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February 2011

Issue No. 62

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Editors Letter…. If you‘re looking for some inspiration for the perfect Valentines Day gift then look no further. Throughout the magazine you will find ideas for Flowers, Beauty Packages, Jewellery and more. Ladies, make sure you show the magazine to your other half, they‘ll have no excuse for forgetting. As 2011 gets well underway, I would like to thank everyone that sends in items for the news page, the ‘What's On‘ page and other interesting articles. If you have a story to tell, or some local news, please contact me or send me the details. Please keep mentioning the Arrow every time you use one of the businesses that advertise. Also, if you know of a local business that would like details of how to advertise in the Hatfield Arrow please pass on my contact information.

Best Wishes Julie Morrell

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All Electrical Work Undertaken NIC Registered Domestic Installer

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News, News, News, News, News, News….. Cinderella eat your heart out. It is the season for Pantomime, however these delightful ladies, Nicola Ryan and Abbie Parrish, are presently rehearsing, not for a Pantomime but for a Grand Fashion Parade. The show is "The Prom Extravaganza" which is being organised by Brides in Silk of Scunthorpe and will take place at 2.30pm on Sunday 6th February 2011 at the Memorial Hall Haxey. The gowns, dresses and other outfits are being supplied by Brides In Silk of 15 Robert Street, Scunthorpe. There will be a full parade of eight female and 5 male models showing a large compliment of Dresses, Suits, Jewellery, Hair Demo's, Spray Tans, Bags, Shoes , Nails, Flowers and Make up. Tickets are £4.00 Adults and £1.00 for under 11 years old and will include a glass of Bucks Fizz. For more information and ticket purchase please contact Julie Parrish on 01724 868688 or 01427 754727 Tickets also available from:- Fountain Court Florist - Epworth, The Hair Shop - Westwoodside and Bride's In Silk - Scunthorpe. THE FRIENDS OF HATFIELD CHURCH BUILDING TRUST CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL, held at St Lawrence Church Hatfield, was a fabulously successful event with over 500 people attending. All the trees were beautifully decorated in their countries colours and really added something extra special to the Church at Christmas.

APPEAL FOR UNWANTED KNITTING WOOL. If you have any unwanted knitting wool (any colour) that you would like to donate to help raise funds for Cancer Research please call Mrs Hoff on 01302 842389. Local collections can be arranged.

A total of £1182 was raised with huge thanks to Jeff and Jenny Callison for the planning & organising of the event and everyone who helped & supported it in any way. Also, thank you to the Mayor of Hatfield who performed the opening ceremony with members of the Committee and thank you to all the tree sponsors for doing a fantastic job on their trees!


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in St Lawrence Church, Hatfield - Saturday 6 November 2010 On a coolish November evening 90 guests entered a warm Church with the ladies dressed in posh frocks and the gentlemen in bow ties with suits to match ! They had come to enjoy the fourth bi-annual Candlelight Supper in the beautiful setting of Hatfield Church. The Church had been decorated with glorious flower arrangements by Jean Silvester and candles were everywhere — in flower bowls on the tables and in the flower arrangements. For these occasions the back pews and all furniture at the back of church are removed to give space for the dining tables - nine tables of ten guests. The removal and replacement of the pews etc takes a mighty feat of ‗man‘ power‘, all willingly given — as far as I know ! The tables were laid with a white and gold theme — tablecloths, table runners, napkins and flowers. The catering for these events is done by Meg May of Mayfayre Catering and she produces a delicious four course meal with a choice of two hot main dishes every time, from very limited facilities. She has the use of the kitchen but then brings large scale catering equipment with her to produce hot vegetables etc. She brings an excellent team of chefs and waitresses with her who help to make the serving of the meal run smoothly. Meg provides all the crockery and cutlery and the girls lay the tables and, joy of joys, they take it all back with them so there's no washing up at the end of the evening ! Rev Paul Wilson produced table names, as he has done on each occasion. This year his theme was appointments in the Anglican Church — Archbishop, Bishop, Dean, Vicar etc and each table name had a description of the post and responsibilities. After supper the guests were invited to move into the body of the church for the Entertainment. One reason for this was to enable Meg and her team to clear the tables and the second was for everyone to see and hear whatever was going on onstage ! We had hoped to have an organ recital by Vernon Hoyle on the newly restored organ but as the restoration has taken longer than expected and as the organ was still in many pieces other ideas had to take its place. The entertainment included monologues and poems from myself, Brian and Margaret Waterhouse and Rev Paul Wilson and a Two Ronnie's sketch —‘Swedish made Simple‘ which takes place in a restaurant.. Brian Waterhouse was the waiter, Paul Wilson the customer and myself as waitress with Stuart Watson providing the translation. I hope the audience enjoyed watching it as much as we did performing it ! The final part of the entertainment was given by ‗The Clangers‘, a team of experienced hand bell ringers namely Dianne Fox, Anne Render, Gail Corbett, Margaret Waterhouse with co-ordinator and ‘coach‘, Stuart Watson ! They gave their usual performance of carols and songs with the professional aplomb that we have come to expect ! Rev Paul Wilson gave a vote of thanks to everyone who had helped to arrange the evening and asked for help to put the Church straight again for the following days services. The help was given in abundance and men in dinner jackets and ladies in posh frocks put pews and tables back where they belonged and tidied every part of the Church. As this Candlelight Supper may be the last organised by us (‗anno domini‘ is beginning to kick in) we are pleased to say that the four Suppers that we have organised have produced over £6,000, the first one being in aid of the Organ Fund and the rest for the Building Trust. This years Supper raised £1,546 including a generous donation. Thank you to everyone who has supported’ Mrs Bouquet’ and her Candlelight Suppers and thanks especially to all those who have helped with the preparations. Cath and Stuart Watson


