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Time Warner  Cable  &  MTV  VMA  Concert  Partnership   Partnership  Event|  Overview   Descrip9on:    

Time Warner  Cable  and  MTV  hosted  concert  the  weekend  of  the     MTV  Video  Music  Awards  with  Demi  Lovato  and  Nick  Jonas.  The   360°  markeIng  campaign  targeted  Los  Angeles  based  Time   Warner  Cable  Signature  Home  customers  giving  them  the   opportunity  to  aNend  the  concert.    AddiIonally,  there  was  a   naIonal  sweepstakes  that  offered  (2)  VIP  trips  to  aNend  the   concert  and  the  2015  Video  Music  Awards  show.    

Highlights: •  •   

Email blasts,  digital  banner  ads,  radio  and  retail  markeIng   tacIcs   1K  Time  Warner  Cable  Customers  and  guests  aNended  

Results: •  •  • 

NaIonal Sweepstakes  Total  Entries:  22,100   Ticket  giveaway  at  local  Time  Warner  Cable  retail  locaIon:   800  tickets     Total  Social  Impressions:  8.5M     •  •  • 

•  •  • 

@TWC TwiNer  handle  trending  at  #6   Points  of  Engagement:  145K   15.M  TwiNer  followers,  10K  Google+  and  Instagram  followers  

146K recipients  of  the  E-­‐Blasts   23M  impressions  from  the  web  banners  hosted  on  and   Press  Pick-­‐ups:  E!  Online,  Entertainment  Weekly,  Billboard   and  Access  Hollywood  

Customer Email  Blast  

Time Warner  Cable  &  MTV  VMA  Concert  Partnership   Partnership  Event|  Photos  

Marquee CreaIve    

Time warner cable & mtv vma demi & nick  
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