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Employment Services Program HIT Inc., providing jobs to people with disabilities.


Member Profile Interstate Engineering


Connection Earns MACE Award Chamber Connection wins Publication of the Year for the third time in five years.

CHAMBER CONNECTION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Brenda Nagel..................................................................................................................... Chair Ron Day .................................................................................................................... Chair-Elect Wayne Munson............................................................................................................ Secretary Craig Larson.................................................................................................................Treasurer Perrie Schafer ............................................................................................................ Past Chair BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brenda Nagel............ Independent Consultant Tracy Kindem. H.A. Thompson and Sons Dan Pearson �����������������������������Northwest Tire Jasper Schneider ������������������������������������ NISC Wayne Munson �������������������� Indigo Signworks Dr. Blake Feil. Feil Orthodontics Greg Vetter �������������������������University of Mary Nick Hacker. ND Guaranty and Title Ron Day......................Tesoro Mandan Refinery Heather Fried . Fried Financial Services Inc. Perrie Schafer ���������������� Schafer Financial Inc. Molly Herrington ����������������������������������������KLJ Jeff Herman ������������������������������������Petro Hunt Valerie Weigel. Basin Electric Cooperative Craig Larson ���������������������������������Starion Bank Chris Jones ND Dept. of Human Services Kevin Magstadt ������������������ Wenck Associates Chad Hatzenbuhler...... Bank of North Dakota Paul Brucker ������������������� Railway Credit Union Shannon Reichenberg ���������� Diversity Homes Stacey Breuer ��������������������������Bobcat/Doosan Scott Staudinger...................Cloverdale Foods Mike Nathe................ Bismarck Funeral Home

CHAMBER STAFF Scott Meske................................................................................................................ President Annie Bergrud.........................................................................................Chief Financial Officer David Leingang............................................................................ Community Growth Director Mary Masters................................................................................. Office Support Professional Ryan Parsons........................................................................................................Vice President Rebecca Rattei................................................................................ Communications Specialist Amanda Schwieters......................................................................... Member Services Director Chelse Simon..................................................................................Membership Sales Director Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Anderson ........................ Communications Specialist/ LBM Director Karly Palczewski...............................................................................Marketing & Events Intern

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Chamber Connection Earns MACE Award Accepting Applications for Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Student Chamber Commences


Fridays at the Chamber Lemonade Day June Membership Mixer: Open Road Honda

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Cover Story 4 Member Profile 12 Ask-A-Pro 28 Chamber Perks 30 Chamber Ribbon Cuttings 34 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck, ND 58502 701.223.5660 • www.bismarckmandan.com CONTACT INFORMATION Content: The Chamber - 701.223.5660 rrattei@bismancc.com

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Chair's Corner


t is hard to believe another class has graduated from Leadership Bismarck-Mandan. Congratulations to our 2017 Leadership Bismarck Mandan graduates! The project presentations were a great testament to the enthusiasm and level of leadership each of you will share with our community in years to come. Thank you to Cathryn Sprynczynatyk from the Chamber Staff for all the work that went into this year’s successful Leadership Program. This month, we are very excited for our first ever Lemonade Day in our communities. What is Lemonade Day, and why did the Chamber decide to offer this program? Lemonade Day is a national program that teaches young people the basics of starting and operating their own business – through selling lemonade. Each participant receives a packet of information and a workbook that takes him or her through lessons to plan, construct and operate a lemonade stand. In addition, there is a mentor workbook to help guide the adult “business consultant” for the young entrepreneur as they go through the process. On June 17, young business owners will set up their lemonade stands around town to show off their businesses. Currently we have more than 300 business packets distributed in Mandan and Bismarck, so June 17 should be a sweet time to travel through our communities! At the end of the day, we’ll have a gathering at Kiwanis Park to recognize our young entrepreneurial achievements and thank everyone who participated. We are fortunate to have David Leingang on the Chamber staff, who along with our Young Professionals Network and other volunteers helped get this program off the ground. I want to congratulate Ryan Parsons, Rebecca Rattei, Cathryn Sprynczynatyk and the entire staff for receiving the Mid-America Chamber Executive’s (MACE) Best Printed Publication award for 2016-17 at the recent MACE Conference in Sioux Falls. We are proud to have the staff’s hard work recognized by their peers with this award. I look forward to seeing you at Fridays at the Chamber on June 9; the Chamber Scramble Golf Outing on June 12; and the Member Mixer at Open Road Honda on June 22.

- Brenda Nagel Chair, Board of Directors

twitter.com/bismanchamber facebook.com/bismanchamber @bismanchamber

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By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Photos by Karly Palczewski

Every business was once a start-up by an enterprising entrepreneur. From Walmart to Walrus Restaurant, every company can be traced back to an individual or group of entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs have hustle, grit and determination. Chamber Connection asked Bismarck-Mandan entrepreneurs what has made their businesses successful. D&N CINEMATICS u Industry: Video Production u Founded: 2012 u Proprietors: Carson Nordgaard David Diebel (Interviewed)

What inspired you to start your business?

DD: My business partner Carson Nordgaard and myself had both been making videos for a long time ... At that time, digital filmmaking had gotten a lot more cost effective. It was cheaper to make video that looked professional with the dawn of (Digital SLR) cameras. We saw a need there for people who didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars and still wanted a professionalquality, finished product.

What have you learned since you started your business?

DD: Every day we’re still learning things. That could mean a new way to do a light set-up or that could be a new effect we want to do on the technical side of things. We’re fortunate because we’ve had the opportunity to do so many things. We’ve done projects for mom and pop shops and corporations; lots of aerial video and live events. We’ve been everywhere from ranches and dairy farms to factories and hospitals. You name it, we’ve probably shot it. The constant opportunity to be learning, that’s what we love about our jobs.

Any advice for others?

DD: Entrepreneurship is about taking risk. Trust your instincts. If you have an idea and think that starting a small business might be for you, try it. There’s nothing really to be afraid of. It seems like a scary first step. But for us, we’ve never looked back. It’s been very rewarding. The main message there is, “Take a risk.”

Carson Nordgaard (center) and Dave Deibel (right) founded D&N Cinematics in 2012 after working together at an ad agency.

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www.bismarckmandan.com Photo Credit: Glasser Images

PROXIMAL50 LIFE CENTER u Industry: Health and Wellness u Founded: December 2015 u Proprietor: Tana Trotter

What inspired you to start your business?

TT: I grew up watching my dad who started his own business. That really inspired me. I wanted to have that pride of starting your own business and starting something from the ground up … I always knew I wanted to own a business. As I kept going in school, didn’t know what to do, I started working in Bismarck and took the plunge.

What sets your business apart from others in your industry?

TT: A lot of times you go see a doctor or physical therapist, and they’re just wanting to give you a Band-Aid and push you out the door to see the next person. We really focus more on Tana Trotter (top) said she always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur after growing up watching her dad start a business. long-term health and wellness and not just the immediate. We focus on behavior, exercise and food. These can bring the results on slower, however, they tend to last longer.

Do any milestones stand out?

TT: The first year was a huge milestone. I feel like someone who has a kid and you kept that kid alive for a year. Now that we’ve been open long enough, and people have stuck with their programs we have seen the results of what we’re trying to do here.

Any advice for other entrepreneurs?

TT: Really evaluate if you do have that passion and if you are willing to put in those 90 hour weeks and 16 hour days. I’m almost a year and a half in and I’m still doing that. How bad do you want it? (Ask yourself,) “Am I okay not taking any vacation? Am I okay not seeing my friends and family as much? Do I really want to be an entrepreneur?” People talk about having business plan, marketing — none of that can save you if you don’t really have the passion beyond it.

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FEATURE PROMINENT TECHNOLOGY, INC. u Industry: IT services and solutions u Founded: 2009 u Proprietor: Alan Peltz

What inspired you to start your business?

AP: I was going to build this (software) product, but I didn’t have enough capital at the time to start this business. So I started as a consultant ... I told myself as soon as the billable work would run out, I would start building this product. That was in 2009. The billable work has never run out.

Do any milestones stand out?

Alan Peltz (left) said the thing that sets apart Prominent Technology is the staff, which he called the “Prominent Posse.”

