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LA DODGERS:  LeE  Field  Pavilion   Time  Warner  Cable  Sponsorship   Sponsorship    |  Overview  


In 2015  Time  Warner  Cable  secured  a  25-­‐year  partnership  with  the  Los   Angeles  Dodgers.    To  kick  off  the  partnership,  Time  Warner  Cable   transformed  Dodger  Stadium’s  LeH  Field  Pavilion  into  a  three  part   interacLve  space  giving  fans  the  opportunity  to  get  closer  to  their  favorite   team.    Hosted  by  high-­‐energy  brand  ambassadors,  TWC  Studios  was  a   desLnaLon  for  fans  that  provided  chances  to  win  Lckets  and  premiums   and  take  photos.  The  space  also  acted  as  a  hub  for  player  appearances  and   allowed  Time  Warner  Cable  to  inform  fans  about  Dodgers  programming   and  promoLonal  offers.  


Highlights: •  •  •   

A replica  of  the  SportsNet  LA  set  for  photo  ops   Life-­‐size  Dodger  acLon  figures  for  photo  ops   Locker  acLvaLon  with  prizes  for  fans  including  wristbands,  hats  and   sunglasses,  Dugout  Club  Lckets  and  player  autographed  memorabilia  


•  Over 130,00  visitors  interacted  with  TWC  Studios  throughout  the  season   during  the  2014-­‐2015  seasons   •  Over  1,000  fan  posts  on  TwiSer  and  Instagram  using  #TWCStudios   •  Distributed  over  200  (ckets  to  fans  through  on-­‐site  upgrades     •  Distributed  over  25,000  premiums  to  fans  that  visited  TWC  Studios   •  Hundreds  of  fan  tes(monials  collected  throughout  the  season:   o  o  o 

"You made  me  feel  so  welcome.    I  went  to  all  the  staLons!“   "This  is  TWC?  Cool!  I  like  what  they're  doing  here!“   "My  husband’s  been  with  TWC  for  22    years!  We  raised  our  kids  on  TWC!"  

On-­‐site signage  

LA DODGERS:  LeE  Field  Pavilion   Time  Warner  Cable  Sponsorship   Sponsorship    |  AcLvaLon  Photos  


AcLvaLon Area  Welcome  Signage  

Locker Game  Prize  Giveaway  AcLvaLon  (area  to  the  right)    

Life size  acLon  figures  for  photo-­‐ops    

Sports desk  Photo-­‐Op  AcLvaLon    

La dodgers left field pavilion time warner cable sponsorship