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Reader feedback

Team Wiesbaden cleans up in Bamberg, readies for U.S. Forces Europe Championship. See page 19.

Wiesbaden brings back golden statues from annual community theater festival. See page 8.

“Football. I played it in high school and pretty much all of my life,” said V Corps’ Sgt. 1st Class Kerry Rawls about his favorite sport. See page 2 for more feedback.

erald Union H Wiesbaden: Your home in Germany

Vol. XV, No. 15

May 9, 2013

Town Hall

Army chief of staff addresses challenges, answers queries during U.S. Army Europe visit By Karl Weisel

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Back home in Wiesbaden

Photo by Karl Weisel

The V Corps command team, led by Lt. Gen. James Terry and Command Sgt. Maj. William Johnson, disembarks from a U.S. Air Force C-17 on the Clay Kaserne airfield after returning from a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. The homecoming, one of many V Corps’ homecomings in the past weeks, was followed by an uncasing ceremony of the V Corps’ colors. See page 6 for more homecoming photos.

Best Warriors:

Wiesbaden Soldiers demonstrate how it’s done at annual competition

By Wendy Brown

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Photo by G. Patrick Harris

Sgt. Edward Smigelski competes at the Best Warrior Competition.

Two U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Soldiers who competed in the 2013 Best Warrior Competition in Baumholder April 15-18 didn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Sgt. Edward Smigelski came in second overall and was fewer than 50 points from the first-place winner, and Pfc. Raven Holstick excelled on the physical training test portion of the event, achieving a score of 272 out of a possible 300 points.

Training, staying regionally engaged, developing leaders and maintaining a quality volunteer Army were priorities stressed by Gen. Raymond T. Odierno during a Town Hall event in Wiesbaden April 30. Thousands of Soldiers, civilians and family members had a chance to hear the 38th chief of staff of the U.S. Army share his vision and address their issues of concern during the forum in the Wiesbaden Fitness Center and via social media.

“The U.S. Army Europe continues to play an important role,” Odierno said, addressing the vital support USAREUR provides to Africa Command and its partnership role in Europe. “This remains a key piece of all that we want to do in the future, and you all play a very important role in that as we continue to move forward.” Odierno, who once served as the chief of staff of V Corps, thanked the many V Corps’ Soldiers present for their “incredibly successful year in Afghanistan. … I’m very See Town Hall on page 3

“These Soldiers represented this community extremely well,” said USAG Wiesbaden Command Sgt. Maj. Sa’eed Mustafa. “I can’t be prouder. I didn’t see any quit in these Soldiers.” “This type of event always reminds us that we always have to be ready to deploy in support of our nation’s goals,” Mustafa said. Smigelski, 27, from Cleveland, Ohio, said he competed in a Best Warrior Competition once before at Fort Bliss, and he plans to compete again next year. “It’s an experience in and of See Best Warriors on page 5

Watch out for summer road scams By Robert Szostek U.S. Army Europe Office of the Provost Marshal Public Affairs Office

People can run into bad luck while they are on the road and become legitimate candidates for

charity. Unfortunately, others are simply up to no good, warn officials at the U.S. Army Europe Office of the Provost Marshal. “With the onset of summer we again expect to see cases of swindlers

trying to defraud Americans traveling around Europe,” said Joseph Day, USAREUR OPM law enforcement chief. Officials said one type of common scam involves someone in a vehicle flag-

ging down other vehicles to get money by falsely claiming to need help. This kind of approach often happens close to a barracks gate, at a See Road scams on page 4

Photo by Karl Weisel

Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, Army chief of staff, fields questions during a Wiesbaden Town Hall.

Commentary Which sport do you Feedback: follow and why? Sgt. Michael Garcia V Corps “Football. It’s more action, a faster-paced game. There is a lot of strategy.”

Anthony Brown Wiesbaden High School “Football — because it’s the best sport of America.”

Staff Sgt. James Dennis 181st Signal Company “College basketball, because I’m from North Carolina and all five teams are great.”

Lt. Col. Ramona Discavage Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, U.S. Army Europe “College basketball, professional football and little bit of the NBA, because it’s been a part of my family upbringing. We were always interested in sports.”

Spc. Justin Martinez 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment College football, because I grew up in Knoxville and that’s where the University of Tennessee is.”

Ask the commander Editor’s note: Have something you’d like to share with the commander — questions, comments or suggestions about quality-of-life issues? Visit the garrison’s Facebook (Garrison Wiesbaden), Twitter (usagwiesbadenpa) or Interactive Customer Evaluation pages (easy access via the garrison’s home page at www.wiesbaden.

Flower vouchers

Lisa F. asked: When will the vouchers be available for flowers (for Spring Cleanup) and where do we pick them up? Response: Lisa, they are currently being issued by the Facilities Branch of the Housing Office in Building 1959 on Clay Kaserne. Spring Cleanup is scheduled to be held May 1317. Housing area cleanup will take place on May 15. For more information on the voucher program you can call civ (0611) 705-6322 or mil 337-6322.

Housing help

Cary C. commented: Ms. Carmen Sanchez has provided excellent customer service throughout our housing search. She has been professional, has provided guidance and has given very sound advice throughout our housing search. She should be recognized for her dedication to her customers. Response: Thanks, Cary, for the great feedback on an outstanding customer service experience. We will make sure Ms. Sanchez is made aware of the praise her work generates.

Parking garage

Greg N. observed: I know we are all aware of the limited parking on Clay Kaserne. With the growing closures of existing parking, spots will be more of a premium than ever. Today I parked in the big garage and noticed there are still a significant number of vehicles in

towel service. It was an obvious state of determined that it is storage (cars and a cost that we can no motorcycles) being longer afford. Our parked there, either fitness centers as well covered in dust or as all Army fitness with an actual procenters throughout tective cover over Europe will cease them. In addition, I towel service. The would like to ask if discontinuation of dedicated motorcy- Col. David this service will result cle parking has been Carstens, U.S. in significant cost addressed. Many of Army Garrison savings and allow the motorcycles in Wiesbaden the staff to provide the garage are taking commander better customer supup an entire “car” spot, per motorcycle. Dedicat- port on the floor through patron ing motorcycle parking for daily interaction. Additionally the commuters such as myself is staff will be in a position to an easy and inexpensive way provide ongoing fitness equipto “grow” effective parking ment maintenance. Customers spaces. Done properly, at least are expected to bring their own five motorcycles can be parked towels for personal use. The in the same space as that dedi- fitness center will continue to cated to two “car” spots. Motor- provide equipment sanitizing cycle parking is not an issue in material. the garage alone. Throughout Great library service the kasern, on a daily basis, I Shawn C. commented: I note single motorcycles taking think the registration process up an entire car spot due to no is very smooth and quick at the dedicated parking. Wiesbaden Library — only took Response: Those are all a few minutes. good observations Greg. Response: Thanks, Shawn, Thanks for taking the time for sharing your positive experito point those out. I have for- ence. The Wiesbaden Library is warded them on to our Military one of the most popular forms of Police and stationing manage- information and entertainment ment staff who are presently in this community, providing a reviewing them and developing wide range of services — all for ways to better use the available free. I know the staff works hard space for all motor vehicle opto keep Soldiers, civilians and erators. I am taking immediate family members supplied with steps to solve the storage issue: the latest books, movies, music, the garage is no place for this reference materials and more – and the standards will be better in addition to featuring many articulated and enforced. different programs such as preFitness center towels school story hours. My personal Joe S. noted: I do not like thanks to the library staff for the fact that the fitness center their hard work and dedication. has stopped giving out towels. In other library news, based on I find the reasoning behind it to a recent community suggestion, be bull. This is a service the fit- we are currently looking into a ness center should be providing. library material drop-off box Response: Joe, discontinu- that would alleviate the chalation of towel service at fitness lenge of finding parking for centers is based on a Europe- library customers just dropping wide review of fitness centers’ off items.

Herald Union published by The Herald Union, printed exclusively for members of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, is an authorized, unofficial Army newspaper published under the provisions of AR 360-1. Contents are not necessarily the official views of, nor endorsed by, the U.S. government or the Department of Defense. The editorial content is the responsibility of the USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office. No payment is made for contributions. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for sale, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. This is a biweekly newspaper published by AdvantiPro GmbH and printed by Oggersheimer Druckzentrum. Circulation is 6,300 copies. For display advertising rates call Sabine Vogl at civ (0631) 3033 5537, email; classified advertising rates call Isabell Smith at civ (0631) 3033 5531 or post at Editorial offices are in Building 1205 on Clay Kaserne. Address: USAG Wiesbaden, Herald Union, Unit 29623 Box 60, APO AE 09005-9623; Telephone: mil 337-7405; civ (0611) 705-7405; Email:; Home page:

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Herald Union

Command and newspaper staff USAG Wiesbaden Commander..................Col. David H. Carstens USAG Wiesbaden Command Sergeant Major .......................................Command Sgt. Maj. Sa’eed A. Mustafa Public Affairs Officer.......................................Anemone Rueger Editor....................................................Karl Weisel (mil 337-7405) Associate Editor................................Chrystal Smith (mil 337-1400) Reporter.............................................Wendy Brown (mil 337-5150)

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

News and features News flash Outstanding youths

Wiesbaden military community youths have been making a name for themselves in various competitions around the globe. Congratulations to the Wiesbaden High School yearbook staff for an honorable mention certificate of recognition for their contributions to scholastic journalism from the Balfour Yearbooks. The yearbook adviser is Pat Strobel. Kudos also go to Maria Cuevas, Thomas Brunk, Jada Dash and Aniyah Williams, winners of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America/Child, Youth and School Services annual arts competition. Wiesbaden’s own youth music makers, Shin Cousens and Natalia Lynch, struck gold again, being invited to perform at the annual BGCA convention in Orlando, Fla. Lynch was named Wiesbaden’s Youth of the Year earlier this year. (Information courtesy of Wiesbaden CYSS and Wiesbaden High School)

Photo by Wendy Brown

Ann Campbell (center), wife of Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, USAREUR commander, and Linda Odierno (right), wife of Gen. Raymond Odierno, Army chief of staff, take a look at Wiesbaden Child, Youth and School Services operations during a visit to the Clay School Age Center April 30.

Town Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

who are committed to the unit, to the Army and to Continued from page 1 their mission,” Odierno said. proud of the work that V Corps has done.” “We stand on the shoulders of those who served He also praised the local military community for its before us,” the Army chief of staff said, reminding support of families while V Corps Soldiers were deployed. listeners that living up to the reputation established by Addressing the “difficult times” the military is those who have gone before is part of “maintaining experiencing through a $15 million budget shortfall the highest standards of our profession.” and possible sequestration of its civilian workforce, The ability to sustain an all-volunteer Army is one Odierno said, “It’s not good for our Army and it’s not final priority, Odierno said, adding that everyone plays good for our national defense, which will see signifia role in maintaining the successful role of the Army. cant cuts over the next 10 years. We are obviously “We have the most capable, experienced combat force hoping that Congress will come to an agreement soon that we’ve ever had.” so that we can start properly planning for the future.” After opening up the floor to questions from those Making members of Congress fully aware of the present and fellow Soldiers and civilians following effects of massive budget shortfalls on the military is the Town Hall online, Odierno responded to issues critical, he said. “This impacts all of our Soldiers, all ranging from the proper wearing of our civilians and all of our family e are given unique of the Army uniform to the policy members. We continue to try to talk responsibilities in on gays in the military. Other quesabout that message and make sure this profession. It’s tions and answers addressed Army that they understand the impacts on the individuals who have served so important that we have modernization, funding of Army valiantly over the last 12 years to competent leaders who Family programs and the future of the Joint Multinational Readiness are committed to the include our great Army civilians, but also our family members who unit, to the Army and to Center in Hohenfels. Odierno singled out several have sacrificed so much.” their mission.” — Gen. individuals for special recogniEnsuring that “anyone who is Raymond T. Odierno tion following the question-anddeployed forward has everything he or she needs to be successful” is a priority, Odi- answer session. These included V Corps’ 1st Lt. Laura erno said. That includes being properly trained, led Means, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Robert Rupe and 1st Sgt. Mike Lavigne for their service during Operation and equipped. “The second thing is we have to be regionally Enduring Freedom, and U.S. Army Garrison Wiesengaged,” he said, empasizing the value in training baden civilian employee and Air Force veteran Arthur and serving with allies around the globe to be prepared Chee for 50 years of federal service. The Town Hall was part of a multi-day visit by the for any and all future challenges. “The third priority is leader development,” he Army chief of staff and his wife, Linda, to various said, explaining that in about 30 days the Army will military communities in Europe including Stuttgart, Vicenza and Wiesbaden where they gained current, firstpublish a new leader development program. “We are given unique responsibilities in this profes- hand insight into Soldier and family living and working sion. It’s important that we have competent leaders conditions and ongoing USAREUR transformation.


Banks closing

The Community Banks will remain closed May 9, 20 and 30 in observance of local holidays. Community Bank ATMs will remain available.

Bike-to-Work Day

National Bike-to-Work Day is May 17. The event is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and saving resources. For ways to bike to work in Wiesbaden visit docs/GarrisonBikeProgram.pdf.

Offices closing

The Directorate of Logistics announces that the following facilities will be closed May 9 and 10 for German holidays: Central Issue Facility, Driver’s Training and Testing, Installation Property Book Office, Hazardous Material Reuse Center, Personal Property Processing Office (household goods inbound and outbound), Transportation Motor Pool, Quality Assurance and Privately Owned Vehicle Inspection. In the case of an emergency call civ (0162) 297 4827.

