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Pontefract February 2014

Issue No. 01

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Editors Letter… Welcome to your new look Pontefract Arrow magazine. Due to ill health, Anita is no longer able to continue with the Review publications, I am sure you will join us in wishing Anita the very best of luck at what must be a very difficult time for her and her family and thanking her for Carolyn, Julie & Michelle! the contribution she has made to her community in helping to promote local business. Arrow Publications Ltd is a Doncaster based business which has produced community magazines for over 8 years. All of the Review magazines will follow the same branding as the other Arrow Magazines and we have a website where the magazines can be viewed monthly at The company is made up of 3 directors, Michelle Sidebottom, Julie Morrell and Carolyn Grant, all 3 of us are working Mums and set the business up when our children were very young. They are all well and truly settled into school so we now have the time to grow our business so we really do hope you continue to support us in the same way you supported Anita. There will be some changes, we are VAT registered, (nothing we can do about that I’m afraid!) the magazine will be full colour and we will encourage local community information and news of any regular group meetings or special charity events, so please get in touch if you would like to share your news with us. The local Primary Schools have been asked for articles monthly so that’s also another thing to look forward to. We really need your feedback and delivery of the magazines are crucial to the success of the magazine for both ourselves and our advertisers. If you don’t receive your magazine, or know someone who doesn’t receive a copy who should, please contact me as soon as possible on the details below so I can rectify the problem. Our delivery staff work long and hard to deliver the magazines but errors do occur from time to time. The deadline for the March issue will be Wednesday 19th February and the March issue will be delivered from Friday 28th February. Farewell for now, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes

Michelle Sidebottom Tel: 01302 534256 / 07795 387937 Email:

Ackworth Methodist Church, 52 Barnsley Road


9.30am & 7.30pm

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Four Long Months After four long months stuck in our houses suffering Grey mornings, Grey days and dark nights we can now look forward to the Spring and getting back outside to sort out that wet, damp, unkempt and untidy outside space we call our garden! You know the place, the place that we spent so much time, relaxing, playing with the kids, socialising or simply enjoying the long summer we all had last year (it seems forever ago). Well not to worry its time to start planning and starting to look at you’re outside space as an enjoyable project, yes enjoyable! I know that we are all not green fingered gardeners who know what to plant and where to plant it and whatever we touch dies, but never fear, you too can have a self created garden to be proud of, create that designer look and feel that requires no or little maintenance, a place that will have your friends open mouthed when they see it and have your neighbours all thinking you’ve won the Lotto. Yes it is true and it is much easier and cost nowhere near what you might think, in fact doing things my way will get you a superb garden and save you money year after year! Our plan is to create an area where you don’t have to spend month on month, year on year, wasting money, weeding, buying plants and bushes that you know nothing about and look half dead for 50% of the year. You wouldn’t buy mismatched items for your lounge would you? You style your house so why not your garden? I know why, it’s because you think you have to be Alan Tichmarsh to do it and it is just not true. With a little free help and guidance you can have that stunning, low cost, low maintenance garden, something to show off to the neighbours that you only have to do once and will last and last. No more endless spending, sound good? OK were going to create our area using simple ideas, pots & planters, decorative slates and some basic rules. Everything you need is available with us at Bentleys.

OK, lets make a start with our master plan… Step 1 Decide what “feel” you want for your garden or area. If your lucky and you have lots of space you can start to think of your garden in areas and using different areas for different things such as relaxing, BBQing or formal dining. An example might be that you want to create a very relaxed area with a more Southern France feel, you know the one with Olive trees, Lavender, small palms, just right for chilling out with a glass of wine or a good book or you might want a more high octane party area with big


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leaf hardy tropical, palm trees, lots of low maintenance greenery. So step 1 is to decide on what “feel” you want for you’re outside area or areas.

Step 2 Out with the old. Get rid of all those mismatched pots and planters that have dead or half dead something or others in them and are chipped and broken. Old garden furniture that’s seen better days needs to GO. Have no mercy. Now we have a clear area to work our magic. If you have some nice planters and some nice furniture then great, just put them out of the way for a bit.

Step 3 Now think furniture, this will be the central point of most areas. Where is it going, will we be just relaxing on it or will it be used for dining, is it in the right place in relation to say the BBQ, etc. Now think heights, if everything is planted at the same height it can look very flat and boring, plants and trees of different heights and textures create interest. Corners need to be softened and trees with good height are perfect for these areas. Then we can bring in scents and smells and sounds from rustling leaves. We need your perfect area not only to look great but to stimulate your sense of smell and hearing, these are things that turn an OK garden into a showstopper. All right we know there is just a bit too much to tell you in this small bit of editorial to turn you into a Chelsea Flower Show entrant, so…

Step 4 Hop in your car and call into Bentleys of Pontefract on Wakefield Road, Pontefract, just by the main lights in town (you cant miss the big Olive trees and Palm trees) and call in for a coffee and a chat and I will give you some great ideas and advice, for free! Bring me some pictures of the area you want to get looking stunning, on your phone or printed off and we can see what is the best and most cost effective way for you to get what you want. At Bentleys we have a 8,000 sq ft warehouse with demonstration gardens, over 1,000 planters and pots from small to very, very large. We have garden furniture, BBQ’s, Olive trees, palm trees, topiary and many other plants and trees. All this along with decorative gravels, sleepers and other landscaping products, Bentleys is your all round outdoor lifestyle centre. Help is free, advice is free and delivery is also free. Call in today, you will be amazed.


Can You Feel The... Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and it’s the perfect time to show your crush what they mean to you. A letter of love, a red rose, the perfect present... there are many ways to show your love this Valentine. The celebration originated from a bishop in Italy whose surname was Valentine. He performed weddings for couples whose parents would not agree to the marriage and presented the newlyweds with flowers. On February 14th 269 A.D. Saint Valentine was beheaded because of his Christian faith. Year 11 prom is this summer and what better way to tell your crush how you feel? We spoke to some year 11 pupils to find out what they thought would be the most romantic way to be asked to the prom; responses ranged from a casual face to face conversation to a more extravagant idea involving a plane with a personalised banner in tow. A considerable number of people told us that a romantic meal would be the best way to win their heart, but everyone agreed that that a timid text would receive a definite NO! In 2013 over 2 million people worldwide got married on Valentine’s Day, 11000 babies were conceived, 180 million Valentine’s Day cards were exchanged and 53% of woman confessed that they would end their relationship if they did not receive a Valentine’s gift! We hope this article has sparked your inner romantic and if it has inspired you to show that special someone your love...good luck! By Eleanor Chafer and Molly Shirley

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