dates for next year will be set in late Spring.

Please also be sure to follow the new Bishop Verot Alumni Association Facebook page (even if you have already done so – the page has been updated). Our new Assistant Director of Special Events, Donor and Alumni Relations is working hard to connect with our alumni and Facebook is a great resource. Please also consider updating your contact information at bvhs.org. BG

44 | B&G Winter 2023/2024



Zach has recently taken on the Executive Director role at the SL24 UnLocke the Light Foundation. Sean Locke, who wore #24, was a University of Delaware basketball player who took his own life in 2018. Since his death, his friends and family created SL24 UnLocke the Light to educate, assist, and support youth on their mental health journey. Zach, and his wife, Maggie, are expecting their first child in February. The family resides in Wilmington, Delaware.

Michael and Allison Weinstein were married on October 21, 2022 at Disney World’s Wedding Pavilion in Orlando, Florida. The couple currently resides in Rockville Centre, New York, where they are preparing for the arrival of their first child in April 2024.



Robert was advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer on September 29th, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany. Throughout his 14 years of service in the United States Navy, he has completed tours of duty in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tampa, Florida, two tours of duty in Manama, Bahrain, and Norfolk, Virginia and is currently assigned to US Special Operations Command, Africa, in Stuttgart, Germany. He completed a deployment to Shindand, Afghanistan in 2012 and a deployment aboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) to the Middle East in 2019. Additionally, in April 2023, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in History from American Military University graduating with Cum Laude honors.

Amanda graduated from Barry University School of Law in May 2023. After passing the bar, she has accepted a position with the State Attorney Office, working with Amira Fox.


Brenda and Michael Bastberg are excited to announce their engagement. The couple is planning a January 2025 wedding. Brenda recently accepted a position as Assistant Property Manager for Hudson Properties. The couple resides in Pennsylvania.

BVHS.org | 45 Alumni News

Senior Athletic Signing Celebrations

A number of our senior-athletes have signed their National Letters of Intent to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.

Jason Bello - USF - baseball

Morgan Franklin - Samford - golf

Maddix Simpson - Ohio State - baseball

Owen Rodriguez - Wingate - lacrosse

Matthew Moreno - Barry University - baseball

Curtis Couillard - Union College - baseball

Marissa Peck - Spring Hill - beach volleyball

Leroy Roker - The Ohio State - football

Timmy Lawson - U of North Carolina - football/baseball

Parker Turner - Air Force Academy - football

Football Team Serves at Nursing Home

The Bishop Verot Football team took some time off from practice for an afternoon of service. Highpoint at Cape Coral, a senior living facility, recently held a tailgate for their residents with the Verot players serving up hotdogs, burgers, and smiles. It was a great opportunity to serve, share stories and bring lots of joy to the residents.

46 | B&G Winter 2023/2024 School

Vikings for Heroes Club

With over 60,000 Veterans in Lee County, the goal of Vikings for Heroes is to serve the community of heroes in our area and beyond. They recognize the importance of their service to our country, and hope to inspire others through their support.

So far this school year, Vikings for Heroes have participated in events both honoring and serving our veteran community.  In September, with the help of the National Honor Society, members welcomed home veterans from Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a national organization transporting veterans to Washington D.C.

to honor and celebrate their service and sacrifice to our great nation. NHS members were able to provide a letter for every veteran attending this flight during mail call and our members were waiting at RSW to welcome them home from their flight. Numerous times throughout the year, members visit the VA clinic to assist with the bi-monthly food bank. Members visit with veterans, help them gather needed supplies, and assist them to their vehicles. Finally, they held a fundraiser this fall, allowing them to donate over $1,000 to help fund the Holiday 4 Heroes project, the Brotherhood of Heroes, and Salty Pirate Charter. The Holiday 4 Heroes project provides care packages to the homeless veteran population in Lee County, Salty Pirate Charters offers veterans full-day excursions, and the Brotherhood of Heroes is committed to helping first responders, both active-duty and veteran military personnel, and their families in the Cape Coral area.

Special Populations Thanksgiving Celebration

Members of the National Honor Society hosted young people from the City of Cape Coral Special Populations for a fun afternoon of Thanksgiving celebrations. Participants enjoyed a game of pin the feather on the turkey, decorated their own turkeys, and enjoyed some holiday treats. These times together mean as much to our students as it does to the participants and we are thankful for the blessing of this program! BG

BVHS.org | 47 School News

Showcasing Artistic Talent Through COLLABORATIONArtistic

Bishop Verot’s Performing Arts offers an opportunity for the actors, actresses, singers and musicians to shine. They can shine a little brighter with the help of Verot’s Fine Arts Department.

Collaboration is at the forefront of education, encouraging our students to work together and understand the value of teamwork. This year’s presentation of Little Women exemplified this, giving purpose to artists both on and off the stage.

Coach Mike Gill believes in the importance of building things with your hands. The sense of accomplishment, typically followed by a smile and the sharing of a gift, be it a tall wooden Christmas tree or a toy truck, is something that he has promoted in his woods class for fifty years. Not only does he encourage

his students to make portable gifts, but he also generously gives of his carpentry talents when he and his students collaborate with Mrs. Clark to craft her stage sets for all of the Verot plays and musicals. This Fall’s production of Little Women was no exception. The show involved over forty students, teachers, and alumni who pooled their talents in stagecraft, tech, lighting, photography, stage make-up, choreography, and graphic design to add even more professional polish to the burgeoning theater program led by Mrs. Lisa Clark.

Based off of Louisa May Alcott’s 1868, autobiographical work, Little Women, the play highlighted the talents of eight seniors in the show, onstage and behind the scenes. Former AP Art Student, Taylor Copeland, used her artistic abilities to create character posters after studying pages in Alcott’s book based on each family member. Taylor also designed the t-shirts and posters for the play, as well as the paint detailing on the March home set. Photography teacher, Stephen Hayford photographed each character in costume so that their portraits could adorn the stage wall of the March family home. Lea Gusmano carefully planned makeup for Caycie Chitwood’s character, Marmee, so that she looked older in Act 2, and she worked to turn Sarah Burns into a convincing “hag.” Livia Kiszka used her artistic talents

48 | B&G Winter 2023/2024 Verot Arts

to apply the makeup for a range of characters in the cast, while Ellie Bonds followed the careful cues that gave the lighting a personality of its own. Andrew Pino and Ellianna Trunkett trained on a professional sound board to be able to mix the sound appropriately for each performance. Hannah Cruz and Nora Drake choreographed and taught some of the dancing scenes throughout the show, as did Carlyn Kelly and Hazel Tracey. The bonds built in the Verot Theater Program this fall strengthen our students’ understanding of what it means to truly collaborate, and even former graduates returned to offer their skills. Verot Alum, Grace Greco, Class of '23, returned to photograph her old friends and revisit the stage where she formed so many fond memories. BG

BVHS.org | 49


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