AP: • We started out as consultants doing subcontracting work. One of the first milestones was getting that first direct vendor relationship with a customer. • The first time we signed a master service agreement with a Fortune 500 company • Moving out of our basement. I worked from home until mid-2015. At one point there were six people working from my basement. • Taking myself out of the role of being a billable consultant and focusing on how to build the company full-time. My last full-time billable hour was in April.

6 | Chamber Connection

What have you learned since you started your business?

AP: The things I wish I would have concentrated on earlier are focusing on developing relationships and trust with everyone — with the customer and the employees. I always knew developing relationships and trust is a big thing in business. I didn’t realize how big, especially in IT ... When you’re going to go and make a big IT system (for a customer) that the staff is going to have to live with for the next 10 years, they need to be able to trust you. Once our customers know they can trust us, they are extremely loyal.


What sets your business apart from others in your industry?

TAYLOR MADE BBQ u Industry: Texas-style barbecue u Founded: December 2016 u Proprietors: Adam Taylor Kendra Taylor (Interviewed)

What inspired you to start your business?

KT: Adam is an agricultural pilot, and it left our family long distance for the past five years, and that was really hard. He and I both love to cook and host and we’ve done a multitude of backyard barbecues. It only made sense to open our own restaurant. And it seems to have worked, because we’ve had really good success. We really wanted something that brought our family closer together rather than being apart for half the year.

KT: The distinguishing factor between us and anywhere else is that we wholeheartedly believe in not using leftover food. We believe in using what we use when it’s fresh and not reheating any of our foods. We try to keep it as fresh as possible, so that when you come in you can rest assured you’re having a fresh meal not something that was reheated form earlier in the day. I think that’s pretty unusual for a restaurant to do.

What are your thoughts on the state of entrepreneurship in Bismarck-Mandan?

KT: The only thing that could possibly be better is more knowledge of resources available to get your business going. I really think the (business) climate here is nothing but amazing.

Adam (left) and Kendra Taylor opened the doors of Taylor Made BBQ in December 2016 after they gained experience hosting a multitude of family barbecues.

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By Hannah Straw, Clearwater Communications HIT, Inc. (HIT) was established in August 1979 with a vision to support people with disabilities through self-directed services that promote independence, dignity and respect. In its beginning, HIT had little to no staff and no funding for programs until 1981. In the past 8 years, HIT has grown exponentially, doubling its employees and revenues.

With its administrative Matthew H., and HIT Inc,’s Megan Neuberger at Kmart. offices in Mandan, the company currently employs ESP was inspired when state and federal funding was approximately 650 people throughout the Bismarck, made available for agencies like HIT to provide job Mandan and Dickinson areas. “HIT goes to great lengths development and job coaching support to people to not only find, but retain the best people to work with with disabilities. This funding enabled HIT to help the the children and adults we support,” says HIT Chief people it supports become employed and involved Operation Officer Jeff Essler. in their communities. “Through ESP, we have seen so many positive changes in our communities that have HIT’s ability to review areas of need and propose transitioned into communities of inclusion for the creative and quality services for those with disabilities is people we support,” says HIT SEP/Vocational Manager one of the many reasons it is so successful to date. Josh Villbrandt.

Employment Services Program

HIT offers a variety of programs such as residential and day services for people with intellectual disabilities, rehabilitation for brain injuries, transitional programs, life skills and services for children. The organization’s Employment Services Program (ESP) provides job development, job placement and coaching services to assist individuals with disabilities in acquiring gainful and competitive employment.

8 | Chamber Connection

Most of the people HIT supports come to them through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). From the initial referral to HIT’s services, individuals are assigned their own employment specialist they use as a resource to help achieve their employment goal. Together they work on resume writing, introductions, application completion, interviewing practice and other pre- employment skills. “The process is very personcentered, as they choose the amount of help they receive from the employment specialist as well as where they would like to focus on for their employment,” says Villbrandt.

www.bismarckmandan.com Derek K. and Mindi Wheeler, manager, at Caribou Coffee.

Paul Bjergaard has been working at a McDonalds in Bismarck for seven years. He started washing dishes and has worked his way up to the grill. His manager, Alex Allen, calls him his “Swiss Army Knife,” as he is an extremely flexible employee who is willing to help out wherever there is a need. Bjergaard credits his job coach for assisting him in landing his job at McDonalds, where he has learned how to manage money, the importance of teamwork and, most importantly, develop solid relationships with his coworkers who he is known to joke around with frequently. “Paul is more relaxed, confident, willing to try new things and is just overall happy to be here,” remarks Allen. “ESP is an exceptional program that I would recommend to any business. I think people would be surprised to learn how talented and hardworking those with disabilities are if you take the time to teach them the skills they need to know.”

The Future of HIT

As for the future of HIT and ESP, a recent trend in legislation passed on the Federal level appears to have a greater focus on the employment of those with disabilities. HIT hopes to see a continued trend toward helping people with disabilities become employed in their communities, says Villbrandt. “We are excited as we see a bright future for the people we support, the businesses we work with and the citizens of our communities as education and awareness continues to spread about the abilities of those HIT supports.” Once individuals receive jobs, employment specialists switch roles and act like a job coach, specifically helping individuals learn the job, as well as providing support to the business. Support provided for individuals can be long-term or short-term, and the main goal is for the individuals to become as independent as possible through their time on the job.

Client-Employer Relationships

“We are often asked, ‘what do you do?’ or ‘where do you work?’ In most cases, our answer gives us a great sense of accomplishment, but those with disabilities aren’t always able to answer that question,” explains Villbrandt. Employing individuals with disabilities helps them be included in their community by earning wages, making friends and paying taxes, all of which also bring money back into the local economy. But the employee isn’t the only one who benefits from ESP; the program also helps to diversify business. “The continued relationship between HIT clients and businesses in the communities is extremely important, as countless successful relationships have developed thanks to ESP,” says Villbrandt. Chamber Connection | 9





MEMBER PROFILE Featuring Eric Urness


Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within the organization. A: Eric Urness, Professional Engineer and the Central Region Vice President. I have been an engineer with Interstate Engineering for nearly 20 years. Starting in Jamestown, I moved to the Bismarck-Mandan area in 2014 and have loved getting to know the area better and becoming part of the community.

Q: Briefly tell us the history of Interstate Engineering. A: Interstate Engineering was founded in Jamestown in 1976. It has since expanded to 16 offices throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Wyoming. In 2000, we became employee-owned which has engaged employees further. Throughout our 40-year history, Interstate Engineering has worked with municipal, county, state, tribal and private clients in the areas of civil engineering, surveying and planning.

10 | Chamber Connection

Q: What differentiates Interstate Engineering from its competitors? A: Interstate Engineering combines the personal interaction of a small firm with the resources available through a larger firm. Our network of offices allows us to engage in the communities where we work as this is also where we live. We are committed to the areas and regions. That personal commitment translates into our work and the services we provide for clients.

Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Interstate Engineering? A: There have been more firms with similar services coming into the area. This has challenged us to do better and go beyond the expectations for our clients. The growth has also created a lot of opportunity for our firm to highlight our talents and bring necessary services to areas that need assistance.

www.bismarckmandan.com Q: What industry trends are taking place? A: Alternative designs are available for road and street designs to help reduce project costs without sacrificing quality and design life. Cement treated subgrades or base, recycled asphalt pavements, scrub seal technologies are a few examples of how we can make funds stretch further.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Technology is another example and a technology Interstate Engineering is utilizing more. This is used for pressure water main applications as well as sewer. The method not only minimize disruption to the public but also reduce costs while providing a longterm solution. With the use in water mains, there is a 99% success rate in service reinstatement after the project. The lining systems are a structural pipe within a pipe boasting 50 years of use after the original pipe is gone.

So You’re Saying You Work With Small Businesses?


Q: Have there been any monumental changes in the industry that you’ve had to deal with? A: Technology continues to further the industry and we continue to grow along with that. Drone technology has advanced survey capabilities. New technologies to improve utility repairs has allowed for stronger fixes with less community disruption. Computer programs continue to advance to provide more accurate and visually appealing results for clients. As the industry changes, we work to move at that pace, allowing our staff to continue to learn and grow as well as bringing better end results to each client. When it comes right down to it, all you have to

Q: What does the future of Interstate Engineering look like and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: Interstate Engineering is an established firm and we believe we will continue to have a presence in the Upper Midwest for years to come.

do is remember one thing about us: we just love giving loans to businesses like yours.1 Stop by our Main Office today, and ask about the Small Business Administration (SBA) programs available for your business expansion, start-up or purchase.

