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Time Warner  Cable  &  EPIX     Premiere  Screening  of  the     Phase 1 – National Sweepstakes Katy  Perry:  The  Prisma(c   World  Tour  Documentary   Creative: February Exclusives E-Blast Partnership  Event  |  Overview    


EPIX and  Time  Warner  Cable  partnered  on  an  exclusive  premiere   screening  of  Katy  Perry’s  Prisma?c  World  Tour  documentary  giving   customers  a  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐life?me  experience  and  supported  brand   loyalty  and  reten?on  efforts.  The  premiere  event  took  place  on   March  26th  at  the  Ace  Hotel  in  Los  Angeles.  Marke?ng  efforts   Drop Date: 02/17/15 included  a  na?onal  sweepstakes  and  local  ?cket   giveaways   and  a   integrated  marke?ng,  social  media  and  press  campaign  to  drive   awareness  for  EPIX  promo?onal  offer  and  press  for  the  event.      

Highlights: •  •  •  •  •  •   

1,000 TWC  local  customers  and  Katy  Perry  Fans   Q&A  with  Katy  Perry  hosted  by  Mario  Lopez   Na?onal  winner  meet  &  greet  with  Katy  Perry   Exhibit  of  Katy  Perry’s  costumes  from  the  tour     Baked  By  Melissa  and  Mul?colored  Popcorn  and  beverages     In-­‐store  promo?on  at  Time  Warner  Cable  retail  loca?ons    

Results:   •  •  •  •  • 

25% li:  in  EPIX  subscrip?ons  during  the  promo?onal  period   30K  Na?onal  Sweepstakes  Entries   600  TWC  local  customers  secured  ?ckets     Social  Media  Total  Reach:  1.3M      Total  Engagements:  14,142   Press  coverage  in  US  Weekly,  People,  NY  Daily  News,  NY  Post,  NY   Times,  LA  Times,  E!  Online,  STAR  Tribune  and  Perez  Hilton.  

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Time Warner  Cable  &  EPIX     Premiere  Screening  of  the     Katy  Perry:  The  Prisma(c  World  Tour  Documentary   Partnership  Event  |  Photos  

Time Warner  Cable  &  EPIX   Premiere  Screening  of  the     Katy  Perry:  The  Prisma(c  World  Tour  Documentary    

Time Warner Cable & EPIX Katy Perry Event

Phase 3 – Event Activation

Partnership Event  |  Crea?ve  Assets     VIP Invite – Screening Only Creative:

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Phase 2 – Local LA Ticket Giveaway Creative: Exclusives Home Page / Landing Page

Phase 1 – National Sweepstakes Creative: Online Banners 88


TWC Exclusives  Sweepstakes  Homepage In-­‐Store Flyer   Na?onal  Sweepstakes  Banner  Ad  

Local Ticket  Giveaway  VIP  Invite    &  Banner  Ads  

Time warner cable & epix premiere screening of the katy perry  
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