Sequester FAQs

Looking for factual information (not rumors) about the impacts of sequestration in the Installation Management Command-Europe? Visit IMCOM-E’s online “Sequester Frequently Asked Questions” page webs/sites/faq/index.html. It is being updated regularly as information becomes available.

Give to Army Emergency Relief

The U.S. Army invites Soldiers to help their own in the annual Army Emergency Relief campaign which runs through May 15. See your unit AER project officer to donate or call mil 337-7887.

Make ID card appointments online

Did you know you can make an appointment online to get a new ID card? To schedule an appointment go to https://rapids-appointments. The ID Cards/DEERS office is located in Room 111, Building 1023E on Clay Kaserne. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the last customer sign-in at 3:30 p.m. Call mil 337-6355 or civ (0611) 705-5515 for more information. ............................................................................. May 9, 2013

Herald Union

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News and features From the blotter

Compiled by the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services

April 18 Tax evasion — A civilian is being charged with tax evasion, unlawful possession/operation of a U.S. Army Europe-plated vehicle, unlawful possession of tax-free goods, civilian misconduct and misuse of privileges.

April 19 Theft — A Soldier became a victim in Frankfurt when an unknown person stole his wallet from his pants pocket. Traffic accident — A family member is being charged with a traffic accident: Improper backing. Theft — A Soldier became a victim in Mainz when an unknown person broke the vehicle’s passenger side window and removed various items.

April 21 Traffic accident — An unknown person damaged a Soldier’s privately owned vehicle due to improper backing while it was parked near the car care center on Mainz Kastel Storage Station.

April 22 Traffic accident — A family member is being charged with a traffic accident: Improper lane change. Failure to obey regulation — An officer is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation and failure re-register a privately owned vehicle. Drunken driving — A civilian employee is being charged with drunken driving and civilian misconduct.

April 23 Tax evasion — A family member is being charged with tax evasion, unlawful transfer of tax-free goods and civilian misconduct. Traffic accident — A civilian employee is being charged with a traffic accident: Fleeing the scene, improper backing and damage to government property.

April 26 Traffic accident — A family member is being charged with a traffic accident: Improper backing. Traffic accident — A civilian employee is being charged with a traffic accident: Failure to judge proper distance. Child maltreatment — A family member and Soldier are being charged with child maltreatment, mistreatment and civilian misconduct.

April 27 Theft — A noncommissioned officer became a victim at the Hainerberg Main Exchange when an unknown person removed a cell phone from a jacket pocket.

April 29 Traffic accident — A Soldier is being charged with a traffic accident: Inattentive driving. Failure to obey regulation — A civilian employee is being charged with failure to re-register a POV and civilian misconduct.

April 30 Controlled substance — A Soldier is being charged with wrongful use of marijuana.

May 1 Larceny of private property — A family member is being charged with larceny of private property and civilian misconduct.

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Herald Union

Driving in Europe

How can visitors get permission to drive your USAREUR-plated vehicle?

ance covers your guests. Consult the Customs website at www.eur. advantage of being staAEF550-175D.pdf for more details tioned in Germany is that friends on procedures and locations of and family can visit you and travel customs offices. around Europe. But you must first Your guests can use this excepreceive Customs approval if you tion to policy to drive a USAREURPhoto illustration by Karl Weisel want to let them drive your U.S. registered privately owned vehicle Army Europe-plated vehicle on their excursions. in Germany for up to 90 days within a six-month “Just go to your local military Customs field office period. The 90-day period begins on the day the visiand fill out the application form,” said Fred Evans, tor arrives in any European Union member state. The chief of services, USAREUR Customs Executive document must remain in the car when your guests use Agency. If you want to have the paperwork ready your vehicle independently, along with their passports, before your relatives or friends arrive, you should bring the vehicle registration, proof of insurance and their along your vehicle registration and clear copies of international driver’s licenses (or official translations their passports, stateside driver’s licenses and official of their licenses). German translations of their licenses or international “Driving in Germany is a tax and duty-free privilege driver’s licenses. for U.S. Forces personnel and their dependents,” Evans “The international licenses should be issued by explained, which is why the customs authorization is the American Automobile Association or National required for guests. He warned that this exception to Automobile Club,” he added. For visitors from coun- policy does not let your guests buy gas at Army and tries other than the USA, ask your military Customs Air Force Exchange Service gas stations or use your office if an international driver’s license or translation AAFES fuel ration card. Likewise, friends and family is required. visiting Germany who rent a car may not use AAFES It is very important to note that your guests cannot gas stations or AAFES fuel ration cards. be residents of Germany or plan to establish residency Your guests can have a great time driving around in Germany, and they cannot be your dependents. It Europe if you plan ahead. Call any military Customs is also wise to ensure that your automobile insur- office to find out more. By Robert Szostek

U.S. Army Europe Provost Marshal Public Affairs Office

Road scams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from page 1 highway rest stop or on a road outside a town where vehicles must move slowly. Sometimes the scammers offer drivers what appears to be gold jewelry as “collateral” so they can pay a “loan” back later, OPM officials said, but the rings and chains usually turn out to be worthless brass imitations. OPM experts warned of a second scam that involves a con artist stopping an intended victim and claiming to have run out of money at a trade fair. The scammer then offers to sell the victim his expensive goods — often jackets or coats — at a huge discount so he can buy gas to get home. But the fancy brandname articles are nothing but cheap fakes. Police in Bavaria recently reported another variation of the gold scam in which beggars give passersby a gold ring that they claim no longer fits. If someone accepts the gift, the man or woman then begs them for money and can become quite aggressive. Again, the supposed gold ring turns out to be brass. To avoid being scammed, Day recommends that members of the U.S. forces community in Europe keep these tips in mind: Beware of distractions if you are in your car alone. Someone talking to you on the driver’s side of the car could be trying to divert your attention while a buddy

steals your purse or wallet from the other side. Offers that sound too good to be true, usually are. Articles with fancy brand names and gold jewelry are most likely cheap imitations. Always consider the relationship between the trouble a person claims he is in and what he is asking for. People in real need rarely ask for more than what is absolutely necessary. Never give large amounts of money to anyone on the road. The most anyone should need is enough to fill a tank with gas. Officials also noted that the German automobile association ADAC reports that travelers should also be aware that in some regions gangs may be involved in trying to scam motorists on main highways. The crooks, they say, generally drive large, dark sedans and try to get drivers to stop with hand gestures, flashing lights or a raised gas container. When their victim stops, they demand financial help for their families or try to sell fake jewelry. If the victim gives up little or no cash, the solicitation can turn into a robbery. ADAC advises drivers who encounter such situations to not stop, but continue driving. Day advises that anyone approached in this manner write down the person’s license plate number and contact the nearest military or civil police station.

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

News and features

Focus on mentoring at AFCEA chapter launch leaders to solve the problems of tomorrow,” he said. “You don’t grow leaders by letting them do the same things over Mentorship was the focus at the initial and over again.” meeting of the Wiesbaden Chapter of While it may seem easier to hire likethe Armed Forces Communications and minded employees and to “rely on the Electronics Association International proverbial system to take care of your April 24. people,” Crawford told his listeners it is Soldiers and civilians from U.S. their responsibility to guide and mentor Army Europe, the 66th Military Intel- junior staff, saying, “you are the system.” ligence Brigade, 5th Signal Command To be a good mentor an individual and other local units gathered in the Gen. must be interested, have a positive outShalikashvili Mission Command Center look and be enthusiastic and dependable, to launch the chapter and hear Brig. Gen. Crawford said. Mentors should also be Bruce Crawford, 5th Signal commander, experienced, current in their job skills, share his nearly three decades of career visionary and have a solid network of military experience regarding mentor- beneficial relationships. ing and preparing for future challenges. “You, the mentor, must be credible,” “We have to train you to use technol- he said, adding that those seeking a good ogy that does not even exist yet … to mentor must be selective. “Don’t settle solve problems that we don’t even yet for just anybody who is willing to talk know that we have,” said Crawford, to you.” after showing a video about the rapid For the person being mentored, it’s transformation in technology that is crucial that one be solution-oriented, evolving on a daily basis. “We’ve got dependable, appreciative and respectto develop the capacity to see around ful —especially of the mentor’s time. corners.” “You’ve got to be receptive to feedA major part of that preparation is back,” said Crawford, explaining that guiding future leaders and mentoring being honest about one’s expectations, fellow Soldiers and civilians to expand limitations and possibilities is equally their horizons and to seek career en- important. hancement opportunities. This applies to leaders as well, he “My responsibility is to develop said, pointing out that knowing one’s By Karl Weisel

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

leadership. “You want to hire people who are good at the things you’re not good at — or don’t care to do,” he said. The guest speaker praised the efforts of the association in raising scholarships for military youths and funds to help such charitable organizations as the Fisher Houses in Landstuhl. In addition to charitable efforts, AFCEA is dedicated to serving as a forum where government and industry can effectively communicate and explore relevant issues in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities, according to H.S. “Rock” Schmidt, chapter president. Soldiers, civilians, local naPhoto courtesy of AFCEA tionals and students are eligible H.S. “Rock” Schmidt thanks Brig. Gen. to join the association. Bruce Crawford for his presentation at the For information about the kickoff event for the Wiesbaden Chapter Wiesbaden Chapter of AFCEA of the Armed Forces Communications and contact Rich Gooding, vice Electronics Association International. president for membership, strengths and weaknesses helps in at wi.afcea.vp.membership@ discovering coworkers and staff who Visit AFCEA’s home page can complement an organization and at for more information.

Best Warriors . . . . . . Continued from page 1 itself,” he said. “You see where you are and what you need to improve on.” Holstick, 22, from Phoenix City, Ala., said she has only been in the Army a year, and this was her first Best Warrior Competition. “I thought it was a great experience,” she said, adding that she would like to compete again next year. Both Smigelski and Holstick said the board portion of the competition was the most difficult. The competition consisted of a number of warrior tasks and drills including an Army physical fitness test, marksmanship, combatives, an essay and written examination, a 12-mile foot march with combat gear, warrior tasks and drills, day and night land navigation, and an appearance before a board of brigade command sergeants major. Sgt. Bryan Teneyck and Spc. Jonathan Grates, both from U.S. Army Garrison Benelux in Brussels, Belgium, are the

Photo by G. Patrick Harris

Pfc. Raven Holstick works her way through an obstacle course during the competition. Best Warrior Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year, according to Installation Management Command Europe, which announced the results April 19. (Troy Darr of IMCOM Europe Public Affairs contributed to this report.) ............................................................................. May 9, 2013

Herald Union

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News and features

Photos (5) by Karl Weisel

Welcome home from Afghanistan




It’s been wall-to-wall smiles on Wiesbaden’s Clay Kaserne for the past several weeks as hundreds of V Corps Soldiers have been returning from duty in Afghanistan. Photo above: An Air Force C-17 lands on Clay Kaserne’s airfield May 2 bearing the V Corps command team. Photo left: Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell (left), U.S. Army Europe commander, welcomes V Corps’ Command Sgt. Maj. William Johnson (center) and Lt. Gen. James Terry, V Corps commander, after the C-17 touched down. Photo right: Maj. Jeremiah Naylor is showered with hugs and kisses during a welcome home event April 30 in the Wiesbaden Fitness Center. On hand to greet him were his wife Stephanie and children Lana, Freyja and James. Photo below: Terry and Johnson uncase the V Corps colors in the Wiesbaden Fitness Center to officially mark the unit’s return home from the yearlong deployment mission.

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Are you friendly, reliable and enjoy service to the community? If you are in good shape, able to lift bundles of newspapers and are looking for a mini-job (2 - 4 days a month) - get in touch with us! Send your resume to or fax to: 0631-30 33 55 44

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Herald Union


Photo by Chrystal Smith

Sgt. 1st Class Carlos Martin displays leis, from family and friends, presented to him by his wife Tiffany during a homecoming April 23. Photo right: Paige Burkett and Sophia Haman await arriving Soldiers April 30.

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

News and features

Pediatrician answers questions on AFN By Wendy Brown

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Dr. Michelle Melicosta, a pediatrician at the Wiesbaden Health Clinic, has started a question-and-answer session each week on American Forces Network Wiesbaden called “Ask the Doctor.” During the segment, Melicosta answers medical questions parents have about their children. She has been a practicing pediatrician for 17 years and in Wiesbaden for three years. “What we’re hoping to get are questions about health or development that aren’t necessarily pressing enough for people to take the time out of their day to drive to the clinic,” Melicosta said. Melicosta said she came up with the idea for the show after a mother came in for an appointment on a cold winter day with her baby because she was concerned about the baby spitting up. The mother’s concern was not anything to worry about, Melicosta said, and she thought it would be a good idea to give parents an opportunity to ask questions that bothered them in a more convenient environment. “If we can save you a trip to the clinic, that’s great,” she said. Sgt. Jedhel Somera, who

tapes Melicosta’s show each week in the AFN studios, said he plays the segment Tuesdays and Thursdays around 7 a.m. “It’s great for first-time parents who might have questions,” Somera said. “It’s another channel where parents can get answers to questions.” Some recent examples of questions have included when parents should get worried about a fever and how to choose a baby formula, Melicosta said. The show she taped on April 25 discussed National Infant Immunization Week and why immunizations are important. People can send their questions to doctorm411@yahoo. com, Melicosta said. Photo by Wendy Brown People should not send any Wiesbaden Health Clinic’s Dr. Michelle Melicosta tapes a session of “Ask the Doctor” with pressing questions to the email Sgt. Jedhel Somera at the American Forces Network Wiesbaden studios April 25. address because she does not check it every day, Melicosta said. Although the show focuses on pediatrics, Melicosta said she will also consult her colleagues at the clinic to answer questions about adults as well. For medical emergencies, people should call the military ambulance at mil You shop and 117 or civ (0611) 705-117 or the German ambulance at we will keep your 112. For an appointment at kids amused at the clinic, people can call mil our child care facility 337-6320, 6339 or civ (0611) 705-6320, 6339. ”Knirps-Garten”.

