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June 2013

Issue No. 90

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Editors Letter‌..

Welcome to the June issue of the Hatfield Arrow. The year seems to be flying by and still we don’t seem to be getting much sunshine. Surely it will be here by the time you are reading this. There are a lot of news items in this months issue. The local schools have been doing many interesting activities and their reporters have been kept very busy. Also, included this month is a very informative article from the NORTH EAST DONC ASTER CITIZE NS ADVICE BUREAU which highlights some interesting facts about scams and how to avoid getting caught out by them. Please continue to send me any news or information you would like including in the Arrow.

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News, News, News, News, News, News... HATFIELD WOODHOUSE AMATEUR GARDENING SOCIETY The society last met on the Tuesday after the May Day Bank Holiday at Hatfield Woodhouse Working Men's Club. The main activity was a sale of plants contributed by members of the Society. There was a good range of plants on offer including vegetable and bedding plants ready for growing on, herbaceous plants, small shrubs and tree seedlings. In addition to the plants, advice was available from the plant growers and also from other members. Lots of members and guests took the opportunity to supplement their stock from the large variety of good quality material on offer. The sale raise about £43 for Society funds. The evening was completed by a short fun quiz, many of the questions having a plant basis.

Little Steps For Lily Fund HMP South Yorkshire, which involves HMP Moorland, HMP Lindholme and HMP/YOI Hatfield recently held fund raising events on behalf of Lily Ketteringham. Lily and her family are striving to reach a target of £35,000 for a life changing operation which help Lily walk. HMP South Yorkshire fund raising involvement came from both staff and prisoners. Additional contributions to the event came from work colleagues and friends of Lily’s family. The fund raising events culminated with a Race Night held at Hatfield Officers Club which was presented by Thorne Rural Lions. The total raised at the end of the night was £4,000. It is hoped that pledges from other organisations will increase the amount further.

The next meeting will be a visit to a nursery in Lincolnshire to see how Japanese Acers are produced.

Pictured are members of the Fund Raising Team. with Lily, her father Steve and her family.


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PETS ABROAD As the summer holidays approach it is always wise to plan ahead, decide whether your pet is to accompany you abroad and hopefully avoid any last minute disappointments. A recent survey showed that less than 25% of pet owners allowed sufficient time to organise a Pet Passport and had to change their travel plans.

What do I need to do to take my pet abroad?

Within the EU. Check the DEFRA website as requirements may vary depending on destination and legislation. Your pet must be microchipped. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. An EU country can be entered 21 days after the initial vaccination after which there is no waiting period provided boosters are kept up to date. Be in possession of a valid pet passport for the travelling pet. Outside the EU. Contact DEFRA or AHVLA for advice on any additional certificates that may be required by the country you plan to visit.

Additional Considerations

1-5 days prior to re-entering the UK a tapeworm treatment must be administered by a veterinary surgeon. ( With the exception of return travel from Malta, Eire & Finland) The minimum age for rabies vaccination is 3 months. The route and means of transportation must comply with current legislation. Check your destination for diseases such as heartworm, tick borne diseases and leishmeniasis which may be fatal for your pet, so preventative medicine can be obtained. If you are taking your pet to parts of Southern Europe it is recommended provide preventative treatment for sand flies and mosquitoes. If travelling by air contact the airline well in advance to confirm their rules for transporting pets. Pet holiday insurance is now available for 30 days or longer that can provide cover for emergency veterinary fees, loss of passport and many other eventualities.



Should you require any additional advice Please contact the surgery and our team will be happy to help you and your pet have a stress free holiday or visit Evolutions facebook page.

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Hello Hatfield! We have been very busy this term! From parties to P.E, it has been fantastic! In Year 6, we are celebrating the completion of the SATs exams in reading, grammar, spelling, punctuation and maths. We have had a non-uniform party to celebrate and we had: cakes, crisps, juice, biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate. A great afternoon!

Also in Year 6, we are very proud of the two members of our class who have won 100 stickers for achievement in school. We can win stickers for improving our work, having good manners, completing our homework and much more. The two winners, being the first in the class to reach 100, were both able to pick a great prize from the golden bag! Sadly, we are approaching our final terms at Hatfield Woodhouse. We will make the most of our time here and we will be preparing for our move up to secondary school, with transition days with our new schools. We will also be performing in our leavers play ‘Tuishi Pamoja’, an African themed play about building friendship, despite our differences. Elsewhere in school, Year 5 have been studying ‘Talking Heads’, a topic on the kings and queens of England. They are in the process of writing and performing in their own play, so they are applying their writing and presentation skills. Year 4 have been recreating Andy Goldworthy’s work using mother nature’s resources and next term will be visiting the seaside. Year 3 have been studying ‘Gladiators and gods’, a topic about the Romans. So far they have invented their own gods and are working on their own shields. They are also working on their BLP skills, focusing on stickability and managing distractions. Next term they will be working on ‘Robot rampage’, a topic on inventing robots. Year 2 have recently visited the Tropical Butterfly House and have been studying mini-beasts. Next term, they will be visiting a Mexican restaurant, linked to their new topic, Mexico.


