AKI Academy of Art & Design

Enschede, Netherlands


The AKI is the smallest academy in the Netherlands, established in 1949 but formed in 60's and still dedicated to its founding principles: providing an individualised education with a minimum of structures and control systems and focused, instead, on the human dimension and students' and instructors' own initiatives. AKI is part of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, but it also greatly values its autonomy as a small academy. Education is created on the work floor. And that is not all that common in today's climate, where statistics and standards have become ever more determinative in education. While AKI acknowledges their importance, and meets all of the requirements set for an academy (indeed, it is pleased to be ranked a 'top-rated programme' in the independent 'Keuzegids' guide to Dutch higher education), it believes that this is not what design and art education should focus on most.