Shopping Experience Lilien-Carré Over 50 shops

Fri 15:00 – 19:00 Sat 11:00 – 18:00 2 hr FREE!

Parking available

Photo by Wendy Brown

Berlin Airlift story time Maj. Gen. James C. Boozer Sr. reads the true Berlin Airlift story of “Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot” by Margot Theis Raven at Hainerberg Elementary School April 28. The Military Child Education Coalition and Parent to Parent sponsored the event, which included hands-on activities and snacks. About 100 people attended. ..............................................................................May 9, 2013

Herald Union

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USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Photos by Chrystal Smith

Anemone Rueger, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden public affairs officer, throws a cardboard box into a recycling bin on Clay Kaserne April 29. Photo right: Construction crew members work on the new recycling and re-use center on Clay Kaserne April 29.

Recycling initiatives become reality By Karl Weisel

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

A new recycling and re-use center on Clay Kaserne, improved trash collection points in Hainerberg and Aukamm Housing, and regular inspections are aimed at encouraging everyone to properly separate their refuse and save. “Proper separation of waste is extremely important,” said Marty Hanson, an environmental specialist with the Directorate of Public Works. “Recycling is the law in Germany.” While military community housing residents don’t currently pay fines for not properly separating, they do cost the

government more money ― “money the garrison doesn’t have,” said Hanson. When the new trash collection points are installed, the amount of containers will reflect the number of dwelling units in each building. They will be fenced in with lockable doors for the residents and sliding doors for the city’s refuse collectors. Signs will be in place explaining how the separation process works, and building residents will be responsible for keeping their recycling areas clean and neat. A combined effort by various DPW agencies will take a hard look at the recycling habits of housing residents. “We’ll

be performing inspections to determine how well families are separating their trash with the long-range goal of reducing the size of containers.” Stickers will be issued indicating if refuse is being properly separated ― “green for a good job,” he said. If too many red stickers are awarded, building coordinators will be required to visit the garrison commander and explain why recycling isn’t taking place. A similar program, known as Rumbling Rubbish in Heidelberg, resulted in a cost savings of about half a million dollars a year in refuse disposal costs, Hanson said.

“It’s all about saving the taxpayers’ money. It’s a very simple way to cut costs,” he said. “In order to properly separate their trash, people have to have the proper containers in their quarters,” Hanson added, explaining that it doesn’t cost much to set up a simple separation system in one’s kitchen. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can use cardboard boxes and line them with plastic.” Hanson added that off-post housing residents should use their local recycling facilities and not those on-post to dispose of refuse.

The new recycling and re-use center on Heinig Street (behind the Arts and Crafts Center on Clay Kaserne) will replicate one that used to operate in Heidelberg’s Patrick Henry Village, according to Mark Holt, DPW director. “Estimated construction completion time is this May, and we will push to open no later than June, subject to availability of staffing ― paid and volunteer.” For more information about recycling call Peter Zeisberger at civ (0611) 705-6869 or check out the garrison’s Recycling Page online at www.wiesbaden. Refuse_Schedule.asp.

Photos by Martin Greeson

Wiesbaden wins Topper awards

Brian Buckley (left) sings a song with his co-actor from the Amelia Earhart Playhouse’s musical “Sugar” at the Installation Management Command-Europe Tournament of Plays Awards Show for the best in military community theater in Kaiserslautern April 20. Buckley won the Topper award for Best Actor in a Musical. Photo left: Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Carr (right) of Wiesbaden receives his award for Best Lighting Design for a Musical. Other Wiesbaden winners included Don Taylor for Best Poster, Nancy Beasley for Best Keyboard Player and Tyler Boothes for Best Youth Performance in a Play.

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USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Photo by Karl Weisel

Photo by Romeo Alimbuyao

Jaelyn Young shares a tea party snack with her mother Bee at the Clay School Age Center.

Ashton Ray, age 3, helps round up rattlesnakes at one of the amusements of the community’s Kinderfest April 27 at the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center.

A month to celebrate military children

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden celebrated Month of the Military Child in April with everything from parades to art exhibitions, a Kinderfest to Colossal Cookie Week. Photo left: Eoin Oravetz transports an egg through a maze during the Survivor Challenge at Army Community Service April 27. Photo below left: Savanah Marzulo plays her harp at the School Age Center. Photo below right: Children enjoy games at the Kinderfest.

Photo by Romeo Alimbuyao

Save the Date & Save Lives!

Photo by Karl Weisel

Wiesbaden Community

Blood Drive Sponsored by the Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club and the American Red Cross

Photo by Karl Weisel


May 16, 2013 We organize tours individually for your group of friends, family and business partners!

• Wine tastings • Vineyard walking tours • Hiking • Wine wagon tours • Local events

9:00 am - 3:00 pm • Tony Bass Center, Bldg 1043

Look for our Sign-up Tables around the Community in May! Or, Sign up Online! Go to and register with the Armed Services Blood Program. Click on “Donate Blood,” then select “Landstuhl” to make an appointment. ............................................................................. May 9, 2013

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USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Safeguard your Personal Identity Information make sure the copier is authorized before Smart devices and social networks connecting it into the network. just keep getting smarter. In addition, your And as their smartness increases, so organization’s IT staff should yours about safeguarding your should make sure digipersonal identity information when tal copiers connected using them. Today’s generation of networked to your network are multifunction devices known as digital securely integrated. copiers are “smart” machines. Such Just like computers and devices require hard disk drives to man- servers that store sensitive information, age incoming jobs and workloads. The networked copiers should be protected hard drive in a digital copier stores data against outside intrusions and attacks. Social networking sites, chat rooms, about the documents it copies, prints, virtual worlds and blogs are how many scans, faxes or emails. If one neglects people socialize online. Sharing too taking steps to protect that data, it can much information is one of the biggest be stolen from the hard drive, either by pitfalls that comes with online socialremote access or by extracting the data izing, especially among youths. It is once the drive has been removed. important to that one learn how to naviCopiers should be managed and gate these sites safely. Social networkmaintained by your organization’s inforing sites such as Facebook, MySpace, mation technology staff. Follow proper information assurance procedures before LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogspot and Xanga acquiring such business machines, and make it easy to build a web of friends By Shunell Smith

Special to the Herald Union

and acquaintances, and share your personal information with them. Many social networking sites have adjustable privacy settings, so one can restrict who has access to their user profile. It is recommended that one adjust the privacy preferences on chat and video chat accounts, as well. Most chat programs allow parents to control whether people on their child’s contact list can see their status, including whether they are online. Some chat and email accounts allow parents to determine who can send messages to their children and block anyone not on the list. Just as you want to know who your child’s friends are offline, it's a good idea to know who they are talking to online. The U.S. Army requires that Personal Identity Information is appropriately protected and that affected individuals

be notified of any reasonable suspicion of a compromise of that information. The garrison is responsible for complying with these legal requirements and for providing employees with information about requirements and responsibilities relating to PII. Report suspected data breaches, any suspected breach of a system containing restricted data or any suspected inappropriate disclosure of restricted data to the privacy act officer, supervisor and the command immediately by contacting the Emergency Operation Center at mil 337-5162 or civ (0611) 705-5162. A suspected security breach of unencrypted electronic restricted data initiates the incident reporting process. The U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden standard operating procedures for PII contains the steps and procedures to complete an initial incident report. Contact the garrison’s privacy act officer at 337-6122/7322/7098 with questions or feedback about PII.

Returning from deployment and your taxes

I just returned from downrange. How long do I have to file my tax return for 2012? By statute Congress has given military members returning from combat zones a substantial automatic extension of time to file their tax returns. The extension is calculated by taking the number of days served in the combat zone during the tax filing season plus an additional 180 days with the clock starting the day the service member exits the combat zone. The typical tax filing season is 105 days (Jan. 1 to April 15). This means a service member missing the entire tax filing season would receive an extension of 285 days to file his or her return, beginning with the day the service member redeploys. This extension also applies to the spouses of deployed service members, regardless of whether they are filing a joint return. For the purposes of filing extensions, service members are considered in the combat zone if they are continuously hospitalized outside of the combat zone for injuries received while inside the combat zone. The hospital extension does not apply to spouses when filing separately. When taking advantage of any of these extensions,

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service memcome minibers should be mums to aware that the qualify for Internal Revthe credit, enue Service as the EIC may ask for a may be the copy of deploybigger tax ment orders or benefit than other verificathe Combat tion of the dates Zone Exserved in the clusion. combat zone. Another All of the way to benpay I earned efit from while downtax-free range is taxcombat pay Photo by Karl Weisel free, right? is to use it to A l m o s t . V Corps Soldiers return to Clay Kaserne from a deployment make conRegardless of April 15. tributions rank, all dea result of deployment is the to a Roth ployed service members’ basic Earned Income Credit. The EIC Individual Retirement Accout pay is still subject to the separate is a refundable credit, meaning or the newly available Roth payroll taxes for Social Security individuals may receive a re- Thrift Savings Plan. With and Medicare. For deployed fund larger than the amount of Roth retirement accounts, enlisted service members, all tax paid over the course of the service members can use taxbasic pay received in a combat zone is exempt from general year. Many service members or- free combat pay to save for income tax. For officers, all dinarily have too much income retirement while the investment basic pay earned in a combat to qualify for the credit, but by earnings on these accounts are zone is exempt from income tax being able to exclude combat also tax-free; this can result in up to the amount equal to the pay, many deployed members substantial tax savings over an highest paid enlisted member of are able to take advantage of individual’s career. Since tax filing season the officer’s branch of service. this credit. Junior enlisted service mem- is winding down for most What other tax benefits of deployment should I look for? bers who ordinarily qualify for people, where can I get help Aside from the Combat Zone EIC may benefit by waiving the with preparing my tax return? The Wiesbaden Tax Center Exclusion, the biggest potential Combat Zone Tax exclusion to benefit to take advantage of as ensure they meet the earned in- is here to serve those redeploy-

Herald Union

ing to the community. The Tax Center will remain open through the overseas filing deadline June 17, allowing most redeploying members of the community the opportunity to take advantage of available services. For those service members moving shortly after redeployment, it is important to note that most stateside tax centers close in April and are likely unavailable to serve them upon their arrival. Service members requiring assistance should visit the Wiesbaden Tax Center located on the second floor of the Tony Bass Fitness Center in Clay Kaserne’s Building 1043, or call mil 337-4755; civ (0611) 705-4755. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday to Wednesday and Friday, noon to 4:15 p.m. on Thursday. The Heidelberg Tax Center closed April 15. However the tax centers in the Kaiserslautern military community will remain open until the June 17 filing deadline. Call mil 483-7688 or civ (0631) 411-7688 to reach the Tax Center on Kleber Kaserne; for the Landstuhl Tax Center, call mil 486-6334 or civ (0637) 186-6334.

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USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Youth bowlers end season hearing high praise Story and photo by Wendy Brown

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Michael Porter watches a lot of bowling while on duty as a recreational specialist at the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center, and he knows good bowling when he sees it. So when Porter burst into praise for members of the Wiesbaden Youth Bowling League during their end-of-the-year party, they knew it was sincere. “I brag about you guys a lot,” Porter said during the party April 13 at the facility. “You guys don’t know how good you are.” Walter Cranfield, who coaches the team with Danny Berardi, had thanked Porter with a plaque for his help having the lanes ready for the team throughout the season, and Porter said the team impressed him so much he had to say a few words. “Keep practicing,” he said. “I’m really proud of you guys.” Porter was not the only one the team impressed this year. Elijah Tross, 12, came in first for his age group during the 2012-13 European Zone U.S. Bowling Congress Pepsi

The league includes students ages 5 through seniors in high school to participate. Tross, a sixth-grader at Wiesbaden Middle School, said he started bowling a year ago and has been having fun doing it ever since. So far his highest score has been 204 points during a game in March, Tross said. Tammy Alexander, who helps coach the team, said when her son Zack started bowling last year, he had to have the bumpers up. This year he bowled a 161-point-game without them. “This is the best sportsmanship I’ve ever seen on a team Walter Cranfield, coach of the Wiesbaden Youth Bowling from kids this age,” Alexander League, presents Elijah Tross with an award during the said. “All these kids are great league’s end-of-season party at the Wiesbaden Entertainas far as high fiving each other, ment Center April 13. displaying good sportsmanship Youth Bowling Championships Nathaniel Cranfield was the and saying, ‘Good job.’We’ll be in Vogelweh in February, said champion of the Youth 15 back next year.” Cranfield. bracket; and Danny Berardi The team’s season runs from Then, at the zone competi- placed fourth in the Youth 18 September through April, and tion of the 2012-13 European bracket, Cranfield said. about 25 bowlers show up every Zone U.S. Bowling Congress Nathaniel Cranfield earned a week to bowl, said Michelle Pepsi Youth Bowling Cham- spot in the North Pointe Junior Furukawa, the team’s lead pionships in March, all seven Gold Championships July 13- secretary. of the team’s bowlers who 19 in Detroit, Cranfield said. Anyone who is interested in competed placed in the top 20, Not only that, but the way the joining the league should look Cranfield said. older team members mentored for a sign-up sheet at the bowlAlso, Paige Burkett placed the younger team members was ing counter at the Wiesbaden seventh in the Youth 15 bracket; inspirational, Cranfield said. Entertainment Center, Furu-

kawa said. The sheet collects email addresses throughout the summer, and then an email giving details about sign-up goes out toward the end of the summer. Berardi said he has been coaching bowling for 45 years, and he thinks it is a great sport for children to get involved in. “I love bowling,” he said. “I’ve been doing it all my life.” More colleges than ever are offering scholarships for bowling, and the organization helps them earn scholarships to attend college and compete at the next level, Berardi said. The Wiesbaden Youth Bowling League has represented the United States at the World Sports Festival in Vienna for the last two years, Berardi said. The Back2Basics organization and its director James McKee and assistant director Angel Dore have sponsored and provided support for the team at the event. Sasha Hamilton, 9, said she has bowled with the team for the past three years, and she plans to continue bowling when she moves this year. “I get to have fun and compete with other people,” said Hamilton about why she enjoys the sport.