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NORTH EAST DONCASTER CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Advice Column I’m thinking about buying a second hand car, but I don’t want to get ripped off with a dodgy vehicle. What are my rights? If you are buying a second hand car your rights will depend on where you bought it. If something goes wrong you will usually have more rights if you bought the car from a dealer than if you buy from a private seller or at an auction, but make sure you check the small print. If buying from a dealer (in person or over the internet), the car needs to meet certain criteria; it must match its description, be of satisfactory quality (i.e. in reasonable condition for its age, history and price) and be roadworthy. But you should be very wary about signing any documents that state that you have examined the car and found it satisfactory in all respects or these rights will no longer be valid. If you buy a car in person at a live auction, you should check the terms and conditions of the business of the auction. You may have limited rights if the car turns out to be faulty, for example they may state that your rights under the Sale of Goods Act are excluded. It will be your responsibility to check the car before you bid for it. If you buy from a private seller, either face-to-face or online, you won‘t have the same rights as if you buy from a dealer but it is still a criminal offence for anyone to sell a car that is not roadworthy. Be very cautious of a seller who wants to meet you away from their private address, whose name is not in the logbook, or who is vague about answering your questions. Before you buy a used vehicle you can check to see if it's been stolen, written off or has any finance outstanding against it through the DVLA or private vehicle check companies. There is more information about cancellation rights on our website: or you can contact North East Doncaster CAB as follows: If you require any advice/assistance from our Thorne or Stainforth offices, concerning the above or any other issue, please contact our Assessment Team at North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau on 0844 499 4137 Mon-Thurs between 10:00 & 2:00, Fri 10:00-12:30. Or email: Contact details and opening times are also available on our website at: If you have a Welfare Benefits enquiry/ problem, we now also operate an appointments-only session at The Winning Post, Moorends every Tuesday until the end of March 2011. To make an appointment please ring 01405 740641. We currently have a new self-help information kiosk at our Thorne bureau that can be used by anyone during opening hours.


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Remember the Special Person In your Life This Valentines Day! With Red Roses, Fresh Flowers, Champagne & Wine, Bears and Chocolates Receive a Free Manicure Courtesy of Armonia With Every Dozen Red Roses Sold Locally

Nominations Please for Flowers for Someone Special Do you know someone special in our Community? Someone who has gone the extra mile for others or someone who just deserves something nice. The Arrow and Charlottes Florist of Hatfield would like to make that special persons day with a beautiful bouquet delivered to their door! Let us know who they are and why they deserve a bouquet. Contact Julie Morrell by email at or call 01302 770216. Tina O‘Halloran is a cheerful, Kind and thoughtful person. She is always willing to offer help. She has been a committed and enthusiastic member of the committee of the Friends of Hatfield Church Building Trust since its start in 1997, helping with the organisation of the fund raising events as well as being media contact and correspondent. All this and working full time as well as looking after a member of her family. Tina truly deserves some flowers and to be nominated ‗Flowers for someone Special‘. Tina is nominated to receive this months flowers by Betty Bateson.

Listen to Trax FM for ‘Someone Special’ in the morning.