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Year 1 have been studying Africa and have been looking for fresh produce from Africa. Next term, they will be learning about growing things. FS2 have been studying ‘Can we explore?’ it this term and as part of that, they have camped on the field and will soon be visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. That’s all from us this article, we will keep you updated. Eleanor, Finlay, Lydia and Thea

A big thank-you to Burrows Motor Company,

who recently presented a very generous cheque for £2850 to Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School to enable a start to be made to a sensory garden for the Foundation Stage. The children were excited when Mr Andy Brown from Burrows brought a new Toyota onto the school car park for a photograph of the cheque presentation. Other local companies have also been very generous:- SC Landscape Gardening Company from Crowle have donated their time to build a tunnel topped with a garden of wildflowers and a series of grassed gentle slopes for the children to understand scientific concepts. Next the school hopes to build a wooden staged area and a rock garden to encourage minibeasts.

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Crime does not pay (part 2) The year is roughly 1974 and our David is twelve years old and on the brink of adolescence. He is full of the joys of spring, one of the gang, eager to please. One afternoon his sister Sally explained that she had met some girls from a neighbouring village who were a real hoot. However, reading between the lines it was clear to our Dave that their knack for getting exactly what you wanted from the well-stocked shops of Doncaster was a little dodgy. Now in her defence, our Sally was an innocent girl and hadn’t cottoned on as to how these goods had been commandeered, so was ignorant to the fact that her new ‘friends’ had not exactly been upfront with her. Intrigued, Dave persuaded his elder sibling to allow him to join her in her next jaunt into town to meet these flush friends. The day finally came and the two of them set off on the bus, our Dave eager to ensure he could cut it with the older set. They gathered outside The Wimpy (some of you will remember where that was) Sally introducing her kid brother to three of them while explaining that although he looked a bit odd with hair that grew in 11 different directions, and although he was sporting a pair of dads old Burma shorts, he was in fact a good kid. They took Sally at her word and began the process of going for a “browse” around the shops. After a while David’s suspicions were being proved correct and the pair were desperately trying to think of a way out that would enable remove them from risk but also allow them to save face. Like a plague of locust of biblical proportions the three girls went store to store pilfering whatever caught their eye. As the group entered Owen & Owen the trio were starting to get suspicious and upset that Sally and David had not been filling their pockets with ill gotten gains. With a menacing growl they made it perfectly clear that unless the pair of them took the plunge then there was no way that they could continue in the gang and they would run the risk of a good hiding. With this in mind, and not fancying the thought of getting a good kicking, Sally decided to take the plunge and secreted a cheap looking bracelet into her coat pocket away from the eyes of the shop assistants and store detective. Now it was David’s turn. He circled the goods on show with confused desperation, his palms now clammy with fear and a bead of sweat forming across his youthful brow. What he failed to notice in his state was his actions had caught the eye of the store detectives who were now covertly circling like hungry sharks and waiting for David to fall into the water. In a process more akin to a Blue Peter presenter wrestling with double sided sticky tape rather than the Artful Dodger, our David picked up a felt tip pen and clumsily placed it in his underpants, safe in the knowledge that this would be the safest place in Doncaster, let alone in the store. The crimes completed, and with a knowing smile of appreciation from the ringleaders, the gang of three had now become a gang of five. Without further ado it was time to move on and they exited the store but the long arm of the law made its move. In the blink of the eye the gang were apprehended by a trio of burly store staff and frog-marched back into the bowels of the store for an interrogation that any Gestapo officer would have been proud of. During transit one of the girls decided it was best to rid herself of the evidence. With another menacing growl she handed our Dave a package and forcefully whispered that he needed to put this into his pocket and that this would be OK as they were bound to go easy on someone as young as he. They were lined up while the chief store detective went down the line demanding names, addresses and for them to empty the contents of their pockets. The first emptied her stash under the careful