Passing on the light of language at Wiesbaden High Arantxa Hackett-Tuero lights the candle of Skylar Crews during an induction ceremony for the Delta Epsilon Phi Honor Society for German language studies at Wiesbaden High School April 25. Hackett-Tuero is one of four senior members of the honor society, which the school’s German teacher Frau Roswitha Timbrell introduced at the school. The school inducted 20 students into the society. Photo bottom: Timbrell lights a candle, from which senior members of the society lit candles to light the candles of the society’s new members. Photos by Wendy Brown ............................................................................ May 9, 2013

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USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Miranda rights: A historical perspective v. Arizona based their decision on the fundamental right Many people are familiar against self-incrimination. In with Miranda rights: “You have discussing why this is such a the right to remain silent. Any- fundamental right, it’s useful to thing you say or do may be used think back to when the United against you in a court of law. You States was first founded. In have the right to an attorney. If 1787 the founders adopted the you can’t afford an attorney, one Constitution, which established will be appointed for you before the federal government. But any questioning.” These are all there were some people who things we’ve heard before. But thought that the Constitution where do they come from and gave the government too much power. They were concerned what do they really mean? In 1966 the U.S. Supreme that the Constitution didn’t say Court issued a historic decision anything about protecting the in Miranda v. Arizona. The rights of the people. Hence, the Supreme Court decided that Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the name whenever a person is subject to a “custodial interrogation,” given to the first 10 amendments he or she must be informed of the Constitution. Whether it’s of his or her rights. Members the first amendment right to free of the court didn’t require speech or the second amendany specific wording for these ment right to bear arms, each of rights, so you’ll often hear them these amendments guarantees recited slightly differently. It’s certain fundamental rights to truly a case in which substance the people. The fifth amendment guarantees everyone the trumps form. The judges in Miranda right against self-incrimination. By Capt. Eric R. Tellado Military Justice Attorney

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The fifth amendment says ― in relevant part ― that no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” In practical terms, this basically means that if you commit a crime, you shouldn’t be forced to tell the police what you did. This was an important right because in the 16th and 17th centuries governments would often force people to confess to crimes by tricking or torturing them. Such coercion led to many false confessions and the unfair presumption that someone was guilty simply because he or she

wouldn’t talk. One of the most important things to remember about the Miranda decision is that it only applies to “custodial interrogations” conducted by law enforcement officers. There have been many cases in the past 40 years seeking to define and apply the meaning of the phrase “custodial interrogation.” Essentially a person is in custody when he or she is in a situation where a reasonable person would feel that his or her freedom of movement was deprived. The most common and obvious example is when someone is arrested. In addition to being in custody, the person must also be subject to interrogation. An interrogation is any questioning by law enforcement in which the goal is to get the person to admit to involvement in a crime. Members of the court theorized that under these circumstances a person might feel

forced to talk to police because of an intimidating policedominated environment. Given the environment, one might feel pressured to talk to the police about his or her involvement in a crime. In the Miranda decision, the Supreme Court recognized these pressures and requires that the police remind a person of his or her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination before asking any incriminating questions so that he or she can make an informed decision as to whether to talk, remain silent or seek the advice of an attorney. While it may seem like a minor procedural step, making sure a person’s Miranda rights are properly read before any custodial interrogation goes a long way in ensuring that the government’s interest in investigating and prosecuting crime is balanced against the individual’s right against selfincrimination.

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Community notes ... Community notes Family Readiness Group training

Quarterly Family Readiness Group training will be held June 11-14 in the Army Community Service conference room. Call civ (0611) 408-0254 for times and information.

Congratulations volunteers

Kudos to the April Volunteers of the Month: Melissa Adams, Kareena Carter, Sheri Grimes, Megan McDonald, Rachael Beal, Gina Twyman, Leoann Tansey, Charlene Hormann, Claudia Welch, Master Sgt. Arthur McDowell, Neil Ravensbergen and Meredith Yuskiw-Triola.

Financial classes

Army Community Service hosts the following financial readiness classes in June: Successful Money Management June 5, Conserving Special Pay June 12 and Consumer Rights and Obligations June 26. Classes are from 2-3:30 p.m. in Room 22, Building 7790 in Hainerberg Housing. Call civ (0611) 408-0254 to reserve a spot.

Military Spouse Celebration

A Military Spouse Celebration will be held May 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center. Free child care will be available for spouses of E4s and below. Call Army Community Service at civ (0611) 4080-254 to reserve a space.

Play in the Park

The New Parent Support Program, Educational and Developmental Intervention Services and Women, Infants, Children programs invite parents with toddlers and pre-

Photo by Rabih Youness

Photo courtesy of Dr. Susan Hargis

Students go to work

Hainerberg Elementary School fifth-graders talk about their diorama model of the Jamestown colony which they created after working on persuasive writing and studying colonial America. Photo right: Wiesbaden Middle School students learn about store operations during a visit to the Wiesbaden Commissary as part of “Take Your Child To Work Day” April 25. Students had the opportunity to learn about various professions during the occasion. schoolers for some “Play in the Park” from 11 a.m. to noon May 31 in Hainerberg Housing, June 28 in Newman Village, July 26 in Crestview Housing and Aug. 30 in Aukamm Housing. Activities include bubbles, parachute games, water tables and an obstacle course. Call civ (0611) 408-0330 or 0331 for more information.

during a candlelight ceremony May 21 at 9:30 a.m. at the Clay Chapel. Free child care will be provided. The event will be followed by lunch. Reservations are not necessary. For more information visit “Wiesbaden Protestant Women of the Chapel” on Facebook.

Next CIB is May 28

The Knights of Columbus hold a free pancake breakfast and giveaways May 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Army Community Service Cafeteria in Hainerberg Housing.

Get the latest information and feedback at the Community Information Briefing May 28 at 9:30 a.m. at the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center. Follow it online on the garrison’s Facebook page at “Garrison Wiesbaden.”

Cupcake giveaway

Veterinary hours

Pancake breakfast

Stop by the Hainerberg Food Court or Wiesbaden Commissary May 12 from noon to 2 p.m. to pick up a free cupcake courtesy of the Order of the Eastern Star.

PWOC candlelight ceremony

Join the Protestant Women of the Chapel in welcoming incoming and bidding farewell to outgoing board members

The Veterinary Treatment Facility will be closed May 27 for Memorial Day and will close at noon on May 31 for inventory.

Culture College

New to the Wiesbaden area? Sign up for the next three-day Culture College, June 10-12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn about community resources and agencies, get familiar with the German culture, find out about

Army Community Service programs, experience German shopping, learn how to use public transportation and more. Call mil 335-5254 for details.

BOSS happenings

Wiesbaden’s Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers hold Movie Nights every Monday at 6 p.m. and a Black Ops 2 Xbox Tournament May 10 at the Warrior Zone on Clay Kaserne. BOSS features a trip to Berlin May 25-26. Call mil 337-5042 or stop by the Warrior Zone.

Special CDC openings

The Child Development Center in Building 1502 on Clay Kaserne has special openings May 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and May 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservation deadline is four days in advance. Call Parent Central Services at civ (0611) 705-7928 for details.

Blood Drive May 16

The Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club and American Red Cross invite all eligible community members to give the gift of life during a blood drive

May 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Tony Bass Fitness Center on Wiesbaden’s Clay Kaserne. Sign up in advance at (click on “donate blood,” and then “Landstuhl” to make an appointment).

‘American Girl’ social

An “American Girl” social for girls ages 6 and older will be held every third Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Wiesbaden Library on Clay Kaserne (next one is May 18). Girls should bring their American Girl dolls with to the social. Activities will include the reading of an American Girl book, artwork, discussion of etiquette, tea and cookies. Make reservations (as space is limited) by calling the library at civ (0611) 705-1740 or Joyce Schloesser at civ (06128) 489 202.

Training support

Head to the Wiesbaden Training Support Center in Building 1032 and 1638 on Clay Kaserne. Call mil 337-5370 or visit for more information.

Stop by and relax

Starting Easter throughout the end of October our “Gutsrestaurant” and the “Vinothek” invite you to stop by and relax with fine wines and delicious small dishes.


Open: Thu – Tue noon - 10 p.m. • Wed closed

fine wines and delicious dishes …

Culinary wine tastings, Wine & Dine events, concerts or readings – there is always something going on at Schloss Vollrads. Check out our website and our event calendar to find out more! ............................................................................ May 9, 2013

Vollradser Allee 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Tel. (0049) 6723 66-0

Herald Union

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Schools page — Partners in education School bits Big Bad Wolf on trial

Capts. Stephen Hermann and Eric Tellado, attorneys with the Wiesbaden Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, conducted a mock trial with Wiesbaden Middle School students April 24 in observance of Law Day. During the trial participants deliberated whether the Big Bad Wolf should be found guilty of breaking and entering into Little Red Riding Hood’s cottage. The Army lawyers discussed the fifth and sixth amendments, criminal procedure, the right to a jury trial and jobs in the legal profession. Law Day is an annual event aimed at educating the public about the importance of laws in society.

Memorial Day, last day of school

There will be no school for teachers or students on May 27 in observance of the annual Memorial Day holiday. The last day of school for students will be June 13.

School registration

An outreach registration event for Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe in Wiesbaden will be held in Heidelberg’s Patrick Henry Elementary School May 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and May 16 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Wiesbadenbound families.

OU enrolling for summer semester

The University of Oklahoma is now enrolling students for the summer semester. Sign up today to start or continue Masters of Human Relations or International Relations degrees. The Research in Human Relations course, HR 5023-223, will be offered June 4-9. Courses are taught face-to-face or online by internationally recognized OU faculty. Each three-hour credit course is taught in a weeklong format, Tuesday to Sunday. Call mil 337-5937 or civ (0611) 705-5937 or email apwiesbaden@ for more information.

Tuition assistance restored

The Army has restored tuition assistance for Soldiers for 2013. Soldiers can request tuition assistance for the remainder of the year. Eligibility and annual caps for assistance remain unchanged. For more information and to restart TA visit the GoArmyEd website at goarmyed. com. (USAREUR Release)

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Students get creative for Leonardo Project will also participate in the May 17 Leonardo Project exhibition at the Wiesbaden Luisen Forum (mall). Wiesbaden High School is Finally, in the Science and among one of the several schools Technology category is a robot across the city competing in the created by the RoboWarriors fifth annual Leonardo Project. club. Frank Pendzich, engineering The idea of the project is to and technology teacher, spent his inspire young adults from grades extra hours, Saturdays included, seven to 12 to create something working together with his stuspecial ― something they thought they could never create. dents in the RoboWarriors Club This is the first time an Amerito produce a robot. “Frau Pow,” can high school has been invited the 130-pound robot, is capable of to take part. Photo by Lauren Barry throwing disks at selected targets. Peter Witmer, U.S. Army Senior Roscoe Johnson (right) and junior Jonah A camera built on the machine Garrison Wiesbaden school Mitchell work on their Leonardo Project at Wies- detects the reflective tape around liaison officer, was approached the target to help its accuracy. baden High School. by members of the Leonardo The entire robot was built from Project leadership in Wiesbaden students from Joe Smith’s video producscratch. to see if there was interest by local U.S. tion class and Christopher Harbach’s "German schools don't do those acDepartment of Defense Dependents drama class to create a series of anti- tivities, so it's a thrill to show off what Schools. “The immediate response bullying PSAs for the media category. we do in our American school system," from the school was great, and five "I saw it as an opportunity to help said Pendzich. Wiesbaden High School teams came with the community, and I am also an adThe top three schools from each of together to submit entries,” said Wit- vocate against bullying," said Johnson. the eight categories will be recognized mer. One idea, the concept for a media Other Wiesbaden High School enJune 30 at the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. project submission, was presented by tries in the Leonardo Project include the Witmer following training received by “Legends of the Rhine" in the theater Winners will receive a Leonardo or the USAG Wiesbaden Anti-Bully Task category, “Stereobusters” in the social “Oscars-type” figure plus monetary Group. Wiesbaden High School Prin- category led by Roswitha Timbrell’s awards for the top schools. For more information about the cipal Sharon O’Donnell and students German language class exploring differLeonardo Project visit www.leonimmediately liked the idea, and students ent stereotypes held by Germans about (Lauren Barry, a Wiesgot to work making a series of anti- Americans and held by Americans about baden High School senior, is a student bullying public service announcements. Germans. In the Music category, VoliSenior Roscoe Johnson and junior tion, a two-person band featuring stu- intern with the garrison's Public AfJonah Mitchell worked together with dents Natalia Lynch and Shin Cousens fairs Office.) By Lauren Barry

