Pahayagang BALIKAS

Pahayagang BALIKAS

Batangas City, Philippines

Pahayagang Balikas is a leading community newspaper in Southern Tagalog. The paper gives more emphasis on environmental concerns and the efforts of both the public and private sector on the ecology, business and community living. The paper also exercises complete independence and has never been owned nor been subservient to any political party.

MISSION STATEMENT -- A premier publishing company in Southern Luzon that serves as catalyst in saving the environment and community building thru public awareness and help develop public opinion in building a disciplined and responsible community necessary for total human development.

VISION STATEMENT -- Pahayagang Balikas will always strive to be at the forefront in pushing for industry innovations, utilizing updated technology, learned writers and dedicated personnel for the attainment of the company’s mission.

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY: “Sharing Good News… Building Communities… Towards Development”