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eye of David & Sally. One then attempted to faint in order to deflect the situation but it was no good, they were in the mire. It was clear that the three girls had been busy bees as the goods piled up on the table in front of them, all the time under the harrowed gaze of the two siblings who were astounded at the sheer amount of loot gathered. Then it was Sally’s turn to state her name. In sheer fright and mild panic she tried to convince those around her that her real name was Sandra. She almost got away with it until our Dave blurted “Sally, why on earth did you say Sandra?” He was never the sharpest knife in criminal draw. Sally rather disappointingly deposited a solitary bracelet that wasn’t worth the price tag stuck to it, leaving our Dave to take his turn. David began rummaging round in his wangers before placing the felt tip onto the stash. “Is that all?” asked the store detective in a voice you’d have seen at the front desk on The Bill. It was at this point that David realised that he still had yet to give up everything, there was the package he’d been forced to stash. He delved deep into his coat pocket and pulled out the mystery contents, dropping two rather fetching multi-coloured bras onto the table - much to the amazement of all around. This not only made the store detectives roar with laughter but also his accomplices. He protested his innocence but the mud had well and truly stuck and David was recorded as being found in possession of a rather sweaty blue felt tip pen and 2 34C ‘over the shoulder boulder holders’. A guilty secret that has lay well hidden for years. Luckily for Sally, Dave and the others, the store detectives decided not to press any charges as they were satisfied that the fright and emotional distress would be enough to deter any future thefts. Something that proved correct as both Sally and David never again mixed in the wrong circles. This matter would have stayed hidden forever but earlier this year and after half a dozen pints David decided the truth needed to come out. Crime definitely didn’t pay for our David that weekend and ultimately never will, unless you happen to be a banker or herald from a top public school. PW AKA The Difference

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Welcome to the first DN7 Arts Festival Local based pop-rock star John Parr is to headline the first ever DN7 Festival. John won world wide acclaim in the 1980’s with hits that included ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ and ‘Naughty Naughty’ which was No. 1 in America. Over the years John has toured with top artists including Tina Turner and The Beach Boys. He has written or contributed to songs performed by a wide variety of artists including Meatloaf, Tom Jones and Roger Daltry. After a period out of the music business, John returned in 2007 and joined Canadian pop-rock artist Bryan Adams on his tour. In 2011 John released his latest album “Letter to America” and toured the United States extensively throughout 2012. John has a long association with the school and we are delighted that he has agreed to headline what should be a fantastic day for our community. The DN7 Festival is a week-long event beginning on Monday 24th June and ending with a spectacular outdoor event in the Academy grounds on Saturday 29th June. On the Saturday a varied programme of entertainment has been assembled which includes performances from:      

Jack’s House (Young local band) Dave Formula and the Finks (Doncaster band) Doncaster Youth Swing Orchestra Love Society (Fantastic South African Rock Music) Hope and Social (Regarded as one of the best live bands in the area) John Parr (local based Rock Star, famous for his Number 1 hits “Naughty, Naughty” and “St Elmo’s Fire”)

 Trax FM will be presenting the outdoor staged events. In addition there will be craft stalls, food outlets and a funfair supplied by Tuby’s.


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In the weeks leading up to the festival, a series of workshops will take place in the primary schools, and in the Academy, culminating in performances at Saturday’s main event. Other events are scheduled to take place during the week in various parts of the community and will be advertised in the near future. Ticket prices are: £5 per person or a family ticket at £12.50 (2 adults and 2 children) and will be on sale at the Academy and outlets throughout the area including: In Hatfield – Number Thirteen, Coffee at Number 4, Charlottes Florists In Stainforth – The Library In Dunscroft – East Doncaster Development Trust In Dunsville – The Post Office In Edenthorpe – Flowers with a Difference For further information please contact us on: 01302 840961 or email: or