Charlottes Florist of Hatfield 01302 845597 1 Station Road, Hatfield To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 880882



Evolution Opening Times Mon 08.00-19.30 Tue-Fri 08.00-18.30 Sat 08.30-12.30


Pets give companionship and enjoyment, in return they rely on their owners to give them everything needed for a happy and healthy life. Following are a few tips to help you do just that for your new kitten or puppy. ENVIRONMENT Your home may seen very strange to a new arrival, so give them time to get to know their surroundings and provide them with a quiet comfortable place to retreat when play time is over. DIET Provide 3-4 small meals of a complete diet that contains all the required nutrients vital for the healthy growth of your young pet. We recommend a dry variety such as Hills Vet Essentials which is easy to measure and encourages the drinking of water. Any changes to food should be done over 7-10 days mixing small amounts of new diet with the old food, gradually increasing the new brand until only the complete food is being eaten. All treats, human food and milk should be avoided. VACCINATIONS Annual inoculations protect your kitten/puppy from a number of serious contagious diseases. They will initially require a course of 2 injections 23 weeks apart, starting for puppies from 7 weeks, and kittens from 9 weeks of age. Neither species should be allowed out until 1 week after the 2nd vaccination and should be carried when visiting the vets to avoid contact with sick or unvaccinated animals. PARASITES Most pets will pick up fleas and worms if not protected against them. These parasites not only itch but spread disease and cause infection. Worming should be done fortnightly until 12 weeks, monthly until 6 months old and 3 monthly thereafter. Flea treatment should be applied all year round with a product that kills rather than repels fleas, to the correct dosing as recommended by a vet/ nurse. MICROCHIPPING It is wise to consider giving your pet a means of identification should they get lost. Microchipping is an efficient, irreversible way of doing this and can be administered at 2nd vaccination. INSURANCE You will be offered 4 weeks free, no obligation insurance as part of the vaccination course. Insurance is highly recommended to remove the financial burden should you pet become ill or injured. Always check exclusion clauses, conditions, excess amounts and that cover is for life before committing to a contract. GROOMING Grooming your pet will build a vital bond between you and get them accustomed to being handled and examined from an early age. Check areas such as teeth, face, tail and paws for anything that may require further attention. It is important to keep grooming sessions short at first as young animals soon become bored.

Lastly enjoy the companionship of the new addition to your family and please contact us for any help and advice

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OVER 70’S CHRISTMAS LUNCH Wednesday 15 December 2010 - Victoria Hall For the 4th year running the Social Committee organised a free Christmas Lunch for 60 members of St Lawrence Parish who were over 70. We were delighted to have some new faces with us this year, most welcome. The Hall looked very festive with decorations and a Christmas tree ( provided by the Hall Committee ), crackers and gifts and guests were greeted with a sherry, beer or soft drink. Rev Paul Wilson welcomed everyone and said Grace before the meal. Menu Grape, melon and mint salad Roast turkey and ham Chipolata sausages with bacon, bread sauce Roast potatoes, buttered carrots, peas Apple pie with cream Pavlova with winter fruits Tea, coffee, chocolate mints and free raffle prize Walkers Butchers of Thorne cooked the meats which were then brought to the Hall for carving. The meats were cooked to perfection and were delicious. All other dishes on the menu were cooked by members of the Social Committee. As in other years there was an excellent number of volunteers from St Lawrence Church who acted as chauffeurs, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, bar men and women and pot washers (so important !) We were pleased to receive a grant from Hatfield Council towards the cost of the Lunch and Mayor Terry Gibbs and his Consort came to present it and stayed to have Lunch with everyone. We were also fortunate to have received a donation from Margaret McGuire's family, in her memory, as she had always enjoyed the Social events at church. Raffle prizes were donated by individuals and businesses in Hatfield. Members of the church choir entertained the guests after Lunch with Carols and seasonal songs that everyone could sing along with. The Social Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to the enjoyment of the guests at this years Lunch. Angela Lister and Cath Watson

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ST LAWRENCE CHURCH Social Committee visit to PETER PAN Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield Sunday 2 January 2011 48 excited people –adults and children alike set off on the ‗Peter Pan Express Coach‘ to Sheffield. OH ! YES WE DID !! The journey was trouble free so we arrived at the theatre in good time to buy fairy wands and chocs (and that was just me ! ). The theatre was buzzing with noise and anticipation, waiting for that wonderful moment when the curtain went up. Immediately we were in the home of the Darling family with Nana the dog and Mrs Smee, the nursemaid. Mrs Smee turned out to be the perfect, typical pantomime Dame—outrageous outfits, jokes and having fun with the audience. When she came on we all had to shout ―Who are you ?‖ and she would reply ― It‘s mee !‖ The story then moved into the well known magical journey when Peter Pan flew through the window and took the children off to Never Never Land accompanied by Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's fairy friend. There were adventures with the Lost Boys, the Indians, the Mermaids and the Pirates captained by a very wicked Captain Hook brilliantly played by Nigel Planer (he was in the Young Ones a few years ago). Oh! how we booed when Captain Hook came on and cheered when Peter Pan defeated him and cheered again when he was swallowed by the crocodile — hurray! We had to resuscitate Tinkerbell when she drank the poison that Captain Hook intended for Peter Pan, by shouting ―We do believe in fairies !‖ To finish the performance off in good old fashioned pantomime style we all had to stand up to sing a song and do all the actions, led by Mrs Smee, of course. There were certain adult members of our group who were singing, shouting, booing and cheering with such gusto that one of them was described by his mother as being ‗a hooligan !‘ A very happy band of ‗pantomimers‘ went home after a ‗Grand Night Out and Yes, we all do believe in fairies ! Thank you to Rachel Grimsey for suggesting the idea of a Pantomime outing and to Angela Lister for the major part of the organisation. Cath Watson

