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Time  Warner  Cable  &  STARZ  Outlander  Campaign   Partnership  Campaign|  Overview   Descrip(on:  

In  partnership  with  STARZ,  Time  Warner  Cable  created  a  360⁰   marke?ng  campaign  to  support  its  new  original  series  Outlander,   and  drive  awareness  of  STARZ  Play  and  TWC’s  exclusive  $50.00   rebate  offer.  The  campaign  ran  from  July-­‐August  2014  and  was   targeted  specifically  to  grow  residen?al  subscribers  and  upsell   current  digital  subscribers  to  STARZ/ENCORE  services.     The  mul?-­‐phase  campaign  included:  author  book  signings  and   meet  and  greets,  advanced  customer  screenings,  a  world   premiere  event,  a  first  of  its  kind  digital  teaser  experience  and  a   na?onal  TV  and  digital  adver?sing  campaign.  

    Highlights:   • 

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Author  Book  Signings:  Diana  Gabaldon  Q&A/book  signings  in   NYC,  LA,  and  Dallas.  Captured  interview  with  the  author  and   exclusive  content  for  digital  campaign.   Advanced  Customer  Screenings:  Held  in  (4)  markets;  NYC,   LA,  Cleveland  and  Dallas.   NYC  Premiere  Event:  Red-­‐carpet  Outlander  world  premiere   held  at  the  92Y  in  NYC.  The  event  included  a  customer  “tour”   of  props  and  costumes  from  the  Outlander  set  and  a  Q&A   with  the  cast,  author  and  show  producer  ager  the  screening.  

Time  Warner  Cable  &  STARZ  Outlander  Campaign   Partnership  Campaign|  Overview   Results:   • 

30%  liC  in  STARZ  subscribers  during  the  promo?onal   period  


Digital  Content:     •  •  •  • 


Author  Book  Signing  Sweepstakes:     • 


Social  Media  Reach  of  400K  

Advance  Consumer  Screenings  in  4  Markets:     •  • 


Over  72MM  impressions     3  screen  custom  web  experience:  240K  visitors  to  website   Na?onal  Facebook  Sweepstakes:  49,912  total  entries   BTS/Fan  Ques?on  Videos:  342,482  engagements    

Total  Akendance:  2,500  Registrants     E-­‐Blast  List  Size:  217K    

World  Premiere  NYC  Event:  800  guests  

Time  Warner  Cable  &  STARZ  Outlander  Campaign   Partnership  Campaign|  Crea?ve  Assets   Direct  Mail  Postcard    

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