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Trips,Tricks and Topics We welcome you to a new term with our school reporters. This term will be tremendous, that is a fact! We have lots of reports for you and hope you enjoy reading them. Year 6 will be telling you about their residential to Kingswood, Year 5 will be giving you the gory details about World War II. In Year 4 they have been busy supporting a charity in Uganda and have organised lots of water activities to raise money. The Year 3 children have been learning about their local history, homes and streets and have created a scale model of the village. The Year 2 children eventually made it to Austerfield after attempting to pond dip on a frozen pond! “Classic Kingswood” In March, most of the Year 6 children travelled to Conisborough to attend the Kingswood residential. We stayed in the brand new dormitories which are positioned on the site of the old Earth Centre. We stayed there for four epic nights and five exhausting days. It was jam packed with lots of activities such as: laser quest, zip line, abseiling, aeroball, leap of faith and nightline just to mention a few. Every morning we had a dorm inspection, Jamie says “it was so intense as you could hear them coming from about 5 dorms away and we could sit down as we were so nervous!” Gaby and her friends won the tidiest dorm but Jamie thinks that his dorm would have won the smelliest dorm! Ellie said “I thought that the residential was very good because one morning I saw a pheasant out of my room!” We will remember our Year 6 residential forever and would recommend it to everyone. Ellie and Jamie Woeful World War II Last term we were learning about WWII and we’re here to tell you about the fun that we had when learning about WOEFUL WORLD WAR 2!!! One of the many super things we did was going to Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield. Lauren said, “It was very exciting to feel what it was like to be in an Anderson Air Raid Shelter.” Amy said, “I could imagine what people would feel like in the war, like putting our own gas masks on and being a person in one of those jobs.” Mr Harper (also known as Danielle’s granddad!) came in and showed us a very famous Victoria Cross Medal, which was awarded to John William Harper, Mr Harper’s granddad. He was an absolute hero in WWII! He was strong and very enthusiastic about his job and always took it seriously; he must have been brilliant to work with. We learnt a lot about our history. Amy and Lauren Our saviour is water. Last term we were learning about the wonder of water and we investigated the water cycle. We decided to raise money for a charity in Uganda by involving the whole of upper school. We designed water games, a cake sale and refreshments. At the end of the day, we had raised a huge amount of money for the Ugandan charity, which provide resources and clean water for children who live in the country. The charity also helps the children to get a better education so that they can get really good jobs to pay for food and water. We have helped them to create a new healthy life so we should be proud of ourselves for what we have done to help these people in need. Can we please give a massive thank you to Mrs Gibson’s mum who has helped us to create links with this charity and pray that they get the resources they need for the children. Jake and Taylor Becoming a local historian. In Year 3 we have been learning about the history of Hatfield. We found out that it was not a busy


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place compared to now, mainly because there are more buildings and more people living here now. We investigated our local area by walking along the high street looking at the different buildings and then finishing in Hatfield library. We would like to thank Jenny and her staff in the library who created an informative display to teach us all about the history of Hatfield. There were lots of interesting pictures and old books for us to look at. At the end of the topic we created a large box model of Hatfield village. Caleb was working with his best friend Lloyd on building the library. Gracie was constructing the tallest building in Hatfield, the church, with Bailey and Jordan. We were really proud of the final creation. Caleb and Gracie Amazing Animals at Austerfield Year 2 went to Austerfield to go pond dipping and we saw lots of different pond life. We caught them with a net and then put them in a tray. Conner and Neo caught a fish which was very fast and colourful. We also visited the animal house where we got to look at a hairy spider, giant slimy snails, a spiky hedgehog, a slithery snake and the fierce bearded dragon. “I held the millipede and it felt really, really tickly” said Milly. We learnt the real names of all the animals and pond life and we also learnt how to look after all of these creatures and how to show them tender loving care. “It was a really good day because I saw animals and I learnt that water animals can’t live without water.” said Tyler. We enjoyed the day so much we hope we can go back to Austerfield again. Tyler and Milly. At the moment the Year 6 and Year 2 children are undertaking their SATs and we are very proud of them. We wish them good luck!

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NORTH EAST DONCASTER CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU ROGUES ENJOYING A DOUBLE-DUPE RECESSION Scams Awareness Month – May 2013 Scammers are enjoying a ‘double-dupe recession’ as they prey on people who are struggling to find work or battling with money problems, says North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau. New figures reveal over 22,000 reports of scams were made to the Citizens Advice service in England and Wales in the last 12 months. Yet Citizens Advice says many fail to report if they have been ripped-off. According to the OFT almost half of us (48%) are targeted by scams with 3 million falling victim to cons costing individuals a total of £3.5 billion a year. Citizens Advice and Trading Standards are running Scams Awareness Month throughout May warning people to be ever-vigilant against rogues and urging people to ‘spot scams to stop scams.’ An analysis of the national Citizens Advice scams scanner – which has tracked cons since 2007 revealed opportunistic con artists are targeting people who have fallen on hard times with offers of phoney jobs, training and debt scams. The double dupe scams are : Training and job ploys: paying for a phantom training course with the false promise of a job or working on a commission basis only to find the firm is a fake and they don’t make any money. Dangerous debt help: offers of loans or help to clear debts which carries an upfront fee but they never get a loan or help to sort out their debts. North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau is also concerned that rogues will seek to profit from changes to the benefit system, particularly with the introduction to the so-called bedroom tax and localisation of council tax benefit. Our evidence shows that, in the past, people have been ripped off by fake landlords who take deposits for properties that don’t exist or aren’t available for rent and rogues have targeted people looking to reduce their council tax bill by charging for rebanding that doesn’t happen. Karen Bothamley from North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau said: “Rogues are cashing in on people’s job and money troubles. The difficult economic times have been tough for many people in Doncaster but con artists have found a way to thrive. We’re seeing people who have been dealt a double blow by losing their job and then losing money while trying to find a new one. “This month we are warning people to be on the look out for rogues looking to make a quick buck at their expense and reminding that scams are crimes so it is vital they are reported.” Throughout the whole of May Citizens Advice Bureaux and Trading Standards across England and Wales will be reminding people that scams come in all shapes and sizes including adverts, people knocking on your door, emails, letters, phone calls, texts and over the internet. CABs and Trading Standards Officers will be warning people to look out for key signs that something is a scam like being contacted out of the blue, requests for money in advance or telling you to keep it a secret and have released some new top tips on how to spot a scam and protect yourself from rogues. What to do if you have been scammed