Q: Interstate Engineering became a member in 1995, why do you continue to renew each year? A: The Chamber of Commerce is a connecting point that offers the opportunity for education, community understanding and business advocacy. There is a lot of value in being an active member in the Chamber. We continue to support it because the Chamber works to support our business and a thriving community. Q: What should Chamber members know about Interstate Engineering that may assist them? A: We offer engineering, surveying and planning services. Our surveying services are often utilized by land owners, attorneys, and realtors for accurate property lines and elevation certificates. We strive for client retention as well as growth and work on projects that range from hundreds of dollars to tens of millions of dollars.


Top SBA Lender In North Dakota 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

204 W. Thayer Ave., Bismarck • 255-0042

It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal.

www.capcu.org 1

Based on credit approval. Federally insured by NCUA.

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BISMARCK-MANDAN CHAMBER RECEIVES PUBLICATION OF THE YEAR The Mid-America Chamber Executives Association has named the BismarckMandan Chamber of Commerce as the winner of their “Publication of the Year” award for the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber Connection magazine.

The award is given for going above and beyond with a chamber publication such as newsletters, e-newsletters, directories and other publications created for their members.

Chamber Connection magazine won “Publication of the Year” at the 2017 Mid-America Chamber Executives conference.

These annual awards recognize a publication that has shown innovation, relevance to the organization, quality content, originality, and audience engagement tactics that provide a benchmark for other organizations to follow. MACE is made up of chamber professionals belonging to their state chamber executive organization or state chamber of commerce in the six-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. MACE is the go-to organization for chamber news, resources and networking in the Upper Midwest.

12 | Chamber Connection

The awards committee was impressed with our Chamber’s ability to create an informative and engaging magazine that not only focuses on the chamber members, but also pulls the community into their publication. The newsletter is integrated with community and chamber news for relevant and timely business information. All designed to create a broad community appeal. Other finalists for the award were the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce (ND), Metro Profile & Member Directory and the Washington Chamber of Commerce (IA), Washington Iowa Community Resource Guide.


Leadership BismarckMandan is BISMARCK - MANDAN now accepting applications for the class of 2018. Up to 18 applicants will be accepted into the program. Participants delve into today’s most compelling issues. Community experts create issue day sessions on topics relevant to the Bismarck-Mandan area, including: economic development, energy, natural resources, agriculture, human services, law enforcement, military, emergency services, arts, leisure, education, legislation, political involvement, faith, ethics and values. Most issue days are 1/2 day. Highlights of the program include a full day energy tour of Coal Country, a full day retreat and a graduation ceremony. Following the issue days, the class will divide into groups, select a community project about which they are passionate and work to make that field project into reality. Applications are available online at www. bismarckmandan.com/pages/LeadershipBismarckMandan. Any questions, contact Cathryn at 701-2235660. Applications are due Aug. 1, 2017. Program begins Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017.

NON-PROFIT & SMALL BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Thanks to the generosity of Gate City Bank, Exploring Leadership Soulutions-Dave Leingang and Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association, who will be sponsoring scholarships to qualifying candidates. Please contact Cathryn at the Chamber to find out more about a Leadership Bismarck-Mandan scholarship.


WHO’S READY FOR THE PAR TEE! Oh hello June, we are excited to see you! The month of June marks our Annual Chamber Golf Scramble which is scheduled for Monday, June 12th at Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck. Join us and several Chamber members for an exciting, interactive 18-hole scramble.



Registration starts at 10:30am with an 11:30 shotgun start. Players will compete in teams of four. You may either sign up individually ($175/person), and we will assign you with three players, or as a full team of four ($700/team). You’ll receive a boxed lunch when you check-in and instructions for where to go. While on the course you will be provided with beverages, snacks, and other fun activities provided by our hole sponsors. Spots fill up quickly, so don’t wait to registration! Call 701-223-5660 or email aschwieters@bismancc.com for a registration form. Presenting Sponsor:

Hole Sponsors: Eide Ford-Lincoln, Odney, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, Eide Bailly, The Window and Door Store, BNC National Bank, Network Center, McQuade Distributing, Amy Hullet - Century 21 Landmark Realty, Ameripride Linen & Apparel, Gangl Hospitality, Ramada Bismarck Hotel and Baymont Inn & Suites, Crowley Fleck, NRG Technology Services, Jerome Distributing, Your Home Improvement Co. Putting Green Sponsor: Liberty Business Systems Tee Sponsor: Amy Hullet - Century 21 Landmark Realty Lunch Sponsors: Basin Electric Power Cooperative & Ulteig Engineers Golf Cart Sponsor: EAPC Architects Engineers Chamber Connection | 13










STUDENT CHAMBER COMMENCEMENT The Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Business and Education Committee selects nine juniors and nine seniors from both public and private schools in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Students are selected based on their academic achievements, as well as how well they can communicate their passions, goals, and life accomplishments. This competitive program had the task of selecting those 18 students out of 25 submitted candidates.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Student Chamber, who graduated from the Bismarck-Mandan Student Chamber of Commerce program on April 20th. Seniors Andrew Feist – Bismarck High School Annika Larson – Century High School Birgen Black – St. Mary’s Central High School Brooke Schulte – Century High School Gracie Grothe – Bismarck High School Heidi Hilz – Legacy High School Kaycee Fry – Mandan High School Laurel Schley – Shiloh Christian School Samantha Power – Mandan High School Juniors Carson Breuer – Mandan High School Gavin Miller – Mandan High School Jack Markle – Legacy High School Parker Ketterling – Shiloh Christian School Paul Schumacher – Dakota Adventist Academy Sheradyn Schmaltz – Legacy High School Tiana Staudinger – Legacy High School Victoria Windsor - St. Mary’s Central High School Kathryn Slavick – Mandan High School Applications for the 2017-2018 Student Chamber of Commerce program are available on the Chamber’s website, www.bismarckmandan.com. Juniors and seniors from both public and private schools are encouraged to apply. Contact David Leingang, dleingang@bismancc.com, or call the Chamber’s office for more information, 701-223-5660. Thank you to the 2016-2017 supporters of the Bismarck-Mandan Student Chamber of Commerce program. Carpet Inc.

14 | Chamber Connection


SQUEEZE A LITTLE SUCCESS INTO YOUR LIFE! June 17th is almost here, but there is still time to register for this year’s Lemonade Day! This program is empowering today’s youth to BISMARCK-MANDAN become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by teaching them how to create, own and operate their own business in the form of a lemonade stand. Parents, Teachers, or Youth Leaders are encouraged to become a mentor and register youth at http:// bismarckmandan.lemonadeday.org. After the mentor and young participants are registered, they should take their confirmation email with them to pick up their Lemonade Day kit at any of the following locations; • Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 5:00pm Fridays from 8:00am - 12:00pm 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck

Main Squeeze Sponsors:

Fresh Squeeze Sponsors:

Media Sponsor:

Lemon Head Sponsors: American Bank Center, Bartlett & West, Bismarck Aero Center, Doosan/Bobcat, Eide Bailly LLP, Exploring Leadership Soulutions, First Western Bank & Trust, Northern Improvement, Co., The Mortgage Co., Mr. Squeegee Window Cleaning, Inc., Superpumper Inc., Trademark Realty, Inc., University of Mary - Tharaldson School of Business, Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network.

• Bank of North Dakota Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm 1200 Memorial HWY, Bismarck • Mandan Brave Center Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm 901 Division St NW, Mandan

• Raging Rivers Water Park Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 5:00pm Fridays from 8:00am – 4:00pm 2600 46th Ave SE, Mandan On June 10th, we invite all registrants of Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan to join us at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA, for a BEST TASTING CONTEST! From 10:00am – 11:30am, come share your prize winning recipe as we have judges select the top three best tasting lemonades to check out on June 17th. Lets show these young entrepreneurs how proud we are of them starting their own business, and please join us on June 17th as we all discover what happens when life gives us lemons! If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please contact David Leingang at dleingang@bismancc.com or call the Chamber at 701-223-5660. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching Lemonade Day Bismarck Mandan, or check out the website, http://bismarckmandan.lemonadeday.org!