Personal Attention From Jessie Now Practising Part-Time Tuesday Mornings and All day Wednesday and Thursday

Footcare Advice & Treatment Orthotics Fitted 31 High Street Hatfield


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Panto Pandemonium! On Tuesday 11th January, Year 2 Travis children were invited to Hatfield Manor Junior School to watch their exciting winter concert which had had to be rearranged as a result of the snow before Christmas. It was an excellent show, reflecting all the hard work put in by the children and staff. Our reporters were there and have captured their favourite parts. Year 4/5 did brilliant and they were good at acting. I bet it was very hard to practise. My favourite character was the fairy because her clothes were white and silver, she looked beautiful. I also liked the witch, I thought she was very evil until she stepped into the light and was friends with the fairy. The witch was black and green and tried to muddle up the fairy tales. –Amy. I liked it when Aladdin came onto the stage and when the ugly sisters were fighting each other. My favourite bit was when the skeletons were good.- Daniel. I liked the bit when Jack got mixed up with the shopping list and the bit where we said “BOO”. –James. We went to the Year 4/5 concert and my favourite characters were the fairies, witch and skeletons.- Logan. I liked the bit where the wicked witch was trying to catch the children, it made me laugh.- Connor. I didn’t like the wicked witch because I didn’t like the noise that she made. I bet they worked very hard to practise that.-Amber. Manor worked really hard to make this play, it was very funny when they sang a song about needing some courage. They were scared of the giant and then the giant came and he was only small.- Jake. Well done, Manor children, we all had a wonderful time watching your performance. Mrs P Cousins

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Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable? Because it's all heart. What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day? Forget-me-nuts. What did the letter say to the stamp? You send me. What did the stamp say to the envelope? I'm stuck on you. What is a vampire's sweetheart called? His ghoul-friend.


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Kissimmee Florida 3 bed, 2 bath bungalow on a gated residential community with 24 hour Security 3 pools, gym, Jacuzzi & tennis courts on complex. Ideal location for all theme parks (Disney 15mins)

From £250 per week Tel: 01302 842607 The Children of Small World Day Nursery had fun performing their Christmas Nativity - ‗The Christmas Tree‘

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FINE DINING WITH LAURENT BERGES Sauces are an excellent way of improving any meat or fish, and helps make a dish look a million dollars! Sauces are easy to make once you know what to do. Mixing, cooking and reducing the right ingredients is actually quite exiting. As much as we all like the traditional ―gravy‖, there is much more to making sauce. Many involve reducing ingredients such as wine, liquors, stocks, etc. The traditional sauce below is ideal to serve with red meats:

Shallot and Red Wine Reduction Sauce Ingredients:

250gr of fresh shallots 4 tbsp of organic extra virgin olive oil 1 garlic clove, crushed, 1 sprig of rosemary, bruised 5 tbsp of best balsamic vinegar 400ml of red wine (inexpensive rough wine is much better for sauces) 400ml of organic beef stock (available in all supermarkets) 1 tbsp of butter


Pan fry (sauté) the shallots in a copper base sauce pan with the oil over high heat for 2 to 3 minutes, until brown. Season with pepper and add the garlic and rosemary. Continue cooking for 3 minutes. Stir to avoid the shallots burning. Pour in the vinegar and reduce until you obtain a thick syrupy substance. Add the wine and keep cooking until the wine reduces by about two thirds. Pour in the stock and boil. Turn down the heat and simmer until the sauce is reduce by two thirds again, this should equates to about 250ml of liquid. Pass through a fine thieve, add a little salt and finally whisk in the butter. Enjoy a shiny, silky and flavoursome sauce over a good cut of meat and nice vegetables

