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The Biggest Smallest Brewery in the State! The General's Crossing Brewhouse in Jamestown has big plans for the upcoming season. By Mark Berger

The explosion of home brewing resulted in new concoctions, flavors, and mixed drinks. Some are bold and dark, while others are lighter and smooth. There are many choices to make when finding the perfect beer or ale made from scratch. Then, the pandemic hit and made the hobby (for most) difficult, if not impossible. It was not easy for people to get the supplies necessary to complete the brewing process. Only essential businesses could remain open,with restrictions mandated by state and federal regulations. Fortunately, breweries were deemed “essential” by the state and could continue serving the public. One such place is The General’s Crossing Brewhouse, located on 34 Narragansett Ave., in Jamestown. In addition to serving beer, they offer home brewing and wine making supplies through the on-site homebrew 20 Shop In RI

shop,Conanicut Brewing. The Brewery is the collective brainchild of head brewer,Will Tuttle, and his business partner, Tom McNiff. They wanted to start a business several years ago that highlighted home brewing and share their knowledge with others. Their brews run the taste and smell ranges from stout to light and have the ability to serve quickly. Tuttle said that there are opportunities to decide what people like when they visit. “We often have a variety of brews available on tap,” said Tuttle, who along with McNiff, have two other part-time employees who serve up the good times. “People can purchase a flight of four beers to sample in a pub-like atmosphere and can decide on their favorite one,” he added. How they were able fit all of the tanks and equipment into their space was an achievement in

itself. That said, they create their stock one barrel at a time. Their process takes up to two weeks to complete before it can be served publicly. They can brew up to 31 gallons at a time. Tuttle likes to say that their product is the freshest possible beer into glass because they don’t need to transfer their products into a keg. One particular drink the Brewery is known for is their Honey Hibiscus Wit. Tuttle describes this drink as a pink colored, floral-smelling beverage that is by far the most popular selection in the brewery. They need to keep producing it because it sells out quickly. While it was a nice surprise and having created something that resonates with patrons,Tuttle explained that choice wasn’t what he believed would be tops. “We created an American Pale