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Time Warner  Cable  &  STARZ     POWER  Premiere  Event     Partnership  Event  |  Overview      Descrip;on:   Time  Warner  Cable    partnered  with  STARZ    to  support  the  world  

premiere of  its  new  original  series  Power,  by  execuDve  producer   CurDs  “50  Cent”  Jackson.    The  campaign  drove  awareness  for  STARZ   POWER  and  Time  Warner  Cable’s  exclusive  $50.00  rebate  offer  and   included  a  naDonal  and  local  sweepstakes,  a  red  carpet  premiere   event  and  aOer  party  as  well  as  post-­‐premiere  support  for  the  show   through  VOD,  digital,  social  media  and  direct  mail  markeDng  channels.  

Highlights: •  • 

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The premiere  event  took  place  on  June  14th  and  began  at  Union   Square  Regal  Cinemas,  Over  700    Time  Warner  Cable  customers,   influencers,  cast  members  and  celebriDes  aXended.     The  night  conDnued,  for  550  Time  Warner  Cable  local  New  York   City  sweepstakes  winners  and  celebrity  guests  at  a  red  carpet   aOer  party  that  was  held  at  the  Highline  Ballroom.   The  venue  was  transformed  into  POWER’s  TRUTH  night  club  and   featured  performances  by  Grandmaster  Flash  and  Quest  Love.   Celebrity  guests  included  Chris  Rock,  Russell  Simmons,  Carmelo   Anthony,  David  Schwimmer,  Doug  E  Fresh  and  G-­‐unit  Crew.  

Results:   •  • 

1,250+ guests  included  Time  Warner  Cable  customers,   influencers,  cast  members  and  celebriDes.   Sweepstakes:  2,306  entries  

Time Warner  Cable  &  STARZ     POWER  Premiere  Event    

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Time Warner  Cable  &  STARZ     POWER  Premiere  Event     Partnership  Event  |  Screening  -­‐  Meet  &  Greet  -­‐  AOer  Party  Photos    



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Starz power premiere event  
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