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December 2011

Issue No. 72

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Editors Letter‌. Merry Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local businesses that have supported the Hatfield Arrow over the last 6 years. The magazine relies on these businesses advertising their products or services. I would also like to thank everyone that has contributed to the content of the magazine and people in the community that read the Arrow each month. I thoroughly enjoy putting the Magazine together and being able to bring news and information as well as local business details to readers each month. I hope I can continue publishing The Hatfield Arrow for many years to come. Please forward any adverts, news or information that you would like including to the contact details opposite. Enjoy the festivities!!

Best Wishes Julie Morrell

The Oaks, Huggin Carr Road Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6BY Tel: 01302 351760 Mob: 07854 880882


All Electrical Work Undertaken NIC Registered Domestic Installer

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News, News, News, News, News, News….. HATFIELD CAR PARK I hope that everyone who uses the car park outside Hatfield Church has noticed that it is now clean, tidy and that all the overgrown weeds have been removed which made the area look so disgraceful and dirty. For some years I have tried to persuade the local Council to keep the car park clean and tidy but there was some debate about the ownership of it and therefore the care of it fell through a big hole and it continued to be an eyesore, particularly to the many visitors to Hatfield and the Church.

CAROLINE FLINT JOINED EX-SERVICEMEN and women, local councillors and community groups to pay tribute to the fallen at the Hatfield Remembrance Service and wreath laying on Sunday. The wreath laying included a wreath remembering Liam Maughan, of 3 Rifles, a former pupil of Hatfield Visual Arts College, who was killed in Afghanistan. The wreath was laid by Town Councillor David Fiennes Gregory on behalf of the Hatfield Town Council.

I’m pleased to say that with the help of Councillor Mrs Pat Knight the ownership of the car park has now been established as being DMBC. They have accepted responsibility for its upkeep and I am assured that it will be kept clean and tidy on a regular basis. If anyone notices that there is a build up of rubbish or that the area is becoming untidy again please report it to Hatfield Town Council and the complaint will be forwarded to DMBC. Cath Watson Member of St Lawrence Church PCC COUNCILLOR JOHN BROWN, Hatfield Town Mayor, took time out to welcome home to Hatfield Woodhouse, S A C Lee Angel. Lee has just returned home, to his Mum and Dad, from a Tour of Duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan where he worked for 904 Expeditionary Air Wing.


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Nominations Please for Flowers for Someone Special Do you know someone special in our Community? Someone who has gone the extra mile for others or someone who just deserves something nice. The Arrow and Charlottes Florist of Hatfield would like to make that special persons day with a beautiful bouquet delivered to their door! Let us know who they are and why they deserve a bouquet. Contact Julie Morrell by email at or call 01302 351760

Jean Wright would like to nominate Peggy and Ossie Young who are her mums neighbours . They look after her mum, help with the gardening and in the home and visit everyday. Peggy also has a disabled brother that she cares for and four grandchildren. Jean says that Peggy and Ossie are worth their weight in gold and she doesn’t know where she would be without them.

Charlottes Florist of Hatfield 01302 845597 1 Station Road, Hatfield

John Alick

Local Quality Painter & Decorator Fully Qualified City & Guilds

Competitive Rates Coving Wallpapering No Job Too Small Telephone 01302 842870 07563 769395


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Hatfield Village Plan – Update The group is now arranging meetings for volunteers and those interested in being involved in the main projects suggested for our community plan; The Village Watch Scheme, New Allotments, Community Garden, those wishing to use the Ash Hill Academy – I.T./ Cinema/ Drama/ many other possibilities and those wishing to assist the elderly (shopping/ gardening etc). Please email if you are are interested or call in at the following public events; 3rd Dec Saturday 10am to Noon, The Barn coffee/ tea/cakes raffle/ tombola etc 15th Dec Thursday The Library, all day “drop in” coffee/ mince pies The group is continuing to meet with all stake holders in the plan including DMBC and the Police in particular. Hope to see you at the above. Web – email


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My pensioner father recently had someone knock on his door saying they'd been doing work in the area and had spotted his roof needed repairing. This got Dad worried as he can’t afford any major work, but I’m suspicious about the whole thing. What would you advise? You’re right to be wary. The approach you describe is a classic con. Rogue traders often call unannounced offering help with roofing, paving, or general building work they say needs doing, or offering to do insulation or install burglar alarms. They often end up running off with your money without ever doing the work, doing a very poor job, or doing work that never actually needed doing. Follow these top tips to avoid getting involved with a dodgy trader:

Don't ever agree to work or sign anything on the spot – take their full details and say you'll get back to them

Check their details – they should give you their business name and address and not just a mobile phone number. Check these to see if they are genuine

Check if they are a member of a professional trade body, belong to a local authority assured trader scheme, or to the TrustMark scheme, which can help you find trustworthy tradesmen in your area. For more details about these schemes, go to

Ask them for details of other customers they did work for and contact them to check this out

Don't get taken in by their sales banter – they might claim there is a special offer on only for that day, or that they'll get sacked if you don’t employ them. This kind of talk is likely to be a sales pitch and you shouldn’t take it seriously

Always get more than one quote before employing someone – it’s usually best to contact other traders your friends or family have recommended

Don’t ever make a cash payment upfront – a reliable trader won’t ask for money before doing the job – not even if they need materials. If they run a business, they should have enough money to cover these costs themselves and only ask for payment once they’ve completed the job, or done a reasonable amount of work

If you think a trader is trying to con you – speak to Consumer Direct on 08454 040506. They can report anything suspicious to your local Trading Standards Department

If the trader becomes aggressive or threatens you, this is criminal behavior and you should call the police straight away.