 

Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to help stop it happening to others. Often you can't get your money back if you've been scammed, especially if you've handed over



If you've paid for goods or services by credit card you have more protection and if you used a debit card you may be able to ask your bank for a chargeback.


Please mention “The Arrow” when responding to advertisements

Get advice and report it to Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 04 05 06 (for advice in Welsh phone 08454 04 05 05) or online advice at Signs of a scam

    

The call, letter, e-mail or text has come out of the blue.

 

They are telling you to keep it a secret.

You’ve never heard of the lottery or competition they are talking about . You didn’t buy a ticket – so can’t win. They are asking you to send money in advance.

They are saying you have to respond quickly, so you don’t get time to think about it or ask family and friends before you decide. They seem to be offering you something for nothing. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is. How to protect yourself better


Never give out contact details like your name, phone number or address to strangers or to people who should have this information already.


Never give financial information or details of your identity, bank accounts or credit card to strangers or to the businesses that should already hold your details.

     

Shred anything with your personal or bank details on – don’t just throw it away. If in doubt, don’t reply. Bin it, delete it or hang up. Persuasive sales patter? Just say: “No Thank You.” Resist pressure to make a decision straight away. Never send money to someone you don’t know. Walk away from job adverts that ask for money in advance.

Ask friends, neighbours or family about whether an offer is likely to be a scam. Common scams Lotteries — A phone call, text or email proclaims a huge lottery win – even though the receiver hasn’t bought a ticket. In order to collect winnings you are asked to send money to cover “processing” or “administration” costs. Phishing — an email (or Vishing for phone calls) pretending to be from your bank asking for you to update, validate or confirm details so that scammers can access your account. SMShing - mobile phone text messages lure you onto fraudulent websites or invite you to call a premium rate mobile number or download malicious content via the phone or web. Electricity meter credit – people on pre-payment meters are offered cut-price electricity but end up paying for their energy twice. Criminals use cloned keys to top up energy credit illegally. You end up paying for the energy twice – first to the fraudsters and then to the company at the correct rate. Pyramid selling — This is an illegal trick where you are told you can earn money by recruiting new members to a money-making venture. In reality only a tiny minority make money, everyone else loses. For more information contact: North East Doncaster CAB 01405 740550 / 01302 846745

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March 22nd was World Water Day. Don’t worry; it was news to me too! In Doncaster it was a freezing cold day with sleet and snow, very cold too in Holland but sweltering in the village of Mwembe Swere, Kenya. Why the link? Well, over 30,000 children around the world were doing sponsored Walks 4 Water to raise funds for water and sanitation projects in less fortunate countries and these 3 places all played a part in it. Here in Doncaster, 23 plucky volunteer pupils, from tots to teens and of varying abilities at the School for the Deaf on Leger Way should have been doing their sponsored Walk 4 Water, carrying 6 litres of water over 6 kms around the school field but the weather was so awful that it had to be postponed. The Walk eventually took place on 17th April under warmer but very windy conditions – that’s the British weather for you! All the children completed their walks, exhausted and wildly, wind-swept but content in the knowledge that they’d done their bit. The Walk in Doncaster was done in aid of a Daphne Foundation project to pipe clean drinking water to the school in Mwembe Swere, Kenya, to provide 7 toilets and 1 shower serving over 300 pupils, teachers and community workers. The present toilets are in a temporary mud hut with holes in the ground, so not ideal. Girls like Josephine, often have to walk a few miles each way to access water so this project will improve conditions tremendously. Part 2 of the project includes building a reservoir to capture rain water which can then be used to irrigate 2 fields (also to be purchased from project funding). 1 field will be used to grow crops for school dinners and the other to plant trees and fruits which will then be sold for sustainability. The whole project will cost around £40,000 so is a “big ask” but extremely worthwhile. Hopefully the Daphne Foundation will reach its target and make a huge difference to the children’s lives. The Daphne Foundation was set up in 2007 by 2 local sisters, Gill and Alison Turner, to support education and humanitarian needs in coastal Kenya. Since then they’ve done some great work for instance providing school desks, benches, books, writing materials plus 3 computers. They’ve also helped set up women’s sewing groups. Gill now lives in Holland but still organises local events like Walking 4 Water & Coffee Mornings. There’ll be another Coffee Morning at the Barn in Hatfield (behind the Bay Horse) on Sat 20th July, 10-12pm where fabulous, handmade African jewellery, bags, cards, kangas and other interesting items will be on sale so please come along and have a browse, all welcome. If you’d like to know more about the Daphne Foundation and the fantastic work it’s doing or could help with fundraising/ideas please look at the website It is a registered charity in Holland and Kenya, UK status pending and all money raised goes directly to the projects with hardly any admin costs. Pictured here are Josephine and the children from the School for the Deaf, Doncaster. Many thanks to all the children for their huge efforts & Bobbie Roberts, MBE, Chairman of the Deaf Trust and her staff for arranging ‘Walking 4 Water’ plus the Thorne Rural Lions for their kind and generous donation. My poor knee hasn’t been the same since... and I only walked 2 laps! Katrina O’Halloran 7/5/13