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Date: Friday, June 9, 2017 Location: Chamber of Commerce Patio 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Chamber Members Presenting Sponsor:

Date: Monday, June 12, 2017 Location: Hawktree Golf Club 3400 Burnt Creek Loop, Bismarck Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Admission: $175.00 per golfer* *Includes 18 holes, golf cart, lunch, dinner, driving range and tee prize Presenting Sponsor:

Lunch is on us! The Chamber patio is set again and we are excited that this month marks the first member appreciation luncheon of 2017! We are so thankful for your membership, involvement, and all your support throughout the year, so please stop in and accept our small token of appreciation.

Oh hello June, we are excited to see you! The month of June marks our Annual Chamber Golf Scramble which is scheduled for Monday, June 12th at Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck. Join us and several Chamber members for an exciting, interactive 18-hole scramble.

Please RSVP online at www.bismarckmandan.com/ events or email Amanda at aschwieters@bismancc.com so we can have enough food for everyone!

Spots fill up quickly, so don’t wait to register! Call 701-223-5660 or email aschwieters@bismancc.com for a registration form.

For more information visit bismarckcancercenter.com 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100 16 | Chamber Connection


Join us on Friday, June 9th between 11:30am – 1:00pm and enjoy a delicious assortment of brats, carnitas, side dishes and some cool refreshments. There is no cost to attend, so come grab a quick bite to eat with a co-worker or friend, relax on our patio and if you’re feeling active join us in some yard games on the patio!

Registration starts at 10:30am with an 11:30am shotgun start. Players will compete in teams of four. You may either sign up individually ($175/person), and we will assign you with three players, or as a full team of four ($700/team). You’ll receive a boxed lunch when you check-in and instructions for where to go. While on the course you will be provided with beverages, snacks, and other fun activities provided by our hole sponsors.

June 2-4 Rug Rat Softball Tournament June 3

Tractor Trek

June 3


June 10

Volkowitsch Golf Open

June 11

Tenth Ave North Christian Concert

June 17

Harleywood Night Motorcycle Run

June 22

BCC Night at the Bismarck Larks

July 4

Mandan 4th of July Road Race


Let’s show the world what BISMARCK-MANDAN


Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 Location: Bismarck-Mandan and surrounding communities Time: All Day Admission: Free to Attend Main Squeeze Sponsors:

we can do together. Day by day. Project by project. Together we’re building better places that bring the world closer.

Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan will be June 17th This program is empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by teaching them how to create, own and operate their own business in the form of a lemonade stand. These young entrepreneurs will be setting their own hours and establishing partnerships with area businesses to set up shop all around town while they sell their product. With the help of a responsible mentor, they will set goals, make a plan, work the plan, and achieve their dreams. Please join area youth in the Bismarck-Mandan as we discover what happens when life gives us lemons! Register today at, http://bismarckmandan.lemonadeday. org, and get started! If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, please contact David Leingang at dleingang@bismancc.com or call the Chamber at 701-223-5660.

Building a Better World for All of Us Engineers | Architects | Planners | Scientists

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Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 Location: Open Road Honda 4120 Memorial Highway, Mandan Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Date: Thursday, August 17, 2017 Location: Bartlett & West 3456 E. Century Ave, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Open Road Honda will be hosting this month’s Membership Mixer on Thursday, June 22nd at their location on 4120 Memorial Highway in Mandan. Members of the Bismarck – Mandan Chamber will enjoy the chance to check out, ooogle and fall in love with this areas favorite motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and side-bysides.

Join members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber during the August’s Membership Mixer hosted by Bartlett & West on Thursday, August 17th at their location on 3456 E. Century Ave in Bismarck. Enjoy refreshments, hors d’oeurves, and some business after hours. Mixers are free for Chamber members to attend.

Members will also have an opportunity to taste some delicious goodies and refreshments from local Mandan businesses such as: • • • • • • •

BBQ Sandwiches by Taylor Made BBQ Cupcakes from Cake Dreams Beef Sticks and Beef Jerky from the Butcher Block Coffee from Classic Rock Complimentary ice cold pop and water Buffalo Commons brewery samples Cash Bar Baymont Inn

Also, don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to bring a coworker, and unwind to some great live music, get demo rides on their scooters, pioneer side by sides, and lawn mower! Lastly, don’t forget to register for some awesome door prizes when you arrive! RSVPs are appreciated and can be made online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar or by contacting the Chamber at 701-223-5660.

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RSVP’s are appreciated and can be done online by clicking the link above or by calling Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660.




Sporting Clays




It’s never too early to start planning for a day of fun at Capital City Sporting Clays! It’s an event that everyone can enjoy, and always friendly competition. You can register individually ($100/person), and we’ll assign you to a team or you can sign-up in teams of four. If you are not a member of the Chamber, registration is ($125/ person). Admission includes shotgun shells, ear plugs, course fees, lunch, beverages, and a great opportunity to win some awesome door prizes.

Renewals start in August, and open member sponsorships, start in September. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to meet and discuss involvement choices and events, contact Amanda at aschwieters@bismancc.com or David at dleingang@ bismancc.com. We’d love to answer any questions you may have on TRC renewals, event sponsorships and involvement opportunities.

Date: Friday, August 25, 2017 Location: Capital City Sporting Clays 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck Time: 8:00AM - 2:00PM Admission: $100.00 for Chamber Members $125.00 for Non-Members

Bismarck-Mandan Chamber’s Total Resource Campaign is a 16-week sponsorship and awareness drive. During this campaign we take the time to introduce our business members to the value of their Chamber membership. It is also a way for you as members to select the programs and advertising opportunities that are most beneficial to your business.

BUSINESS IS GOING WELL. Good health can be your business advantage. You have to keep your workforce healthy. You also need to attract them to your company in the first place. We can help you do both.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association Noridian Mutual Insurance Company

Contact our agents and build a competitive and affordable employee benefit plan.



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FIRST WESTERN BANK & TRUST BREAKS GROUND ON PERMANENT BISMARCK LOCATION First Western Bank & Trust invited community leaders and neighbors to celebrate a permanent Bismarck location with a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, May 11, at the corner of 3rd Street and Front Avenue in downtown Bismarck. First Western currently serves the Bismarck community out of a temporary location on 3rd and Rosser, while construction of a new four-story building is underway. The permanent location will allow the trusted name in western North Dakota banking to expand its service and presence to customers in Bismarck-Mandan. “Today’s groundbreaking is a natural progression in our community-minded mission,” Brenda Foster, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Western Bank & Trust, said. “This new branch bank will give us the opportunity to serve our existing and new customers in bigger and bolder ways than ever before.” For more than 50 years, locally-owned First Western Bank & Trust has maintained deep roots in western North Dakota. The company’s next generation of leadership is looking to step up its level of service to the territory where it was born and bred.




First Western Bank’s new location is expected to be completed in late 2018.

“While the building may be new, the experienced team we have is just what you’ve come to expect from the First Western name,” said Mikey Hoeven, who was joined by her father-in-law and bank Chairman, Jack Hoeven. Expected to be completed in late 2018, plans for construction align with First Western’s goals to invest in excellent service and add value to Bismarck. The building will include drive-through banking and public greenspace. Two additional floors will include commercial space for lease, as well as a full roof deck featuring beautiful views of the Capitol building and the University of Mary. This will be a building to make downtown Bismarck proud. In this new location, First Western’s team of trusted professionals will grow to meet the needs of this thriving area. “We know our customers value experience to trust a bank with their individual needs. With First Western Bank & Trust, they get North Dakota’s best,” Chad Johnson, Bismarck Market President, said.

Crystal D. Overby, DDS • James A. Nelson, DDS • Kristin R. Schoch, DDS

1700 E. Interstate Ave, Bismarck 701-222-GRIN • www.polished-dental.net 20 | Chamber Connection

Johnson is a known and trusted name in Bismarck, having spent more than a decade with Bank of North Dakota. He has built a team of experienced professionals with deep ties to Bismarck, already doing great things for the community.


