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The New Realtors on the Block

June Realty in East Greenwich began during the pandemic and looks to serve their community. by Mark Berger

Events during the last 18 months have given some people the incentive to go in another direction professionally. Their job may have been eliminated and they adjusted to starting their own business. Others just needed a chance to explore other interests and went that way. Some may have benefited from the chance to become superstars in their company from the start. For one group of realtors who have been together for years, the uncertainty led them to bond professionally on a deeper level and they decided to form a new company based on their vast real estate expertise. June Realty, located on 7 Franklin Road in East Greenwich, began as a five-agent endeavor who spent years working at other area firms before embarking on this new business venture. Led by Principal Broker Michael Pereira, the firm works with clients on finding residential properties statewide. The other realtors/ partners in the group include: Josh West, Samantha Durand, Paula Gallant, and Christina Israel. They created a referral-based premise that has resulted in 48 Shop In RI

successful efforts. “The opportunity presented itself to set up in East Greenwich; there’s plenty to see and do here,” said West, on choosing their location. “We work together so the rest of us can pitch in when the lead realtor is unavailable. We are a full-service boutique agency that wants its clients to feel valued and heard during their home buying or selling process. Customer service is at the forefront for us. It’s more than just a transaction, it’s a life-long relationship.” The first step to homeownership is ensuring their clients are pre-approved for a mortgage. It is important to know what they qualify for and what their monthly mortgage payments would look like. Knowing that beforehand enables the parties to focus on where to look and the range they are comfortable handling. It also demonstrates a buyer’s commitment. The next step would be looking for a home. That becomes tricky because inventory has been significantly low over the last year-plus. West noted