If you would like any advice/assistance from our Thorne or Stainforth offices, concerning the above or any other issue, please contact our Assessment Team at North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau on 0844 499 4137 Monday & Tuesday between 10:00 & 2:00 or Fri 10:00-12:00. You can also email us at: We now run drop-in enquiry assessment sessions at Stainforth every Tuesday between 10:00-2:00 & Thorne every Friday between 10:00-12:00. Contact details and opening times are also available on our own website at: PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR OFFICE AT STAINFORTH HAS NOW MOVED ACROSS THE ROAD TO: THE HOPE CENTRE, STAINFORTH METHODIST CHURCH, CHURCH ROAD, STAINFORTH.


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Gardening success at Travis St Lawrence. In Travis St Lawrence all year groups have skills workshop and in this, we have been gardening. We have made benches, planted seeds and much more. Year 6 Harry and 14 people went to the mansion to collect the “Yorkshire in Bloom’ award. Our school was awarded the ‘outstanding’ award. We interviewed a pupil (Harry Raven). Harry said, “When we first got there we got cookies and juice. Then the Mayor told us about the mansion house. After that we got a tour of the house. The tour guide told us about nearly every object in the mansion house! He was very interesting; next he took us upstairs. He showed us the ballroom; there were a lot of pictures of kings and queens. Then he took us into a room where they ate dinner, he took us into a room were the council discussions take place. The visit ended in the room where the Mayor works.” A big thank you to Harry Raven. All together it sounds like they had a good time. Owen and Jasmine Back at school the Year 6 gardeners have been very busy. Their plan was to create an area at the front of the school for parents to sit down and wait for their children. First they did a plan of the front garden. Next they did a best copy of their plans. They then started the wavy flower- bed and then they built a bench to go on top of the grass. They have worked very hard. Aaron and Sophie At Travis School we enjoy gardening .the gardening group have been making lady bird homes. We have been watering plants and picking vegetables and fruit. We had to pick weeds out of the ground. We saw tadpoles and frogs. The tadpoles were swimming. We planted corn and cleaned up in the garden. We interviewed Mrs Jordan about her visit to the Mansion house and she said that she had a wonderful time. Corben and Amy In Year 4 and 5 skills workshop we have been tidying up ready for the winter months. We interviewed some children who have been taking part in the gardening workshop. What have you been doing in gardening? We have been trying to make a secret garden and we made a bughouse; we also made ladybug homes. What do you like about gardening? Maisy: You get to plant flowers and vegetables. Talia: You get to go out side and enjoy the fresh air. What do you do at gardening in skills workshop? Talia: Dig up weeds and stones. Maisy: Take up the floor tiles. What do you plant? Sunflowers , strawberries , potatoes. Katie and Anya


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What skills have we been learning in gardening? We’ve been learning how to plant all sorts of different bulbs. Also we’ve made ladybird homes, we’re now in the middle of building a secret garden, and lots more things. To make the ladybird homes we needed a plastic bottle and corrugated cardboard. Luke and Rebecca. In gardening we are making the secret garden because we have read the book and it is set in Victorian times. We have been researching about secret gardens and designing our own. Rowan and Emily. We have been tidying up the garden ready to plant bulbs and new seeds. Mrs Jordan has been teaching us about how plants grow and which tools are needed for the correct job. In our secret garden we are going to have a tall wall and a secret gate. Lea and Safiyah.

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With Christmas just around the corner it’s important to consider how festive celebrations may affect our pets. With a little pre planning, accidents and upsets can be avoided leaving us all free to enjoy a merry Christmas together.



FOOD HAZARDS However tempting do not let pets over indulge. Should they over eat or ingest inappropriate food it can lead to stomach upsets and diarrhoea Avoid giving leftovers, in particular poultry skin and bones which can splinter, get lodged in the throat or puncture a pets intestines. Never feed pets chocolate! It contains substances toxic to dogs which can result in vomiting, convulsions and in some cases death. Raisins and sultanas can also be toxic and lead to kidney disease so should never be given as a treat. DECORATION HAZARDS Brightly coloured baubles and tinsel are exciting objects to pets, but if eaten they can cause blockages and internal problems which could require surgery to remove. Make fairy lights and electrical cords chew proof from inquisitive cats, dogs and even rabbits. Beware of poisonous plants – holly, poinsettia, ivy, yew and mistletoe are all extremely toxic so keep well out of reach. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Remember loud music, unexpected bangs from crackers/poppers and unfamiliar visitors can unsettle pets. Always make them a priority and provide them with a quiet area away from the celebrations. To ensure your pets safety always buy gifts from a reputable pet shop or veterinary surgery. Be prepared – check your vets Christmas opening hours and keep their number by the phone. We hope that these tips will help to ensure that pets and owners enjoy a happy healthy Christmas together.