She Shines

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All Roofing Work Undertaken Including: Full or Part Re Roofs Slating & Tiling Flat Roofs Pointing & Chimney Work All Work Fully Guaranteed Free Estimates

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Don’t Look back in Anger !! The famous Mancunian poet Noel Gallagher once said ―Don‘t look back in anger‖. For the bulk of my time I have followed this mantra to the letter, however, there is one decision from my past that continues to haunt me like mischievous spook. After being a successful failure at school I was lucky enough to land myself a joinery apprenticeship with a well known local building firm. I was, perhaps, a little too naïve and to put it bluntly as thick the planks I was now peddling – especially when it came to making the most of this golden opportunity. For 12 months I basically coasted along and although I never skived or missed college, I didn‘t put in enough. One sunny July day the training officer came to see me on site and, after a brief chat, came out with a rather blunt question. ―Do you want to be a joiner for the rest of your life?‖ I didn‘t really think of the ramifications of Mr Street‘s innocent sounding probe but answered quite clearly that I did not. Mr Street left the site safe in the knowledge that his decision of which apprentice he must cull had been made a whole lot easier. I was called later that day to say that I was being released at the end of the month and that I could take my remaining holidays. Although I had been dumped, my arrogance would not let me acknowledge the true nature of my situation and I set about proving to Mr Street that there was indeed more to life than joinery. After a week I secured an interview with a local supermarket for a position of a ‗Trainee Supermarket Manager‘. My alarm bells should have been doing overtime as my interview took place in a stock room in the Barnby Dun store, on top of a couple of boxes of fairy liquid. But I secured my position and then, arrogantly, contacted Mr Street with my good news before advising him of another use for my old tools (if you know what I mean). I started the following week and, determined to impress, ensured I was as smartly dressed as possible - complete with shiny shoes and a side-parting you could park a Mini Metro in. I had spent the previous week telling anyone who would listen that this was my first management position and that within a matter of months I would be in charge of my own store and, eventually, ‗Wright‘s Supermarket‘ would be locking horns with Sainsbury‘s in the cut-throat world of food retail. I picked up my shiny name badge and reported bright and early on my first day. I was greeted by the store manager, given a tour of my empire and then given the task of working with Shirley, who would show me the ropes. After a few days of finding my way around and understanding the finer points of stock replenishment, I set about ruling the world. After what felt like the longest six weeks of my life the penny started to drop and I started to realise that all was not as it seemed in big business. I may have become the fastest dog food stacker this side of Dewsbury, but my staple diet of pedigree chum wouldn‘t have me going head-to-head with Mr Tesco anytime soon. I set about telling anyone who would listen that I was far too ―professional‖ to do this kind of work and how I would do things differently if I had my way. One day, in desperation, I voiced my anxiety in my latest arrogant outburst – my platform this time being the staff canteen. After all, I didn‘t take 10 O-levels to spend my days filling shelves with processed meat cans. I was met with a series of giggles and knowing winks before a quiet word in my ear enlightened me. I was not the only ―trainee manager‖ in this store. In fact there were nine of us, all recruited under the same false impression that store management beckoned in the near future and all lured by the trappings of success and the power that went with it. In fact, some of those recruited had been


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effectively stacking shelves for the last 10 years without so much as a sniff of the executive bathroom. I had, to put it bluntly, been conned. With my ego bashed like a bag of bruised apples I suddenly remembered my dad‘s sage advice to knuckle down at school – ―or you will find yourself working in a supermarket‖ - ringing true in my ears. My enthusiasm began to wane, no longer did I attempt to break the record for stacking cornflake boxes. I even stopped rotating the sell-by dates which I had previously managed with almost religious zeal. Three months of lethargy brought me to the attention of the manager who called me to his office over the store tannoy system. I knocked, entered and was asked to take a seat on a box of Domestos. In a quirky yet far from comical irony, the manager asked me a familiar sounding question: ―Do you want to be prospective supermarket manager for the rest of your life, Peter?‖ I had been here before! I pondered the question and once again gave the honest response that I did not. You don‘t need a crystal ball to know what was coming next… yep, the sack! I was to finish at the end of the week. Friday came and I was asked by my colleagues to report to the canteen as they had done a collection to get me a little something due to by imminent departure. My mind raced, was it going to be cold, hard cash, a gift voucher, crate of beer? Maybe it had stretched to all three, after all there must be at least 45 staff members. I walked in to find a small group of them waiting by the coffee machine, deep in conversation, arguing over who was to present me with my leaving prezzie. It was left to ―Fat Kev‖ the butcher to summon up a few words wishing me luck, how a new opportunity would be out there for me and how a man of my intelligence and gusto would soon make a fortune. Kev took my hand and explained that everyone had chipped in and the packet of 10 Regal king size cigarettes was the sum total of their affection. Crikey, I thought, could this get any worse? Not only was I a failed joiner and a failed supermarket manager but now a total of £1.90 had been donated by 45 people all basically glad to see the back of me! So I departed at the end of the day, went round the back to pick up my stash of out of date Galaxy chocolate that I‘d hidden inside the waste paper machine – but it had been squished to a sticky mess, along with my retail dreams – I couldn‘t even pilfer properly. Now, before I get lots of ―constructive feedback‖ from supermarket workers, let me tell you that I think you all work really hard for your living and provide a vital service. Maybe I just wasn‘t cut out for it. I ended up labouring, was also the world‘s worst postman, worked behind a bar and then one day I decided to return to education. It was the best thing I ever did. So when Mr Gallagher tells Sally to wait and urges you not to fret over days gone by, it‘s worth thinking a little bit about the future, and what might be waiting ahead of you. And whenever I am having a crap day at work I often think what my life could have been like, and how much I would love to turn back the clock. And maybe tell Mr Street that I did want to be a joiner for the rest of my life after all. PW AKA The Difference