Special to the Herald Union

Hands-on activities a hit at STEM night to have fun tonight.” Teachers and community members led the activities for Students and parents had the children. an evening full of fun learnRamsey said she was exing at Hainerberg Elementary cited to have special guests School’s Science, Technology, from around the community. Engineering and Mathematics Dr. Kevin Parker from the Night on April 25. Wiesbaden Dental Clinic preStudents were able to do sented a demonstration on hands-on activities that foyo-yo physics. Dr. Jutta Hübcused on STEM subjects. ner from the European Space “The purpose is to increase Operations Center delivered a students’ interests in STEM presentation called Space Up. subjects. We hope as they move From DoDDS-Europe was Dr. up they will choose classes in Photo by Jill Jolly those areas to take,” said Susan Students make paper airplanes for a presentation Russ Claus, who presented information about the various Ramsey, event coordinator. called The Great Paper Airplane Race. states of matter. Sgt. 1st Class Students were able to choose from about 30 activities including chess, flubber, a Matthew Foldenauer from the 66th Military Intelligence water band, a robot demonstration, math games, a star lab, Brigade led Electronics Galore. Frank Pendzich from the anatomy and more. Students’ science fair projects were also Wiesbaden High School presented a robotics demonstration. “Our goal tonight was to help students and parents engage on display throughout the school. “I had a science experiment and I wanted to try the fun in hands-on interactive activities that support the Department activities,” said Hainerberg Elementary School student Bella of Defense Education Activity mission initiative of STEM,” said Principal Penelope Miller-Smith. (Jill Jolly, a mass Showalter. Brayden Belton, also a student, said he wanted to go to communications college student, is a volunteer with the the event because, “Tonight is STEM night and we wanted garrison’s Public Affairs Office) By Jill Jolly

Special to the Herald Union

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

For your health

Childproofing necessary for home safety By Chrystal Smith

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Among the seemingly harmless things around the home from which you’re not protecting your child there is likely something that can hurt them. While the home is generally regarded as a safe haven, multiple dangers that are a part of the everyday routine and floor plan exist for toddlers who are just beginning to explore their world. “Imagine life through the eyes of your baby” is the advice Deborah Lohnes, New Parent Support Program registered nurse, gives to parents when she visits homes in the community to help parents create environments that are safe for developing infants and toddlers who tend to use their mouths to analyze and examine small discoveries. “Anything that can pass through a toilet paper roll should not be within a child’s reach.” Reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, American Association of Poison Control Centers and Safe Kids USA translate daily practices such as the morning cup of coffee, taking daily vitamins, watching television, smoking, shaving and cooking to hazards such as burning, poisoning and tipping when considered from the perspective of little ones. “We’re not trying to be melodramatic about this. … But it happens enough that we have to get your attention on it,” said Michael Robinson, Family Advocacy and Social Work Services supervisory social worker. There have been near fatal situations, cases of ingesting chemicals, burns and falls reported in the community. “There are a lot of close calls,” Robinson said.

A c cording to Consumer Product Safety Commission reports about 90,000 children are treated in e m e rg e n cy rooms yearly for unintentional poisoning, and about 40 die. U.S. poison control centers logged more than 3.5 million calls for poison exposure in 2011, and nearly half of that tally were calls for children under 6 years old. Though adding socket covers, locks or buying things with sophisticated capping systems are the general approaches to childproofing, local experts stress that the task of proofing one’s home does not end there. The term childproofing, “gives a false sense of security,” said Dr. Michelle Melicosta, Wiesbaden Health Clinic pediatrician. In 15 years, she said she has seen a number of emergency cases where children were injured or died from incidents in the home. She shared an account where one child died from ingesting a cigarette, and because it happened during a brief moment when the child was unsupervised the medical responders couldn’t figure out what happened to render appropriate care. “Kids will find amazing ways to get into things. They need to be in eyeshot,” she said. The act of childproofing “doesn’t negate the need for supervision,” said

Lohnes, adding that her checklist for helping parents ready the home for toddlers includes pointing out the hazards of such things as exposed edges, loose or hanging cords, power outlets and chargers, razor blades, cleaning products, hot surfaces, and stairs, for example. “Things can happen really quickly, and the average person doesn’t spend time thinking about such things,” said Robinson. Robinson has responded to a number of suspected neglect cases that grew out of an accumulation of negligent habits. Children falling from windows and furniture tipping over on them were two major matters on which he hoped to get parent’s attention. He spoke of his own daughter when she was a toddler and how she would use the dresser as a staircase. “My youngest was very clever about figuring these things out,” he said, adding that he saw the danger of how such a piece of furniture could have fallen over on her or she could have used the dresser as a bridge to reach the window. Robinson said that safeguarding the home is not merely an action parents must accomplish to avert a visit from Social Services. It is about preserving the health and well-being of one’s child.

“We’re the least of their problems,” he said, adding that the cost of simply placing hazards out of the reach of children is far less costly that those associated with injuries and fatalities. “One moment of omission could change your child’s life forever.” A certain school of thought on childproofing encourages that everything be locked up or hidden away, but such an approach can limit a child’s development. Local experts recommend reconfiguring the home’s layout to make it safe for exploration. “It’s not about making boundaries,” Lohnes said, but instead parents should swap the hazardous things for more “baby friendly” items so the child can still explore. A number of resources are available locally and on the Internet to families to ensure homes are made safe for youngsters just beginning to discover. On the web, the Safe Kids USA website at has a number of resources for educating one on how to maintain the safety of children. Parents can also access local resources such as New Parent Support Program, Social Work Services, and Women, Infants and Children services for more information. New Parent Support is located in Hainerberg Housing at Texasstrasse 57. Call mil 335-5330/5331 or civ (0611) 4080-330/331. Social Work Services is located at Clay Kaserne Building 1526. Call mil 337-5297 or civ (0611) 705-5297. The WIC Overseas Office is located in Crestview Housing Building 7005. Stop by or call (0611) 505-5348.

Thumbs up for camping

Cub Scout Pack 65 Cubmaster Charlie Slosson leads a group of Cub Scouts in an interactive version of “Singing in the Rain” at the Rheinblick Recreation Complex April 20. The Scouts enjoy the song because they sing the song in conjunction with actions, such as sticking their tongues out, putting their heads back and turning in circles. The pack also conducted safety training with Wiesbaden military police officers, including seat belt safety, child safety and vehicle safety. Photo by Olaf Frasunkiewicz ............................................................................ May 9, 2013

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Exploring Irish roots ad

2013 is the year of ‘The Gathering’ in Ireland, wh By Wendy Brown

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office


never had an interest in researching my ancestry until I found out what my great, great grandfather did for a living. He was a stonemason, which is not particularly exciting until you consider that five generations later, so is my brother. My brother fell into the profession first by helping a stonemason in our hometown in New Hampshire, and then by picking up jobs of his own. As far as I know, no one in the family has worked in the profession since my great, great grandfather. The discovery made me wonder how many of my own characteristics I might owe to my ancestors. So when I found out the old address of my great, great grandfather in Cobh, Ireland, I knew I had to visit. That someday became April 7-12, when my sons were on spring break. I’ll get to the specifics of our trip below, but before I do, let me mention that this year is the year of The Gathering in Ireland. A marketing genius realized there are more than 70 million people out there with Irish roots, and so the country is inviting everyone back home for a visit. Normally I might scoff at such a plea for tourism dollars, but in this case I can only recommend you see and go for a visit. Ireland is a must-see country to visit even if you have no Irish ancestors. The people are friendly, the views are stunning, the food is good and there is wonderful music everywhere. I do think, however, it adds to the experience when you’re going back to see where your ancestors used to live. In tracing my Irish roots, I was lucky. A second cousin twice removed (his grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers) did all the research for me. All I did was enter a name or two on and up came his research. If you’re not so lucky, The Gathering website has informa-

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Photos by Wendy Brown

Nate Brown, 8, runs down a trail next to Muckross House in Killarney National Park in Ireland April 11. Photo top right: St. Colman’s Cathedral stands at the top of a hill that overlooks Cobh Harbour. Photo bottom far right: A testament to the longstanding ties of friendship between the United States and Ireland is on display at the Cobh Museum. Photo bottom right: A statue of Annie Moore and her two brothers, Phillip and Anthony, stands next to the Cobh Heritage Centre. Moore, 15 years old, was the first immigrant to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York in 1892. Photo right: Blarney Castle, home of the Blarney Stone. tion on how to trace your roots, and what is going on when and where throughout the country this year. There are also other sites out there, such as ancestry. com, and, to name a few. As for our trip, we booked tickets to the Kerry Airport through Ryan Air, and it cost €296.66 for the three of us (including €55.47 in travel insurance). My husband did not come with us because he was deployed. To get to Cobh, which is beside the ocean south of Cork, I decided to drive. Not everyone would want to make

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the same decision. People in Ireland drive on the left side of the road, and the cars there have a steering wheel on the right side of the car. Not only that, but most cars have a manual transmission, which means you’re shifting with your left hand. The only cars available with an automatic transmission at Hertz were larger cars, and given the narrowness of most of the roads, I was glad to have a smaller car. We managed alright, but it took all my concentration to make sure we were safe. I did not dare turn on the radio in case

it would distract me. On the upside, I found Irish drivers to be mellow (even around Cork, the country’s second largest city) and the roads outside the city easy to navigate without a GPS. There are trains throughout the country though, and some people might find that mode of travel easier. Our first excursion after parking and checking into our hotel was to find my great, great grandfather’s former address. It turned out to be no problem. It was a three minute walk from our hotel, and the first building off (Patrick) Pearse Square, only

five doors down from the Rob Roy Bar. A plaque on the wall outside the bar says the Easter Rising hero James Connolly visited twice (once to escape an angry mob, and twice to say thanks for the help). Pearse, of

May 9, 2013 .....................................................................

dds to travel experience

hich offers opportunities for discoveries and fun

course, was one of the main organizers of the 1916 Easter Rising, which later became instrumental in helping Ireland gaining its independence. Cobh has other ties to the Easter Rising as well. The

entrance to the harbor is where the German Capt. Karl Spindler sank the gunrunning ship The Aud after British forces intercepted it and were escorting it to the city. The ship was carrying a large number of rifles and rounds of ammunition for the rebellion. Archeologists recovered the ship’s anchors last year and plan to put one on display in Cobh for the Rising’s centennial. Another square, Roger Casement Square, is named after the man who organized the gun run and, in addition to Pearse and Connolly, was executed by the British for his role in the rebellion. The next day, we set about exploring the town. Cobh is also known for its connections to other sunken ships. It was the last port of call for both the

Titanic and the Lusitania, and the Titanic Experience Cobh and the Cobh Heritage Centre document the tragedies. The heritage center explores the experience of the large number of emigrants who left Ireland by way of ships docked in Cobh. My great, great grandfather had packed up with his wife and two children and boarded one of those ships in 1889. There is also the Cobh Museum, which is housed in the former Scots Church. While the other two museums are big on multimedia presentations, this museum is much smaller and contains older artifacts. Members of my family believe my great, great grandfather lived in Cobh because he was working on St. Colman’s

Cathedral as a stonemason. I tried to confirm it by looking at construction records, but the only book available was from 1879. There were listings with my great, great grandfather’s name, but he had a common name, and he would have only been 12 at the time. Some workers were listed as “boy,” which means the contractors did employ children, but there was no listing like that next to what might have been my great, great grandfather’s name. Maybe 12 was too old to be considered a boy? We might never know. While I was at the church I got a copy of my great grandfather’s baptism certificate, as well as his sister’s. The church personnel were friendly and it only took a moment to look up May 9, 2013

the information. Right up the road, we visited the Fota Wildlife Park, which had giraffes, kangaroos and an assortment of other animals. In addition, we took a drive up to Blarney Castle, where my elder son and I kissed the Blarney Stone. My youngest wasn’t interested. On another day we visited Cork and the Cork City Gaol, which once held the Countess Constance Markievicz, who was an officer in the Easter Rising, and many other Irish Republicans. Since I wanted to be near the airport our last night in Ireland, on our way back we explored the Killarney National Park and drove part of the Ring of Kerry. The scenery was beautiful. While I did not come to any major epiphanies about myself or my family during the trip, I do think I gained a partial understanding of why my great, great grandfather decided to leave. I believe watching all the ships in the harbor and talking to emigrants must have spurred him ― at least partially ― to board a ship himself. Given how busy we were on our trip, and how many places we did not get a chance to see, I have come to the conclusion that you could visit any part of Ireland and have a great time. I found the same to be true when we visited the Dublin area for two weeks a few years ago. After our return I found a brochure in my bag that listed all The Gathering recommendations for the Cobh area. There are 15 listings in the brochure, and they do not include Blarney Castle or anything in Cork. The Gathering website also has interactive maps that allow people to view events by county. I look at it this way: A sign at the Blarney Castle explained the difference between blarney and baloney. Blarney is the varnished truth ― it is truth dressed up to look a bit better ― while baloney simply is not the truth. Ireland might be participating in some marketing blarney with The Gathering campaign, but it is not baloney.