Armed with $100 in seed money each, 20 women from the Center for Technology & Business Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) were given six weeks to see how much of an impact they could make on the local community through a Philanthropic Project. On May 4 the groups ventured out to deliver the results of their projects, including cash and in-kind donations, to a variety of organizations. This is the sixth year for the Women’s Leadership Program and on a unique twist of events this year, two WLP alumni were on the receiving end of the project for 2017. Dana Hager with the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation and Brandi Jude, founder of Invisible Innocence, both had the chance to see the Philanthropic Project from a new point of view as their organizations were chosen for projects by participants. Both were incredibly grateful to be chosen and noted that the experience of having the project come full circle back to them was inspiring and humbling.



The BNSF Railway Foundation has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Great Plains Food Bank to assist with operating expenses to distribute food through their network of more than 300 charitable feeding sites located in 113 communities throughout the state of North Dakota and Clay County, Minn.

Consistent donors since 2010, this specific grant from the BNSF Railway Foundation will help the Great Plains Food Bank continue to supply nearly 11 million meals throughout the region each year. “We are extremely grateful for gifts like these from the BNSF Railway Foundation that help ensure our fleet of trucks continue to operate and the lights stay on inside our 36,000 square foot warehouse ,” Great Plains Food Bank CEO Steve Sellent said. “With 96 percent of each dollar going directly to our programs and services, this donation will allow us handle and distribute food for tens of thousands of meals.”

With a variety of causes and individual skillsets, each team took a different approach and used their own unique methods to pay it forward in the community. From Art and Lemonade fundraisers to food and book drives and corporate jeans days, each project brought awareness and much needed financial support to local organizations and those they serve. Since 2012, the Women’s Leadership Program has raised over $245,000 of cash and in-kind donations for the Bismarck Mandan communities. “I’m always so impressed with what the women are able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.” Stated Deb Eslinger, executive director of Center for Technology & Business. The Women’s Leadership Program is a six month program dedicated to expanding the professional, personal, community and health leadership skills for women of all ages. The program will wrap up with a luncheon and graduation ceremony on June 16. The public is invited to attend and can purchase tickets to the luncheon at www.trainingnd.com or call 701-2230707.

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KRAUS-ANDERSON TO RENOVATE BISMARCK’S NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD DEPOT Kraus-Anderson Construction Company, one of the Midwest’s oldest and largest commercial general contractors and construction managers, has begun to renovate the historic Northern Pacific Railroad Depot in Bismarck, N.D. The Depot Restaurant and Brewery is located at 411 East Main Ave.

The 1,500-square-foot west wing of The Depot will be converted to a 20-barrel microbrewery and Germaninfluenced restaurant named Edwinton Brewery. Edwinton is the original name of the city of Bismarck, prior to its name change in 1873. The brewery is expected to open in time for German Days in July.

Built in 1901, the Depot was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert in a Mission-style design. The landmark building is on the National Register of Historic places. (More info is available at the Cass Gilbert Society http:// www.cassgilbertsociety.org/works/nprr-bismarck/)

The 4,200-square-foot east wing, formerly occupied by Fiesta Villa restaurant, will feature a new private event center, expected to be open by Labor Day.

The Depot’s owner is restauranteur and entrepreneur Dale Zimmerman, owner of the Peacock Alley and 40 Steak & Seafood restaurants in Bismarck.

In addition, part of the second floor will be converted to a private office for the facility manager. JLG Architects will create the aesthetics of the new restaurant and brewery in an “industrial modern” design, while maintaining the historic character of the existing building. And, Kraus-Anderson will make every consideration to maintain the existing, significant architectural elements without compromising the integrity of the future lifespan of the building. The Depot’s exterior walls include a series of 7x10foot arched openings. The interior’s high all-wood ceilings with large wooden beams will be augmented by quarry tile and exposed concrete flooring, exposed roof structure, ceiling tiles and broadloom carpet.

The historic Depot will soon be home to a microbrewery and private event center.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to promote teamwork, provide solutions and enhance productivity. Counseling Services •  Marital and family •  Work-related issues  •  Emotional and behavioral •  Alcohol and drug dependence

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Other Services •   Management consultations and  training •  Education and training •  Crisis line •  Online resources •  Informational materials

Employee Assistance Program 701.530.7195 • CHIStAlexiusHealth.org



Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) conducted a community input survey to gather information from residents regarding programs, parks, trails and facilities. The survey was part of the 2018-20 BPRD strategic planning process. A total of 717 responses were received, compared to 634 responses from a similar survey in 2014. BPRD scores in the areas of satisfaction with parks, facilities, programs, communication and the value of the park district in enhancing the quality of life all improved over 2014. The survey also asked about BPRD’s greatest strengths, opportunities for improvement, what new or additional indoor or outdoor facilities should be developed and what are the most important issues BPRD is facing in the next three years.

Unsecured company data could cost you millions in lost research, regulatory fines, or litigation fees - but protecting your information shouldn’t make it harder for your employees to get their job done.


The diverse parks, trails and facilities in BPRD’s system were rated as the greatest strength. Survey participants said the quality of facilities is the greatest opportunity for improvement. Residents would like to see Concert/outdoor movie areas offered as an outdoor enhancement. The top wish list item for indoors is a climbing wall. Keeping up with Bismarck’s growth was listed as the top issue facing the district in the next three years.

2014 2014

How would you assess your level of satisfaction with the District’s efforts in communicating with you?







Give us a call to learn more or register for our Enterprise Mobility & Security Lunch & Learn on June 20th www.netcenter.net/ EnterpriseMobilityLunch




How satisfied are you with Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s programs?




How satisfied are you with Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s facilities?




How satisfied are you with Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s parks?



Please rate the value of public parks, recreation programs, trails and facilities in enhancing the quality of life in Bismarck.


Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) sought public input to help guide the 2018-20 strategic planning process. An online survey was posted on the BPRD website from January 31 to February 14, 2017. The community was invited to takeof thePark survey to in order to collectwill diverse BPRD staff and the Board Commissioners useviewpoints the dataregarding to create strengths, opportunities for improvement and future and park needs. total of 717 responses the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, which willfacility be presented at aA future board were received, as compared to 634 for a similar online survey in 2014. For these first questions, meeting participantsfor wereconsideration. asked to rate their response from 1-5, with 1 being Very Low and 5 being Very High.



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AGENCY LAUNCHES NEW BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ONLINE RESOURCES TO HELP PROFESSIONALS In an effort to increase awareness of behavioral health initiatives, utilization of best practices, and access to training and technical assistance, the North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division has launched a new Web portal: https:// behavioralhealth.dhs.nd.gov and Facebook page: www. facebook.com/ndbhd/. Behavioral health conditions can have a powerful effect on the health and well-being of individuals, their families and communities. These conditions are among the leading causes of disability in the United States and result in significant costs to families, employers and publicly-funded health systems. By 2020, mental health and substance use disorders are projected to surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability worldwide.

“In addition to providing information and resources on behavioral health, the new portal and Facebook page will streamline access to state and national webinars and trainings,” said Pamela Sagness, director of the Behavioral Health Division. “Behavioral health is an essential part of overall health. By increasing access to quality behavioral health services, North Dakota citizens, businesses and communities will benefit.” The new portal provides a platform for sharing professional development opportunities for behavioral health professionals in North Dakota at https:// behavioralhealth.dhs.nd.gov/training. The department will continue to host an annual Behavioral Health Conference each fall and has scheduled the next conference in September 2017 in Bismarck, N.D.