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February Report from Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School The dark winter months can sometimes be dull with nothing to do and nothing going on. That is not the case at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School ! Read on to find out all that is happening in school at the moment. But first, last month we promised you news about our trip to the pantomime….. Aladdin Before Christmas, our whole school went to see the stage production of ‗Aladdin‘ starring the X Factor contestant Chico. The children and staff travelled to the Hull New Theatre on a cloudy December day just before we broke up for the holidays. The pantomime was in 3-D which pleased the audience very much. At the half-time interval, the children enjoyed their ice-cream tubs until the show started up again. Every-one who went enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we would like to say a big thank-you to the PTA who raised the money for us to go. What is happening in the classrooms? Fs2 are learning about ‗Time‘ and ‗Fairy Stories‘. In class 1 the children have been learning about brave knights and gigantic castles before there trip to Conisbrough Castle. Class 2 have been finding out about changing materials and the Great Fire of London. They have made some excellent models of the Tudor houses. Class 3 have been studying settlements in history, whilst in religious studies the children are learning about Hinduism. Class 4 have been very busy on their topic of India, and have had an Indian Day to learn more about what live is like in India. They are soon going on a visit to a Planetarium. Class 5 are learning about life cycles, starting with the life cycle of a plant. They have also been studying what live was like to live in ‗The 60s.‘Year 6 have started a new topic, learning about mountains. In art they are also drawing mountains, using the style of Hokusai. Help for Heroes Chloe and Kate from year 6 have organised a fundraising event to raise money for ‗Help for Heroes‘. So far they have held a raffle of unwanted Christmas presents and they have permission from Mrs. Acton to hold a dressing up day for pupils soon. Pupils will be able to come to school dressed as their favourite hero for a small donation. Who would you dress up as? Chloe and Kate have organised everything themselves from typing up the letter to parents and collecting the prizes. We are proud of them. Zoning After a visit to Hatfield Manor Junior School the school council have decided that we are going to zone off our playground. We will have a few zones such as: A sports zone, a ‗Craze of the Week‘ zone, a quiet zone and a free zone. We hope putting some play equipment in each zone that playtimes will be more fun and interesting. School Newspaper Inspired by being reporters for the Hatfield Arrow we have decided to start our own school newspaper. We have articles about what is going on in school and even a page of puzzles and an interview with teachers. We have sold the newspaper to pupils and staff in school and we will donate the proceeds to ‗Help for Heroes‘. We look forward to updating you next month. Christie, Frankie, Tommy and Ben! Please send any replies/questions to the school address below. Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6NH


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The Parents and Friends of Hatfield Woodhouse Primary school would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations for the Christmas Raffle which was held at the School in December 2010.

Parker Products Developments Centurion Europe Charlottes Florist Mr & Mrs White Doncaster Gymnastics Academy Fingerprint Jewellery Woodhouse Stores Arrow Publications Ltd McGills Pharmacy The Dons Rugby Peter Fowler Electrical Dean Brown Joiners

Boots The Chemist The Black Bull Green Tree Warehousing D T Industries The Punch Bowl Inn Coffee at No.4 Funky Fascinators Green Tree Restaurant The Bay Horse Inn