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The Great Outdoors Project at Sheep Dip Lane Primary School Comes To Life Sheep Dip Lane Primary School opened their fantastic environmental project. After winning the People’s Millions Lottery Funding last year the school has developed a multi-sensory learning area for their foundation stage children as well as for the community. The Garden was officially opened by Civic Mayor, Councillor Eva Hughes on Thursday 3rd November 2011 and I was given a lovely tour of the garden by Thomas Dudley, a Year 6 Pupil. Thomas kindly explained the special features in the garden and showed me the planting beds for learning about plant growth, all the lovely flowers, fruits and vegetables, a sensory trail where children explore smells, sights, sounds, tastes and textures, a magical wishing chair, willow igloos, a musical area with a huge Amadinda and a fabulous beach area. Millie Staniforth, a pupil at the school, said that everyone loves the garden and that she especially liked the many different flowers. To mark the Opening Event, every family in the School was given a Pumpkin by Mrs Parish, Head Teacher, to take home and carve or decorate. The pumpkins were displayed along the footpath of the new garden and a winner was chosen. Also marking the occasion, Miss Cox, deputy head, dressed up as a Witch and told stories whilst sitting in the Wishing Chair. There is a great future in the outdoor area as it will continue to bring the community together and only make it stronger. If you require any more information please feel free to contact Sheep Dip Lane Primary School on 01302 842464

Pictures show, from top to bottom: 1.Planters, Pumpkins and visitors enjoying the new garden. 2.Children from Sheep Dip lane Primary school playing on the large musical instruments in the garden. 3.Miss Cox reading a story to pupils of the School. 4.Children from Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School enjoying a visit to the garden on the opening day.


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There have been a lot of activities happening in school since our November issue and with Christmas around the corner there are even more to look forward to. We have been looking forward to informing you about all the news from our school since getting a letter in response to our last article and hope you enjoy reading this. Remembrance Day For Remembrance Day, on behalf of Hatfield Town Council and Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School one of our pupils was chosen to go and lay a wreath at the Remembrance Monument in Hatfield, in honour of Cpl. John William Harper. This was at the request of Gordon Harper who was in Belgium for their Remembrance Service:- where Cpl. John William Harper tragically got shot and killed age 28 during World War 2. He died while he was liberating the town of Merksplas and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his outstanding bravery. A school representative, Grace Lunn, from Year 6 was chosen and Mrs Acton accompanied her. Another wreath from our school was laid at the grave of Liam Maughan who was tragically killed last year in Afghanistan aged only 18. Play Leaders One of the additional responsibilities for Year 6 pupils is Play Leaders. Play Leaders take time out of their lunchtime to organise games for KS1 and lower KS2. There are ten Y6 Play Leaders in total and four work each day. The 10 pupils are put into pairs and each pair does two days a week: one day on the Basketball Court and one day in the Quiet Area. Some of the activities the Play Leaders set up are hockey, snakes and ladders, and stilts. Foundation Stage go to Austerfield Recently Miss Shaw’s class went to Austerfield Field Study Centre for an Earth Walk Day. The class thoroughly enjoyed learning about the environment and made Miss Shaw proud of their good behaviour on their first-ever school trip. Planetarium Year 4 and Year 1 were excited to find out more about the stars and our universe when a mobile planetarium came into our school hall. Sean from Year 4 said ‘It was really good. At the end it went really dark and then there was a simulation of where the stars were.’ We are all looking forwards to Christmas in school:- Join us at 3:30pm on Friday 25th November for our Christmas Fair to meet Santa and to buy tickets for the Rudolph Raffle. Rudolph Raffle Recently, children have been given five raffle tickets each to sell, as the PFA will be drawing for prizes. The price of the tickets is £1 each, raising funds for school. The many prizes include a huge teddy bear and 2 mountain bikes, kindly donated to our school from our parents and local companies.


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KS1 Christingle This year, instead of a Nativity play, KS1 will be holding a Christingle service with traditional hymns and readings for Christmas. Children will be dressing up and will also be performing selected scenes from the Christmas story in the

Bible. The children are looking forward to their parents coming to watch their celebration play on Friday 9th December and Monday 12th December at 9:30am KS2 Christmas Show In Key Stage 2 we will be performing a show called ‘Rock Around the Flock’ which is the story of the shepherd’s nativity. Rehearsals are underway for our production and the catchy music can be heard all around school! Come and listen on Friday 9th December at 2:00pm and Monday 12th December again at 2:00pm. Next month we’ll tell you all about the pantomime our PFA have organised to come into school and our Christmas parties! Merry Christmas from the correspondents and everyone at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School. Please send any questions/comments to the school address below: Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6NH

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I would like to thank all my loyal clients, old and new, for all your support. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at All About Me over the last 3 1/2 years and have enjoyed getting to know all of you. I am leaving All About Me in December 2011 to spend more quality time with my family. I hope I manage to bump into you in the village very soon for a catch up. Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Janine.