Our Focus Your Success Our business banking professionals offer customized financial solutions to fit your strategic goals. We are committed to long-term relationships built on trust that is earned, through proven financial guidance. Give us a call today, let’s get started. New state-of-the-art building to open early 2018 NOW OPEN AT THE CORNER OF STATE AND DIVIDE 1533 N 12th St • Bismarck (701) 751-8500 | (800) 359-8092 | firstintlbank.com


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The 21st annual Great American Bike Race (GABR), held Saturday, April 8, at Legacy High School in Bismarck, raised more than $397,000. GABR funds pay for medical services and purchase equipment such as wheelchairs, communication devices and adaptive tricycles for children and young adults with cerebral palsy or related disabilities. The race involved 105 teams of 12 riders pedaling a combined 7,548.52 miles. The following is a list of the top fundraisers and riders: Top Individual Fundraisers: 1. Mitchell Hintz, $9,600 2. Paul Lundstrom, $6,607 3. Bryan Wetch, $5,500

Fastest Riders: 1. Tyler Huber, BCBC, 8.51 miles 2. Jody Eckert, BCBC, 8.41 miles 3. Christopher Knoll, BCBC, 8.40 miles

Fastest Teams: 1. BCBC, 95.95 miles 2. BlackRidge Bank, 91.18 miles 3. Ty’s Tremendous 12, 88.85 miles

Top Fundraising Teams: 1. Mitch’s Mighty Dickinson Riders, $19,015 2. Super Aubrey, $10,107 3.Bobcat Bikers Deux, $9,937

Sanford Psychalists won “Most Creative Team” at the 2017 GABR.

The Sanford Psychalists team was awarded “Most Creative Team.” The team was dressed up with a theme from the movie, Trolls. Some of the riders even had pink troll hair as part of their costume.

It mattered then, it matters now.

Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care

3 Bismarck & Mandan Locations | edgewoodseniorliving.com

Schedule a tour!

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UNIVERSITY OF MARY’S PREMIER OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PROGRAM ADDS DOCTORATE AND EXPANDS INTO FARGO University of Mary continues to grow its programs and enrollment. Today, Mary, North Dakota’s only Catholic university, announced it will be the first college to offer a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approved Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree in North Dakota and is also expanding its academic offerings by opening a new on-site OTD program in Fargo pursuant to accreditation approval expected in December 2017, by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). “Our OTD program will be the only one between Wisconsin and Oregon,” said University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea.

26 | Chamber Connection

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupational therapy job outlook between now and 2024 is growing at 27 percent—much faster than average. Entry-level education needed is a master’s degree and government statistics also shows the median pay at $81,910 per year. This post professional program is designed to enable occupational therapists to develop roles and skills stretching beyond that of a therapist-clinician to provide advanced clinical practice management, teaching, research, administrative skills or even private practice. Students who are interested in the program can begin applying in July 2017 through Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS). Classes will begin in the summer of 2018 with an online course, and then continue at Mary’s campus locations in Fargo, Bismarck, and Billings in fall 2018.


For the tenth consecutive year, the Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network has released its list of the Top 10 Young Professional Workplaces in BismarckMandan. This award recognizes local businesses committed to recruiting and retaining talented young professionals. This year’s recipients were selected from a pool of 20 nominees. The 2017 recipients are: • Aetna • Applied Engineering • Bartlett and West • Basin Electric Power Coop. • Capital Credit Union • Doosan Bobcat • Gate City Bank • NISC • Starion Bank • Workforce Safety & Insurance Eligible businesses, those employing young professionals under the age of 40, were measured on criteria related to the active development and execution of strategies advancing employment of young professionals in the community, quality and type of benefits offered to employees and active development and execution of strategies resulting in the inclusion of young professionals in the workplace. The Bismarck-Mandan Top 10 Young Professional Workplaces award was created in 2007 and quickly became a coveted honorary award. Annually the Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network calls for nominations from their membership and Chamber members.



Realtors®, lenders, title companies, and others came together to raise $14,184 for the United Way Backpack Program. An anonymous donor, a REALTOR, challenged the association members by agreeing to match their donations up to $10,000. This bought the group’s total donation up to $24,184. Contributions came from individuals, companies, online donations, and from the proceeds of a benefit rummage sale. The campaign concluded and the presentation was made at a Bismarck Mandan Board of REALTORS event in April. The REACT (Realtors/Affiliates Care Team) Committee coordinated the fundraising efforts to support the United Way Backpack Program. Supporting the United Way Backpack Program is one of three community outreach efforts the association supports each year.


June 17, 2017 Lemonade Day is a fun, experientail program that teachers kis how to start, own and operate their very own business, a lemonade stand!

Success is sweet! REGISTER TODAY www.bismarckmandan.lemonadeday.org Chamber Connection | 27





Ask a Pro with


1661 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400




1355 Airport Rd, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-557-3698

Q: WHY CHOOSE DESIGN/ BUILD? A: The design/build method is quickly



2603 E. Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222


growing more popular around the country as owners are turning to this streamlined project delivery system to produce high acknowledgment of the presence of quality results while saving time and how this one spread. A windows exploit health hazards in the workplace. It money. (EXTERNALBLUE) was revealed directly requires understanding of the process, to hackers before Microsoft had a chance A design-builder serves as the sole work operation, and the inventory of source of responsibility for the design and physical and chemical agents associated to fix it. Generally the good guys will let Microsoft know of an exploit before they construction of a project, and saves the with that process. The three basic hazardtell the world of hackers about what they owner the hassle of coordinating between recognition procedures in any process found. Within hours numerous variations architects, engineers and builders. This are: responsibility motivates a design-builder of malicious code had been developed • What is being produced? to promptly deliver financial feasibility, utilizing the exploit to spread malware • What are the intermediate products? marketability, functionality, quality and around the world. • What are the by-products? budget. To protect yourself, the most important Industrial hygienists measure the levels of thing you can do is to have a professional Design-builders can be more efficient potential health hazards and compare the because construction can begin before business continuity solution in place to results with the applicable standards or plans and specifications are finalized. This recommended guidelines. secure your systems even if you do get means less construction time and cost attacked. If you only have a little money Hazard control is another occupational to spend, that is where to spend it. Make savings, at no risk to the owner. According principle. Hazard control is the regulation to a Construction Industry Institute/Penn sure all machines have security patches of an operation to meet a standard, the State study, design/build can result in up to date. A business based firewall with reduction of contaminant release and delivery speeds 33.5% faster than the gateway security is key. Good Antivirus the ability to contain a stressor. There are design-bid-build approach and 23.5% is still an integral piece of the puzzle. faster than CMAR. The same study shows different hazard control options such as: Following security best practices on your unit costs can be 6 to 4.5% lower using • Administrative controls including job internal network is crucial if malware design/build. rotation, preventive maintenance and makes it through your internet gateway. housekeeping Having one firm handle design and If you’re on the internet, you are never • Engineering controls including safe. Constant maintenance is required to construction affords the opinions of process change, isolation, ventilation minimize your risk. In this case, that wasn’t owners and their team of business and source modification leaders, departmental and facility even enough in some cases because it • Personal protective equipment (PPE) managers a better opportunity to be spread before a fix was even available. including gloves, eye protection, heard and valued to deliver outstanding respirators and other equipment to project results. reduce employees’ exposures to 28 | Chamber Connection hazards in the workplace


Ask a Pro with







1500 2nd St NE, Mandan, ND 58554 701-214-6309


500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100


1502 Grumman Lane, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-255-7180

Q: WHAT TYPES OF REPAIRS Q: WHAT ARE SOME THINGS WE Q: HOW MUCH OF A THREAT REALLY MUST BE MADE CAN DO TO HELP SUPPORT IS FAT CLAY TO MY DREAM IMMEDIATELY AND WHICH THE CANCER SURVIVORS IN HOME? ONES CAN I HOLD OFF ON IF I OUR LIVES? A: One potential problem that can cause CAN’T AFFORD REPAIR WORK A: From the time of diagnosis, a person years of aggravation and cost tens of ON MY VEHICLE? thousands of dollars to remediate is high is a survivor. At times, cancer survivors may find themselves faced with emotional plasticity clay. The damage manifests itself A: Safety first! Obviously, problems by sloping floors, sticking windows and that affect the safety of your vehicle require immediate attention: braking problems, inoperable headlights, steering or anything that makes driving a risky proposition should be dealt with ASAP. Sounds or vibrations that get progressively worse over a short period of time usually indicate something that deserves attention sooner rather than later. Whatever’s wrong is probably doing damage to your car. Waiting to fix things can be costly, too.

For instance, if you have an automatic transmission that’s rough when it shifts, it may just be low on transmission fluid. You might have a small leak that can be repaired easily and inexpensively. Ignoring that might result in the need for a new transmission.