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Thorne Camera Club The Summer season got off to an early start at Thorne Camera Club when several members visited Spalding for the last Flower Festival Parade. Financial reasons, and possibly the shortage of flowers due to the late Spring weather we have experienced in the last few years, have made it too difficult for the show to continue, which is a pity, as the members really enjoyed it. It was a bright sunny morning as they left Thorne, and apart from a shower at lunchtime, remained sunny all day. There were some excellent displays and some good entertainment, plus shopping and cream teas at the Church. An excellent day for photography. Portraits are a favourite with Club members, and an excellent portrait session was organised by Elaine Snowden Limelight Studios and Steve Hardwick Abbey Photography, when three young ladies from the same family posed for portraits. With experts Barry Oddie and Alistair Thorn on hand to give even the beginners the best chance of some good images, guiding them through the technicalities of the lighting and flash, everyone went away satisfied with their work. Other family members joined the girls for family photos, too, rounding off an excellent session. Church Photography was another of the photoshoots organised for club members, who gathered at St Nicholas' in Thorne to tackle what is a difficult subject. Often, there's too much light or not enough in churches, due to the huge windows and the dark recesses, but the club members came away with some good photographs taken under difficult circumstances, although the weather was kind, with good, but not too bright, light streaming in through the beautiful windows. At the end of May the Summer Programme commences in earnest with lots of outings, near and far, planned over the summer months. If you spot a group of people around Thorne with cameras in hands, it'll probably be the Camera Club. Indoor meetings continue in September. Before then, members will have visited Hull Old Town, Goole Docks, Cleethorpes, Rawcliffe Sugar Ponds as well as Beamish Open Air Museum and TATA Iron and Steel Plant at Scunthorpe, and many more places in their search for the perfect photograph, in the hope of doing well in competitions planned for the Autumn. If all this appeals to you, and you would like to join this friendly group, telephone 07970895809 or email for details of how to meet up and join in. Your first visit is free; on your second visit we ask you to pay £2. By the time you have been three times, you obviously like it, and so we hope you will become a member, and benefit from all the club has to offer. Thorne Camera Club will make you welcome. Lynda Ulyett ( Sec & Publicity Officer )


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Please mention “The Arrow� when responding to advertisements

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Doncaster Advanced Motorists There may be Tunnels ahead. Dear Readers, Tunnels can present serious problems for drivers. For example, vehicle fires in Europe’s Mont Blanc and Gotthard tunnels have claimed 50 lives between them. Many died because they wrongly believed they should wait in their vehicles for help, rather than getting out of the tunnel as soon as possible. Regardless of the length of the tunnel, an accident in one will present unique problems and knowing what to do is essential. Before entering a tunnel: Check your fuel gauge in plenty of time, don't risk running out in a tunnel. Turn on the traffic information station. Some larger European road tunnels have their own radio as well as electronic signs. Take off your sunglasses, as they will hinder your eyesight in the dim light of a tunnel. In the tunnel: Turn on dipped headlights. Do not use full beam as this will dazzle other motorists. Don't exceed the speed limit. Leave plenty of room between yourself and the car in front and watch out for brake lights. Keep an eye out for the location of emergency pedestrian exits just in case you may need one. In two-way tunnels, keep well to the nearside kerb. Do not change lanes unless instructed to. If you break down: Switch on your hazard lights immediately. Try to coast to a breakdown lay-by. If none are available, stop as close to the nearside kerb as possible. Turn off the engine but leave the key in the ignition so the vehicle can be moved. Evacuate the vehicle, making sure everyone is in a safe place – well away from the car and on the pedestrian walkway if there is one. Put on a reflective jacket if you have one, and walk carefully to the nearest emergency phone to inform the operator. In the event of a fire: Only try and extinguish the fire is if someone is in danger. In all other cases leave as quickly as you can – do not wait to be told what to do. Though you may see a tunnel as just another stretch of road, there are specific precautions that you must be aware of and implement when using one. Remember, if there is a fire or an accident, don’t wait to act -- fire and smoke can be fatal. Leave the vehicle and walk to a safe place. Save your life and not your car.” If you are interested in further information regarding the courses that we offer you will be able to find this information by contacting. Paul Tuke, Secretary Doncaster Advanced Motorists. 01302 886 276 Safe Driving.