All Beauty Therapy & Skin Treatments will be available as usual.

Introducing Sue and Andrea

Who will be Taking Over on 20th December 2011 and will be carrying on with all treatments that have previously been offered including Dermalogica and Calgel.

Andrea will also offer Acrylic nails All In Date Vouchers will still be valid

Judith & Angie Will be Open As Usual in The Hair Salon at All About Me

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01302 350888 14 High Street, Hatfield, Doncaster


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Jamie McDonnell - 'A BIG THANK YOU TO MY FANS!'

It's not long now until Christmas so it's an ideal time to say a big 'thank you' to so many local people who have helped me on my way over the last few years. Apart from my family and friends, there are also hundreds of people who come to my boxing matches who I don't always get the chance to thank personally. It's their continued support and encouragement that have made all the difference to me. I do have sponsorships which have afforded me the luxury of being able to train full time and I'd like to publicly thank local Hatfield businessman Pete Thompson of Dantom Homes, who was one of my very first sponsors. Pete has helped both at the beginning of my career and more recently last year. I'd also like to thank Hatfield Town Council and in particular Councillor Mick Glynn for their continued support; I was amazed to learn of future plans they have for me in recognition of my achievements and contributions to the community as a Hatfield man. I know there are many talented kids around here and if I can lead by example and encourage them to work hard and show commitment to their sport, I'll be happy. There are currently many young boys interested in boxing and we have superb training facilities for them in this area. Apart from my own boxing academy in Mexborough, I can recommend Paul Thompson's ABC Amateur Boxing Club, in Stainforth. I was privileged to be invited to the official opening earlier in the year with the late boxing legend Joe Frazier. One great benefit of holding my titles is being invited to the many charity fund-raising events held locally. Recently, I was a guest at a 'Help the Heroes' charity night in Bawtry and was honored to be part of the evening. Another charity evening with Ricky Hatton just a few weeks ago was another successful big night. I've been lucky enough to meet many top sports personalities and I still can't believe I get the opportunity to attend so many events with real heroes! My mandatory defense of my European belt has been re-scheduled to Saturday 18th February 2012 and will once again be shown on Sky Sports. We have managed to get the Doncaster Dome again so I am pleased; the town really gets behind me and I really do appreciate all the people who pay good money to come to watch me. The last two Christmases have fallen right in the middle of my training camp when I've been on my strict diet, so this will be the first Christmas in three years that I can go out with my girlfriend Rachel and our friends and actually eat a decent meal and have one or two drinks without worrying too much about my weight!


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I want to congratulate my twin brother Gavin who recently won his fourth professional fight. For those of you who aren't aware Gavin also turned professional last year and I am sure he too will win championship belts. I see him going for the English title belt in the not too distant future. He is similar in style to me and has the same heart for the sport. It was once my dream to win title fights; my dream now is to win a world title. I have already made history by being the first Doncaster man to box for the British, Commonwealth and European belts in my home town (in fact the last person to do this was over 60 years ago in Ireland). My own goal is to add a world belt to that but it really would be history in the making if me and Gav could together hold every belt at our weight! I'd also like to congratulate young Connor Nixon and my mate Charlie Thompson, who both train with me and who won their professional fights recently, Connor his debut as a pro. I wish them well for the future. Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year and once again thank you all for your continued support. Jamie McDonnell - European, Commonwealth and British Bantamweight Boxing Champion