Any grinding noise generally indicates a loss of lubrication. If you repair that quickly, it might not be a big deal. If you ignore it, though, you might end up with expensive repairs. Hearing strange sounds when you apply your brakes may indicate a worn brake pad. Replacing brake pads is a lot less expensive than replacing the pad and the rotors or discs. Cars don’t get colds that go away on their own. When in doubt, check it out.

or psychological concerns that they had not anticipated. It is important to know that although the cancer survivor may not understand these feelings, they are very normal for anyone who has been through the cancer journey. Many tools, including therapy, support groups, social media and other community resources are available to connect cancer survivors to other people facing the same struggles. Here are a few things that you can do to help the cancer survivor in your life:

doors, and cracking in drywall finishes.

High plasticity clays have microscopic mineral grains that are especially attractive to water. While the clay generally can take on a tremendous amount of water and still maintain its strength, its volume will expand. It only takes one bad event like a broken water line to wet the subgrade. Concrete floors and foundations can lift or sink from a ½ inch to 3 inches during the lifetime of a home from either the pressures developed by the swell or from • Let them know you care. • Take cues from the person with cancer. when the clay dries and begins to shrink. Some people are more private than Some solutions to protect the subgrade others. Respect their need to share or from moisture content changes include: need for privacy. using a plastic liner between the concrete • Respect their treatment decisions. and soil around the home, extending • Listen without feeling like you always rain gutter downspouts away from the have to respond. foundation, and avoiding irrigation • Use humor only if you know the person near the home. Before construction, a can handle it. geotechnical engineer can help you • Expect the person to have good identify fat clay soils and provide specific days and bad days, emotionally and recommendations such as removing physically. three to five feet of the fat clay soil and • Keep your relationship as normal as replacing it with either low plasticity clay possible. or a dirty sand that is not sensitive to • Include them in normal social events. changes in volume. Chamber Connection | 29






Dakota Eye Institute Team Member Completes Certification Training

Linnea Meyer of Dakota Eye Institute recently completed the American Board of EMC Insurance Companies Opticianry (ABO) Certification. announces one new hire at ABO is recognized as the top the Bismarck Branch and Ashley Kittleson authority for optician (those the election of two officers who dispense eyeglasses) to Dakota Fire Insurance Sanford Health Linnea Meyer certification and is nationally Company. Welcome Physician recognized as the standard for Joining the EMC marketing Assistants optician competence assessment. To be ABO certified team is Ashley Kittleson. proves the employee can be trusted to provide quality Kittleson is originally from Micheal Henke, physician care and maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge. Bottineau, N.D. For the last nine assistant, recently joined years, she worked at Starion Sanford Seventh & Thayer Clinic Meyer has been with Dakota Eye for two years. Bank in a variety of roles Erica Berg in Bismarck. Henke graduated Michael Henke including retail supervisor, from University of North Dakota New Safety Consultant accounting specialist, insurance in Grand Forks and received Joins the NDSC sales assistant and most his physician assistant degree Robin Martin joined the North recently as an insurance agent. from University of Nebraska Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) as She currently holds North Medical School in Omaha. He is a part-time safety consultant to Dakota licenses in property board certified by the National assist with the growing need for and casualty, life and health Commission on Certification of CPR and first aid training in the insurance. Physician Assistants. Robin Martin state. DJ Campbell Erica Berg and DJ Campbell Sarah Kucera, physician Martin earned her associate Sarah Kucera were elected as officers of assistant, recently joined degree in business from Bismarck State College and Dakota Fire Insurance Company at the board of Sanford Seventh & Thayer spent more than four years in the United States Army. directors meeting on April 17. Clinic in Bismarck. Kucera graduated from University During her 36 year career in the utilities industry, she Berg, current underwriting manager for the of Mary and received her physician assistant degree refined her teaching style while serving as an on-staff Bismarck Branch, will serve as an assistant vice from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. She is board instructor for defensive driving, CPR and first aid. president and as a member of the board of directors. certified by the National Commission on Certification Martin’s primary responsibility at the NDSC will be Campbell, current administrative services manager, of Physician Assistants. to serve as an instructor for the First Aid Department. will serve as an assistant secretary to the company. She is currently certified to teach both adult and Dakota Fire began operating in 1958 to keep fire Hoffman Joins Bianco Realty pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid courses. and casualty premiums in the state. In 1973, EMC Bianco Realty is excited to Insurance Companies purchased Dakota Fire, making announce the newest REALTORŽ it the EMC Bismarck Branch. to join their professional Real Estate Team, Stacy Hoffman. Hoffman looks forward to helping clients with their Real Estate needs, achieving their dream of home ownership Stacy Hoffman and providing a Tradition of Excellence!

30 | Chamber Connection

EMC Announces a New Hire in Bismarck and Two New Dakota Fire Insurance Officers

www.bismarckmandan.com Marco Names Pudenz Chief Financial Officer And Mrozek Executive Vice President Of Business Development And Operations

Marco is proud to announce the addition of Chris Pudenz as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the transition of Jennifer Mrozek from CFO to Executive Vice President of Business Development and Operations. Chris Pudenz Pudenz comes to Marco with a long list of accomplishments and a host of experience. As former Executive Vice President and CFO of ABRA Auto Body & Glass, Pudenz led all finance, procurement and legal functions for the $900 million business that includes Jennifer Mrozek 283 company-owned locations and 53 franchise locations. Prior to ABRA Auto Body & Glass, Pudenz was CFO at Milk Specialties Global, where he was awarded CFO of the year award in 2015 in the large private equity category by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. During his tenure at Milk Specialties Global, the company nearly doubled its revenue to approximately $800 million. Pudenz’s experience also includes investment banking, public accounting at Price Waterhouse and multiple senior financial leadership roles at ConAgra Foods. He earned his B.S.B.A. from Creighton University. Mrozek has been named Executive Vice President of Business Development and Operations for Marco. She brings over 20 years of experience to her new role focused on leading the company’s acquisition strategy. Mrozek will provide strategic leadership for executing and integrating acquisitions and for the company’s business, sales and service operations. Mrozek joined Marco in 1998 as an Accounting Supervisor. She became Controller in 2003 and CFO in 2007. Prior to Marco, she worked as an auditor for CliftonLarsonAllen. During her tenure as CFO, Mrozek helped the company effectively integrate 32 acquisitions, grow revenue to $268 million and transition the company from an ESOP to private equity ownership. She was recognized for her achievements by being named one of Times Media’s 5 Under 40 and CFO of the Year by Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.

Wald Named Advisor of the Month

Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that David Wald has been named Advisor of the Month for April based upon his production David Wald and service to his clients. David is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC.

Melvie Honored On The Financial Times’ List of “Top 400 US Financial Advisors”

Gallagher Inducted Into CUAD Hall of Fame

Deb Gallagher, CEO of Capital Credit Union was inducted into the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) Hall of Fame at the Awards Banquet that took place during the CUAD Summit in Deadwood, SD in April. Deb Gallagher Gallagher has been the CEO of Capital CU for 23 years, since earning the title in 1994. Prior to being named CEO, she had 20 years of experience in various positions at the credit union, starting as a teller and secretary, working her way through the ranks to head teller, visa coordinator, operations manager, and vice president, before taking over as CEO. In 2016, Gallagher was appointed by North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple to a five-year term on the North Dakota State Credit Union Board. She is a member of the Credit Union Executive Society and served as a director for the Midwest Corporate Federal Credit Union for fifteen years. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration; a Masters in Management; and is a 1992 graduate of CUNA Management School. Gallagher also earned her Certified Credit Union Executive designation in 1995 and received her Certified Chief Executive designation in 2011 from the Credit Union Executive Society in partnership with Wharton, Cornell and the University of Virginia. She has served as a featured speaker at previous CUAD Summit events, and has been a guest panelist at the Credit Union Directors and CEO Conference.