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WHAT’S ON? HATFIELD WOODHOUSE METHODIST CHAPEL Saturday September 21st 2013 – London Day Trip. £25 – contact Julie Parker 01302 883478 for further details – seats are limited and we pick up from Edenthorpe via Hatfield Woodhouse to Thorne. Coronation Summer Fayre Saturday 1st June 2013 10-2pm Lunches served from 12 noon. Cake, Preserves, Cards Raffle Tombola & Refreshments. Make your own Crown competition entries to be staged before 10.30am

HATFIELD WOODHOUSE METHODIST CHAPEL COFFEE MORNINGS 10AM—12NOON June 1st Summer Fayre 10am to 1pm June 8th Project 2000 June 15th Hatfield Woodhouse Amateur Gardening Club June 22nd Project 2000 June 29th MacMillan Nurses SERVICES June 2nd Chapel Anniversary Preacher Rev Keith Jump to include Holy Communion June 9th Mr Henry Curtis June 16th Mr Nick Thompson June 23rd Rev Keith Jump June 30th Rev Tom Read

St. Lawrence Church Annual Garden Party 13th July – 2 - 5 pm The Barn Field (adjacent to the Church). All the usual Stalls / Attractions. Entrance only 50p per adult (children free). A great family event.

On Sunday the 2nd of June (10-2pm) at the Hatfield woodhouse village hall we are holding a TABLE TOP SALE to raise funds for the Kenya trip. Table’s cost £10 and refreshments are available. Contact no. 01302 351203 L.Rosbottom


HATFIELD LIBRARY The Ladies who attend Dropasize are really losing the pounds come along and share your diets. Dropasize is a self help diet group which runs every Friday morning at 10.30am. Come along and discuss what helps you to drop a size. Bring a healthy snack bar or a piece of fruit for the raffle! For more details please contact 01302 842064. Pre-school storytime is now on a Monday morning (term time only). We have a themed activity with stories for the tots. This years Summer Reading Challenge is called "" Creepy House"" call into the Library and find out how to enrol and what activities are available. Prepare To Be Scared !!!!. Our evening Readers' Group are currently reading " The History of Love . The book is available for collection now. Join our monthly discussions on Thursday evenings at 5.30pm and express your passion for books with us. The next meeting will be held on 27th June. Needles and Pins craft group will meet on the 7th and 21st of June between 10.00-12.00 all welcome Using our digital library is easy; all you need is internet access and a library card to log onto the digital library website at Titles can be loaned for up to three weeks after which they will automatically return themselves, so there is no risk of incurring late fees! Browse the available titles adding your selections to your cart, and then at checkout click "Download". Once you have downloaded your selection you can transfer them to a variety of mobile devices such as iPods, iPads and (sorry) eReaders. Have a go- its fun and free!!! Last few Books of Purple Vouchers available at the library. They offer £6,000 worth of savings, all for just £20.00. These vouchers have various discounts for local restaurants, hair and beauty salons, hotels, theme parks and much more. Fantastic value.

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THE FRIENDS OF HATFIELD CHURCH BUILDING TRUST . Bingo Evening at the Barn, Hatfield on Mon 3rd June at 7pm, tickets are £3, include light refreshments & are available from Janet on 849377 or pay at the door. Coffee Morning at the Barn, Hatfield 10-12pm Sat 15th June with a Tombola, raffle, homemade cakes & some lovely 'pre loved' jewellery for sale plus a Special Raffle for a signed copy of Henry Winkler's (The Fonz from Happy Days) lastest children's book plus a photo! Coach Trip to The National Memorial Arboretum & free time in Lichfield afterwards on Mon 17th June. Tickets are only £12, from Janet 849377. *The National Memorial Arboretum is the UK's year-round centre of Remembrance; a spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice, and fosters pride in our country. It is a living and lasting memorial (*Quote from the website).

BUDDHIST MEDITATION/ STUDY GROUP. Meets every Tuesday 7-9pm. Everyone Welcome. Gomde, Lindholme Hall, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster. DN7 6DT. Web site: www, Tel: 01302 842 503 for more information.

