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2012: “Living According to God’s Principles.”

English Department III Trimester Project Duration: Several lessons Teacher: Susana Castro Soto Level: 4th grade

Total Points: 33 Obtained Points: ________ Percentage: 10% Obtained Percentage: ________ Grade: ____________

Instructions: Part 1. Written Report and Visual Aids You will research in books, magazines or the internet about a specific aspect of the corresponding country. You will bring the following materials on Monday, September 3rd, to start the project in the classroom: -

Information about your topic from Costa Rica. Each student has to write a summary related to the corresponding topic in his/her notebook.


Bring pictures related to the topic(s).


Scissors, glue, permanent markers.

Part 2. Oral presentation The students will do an oral presentation of their topic on Monday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 12th. For this presentation: -


You need to speak about the information in the written summary. You will NOT be allowed to READ it. You also need to bring visual aids (realia) and/or come dressed up. For example: if you are investigating food, you would have to bring a picture of a dish (on October 12th, you have to bring the dish). If you are investigating costumes you could dress up. If you are investigating traditions or music you could dress up and explain it or do a demonstration. Assignments will not be accepted after this day. The scoring rubric is the following: Aspects The student: 1. Brought all the needed materials on the assigned date 2. Used materials adequately (order and cleanness) 3.

Followed the teacher’s instructions at all times

4. Worked in an organized way in the group 5. Wrote a summary of the main aspects of the assigned topic 6. Worked as a group to prepare the poster (include pictures) 7. Brought visual aids (realia) or came dressed up




8. Participated in the oral presentation and used an appropriate tone of voice and body posture 9. Used the allotted time correctly and finished the project on time 10. Participated in the forum with a positive attitude 11. Had a respectful behavior of classmates and forum panel Total amount of points: Scale: 3. The student fulfills what is requested. 2. The student partially fulfills what is requested. 1. The student needs to improve what is requested.

English Project 4th grade  
English Project 4th grade