Loren Melvie, CFP® a Private Wealth Advisor with Ameriprise Financial in Bismarck, has been Loren Melvie named to the list of “America’s Top 1,200 Advisors: State-byState” published by Barron’s® Magazine, a publication covering business and finance. The annual Barron’s list recognizes the most outstanding financial advisors who represent the highest levels of ethical standards, professionalism and success in the business. The rankings are based on data provided by over 4,000 of the nation’s most productive advisors. Melvie was chosen based on assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record and quality of practice. Melvie is part of Legacy Financial Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Melvie was named to the list of “FT 400 US Financial Advisors 2017” published by the Financial Times. The annual list recognizes the most outstanding financial advisors who represent the highest levels of ethical standards, professionalism and success in the business. To receive the award, a wealth manager must meet six criteria associated with quality client service, client assets under management, professional designations, favorable regulatory history, online accessibility and a minimum of 10 years in the industry. The rankings are based on data provided by brokerages, private banks, registered investment advisers and research by the Financial Times by over 1,000 of the nation’s most productive advisors. Melvie is part of Legacy Financial Bianco Realty Sales Awards Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Bianco Realty has named John Myers and Shirley Thomas “REALTORS® of the Month”! Myers and KAT Communications Thomas had the most closed sales at Bianco Realty for the month of April 2017. Myers has been a licensed Now Certified to REALTOR® since 1986 and Thomas has been a Operate Drones for Photo and Video Use licensed REALTOR® since 2001.

Matt Foster

Juan Thomas

KAT Communications is excited to announce that Matt Foster and Juan Thomas are now federally approved to operate drones for commercial photo and video use. With this certification, KAT is now able to collect aerial 4K images and video to use in a variety of marketing materials. KAT Communications has been in the business of marketing for the past 29 years.

Aafedt Completes Advanced Training

Scott Aafedt, Business Solutions Consultant at DFC Consultants, has completed advanced training on inventory and asset management software from Panatrack. The in-depth training covered PanatrackerGP’s system architecture, extensibility, transaction training, use-cases, best-practices, project scoping, and support topics. At DFC Consultants, Aafedt works extensively with businesses who need connectivity between their warehouse or floor staff and back office. By giving companies the ability to truly understand their data, inventory levels, and track assets, managers have a firm grasp on their information and can make better financial and inventory decisions.

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NEWS CUAD Announces Emerging Leader of the Year

Brad Shetler, Business Credit Analyst with Capital Credit Union in Bismarck, ND was named the Emerging Leader Brad Shetler of the Year by the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) at the Awards Banquet that was held in April. The Emerging Leader of the Year Award recognizes one credit union employee each year that has shown proven dedication and enthusiasm for the credit union movement. This award is given to those who are building a career in the industry, executing the credit union mission and guiding the mission in directions that enhance that overall vision of the credit union movement.

Parrish Earns Professional Engineering License



SEH Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc (SEH) is celebrating it’s 90th Anniversary this Spring. What started as a local, one-person operation in 1927 has grown to a nationally recognized company with over 800 employee-owners whose work can be found in 42 states. In April, SEH launched a new advertising campaign. The campaign emphasizes the critical role of collaboration in Building a Better World for All of Us®. The campaign, which features four separate advertisements, draws attention to the benefits of our work with clients: mobility, clean water, infrastructure, and better places. SEH also launched a new and updated website. The updated website provides visitors with a fresh, clean look and an enhanced user experience. Other features of the redesigned site include: mobile optimization, slimmed down navigation, more videos and animations, and focus on content from our subject matter experts.

Duncan Parrish, an engineer at KLJ, an engineering, surveying and planning firm, earned his professional engineering (PE) license in North Dakota. Parrish earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Colorado Duncan Parrish State University. He specializes in Oilfield Services in the Bismarck office.

Lee Gustafson Receives 2017 APWA Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year Award

The American Public Works Association (APWA) Minnesota Chapter held their annual Spring Conference where Lee Gustafson received the 2017 APWA Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year Award. Lee Gustafson The national Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year program honors excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing career service achievements of individual public works professionals and officials from both the public and private sectors. As one of the most prestigious awards presented by the association, the Top Ten Public Works Leader Award is given to honor the public works professional’s career, in which he or she demonstrated excellence in public works, services, and infrastructure in his or her community through advancement of public works services and technology.


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Welcome new members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at www.bismarckmandan.com.

Mattress Firm - Hay Creek Shops 1495 East LaSalle Drive Bismarck, ND Jason Sellers (701) 751-1380 America’s #1 specialty mattress retailer. We carry all the top brands like Sealy and Tempur-Pedic. Locally owned and operated. Singh Contracting, Inc. 501 East Main #50 Bismarck, ND Harvey Singh (701) 258-7663 Singh Contracting is family owned, and operated. We provide residential and commercial services that include roofing, siding, and gutters. Linn Schroeder Fitness & Health Coach Mandan, ND Linn Schroeder (701) 214-1376 As a certified health coach, I am a master of habit change. I help clients attain better health by discerning the underlying reasons why & then re-framing the negative habit into a positive habit. Dakota Chappy 559 S. 7th St. Bismarck, ND Tara Haugen (701) 751-0571 Dakota Chappy is a clothing store serving women of all shapes, all sizes and all lifestyles. We have dedicated stylists helping women live better lives with our innovative fashion inventions. American Lung Association in ND 2718 Gateway Ave. Suite 303 Bismarck, ND Kristie Wolff (701) 223-5613 The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through research, education and advocacy.

Sweet Treats Bakery 118 N. 4th Street Bismarck, ND Anne Hummel (701) 751-3993 We focus on custom cakes & cupcakes. We offer breakfast, lunch, and a variety of sweet treats daily in our store! We specialize in wedding cakes, and ready to make your dream cake for your big day! Midwest Deck Company Bismarck, ND Sheila Williams 701-595-0885 Midwest Deck Company provides you outdoor living spaces that will bring you years of worry-free enjoyment, raise the value of your home and serve as a focal point for entertaining friends and family.


CEDC I A L SP 17 Months ONE WEEK 1.25% APY ONLY! 30 Months 1.45% APY Yields effective *


June 26-30, 2017

40 Months 1.65% APY*

MANDAN 2711 Sunset Drive NW

(701) 663-5448

BISMARCK 322 East Main Ave (701) 250-3000 801 East Century Ave 219 South 3rd Street 3000 Yorktown Drive

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of June 26, 2017 and is available through June 30, 2017. This offer does not apply to brokered or public funds. A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings. Minimum opening balance is $1,000 to obtain this APY. See banker for details. New money only. Member FDIC

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Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660 or email aschwieters@bismancc.com.

EXPERIMAC Taylor Rash and Tom Doll, Owners, at their new business on 2706 Rock Island Place Ste. 2 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-595-7600. Member.


THE STARVING ROOSTER Jeremy Mahany, Owner, and CJ Koppang, General Manager, at their new restaurant location on 512 E. Main Ave. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-425-0700. Member.


Anne Rogers, Manager and Ryan Hertel, Owner at their new business on 4524 Memorial Hwy, Ste. 102 in Mandan. Phone: 701-751-0726.

Anne Mahlum, Owner and Wendy Schmidt, Manager at their new business location on 1001 West Interstate Ave. Ste. 104 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-425-5493.



Marlee Perez, Owner at her new business on 311 E. Thayer Ave Ste. 125 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-400-2296 34 | Chamber Connection

Tammy Puklich-Wahl and Kalene Ell, Owners at their new business on 204 E. Broadway Ave. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-400-0939.



Our journey began in 1917, and we wouldn’t be who we are without our clients, communities, staff and partners. Thank you for supporting us for a century—here’s to celebrating 100 years of change, innovation and client service.

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Bismarck-Mandan ChamberConnection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Upcoming Chamber Events FRIDAYS AT THE CHAMBER Date: Friday, June 9, 2017 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Chamber of Commerce Patio –1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


CHAMBER GOLF SCRAMBLE Date: Monday, June 12, 2017 • Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Location: Hawktree Golf Club – 3400 Burnt Creek Loop, Bismarck



LEMONADE DAY Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 • Time: All Day Location: Community Wide throughout Bismarck-Mandan


CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP MIXER: OPEN ROAD HONDA Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Open Road Honda – 4120 Memorial Hwy, Mandan AT THE

FRIDAYS AT THE CHAMBER Date: Friday, August 4, 2017 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Chamber of Commerce Patio –1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


June 17, 2017

Lemonade Day is a fun, experimental program that teachers kids how to start, own and operate their very own business, a lemonade stand!

Success is sweet! REGISTER TODAY www.bismarckmandan.lemonadeday.org


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