St Marys Art Group

at St Marys Church Community Centre Stainforth. We are a small group of people who meet on Thursday each week at 10am for 2 hours except when our teacher Dave Woolass comes to help us at 1pm monthly. Classes cost three pounds each week and four when the teacher comes plus 20p for refreshments. We are a very friendly nondenominational group and have a good natter while painting. There is disabled access and amenities. Please contact Jane on 01302 891301  and Annie on 01302 843026. 

HATFIELD CAMERA CLUB 2013 We meet every Tuesday evening at the Ash Hill Academy 7pm till 9pm (enter by the side entrance)

Fashion Show / Sale Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall Friday 7th June doors open 7pm for show at 7.30pm £3.00 Proceeds to

Clic Sargent *** High Street Quality-Bargain Prices-All Sizes***

Tickets Available from Colin & Elaine Hepworth 01302 840437 All Items available for purchase on the night Cash - Credit / Debit Card S D Fashion Show Ltd - Nottingham

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Gas Emergency


Age Concern

0800 009966

Electricity Emergency


Doncaster Council Community First

01302 736000

Yorkshire Water


Child Line

0800 111

BT Faultline





01302 734444


01302 719790


0800 555111

Hatfield Florist

01302 845597

Doncaster Childrens Information Service

0800 1384568

Hatfield Water Park

01302 841572

South Yorkshire Fire Service


Vue Cinema


South Yorkshire Police (non - emergency)


Odeon Cinema


The Dome Leisure Centre

01302 370777

Travis St Lawrence Primary Lower School

01302 840200

Travis St Lawrence Primary Upper School

01302 842164

Ash Hill Academy

01302 840961

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

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Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School

01302 842464

Hatfield Dunsville Primary School

01302 882958

Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School

01302 841337

Dunsville Community Centre

01302 882602

Richardson Accountancy Limited, Hatfield 07891481446

Hatfield Library

01302 842064

CAR Sales & Repairs

Home Library Service

01302 734304

Hatfield Woodhouse Methodist Church

01302 880450

Hatfield Church Parish Office

01302 350591


Hatfield Health Centre

01302 384200

Lite Bite. Catering for all occasions/ 01302 782630 Novelty cakes. Lynsey Chambers 07779 715898

Dunsville Medical Centre

01302 890108


Doncaster Royal Infirmary

01302 366666

NHS Direct

0845 4647

Clouds Community Counselling, Free Client Line Confidential Counselling Service 07962 907053

Weldricks late night pharmacy

01302 369699

Thorne Rural Lions

01302 350797

Advertise in the Hatfield Arrow Business Directory for just £2.50 per month. BUSINESS DIRECTORY Business/Finance

All Car Service/Repairs Japanese & Korean Specialist

01302 830400

Barry Gill Sales & Repairs, Hatfield

01302 842878

COMPUTER SERVICES It To Go Computer Services


01302 351641

01302 352352

W: E:

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Executive/Chauffeur Driven/Wedding Transport Ex-zec Travel Services

01302 820137 07876 595574

Health & Beauty

Casanova Pizzeria Ash Hill Crescent, Hatfield

Jessie Credland Foot Clinic 31 High Street Hatfield

01302 351545

‘Established 1989’

Lisa’s Toning & Tanning Studio,

01302 845633

The Willows Dental Practice

01427 872106

Special Offers Available for Party Orders with Prior Notice

Home & Garden Blind Ideas, High Street, Hatfield

01302 842627

Sunnybank Garden Centre, Hatfield Woodhouse

01302 842954

OPEN 5pm - 11.30pm {Fri & Sat Delivery until 12pm} Now Open 7 Days a Week Open Bank Holidays

Locksmith Total Lock Services, Hatfield

07989 299285

Security Complete Fire and Security Systems Ltd Auckley

01302 511050

Services / Trades A.E.S. Tiling (ceramic floor & wall tiling) Dunsville

01302 885401 07749 519557

C M Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd Building Services

01302 351760

Dean Brown Joinery, Hatfield,

01405 949008 07795 321054

E P G Roofing

01302 532676

Holgate’s Home Improvements and Maintenance

07456 524004

Longstaff Electrical Services, Hatfield, 07902 008118

01302 840500 07985 076500

Martin Johnson Plumbing & Heating Repairs, Hatfield

01302 845978 07817 300662

P.Woods Builder All General Building Work

01405 818771 07733 021023

Steve Blunt Electrical Contractor 07900188126

01302 350557

Fast & Friendly Delivery Service

Tel: 01302 843364 Kissimmee Florida 3 bed, 2 bath bungalow on a gated residential community with 24 hour Security 3 pools, gym, Jacuzzi & tennis courts on complex. Ideal location for all theme parks (Disney 15mins)

From £250 per week Tel: 01302 842607

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