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Road Signs

Dear Readers, The ending of the red flag requirement in 1896 heralded the ear of the motorcar and some motoring associations took up the business of placing signs. The Motor Car Act of 1903 made local authorities responsible for placing certain warning and propitiatory signs. For crossroads steep hills and dangerous bends. A hollow red triangle indicated a warning sign a solid red disc signified prohibitions. Speed limit signs had a hollow white ring above the plate giving the speed limit in figures. Other notices were on diamond shaped boards. Advanced Drivers know what all road signs mean and update their knowledge from time to time with a glance from the Highway Code. Road signs are the shape they are because, even if you can‘t see the sign clearly, say in fog / snow or heavy rain, you‘ll still know when you see a triangular sign that there may be a significant hazard ahead. That‘s why the Stop sign is shaped octagonal like the fifty pence coin. If it‘s covered in snow or traffic dirt you still will be able to tell what the sign is by its shape, a Stop sign. All warning signs are triangular. Advisory signs are rectangular. Round signs are ―the law‖ you must do what they say. Don‘t ignore them, road signs are there for a reason they provide advanced information to help you avoid danger. You should be extra vigilant about some signs, like those warning signs of schools nearby, as they may indicate a 20mph speed limit ahead. A pole with two or more signs on it should be read from the top down the top sign being the first hazard. Also don‘t ignore farmer‘s signs eg: Mud on the road or PYOS, yes (pick your own strawberry‘s) you may find extra traffic movement and pedestrians around the entrance to the field. The provision of new signs is a continuous process. As the volume and type of traffic on our roads change, ways of giving essential information to drivers and improving traffic flow and road safety have to be reviewed. New signs and road markings are well and truly tested at certain locations to demonstrate their effectiveness before their wide-scale use is recommended. Special signals and road markings at pedestrian crossings and signs and markings to Bathroom Suites - Fitted & Tiled indicate min-roundabouts and bus lanes ect: it‘s an General Plumbing ongoing research program by the Highways Door Hanging & Locks Fitted Agency. If you are interested in the courses that we offer, you‘ll be able to find this information on the Institute of Advanced Motorists website at or Tel: 020 8996 9600 Safe Driving Paul Tuke. Senior Training Observer. Doncaster Advanced Motorists.


Painting & Decorating General Gardening and Fencing Household Maintenance

No Job Too Small * Free Estimates * No Call Out Fee

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WHAT’S ON? HATFIELD WOODHOUSE METHODIST CHAPEL Sunday services start at 6pm February 6th Mr D Hepworth February 13th Rev Helena Harbottle February 20th Mr P Douglas February 27th Mr S Willimott HATFIELD WOODHOUSE METHODIST CHAPEL Saturday Coffee Mornings - 10am to 12noon At the moment all these coffee mornings are for chapel funds but if anyone would like to have one of these dates for their special charity please contact J Garrett on 01302 840072 THE FRIENDS OF HATFIELD CHURCH BUILDING TRUST - Hatfield Fashion Show/Clothes Sale on Wed 23rd Feb 7.30pm at Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall. Top quality clothes from High Street Shops are modelled and then available in all sizes to try on and purchase. Tickets are £3 which include refreshments, from Janet on 849377 or Gibson's Newsagents, High St, Hatfield.

You can count on us….. On Call 24-7 Professional and Courteous Hatfield Based Call Steve on

07513 050564 Please keep this number in your phone you never know when you might need it.


HATFIELD LIBRARY 17th February 10 -3 'Free Health Check' in the library. Half-Term fun in the library. Come and visit us and take part in our Nature Quiz - special prizes to be won. Thursday 24th February 1 - 2pm A visit from Cavy corner guinea pig rescue centre. Telephone 842064 to book a place. A donation of £1.00 per child is required. HATFIELD OPEN GARDENS 2011 IN AID OF WESTON PARK HOSPITAL CANCER RESEARCH CHARITY The above is due to take place in your local area on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2011. If you wish to participate in this event eg. Open your own garden (large or small), donate a tombola prize, cakes, plants or craft items for stalls or if you can offer any spare time to help at the weekend please contact Mrs Hoff on 01302 842389. THE FRIENDS OF HATFIELD CHURCH BUILDING TRUST Fashion Show/Clothes Sale on Wed 23rd Feb at Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall where clothes from High Street shops will be on sale at bargain prices.

Over 25 Years Experience In All Aspects of Hairdressing City & Guilds Qualified

Call Helen on 01302 840330 or 07711 395134 Very Competitive Prices

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North East Doncaster CAB Help at the Heart of Your Community For Advice that’s

Free - Confidential - Independent - Impartial Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau at

5a Browns Lane Thorne or 14 Church Road Stainforth. Sessions available at Thorne every Mon, Weds, Thurs & Fri or Stainforth Tues & Thurs. All sessions are available by appointment only please call 0844 499 4137 between 10:00-2:00 (Monday-Friday) to book.