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Oh Vienna !!!! If there’s anyone left who reads my articles you will be aware I have an annoying habit of referring to “the good old days” of the Spiral and Warren youth clubs. A time when life was much simpler, the sun always shone, wagon wheels were literally as big as wheels (maybe), and a bag of chips cost 10p. There you go, I’ve done it again. But every now and then a record comes on the radio to cast my mind back to these heady days. As I drove to work recently on came ‘Vienna’ by the band Ultravox, which to this day remains infamous for its part in one of pop music’s biggest crimes - as it was kept off the top of the charts by Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddap You Face’*. This record has particularly poignant memories as it played an important role in my first schoolboy crush. Every Monday, Wednesday and sometimes even on a Thursday, I would take myself off to the Spiral to listen to the top tunes played by the Inferno Discotheque. I’d have a few games of table tennis and, far more enjoyably, check out the local talent. It was my first year at high school and one girl from the year above had caught my eye. Her name was Anne Brown and she had the most gorgeous long hair, beautiful eyes and a smile too cute to comprehend. I would watch her from afar, dancing with her mates and it became plainer than a Greggs cheese & ham pasty that I was smitten. Her girlie pals didn’t take long to click on and were soon encouraging me, offering hope that maybe Anne and I could be the Spiral’s answer to Danny and Sandy from Grease. This went on for a few months as every Spiral night I would seize and opportunity to speak to Anne, just to be in her company, like a love- sick puppy dog. Just to catch a glimpse of her was usually enough for me to be honest. Eventually, as Christmas approached, the infamous Spiral Xmas party offered me the opportunity to finally show Anne just how special I thought she was. For weeks I had been saving some of my paper round money in order to buy her gift worthy of her beauty. However, as I had homework to do, I enlisted the help of her friends who were quite willing to ensure I made the right choice. What my innocent eyes failed to notice was they were perhaps a little too keen to help. The big night came and, despite having a feeling in my stomach usually reserved for a packet of fizz bombs and a sherbet fountain, I ensured my Doc Martens were as shiny as a bald man’s head, my Farah’s were pressed and my burgundy tank top was cleaner than a nun’s conscience. I chose my moment with the stealth of a modern day fighter plane, my guidance system well and truly locked onto my target. I perched down on the edge of a by now packed dance floor and told Anne she was looking especially wonderful this evening - and that I had a little surprise for her. By this time Anne’s penny had dropped as she realised she was the centre of attention, and became quite embarrassed by all the fuss. Undeterred, I handed her my present, complete with bright red bow and a note wishing her a Merry Christmas. After being cajoled by her mates Anne gingerly unwrapped my present but smiled when she realised it was a copy of ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox. I explained that I knew this was her favourite and that I had saved up for weeks in order to purchase this fine piece of 80s electro pop. Anne thanked me and admitted it was a wonderful thought and congratulated me on being so attentive. I felt 10 feet tall, which for me is no mean feat, and decided to depart, mission accomplished, but as I got up to leave I realised that nestled beside Anne on the step were three other copies of the best #2 hit in history. All was not well in the Wright garden as after further investigation it turned out that I was not the only hormonally charged lad vying Anne’s affection. Her friends had decided it would be a giggle if every time they were asked for advice they would provide the same information. By the end of the night it turned out that Anne had racked up five copies, so how Dolce managed to hold off Midge Ure and his mates baffles me to this day. In her defence Anne was innocent to this ruse and had acted in a friendly and sincere fashion to all of the young lads who wanted to bestow 7


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inches on her - although in later years she did confess to finding it amusing. The above tale is particularly meaningless in the wider scheme of things but was merely an example of how youth clubs played an important part of teenage years. I often wonder what impact having youth clubs with strong charismatic leaders would have upon the youth of today. Would there have been the ill-disciplined rioters that recently plagued our city streets? Would there be a need for classes in healthy eating and obesity for a fast food generation? Would any young lad of today feel his heart skip a beat when he lays his eyes on his first crush at the youth club disco? I have included two pictures that recently came into my possession that form part of a wider collection of snaps taken from the Spiral Youth Club during the years 19781985. One is the Spiral ‘It’s A Knock-Out’ team of 1983 and the other is from the Spiral Miss Personality Competition, 1978. I do hope you recognise some of the faces and enjoy what memories they help bring back of those great days in our lives. There are many more pictures in this collection and my plan is to show them in Hatfield Library along with any others that are donated to bring back memories like the one of when I crashed and burned in my mission of love in 1981. Please contact the editor via e-mail if you have any pictures of your youth club days that you would like to place in the exhibition and I will have more details in the January edition. Anyway, all that remains is for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas, even though its only November 14 when I write this, and to request that if we have a cold snap like we did last year to please keep an eye on your elderly neighbours, lend a hand to those that need it, and to take a minute to remember that Christmas is very much about your family and your community. *Vienna" was kept off the UK #1 slot by John Lennon's "Woman" for a week, and then by "Shaddap You Face", for a further 3 weeks, although Vienna did sell more copies than either of these records. Happy Chrimbo PW AKA The Difference

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Coffee Morning in Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The coffee morning held at Sheep Dip Lane Primary school was a great success, with parents, children, governors, teachers and other guests attending. Everyone had a wonderful morning and we raised a fantastic amount of £348.20 Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Thorne Family Support Group Providing Sports and Leisure Activities for People with Special Needs

The above group is a voluntary organisation run by a group of parents of mentally handicapped people. The group has been running for almost 30 years and started with just a few mums , organising trips, giving each other support and arranging for professional speakers to teach us more about people with Mental Handicaps. We now have 40 members ranging from aged 6 to 58 years and cover Moorends, Stainforth, Hatfield and Thorne. We have Swimming evenings, a Youth Club, Bowls in the summer, Boccia sessions, Football training, matches and tournaments, we have trips to the Theatre, Circus, Coast and other educational visits and we are members of the Special Olympics for people with learning difficulties where we enter different sporting events. Seven years ago we bought a 13 seater mini bus and we have been told by the garage that it is now condemned. Our bus is very important to us. It allows us to bring members to our activities and to take trips., allowing families to have some valuable respite time and giving them the piece of mind that their loved ones are safe and being cared for within the group. We are in desperate need of another Mini-bus. If anyone can help in anyway, either by advising us of where we could purchase a good mini - bus at the right price, by donating raffle or tombola prizes to any of the fundraising events we hold, if any organisation has a bus that we could maybe borrow or if you would like to come along and support any of our fundraising events, we would be very grateful. We are holding a Charity Stall at the Thorne Yuletide Fayre on December 3rd. Thank you. Hoping someone can help. Please contact Sylvia 01405 812403 or Jean 01302844077


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Laminate Floor, Kitchen & Bedroom Fitting, Spindle Staircases, Doors (internal and external), Tiling-Wall and Floor, Gates and Exterior Joinery Work (made to measure if required)

