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Men in  Black  –  Ray  Ban  Product  Placement  &  Retail  Promo>on       Partnership  |  Overview   Overview:  

Built  strategic  rela-onship  with  Columbia  Pictures  and  Ray   Ban  for  product  integra-on  deal  and  promo-onal   partnership  to  increase  sunglass  and  movie  -cket  sales.      


Conceptualized, developed  and  wrote  product  placement   proposals  detailing  client  and  partner  deal  points.    Pitched   and  sold-­‐in  groundbreaking  product  integra-on  deals  for   Men  in  Black  with  Ray  Ban.    The  partnership  included   consumer  and  employee  movie  screenings,  consumer  giA-­‐ with-­‐purchase  and  employee  sales  incen-ve  premiums  for   retail  promo-ons.     Responsible  for  managing  client  and  studio  rela-onship  and   ensuring  product  Ray  Ban  Predator  sunglasses  and  were   shipped  to  movie  shoot  loca-ons  and  that  they  were   represented  appropriately  and  prominently  placed  in  the   Men  In  Black  movie.     Results:   Secured  $300K  for  sponsorship  deal  and  $200K  for   produc>on  of  marke-ng  and  adver-sing  materials.       Increased  sales  of  Ray  Ban  Predator  Sunglasses  40%  during   the  promo-onal  period.  

Men in  Black  –  Ray  Ban  Product  Placement  &  Retail  Promo>on     Promo-onal  Elements  &  Program  Merchandise   Elements:      Promo>onal   •  Sell  Sheet   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •       

Folio Sell-­‐in  Video   Exclusive  In-­‐Store  Point-­‐of-­‐Sale  Materials   Corporate  &  Private  Movie  Screenings   Dedicated  TV  campaign   Radio  adver-sing  in  key  retail  markets   Na-onal  Magazine  Adver-sing   Internet  Program   PR  Campaign  

Program Merchandise:     •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •   

Pen Recorder  Trade  GiA   Coffee  Mug  Trade/Sales  GiA   Baseball  Cap:  Consumer  GiA-­‐with-­‐Purchase   Neckcord/Croakie:  Consumer  GiA-­‐with-­‐Purchase   Merchandise  Bags   Ray  Ban  Predator  Sunglasses  with  MIB  Product  Box   Ray  Bay  Predator  Sunglasses  Hard  Case  Self   Liquida-ng  Offer   T-­‐shirt:  Long  and  short-­‐sleeve  

Men in black ray ban product placement promotion  
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