Debt Advice by appointment 01405 741457 or 01302 846745 or 01302 845187 Benefits Advice by appointment 01405 740641 or 01302 846745 24 HOUR ADVICE LINE 0844 499 4137 Advice by email - Registered Charity No. 1096497 Volunteers and Donations always welcome.

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Gas Emergency


Age Concern

0800 009966

Electricity Emergency


Doncaster Council Community First

01302 736000

Yorkshire Water


Child Line

0800 111

BT Faultline





01302 734444


01302 719790


0800 555111

Doncaster Childrens Information Service

0800 1384568

Hatfield Florist

01302 845597

Hatfield Water Park

01302 841572

South Yorkshire Fire Service


Vue Cinema


South Yorkshire Police (non - emergency)


Odeon Cinema


Hatfield Travis C of E Infant & Nursery School

01302 840200

The Dome Leisure Centre

01302 370777

Hatfield Manor Junior School

01302 842164

Hatfield Visual Arts College

01302 840961

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

01302 840448

Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School

01302 842464

Hatfield Dunsville Primary School

01302 882958

Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School

01302 841337

Dunsville Community Centre

01302 882602

Hatfield Library

01302 842064

Home Library Service

01302 734304

Hatfield Woodhouse Methodist Church

01405 812101

Hatfield Church Parish Office

01302 350591

Hatfield Health Centre

01302 384200

Dunsville Medical Centre

01302 890108

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

01302 366666

NHS Direct

0845 4647

Weldricks late night pharmacy

01302 369699

Royal British Legion

01302 841942

Thorne Rural Lions

01302 350797


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BUSINESS DIRECTORY BUSINESS/FINANCE Richardson Accountancy Limited, Hatfield 07891481446 01302 351641 CAR Sales & Repairs

Casanova Pizzeria Ash Hill Crescent, Hatfield

All Car Service/Repairs Japanese & Korean Specialist

01302 830400

‘Established 1989’

Barry Gill Sales & Repairs, Hatfield

01302 842878

Special Offers Available for Party Orders with Prior Notice

CLOTHING / FASHION Sheila`s Fancy Dress Hire,& Alterations 200 Station Road, Dunscroft. Doncaster DN7 4JR

01302 841728 07891 968830

COUNSELLING Clouds Community Counselling, Free Confidential Counselling Service

Client Line 07962 907053

FOOD AND DRINK C4 Catering, All Occasions, Cold Buffet Catering

01302 854871 07982 256430

HEALTH AND BEAUTY Jessie Credland Foot Clinic 31 High Street Hatfield

01302 351545

Lisa’s Toning & Tanning Studio,

01302 845633

HOME & GARDEN Blind Ideas, High Street, Hatfield

01302 842627

Sunnybank Garden Centre, Hatfield Woodhouse

01302 842954

Total Paving Cleaning / Conservatory Cleaning

01302 831799 07595 477899

SECURITY Meteor Security Solutions Ltd, Auckley

01302 623427

OPEN 5pm - 11.30pm {Fri & Sat Delivery until 12pm} Now Open 7 Days a Week Open Bank Holidays

WE ACCEPT EUROS Fast & Friendly Delivery Service Available

Tel: 01302 843364

L.T.J Plastering Services

Also Kitchen Fitting & Tiling

SERVICES/TRADES A.E.S. Tiling (ceramic floor & wall tiling) Dunsville

01302 885401 07749 519557

C M Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd Building Services

01302 770216

Dean Brown Joinery, Hatfield, 07795321054

01302 350363

E P G Roofing

01302 532676

Les Green Electrical Contractor 07946149196

01405 816546

NWR Plumbing & Heating, Hatfield 07917524645

01302 842032

P.Woods Builder

01405 818771 07733 021023

All General Building Work

RES & Sons Ltd Electrical Contractors

01482 501600

Steve Blunt Electrical Contractor 07900188126

01302 350557

Boarding of Ceilings & Walls Reskims Over Old Walls Reskims Over Artex Floors Levelled Coving Fitted Rendering A Clean and Friendly Service! Free Estimates, Phone Dave

Tel: 01302 370347 Mob: 0788 2578863

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Home and Conservatory Specialists * VENETIAN *ROLLER *VERTICAL *ROMAN * WOOD *PERFECT FIT

See our Display at P&L Upholstery King Street, Thorne

Free Quote, Advice and Fitting Choose at Home, Large Choice, Best Prices. HUGE


We Will Beat Any Genuine Written Quote

Tel: 01405 816319

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