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ASH HILL ACADEMY The Official Opening of Ash Hill Academy took place on Monday 7 November. The Event was attended by members of our community, our students and parents, governors, local councillors, Caroline Flint MP, primary headteachers, business partners and representatives from the School Partnership Trust. Special Guests were Mr. and Mrs. D. Maughan and son Callum and also Representatives of the 3rd Battalion the Rifles, who travelled from Edinburgh to join us at this special day. The proceedings were commenced by Dave Williams (Principal) and Addresses were given by Sir Paul Edwards, (CEO of School Partnership Trust), Mr. David Maughan, Lieutenant Tommy Johnson-Burt of the 3 Rifles, our Head Boy, Thomas Byatt and our Head Girl, Jodie Sinden. The Academy was then opened by Ian Garforth, the Chair of School Partnership Trust and our new Learning Resource Centre, named in memory of Liam Maughan, was opened by his parents and brother Callum with some of his colleagues and friends from the 3 Rifles in attendance. Mr. Maughan said “The naming of the resource centre will ensure that Liam and the sacrifice he made will never be forgotten”. The Academy is very proud to name our resource centre in his memory. Guests were entertained by outstanding performances by: Hollie Smith (Year 13) singing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, Jack Parkin (Year 11) singing Kenny Rogers’ ‘Bring me a Rose’, Casey York (Year 12) singing Ellie Goulding’s version of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’


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T.V. Extra Work for Sixth Form Students

Some of our Sixth Form students are linked up with the Talent Agency. Colouring Book Casting and the Talent Agent, Mohsan Qureshi. This gives our Performing Arts students amazing opportunities to be able to expand their drama skills and actually appear on TV. Previously, students have starred in the following productions: Body Farm Mount Pleasant Candy Cabs DCI Banks This has been running for over a year now and more students are signing up to take advantage of the remarkable opportunity. Students would like to thank Mrs. J. Marsh for her encouragement and introduction to Colouring Book Casting.

Band Aid

Thomas Byatt, Andrew Hindson and Scott Isle, 6 th Form Performing Arts students, together with staff are planning to record a pop music video. The video and track will be sold in order to raise money for charity. The charities being supported by this venture are Bluebell Wood Hospice and the Hatfield Church Roof fund. More information will be available soon.


A FAMILY FUN EVENT took place at Ash Hill Academy on Friday evening 4th November. Over 200 people, including staff, students their parents and members of community enjoyed an evening of pumpkin carving, badge making, sporting activities and were entertained by a Mad Scientist Performance. We would like to thank everyone who attended and all our staff who volunteered. We are very delighted with the support for this Event.

Christmas Concert and Christmas Fayre The Ash Hill Academy Christmas concert is on 15th December 2011 starting at 7.15pm. There will also be a Christmas Fayre starting at 6pm. The Christmas Concert will range from traditional carol singing to solo vocal performances, a brass ensemble, rock band, Christmas monologues and a short Christmas drama sketch from some of our 6th form students. Admission is by ticket available from the Academy, price £2.00. The Christmas Fayre will run from 6pm - 9pm and will include Art and Craft Stalls (including Hand Made Cards and Christmas Decorations), Refreshments, Cupcakes, Personalised Baubles, Santa’s Grotto and a Christmas Raffle. Prizes include a Family Photoshoot, Beauty Treatment Gift Vouchers and a Table Centre Piece. Please come along and enjoy the festivities, everyone is welcome.

To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882


What is green, white, and red all over? A sunburnt elf. What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum - you can't beat it!. What kind of pet did Aladdin have? A flying car-pet!.

Top 10 Toys for Christmas:

1. Fijit Friends 2. Kidizoom Twist Camera 3. Barbie Doggie Water Park 4. Transformers 3 Optimus Prime
 5. Baby Annabell
 6. Bob The Builder Construction Tower
 7. Lego City Police Station
 8. Bopit XT 9. Nerf N Strike Night Finder 10. Monopoly Banking. 30

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When your child turns 3 years of age they are entitled to a free nursery place in the term following their 3rd birthday. The government funds all local authorities to ensure that a free part - time pre-school place is available to all families who have 3 and 4 year old children. This is called the Free Early Years Provision (FEYP). Small World Day Nursery is a registered provider of the FEYP and has been providing an excellent free early years education to 100’s of children since 2004. The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which helps young children reach its early learning goals. The grant will allow a child to attend for 3 hours each day, 5 days a week, during term time. Due to the fact that Small World nursery is a private provider the FEYP can be accessed flexibly such as 5 hours a day for 3 days each week. The FEYP is provided in the preschool facility at Small World Day Nursery, in great hall of the original barn at Townend Farm. There is extensive equipment, activities and toys to encourage the children’s development through play. Politeness and good manners are encouraged in all children. Records are kept of development in areas such as personal and social development, communication, language and literacy, mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical and creative development. For more information on this please contact Small World Day Nursery on 01302 844485.

