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Breathing space for jazz EN/ After the digital edition at the beginning of

this year, a new era is dawning for River Jazz. By bringing the festival forward from January to the end of November/beginning of December, the organisers stay out of the way of colleagues at the Brussels Jazz Festival and Djangofolllies. This will give the Brussels jazz lover and musician extra breathing space. The date may have changed, but the concept remains. A sophisticated programme is presented across three venues – Théâtre Marni, Jazz Station, and Le Senghor. It offers a cross-section of established names, with pianist Kris Defoort and saxophonist Toine Thys’ Orlando Project at the forefront, as well as younger musicians yet to be discovered, such as trumpeter Pauline Leblond, who is bringing her double quartet. French double bass player Basile Rahola, although he has not been in Belgium for long, presents brand new material of his recently released album Moments, which he recorded with local musicians. Besides premieres – be sure to check out Moods, the new “party album” by Jazz Station Big Band – there will also be “cartes blanches” as usual. On the opening night, Kris Defoort



opts for an intimate set full of improvisation. For this concert, a sort of antidote to the titanic work required for his recent opera work, he is joined by tuba player/trombonist Michel Massot, flautist Pierre Bernard and guitarist Benjamin Sauzereau. You can also hear locals Jean-Paul Estiévenart and Antoine Pierre inject groove and lyricism into new compositions by French double bass player Géraud Portal, there’s an evening of Swiss jazz, and of poetry by South African Lebo Mashile, sung by Tutu Puoane, a children’s show with pianist Pierre de Surgères and the “Birdland” exhibition by jazz expert Serge Dehaes. The apotheosis of the festival is the River Jazz Night. This time Fabian Fiorini, known from Octurn and MikMâäk among others, will take on various guises. Under the headings “Messe Noire”, “Blanche” and “Transcendent Red”, the pianist and comedian presents various facets of his musicianship solo, in duo and in group (including a string quartet). (TP) RIVER JAZZ 25/11 > 11/12, various locations,


Sissende, suizende solo NL/ Het Gentse Grensgeval maakt zintuiglijke

circusvoorstellingen die kinderfantasie koppelen aan zaken die ook volwassenen nog kunnen interesseren. Hun ingenieuze voorstelling Murmur focust, zoals de titel doet vermoeden, op geluiden als fluisteren, murmelen, brommen, morren, kabbelen en klateren. Op de scène ene Camiel (Corneille), wiens acrobatische toeren een extra dimensie krijgen met allerlei suggestieve geluidseffecten afkomstig uit goed verstopte of vervaarlijk rondzwaaiende luidsprekers. Zo krijg je een nu eens vervelend zoemend, dan weer zalig ruisend acrobatisch concert, dat jong en oud verwondert en doet lachen. (MB)

GRENSGEVAL: MURMUR 28/11, 15.00, 4+, Bronks,


Question de volonté ?

FR/ Entre réalité et fiction, fantaisie et introspection, la metteuse en scène Florence Minder lance sept personnages fantasques dans un récit à tiroirs qui s’interroge sur ce qui nous pousse à agir quand naît cet irrépressible désir de « faire quelque chose ». Mélangeant les langues et les histoires avec subtilité et jubilation, la comédienne, autrice et metteuse en scène nous mène de surprise en surprise dans un puzzle tantôt drôle, tantôt émouvant, et toujours humain. Avec ce spectacle choral, Florence Minder poursuit la recherche entamée avec Saison 1 sur la place des fictions dans nos vies. Et sur cette petite musique, qui sur un pas de danse, nous fait glisser de l’individuel au collectif. (GB)

FAIRE QUELQUE CHOSE (C’EST LE FAIRE, NON ?) 25/11 > 4/12, Théâtre Varia,


Shirt stories EN/ Ahilan Ratnamohan, Boubacar Barry,

Issouf Ilboudo, Lia Conceiçao, Lisa Maes, Lucie Anakete, Mahy Nambiar, Oumar Diallo, Sergio Belo Fanck and Alimu Mahammad: those are the names that make up a team of sportsmen and performers who have put together a performance on the theme of football shirts. Le Maillot – One Size Fits All was created at the Globe Aroma open arts centre and approaches the stretchy piece of fabric as a cultural, fashionable, nationalistic, flat commercial and therefore in every way multicoloured phenomenon, which they tackle with dance, photography, fashion, video and athletic prowess. (MB) AHILAN RATNAMOHAN & GLOBE AROMA: LE MAILLOT – ONE SIZE FITS ALL 26 > 28/11, Kaaistudio’s,