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Sports and leisure By Donald Seltzer Volksmarch Editor

Take a hike:

Volksmarching notes

v Things are progressing for the Wiesbaden International Wandering Club as it begins to settle in to its new home. A meeting will take place Monday, May 20, at 7 p.m. at the Brauhaus Castell (Otto-Suhr-Ring 27, 55252 MZ-Kastel — not far from the KFC) to discuss plans for volksmarching activities. Get more information by sending a message to wiwc-info@ v A reader inquired about carpooling to area events with fellow Wiesbaden volksmarchers. If interested, send your contact information to where it will be passed along. v Got a comment? Found something you’d like to correct? Want to change “unknown” to a useful trail description? Write me at volksmarch@gmail. com with the subject “Feedback.” v Interested in volksmarching but not sure how things work? Send an email message to volksmarch@ with the subject “Getting Started.” v Many thanks to readers Pat and Cheryl Patterson, Michael Harrigan and an unknown contributor. v Readers are asked to pick up extra event brochures and to mail them via MPS to Donald Seltzer, CMR 467 Box 5533, APO AE 09096. v The postal code is included in the listings for readers using navigation devices. Autobahn exit numbers are being added for those without such devices. v Would you like to receive Take a Hike at the same time as the newspaper editor? The complete, unedited version of the monthly volksmarching feature is available in its original Word document format by sending an email message to volksmarch@gmail. com with “subscribe” in the subject line. v Look for additional event choices at www.

Weekend of May 11-12


riegsfeld (67819) ― This event is south of Bad Kreuznach. From Wiesbaden, use Autobahn 63 toward Alzey and Kaiserslautern, exit at ErbesBüdesheim (9) and follow a secondary road through Wendelsheim and Mörsfeld to reach the start.

Start: Turn- und Festhalle at Hinter Kirch 10 Saturday: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (5 and 10 km) and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (20

Outdoor Rec trips

Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation heads to Euro Disney June 1-2, Holiday Park June 8, Krakow June 13-17, Nove and Venice June 13-17, Munich June 14-16, a Swiss Jazz Fest June 21-23, Prague June 22-23 and a Croatia Salsa Fest June

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km) Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 km), 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (10 km) and 7 a.m. to noon (20 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, fields and woods Award: From previous events.


t. Wendel (66606) ― This walk, due west of Ramstein, is easily reached by wanderers from Kaiserslautern. Use Autobahns 6 and 62 in the direction of Saarbrücken and Trier, then exit at Kusel (7) to pick up B-420 toward Ottweiler, then connect with B-41 to St. Wendel.

Start: Sportheim SF Winterbach on Seiters Strasse Saturday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 and 10 km) Sunday: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (5 and 10 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, woods and fields Award: None.


illmar (65606) ― This event is due east of Limburg in the scenic Naturpark Hochtaunus. Use Autobahn 3 toward Köln and exit at Limburg-Süd (43). Follow B-8 in the direction of Lindenholzhausen to Niederbrechen where a secondary road will lead to the town of Villmar.

Start: Johann-Christian-Senckenberg-Schule on Ferdinand-Dirichs-Strasse Saturday and Sunday: 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (5, 10 and 20 km) Trails: Hilly, woods Award: From previous events.

Weekend of May 18-20


eunkirchen-lès-Bouzonville, France (57320) ― This just-across-the-French-border volksmarch is northwest of Saarlouis. From the KMC, use Autobahns 6 and 8 past Saarbrücken and Saarlouis. Exit at Rehlingen to use minor roads to cross into France. Drive through Siersburg and toward Bouzonville until can connect with a minor road leading to Neunkirchen-les-Bouzonville and the start of the event.

Start: Salle des Fetes du Foyer Sunday: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (10 and 20 km) Trail: Unknown Award: None.


örsdorf/Taunus (65510) ― This event is north of Wiesbaden on the edge of the Naturpark Hochtaunus. Wooded trails offer walkers scenic views after a long, uphill start. Take Autobahn 3 toward Limburg, exiting at Idstein to follow B-275 and a minor road will lead to the start at Wörsdorf. From Wiesbaden and Mainz use B-417 and B-275 north toward Limburg and Idstein to reach Wörsdorf.

May 25-26 weekend


Start: Gemeindehalle Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 and 10 km) and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (20 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, fields and woods Award: Garden snail figurine with solar light.

Weekend of June 1-2


eichweiler (66871) ― This walk is down the road from the Baumholder community. From Baumholder use the road to Freisen, pick up a secondary road through Eckersweiler to Reichweiler. From Neubrücke take Autobahn 62 toward Landstuhl and exit at Reichweiler.

Start: Dorfgemeinschaftshaus at Schulstrasse 7 Saturday and Sunday: 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 and 10 km) and 6 a.m. to noon (20 km) Trails: Hilly, wooded areas and fields Award: From previous events.

Weekend of June 8-9


llendorf (56370) ― Expect a pretty walk in the Naturpark Rhein-Taunus northwest of Wiesbaden. Use Autobahn 3 toward Limburg, exit at Bad Camberg (44) and follow a secondary road to Beuerbach, Ketternschwalbach and Panrod. Change roads to head toward Burgschwalbach and Zollhaus and connect with B-274 to reach the start.

Start: Dorfgemeinschaftshaus at Hauptstrasse 67 Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 and 10 km) and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (20 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, fields and woods Award: From previous events.

Weekend of June 8-9


eibersbach (55444) ― This event is west of Bingen and adjacent to the scenic Hunsrück region. From Wiesbaden, use Autobahns 643 and 60 toward Bingen, and 61 toward Koblenz. Exit at Stromberg (46) to follow a minor road 4-5 miles in the direction of Rheinböllen, then pick up the road to Seibersbach.

Start: Gemeindehalle at Jahnstrasse 4 Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (6, 11 and 21 km)

27 to July 1, and Strasbourg June 29. Call Outdoor Rec at civ (0611) 705-5760 for details.

Medieval Festival

The annual Katzenelnbogener Knights Festival will be held June 8-9 (opening both days at 10 a.m.). The event will be held in Katzenelnbogen which is northwest of Wiesbaden near Limburg. The festival will feature jousting, a medieval camp, merchants, musicians, crafts people and more. For more information

Start: Dorfgemeinschaftshaus on Soonwaldstrasse Saturday and Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5 and 10 km) and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (20 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, fields and woods Award: From previous events.

Herald Union


in the Bruchwaldhalle. For more information about the fair, contact Wolfgang Diehl at

‘Fiddler on the Roof’ auditions

Idstein Jazz Festival

The Taunus town of Idstein features its annual jazz festival June 21-23. Featured performers include the Dirty Boogie Orchestra, Milt Jackson Project, Donovan Aston, JayJayBeCe and the Syncopators. Tickets are €9 per day or €14 for all three days if purchased in advance (€2 more at the event). Visit www.idstein-jazzfestival. de for more information.

Trail: Very hilly, woods Award: From previous events.

berwiesen (67294) ― If you liked the recent event at Kriegsfeld then you’ll enjoy this walk that’s just three kilometers down the road. Use Autobahn 63 toward Alzey and Kaiserslautern, then exit at Erbes-Büdesheim (9). Follow a secondary road through Erbes-Büdesheim and Offenheim to reach the start.

Things to do ... Things to do

Free USO concert

Head to the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center May 21 at 7 p.m. to catch Good Luck Penny and the Willy Pete Band, courtesy of the USO and Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

A guide to volksmarching in the Kaiserslautern/Wiesbaden area

Mineral Fair

The town of Freisen, located about five miles from Baumholder, holds a traditional Mineral Fair May 11 and 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Various exhibitors and sellers from around Europe will be on hand

The Theatre Unlimited holds auditions for the classical musical “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Frankfurt International School June 1 from 10 a.m. to noon for children ages 9-12 and from 12:30-2:30 p.m. for children ages 13-17. Performances will be in February 2014. Visit for details.

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................

Sports and leisure

Boxing Championships Team Wiesbaden primes for upcoming U.S. Forces Europe bouts with Bamberg gold By Karl Weisel

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Fishing course

Wiesbaden’s Outdoor Recreation hosts a German fishing course May 18-19, 25 and 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Learn everything you need to fish while in Germany. Cost is $60 per person or $90 per family. Call civ (0611) 7055760 for more information.

“There are so many great fighters in Europe,” he added, explaining that coaches and boxing officials will be on the lookout to identify the best of the best for Army-level competition. “That is what our hope is — to identify which Soldiers will be chosen for the all-Army team.” Command support and Soldier involvement has been key to the rise of interest in the sport in U.S. Forces Europe, Martinez said. “Obviously this couldn’t be done without the boxers competing, but command sergeants major and commanders have also been very supportive. … This is, indeed, a community effort.”

Wiesbaden boxers tuned up for the upcoming U.S. Forces Europe Boxing Championships by nearly sweeping all comers and claiming the team trophy in Bamberg April 27. “We did a good job as Team Wiesbaden,” said Coach (Sgt. 1st Class) Adam Martinez, explaining that with seven Wiesbaden fighters ready to rumble in Bamberg, four won their bouts and one went uncontested. (Editor’s note: two Wiesbaden fighters faced each other in a 125-pound matchup.) “With it being Bamberg’s last competition, it was a re- All-Army contenders ally good reception. There was He also has high hopes that outstanding participation from several Wiesbaden boxers will all of the garrisons,” said Marti- make all-Army contention. nez. “There were Soldiers from “Pfc. Nathaniel Barnd is everywhere — a lot of Soldiers obviously a good prospect,” said who recently returned from the Martinez, pointing to his mulall-Army boxing trials. tiple victories this season. Other “We’ve really set a high Wiesbaden contenders for higher standard,” said Martinez, look- level competition, according to ing forward to the U.S. Forces the coach, are Sgt. Lisa Manela Europe Championships to be and Cpl. Alicia Demillo. held in Wiesbaden May 10-11. Martinez said he expected

Sports shorts

Community-level volleyball

Photo by Karl Weisel

Nathaniel Barnd celebrates a victory earlier this year. He is one of several Wiesbaden boxers expected to do well at the U.S. Forces Europe Boxing Championships this weekend at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center. as many as 3,000 spectators for the championship finals on May 11. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the first bout is at 7 p.m. “I think it’s going to be a really good turnout. We know the word has spread all over Europe,” Martinez said. “If you

want to see some good boxing matches — bring out the family, enjoy some good food and see the best Soldiers boxing in Europe go at it.” For more information call the Wiesbaden Fitness Center at civ (0611) 705-5541.

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden hosts the 2013 Installation Management Command-Europe Invitational Community-Level Volleyball Championships May 17-19 at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center. Cost is $250 per team. For more information and to register call civ (0611) 705-5541 or mil 337-5541.

Interested in hiking?

Come to the Brauhaus Castel May 20 at 7 p.m. to find out about volksmarching in Wiesbaden. Future activities will include registering at local IVV-sponsored walks, bus trips all over Europe, hosting an annual volksmarch and more. The Brauhaus Castel is located at Otto-Suhr Ring 27, 55252 Mainz-Kastel. Send an email to wiwc-info@googlegroups. com for more information.

Charity Golf Tourney

Photos by Steve Kulmala

Wiesbaden Warrior soccer action

Wiesbaden High School soccer teams have been hard at work all over Europe in preparation for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe Soccer Championships in Ramstein and Kaiserslautern May 20-23. During the weekend of April 26-27 the Wiesbaden girls (above left) defeated Lakenheath 3-0 and Kaiserslautern 4-0. The Warrior boys beat Kaiserslautern 1-0 and lost to Lakenheath 6-8. The DoDDS-Europe Track and Field Championships are slated to be held at the Kaiserslautern Stadium May 24-25. The DoDDS European Baseball and Softball Championships are likewise scheduled to be held in Ramstein and Kaiserslautern May 24-26. ............................................................................ May 9, 2013

The annual Kaiserslautern American German Business Club Charity Golf Tournament will be held June 7 at the Championship Course of the Ramstein Air Base. Proceeds help fund the club’s scholarship for German and American students pursuing business-related courses at the university level. The event will be a scramble format with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. Admission includes greens fees, use of an electric cart, driving range use and a steak dinner. Deadline to register is May 31 by sending an email to Tom Shaver at rhinotom.shaver06@gmail. com.

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Bulletin board Movie plots Silver Linings Playbook (R) — Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) has lost everything — his house, his job and his wife. He now finds himself living back with his mother (Jacki Weaver) and father (Robert DeNiro) after spending eight months in a state institution on a plea bargain. Pat is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances of their separation. When Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious girl with problems of her own, things get complicated. Evil Dead (R) — In the remake of the 1981 culthit horror film, five 20-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a “Book of the Dead,” they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival. Iron Man 3 (PG-13) — In this movie, Tony Stark/Iron Man is pitted against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? Stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Oz The Great And Powerful (PG) — When small-time magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) pulls one flimflam too many, he finds himself hurled into the fantastical Land of Oz where he must somehow transform himself into the great and powerful wizard — and just maybe into a better man as well. Also stars Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff and Mila Kunis. Snitch (PG-13) — Dwayne Johnson stars as a father whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. attorney to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission — risking everything, including his family and his own life. Also stars Barry Pepper and Susan Sarandon. Jurassic Park 3D — Director Steven Spielberg brings a fully-restored, 3D version of his 1993 classic about a theme park that features living dinosaurs. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples (PG-13) — Sparks fly when Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) crashes the preppy Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's (Kerry Washington) hand in marriage. Wade might be a fish-out-of-water among this seemingly perfect East Coast clan, but he’s not about to let himself flounder.

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Herald Union

Michelle Williams plays Glinda the Good Witch in “Oz The Great And Powerful,” showing this week at the Taunus Theater.