Fish & Chips Kebabs Burgers

Under New Management

Home Delivery Available

90 High Street, Dunsville, Doncaster, DN7 4BX

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 11.30am - 2.00pm & 4.00pm - 9.30pm Friday and Saturday All Day 11.30am - 9.30pm Sunday 4.00pm - 8.00pm

01302 882077

To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882



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To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882


How to Avoid a Frosty Welcome A very Merry Christmas to all our readers, Weather conditions will be turning frosty, leaving motorists searching for their ice scrapers. Following is for drivers seeking to avoid a frosty welcome: Prepare the vehicle for winter early. Have the anti freeze checked, replace damaged wiper blades, stock up on de-icer, add a frost inhibitor to the screen wash and buy a window scraper and two cloths: one to clear condensation and dirt from the inside windows and one to clean lights and exterior windows. Check that the windscreen wipers are off when leaving the vehicle the night before to avoid damaging the wiper motor and blades when the engine is started the next day. Use external temperature gauges, if the vehicle has them. An indicated temperature of 3°C means that extremely slippery conditions are possible. Remember that ice on the windscreen could mean ice on the carriageway at some points, especially side roads. Observe other road users reactions to conditions ahead as a pre-warning of what is to come Stopping distances will increase in frosty or wet weather. Stay focused, look further ahead than usual and allow for the extra time needed to stop by increasing the gap ahead. Where the road surface is likely to be slippery, stay in the highest gear possible to minimise the risk of wheel spin. Consider setting off in second gear, releasing the clutch and accelerating very gently. If the vehicles front end begins to lose grip, a front wheel skid will begin. Reduce acceleration, consider disengaging the clutch and steer smoothly. If the vehicle goes into a rear wheel skid, lift off the accelerator, consider de-clutching and steer into the skid. Always ensure windows, lights and mirrors are clear of dirt and ice before setting off. Safe Driving. If you are interested in the courses that we offer, you’ll be able to find this information on the Institute of Advanced Motorists website at or Tel: 01302 886 276 Safe Driving. Paul Tuke. Senior Training Observer.

WOODHOUSE HEATING Personal Attention From Jessie Now Practising Part-Time Tuesday Mornings and All day Wednesday and Thursday

Footcare Advice & Treatment Orthotics Fitted 31 High Street Hatfield


01302 351545

Domestic Gas Installation & Servicing New Boilers - 5 Year Guarantee Landlords Certificates Fully Insured Professional Service

Call Dave on 01302 840330 or 07711 728120

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To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882



December 4th Rev K Jump December 11th Mr A Parish December 18th Carol Service, Refreshments December 25th No Service. Services to be held at Thorne 9 30am and Stainforth 10 45am

HATFIELD WOODHOUSE METHODIST CHAPEL Saturday Coffee Mornings - 10am to 12noon December 3rd Project 2000 December 10th CLIC December 17th Project 2000 December 24th Project 2000

Decorating The Christmas Tree Saturday 3rd December - Preacher Reverend K Jump 4pm, followed by refreshments. Please bring a bauble for the tree. Carol Service Sunday 18th December 6pm. Coffee and Mince Pies after the Service.

YULETIDE FAYRE Thorne December 3rd. Including Entertainment. 10am til 4pm Please contact Sylvia Goldspink on 01405 812403 if you would like to include your charity stall (Cost £5.00) or commercial stalls (£15) for the day. Everyone is welcome. Stalls, Entertainment, Refreshments etc

Bathroom Suites - Fitted & Tiled General Plumbing Door Hanging & Locks Fitted Painting & Decorating General Gardening and Fencing Household Maintenance

No Job Too Small * Free Estimates * No Callout Fee


The Friends Of Hatfield Trust Building Trust. We have confirmed our Coach Trip to Nostell Priory, Sat 3rd Dec, £17 for the coach and entry to the house which will be trimmed for Christmas. There's also a Craft Fair, Second Hand Book Stall and Santa's Grotto, with a Cafe for refreshments. If you a National Trust member entry to the House is free so you just have to pay £10 for the coach fare. All proceeds for the Friends Of Hatfield Trust Building Trust. Contact Janet on 01302 849377 for more details & bookings. Also Christmas Coffee Morning on Sat 10th Dec at the Barn, Hatfield with mince pies & mulled wine, a Tombola and Raffle. Hatfield Library - A special thank you to everyone who supported the Rainbow Trust coffee morning in October. We raised £360 for a very worthy cause. A big thank you to Fred Tomlinson and his family for an enjoyable and successful morning. 9th December between 10.00-12.00 the Needle and Pins Crafters will be holding their Christmas meeting and then enjoying a Christmas dinner down at the Green Tree all welcome, Dates for the New Year are now available to collect from the Library. We would like to welcome everyone to join us throughout the day of the 15th December for seasonal refreshments, "Just to reassure everyone Jenny will not be baking." Also on this day the Hatfield Village Plan committee will be holding a "drop-in" session to consult with local residents. Looking for a hobby for the New Year then why not enrol on our new course "Taking Better Pictures , Enrolment on the 11th January, 5week course. For more details Tel Jenny Hatfield library 842064 Jenny Michelle and Carol would like to thank you all for supporting us this year and we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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New Years Eve

at the Hatfield Woodhouse Working Men’s Club

Live Entertainment from

Triple X

An Excellent All Round Entertainment Band 7.30pm Onwards Tickets cost £5.00 and are available from the Club or see a member. Telephone 840058 for tickets or for further information.

ST LAWRENCE CHURCH HATFIELD OVER 70’S CHRISTMAS LUNCH with entertainment Friday 9 December 2011 VICTORIA HALL, HATFIELD 11.30 for 12 noon The Social Committee of Hatfield Church welcome members of Hatfield Parish who are Over 70 , to come to enjoy this free Christmas Lunch with entertainment. Transport will be provided, if needed

For tickets please contact Angela Lister Tel 884848

St Lawrence Church, Hatfield



THE UNA VOCE CHOIR and Buffet Supper

at Victoria Hall, Hatfield, 7.30pm

Saturday 11 February 2012 Tickets £10.00 from Cath Watson 01302 842163 Angela Lister 01302 884848

Please bring your own drinks

THE BARN Church Walk Hatfield Are you looking for a small venue, including playing field, for family parties or for meetings Fully Equipped Kitchen Crockery for 30 persons Seating for 30 Disability access, Toilets Ample parking space £7.50 per hour This may be just what you’re looking for ! To view or make a booking please contact Janet Hoffman 01302 849377

To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882



Gas Emergency


Age Concern

0800 009966

Electricity Emergency


Doncaster Council Community First

01302 736000

Yorkshire Water


Child Line

0800 111

BT Faultline





01302 734444


01302 719790


0800 555111

Hatfield Florist

01302 845597

Doncaster Childrens Information Service

0800 1384568

Hatfield Water Park

01302 841572

South Yorkshire Fire Service


Vue Cinema


South Yorkshire Police (non - emergency)


Odeon Cinema


The Dome Leisure Centre

01302 370777

Hatfield Travis C of E Infant & Nursery School

01302 840200

Hatfield Manor Junior School

01302 842164

Hatfield Visual Arts College

01302 840961

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

01302 840448

Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School

01302 842464

Hatfield Dunsville Primary School

01302 882958

Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School

01302 841337

Dunsville Community Centre

01302 882602

Hatfield Library

01302 842064

Home Library Service

01302 734304

Hatfield Woodhouse Methodist Church

01302 880450

Hatfield Church Parish Office

01302 350591

Hatfield Health Centre

01302 384200

Dunsville Medical Centre

01302 890108

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

01302 366666

NHS Direct

0845 4647

Weldricks late night pharmacy

01302 369699

Thorne Rural Lions

01302 350797


Advertise in the Hatfield Arrow Business Directory for just £2.50 per month.

Kissimmee Florida 3 bed, 2 bath bungalow on a gated residential community with 24 hour Security 3 pools, gym, Jacuzzi & tennis courts on complex. Ideal location for all theme parks (Disney 15mins)

From £250 per week Tel: 01302 842607

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BUSINESS DIRECTORY BUSINESS/FINANCE Richardson Accountancy Limited, Hatfield 07891481446

01302 351641

Ash Hill Crescent, Hatfield

CAR Sales & Repairs All Car Service/Repairs Japanese & Korean Specialist

01302 830400

Barry Gill Sales & Repairs, Hatfield

01302 842878

COUNSELLING Clouds Community Counselling, Free Confidential Counselling Service

Client Line 07962 907053

COMPUTER SERVICES It To Go Computer Services W: E:

Casanova Pizzeria

01302 352352

HEALTH AND BEAUTY Jessie Credland Foot Clinic 31 High Street Hatfield

01302 351545

Lisa’s Toning & Tanning Studio,

01302 845633

The Willows Dental Practice

01427 872106

HOME & GARDEN Blind Ideas, High Street, Hatfield

01302 842627

Sunnybank Garden Centre, Hatfield Woodhouse

01302 842954

‘Established 1989’

Special Offers Available for Party Orders with Prior Notice OPEN 5pm - 11.30pm {Fri & Sat Delivery until 12pm} Now Open 7 Days a Week Open Bank Holidays


Fast & Friendly Delivery Service Available

Tel: 01302 843364

LOCKSMITH Total Lock Services, Hatfield

07989 299285

PHOTOGRAPHY Elite Photography High Street, Dunsville

01302 840110 07926 359966

SECURITY Complete Fire and Security Systems Ltd Auckley

01302 623427

SERVICES/TRADES A.E.S. Tiling (ceramic floor & wall tiling) Dunsville

01302 885401 07749 519557

C M Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd Building Services

01302 351760

Dean Brown Joinery, Hatfield, 07795321054

01302 350363

E P G Roofing

01302 532676

Longstaff Electrical Services, Hatfield, 07902 008118

01302 840500 07985 076500

P.Woods Builder

01405 818771 07733 021023

All General Building Work

Steve Blunt Electrical Contractor 07900188126

01302 350557

To advertise please call 01302 351760 or 07854 880882


All Roofing Work Undertaken Including: Full or Part Re Roofs Slating & Tiling Flat Roofs Pointing & Chimney Work All Work Fully Guaranteed Free Estimates

Over 20 Years Experience

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