At the movies May 9-23 Wiesbaden, Taunus Theater

May 9 ― Evil Dead (R) 7 p.m. May 10 ― Iron Man 3 (PG-13) 4, 7 and 10 p.m. May 11 ― Iron Man 3 (PG-13) 4 and 7 p.m. May 12 ― Oz The Great And Powerful (PG13) 4 and 7 p.m. May 13 ― Snitch (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 14 ― Silver Linings Playbook (R) 7 p.m. May 15 ― Iron Man 3 (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 16 ― Side Effects (R) 7 p.m.

May 17 ― Jurassic Park 3D (PG-13) 6 and 9:30 p.m. May 18 ― Jurassic Park 3D (PG-13) 6 and 9:30 p.m. May 19 ― Jurassic Park 3D (PG-13) 6 p.m., Tyler Perry Presents Peeples (PG-13) 7:30 p.m. May 21 ― Tyler Perry Presents Peeples (PG13) 7 p.m. May 22 ― Jurassic Park 3D (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 23 ― Tyler Perry Presents Peeples (PG13) 7 p.m.

In “Iron Man 3,” Tony Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? Photo right: Dwayne Johnson plays a father determined to help his wrongly accused son in “Snitch.”

May 9, 2013 ..........................................................................


Several German citieS join liSt of restricted emissions zones By Staff Sgt. Joel Salgado USAREUR Public Affairs Office HEIDELBERG, Germany ― The Heidelberg and Wiesbaden areas, home to many U.S. forces personnel and their families, have joined the list of German cities to establish and enforce low-emissions zones. Vehicles that do not display a green emissions sticker certifying that they meet exhaust emission standards are prohibited from entering the zones. Drivers caught entering a low-emission zone with a vehicle that does not meet the standards will be fined €40 and assessed one point on their driver’s licenses. The restrictions for these areas, known as Umweltzonen, apply to all drivers operating in Germany. There are 38 zones across Germany. The zones take in major cities, popular tourist destinations and other areas, so travelers are advised to check to see if any of the zones are on their itinerary. “There are no exceptions for U.S. personnel stationed here in Germany regardless of the Status of Forces agreement,” said Tom Lorenzini, registrar at the U.S. Army Europe Registry of Motor Vehicles. The emissions stickers are obtained when a vehicle is registered in Germany, and come in three colors: red, yellow and green. Like a traffic signal, green signifies

that the vehicle meets emissions standards and is good to go in any zone, while yellow and red indicate the vehicle is more polluting and is prohibited from entering the Umweltzone. The Heidelberg and Mannheim areas came under the new regulations January 1, and the Wiesbaden and Mainz areas on February 1. The Wiesbaden garrison’s Hainerberg, Aukamm and Crestview housing areas all fall within the new zone. “People who need to travel in the affected area and have a (vehicle) that does not qualify for an emissions decal will have to buy a conforming vehicle or convert their vehicle to meet the emission standards, or use public transportation,” said Lorenzini. In January 2008 Berlin, Hannover and Cologne became the first to establish the zones, which are designed to reduce the amount of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide in the air. Stuttgart and Mannheim followed suit a two months later, and additional cities have created zones since. For detailed maps of current restriction zones visit.” For questions about vehicle regulation and emission standard visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles website” http://www.hqusareur. or call the RMV at DSN 496-4640 or 06302-67-4640.

Keep your smile – wear a mouthGuard By Airman 1st Class Alexander Turner 86th Dental Squadron dental assistant The first rule when it comes to the sports is safety. An athlete is 60 percent

more likely to receive an injury by not wearing the appropriate safety gear. Dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports and most are preventable.

The American Dental Association estimates that 2 million teeth are knocked out every year while mouthguards help prevent more than 200,000 injuries annually. A mouthguard is a soft, plastic, oral appliance that when worn protects the teeth, mouth, cheeks, tongue and jaw during sporting activities. It should be worn when participating in football, wrestling and basketball and also for sports like skateboarding and martial arts – any sport in which there could be a potential injury to the mouth. Mouthguards are recommended for both male and female athletes as well as children. For athletes under orthodontic care, it’s extremely important to wear a mouthguard to prevent cuts in the soft tissues. There are several types of mouthguards that are available for use. Thermoplastic (“boil and bite”) mouthguards are made of a material that can be softened in hot water and form fitted to the teeth at home. These mouthguards are inexpensive

and effective but can be bulky and sometimes fit loosely. The best option for most serious athletes is a custom-fitted mouthguard made by a dentist. This involves taking dental impressions and the laboratory fabrication of the mouthguard on stone models of the athlete’s teeth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are the best all-around option for comfort, fit and protection. caring for your mouthguard Clean your mouthguard with cool, soapy water and store it in a wellventilated container allowing it to dry. Keep your mouthguard away from heat. Heat may cause it to distort and adversely affect the fit. If you play sports, a mouthguard may be an important safety consideration to maintain a healthy smile. Ask your dentist at your next visit about mouthguards and what options are the best for you. For more information, call the 86th Dental Squadron at 479-2210. .................................................................................. May 9, 2013 Herald Union Page 21


This is the solution to the crossword puzzle from April 25! Courtesy of

ACROSS 1. Siestas 5. Good farm soil 9. Air 13. Came down 14. Non-literal expression 16. Advance amount 17. Pony Express terminus 19. Mirthful sound 20. Home of St Francis 21. Bullfighter 23. Head 25. Handles 26. Rather inclined 29. Ancient Roman coins 31. Ages and ages 32. Bleat 33. Rodeo equipment 36. Floor covering 37. Go back and forth 39. Nigerian native 40. Former Palestinian leader 42. Jazzman Kid 43. Designer Chanel 44. Medicinal root 46. Celebrated Surrealist 47. Fame

48. Son of Isaac 50. Tower above 52. Thin pancakes 56. Bakery fixture 57. Pseudonym 59. Mao’s successor 60. Jordan’s capital 61. Barbershop request 62. Food morsels 63. “Stand ___” 64. Himilayan humanoid DOWN 1. Shuttle scheduler 2. Theatrical lament 3. Snaps 4. Narrow bands 5. Boundary 6. Keats composition 7. “___ Misbehavin’” 8. Stevie Wonder’s record label 9. A singing Jackson 10. Too 11. Community spirit 12. Close 15. Holmes’ foe 18. Memo directive

22. Uncanny 24. Dutch cheese 26. “Buona ___” (Italian greeting) 27. Sightseeing trip 28. Betrothal 30. De Valera of Ireland 32. Its capital is Gaborone 34. Fundamentals 35. Combustion byproduct 37. Officially accepted works 38. Hankering 41. Substance used to clarify liquor 43. Inhumanity 45. Lay to rest 46. Dodge City marshal 47. Vagabond 49. Part of an act 50. Extinct bird 51. TV award 53. Immaculate 54. Give off 55. Highway rig 58. Beaver barrier

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Herald Union

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Far from home. Never far from help.

At USAA, we know what it means to serve overseas. That’s why we offer award-winning customer service, including designated representatives ready to help you navigate the complex road map of international auto insurance.

Let us serve you. | 00-800-830-72690 toll free For mobile phone users in Germany: 0800-2255-288, then 800-830-72690 when prompted. Membership eligibility restrictions apply to purchase of property and casualty insurance. Eligibility may change based on factors such as marital status, rank or military status. Applicants must meet underwriting guidelines. Property and casualty insurance provided by United Services Automobile Association, USAA Casualty Insurance Company and USAA General Indemnity Company, which are domiciled in Texas and are licensed in all 50 United States and D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico and/or the Virgin Islands; or USAA Limited, which is domiciled and licensed in the United Kingdom, authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and authorized to write insurance under the Freedom of Services Directive in Azores, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Greece. USAA DfD operates in Germany as a branch office of United Services Automobile Association. Not all products are available to all applicants in all locations. Product availability may vary in some foreign locations due to local laws and restrictions. Š 2012 USAA. 139524-0812 .............................................................................. May 9, 2013 Herald Union Page 23


Astronaut Hilary Hickenbottom visits the European Space Operations exhibit at the Hainerberg Elementary School STEM Night program.

Wiesbaden: Point your children in the right direction ... and when they’re older they won't be lost!

Photo by Peter Witmer

Page 24

Photo by Di Penzien

Photo by Peter Witmer

Earth Day Activities

Loading the Robot

Sofia Czuzik has a fun time planting flowers at the Child Development Center during Earth Day Activities.

Science takes center stage at the Hainerberg Elementary School, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) night. Hainerberg Elementary School student, Alexander Fotouhi loading the robot.

Herald Union

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7th grade Wiesbaden Middle School student, Arial Thierry joins her mom LaQuinta Thierry in the Post Office for an afternoon. Arial was participating in the National Take Your Daughter to Work Day program.

Photo by Peter Witmer

Earth Day Michael Aldridge works on an Earth Day project at the Hainerberg Child Development Center.

Wiesbaden: Point your children in the right direction ... and when they’re older they won't be lost!

Mail room

Courtesy photo

Soccer game Christian Rolack in the orange jersey maneuvers past Isaac Myers (left) Amanda Glidewell (right) at a recent 8-9 year old “minor league” Child, Youth & School Services Sports soccer game.

Photo by “sunshine” .................................................................................. May 9, 2013 Herald Union Page 25


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Don't look further. You deserve the best! Unforgetable German living experience at this Villa at Mackenbach. Its the no.1 on the market. Large Multifunction Room, 8 BR, 4,5 Bath, firepl., balc., Ter., doublegar., garden. Call trustful Realtor Erwin 0176-61204301 €3465

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Rhein-Main International Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

Greetings, Welcome to the worship service of the Rhein-Main International Seventh-day Adventist Church, the English language church.

Worship - Saturdays, 09:30 a.m. Check us out at

Cosmetic surgery - Free consultaion • Breast augmentation, lift and reduction • Liposuction/lipo transfer • tummy tuck surgery • body contouring after massive weight loss • male breast • botox • fillers • fat transfer (treatment of wrinkles)

Prof. Dr. Ralf-Thomas Michel

VAT-forms accepted • Free consultation

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Office - Phone: 06062 - 26 67 84 • Hotline: 0160 - 91 92 78 45 • w w w . p r o f - d r - m i c h e l . c o m

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17" 8-Bolt Rims incl. Tires. Are in good condition, used to be on a 2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe. Located in Heidelberg - asking 450 USD or best offer. 015142307062 / 2.0T Sel 4 motion Sport. Automatic 6speed w/triptronic. Keyless start. Heated front seats. All Leather, bluetooth wireless, navigation touchscreen. 10m $29,000 (obo) 2004 Chevy Blazer V-6,115,000 miles, runs great, new calipers, wheel hub assembly, tie rd ends, wheels 1yr old, auto 4x4, pass inspec. 12/2012 $5,000 016091348847 / skins4life78@ya 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 2WD 4.7L 133,000 Miles. Seats 6. Bed Liner (Rhino) Black Cloth interior. 22' rims. Dual Exhaust. Call for more info $7,500 obo 015164512307



American Staff

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Robert-Bosch-Straße 11, Wallau, Hofheim am Taunus 65719, Wiesbaden Page 26

Herald Union

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2006 Lincoln Zephyr (MKZ) V6, 95K. Luxurious car inside and out. White ext with tan heat/cooled seating. Fully loaded. $8000 Chris 01703272717 or natebully@ 2008 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD!! 91,000 miles. Call for pictures and more info. $17000 015146547275 / 2010 RAV-4, Excellent Condition, 21,185 miles, Gas City/Hwy 21/27 mpg, Automatic Warranty 3 Yr./ 36000 Mi. Located in Bad Reichenhall $17,000 drmillsjr@ 2010 VW Tiguan, 35,000 Miles. Recently Serviced and Inspected within the last week. Non-Smoker, bought new, clean title, 1 Owner. Under warranty. US Specs. $21000 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Mainstreet. 20000 Miles. Stow & Go. Power Doors & Power Start. DVD entertainment system with two wireless headsets. US Specs. $22500

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Mazda 323 F, great running car, dealer maint., only 68k, new battery, non smokers, insp. good to Oct., 82 HP, a/c, 4 doors $2,700 0160 90320776 memcma@

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

Set of 4 used Alloy Wheels (Rims) with summer tires 235/40R 18, 2 Continental & 2 Cooper Zeon 2XS tires. 500 EU. Wiesbaden. sergela $650 0176-69350983

2005 Harley Davidson Black Cherry Road King Classic with 5k miles. Chrome upgrades with Screaming Eagle Stage 1 and II pipes. More extras. U.S. specs. $13,250

2011 mini countryman S. Less than 28k miles, in tip top shape, priced under NADA value. Just inspected and will pass Has sport package and moon roof $23,800

2006 Suzuki Hayabusa, black and maroon. Only one owner and garage kept the whole time. Beautiful bike, ready to ride in good weather. $6,200 0151-525-22867/

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Have a look at our menu: S1. Sesame Chicken S6. Orange Chicken S2. Fried Chicken, sweet & sour S7. General Tso’s Chicken

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Weissliliengasse 5 55116 Mainz Tel.: 06131-231430

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Tue & Sun

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Ludwig Wolker Str. 12 55252 Mainz-Kastel


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Used 17"Alloy Wheel Rims, blue painted. For more details pls call or email gabriellas21@hot $400 015221914969 Automatic 316i 1995 BMW originally 99k miles, alloy rims tires, blue. Inspection guarantee, excellent cond. park sensors, Leather & heat seats and more, $3000. 015117610336 BMW X3, 2012, 3.5ix. 17.5k miles. Brown Metallic, cream leather, one owner, pristine condition. Auto, sun roof, nav. Extra interior trim. $39,500 Chrome Muffler - never used. Has minor sctatches from laying around. Other than that it's in perfect condition. Located in Heidelberg. $75 015142307062 /

China Restaurant

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Eating and drinking in the heart of Wiesbaden

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We’ve been making loans of up to $10,000 to Active Duty Military for over 63 years.

The cozy pub and restaurant – the German way. “W lov t

4 classic beers on tap. Wide selection of regional wines.

a yes” The Good Soldier Švejk

Traditional German cuisine. Where friends meet!

Alfons-Paquet-Straße 4 (between Langgasse and Wagemannstraße) · 65183 Wiesbaden · 0611-44760101

Wambacher Mühle

We proudly serve the US Community!

Enjoy a relaxing meal on our beautiful terrace!

• Banquettes for up to 100 people • Great terrace • Playground and children’s playroom • Free entry to our Historical Museum Home made German cuisine, home slaughtered game and own trout pool! Menu available in English. Wambacher Mühle 1• 65388 Schlangenbad • Tel.: 06129/1227 15 Km from Wiesbaden, direction Rüdesheim/Bad Schwalbach Open daily from 7 a.m. until the last guest is gone •

LIKE US on Facebook and find out about the latest events in your area .................................................................................. May 9, 2013 Herald Union Page 27








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Dancing group/club! Is anyone interested on starting a dancing group? We could meet and share our different dancing skills and create choreographies for fun. It could be Salsa, Hip-hop, Tap, Breakdancing, Merengue, Tango, Belly dancing, Samba, etc. Any dancing skills to teach, to learn, to practice. If you are interested in starting a group please e-mail me to discuss more details. Seeking a liberal religious fellowship? For more info about Unitarian Universalism in Wiesbaden please contact John or Elizabeth at Tel. 016091320318 or keatma


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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Theta Theta Lambda Alumni Chapter celebrates 50 years in Germany. On May 18, 2013 Theta Theta Lambda celebrates its annual Black and Gold Scholarship Banquet at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany and Scholarship Benefit Concert.We cordially invite all educators, private organizations, community leaders, and our local German national friends and colleagues to honor these proud and deserving young people as we honor them and their accomplishments.Theta Theta Lambda has provided more than $225,000 in scholarships to qualified Department of Defense Dependent Schools seniors and continuing education scholarships circa 1985. Scholarship recipients historically come from the surrounding military communities to include, Ansbach, Bamberg, Bitburg, Heidelberg, Hoehnfels, Kaiserslautern, Schweinfurt, Spangdalehm, Stuttgart, and Wiesbaden.For ticket information or questions please visit www.alphaineuro or follow us at twitter@ ttl50th and view the banquet commercial at 0UiFj5ncLqE

Wanted. Singer for Heavy Metal Band. No experience needed. Stage presence needed. email jo 062216486156

Rectangular glass top coffee table, 30" x 57" - 17" high, tinted glass 3/8" thick, wooden base, glass alone worth over 200 euros. $40.00

Wedding dress & matching veil Gorgeous snow-white, sleeveless, classy. Size 6-8-10 (36-38-40). ser $250 017669350-983 in Wiesbaden

Very beautiful nice Grandfather Clock from 1910 in very exellent condition oakwood. The bang is on full and half hour. Height: 2meter. 06171-22268 or-traute

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"Double" size AeroBed with Euro, voltage plug/pump. Perfect for guests or sleepovers! With mattress cover and original packaging. Barely used. cturner618@


A Summer full of music June 29 – August 31, 2013

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Multi-talented woman currently working as a travel agent seeks work in: Travel, Graphic Design, Bus Admin. or as Translator. Experienced in all fields 2 barstools. Very good condition / with chrome stand and black syn- 01636817956 thetic leather seats. They come Wanted: English native speakers apart and are put together very as freelance teachers for our easily. Located in HD. $50 children's English courses. Pay is 015142307062 / 15-18 EUR per 45 mins. Please contact us at 06122-7275344 or

oval, Mahogany send email to info@das-sprach 4 chairs. Seats 4 Mint condition. Wanted: Experienced; Dental As$350. Frank @ sistants, Orthodontic Assistant and Dental Receptionist for busy ELECTRONICS Couch set, real leather, in bor- American practice in Wiesbaden. deaux colour. Total measure- If interested please email resume All ads & pics can be viewed @, ments of 310x250x90 cm. It is a to: used item with small traces. Loca- Attn: Office Manager tion: Enkenbach-Alsenborn. €600 Wanted: Experienced Registered AFN Satellite Receiver / Decoder Dental Hygienist for busy Amerimodel Scientific Atlanta 9835 with a remote. $140.00 01714905428/ Designer Dining room Table with can practice in Wiesbaden. If integlass and 6 chairs, handmade rested please email resume to: €850 sammlerstuebchen20@ya, Attn: Office Manager Cisco HD High Definition Model 9865 AFN Satellite Receiver/Decoder with remote $270.00 01714905428/ Beautiful solid, Dining table with to 8 persons. Mannheim area. 0171-996-6925

50 Years

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Like New Samsung Touch GTS5230. 3 months old, SMS lock free can be use world wide. A great phone or second phone. $100.00 017684658955 email

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COLLISON CENTER We at Auto Hollmann would like to invite you to stop by and visit our Collision Center. We have seven collision/paint technicians with a combined experience of years which enables us to fix your vehicle right the first time. We at Hollmann feel that our employees are our strongest asset so we work very hard to keep up to date with our training standards. Our techs are factory trained along with various accomplishments from the major paint manufactures.

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Climate controlled paint booth and prep station. Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. Hanging Lamp Black in good shape. $15.00 017684658955 email Kings of Leon concert in Berlin! Two tickets available. Waldbuehne, 27 June 2013 €72 nussloch4@ Stat 200 (45$), Nutr 200 (30$), Phys 111 (35$), Hist 142 (35$), Artt 110 (7$), Socy 100 (35$) - All great condition. Can mps if necessary. $7-40$ obo 01791524433, olga.zasztowt@hot

Drive-on frame and unibody straightening rack for both full frame and custom made vehicles. We have our own paint mixing system to match even the toughest colored vehicles. We offer a complete line of repair including alignments. 24 hour towing at 0171-6538059

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Hochheimerstrasse 111 55246 Kastel/Kostheim  Phone 06134-3381 .................................................................................. May 9, 2013 Herald Union Page 29

Want to stay in Europe? Careers in financial planning available, your choice of location. US Broker / Dealer in Heidelberg seeking sales representatives. Tel. 0 62 21 - 2 35 97



All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

Double bass drums preferable but not necessary. No experience needed. Must love Heavy Metal. Drummer for Heavy Metal Band jo Lead guitar for a Heavy Metal Band. No experience needed. Must love all genres of Heavy Metal. Email jose.l.rodriguez-1@ 06221-6486156

ECCI, a US based DoD Contractor, is seeking a

Project Administrator

for a large construction project at Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden, Germany. The position will assist with project administration duties associated with the construction project.  While the work will be predominantly office based, it will be in a construction environment.  Strong MS Office Suite skills and excellent communication skills is a must. Prior construction or project management experience is preferred. The position will be a full-time temporary term consultancy position (40hrs/week) for the duration of the project (2 years).   The role generally involves administrative duties associated with the project to include: 1. Managing and coordinating various office/project related correspondence 2. Compiling and submitting all documents associated with these projects [e.g. material submittal, Request for Information (RFI’s), and records management]. 3. Compiling meeting minutes and call records. 4. Developing Hotel and Travel Accommodations for income/outgoing staff and guests 5. Communication over all channels with various stakeholders. 6. Document review for completeness and accuracy, filing etc. 7. Other responsibilities and tasks may be required as needed.

Looking for a singer to be part of a Heavy Metal Band. No experience is ok! Must love Heavy Me- Cat climbing tree. 3 feet tall. In condition. $25.00 tal. Heavy Metal Singer jose.l.rodri good 017684658955 email spvendor@ Looking to rent nice modern house in Clay Kaserne area. Move-in 1 Jul 13. Minimum 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage or carport; + rooms ok; provision free ldcmg@ya

Interested candidates should send their CV/Resume to: Ms. Shannon Haire at ECCO GmbH Richard-Wagner-Str. 1 67655 Kaiserslautern 0631-4140-6173

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

Singer for a Heavy Metal Band. No experience needed. Must love all genres of Heavy Metal. Email jo 062216486156

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You are 45-60, like to ride bike, walking, cook or go out sometimes for a little drink? I am looking for you, if interested please contact! with pic samysam1423@



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- Individual planning - Use your LQA / OHA / BAH to purchase your home in Germany - Available to servicemembers, government civilians and contractors - Financing available Germany wide with 0% down - Property acquisition in the areas of Kaiserslautern, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Mannheim / Heidelberg, Spangdahlem, Bitburg - More than 10 years experience

Your Full Communication • Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

“Head to toe“ Rental Costumes We are a year round costume rental shop. From wedding to theme parties, from elegant to exotic. We offer a large variety of wedding, prom and evening dresses, tuxedos, tails, costumes and accessories. Salon Monic | Römergasse 15, 65199 Wiesbaden • Phone 0611-300581

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Professional Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. For cleaning services, arrange for payments after a final walk-through and inspection of the clean house. Dr. Melanie Higgins, Ph. D. American psychologist. Tricare preferred provider. All insurance plans accepted. Over 20 years experience working with adolescents, adults and couples. In Frankfurt just 25 minutes from WAAF. 01775222290

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Gaby Bingel Haagstr. 23 63776 Mömbris-Hohl

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One of the biggest photography exhibitions June 1 + 2 • Kurhausplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden

Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. de Page 30

Herald Union

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Have fun with the locals Swimming pool season starting Sat, May 11 Taunusstein, Open air pool

Enjoy jumping from the diving platform, have fun on the wide slide or the water swing and much more. Besides all activities the area is totally equipped for disabled people. For more information visit

EVENTS Red wine festival Thu, May 9 and Sat, May 11 Assmannshausen, Neues Vereinshaus The traditional red wine festival in Assmannshausen will be hosted by the local rod and gun club around the new club house (Vereinshaus) in the Rheinallee on May 9 and 11. The event starts on Father’s day, May 9 at 11 am with a morning pint and music from the Aartal musicians and a big cake buffet. On both days you can enjoy a huge variety of red wines, freshly tapped beers and delicacies from the grill. For more information in German see Henkell Sekt Day Sat, May 11 Wiesbaden, Henkell Sektkellerei The 15th Sekt Day hosted by the champagne producer Henkell in Wiesbaden will take place on May 11 from 11 am to 7 pm. See the well known premises during a guided tour, find out secrets about the production or just taste from the wide range of champagne. Famous musicians will take care of the musical entertainment and a special program will amuse the kids. For more information in German see

Design market Thu, May 9 - Sun, May 12 Mainz, Handwerkskammer Rheinhessen At the design market, contemporary arts and crafts will be displayed at the Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts) everyday from 11 am to 6 pm. Around 100 exhibitors will present their works at the wonderful glazed courtyard. There will be no entry fee. For more information see Wine tasting cruise Sun, May 12 Assmannshausen, Brücke 2 Enjoy wine tasting on a whole new level during a 1.5 hour boat tour on May 12 starting from Assmannshausen Brücke 2 (bridge 2) at 4.30 pm or from Rüdesheim, Brücke 12 at 5.10 pm. Tickets cost €17 and include the boat tour, the tasting of four different wines, a pretzel and a glass from Rüdesheim as a souvenir. For more information see Wine tasting stalls Thu, May 16 Rüdesheim, Bleichstraße & Marktplatz The season of the wine tasting stalls in Rüdesheim will start on May 16 at 4 pm at the market place (Marktplatz). From spring to fall several wineries will invite everyone to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere. In a weekly turn,

the local wine makers will present their wines in the Bleichstraße, weekdays from 5 pm and Sundays from 4 pm, and at the Marktplatz, weekdays from 4 pm and Sundays from 1 pm. For more information in German see

children’s activities and many more will be provided. The festival will end with a big firework display on Monday night. No admission. For more information and the entire program in German see

Open Ohr Festival Fri, May 17 – Mon, May 20 Mainz, Zitadelle The annual youth culture festival, Open Ohr (Open Ear), in Mainz takes place at the Zitadelle Mainz, starting with a program about creative clothing at 6 pm. Since 1975, the festival attracts up to 10.000 people every year to see concerts, cabarets, arts as well as lectures about politics, culture, science or economics. This year’s slogan is ‘We’ll never meet this young again’ and represents interests for all generations. For more information, tickets and the entire program in German see

Flea market Sat, May 18 - Sun, May 19 Eltville, Parkplatz Weinhohle Find some treasures at the flea market at the Parkplatz (parking space) Weinhohle close to the supermarket LIDL starting at 8 am on Saturday and 7 am on Sunday in the picturesque town of Eltville. Comb through new things and rummage or bring your own to sell. After the flea market, explore this quaint little town on the Rhein. For more information in German check out the homepage of the organizer

Gustavsburg Festival Fri, May 17 – Mon, May 20 Ginsheim - Gustavsburg, Fairground The annual Burgfest takes place over Whitsun, May 17 to 20, at the Ochsenwiese, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg starting with the opening of the fairground at 5.30 pm. On all four days famous cover bands such as Brass Machine will play in the evening. A great number of fairground rides, food and drink stalls,

The Pigeon Detectives Fri, May 17 Frankfurt, Nachtleben See classic indie-rock from the British band The Pigeon Detectives live at the club Nachtleben, starting at 7.30 pm. Due to tours with bands like Kaiser Chiefs and Dirty Pretty Things they have become more famous in the last years. For more information in German and tickets see

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